Teman Magazine - life+style - Winter 2022

The new Winter issue of the Teman Magazine life+style has just arrived. This is a milestone issue for us as it means the magazine is now into its second year. It has been wonderful to share all the wonderful stories from our Teman Communities across Australia. On the front cover we have the lovely couple Annie & Grant Chandler from The Rise by Teman in Ridgewood WA. We also learn about Annie’s skills as an author and how retirement gave her the time to finally follow her passion of writing. With the borders down, our Managing Director Jamie has been back visiting many villages, catching up with staff and residents. He even put his barista skills to the test at Coffee Club at Highview by Teman in Forest Lake QLD. We continue to follow the magnificent efforts of residents at Fitzroy by Teman in Rockhampton QLD, who have been active and social all year, training and encouraging each other to be able to complete the Rocky River Run. Pets are welcome at all our Teman Communities and in this issue we learn about arthritis in pets. It is all about the sweets in Cooks Corner as Bernard and Margaret Rudd from The Rise by Teman share their fruit loaf recipe, and Narelle from The Vines by Teman in Cessnock tells us why her family loves her blueberry muffins. Walk around any Teman Community and you’ll see the wonderful gardens. Gail from Ridge Estate by Teman in Gillieston Heights explains what people should be doing in their gardens during winter. We learn about the wonderful life of Del from Beacham by Teman in Gladstone, Nita from Ridge Estate by Teman busking her way to the Tamworth Music Festival, and the convict past of Beryl from Rosedale by Teman in Cooranbong. Within our Meet Your Neighbour section, we have a quick chat to Barrie from Beacham by Teman and Patricia from Fitzroy by Teman. We discover the best art galleries and cultural centres near each Teman Community, our Village Managers give a wrap up of their village, and we have countless photos of all the activities.

The new Winter issue of the Teman Magazine life+style has just arrived. This is a milestone issue for us as it means the magazine is now into its second year. It has been wonderful to share all the wonderful stories from our Teman Communities across Australia.
On the front cover we have the lovely couple Annie & Grant Chandler from The Rise by Teman in Ridgewood WA. We also learn about Annie’s skills as an author and how retirement gave her the time to finally follow her passion of writing. With the borders down, our Managing Director Jamie has been back visiting many villages, catching up with staff and residents. He even put his barista skills to the test at Coffee Club at Highview by Teman in Forest Lake QLD.
We continue to follow the magnificent efforts of residents at Fitzroy by Teman in Rockhampton QLD, who have been active and social all year, training and encouraging each other to be able to complete the Rocky River Run. Pets are welcome at all our Teman Communities and in this issue we learn about arthritis in pets. It is all about the sweets in Cooks Corner as Bernard and Margaret Rudd from The Rise by Teman share their fruit loaf recipe, and Narelle from The Vines by Teman in Cessnock tells us why her family loves her blueberry muffins.
Walk around any Teman Community and you’ll see the wonderful gardens. Gail from Ridge Estate by Teman in Gillieston Heights explains what people should be doing in their gardens during winter. We learn about the wonderful life of Del from Beacham by Teman in Gladstone, Nita from Ridge Estate by Teman busking her way to the Tamworth Music Festival, and the convict past of Beryl from Rosedale by Teman in Cooranbong.
Within our Meet Your Neighbour section, we have a quick chat to Barrie from Beacham by Teman and Patricia from Fitzroy by Teman. We discover the best art galleries and cultural centres near each Teman Community, our Village Managers give a wrap up of their village, and we have countless photos of all the activities.


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<strong>life+style</strong><br />

<strong>Winter</strong> | <strong>2022</strong><br />

Annie & Grant Chandler – The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong>

Visiting Villages<br />

Jamie with Carla, Cathy, Ciara, Leigh and Paul – The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

It is hard to believe that we are halfway<br />

through the year, and that the <strong>Teman</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>life+style</strong> is into its second year. I’d like to<br />

thank all of our lovely residents who share<br />

their stories and send in their photos. What<br />

amazing, beautiful, and adventurous lives you<br />

all have, along with the talents and hidden<br />

skills that are coming out. In this issue you’ll<br />

read about Annie Chandler from The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> in Ridgewood WA and how retirement<br />

gave her the time to finally follow her passion<br />

of writing.<br />

It is so nice to have Australia back as one,<br />

without closed borders. I’ve loved coming<br />

back to all the <strong>Teman</strong> Communities, catching<br />

up with staff and residents, reconnecting with<br />

everyone again. It’s lovely to hear that many of<br />

you are travelling interstate or welcoming back<br />

family. As much as I love seeing everyone in<br />

the villages, I really appreciate seeing family,<br />

and grandchildren visiting and enjoying the<br />

community too.<br />

There is much planned for the second half of<br />

the year. I look forward to seeing you all again<br />

soon and I hope you enjoy the <strong>Winter</strong> issue of<br />

<strong>life+style</strong>.<br />

Thanks.<br />

Jamie<br />

Managing Director<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> Communities<br />

Jamie with Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> residents<br />

2 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 3

Staying social and active<br />

Colour Run<br />

Pet Care<br />

Arthritis<br />

The Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> fitness group (F Troop)<br />

had their first trial run at the Rockhampton<br />

Colour Run. They ran, walked, danced and<br />

strolled their way along the garden path,<br />

covering the Kershaw Gardens in a cloud of<br />

colour. The early start wasn’t easy for the<br />

girls, struggling a little without their morning<br />

coffee. But everyone loved taking part in the<br />

Colour Run. In matching outfits, what started<br />

out as a 2km walk ended up as a 5km one.<br />

It was a beautiful morning with hundreds of<br />

contestants, all dressed up and full of colour.<br />

A nice training session for the Rocky River Run.<br />

What made the effort even more special was<br />

that all proceeds from the fun run went towards<br />

RACQ Capricorn Rescue. It’s a free, lifesaving<br />

helicopter service for all people within Central<br />

Queensland and is available 24 hours a day<br />

365 days a year. With monthly operating<br />

costs upwards of $865,000, and only partly<br />

government funded, it’s the dedication of the<br />

Fitzroy F Troop and fundraising events that help<br />

the Helicopter Rescue Service stay in the air.<br />

Arthritis can affect one or more joints<br />

anywhere in your pet’s body. The most common<br />

joints affected are the hips, knees, shoulders<br />

and elbows. Most of these joints depend on a<br />

layer of cartilage acting as a cushion between<br />

two bones. Arthritis causes this cushion to<br />

deteriorate, resulting in the bones rubbing<br />

against each other, leading to discomfort and<br />

reduced mobility.<br />

Common signs of arthritis include:<br />

• Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, jump or<br />

play<br />

• Limping/lameness<br />

• Pain or stiffness when getting up or down<br />

• Yelping when touched<br />

• A change in personality (aggression when<br />

normally good-natured)<br />

Vets are able to diagnose your pet through a<br />

range of tests, including x-rays. A management<br />

plan can then be put together to help increase<br />

your pet’s quality of life.<br />

This plan will focus on four key areas:<br />

• Weight management<br />

• Exercise management<br />

• Home environment changes<br />

• Veterinary treatments<br />

If you feel your pet may have any of the<br />

symptoms mentioned above or have any<br />

further questions, call your local Vet.<br />

Greenfields Vet Hospital<br />

4/39 Gordon Rd, Greenfields WA 6210<br />

www.greenfieldsvet.com.au<br />

4 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 5

Cook’s corner<br />

Bernard and Margaret Rudd | The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Our friend Marie Palmer who was an ex neighbour of ours would make this delicious fruit loaf,<br />

when we would call for afternoon tea. Marie moved away and gave us this recipe which we make<br />

quite often.<br />

Narelle Golledge | The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

I’m always making sweets for my sons and grandchildren to take to uni and work. Blueberry<br />

muffins are one of the absolute favourites. You can walk past my villa to the smell of home<br />

baked goods coming out the front door. I have been baking the blueberry muffins since my<br />

first grandson was born 18 years ago and now it’s just a lovely weekly tradition.<br />

Fruit Loaf<br />

Blueberry Muffins<br />

Ingredients<br />

375gm of Mixed Fruit<br />

1 tin Apricot Nectar<br />

2 Cups of Self Raising Flour<br />

Cinnamon Sugar Optional<br />

Method (Crust)<br />

1. Soak the Mixed Fruit and Apricot Nectar<br />

together over night<br />

2. Add 2 Cups of Self Raising Flour<br />

3. Mix all together<br />

4. Pack into Loaf tin<br />

5. Cook 180 o c for 40mins<br />

6. Add sprinkle of Cinnamon Sugar if desired<br />

(we like it without)<br />

Ingredients (makes 12)<br />

2 cups SR Flour<br />

1 cup coconut<br />

Half cup of caster sugar<br />

1 teaspoon of cinnamon<br />

2 eggs<br />

Half cup of vegetable oil<br />

Half cup of buttermilk<br />

1 cup of frozen blueberries<br />

Method<br />

1. Combine dry ingredients in bowl<br />

2. Combine eggs, oil and milk<br />

3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients<br />

4. Add blueberries<br />

5. Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated 200 o c<br />

oven<br />

6. Let stand for 5 minutes before placing to<br />

cool on a wire rack<br />

6 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 7

8 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 9

<strong>Teman</strong> Gardens<br />

Gail Bohatko | Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

What do you love about gardening?<br />

Every time I plant, weed, turn the soil, the<br />

garden bestows gifts of quiet times and peace.<br />

Being in the garden strengthens my spiritual<br />

health. The more I love my garden, the more it<br />

grows and gives me love back. Sowing sweet<br />

scented sweet peas around St Patricks Day is<br />

a joy along with the sweet aroma of freesia,<br />

star jasmine and daphne. Autumn, winter<br />

gardens for me, carry more gold in its pocket<br />

than all the other seasons.<br />

What plants/veggies/etc do you love<br />

planting?<br />

I love planting succulents, they are varied in<br />

type, hardy and come in fabulous colours.<br />

Roses, my favourite, Mr Lincoln, big blousy and<br />

red, amazing fragrance.<br />

Crepuscule for a stunning climber and of<br />

course pansies, lavenders and my pride of<br />

place on my verandah, yellow clivia.<br />

For vegetables/fruits, I like planting carrots,<br />

tomatoes, strawberries. Fun fact: Strawberries<br />

are not a ‘berry’ at all but an accessory fruit,<br />

the flesh is a greatly enlarged flower embodied<br />

with seeds.<br />

What should people be doing in the gardens<br />

at this time of year?<br />

Planting those plants that are dormant during<br />

winter ie; deciduous roses, vines, fruit trees.<br />

Pruning: roses, grapevines, hydrangeas, fruit<br />

trees. Divide your agapanthus, mondo grass.<br />

Feed! Give your veggies and annuals fortnightly<br />

liquid feed for good growing.<br />

The plants that are growing or flowering in<br />

winter need to be kept well-watered, especially<br />

after a bout of cold dry winds. Put your seeds<br />

in seed trays with ‘seed raising mix’.<br />

For spring flowering try marigolds, petunias,<br />

cosmos and cleome. Plant them at the end of<br />

winter. <strong>Winter</strong> is the best time to dig up and<br />

move plants growing in the wrong place (except<br />

natives they resent being moved at any time).<br />

Prepare its new home in advance so it can be<br />

replanted quickly. A soak in a bucket of seasol<br />

solution will make it feel happier about moving.<br />

Plant your favourite camellias, my favourite is a<br />

big semi-double, white, and red stripe.<br />

Resident story<br />

Annie Chandler<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Annie Chandler from The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

story began about six weeks before the end<br />

of the fifth decade last century, in a small<br />

village in County Durham. Born as the middle<br />

child of three, to an Australian mother and<br />

an English father, she learned very early on<br />

to be independent and forge her own way in<br />

life. That’s not to say she always got it right.<br />

Far from it at times, as a couple of failed<br />

marriages testify. However, she did produce<br />

three amazing offspring which she has<br />

conceded are her greatest achievements. And<br />

for her wonderful work as a mother, she has<br />

been rewarded with three beautiful grandkids<br />

she spoils rotten at every opportunity!<br />

Her love of writing developed early, hand-inhand<br />

with the enjoyment she found getting<br />

lost in the writing of others. She was the<br />

student who loved the time after the lunch<br />

break when students had to read for half an<br />

hour while the teacher took a break from her<br />

playground duty. And she had no shortage<br />

of creativity when it came to writing stories<br />

and poems; several of which were printed in<br />

school and Education Department magazines.<br />

The love of seeing her work published started<br />

from this time. It was only the need to study<br />

and then work, as well as be a wife and<br />

mother, that thwarted her dream until much<br />

later in her life when, with the support of<br />

Grant, she achieved this.<br />

Reading was, and still is, a passion rather<br />

than a pastime, with a penchant for modern<br />

romance and romantic drama novels. This is<br />

also the genre in which she generally writes,<br />

having written a quartet about four women<br />

over three generations in one family. These<br />

wonderfully strong women have had to face<br />

some sadness and trauma in their lives,<br />

and overcome this to find love. In Rose and<br />

10 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 11

Lily’s case, learning to love a second time<br />

after losing their husbands to the cruelty<br />

of war. The storylines also look at current,<br />

often controversial issues, though the main<br />

theme is the importance of love and family.<br />

These books are set in a fictitious town called<br />

Lakeston, which is located in the Peel region<br />

south of Perth, very near where Lakeside by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> is situated. The first three, A Daisy in<br />

the Field, A Lily in the Valley, and A Rose in<br />

the Garden have already been published by<br />

Shawline Publishing Group, a publisher that<br />

supports independent Australian authors.<br />

Annie has also dabbled in a comical look at<br />

reaching the awesome age of sixty, outlining in<br />

some detail everything that ‘goes south’ from<br />

there. Sixty & Sassy: Aging Disgracefully, which<br />

was self-published, will be followed by Seventy<br />

& Sexy: Aging Distastefully. Although she is<br />

quite a few years from reaching that milestone,<br />

she has it on very good authority (with a little<br />

poetic license thrown in) the ailments that<br />

continue to plague even the healthiest and<br />

hardiest of the septuagenarians. Living at The<br />

Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> has provided her with plenty<br />

to write about! It’s all okay though, as names<br />

have been changed to protect the guilty!<br />

And not to be outdone, the grandchildren<br />

wanted a book written for each of them.<br />

Beautiful BELLArina, Seeing CONNORy, and<br />

RUBIE Rubster have all been planned in<br />

consultation with the grandchild whose name<br />

appears in the title, and are all in the first draft<br />

stage. So, Annie hasn’t been idle in the few<br />

years since retiring from her former life as a<br />

Special Needs teacher, a career she dedicated<br />

herself to for nearly forty years. Not only did<br />

she teach in WA, but she had the fortunate<br />

chance to teach in England for four years, and<br />

travel to different places in Europe at every<br />

opportunity. She returned home in July 2015<br />

to be the live-in nanny Grannie Annie to the<br />

two eldest grandchildren for eighteen months,<br />

until her son received a posting to Geraldton.<br />

It was shortly after that she met a widower,<br />

Grant, a truck driver for most of his fifty-plus<br />

years of working. Although reluctant to even<br />

consider living in an over 55 Lifestyle Village<br />

at first, let alone step foot on a bowling green,<br />

he was soon persuaded when he saw what<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> had to offer. Last year Grant and Annie<br />

sold their home in Butler and moved the whole<br />

one kilometre to their newly refurbished home<br />

at The Rise, where they aim to live out their<br />

remaining years. Annie, however, won’t be<br />

persuaded to take up bowling as Grant has!<br />

The monthly meeting of the Book Club will see<br />

her conversing with like-minded readers, and<br />

she aims to start a regular writing group for<br />

those who are interested.<br />

So, life has been both interesting and<br />

rewarding and will provide Annie with fodder<br />

for her writing for many years to come. She<br />

doesn’t aim to grow old anytime soon, no<br />

matter what her hips and knees are trying<br />

to tell her. While there are many unread<br />

books in her personal library, and<br />

untold stories being planned by<br />

her continually, Annie has every<br />

reason to spend as much time<br />

as she can entertained by<br />

other writers, and herself<br />

entertaining other readers,<br />

for a long time to come.<br />

Annie’s published books are available<br />

for purchase online at:<br />

www.shawlinepublishing.com.au<br />

or from Annie direct at The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> (Villa 1, The Rise).<br />

The last book in the series, A Poppy in<br />

the Meadow will be published by July<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Keep an eye out for details as<br />

we’re planning book launches at The<br />

Rise and Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

Get in contact with Annie at:<br />

www.anniechandlercummings.com or<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

AnnieChandlerCummings<br />

As Stephen King is<br />

quoted to have said… If<br />

you want to be a writer,<br />

you must do two things<br />

above all others: read<br />

a lot and write a lot.<br />

12 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 13

Resident story<br />

Nita Knight<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Del Burns<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Nita is one of the beautiful residents of Ridge<br />

Estate by <strong>Teman</strong> who is over ninety but has the<br />

spirit and heart of twenty year old.<br />

Tamworth is a lovely country town in the<br />

northwest region of NSW, it is famous for the<br />

Country Music Festival that is held every year<br />

in January, it should be on everyone’s bucket<br />

list, Nita has crossed it off hers. Not only just<br />

to visit it during festival time but to perform and<br />

busk in the streets.<br />

Nita retired in 1990, she and her husband Joe<br />

bought a Toyota Coaster Bus and converted it<br />

into a holiday home to travel around Australia.<br />

This required Nita to have to go and get her<br />

B-class licence to help with the driving.<br />

They travelled 7 months each year, for 4 years,<br />

they went everywhere, including Tasmania,<br />

but Nita said her favourite places to visit were<br />

‘country towns’.<br />

She enjoyed travelling across the Nullabor and<br />

loved, during that part of her trip, getting to<br />

have breakfast each morning with a flock of<br />

Cockatoos.<br />

A big part of each trip for Joe was his<br />

opportunity to play at a golf course each time<br />

they ducked into a new town. Nita decided she<br />

needed a hobby to focus on whilst Joe was<br />

golfing, so when they arrived in Tanunda, a<br />

town in South Australia, Nita decided she might<br />

try her hand at learning guitar. Joe, said she<br />

needed the best, so a beautiful Ibanez acoustic<br />

guitar was purchased. So, whilst Joe, improved<br />

on his golf handicap, Nita taught herself to play<br />

the guitar and also wrote her own songs.<br />

After practicing ‘loads’, Nita thought why not<br />

give busking on the streets in Tamworth a try…<br />

so she did. Nita visited Tamworth three times<br />

whilst the music festival was on, she also went<br />

to the Longreach Music Festival in Queensland.<br />

She recalled two fond moments during her<br />

times in Tamworth, although we’re sure she<br />

had plenty more. The first time was when she<br />

busked, she performed her own music and kept<br />

a note and her first coin from a lady who liked<br />

her song ‘Outback towns with my hat turned<br />

upside down’.<br />

The second memory was when she entered a<br />

competition to perform on stage at a pub. The<br />

rules were simple, ‘drink some beers, get up on<br />

stage and perform’. However, Nita wasn’t a beer<br />

drinker, the publican allowed her to enter on the<br />

understanding she had a midi of beer, she had<br />

two sips and then got up and performed. She<br />

came third, the publican said she would have<br />

come second if she’d drunk the whole glass!<br />

Nita’s face lit up as she ‘strolled down memory<br />

lane’. She still has her guitar and wishes she<br />

could play it, but as Nita says, “whilst my mind<br />

might be young, my old fingers no longer move<br />

fast enough to strum a tune.”<br />

It is beautiful how Nita taught herself how to<br />

play guitar, it is never too late to learn a new<br />

hobby.<br />

Del has always been a local resident born in<br />

Biloela and came as a baby to Gladstone.<br />

Going to school at Central State School and<br />

Gladstone High School, Del has seen a lot of<br />

changes in the local area over the years. On<br />

leaving school Del went straight to work at the<br />

Gladstone Travel Agency for 13 years before<br />

leaving to start a family of 2 boys and a girl that<br />

also delivered 8 grandchildren.<br />

After the family had grown Del worked at the<br />

Turf Club with her husband as a bar attendant<br />

for quite a few years, before moving onto the<br />

Queens Hotel.<br />

Del moved into Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong> in 2011 and<br />

to her surprise found that her childhood friend<br />

was also living here. Lyn Padget (Jenkins), a<br />

friend from primary school to high school. A few<br />

months later a neighbourhood friend moved<br />

in as well, Glennis Williams (Colthorpe) and<br />

have been good friends ever since, doing lots<br />

together.<br />

A lover of travel, in 2012 for Del’s 70th the<br />

whole family went on a cruise to Noumea and<br />

the surrounding islands. With the travel bug<br />

in 2014 Del and a friend went further afield<br />

and met up with her son Jason and family in<br />

London. Toured around by bus through England,<br />

Scotland, and Ireland, so many beautiful<br />

memories. Then off to Paris via train under the<br />

English Channel and toured Europe to Rome,<br />

passing through Venice, Florence, Switzerland,<br />

and the smaller surrounding towns, stopping in<br />

Dubai for 3 days, then back home to reality and<br />

have been happy at home ever since.<br />

Del enjoys village life at Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong> and<br />

has been very active for many years in Social<br />

Club and keeping it running.<br />

14 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 15

Resident story<br />

Beryl Whatson<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Beryl was an only child born in Auburn in<br />

1933. She lived with her mother, her uncle,<br />

and her grandparents. She was very close to<br />

her grandfather as he was her main male role<br />

model in her life at that time, and although she<br />

loved her Nanna, she believed “children should<br />

be seen and not heard” and so could be a little<br />

scary at times. Unfortunately, her grandfather<br />

passed away when she was just 12 years old.<br />

Beryl attended Auburn Primary School and<br />

vividly remembers her first day there. On the day<br />

she began school, twin boys also started and<br />

she remembers them crying the whole day. She<br />

remembers each child in her class was given<br />

a small blackboard and chalk to use and every<br />

day when they were told to lay on a mat to have<br />

an afternoon nap, she would always put the<br />

chalk in her pocket and take it home each day.<br />

She said she didn’t really have a use for it at<br />

home, but it was what she did.<br />

Beryl finished primary school at the age of 12<br />

and as it was too far to travel to High school,<br />

she went to Manly Home Science School from<br />

the age of 13 to 15 years old, where she was<br />

taught such skills as sewing, cooking and<br />

painting.<br />

At 15 ½ Beryl got her first job in a factory in<br />

Sydney making belt buckles and coverings for<br />

buttons. She hated this job but had little choice<br />

as in those days you weren’t allowed to use a<br />

sewing machine until you were 16 years old.<br />

Her mother also worked in a factory close by so<br />

they would travel together by ferry to Manly and<br />

then by tram. Her mother was Head Finisher at<br />

the factory which made uniforms for soldiers<br />

during the war.<br />

Beryl followed her passion for sewing and her<br />

next job was with a company called Marjorie<br />

Daw again based in Sydney. They made<br />

christening robes, and dresses for girls and<br />

smocks and clothing for boys up to 6 years old.<br />

She really enjoyed her time there and continued<br />

working there for about 8 years.<br />

When Beryl was 17 years old her mother<br />

passed away from breast cancer and so her<br />

uncle came back to the family home with his<br />

new wife to help look after Beryl’s nanna who<br />

unfortunately was suffering with dementia.<br />

However, Beryl did not always get along with<br />

her new Auntie and so moved out of the family<br />

home and into a boarding house close to her<br />

workplace. She joined a local church group<br />

and made new friends with the girls there<br />

who enjoyed many activities one of which was<br />

bushwalking. It was during this time that she<br />

met her husband to be George and his brother.<br />

She was 21.<br />

In 1957 George and Beryl were married at St<br />

Thomas’s Church in Enfield. The reception was<br />

held at the local scout hall just around the<br />

corner from the church where their friends and<br />

family helped put the wedding together and<br />

Georges friends made the cake.<br />

Once married the happy couple rented a house<br />

at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains while they<br />

were waiting for their home to be built. In 1962<br />

Beryl and George moved into their newly built<br />

home and shortly after they adopted their first<br />

daughter Margaret. She was followed by 2<br />

more adopted children Peter and Elizabeth. As<br />

Beryl was unable to work during this time (if<br />

you adopted children you had to stay home and<br />

raise them), Beryl continued her love of sewing<br />

at home by making her children their baby<br />

clothes and even their school uniforms.<br />

As the years past Beryl took up the interest<br />

of tracing her family tree. She learned that<br />

her ancestors were convicts (this explains her<br />

stealing the chalk from school as a child, she<br />

thinks). She also traced the family history for all<br />

3 of their adopted children.<br />

George and Beryl lived happily at Glenbrook for<br />

26 years, but as they got older and their health<br />

deteriorated, they moved to a brick house on<br />

the Central Coast and then finally choosing<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong> as their retirement home<br />

in 2017. Unfortunately, George passed away in<br />

December 2018 from Asbestosis having been<br />

exposed to asbestos as a teenager.<br />

Beryl is unable to get out much these days due<br />

to her mobility issues but is visited by her family<br />

several times a week and enjoys watching tv,<br />

especially her soap operas in the afternoon.<br />

16 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 17

Meet your neighbour<br />

Barrie Mackenzie<br />

Patricia Meek<br />

luck of<br />

the irish<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

East End of London. I was Born there and<br />

lived my childhood in this area until I was 20<br />

years of age. I commenced work in the security<br />

business at 17 years old. Then I moved into<br />

the concreting business after that.<br />

I moved to Adelaide and met my wife and had<br />

5 children, unfortunately losing one child and<br />

my wife after 20 years. I moved to the Gold<br />

Coast and back to Adelaide and then back to<br />

the Gold Coast and to Roma. In these times<br />

I also travelled the world for over 13 years to<br />

many places several times over. That was the<br />

highlight of my life as well as my family.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

Making some good friends, being involved<br />

in the social events. I enjoy cooking the<br />

monthly BBQ and being involved in Wednesday<br />

afternoon happy hour. I like the social aspect<br />

of the village, it is never boring here.<br />

What are some of your hobbies?<br />

Fixing computers, TV’s and mobile phones<br />

and cooking is what I am interested in. I<br />

have helped some of the residents and the<br />

Community Centre set up their electronics.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

My family. The many places I have been to<br />

and seeing a different way of life. I like helping<br />

people in the village.<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

Jericho west of Rockhampton, born at the<br />

Alpha Hospital as there is no hospital in<br />

Jericho. Jericho is cattle and sheep country<br />

with a huge amount of attitude, population 80<br />

during festive season.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

The comradeship, friendship and the activities.<br />

When you are on your own, one tends not to go<br />

out, however, residing at Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> it is<br />

impossible not to get involved. It has been so<br />

much fun since I moved here. After moving in,<br />

I met Noreen who comes from Jericho, and we<br />

were both born in Alpha 10 days apart. We’ve<br />

made a fantastic friendship, full of fun and<br />

laughter.<br />

What are some of your hobbies?<br />

Lindeman’s Early Harvest Semillon Sauvignon<br />

Blanc tester, this is not a full-time position,<br />

part time only. I don’t mind walking and have<br />

joined the walking team and will conquer the<br />

Rockhampton River Run.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

Travel. I love cruising. But I am a country girl<br />

at heart. When I meet with Noreen, I knew<br />

immediately she came from Jericho. We<br />

had the same smile and the same sense of<br />

humour.<br />

18 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 19

See and Do<br />


Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Edenvale Heritage Precinct<br />

www.edenvaleheritageprecinct.com.au<br />

1 George Street, Pinjarra WA 6208<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Cessnock City Library<br />

www.cessnock.nsw.gov.au/libraries/Home<br />

65/67 Vincent St, Cessnock NSW 2325<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Rockhampton Museum of Art<br />

www.rmoa.com.au<br />

220 Quay Street, Rockhampton<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• The Art House<br />

www.Thearthousewyong.com.au<br />

19-21 Margaret Street Wyong NSW 2259<br />

Edenvale Heritage Precinct is an award-winning<br />

cultural attraction in Western Australian, a<br />

community cultivating the creativity of the<br />

Region and a place where history is celebrated<br />

and comes alive. With lovely gardens that<br />

combines arts and crafts, museums, tea<br />

rooms, heritage buildings including an old<br />

schoolhouse and church. Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

residents can even purchase wholesome,<br />

delivered meals for $10 from the Tea Rooms.<br />

Cessnock City Library provides access to books,<br />

DVDs, CDs and magazines, along with digital<br />

resources such as movie streaming, eBooks,<br />

audiobooks and e<strong>Magazine</strong>s. There are many<br />

activities including singing, storytelling and after<br />

school activities for children Book clubs and<br />

groups dedicated to creative writing, knitting,<br />

crafting, local history, and family history.<br />

There are technology workshops and training<br />

sessions, and Wi-Fi hotspots where you can<br />

relax and charge your device.<br />

The $36.5M gallery is the largest in regional<br />

Queensland. It houses a nationally significant<br />

permanent collection of more than 3,000 pieces<br />

which is one of the richest collections for a<br />

regional area. There is also a large collection<br />

of local artists. The gallery and museum are<br />

located on the beautiful Fitzroy River with a<br />

walkway being constructed to the main street<br />

of Rockhampton with coffee shops and eatery’s<br />

within walking distance.<br />

The Art House in Wyong is approximately a<br />

20 min drive from Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong>. Many<br />

different events are held at the Art House. It<br />

has a theatre and studio which hosts all types<br />

of entertainment from children’s shows with<br />

interactions, symphony music, dance shows<br />

and music from solo artists and popular bands.<br />

There is also a café that offers 10% Seniors<br />

discount Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• QLD Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art<br />

www.qagoma.qld.gov.au<br />

Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct, South Bank QLD<br />

See the world from a new perspective that will<br />

move and surprise you. These two galleries<br />

each have their own distinct personalities,<br />

but are united in their purpose to share<br />

exceptional art. It is also home to a Children’s<br />

Art Centre that presents interactive artworks<br />

for kids and families.<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Wanneroo Gallery<br />

www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/wanneroogallery<br />

3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo, WSA, 6065<br />

Wanneroo Gallery is a large, state-of-the-art<br />

exhibition space which holds many local and<br />

world-class exhibitions throughout the year,<br />

and it is free to visit.<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum<br />

www.gragm.qld.gov.au<br />

Cnr of Goondoon & Bramston Streets Gladstone<br />

QLD 4680<br />

Housed in the Heritage Listed old Gladstone<br />

Town Hall with a purpose-built extension, the<br />

Gallery & Museum was established in 1985<br />

and is dedicated to promoting art, culture, and<br />

heritage for the communities of the Gladstone<br />

Region and Central Queensland.<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Maitland Regional Art Gallery<br />

www.mrag.org.au<br />

230 High Street, Maitland, NSW 2320<br />

Opening in 2003, Maitland Regional Art Gallery<br />

is a short drive from Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong>. The<br />

MRAG is a diverse vibrant and strong collection<br />

of more than 7000 items including paintings,<br />

drawings, sculptures, photographs and prints by<br />

Australian & international artists. There is also<br />

Café Seraphine to grab a bite to eat.<br />

20 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 21

22 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 23

Village wrap up<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Margi Dabbs<br />

QLD<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Cheryl Finlay<br />

WA<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Activities attendance are returning to pre covid<br />

numbers. It has been a long journey, testing<br />

patience, residents continue to be cautious.<br />

Organising future events has been enlightening,<br />

it lifts your spirit when you join forces with<br />

residents to make future plans. The trivia night<br />

was incorporated with the fish & chips night,<br />

which turned out to be the most enjoyable<br />

evening for the residents. The combination of<br />

trivia and food will continue. Bowls morning<br />

continues to grow, and bingo is getting back to<br />

pre-covid numbers. The Rocky River has been<br />

conquered by numerous residents, plans to<br />

compete in the Boston Marathon are being<br />

discussed, I am so proud of the residents. Keep<br />

the challenges coming!<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

The simplest gesture, the smile on the face of<br />

some residents, makes the village managers<br />

job meaningful and appreciated. Laughing<br />

with the residents when they come and tell<br />

me about their adventures. Social drinkies<br />

have grown from one night per week to three<br />

nights. I enjoy the reasons the residents give<br />

for attending and having that little drink, being<br />

social, helps make me sleep. Different events,<br />

residents have been required to dress up or<br />

make hats, the residents are amazing, seeing<br />

the effort residents put into their outfits. They<br />

are so talented!<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

The birthday bash is the most discussed for<br />

the upcoming event, it must be bigger and<br />

better than last year. There will be some<br />

significant birthdays within the village. Sharing<br />

ideas for future events. New guest speakers,<br />

all subjects are relevant to the daily lives of<br />

the residents. Residents are planning to travel;<br />

some residents are already to commence<br />

cruising, while some are travelling out west.<br />

It is wonderful to watch the residents’ make<br />

their plans. I wish them all safe travels.<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

The village sports day was well attended over<br />

3 days of competition, congratulations to the<br />

Green team and better luck next year Gold.<br />

Events included Tennis, Darts, Bowls, Putting,<br />

Cards and other games even a Quiz. Easter was<br />

yummy as always, no shortage of chocolate<br />

and fun at Lakeside. Anzac Day at Lakeside<br />

is special with the dawn service attended by<br />

many followed by the cuppa and biscuit catch<br />

up. Lakeside has numerous activities to enjoy<br />

and is a great place to make new friends for the<br />

many new residents who have moved in calling<br />

Lakeside home this year.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

Footy season is well underway and there’s often<br />

discussion on which teams will make the finals,<br />

some homes have very serious footy fans which<br />

is great if they are fans of the same team. The<br />

photo is proof that some homes at Lakeside<br />

have footy fans barracking for different teams<br />

and can still get along most of the time.<br />

Wearing masks in WA has taken a little getting<br />

use to for some although at Lakeside even the<br />

garden statues are COVID safe.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Christmas in July is always nice to enjoy<br />

together with a catered hot Christmas dinner<br />

with village family & friends. The Social<br />

Committee has also been working on plans<br />

for Melbourne Cup to make sure we have<br />

our favourite caterer. Yearly Lakeside events<br />

coming up also include the Quiz night and<br />

village concert where residents delight in<br />

performing their talents to the enjoyment of<br />

the residents at the club house.<br />

24 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 25

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Sue Venz<br />

QLD<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Karen Kelly<br />

QLD<br />

Ridge Estate<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> NSW<br />

Sarah Bilkey<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Ashleigh Procter<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

We have had lots happen in the Village, we<br />

usually have around 10 people at Monday<br />

Coffee mornings, and we had commenced,<br />

having meals in house and take away meals.<br />

Which cost $5 per container. We still have our<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> BBQ once a month whom all enjoy.<br />

The ladies enjoy their after movie on a Tuesday<br />

afternoon accompanied by an ice-cream and<br />

packet of chips. Chair exercises on Thursday<br />

mornings are popular.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

When one of the ladies slid between two chairs<br />

and waiting for the ambulance to come and pick<br />

her up. Obviously not hurt and the lady involved<br />

had a great laugh telling me her story.<br />

The residents’ at Highview by <strong>Teman</strong> have<br />

really been enjoying Friday afternoon darts.<br />

With one of our resident John getting a dart<br />

piggyback on another dart. I wonder what the<br />

odds of that happening are? Our Anzac Day<br />

High Tea was a fun day and we all enjoyed the<br />

Trivia afternoon.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

I love to see the residents playing Bingo.<br />

They all have such a great time and so many<br />

laughs. They also have the chance of winning<br />

prizes, who doesn’t love walking out with some<br />

goodies. They just enjoy it so much.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Everyone better have their singing voices<br />

warmed up as there will be a singalong choir<br />

& Ukulele playing on Saturday afternoons<br />

through June. They are keeping things very<br />

close to their chest, however the social<br />

committee is busy planning for the coming<br />

months.<br />

The residents thought they’d combine Pancake<br />

Day and St Patricks Day with splashes of<br />

green, a little Guinness, some Irish music, and<br />

lots and lots of Pancakes, and everyone agreed<br />

it was a fun way to celebrate two important<br />

days. Mother’s Day High-tea was another<br />

wonderful afternoon, also this year a few more<br />

residents have been added to the ‘Greatgrandparent’<br />

achievement list.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

Constantly seeing residents help other<br />

residents, with meals or a phone call, making<br />

new residents feel welcome. Everyone<br />

welcomed my promotion and congratulated me.<br />

Craft fun is back up after a hiatus, it is lovely<br />

to hear the chatter and laughter whilst the<br />

ladies create beautiful pieces of craft.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

The monthly ‘grub in the pub’ is a great way<br />

for residents to check out what the Hunter<br />

Region has to offer in the way of good pub<br />

food. And whilst not everyone can get to an<br />

event outside the village, Fish’n’chips and a<br />

cheeky cornetto is another event on the cards,<br />

and also a special “O” party to celebrate a<br />

resident turning 90!<br />

The residents at The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong> have<br />

been little busy bees with events. We had a<br />

fun afternoon celebrating Easter with an easter<br />

hat parade, I made fresh hot cross buns, the<br />

social club had a few raffles going. The social<br />

club got in and made some Anzac biscuits to<br />

surprise every resident, lots of laughs were had<br />

in the kitchen when making the 120 biscuits.<br />

We held a beautiful afternoon tea for Mother’s<br />

Day to celebrate all things related to being a<br />

mum and a woman! Who doesn’t love receiving<br />

flowers for Mother’s Day!<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

Whether sitting in my office working doing<br />

admin, or in the kitchen cooking meals for the<br />

residents, my most favourite thing to hear is<br />

the laughter of my residents making memories<br />

with each other. The monthly <strong>Teman</strong> BBQs are<br />

such a hit at The Vines, each BBQ we have<br />

more residents coming down to join in the fun.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We are so looking forward to having our annual<br />

Biggest Morning Tea in June with our sister<br />

village Ridge Estate, it has been great fun<br />

in the past and an event that is very looked<br />

forward to each year. Bingo is the favourite<br />

activity in the village, the seriousness that<br />

comes with playing bingo! Of course, our<br />

monthly BBQs. Coming up to winter coffee<br />

club is always the winner on the freezing<br />

cold mornings and having a nice, warm hot<br />

chocolate or coffee and scones with jam and<br />

cream.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

<strong>Winter</strong> in Gladstone is the perfect time of year.<br />

Residents will be heading out for picnics, a<br />

few more BBQs around the village, and just<br />

more outdoor time. The social committee will<br />

be busy organising some special surprises,<br />

and we hope to do a group outing together.<br />

26 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 27

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Carla Wiggers<br />

WA<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

The Residents at The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> have been<br />

busy with their social calendar for the last<br />

couple of months. Enjoying delicious Italian<br />

food for the Italian night, fun and dress ups<br />

for the ever-popular British night and even<br />

venturing out to Gloucester Park for a night at<br />

the Trots. ANZAC Day morning service was held<br />

followed by breakfast in the Dining Hall and the<br />

Commemorative Committee delivered Anzac<br />

biscuits to every home in the village. The Social<br />

committee delivered easter eggs to every home<br />

for easter on Easter Sunday as a lovely treat.<br />

We have continued to have beautiful sunshine<br />

here in WA, so a lot of caravan owners are<br />

making the most of the opportunity to travel<br />

about. And with the Western Australian borders<br />

finally open, residents have had family arrive on<br />

their doorsteps which has been wonderful to<br />

hear about.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

One of the lovely aspects of living at The Rise<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> is the opportunity for socialising<br />

with people from neighbouring villages. We<br />

regularly have inter-village Bowls competitions<br />

and Table tennis games with our neighbours to<br />

name a few. It is lovely to have fun with friendly<br />

competition, and even better when The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> wins.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

I am looking forward to seeing everyone<br />

dressed up for the Roaring Twenties dinner<br />

coming up and there are quite a few other<br />

events planned for the Residents here at The<br />

Rise by <strong>Teman</strong>. The Village n Rhythm theatre<br />

group will be performing “Arabian Nights” in<br />

the village main hall which they perform over<br />

2 nights.<br />

giving<br />

is caring<br />

28 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 29

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Jon Folbigg<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Life is returning to normal after lockdown<br />

residents are returning to enjoy coffee club<br />

again and happy hour drinks in the afternoon<br />

along with Sunday Lunches. We have<br />

welcomed new residents to the village, and it’s<br />

been great to see residents taking advantage<br />

of the great weather, walking about our<br />

wonderful village enjoying all that Rosedale by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> has to offer!<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

It been a real pleasure seeing the results<br />

of all the hard work put in by our social<br />

committee organising Sunday lunches, helping<br />

with our Annual Biggest Morning Tea and the<br />

general interest in wanting to get more events<br />

happening within the village.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We are looking forward to some winter warmer<br />

long lunches and excursions to the vineyards<br />

for some wine tasting and some great food in<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

welcome<br />

to teman<br />

welcome<br />

home<br />

always<br />

among<br />

friends<br />

30 | <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Get in touch<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

38 Hickey Street<br />

Cessnock NSW 2325<br />

(02) 4990 4386<br />

thevinesbyteman.com.au<br />

Highview<br />

41 High Street<br />

Forest Lake QLD 4078<br />

(07) 3879 6577<br />

highviewbyteman.com.au<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

28 Deaves Road<br />

Cooranbong NSW 2265<br />

(02) 4977 2257<br />

rosedalebyteman.com.au<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

28 Marten St<br />

South Gladstone QLD 4680<br />

(07) 4979 0866<br />

beachambyteman.com.au<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

48 Ryan’s Road<br />

Gillieston Heights NSW 2321<br />

(02) 4932 8588<br />

ridgeestatebyteman.com.au<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

194 Old Mandurah Rd<br />

Ravenswood WA 6208<br />

(08) 9537 8200<br />

lakesidebyteman.com.au<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

14 Pauline Martin Dr<br />

Rockhampton QLD 4700<br />

(07) 4927 9665<br />

fitzroybyteman.com.au<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

76 Ridgewood Blvd<br />

Ridgewood WA 6030<br />

(08) 9305 1884<br />


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