Teman Magazine - life+style - Autumn 2022

The new Autumn issue of the Teman Magazine life+style has just arrived. As usual it is loaded with stories, tips, recipes, and this issue is full of photos from the festive season, Australia Day, and life around our Teman Communities. On the front cover we have the wonderful couple Barry and Jocelyn Gorton, who are our first inter-village-move. Barry and Jocelyn lived at Beacham by Teman in Gladstone QLD for a number of years and have recently moved down to The Vines by Teman in Cessnock NSW to be closer to their daughter who lives in the area. They are already making The Vines by Teman the new home. Volunteers are what make each village unique, and they help build a sense of community. We say thank you to each and all of our volunteers throughout all our Teman Communities. We learn how a group of friends from Fitzroy by Teman in Rockhampton have been social and active, turning their health around, encouraging each other as they train, with a determination to run the Rocky River Run later in May. We discover the importance of grooming your pets and some tips if you wanted to tackle it at home. Fiona Watson from The Rise by Teman in Ridgewood WA shares her Dutch dessert Melktert (Milk Tart), whileVal Barnett from The Vines by Teman explains how to get the grandkids to eat zucchini with her Zucchini and Bacon Slice. We love all the maintained grounds and gardens in all out Teman Communities, so it’s not surprising that we attract people with green thumbs. Roly & Maureen Daily from Lakeside by Teman show us through their beautiful flowering garden, and Colin Rodgers from Rosedale by Teman in Cooranbong talks us through which veggies we should be planting in Autumn. Resident stories are always a much read part of the magazine, and in this issue we learn about James (Jody) Couttie from Fitzroy by Teman, his younger dreams of becoming a bikie, travels, and why he loves village life. We also wonder through the life of Gayle Whitelaw from Ridge Estate by Teman in Gillieston Heights NSW and how she is one fortunate and blessed Cootamundra girl. We meet our neighbours Michael O’Callaghan for Lakeside by Teman and Randall Ferrington from Rosedale by Teman, discover the best restaurants near each Teman Community, hear from our Village Managers in their wrap-ups, and have countless photos. We hope you enjoy

The new Autumn issue of the Teman Magazine life+style has just arrived. As usual it is loaded with stories, tips, recipes, and this issue is full of photos from the festive season, Australia Day, and life around our Teman Communities.

On the front cover we have the wonderful couple Barry and Jocelyn Gorton, who are our first inter-village-move. Barry and Jocelyn lived at Beacham by Teman in Gladstone QLD for a number of years and have recently moved down to The Vines by Teman in Cessnock NSW to be closer to their daughter who lives in the area. They are already making The Vines by Teman the new home.

Volunteers are what make each village unique, and they help build a sense of community. We say thank you to each and all of our volunteers throughout all our Teman Communities. We learn how a group of friends from Fitzroy by Teman in Rockhampton have been social and active, turning their health around, encouraging each other as they train, with a determination to run the Rocky River Run later in May. We discover the importance of grooming your pets and some tips if you wanted to tackle it at home. Fiona Watson from The Rise by Teman in Ridgewood WA shares her Dutch dessert Melktert (Milk Tart), whileVal Barnett from The Vines by Teman explains how to get the grandkids to eat zucchini with her Zucchini and Bacon Slice.

We love all the maintained grounds and gardens in all out Teman Communities, so it’s not surprising that we attract people with green thumbs. Roly & Maureen Daily from Lakeside by Teman show us through their beautiful flowering garden, and Colin Rodgers from Rosedale by Teman in Cooranbong talks us through which veggies we should be planting in Autumn.

Resident stories are always a much read part of the magazine, and in this issue we learn about James (Jody) Couttie from Fitzroy by Teman, his younger dreams of becoming a bikie, travels, and why he loves village life. We also wonder through the life of Gayle Whitelaw from Ridge Estate by Teman in Gillieston Heights NSW and how she is one fortunate and blessed Cootamundra girl. We meet our neighbours Michael O’Callaghan for Lakeside by Teman and Randall Ferrington from Rosedale by Teman, discover the best restaurants near each Teman Community, hear from our Village Managers in their wrap-ups, and have countless photos.

We hope you enjoy


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<strong>life+style</strong><br />

<strong>Autumn</strong> | <strong>2022</strong><br />

Barry and Jocelyn Gorton – The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong>

Farewell 2021 & Welcome <strong>2022</strong><br />

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a<br />

fun and active New Year with your family and<br />

loved ones. It has been an interesting time for<br />

everyone, but what I have admired most is the<br />

support, kindness, and resilience that people<br />

have shown. I am continuously told stories<br />

about residents and staff, helping each other,<br />

lending a hand, looking out for their neighbour.<br />

It is exactly what I love about our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Communities.<br />

Resident story<br />

From Beacham to The Vines<br />

Covid might have prevented me from attending<br />

all the Christmas parties, however I was<br />

so happy that they could all go ahead. The<br />

photos and videos of them all were wonderful.<br />

Everyone coming together, relaxing, laughing,<br />

and having fun. I want to thank all the <strong>Teman</strong><br />

team members and residents that helped to<br />

make them happen.<br />

I was able to visit our Queensland villages just<br />

before Christmas and again in the new year.<br />

It’s always great seeing some familiar smiling<br />

faces and catching up with everyone. It feels<br />

like I keep saying it, but as soon as I can I’ll be<br />

over to visit our Western Australian villages.<br />

I hope you enjoy the <strong>Autumn</strong> issue of <strong>life+style</strong>.<br />

Like always, I love hearing your feedback on<br />

the magazine, and I’m here if you have any<br />

questions.<br />

Jamie<br />

Managing Director<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> Communities<br />

We talk often about the “family” that is<br />

<strong>Teman</strong>—residents, neighbours, friends, staff<br />

all looking out for each other. With eight<br />

communities around the country, it has<br />

been wonderful to see residents engaging<br />

with other residents from different villages.<br />

Within each state, we try to arrange outings,<br />

activities, bowls days, luncheons with multiple<br />

villages. Residents have also used the <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Facebook page to engage with each other and<br />

are connected through stories throughout our<br />

monthly <strong>Teman</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Now we have had our first inter-village-move.<br />

Barry and Joycelyn Gorton, lived at Beacham<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> in Gladstone QLD for the past two<br />

years. Both well-known residents, Joycelyn is<br />

a fantastic cook and Barry was always ready<br />

to lend a hand around the village. Just before<br />

Christmas 2021, Barry and Joycelyn were<br />

welcomed into their new home at The Vines by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> in Cessnock NSW.<br />

Cessnock and the Newcastle region isn’t new<br />

to Barry and Joycelyn as they spent 41 years in<br />

the area, before heading north to Queensland.<br />

Barry worked as a prison guard and later in<br />

the Steel Industries for BHP and Joycelyn had<br />

a courier service. The couple have called many<br />

parts of Queensland home, living in Moranbah,<br />

Mundubbera and Midge Point, before calling<br />

Gladstone home.<br />

With some underlying health conditions, Barry<br />

and Joycelyn wanted to move back to Cessnock<br />

to be closer to their daughter who lives in the<br />

area. Barry and Joycelyn have already made<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong> home with their cat Nanu,<br />

and Barry can be seen cooking at the monthly<br />

BBQs and revitalising the veggie patch.<br />

Welcome to The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

2 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 3

Staying social and active<br />

Thankyou Volunteers<br />

The Rocky River Run<br />

Building a sense of community is something<br />

that we strive for across all our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Communities, and we are very fortunate to<br />

have many resident volunteers who make it<br />

possible.<br />

Every village is special in its unique way.<br />

In addition to the Resident’s Committee,<br />

Social Committee, weekly activity organisers<br />

and outside event trips. Volunteers across<br />

all <strong>Teman</strong> Communities regularly maintain<br />

bowling surfaces, set up and run bingo and<br />

carpet bowls, drive village buses for shopping<br />

trips and outings, run monthly coffee shops,<br />

hamburger nights, movie nights, village<br />

magazines, volunteer drivers who take other<br />

residents to local medical appointments and<br />

so much more.<br />

Many residents enjoy volunteering as it builds<br />

a deeper sense of purpose knowing they’re<br />

helping a neighbour. Volunteering enables<br />

residents to stay active and social, be<br />

connected, and keep utilising their many skills.<br />

We have residents who refurbish community<br />

BBQ’s, repair garden bench seats, look after<br />

veggie gardens, and cook at monthly residents’<br />

dinners or BBQ’s.<br />

Many yearly events across our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Communities are run on volunteer generosity<br />

– Australia Day functions, quiz nights, concert<br />

nights, monthly raffles, Anzac Day and<br />

Remembrance Day ceremonies, Melbourne<br />

Cup, Biggest Morning Tea, and so many more.<br />

We are so fortunate to have countless<br />

residents who are willing to help any village<br />

friend or neighbour in need. People who just<br />

get in and get things done. It can be as simple<br />

as putting the neighbour’s bin out for them or<br />

taking their dog for a walk.<br />

To all our volunteers across all our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Communities, thank you for creating<br />

communities full of friendship and support.<br />

The Rocky River Run is an annual community<br />

event that has been a highlight for locals for<br />

many years, attracting hundreds of competitors<br />

of all levels of fitness, from children to seniors.<br />

It is a great way to challenge yourself. The<br />

organisers have continuously sculpted the<br />

race to suit all competitors and have different<br />

categories to ensure all competitors compete<br />

against similar fitness levels. Wheelie walkers<br />

are welcome, whatever is required to get from<br />

the start to the finish is permitted.<br />

Margi, The Village Manager at Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

has completed the event many times and loves<br />

the challenge. Margi decided to put the idea to<br />

the residents to register a team, surprisingly<br />

residents jumped at the idea. The excitement<br />

expressed by the residents was overwhelming.<br />

Staying active and social, the training began<br />

immediately. It is amazing to watch the<br />

residents challenge themselves as some<br />

residents must overcome and deal with aches<br />

and pains, but their attitude is to conquer this<br />

race. Residents have proven to themselves<br />

what the benefits are in walking. They have<br />

been setting goals along the way and achieving<br />

each goal. Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> will have teams<br />

competing in the 2 kilometre and 5 kilometre<br />

races.<br />

Managing Director of <strong>Teman</strong> Communities,<br />

Jamie Sterland, will be alongside residents,<br />

joining in and supporting everyone who<br />

competes.<br />

The Rocky River Run will be held in May,<br />

however the team will be competing in the<br />

Colour Run in March as a warmup for the<br />

big race, to be held in the beautiful Kershaw<br />

Gardens.<br />

This event is not to break any records. It is<br />

about coming together as a team, proving to<br />

yourself that you can do anything you put your<br />

minds to, and enjoying the process of training,<br />

walking together, being outside, and sharing<br />

time together.<br />

We can’t wait to cheer everyone on.<br />

4 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 5

6 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 7

Pet Care<br />

Pet Grooming<br />

We love pets and they are always welcome<br />

in all our <strong>Teman</strong> Communities. Pet grooming<br />

is an important part of keeping our pets<br />

happy and healthy. Regular pet grooming<br />

sessions not only ensures that our pets look<br />

and smell great but is also beneficial to the<br />

health of your pet. Depending on the type of<br />

pet and even breed, grooming sessions will<br />

look different. If you’re not taking your pup<br />

to the pet parlour, here are seven tips from<br />

Advantage Petcare for grooming your dog at<br />

home, so you can keep your dog looking great<br />

and feeling healthy.<br />

1. Regularly brush your dog’s coat to prevent<br />

matting.<br />

Regardless of breed, your dog will need<br />

regular brushing to keep its coat shiny and<br />

glossy. The amount of brushing per week<br />

depends on your dog’s coat length and<br />

texture. Longhaired breeds will need more<br />

frequent brushing (at least once a week,<br />

if not every other day), while shorthaired<br />

breeds may need a good brushing only<br />

every other week.<br />

2. Trim your dog’s hair – but use caution<br />

Most dog owners prefer to take their dog to<br />

a groomer to have their dog’s hair cut. That<br />

said, if you proceed carefully you can trim<br />

overgrown hair around your dog’s eyes or<br />

paws in between professional groomings.<br />

Always wait until your dog is calm and<br />

preferably lying down. Move slowly and<br />

calmly, and use extra caution when scissor<br />

blades are near the skin. Make sure to<br />

reward your dog’s calmness with a treat<br />

after you’re finished.<br />

nervous or would prefer not to trim your<br />

dog’s hair yourself, turn to a professional<br />

grooming service.<br />

3. Safely trim your dog’s nails<br />

Trim your dog’s nails when you hear them<br />

clicking on the hard floors in your home.<br />

This will prevent your dog from experiencing<br />

discomfort from overly long nails.<br />

4. Check your dog’s skin as you groom<br />

Allergic skin diseases are common in<br />

dogs, causing itchiness and making<br />

them scratch, chew or lick their skin. In<br />

addition to making your pet miserable,<br />

external parasites like fleas, ticks, lice<br />

and mites can transfer diseases or other<br />

parasites like the tapeworm. Make a habit<br />

of checking your dog’s skin every time you<br />

groom them. Start by running your fingers<br />

through your dog’s coat, feeling its skin<br />

for unusual lumps or bumps. You can<br />

investigate further by parting the coat to<br />

examine the skin more closely for sores,<br />

redness, rashes, bald spots and evidence<br />

of parasitic infestations.<br />

5. Teach your dog to enjoy grooming sessions<br />

Many dogs, especially puppies, need<br />

encouragement and positive reinforcement<br />

when you first introduce them to a<br />

grooming routine. One tip is to spread a<br />

little Vegemite on a washable surface and<br />

allow your dog or puppy to lick it off while<br />

you brush or wash them. Take things slowly<br />

and give lots of treats and praise so your<br />

pup will look forward to its next pampering<br />

session.<br />

6. Regularly check your dog’s ears<br />

While grooming your dog, remember to take<br />

a closer look at its ears. Ear infections can<br />

be painful, so if you notice the inside of the<br />

ears is inflamed or moist, their ear smells<br />

odd, your dog shakes its head or scratches<br />

at its ears, or your pup whines or yelps<br />

when you examine the dog’s ears, take your<br />

dog to your vet for a check-up.<br />

7. Don’t bathe your dog too often<br />

Most dogs with healthy skin only need<br />

to be bathed every couple of months to<br />

prevent hygiene issues and unpleasant<br />

odours. Bathing your dog more often than<br />

this can strip the natural oils from its coat<br />

and dry out its skin.If your dog smells<br />

bad but hasn’t rolled in something awful,<br />

then you should discuss this with your<br />

vet. Underlying issues may indicate dental<br />

disease or a skin infection.<br />

Good grooming, periodic bathing and regular<br />

skin and ear checks not only help keep your<br />

dog healthy, it demonstrates your love for your<br />

pet and give you quality time together.<br />

Remember: It’s easy to accidentally cut<br />

your pet with scissors or clippers. Always<br />

take care when trimming, and if you’re<br />

8 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 9

Cook’s corner<br />

Fiona Watson | The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Melktert is a Dutch dessert or afternoon tea item originally created by Dutch settlers in the Cape<br />

Province of South Africa in the mid-17th century.<br />

The recipe would have travelled to Rhodesia (a British colony) where we lived, with South Africans<br />

who migrated north. This particular recipe was given to me in the early days of our marriage by a<br />

dear friend who is no longer with us. It became a family favourite, and still is.<br />

Val Barnett | The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Getting kids to eat zucchini is always going to be a challenge. Unless you mix it with bacon<br />

(let’s be honest, what doesn’t taste better with bacon). Val found this recipe in a magazine<br />

and loves making it for her autistic grandson when he visits The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong>. She at<br />

least knows he’s had some vegetables.<br />

Melktert (Milk Tart)<br />

Zucchini & Bacon Slice<br />

Ingredients (makes 2)<br />

Crust<br />

125 grms margarine<br />

3 tablespoons sugar<br />

½ teaspoon salt<br />

2 level Teaspoons Baking Powder<br />

1 egg<br />

3 tablespoons veg. oil<br />

2 cups plain flour<br />

Filling<br />

4½ cups milk<br />

3½ level tablespoons cornflour<br />

¾ cup sugar<br />

3 eggs<br />

3 level tablespoons plain flour<br />

2 teaspoons butter<br />

Method (Crust)<br />

1. Cream the margarine and sugar – add the oil<br />

and blend together – add the egg & blend.<br />

2. Sift the flour, salt and B. Powder and add<br />

to the mixture – knead (should be a soft<br />

dough).<br />

3. Press into two 21cm pie dishes with your<br />

hands or the back of a spoon.<br />

4. Bake at 180º for 25 mins until light brown.<br />

5. Allow to cool before adding the filling.<br />

Method (Filling)<br />

1. Mix ½ cup of cold milk with the flours ---<br />

add 3 eggs and beat well.<br />

2. Bring 4 cups of milk to the boil. Pour in the<br />

egg mixture stirring continuously until thick<br />

and cooked.<br />

3. Remove from the heat and add the sugar<br />

and butter. Keep stirring.<br />

4. Pour into the pie shells while still hot.<br />

5. Sprinkle with cinnamon.<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 zucchinis coarsely grated<br />

1 carrot peeled coarsely grated<br />

1 small red capsicum, seeded,<br />

finely chopped<br />

2 spring onions, thinly sliced<br />

1 cup grated tasty cheese<br />

1 cup self-raising flour<br />

4 eggs lightly whisked<br />

¼ cup milk<br />

2 tbs olive oil<br />

Method<br />

1. Preheat oven to 180c, grease a 20cm x<br />

30cm lamington pan, line base and 2 long<br />

sides with baking paper.<br />

2. Please zucchini, carrot, capsicum, spring<br />

onion, bacon, cheese & flour in large bowl,<br />

stir to combine. Add egg, milk, and oil, stir<br />

to combine.<br />

3. Spoon mixture into prepared pan, smooth<br />

the surface.<br />

4. Bake for 40 mins or until firm to touch, set<br />

aside to cool. Cut into squares to serve.<br />

10 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 11

12 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 13

<strong>Teman</strong> Gardens<br />

Roly & Maureen Daily | Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

What do you love about gardening?<br />

We love getting out in the garden and enjoying<br />

the outdoors and fresh air, also having a<br />

chat when our neighbours walk past. You can<br />

receive some great tips from other people in<br />

the village and we are often asked for advice.<br />

Having a nice garden makes a nice home and<br />

our new dog Kimmy likes to lay on the paving<br />

watching us work. We like a colourful garden,<br />

with a good buffalo lawn.<br />

What plants/veggies/etc do you love<br />

planting?<br />

We love pretty flowers in our garden, we used<br />

to plant lots of annuals, although they need a<br />

lot of work, so we are changing to any plants<br />

with nice flowers in different colours. We like<br />

yellow and pink flowers the most, although will<br />

choose any plant with pretty flowers regardless<br />

of the colour. We don’t grow any veggies, just<br />

flowering plants and bulbs.<br />

What should people be doing in the gardens<br />

at this time of year?<br />

Continue to weed, fertilise, prune and mulch<br />

into autumn to keep the weeds down and<br />

retain the goodness in your soil to prepare<br />

for winter. Remove annuals that are passed<br />

their best and replant with daffodils, jonquils,<br />

ranunculus and in pots tulips are gorgeous to<br />

keep your garden looking fresh and colourful<br />

into winter. I mostly choose my plants by<br />

looking at the pretty flowers and one of my<br />

best tips to check when your local plant<br />

supplier receives new stock and visit in the few<br />

days immediately after to ensure you have the<br />

best choice and the healthiest plants for your<br />

garden.<br />

Colin Rodgers | Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

What do you love about gardening?<br />

The abundance of fresh organic vegetables<br />

I can pull from the ground. I’m not an expert<br />

gardener but rather just enthusiastic. I like<br />

the fact I can plant something, and it grows<br />

so easily.<br />

What plants/ veggies etc do you love<br />

planting?<br />

The winter vegetables are coming to an<br />

end now, but I do love to plant cauliflowers,<br />

cabbages, broccoli, onions and sprouts. I also<br />

planted something called clumping onions. The<br />

idea is you plant one and you get 4 or 5 come<br />

back up. They took really well this year.<br />

Herbs and garlic can be planted at anytime of<br />

the year and they are useful to have on hand<br />

to complement whatever dish you are cooking.<br />

What should people be doing in the garden<br />

this time of year?<br />

With <strong>Autumn</strong> approaching it is a great time of<br />

year to remove dead wood and spent flowers<br />

and cut back shrubs and native grasses. Once<br />

the summer vegetables have finished and have<br />

been removed the soil can be reinvigorated<br />

with compost and lightly turned over with a<br />

garden fork. Be sure to pull out any weeds.<br />

The best vegies to plant at this time of year<br />

are broccoli, potatoes, cauliflowers, parsnips,<br />

cabbages and snow peas. Broad beans can<br />

be grown but need support by way of a trellis<br />

or a fence. Herbs that grow well in autumn are<br />

coriander, sweet basil, thyme and oregano.<br />

April is a good month to grow citrus such as<br />

mandarins, limes, and oranges. These can be<br />

grown in pots but need to be fertilized each<br />

season. Bulbs such as bluebells and Dutch Iris<br />

can be planted towards the end of April when<br />

the weather is cooler.<br />

“the best vegies to plant<br />

at this time of year<br />

are broccoli, potatoes,<br />

cauliflowers, parsnips,<br />

cabbages and snow peas”<br />

14 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 15

Resident story<br />

James (alias Jody) Couttie<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

I was born in Melbourne, 1943. James Coutti,<br />

better known as Jody.<br />

As I was growing up, all I ever wanted to be<br />

was a bikie. I had the leather jacket, the<br />

jeans, the hair. Unfortunately, never got the<br />

bike. Check out the photos, a tricycle was as<br />

close as I got to a real bike.<br />

Went to Sandringham tech, I was in the<br />

military cadets, we used to take a 303-rifle<br />

home, riding our bikes with the rifle slug<br />

over our shoulder. Fancy that, imagine what<br />

would happen if we took the rifle home in this<br />

day. Left Sandringham tec after getting my<br />

junior tec certificate in the third year. I got an<br />

apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker, which<br />

in those days took 5 years before becoming a<br />

qualified tradesman.<br />

In 1966 I decided to go to New Zealand and<br />

stayed for 13 years. While there I met a girl<br />

from Queensland, married in 1969, bought a<br />

house in Wellington and had two boys, Dion<br />

1973 and Lincoln 1975.<br />

Decided to return to Queensland, settling<br />

down in Rockhampton. I got a job installing<br />

commercial air conditioners, duct work and<br />

fabrication. I continued this career until I was<br />

72 years. I called myself a ductolliquist.<br />

Unfortunately, my marriage ended in 2012,<br />

my wife and the boys moved to Brisbane. I<br />

love going down to go to the AFL football and<br />

enjoying watching Brisbane Heat playing cricket<br />

as a family.<br />

During the early years and in happier times, we<br />

travelled as a family. We travelled to the East<br />

Coast of America in 1984, spending time at<br />

Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Grand Canyon and<br />

down to Tijuana Mexico. While living in New<br />

Zealand we travelled back to Australia, three<br />

times, then spent time in Norfolk Island.<br />

Working allowed me to travel throughout<br />

Queensland, from the Keppel’s, Brampton<br />

Island, Bedarra Island, Longreach, Biloela,<br />

Gladstone, Mackay, Richmond, Barcaldine,<br />

and everything in between. While at Barclay<br />

downs cattle property in 2014, I saw an advert<br />

for an over 55s lifestyle village. I decided that<br />

was the life for me and moved into Fitzroy by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> later that year. Over the years I have<br />

met some lovely people, and sadly lost some.<br />

I really enjoy the lifestyle and activities, indoor<br />

bowls, pool comp, bingo, I like assisting and<br />

participating. First Wednesday of each month,<br />

we all get together for a meal at a minimal<br />

cost, cooked by a resident, and thoroughly<br />

enjoyed by all. Sharing a coffee with friends is<br />

always enjoyable.<br />

I am very active and involved in outside<br />

activities, Monday’s and Friday’s I enjoy coffee<br />

with friends. Tuesday night indoor bowls and<br />

Thursday night is bingo at the sports club.<br />

Wednesday is indoor bowls in the community<br />

centre, Wednesday nights dinner with<br />

neighbours. Golf once a month is something<br />

that I look forward too, playing with other<br />

groups, police social club & other senior social<br />

groups. Fun! Fun! Fun!<br />

Morning melodies with neighbours, is held at<br />

the Pilbeam Theatre. It is always nice to enjoy<br />

artists who remind me of the past eras.<br />

What do I do in my down time, surprise, I like<br />

to garden. Gardening gives me the quiet time<br />

to think and enjoy my own company. As you<br />

can gather, gardening is only to fill in my spare<br />

time, if and when I get some.<br />

Living at Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> is the best thing I<br />

have done. It allows me time to enjoy my life<br />

with great friends, and I do not have to mow<br />

the yard.<br />

No more worries mate!<br />

16 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 17

Resident story<br />

Gayle Whitelaw<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Gayle is a Cootamundra girl! Cootamundra is<br />

a beautiful country town, south of Sydney in<br />

the Riverina region. And whilst, she loves living<br />

at Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong>, Cootamundra will<br />

always have a dear place in her heart.<br />

“Not long after I was born, we moved to<br />

Sydney, for Dad’s job, he was a Railway man.<br />

He couldn’t join the war because he had<br />

Rheumatic fever”<br />

Gayle found herself starting school, not long<br />

after she had turned 4.<br />

“My mother, loved me but I don’t think she was<br />

overly ‘motherly’, so she managed to convince<br />

the school to take me early”<br />

Gayle’s start at school was disrupted by the<br />

Japanese bombing Sydney Harbour, and after<br />

careful consideration, for their child’s safety,<br />

her father found a railway job back down south,<br />

and they were able to head back home to<br />

Cootamundra.<br />

“I was 14 when I finished my intermediate<br />

certificate, I did want to complete my leaving<br />

certificate but about halfway through that, my<br />

mother found me a job at the ANZ bank.”<br />

“To get a job at the bank was a big deal back<br />

then, I was only 15 when I started there”<br />

Gayle then went on to recall<br />

that it was the worst 18<br />

months of her life, she hated<br />

working in the bank and was<br />

very happy when she got to<br />

the chance to leave it. She<br />

left the bank and found a job<br />

on her own at the Telephone<br />

Exchange.<br />

In the last two years of her<br />

schooling, her mother sent<br />

her off to the Catholic school<br />

after normal school, to learn<br />

shorthand and typing from the nuns.<br />

“The shorthand and typing skills helped me<br />

throughout my whole working life, it helped me<br />

get my job at the Telephone Exchange, a job I<br />

loved, I was there for about 3-4yrs.”<br />

Life in Cootamundra wasn’t all about work,<br />

there was a big jazz presence there. The<br />

Cootamundra Jazz Band was one of Australia’s<br />

foremost traditional jazz bands of the 1950s.<br />

Her first steady boyfriend was a clarinet player<br />

in the band, his name was Laurie Gooding.<br />

When he moved to Sydney, Gayle followed.<br />

Laurie was still in a band and Gayle would<br />

still watch him play. It was during one of these<br />

nights out that Gayle would meet her husband,<br />

Philip.<br />

“It was just purely by chance, he and his<br />

friend Malcolm, both hairdressers, were with<br />

the main singer of the night, a Frank Sinatra<br />

impersonator, we all ended up sitting at the<br />

same table. My friend Gloria mentioned that<br />

we were heading back to Cootamundra that<br />

weekend, and before I knew it, Philip and<br />

Malcolm were going to drive us back down, in<br />

a new car that needed to be tested by driving a<br />

long distance.”<br />

“We had a beautiful weekend, Philip and I just<br />

clicked, after only knowing each other for two<br />

weeks, Philip proposed, and that just felt right.”<br />

Of course, Laurie was sad, and Gayle felt sad<br />

and guilty for having to break it off with him,<br />

but she absolutely knew she was doing the<br />

right thing.<br />

6 weeks after meeting, Gayle and Philip<br />

were married. They weren’t going to have a<br />

honeymoon, but Philip’s mother insisted, so<br />

they went to Port Macquarie. And about 9<br />

months later, their first child, Grant was born.<br />

They then went back to Cootamundra, as<br />

Gayle was feeling homesick, and that is where<br />

their other children Mark and Gina were born.<br />

By the time Grant was 7 they were back in<br />

Sydney.<br />

Gayle’s career was one of connection, over her<br />

career period in Sydney, as one door would<br />

close another would open and it was her<br />

connections that she made with her bosses<br />

that allowed her to always find her feet. She<br />

was a good, reliable and clever worker. And<br />

learning shorthand from the nuns definitely<br />

helped.<br />

Gayle worked at a number of places, however<br />

there were two that were quite interesting.<br />

The first was during the late 60s, early 70s.<br />

Gayle was the secretary for the Architect group<br />

who worked on the Opera House for the last 3<br />

years of completion, Hall, Littlemore, & Todd.<br />

The office was on site, until the last 6 months<br />

and Gayle explained that it was so wonderful<br />

to see the Opera House come to life. For her<br />

efforts she was given tickets to attend the<br />

official opening of the Opera House by Queen<br />

Elizabeth II and also the first performance<br />

in the concert hall by the Sydney Symphony<br />

Orchestra.<br />

The second was her last job, she stayed<br />

with them for 14yrs, she had followed her<br />

boss from another company, to work at this<br />

company which was called Gleason Works.<br />

“I got to travel with this job, I did two trips<br />

to the United States, a trip to Germany and<br />

Plymouth in the UK”<br />

A fitting way to end a secretary/PA career,<br />

getting to travel the world.<br />

Retirement years were found in Warners Bay.<br />

Gayle had been taught Bridge by a boss from<br />

the Opera House Architect firm, so she found<br />

a Bridge Club, and Philip and she just enjoyed<br />

their retirement years.<br />

They moved to Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong> in<br />

2017, sadly 3 years later, Philip passed away<br />

after suffering from dementia. Gayle still plays<br />

Bridge and is extremely close to her three<br />

children, and grandchildren.<br />

“I’ve had a Blessed Life and Blessed Family”<br />

One fortunate, blessed, Cootamundra girl.<br />

18 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 19

20 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 21

Meet your neighbour<br />

Michael O’Callaghan<br />

Randall Ferrington<br />

merry<br />

christmas<br />

happy<br />

new year!<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

My Dad was in the Air Force, and I had 21<br />

homes in 18 years, so I grew up everywhere<br />

as we were never in one place for long. As<br />

a young man I lived in Sydney above a milk<br />

bar on Bondi Beach and loved that. In 1960 I<br />

moved to WA.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

At Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong>, I love the swimming<br />

pool, so nice and warm I use it every day. I<br />

also love the spa, sauna and the wide-open<br />

space at Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong>. Lakeside by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> has the most open space compared to<br />

any other village I looked at and I really enjoy<br />

walking around the village every day, even<br />

when it’s raining. I moved in just over 9 months<br />

ago and the people here are so friendly.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

This is an unusual one, Boxing Day 1972, it<br />

was my first day at Western Mining in Kambalda<br />

Western Australia. I was on a familiarization<br />

tour underground in the Durkin Shaft when<br />

the Forman Frank stopped a miner who was<br />

“boring in butts’ and went too close to it and it<br />

would have exploded killing us all. Frank saved<br />

us that day, so it was a great day.Also love my<br />

Grandkids, they make me smile as I am very<br />

proud of them, they are 22, 19, 18, 16½. One<br />

day great grand kids will also make me smile.<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

I was born in Sydney and generally stayed in<br />

Sydney. I worked in the maritime industry in<br />

ferries on Sydney Harbour. In recent times we<br />

moved up to the Central Coast, Newcastle<br />

and Lake Macquarie areas, until moving into<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

We love living at Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong> as it is<br />

close to everything we need. All the services<br />

at Cooranbong and Morisset are close by. But<br />

also the rural aspect, all the gardens, being<br />

so close to the Watagan Mountains. I go for<br />

a walk each day, up the road in the bush. My<br />

wife and I just love it. We feel you just can’t<br />

beat it.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

Thinking about the peace and serenity of<br />

places we found over the years. Not just here<br />

at Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong>, but the places we found<br />

in our caravan. A place where we can enjoy the<br />

beautiful Australian environment, the animals,<br />

vegetation. Places where we can put our feet<br />

up and just enjoy the nature around us.<br />

22 | Summer 2021<br />

<strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 23

See and Do<br />


Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Brewvino<br />

Bar, Kitchen and Lounge on the Mandurah<br />

Boardwalk, Brewvino is the latest bar to hit the<br />

Mandurah gastronomy scene. A very relaxed<br />

atmosphere with a tasty and interesting menu<br />

that changes regularly so there is always<br />

something new to try. The view across the<br />

Mandurah inlet and waterways is fantastic as it<br />

is upstairs and there is a lift if required.<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Gecko Valley<br />

Gecko Valley is a family-owned business which<br />

is home to a vineyard, cellar door, Rose Garden<br />

café, local renowned artist paintings, and handcrafted<br />

bespoke designer jewellery. On a rise<br />

overlooking the vineyards surrounded by 100<br />

ha of beautiful rolling woodland and with the<br />

majestic Mt Larcom as the backdrop, Gecko<br />

Valley is a lovely place to enjoy a long lunch.<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Pocha Korean BBQ<br />

Delicious food that you will smell before you<br />

see it, great service, and one of the best<br />

Korean BBQ Restaurants in Brisbane. The<br />

seasoned beef, fresh noodles, and wagyu set<br />

are amazing. If you like something with a bit of<br />

spice, then you can’t go past the Spicy Chicken<br />

Cheese (yum!)<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Coquun<br />

Coquun is a refined café, small bar, deli and<br />

bistro flavoured distinctly by the native food<br />

bowl. It is a meeting ground for people to enjoy<br />

what the Hunter Valley has to offer by carefully<br />

selecting and preparing an offering sourced<br />

predominately from local farms, wineries,<br />

breweries and distilleries.<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Goldfish<br />

Award winning cocktail bar and renowned<br />

restaurant located next to Tempus Two<br />

at Roche Estate in the Hunter Valley.<br />

Perfect for long lunches and group dinners.<br />

Whether you’re enjoying a meal with<br />

sprawling countryside views from the deck<br />

or live music and cocktails, Goldfish provide<br />

a warm and fun environment no matter<br />

which end of the wine list you start at.<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Something Italian<br />

Something Italian is an Italian family run<br />

restaurant where everything is cooked by<br />

hand, it’s a hidden gem. The restaurant has<br />

a weekly special listing and the Spaghetti Alle<br />

Vongole is delicious. The menu has lots of<br />

options to choose at great prices.<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• 8 at Trinity<br />

8 at Trinity is a beautiful Italian waterfront<br />

restaurant located on Lake Macquarie<br />

approximately 9km from Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

There is an extensive menu made using<br />

freshly cooked ingredients. This ranges from<br />

pizzas, pastas and kids meals to lobster<br />

mornay and seafood platters for 2. Patrons<br />

can enjoy starter tasting plates to share as<br />

well as dessert cocktails, cheese platters<br />

and of course an assortment of delicious<br />

desserts. This place really is well worth a visit<br />

and comes with strong recommendations from<br />

residents and staff members that have all<br />

enjoyed meals here.<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Gardens Tearooms<br />

The beautiful Rockhampton Botanical Gardens<br />

are the backdrop for our High Teas. Seating<br />

is behind the café under the shady Banyan Fig<br />

Trees. This is the perfect location to enjoy an<br />

outing, outside among the beautiful botanical<br />

gardens which has been developing and growing<br />

for over 100 years. The botanical gardens are<br />

approximately 5k’s from the village, local buses<br />

go to the gardens daily. Once you have finished<br />

your High Tea, walk over to the zoo then up to the<br />

Japanese Gardens. Fantastic Day Out.<br />

24 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 25

26 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 27

Village wrap up<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Margi Dabbs<br />

QLD<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Cheryl Finlay<br />

WA<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Well, covid has finally hit Rockhampton. Firstly,<br />

I would like to congratulate all the residents<br />

for being doubled vaxed or tripled vaxed.<br />

Unfortunately, covid has got a lot of residents<br />

concerned and they have taken precautions<br />

which has contributed to activities in the<br />

Community Centre to be limited. Welcoming<br />

the New Year has proven to present restrictions.<br />

Businesses in Rockhampton are operating on<br />

skeleton staff, not providing external services<br />

like entertainment and guest presenters.<br />

It has been the season for celebrations,<br />

anniversaries, birthdays, and now the Festive<br />

Season. At Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> it has been joyous<br />

to welcome new residents to the village, getting<br />

to know them, watching them meet residents<br />

and listen to their stories. It is wonderful to<br />

watch the resident’s welcome newcomers to<br />

the village. The gardens are looking lush due<br />

to the welcomed rain. In the past months, the<br />

coffee club has grown in attendees, this is<br />

due to the guest speakers which have given<br />

their time, SES emergency response, Police<br />

Information sessions, travel agents and others.<br />

There was a beauty session conducted by the<br />

village beautician. The topic was eyebrows,<br />

how to shape them, apply colour, it was a huge<br />

success. Everyone who attended gained some<br />

useful information. Not to mention great fun<br />

had by all. Thank you to all these businesses<br />

for donating their time, the residents really<br />

appreciate it.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

Listening to residents planning their trips, it<br />

is wonderful! Being part of a community who<br />

are excited for <strong>2022</strong>, expressing their ambition<br />

to try different things. Planning to walk the<br />

Rockhampton River Run in May, residents<br />

continue to be enthusiast, ideas for T-Shirts<br />

has been interesting. Greatest motivation is<br />

the team atmosphere, when they walk in the big<br />

event, they want everyone to know who they are<br />

and where they come from. Beauty session was<br />

a real hoot, everyone enjoyed themselves, there<br />

was plenty of laughter.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Residents like to suggest guest presenters<br />

for <strong>2022</strong> Coffee Club, it will be exciting to be<br />

able to organise. The contribution of residents<br />

in scheduling and organising events has<br />

been appreciated. Watching the residents<br />

enjoy themselves at these events has been<br />

fantastic, being positive and willing to try<br />

different things in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong> recently installed new solar<br />

bollard lighting around the front of the club<br />

house which looks amazing. Christmas was<br />

crazy busy & lots of fun. In addition to all the<br />

residents’ actives and Christmas wind ups,<br />

the village choir performed at the Christmas<br />

Carols in the club house with a visit from<br />

Santa himself. Santa also toured Lakeside on<br />

Christmas Eve with a few resident helpers. The<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> Christmas party for residents was so<br />

much fun we are still talking about it.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

I always enjoy welcoming new residents to our<br />

wonderful community and Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

has been busy with new residents moving in.<br />

A resident’s great grandchild was enjoying the<br />

Christmas carol singing and when Santa arrived<br />

this 4-year-olds reaction was beautiful, heartwarming<br />

and her excitement was infectious.<br />

This was a lovely reminder of the joys of<br />

Christmas through the eyes of a little ones.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Tai Chi at the Club House is a new activity<br />

starting at the village with a qualified instructor<br />

specialising in Tai Chi for anyone with arthritis.<br />

The bowls group will be hosting teams from<br />

other villages for competition days. The<br />

Lakeside village Green v Gold resident sports<br />

day is coming up. This is a 3 day event across<br />

many games and sports where the points<br />

from each section are totalled and then Green<br />

or Gold can brag until next year. We have a<br />

plastics recycling program here at the village,<br />

and we are looking forward to a guest speaker<br />

presenting to us what happens to what we<br />

recycle and what is made from the items we<br />

collect.<br />

All of this in addition to the everyday activities,<br />

there is always something to do and enjoy at<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

28 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 29

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Sue Venz<br />

QLD<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Karen Kelly<br />

QLD<br />

Ridge Estate<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> NSW<br />

Jon Folbigg<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Tania Connor<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Quite a bit, with our <strong>Teman</strong> Christmas Party,<br />

which was great, and the Social Club put on<br />

a baked meal the week after, which all whom<br />

attended enjoyed. Many residents spent<br />

Christmas with their families. Wednesday<br />

afternoons the residents have happy hour,<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> BBQs, coffee club on a Monday and the<br />

Social Club BBQ on Australia day with a few<br />

different games. Great times.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

The Christmas party was full of laughs and fun<br />

to be had, Dessy sitting on Big Jude’s knee,<br />

both dressed in Christmas gear, was quite<br />

funny. Australia Day was a success, all having<br />

a fun time.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

More BBQ’s and picnics around the area…<br />

Meals cooked once a month by a couple of<br />

our residents Barrie McKenzie and Kay Czok,<br />

we will see what yummy creations they can<br />

come up with. Over the next few months,<br />

some Picnics happening, either in house for<br />

those that cannot get out or at one of our<br />

lovely parks around the Gladstone area. More<br />

people are coming to the Coffee Club on<br />

Monday’s and enjoy a chit chat with others.<br />

Wednesday’s happy hour will continue each<br />

week. Hopefully more ideas will come forward<br />

with more events happening at Beacham.<br />

Gladstone has a fantastic Easter festival, we<br />

host the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race,<br />

plus markets and other events all weekend, it<br />

is a really nice time to be in Gladstone.<br />

As always, the Highview by <strong>Teman</strong> Christmas<br />

luncheon was a fun afternoon. The tables were<br />

set to impress and impress they did. I just loved<br />

the look on resident’s faces as they walked in<br />

and saw the Community Centre transformed.<br />

The caterers were amazing, and the food was<br />

delicious. Everyone went home with full bellies.<br />

It has also been great that our borders have<br />

opened, and Tania and Jamie could pop up for a<br />

few visits. And Happy Hour is always a hit.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

Well, you all might think that a 100 year<br />

pandemic is the worst thing to happen over<br />

the past few years. But at Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

something even worse happened. Our coffee<br />

machine broke over Christmas, and of course<br />

we had to wait until the new year for it to be<br />

replaced. Lucky, we have instant coffee as<br />

well. First world problem in a pandemic.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We love having so many activities in the<br />

community centre. One that has become quite<br />

popular is darts on a Friday afternoon. This<br />

is set to continue, but boy do some of those<br />

darts go wide of the dart board. But good fun<br />

is had by the resident and lots of laughter.<br />

We will still have our regular Coffee Club on a<br />

weekly basis and we have a High Tea planned<br />

around Easter Time. We don’t have a tennis<br />

court here at Highview by <strong>Teman</strong>, however we<br />

are starting tennis on the Wii to see how many<br />

muscles we can get working. Just another way<br />

to stay active and social.<br />

Nothing kick starts Christmas than a bit<br />

of Carol singing, and the residents all got<br />

together to belt out a few tunes, and we were<br />

lucky enough to have a couple of residents and<br />

one resident’s daughter accompany the singing<br />

with a sax, an accordion, and a base guitar.<br />

The Christmas lunch was another success with<br />

many residents dancing and singing along with<br />

singer Georgia Munster who was performing.<br />

ABBA was definitely a hit. Local Hunter<br />

Valley wine was washing down the delicious<br />

Christmas roast, but everyone had room for<br />

fruit salad and ice-cream.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

The way the residents are so welcoming to<br />

new people, be they residents, or staff or<br />

contractors who come to the village. How<br />

everyone is happy to help each other out,<br />

collecting post for the neighbour who is away<br />

visiting family, walking another neighbour’s dog<br />

when that neighbour is poorly, or just checking<br />

in on a neighbour to see they are ok.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Who doesn’t love <strong>Autumn</strong>, the leaves start<br />

to change and fall, the weather is slowly<br />

becoming less humid and at Ridge Estate by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> the residents are getting excited, to<br />

celebrate a few important dates. St Patricks<br />

day is always fun with music, laughter and<br />

everyone tries to wear a little green, a cheeky<br />

Guinness or two might be consumed. Previous<br />

years, the Easter Bunny has left little surprises<br />

at everyone’s front door, which I’m sure will<br />

happen again. And then let’s not forget May, it<br />

is all about the Mothers, whether the child has<br />

two legs, four legs or wings.<br />

With the rain and the humidity, the last few<br />

months the village is green and vibrant for this<br />

time of the year very different from last year.<br />

The Christmas luncheon was a great success.<br />

Everyone enjoyed the music, food and all the<br />

raffle prizes. We also welcomed Tracey to<br />

the team who has been cooking lovely baked<br />

cakes and slices for the weekly coffee club and<br />

meals for the village.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

How everyone at The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong> is<br />

getting involved in all the activities. The new<br />

Social Committee is hard at work, and it is<br />

really showing. More and more residents are<br />

attending Happy Hour and the <strong>Teman</strong> BBQ. It’s<br />

lovely to see.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

There are even more events planned in the<br />

coming months (all while being Covid Safe).<br />

We’re looking forward to bus outings, Easter<br />

Raffle, chair yoga and everyone attending the<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> BBQs.<br />

30 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 31

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Carla Wiggers<br />

WA<br />

active<br />

and<br />

social<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

One of the most important nights here at<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> is the annual volunteer’s<br />

night, the Resident’s Committee thanks all<br />

the volunteers in the village for their valuable<br />

time and generosity – 142 residents who<br />

keep active and social by being a part of this<br />

amazing community and looking out for each<br />

other. Great food, entertainment and a free<br />

raffle was provided on the night.<br />

The warmer weather allowed the Social<br />

Committee to make use of the amazing BBQ<br />

and veranda for a fun Sundowner and of<br />

course an amazing Christmas Dinner was<br />

held, with the Hall being beautifully decorated.<br />

Every year the village puts on a MEGA RAFFLE<br />

Sundowner evening, this year there were 76<br />

prizes generously donated by Residents and<br />

businesses in the community.<br />

The village was very festive this Christmas<br />

period with decorations brightening the whole<br />

village. An amazing group of residents got<br />

together and made wooden decorations to<br />

place throughout the gardens and managed<br />

to raise some additional funds for outdoor<br />

solar lights, which they wrapped around<br />

trees and made the place look festive and<br />

bright. The Residents committee held their<br />

annual Christmas Lights Competition, it was<br />

fantastic to walk around the village at night to<br />

see the homes lit up, voting was done by the<br />

Grandchildren who picked their favourite home,<br />

the Winners won a gift card for their efforts.<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> Residents greeted <strong>2022</strong><br />

with a New Year’s Eve party – and although<br />

dancing was prohibited due to Covid restrictions<br />

– there was a lot of chair dancing going on.<br />

The many activity groups in the village held<br />

their own Christmas events throughout<br />

December and now that the holiday period is<br />

over the activities have all started back up and<br />

running. It’s great to have everyone back in<br />

the clubhouse. Like always, the Australia Day<br />

Dinner with great entertainment and a delicious<br />

roast lamb was a huge success. The Bowls<br />

committee held their “Australia Vs the Rest of<br />

the World challenge” for Australia Day, which is<br />

always fun.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

A group of talented individuals got together to<br />

renovate the clubhouse library. All of the books<br />

were removed and stored whilst some new<br />

shelving was installed to make access easy<br />

for the residents. The room now looks neat<br />

and tidy, and all the books have been arranged<br />

back on the shelves. I love how the residents<br />

in the village work together and the sense of<br />

community this creates.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

The regular monthly meals that are held here<br />

– The Friday night Pub Grub and the Sunday<br />

roasts continue to be a great way for residents<br />

and their family and friends to regularly catch<br />

up. Our busy Social Committee have lots of<br />

fun planned for the residents to enjoy such<br />

as St Georges Day in April. Our Anzac Day<br />

commemorations are always a highlight on<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> calendar, and I’m sure the<br />

Easter Bunny will be handing out plenty of<br />

chocolate for Easter.<br />

32 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 33

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Jon Folbigg<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Our <strong>Teman</strong> Christmas party was a huge<br />

success this year. Delicious baked lunch, great<br />

live entertainment, and many laughs. I just love<br />

seeing so many residents coming together and<br />

having a good time. Our Australia Day BBQ<br />

lunch was a big hit as it always is celebrating<br />

our national day with our lovely residents in<br />

the Community Centre. And celebrate we did<br />

with a sausage sizzle, lamingtons, and of<br />

course some delicious pavlova. A fantastic<br />

afternoon was had by all. The village pool has<br />

been well used this summer by all residents<br />

especially our ladies who love to take a dip<br />

in the morning and catch up for a chat. It has<br />

also had plenty of use from our resident Brian<br />

who recently underwent a hip operation. It’s<br />

been great to see him in the pool keeping up<br />

his rehabilitation exercises. We have welcomed<br />

some new residents into our village, Tom and<br />

Lily McLaren and Fay Mitchell. Hopefully they<br />

can give us more ideas on the sort of activities<br />

that they would like to join in with.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

I recently had a conversation with our resident<br />

Carmel who informed me she had a slithery<br />

non invited guest in her home late one night.<br />

As she didn’t want to wait until the next<br />

morning to call the office to deal with the<br />

problem or go to bed with it in her home,<br />

she decided to take matters into her own<br />

hands. After chasing it around for a while, she<br />

managed to corner it and with her biggest<br />

meat cleaver knife chopped it up and disposed<br />

of it into the bin. What a brave lady!!! The<br />

moral of the story is if you see Carmel with a<br />

meat cleaver in her hand…….run!<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

The autumn months look to be busy with lots<br />

of social events. We will be celebrating St<br />

Patricks Day in March with a delicious lunch<br />

at the Community Centre, April is the time for<br />

celebrating Easter with plenty of chocolate<br />

and hot cross buns. ANZAC Day will be<br />

commemorated with a memorial at the village<br />

cenotaph, followed by a morning tea. We love<br />

to spoil all our residents on Mother’s Day, so<br />

we will holding an afternoon tea for everybody,<br />

using only our best china of course! With the<br />

purchase of our new TV, new activities are now<br />

taking place during the week and these include<br />

movie afternoons and exercise classes. We<br />

will continue holding monthly lunches for our<br />

residents and hopefully with covid restrictions<br />

easing we can organise some day trips out so<br />

watch this space<br />

welcome<br />

to teman<br />

welcome<br />

home<br />

always<br />

among<br />

friends<br />

34 | <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Get in touch<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

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(02) 4990 4386<br />

thevinesbyteman.com.au<br />

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