In Touch - 4th Quarter 2021

Our final magazine for 2021, with articles on Yad Sarah, 'The Name' in Hebrew, the 52 Sabbaths website, our Annual Conference, the Abraham Accords one year on, Israel's new policy for Gaza, and events attended by CFI UK.

Our final magazine for 2021, with articles on Yad Sarah, 'The Name' in Hebrew, the 52 Sabbaths website, our Annual Conference, the Abraham Accords one year on, Israel's new policy for Gaza, and events attended by CFI UK.


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4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • No 209<br />

Christian Friends of Israel<br />

United Kingdom<br />

You have made your people<br />

Israel your very own forever<br />

1 Chronicles 17:22<br />

INSIDE: EDITORIAL The Gospel Continues • Yad Sarah • HEBREW WORD FOCUS - The Name • 52 Sabbaths • Annual Conference Report<br />

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Christian Friends of Israel<br />

United Kingdom<br />

Editorial<br />

Jacob Vince<br />

The Gospel<br />

Continues<br />

About us<br />

CFI UK seeks to bless Israel by<br />

means of practical and moral<br />

support, and to serve the Church in<br />

teaching about God’s purposes for<br />

Israel and the Hebraic heritage of<br />

our faith.<br />

CFI UK also produces a monthly<br />

Prayer Letter, a weekly audio Middle<br />

East Report and distributes the<br />

Haverim teaching CDs.<br />

Please contact us for full details<br />

of projects in Israel and also the<br />

teaching resources available.<br />

As an educational charity, we carry<br />

a variety of resources relevant to<br />

our purpose. We do not necessarily<br />

endorse every view expressed by<br />

our guest writers or authors.<br />

IN TOUCH Magazine<br />

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Front cover photo:<br />

Mahane Yehuda Market, Israel.<br />

Following last edition’s<br />

editorial ‘What is the<br />

Gospel?’ highlighting the<br />

essential Jewish connection<br />

of the gospel, this editorial<br />

continues in similar vein.<br />

Do we ever stop to realise what a<br />

privilege we have, to live in one of<br />

the generations following the first<br />

coming of Jesus?<br />

The apostle Peter writes, ‘It was<br />

revealed to them [the prophets of old]<br />

that they were not serving themselves<br />

but you, when they spoke of the things<br />

that have now been told you by those<br />

[the apostles] who have preached the<br />

gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent<br />

from heaven. Even angels long to look<br />

into these things’ (1 Peter 1:12).<br />

How astounding, not just that<br />

‘angels long to look into these things,’<br />

but that those of old had it ‘revealed<br />

to them that they were not serving<br />

themselves,’ but the ones to whom<br />

Peter was writing. We should be so<br />

grateful they were not self-serving,<br />

but rather giving service.<br />

We love to look back to the days<br />

of the patriarchs, prophets and<br />

psalmists of old and long to have<br />

lived in their day or during the<br />

time of Jesus. But they themselves<br />

all looked forward to the time of<br />

the gospel’s outworking and the<br />

Holy Spirit’s empowering of future<br />

generations.<br />

Jesus himself says, “Abraham rejoiced<br />

at the thought of seeing my day; he<br />

saw it and was glad.” (John 8:56).<br />

Paul explores this same concept of<br />

the gospel, ‘The Scripture foresaw<br />

that God would justify the Gentiles<br />

by faith, and announced the gospel in<br />

advance to Abraham: “All nations will<br />

be blessed through you.”’ (Galatians<br />

3:8).<br />

Another extraordinary statement<br />

to make! The gospel announced<br />

to Abraham in advance which, as<br />

with all the covenants, was made<br />

with a specific person, but for the<br />

benefit of every person.<br />

The apostle Paul explains it as<br />

a mystery now revealed, ‘This<br />

mystery is that through the gospel<br />

the Gentiles are heirs together with<br />

Israel, members together of one body,<br />

and sharers together in the promise in<br />

Christ Jesus.’ (Ephesians 3:6).<br />

It is through the gospel that<br />

Gentiles are included, although in<br />

some measure this was always so,<br />

as we see from the earlier promise<br />

made to Abraham. Paul shows that<br />

the Gentiles are heirs with Israel,<br />

not separate from Israel, so far as<br />

the gospel is concerned, and Israel<br />

are not separate from the Gentiles.<br />

Yet both maintain their identity.<br />

The nations do not become Israel<br />

and Israel is not the nations.<br />

It is clear, then, that the patriarchs,<br />

prophets and psalmists served the<br />

later generations, but so do the<br />

apostles, ‘This is the gospel that you<br />

heard and that has been proclaimed to<br />

every creature under heaven, and of<br />

which I, Paul, have become a servant’<br />

(Colossians 1:15-25). The apostle<br />

Paul realises that, like those before,<br />

he now is also serving the gospel.<br />

<strong>In</strong>deed, Paul recognises that, ‘Christ<br />

has become a servant of the Jews on<br />

behalf of God’s truth, to confirm the<br />

promises made to the patriarchs, so<br />

that the Gentiles may glorify God for<br />

his mercy’ (Romans 15:8-9).<br />

So how should we, in the largely<br />

gentile Church, respond to<br />

this great service of the Jewish<br />

patriarchs, prophets, psalmists and<br />

apostles, who Jesus also served?<br />

Well, shortly after Paul describes<br />

how he has fully proclaimed the<br />

gospel of Christ from Jerusalem<br />

all the way around to Illyricum<br />

(see Romans 15:19) and stated his<br />

ambition to do so further afield,<br />

even to Spain (see Romans 15:24),<br />

he mentions that ‘If the Gentiles have<br />

shared in the Jew’s spiritual blessings,<br />

they owe it to the Jews to share<br />

with them their material blessings’<br />

(Romans 15:27). We can do this<br />

today as Christian friends of Israel.<br />

2 IN TOUCH • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

Charity Feature<br />

Yad Sarah is Israel’s unique<br />

countrywide network of<br />

volunteers who provide<br />

a spectrum of free or<br />

nominal cost services<br />

designed to make life<br />

easier for sick, disabled,<br />

elderly and isolated people<br />

and their families.<br />

Founded in 1976, Yad Sarah provides<br />

home care support services to make<br />

it possible for people to remain at<br />

home in the warm, supportive, familiar<br />

environment that is most conducive to<br />

recovery.<br />

Free lending of medical and rehabilitative<br />

equipment from over 100 branches all<br />

over Israel is Yad Sarah’s best-known<br />

service. The service is professional, free of<br />

bureaucracy, friendly and compassionate.<br />

One out of two Israeli families has been<br />

helped by Yad Sarah at some time. Yad<br />

Sarah is a household name in Israel – ask<br />

any Israeli!<br />


Lending Medical-Rehab Equipment<br />

The public can borrow from over 300,000<br />

items of medical and rehabilitative<br />

equipment, for mobility, respiration,<br />

orthopaedics, new-borns, bedroom and<br />

bath - for quality of life at home while<br />

recovering.<br />

Guidance & Exhibition Centres<br />

Professional practical guidance on<br />

assistive devices is given in model<br />

apartments that show the equipment<br />

available to help the frail or disabled<br />

person be independent and safe at home.<br />

<strong>In</strong>formation is provided on entitlements<br />

from public and private bodies.<br />

“Housepital” A hospital room at home<br />

Yad Sarah lends everything needed to<br />

create a hospital environment at home<br />

– hospital bed, treatment chair, patient<br />

hoist, oxygen machine, personal response<br />

alarm and anything else needed to<br />

recover at home with family.<br />

Personal Alarm Systems<br />

Elderly people living alone can find peace<br />

of mind (and so can their families) with<br />

the two-way transmitters which connect<br />

to Yad Sarah’s national computerised<br />

emergency centre, 24 hours a day. A touch<br />

of the button and help is on the way.<br />

Transportation<br />

Specially equipped vans with volunteer<br />

drivers take wheelchair-bound people to<br />

medical or social appointments, school,<br />

shopping, or any purpose. For many this<br />

is the only opportunity to leave home.<br />

Da’at Medical <strong>In</strong>formation Service<br />

<strong>In</strong>formation on diseases, treatments,<br />

medications, side effects - garnered from<br />

global databases by volunteer medical<br />

and paramedical professionals, to help<br />

patients understand and make good<br />

choices.<br />

Legal Aid for the Elderly - “Yad Riva”<br />

Estates, wills, guardianships, disputes<br />

with neighbours or within families, elder<br />

abuse – volunteer lawyers and social<br />

workers help elderly people cope, assist<br />

them with legal documents, and even<br />

provide courtroom representation.<br />

Geriatric Dental Clinic<br />

Volunteer dentists provide a full range of<br />

specialized care for the aged. This is one<br />

of the few geriatric dental centres in the<br />

world, and it trains specialists. Mobile<br />

clinics and portable treatment kits serve<br />

homebound people.<br />

Yad Sarah for Tourists<br />

Yad Sarah now provides personalised<br />

services for tourists with special needs.<br />

A ‘personal anchor’ will coordinate your<br />

arrangements and stay in touch with<br />

you throughout your stay, to deal with<br />

every eventuality and provide solutions<br />

for problems or changes that may occur.<br />

Advance notice is usually required for the<br />

services, all provided by volunteers. They<br />

include:<br />

l Equipping your hotel room to make<br />

your stay more comfortable.<br />

l Borrowing medical / rehab equipment<br />

(from any Yad Sarah branch<br />

countrywide).<br />

l Borrowing oxygen cylinders /<br />

concentrators.<br />

l Transportation to and from the airport<br />

(Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa).<br />

l <strong>In</strong>ter-city and inner-city transportation<br />

- for sightseeing or other purposes.<br />

l Advice about easy access tourist sites.<br />

And last of all – if, heaven forbid,<br />

something should happen to you while<br />

in Israel, it won’t take long for your host,<br />

hotel or guide to lead you to Yad Sarah for<br />

crutches, a wheelchair, a walker or a cane.<br />

For advance arrangements please contact:<br />

E-mail: friends@yadsarah.org.uk<br />

Phone: 020-3397-3363<br />

923 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7PE<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • IN TOUCH 3

Hebrew Word Focus<br />

Melissa Briggs MA<br />

Hebrew University of Jerusalem<br />

Melissa is an experienced Hebrew<br />

teacher with a desire to make the<br />

rich language of the Scriptures<br />

accessible to Christians.<br />

Visit: www.explorehebrew.co.uk<br />

The Power<br />

of a Name<br />

שֵ‏ ם<br />

SHEM<br />

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe (Proverbs 18:10)<br />

I<br />

know a pastor’s wife who was once held at they ask me, ‘What is his name?’… God said to Moses,<br />

יהוה gunpoint in a car park. She bravely stared “I am who I am. This is what you are to say…: ‘I am<br />

the gunman in the eye and said: “Go, in has sent me to you.’ God also said to Moses, “Say to the<br />

Jesus’ Name!” And without a word the startled<br />

Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers—the God of<br />

Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent<br />

man stepped back and ran away, leaving her<br />

me to you. This is my name forever, the name you shall call<br />

purse and everything he had intended to hurt<br />

me from generation to generation” (Exodus 3:13-15)<br />

or steal behind.<br />

God’s names are descriptive and sacred. Through<br />

them he expresses aspects of his divine nature.<br />

Together they help paint an increasingly clear picture<br />

of who he is. There are at least 37 Hebrew shemot<br />

(plural of shem) for God used in the Tanakh, and more<br />

in the New Testament.<br />

Why is the name of the Lord so significant and powerful?<br />

A name in Hebrew tells us about the essential<br />

character or the destiny of the person who bears it.<br />

Biblical Hebrew names express more about the person<br />

than the typical modern, western choice of names.<br />

Sometimes God saw fit to change the name of a<br />

person, in order to reflect the way he wanted to<br />

change their calling or nature: Avram to Avraham, Sarai<br />

to Sarah, Yakov to Israel. Revelation 2:17 talks about a<br />

‘new name’ given to overcomers (see also Isaiah 62:2).<br />

The Hebrew word for ‘name’ is ם ‏-שֵ‏ shem. And ‘Shem’<br />

is the name of one of Noah’s three sons. So his name<br />

is Name! However, in Hebrew the<br />

word shem means more than just our<br />

modern idea of “name” – it also refers<br />

to a person’s fame, renown, identity<br />

or reputation. Hence, in Genesis we<br />

read of: “…men of great renown [shem]”<br />

(Genesis 6:4).<br />

‘Shem’ is the root word of the term “Shemite” or<br />

Semitic. The Semitic languages are a family of<br />

languages that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian,<br />

Amharic, Ugaritic and more. The term anti-Semitic<br />

also comes from the word ‘shem’, but refers only to<br />

hatred of the Jewish people, and not all descendants of<br />

Shem.<br />

Knowing someone’s shem is a primary point of<br />

connection for a relationship. It is often the first bit of<br />

information exchanged when new people meet. How<br />

amazing that God desires to make himself known to us!<br />

What a watershed moment in human history when<br />

God reveals his holy shem to Moses:<br />

אֶ‏ הְ‏ יֶ‏ האֲ‏ שֶ‏ ראֶ‏ הְ‏ יֶ‏ ה<br />

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh<br />

Which is translated into English as: “I am who I am”<br />

or “I will be who I will be” – encapsulating the truth<br />

that God is the Existent One – the One who brought<br />

everything into being and who is, who was, and who<br />

is to be:<br />

Moses said to God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites … and<br />

4 IN TOUCH • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

I am who I am<br />

Lord. Shepherd. Judge. Holy One. Jealous. Deliverer.<br />

Most High. The God who Provides. The God who Heals.<br />

Redeemer. Shield. Strength. Righteous One. Everlasting<br />

God. God our Rock. King. Father. God of Covenant.<br />

Saviour. God of Seeing. The Branch. The Lord is There.<br />

The Lord Who Sanctifies. The Lord our Righteousness.<br />

Jewish people often refer to God<br />

simply as “Ha-Shem”, meaning<br />

“The Name”. Based on a passage in<br />

Leviticus which warns: “anyone who<br />

blasphemes the shem of the Lord is to be<br />

put to death,” (Leviticus 24:16) along<br />

with the commandment not to take<br />

the Lord’s shem in vain (see Exodus 20:7), the Jewish<br />

people are very careful and respectful in how they<br />

refer to the Lord.<br />

The shem of God is not a magic word. It is God<br />

himself who holds the power, rather than simply his<br />

name in a disconnected, separate way. But since this<br />

Name is used to identify and describe the mighty God,<br />

it is very special: “For, ‘everyone who calls on the shem of<br />

the Lord shall be saved.’” (Romans 10:13). The very first<br />

mention of prayer in the Bible is in Genesis where it is<br />

written, “At that time people began to call on the shem of<br />

the Lord.” (Genesis 4:26).<br />

As the redeemed, we are ambassadors and<br />

representatives of the Great King. We have great<br />

responsibility and authority as we act in his Shem.<br />

Let us revere and call on the Shem of the Lord, who is<br />

worthy of great renown: “Salvation is found in no one<br />

else, for there is no other name (shem) under heaven given<br />

to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).<br />

If you are interested in learning the Hebrew language through online tuition, or if you are<br />

interested in hosting a Hebrew language day for a group in your area, please contact Melissa for<br />

more details at: hebrew.explore@gmail.com or at: www.explorehebrew.co.uk

Feature<br />

David Hoffbrand<br />

52<br />


Reading the Bible without the filter<br />

of our traditions allows us to see<br />

clearly the truths we have missed”<br />

To receive David’s free weekly 52 Sabbaths series sign up at: www.sabbath.love<br />

When it comes to the<br />

Sabbath, we often<br />

throw out the baby<br />

of learning with the bathwater<br />

of legalism.<br />

Jesus said, ‘The Sabbath was made<br />

to meet the needs of people, and not<br />

people to meet the requirements of<br />

the Sabbath’ (Mark 2:27 NLT). He<br />

said this to correct the Pharisees’<br />

legalistic interpretation and<br />

application of the Sabbath<br />

commands.<br />

Jesus also affirmed by this that<br />

the Sabbath was designed to<br />

meet our needs! After the<br />

Exodus God said to Moses,<br />

incredulous that some of the<br />

Israelites were ignoring his<br />

Sabbath instructions – ‘They<br />

must realise the Sabbath is the<br />

Lord’s gift to you’ (Exodus 16:29<br />

NLT). Jesus was expanding<br />

on this truth – the Sabbath is a<br />

gift – and challenging the way<br />

that Pharisees had turned God’s<br />

gift into a burden. He was not<br />

questioning the validity of the<br />

Sabbath, quite the opposite!<br />

<strong>In</strong> 52 Sabbaths I explore week by<br />

week what it means to unwrap<br />

God’s gift of the Sabbath.<br />

For instance, it helps us to trust<br />

and look to God for our source of<br />

true identity and support, rather<br />

than to our ‘ordinary work’. It<br />

teaches us to look inwards and<br />

examine our own motives, our<br />

thinking and emotional state,<br />

giving space for God to bring<br />

restoration and transformation.<br />

It teaches us to love and honour<br />

others, starting with our families<br />

and those closest to us. We are<br />

instructed to ‘stay in our place’ on<br />

the Sabbath. And it also teaches<br />

us to partner with God in building<br />

a caring and just society, as<br />

stewards of the word he has given<br />

us. Everyone, including servants,<br />

foreigners, even work animals<br />

and the land – are to experience<br />

the same blessing of rest and<br />

provision. The Sabbath reminds<br />

us that whatever our status, we<br />

are all ultimately equal in God’s<br />

eyes. It therefore helps provide a<br />

platform for a compassionate and<br />

just society.<br />

The Sabbath occupies a quarter<br />

of the verses relating to the<br />

ten commandments, yet we<br />

have relegated it to a place of<br />

inconsequence or irrelevance, at<br />

best an afterthought.<br />

If we have an overly simplistic<br />

delineation of ‘old’ vs ‘new’, ‘law’<br />

vs ‘grace’, that often accompanies<br />

replacement theology, then this<br />

can easily follow.<br />

Yet the Sabbath was the first thing<br />

called holy in the Bible – not a<br />

place, a person, or a thing - but this<br />

simple block of time. Jesus may<br />

be our ‘Sabbath rest’ in certain<br />

respects, but God is immensely<br />

practical, and knowing Jesus does<br />

not negate our need for bodily<br />

rest and spiritual refreshing, or for<br />

investing time and energy in our<br />

loved ones. Quite the contrary,<br />

following Jesus should enhance<br />

our capacity and awareness of<br />

all of these, and how the Sabbath<br />

helps.<br />

God linked his initial<br />

commandment to observe the<br />

Sabbath to his own act of creation.<br />

Just as I rested you need to rest. The<br />

Sabbath predates the Torah even,<br />

reminding us that we are made<br />

in his image. It acts as a weekly<br />

reminder of who and whose we are.<br />

The series I wrote is not about<br />

adopting Jewish rabbinic symbols<br />

and rituals, even though people<br />

may find some of these helpful<br />

– e.g. bread, wine and candles<br />

to usher in the Sabbath – and I<br />

reference Jewish learning where<br />

useful. But fundamentally, the<br />

series is about rediscovering the<br />

relevance of the Sabbath for our<br />

everyday lives and learning how<br />

to apply its principles.<br />

The Sabbath helps us stay in<br />

rhythm with God, in step with<br />

his purposes. We neglect it at<br />

our peril, not because we miss<br />

an imaginary tick-box, but<br />

because we miss the blessings and<br />

benefits it brings.<br />

<strong>In</strong> today’s time-pressured,<br />

information-saturated age, I<br />

think we need more than ever to<br />

rediscover the gift of the Sabbath<br />

and the oasis that it offers us. It<br />

is one of God’s primary answers<br />

to the ills of anxiety, loneliness,<br />

stress, and disconnection that beset<br />

us.<br />

As Walter Bruggerman said, ‘those<br />

who live the Sabbath differently<br />

tend to live the other six days<br />

differently too’. It is time for the<br />

followers of the Jewish Messiah,<br />

both Jews and Gentiles, to embrace<br />

the fullness of God’s gift of the<br />

Sabbath and discover all that it can<br />

do to enhance the lives, families,<br />

and communities we are building.<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • IN TOUCH 5

Event Report<br />

CFI UK Annual Conference <strong>2021</strong><br />

Embracing the Jewish Jesus<br />

There was a tangible set of emotions<br />

for those of us anticipating our<br />

Annual Conference. We were<br />

emerging from Lockdown, and the<br />

opportunity for fellowship, teaching and<br />

encouragement in a physical setting came<br />

with a huge sigh of relief.<br />

But that was tinged with concerns for each other,<br />

our staff and supporters, with responsibilities<br />

for safety after pandemic restrictions were eased.<br />

We were able to provide some socially-distanced<br />

seating and implemented a one-way system for<br />

toilets and refreshments.<br />

It was a unique conference as we streamed the<br />

teaching live on YouTube and many watched<br />

from around the UK in church halls and living<br />

rooms. We were blessed to be hosted at a new<br />

venue, Suncoast Church Eastbourne, where the<br />

welcome was warm, the atmosphere friendly<br />

and conducive to worship and fellowship. Rob<br />

and Julie Smillie – joint pastors of the church –<br />

and their team served us very well, especially on<br />

sound desk and technology.<br />

Sadly, our original speaker Andy Angel was<br />

unwell and shortly before the conference<br />

we were praying for a replacement. David<br />

Hoffbrand graciously stepped in and was a real<br />

blessing for us all. His straightforward, easy and<br />

humorous delivery was a breath of fresh air and<br />

perhaps his position as a believing Jew from a<br />

modern, academic, orthodox Jewish background<br />

brought a unique challenge. His ten points<br />

on the truth about Israel were clear and wellillustrated<br />

with scriptures. His call to REWIRE<br />

Jacob Vince<br />

Hosting the event<br />

Rob & Julie Smillie<br />

Venue hosts<br />

was great – we must slow down, revolutionise our thinking<br />

and REad WIthout REligion.<br />

He then went on to share the implications for the Church<br />

regarding the ‘One New Man’ in Christ, covering five<br />

biblical principles for Jewish and Gentile believers to live<br />

and worship together as one people before God.<br />

All three of David’s messages spoke to the very heart of<br />

our work with churches in the UK and the widespread<br />

misunderstandings about Israel and the Jewish people.<br />

6 IN TOUCH • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

and King<br />

Jesus said to him, “Have<br />

I been with you so long,<br />

and you still do not<br />

know me, Philip?”<br />

John 14:9<br />

“I stand in awe of your<br />

deeds Lord; in wrath<br />

remember mercy”<br />

Habakkuk 3:2<br />

Conference Feedback<br />

“I attended the conference for the first time this year and had my socks<br />

blessed off in so many ways! David Hoffbrand’s sessions were particularly<br />

edifying. He spoke with warmth, humour and clarity making very<br />

profound truths about Israel and the church very simple to understand<br />

and highlighted the importance of being aware of the ‘lens’ we read the<br />

Bible through and how this directs and limits our understanding and our<br />

relationship with Yeshua.”<br />

North Yorkshire<br />

“It was truly ‘a feast’. I have been encouraging more of my family and<br />

friends to watch it on YouTube. Sorry about the other speaker’s illness<br />

and pray he will speedily recover… but this may well have been what we<br />

needed to hear at this time. Thank you and the team for all your incredible<br />

hard work.”<br />

Southampton<br />

“I thought the conference was first class and although last year’s<br />

conference was wonderful this years was on a par with it… I found it all an<br />

excellent weekend well prepared and presented I really hope that CFI will<br />

continue with online Conferences.”<br />

West Midlands<br />

Robin and Suncoast Team Livestreaming the event<br />

David Hoffbrand<br />

The Jewishness of Jesus<br />

Clare Lambert<br />

Jesus the Returning King<br />

On Saturday afternoon, Clare Lambert rounded<br />

off the conference with her message about Jesus<br />

Returning as King, explaining the significant positive<br />

impact upon our personal lives that can flow from a<br />

correct perspective on God’s faithfulness and Christ’s<br />

forthcoming return.<br />

Robin Lane led the livestreaming of messages and<br />

they have been viewed more than a thousand times on<br />

our YouTube channel, still freely available to watch.<br />

CFI UK Resources Stall<br />

twitter.com/cfi_uk<br />

facebook.com/cfiuk<br />

youtube.com/cfiuk<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • IN TOUCH 7

News Feature<br />

Working Together<br />

The Abraham Accords one year on<br />

Demonstrating their friendship and willingness<br />

to continue working together in their region,<br />

the ambassadors from Israel, the United Arab<br />

Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain sat for a panel discussion on<br />

14 th September, one day before the first-year anniversary<br />

of the Abraham Accords, and brought together by the<br />

Abraham Accords Peace <strong>In</strong>stitute (AAPI).<br />

AAPI president and executive director Robert Greenway, a former<br />

White House National Security Council official who played a key<br />

role in reaching the agreement, introduced Jared Kushner, former<br />

President Donald Trump’s senior advisor tasked with leading the<br />

Israeli-Arab peace process.<br />

Kushner said that after he and Greenway left the government<br />

earlier this year, they established AAPI in order to make sure that<br />

the accords could meet their potential.<br />

“The Abraham Accords is the rare foreign-policy effort that has<br />

achieved a bipartisan consensus, and this is very, very important,”<br />

said Kushner. Describing the first 12 months as the “warm-up<br />

period”, Kushner noted that Israel has exchanged ambassadors<br />

with Bahrain and UAE, opened an embassy in Dubai and a<br />

consulate in Abu Dhabi, and inaugurated a diplomatic mission to<br />

Morocco.<br />

The UAE has opened an embassy in Israel and entered into a<br />

visa waiver program, with the result that it has been visited by<br />

230,000 Israelis despite the Covid-19 pandemic and related travel<br />

restrictions.<br />

Bahrain has appointed an ambassador to Israel and established<br />

the world’s first bilateral agreement for Covid-19 vaccine<br />

passports.<br />

Commercial airlines have begun operating nonstop flights<br />

between Israel and cities in the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Egypt,<br />

as well as a flyover agreement with Saudi Arabia.<br />

<strong>In</strong> total, Kushner said, there have been 35 diplomatic agreements<br />

coming from the accords and hundreds of business transactions<br />

in areas of innovation, tourism, sports, culture, science, air transit,<br />

and technology.<br />

Jared Kushner, the Abraham Accords Peace <strong>In</strong>stitute, Sept. 14, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

The most celebrated accomplishment from the accords was the<br />

drastic increase of trade between its members. Israel’s trade with<br />

the Accord’s members increased by $687 million last year and is<br />

projected to reach $1 billion by the end of this year, according<br />

to Kushner. “This means that more jobs and opportunities will be<br />

available for Jews, Muslims and Christians throughout the entire<br />

region.”<br />

Kushner said that the institute’s role would be to help grow trade<br />

and tourism between the members of the agreement and help<br />

expand normalisation to other countries in the region, making it<br />

a block of stability.<br />

“The more we strengthen the bonds between these countries,<br />

the more we will remove a tool from the propagandists and<br />

agitators who have used this conflict for decades to divert from<br />

their shortcomings at home and maintain their grip on power,”<br />

he said. “For the first time in decades, the pathway forward in<br />

the Middle East is obvious. Let’s do whatever it takes to pursue<br />

normalisations and persuade other countries in the region to join<br />

the Abraham Accords.”<br />

Kushner said that there are several more countries looking<br />

to join the accords and welcomed notable attendees at the<br />

event in addition to the panelists, including American and<br />

foreign ambassadors, and officials from the Biden and Trump<br />

administrations.<br />

Greenway then moderated a panel discussion with three<br />

ambassadors: Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad<br />

Erdan; UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba;<br />

and Bahrain Ambassador to the United States Shaikh Abdulla bin<br />

Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa. continued on page 8 opposite.<br />

AAPI president and executive director Robert Greenway, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan, UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba<br />

and Bahrain Ambassador to the United States Shaikh Abdulla bin Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa Sept. 14, <strong>2021</strong>. Photos Dmitriy Shapiro.<br />

8 IN TOUCH • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

News Feature<br />

A NEW<br />

POLICY<br />

FOR GAZA<br />

<strong>In</strong> mid-September Israel’s Foreign<br />

Minister, Yair Lapid, presented a<br />

long-term plan intended to advance<br />

economic prosperity, security and<br />

stability for the Gaza Strip.<br />

<strong>In</strong> the first stage Israel would facilitate<br />

the rebuilding of Gaza’s electricity, water,<br />

health care, housing and transport in<br />

exchange for a coordinated effort against<br />

Hamas’s military build-up. A second stage<br />

would then include construction of a port<br />

and a transportation link between the<br />

Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Speaking at<br />

a conference at the <strong>In</strong>stitute for Counter-<br />

Terrorism in Herzliya, Lapid said:<br />

“The international community and the<br />

people of Gaza need to know that Hamas<br />

terrorism is what’s standing between<br />

them and a normal life. We need to tell<br />

Gazans at every opportunity – Hamas is<br />

leading you to ruin. No-one will come and<br />

invest real money, and no-one will try to<br />

build an economy in a place from which<br />

Hamas fires and which Israel strikes on a<br />

regular basis.<br />

“The representative body of the<br />

Palestinians isn’t Hamas, but the<br />

Palestinian Authority. Israel won’t hand<br />

out prizes to radical terror organisations<br />

and weaken the authority that works<br />

opposite us in an organised manner.”<br />

Lapid sees both the Palestinian<br />

Authority (PA) and Egypt as key partners<br />

in this plan to rehabilitate Gaza. It<br />

seeks to empower the PA by giving<br />

it responsibility for the crossings.<br />

The first stage would see Gaza’s<br />

electricity system repaired, its gas<br />

infrastructure connected to regional<br />

suppliers, and a water desalination<br />

plant built. There would be significant<br />

improvements to the health care system<br />

and the rebuilding of housing and<br />

transport infrastructure. <strong>In</strong> exchange,<br />

Hamas would commit to long-term quiet.<br />

A full ‘economy for security’ plan<br />

would be laid out in the second stage,<br />

to incentivise Hamas to accept the<br />

Quartet’s three Principles (recognise<br />

Israel, renounce terror and respect<br />

previous agreements between Israel and<br />

the PA). That stage would include: an<br />

artificial island project off the coast of<br />

Gaza that will allow for the construction<br />

of a port; construction of a transportation<br />

link between the Gaza Strip and the<br />

West Bank; encouragement by Israel<br />

of international investment inside the<br />

Gaza Strip; joint economic projects with<br />

Israel, Egypt and the PA. <strong>In</strong> addition,<br />

industrial and employment zones<br />

would be built near the Erez Crossing.<br />

Speaking at the same conference,<br />

Israel’s Defence Minister, Benny Gantz,<br />

referred to relations with the PA:<br />

“We have a political dispute with the<br />

leaders of the Palestinian Authority,<br />

which must be resolved, but we share a<br />

common desire for peace and security<br />

for all those who live between the sea<br />

and Jordan. It is for this reason, that<br />

I decided to meet with Palestinian<br />

Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas,<br />

who has been working against terrorism<br />

over the years, in the interests of his<br />

people and his national vision.”<br />

“<strong>In</strong> these challenging times, coordination<br />

with the Palestinian Authority and<br />

strengthening the Palestinian economy is<br />

dozens of times better than strengthening<br />

Iranian proxies on our borders.”<br />

With thanks to BICOM (British Israel<br />

Communication and Research) for<br />

permission to draw upon their articles.<br />

continued from p8<br />

According to the panelists, the Abraham Accords provide tangible<br />

evidence of the benefits of peace agreements in the region.<br />

They include tourism thriving, despite the pandemic, and trade<br />

flourishing to where the UAE Minister of Economy Abdulla bin<br />

Touq estimated $1 trillion in trade between Israel and the UAE<br />

over the next decade.<br />

Gilad Erdan said, “This is a peace that everyone can see its fruits<br />

quite easily. This is a combination that will make it resilient –<br />

a resilient peace and a peace that I can say with confidence<br />

is irreversible and it will definitely make other Muslim and<br />

Arab countries follow suit and expand this circle of peace. And<br />

honestly, I also hope that the Palestinians – mainly, the young<br />

generation, their youth – once they’ll be exposed to the dividends<br />

and the fruits of this peace, maybe they will stop looking at it as<br />

a threat and look at it as an opportunity for them for the future<br />

as well.”<br />

Al Otaiba said that even if his country falls short of its goals by<br />

reaching only $750 billion in trade over the next decade, it will be<br />

an “acceptable failure.”<br />

Greenway added that trade between Israel and Bahrain had<br />

also jumped 300 percent, and that experts predict the overall<br />

increases in Gross Domestic Product as a result of the accords<br />

could reach $1.5 billion and 2,700 extra jobs by 2025.<br />

Al Khalifa said that Bahrain is on a trade route and that being<br />

open to different cultures and ethnic backgrounds is in their<br />

DNA. It was noted by Greenway that long before the Abraham<br />

Accords, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa made an official<br />

declaration calling for religious tolerance and coexistence in<br />

October 2017.<br />

“Israel is known as the start-up nation. We’re seeing<br />

entrepreneurship in Bahrain going up. <strong>In</strong> the past, it used to be<br />

everyone looking for a government job. Today, it’s very different,”<br />

said Al Khalifa. “What the Abraham Accords does is provide that<br />

opportunity for growth. And we’re starting to see it.”<br />

Erdan concluded the discussion by recognising two members<br />

of the Knesset in the audience who have joined to start the<br />

Abraham Accords Caucus: Ruth Wasserman Lande of the Blue and<br />

White Party and Ofir Akunis of Likud.<br />

With thanks to JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) for permission to<br />

draw upon their article.<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • IN TOUCH 9

Links Report<br />

Julia Soakell<br />

Riding the Ups and Downs<br />

CFI Regional Links and Church Links<br />

We might think we are recovering from<br />

the pandemic and that things might “get<br />

back to normal”, but many believers have<br />

prayed that the UK Church and the nation at large<br />

would not return to the way things were.<br />

<strong>In</strong>stead, they want personal walks to be deepened and<br />

churches to be more alive, ready to serve their communities.<br />

However, some of our CFI Regional Links and Church Links<br />

have encountered discouragement. A number have returned<br />

to churches in financial disarray, and others have seen<br />

denominational policy changes, especially within the Methodist<br />

movement.<br />

Certain Church Links have seen a change in leadership. Where<br />

before they found favour and had permission to display and<br />

distribute free CFI literature somewhere in their building, they<br />

have now been told that Israel is divisive, or their heart for Israel<br />

is not shared by the new incumbent. We ask all our supporters<br />

to pray for these situations and for the UK Church at large to<br />

embrace its Hebraic heritage, earnestly seeking to find out<br />

more about the Jewishness of Jesus – the theme of our recent<br />

Annual Conference in Eastbourne with David Hoffbrand the main<br />

speaker. The teaching sessions are now available on CD, DVD<br />

and USB stick. They can also be freely viewed on our CFI UK<br />

YouTube channel and have continued to receive excellent<br />

feedback – especially from our CFI Links.<br />

for CFI information, literature, and helpful points for prayer for<br />

Israel. These have helped people stay connected and continued<br />

to bring unity and fruitfulness in persevering prayer for Israel and<br />

the Jewish communities. Others have had brilliant opportunities<br />

to participate in groups praying for Israel during the pandemic,<br />

teach on the biblical feasts and share with Lydia groups and<br />

ladies’ groups. Another Link has seen a growing interest in Israel,<br />

the Jewish people and praying for Israel too over the past few<br />

years. We give the Lord all the praise.<br />

One Church Link has had a real burden for praying about the<br />

Palestinian education system, where hatred is promoted. We<br />

have been able to share this topic for prayer and are seeing<br />

the Lord work mightily in bringing change as we pray for these<br />

innocent and vulnerable children whose minds are being harmed<br />

by their schooling.<br />

Please pray for the Lord’s favour upon our Regional Links and<br />

Church Links, especially as many are planning their annual<br />

Holocaust Memorial events for January 2022. Pray that they will<br />

clearly know God’s direction, protection and leading in all they do<br />

in these roles.<br />

For more information about those roles please email Julia Soakell<br />

at julia.soakell@cfi.org.uk.<br />

There are also great answers to prayer for Church Links. A church<br />

in the Isle of Wight has been a hub for believers with a heart for<br />

Israel and the Jewish people for many decades because of the<br />

legacy of supportive ministers. This changed about six years<br />

ago, but the Churchwardens, one of whom is a CFI supporter<br />

along with his wife, who is a CFI Church Link, helped the church<br />

continue during an extended vacancy. Many prayed for them<br />

whilst awaiting for the appointment of God’s choice for their new<br />

vicar. They prayed fervently for someone who would view Israel<br />

positively. <strong>In</strong> her recent update for the display at the annual<br />

conference, our Church Link wrote that although these difficult<br />

days are now gone and they have such a minister, the challenge<br />

became COVID-19, but thankfully the fellowship has thrived and<br />

is back to meeting in person.<br />

Several Church Links around the country set up WhatsApp groups<br />

10 IN TOUCH • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong>

Festivals Report<br />

Face-to-Face<br />

Events Return<br />

The ONE EVENT, held at Lincoln Showground for decades had been<br />

a great environment for a CFI UK resources stall in past years.<br />

This August Bank Holiday <strong>2021</strong> we were back for the 40 th and last ever ONE<br />

EVENT, as the team re-configure and update. So the CFI UK team of Jacob Vince,<br />

and Carol Andrews from the Eastbourne office and David and Julia Soakell, from<br />

the Northern office, took the one day outdoor opportunity to meet with Christians<br />

from around the country at our CFI UK resources stall. We were truly blessed with<br />

a beautiful day and our gazebo housed a wide range of resources and lots of free<br />

literature to hand out. We were able to greet many long-term supporters who were<br />

so grateful to see us there and back to engaging with believers from the wider church<br />

in the UK.<br />

Great conversations at all levels of understanding meant we were able to answer<br />

questions as well as pose questions about what individuals thought about Israel and<br />

its relevance. We answered questions on books, booklets and DVD’s to help further<br />

people’s understanding and recommended topics for church and group Bible studies.<br />

It remains clear that there is vital need to engage with Christians in this informal and<br />

helpful way and we pray that much more fruit will come from these conversations and<br />

resources in time to come for the life of the church locally and nationally.<br />

CRE National <strong>2021</strong><br />

It was really good to take our resources stall to the Christian<br />

Resource Exhibition (CRE) in Sandown again this year. Hundreds<br />

of people clearly enjoyed the exhibition after missing out on it<br />

last year due to Covid-19. There were many smiles and greetings<br />

as visitors browsed round stalls and chatted to representatives of<br />

the numerous organisations represented.<br />

Friends from previous years came to the CFI UK stall to greet us<br />

and check out the latest additions to our range of books, DVDs,<br />

booklets and pamphlets. We made some new contacts and had<br />

fascinating discussions ranging across topics such as which day<br />

to treat as the sabbath and why so many Christians think God<br />

has rejected the Jewish people.<br />

As well as selling many resources, we presented a seminar on<br />

Tuesday 12th October, titled ‘Encouragement from the Biblical<br />

Festivals’. It was well received by the audience – some of whom<br />

travelled to the exhibition on that day to hear this message.<br />

The need to understand the Jewish context of the Bible is key to<br />

understanding these festivals and being encouraged in the faith<br />

as a result. Even the first five books of the Bible, sometimes<br />

dismissed as ‘the Law’, clearly reveal the grace of God.<br />

It was not surprising, therefore, that we sold a good number of<br />

copies of the book titled ‘The Jewish Jesus’ by David Hoffbrand,<br />

which is one of the latest additions to our range and proving<br />

very popular due to its clarity and accessible style.<br />

twitter.com/cfi_uk<br />

facebook.com/cfiuk<br />

youtube.com/cfiuk<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2021</strong> • IN TOUCH 11

04984515<br />

reserved.<br />

A CFI UK Teaching Series on 4 MP4s<br />

Cover image: Copyright © CFI UK<br />

iah 6:16)<br />

nt affairs<br />

ut<br />

, his<br />

s to live<br />

of<br />

ntext of<br />

o is<br />

ast<br />

inister<br />


CDS<br />

138<br />

Resources www.cfi.org.uk/shop.php<br />

Bible<br />




AND KING<br />

The CFI UK Annual Conference <strong>2021</strong><br />

David Hoffbrand & Clare Lambert<br />

Bible<br />


A CFI UK Teaching Series on 4 CDs<br />




AND KING<br />

The CFI UK Annual Conference <strong>2021</strong><br />

David Hoffbrand & Clare Lambert<br />

For resources call: 01323 410 810<br />

Postal savings on multiple items<br />

EMBRACING THE JEWISH JESUS AND KING – CFI UK Conference <strong>2021</strong><br />

David Hoffbrand, Clare Lambert<br />

David Hoffbrand is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter who is based in Brighton and shares oversight<br />

responsibilities for CityCoast Church, Brighton, with his wife Denise. David delivers three messages about<br />

reading the Bible without religion so as to get a more accurate picture of Jesus, his identity, his teaching and the<br />

way that he wants Gentile and Jewish believers to live for him. Clare served for more than 20 years with her<br />

husband, Shaun, minister of a Baptist church in Stanmore, North London. She highlights the significance of Christ’s<br />

forthcoming return and its relevance to us within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.<br />

Disc 1: The Jewish Jesus (David Hoffbrand) Disc 2: The Church and Israel (David Hoffbrand)<br />

Disc 3: One New Man (David Hoffbrand)<br />

Disc 4: Jesus Returning as King (Clare Lambert)<br />

CDS138 // 4 CD set // £9.50 (incl. UK p&p) D158 // 4 DVD set // £13.50 (incl. UK p&p)<br />

FD002 // 4 MP4 set on USB // £9.00 (incl. UK p&p)<br />

Product code FD002 UK Retail Price: £8.00<br />

(Video format: MP4. System requirements: USB MacOS 10+, WINDOWS 7+)<br />

Copyright & Distribution by CFI Charitable Trust<br />

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Registered Charity No:1101899 – VAT Registration No: 678-7802-75 – Company Registration No: 04984515<br />

The teaching material on these CDs is copyrighted by CFI Communications. All rights reserved.<br />


Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it (Jeremiah 6:16)<br />

Explore the subject of Israel in the Bible, history, current affairs and Church heritage.<br />


Speaking on the basis of his book titled ‘The Jewish Jesus’, David Hoffbrand delivers<br />

three messages about reading the Bible without religion so as to get a more accurate<br />

picture of Jesus, his identity, his teaching and the way that he wants Gentile and Jewish<br />

believers to live for him.<br />

<strong>In</strong> the fourth message, Clare Lambert highlights the significance of Christ’s forthcoming<br />

return and its relevance to us within the context of the coronavirus pandemic.<br />

Disc 1: The Jewish Jesus (David Hoffbrand)<br />

Disc 2: The Church and Israel (David Hoffbrand)<br />

Disc 3: One New Man (David Hoffbrand)<br />

Disc 4: Jesus Returning as King (Clare Lambert)<br />

David Hoffbrand is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter who is based in Brighton<br />

and shares oversight responsibilities for CityCoast Church, Brighton, with his wife Denise.<br />

Clare served for more than 20 years with her husband, Shaun, minister of a Baptist church<br />

in Stanmore, North London.<br />

THE JEWISH JESUS – Reconnecting with the Truth about Jesus, Israel & the Church<br />

David Hoffbrand<br />

What relevance does it have that Jesus is Jewish and what difference might it make to our faith? David explores<br />

answers to these and related questions in an accessible way. As we see how Jesus lived, thought and taught as<br />

a Jewish man, we can come to know him like never before, and find his teachings come alive in their original<br />

context. This helps us to appreciate the Jewish context of the whole Bible, rediscover God’s heart and purposes for<br />

the Jewish people and Israel, engage with God’s blueprint for the Church as a unified but diverse community of<br />

believers, and learn principles to restore the Jewish lens in a way that enriches our faith.<br />

B524 // 220 pages // £12 (incl. UK p&p)<br />

THE RETURNING KING – Clare Lambert<br />

When Clare Lambert visited Israel for the first time, she could not have imagined the revelations that would<br />

follow. Encountered by God, she was made to reconsider everything she thought she knew about Christ’s return<br />

and the Lord’s continuing purposes for Israel. Sharing her experiences, Clare invites us to look afresh at our own<br />

beliefs and our understanding of current events in the Middle East. Commanded as we are by Jesus to watch, it is<br />

vital in these turbulent times for Christians to understand the significance of Israel and its people. One day soon<br />

Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the Lion of Judah, will return as King to rule the nations – and he is calling his Church to<br />

be ready! Clare invites us to look afresh at our our understanding and current events in the Middle East.<br />

B29 // 159 pages // £10.50 (incl. UK p&p)<br />

READING MOSES – SEEING JESUS – Seth Postell, Eitan Bar, Erez Soref<br />

This book, published by One For Israel, examines the believer’s relationship to the five books of Moses (the Torah)<br />

and its commandments (the Law). Noting that Jesus kept the Law, it considers the obligations for believers<br />

(Jewish and Gentile) to keep the Law. It also examines the Oral law (Rabbinic Traditions) and how we might apply<br />

the law of Moses today. Its aim is to provide easy-to-understand answers to the questions related to the Torah,<br />

and to do so in a manner thoroughly rooted in a careful reading of the biblical text.<br />

B523 // 128 pages // £13.50 (incl. UK p&p)<br />


What does archeology tell us about the Bible? Join presenter and archeologist Dr Chris Sinkinson as he visits<br />

great sites of the Holy Land, including the original ‘City of David’, the Temple platform, Capernaum, Magdala,<br />

Golgotha and more, interviewing local archaeologists and biblical commentators. This two-part DVD provides<br />

an excellent way to tour Israel virtually, whilst explaining and confirming the historical accuracy of the Bible.<br />

D157 // 101 mins // £11.50 (incl. UK p&p)<br />

Contact: CFI Communications, PO Box 2687, Eastbourne, BN22 7LZ<br />

Tel: 01323 410810 Email: info@cfi.org.uk YouTube: www.youtube.com/CFIUK Web: www.cfi.org.uk<br />

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