ENHANCE - 4th Quarter 2023

This quarter's ENHANCE magazine contains articles on: King and Priest - an Indestructible life; a tribute to Ray Sanders; a Hebrew word focus on 'Bayit'; our time at the New Wine UNITED festival; our Annual Conference; Hebraic insight into the Knowledge of God; a tribute to one of our supporters; the UK's relationship with Israel; and the terrorist attack that Israel suffered on 7th October.

This quarter's ENHANCE magazine contains articles on: King and Priest - an Indestructible life; a tribute to Ray Sanders; a Hebrew word focus on 'Bayit'; our time at the New Wine UNITED festival; our Annual Conference; Hebraic insight into the Knowledge of God; a tribute to one of our supporters; the UK's relationship with Israel; and the terrorist attack that Israel suffered on 7th October.


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4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • No 217<br />

Christian Friends of Israel<br />

United Kingdom<br />

The shepherd<br />

of my people Israel<br />

Matthew 2:6<br />

INSIDE: EDITORIAL – King and Priest - an Indestructible Life • Ray Sanders • HEBREW WORD FOCUS – Bayit • NewWine UNITED Report<br />

Annual Conference Report • Festivals Report • Hebraic Insight – Knowledge of God • Jean Norris • UK Profile • Israel Profile • RESOURCES

Editorial<br />

Christian Friends of Israel<br />

United Kingdom<br />

King and Priest –<br />

an indestructible life<br />

About us<br />

CFI UK seeks to bless Israel through<br />

practical and moral support, and serve<br />

the Church in teaching about God’s<br />

purposes for Israel and the Hebrew<br />

heritage of our faith.<br />

CFI UK also produce a monthly prayer<br />

letter, a weekly audio Middle East report<br />

and distribute Haverim teaching.<br />

Please contact us for full details of<br />

projects in Israel and the teaching<br />

resources available.<br />

As an educational charity, we carry a<br />

variety of resources relevant to our<br />

purpose. We do not necessarily endorse<br />

every view expressed by our guest<br />

writers or authors.<br />

Encouraging understanding in the<br />

Church of Israel in context of the<br />

Bible, history and today.<br />

Challenging prejudice against Israel<br />

and antisemitism alongside the Jewish<br />

community in the UK.<br />

Assisting cross-culturally in Israel<br />

with charitable projects - medical,<br />

educational and social.<br />

What’s in a name?<br />

<strong>ENHANCE</strong> means to increase, or further<br />

improve the quality, value, or extent<br />

of, in our instance, Christian friendship<br />

of Israel. It also emphasises that when<br />

God’s faithfulness to Israel is included and<br />

understood by the wider Church, it truly is<br />

‘faith enhancing.’<br />

<strong>ENHANCE</strong> Magazine<br />

Published by:<br />

CFI Charitable Trust, PO Box 2687<br />

Eastbourne BN22 7LZ<br />

Tel: 01323 410 810<br />

Email: info@cfi.org.uk<br />

www.cfi.org.uk<br />

Registered Charity, No. 1101899<br />

Registered Office c/o<br />

Caladine, Chantry House, 22 Upperton Road<br />

Eastbourne, BN21 1BF<br />

Company No: 04984515<br />

VAT Registration No: GB678780275<br />

Front cover photo:<br />

Shepherd and sheep by Tutye<br />

Jacob Vince<br />

There are many biblical<br />

references to the tribe of<br />

Judah confirming Jesus’<br />

kingly line as Son of David.<br />

However there are just two verses<br />

in the first three parts of the Bible<br />

where an alternative priestly status<br />

to that of Levi is mentioned - one<br />

in the Law (see Genesis 14), and<br />

one in the Psalms (see Psalm 110).<br />

Indeed, there is only one single<br />

place in the Apostles’ teaching that<br />

mentions such an alternative, the<br />

letter to the Hebrews.<br />

In the first book of the Law,<br />

Melchizedek appears, in keeping<br />

with his name, as king and<br />

priest of Salem, later named<br />

Jerusalem. It is a significant<br />

meeting, coming after Abraham<br />

has rescued his nephew Lot<br />

from capture. Melchizedek<br />

brings Abraham bread and<br />

wine, and Abraham gives him a<br />

tenth of everything (see Genesis<br />

14:18-20). Melchizedek is not<br />

mentioned again until Psalm<br />

110. Significantly, this is a<br />

psalm attributed to David, albeit<br />

outside of the first two books<br />

of psalms where most are to be<br />

found. Psalm 110 is viewed as a<br />

messianic psalm and is formed<br />

of two halves, the first relating to<br />

a king, the second to a priest. In<br />

the order of the Psalms, it comes<br />

in the third book, part of a trio of<br />

psalms attributed to David, Psalms<br />

108-110, before the Passover Psalms<br />

113-118, the Law Psalm 119 and the<br />

Ascent Psalms 120-134.<br />

Significantly, Psalm 110 is the most<br />

quoted psalm in the Apostles’<br />

teaching, with the first half quoted<br />

by Jesus - recorded by the three<br />

synoptic gospels (see Matthew<br />

22:44, Mark 12:36; Luke 20:42),<br />

by Peter in his first sermon (see<br />

Acts 2:34) and the writer to the<br />

Hebrews (see Hebrews 1:13),<br />

‘The Lord says to my Lord; “Sit at my<br />

right hand until I make your enemies a<br />

footstool for your feet.” (Psalm 110:1)<br />

The second part of Psalm 110,<br />

about Melchizedek, is not<br />

mentioned at all by Jesus or his<br />

apostles, but only by the writer of<br />

the letter to the Hebrews, where<br />

Melchizedek is mentioned a<br />

staggering nine times.<br />

Concerning the character of<br />

Melchizedek the author writes,<br />

“Without father or mother, without<br />

genealogy, without beginning of days<br />

or end of life, like the Son of God, he<br />

remains a priest forever.”<br />

(Hebrews 7:3)<br />

Given how much credence is given<br />

throughout the Bible to Jesus’<br />

genealogy, how is it possible<br />

for Jesus to qualify as a priest,<br />

previously understood as coming<br />

solely from the tribe of Levi? Well,<br />

here we discover there are two<br />

orders of priesthood, with one<br />

superior to the other,<br />

If perfection could have been attained<br />

through the Levitical priesthood (for<br />

on the basis of it the law was given to<br />

the people), why was there a need for<br />

another priest to come – one in the<br />

order of Melchizedek, not in the order<br />

of Aaron? (Hebrews 7:11)<br />

Just how does Jesus qualify for this<br />

order of priesthood since,<br />

It is clear that our Lord descended<br />

from Judah, and in regard to that tribe<br />

Moses says nothing about priests.<br />

(Hebrews 7:14)<br />

The only basis possible, an<br />

indestructible life!<br />

And what we have said is even more<br />

clear if another priest like Melchizedek<br />

appears, one who has become a priest<br />

not on the basis of a regulation as to<br />

his ancestry but on the basis of ‘an<br />

indestructible life’. For it is declared:<br />

“You are a priest for ever, in the order<br />

of Melchizedek.” (Hebrews 7:15-17<br />

ref Psalm 110:4)<br />

2 <strong>ENHANCE</strong> • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Memorial<br />

To the Lord be the glory<br />

Ray Sanders 1946–<strong>2023</strong><br />

Christian Friends of Israel<br />

Jerusalem<br />

Before the Lord called him to Israel, Ray<br />

was a successful dairy farmer in the USA,<br />

having a degree in Agricultural and Dairy<br />

Science from the University of Ames, Iowa.<br />

Yet at the height of their careers, with a beautiful home<br />

on the lake in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, God spoke<br />

powerfully to both Ray and Sharon to give it all up, to<br />

step out of their comfort zone.<br />

They went to Christ For The Nations Bible College in<br />

Dallas, Texas, and prepared to move to Israel to serve<br />

the one true God, building his kingdom on earth.<br />

Christian Friends of Israel began with a meeting of<br />

a few Christian leaders in Jerusalem in December<br />

1985. Coming from the UK, USA, France and Israel,<br />

they were aware of an urgent need to set up a<br />

framework in which they could serve the Church and<br />

bless Israel as true friends. Out of several proposed<br />

names, “Christian Friends of Israel” was chosen as<br />

it expressed exactly how they believed Christians<br />

should relate to the Jewish people, both in view of the<br />

Church’s past history and all that God was leading<br />

Israel through.<br />

With the particular help of Lance Lambert and David<br />

Bivin, the principles and aims of CFI were developed<br />

word by word, and these Foundation Principles stand<br />

unchanged today. Derek White became founder and<br />

Prayers for Ray and Sharon Sanders at the 2007 CFI UK Conference<br />

director of CFI UK; whilst in Israel, Ray and Sharon<br />

Sanders were asked to run the CFI Jerusalem office,<br />

becoming its directors. Without doubt we owe a great<br />

deal to those who heard clearly from the Lord and<br />

have served God faithfully throughout these years.<br />

Ray and Sharon worked for the Lord together over the<br />

whole period from 1985. They assisted huge numbers<br />

of Russian immigrants when the Russian Jews<br />

returned to Israel. They visited and helped thousands<br />

of Holocaust survivors in over 50 cities in Israel. They<br />

aided victims of terror attacks and communities that<br />

came under attack during fires and conflict. Recently<br />

they developed a start-up program to enable Ethiopian<br />

Jews learn a trade and earn a living. There is so much<br />

more, but these are some of the main activities in<br />

which Ray was involved.<br />

Ray Sanders working in the Jerusalem Office<br />

In 2015, Ray wrote in the editorial of the 2 nd <strong>Quarter</strong><br />

For Zion’s Sake magazine,<br />

“Transitions are never easy, but the vision of the<br />

original founders becomes more obtainable when<br />

you know well the people who are transitioning<br />

into your position. I am now retiring, but the fond<br />

memories of the last thirty years will always remain<br />

close to my heart.”<br />

Throughout all of this, Sharon has also served CFI<br />

wholeheartedly. Ray and Sharon have been devoted<br />

to each other too. They stood together solidly over<br />

the decades, and ‘til now Sharon has sat beside Ray<br />

for weeks and weeks, indeed months. Ray battled<br />

with Parkinsons and other health issues over many<br />

years, but more recently he had a real struggle each<br />

day. Both were strengthened and supported knowing<br />

hundreds of supporters prayed for them. Ray was a<br />

man of great character and faith, humble and diligent<br />

in all his years of ministry, loving and serving the<br />

Jewish people, so many of whom held him in high<br />

esteem.<br />

Now, Ray Sanders has gained promotion. In many<br />

ways, this week of Sukkot (Tabernacles) was an<br />

appropriate time for Ray to make the “transition” from<br />

being a faithful servant in building God’s kingdom<br />

here on earth, to entering God’s glory in heaven. After<br />

all, he will surely now be fully tabernacling with the<br />

Lord. What’s more, he will have heard what we all<br />

hope to hear one day, the Lord saying, “Well done, my<br />

good and faithful servant.”<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • <strong>ENHANCE</strong> 3


Melissa Briggs MA<br />

Hebrew University of Jerusalem<br />

Melissa is an experienced Hebrew<br />

teacher with a desire to make the<br />

rich language of the Scriptures<br />

accessible to Christians.<br />

Visit: www.explorehebrew.co.uk<br />

Belonging<br />

at home<br />

‏ָּבַ‏ יִ‏ ת<br />

Bayit / House<br />

“…Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his<br />

people, and God himself will be with them as their God.” (Revelation 21:3)<br />

We are in the process of re-opening our<br />

home, after a move, as a foster home.<br />

This has me reflecting upon the value<br />

and purpose of “home”.<br />

Why is home so connected to our identity? What does<br />

“home” mean? How can we offer “home” to others in<br />

a meaningful way?<br />

Having a “home” is so much more than the four walls<br />

of a physical house. Foster care is about offering<br />

practical hospitality, but more importantly, making<br />

children ‘feel’ welcome and safe – inviting them to<br />

‘feel’ at home in a house. Home should be where we<br />

know we are valued, loved, respected, accepted and<br />

secure.<br />

The Hebrew word for house or home is bayit, or bet<br />

/ beit for short. Bayit can refer to a literal house, but<br />

often it means more than that. From the Psalms, “God<br />

settles the solitary in a home (bayit)…”<br />

(Psalm 68:6). Most translations say<br />

“in a family”, because bayit can also<br />

refer to the household unit. Our goal<br />

in foster care is to make our house and<br />

family available to a child who needs<br />

them.<br />

Bayit comes from the root verb banah<br />

meaning‏ָּבָ‏ “to build”. It is also related to the נָ‏ ה<br />

word for “son/offspring/descendant” – ‏ֵּבֵ‏ ן ben and<br />

“daughter” - ‏ַּבַ‏ ת bat.<br />

This connection between “building” and “house” is<br />

so well exemplified in the Psalms, “Unless the Lord<br />

BUILDS (banahs) the HOUSE (bayit) those who toil<br />

BUILD (bahah) in vain/emptiness.” (Psalm 127:1).<br />

Why was it so significant for Abraham to leave his<br />

father’s household to go build a new bayit? (see Genesis<br />

12:1). God used Abraham to build a new kind of<br />

spiritual family – the ‘household’ of faith – into which<br />

we are grafted as children of God (see Galatians 3:6-9,<br />

6:10 and Romans 11:9-10).<br />

The word bayit can also have the meaning of<br />

“container”, so bayit represents protection “inside” or<br />

“within” a building or family unit. The first use of the<br />

word bayit is in Genesis, “So make yourself an ark …make<br />

rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside (bayit) and out.”<br />

(Genesis 6:14). The same word is again used when<br />

Noah’s entire household (bayit) is invited into the ark<br />

(see Genesis 7:1).<br />

A whole book could be written about this important,<br />

4 <strong>ENHANCE</strong> • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Unless the<br />

Lord builds<br />

the house...<br />

multi-layered biblical message of “bayit”. Our Father<br />

God is the head of his bayit. The Temple is described<br />

as God’s bayit, but his ultimate goal was to live<br />

‘with’ us. His bayit provides family, community<br />

and relationship. Often, we read a whole household<br />

(bayit) turns towards or away from the Lord, “As for<br />

me and my bayit, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15).<br />

In one important sense, the body of Messiah is the<br />

household of God. There his sons and daughters<br />

should be built up (by the Lord and by one another)<br />

and reflect the Father’s love. We all have choices about<br />

how and where to “build our house”. Choices about<br />

family, values, priorities. “Everyone who hears these<br />

words of mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise<br />

man who built his bayit on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24).<br />

Will we rely on God’s strength and protection, with<br />

him as our foundation and covering, or will our<br />

ambition and selfishness lead us to pursue other,<br />

lesser things? “By wisdom a bayit is<br />

built (banah), and by understanding it<br />

is established; by knowledge the rooms<br />

are filled with all precious and pleasant<br />

riches.” (Proverbs 24:3-4)<br />

Home is about belonging in<br />

relationship to others and feeling<br />

protected – about ‘belonging inside’.<br />

We see God’s heart for this expressed in the prodigal<br />

son parable – the forgiving Father welcoming home a<br />

beloved son. The Lord himself desires to be our bayit<br />

– with us in this broken world – but then us with him<br />

forever in eternity.<br />

Even if we currently reside in a beautiful house with a<br />

loving family, there is still an uncomfortable reality of<br />

sin and decay at work in this life. The human longing<br />

to belong – and the deep sense that this earth (with all<br />

its death and disease) is not our forever home—point<br />

us to our true bayit as we await the New Heaven and<br />

the New Earth (see John 14:1-5 and 2 Corinthians 5:8).<br />

Maybe our question was never just “Where is our<br />

home?”, but also “Who is our home?” In the finished<br />

work of the Messiah, we can know that we are adopted<br />

into his bayit and now hidden with him in God.<br />

“Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.<br />

My Father will love them, and we will come to them and<br />

make our home (bayit) with them.” (John 14:23)<br />


AVAILABLE! If you are interested in learning Biblical or Modern<br />

Hebrew, please contact Melissa for more details at:<br />


Festival Report<br />

New Wine <strong>2023</strong><br />

26-30 July & 1-5 August <strong>2023</strong> Kent Event Centre, Maidstone<br />

At the end of July we exhibited our CFI UK Resources stall at the New Wine United Festival in Kent, Week One attended by<br />

Jacob Vince, Chantal Paskins and Robin Lane. We had good interactions, especially with young adults, church ministers-intraining<br />

and existing supporters.<br />

Week Two of New Wine United, at the start of August, also went well despite varying weather and footfall. Stephen Turnham<br />

took the place of Chantal and joined with Jacob and Robin. When the weather was fine, we had more interest and good<br />

conversations. On both weeks we were able to take a slot on New Wine FM radio to help spread the word. Although New<br />

Wine Week Two was quieter than Week One, there were good conversations with several younger enquirers, and existing<br />

supporters were very appreciative of our presence. It is important that Israel is seen visibly by the Church and not find itself<br />

airbrushed out of the conversation, as can so easily happen. Whilst Israel isn’t the only feature of God’s unfolding purposes, it<br />

is definitely a significant part. Our friend Simon Ponsonby gave a good seminar talk in which he mentioned the importance of<br />

Israel today. The general atmosphere was upbeat and friendly despite the weather conditions.<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • <strong>ENHANCE</strong> 5

Event Report<br />

CFI UK Annual Conference <strong>2023</strong><br />

Israel in view of G<br />

Chris Mitchell<br />

Middle East reporter and<br />

correspondent for CBN<br />

Andrew and Liz Day leading the singing<br />

Our recent Annual<br />

Conference, on Friday<br />

15 th and Saturday 16 th<br />

September, was a blessing and<br />

encouragement to supporters<br />

and staff alike.<br />

It was unique and refreshing. Many<br />

were blessed by the ‘platform’ of<br />

worship and praise that began<br />

the Friday evening and Saturday<br />

sessions, led by long-term<br />

supporters Andrew and Liz Day<br />

from the Isle of Wight. Our theme<br />

for the conference was ‘Israel in<br />

view of Gods faithfulness’. We<br />

give thanks for our speakers, who<br />

shed light on their subject matter<br />

with insight, personal reflection<br />

and unique perspective and we are<br />

grateful for so many supporters<br />

gathering in Eastbourne.<br />

The conference took place in the<br />

season of Rosh Hashanah and we<br />

began with rousing blasts of the<br />

shofar from David Soakell. We were<br />

generously hosted again by Rob and<br />

Julie Smillie and Suncoast Church.<br />

They worked hard and looked after<br />

us so well, we really appreciated<br />

Reporting with CBN in Morocco earthquake area<br />

our time with them. But they also<br />

commented on how much they<br />

enjoy our conferences.<br />

Chris Mitchell of CBN’s Middle<br />

East Bureau flew in from Morocco,<br />

having been asked at short notice<br />

to report on the catastrophic<br />

earthquake there. He shared some<br />

footage of the devastation and<br />

testimonies he had witnessed, before<br />

covering his main theme for the<br />

first session, ‘Israel as custodian’.<br />

Time and time again, remarkable<br />

archaeological discoveries are<br />

showing the historic accuracy of the<br />

Bible. A recent film clip of Chris in<br />

Shiloh showed what was likely to be<br />

the early Holy of Holies discovered<br />

by a team working with archeologist<br />

Dr Scott Stripling, a born-again<br />

believer. There was also recent<br />

film footage of the Pool of Siloam<br />

in Jerusalem, where excavations<br />

continue to reveal ancient treasures.<br />

Chris quoted another journalist as<br />

saying, “Jerusalem is shaking the<br />

dust off itself”.<br />

In his second session, Chris<br />

mentioned the causes of concern<br />

in Israeli society at the time, with<br />

6 <strong>ENHANCE</strong> • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

od’s faithfulness<br />

Dorit Oliver-Wolff<br />

BEM<br />

Dorit spoke boldly about her story<br />

protests over judicial reform,<br />

where polarised views are affecting<br />

families, communities and mindsets.<br />

He also spoke of mounting tensions<br />

on Israel’s borders, other external<br />

threats, and evidence that shows Iran<br />

developing nuclear weapons and<br />

enriching crucial components. But<br />

there was also Chris’ sense of God’s<br />

unfailing love for the Jewish people,<br />

whether currently ultra-orthodox,<br />

secular, or believers in Messiah, and<br />

for the ancient and modern city of<br />

Jerusalem. He shared the need to<br />

pray for those who are not strong<br />

in their faith to have a revelation of<br />

their connection with the land and<br />

it’s biblical setting.<br />

Our second speaker, Holocaust<br />

survivor Dorit Oliver-Wolff, shared<br />

her story of childhood as a Jew<br />

fleeing Yugoslavia and Hungary<br />

with her mother hiding in plain sight<br />

as a Red Cross nurse, both wearing<br />

Christian crosses. It seemed as if<br />

Dorit has had several lives: refugee,<br />

childhood dancer, entertainer, pop<br />

star, speaker, and educator. She<br />

was clearly passionate about telling<br />

her story so that the horrors of the<br />

Holocaust should never happen<br />

again and getting that message to<br />

young adults around the UK so<br />

antisemitism can be rooted out.<br />

Both Dorit and Chris brought<br />

heartfelt, vulnerable and telling<br />

stories that touched many hearts<br />

and encouraged us all to continue<br />

our stand with Israel, being united<br />

and diligent in prayer for Dorit, the<br />

land, the people and Israel.<br />

In the afternoon CFI staff presented<br />

updates on the events we have been<br />

able to host and attend, including<br />

the many Christian festivals and<br />

conferences. We also described the<br />

increase we have seen in attendance<br />

at prayer events, CFI’s advocacy<br />

work and social media.<br />

Through the whole time there<br />

was a sense of purpose, unity<br />

and fellowship with supporters<br />

old and new. The quality of<br />

teaching, fellowship, worship and<br />

encouraging words made this a<br />

poignant and worthwhile event. It<br />

will stay in our memories as one of<br />

the best CFI UK conferences.<br />

See Resources on back page for ordering<br />

conference talks in CD / DVD / MP4 formats<br />

Your Conference Feedback<br />

Just to say thank you to you and to all the<br />

team for your hard work putting on the<br />

conference last weekend. As first-time<br />

visitors, we found it very welcoming,<br />

helpful and encouraging.<br />

God bless you all.<br />

Surrey<br />

I thought this year’s CFI conference was<br />

excellent. It was great to hear from Chris<br />

Mitchell and I enjoyed hearing Dorit’s<br />

story again! Thanks for all your hard work<br />

and the work of the team which made the<br />

conference a great success! Staffordshire<br />

Thanks for a superb time at the CFI<br />

conference. It was so helpful and<br />

informative, and I returned rejoicing<br />

that I’d met with and heard from<br />

the God of Israel!<br />

Hampshire<br />

A wonderful day indeed – and really<br />

blessed of God.<br />

West Sussex<br />

CFI UK Resources stall hosted by Julia Soakell<br />

x.com/cfi_uk<br />

facebook.com/cfiuk<br />

youtube.com/cfiuk<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • <strong>ENHANCE</strong> 7

Festival Reports<br />

Refuelling and awakening in <strong>2023</strong><br />

Fochabers Village, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, IV32 7PQ<br />

Philip Aitchison and<br />

David Soakell took a CFI<br />

UK Resources Stall to<br />

Aberdeenshire in July for the<br />

Refuel Festival. Refuel was<br />

birthed in 2017 in response to<br />

a prayerful calling to gather<br />

Christians together in one<br />

place and to demonstrate the<br />

unity prayed for by Jesus,<br />

“That they may demonstrate<br />

such perfect unity that the world<br />

will know that Jesus was sent by<br />

God” (John 17:23).<br />

Since then, Christians from<br />

all over the UK and abroad<br />

have come together to enjoy<br />

an all-age family festival<br />

in the stunning grounds of<br />

Gordon Castle Estate, on the<br />

banks of the River Spey, in<br />

Fochabers, Scotland.<br />

With worship leaders and<br />

guest speakers coming from<br />

across the globe, Refuel<br />

welcomed families, churches,<br />

youth groups, home<br />

groups, campers, glampers,<br />

motorhomes, caravaners for<br />

a weeklong holiday, fun,<br />

inspiration and encounter<br />

with Jesus and his people.<br />

We had one full day of very<br />

hot sunshine, but every other<br />

day was wet, and at times<br />

torrential rain! However,<br />

despite this, our small gazebo<br />

attracted a lot of visitors<br />

and David spoke over three<br />

or four hours throughout<br />

our time there to various<br />

groups on the significance<br />

of the Tabernacle, the Prayer<br />

Shawl, CFI projects and other<br />

ministry areas of CFI UK,<br />

with a great response.<br />

Our time at Awaken, at the<br />

Lincolnshire Showground<br />

over the August Bank<br />

Holiday weekend was<br />

blessed. There were some<br />

good engagements and<br />

on the Sunday we had<br />

several long and detailed<br />

conversations with fellow<br />

Christians impacted by<br />

concerns in several key<br />

areas. Jacob Vince, Julia<br />

Soakell and Philip each<br />

found themselves having<br />

opportunities to listen and<br />

encourage visitors to the CFI<br />

UK Resources Stall, some<br />

of whom were already CFI<br />

supporters. We felt the Lord<br />

really led each of these times<br />

in a different way each day.<br />

The time was well spent as<br />

the three staff members were<br />

able to share their heart for<br />

Israel and CFI with a variety<br />

of people, from a wide range<br />

of backgrounds. Useful and<br />

impactful conversations<br />

also took place with key<br />

people in other ministries<br />

and the Awaken volunteers.<br />

We look forward to seeing<br />

how this networking brings<br />

greater fruit for them and<br />

the ministry of CFI UK.<br />

The reality of the situation<br />

we now see within the UK<br />

church means that many<br />

are ‘weary’, but we can<br />

pray alongside them for the<br />

Church and for Israel, in<br />

the complexities we all see<br />

today. Our free literature,<br />

designed particularly<br />

for these occasions at<br />

Christian festivals, can really<br />

bring simple and lasting<br />

insights. We also know<br />

from speaking to attendees,<br />

especially at Awaken, that<br />

the impact of our Kesher<br />

course continues, as do<br />

books, video and teaching<br />

resources purchased at these<br />

events, and we give thanks<br />

that there is clearly deep and<br />

lasting fruit.<br />

8 <strong>ENHANCE</strong> • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Hebraic Insight<br />

Da’at Elohim<br />

Knowledge of God<br />

“For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, and in the<br />

knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings” Hosea 6:6<br />

When English speakers use the verb “to know,”<br />

we think of our mental grasp of facts. In<br />

Hebrew, however, the word yadah, “to know,”<br />

is much broader in scope and will enrich our<br />

understanding of the Scriptures.<br />

Rather than just knowing information, the Hebrew idea of yadah<br />

stresses knowing from experience and relationship and acting<br />

on that knowledge. When used in terms of knowing people, it<br />

can mean caring for someone, even being intimate sexually. For<br />

instance, the English Standard Version reads,<br />

Now Adam knew (yadah) Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore<br />

Cain (Genesis 4:1).<br />

This idea is especially important when we learn about the biblical<br />

concept called the “knowledge of God” (da’at elohim). We as<br />

Westerners may think this means to prove God’s existence<br />

and establish a theological model to explain God’s nature. But<br />

the Hebrew view is that “knowledge of God” is having a life in<br />

relationship with him. We can see this way of thinking when<br />

we compare Christian translations of the Bible with a Jewish<br />

translation. The New International Version has,<br />

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him — the Spirit of wisdom and<br />

of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of<br />

knowledge and of the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2).<br />

But the Tanakh by the Jewish Publication Society reads,<br />

The spirit of the Lord shall alight upon him: a spirit of wisdom<br />

and insight, a spirit of counsel and valour, a spirit of devotion and<br />

reverence for the Lord (Isaiah 11:2 JPS).<br />

Hebraically, knowledge is not just knowing who someone is, it is<br />

devotion to them as well. Jews see knowledge of God as intimacy<br />

with God, knowing him as a son does his father, and as a wife does<br />

her husband. We should think of that when we share our faith. Are<br />

we trying to fill people’s minds with facts, or are we bringing people<br />

to know the Lord personally? How well do we know him ourselves?<br />

At the ministry of En-Gedi, we have struggled with how to<br />

communicate that our ministry is not just educational, but also<br />

devotional in nature; that we want to bring people closer to the<br />

Lord by understanding the Bible in its context. A verse we have<br />

been given is, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the<br />

Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9 NIV; see also Habakkuk<br />

2:14). When we read it in a Jewish translation, we finally grasped the<br />

greater meaning of the verse. It says that the earth “shall be filled<br />

with devotion to the Lord as water covers the sea” (Isaiah 11:9, JPS).<br />

© Lois A. Tverberg, Listening to the Language of the Bible (En-Gedi Resource Center:<br />

Holland MI, USA, 2004.) Visit https://EnGediResourceCenter.com for articles and<br />

information about Lois’ books and speaking.<br />

Memorial<br />

Jean Norris (1925–<strong>2023</strong>)<br />

By Julia Soakell<br />

We value our all our supporters but find every<br />

now and again we meet one who challenges<br />

us and makes a lasting impression. Jean<br />

Norris was one of these.<br />

Over 95 when I first met her online and started corresponding with<br />

her, I found her to be an astute, straight forward, godly lady of<br />

great wisdom and biblical knowledge. Yet she hadn’t understood<br />

about Israel until the age of 70. By this time she had lived a full life<br />

in the heart of Norwich, close to her natural family and beloved<br />

church family.<br />

Jean was 98 when she died in July <strong>2023</strong> and the sermon at her<br />

thanksgiving service was read by a mutual friend, Gail Halley, who<br />

also loves Israel. Gail says the service of thanksgiving on<br />

4 th September, was “absolutely packed” and a real celebration<br />

of Jean’s life. Much of the service was to her own instructions.<br />

Jean attended the CFI UK<br />

online prayer conference<br />

during the Covid period and<br />

was then asked if she would like<br />

to join us for other online prayer<br />

events too. So she became a muchloved<br />

member of the CFI UK In-Sight online prayer group.<br />

Jean had many adventures, too many to tell, but once in her<br />

later years she travelled to Iran for ‘prayer assignments’ with the<br />

late Esther Lever. She was an incredible, courageous lady and<br />

I remember, when visiting her, having a real sense of the Holy<br />

Spirit’s leading. She was never shy in telling me off!<br />

Loyal, faithful supporters strengthen us at CFI with their love and<br />

prayers, but it’s the encouragement, guidance, and indomitable<br />

spirit which many of us remember, that stands out in memories of<br />

this lovely, energetic and godly lady.<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • <strong>ENHANCE</strong> 9

UK Profile<br />

The UK’s strong relationship<br />

with Israel<br />

Robin Lane<br />

Reichman University<br />

in Israel has an<br />

International Institute<br />

for Counter Terrorism (ICT)<br />

which holds conferences<br />

that are said to be the largest<br />

events in the field of counter<br />

terrorism and among the most<br />

influential.<br />

These conferences serve as a<br />

platform for the formation of<br />

international cooperation and<br />

provide an important opportunity<br />

for experts from a diverse set of<br />

disciplines to establish professional<br />

relationships.<br />

Conference room at the Reichman University<br />

Held in Herzliya, just north of<br />

Tel Aviv, this year’s summit<br />

was attended by more than 500<br />

delegates and heard from more<br />

than 130 speakers, one of whom<br />

was the UK’s Foreign Secretary,<br />

James Cleverly. On Tuesday<br />

12 th September, he spoke about<br />

the impact of the September 11 th<br />

The Rt Hon James Cleverly MP<br />

attacks on the United States of<br />

America in 2001 which killed<br />

nearly 3,000 people. Its impact was<br />

so strong that many of us, in many<br />

different countries, can remember<br />

exactly where we were when<br />

we heard the news and saw the<br />

images of the Twin Towers of the<br />

World Trade Centre on fire.<br />

That attack has become symbolic<br />

of the savagery of the modern<br />

era of terrorism and prompted<br />

a major increase of international<br />

cooperation to combat the threat<br />

– a threat that was reinforced<br />

by the attacks in London on 7 th<br />

July 2005, which killed another<br />

52 people. James acknowledged<br />

that the Israelis are no strangers<br />

to the impact of terrorist attacks,<br />

referring to the recent example of<br />

the murders of Lucy, Maya and<br />

Rina Dee, who were British Israeli<br />

citizens and thus united the UK<br />

and Israel in grief.<br />

In light of these terrorist atrocities,<br />

the UK’s Foreign Secretary stated<br />

that he was, “delighted, genuinely<br />

delighted … to celebrate and<br />

publicise, and shout about, the<br />

strong bilateral relationship that<br />

the UK has with Israel.” He<br />

highlighted a key reason for that<br />

relationship as the two countries’<br />

shared stand against the extreme<br />

ideology of terrorists who, “all<br />

insist that their political goals<br />

matter more than the lives of their<br />

innocent victims. They … insist<br />

that their anger justifies the spilling<br />

of other people’s blood.”<br />

He noted that, by acting together,<br />

Israel, the UK and other allies<br />

have been able to reduce the threat<br />

of terrorism and save countless<br />

lives. But terrorist networks are<br />

now more fragmented, with most<br />

organised terrorist groups focusing<br />

their efforts on whipping-up<br />

anger and grooming others to act<br />

on their behalf. Thus, speaking<br />

about the meeting he had planned<br />

with the Palestinian Authority<br />

for the following day, James said<br />

he would, “make it clear that<br />

rather than spreading disgusting<br />

antisemitic tropes and outrageous<br />

distortions of history, they should<br />

be clear in their denouncement of<br />

violence. They should be clear that<br />

there is no acceptance for brutality<br />

and terrorism. They should be<br />

clear there is no excuse to target<br />

Israelis, particularly Israeli<br />

civilians.”<br />

James went on to say that it is<br />

not just terrorist groups who<br />

choose violence against Israel,<br />

noting that the Iranian regime<br />

has publicly and regularly called<br />

for the destruction of the state of<br />

Israel – something the UK would<br />

never countenance. The Iranian<br />

regime transfers weapons around<br />

the region, funds terrorist groups<br />

and refuses to take responsibility<br />

for its complicity in the attacks<br />

conducted by those groups. He<br />

stated unequivocally that the<br />

UK is under no illusion about<br />

Iran’s malign role and, just as the<br />

strategic partnership with Israel<br />

means working together to stop<br />

terrorist groups, so too it must<br />

counter Iran’s destabilising actions<br />

in the Middle East.<br />

10 <strong>ENHANCE</strong> • 4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Israel Profile<br />

Israel suffers major terrorist assault<br />

On Saturday 7 th October, Israel suffered<br />

a major assault by Hamas terrorists. It<br />

started at around 6:30am with a barrage<br />

of some 2,000 rockets.<br />

This overwhelmed the Iron Dome defence system<br />

and resulted in direct hits on a number of Israeli<br />

communities, causing casualties as well as damage.<br />

Following that barrage of rockets, hundreds of<br />

terrorists breached Israel’s border defences by land,<br />

sea and air, in as many as 29 different places, including<br />

the Kerem Shalom and Eretz crossings. They quickly<br />

spread out across southern Israel and started attacking<br />

civilians in their homes in places like Sderot, Ashkelon<br />

and reaching as far as Ofakim, which is 22 miles from<br />

the Gaza border. They even captured the IDF’s Re’im<br />

military base, home to its Gaza Division.<br />

This attack came as a complete surprise, catching<br />

the Israelis off guard, with no warning from their<br />

intelligence services and inadequate manning of<br />

defences on the Gaza border. It took place on a special<br />

sabbath that was one of Israel’s holy days – Simchat<br />

Torah (The Joy of the Torah). In this it was reminiscent<br />

of what happened 50 years earlier in the Yom Kippur<br />

War, when the Israelis were caught off guard by the<br />

Egyptian and Syrian armies. By the end of Sunday<br />

8 th October this year, known Israeli casualties had<br />

exceeded 600, with more than 2,000 wounded and<br />

around 130 hostages taken into the Gaza Strip.<br />

Late on the Saturday morning, Prime Minister<br />

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Israelis through a<br />

television broadcast saying, “Citizens of Israel, we are<br />

at war, not in an operation but at war. This morning,<br />

Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack against<br />

the State of Israel and its citizens … We are at war, and<br />

we will win it.” He also convened a meeting of Israel’s<br />

Security Cabinet for the early afternoon and ordered a<br />

massive call-up of IDF reservists.<br />

Palestinians celebrated around the world, even<br />

organising parades to express their joy at what they<br />

described as a major victory. In contrast, Israelis<br />

Rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hits southern Israeli city of Ashkelon<br />

Kedem family: Tamar, Jonathan, Shahar, Arbel, Omer killed in Kibbutz Nir Oz<br />

were deeply shocked and traumatised, with all large<br />

gatherings forbidden and many people instructed to<br />

stay locked in their homes. Internationally, millions<br />

of people in many countries were appalled at the<br />

merciless brutality of the terrorists, revealed by many<br />

videos posted on social media.<br />

One of the worst scenes came from the site of the<br />

Supernova music festival, where 3,000 young people<br />

had gathered in the desert in southern Israel. One<br />

emergency medic who was called to the festival said<br />

he had never seen anything like it, “It was a planned<br />

ambush. As people came out of the emergency exits,<br />

squads of terrorists were waiting for them there and<br />

just started picking them off.” By Sunday evening 260<br />

bodies had been recovered from the scene.<br />

The Israeli Air Force went into action during Saturday<br />

afternoon, striking a variety of Hamas targets in the<br />

Gaza Strip, including the “Palestine Tower” in Gaza<br />

City – a known Hamas base – which was destroyed<br />

after a warning had been given for civilians to clear<br />

the area. The IDF were engaged in operations in as<br />

many as 22 border communities, going house to house<br />

to clear out terrorists. Some of those operations, such<br />

as those in Ofakim and Beeri, were complicated by the<br />

presence of Israeli hostages.<br />

It wasn’t until the morning of Monday 9 th October that<br />

the IDF declared it had regained control of the border<br />

towns. And even then, residents of Sderot, Kibbutz<br />

Nirim and Kibbutz Alumim were instructed to stay<br />

locked in their homes because of small numbers of<br />

terrorists still in the country. Later that day, Israeli<br />

defence minister Yoav Gallant ordered a complete<br />

blockade of the Gaza Strip, stopping supplies of food,<br />

water and electricity. The United Nations said that<br />

more than 120,000 Gazans had been displaced from<br />

their homes, many seeking limited shelter in schools.<br />

The world waited to see the full extent of Israel’s<br />

response.<br />

4 th <strong>Quarter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> • <strong>ENHANCE</strong> 11

Resources www.cfi.org.uk/shop.php<br />

CFI UK ANNUAL CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />


Session 1. Israel as Custodian (Chris Mitchell)<br />

Session 2. Israel and the Region (Chris Mitchell)<br />

Session 3. From Yellow Star To Pop Star (Dorit Oliver-Wolff)<br />

Session 4. Israel’s Technology – Helping the World (Chris Mitchell)<br />

CDS140 // 4 CDS // £14 (INCL. UK P&P). D160 // 4 DVDS // £18 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />

FD004 // USB MP4’S // £10 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />


When Dorit Oliver was just four years old she sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia.<br />

By the age of six, she was hiding from the German soldiers rounding up and transporting her fellow Jews to<br />

concentration camps around Europe. After the war, stateless and without papers, she joined a dance troupe<br />

in order to be permitted to travel. Tense, moving and inspirational, Dorit’s remarkable story moves the reader<br />

through fear and horror to freedom and joy and shows how the bravery of one little Jewish girl helped her<br />

survive the Holocaust and become a star.<br />

B526 // 290 PAGES // £11.50 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />


From Deborah and Samson to Samuel and Gideon, see how God called upon these 14 individuals to deliver<br />

Israel from oppression. The Judges of Israel weren’t what anyone would call “conventional” leaders. One had<br />

a violent temper. One was the son of a prostitute. Another a woman in a male-dominated society. What<br />

did they all have in common? God called these courageous, relentless, and passionate seekers of the Lord<br />

to liberate Israel and bring them back into a right relationship with him. Features simple summaries, quickreference<br />

charts, an Old Testament map, timeline and more.<br />

BT131 // 14 PANEL DOUBLE-SIDED // £5.50 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />


This booklet is written to enable a fuller understanding of God’s bigger picture. It looks first at the Bible and<br />

its inspiration as God-breathed and the importance of the whole. It then explores the Jewish bible order<br />

as used by Jesus, before arguing for a four-fold arrangement showing how the whole Bible unfolds as the<br />

revelation of God to the world. Next it considers the importance of the apostles’ eyewitness testimony,<br />

concluding with an overview of the covenants God makes and keeps, as steps resting on those previously<br />

laid. This revised edition includes a unique one-year Bible reading plan in the order set out in this booklet.<br />

BT124 // 38 PAGES // £4.50 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />


The full story of Nehemiah features both the wall and the Word. Here we examine each chapter to draw out<br />

the main lessons. We also focus on three key topics. Nehemiah faced a lot of opposition from many enemies.<br />

Why was this, and what can we learn from his experiences? What exactly was this ‘Book of the Law’ and is<br />

this relevant to us now? Why was rediscovering the Feast of Tabernacles so important for them, and what<br />

can this mean for us? Nehemiah is a largely forgotten book, it’s time to study it again as we seek to rebuild<br />

ourselves as a community of believers and strengthen our own lives in God’s service.<br />

B540 // 279 PAGES // £12.50 (INCL. UK P&P)<br />

For resources call: 01323 410 810<br />

Postal savings on multiple items<br />

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Cranmore Park, Solihull<br />

Skegness April 1 –5, 2024<br />

Minehead April 8 –12, 2024<br />

Contact: CFI Communications, PO Box 2687, Eastbourne, BN22 7LZ<br />

Tel: 01323 410810 Email: info@cfi.org.uk YouTube: www.youtube.com/CFIUK Web: www.cfi.org.uk<br />

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