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Diet, Exercise, Reduced Stress Levels, Adequate Rest<br />

staying healthy is<br />

heart work<br />

Northwest Indiana Cardiovascular Physicians, P.C. provides quality, affordable, state-of-the-art technology and<br />

personal care that have made us the most trusted and respected cardiologists in the area.<br />

• Clinical Evaluations<br />

• Consultations<br />

• Nuclear Stress Tests<br />

• Echocardiograms<br />

• 24-Hour Holter Monitors • Arterial and Venous Dopplers<br />

• Permanent Pacemakers and Transtelephonic Evaluations<br />

The cardiovascular team of NICP, pictured left to right:<br />

Dr. Wheat, Dr. Forchetti, Dr. Kholoki, Dr. Rao, Dr. Atassi and<br />

Dr. Marchand. Sitting: Dr. Harris, Dr. Linert and Dr. Sehgal.<br />

VALPARAISO | 2000 Roosevelt Rd. | 219-531-9419<br />

Northwest Indiana<br />

Cardiovascular Physicians, P.C.<br />

PORTAGE | 3630 Willowcreek Rd. | 219-364-3062<br />

With other convenient locations in Chesterton, DeMotte and Knox.<br />

TOLL FREE 800-727-6337<br />


Valpopourri<br />

Did you know?<br />

The first airfield in Valparaiso was<br />

located at the corner of Calumet Ave.<br />

and Vale Park Rd., and was owned by<br />

Urschel Laboratories, Inc. (This area is<br />

now known as Cumberland Crossing.)<br />

The Magazine of the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce<br />

Volume 6 Issue 4 <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong><br />

Contents<br />

ON THE COVER: Kyle Kuebler, airport manager<br />

for the Porter County Municipal Airport<br />

▲<br />

Cover photo and photos on this page<br />

by Aran Kessler Photo Imaging<br />

Valpo 4<br />

Taking Off<br />

How the Porter County Airport<br />

Impacts Economic Development<br />

Aviation Museum 6<br />

Offers Visitors a Glimpse of History<br />

Air Charters 8<br />

and Flight Schools<br />

Bring the Sky Within Reach to<br />

Local Travelers<br />

Chamber Focus 11<br />

The Valpo Chamber’s<br />

Leadership Development/<br />

Community Engagement<br />

Committee Conducts Leadership<br />

Programs for Valpo Professionals<br />

Chamber 12<br />

Network Night<br />

Business-to-Business Networking<br />

Event on Thursday, Oct. 26<br />

Ask An Expert 18<br />

Expert answers to your<br />

business questions.<br />

What entity choice should I choose<br />

when beginning a new business?<br />

Sections<br />

New Chamber Members 14<br />

Around Town 16<br />

Business Spotlight 21<br />

Our Voice 26<br />

Calendar of Events<br />

www.connecttovalpo.com<br />

FALL <strong>2006</strong><br />

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www.valparaisochamber.org<br />


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When executives at Pratt Industries were considering<br />

places to locate another facility for their<br />

packaging manufacturing business, several<br />

meetings between Pratt and city officials actually took<br />

place in the conference room at the Porter County<br />

Municipal Airport. These negotiations eventually led to<br />

the construction of a corrugating plant near East Point<br />

Centre, and one has to believe that the convenience and<br />

quality of the facilities helped present this community in<br />

a very positive way to Pratt officials.<br />

“We are extremely proud of our terminal and facilities<br />

and the role the airport plays in the economic growth<br />

of this area,” explains Kyle Kuebler, airport manager. But<br />

whatever small role the airport may have contributed, it’s<br />

only the tip of the iceberg. Kuebler cites a 2003<br />

Economic Impact Study published by the Aviation<br />

Association of Indiana that attributes nearly $23 million<br />

dollars of economic impact for that year. “This amount<br />

represents a factor roughly 25 times the operational budget<br />

of the airport and roughly 50 times that of the levy to<br />

meet the budget.”<br />

In fact, according to numerous studies, airport construction<br />

and utilization is among the most significant<br />

economic engines at work in the United States today. The<br />

study cited by Kuebler addresses not only the economic<br />

benefits generated at individual airports throughout the<br />

state of Indiana, but also the economic benefit for the<br />

entire state.<br />

(cont. on page 6)<br />

4 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

▲<br />

▲<br />

Photos by Aran Kessler Photo Imaging<br />

www.connecttovalpo.com 5

Valpo Taking Off (cont. from page 4)<br />

The findings reveal that the total annual<br />

impact of direct and indirect airport economic<br />

activity on Indiana's economy is estimated to<br />

be more than $2.8 billion per year. These<br />

expenditures in turn generate an induced<br />

annual impact of more than $1.3 billion. In<br />

addition, transportation cost savings exceeded<br />

more than $455 million, providing a total<br />

annual impact of more than $4.6 billion.<br />

Also, airports mean jobs to communities.<br />

At Indiana airports, more than 18,940 people<br />

are employed, representing more than $478<br />

million in direct wages statewide. Porter<br />

County Municipal Airport board president<br />

Paul Chael also emphasizes the jobs the facility<br />

generates through the people it employs and<br />

those employed by other companies who provide<br />

services for, or at, the airport. “With eight<br />

full-time and two part-time employees plus<br />

nearly 60 other full and part-time employees<br />

who work for other companies located here, it’s<br />

important to recognize the financial impact<br />

this provides to the area,” he explains. “Also,<br />

we are continually working on facilities and<br />

runways, adding technology and other<br />

improvements which bring in local construction<br />

companies and other contractors and vendors.”<br />

With a 7,000 foot runway – longer than<br />

any at Midway Airport – the Porter County<br />

Municipal Airport has come a long way since<br />

its inception in 1949 when residents including<br />

“I don’t think most people have any idea of the scope<br />

of activity that takes place here.”<br />

a World War II pilot, pulled together a coalition<br />

of business and civic groups to spearhead<br />

a movement to convince the county to pass an<br />

ordinance creating a Department of Aviation.<br />

This led to the construction of an 1800 foot by<br />

50 foot north-south runway, a 2000 foot by<br />

200 foot east-west runway and a modest terminal<br />

which also housed the administration.<br />

Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s various<br />

other navigational aids, taxiways, hangars and<br />

apron areas were constructed, and continual<br />

improvements and technological upgrades<br />

were implemented. Finally, in 1997, a new<br />

corporate complex/terminal was opened, providing<br />

an impressive<br />

5250 square foot terminal<br />

area comprised of a<br />

plush passenger lobby,<br />

pilot’s lounge and rest<br />

area, computerized<br />

flight planning, vending,<br />

restrooms and, of<br />

course, the aforementioned<br />

conference<br />

room. The second<br />

floor provides lease<br />

space for corporate<br />

flight offices. An<br />

18,000 square foot<br />

hangar offers accommodations for large business<br />

jets for owners based in the area as well as<br />

for transient users. All-in-all the airport occupies<br />

718 acres.<br />

“Considering all of our recent improvements,<br />

the airport has positioned itself as the<br />

full service airport of choice when traveling to<br />

and from Northwest Indiana,” Kuebler says.<br />

“We have the most up-to-date technology and<br />

systems and a staff dedicated to customer satisfaction.”<br />

The first glimpse Bob Swinehart, president<br />

and chief operating officer of Emerson<br />

Power Transmission, had of Valparaiso was<br />

6 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

Jim Read was having the time of his life<br />

when suddenly things went wrong. Very<br />

wrong. It was July 4, 1998 and he was putting<br />

his new toy – a vintage 1947 Corsair<br />

warbird aircraft – through a series of loops<br />

and belly rolls. The plane had recently<br />

arrived in Rockford, Illinois from its previous<br />

home in England where he had bought it<br />

almost a year previously. This was Read’s<br />

first flight in the aircraft the Japanese in<br />

World War II had nicknamed “Whistling<br />

Death” because of the distinctive sound of its<br />

engines. But on this day, it almost lived up<br />

to that name for Read and his cockpit companion<br />

Don Keller.<br />

“It flew very easily and was quite nimble<br />

for a big airplane,” he explains. “I rolled it<br />

upside down, came through a hole in the<br />

deck (clouds), and the engine backfired so<br />

loudly I thought it would fall out!” After<br />

much wrestling with the controls and an<br />

emergency call to a nearby airfield in<br />

Freeport, Read brought the aircraft back to<br />

earth – on its wheels – and instead of<br />

“I rolled it upside down,<br />

came through a hole in<br />

the deck (clouds), and<br />

the engine backfired so<br />

loudly I thought it<br />

would fall out!”<br />

– Jim Read<br />

becoming history, Read’s magnificent aircraft<br />

(not to mention the pilot himself) is preserved<br />

for history at the Indiana Aviation<br />

Museum at the Porter County Municipal<br />

Airport.<br />

Today the Corsair is one of the focal<br />

points of a unique and intriguing collection<br />

of 11 vintage aircraft housed in a hangar at<br />

the east end of the Airport. And, like each of<br />

the other planes in the group, it still flies.<br />

Included in the museum are a P-51D<br />

Mustang, F4U5N Corsair, T-28 Trojan, AT-<br />

6G Texan, P-17 Stearman, L-2 Grasshopper,<br />

A-37A Dragonfly, T-34B Mentor, and DHC<br />

1 MK 22 Dehavilland Chipmunk.<br />

Creation of the museum was the direct<br />

result of the curiosity it aroused in visitors to<br />

the airport. “When we would open the<br />

hangar up to work on the airplanes, people<br />

would stop and come in just to watch,” Read<br />

explained. “They would ask a lot of questions<br />

and got us to thinking that (a museum)<br />

might be an asset to the airport and the<br />

community.”<br />

He filed for nonprofit status for the<br />

concept and the rest, as they say, is history.<br />

The airport is open to the public 10-4 on<br />

weekends.<br />

Read and several of his pilot friends still<br />

take to the air in the remarkable machines,<br />

and can be frequently seen flying in formation<br />

over the communities of Porter County.<br />

“It’s a lot of fun,” Read says.<br />

– Mark Taylor, board vice president,<br />

Porter County Municipal Airport<br />

from the runway at the Porter County<br />

Municipal Airport in the early 90s. “An<br />

Emerson plane picked me up in St. Louis and<br />

dropped me off here,” he explains. “At the<br />

time, the terminal was not a very impressive<br />

structure, but this new facility holds its own<br />

with any small airport in the country.”<br />

Executives from Emerson fly in and out of<br />

Valpo several times a month, according to<br />

Swinehart, and having a convenient airport is<br />

critical to his company’s success. “We have<br />

plants and offices in places where there are no<br />

direct commercial flights,” he says. “When<br />

you can either spend five or six hours driving<br />

to Kentucky or fly there in one hour and be<br />

back the same day, the decision is really not difficult<br />

to make.”<br />

“I don’t think most people have any idea<br />

of the scope of activity that takes place here,”<br />

airport board vice president Mark Taylor says.<br />

With 35-40,000 operations per year, the Porter<br />

County Municipal Airport is among the<br />

busiest in Indiana. It is also in the top two in<br />

the number of aircraft based there. “This is a<br />

prime example of what government can do<br />

right. The growth of this place is amazing in<br />

the last ten years.”<br />

“We’ve always tried to jump out ahead of<br />

the demand (for service),” Chael adds. “We<br />

Photo by Aran Kessler Photo Imaging<br />

have operated on the philosophy of ‘build it<br />

and they will come,’ and it has worked real<br />

well.”<br />

This thriving, growing, hustling entity<br />

serves as an integral cog in the economic<br />

machinery that helps support business and<br />

commerce in the entire Porter County area. It<br />

provides a critical link between Northwest<br />

Indiana and literally the rest of the world for<br />

local corporations such as Family Express,<br />

Focus Enterprises, Chester Inc., Urschel<br />

Laboratories, Inc., Task Force Tips, North<br />

Coast Distributing, Emerson Power<br />

Transmission and many others. The airport is<br />

also the place to go for flight instruction, charter<br />

flights, scenic excursions and connections<br />

to the two big Chicago airports.<br />

Pete Peuquet, CEO and chairman of the<br />

board of Chester Inc., can literally watch the<br />

runway from his office at company headquarters.<br />

His company has found the accessibility<br />

and convenience of the airport to be a tremendous<br />

asset. “When we’re doing jobs outside<br />

the area in places like Detroit, Louisville or<br />

Atlanta, it is extremely productive to be able to<br />

hop on a charter, fly to the site and be back and<br />

working the same day,” he says.<br />

Executives at Chester have also benefited<br />

from the amenities the airport makes available<br />

to incoming customers. “Often our clients will<br />

fly in and meet us right at the airport in their<br />

conference room. This is so convenient and<br />

means we don’t have to rent hotel conference<br />

facilities.”<br />

Stewart McMillan, President of Task Force<br />

Tips, says that his company has been taking<br />

advantage of the airport for years. “The Porter<br />

County Airport has been a huge resource to<br />

Task Force Tips,” he explains. “We can leave in<br />

the morning with a team of engineers, pickup<br />

a tool manufacturer in Piqua, Ohio, fly to<br />

Pennsylvania, have a four or five hour meeting<br />

with a critical supplier of castings, drop off the<br />

tool maker in Ohio on the way home (after<br />

(cont. on page 10)<br />

www.connecttovalpo.com 7<br />

▲<br />

Air Charter Services and Flight Schools<br />

Bring the Sky Within Reach to Local Travelers<br />

The flight that started it all – a 12-second, 120-foot-long sojourn on the windswept sands of Kitty Hawk in 1903 – set into motion<br />

a series of events that, as much as any, created and defined the 20th Century. Even though it happened nearly 103 years ago, the<br />

hypnotic allure of flight still amazes and attracts people today. For some people, flying is a hobby; for others, an integral part of<br />

their business. That’s why the Porter County Municipal Airport offers a wide range of services that cater to everyone’s needs – from<br />

the pleasure flyer, to the corporate fleet, to the traveler who simply needs to get somewhere fast.<br />

▲<br />

John Slegers (left) president of Eagle<br />

Aircraft stands in front of the recently<br />

renovated hangar and facilities with<br />

Lisa Lynch, operations manager and<br />

Dr. John Read, founder and current<br />

vice president of the organization.<br />

The 4500 square foot office and classroom<br />

structure is adjacent to the<br />

company’s bright, expansive hangar.<br />

At any given time, some 50-60 aviation<br />

students are in various stages of<br />

flight training by the staff at Eagle.<br />

▲<br />

▲<br />

Photo by Aran Kessler Photo Imaging<br />

Eagle Aircraft<br />

Founded by Dr. John Read some 30 years ago, Eagle Aircraft<br />

specializes in aviation training, but also offers a full spectrum of<br />

other flight-related services. With a mission “To promote and<br />

support a thriving general aviation industry in Porter County<br />

and throughout Northwest Indiana,” Eagle Aircraft provides:<br />

❏<br />

❏<br />

❏<br />

❏<br />

Flight instruction<br />

Aircraft rental and sales<br />

LaserGrade testing facilities<br />

Discovery Aerial Tours<br />

For more information call 219-464-0132.<br />

Midwest Air Link<br />

Midwest Air Link provides daily shuttle services<br />

to Midway and O’Hare, effectively cutting drive<br />

time by as much as two-thirds and at a cost that<br />

is less than a private limousine service. Trip time<br />

from terminal to terminal averages 25 minutes to<br />

Midway and 40 minutes to O’Hare and passengers arrive at<br />

luxurious executive terminals in both airports. “The experience<br />

is VIP all the way,” says John Slegers, president of the<br />

organization. “It is a tremendous value and makes Valpo accessible<br />

to anywhere in the world.”<br />

For information call 219-465-2104.<br />

Midwest Air Charter<br />

This company provides charter flights to anywhere in the<br />

contiguous US and Alaska aboard a Cessna Citation V<br />

which flies at 480 miles per hour at 40,000 feet. “We can<br />

take up to eight passengers to the destination of their<br />

choice,” explains Curt Morse, chief pilot and director of<br />

flight operations. From shuttle flights to and from the<br />

Chicago hubs – or any other major airport – Midwest provides<br />

a no hassle, luxurious flight experience.<br />

“We really pamper our customers,” Morse adds. “We<br />

can even have a rental car on the tarmac waiting for<br />

them.”<br />

8<br />

For information call 219-776-0516.

www.connecttovalpo.com<br />


VALPO TAKING OFF (cont. from page 7)<br />

further discussions have occurred on the plane)<br />

and have everyone home at their own dinner<br />

table and in their own beds.”<br />

McMillan also appreciates the sheer practicality<br />

of the concept. “It allows us to have<br />

more minds focus on a problem with less cost<br />

and still maintain the quality of life for our<br />

employees. With our aircraft we can deliver<br />

eight people anywhere east of the Rocky<br />

Mountains nonstop<br />

in less time<br />

“If we could<br />

just get<br />

more people<br />

to think<br />

about the<br />

value of this<br />

airport, how<br />

important it<br />

is to people<br />

coming to<br />

visit the<br />

area, the sky<br />

is the limit”<br />

than it takes to<br />

drive to O’Hare<br />

and go through<br />

security.”<br />

“If we<br />

could just get<br />

more people to<br />

think about the<br />

real value of this<br />

airport, how<br />

important it is<br />

to people coming<br />

to visit the<br />

area, the sky is<br />

the limit,” says<br />

John Slegers,<br />

president of<br />

Eagle Aircraft,<br />

which operates<br />

its aviation<br />

– John Slegers,<br />

training school,<br />

president of charter service<br />

Eagle Aircraft and Cessna<br />

dealership out<br />

of the airport<br />

facility. “To realize that you can literally fly to<br />

any place in the world from here and that anyone<br />

from anywhere can get here by air is a<br />

tremendous asset and advantage to this community.”<br />

While growth over the past decade has<br />

been extraordinary, the future looks even<br />

brighter according to Chael, even though the<br />

local aviation industry – like the rest of the<br />

country – was rocked by the events of 9/11.<br />

“We had a dip (in activity) for a short time, but<br />

ultimately grew in spite of the tragedy.”<br />

In fact, Taylor points out, general aviation<br />

has grown since that day, and the changes taking<br />

place in the entire industry bode well for<br />

operations like Porter County’s. “The wave of<br />

the future seems to be away from hubs (like<br />

O’Hare and Midway) and towards local airfields,”<br />

he says. “People are looking for ways to<br />

avoid the hassles of the major hubs.”<br />

Chael adds another factor: “A whole new<br />

generation of light jets is going to cause the system<br />

to blossom,” he says. “A reduction in capital<br />

costs and technology in the design of aircrafts<br />

are going to make private flying a lot<br />

more attainable for more companies.” Plus, he<br />

adds, technologies like GPS and other protocols<br />

make it easier and more affordable for<br />

local airports to provide the same level of control<br />

as larger airports do.<br />

This sea change in air travel also promises<br />

a bright future for those current local operators<br />

who provide air taxi flights to and from the<br />

hubs as well as throughout the country. (See<br />

Midwest Air Link and Midwest Air Charter<br />

sidebar.) “I truly believe you’re going to see<br />

great growth in these areas as people turn to<br />

their local options,” Taylor says.<br />

▲<br />

▲<br />


Moving airplanes from hangars to the<br />

tarmac requires the use of a vehicle<br />

known as a "tug." Here (left to right)<br />

Jim Bilic, line technician, Dave<br />

Bachman, director of maintenance<br />

and Kyle Kuebler get ready to set an<br />

airplane for boarding.<br />

Photo by Aran Kessler<br />

Photo Imaging<br />

But these great opportunities for small airports<br />

also provide some challenges.<br />

“Technologies involved in aviation and the<br />

needs of the user are ever-changing, and to succeed<br />

as an industry, we must grow and modify<br />

our facilities and services to meet those needs.”<br />

The Porter County Municipal Airport has<br />

received numerous awards in the last five years,<br />

has hosted several airshows and events, and<br />

Kuebler was named Indiana Aviation Person of<br />

the Year in 2003 by the Aviation Association of<br />

Indiana.<br />

“Probably the greatest compliment we can<br />

receive is when people from other communities<br />

come here to study how we run our operations,”<br />

says Chael. “This has been happening<br />

a lot lately, and it is a tribute to Kyle and the<br />

rest of our staff.”<br />

To Kuebler, awards are fine, but the passengers<br />

and users are most important. “We<br />

focus on service and convenience,” he explains.<br />

“Our philosophy is to be proactive to the needs<br />

of our customers. From the amenities they<br />

find in our terminal, to the conditions of our<br />

landing areas, our staff does whatever it takes<br />

to ensure an efficient and pleasing experience<br />

at our facility.”<br />

By combining state-of-the-art technology<br />

with unparalleled customer service, it’s easy to<br />

see why airport officials unanimously agree<br />

that the sky, indeed, is the limit.<br />

Member<br />

FDIC<br />

10 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

The Valpo Chamber’s Leadership Development/Community<br />

Engagement Committee conducted several professional leadership<br />

events designed to provide skills and techniques for engaging<br />

young professionals in the community. The Committee teamed up<br />

with United Way September 21, <strong>2006</strong> to present Map to the Minefield:<br />

Choosing Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Leader at Strongbow<br />

Inn. A moderated forum of six community leaders discussed how to<br />

choose the right mentor. They also shared personal experiences, both<br />

as mentors and individuals who were mentored earlier in their careers.<br />

The committee also hosted the first Speed Networking event at<br />

the Chocolate Café in downtown Valparaiso on October 6, <strong>2006</strong>.<br />

Inspired by the speed dating rage, Speed Networking is designed for<br />

those whose business success benefits from meeting new people, referrals<br />

and marketing. Structured and fast-paced, Speed Networking<br />

allows participants to interact with other professionals one-on-one, for<br />

a set period of time. Participants walk away with more new contacts<br />

in one evening than some make in six months.<br />

The committee was established late in 2005 in response to the<br />

desire of Chamber members – particularly young professionals – for<br />

guidance on how to become actively involved in the community and<br />

engaged as a leader. The committee, led by co-chairs Bill Trowbridge<br />

of Harris N.A. and John Seibert of Opportunity Enterprises, develops<br />

programs that instill a heightened personal commitment to community<br />

involvement and build awareness of the opportunities and challenges<br />

that exist in the Valparaiso area.<br />

"Our principal goal is to provide emerging and existing leaders<br />

with opportunities to enhance their business and community knowledge,<br />

civic network and leadership skills,” explains Trowbridge. “The<br />

Leadership Development/Community Engagement Committee will<br />

serve as a continual source of active volunteers committed to the development<br />

and advancement of Valparaiso.”<br />

In addition to Trowbridge and Seibert, the committee consists of:<br />

Andrea Proulx Buinicki (United Way of Porter County), Dan McGuire<br />

(Valparaiso Department of Parks and Recreation), Craig Menne<br />

(General Insurance Services, Inc.), Jon Schmaltz (Burke Costanza and<br />

Cuppy LLP), Antonice Thomas-LeRoy (Manpower), Kris Parker<br />

(Purdue Extension, Porter County), April Wolford (Harris N.A.),<br />

Melissa Fagen, (Fagen Pharmacy), Jamie Jaurez (Meridian Title),<br />

Anna Parker (Porter County Convention Recreation & Visitor<br />

Commission), Kevin Pressel (Chester, Inc.), and Mark Ribordy<br />

(North Coast Distributing, Inc.) In addition, Amy Page and Rex<br />

Richards of the Valpo Chamber, Deb Butterfield of Porter and Jim<br />

Jorgensen of Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP provide expert guidance<br />

and experience.<br />

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LEADERSHIP ACADEMY PARTICIPANTS (from left to right):<br />

Michael Mika, Martin Sonnenberg, Charles Hurst, Kevin Pressel,<br />

Kacie Harrington, Barry Pruett, Matt Harvey (photo cont. on page 19)<br />

“My initial role as a co-chair of this committee was to serve in a<br />

leadership position, working with the committee to set direction and a<br />

vision,” says Seibert. “Ultimately, it has been a privilege to coach and<br />

support the group of young professionals who serve on this committee.<br />

They are some of the most talented and dedicated individuals I have<br />

come in contact with. Their visions are extraordinary and their commitment<br />

to engaging their peers in the community, as leaders, is to be<br />

commended.” (cont. on page 19)<br />

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12 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

Presented by the Porter County Chamber Coalition<br />

Chesterton/Duneland, Hebron, Kouts, Portage and Valparaiso Chambers of Commerce<br />

Discover solutions to your business needs, connect with potential customers and meet the people<br />

behind Porter County’s thriving business community face to face. Over 120 exhibitors will introduce<br />

their newest and greatest products and services. Chamber Network Night is the premier<br />

business to business networking event of the year dedicated to generating high-quality leads,<br />

learning from the brightest and networking with the best.<br />

LaPorte<br />

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THE GREATER VALPARAISO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE welcomes new members who joined during June, July and Mid-August <strong>2006</strong>.<br />

Accounting Made Simple<br />

957 West St, 46385<br />

462-0588<br />

Anna Sheets<br />

Computer Networking/Products/<br />

Services/Training<br />

Art Advertising Specialties, Inc.<br />

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Melissa Czekaj<br />

Promotional/Specialty Products<br />

Century 21 Executive Group<br />

(Genovese)<br />

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Kimberly Genovese<br />

Real Estate Residential/Commercial<br />

Construction Services of<br />

Indiana<br />

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Stephen Gillespie<br />

Construction<br />

D Mofield Property Services<br />

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Amy Feikes<br />

Heating & Air Conditioning<br />

Desert Moon Fresh Mexican<br />

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Jennifer Gillespie<br />

Restaurants<br />

The Flagstick<br />

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Larry Stuber<br />

Recreation<br />

Good Hospitality Services, Inc.<br />

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Carrie Hanks<br />

Property Management &<br />

Construction<br />

Griffin Valuation Group, LTD<br />

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Barbara Wiggins<br />

Accounting/Tax Services<br />

Green Field Technologies<br />

2264 Morthland Dr, Ste 101<br />

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Dale Kroeger<br />

Computer Networking/Products/<br />

Services/Training<br />

Making Dinner Fun<br />

1809 N Calumet Ave<br />

531-2949<br />

Eric Hiller<br />

Meal Preparation<br />

Mr. Electric of Porter County<br />

PO Box 1396<br />

465-5205<br />

Charles McCrammer<br />

Electricians<br />

Northwestern Mutual Financial<br />

Network (Hurst)<br />

954 Eastport Centre Dr, Ste C<br />

548-8722<br />

Charles Hurst<br />

Financial Services<br />

Northwestern Mutual Financial<br />

Network (Reuter)<br />

954 Eastport Centre Dr, Ste C<br />

548-8722<br />

Steven Reuter<br />

Financial Services<br />

Pines Ski & Family Recreation<br />

Area<br />

674 N Meridian, 46385<br />

477-5993<br />

Jennifer Pluskis<br />

Recreation<br />

Porter County Family<br />

Counseling Center, Inc.<br />

554 South Locust<br />

464-3919<br />

Dana Hofstetter<br />

Counseling Services<br />

RCA Physical Therapy<br />

952 S State Rd 2, 46385<br />

548-0597<br />

Fatai Adisa, DPT<br />

Physical Therapy<br />

RE/MAX Affiliates (Osika)<br />

2803 Boilermaker Ct, Ste 1A<br />

548-9020<br />

Melissa Osika<br />

Real Estate/Commercial &<br />

Residential<br />

Saint Anthony Center for<br />

Diagnostic Imaging<br />

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Title Company<br />

Tweenville Glamour Salon, LLC<br />

1806 Burlington Beach Rd<br />

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Gladys Osby<br />

Salons<br />

Special Event Planning/<br />

Products/Services<br />

Valparaiso Family Health<br />

Center, PC<br />

808 E Lincolnway<br />

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Faleh Atassi MD<br />

Physicians<br />

Valparaiso Nazarene Church<br />

2702 E Glendale Blvd<br />

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Juli Radtke<br />

Churches<br />

Venue<br />

74 W Lincolnway<br />

512-5620<br />

Michelle Carter<br />

Banquet/Meeting Room Facilities<br />

Special Event Planning/<br />

Products/Services<br />

Walsh & Kelly, Inc.<br />

1700 E Main St, Griffith, 46319<br />

924-5900<br />

Jim Sellhorn<br />

Construction<br />

14 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

www.connecttovalpo.com<br />


Visit www.connecttovalpo.com for a calendar of events and a list of fall/winter recreation.<br />

Answering Service Professionals, Inc., of<br />

Valparaiso, was awarded with the exclusive<br />

<strong>2006</strong> Award of Excellence for the third consecutive<br />

year. The award is presented annually<br />

by the Association of TeleServices International<br />

(ATSI), the industry’s trade association for<br />

providers of telecommunications and call center<br />

services including telephone answering and<br />

message delivery. For more information visit<br />

www.ringading.com or call (219) 462-4007.<br />

The Chicago Theatre Guild’s Chicago<br />

Street Theatre opens its 52nd season<br />

(<strong>2006</strong>/07) with Neil Simon's Rumors,<br />

October 6 - 22, <strong>2006</strong> directed by Stephany<br />

Mullen and It's a Wonderful Life<br />

Nov. 17 - Dec. 10, <strong>2006</strong> directed by Kelly Hite<br />

and Jan Rees, dramatized by James W.<br />

Rodgers. Visit www.ctgonline.org for more<br />

information or call (219) 464-1636.<br />

On Thanksgiving morning, Thursday,<br />

November 23, Kids Alive® International<br />

will host their Third Annual Turkey Trot<br />

10K Run and “Fun Run”/Walk. The proceeds<br />

of this race go to help Kids Alive rescue<br />

10,000 children in 14 countries around the<br />

globe. The race begins at 8:30 a.m. from<br />

Valparaiso High School. Pre-registration fee is<br />

$15 per entrant if registered by Nov. 20, <strong>2006</strong>.<br />

Same day registration fee and registration after<br />

Nov. 20 is $20. For your convenience, online<br />

registration is available, please visit www.kidsalive.org.<br />

For more Turkey Trot information,<br />

contact Phyllis@kidsalive.org or call (219)<br />

464-9035.<br />

The Memorial Opera House presents<br />

Mame, November 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 at 8:00<br />

p.m. and November 5, 12, 19 at 2:00 p.m.<br />

The Winter Wonderettes take the stage<br />

December 8, 9, 15, 16 at 8:00 p.m. and<br />

December 10, 17 at 2:00 p.m. Individual tickets<br />

are $16 for Adults, $13 for Students &<br />

Seniors. Call (219) 548-9137 or visit<br />

www.memorialoperahouse.com.<br />

If you are doing business in Porter County, this<br />

is where you need to be! Chamber Network<br />

Night, hosted by the Porter County<br />

Chamber Coalition will be held at the Porter<br />

County Expo Center on Thursday, October<br />

26th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. One of the largest<br />

and most entertaining business trade shows in<br />

all of Porter County, this annual event features<br />

120 exhibitors and the opportunity to meet<br />

more than 700 potential customers and business<br />

decision makers. Open to the public.<br />

Admission is free. For more information visit<br />

www.valparaisochamber.org or call (219)<br />

462-1105.<br />

Porter-Starke Services, Inc. is offering the<br />

following Lunch & Learn monthly educational<br />

seminars: October 17th, 11:30-1:00<br />

p.m., Carol Todd of The Mental Health<br />

Association in Porter County presents Helping<br />

Families Cope with Schizophrenia at Porter-<br />

Starke's Children's Services Building, 701 Wall<br />

Street, Valparaiso, IN. November 21st, 11:30-<br />

1:00 p.m. Holidays and Stress...at Holiday Inn<br />

16 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

Express, Portage, IN. December 19th, 11:30-<br />

1:00 p.m., New Treatments for Kids presented<br />

by Dr. Linda Munson...Knox Community<br />

Center, Knox, IN. January 16th, 11:30-1:00<br />

p.m., Coping with Chronic Illness by Susan<br />

Fingerhoot at Porter-Starke's Children's<br />

Services Building, 701 Wall Street, Valparaiso,<br />

IN. The Lunch & Learn’s are monthly educational<br />

seminars open to the general public as<br />

well as clinicians and educators. Lectures feature<br />

informative and practical topics. There is<br />

no charge for the presentation. The Mental<br />

Health Association in Porter County proudly<br />

sponsors the series and offers 1.5 Continuing<br />

Education Credits for $5.00. A boxed lunch<br />

can be purchased from our Wall Street Café for<br />

$5.50 or you may bring your own. For more<br />

information or to RSVP, simply call (219) 476-<br />

4505 or email: thowe@porterstarke.org.<br />

Alice’s Halfway House, Boys & Girls<br />

Clubs of Porter County, Family<br />

Counseling of Porter County and VNA<br />

Hospice were recently presented $15,000 collectively<br />

as part of St. Theresa of Avila<br />

Church's three-year long Good Samaritan<br />

Campaign. The Good Samaritan Campaign<br />

was launched in 2004 and registered members<br />

of the church were invited to make a financial<br />

pledge to aid the Raise a Roof campaign for the<br />

new Spring Valley Homeless Shelter. The<br />

response from a small congregation of only 250<br />

registered families was so overwhelming that<br />

the Social Justice Commission at the church<br />

decided to begin a grant process to help other<br />

non-profit organizations in Porter County.<br />

Over $109,000 has been pledged over three<br />

years (2004-06). A total amount of $60,000<br />

will be awarded to Spring Valley Homeless<br />

Shelter, $20,000 each year for three years<br />

(2004-06). For more information about this<br />

program, contact Danielle & Bill Oeding, cochairpersons,<br />

219-464-9829, or Father Kevin<br />

McCarthy of St. Teresa of Avila Church, 464-<br />

4042.<br />

Valparaiso Community Festivals &<br />

Events will hold its annual Trick or Treat<br />

Fun Nite on Friday, October 27, <strong>2006</strong> from<br />

4:00 – 6:00 p.m. in downtown Valparaiso. A<br />

ghostly fun Halloween celebration includes<br />

trick-or-treating at downtown businesses,<br />

cider, and hayrides around the downtown<br />

square. Admission is FREE. For more information<br />

visit www.popcornfest.org or call<br />

(219) 464-8332.<br />

Holly Days & Live Nativity, a kick-off to<br />

the Christmas Holiday Season hosted by the<br />

Valparaiso Community Festivals &<br />

Events, will be held downtown at the<br />

Valparaiso Courthouse Square on Friday,<br />

December 1, <strong>2006</strong> from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. A<br />

family-fun event, Holly Days & Live Nativity<br />

is filled with the spirit of the season. Come and<br />

hear the girl scouts caroling, witness a Live<br />

Nativity scene, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, take a<br />

carriage ride around the downtown square, and<br />

shop at your favorite downtown stores. And,<br />

don't miss Santa Claus riding into town on a<br />

fire truck! Admission is FREE. For more information<br />

visit www.popcornfest.org or call<br />

(219) 464-8332.<br />

The Valparaiso Department of Parks &<br />

Recreation is currently accepting reservations<br />

for the <strong>2006</strong> hayride season at Rogers-<br />

Lakewood Park. The group hayride is great<br />

fun for youth groups, family gatherings, clubs,<br />

birthday parties and more. Hayrides will be<br />

held on Friday and Saturday evenings, and<br />

NEW FOR <strong>2006</strong> on Sunday afternoons,<br />

September 15 through November 12.<br />

Available hayride times will be 5:00, 6:30, and<br />

8:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings and<br />

2:00, 3:30, and 5:00 p.m. on Sundays. The<br />

reservation includes a 45-minute hayride and<br />

45-minute campfire. Hayrides take place at<br />

the Derby Downs area in Rogers-Lakewood<br />

Park. Groups are welcome to bring food and<br />

beverages. The standard fee per hayride is $65;<br />

resident discount fee is $55. For more information<br />

visit www.valparaisoparks.org or call<br />

(219) 462-5144.<br />

The Valparaiso University Chamber<br />

Concert Band, which released its fourth<br />

album earlier this summer, will again feature<br />

the works of John Phillip Sousa during its<br />

<strong>2006</strong>-2007 season. The Chamber Concert<br />

Band opens its season Nov. 4, partnering with<br />

the VU Chorale for its fall concert. The concert<br />

will be the Chamber Concert Band's first<br />

since the June release of "Spirit of the March<br />

King," featuring live recordings from the<br />

ensemble's authentic Sousa concerts. The<br />

University's 9th annual Sousa Tribute Concert<br />

takes place Feb. 17, 2007 with a program that<br />

includes a variety of ballads, marches and patriotic<br />

songs by Sousa. Joining the Chamber<br />

Concert Band for the concert will be musicians<br />

from community and high school bands. The<br />

ensemble's final concert of the year will take<br />

place April 27, 2007. The Chamber Concert<br />

Band also will be one of the featured groups at<br />

the annual Valparaiso Christmas Concert,<br />

which will be performed Dec. 1 and 2. All of<br />

the Chamber Concert Band's performances<br />

take place in the Chapel of the Resurrection on<br />

campus. Tickets for each concert are $15 for<br />

adults and $10 for senior citizens and students.<br />

For more concert and ticket information, call<br />

the VU Box Office at (219) 464-5162.<br />

www.connecttovalpo.com<br />


Establishing a legal structure for your business<br />

is a decision that is based on many factors.<br />

The choice you make will govern virtually<br />

all the aspects of your business. How you<br />

interact with investors, banks and other sources<br />

of capital; whether you acquire operating assets<br />

through purchase or lease; how the company<br />

will be managed day-to-day and in the future;<br />

how to allocate profits and losses among owners,<br />

lenders, employees and investors; and how<br />

these decisions dovetail into State and Federal<br />

regulatory legal requirements and limitations –<br />

are all critical questions that are addressed by<br />

the legal formation of your company entity.<br />

Operating as a sole proprietorship or as a<br />

single partnership does not require formal<br />

organization in writing. A person operating as a<br />

sole proprietorship need not be concerned with<br />

State or Federal regulations. All business matters<br />

of operation and management inures to the individual.<br />

Both State and Federal governments<br />

look to the individual and holding the individual<br />

responsible for compliance. The individual<br />

reports business financial affairs, i.e. profits and<br />

losses, on their individual tax returns without<br />

accountability beyond himself. Accounting can<br />

be handled by bank deposits and issuing checks,<br />

risks of business affairs by insurance and individual<br />

asset protection devices. This is the simplest<br />

form and least expensive to maintain. However,<br />

such election determines whether or not the<br />

business practices and financial records are subject<br />

to confidential and privacy protection or is<br />

disclosure permitted to third parties. Costs of<br />

administration of the business enterprise are low.<br />

The owner of a created legal entity, such as<br />

a limited partnership, a limited liability company<br />

or corporation, begins to lose his individual<br />

discretionary authority and becomes more<br />

accountable to those who do not have as much<br />

money, commitment to the business plan or to<br />

the ultimate success of the business venture as<br />

the individual owner. By being removed from<br />

the business activities, such third persons as well<br />

as government interests require more formality<br />

for the owner. It is the need to rely on others to<br />

furnish money or provide assistance that the<br />

organization needs to be more formalized but<br />

more restrictive to the owner. It is the creation<br />

of legal entities which require lengthy written<br />

contracts, such as an Operating Agreement,<br />

Articles of Organization or Incorporation, and<br />

corporate by-laws, formalized accounting and<br />

audit procedures and disclosures. Lesser committed<br />

persons now require that their rights and<br />

obligations be in writing, opportunity for review<br />

of operations by accountants and lawyers with<br />

the management structure more confining, with<br />

less discretion in the owner, and with more hindsight<br />

and criticism of business operations and<br />

decisions. Costs and administration increase to<br />

meet the needs of these outsiders.<br />

(cont. on page 20)<br />

18 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

(cont. from page 11)<br />


Social and/or cultural enrichment activities are also offered as part of<br />

Valpo Young Professionals which is in its third year and brings<br />

together future business leaders with events that are fun, educational<br />

and allow attendees to establish business relationships that could last a<br />

lifetime. Every first Thursday of the month, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.,<br />

the VYP host AFTER 5 at a local restaurant. AFTER 5, a casual networking<br />

event, is free to Chamber members and no reservations are<br />

required. Earlier this year, the VYP held the 2nd annual Wine<br />

Experience at “Blue”, An American Restaurant. In June, City<br />

Planning Director Craig Phillips presented The Puzzle of Planning<br />

Valparaiso as part of the VYP’s Cultivation Café, an annual educational<br />

seminar and luncheon. July’s event, Grand Slam Summer Outing,<br />

a picnic and Railcats’ baseball game at the U.S. Steel Yard, was a huge<br />

hit. The final <strong>2006</strong> VYP event, the 2nd annual Center Stage, a theatre<br />

and dining event, will be held at the Chicago Street Theatre on<br />

Wednesday, November 29th from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Participants will<br />

Valparaiso North<br />

3500 Calumet Ave.<br />

Valparaiso, IN 46383<br />

(219)462-0105<br />

▲<br />

LEADERSHIP ACADEMY PARTICIPANTS (cont. from page 11)<br />

Cliff Malings, Stephenie Moser, Michelle Jones, Diana McMillon,<br />

Chad Rodriguez, Lynette Jones, Scott Akins and Clay Patton<br />

sit in on a dress rehearsal of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” take a tour of the<br />

theatre and enjoy hors d'oeuvres and drinks.<br />


In addition to the Valpo Young Professionals’ events, the Leadership<br />

Development/Community Engagement committee, through a collaborative<br />

effort with the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce staff<br />

and Board of Directors, established the first Valpo Chamber<br />

Leadership Academy. The mission of the Leadership Academy is to<br />

provide a growing leadership pool of willing and able leaders and volunteers<br />

for current and future civic, charitable and governmental<br />

organizations in Valparaiso. The academy complements other leadership<br />

organizations with a focused training on the skills and knowledge<br />

necessary to be an effective leader in the community, including serving<br />

on boards, public speaking, dealing with media, managing time, problem<br />

solving, team building and understanding corporate structure.<br />

During the six four and half hour sessions, August through November,<br />

participants will be infused in the community, exploring the<br />

public/city government sector, private business sectors and non-profit<br />

organizations that currently benefit from local leaders. Local leaders<br />

will also mentor the group, sharing their personal experiences at each<br />

session. Upon completing the six sessions, students will take the<br />

insights, skills and contacts gained in the Leadership Academy and<br />

apply them to community activities and organizations.<br />

Fifteen students are participating in the inaugural Leadership<br />

Academy, including: Scott Akins (Task Force Tips), Kacie Harrington<br />

(First National Bank), Matt Harvey (Claudon & Anderson Insurance,<br />

LLC), Charles Hurst (Northwestern Mutual Financial Group),<br />

(cont. on page 23)<br />

Valparaiso South<br />

750 S. Washington<br />

Valparaiso, IN 46383<br />

(219)531-6497<br />

www.harrisbank.com<br />

Member FDIC<br />

www.connecttovalpo.com<br />


ASK AN EXPERT (cont. from page 18)<br />

Limited liability companies, limited partnerships and corporations<br />

are creatures of State legislation but impact of the State and Federal<br />

statutes and regulations upon formation of these entities and special<br />

benefits for these created entities is the tension of choices. Furthermore,<br />

these State created entities are only viable and existing if governmental<br />

requirements are met in its formation and during its existence. Ignoring<br />

or failing to meet requirements will preclude the entity from recognition<br />

as an entity and may evolve into a sole proprietorship with its limitations.<br />

Maintaining a legally created entity is more expensive and time<br />

consuming.<br />

The State has evolved a business philosophy to promote inventiveness<br />

of ideas and entrepreneurial ventures. Through legislation the State<br />

permits creation of statutory business entities, which insulates an individual’s<br />

personal wealth and future financial well-being from seizure for<br />

business debts. The State’s statutory schemes for entity formation create<br />

methods to form limited liability companies, limited partnerships<br />

and corporations to create this shield. By law these entities limit personal<br />

assets put at risk for these entrepreneurial ventures. The trade-off for<br />

this shield of protection is an increase in regulatory State requirements<br />

for the entity. These State requirements require formalized legal documents<br />

filed with the Secretary of State, as well as periodic filing of<br />

reports of business activity. The Federal government is limited in its<br />

involvement with entity formation, but influences business formation<br />

decisions through its taxing and regulatory authority. Tax returns are<br />

required for the entity and the individual owner. Financing institution<br />

and trade creditors require more formalized and detailed statements of<br />

business operations.<br />

Having chosen an entity for limitation of risk and for individual<br />

asset protection, the next major concern is how does the successful<br />

owner access profits but avoid, minimize or defer the taxman’s share.<br />

Choosing a corporation form puts at risk business profits and causes<br />

burdensome “double taxation” and complicates decisions necessary to<br />

maximize the retention of business profits. Centuries old business entity<br />

concepts have limited the flexibility of financing arrangements and<br />

the needs of owners, partners and investors. In today’s expanded international<br />

market the economic model for operating and financing small<br />

business enterprises are not limited to local economies. One must keep<br />

in mind the innovative financing arrangements for real estate development<br />

funded through individual banks and insurance companies which<br />

are not U.S. citizens, let alone residents. To meet these issues, the limited<br />

liability company was created by State legislation and recognized by<br />

State and Federal taxing agencies. The limited liability company statutory<br />

scheme takes that which is necessary and desirable from decades of<br />

business experiences from the State limited partnership, corporate statutory<br />

requirements and Federal taxation law. This entity is not a vehicle<br />

which meets all business issues anticipated at the time of its formation,<br />

(cont. on page 24)<br />

20 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

The right place to be.<br />

For more info:<br />

219-921-1444<br />

www.lbji.com<br />

Orthopedics. Podiatry. Rheumatology.<br />

For over 50 years, Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute has been<br />

dedicated to helping our patients overcome their pain. From necks<br />

to feet and everything in between, our physicians and specialists use<br />

the most innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments available.<br />

Our Specialties Include:<br />

• Orthopedic Care • Pediatric Orthopedics • Sports Medicine<br />

• Spine Surgery • Upper Extremity Care • Rheumatology<br />

(arthritis) • Podiatry (foot & ankle) • Trauma Care<br />

Orthopedic Surgery<br />

: : James A. Malayter, MD<br />

: : Michael C. Leland, MD<br />

: : Bruce J. Thoma, MD<br />

: : Paul J. Gruszka, MD<br />

: : Thomas H. Kay, MD<br />

: : Ron Clark, MD<br />

: : David J. Musgrave, MD<br />

: : Anthony C. Levenda, MD<br />

Spine Surgery<br />

: : Anton A. Thompkins, MD<br />

Upper Extremity<br />

: : George Alavanja, MD<br />

Podiatry<br />

: : Marc S. Bruell, DPM<br />

: : Rachel L. Stern, DPM<br />

Rheumatology<br />

: : Karen Kovalow-St. John, MD<br />


22 Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

(cont. from page 19)<br />

Lynette Jones (The Caring Place), Michelle Jones (McDonald/Cagen,<br />

Inc), Cliff Malings (Compass Financial Advisors), Diana McMillon<br />

(Compass Financial Advisors), Michael Micka (Harris N.A.),<br />

Stephenie Moser (Emerson Power Transmission), Clay Patton<br />

(Gordon Etzler & Assoc.), Kevin Pressel (Chester, Inc.), Barry Pruett<br />

(Burke, Costanza & Cuppy LLP), Chad Rodriguez (Computer<br />

Services Inc.) and Martin Sonnenberg (Task Force Tips).<br />

“The leadership academy is not just about training. The students<br />

who complete the academy in <strong>2006</strong> will be linked with organizations<br />

in the community and placed in a position of leadership for the year<br />

2007. Whether they decide to serve on a board or a commission, they<br />

will have the skills necessary to be successful and prosper,” says John<br />

Seibert, co-chair of the Leadership Development/Community<br />

Engagement committee.<br />

Henrik Isben, an influential Norwegian playwright, once said, “A<br />

community is like a ship; everyone ought to be<br />

prepared to take the helm,” and with the spirit and commitment<br />

put forth by the Valpo Chamber’s Leadership<br />

Development/Community Engagement committee, Valparaiso will<br />

continue sailing with great fortitude.<br />

For more information on the Valpo<br />

Chamber’s Leadership<br />

Development/ Community<br />

Engagement committee or the<br />

Valpo Young Professionals,<br />

please visit<br />

www.valparaisochamber.org<br />

or contact the Valpo Chamber<br />

(219) 462-1105.<br />

Valpopourri<br />

Did you know?<br />

Thomas Edison visited Valparaiso in<br />

1881 to demonstrate his newest invention,<br />

the incandescent lamp (seven<br />

years before the first light bulb.)<br />

Prostate Cancer<br />


























219.462.8246<br />

A joint venture between and<br />

Northwest Indiana Radiation Oncology Group

ASK AN EXPERT (cont. from page 20)<br />

but is and has become the entity of choice for most small businesses.<br />

A limited liability company is an entity whose laws and regulations<br />

permit necessary flexibility to meet present day business issues. Through<br />

contract provisions incorporated into the Operating Agreement, it is possible<br />

to define selectively who will operate and manage the company, perhaps<br />

separate from investors and employees; how the company will comply<br />

with accounting rules and regulations; how investor contribution<br />

funds are treated and return on investments rendered; who is paid, how<br />

much, and in what manner; how losses and other tax deductions and<br />

attributes are recognized; how privacy concerns and trade secrets are recognized<br />

and protected. A limited liability company has the flexibility to<br />

favor one investor over another, if having substantial economic substance.<br />

The Operating Agreement can also determine the legal status of the<br />

owner as a member or as an employee. This classification can effect<br />

whether a person is entitled to health and life insurance benefits or even<br />

if social security and other employment taxes are paid. Of course, the<br />

major positive effect is that personal assets are<br />

protected without the inflexibility of State or<br />

tax regulations of Sub “S” Corporation or the<br />

double taxation of a “C” Corporation.<br />

The choosing of entities is a function of<br />

the analysis of State and Federal regulatory and<br />

taxation law, which imposes limitations and<br />

exceptions to general rules. Choosing a proper<br />

entity is as important to a business’s success as<br />

making sound management and marketing<br />

decisions. Success doesn’t hang in the balance<br />

but the wrong decision can be costly, and, as in<br />

all matters, it pays to do it right.<br />

Select Features<br />

for Select Members<br />






•<br />


& VISA CARDS<br />

•<br />




About the author:<br />

Gordon A. Etzler is<br />

licensed to practice<br />

law in the state of<br />

Indiana in both<br />

State and Federal<br />

Courts and maintains<br />

his office at<br />

251 Indiana Avenue,<br />

Valparaiso, Indiana.<br />

If you live, work,<br />

worship, or go<br />

to school in<br />

Porter County,<br />

you are eligible<br />

to join!<br />

We’re looking<br />

forward to greeting<br />

new customers and<br />

better serving our<br />

current members at<br />

our new location.<br />

Your health…<br />

your life…<br />

Duneland Health and<br />

Wellness Institute is a<br />

medical campus featuring:<br />

• Aesthetics<br />

• Behavioral medicine<br />

• Medically based<br />

Fitness Center<br />

featuring aquatics,<br />

personal trainers<br />

and group instruction<br />

• Neuromuscular therapy<br />

• Physical and<br />

occupational therapy<br />

• Physician offices<br />

• Women’s Comprehensive<br />

Health Center<br />

• X-ray/lab services<br />

Together We Will Share!<br />

302 Silhavy Road •<br />

Valparaiso, IN<br />

219-465-5047 •<br />

www.selectcommunityfcu.org<br />

810 Michael Drive, Chesterton, IN 46304<br />

(219) 983-9832<br />


Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of<br />

life’s most joyous occasions. The Birth Day Place at<br />

Saint Anthony Memorial brings together the comfort<br />

and privacy of a hotel suite with the expert care<br />

of an acute-care hospital.<br />

Each mom has her own private suite and bathroom –<br />

a peaceful, warm and quiet place in which to welcome<br />

her newborn and visit with family and friends.<br />

The Birth Day Place features the most advanced<br />

medical technology available, with care provided<br />

by board-certified physicians and specially trained<br />

obstetric nurses. And our advanced OBIX technology<br />

allows remote surveillance of both mother and baby.<br />

For more information about The Birth Day<br />

Place at Saint Anthony Memorial, please<br />

call 219-877-1610.<br />

301 West Homer Street • Michigan City, IN 46360

The Porter County Municipal Airport has<br />

been a key ingredient to supporting and<br />

encouraging jobs in not just Valparaiso,<br />

but Porter County as a whole. The 7,000 foot<br />

runway was a significant factor in helping<br />

Bethlehem Steel in its early days with the airport<br />

being an important tool in shuttling executives to<br />

and from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on their corporate<br />

aircraft. Many of the decisions leading up to<br />

the announcement of Pratt Industries coming to<br />

Valparaiso were actually made at meetings held at<br />

the Porter County Municipal Airport. These<br />

important meetings were held at our municipal<br />

airport because Pratt flew their decision makers<br />

into Valparaiso when they were scouting the area.<br />

Today, local firms base their corporate planes here<br />

to accommodate their management teams’ need to<br />

be out and back in one day visits to both customers<br />

and their far flung operations that are<br />

located elsewhere. The Chamber feels it is important<br />

to showcase the Porter County Municipal<br />

Airport as an important core asset for our job<br />

retention and job creation efforts.<br />

Another key component in attracting people<br />

to Valparaiso is the quality of education offered<br />

here. During late August of this year, many of our<br />

educational institutions were recognized for their<br />

outstanding performance. Washington Township<br />

and Porter Township School Corporations were<br />

both designated as exemplary school districts by<br />

the Indiana Dept. of Education. Valparaiso<br />

schools were also recognized with the important<br />

award of commendable. The awards put our K –<br />

12 districts at the highest levels of achievement in<br />

the state. We are most fortunate to have highly<br />

achieving leaders and teachers working with our<br />

youth. Valparaiso University was also given<br />

national recognition in August when the US News<br />

and World Report ranked the University number<br />

2 and number 3 in the entire Midwest for 4 year<br />

degree and master’s conferring institutions. Few, if<br />

any, communities in the state have been so fortunate<br />

to achieve such honors for outstanding performance<br />

at all levels of their educational institutions.<br />

Valparaiso could easily call itself the premier<br />

education community in the state of Indiana.<br />

Good schools play a major role in attracting people<br />

to the community. Award winning schools,<br />

like ours, help distinguish our community as an<br />

excellent quality of life community.<br />

Valparaiso - good job!<br />

26<br />

Valpo Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2006</strong>

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