Blinds & Shutters - Issue 2/2022

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Our best collection yet

The Aquarius Curtains and Romans

collection is coming early 2022!

Featuring a stunning spectrum

of colour, patterns and prints,

it’s our best collection yet.

Be inspired by contemporary

designs, functional solutions and

more recycled fabrics than ever

to choose from.

This stylish range of Curtains and

Romans also features the exclusive

WILD capsule collection, only available

within the Aquarius suite.

For more information,

speak to the Arena team


0800 389 7281

by arena




than ever




also features

recycled and



Open to see the NEW

Arena WILD capsule collection

by arena




NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

The need to evolve

NEW PRODUCTS . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-82

Style Studio has new collections for 2022

Features and articles

PROFILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Luxaflex launches the new Duette Shades range

RECYCLING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Tackling the growing awareness of worldwide climate change

AWNINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Louvolite says that blinds can save energy

INTEGRATED BLINDS . . . . . . . . . . 34

An in-depth guide

ROOF BLINDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Decora are getting ready for the ‘roof blind season’

BAY WINDOWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Adding shading to the bay

FABRIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Elegant and practical shading

MARKETING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

Time for change

MOTORISATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48

Furnshing the glass facades

From the editor

Issue TWO 2022

Who knew that after coming

out of a pandemic, the world

could get any worse, but how

wrong was everybody.

The efffects of the war are

going to be be huge for industry.

Industry that was already

under price pressure, but fuel

costs now are going to be astronomical.

I truly hope that

your business survives this latest


Fair play to all those people

volunteering to look after

refugees. They have my undying

respect and it shows the people

of the UK to be a country

full of sympathy and humanity. I

hope this message is seen from

the outside world as I fear that

sometimes our leaders may distort

how UK citizens really feel.

Good luck in the coming

months, I think we might need


John Hatcher



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Luxaflex ®

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Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022 3

NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com

Award winning training

S:CRAFT supplies a broad selection of premium, made-tomeasure

shutters, and blinds for a range of design tastes

and requirements. The window coverings industry is

constantly evolving and, as a result, the company

recognises that trade partners need to evolve too, if

they’re to meet the daily challenges that this brings.

It believes that the more knowledge and

training our trade partners receive, the more

the results will speak for themselves. Their

ability to survey and install our products with

confidence will ultimately help them to sell

better, grow their businesses and improve


To help its partners be the best-in-class,

we offer comprehensive shutter and blinds

training programmes. This provides them

with the possibility to learn new skills or

strengthen existing learning, utilising a range

of educational styles, to cater for different

abilities and job roles.

It offers a range of product training,

designed from scratch by its training

manager, Mark Duwell. With over 20 years’

joinery experience, as well as having worked

with blinds and shutters since 2006, Mark

has great pride and passion for what he

does. Renowned as a shutter expert, it is

often said that what Mark doesn’t know

about shutters isn’t worth knowing!

Throughout this time, Mark has gained a

wide range of technical knowledge and

valuable skills for both surveying and fitting.

We recognised the need to impart this onto

others, and this led Mark to take the role of

Training Manager at S:CRAFT.

All the courses we offer are built to suit

individual requirements and skill levels.

Different objectives make them as efficient

as possible, minimising future mistakes for

our trade partners, improving their technical

knowledge, and consequently increasing


It has, for the last 10 years, run various

courses, depending on the delegates’ needs,

from Intro to Shutters and Blinds through to

Advanced Fitting and Refresher Courses we

have a total of 9 separate courses and can

offer, in our dedicated training suite, custom

content for particular companies’ needs and

wants. Our suite comprises a new classroom

area showcasing 13 different blind and

shutter installations with the latest touch

screen monitor with whiteboard function,

3D and 2D video along with PowerPoint

presentations. The other two rooms are

used to carry out practical sessions for either

survey or installing Blinds and Shutters with

real windows.

The courses are growing in demand. Since

re-launching the training programme in 2017,

Mark has trained over 500 delegates.

If you’re interested in becoming an

S:CRAFT trade partner or you are an

existing partner who would like to find out

more about our training programme or

book onto one of our free webinars, please

call our dedicated team today on 0333 202

5054 or email: connect@s-craft.co.uk.


Somfy has announced its integration

with Alarm.com. This enables North

American Alarm.com customers to add

the TaHoma Gateway for added security

in their home or business through

integrated remote control automation

of awnings, pergolas and interior

window shades and natural light


As an industry leader in security and

automation, Alarm.com has been

protecting millions of homes and

businesses for more than 20 years. With

Somfy’s technology, Alarm.com can offer

another layer of protection to its

customers and elevate the smart home

experience with automatic scenes and

schedules. Tahoma Gateway

communicates with devices using Radio

Technology Somfy® (RTS), Somfy’s

exclusive control platform which enables

users to adjust motorized blinds, shades,

awnings and exterior screens. The device

fits seamlessly into the Alarm.com

ecosystem for homes, apartments and

commercial spaces.

The addition of automatic scenes and

schedules to Alarm.com’s ecosystem

with TaHoma Gateway provides greater

control over privacy in the home and

commercial spaces. For example, a

“leaving home” scene can lower the

shades, switch off the lights, and enable

the alarm system, all with one button

touch. TaHoma Gateway connects to

Alarm.com products over Wi-Fi using a

cloud-to-cloud integration, and from the

Alarm.com smartphone app, users can

adjust shades to let in the right amount

of natural light and deliver the right level

of privacy.

4 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022





NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com

Team spirit in difficult year

markilux is looking back on a successful year in 2021

because the manufacturer’s products were once again in

high demand. The company recorded an increase in

turnover of around 17 million euros compared to the

previous year in spite of the challenging situation in the

market for raw materials and delays in the supply chain.

Thanks to the trust and understanding on the part of

markilux specialist dealers, however, the company

managed to handle the situation well.

"2021 was once again a challenging, but

also positive, year for markilux because we

were able to increase our turnover again:

from 122 million euros in 2020 to around

139 million euros," says a delighted Klaus

Wuchner, Director of Sales and Marketing.

There was an enormous increase in growth

in the first few months of the year. But from

the second quarter, the volume of new

orders decreased somewhat. That was when

customers were also starting to invest

money in consumer goods and holidays

again. “As a result, growth was not quite as

strong as in the previous year. Nevertheless,

we are extremely satisfied with the result,”

Mr Wuchner stresses.

Production at the awning factory was

once again very demanding last year due to

tension in the raw material markets and

delays in the supply chain. This really put the

Procurement Department in the company

to the test because, as Mr Wuchner explains,

the product mix of cassette awnings and

pergola systems was still very much in

demand in 2021. The new “pergola stretch”

in particular has turned out to be a real hit.

“It quickly won over our specialist dealers

with its installation-friendly construction. And

it even won two design prizes, one for its

technology and one for its aesthetic

appearance,” he emphasises. So, in its first

year, the sales figures exceeded all the

company’s expectations, in both the

commercial and the private sectors.

According to Michael Gerling, director of

R&D and Production, the past year put great

demands on the company's creative

potential. He explains: “Due to material

shortages, we had to improvise a lot. And

that meant that alongside artificial

intelligence, the company needed above all

human intelligence.” And it was not just

Purchasing that had its hands full, but also the

technical specialists in the awning factory,

who were faced with the added

complication of strict hygiene regulations.

But, strong team spirit and good cooperation

among the entire staff made it possible to

deal with the situation professionally, along

with the support of automated and

digitalised processes that have become

indispensable today – especially since, as Mr

Gerling explains, the marked shortage in

skilled workers is increasingly becoming a

permanent challenge for the company.


With spring is right around the corner,

homeowners are looking to start their

next home renovation projects.

Homeowners want the perfect

connected experience — and seamless

design. Automated shades are the

perfect upgrade to offer comfort,

privacy, and energy savings.

With a projected 8.6% rise in home

renovation and maintenance from

Harvard, home remodeling will likely

grow at a faster pace given the ongoing

strength of home sales, house price

appreciation, and new residential

construction activity.

Leading window treatment

manufacturer Hunter Douglas created a

smart shade that will work in any size

window and any décor. When upgrading

the home, clients place just as much

value on beauty as they do functionality.

With 20 unique customizable styles, and

fabric choice, each smart shade is

customizable to match the homeowners’

interior needs. In 2022, integrators and

homeowners can take advantage of the

customization options of the Hunter

Douglas portfolio to make this year’s

renovation season the best yet.

6 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


Less is more with

ShadeBox ®

Introducing Yewdale’s recessed

box system to conceal roller blinds



views to

connect with

the outside

Keep the



modern and



chain or


roller blind



plates for an

easy blind

install and


Fit in a

false ceiling

or plaster up

to the box for

a seamless


Call: 01268 570900 Email: enquiries@yewdale.co.uk

Visit: yewdale.co.uk Online shop: shop.yewdale.co.uk


Endless possibilities

Luxaflex launches

the new Duette

Shades range with

endless possibilities

for style and


Luxaflex says that Duette Shades create a

feeling of pure comfort in the home with

perfectly diffused light, extraordinary energyefficiency,

and the latest smart home control.

Luxurious Fabrics & Colours

Luxaflex designers have taken their inspiration

from the latest interior colour and design trends.

From subtle pastels to natural tones and inspiring

patterns, there’s a look for every home style from

period to modern homes. The new metallic designs

will add a touch of glamour to any room with

fabrics that gently sparkle as the light moves across

the window.

Designed for every window


From sliding doors to Tilt & Turn or shaped

windows, Duette Shades work perfectly with

virtually all window types, shapes, and sizes. And

you can open the shade from the top or bottom

to get the exact amount of light or privacy needed.

Energy efficient design

Duette Shades provide better control of the

temperature in the home, helping to stay warmer

through the winter by keeping more heat in, and

cooler in the summer by reducing incoming heat.

This help to make homes more energy efficient all

your round and windows more beautiful.

The latest fabric range has an even better level

of heat reduction and insulation, with some fabrics

achieving an outstanding A++ rating. Duette

Shades can also help to reduce annoying echoing

from hard materials like flooring, walls, and glass by

up to 60%.

The responsible materials we use in Duette

Shades include over 300 Cradle to Cradle

Certified fabrics and materials. This internationally

recognised standard means the products are doing

“better” and “less bad” as they are made without

exploiting nature and return the product to a new

life at the end of its purpose.

Smart Home Living

For fans of smart home living, Duette Shades

with PowerView Automation lets you control

Luxaflex window coverings using a smart device,

remote control, or the sound of your voice. From a

single window to the entire home, it’s an easy way

to control your privacy and light control. By using a

rechargeable battery Powerview Automation is

now also available for Tilt & Turn windows.

New Duette LightLock


Our new LightLock system with room darkening

fabrics absorbs or deflects nearly all the incoming

light seeping into the room. From helping the

whole family sleep well to media rooms or a home

office, Duette Shades with LightLock is the only

Duette Shades product that offers this level of

room darkening.

8 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

making dreams come true



From outdoor living to solar shading, we’ve got you covered,

whatever the weather. Proudly UK Manufactured Since 1987,

fully set up for a quick and easy installation and delivered

nationwide on our own vehicles in the shortest lead times.

0344 800 1947 t

info@cbsolarshading.co.uk e

cbsolarshading.co.uk/trade w


Comfortable living

Harol says it is

your specialist for

comfortable living

since 1946

Since 1946, Belgian-based family business

Harol has proved to be a well-respected

player when it comes to enhancing home

comfort. Its extensive range of innovative highquality

awnings, roller shutters, garage doors and

advanced solutions for outdoor living appeals to

both home owners and businesses worldwide.

With an eye for detail and outstanding

craftsmanship, all projects are finished with great

precision, down to the last millimetre.

Feeling at home. This has been the focus of the

products developed by Harol for many years now.

That feeling of being welcome in a house or

commercial property where the touch and feel is

agreeable and exactly spot-on. Our products which

help create cool or sheltered places, quiet spots in

and around a property or the right atmosphere in

a garden, are designed to achieve just that.

A good example of this is the Harol AIR, the

latest addition to our award-winning solar shading

outdoor concept, which uniquely combines

minimalistic design and ZIP technology in a solution

for outdoor living. Or the refined look of the

Versuz pergola. Or the super compact and

versatile vz080 or vz800 solar shading screens for

skylights and verandas to be used indoors or

outdoors, a perfect blend of design, comfort and

energy efficiency. Classic or modern? Elegant or

robust? Large or small? The possibilities are endless

and can be tailored to all building styles and needs.

Inspired by today’s environmental changes and

eco-friendly technologies and materials, Harol takes

great pride in developing sustainable, energyefficient

products that are good for your health and

overall wellbeing. One of Harol's most sustainable

solutions is the SC800-ZIP Solar surface-mounted

screen. A truly ingenious solar-powered screen

which provides an efficient and aesthetic solution

for glass façades. This fully integrated system

automatically activates the screen when sunlight

hits the windows. Interior spaces are protected

against the sun, excessive glare and they maintain

their coolness at exactly the right time. This

completely autonomous screen provides thermal

and acoustic insulation, while also keeping out

insects. The sophisticated mounting profile and

solar battery-system ensure that it can be installed

on existing buildings without requiring structural or

electrical adjustments. The ideal and flexible

solution for any home, office, hotel or restaurant.

10 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


The Allure collection combines Irwin’s

expertise in the field of digital printing

and exceptional designs with Coulisse’s

knowledge of textiles and their wide

offering of plain fabrics. The collection is

inspired by nature, design, fashion and





Softness of a curtain,

functionality of a blind.



On the crest of a wave

C&C Trade Shutters

says it is better

than ever

Supplying the UK wholesale shutter market

since 2002, C&C Trade Shutters have been

seriously ramping things up of late. Aside

from offering their customers all the standard

product offerings you would expect from the UK’s

premier supplier of made-to-measure shutters,

C&C offer second-to-none account support, live

order updates, a choice standard sea or express

rail shipping, and a wide range of marketing tools

to help their customer’s businesses thrive. On top

of that, their new Faux Wood PVC shutters are

made in the UK and can be ready as soon as 3-

weeks from the point of order.

But that’s not all. As of 2022, C&C’s new

industry-leading ordering portal has gone live.

What’s So Good About

C&C’s New Ordering Portal?

“The great thing about the new portal is how it

allows our clients to easily manage the majority of

their business within the portal.”

That’s a quote from Dan, the Trade Supervisor at

C&C. And he definitely isn’t wrong. The portal

affords C&C’s clients the enviable position of being

able to control almost every aspect of their

business from one handheld device. Got a

customer who is requesting a quote on the spot?

No problem. Need to amend an invoice? Simple.

Want to check the live status of an order or

shipment? Just one moment please.

But perhaps the niftiest thing about this new

piece of kit is how easily it will wow your

customers. With its sleek interface and top-of-therange

software, you will be able to draw up 3D

rendered images of the shutters you are quoting

for, making sale conversion easier than ever. With

C&C’s new portal, your shutters will pitch


If you want to see how C&C can bring your

business to the next level, visit

www.tradeshutters.com today or call 0800 044

8044 to see what all the fuss is about!

14 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

Strongly committed to UK

Since 1964 LLAZA has been pioneer in the design

and manufacture of awnings in Europe.

From the Habitat Llaza branch we aim to increase

our investment in the UK market by supporting our

partners & build strong alliances with the main manufacturing

and installer companies.

Discover one of the most complete catalogue of

products to meet the needs of the market.

Visit our website or get in touch to find out more

about the advantage programs for your company:




Success at home and abroad

The markilux brand

has established

itself in its

international core


Markilux has not only expanded its market

in German-speaking countries (Germany,

Austria and Switzerland), but has also

continuously developed its international business in

recent years. Today the company cooperates with

around 300 specialist dealers in a large number of

countries. The core markets of France, Great

Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy are,

however, particularly important for sales. The

awning specialist would like to further expand its

market presence on the basis of this solid

foundation in the future.

Peer Cornelssen (right) heads up international

sales at markilux. His goal is to make the markilux

brand known at an international level. “We have

taken a lot of steps in the right direction in recent

years. And that is one reason the brand is now well

anchored in those important core markets,” he

emphasises. In terms of expanding the international

market, the company has concentrated primarily

on the affluent suburbs of large cities where high

purchasing power is concentrated. Here, outdoor

solar protection is in demand both for modern city

apartments with large roof terraces and for

outdoor restaurants.

Sense of quality and design

in demand

According to Mr Cornelssen, an essential

prerequisite for market expansion is a reliable

network of specialist dealers which is why the

company has invested a lot of time and effort in

developing one. He explains: “For years now, we

have been pursuing a strategy of gradual expansion

because we attach great importance to finding

specialist dealers with whom we can work long

term.” He firmly believes that a common

appreciation of quality and a sense of design form

the basis for successful cooperation. And that is

how a network of around 300 specialist dealers in

around 20 countries has been built up over the

years. In order to ensure the high quality standard

of service abroad, the awning manufacturer relies

on its Academy training courses, as it does in

German-speaking countries.

Modern brand image

Specialist dealer showrooms that adhere to the

markilux “Point of Sale” concept are another

essential criterion for brand success, according to

the sales expert. The most recent projects were

realised in 2020 in Copenhagen, Pesaro, Barcelona

and New York, among other places. “Our

international partners mostly use well equipped

showrooms that allow ideal presentation of our

brand and which also underpin their own company

profile,” says Mr Cornelssen. Trade customers

appreciate the fact that a design-orientated brand

gives their product range a special, exclusive touch

that the end consumer is also able to pick up on.

The brand relaunch last year also played a

considerable role in this. The showrooms have

turned out to be the ideal platform to reflect a

standard modern image of the markilux awning

world. “Our specialist dealers were quick to accept

the new corporate image,” says a satisfied Mr


Comprehensive overall

package for specialist dealers

In his opinion, a further contribution to

international success is made by the markilux

“Customer Service” that also supports dealers

abroad when it comes to marketing matters. This

service and the exclusive product range mean

dealers are getting a comprehensive overall

package to ensure good sales figures. “Together

with select specialist dealers, we have already

launched some exciting and successful advertising

projects. And that pays off on both sides. Because

the more we can support our specialist dealers,

the stronger our brand will be perceived in our

international markets and the more specialist

dealers will benefit from this", says Mr Cornelssen.

In this way, further growth is expected through

new and updated showrooms, with outdoor

exhibitions also gaining in importance in the future.

16 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022




Tropical Blinds are a UK manufacturer offering the trade an independent choice of

custom blind collections designed for you and your customers.

Our Interior Shutters Collection are skilfully hand-made by quality craftsmen. Your

customers can select from one of our many paint or stain finishes or opt for a custom

colour to complement and enhance their home.

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at



Moving with the times

Soltech Systems

tells Blinds &

Shutters that it has

moved with the


If you have ever visited high profile buildings, such

as the new BBC headquarters in Cardiff,

Microsoft’s flagship retail store on Oxford Circus,

and the new development at 100 Liverpool Street,

you will have been shielded by blinds supplied by

Soltech Systems, a well-respected player in the

commercial sector.

Their products are being widely specified for

prestigious developments where solar gain

mitigation measures are needed to ensure

occupants are comfortable and the aesthetics of

the building are retained. It all started 35 years ago

when the business, based in Maidenhead, began

supplying commercial projects in the South East.

Fast forward three and a half decades and Soltech

Systems now supplies nationally and has recently

invested in expanding its Milton Keynes

manufacturing operations.

Building performance

Whilst building performance remains the

principal reason for choosing blinds, architects and

designers working on offices, hotels, schools and

other commercial projects are looking for specific

solutions that contribute to solar shading and

create a comfortable environment for tenants.

Most design teams are keen to utilise all available

methods to mitigate solar heat gain in the summer

months. As a result, customers are increasingly

guided to fully automated blinds because they are

more responsive to these external climate

conditions and don’t rely on manual intervention.

Studies have shown that when this energy is

appropriately harnessed and controlled through

automation it can reduce operational costs of the

building by supplementing artificial lighting and

minimising reliance on air conditioning systems.

The blinds package is by necessity one of the last

elements in the fit-out programme, which makes

choosing a reliable supply partner even more

critical. It’s one of the reasons why the company

remains committed to local manufacturing in the

UK and makes customer service and installation

excellence a core focus. Put simply, customers need

18 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


to know that the blinds will be fitted exactly

to the schedule because they have a fixed

handover date to the client, often just a few


Believe in UK


Material availability issues and outsourcing

by some manufacturers has resulted in a slip

in lead-times, and it’s one that the Milton

Keynes facility is determined not to follow.

Retaining a large manufacturing facility here

in the UK means that they have weathered

supply issues better than most. Raw

materials shortages obviously result in

delays to project completions and that is

why they are committed to robust sourcing

and manufacturing processes.

The team have been able to weather the

storm better than many and are currently

quoting the same leadtimes as prepandemic,

yet have never been busier, and

with plenty of capacity to expand.

There is a very strong feeling of optimism

in this business. Having recently undergone

an MBO and maintaining a strong

investment programme, they look well

placed. Their philosophy is that if you are

agile enough, whilst maintaining local

manufacturing, you can design around most

business challenges.

What is very evident at Soltech is that

they are proud to manufacture here in the

UK. The management team encourage their

staff to talk to others about what the UK is

capable of doing, because manufacturing is

an exciting industry. It can be a way to open

the door to lots of jobs for young people –

they have just recruited new apprentices -

help the country reduce its carbon footprint

compared to overseas operations, and work

at the cutting-edge of automated blind


The lasting impression you get from this

business is that they understand blinds are a

key component in the creating comfortable

buildings and helping commercial landlords

deliver on their sustainability commitments.

Notwithstanding that, blinds are an essential

part of the aesthetic identity of commercial

buildings, whilst providing privacy, practicality

and style.


Matic M1

- Automatically cuts on four sides

- Fast and Accurate

- Athenea Software links to

your Order System

- Utilises part rolls or pieces

- Automatic Nesting

- Minimal Waste

- Users report over 25%

material savings and increased


Matic M1-PC Cutting Tables


Matic Impulse Welders

All Matic machines are Industry 4 compatible


Matic Welders

- Automatic fold and weld

- Perfect for vertical blinds

- 3 - 8m welding widths

- Weld Zips, Pockets, Splines

and much more

- Seamless welding, no shine

- Weld fabrics with welding


- Semi or Fully Automated

- Simple to use

Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022 19


Sustainable future

UPcycling is an

important theme

for Junkers &


Junkers & Mullers is using basic fabrics made of

recycled polyester, or more precisely recycled

PET bottles, in more and more articles in its

extensive in-house collection. In one square meter

of this UPcycling material there are about 3-4

recycled 1.5 liter PET bottles. On the one hand,

this helps to curb global plastic waste pollution.

And on top of that, recycling extends the utilization

cycle of the raw materials - a contribution to

reducing the ecological footprint.

Following a range of roller blind qualities, the

pleated range is now also being supplemented by

further UPcycling articles. "SONATA UPcycling" is

the name of the new semi-transparent plain fabric.

It is characterized by a pleasant textile feel. The

color palette includes elegant neutral tones in

cream white, silver gray or sand as well as powdery

fresh nuances in the lemon aqua range.

In addition, two new print designs are presented:

"LOVELY UPcycling" and "BOTANIC UPcycling".

With playful brush effects the one and with

delicate graphic lines the other, these floral designs

come in soft lightness. Both prints and the plain

fabric "SONATA UPcycling" are also available as

roller blind qualities.

In view of the growing awareness of a

worldwide climate change, the demand for

environmentally friendly, resource-saving products

will increase. Junkers & M llers is well prepared for

this with this wide range of UPcycling products.

The proportion of recycled material in the JM

UPcycling products has been certified by the

independent internationally active institute SCS

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Awning fabrics

More contemporary

New range of stripes

A pallet of harmoniously

toned colours

Material effects through


More natural aspects

Changing plains

the art of weaving by Dickson ®

SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole - Photos : Landry Laurie - Glen Raven TM is a trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. - Dickson Constant is a Glen Raven company

LUXAFLEX - 0161 442 9500


Five colours made

Awnings from

markilux are

available in five

special colours in


Awning expert markilux has come up with

a special campaign for this year. To

celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary,

the manufacturer is making its awnings available in

five new frame colours at no extra charge.

Since 1972, markilux has been making topquality

awnings that bear the label “Made in

Germany”. This year the company is celebrating its

50th anniversary. To celebrate the dedication and

innovative spirit, creative ideas and technical

know-how that have helped make the company

what it is today, the awning expert has five new

frame colours on offer. In 2022 – the anniversary

year – they are available for all the manufacturer’s

awnings apart from the markilux 1300. The

colours that boast a special coating finish are the

company’s new “High Five”.

Colours underline modern


“50 years of success are reason enough to offer

our customers something special as a bonus,” says

Christiane Berning, head of the marketing and

business development department. This is why the

five colours are going to be available as a special

anniversary offer without a surcharge for the

entire year. Dazzling names such as Concept Black,

Space Blue metallic, Fine Green, New Champagne

metallic and Real Silver metallic embody the highquality

style of the markilux product range and

emphasise the modern awning design.

From gentle to expressive

“The colours we have chosen are trendy but

also timeless. They are finely nuanced shades that

showcase different furnishing styles – from quiet

to expressive,” designer Annette Busch says of the

character of the colours. A light reed green, silver

and champagne meet calming cobalt blue and

stylish black. This means the frame colours are just

as suited to modern living environments as they

are to classic ones. “Ultimately we were inspired

by garden furniture, outdoor textiles, wall and

floor tiles as well as façade panels in all kinds of

different material,” says Ms Busch. According to the

designer, the new “High Five” are elegant, classic

and harmonious. But they also have a homely

touch and add extra sparkle to the awning.

Achieving something great


At the same time, the anniversary name also

has a deeper significance. “People exchange a ‘high

five’ when they have achieved something great

together. And that is what we, as an awning

specialist, have believed in for 50 years already. It is

thus also a thank you to everyone involved in the

company and of course to our customers, too,”

says a delighted Christiane Berning. There is a

separate brochure and a small colour swatch

available for specialist dealers detailing the five

new frame colours being presented in 2022.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has two colourcoordinated

cover recommendations from its

“visutex collection” for each of the five colours, in

the qualities “sunsilk” and “sunvas”. Annette Busch

points out that the colour swatch gives dealers

the chance to see the recommended cover

patterns. The five special colours are a further

opportunity for customers to turn their awning

into a chic accessory.

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More attractive seating outside

markilux furnished

a holiday centre in

the "Wilder Kaiser”

mountain range in

Austria with an

awning system

In the Austrian village of Kirchdorf in Tyrol, at the

foot of The Wild Kaiser massif, the

“Oberhabach” hotel and farm is the perfect

place for a holiday. To offer guests the greatest

comfort on the large outdoor terrace, the family

who owns the property decided to have a new

awning system installed.

“They wanted a new shading system to replace

the parasols used up till now to create more

space for seating and provide protection against

the rain. We suggested the Seiwald family use our

new 'pergola stretch' model,” explains Jan

Kattenbeck, sales manager of the markilux back

office team and also of the “team : project”

department. Because of its special drive

technology, the system is particularly suitable for

large outdoor areas in the hospitality sector.

Size and look to match

And that’s how the terrace of the Oberhabach

holiday farm and hotel came to boast a 107

square metre, 3-field unit with integrated LED

lighting. “We fixed the system securely to the

façade using the load-bearing wooden beams of

the external balcony. It now provides solar

protection for a good 50 seats,” Mr Kattenbeck

explains. When the family was choosing the

awning model, it was not only the size but also the

appearance that played a decisive role. This was

important because they wanted the modern

character of the pergola system to harmonise

with the traditional Tyrolean construction of the

hotel and also fit in with the local rural scenery.

For this reason, markilux suggested a brown frame

to match the natural wooden elements of the

building and a light-coloured waterproof awning

cover that would provide protection against the

rain. “The awning fits in perfectly and the customer

is more than satisfied,” says a happy Jan

Kattenbeck. In addition to the special product

range for properties of this type, Mr Kattenbeck

sees the in-depth consulting services provided by

“team : project” as being one of the special

qualities of markilux.

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Creating the ideal space

Caribbean Blinds

tells us how to

create the ideal


living space come

rain or shine

Many of us view our home and garden as

two separate entities, with a firm

boundary in between. However, linking

these two spaces to create the perfect

indoor/outdoor living zone can make both areas

look and feel bigger – regardless of the size of

your property.

With the unpredictable British weather, it’s

important to consider practical solutions that will

provide adequate shade and shelter throughout

the seasons, from heatwaves in the summer to

torrential rain, wind and snow in the winter.

Add a canopy or awning

Thought to be more versatile than gazebos and

parasols, the addition of a canopy or awning is one

of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways

to transform any outdoor space. Both practical

and stylish, either of these easy-to-use external

shading products will act as an extension of the

roof of your property, offering instant shade and

shelter from the sun and rain showers, whilst also

withstanding wind speeds of up to 30mph (in

some cases). If a manually operated system

doesn’t appeal to you, opt for an electric

motorised awning that you can extend and retract

at just the touch of a button.

Install a pergola

Modern pergolas with either sliding/retracting

fabric or rotating aluminium louvered roofs (and

sides) offer a more pragmatic and long-term

solution to awnings and canopies. Whether it’s in

the form of a freestanding structure within your

garden or adjacent to the house as a direct

extension of the property, a pergola is a simple

yet effective way to give the impression of an

outdoor ‘room’ and provides complete flexibility

to the user.

If you already have a veranda or pergola that

needs a bit of a re-vamp, why not consider highperformance

external blinds that can be mounted

to the top and sides to effectively shield from the

elements and create a cosy and pleasant

environment all year round?

Consider what your outdoor

space will be used for

To help you decide which type of external

shading will work best for you and your outdoor

28 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


space, you need to consider a number of

factors such as any obstructions (trees,

fences and guttering), the position of the

sun when it sets/rises and finally, what your

patio or garden will primarily be used for.

A canopy or awning with a lower

projection will be sufficient enough to

cover a small outdoor dining table, however,

if you’re part of a big family that likes to

entertain al-fresco on a regular basis, a

larger projection is highly recommended!

Most pergolas come in standard sizes;

however, some companies offer a

customised design service and will be able

to meet any specific requirements you may

have by working to a bespoke brief.

Customisation is key

To help create a comfortable

indoor/outdoor living space that can be

used all year round, invest in additional

personalisations such as ambient white LED

lighting that can be dimmed to set the

scene for a romantic meal or turned up for

a family gathering; infra-red heating that can

be zone controlled; coated premium fabrics

that generate a ‘self-clean’ effect and even

weather sensors that can automatically

retract a motorised awning if strong wind

speeds are detected.

Whilst higher quality and more premium

outdoor structures will already be designed

to withstand heavy rain, gale force winds

and even snow, opting for sliding glass,

windproof zip screens or separate entrance

doors will not only ensure complete control

of the elements, but provide the ultimate

luxury all-weather outdoor living space, 365

days a year.

Utilise all technology

Finally, the latest technology means you

can manage every element of your outdoor

shading system digitally, from either a single

remote or via an app on your phone. As

long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you

can open and close the electric roof on

your pergola in real-time (or set a timer to

do it automatically), turn the lighting/heating

on and off and even view the exact position

of your pergola or awning – from anywhere

in the world!





For 30 years, we have made sure

that you feel comfortable at home,

have the best lighting conditions

and can take care of the

things you really like.






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Quality counts

Awnings from

markilux rely on


materials with a

long service life

Every product has a specific task. If it does its

job well, customers are satisfied. They are

over the moon if the product works

perfectly for many years and also remains

attractive. This is precisely the demand that

markilux places on the quality and design of its

solar protection products.

markilux has been making awnings for very

nearly 50 years now. During this time, the

company has succeeded in turning its solar

protection systems into a lifestyle product. The

appreciation of good design and technology with

added value for the end consumer was the driving

force behind this.

“We want each of our products to establish

itself successfully in the market and convince

customers of its merits. To achieve this, we rely on

good quality materials, top-grade workmanship

with a long service life and appealing, timeless

design,” explains Michael Gerling, Director of R&D

and Production. He firmly believes that quality,

which runs through all processes and is to be

found in all components, is the foundation of

production. And this is based on a strict quality

management system in compliance with EN ISO

9001. The awning specialist develops and

manufactures its solar protection systems entirely

at its site in Êmsdetten, northern Germany, where

the company has its headquarters, because the

claim “Made in Germany” is inseparably linked to

the high quality standards of the product range.

Mr Gerling stresses: “We make awnings for end

users who are looking for something extra special.

For them it is important that an awning fits in with

the whole appearance of the building and is a

reflection of the customer’s own style. Customers

who want to buy something of exceptional

quality.” Exceptional meaning that you get a

product that works well for as long as possible

and still looks good after many years. Particularly

in the modern world, this quality is becoming a

decisive purchasing criterion with regard to the

sensible and long-term use of resources. The

company has been following this strategy since it

started operating. In addition, there is a strong

spirit of innovation with the aim of developing

technical features that provide the products with a

high level of both comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, every awning can be customised to

suit the requirements of each individual customer.

Michael Gerling says this is why they seem to fit

like a made-to-measure suit and can be

personalised. “At markilux, top quality meets

creative diversity and technical perfection. That is

what distinguishes our products from others and

epitomises the core values of the brand,” he says

confidently. These attributes are deeply rooted in

the company and will also determine its future


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Eve MotionBlinds motors, developed by

Coulisse in collaboration with smart home

specialist Eve Systems, work with Apple

HomeKit technology directly from an

iPhone, without the need for a bridge or

any cloud dependency.





Awnings in AI

The Augmented

Reality App from

markilux is now

even more userfriendly

Markilux has brought its app up to date.

On the one hand, this provides even

better sales support for the awning

specialist’s partners. On the other, it makes it very

easy for an end consumer to select an awning for

their own home in advance, as this tool allows

awning models not only to be configured as

desired, but also simulated on a real or virtual

house wall.

The Augmented Reality App from awning

manufacturer markilux has reached a new level in

terms of easy handling. The user interface has been

very clearly modelled in line with the modern

brand identity. The aim is to come up with what the

customer is looking for quickly and easily.

Simple navigation

The app starts with a scrolling overview of all

the models. Using the four menu items, “Awnings,

Covers, Find a Specialist Dealer and My Account”,

users can configure products, select covers,

enquire about prices, find dealers close to their

homes and save their configurations in their own

account. Furthermore, icons can be used to mark

awning models and cover patterns as favourites.

Outdoor mode provides real

house setting

Once the end consumer has chosen an

awning on the homepage, they can either start

selecting further options, such as remote

control, lighting, infrared heaters and a so-called

“shadeplus” or drop valance, or they start off

configuring the model using the Outdoor or

Indoor mode. In Outdoor mode, the model

selected can be displayed on a pre-specified

house wall in a virtual live setting. Alternatively, it

is also possible to digitally define an invisible wall

for this purpose. “In both types of simulation, the

position of the awning can be individually

specified, as can the width, the cover pattern and

the frame colour,” explains Christiane Berning,

head of the marketing and business

development department. And here, too, there

are additional options to choose from for the

product. Then the user can view it from different

perspectives. It’s even possible to look

underneath the awning.

Saving views and


Large icons in this view make it possible to

retract and extend the main awning and, if

selected, the “shadeplus” blind as well. You can

save a photo of the configuration or store it in a

folder. All the selected parameters can be seen

in an overview. The configuration itself can be

saved with an identification number under the

menu item “My Account” and can also be loaded

into the product configurator on the

manufacturer’s website. A price enquiry can be

sent to specialist dealers using the “Overview”

menu item.

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Indoor mode shows a

virtual model of a house

The Indoor mode was developed for

users who do not want to or cannot view

the awning either on a real façade or on a

virtual wall. In this mode, the app shows a

three dimensional view of a house with

built-in awning simulation on a flat surface

chosen by you, such as a table, for

example. In this view, you can look at the

product from all sides, zoom in on the

product and rotate the model of the

house. All configuration options are also

available in this mode. And here too, there

is a link to the desktop configurator. You

can also include a selection you have

already saved. “In these two viewing

modes, we offer end consumers a very

lifelike simulation of the awnings they have

configured,” says Christiane. The new

easy-to-use app version encourages

people more than ever before to

experiment with the awning models and,

in this way, find the right product,

something which also supports specialist

partners in their sales pitches. Initially, the

app will only be available for Apple

devices. A new Android version will follow

at a later date and will replace the current


Choose Broadview as your

Trade Awning Partner

• Shading solutions for residential

and commercial projects

• Knowledgeable and highly

experienced team

• Point of Sale materials available

• Full dealer support

Call us for an informal discussion

01202 679012



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An integrated guide

Uni-Blinds provides

an in-depth guide

to integrated blinds

for windows and


If you are considering the shading and privacy

options for your windows and doors, integrated

blinds could be the perfect solution. But how

much do you know about this relatively new type

of blinds and where do you start when it comes to

choosing and buying them?

This article explains the basics of integrated

blinds, the different types available, the options for

operating mechanisms and the benefits versus

standard blinds, shutters and curtains.

Firstly, what are integrated blinds or screen line


Integrated blinds – also referred to as integral

blinds, ‘blinds in glass’ or ‘between glass blinds’ – are

blinds that are fitted inside the cavity of the double

or triple glazed unit of a window or door.

They were developed in the early 1990s by

Italian company Pellini, who continue to be

regarded as the global leader in integral blinds

through their range of ScreenLine systems. There

are, of course, numerous other types of integrated

blinds available nowadays, but they do vary

significantly in quality.

ScreenLine systems represent premium

European-engineered quality which is important

when you want your blinds to stand the test of

time. This is why every Uni-Blinds integrated blind

unit is built using ScreenLine – lasting quality you

can depend on.

Integrated blinds are designed to be permanently

encapsulated within the sealed glass unit which

means it will never require any cleaning or

maintenance of the internal components. On the

external face of the glass and window or door

frame all you will see is the operating mechanism,

which will vary according to the type of blinds you


What types of blinds can you

have with integrated blinds?

With the Uni-Blinds range you can choose from

Venetian or pleated integrated blinds, all of which

incorporate ScreenLine® blind systems from Pellini.

The Venetian option is available to fit standard

sized double and triple glazing as well as slimmer

sealed units with a cavity of 16mm. This is the size

of glass unit that many older windows and doors

are fitted with, which makes it an ideal solution if

you are looking to upgrade what you currently


Integrated pleated blinds are also available in a

blackout version. This is ideal for rooms where you

want total darkness on demand, thanks to a design

which eliminates light ‘bleed’ around the edges of

the window and along the vertical cords.

How do you operate

integrated blinds?

Uni-Blinds integral blinds use the advanced

screen line (ScreenLine) systems to offer five

different operating systems. The one you choose

will depend on your requirements – do you, for

example, want to integrate the blinds in your smart

home system, or do you prefer the simplicity of a

manual blind?

The five options are:

1. Corded integrated blind (C System)

With the corded system, an elegantly designed

cord and winder is mounted on the external face

of the glass, and it works just like a traditional

Venetian, pleated or roller blind. Pull one of the

cords and the blind raises up, pull the other cord

and it can be lowered. A slight pull on the cord

allows the slats on the Venetian integral blind to be


2. Cordless slider integral blind (SV System)

This is a manually operated sliding Venetian blind

featuring a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider

34 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

continues on page 36

new collection - launching may

The new collection highlights the distinct beauty of

Bamboo, Basswood and Abachi wood grain.

New Roller and

Vertical Collection 2022




Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


to control the whole operation. This is

positioned on a narrow slide guide on the

edge of the sealed unit along which the

cordless slider is moved to enable the blind

to be raised, lowered and tilted with ease –

all completely cord free.

3. Integral blind with a magnetic slider (S


For pleated integrated blinds, this system

allows for the blind to be moved by a

magnetic device positioned centrally on the

outer surface of the internal pane of glass,

sliding across the glass surface. The

movement works by the external magnet

interfacing with a similar internal magnet

located in the movable headrail to absorb

possible glass deflections.

4. Solar powered integrated blind (W


This solar powered between glass blind

combines technology with simplicity. It is a

battery operated, motorised integral blind for

a Venetian integral blind that is raised, tilted

or lowered using a small control device

attached to the window or by remote

control. It’s eco-friendly too, using standard,

long-life rechargeable batteries which are

charged by energy from the sun through a

cleverly designed externally mounted solar


5. Motorised integral blind (MB System)

With motorised integral blinds, a quiet

brushless motor raises, lowers and tilts the

integral Venetian blinds at the push of a wallmounted

button or using a remote control. It

is perfect for smart homes as it integrates

with all the main home automation systems

including Loxone, allowing for simultaneous

and synchronised operation of up to 12


How are integrated

blinds fitted?

Any competent window and door installer

will be able to fit integrated blind units with

relative ease. With retrofitting, the beading

that holds the sealed units in place is

detached which allows the sealed units to be


New double glazed units – or triple glazed

– complete with the integral blinds inside the

glass are then placed in the frame for the

beading to be re-fitted. The operating

mechanism is then fitted to the inside-facing

glass and frame of the window as necessary.

The motorised integral blind system (MB

System) will require a little more work by the

installer, but this is made as simple as possible

thanks to a control unit supplied with the

blind. This is relatively easy to connect to the

property’s mains electricity supply.

For integration into a home automation

system, simply refer to the operating

instructions to set-up the blinds alongside

other devices.

Do integrated blinds need

to be cleaned or


One of the best things about integrated

blinds is that once they are sealed within a

double or triple glazed unit, there is no way

they can gather dust, become marked or

attract dirt. This means that the blinds stay in

pristine condition for years.

All five of the operating

devices/mechanisms are designed for a long,

hassle-free service life, manufactured from

durable materials and components which

means they are built to last. In the unlikely

event of any maintenance being required, the

externally mounted elements such as cord

winders and sliders can be replaced without

impacting on the blinds inside the glass.

Slider controls, remote control units and

other operating devices that we need to

touch to operate the blinds will simply need

an occasional wipe over as part of your

general cleaning routine.

So, the upshot is that integrated blinds

need pretty much zero cleaning or


Where can integrated

blinds be used?

Integral blinds are suitable for doors and

windows throughout the home, from

standard casement windows and bi-fold

doors to vertically sliding sashes and

composite doors.

They are renowned for being particularly

well suited to bi-fold doors and French

doors. This is because the integrated blinds

are self-contained within each door leaf

which means they move with it – nothing to

get in the way of the concertina style

opening and closing of bi-folds.

What size windows are

suitable for integrated


Unless you have particularly large or small

glazing, or windows that are exceptionally

narrow, you should be able to fit Uni-Blinds

integral blinds in any window or door. Most

straightforward windows and doors will

allow for the integral blinds to be installed

with ease, but a Uni-Blinds installer will be

able to confirm the suitability of your


What colours and finishes

can I have?

Like standard blinds, shutters, curtains and

window dressings, between glass blinds are

available in an excellent range of colours.

Uni-Blinds Venetian integrated blinds come in

10 colours including an exclusive anthracite

grey for a stunning contemporary look.

With pleated integral blinds, the options

are slightly wider – 12 colours are available in

the Uni-Blinds range of vanity pleated blinds

from neutral tones though to bolder blues,

red and yellow.

For pleated blackout integral blinds, there

is a choice of eight colours on the interior

face. Whilst you can certainly have a black

pleated blackout, you don’t have to – this

innovative integrated blind is also available in

various shades right down to white.

How much do integral

blinds cost?

Every integrated blind installation is made

to order so just like when ordering any

bespoke blinds, the cost will depend on:

• the size of the window

• the type of operating mechanism

• the type of blind (Venetian, pleated or

pleated blackout)

• the colour or finish

• the window or door frames that the

blinds are being fitted into

This makes it difficult to get an estimate

without knowing more about the proposed

location for installation. However, remember

that once installed, double glazing with

integral blinds will not require any upgrades

for many years – so your upfront investment

will payback extremely well over time.


36 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022



/hav-ren/ Welsh


A legendary Welsh Princess who was

drowned in the River Severn by her stepmother.

Hafren is the Welsh name for the River Severn.




A modular electrically-operated retractable canopy.

Utilises highest quality Makefast sliding roof


Canopy retracts to the rear at the press of a button.

Marine-grade 316 stainless steel roof frames.


Module width up to 4m

Module projection up to 6m

All modules can be linked

Marine-quality waterproof fabrics

Proudly designed and manufactured in Wales


01686 629010



The infinite view

Roof windows are

great, but need

covering and

Decora can help


Contemporary, functional, and perfectly

discrete are words that describe a roof

window. Their structural form aids the

projection of light and space into a room. The play

of light through roof windows can be enhanced by

adding white roof windows, the natural rays of sun

reflect off the white profile to further liberate the

illusion of an open space.

The increase in demand for Skye white frames

has been notable over the past two years

following the substantial rise in home

improvements. To complement this demand

Decora’s Skye roof blind offering has been

increased to be compatible with Keylite Polar roof

windows. These new window sizes will be

available from the end of March, perfectly timed

for the “roof blind season”; when the days

become longer and need for enhanced roof

window light control becomes important.

Further extending the Skye roof brand is the

availability of blinds suitable for Keylite Timber roof

windows. Both new Skye roof blind options can

be ordered from a selection of 8 ready-made

fabrics or select one of the extensive new Fabric

Box roller fabrics for the perfect roof blind. Skye

roof blind kits are also available for both Keylite

Polar and Timber increasing our compatibility to

the following roof blinds Brands, Velux, New

Generation Velux, Keylite, Keylite Polar, Keylite

Timber, Dakstra, Rooflite and Fakro.

Skye roof blinds have been designed for easy

and efficient installation, making them the

optimum solution for contemporary living. The

systems minimal aesthetics are offered in a choice

of white or silver frames allowing Skye blinds to

become a subtle, yet purposeful window covering.

38 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

Quite Possibly the Largest Battery

Powered Roller Blind ever produced!

QMotion now available with a width of up to 3.8m and a drop of up to 4.5m!!!

QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems specialise in providing wire free

window covering solutions for the home. Whereas traditional motorised window

coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240V power wiring for the blind

motor, the QMotion UK solution requires no wiring at all. Now for the first time

the user has the ability to install a fully functional quiet motorised roller system

that provides a wire free system operated via remote control or by their smart

phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their

shades individually, by room, by elevation, by floor and all at the same time.

Contact us today for the best automated blinds on the market.



+44(0)1908 047 980





Baying for windows

Bay Windows have

been around since

the 5th century,

but how to you

shade them?

Blinds & Shutters

found out

Evidently bay windows were first seen in the

middle ages (Google advises this was

between 5th-15th Century) as Sash Bay


In the Gothic period (Google again – 12th - 15th

Century) they became particularly popular and

were known as Oriel windows.

Latterly in the 17th Century, such windows

appeared on houses that were quite grand where

the design was used to covey importance and

impress guests.

So which ever way you look at it, these still

popular window styles – be them 3 pane and

square or 5 pane and angled, or in fact anywhere in

between - are not going away.

Such glazing systems have created a number of

challenges for our industry over the decades, one

of which is how to minimise the number of

chains/cords associated with the operation of

multiple blinds. The few options for this situation

have been made clearer subsequent to the Child

Safety standards which dictate either breakaways

connectors to be used or all operating cords/chains

to be secured with a cord tidy at the appropriate


Louvolite brought motorisation within the reach

of most people with its One Touch programme in

2015. That said, at that time it had no option within

its 1200 range to satisfy installations to the narrow

side windows found in many bay window

installations. Now however, Louvolite is happy to

advise that this is now available. The introduction of

the Louvolite 1200 Short motor will allow our

industry to satisfy these installations without the

need to be concerned about cords or chains.

The way the short motor is achieved is by

housing the battery pack – which in a standard

1200 motor is typically in tandem with the electric

motor within the tube - outside the tube in a

special housing. This is fixed out of sight to either

the cassette carrying the blind or behind or to the

side of it. A neat cable takes the battery power to

the motor and the battery is charged in the normal


Based on the information from Google, bay

sided window systems have taken a long time to

develop – we are pleased that Louvolite’ s progress

has been somewhat more rapid.

40 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

Venetian & Vertical ALL SHAPES


• Bespoke manufacturer of shaped

vertical and shaped venetian

window blinds

• Manufacturing handmade

blinds Since 1986

• Only using the highest quality


• International sales

Blindshapers Ltd

Festival Works, Spragg Street,

Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1QR.

T: 01260 297976

F: 01260 297515



Blindshapers Ltd are trade suppliers only and direct all non

trade enquiries to our nearest trade partners.

• From individual blinds to

large projects


All in the box

The new Fabric Box

collection is

elegant and


The new Fabric Box Softcell and Pleated

collection encapsulates contemporary

elegance and practicality with an extended

Collection of cellular and pleated fabrics. The new

offering presents 146 sophisticated options that

will enable any consumer to introduce a

harmonious geometrical form to their window

dressing with precisely woven fabric.

The Softcell Collection presentation binder is

displayed in two sections, separating pleated and

cellular. The cellular selection now encompasses 58

fabrics with 5 new fabric ranges being added;

Tribeca dimout and blockout fabrics presents a

subtle and contemporary print design that

compliments the carefully constructed cells. This

style of design replicating 3D texture has been a

proven be a top seller within the Fabric Box roller

and vertical fabrics. The addition of a waterproof

coating allows Tribeca to be the optimum fabric for

areas where there are higher levels of moisture

such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Soho not only boasts blockout benefits but is

coupled with fire retardant properties, meeting BS

5867- 2: 2008 Type B standards, providing a perfect

choice for domestic and commercial applications.

Developed specifically for the Softcell collection,

Bowery, a stunning double sided crushed cellular

fabric has been created using a precise yet delicate

manufacturing process that facilitates the beautiful

tactile finish which is amplified when in a window


The final new offering to the cellular Collection,

Artizan, a gentle white voile cell which provides

optimum light and privacy when used with a

blockout fabric in a day and night blind. The sun’s

rays can be filtered softy by day through the voile

whilst offer the benefits of blockout properties

when utilised along with one of the blockout


Each delicately constructed 25mm cell provides

an additional insulation layer to the home as a layer

of air is trapped within the cellular construction of

the fabrics that provides extensive energy efficiency

properties in the cooler months, whilst reducing

heat gain throughout the Summer.

New to the Softcell Collection is a range of 88

pleated fabrics presented by colour. The elegant

20mm pleat presents a clean and consistent

aesthetic whilst injects a new dimension of style

and texture.

Encompassing an array of plains, textured and

blockout fabrics, the new pleated collection has a

colour suited to any interior. The option of

pearlised coating on several ranges enables the

outward facing side of the fabric to optimally

reflect the light and keep out the heat while adding

an elegant sheen to the reverse of your blind,

perfect for areas which are subject to multiple

hours of sunlight.

Pleated blinds remain a popular choice for

consumers. Softcell’s broad ranging selection of

dimout, woven textures, crushed and blockout

fabrics are available and can be offered across the

numerous system offerings; choose from tensioned

or free hanging, both of which can be ordered as

top down or top down bottom up.

Paired with a Perfect Fit® frame, Softcell fabrics

provide further insulating properties, as the

patented frame adds an extra barrier from heat

loss, as heat cannot escape or enter through the

sides of the blind.

This impressive collection of cellular and pleated

fabrics are perfect for any style and taste. The

fabrics have an ability to create a sense of zen in

today’s modern interior styling creating comfort

and bringing balance to the home.

Our newly designed double sided countertop

display stands promote how the cellular fabric

integrates seamlessly with the perfect fit frame

while showcasing a dimout and blockout fabric.

42 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

Sun protection

Sun protection

Sun protection

Sun protection

Outdoor living

Roller shutters

Discover our

full promotion

on tailor-made

solutions at


Roller shutters

Outdoor living



Streamlining the brand

Legrand has

introduced a new

name for its

shading system

Legrand's Building Control Systems (BCS)

division today unveiled a new name for its

QMotion brand of shading solutions:

Legrand Shading Systems. The new brand will

streamline Legrand's product offering by bringing

the company's commercial and residential shading

solutions together under one roof, providing

dealers with a one-stop shop and greater access

to new products. The first of these is the Legrand

Shading Systems Designer Series of decorative

brackets and hembar endcaps, available in a wide

range of finishes to match any space's unique style.

"QMotion has a rich history in the residential

shading industry. Over the years, we've taken great

pride in our commitment to product innovation

and superior service — and that's not changing

with our new name," said Amy Hahne, Vice

President & General Manager, Shading &

Residential Controls at Legrand, North America.

"Everything our dealers love about QMotion will

remain under the Legrand Shading Systems brand,

but now we have the full strength of Legrand's

resources behind us. For our dealers, the result is

convenient access to exciting new products across

our organization."

The first new products to be released under

the Legrand Shading Systems brand are Designer

Series decorative brackets and hembar endcaps.

Designed to fit 2.6-inch and 3.3-inch universal and

open-roll adjustable brackets, the decorative

brackets slide on easily to completely conceal

mounting brackets from the outside without

interfering with the mounting surface. Designer

Series hembar endcaps offer a redesigned,

modern shape to complete the look, and provide

a consistent finish.

To perfectly match the aesthetics of any space

down to the last detail, Designer Series decorative

brackets and hembar endcaps are available in 15

new finish styles across three collections: Premium,

Glass, and adorne. Premium finishes offer clean lines

and are color-matched to Legrand's wiring devices,

while adorne finishes perfectly complement

switches and outlets from Legrand's adorne

Collection. Glass finishes are inspired by the Vantage

EasyTouch Glass keypad and offer a reflective,

mirror-like surface. Dealers can easily showcase all

15 finishes to their customers with the convenient

new Decorative Endcap Demo case.

"When it comes to shading, details make all the

difference," said Charlie Derk, Director of Product

Marketing, Shading and Residential Controls,

Legrand North America. "With decorative

brackets and hembars in a variety of finishes, our

new Designer Series will elevate the style of any

window brilliantly. To provide a truly cohesive look,

the finishes match Legrand's full range of switches,

outlets, and wiring devices for a consistent

aesthetic throughout any residential or

commercial space."

44 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022



• Bespoke shutter and blinds courses

• Exclusive training materials

• Experienced training manager

• Tailored for all skill sets

• FREE monthly training webinars

The course reached beyond our expectations. Mark was amazing. The

content of the course was very well planned out and delivered. It was

interesting, professional and most of all we felt supported.

To find out more about S:CRAFT training,

contact us,

call 0333 202 5054

email training@s-craft.co.uk


A new home

Rullgarden Bespoke

Blinds has a new


Commercial blinds contractor, Rullgardin

Bespoke Blinds, has moved into a fully

refurbished and energy efficient unit at

Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh, Greater


Rullgardin’s managing director, Greg

Worthington, started the business as a sole trader

in 2018 from his kitchen table in Bury, after having

gained many years’ manufacturing experience

within the blind and carpet industry.

Greg’s wife, Sarah, joined the team in July 2021

and the pair decided it was time to move out of

their home and into a unit where they could grow

the business. Greg and Sarah also employ another

husband-and-wife team, Ken and Julie Simm, who

visit customers across the UK measuring and

fitting blinds.

Rullgardin Bespoke Blinds specialises in the

commercial market, working with large

organisations and public sector bodies across the

UK. In 2019, Rullgardin became a supply partner

for the LNPG, the UK’s biggest Landlord savings

group, giving them access to a substantial network

of landlords across the country.

Greg and Sarah have also secured contracts

with several councils, including Wigan and Kirklees,

as well as with letting agents, schools, property

developers, police forces and universities. The

business has also been awarded a silver

accreditation for ‘The Deal for Business’ from

Wigan Council.

Rullgardin’s growth and success has led them

to take on their first premises, a 1,800 sq. ft unit at

Moss Industrial Estate on St. Helen’s Road in Leigh.

As one of the older units on the site, it has been

fully refurbished and fitted with modern energy

efficiency measures in line with the industrial

estate’s mission to become carbon neutral.

The unit has been fitted with a solar

photovoltaic panel system to power and heat the

unit, energy efficient LED light fittings, an electric

vehicle charging point, electric panel heaters and a

PIR controlled motion detector for lighting in the

warehouse. Thanks to these energy efficiency

measures; the unit has recently achieved an ‘A’

rating on its EPC (Energy Performance


Sarah said: “The business has been growing

steadily over the last four years and we have been

successful in winning some very big commercial

contracts. We reached a point last year when our

house and our cul de sac was completely taken

over with supplies and daily van deliveries so we

started looking for somewhere away from home

to base ourselves.

“We needed good transport links and we

looked at several industrial estates, but nothing

came close to what we have found at Moss

Industrial Estate.”

“Our new unit is very smart and has received a

lot of investment, particularly with its sustainability

and energy efficiency measures. We have adapted

the layout to suit our needs and we now have

plenty of storage space, plus a mezzanine floor to

display our products, an office and car park. The

estate is very clean and tidy, and the onsite

security is fantastic. We are really happy here and

it’s wonderful that we can now go home and leave

our work behind us where we know it is safe and


Moss Industrial Estate is owned by 100-yearold

family-run business, George Moss & Sons. The

Industrial Estate is home to around 100 local

businesses of varying sizes and industries and is

currently working towards making the estate

carbon neutral through a range of sustainability

initiatives, including the refurbishment of its older


46 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

The better we sleep,

the better we live.

The award winning BlocOut blackout blind offers unrivalled

levels of darkness in your room. Save on your energy bills,

the BlocOut blackout blind will reduce draughts and heat

loss through your window by up to 43%.

The light blocking siderails and bottom seal make it an

ideal sleep aid for young children, light sensitive sleepers,

shift workers and daytime nappers. It is perfect for use in

nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms, home cinemas and even

photography dark rooms.

For larger, or uneven windows, choose the BlocOut XL -

motorised option available

Order today:


Become a trade partner

T: 028 7944 0130

E: sales@blocblinds.com

BlocOut + BlocOut XL

Marketing Sample.


A new dawn arrives

Louvolite has

created something


Our industry is always looking to create

something different, show an

improvement and move the goal posts

as it were.

That in itself is fine, the industry should always

look at ways of improving the products we offer,

however this should really only be done when the

change expands or improves the performance of a

product or – in this instance – a family of products.

For over 5 decades, Louvolite has been

recognised as designer, manufacturer and supplier

of first class products that are right first time and

operate exactly as the customer wants the product

to operate. Such products seldom need radical

change as the designs have been considered often

and changes have been minor but done to reflect

changes in use or changes to products are

operated by the systems.

In the not too distant past, it seems that

somebody decided that glass was cheaper than

bricks and windows became wider and deeper,

particularly in the commercial world where

architects and designers seemed to fall in love with

what you couldn’t see – glass. That in itself is fine,

but as we all know, those glass facades have to be

furnished and our industry is charged with this task.

Whilst One Touch motorisation is the obvious

and preferred choice to operate a large blind

featuring a heavier fabric – heavier by fabric

construction, physical size or both - the individual

responsible for the purchase often doesn’t have

the budget for the motorised item and chooses a

manual system. Previously this could have created

some concerns, as larger, heavier blinds of course

require greater effort in order to raise them. In

addition greater weight also results in greater stress

on the overall operating system including the tube,

where deflection can be an issue resulting in

distortion to the shade itself.

In order to help overcome this issue and, at the

same time, extend the range of their industry

respected System 40 roller blind operating system,

Louvolite has designed its new planetary-geared

control set. As the name suggests this unit uses

gears of different sizes to reduce the physical force

needed to raise heavier shades. Rather than having

a 1:1 ratio where one metre pull of operation

results in 1m of lift the new unit features a 1.5:1

ratio resulting in a reduction in the amount of

effort required to raise the blind.

Louvolite of course hasn’t stopped there – if you

used its new planetary System 40 on a standard

design tube, the extra weight would likely cause

deflection which could in turn act against the

operating unit reducing the performance. Louvolite

has therefore introduced a new heavier gauge

System 40 tube that has been designed specifically

to operate with the new System 40 planetary

geared control set.

For those of you engaged with manufacturing

and supplying larger, heavier blinds of this type,

Louvolite believes its new system will make a

world of difference. Using the combination of the

Louvolite System 40 Planetary Gear control and

the new heavy duty System 40 tube, blinds can be

manufactured up to 3.2m wide and 6 kilos in


48 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


01274 568822


Solid concept

The Fabric Box

collection has an

option for


The new fabric Box Collection has been

received immense interest solidifying the

concept that good design pushes beyond

the boundaries of today; whilst outstanding design

makes the consumer feel like they are already

ahead of their time. Customer interpretation of the

new Collection is one of inclusivity, simplicity, and

uncompromised sophistication.

The Fabric Box has been carefully curated from

the inside out, each fabric developed with a specific

aesthetic and target market in mind reinforcing our

consumer centric approach that encourages the

perception of inclusivity.

The brands signature blend of design, sleek

modernity and sophistication allows every interior

to introduce a roller or vertical fabric that

complements and enhances its surroundings.

Delving into the new Collection a plethora of

bestselling dimout and blockout plains inject an

immediate kaleidoscope of colour. Our

commitment to sustainability is personified with

Arona, produced from repurposed PET plastic

bottles accumulated from the ocean allowing the

homeowner to nurture peace of mind of as they

embrace a greener home.

New trend led designs blend with instantly

recognisable firm Fabric Box favourites. The bold

prints of Tropic and recoloured Musa sit alongside

the paired back elegance of Lia, Memento and

Honor. Modern Miro and Sorenzo designs are

inspired from natures beauty while rich metallic

finishes such as Sio, Treviso and Midas maintain their

consumer dominance with reinvented colour


Every element of each design is carefully

considered, colour is displayed subtlety to define the

design creating a balanced contrast against the

printed textured base. This combination adds a

further dimension to the final visual.

Interior fashion can be exceedingly functional

when Easicare fabrics are introduced. Stunning

Sirocco presents a modern textured finish. Isla’s

elegant pearlised leaf design poses a classic air of

sophistication whilst Boheme injects a retro and fun

element. Each of these Easicare fabrics boast a

multitude of benefits including wipeable, flame

50 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

continues on page 52




The Everglade Wood Venetians collection features 11 beautiful wood slats, available in sustainably sourced

natural or painted woods, chosen to reflect current trends and classic favourites. Our Everglade Venetian blinds

can be customised with coloured tapes, and coordinating headrails and valances.

For more information speak to the Arena team on sales@arena-blinds.com 0800 389 7281


retardant and blockout.

The focus on developing new and

innovative texture weaves was pinnacle in

the evolution of the new Collection. The

concept of cosiness evokes several of our

senses, the combination of tactile finishes

across the fabrics personifies luxury in its

most honest manner. Specific blends of yarns

and weave techniques unfold to present

multiple variations of texture and form. The

aim at conception was for every texture

fabric to establish its own identity, each with

its own unique aesthetic.

Presented by colour, the comprehensive

array of textured weaves presents the

consumer with numerous benefits; from

subtle textured voiles that diffuse sunlight.

Blockout and wide width options sit alongside

stunning tactile and complex weaves, some

with acoustic and sound absorption

properties. Together this comprehensive

range of textures are conducive to the

perception of enhancing relaxation and

comfort into an interior whilst natural look

materials provide a sense of calm.

Perusing through the colour specific pages

offers a vast array of choice, the neutral

pages allow interior minimalism. The

purposely chosen pallets embody the power

of a well-used neutral. The paired back

rawness of Ennis personifies the beauty of

natural look yarns, whilst Sento’s subtle

horizontal design presents an air of serenity

that is elevated with its blockout backing,

perfect where day needs to turn to night.

Each modern grey injects further

dimension to the continued demand for

greys, intricate weaves resonate quality that

add depth and richness to a room. Renzo’s

complex multi yarn boasts a high-end look

whilst its subtle inject of colour demands a

sophisticated presence in any setting.

Firm favourites such a Henlow, Devon and

Napa maintain a comforting familiarity within

the Fabric Box throughout the segmented

colour pages. New semi plains such and

Hayden and Hayworth merge with the

beautiful boucle finish of Focal, all of which

boast their unique characteristics. Rich

warming reds and fresh nature inspired

greens sit seamlessly alongside luxurious teal

and navy presented in Alvor and Soma.

The final touch to any window blind will

be how it is accessorised; the Fabric Box

accessory offering portrays simplicity and

refinement. Simple yet effective Splash

bottom pockets can inject a stunning

contrast to the bottom of the blind, whilst

natures beauty can add a luxurious contrast

in texture with our sustainable Sunwood

bottom finish.

The ultimate in luxury is the Linea or

15mm bottom bar finish, in a selection of 7

colours these metal bottom bars inject a

stunning contemporary element to any blind

and enables perfect coordination with other

interior accessories. Choose from the rich

and enticing brushed brass, that amplifies

today’s trend for gold accessories; add drama

with matt black or finish a blind using the

ultra-modern Chrome for that mirrored and

minimalistic extra.

Innovation comes built-in




Manual or automated

Venetian or pleated


0113 277 8722

52 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

D o n

S m i t h

B l i n d s

Utilise our Industry Leading Expertise

Let us survey, manufacture and fit

through our SMF service for all our

Perfect Fit International Blinds® for

Roof and Gable Ends

Supplying your customers under your

company name

We also have a huge range of quality

made-to-measure blinds available for

supply only

Supplying Retail and Trade


Second coming

Blindtex launches

the second of its

highly successful

product range in

the UK

The popularity of Duplex blinds (day and

night, zebra or whatever you may call them)

is still growing due to their functionality,

practicality and appearance. Great for all seasons

due to their double-layered fabric offering insulation

in winter and ideal for summer offering superior

light control. At Blindtex, we like to be different;

that's why we designed our cassettes to have three

groves to attach the fabric via myla tape. This allows

us to front or back roll the fabric; it also allows us to

fully cover the full height of the cassette regardless

of the system size (be it small, medium or large).

Unlike most suppliers, we can fully cover large

cassettes as we are not limited to the panel size, as

every SKU we sell also has a matching roller fabric.

This is specified to our suppliers at the time of

weaving. This is a big advantage when making larger

blinds. The other significant advantage is the covered

bottom bar. As with our cassette, you can cover the

bottom bar in the same fabric or any contrasting

fabric in our range.

We know the headache and cost of returning to

a job to refit a blind, which is even more frustrating

when it is not your fault. That's why, when you

order any of our Signature blinds, not only does it

come with Lifetime warranty, if we make it

incorrectly, you can have that blind and the remake

free of charge.

To make this work, we have a stringent quality

control procedure. Every manufacturing process is

signed off by the person making it, ending with

photos of the finished product showing its

dimensions and finish.

As we have been making this product for so

long, we know the importance is in detail. For

example, panel alignment; if you have two different

height windows side by side, simply mention this,

and we will ensure the panels align perfectly. This

may of course make the clearance of the bottom

bar and the cill slightly different, but this

information should be passed on to the customer

for them to decide their preference

54 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022



Kayospruce Ltd is the UK's leading

supplier of high performance

materials and accessories for the

structures and leisure industries.



Soltis outdoor blinds can block up to

97% of heat, offer greater comfort and

reduce the need for air conditioning

equipment. For vertical blinds, awnings

or blinds for verandas and glass roofs,

Soltis fabrics offer attractive, technical

solutions for both professionals and

private individuals. Soltis indoor blinds

guarantee optimal visual comfort and

protection against dazzle, preserving the

privacy of building occupants without

blocking the outside view.

Contact Kayospruce Ltd for more

information about the entire

Serge Ferrari collection.


Kayospruce Ltd

2 Cockerell Close | Segensworth West

Fareham | Hampshire | PO15 5SR


+44 (0) 1489 581 696



Still a perfect fit

For 15 years



programme has

been a perfect fit

If there was an award for products which have

revolutionised our industry over the last 15

years or so, there can be no doubt that

Louvolite’s Perfect Fit installation programme

would be in the very short queue to receive

such an accolade.

From it’s early days where it was viewed as a

catch all product for installation of pleated

shades into conservatories without the need to

drill or screw, it’s use has spread to become a

preferred installation method into any window

types which feature double glazed sealed units in

combination with flexible rubber gaskets.

From being a primary method used for

installing pleated blinds, the product use quickly

expanded for installing aluminium venetian blinds,

cellular blinds, wooden venetian blinds, roller

blinds of course and more recently Vision blinds.

56 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

continues on page 58






• We have been the leading shutter

specialist since 2003.

• Well established and respected

throughout the UK.

• Simple and easy - log onto your

custom dealer website to easily track

and see your customer orders online.

• Brilliant sales tools including

our visualisation app, marketing

brochures and more.

Contact us now to become one of our trusted Custom West dealers.

0800 681 6076 | customwest.co.uk


Secondary benefits of the use of Perfect

Fit are now widely recognised, such as

allowing the window or door to be fully

operated with the blind in situ, reducing

light-strike around a blind and also having

a positive impact on reducing thermal loss

through a window when the blind is

deployed. Of course, the fact that

operating systems for Perfect Fit are either

hidden, inaccessible or fully compliant with

EN13120 child safety criteria allows the

system to be used in total confidence as

far as this is concerned.

Colour has played a part with the

original white being joined with 4

painted finishes and 2 faux wood


Perfect Fit rollers can now be

motorised utilising Louvolite’s One Touch

Perfect Fit motor. It can be used in tandem

with bi-fold doors allowing the household

to fully enjoy the open aspect of bi-fold

doors and yet provide privacy and shade

as and when required.

Perfect Fit Universal even allows Perfect

Fit to be installed in windows that don’t

feature double glazed sealed units or even

outside a window recess.

So how can we make this “Perfect”

product even better became the question?

Can we expand the number of windows

into which Perfect Fit can be used to

include those which are wider than the

original limitation of 1.5 metres?

The all new Perfect Fit frame centre T-

section can be used in

conjunction with standard

Perfect Fit extrusions to extend

the width of openings that can

now be covered. Essentially the T

bar, or its technical name “Intermediate

Support Method” allows multiple Perfect

Fit blinds to be installed within the

encompassing Perfect Fit frame. So if an

opening was, say, 2.6m wide - two Perfect

Fit blinds could be installed side by side

using the Frame Centre T-section as a

central pillar and effectively becoming the

fourth side of each Perfect Fit frame.

The new T-section joints connect the

top and bottom of the Frame Centre T-

section to the adjoining standard Perfect

Frame sections and the T-section front

cover snaps into place over the T section

joint to provide the Perfect finish.


Dutch Blind

Extrusions and







6 metre x 200mm













1” x 1” x 6 metre


1” x 1/8” x 6 metre



Made from Glass Filled UV Stabilised

Nylon for strength and durability.

All components moulded to match the

colour of the Extrusions.

Anodised, White, Black (Major system)

and Anthracite (Metro System)











Unit 2a, Miglo Ind Est, Paignton,

Devon, TQ4 7QW

Tel: 01803 522887

E: tony@supa-shade.co.uk

W: www.awningsdevon.co.uk


Game changing?

Smart window

covering motor

from Coulisse

recognized as

'gamechanger' in

the market at

CES 2022

At the CES in Las Vegas global window

covering supplier Coulisse launched 'Eve

MotionBlinds'. Developed in collaboration

with smart home specialist Eve Systems from

Munich, the smart window covering motor received

overwhelming attention from international tech

media and influencers, in addition to the 'Best of

CES' award from leading tech blogs How-To Geek

and iMore, reaching an audience of millions. This

appraisal paves the way for the long-awaited mass

adoption of motorized window coverings by

consumers worldwide.

Praised for simplicity and


Eve MotionBlinds was especially praised by the

media for its simplicity, innovative technology and

data privacy. As the first in the market, Eve

MotionBlinds works with the Thread protocol,

designed specifically for smart home solutions.

What’s more, Eve MotionBlinds will support Matter,

the upcoming smart home standard developed by

Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung, among

others. Any lay person can program and control the

motor in a snap from an app, and connect it to

other smart home devices in the home, such as

smart lighting, thermostats and cameras. The motor

is wirelessly installed and rechargeable with a USB-

C cable. Data is not stored in the cloud, but

securely locally on the motor, safeguarding user


Gamechanger in smart

window coverings

The positive reception at CES confirms that Eve

MotionBlinds is the game-changer the market has

been waiting for for so long. Founder and owner of

Coulisse Christiaan Roetgering: “Motorized window

coverings have never really made it to the masses.

Solutions were complex, expensive and difficult to

integrate into smart home systems. Eve

MotionBlinds is changing all that. The fact that the

consumer tech world is now embracing Eve

MotionBlinds so widely confirms that the solution is

truly groundbreaking. It paves the way to reach a

wide audience with smart window coverings as the

basis for a smart home, and thus for more comfort,

energy savings and safety in the home.”

Ready for the smart home

future with Matter

Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems on the

success of Eve MotionBlinds: "Smart home is going

to take off in an unparalleled way in the coming

years. Matter will play a pioneering role in this, as it

finally delivers full interoperability of smart home

devices. They can be connected universally,

regardless of the smart home system. Thanks to

Thread, Eve MotionBlinds can work with Matter.

Once Matter is being rolled out, the motor will not

only support Apple HomeKit, but also Alexa,

Google, SmartThings, and others.”

60 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


The beauty of wood

The Timberlux

collection may be a

game changer for

the industry

The true beauty of wood appears gradually

and develops a subtle, yet rich, lustre that

gives every blind its own personality.

Wood has a texture like no other material,

bringing an element of nature into your home and

making a connection with the outdoors. The

new Timberlux Collection launching at the end of

March comprises of Basswood, Bamboo and Abachi

wood grains. Totalling 30 wood options, all in 50mm

slat widths, there is a comprehensive selection of

stunning, yet subtle wood finishes to choose from.

Wood is a naturally beautiful resource; rich in

earthy tones, creating a sense of warmth, depth and

character. It has an aesthetic appeal and an exotic

appearance, presenting the ultimate venetian blind.

Each Blind is hand crafted to the highest quality

62 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


with sustainability and authenticity at the forefront of the process.

Basswood has a reputation of quality and richness; the natural and

unobtrusive grain presents a beautiful air of warmth when meticulously

stained in natural wood tones. This same refined finish facilitates a

perfectly smooth painted finish.

Bamboo’s natural elegance coupled with its durability and versatility,

presents a stunning wood venetian with subtle textured grains. The

delicately textured appearance of the Bamboo slat creates a fresh and

natural look in any home, presented in 6 modern painted colours or 5

earthy natural wood tones.

Completing this collection are 5 Abachi woods with a laminated

grain finish. Highlighting natures beauty through a subtle yet intriguing

texture these woods are presented in a palette of modern neutrals.

Central to the Timberlux brand is a strong commitment to the

environment in which we operate and craft our blinds. It is important

that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests, ensuring

minimal impact on the ecosystems in which they grow. Bamboo

completely regenerates itself after 5 years and boasts that it absorbs 4

times the amount of Carbon Dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen

into our atmosphere than standard forests.

At Timberlux we make a point of sourcing our Basswood and Abachi

from slow growing, sustainable regions, ensuring peace of mind that the

environment from which it is cut, is being cared for at the same time.

Meticulously handcrafted, Timberlux blinds can be as unique as the

home it is created for. The personality of the blind can be curated

distinctively through the choice of colour, grain, and tape options. Blinds

can be finished with complementary colour flat weave tapes in either a

new 10mm or 38mm widths. 10mm tapes adds a modern

sophistication to your Timberlux blind, the subtle inclusion of the

delicately woven tape, effortlessly covers the punch hole offering

enhanced light control in the most elegant manner.

Further embedding the focus on sustainability and carbon footprint,

the natural insulation properties of a wood venetian only enhance the

appeal of Timberlux to the consumer. The wood cells within each slat

can act as an air trap creating an invisible barrier to cool air entering

the room when the blind is closed, whilst white woods are perfect for

reflecting the suns rays in warmer months ensuring energy efficiency in

the home is maximized.

Complementing Timberlux’s opulent aesthetic, motorisation further

embeds the epitome of luxury, comfort and style. Motorised blinds

have revolutionised light control in our homes with multiple options

available to enable each Timbelrux blind to facilitate comfort and

convenience into the home. Available as battery powered or

hardwired, Timbelrux blinds can be seamlessly integrated with

innovative smart home technology enabling users to control their

blinds at a touch of a button or through their phones creating safe,

comfortable and a more energy efficient environment.

The new Timberlux Collection continues to pride itself with offering

beautifully crafted wood venetians that amplify a minimalistic adoration

of nature.

True ® Clear Alu

screen fabric

This fabric is made from inherent FR yarns and offers a

reflectivity of around 72% and a clear view through, at

the same time. It is available at a width of 285 cm and

in six timeless colours.

True Clear Alu OF2 is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze.

The Lienesch-Style brand is specialised in technical

fabrics and hardware for the project market.

We have a comprehensive screen,

roller and hardware collection.

In stock and available from our UK warehouse

allowing a next day service for full rolls or cut lengths.

Quoting for a contract? Please contact us.

delivered from the UK

Lienesch Ltd

Unit 2 - Hunslet Trading Estate,

Severn Road, LEEDS, LS10 1BL United Kingdom

Tel. 0113 8681066



Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2002 63


On the end

Legrand Shading

Systems Designer

Series of

decorative brackets

and hembar

endcaps are now


Legrand's Building Control Systems (BCS)

division has announced that its Legrand

Shading Systems Designer Series of

decorative brackets and hembar endcaps are now

shipping. Available in a wide range of finishes to

match any residential or commercial space's

unique style, they allow dealers to elevate the style

of any window easily.

"Shades are a classic choice, providing elegance

and functionality in any room," said Charlie Derk,

director of product marketing, Shading and

Residential Controls, Legrand North America.

"Now — along with our expansive fabric

collection as well as Legrand's full range of

switches, outlets, and wiring devices — dealers can

further customize the details of their customer's

shading solutions for a more cohesive and

intentionally designed space."

Designed to fit 2.6-inch and 3.3-inch universal

and open-roll adjustable brackets, the decorative

brackets slide on easily to completely conceal

mounting brackets from the outside without

interfering with the mounting surface. They

tastefully and cleverly hide mounting hardware

from view, resulting in a cohesive shading design.

Likewise, the Designer Series hembar endcaps

offer a redesigned, modern shape to complete the

look, and provide a consistent finish.

To match the aesthetics of any space perfectly,

down to the last detail, Designer Series decorative

brackets and hembar endcaps are available in 15

new finish styles across three collections: Premium,

Glass, and adorne. Premium finishes offer clean

lines and are color-matched to Legrand's wiring

devices, while adorne finishes perfectly

complement switches and outlets from Legrand's

adorne Collection.

Glass finishes are inspired by the Vantage

EasyTouch Glass keypad and offer a reflective,

mirror-like surface. Dealers can easily showcase all

15 finishes to their customers with the convenient

new Decorative Endcap Demo case.

64 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022




Our clic bead-fit system’s ultra slim design has been developed to fit perfectly onto any double-glazed

window but is particularly suitable for bi-fold doors and tilt-and-turn windows.

With clic, there is no need to measure the window’s bead depth as this system has been carefully

engineered to fit all window frame depths with a single bracket type.

Its clever, fold away handle makes it ideal to use on bi-fold doors where it is important that the blind

does not protrude further than the window frame.

Please contact your Area Sales Manager to see a sample of clic along with the beautiful collection of

venetian slat finishes and pleated and honeycomb fabrics, that are available with this blind.



Motorisation is the key

Louvolite says its

motors can have an

imprtant role to


When you consider the level of impact

Covid-19 has, and continues to have

on so many other industries around

the world, the window blind industry has, in the main,

been extremely lucky.

Like so many industries that are connected with

the home, the domestic consumer has invested more

on home and garden furnishings rather than spending

that money on holidays, be they at home or abroad.

No doubt we all hope that this trend continues

and expenditure on this sector continues to flourish,

but in itself is that enough or can we take certain

elements of this into our own hands and expand

both the reach of our industry’s products and also

increase the value.

Each year, the consumer experience with

automation and motorisation increases. In our own

industry the launch of the One Touch motorisation

programme by Louvolite in 2015 introduced

motorisation to a whole new audience – many of

whom had previously thought such “luxuries” were

out of reach; not at all and the last 6 years or so has

seen millions of motorised blinds functioning

effectively in homes around the UK and beyond.

This fact has so many positive connotations; it

shows real progress in the industry’s products, it

helps align the industry with smart home technology

at many different levels and it helps the consumer

value our products in a different way than they did

before. With the Louvolite One Touch programme,

the vast majority of the motorised units sold are

lithium battery, rechargeable motors and as such do

not have permanent features of trailing wires plugged

into a 13 amp socket. One Touch units require

charging perhaps only 2 – 3 times a year depending

on usage, so there is little or no inconvenience to the


Perhaps the most important element of this wave

of change is the fact that motorised blinds are safe by

design when it comes to child safety – no cords,

chains or breakaways to consider or explain – no

discussions or challenges regarding the correct

installation of a cord tidy at the right height to keep

the cord or chain taut. More the reasons why this

HAS to be done.

Of course motorisation is the answer, but one of

the hurdles to mass motorisation has been the fact

that our products are so good and have such a long

life that the need to change is extended. Thus, it has

hitherto been a challenge to convince many

consumers to change their totally good blinds for a

new motorised one, particularly as the original blinds

fit perfectly with the customer’s décor.

Louvolite now has the answer.Louvolite’s new

Retro 5 motor. This motor has been designed from

the ground up to fit into the most widely used tube

size in the United Kingdom – Louvolite’s System 32

tube. This will allow quick and easy, on the spot

upgrades for any blind manufactured using the

Louvolite system.

The opportunities for the industry are enormous.

Now, when surveyors measure and quote for a new

motorised Louvolite blind, they can also quote to

upgrade older Louvolite blinds too.

The level of effort to upgrade a manual Louvolite

System 32 blind to a motorised one using a Retro 5

motor is absolutely minimal. Simply take the blind

from its brackets, remove the control end, insert the

Retro 5 motor and mount the blind back into the

brackets - Hey Presto its done! It’s very impressive

and even more so if you charge the motor in

advance so the customer can operate their

revitalised blinds at the same time as their new


66 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


32MM & 40MM MOTOR.

Soft closure at end limit, bi-directional wireless controls, smooth 21rpm and 40rpm

motor speeds, up to 300 complete open & close cycles per charge.

Control from your smart device with the Home Hub.




WWW.ELLARD.CO.UK | 0161 945 4561


Less is more

Yewdale says less is

more with the new


Yewdale has introduced ShadeBox, the

recessed box system to conceal roller blinds

within spacings between ceiling sections of a

suspended ceiling.

With large, glazed windows now a feature in

many modern buildings and minimalist design the

choice for many, why have blinds on show when

they’re not in use? For some people, less is more,

and ShadeBox is designed with that in mind.

ShadeBox allows building occupants to maximise

their view and connect with the outside without

any obstruction keeping the interior sleek and


ShadeBox is installed during the ceiling

construction. A tradesperson can dryline or plaster

right up to the box using the drylining section

component, leaving a seamless finish, or they can

use the alternative adaptor which allows the box to

be fitted within false ceilings.

Metal transition plates are fitted on either side of

the box to allow your choice of YewdaleDefiant

roller blind, whether chain operated or electric. The

plates accommodate either a 45mm grooved

aluminium barrel with metal chain operation or a

53mm/70mm grooved aluminium barrel for electric

operation, depending on blind size and fabric


The plates allow the blinds to slide into place for

an easy fit once the ceiling and room are finished.

Using the transitional plates allows the blinds to be

easily removed and changed in the future if a

change in fabric colour or operation is required.

ShadeBox can also accommodate other

manufacturer’s blinds installing the blind directly to

the box leaving out the transition plates.

When the blind is up and not in use, the

ShadeBox cover completely conceals the blind from

view for a tidy and discreet finish.

ShadeBox is supplied in component form only

and is available up to 5m in length. The box is

115mm x 115mm and made from durable white

power coated aluminium. Supplied as standard in

white, but if f white hardware doesn’t fit with the

building’s design and style, ShadeBox® can be

powder coated in any RAL colour to fit the room’s

colour theme.

If you want to install roller blinds that don’t draw

attention from the rooms they’re fitted in and don’t

obscure the view, look no further than our new

Yewdale’s ShadeBox.

68 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


Roll up, roll up

Somfy Launches

Roll Up 28 V2

Motor Range for

Control of

Motorized Window


Somfy has launched its range of Roll Up 28 V2

motors. Available with a built-in, rechargeable

lithium-ion battery or external power options,

this motor range is ideal for most mid-to-large

window shadings providing seamless natural light

management. These quieter and more compact

motors are Somfy’s latest addition to their existing

range of WireFree Motors enabling comfort and

convenience in the home via motorized window


“Somfy's unique regulated speed control enables

consistent shade speed and most importantly

consistency in motor sound. And if needed, the user

can also adjust the rate of speed at which the

motorized shade move, providing a more

synchronized aesthetic with group shading," said

Brent Holup, Somfy North America Product


The Roll Up 28 V2 motor range is compatible

with solar panel charging options for maintenancefree

charging, featuring a low battery LED indicator

to easily diagnose the motor and creating a more

positive and convenient user experience. The new

head design brings a more cohesive offer to

Somfy's existing Roll Up and Sonesse WireFree

motor range. What's more, the new reduced size

brings increased sales opportunities for most

shading applications.

Users can seamlessly integrate the Roll Up 28 V2

range of motors with smart home technology from

Somfy and other leading smart home devices

including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Users

can also pair this with TaHoma® Gateway from

Somfy to enhance motorized blinds and shades

with the addition of control via smartphone or

voice commands.

David Parrett, Product marketing director motors

& controls, Somfy North America said, “At Somfy,

we are committed to bringing simplicity and

tranquility into the home, and the Roll Up 28 V2

range of motors delivers a quieter solution for

more convenient control of natural light in the

home. Our range of product innovations

complement and combine with each other to

create customizable shading solutions for smarter

and more connected homes.”

70 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


Sattler launches a

new Design




Finding the perfect fabric for an awning is

sometimes the most difficult part of the

sales process. The Design Selector from

Sattler is designed to help

Even though an awning fabric is a technical product, the

selection process is usually purely about appearance.

Which colour? Which stripe? Does the design match my


The Design Selector from Sattler is a tool that has successfully

supported this selection pro-cess for years. In April 2022, a new

version will go online. The colour of the façade can be adapted to

one's own situation, a fabric comparison has been integrated and a

shadow simulator supports the idea of what shade the awning will

cast on one's own terrace.

In the course of the year, various system types and regional

landscape scenes will be added.

But not only the Design Selector has been completely renewed, a

new sun protection collec-tion will be launched at the beginning of

January 2023. New design lines, new colours and, above all, the

analogue collection book will be combined with the digital Design

Selector in a way never seen before.

Integrate the Design Selector right now and be one of the first to

benefit from the new version!






The search for the right fabric is not always easy - it is

good that with the DESIGN SELECTOR from SATTLER

you have the perfect tool at hand to make the decision

process easier for your customers.

From April 2022 the SATTLER DESIGN SELECTOR will

be will be equipped with even more possibilities that will

inspire you!






Install the SATTLER DESIGN SELECTOR today and be

one of the first to benefit from the new advantages!


Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022 71



New Duette

Shades collection

Duette window

shades are by far

the most popular

choice for

homeowners when

it comes to

choosing window

blinds for their


Luxaflex says that its latest and long-awaited

new Duette Shades collection is now

available in-store for customers to browse

and purchase.

With exciting new fabric colours and designs for

every window, lifestyle and season, customers will

be pleased to know that these exquisite and

exclusive fabrics not only look good, but have

extraordinary energy efficient properties.

Duette has also got an exciting new feature that

promises to provide the ultimate in room


So, without further ado you’ll find all there is to

know about the new Luxaflex Duette Shades and

more in this article.

Luxurious Fabrics and


Customers can choose from pastels to natural

tones and new inspiring patterns, there's a look for

every style from period to modern homes.

Inspired by the latest colour and design trends

Luxaflex designers are proud to introduce new

metallic designs that add a touch of glamour to any

room. These delightful fabrics gently sparkle as the

light moves across the window, making an elaborate

unique light show.

A Design for Every Window

There are options for each and every window

72 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

continues on page 74

Semper Blinds

At Semper Blinds we are a

trademarked family run company

with over 30 years combined

experience, where we offer a range

of pleated and cellular blinds, in a

manual and motorised format. All

of which are made in house by our

team in Rochdale, Manchester.








07766 600131


01706 662441

What we do?


3 Freehangs

3 Skylights



UK Survey and fit service for

PFI conservatory roof blinds

in pleated and cellular fabrics.

5-year warranty and

Lantern Blinds (PFI framed skylights)

a 5* service

Perfect fit (pleated, cellular and venetian)

Venetians (metals and woods)


type, from sliding doors to Tilt & Turn, or

shaped windows. Duette Shades work

perfectly with virtually all window types,

shapes and sizes.


The new LightLock system is a

revolutionary new feature that is ideal for

locking out light. Customers can browse and

select from a variety of room darkening

fabrics which also absorb or deflect nearly all

the incoming light sweeping into your room.

Only the new collection of Duette Shades

offers this level of room darkening. Suitable

for the whole family, for a better night's sleep,

to darken media rooms or to deflect light in

a home office. Helping to create a feeling of

pure comfort.

Energy Efficient Design

If customers are looking to achieve better

control of the temperature in their home.

The latest fabric range from Duette has an

even better level of heat reduction and

insulation, with some fabrics achieving an

outstanding A++ rating.

Duette Shades can also help to reduce

annoying echoing from hard materials like

flooring, walls, and glass by up to 60%.

Eco Friendly Fabrics

Now with over 300 Cradle to Cradle

Certified fabrics and materials to choose

from, you can be confident that you’re doing

your bit to support our planet.

Duette Shades are also built to last the

test of time and are carefully measured to

your windows. All shades also come with a

5-year guarantee.

Automated Smart-Home


For those of you who love your home to

be connected, fear not, with PowerView

Automation you can control your Duette®

Shades using a smart device, remote control,

or the sound of your voice.

From a single window blind to your entire

home, it’s easy to connect your blinds so that

you can control privacy and light whatever

time of the day, even when you’re not at


What’s more, by using a rechargeable

battery PowerView Automation is now also

east anglia blinds_quarter available for Tilt page_BLS1-12 & Turn window options 16/12/11 too! 12:30 Pa

Louvolite VogueTrack

for Trade Customers


now available with Allusion

Conservatory and

Window Blinds


Motorisation options


fax: 01492 539581

Available in white, brown,

champagne, black &


• Does not twist

• Trouble free


■ Panel blinds ■ Pinoleum blinds

■ Pleated blinds ■ Roller blinds

■ Roof blinds ■ Roof roller blinds

■ Vertical blinds ■ Conservatory blinds

■ Motorised blinds

01603 404040



74 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

bend it_quarter page_iss1-19.indd 1 14/12/2018 12:13

Rental Option Now Available

The perfect way for bonding your vertical

blinds, quick, very easy to use, with a superb

neat finish and no unsightly holes!

Available with a 3 sided weld attachment.

Great alternative to a sewing machine.

Tel: 0116 2611055 / 0116 2611066 Email: sales@micropneumatics.co.uk

Micro Pneumatics Ltd

1 Palmer Street

Leicester LE4 5PT




New features

arrive by post

Blindsbypost has a

number of new


Online blinds retailer blindsbypost has

launched a number of new blinds ranges

for the first time in three years.

With home renovation spend increasing by 36%

over the past year, blindsbypost has launched more

than 150 new prints for its roller and motorised

roller blind collections to provide customers with

innovative options to refresh their home.

The new prints feature floral designs, stripes,

educational images, geometric patterns, patterns for

children, and on-trend colour palettes including

smoky tones, dusky greige, cool greige, and greens.

Blackout and non-blackout options are available.

Oliver Hudson, director at blindsbypost,

commented: “The start of 2022 was the perfect

opportunity for us to refresh our collections and

make sure that we’re keeping up-to-date with how

people are using their homes in the age of flexi


“Over the past two years, people have spent

more time than ever before at home thanks to

hybrid working patterns, and this is set to continue.

Rooms in the home have become multipurpose

with enhanced requirements, leading to home

offices and gyms experiencing a huge rise in


“With new interior trends for 2022 expected to

encompass natural themes, bold prints and colours,

and a throwback to more classic design elements,

we wanted to launch as many patterns as possible

so that there’s a blind for everyone. We’re

particularly excited with the new patterns for our

motorised roller blinds which are quickly becoming

a staple as homes become smarter and driven by

technology. Not only can they be raised or lowered

at the touch of a button, but they’re compatible

with a number of smart hubs including Amazon

Alexa and Google Home.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how these

new ranges are received by our customers, and the

inspired ways in which they’re used in people’s


The new ranges are available to purchase from

Friday 14th January. blindsbypost is launching further

ranges later in the year.

Find out more about the motorised roller and

roller blinds on the blindsbypost website,


76 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022


Explore this exclusive collection of

Coulisse roller and vertical fabrics brought

to you by Irwin. The range includes plain

fabrics in a variety of woven textures.

Worked out in a soft and natural colour

palette, the collection perfectly suits

modern as well as classic interior styles.





Enjoy style and function

Luxaflex says that

nobody wants to

have to choose

between style and

performance when

it comes to window

dressings. And why

should they have


To choose the ideal window blind without

compromise, we know that products need

to combine energy efficiency and sun

protection, while also contributing to the aesthetics

of today's modern home. That’s why Luxaflex have

invested heavily in research and development to

create Sonnette Shades, which bring a wealth of

consumer benefits.

As you’d expect from anything carrying the

prestigious Luxaflex name, these shades are

manufactured to the highest standards. Each madeto-measure

shade comes with a no-nonsense fiveyear

guarantee, so your customers can order with

complete peace of mind.

When it comes to performance, Sonnette Shades

combine the simplicity of a simple roller blind with

the insulating properties of a honeycomb blind. Two

layers of luxurious fabric not only softly diffuse light,

but the proprietary cellular design also increases

energy efficiency, keeping homes warm in winter

and cooler in summer. This valuable thermal benefit

makes them particularly well suited to

conservatories and orangeries; keeping these spaces

more comfortable and pleasant to use all year

round. Sonnette can also play a part in protecting

furniture and flooring from fading. Plus, because

they’re made-to-measure for every window –

customers can perfectly coordinate French doors,

bi-folds, sliding patio doors, bay windows, full length

windows and so on.

Sonnette Shades are available in two opacities, so

they’re perfect for all areas. Whether a home office

is too bright in the afternoon, or a bedroom is too

light in the morning – customers can choose semiopaque

shades which softly diffuse light entering the

room and leave an ambient glow, or roomdarkening

shades which block light and afford more


These innovative shades also have soundreducing

properties, helping create an even quieter

home haven.

With quality that will last for years, the Sonnette

range has been designed to offer timeless style;

there’s a choice of sophisticated neutrals, luxurious

linen looks, timeless white and grey tones, or vibrant

brights. Customers can choose the perfect hue to

match the décor of each room, but rest assured

their home will look neat and uniform from outside,

thanks to the clean white fabric on the exterior face.

PowerView Automation also means Sonnette

Shades can be scheduled to suit everyone's lifestyle;

whether they want them to open early to naturally

wake for work, or leave them closed later for a lazy

Sunday lie in. These blinds can be operated with the

touch of a button, tap on a mobile, or the sound of

your voice. PowerView can be connected to Apple

Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest and

many more smart home systems.

78 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

The best under the sun.

Even in the evening.

Design Novelty: markilux MX-2 – Fascinating in shape. Functionally superb.

| Brand

| e.g. markilux MX-2

50 years of designer awnings “Made in Germany”.

50 years of innovative, safe sun protection.

50 years of happy and satisfied customers.

For the most alluring shade in the world. markilux.co.uk


Design without


The challenge of



interiors is that of

carefully balancing

the design vision

with the practical

demands of the

space. To this end,

Silent Gliss is

pleased to present

The Collection – a

range of timeless,



For almost 70 years, Silent Gliss has worked

closely with architects and interior designers

around the world shading residential and

commercial spaces, including public buildings, offices,

hotels and the health sector.

With design always at the forefront of our

concept, the development of The Collection paid

close attention to key topics including green

building, healthcare, acoustics and light- and energy

management. Launched February 2022, our new

range includes 42 fabrics spanning 380 colour

variations supported by certifications for fire

protection, acoustics and sustainability.

The well-respected and exclusive Silent Gliss

Colorama fabric, woven from the original Trevira

CS yarn has been extended to offer further design

and performance attributes including Multicolour,

Acoustic, and Eco. A classic fabric that continues to

offer endless design opportunities across all


Our range of decorative fabrics considers

current design trends. Polyflax – a specially

developed polyester yarn gives the appearance of a

natural linen fabric but hangs beautifully. New

choices for room darkening include the lustrous

Oscurante, with the same colour front and back

and Multicolour Dimout which benefits from higher

heat reflection due to the lighter coloured reverse.

For projects specifically requiring light and energy

management we introduce Atracor, an outstanding

80 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

continues on page 82


screen fabric with a black core yarn which

significantly reduces transmission levels, even

with the lighter colours. And, to complete

the offer we have extended Versascreen to

four different openness factors (1/2/5/10%).

The needs of the healthcare sector are

met with a range of antiviral fabrics

washable at 72 degrees. In addition, we

introduce Colorama Bioactive an inherently

antibacterial fabric and Valere, a dirtrepellent,

bacteriostatic fabric with a

fungicidal finish.

All the new Silent Gliss fabrics comply

with the European REACH regulation. In

addition, there are certifications including

Cradle to Cradle and Standard 100 by

Oeko-Tex® to support green building

standards such as LEED and BREEAM.

The Collection box is a treasure chest of

fabric cards to facilitate quick and easy fabric

selection. Alongside this, our new online

fabric-finder is an intuitive search tool which

allows you to filter and compare the wide

choice of fabrics available.

Combined with our premium curtain

track and blind systems, The Collection

reinforces Silent Gliss as the leading supplier

of complete, made-to-measure window

treatments in the high-end residential and

commercial market.




This buyers’ guide lists all types of equipment, components and finished products

within the blinds, awning, grilles and shutters market.

Book your space in the 2023 edition and take advantage of a unique

opportunity to place your company’s corporate message in front of a large

audience of decision-makers.


To advertise please contact

Julie Saridakis • E: j.saridakis@turretgroup.com

82 Blinds & Shutters • ISSUE TWO 2022

SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole - Photos : Landry Laurie - Glen Raven TM is a trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. - Dickson Constant is a Glen Raven company




Awning fabrics

More contemporary

New range of stripes

A pallet of harmoniously

toned colours

Material effects through


More natural aspects

Changing plains

the art of weaving by Dickson ®

LUXAFLEX - 0161 442 9500


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Pleated Blinds

Everything you need to

manufacture Pleated

blinds using Louvolite

fabrics & components


Contact Luxaflex

Distributor for Dickson awning fabrics

0161 442 9500










When you want a

roof specialist,

speak to Stuart

at Semper.

Conservatory and

Window Blinds Specialists

Motorisation options available

01603 404040



We’re here to provide

you with a full survey

& fit service across

the UK for PFI

Conservatory roof

blinds in both pleated

and cellular fabrics,

manual or motorised.




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07766 600131 SEMPER BLINDS


semperblinds@gmail.com www.semperblinds.com

0113 277 8722


Customer Services

0161 882 5050



Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical

• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support

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Award winning blinds

0800 107 5535


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical

• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support



Perfect Fit Blinds

Everything you need to

manufacture Perfect Fit

blinds using Louvolite

fabrics & components



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Customer Services

0161 882 5050


Window Blind Motorisation

Battery and hardwired solutions

Home Hubs • Solar Panels

Remotes and wall switches

Control your home from any device,

anytime, anywhere


For more information call a member of

our team on 0161 945 4561




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Roller / Verticals / Pleated blinds / Honeycomb

For more information contact:



Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical

• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support

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Roller Blinds

Everything you need to

manufacture Roller

blinds using Louvolite

fabrics & components

Customer Services

0161 882 5050


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical

• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support


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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical


• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support

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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical


• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support


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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical


• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support

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Vertical Blinds

Everything you need to

manufacture Vertical

blinds using Louvolite

fabrics & components

Customer Services

0161 882 5050




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space please contact


via e-mail at:



Excellent Quality, Unbeatable

Service & Competitive Prices

• Wooden

• Aluminium

• Vertical

• Roller

• Faux Wood

• Pleated

• Roman

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2

We set the standard for Customer Support

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Join our experienced installation team

At Thomas Sanderson we pride ourselves on

precision and detail. If you have an eye for detail,

practical DIY knowledge and exceptional customer

service skills our hands-on installer opportunities

could be the next step in your career.

• Part-time & full-time opportunities available

• Comprehensive training provided

• High earning potential

Visit careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk

or call 0115 852 2896



Work for yourself, at your own pace and with the hours

that suit your lifestyle as one of our dedicated

self-employed advisors. Help the nation choose the

perfect blinds, curtains and shutters for their homes.

Great earning





Award winning










As the UK’s number one provider of window

furnishing solutions we’re always looking for

practical thinking, confident new people to

join our dedicated network of self-employed

specialist installers. Join today and grow your

own local business.


Join our dedicated network of sales designers

Thomas Sanderson is always seeking talented new sales professionals to join

our experienced team of sales designers. Our national field opportunities

are suited to those with exceptional customer service skills, a passion for

interior design and a great eye for detail.

• Part-time & full-time opportunities available • High earning potential

• Comprehensive training provided

Visit careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk or call 0115 852 2896


Great earning




Award winning


In the July 2022 edition,

features include:

n Venetian blinds

n External louvres/brise soleil

n Blackout blinds

n Blind-making machinery

n Window film & solar control

n Shutters

n Aluminium blinds

n Textiles

To submit your editorial article,

please contact:

John Hatcher, Editor

E: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com

Advertising Opportunities:

n Display Advertising

n Classified Advertising

n Company Profiles

n Outserts (banding; cover-mounts)

n Blinds & Shutters Year planner

n Blinds & Shutters Web Guide

n Inserts (either loose inserts or bound-in)

For all advertising enquiries,

please contact:

Julie Saridakis, Sales Manager

E: j.saridakis@turretgroup.com

View Blinds & Shutters online at www.blindsmagazine.co.uk



Combining Tropical Blinds’ extensive experience producing wood blinds and our continued success with

the Impressions Faux Wood blind, we are excited to launch the Impressions WOOD Collection.

Six carefully selected Basswood colours will complement and enhance any interior décor, harmonising

perfectly within the current interiors trend of white, cream, grey and black. Available with ladder braid,

25mm and 38mm tape, these stunning wood blinds will add warmth and elegance to any setting.

Please contact your Area Sales Manager, or the customer services team, to request a swatch containing

the complete collection including tapes or a sample blind.

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at



Our NEW Powershade System




We have given our Powershade motor for

Roller & Mirage blinds an upgrade!

We are pleased to offer you a higher quality

product at a competitive price point.


- 25mm & 28mm rechargeable lithium motor

- Improved operation including a reduction

in noise level

- Slimmer lithium motorhead

- No hanging cables from battery pack

- Type-C charger and 5m cable

- Consistent rise and close speed

For more information, contact your Area Sales

Manager or call our Customer Service Department on:

0141 814 3500


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