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Official Publication Of The National Mini Rex Club 4 th Quarter October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Your Committees<br />

AD Manager<br />

Visit us online at<br />


National Mini Rex Rabbit Club––––––-Visit us on the web @ www.nmrrc.net<br />

www.nmrrc.net<br />

Contents<br />

Officers Reports Page 5<br />

24K auction Page 20<br />

Julie Stewart Page 21<br />

Tammy Wheat Page 22<br />

Joe Kim Page 23<br />

Ethan Harvill Page 24<br />

Allyse Sullivan Page 25<br />

Armando Cabrerra Page 27<br />

Trio Ad and Info Page 28<br />

Banquet Flyer Page 31<br />

Financials Page 34<br />

Disclaimer<br />

The NMRRC reserves the right to refuse<br />

publication of any articles or advertisements it<br />

deems not to be in the best interest of its<br />

members.<br />

President<br />

Jeremy Watmuff<br />

nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

Vice-President<br />

Mark Charles<br />

nmrrcvicepresident@gmailcom<br />

Secretary<br />

Doug King<br />

nmrrcsecretary@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer<br />

Lee Bastyr<br />

nmrrctreasurer@gmail.com<br />

Newsletter Editor<br />

Cheryl Parks<br />

nmrrcnews@outlook.com<br />

District One Director<br />

Diane Walker<br />

blazinbunzrabbitry@yahoo.com<br />

District Two Director<br />

Armando Cabrera<br />

mandojudg@aol.com<br />

District Three Director<br />

Travis Knight<br />

tjknight627@yahoo.com<br />

District Four Director<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

nealduck1@gmail.com<br />

District Five Director<br />

Amanda Marquardt<br />

ilminirex@gmail.com<br />

District Six Director<br />

EthanHavill<br />

eharvill@vols.utk.edu<br />

District Seven Director<br />

Michael Mageles<br />

michaelmageles@outlook.com<br />

District Eight Director<br />

Beth Bickel<br />

Bickelsbunnies@gmail.com<br />

District Nine Director<br />

Piper Smith<br />

pesmith@ptd.net<br />

The articles, opinions or statements published<br />

are solely the responsibility of the authors.

Cheryl Parks<br />

Newsletter Editor<br />

Nmrrcnews@outlook.com<br />

Hi Mini Rex Family,<br />

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)<br />

convention is so close!! I hope you are getting<br />

ready to attend. I start checking off things I<br />

need to do before the big show. The first<br />

thing is picking out the rabbits that will be<br />

ready to show. Sadly, so far, the weather has<br />

not helped with the coats. Next we try to get<br />

them use to sitting on the show table. Some<br />

of the rabbits like to pretend to be a running<br />

breed. We have not been to many shows this<br />

year. So they need the practice.<br />

Thank You Travis Knight for your service to<br />

the club as the D3 director.<br />

Any time you want to submit an article or<br />

pictures…please do! This is a newsletter for<br />

all the members so please participate.<br />

The banquet tickets and the trio raffle tickets<br />

are available. Check out the flyers in this<br />

newsletter.<br />

Hope to see you in Reno!<br />

Chery<br />

My list keeps growing. It is like taking children<br />

on a trip. The list keeps growing of things to<br />

remember.<br />

I would like to thank the members that wrote<br />

articles for this newsletter. Thank you,<br />

Armando Cabrera, Joe Kim, Julie Stewart,<br />

Allyse Sullivan, Ethan Harvill,and Tammy<br />

Wheat. Be sure to read their articles.<br />

Deadline for content for next issue is December 1, 2022<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Jeremy Watmuff<br />

President<br />

nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

Greetings Mini Rex Breeders!<br />

It is hard to believe that the fall is just about upon us and<br />

that means we are just weeks away from the ARBA<br />

convention in Reno. Once again the board of directors<br />

has voted to subsidize the banquet price as a way to<br />

allow more members to attend the annual banquet and<br />

auction. As you make your final preparations, leave<br />

room while packing to bring along an item or two to<br />

donate to the youth raffle or the banquet auction.<br />

Trio raffle tickets are currently on sale. This is a great<br />

fundraiser for the NMRRC as well as a great way for a<br />

breeder to obtain three animals from top breeders<br />

across the country. Thank you to this years donors –<br />

Sandy Lowry & Joe Kim, Doug King and Jordan Crawford.<br />

You do not need to be present to win however the<br />

winner is responsible for transportation. Tickets can be<br />

purchased on our NMRRC website as well as at the<br />

show.<br />

Elsewhere in the newsletter you will find the results of<br />

the clubs recent vote to accept Amber, Himalayan<br />

(Chocolate & Lilac) and Tortoise (Blue, Chocolate &<br />

Lilac). Following the vote, we are now looking for<br />

guidance from the ARBA Standards Committee to let us<br />

know when these changes will go into effect. Until that<br />

time, we are unable to show the new varieties. The club<br />

will post on our website and social media when we have<br />

confirmation on the effective date.<br />

We Need You! The NMRRC frequently needs the<br />

expertise of our members and this is a great opportunity<br />

if you are looking to get involved. We are currently<br />

looking for members that are interested in helping to<br />

update the NMRRC Guidebook. We are looking for<br />

individuals with experience in publishing,<br />

editing/proofing. Please let me know if you are<br />

interested in helping.<br />

Just a reminder that the 2023 National Mini Rex Show<br />

will be held in conjunction with the Ohio Mini<br />

Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Our banquet and host<br />

hotel will be the Embassy Suites located at 2700<br />

Corporate Exchange Dr in Columbus, OH. Additional<br />

rooms will become available in our room block as the<br />

host hotel makes them available to us. Please continue<br />

to use the link on our website or call the hotel directly to<br />

check room availability. The dates for the event will be<br />

May 5-7, 2023. Additional information will be available<br />

in the coming months.<br />

“Get involved. You don’t want to look back at your life<br />

and realize that you successfully managed to stay out of<br />

it” ~ Robert Breault<br />

Until Next Time,<br />

Jeremy<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Mark Charles<br />


nmrrcvicepresident@gmail.com<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Doug king<br />

secretary<br />

Nmrrcsecretary@gmail.com<br />

\Secretary September 1, 2022<br />

Hello Everyone,<br />

Well today is the 18 and I am scrambling to get all my<br />

required info to Chery tonight!! I’m way late and I’m<br />

sure I’m going to be in trouble!!<br />

Duties as Secretary have been crazy. Sanction requests<br />

have been filling up the mail box in what seems like<br />

record numbers. Great to see so many clubs back in full<br />

force. I’ve been traveling to judge and hitting some<br />

local shows, numbers have been impressive!<br />

ARBA just put out a notice of top breeds winning Best In<br />

Shows….guess which breed was #1? You got it, yea<br />

Mini Rex! 418 BIS since July 1!! We are the top dog!!<br />

Now what everyone wants to hear<br />

about….Convention!! Hoping everyone is planning to<br />

attend. I know it is out West(ish), but I’ll promise no<br />

earthquakes or tidal waves. And the best news our wild<br />

fires are under control. No excuses not to attend!<br />

Elsewhere in the newsletter Director Armando has<br />

outlined details of the week’s events. Things not to<br />

miss: Membership Welcome Party, hosted by me so<br />

you know it will be fun!!! That will be on Saturday<br />

October 1 around the club’s booth, 6 o’clock. Second<br />

must do is the BANQUET! This year it will be a themed<br />

event. Luau in Paradise!! We encourage Luau themed<br />

clothing, we’ll have leis to hand out….Lets make it a<br />

great and fun event. Tickets are just<br />

$25 (adult or child) to members, that is a 60%<br />

discount!! The Board is trying to make the event more<br />

accessible to all! Tickets through the webpage or mail<br />

payment to me. Next up we need everyone to attend<br />

the general membership meeting!! This is when we<br />

discuss the happenings of the past year and what<br />

coming up next year. The meeting will be Monday<br />

following the famous 24K Auction! Speaking of the 24K<br />

Auction, Allyse Sullivan has a terrific line up of top<br />

notch rabbits that could help anyone’s breeding<br />

program!! The 24K Auction will start at 10am<br />

Monday. Bring money!! It is events like the 24K<br />

Auction that allows the Board to offer such a great<br />

deals on our banquet. Immediately after the auction<br />

we will draw the lucky winner of the Trio Raffle.<br />

Tickets available now on line and will be available all<br />

week at the booth. BIS is that day at 3pm. On<br />

Tuesday the 4 Jeremy and I present our Sable<br />

Martens and Smoke Pearl Martens to the ARBA<br />

Standards Committee. We will be one of the first<br />

presentations reviewed so start time is 8:00am. We<br />

would love support from the membership!!<br />

I will be busy as ever but if anyone needs help, just<br />

look me up or yell!!<br />

Happy to help with any questions!<br />

Be safe, be kind and I can’t wait for Convention!!<br />

Doug<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Lee Bastyr<br />

treasurer<br />

Nmrrctreasurer@gmail.com<br />

Hello Mini Rex Friends,<br />

It has been an incredibly busy summer and it’s gone by way too quickly. Mine has been filled with many projects. One<br />

of the most exciting ones is a watering system in the rabbit barn thanks to some very generous and hardworking<br />

friends. I’ve waited a long time for this and it is incredible!<br />

The financial report for 3 Fiscal Quarter/2ⁿ Quarter of 2022 is included in this Newsletter.<br />

Trio Raffle tickets are now available on our website. Don’t miss out on getting yours for a chance to add some amazing<br />

animals as well as supporting the club.<br />

It’s hard to believe that next month we’ll be in Reno. I hope your barn is full of potential winners as you compile your<br />

entry list. Safe travels to all and looking forward to seeing you soon.<br />

Lee<br />

Mark Your Calendars<br />

2023<br />

Mini Rex Nationals<br />

Columbus Ohio<br />

Mini Convention<br />

May 6, 2023<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Diane Walker<br />

blazinbunzrabbitry@yahoo.com<br />

1<br />

Washington - Oregon - Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Alaska Japan - Canada (Saskatchewan, British<br />

Columbia, & Alberta)<br />

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. As I’m writing this we are still in the 90s here in Central Oregon but the<br />

days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Fall will be here before we know it along with<br />

Convention. I hope all your buns are staying cool and your convention prospects are coming along nicely.<br />

We have been asked by our illustrious newsletter editor to provide some insight to rabbit raising so I would like<br />

to speak on the topic of ventilation in your rabbitry. I often see posts on various rabbit Facebook pages from new<br />

people asking how to keep the odor and ammonia smell down especially during the summer. We all have<br />

different ways of keeping our rabbits cool depending on the part of the county we live in but the one thing we all<br />

need is ventilation. I have used a standard industrial type ventilation fan that can be purchased at any home<br />

improvement store or off Amazon. My fan has a temperature sensor but I want it to run at certain times so I<br />

have the fan plugged into a simple timer. That way as it starts to cool down in the evening I can run it for 30-45<br />

minutes and then periodically through out the night. I use a hand held rechargeable vac to clean it in the summer<br />

when the fur is flying and then a full size shop vac to give it a more thorough cleaning in the spring and fall. I<br />

realize that there are other things that we must do to keep our rabbits cool during the hot summer months but a<br />

ventilation fan is one of the first steps to keeping your rabbits cool and healthy.<br />

I hope a lot of you are planning to attend convention in Reno since it is so close, relatively speaking. I look<br />

forward to seeing your there.<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Armando Cabrerra2<br />

mandojudg@aol.com<br />

Arizona - California - Hawaii - Mexico - Nevada -<br />

Greeting District 2 Members-<br />

It is this time of year that I have to confess I have a<br />

rotten attitude towards summer, resent that today’s<br />

high is 108 degrees and I am absolutely over it. As I<br />

write this article, I am contemplating our upcoming<br />

ARBA Convention in Reno, NV. Conventions are a<br />

welcomed, annual, event that take place in cooler<br />

weather, allows us to get together to enjoy each<br />

others’ company, and an opportunity to show our<br />

beautiful breed in anticipation of obtaining a big win.<br />

District 2 is looking forward to hosting this year’s ARBA<br />

Convention. I want to thank members of district 2 who<br />

have already volunteered to help. Please consider<br />

lending a helping hand during show day to ensure the<br />

judging of our breed is successfully and timely<br />

completed. We will also need volunteers for our<br />

booth. The more help we get, the easier the workload<br />

for all. :) Please see additional information related to<br />

ARBA Convention in this newsletter.<br />

Elsewhere in this newsletter are also the results of our<br />

vote-in varieties; thank you to everyone that voted.<br />

Standardss Committee Report<br />

Dear NMRRC Club Members-<br />

I want to personally thank all of our members that<br />

voted on the opportunity provided to us by the ARBA<br />

Rabbit Standards Committee to vote-in eligible<br />

varieties to our breed standard. Once the ARBA Board<br />

votes on our ballot results, the following varieties will<br />

be added to our ARBA Mini Rex Standard:<br />

-Amber<br />

-Chocolate and Lilac Himi<br />

-Blue, Chocolate and Lilac Tort<br />

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Julie<br />

Hanna-Stewart and committee for the prompt tallying<br />

and reporting of results.<br />

Respectfully submitted,<br />

Armando Cabrera - Chair<br />

NMRRC Standards Committee<br />

Keep your animals cool, clean and well fed so they are<br />

hopefully primed and ready to show this Fall.<br />

Respectfully submitted,<br />

Armando Cabrera<br />

District 2<br />

Our club has voted to accept<br />

the 3 proposals offered.<br />

Amber Yes 37 No 20<br />

Himi Yes 52 No 5<br />

Tort Yes 54 No 3<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Travis Knight<br />

tjknight627@yahoo.com<br />

North Dakota - Nebraska - South Dakota - Minnesota - Iowa - Wisconsin<br />

D3 Newsletter<br />

I would like to thank all of our D3 enthusiasts for<br />

an enjoyable run as you D3 director. After<br />

convention I will be stepping down and Allyse<br />

Sullivan will be taking over. Please feed you<br />

information and concerns to her as D3 is a strong<br />

district with great people and quality animals. It is<br />

nice to see D3 doing well at national level shows.<br />

We are empty nesters here at home, as Sierra is<br />

now living in Texas and will be working on an M.S.<br />

in athletic training after she completes her Texas<br />

residency requirements for universities. My barn<br />

is still full of mini rex and Nigerian dwarf goats so I<br />

have plenty of things to keep me occupied. I plan<br />

to downsize the barn a bit but keep both rabbits<br />

and goats - showing locally and at national-level<br />

shows when I can.<br />

There are so many good people that keep shows<br />

running and mentor beginners. Keep up the good<br />

work! We need your care and dedication. Covid,<br />

derechos, RHDV2, and politics/economics are all<br />

challenges that we can work through. Chin up and<br />

move on!<br />

Thanks, best wishes, and see you at a show soon!<br />

Travis<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Sandra Neal<br />

nealduck1@gmail.com<br />

Arkansas - Colorado - New Mexico - Oklahoma –<br />

Convention is closing in on us and everyone is making<br />

their final decisions on who to take, which ones to<br />

sell etc. this show will decide if all your preparations<br />

breedings and culling have been fruitful or in vain.<br />

This year I don’t have anything that I think is a barn<br />

burner but I have a couple that I like. We all have<br />

years that we feel were better for breeding and<br />

others not so much. Sometimes we need to regroup<br />

and just cull harder. The minirex as a breed is<br />

becoming better and better and some breeders are<br />

just a step ahead of the others. I do feel that a few<br />

rabbits that I placed with other breeders have helped<br />

their herds so that is always a good thing.<br />

I hope everyone has already made their reservations<br />

for convention, gathered up their risers, coop cups,<br />

and tags for marking their rabbits. Arranged for<br />

transportation if they are flying, always check on<br />

your reservation for your dog kennels. Or made<br />

arrangements for your rabbits to be transported to<br />

meet you there.<br />

I always enjoy seeing all my friends at convention ,<br />

going to eat or just see some sights while there. The<br />

friendships made during my years of showing have<br />

made showing rabbits that much more enjoyable. I<br />

can’t wait to see you all and see your amazing<br />

rabbits.<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

District 4<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Amanda<br />

Kansas - Missouri - Illinois<br />

Marquardt<br />

ilminirex@gmail.com<br />

Summer is just about over and fall will soon be upon us.<br />

The summer heat and humidity were intense this year.<br />

There was even a series of rain events that were record<br />

breaking. My area saw relentless triple digit<br />

temperatures with a 5-10 degree heat index on top of it<br />

for a majority of the season. That is not the norm. There<br />

were a few breaks in the weather that did bring cooler<br />

temperatures, but also brought a large amount of<br />

rainfall in a short amount of time. Parts of the St. Louis,<br />

MO area received 10-13” of rain in a 24 hour period!<br />

I am fortunate that I did not lose any rabbits due to the<br />

extreme heat or from flash flooding. My rabbits are not<br />

housed in a climate controlled environment. They are<br />

kept in barns under plenty of shade with fans. For most<br />

of the summer I did provide frozen water bottles for<br />

them to lay next to. After several days, the rabbits<br />

looked forward to them and the ice bottles became<br />

“magnets” as the rabbits instantly laid next to them.<br />

The ice does eventually melt which is why I wait to give<br />

them to the rabbits until the afternoon.<br />

Below is sent from Amanda McVoy. Congratulations and<br />

thank you for sharing!<br />

In May, district 5 member Shelby McAvoy took BIS,<br />

under judge Tara Parker, at the Bunny Bunch Rabbit<br />

Club show in Topeka, KS. She won the top honors with<br />

4J’s Tres Leches, a home raised broken blue junior doe.<br />

In May, Mini Rex took top honors in both the Youth and<br />

Open at the SWMHR show in Carthage, MO. Dave<br />

Switzner, of Baptist Ridge Rabbitry, was BIS Open with<br />

his home raised Chocolate doe and Shelby McAvoy, of<br />

4J’s Rabbitry, was RIS with her home raised Blue doe.<br />

This was the third time these two have paired up to<br />

represent Mini Rex with top honors. In 2015, they both<br />

had BIS @ Harrisonville, MO and in 2017 they both had<br />

RIS @ Sedalia, MO.The 2022 win is extra special as this<br />

was Shelby’s last show as an ARBA youth. Therefore, it<br />

is only fitting that she and Dave get to share the<br />

accolades one last time.<br />

With the hotter than normal summer this year, I noticed<br />

several of my juniors developed summer ears. At a<br />

young age their ear length went past the maximum of 3<br />

1/2”. Many were culled early due to it. Some breeders<br />

may say that summer ears are genetic while others<br />

believe that environmental (heat) influences are to<br />

blame. I do believe that the heat this summer did make<br />

a difference in the long ear length in some of my litters.<br />

The parents have correct or even desired ear length and<br />

not all rabbits in the same litter developed long ears.<br />

Has anyone else noticed long ear length this summer in<br />

their litters? For those who also keep their rabbits in a<br />

non-climate controlled building, how do you keep your<br />

rabbits cool in the summer?<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Ethan Harvill<br />

Hello All!<br />

eharvill@vols.utk.edu<br />

I hope you are as excited as I am about fall shows! It will<br />

be so nice to see friends from across the country as we<br />

hit many annual shows. In addition to some of my<br />

favorite shows, ARBA convention is also around the<br />

corner. I hope everyone is excited to head to Reno<br />

Nevada. The last convention held in Reno was a huge<br />

success, and I am looking forward to another great year<br />

on the West Coast.<br />

One exciting announcement coming from the Linda<br />

Thompson Memorial Youth Scholarship Committee is<br />

the change to offer an online option for applicants<br />

starting next year. I would like to say thank you to the<br />

committee members who supported this change, as<br />

well as the NMRRC board for the support of this<br />

progressive change. All materials will be able to be<br />

submitted directly to the youth scholarship committee,<br />

under one submission. This will eliminate candidates<br />

sending multiple documents, the committee having to<br />

wait to receive scanned copies for review, and<br />

ultimately will make all documents accessible in real<br />

time at once. More information on how to complete the<br />

application will be coming out soon, as well as the link<br />

to access the online submission portal.<br />

As we start to gather for fall shows, please feel reach<br />

out and ask questions. I look forward to seeing you!<br />

Best,<br />

Ethan Harvill<br />

Alabama - Georgia - Florida - Louisiana - Mississippi -<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Michael Mageles<br />

michaelmageles@outlook.com<br />

New York - New Hampshire - Vermont - Massachusetts -<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Beth Bickel<br />

Bickelsbunnies@gmail.com<br />

Michigan - Indiana - Ohio - Kentucky - Canada<br />


bickelsbunnies@gmail.com or nmrrc web page or at<br />

convention!!<br />

Hello from district 8! Hope this finds all doing well! Been a<br />

rather toasty summer here!<br />

Before you know it many of us will be traveling to Reno..<br />

Paul is going and I am hoping to make it too!<br />

Showing season has been going well with mini Rex showing<br />

well in our district.<br />

Congratulations to all our winning members. I have not<br />

received much information from my district 8 members.<br />

Looking forward to seeing the new variety’s hit the tables<br />

soon!<br />

Congratulations to Harper Gootee on winning BIS at<br />

Kentucky state Fair and BIS at Hamlet!<br />

Congratulations to Lane McCall on his BOS at Kentucky<br />

State Fair<br />

Congratulations to Fran and David McCall on BOB and BOS<br />

at Kentucky State Fair<br />

Congratulations to Julie Stewart on BOB at Indiana State<br />

Fair<br />

Safe travels to all traveling to Reno and best of luck, hope<br />

to see you there!<br />

Again, please send me show results to post in the<br />

newsletter<br />

Beth Bickel<br />

District 8 director<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Piper Smith Debruler<br />

pesmith@ptd.net<br />

Pennsylvania - West Virgina - Virginia - New Jersey -<br />

Greetings Fellow NMRRC District 9 Members!<br />

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!<br />

Fall show season is in full swing and it’s been<br />

awesome seeing so many Mini Rex garner high honors<br />

throughout our district. Please send in photos so they<br />

can be shown in the newsletter!!<br />

We are very excited for the upcoming ARBA<br />

Convention in Reno! This newsletter highlights the<br />

NMRRC related info for the week. Everything can also<br />

be viewed on the NMRRC’s Facebook Page. I am<br />

available to answer any questions, also!<br />

Plans are coming together for the National Mini Rex<br />

Show that will be held in Ohio in May 2023. I hope<br />

that many D9 members plan to attend this event since<br />

it is so close!!! I think a centrally located National<br />

show will have excellent attendance and quality.<br />

As always, please feel comfortable to reach out to me<br />

with any questions or concerns! I am available via<br />

email, text, or Facebook messenger<br />

I look forward to seeing many of our members at fall<br />

shows in the coming months and everyone at<br />

Convention next month!<br />

Cheers,<br />

Piper<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Youth Corner<br />

I’m sure everyone is itching to get back into the show room after the long HOT break. Living in Texas, I know<br />

we are looking forward to the upcoming cooler months. We would like to thank everyone that participated<br />

in the Photo Contest, we got several cute ones in that made the decision very difficult. Congratulations to<br />

Alex Ewing (7 and Under), Avery Speed (8 to 13), and Chase Walbourn (14 to 18) for submitting awesome<br />

photos.<br />

Let’s talk about Convention. The Youth Committee will hold a raffle at the NMRRC booth. The proceeds from<br />

the raffle will support the Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund. We are still looking for items to be<br />

donated to the raffle. Please, if you have something you want to donate, send me a message on Facebook,<br />

or email me at (MallorysBunnyRabbitry@gmail.com).<br />

There will be a special section of the raffle reserved for those 21 and over. These items will be mostly wine<br />

and liquor, that will be wrapped in paper bags making them unidentifiable. We are needing donations for<br />

these items as well! This idea is that if your ticket is drawn, you get to pick a surprise bottle. However many<br />

bottles we have, is how many drawings there will be.<br />

We decided to try to have a few fun activities for the kiddos at Convention. We will have a scavenger hunt,<br />

age-based trivia, and a coloring contest. We are also trying to get together a little clinic for the youth on<br />

evaluating mini rex. If this is something that you would be interested in, send me a message.<br />

Hope to see everyone in Reno!<br />

Lizz Beason<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Continued on Page 21<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Continued from Page 20<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


24 K Auction–Don’t Miss it!<br />

Hello everyone!<br />

My name is Allyse Sullivan, and I am the new chairperson for the 24K auction committee. I am so<br />

excited to take on this new endeavor, but I am even more thrilled to have Becca Forney, Cole<br />

Simons, Michelle Bauer, and Jason Ross joining me on the committee. We are looking forward to<br />

putting together the 24K auction for you all at this upcoming convention in Reno, Nevada. This is<br />

always such a fun convention! The 24K auction will be on Monday, October 31st after the general<br />

membership meeting. The auction will likely take place where Mini Rex was judged.<br />

For the 24K auction, we have reached out to quite a few breeders for donations, and we are<br />

excited to share them all with you as it gets closer to convention. We are hoping to post pictures<br />

and updates as we get definite donations. If you have a rabbit you would like to donate to the 24K<br />

auction, please find me, Becca Forney, or Cole Simons at Convention or message us beforehand.<br />

We will have awards for the highest bidder and highest seller.<br />

What you should know about the 24K auction:<br />

∙ It is held once a year at the ARBA Convention in Fall.<br />

∙ The committee will select and auction quality Mini Rex rabbits for each auction.<br />

∙ 50% of the sale price per Mini Rex shall go to the NMRRC and the remaining 50% goes to the<br />

donor (unless the donor wants to donate more to the NMRRC).<br />

∙ The committee has the authority to refuse or limit the total number of animals auctioned.<br />

∙ At a minimum, four rabbits must be selected for youth only auction.<br />

∙ There will be awards available for highest bidder and highest seller.<br />

If you have not already, feel free to join our new Facebook page- 24K Auction: The Elite of the<br />

NMRRC. We will be posting updates and results here. Feel free to reach out to me or any members<br />

of the committee if you have questions or concerns.<br />

See you all in Reno!<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


In the spirit of fun and to copy a FACEBOOK time waster….here’s a Mini Rex Version of:<br />


Shared By: Julie Stewart<br />

Give your self a point for each of these you are guilty of. Scoring chart at the bottom.<br />

1. Tried to breed two bucks together.<br />

2. Tatoo’d in the wrong ear or upside down in the right ear.<br />

3. Got black marker on your rabbit putting a coop number ear in the Right ear, give yourself<br />

two points if the rabbit was white.<br />

4. Got DQ’d at ARBA or Nationals for no permanent tatoo.<br />

5. Put a nest box in the wrong cage thereby putting a litter on the wire for the correct rabbit.<br />

6. Forgot to enter fur at Nationals or ARBA.<br />

7. Been scolded by Doug King<br />

8. Forgot to bring a sold rabbit to ARBA/Nationals.<br />

9. Left a rabbit at ARBA or Nationals<br />

10. Hidden Jason Ross’ phone (or wallet) from him.<br />

11. Forgot to cut your wire tie on a coop at ARBA and your rabbit did not get shown.<br />

12. Forgot to write down a breeding and have no idea who the sire is.<br />

13. Had an entire litter of unshowable color rabbits because….you don’t know why!<br />

14. Bought something silly for way too much at the Mini Rex Banquet auction.<br />

15. Donated something to the Mini Rex Auction that sold for way too much.<br />

16. Have yet to figure out how to show Mini Rex in groups.<br />

17. Entered one mini rex then unknowingly brought a different one to show at ARBA<br />

Convention or Nationals.<br />

18. Cannot name all the varieties of mini rex....to date.<br />

19. Do not own a CURRENT ARBA Standard of Perfection.<br />

20. Cannot name the Mini Rex Breed Slogan.<br />

Scoring Key: Whatever number you got, minus it by the same number to give yourself a perfect<br />

score because you are reading the newsletter and took the time to have some mini rex fun!<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


It’s that time of year – 4H and FFA groups are reaching out for show stock. I usually get two kinds<br />

of buyers. “I am looking for the highest quality black otter buck that I can purchase for my<br />

daughter to win the county show.” And the other: “I am a single mom and I want my son to have<br />

a great experience in 4H this year with a show rabbit.”<br />

That’s the dilemma. Like many of you, I have a few FFA teachers that contact me. This year, my<br />

first request was the ‘high quality’ one. When I spoke with the teacher, I reminded her that I<br />

often get that request and the kids that normally win at county are the experienced youth<br />

breeders that have raised their own rabbits. Here at home in Texas, we have three youth that are<br />

doing very well and sharing the wins. I remind the teachers that I rarely have something available<br />

that can beat these hard working kids.<br />

Winning at County fairs and winning at ARBA shows is no different. We all love to win. It’s a cycle,<br />

and a learning experience. When a breeder gets their herd at a winning level and starts winning,<br />

they become popular, and their rabbits become desired. Here’s where the differentiation in<br />

continued success begins.<br />

Many of us have observed the different behaviors of winning breeders.<br />

One type of breeder becomes exclusive. You hear the words ‘my lines’. These breeders either<br />

don’t share their stock locally, or at all. It is interesting at this point that the winner has forgotten<br />

that they started with someone else’s rabbits. Over time, this breeder’s herd quality can suffer<br />

from the lack of good competition around them. The competition numbers can even decrease,<br />

since others lose interest, or bide their time by purchasing great stock elsewhere and take some<br />

time out to improve their herd.<br />

Another type of breeder shares stock with others who need to get started or need improvement<br />

in their herds. These breeders even get beat at local shows by their own stock that they have<br />

shared. Of course, that win is short-lived as the shared stock ages out and becomes brood stock.<br />

It takes time, but the new owner gets to improve their herd over the next year by breeding the<br />

new rabbit properly and brings good competition back to the shows. The breed improves, the<br />

exhibitor’s stock improves with the broader quality competition, and entry numbers increase.<br />

I recently experienced sharing stock with a national competitor. It was fun going through a few<br />

examples of our stock. I ended up taking home a doe, and loaning one of my bucks out for<br />

breeding a few does. This was a great experience. I have been doing this locally for years. I enjoy<br />

seeing the success from both youth and open breeders that have taken my stock and put them to<br />

breeding. This motivates me to keep going with a hobby that takes so much time.<br />

Now these are just a few examples, and we have all types of people who have different<br />

approaches to our hobby. Seeing this in writing or observing others helps review what type of<br />

breeder you are or want to be.<br />

Enjoy the hobby!<br />

Shared By: Tammy Wheat<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Shared By: Joe Kim<br />

What I learned about Minirex in the past year:<br />

1. They change. The best one at 3 months is rarely the best one at 8 months. They are constantly<br />

changing. I’ve had a decent one at 6 months turn out to be the best one a month later. I keep<br />

everything good and hope one of them pops for the big show.<br />

2. Handle as least as possible before judging. I made the mistake of letting everyone handle my<br />

rabbits at the 2021 Convention. The more you handle them, the worse they look. Over handling<br />

makes them softer in flesh and less cooperative on the judging table. It’s fun to show and tell but<br />

it’s best to do it after judging is complete. With that said, Tans were the opposite of Minirex.<br />

Taking them out before judging and letting them run on a table made them more comfortable and<br />

move better on the table.<br />

3. Stick to a strict feeding schedule. I set my alarm so I feed at 7pm every night. Rabbits are more<br />

active at night and I want the feeders empty by morning. I want their guts empty during the<br />

hottest part of the day. I’ve never lost a rabbit to bloat.<br />

4. Do your worming 2 months before the big show. Fenbendazole does wonders for Minirex. But it<br />

did nothing for my Tans. I worm exactly 2 months before nationals and convention. I feed pellets<br />

and start their conditioner 2 months before the big show. I don’t feed hay or oats to any animals.<br />

When it gets really hot, my rabbits get a handful of straw to increase fiber and keep their gut<br />

moving.<br />

5. Stick to a routine. Don’t change feed. If you have fur and flesh problems, it’s rarely the feed.<br />

Don’t change your feeding schedule. Don’t add new supplements just because you hear it’s great.<br />

Stick to what’s worked and stick to the routine.<br />

6. Breed senior does 10-14 days before judging. Breeding them will bring them into prime fur and<br />

flesh on some. Doesn’t always work for all does. Bred does are less likely to lift while being judged.<br />

They are also calmer when bred versus a doe that’s in heat.<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


Hello All,<br />

Shared By: Ethan Harvill<br />

I wanted to take a second to discuss topline when breeding Mini Rex. This philosophy can be<br />

applied to many breeds. This conversation started with a discussion with a fellow breeder. Often<br />

times, and I can be guilty of this as well, breeders will evaluate type solely based of the high point<br />

of the animal. In reality, there is much more to consider.<br />

A notable trait that many breeders evaluate is the high point. While this is very important, high<br />

point is a sign of the roundness of loin that an animal carries. It is also important to note that that<br />

depth should always equal width. A rabbit that is deeper over the hindquarter should blend from<br />

the hindquarter into the shoulder.<br />

This excerpt below from Lowry and Kim’s Blog is excellent advice when evaluating profile on your<br />

herd:<br />

1. High point is a function of the roundness of loin.<br />

2. Rounder the loin, the shorter the turn over hip - pushing high point further back.<br />

3. Loin can be divided into two sections: a) the front section (the rise) and the back section (turn<br />

over hip).<br />

4. The front section of the loin in front of the high point which is part of the ‘rise’ should form a<br />

‘gradual curve’ in the loin as per the SOP<br />

5. The loin section behind high point should ‘round’ over the hindquarter as per the SOP. It’s<br />

important to remember that the front section of the loin should be a gradual curve while back<br />

section of the loin should be round.<br />

6. Roundness in the SOP is used to describe only the hindquarter: a) profile view of loin from front<br />

to back and b) rear view of hindquarter from side to side.<br />

7. Roundness is not used to describe the profile in front of the hindquarter as per the SOP.<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


What are non-dwarf rabbits?<br />

In all breeds that are genetic dwarfs, there is the<br />

possibility for non-dwarf rabbits and peanuts/runts. In<br />

this article, I’m going to explain what this means,<br />

breeding purposes, and different verbiage. This<br />

information is collected from my experience (raising<br />

mini rex) and conversations with other breeders.<br />

What are the names breeders use for non-dwarf<br />

rabbits?<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

Broody<br />

Mule<br />

BUD= Big Ugly Doe<br />

BUB= Big Ugly Buck<br />

Genetic normal<br />

How do you know a rabbit is non-dwarf?<br />

*best to compare to siblings to know the below:<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

Shared By: Allyse Sullivan<br />

Longer ears<br />

Bigger frame<br />

Heavier in weight<br />

Narrow muzzle<br />

Usually deeper than siblings<br />

Will not produce peanuts/runts<br />

What does it mean when a rabbit has the dwarf gene?<br />

Dwarf gene rabbits tend to be showable within weight<br />

and ear length. It has a single dwarf gene.<br />

With Netherland Dwarfs, it’s common to get tweeners. I<br />

personally have not gotten many of these at all in mini<br />

rex. Tweeners appear to be non-dwarf, but they still<br />

produce peanuts/runts, so then you know they have the<br />

dwarf gene. Test breeding is a good way to know if a<br />

rabbit is genetically non-dwarf by getting peanuts/runts<br />

or not. Peanuts and runts have the double dwarf gene,<br />

which is fatal.<br />

How do you breed with a non-dwarf rabbit?<br />

Non-dwarf does are the most beneficial because they<br />

are larger and will produce more babies. None of these<br />

babies will be peanuts/runts. When you breed a nondwarf<br />

rabbit to a dwarf rabbit, you will get 50/50 nondwarf<br />

and dwarf and no peanuts/runts. When you breed<br />

a non-dwarf rabbit to another non-dwarf rabbit, you will<br />

only get non-dwarf rabbits. All of these non-dwarf<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />

rabbits will almost always not be showable at senior<br />

age.<br />

How do you get a non-dwarf rabbit?<br />

You can get non-dwarf rabbits out of the above<br />

breedings explained. You will also get non-dwarf rabbits<br />

by breeding two dwarf rabbits together. There is almost<br />

always at least one in each litter in my experience. See<br />

probabilities below.<br />

What are the probabilities within litters when breeding<br />

a dwarf gene rabbit to another dwarf gene rabbit?<br />

Dwarf gene- 50%<br />

Peanuts/runts- 25%<br />

Non-dwarf- 25%<br />

What are the probabilities of breeding a dwarf gene<br />

rabbit to a non-dwarf gene rabbit?<br />

Dwarf gene- 50%<br />

Non-dwarf- 50%<br />

*note- The litter in this breeding is almost always bigger,<br />

so you actually have a higher chance of getting more<br />

dwarf animals (showable) by doing this breeding rather<br />

than dwarf x dwarf.<br />

What breeds are genetic dwarfs?<br />

*note- this is based on my conversations with other<br />

breeders.<br />

27<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

∙<br />

Mini Rex<br />

Netherland Dwarfs<br />

Mini Satins<br />

Holland Lops<br />

Dwarf Hotot<br />

Britannia Petites<br />

Dwarf Papillon<br />

Jersey Woolley<br />

AFL<br />


Shared By: Armando Cabrera<br />

The Basics of Rabbit Care<br />

By Armando Cabrera<br />

I was inspired to share some basic rabbit care information after a conversation I had with an acquaintance that’s<br />

been in rabbits for years. I realized that there is information out there that we sometimes assume others know.<br />

Some of these tips are based on some facts about rabbits that are important to know for producing quality<br />

animals for the show tables and for your breeding program. The Tips I am providing are my suggestions as a<br />

breeder, raising rabbits since July 1983; I am not an animal nutritionist.<br />

Tip #1 – Rabbits need water. Did you know that rabbits can only eat so much feed without water? I was a bit<br />

surprised to know how many breeders don’t know that. If a rabbit runs out of water, it will only be able to eat so<br />

much, until more water is provided. Again, rabbits need water in order to be able to consume the appropriate<br />

amount of nutrients which in turn will help maximize their flesh, coat and overall condition.<br />

If you use bottles or bowls for water, and you’re surprised your rabbits, especially does with litters, are not<br />

eating all or most of their daily feed portions, they are likely not getting enough water. When the weather is<br />

warmer, you may need to water 2 or 3 times a day. The same is true if it’s winter, and your bowls freeze. When<br />

you have frozen water bowls, you need to remove the ice, and water your rabbits so they have plenty of<br />

opportunity to drink the amount of water they need. The larger the breed, the more water they will require.<br />

Water makes up about two-thirds of a rabbit’s body and helps them digest food, absorb nutrients and remove<br />

waste. Water also helps keep rabbits’ body temperature within a normal range (102 °F to 103 °F), which is<br />

especially important during our warmer days of Summer. Again, rabbits need plenty of fresh, clean water in<br />

order for them to be able to consume the appropriate amount of nutrients, which in turn will help maximize<br />

their flesh, coat and overall condition.<br />

Tip #2 – Rabbits need a good quality, feed. There are many brands of show feeds out there and some breeders<br />

will argue that a certain brand or formula is the best, while there’s others stating it’s the worse. So which is it?<br />

I’m a believer that as long as you feed a quality diet from a quality milling source that uses quality ingredients<br />

and mills fresh feed at least every 30 days (always check the milling date), your feed will be sufficient to breed,<br />

raise and show quality animals. Nutritionally speaking, your feed should have a guaranteed analysis that<br />

provides a minimum 16% crude protein, minimum 15% crude fiber, and a minimum crude fat of 2%. The rest of<br />

the ingredients can and will vary, but the top 3 I mentioned, in my opinion, are essential. Just to share what I<br />

feed, my brand of rabbit feed, Templeton Feed & Grain, also has a calcium level of .45-.65%, a maximum salt<br />

level of .65%, and no more than 9% Ash.<br />

Stay away from large pet chains for rabbit feed. Most are months old and full of dry veggie treats/fillers that<br />

don’t provide much nutritional support. The older the feed, the less nutrients it will have, since feed loses its<br />

nutritional value over time. I once had found a bag of rabbit feed, in a large pet chain store, that was exactly 1<br />

year old…true story!<br />

Tip #3 – Provide your animal a safe and controlled environment. The most ideal housing is a temperaturecontrolled<br />

building with caging that is appropriately sized for your animals. Now that I’ve shared the “ideal,” in<br />

most cases, it’s financially feasible to provide good caging for our animals, but a temperature-controlled building<br />

can be quite an expensive feature that may be difficult to afford. A small shed, open sided barn with tarps, space<br />

within a larger barn that is shared with other species, is a perfectly acceptable alternative, as long as the rabbits<br />

have good caging in good ventilation, protection from extreme weather and drafts, protection from predators,<br />

and the ability to keep them in a clean environment.<br />

In summer weather, swamp coolers, for those in dryer climates, are a great alternative for cooling animals in<br />

buildings that are not sealed well enough to run air conditioning. Even fans and/or misters, that are strategically<br />

placed, so animals don’t get wet or direct air, can be very effective in keeping your animals comfortable and<br />

alive.<br />

Continued on Page 30<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


As for winter, there are outdoor heating alternatives, but understand that some can be dangerous in a barn<br />

with loose hay and bedding. When heating is needed, make sure the equipment is secure, and placed in a<br />

cleared location, with good/safe wiring to prevent fires. Please note that as long as your rabbits have time<br />

to gradually adjust to weather changes, especially winter, they have the ability to adjust to very low, cold,<br />

temperatures without the need for heating, but you need to provide some help. Stuffing hay or straw in<br />

cages for animals to get off the wire and bed themselves down is very helpful. You will need to add<br />

supplemental grains to their daily diet, such as a mix of barley, or oats, with some calf-manna. I know<br />

many breeders are against corn, but in my opinion, even rolled corn in the grain mix can be helpful, since<br />

it’s a hot grain that can help your rabbits stay warm in extreme weather. It’s amazing what a tablespoon of<br />

grain mix can do to support your rabbits’ warmth production without sacrificing flesh and coat<br />

development/maintenance.<br />

I wanted to add that winter, but not extreme weather, is the best time of year to condition animals, as long<br />

as you provide consistent, quality nutrition, in a comfortable environment.<br />

Tip #4 – Be consistent and have a schedule.<br />

I believe that when it comes to conditioning and improving your herd, consistency is absolutely key.<br />

Do your best to feed and water your animals at the same time, every day; if you feed twice a day, do it<br />

around the same time, every day. Most breeders only feed their animals once a day, so you can imagine<br />

how an animal’s body and functions will respond if today I feed at 5:30 P.M., and tomorrow at 6:45 P.M.,<br />

and then 9:00 P.M. the next night, and then back to 6:45 P.M., etc. This type of feeding schedule is<br />

incredibly bad for building and maintaining your herd. Metabolically, it’s so important that an animal is fed<br />

when its body says it’s meal time…you won’t get that if you’re constantly changing the time you feed your<br />

animals. When animals are hungry, their bodies start consuming their reserves. The same goes for thirst,<br />

lack of water will affect the water percentage of an animal’s body AND in the case of rabbits, as I<br />

mentioned in Tip #1, they won’t eat if they have no water.<br />

Tip #5 – You must cull.<br />

When you are caring for animals in order to improve your program/herd, you must cull. Since I’ve focused<br />

so much on nutrition, although I don’t want to dig that deep here, as you feed your feed of choice, and<br />

you’re doing so consistently, practicing the tips I’ve shared, you will begin to identify animals that thrive,<br />

grow and improve, while others do not. You have to be tough and ask yourself, if this buck in this litter<br />

looks and feels great, why am I keeping the sibling that looks rough and weak? Over time, you will be<br />

selecting animals that thrive on your feeding, watering and husbandry practices. Can you see what I’ve<br />

been leading to now?!?<br />

Please remember, it costs as much to raise a great quality rabbit, as it does a poor quality one. If you’re<br />

afraid to make a mistake and get rid of the wrong one, there are breeders/judges that are willing to help<br />

teach you. In the event you don’t have someone and you do make a mistake, you can always repeat the<br />

breeding and produce more.<br />

One reason for culling is so that you can control your numbers and separate animals, ideally, by 8 weeks of<br />

age. It’s difficult to condition animals that are crowded together. Every litter has one or two animals that<br />

eat more than their fair share and the slower eaters get robbed of the nutrition they need. Additionally,<br />

the longer siblings are together, the greater the chance that they discover their gender and start riding<br />

each other and/or fighting, which damages their coats, ears, and can cause serious flesh wounds from<br />

bites.<br />

I hope you found these tips helpful and I hope you have successful years raising beautiful mini rex!<br />

Armando Cabrera

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


A Look Back At some past Reno Experiences

Past Reno Experiences

Income Statement/Balance Sheet<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />



Affiliated Specialty Clubs<br />

Illinois Mini Rex Club<br />

Kentucky State Mini Rex Club-KY<br />

Mountain States Mini Rex Club- CO.<br />

Majestic Mini Rex Club -PA.<br />

Midwest Mini Rex Club -WI.<br />

Louisiana Mini Rex Club-LA.<br />

Texas Mini Rex Rabbit Club<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 4 October-November-December 2022<br />


National Mini Rex Rabbit Club<br />

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