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Official Publication Of The National Mini Rex Club <strong>3rd</strong> Qurter July-August-September <strong>2023</strong>

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Your Committees<br />

AD Manager<br />

Lynanne Crippen<br />

● Advertiser’s Index<br />

● April-May-June <strong>2023</strong><br />

● Covers<br />

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● Lowry & Kim Mini Rex Inside Back<br />

● Bass Equipment……….Outside Back<br />

● KT Bunny Barn…………..Page 10<br />

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National Mini Rex Rabbit Club––––––-Visit us on the web @ www.nmrrc.net<br />

www.nmrrc.net<br />

Directors reports Page 6<br />

Road Trip Page 25<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Open National Winners Page 27<br />

Youth National Winners Page 37<br />

New Variety info Page 21<br />

Judges selection Ballot Page 43<br />

Disclaimer<br />

The NMRRC reserves the right to refuse<br />

publication of any articles or<br />

advertisements it deems not to be in the<br />

best interest of its members.<br />

The articles, opinions or statements<br />

published are solely the responsibility of<br />

President<br />

Jeremy Watmuff<br />

nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

Vice-President<br />

VACANT<br />

Secretary<br />

Bridget Forman<br />

nmrrcsecretary@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer<br />

Lee Bastyr<br />

nmrrctreasurer@gmail.com<br />

Newsletter Editor<br />

Cheryl Parks<br />

nmrrcnews@outlook.com<br />

District One Director<br />

Diane Walker<br />

blazinbunzrabbitry@yahoo.com<br />

District Two Director<br />

Armando Cabrera<br />

mandojudg@aol.com<br />

District Three Director<br />

Allyse Sullivan<br />

allysesully24@gmail.com<br />

District Four Director<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

nealduck1@gmail.com<br />

District Five Director<br />

Amanda Marquardt<br />

ilminirex@gmail.com<br />

District Six Director<br />

Mark Charles<br />

nmrrcd6director@gmail.com<br />

District 7 Director<br />

Michael Mageles<br />

michaelmageles@outlook.com<br />

District Eight Director<br />

Beth Bickel<br />

Bickelsbunnies@gmail.com<br />

District Nine Director<br />

Piper Smith<br />


Cheryl Parks<br />

Nmrrcnews@outlook.com<br />

Hi Mini Rex Family,<br />

Happy Summer! How do you keep your bunnies<br />

cool in the summer?<br />

We have tried a window air conditioner but found it<br />

was not big enough for our barn. Our barn isn’t<br />

that big but the AC just didn’t cool the space. I<br />

know those that have big units that do a good job.<br />

Well, with that not working we even tried an air<br />

conditioning unit on wheels for inside the barn.<br />

Once again it wasn’t enough for cooling the space.<br />

Therefore, we rely on a swamp cooler. The inside<br />

swamp coolers are not the answer. We now have a<br />

huge unit cut into the side of the barn. This way we<br />

get fresh air from outside if we use the vent cycle.<br />

Also the unit doesn’t get clogged with hair. The<br />

major drawback is the humidity. If you live in a<br />

humid area a swamp cooler will not work for you.<br />

I hope you can find the answer for your barn. The<br />

trial and error method gets expensive so good luck<br />

finding your answer quickly.<br />

I want to congratulate the winners from nationals.<br />

You can find the photos in this newsletter.<br />

Thank you to Catherine Tompkins for writing an<br />

article for this issue. Check it out!<br />

Until next time! Keep your bunnies cool!<br />

Chery<br />

Newsletter Deadlines<br />

for articles, pictures<br />

and things to share:<br />

Dec 1 for 1St Qtr<br />

March 1 for 2nd<br />

Qtr<br />

June 1 for <strong>3rd</strong><br />

Qtr<br />

Sept 1st<br />

for<br />

4th<br />

Qtr<br />

Deadline for content for next issue is September1, <strong>2023</strong><br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Jeremy Watmuff<br />

nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

Greetings Mini Rex Breeders! It looks like we are<br />

heading directly from fall to summer with not a hint of<br />

spring here in the Midwest. I am hopeful in the next few<br />

days I will have nest boxes full of babies.<br />

Our annual national show was held in Columbus Ohio<br />

this year. If you were unable to attend, you surely<br />

missed a great event. Our youth committee led by Lizz<br />

Beason raised over $5,000 for the Linda Thompson<br />

Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thank you to the members<br />

at the show as well as those at home that were bidding<br />

online throughout the weekend.<br />

As you know we did not receive a bid for this years<br />

national so this year the NMRRC hosted the show.<br />

Thank you to those that volunteered! Beth and Paul<br />

Bickel, Lee Bastyr, Doug King, Rose Watmuff all stayed<br />

into the early morning hours printing and sorting cards<br />

for the morning. Brian and Julie Rumsey were truly the<br />

saviors of the weekend as they were the putting on cage<br />

tags Thursday night, printing cards as well late on Friday<br />

and also stayed until packets were picked up by<br />

members on Sunday. We could not have done this<br />

without the two of them. Thank you again to all the<br />

writers and runners. The NMRRC hosted another pizza<br />

party for the membership on show day. Always a great<br />

day when pizza is involved. Allyse Sullivan was able to<br />

capture all open variety photos and they look fantastic. I<br />

know there was a message to get your photos in to the<br />

newsletter editor for the youth. If you were still unable<br />

to, please send them in so we can get the pictures<br />

published in the printed newsletter in the fall.<br />

During the banquet, we thanked Doug King for his over<br />

25 years of service to the NMRRC board. Doug has been<br />

an advocate for the Mini Rex breed and a human<br />

guidebook on the board as he has essentially been<br />

around forever and has a memory of practically every<br />

vote ever taken. Doug, the board will not be the same<br />

without you and I hope you truly take time to enjoy your<br />

nationals and conventions in the coming years.<br />

Congratulations to all winners and once again thank you<br />

to PMGraphix as they once again did a fantastic job on<br />

our awards.<br />

All sweepstakes awards were either distributed to the<br />

membership or shipped out to your home address that<br />

we have on file. Many aprons were given to members<br />

that may reside close to you. If you took an apron for<br />

someone else, please be sure to reach out to them and<br />

let them know.<br />

It is time to gear up for convention and begin looking<br />

forward to our 2024 National Show in Hutchinson,<br />

Kansas. There are hotel links on social media for<br />

nationals and the Kansas Crew has been working<br />

extremely hard to prepare a memorable national show<br />

for us. Please send your intent to bid for the 2025<br />

National Show to Bridget Foreman prior to the ARBA<br />

Convention in Louisville.<br />

We always have ways to get involved! If you are<br />

interested, please email nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, smile<br />

often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you<br />

really are with what you have” ~Minion Quotes<br />

Until Next Time,<br />

Jeremy<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


VACANT<br />

nmrrcvicepresident@gmail.com<br />

Vacant!<br />

If you are interested in learning more<br />

about the NMRRC and the office of the<br />

Vice President, please contact Jeremy<br />

Watmuff nmrrcpresident@gmail.com<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Bridget Forman<br />

Nmrrcsecretary@gmail.com<br />

Hello everyone,<br />

I hope you all are enjoying the start of summer and<br />

warmer weather. Though I was not able to attend, it<br />

sounds like Mini Rex nationals had a great turnout and<br />

wonderful banquet. I want to extend a big thank you to<br />

Jeremy and his team for all their hard work making sure<br />

everything went as smoothly as possible.<br />

At the time of writing this article I will have been in the<br />

Secretary position for about a month. I am doing my<br />

best to catch on and Doug and Jeremy have both been<br />

extremely helpful in answering any questions that I<br />

have, and I am grateful for that as there is a lot that<br />

goes along with this position.<br />

Sanctions are coming in quite steadily so hopefully<br />

shows in the coming months will see a great turnout for<br />

the Mini Rex breed. We also have had quite a few new<br />

members join, so welcome!<br />

Just a reminder as we are just getting into the summer<br />

months fly control is always an issue, we personally like<br />

the Country Vet metered fly sprayers. But fly predators<br />

or other fly traps are great options for barns. Also, fans<br />

not only aid in proper ventilation but flies and<br />

mosquitoes do not like the breeze. Make sure your<br />

animals always have fresh clean water in front of them<br />

and as the temps increase consider feeding in the<br />

cooler hours of the day. We personally like feeding in<br />

the evening as rabbits are more active at night. Grass<br />

hay is always on hand, but this time of year dandelion<br />

greens and broadleaf plantain are also great for those<br />

that may go off feed due to molting in the hot months.<br />

For those that may have missed it, the host hotels for<br />

next spring’s national have been posted so get those<br />

reservations made as I confident it is going to be a great<br />

show!<br />

Hope everyone has a fun and safe summer and feel free<br />

to reach out with any questions.<br />

Bridget<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Lee Bastyr<br />

Hello Mini Rex Friends,<br />

Nmrrctreasurer@gmail.com<br />

We had a great show at the <strong>2023</strong> National Show in Columbus, OH! It was a fun, yet very busy weekend, enjoying time<br />

with friends while enjoying the hobby that brings us together. A big THANK YOU to Jeremy Watmuff for this large<br />

undertaking and all the volunteers who helped make the show a success. We had a large representation of quality<br />

animals and large classes. Congratulations to all the winners!<br />

The financial report for 2ⁿ Fiscal Quarter/1 Quarter of <strong>2023</strong> is included in this Newsletter, as well as the details for<br />

the Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund auction and the Banquet auction. Thank you to everyone who<br />

donated items and to all the bidders. Your support and generosity makes our club thrive. Shout out to Lizz Beason on<br />

the addition of the youth royalty program and for surpassing last year’s amount in the youth auction! She works<br />

tirelessly for our youth and it’s appreciated.<br />

I hope you all have a great summer. See you in Louisville!<br />

Lee<br />

Mark Your Calendars<br />

2024<br />

Mini Rex Nationals<br />

Hutchinson Kansas<br />

April 5-7, 2024<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Diane Walker<br />

blazinbunzrabbitry@yahoo.com<br />

Washington - Oregon - Idaho - Montana - Wyoming - Alaska Japan - Canada (Saskatchewan, British<br />

Columbia, & Alberta)<br />

Greetings everyone and welcome to summer. It has<br />

even warmed up here in the Pacific Northwest! By the<br />

time you are reading this nationals will be over.<br />

Congratulations goes out to all the winners. Before we<br />

know it, it will be time to breed for next year’s<br />

nationals in Kansas.<br />

The Pacific Crest Mini Rex Club has been quite busy<br />

these past couple months, holding at least one or more<br />

specialty shows in Oregon, California, and in Reno at<br />

West Coast Classic. It has been great fun to show with<br />

all my mini rex family at these events. As always we<br />

would like to hear news from shows all over District 1<br />

so if anyone has information to include in future<br />

reports don’t hesitate to let me know.<br />

Amazingly enough Convention is only a little over 4<br />

months away!! Hopefully everyone has made their<br />

arrangements. I can’t wait to see what the fine folks in<br />

Louisville have in store for us.<br />

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer with warm<br />

temperatures and cool rabbits. I look forward to seeing<br />

you at shows.<br />

Diane<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Armando Cabrerra<br />

mandojudg@aol.com<br />

Arizona - California - Hawaii - Mexico - Nevada -<br />

Hello District 2:<br />

We have been experiencing incredibly nice weather after a<br />

very heavy snow and rainfall Winter and Spring. It's such a<br />

relief to see many rivers, streams, lakes and dams<br />

completely full of water that has also brought an abundance<br />

of wildlife, wildflowers and green fields!<br />

We seem to be having a mix of mini rex numbers shown at<br />

our local shows lately; sometimes numbers showing are up<br />

and the next show they'll be down. But stay encouraged,<br />

keep showing and promoting our beautiful breed! I've really<br />

been enjoying my time as an exhibitor again, even though I<br />

wasn't able to attend many shows due to work and family<br />

commitments I had this Spring. It's been nice getting to<br />

show my castors, since I've been focusing on them to<br />

improve the quality and build interest in them to grow our<br />

numbers in the variety.<br />

I encourage you to get out in those barns, get those rabbits<br />

bred for National Show seniors, and ongoing local shows, so<br />

we can all stay motivated and keep the momentum going in<br />

our breed and the overall fancy. Speaking of National<br />

Shows, I want to express a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all<br />

of our National Show Winners! I am especially proud to<br />

congratulate the Queens Team from District 2 (Dae Lycos,<br />

Berlena Reynolds, Catherine & Nicole Tompkins) for the Best<br />

of Breed win with their beautiful Otter Jr Doe,<br />

"OBSESSION!" Also to the Bauer, Bauer, Burkhalter and Ross<br />

Team for their Best Opposite of Breed Broken Senior Buck,<br />

"TAG!"<br />

Arizona Best in Show<br />

I hate to sound redundant, but please be sure to have<br />

coolers and fans serviced/cleaned and ready to go so you<br />

keep your rabbits comfortable, healthy and alive during the<br />

Summer hot weather, which I'm sure will arrive soon! :)<br />

Armando<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


AllysE Sullivan<br />

allysesully24@gmail.com<br />

North Dakota - Nebraska - South Dakota - Minnesota - Iowa - Wisconsin<br />

Hello everyone!<br />

I hope you are having a great Summer and keeping your<br />

bunnies cool. Summer has its pros and cons when it comes<br />

to raising rabbits. For me, I would much rather prefer to<br />

clean poop pans and powerwash cages when it's warm and<br />

sunny out, so I can jump in the pool after! However,<br />

Summer can be hard on the rabbits, especially young ones.<br />

If you are unable to have air conditioning in your barn, it is<br />

critical to have a lot of fans and airflow. Invest in good barn<br />

fans- you won’t regret it. Clean your cages more often than<br />

not to keep flies away. Put up fly traps and get yourself<br />

some fly spray. When it comes to feeding, I recommend<br />

feeding your animals at the coolest time of the day- early<br />

morning or late evening. We feed ours early in the<br />

morning, so they can eat quite a bit before it gets warm<br />

out. It just fits our busy schedules better. Make sure your<br />

animals always have fresh, cool water. Some will put frozen<br />

water bottles or cold tiles in their rabbits’ cages to keep<br />

them cool. I also recommend not handling your rabbits on<br />

those hot days but be thorough with checking on them.<br />

Avoid breeding during the warmest times. I try to breed<br />

during the late evening when it is cooler out. Young rabbits<br />

are affected by the heat the most. Be mindful when<br />

weaning. I recommend separating mom from the siblings<br />

first. Allow the babies to all stay together in the same cage<br />

they were born in for some time to adjust to that change. If<br />

they aren’t eating much, keep their bellies moving with hay<br />

or straw. Be mindful of your animals and put in the extra<br />

effort to keep them happy on those warm days.<br />

the room, help focus on a less popular variety, so we can<br />

keep them a recognized variety in the years to come! Take<br />

a look at the number of rabbits entered within each variety<br />

at Nationals and Convention to get a good idea of a variety<br />

you can help improve and grow the numbers in. Be aware<br />

of the varieties that are not commonly entered at your<br />

local shows and make it your goal to improve that number<br />

and make an impact on your breed. If you have questions<br />

about breeders you can get stock from, I would be happy to<br />

make recommendations and get you connected with them.<br />

I hope your nestboxes are full for Convention and you are<br />

breeding for Nationals 2024!<br />

-Allyse Sullivan<br />

It was so great to see everyone at Nationals!<br />

Congratulations to the BOB and BOS winners in Open and<br />

Youth! I had a blast taking pictures of all the open<br />

variety/group winners and some of the youth. There were<br />

so many beautiful animals. I was extremely proud of our<br />

breed and how far some of our varieties have come,<br />

especially some of the more rare varieties. The quality and<br />

popularity is growing in many of these varieties. If you have<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Sandra Neal<br />

nealduck1@gmail.com<br />

Arkansas - Colorado - New Mexico - Oklahoma – Texas<br />

District 4 Director<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

As I contemplate the last 25 years of showing my<br />

minirex I realize how far I have come from the flat,<br />

long shouldered rabbits that I originally had. I didn’t<br />

have a lot of money so I had to work with what I had<br />

to improve my herd, it was a long process. I was at<br />

the bottom of the classes eventually moving to the<br />

middle of the classes and finally starting to pull off<br />

some wins. That is why when someone wins breed<br />

and it’s not me I go congratulate them. You don’t<br />

win by not working hard at it. I also try to<br />

congratulate the Bis and ris winners.<br />

I’m sure must of the winners for convention are<br />

already born so good luck to everyone. I didn’t have<br />

a great spring for babies but I’m finally getting some<br />

litters. I’m not going to show as much this year as<br />

mom isn’t getting better she’s getting worse so it’s<br />

harder to leave her for more than 24 hours. Good<br />

luck to everyone at the shows and I will see you<br />

down the road.<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Amanda<br />

Marquardt<br />

ilminirex@gmail.com<br />

Kansas - Missouri - Illinois<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Mini Rex Nationals was a fun event in Columbus! Fantastic job<br />

to Jeremy Watmuff, The Rumseys, and The Potters for setting up,<br />

entering placings as classes are completed, and sorting remark cards<br />

to be handed out on Sunday. They did all of the behind the scene<br />

work to make the show successful. Thank you and great job to<br />

anyone else who helped that I missed. Your help does not go<br />

unnoticed. Great job to Lizz and Chad for running the silent auction<br />

and youth contests! There was a good turnout for it this year and<br />

congratulations to the winners! Thank you also to those who ran<br />

rabbits to help keep the show moving. By helping run rabbits for a<br />

variety or 2 helps out tremendously and doesn’t leave the same<br />

people running rabbits ALL day.<br />

Congratulations to both open and youth BOB and BOS winners!<br />

Beautiful Mini Rex! Next year’s nationals will be April 6th in<br />

Hutchinson, KS. More information can be found on the Heartland<br />

Mini Rex Nationals 2024 Facebook page.<br />

Amanda<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />



nmrrcd6director@gmail.com<br />

Alabama - Georgia - Florida - Louisiana - Mississippi -<br />

D6 Report<br />

June <strong>2023</strong><br />

Hello everyone,<br />

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Vice President<br />

of the Mini Rex Club but there eventually comes a time<br />

for all of us when we need to move aside and present the<br />

opportunity to someone else. This encourages growth in<br />

others and will keep our club strong for many years to<br />

come.<br />

That being said, I would like to thank you for allowing<br />

me to represent District 6 for the Mini Rex Club.<br />

I am in the process of getting in the swing of things but<br />

if there’s any information, show dates, winnings or<br />

pictures that you would like to see in the newsletter feel<br />

free to email me at nmrrcdistrict6director@gmail.com<br />

and it will be considered..<br />

The Ohio show was a blast! Kudos to all the winners.<br />

The club had a lot of help putting on the show and it ran<br />

very smoothly. Thank you to everyone that participated<br />

in helping the club host the show.<br />

Remember, it takes all of us actively participating for<br />

our club to thrive. If you can please volunteer for<br />

leadership roles and help the local clubs with the<br />

enormous job it is to put on a show.<br />

Also, if you see a new breeder take the time to answer<br />

questions, help them out, introduce them to the Mini Rex<br />

club, remember we were all that “Newbie” breeder at<br />

some point in our journey.<br />

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Louisville KY!<br />

Blessings,<br />

Mark<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Michael Mageles<br />

michaelmageles@outlook.com<br />

New York - New Hampshire - Vermont - Massachusetts -<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Beth Bickel<br />

Bickelsbunnies@gmail.com<br />

Michigan - Indiana - Ohio - Kentucky - Canada<br />

Hello from District 8<br />

Life is very hectic this time of the year! Believe it or not we<br />

have already had our local county fair here… Nationals is<br />

over.. baby bunnies hopefully in nest boxes for Convention!<br />

Thank you to Jeremy and team for Ohio Nationals all went<br />

smoothly! Congratulations to all who showed!<br />

I know showing season is in full swing best of luck on the<br />

tables! Go team Mini Rex!<br />

We are in the process of planning for everyone to be<br />

welcomed Back to Louisville KY for the 100th ARBA<br />

convention! Jeremy and I are working hard to make it a<br />

convention to remember for our mini Rex family!! Keep an<br />

eye out for updates on banquet!! Welcome reception at<br />

the booth! Don’t forget raffle items !! It will be here<br />

before you know it!<br />

I will be submitting some pictures from district 8 members!<br />

As alway you can reach out to me with you own pictures<br />

and information!!<br />

Beth Bickel<br />

District 8<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-Septembere <strong>2023</strong><br />


Piper Smith Debruler<br />

piperdebruler927@yahoo.<br />

Pennsylvania - West Virgina - Virginia - New Jersey -<br />

Greetings Fellow NMRRC District 9 Members!<br />

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start. It has<br />

been a beautiful May and early June here in the<br />

south.<br />

I loved seeing all of the posts from this years National<br />

Show in Ohio! We were so sad to miss it. This winter<br />

and spring were very complicated by a wild ride of a<br />

pregnancy. I am looking forward to much more normalcy<br />

(hopefully!!). Huge congratulations to the Open<br />

BOB winners, Dae Lycos/Berlena Reynolds/Catherine<br />

and Nicole Tompkins and Open BOSB winners, Michelle<br />

and Sharon Bauer/Wade Burkhalter/Jason<br />

Ross/Maple Kelly. Another huge congratulations to<br />

our Youth BOB winner, Jordan Crawford and Youth<br />

BOSB winner, Riley Templeton. A special congratulations<br />

as well to all of the District 9 members, both<br />

youth and open, for their placements and accolades.<br />

One of our very own district 9 breeders was one of<br />

the judges at this years national, Nikki Bortz! I know<br />

she had a fabulous time. We also had a number of D9<br />

members (youth and open) that helped to run rabbits<br />

throughout the day; which is always a huge help!<br />

The next big event for our breed will be the <strong>2023</strong> AR-<br />

BA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. This is ARBA’s<br />

100th Anniversary show and it promises to be a spectacular<br />

event. I know the NMRRC has been working on<br />

some special plans, so stay tuned!! As a reminder, the<br />

dates have altered from the original show week and<br />

they are now October 7-11, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

I did want to tell members that we now have an official<br />

Facebook page - NMRRC District 9! I encourage all<br />

of our district members to join the page. We will be<br />

sharing news, show info, wins, etc.<br />

My judging schedule is very full for summer and fall. I<br />

look forward to reconnecting with breeders and meeting<br />

new rabbit show enthusiasts. I am judging Open<br />

Mini Rex at Convention this year and I am so excited<br />

to sort through what I know will be an incredible<br />

group of animals.<br />

As always, I am available to answer questions or concerns.<br />

Please feel free to reach out. I wish everyone a<br />

safe and happy summer and keep those nest boxes<br />

full!<br />

Cheers,<br />

Piper<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Hello everyone,<br />

First, I would like to thank those who donated and<br />

participated in the bidding for the Linda Thompson<br />

Memorial Scholarship Fund Silent Auction. We tried<br />

something new this year, by allowing online bids. This<br />

helped in bringing in extra money for the scholarship fund<br />

and gave those not present at Nationals a chance to bid. If<br />

you have any feedback on this and would like for us to do<br />

it in the future, please let me know.<br />

There were several amazing rabbits donated, as well as<br />

some awesome items. Last year we were able to bring in<br />

just over $5,700, and this year we brought in over $6,800!<br />

For those that don’t know, the two ways that we bring in<br />

money for the Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarship<br />

Fund are the silent auction at the National Show and the<br />

raffle table at Convention. Now that Nationals is over, it’s<br />

time to start planning for the raffle table. Please consider<br />

donating to the raffle!<br />

Thank you to all of the kiddos that submitted applications<br />

for our Royalty contest and the other youth contest that<br />

we had at Nationals. This was our first year providing<br />

youth activities, and we were happy with the interest that<br />

was shown, even with giving everyone short notice on the<br />

contest. We look forward to doing it again at National’s<br />

next year in Kansas.<br />

Congratulations to the winners of the FIRST Royalty<br />

Contest!<br />

Queen Olivia Coisman ; Duchess Bryleigh Blain; Prince<br />

Jacob Landzettel; Princess Addi Naff; Lord Alex Ewing;<br />

Lady Harper Gootee<br />

These awesome individuals did an amazing job on their<br />

applications, as well as their showmanship and craft<br />

entries.<br />

I hope that everyone has an awesome Summer break, and<br />

we’ll see everyone in the Fall!<br />

Lizz Beason<br />

MBRMiniRex@gmail.com<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NEW<br />

Greetings NMRRC Members:<br />

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather and showing lots of great Mini Rex!<br />

I wanted to make you aware of some exciting news about a new COD for the Brindle Mini Rex Variety.<br />

The COD holders for the new variety are:<br />

Catherine Tompkins, Lead<br />

Sandra Neal<br />

Chase Domingue<br />

Kate Smith<br />

Berlena Reynolds<br />

One of the requirements, for the new variety is that they be exhibited within one<br />

year from the date of the COD, either at the ARBA Convention or the national breed<br />

show. The COD team has decided to exhibit the new variety at this year’s, ARBA<br />

Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. I want<br />

to clarify that this is only an exhibition for the purpose of promoting the proposed,<br />

variety and building interest in it. After convention, I will work with our President<br />

and Secretary to create a ballot so that membership will have the opportunity to<br />

accept or decline the new proposed variety.<br />

Please take this opportunity, prior to convention, to help spread the news of the new COD Variety<br />

and encourage your fellow breeders to stop by the exhibition at convention. Please feel free to reach out and ask<br />

any of the COD holders any questions that you may have about the Brindle Variety.<br />

I am very excited about this new COD and wish the COD group the best of success with this challenging endeavor!<br />

Respectfully yours,<br />

Armando Cabrera, Chairman<br />

NMRRC Standards Committee<br />

Variety<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NEW<br />

Variety<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NEW<br />

Variety<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NEW<br />

Variety<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NEW<br />

Variety<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />



The 3Queens (3Q) Mini Rex team Berlena, Catherine, Dae, Elijah and Nicole had a wonderful trip to and from<br />

the National show hosted by the Ohio Mini Rex Club. The weather was great and the hosting club did an<br />

awesome job of putting on the show.<br />

We started out from LA with a pit stop in Phoenix and then on the road for three days. We placed well in all the<br />

varieties that we entered, with all but 6 of our 50 entries placing in the top 10. We had BOV Bew,<br />

BOV/BOSV Chin (thank you Brooke Bunch), BOV Himi, BOV Otter, BOSV Seal, BOV/BOSV Silvermarten, BOG<br />

AOV, BOG Tan Pattern and the highlight of a great day... BOB with our Otter doe 3Q/EZDAES Obsessed With<br />

You!<br />

We would like to thank the judges for selecting our animals and a huge congratulations to the Firm for their<br />

BOS win and congratulations to everyone on their pacings.<br />

Worth It.!!!!<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Your Club at Work For You<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Open Results<br />

Variety BOV BOSV<br />

BOB Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Oer Jr Doe<br />

BOS<br />

Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter/Ross/Ke<br />

*** Self Group *** Lexi Ignaszewski Kaleb Haynes/Alyssa Ran<br />

Black Lexi Ignaszewski Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter…<br />

Blue Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter… Adam & Meredith Miller<br />

BEW Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Sara & Sharyn Malone<br />

Chocolate Kris Adeleke/Dae Lycos/Rob Liposky Kris Adeleke/Dae Lycos/Rob<br />

Lilac Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter… Kris Adeleke/Dae Lycos/Rob<br />

White Laura Higgins Kaleb Haynes/Alyssa Ran<br />

*** Shaded Group *** Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King JoAnn Grum<br />

Sable Kaleb Haynes/Alyssa Ran Michael/Chrisne/Jac Mageles<br />

Sable Point Leon & Louella Kilander Leon & Louella Kilander<br />

Seal JoAnn Grum Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins<br />

Smoke Pearl Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King<br />

Tortoise Allyse & Breana Sullivan Pam Brickner<br />

*** Agou Group *** Sara Compart Sandra Burkert<br />

Amber<br />

Sara Compart<br />

Castor Sara Compart Sandra Burkert<br />

Chinchilla Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins<br />

Lynx Tracy Mercer Tracy Weber<br />

Opal Jerry Hicks Laurie Limrite<br />

*** Tan Group *** Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Allyse & Breana Sullivan<br />

Oer Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Allyse & Breana Sullivan<br />

Sable Marten Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King<br />

Silver Marten Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins<br />

Smoke Pearl Marten Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King Jeremy Watmuff/Doug King<br />

*** AOV Group *** Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Shelby McAvoy<br />

Himalayan Lycos/Reynolds/Tompkins Shelby McAvoy<br />

Red Julie & Gary Stewart Laurie Limrite<br />

*** Broken Group *** Allyse & Breana Sullivan Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter…<br />

Broken Allyse & Breana Sullivan Bauer/Bauer/Burkhalter…<br />

Colored Fur<br />

Allyse and Breana Sullivan<br />

White Fur<br />

Niles & DeAnn Boulier<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


GROUP 1<br />

OPEN<br />

BOV BEW<br />

BOSV BEW<br />

BOV Black<br />

BOSV Black<br />

BOV BLUE<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 1<br />

OPEN<br />







NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 2<br />

OPEN<br />





BOV SEAL<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 2<br />

OPEN<br />





NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 3<br />

Open<br />





BOV LYNX<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 3<br />

Open<br />

BOV OPAL<br />

BOV OPAL<br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 4<br />

Open<br />

BOV Otter<br />

BOSV Otter<br />

BOV Sable Marten<br />

BOSV Sabble Marten<br />

BOV Silver Marten<br />

BOSV Silver Marten<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


BOV Smoke Pearl<br />

Group 5<br />

BOSV Smoke Pearl<br />

OPEN<br />

BOV Himilayan<br />

BOSV Himilayan<br />

BOV Red<br />

BOSV Red<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 6<br />

OPEN<br />

Fur<br />

BOV Broken<br />

BOsV Broken<br />

OPEN<br />

Best Colored Fur<br />

Best White Fur<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Youth Group 1<br />

BOV Black<br />

BOSV Black<br />

BOV Blue<br />

BOSV Blue<br />

BOV Chocolate<br />

BOSV Chocolate<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


BOV Lilac<br />

BOSV Lilac<br />

BOV White<br />

Youth Group 2<br />

BOV Smoke Pearl<br />

BOSV Smoke Pearl<br />

BOV Seal<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />

39<br />

BOV YTortoise

Group 3<br />

Youth<br />

BOV Castor<br />

BOSV Castor<br />

BOV Chinchilla<br />

BOSV Chinchilla<br />

BOV Opal<br />

BOV Lynx<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />

BOV Amber<br />


Group 4<br />

Youth<br />

BOV Silverr Marten<br />

BOV Silver Marten<br />

BOV Smoke Pearl<br />

Group 5<br />

BOV Sable Marten<br />

BOV Himi<br />

BOV Himi<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Group 5<br />

Youth<br />

BOV Red<br />

BOV Red<br />

Group 6<br />

Youth<br />

BOV Broken<br />

Fur<br />

BOV Broken<br />

Best Colored Fur<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />

42<br />

Best White Fur

Please Vote<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


Income Statement/Balance Sheet<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />



Affiliated Specialty Clubs<br />

NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />


NMRRC Publication Quarter 3 July-August-September <strong>2023</strong><br />



Cheryl Parks Editor<br />

16061 C R 73<br />

Fleming, Co. 80728

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