Patch Tattoos Technology

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but the last few years have seen some major innovations in the world of body art. From 3D tattoos to glow-in-the-dark ink, there are now more options than ever for people looking to get inked. In recent years, there have been many new developments and trends in the world of tattoos. One of the latest and most popular trends is the use of white ink tattoos. White ink tattoos are becoming increasingly popular because they can be very subtle and delicate yet still make a statement. Another popular tattoo trend is the use of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are often used to create abstract or minimalist designs that are both unique and eye-catching. Another big trend in the tattoo world is 3D tattoos. These types of tattoos add an extra dimension to the design, making it appear as though it is popping off the skin. This effect can be achieved by using special techniques and inks that add depth and shadows to the tattoo. 3D tattoos are often used for portraits or other realistic designs. Glow-in-the-Dark Ink: Another popular trend is glow-in-the-dark ink. This type of ink is visible in regular light, but it really comes to life in the dark, making for a unique and eye-catching tattoo. Finally, watercolor tattoos are also becoming more popular. While the art of tattooing dates back centuries, the last few decades have seen a surge in both the popularity and technological advancements of this age-old practice. Today’s tattoos are not only more precise and detailed than ever before, but thanks to new ink formulas and removal techniques, they are also more dynamic and long-lasting. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, or are simply curious about the latest trends and innovations in the industry, read on for everything you need to know. From cutting-edge designs to cutting-edge removal methods, here are the latest trends and innovations in tattoos.

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but the last few years have seen some major innovations in the world of body art.

From 3D tattoos to glow-in-the-dark ink, there are now more options than ever for people looking to get inked.

In recent years, there have been many new developments and trends in the world of tattoos. One of the latest and most popular trends is the use of white ink tattoos. White ink tattoos are becoming increasingly popular because they can be very subtle and delicate yet still make a statement. Another popular tattoo trend is the use of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are often used to create abstract or minimalist designs that are both unique and eye-catching.

Another big trend in the tattoo world is 3D tattoos. These types of tattoos add an extra dimension to the design, making it appear as though it is popping off the skin. This effect can be achieved by using special techniques and inks that add depth and shadows to the tattoo. 3D tattoos are often used for portraits or other realistic designs.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ink: Another popular trend is glow-in-the-dark ink. This type of ink is visible in regular light, but it really comes to life in the dark, making for a unique and eye-catching tattoo.

Finally, watercolor tattoos are also becoming more popular.

While the art of tattooing dates back centuries, the last few decades have seen a surge in both the popularity and technological advancements of this age-old practice. Today’s tattoos are not only more precise and detailed than ever before, but thanks to new ink formulas and removal techniques, they are also more dynamic and long-lasting.

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, or are simply curious about the latest trends and innovations in the industry, read on for everything you need to know. From cutting-edge designs to cutting-edge removal methods, here are the latest trends and innovations in tattoos.


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Managing business

processes in an electronics

manufacturing company

Choosing the Right Features

for an Engineering and

Technology Driven Website

If Electronics Engineering Is

Your Future, You’ve Got To

Work For It

68 72 76


E D I T O R ‘ S N O T E

In recent years, there have

been many advances in the

tattoo industry, thanks to new

technologies. Perhaps the

most significant advance has

been in the area of painless

microneedle patch tattoos and

inks. New inks are now available

that are safer and more

vibrant, disappearing, glowin-the-dark,

and more vivid

than ever before. In addition,

new machines have been

developed that allow for much

finer control over the tattooing

process, resulting in less pain

and fewer complications.

Technology’s impact

on the tattoo industry

In recent years, technology

has drastically changed the

tattoo industry. In the past,

getting a tattoo was a painful

and time-consuming process.

Today, tattoos can be done in

a matter of minutes with the

help of modern equipment.

This has made tattoos much

more popular, and as a

result, the industry has grown


One of the most significant

changes that technology has

brought to the tattoo industry

is the development of laser

removal devices and painless

microneedle patch tattoos.

Traditional tattooing

methods vs. new


Body art has been around

for centuries, with people

using different methods and

techniques to create their

desired designs. Traditional

tattooing methods, such


From Ephemeral To

as hand-poked or machine

techniques, have been used

for a long time and are still

popular today. However, new

technology has also become

available in recent years,

with people now able to use

laser tattoo removal, painless

microneedle patch tattoos, or

get 3D tattoos.

The pros and cons

of technology in


Through the years, tattooing

has become more and more

popular. With the rise in

popularity, there has also been

a rise in technology, such as

painless microneedle patch

tattoos when it comes to

tattooing. There are now many

different ways to get a tattoo,

and each has its own set of

pros and cons.

The future of

technology in the

tattoo industry

Patch Tattoos

As the tattoo industry continues

to grow in popularity, so does

the technology associated with

it. Today’s tattoo artists are using

cutting-edge equipment and

techniques like microneedle

patch tattoos to create unique

and realistic designs, and

the trend is only expected to

continue in the years to come.

Here’s a look at some of the

exciting innovations that are

helping to shape the future of

this dynamic industry.

Technological advances in the

tattoo industry are inevitable

and have already greatly

impacted the industry as a

whole. There are both pros

and cons to this technological

advancement, but ultimately it

is up to the individual artist to

decide how they want to use it.



The CBK Hardware

Development Trend for More

Than 100 Years


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The CBK Hardware

Development Trend for

More Than 100 Years

How CBK Hardware Development Has Changed Over 100 Years

For more than 100 years, Co Ban Kiat (CBK) Hardware Inc. has been the most

reliable distributor of hardware and home improvement items in the Philippines.

Headed by Johnny Cobankiat, the company aims to make the lives of Filipinos

better with a continuous supply of top-of-the-line home and hardware solutions.

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. started as a humble store in 1920 in the heart of

Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown, with the belief to provide Filipinos access to quality

products. Through the years, it transformed into a huge corporation that is now

dubbed the “House of Home Improvements.”

Thanks to CBK Hardware, Filipinos no longer have to settle for cheap and lowquality

products when it comes to meeting their needs at home or in the office.

While the branded items they sell are expensive, the company wants more

Filipinos to add more value to their money with high-quality products from the

world’s most trusted brands. With this, you no longer need to buy the same

product over and over again.

But how did CBK Hardware Inc., who had the modest beginnings turn into one of

the prime suppliers of first-rate, life-improving hardware and home improvement

materials in the Philippines? Let’s look back in the Philippines’ history and how it

molded CBK Hardware’s mission through time.

It was on December 08, 1941, when Japan made a surprise attack in the Philippines

right after 10 hours of Pearl Harbor bombing. Began with an aerial strike, the

arrival, and the attack of Japanese ground troops on the north and south sides

of Manila. Because of the inability of the Philippine and American troops to fight

back and protect the city, the Japanese occupied Manila on January 2, 1942.


The war between the Japanese troops and the United States-Philippine forces in

the country lasted for several years until Japan’s formal surrender on September 2,

1945. By the time the fight was over, the Philippines suffered great loss with massive

physical destruction and an estimated million Filipinos were killed during the postwar

era and Manila was severely destroyed.




every day

Part of Blue Ocean Robotics


Despite 3. Lincoln the tremendous Electric damage caused

by World War II, CBK Hardware managed

to recover in 1948, rebuilding a storefront

on Lincoln the exact Electric location is the world where leader it served in the design, development, and

Filipinos manufacture for three of arc decades. welding And products, around robotic arc-welding systems, plasma,

this and time, oxyfuel they cutting introduced equipment a new business and has a leading global market share in the

concept brazing and in the soldering hardware alloys market—the market. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio,

retail Lincoln concept, Electric The has Hardware 64 manufacturing Workshop locations, including operations and joint

Store. ventures in 19 countries, and a worldwide network of distributors and sales

offices covering more than 160 countries.

The Hardware Workshop Store was first

introduced in the 1990s with Atilano

Cobankiat’s mission to help Filipinos

rebuild their homes and establishment

Products showcased at Worldbex

with its world-class hardware and home

improvement products to the Filipino Click here to view all products


• LINK 42731


CBK Hardware expanded its distribution

channel with the establishment of Coby’s

Design Center in Edsa Shangri La in

1996. Offering a wide range of innovative

products to meet the trend in interior

design with its luxurious architectural


hardware can be found products in over 40 for countries. the modern In the

Filipino Philippines, homes. CBK Hardware is the authorized

distributor throughout the country.

With its devoted and innovative team of

professionals, EZSET has been a leader and

Products showcased at Worldbex

pioneer in mechanical locks and electronic

remote access solutions for over 60 years.

Click here to view all products

Spectrum Brands bought EZSET’s parent firm,

A Tong year Lung later, Metal, the in 2012. business Spectrum developed Brands, a further with the leadership of Johnny

publicly traded corporation (NYSE: SPB) and

• Ezset Knobset Entrance Devon Grade 3 Satin

Cobankiat, the son of Atilano Cobankiat. He brought ACE Hardware USA to the

one of the top 500 firms in the United States,

Stainless Steel

Philippines and consigned CBK Hardware as one of its direct suppliers.

offers its products in over 120 countries and

over 1 million retail locations globally.

• Ezset Leverset Entrance Hawthorn Grade 3 Satin

Since then, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. consistently Nickel expanded its products by

partnering Tong Lung Metal with is more pleased global that their brands. EZSET The company is currently the authorized

dealer brand is and a part distributor of Spectrum of Brands’ a total of Hardware 72 renowned • Ezset brands Knobset of Entrance builders’ Bala hardware Grade 3 Satin and

home and Home improvement Improvement products team, in which the world. also Stainless Among Steel them are Lincoln Electric, Yale,

Ridgid, includes Pelican, industry heavyweights Nilfisk, Stanley, like Baldwin, 3M, Interdesign, Shop-Vac, Westinghouse, KEF,

Kwikset, Weiser, Pfister, National Hardware, • Ezset Knobset Entrance Bala Grade 3 Antique

Bosch, Gateman, and Master Lock.

and Fanal. Customers consider Tong Lung Brass

Metal a world leader in mechanical and

These electronic brands door are lock all hardware, being distributed door closers, across • Ezset the Deadbolt Philippines Single Cylinder to meet Zinc the Cylinder needs

of hinges, customers and door in terms accessories. of home Their and goods facility Hous improvement, Satin Stainless Steel D.I.Y projects, energy

conservation, security and safety, cleaning solutions, and others.

At present, CBK Hardware supplies more

than 3,500 corporations, 2,000 partners

in wholesale trade, and some 200 mallbased

modern retail stores offering home

improvement products such as ceiling

fans, drain cleaning machines, and

vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, the company has over 6,000

active SKUs, and a regular client network

• Ezset Combination Set 1c Dbolt Bala Knobset Satin Stainless Steel

of more than 1,500 industrial organizations,

1,600 • Ezset traditional Combination Set community 1 Cylinder Deadbolt hardware Bala Knobset Antique Brass

stores, and 584 home-building specialty

chain • Ezset stores Leverset scattered Entrance Queen in Luzon, Grade Visayas, 3 Antique Brass

and Mindanao.

Today, 5. Yale the emergence of different online selling Products platforms showcased paved at Worldbex the way for CBK

Hardware Inc., a 102-year-old company, to revolutionize the hardware market in

People around the world are actively

the safeguarding digital platform their homes, by strengthening families, personal its presence Click here on to Lazada view all products Lazmall, Shopee Mall,

Facebook, belongings, Instagram, and businesses and with Viber Yale, communities. the Also, they made their products and

brand which is synonymous with quality and • YLHYDM7116

services available with their online website- www.shop.cbkhardware.com with the

safety. This is why Yale is “the most popular • Yale Door Lock Digital Deadlatch Essential

same-day lock in the delivery world.” options in different apps like • Yale Grabmart, Door Lock Digital Pick A Roo and Metromart.

Even after 100 years, Co Ban Kiat Hardware • YLHYR222NR619

Inc. is more than just the “House of

Home Yale began Improvements,” as a mechanical by providing lock company global brands and innovative home solutions

180 years ago and has since driven the

which makes everything better to every Filipino.

growth of connected smart locks and home


In over 125 countries, Yale is the brand behind

locks of every style and function.

Yale, one of the oldest global brands, is the most

well-known and respected name in the door lock

industry, with millions of Yale locks in use across

the world.

Yale door locks are a simple and effective way to

secure your home. It is easy to install and use, and

it provides a high level of security.



Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.

Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II

231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.

Phone +632 8243-1931

Phone +632 8242-6925

Phone +632 8894-6561 & +638-272-931-981

Email info@cobankiat.com.ph;


Coby’s Design Center

Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza

Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Phone +632 86364895

CBK Online and Store

For over 100 years, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. has been the most trusted distributor

of home improvement and hardware items in the Philippines.

#StayAtHome and conveniently shop and order online!

Visit us on the following sites and enjoy deals, discounts, and more!

Lazada Store:

Website: https://shop.cbkhardware.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cbkhardware/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/cbkhardware

Join our Fast-Growing Viber Community https://bit.ly/39Lngjg


About CBK Hardware

For over one hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous with the country’s

biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated of the Cobankiat family

has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations, 1,600 traditional

community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chains of stores across Luzon

Visayas and Mindanao. This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila

Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by the family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat, in 1920.

Despite the ruins of World War II, they got back in the business in 1948, rebuilding a storefront

from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

While the Filipinos continued to rebuild their lives post-war, CBK Hardware saw the opportunity

to introduce the retail concept once unheard of in the hardware industry. Cobankiat Hardware

brought the first DIY business in Asia. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit of this endeavor.

CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’

Design Center in Edsa Shangri La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to the discriminating taste

of modern Filipinos.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for

the company when he brought the franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines and signed

up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality

world-class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside.

A century’s excellence can quickly pass and guided by the vision to be the largest network

supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolves to source

the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.



LG Launches New Virtual

Platform For Air Solution


The LG HVAC Virtual Experience Provides Visitors with the Opportunity to Explore a Wide Range of

Residential and Commercial Solutions

As consumers and business have looked to online recourses to help influencer their purchase

decision, virtual experiences have become a key trend. In light of this, LG Electronics

(LG) Home Appliance & Air Solution Company has opened a new online showroom,

LG HVAC Virtual Experience. Utilizing the latest in digital technology, this interactive

online showroom lets visitors get to know LG’s diverse range of residential and commercial indoor

environmental solutions from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The showroom delivers an intuitive, virtual experience that lets visitors view the compa-ny’s latest

solutions in a variety of virtual environments to learn about the benefits they provide, such as greater

comfort, improved indoor air quality and seamless control, all important in helping customers make

informed and important decisions for the family or employees.


Upon entering LG HVAC Virtual Experience, visitors can choose from a range of busi-ness and living

space categories: Residential Apartment, Residential Villa, Office Gen-eral, Office High-Rise, Retail

and Hotel. Customers can roam the 3D environments freely using their mouse or touchscreen. Menus

offer additional information on every model, including specifications, features, product videos and case

studies. Simple to use and navigate, LG’s new virtual platform is a great tool for consumers, industry

profes-sionals and partners looking to create healthier and more comfortable indoor spaces.

What’s more, the virtual showroom allows visitors to see the behind-the-scenes details and technologies.

Press the onscreen Airflow and Piping buttons to see how air travels in an air conditioner or air purifier

and how pipes direct water and refrigerant through a system. Virtually switch operational modes and

observe how airflow changes from one air conditioner to another. Beyond the technology and science,

the showroom is also a great place to check out all the products’ stylish designs to see how they match

various virtual interiors.

LG HVAC Virtual Experience is an open, engaging online resource that will give visi-tors a thorough

understanding of LG’s latest, optimized HVAC solutions for all kinds of spaces, helping them figure out

which products are best suited to their specific needs.

Visit LG Virtual HVAC Experience to discover the company’s latest indoor environ-mental comfort

technologies on your PC or smartphone.

About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home

solutions, air quality systems as well as visionary products featuring artificial intelligence. The company

is creating total solutions for the home with its industry leading core technologies and is committed

to making life better for consumers around the world by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen

appliances, living appliances and air solution products. Together, these products deliver enhanced

convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits. For more

information, visit www.LG.com.


Improving Campus Life

Housing Management Systems

GigOptix Bundled Solutions

Driver – Modulator – TIA

With Bias Boards


The tattoo industry has gone through many changes in the last few decades.

With the advances in technology, tattoos have become more and more

realistic and painless. Tattoo artists are now able to create works of art that

are truly amazing.



Create an

ideal business


that is safe, productive, profitable and green


Building Management Solutions




The advances in technology have also made it possible for people to get tattoos

that are not permanent. This has opened up the market to a whole new group of

people who may have been afraid of getting a tattoo before.

Over the years, the tattoo industry has evolved and changed in many ways. One

of the most significant changes has been the advances in technology. These

advances have made tattoos much safer and more accurate than ever before.

Some of the most notable technological advancements in the tattoo industry

include new inks, better needles, improved removal methods, connectivity, and

integration of IoT. New inks have made tattoos more vibrant and long-lasting.

Better needles have made them less painful and easier to apply.

The tattoo industry has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to advances

in technology, the process of getting a tattoo is now safer and more comfortable

than ever before. In addition, there are now more options than ever when it comes

to choosing a design. Whether you want a traditional tattoo or something more

unique, there’s a style and artist out there for you.

Here are the top 12 technology-driven and crazy tattoo ideas that you should

watch for in 2023. From ephemeral tattoos that fade within a year to painless

microneedle patch tattoos.

1. Microneedle Patch Tattoos from the Georgia Institute of


Microneedle patch tattoos are the latest innovation in the tattoo industry. The Georgia Institute

of Technology has developed a microneedle patch that can be used to apply tattoos. This new

technology is less painful than traditional tattoo methods and can be used to apply tattoos in

less time. The microneedle patch is also safe for use on people with sensitive skin.

Over the course of the last few decades, tattooing has transitioned from being associated with

a certain subculture to becoming widely accepted in mainstream culture. Tattoo artists use a

needle that is attached to a machine to puncture the skin and inject ink into the dermis, also

known as the second layer of skin. This process is not only excruciating, but it also takes a

significant amount of time. However, the traditional, excruciating process of tattooing will soon

be replaced.

Imagine being able to obtain a tattoo without any discomfort by using a skin patch that contains

microscopic needles, rather than having to sit in a tattoo chair for several hours and endure

painful punctures. Researchers at Georgia Tech have invented self-inking tattoos that are

not only inexpensive but also painless, bloodless, and can be administered by the patient

themselves. They offer a wide range of potential uses, including cosmetics, medical alarms,

and the tracking of animals that have been neutered.

Each microneedle is significantly thinner and does not go as deeply into the skin as standard

tattoo needles do because of their smaller size. According to Mark Prausnitz, the majority

of people describe the sensation of receiving a microneedle patch injection as painless

and equate it to the feeling of the velcro, which is rough but not uncomfortable. However,

Prausnitz’s team discovered that the platform could be used to conveniently deposit more than

just medications under the skin. Microneedle patches are an emerging technology for drug

delivery and immunization.

There are a few different applications for tattoos in the medical field. These include the

concealment of scars, the guidance of recurrent radiation treatments for cancer, and the

restoration of breast nipples following breast

surgery. In addition to wristbands, those with

serious medical illnesses, such as epilepsy,

diabetes, or allergies, may choose to have

tattoos instead of wearing bracelets as a form of

medical identification.

Already available on the market are a variety

of anti-aging cosmetic products that use

microneedles as their primary delivery

mechanism. On the other hand, the development

of microneedle technology for tattoos is quite

recent. Prausnitz has extensive experience in

this field. He has spent years researching the use

of microneedle patches, which are designed to

deliver medications and vaccines to the skin in a

manner that is both painless and eliminates the

requirement for the use of hypodermic needles.

Microneedle patch tattoos imprint a design that

can contain letters, numbers, symbols, and

images. The majority of microneedle patches

that are used for pharmaceuticals or cosmetics

include dozens or hundreds of microneedles

organized into a square or circle. You may

construct a tattoo of any shape or design by

placing the microneedles in a certain way so

that each microneedle behaves like a pixel. This

allows you to create a tattoo.

the researchers work with. They use tattoo ink to

fill the microneedles in the mold, and then they

add a patch backing so that the product can

be easily handled. After this step, the resulting

patch is put on the skin for a few minutes, during

which the microneedles disintegrate, and the

tattoo ink is released. Microneedles are capable

of incorporating a wide range of colored tattoo

inks, including black-light ink, which can only be

visible when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Inks of many different hues, such as blacklight

ink, which can only be seen when lighted

with ultraviolet light, can be inserted into the

microneedles. This type of ink is particularly

useful for medical imaging. These microneedles

are meant to disrupt only the most superficial

layers of the skin in order to avoid nerve endings

and blood vessels. As a result, using them is

completely painless and significantly safer than

using hypodermic needles.

According to the findings of the study, the

tattoos could last for at least a year and are very

likely to be permanent. Because of this, they are

now considered to be viable cosmetic options

for people who want tattoos but cannot tolerate

the pain or risk of infection associated with

traditional tattoos.

The mold that contains the microneedles in a

pattern that generates an image is the first thing






Personal Identity

Verification (PIV)



pivCLASS ®

Government Solutions


for Retail



2. Smart tattoo technology

A new tattoo technology is taking the body art world by storm. These new “smart

tattoos” are made with special ink that contains sensors and can be used to track

health data.

The benefits of this new technology are many. For one, it can help people with

chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease better monitor their health. The

data collected by the tattoos can also be used to alert doctors to potential problems

early on.

Another great benefit of smart tattoos is that they can be used for fitness tracking. By

monitoring things like heart rate and activity level, these tattoos can help people to

better reach their fitness goals.

There are some concerns about the safety of smart tattoos, but so far, there have

been no reports of any adverse effects.


3. New tattoo gun technology

A new tattoo gun that has been developed is set to revolutionize the industry and

make tattoos safer. The gun, which has been designed by a team of engineers, uses

a new type of needle that is said to be much more precise than traditional needles.

The new tattoo gun is also said to be much quieter than traditional tattoo guns,

meaning that it will be less likely to cause discomfort for the person getting the tattoo.

The team behind the new tattoo gun is now working on getting it certified by the FDA,

and it is hoped that it will be available to buy within the next few years.




4. Laser tattoo removal technology

Laser tattoo removal is a more effective and faster method than traditional methods,

such as dermabrasion, excision, and salabrasion. It works by breaking up the ink

pigments in the tattoo with a high-intensity laser beam. The laser beam is absorbed

by the tattoo pigment and breaks it into smaller pieces. These small pieces are then

slowly removed by the body’s immune system.

Laser tattoo removal usually requires several treatment sessions to completely remove

a tattoo. The number of sessions needed depends on the size, depth, and color of

the tattoo. Treatment sessions are typically spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow time

for the body to remove the broken-up ink pigment.

Most people report good results after laser tattoo removal treatments. The skin usually

heals without any scarring or discoloration.

5. Tattoo inks: brighter and longer-lasting colors

As the tattoo industry has grown in recent years, so has the quality of tattoo inks.

Today’s inks are brighter and longer-lasting than ever before, giving tattoo artists the

ability to create beautiful works of art that will stand the test of time.

With so many different colors and shades available, it can be tough to choose the

right one for your tattoo. But with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect ink

to express your unique style.

If you’re looking for a vivid and long-lasting tattoo, be sure to ask your artist about

using high-quality inks. With these inks, you can rest assured that your tattoo will look

amazing for years to come.

Photovoltaics >>Made in Austria<<


235 / 240 / 245 / 250 Wp poly

250 / 255 / 260 Wp mono

Power 60

Advantages of KIOTO modules:

1. Product warranty of 12 years and a linear

performance warranty for 25 years

2. Extremely solid (5400Pa), nevertheless

very light module construction (under 20kg)

3. Use of high quality components from

nameable deliverers

4. Intelligent frame concept for technical

safety, flexibility and homogeneous design

5. Integrated RFID chip with flash data

saved directly on the module

6. Optimized weak light behaviour

Copyright AREVA Wind/Jan Oelker

SenSorS and control SyStemS

in wind turbineS



6. 3D printed tattoos: custom designs

Engineers at MIT have developed a method of three-dimensional printing that makes use

of a novel sort of ink that is produced from genetically modified living cells.

The cells have been modified in such a way that they glow in response to a wide variety of

stimuli. The cells, after being combined with a slurry of hydrogel and nutrition, are capable

of being printed, one layer at a time, to construct three-dimensional, interactive devices and


After that, the group printed a “living tattoo,” which was a thin, transparent patch patterned

with live bacteria cells in the shape of a tree. This served as a demonstration of the technique

that they had developed. Cells that are sensitive to a particular chemical or molecular

component are lined up with each branch of the tree. When the patch is applied on skin

that has already been subjected to the same substances, the relevant regions of the tree

light up in response.

Another group of researchers and engineers from the University of Minnesota has

successfully printed electronic components onto human hands using a specialized 3D


These electronic “tattoos” could be used for a variety of purposes, including printing

temporary sensors on soldiers to detect chemical or biological agents or even acting as

solar cells for charging essential electronic devices. One example of the former would be

the use of electronic “tattoos” to detect chemical or biological agents.

This novel, low-cost method has also been used to print biological cells on a wound on the

skin of a mouse. If successful, this could pave the way for the direct printing of skin grafts

in the field.

In recent years, researchers have investigated a wide range of responsive materials with

the goal of using them as the foundation for 3D-printed inks. For example, scientists have

employed inks created from temperature-sensitive polymers to print heat-responsive,

shape-shifting things. These inks allow the objects’ shapes to change in response to the

temperature. Others have printed photoactivated structures out of photosensitive polymers,

which contract and expand when exposed to light.

The 3D printing method is distinct from other methods because it accommodates the slight

movements of the body while the procedure is being carried out. Temporary markers are

applied to the surface of the skin, and then the surface is scanned. At the same time, the

printer employs specialized software to respond to the surface’s motions in real-time, which

maintains the integrity of the circuit designs.

7. Temporary tattoos: safer and more realistic alternatives

As the temperatures rise and summertime nears, people are looking for ways to

show off their personality and individuality. One popular way to do this is through

temporary tattoos.

While some may think that temporary tattoos are a new fad, they have actually been

around for centuries. In fact, the first recorded use of a temporary tattoo was in Egypt

in 2000 BCE. These early tattoos were made by applying pigment to the skin with a

sharpened instrument.

Today, there are many different types of temporary tattoos available on the market.

Some are made with safe ingredients and are more realistic than ever before. This

makes them a great alternative for those who want to show off their personality without

making a permanent commitment.

Temporary tattoos are also a great option for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

They can be easily removed if they become irritating or cause an allergic reaction.

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8. Wearable tech: integrated into tattoos

Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to integrate

technology into their everyday lives. One of the latest trends is wearable tech tattoos,

which are temporary tattoos that can be connected to a smartphone or other device.

Wearable tech tattoos are made with conductive ink that can be used to track fitness

data, control music playback, and even send text messages. The tattoos are applied

like regular temporary tattoos, but they last for up to two weeks.

While some people may be hesitant to get a tattoo, even a temporary one, the benefits

of wearable tech tattoos may outweigh the risks. For example, unlike traditional

fitness trackers, there is no need to worry about losing or damaging your device. And

because the tattoos are powered by your body’s natural movement, they can last for

days or even weeks without needing to be recharged.

9. Augmented reality tattoos: interactive designs

As technology advances, so does the way we express ourselves through our art.

Augmented reality tattoos are the latest trend in body art, and they’re only getting

more popular.

These tattoos are special because they can be interactive. Using a smartphone or

other device, you can scan your tattoo and see it come to life on the screen.

This is perfect for people who want a tattoo that’s unique to them and that reflects their

personality. Whether it’s a simple design or something more complex, an augmented

reality tattoo is sure to turn heads.

Interconnection Technology for

Photovoltaic Systems

Thin Film-Module Junction Box



10. Ephemeral Tattoo: Disappearing Tattoos After 1 Year

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people getting tattoos that are not

permanent. These so-called “ephemeral tattoos” are applied using a special ink that

fades away after a period of time, typically one year.

If you get a tattoo from a tat studio artist that uses inferior inks, there is a good

potential that your tattoo may fade and virtually disappear without any intervention

from modern technology. If this happens to you, choose a parlor that employs highquality


On a more somber note, cutting-edge technology is now developing methods that

will eventually make it possible to have a tattoo that will fade away over time.

It is important to note that “real tattooing” adherents do not consider this style of body

modification to be “tattooing,” but it is possible that those who would not normally

contemplate getting a “permanent” tattoo would be interested in trying it out.

As a result of recent developments in technology, a number of companies have begun

producing tattoos with a lifespan of 1, 4, or even 5 years. The ink that is utilized is

specifically formulated to fade away naturally over the course of the time period that

you specify.

This technique does have some drawbacks, however, and here are two of them that

really must be mentioned:

At this point, it is only possible to provide an estimate on the length of time a

“disappearing” tattoo will remain visible. Those who get these types of tattoos should

therefore be prepared for their selected design to fade away sooner or stay visible

for a longer period of time than they had anticipated.

It is quite difficult to determine exactly how long a tattoo design of this sort will continue

to look its finest because a disappearing tattoo will gradually become less noticeable

as a result of the natural fading process.

In recent years, there has been substantial progress made in the realm of short-term

tattoos, and it will be fascinating to observe any more development in this area over

the subsequent few years.

As things stand right now, despite the fact that there has been a lot of discussion

about this topic over the course of the last ten years or so, we have not yet seen any

inks that come anywhere near to the standard that we require before we would even

contemplate using them, so stay tuned!

There are several reasons why someone might choose to get an ephemeral tattoo.

For some, it is simply a way to test out a design or placement before committing to

a more permanent tattoo. For others, it may be due to employment restrictions or

personal preference.

Whatever the reason, ephemeral tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and

there are now many options available for those interested in trying one out. If you’re

considering getting an ephemeral tattoo, be sure to do your research and find an

experienced artist who can create the perfect design for you.



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11. Tattoos that Glow in the Dark

The glow-in-the-dark tattoo is one of the most fascinating tattoos, but it is also one of

the least common. It is a one-of-a-kind style of tattoo that is created with a particular

sort of ink that glows when exposed to darkness.

Glow-in-the-dark tattoos may be covered up during the day and revealed at night,

making them an ideal choice for individuals who want to pursue a professional career

but know that having tattoos will be frowned upon in that field. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos

employ phosphorus ink to generate that nocturnal glow, turning your skin into an

artistic glow stick in the process. Regular tattoos use ink made from metals, whereas

glow-in-the-dark tattoos use phosphorus ink.

Tattoos that glow in the dark vs Tattoos that glow under black light

In the same way, as glow-in-the-dark tattoos are difficult to see during the day, black

light tattoos, also referred to as ultraviolet tattoos, have a similar effect. These tattoos

feature UV ink, which is a type of ink that sparkles when it is subjected to ultraviolet

light. As a result, they are a popular choice among clubgoers and rave attendees.

Black light tattoos, in contrast to glow-in-the-dark tattoos, do not become visible in

the dark unless a black light is shone on them. Because of this, black light tattoos

may be more suitable for people who desire to conceal their tattoos even when they

are asleep.

In order to apply the ink during the tattooing procedure, you will need to make use

of a black light because the ink used in both tattoos is dark and cannot be seen in

normal light. Because of this, applying glow-in-the-dark and UV ink tattoos is often a

more time-consuming process that requires a higher degree of care and ability if you

want the design to be properly applied. Additionally, glow-in-the-dark tattoos tend to

be more expensive.

12. Tattoo Inking For Health Monitoring Tattoos

New “e-tattoos” that is capable of monitoring a person’s health has been developed by

researchers in South Korea.

It is becoming more common to hear of people inserting digital devices into their bodies.

These digital implants are capable of a wide variety of tasks, including assisting with

mobility, paying for goods, unlocking doors, and storing data. A group of researchers from

the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have taken a similar notion and

applied it to the field of health monitoring. However, their approach is rather less intrusive

than the previous one.

The researchers developed an electronic ink tattoo that can be administered without the

use of a needle by combining liquid metal and carbon nanotubes in their design.

The electronic tattoo keeps track of the wearer’s vital signs, such as blood sugar levels and

heart rate, and sends a warning to the user whenever it detects something that doesn’t

seem quite right. It is also possible for biosensors to be connected to a user’s vital data over

time, which may then be utilized to track patterns or problems.

According to Professor Steve Park, the head of the study, “What we intend to accomplish in

the future is attach a wireless chip integrated with this ink, so that we may communicate, or

send messages back and forth between our bodies to an external device.”

The ink itself is composed of particles that are based on the malleable metal gallium (which

is also used in thermometers and semiconductors), and the carbon nanotubes that make

up the ink have a coating of platinum on them so that they are both durable and conductive.

The ink accomplishes its purpose by forming an electrical circuit on the surface of the skin.

It is possible to link it to electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment in order to monitor the activity

of the heart, as well as sensors that analyze sweat, and it can also operate as a warmer for

the purposes of physiotherapy.

The liquid-metal particles used to form the ink were based on gallium, which is a soft, silvery

metal that is also used in semiconductors and in thermometers as a non-toxic alternative to

mercury. The researchers employed gallium to make the ink.

The findings of the research conducted by the group were included in the July issue of the

printed magazine Advanced Materials. Since the e-tattoo can only provide readings at the

moment if it is connected to an external biosensor, it is anticipated that additional study will

be required to perfect the device.






Takeaway: The future of tattoo technology

In conclusion, tattoo technology is ever-evolving and offers many

possibilities for the future. With new developments in nanotechnology and

biotechnology, tattoos could become even more realistic and lifelike. They

could also be used for medical purposes, such as monitoring patients’

health or delivering drugs. As tattoo technology continues to advance, like

the microneedle patch tattoos, there are endless possibilities for what it

can be used for.

Tattoo technology is ever-changing and improving. What was once

a painful and regretful decision for many, is now a safe and fun way to

express oneself. With new ink formulations and needle designs, the future

of tattooing is looking bright. So if you’re thinking about getting inked, don’t

wait – the future of tattoo technology is now.

the best prescription for security


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Managing business

processes in an electronics

manufacturing company

Business processes are the cornerstone of every company in every sector,

regardless of the industry they operate in. Their efficient functioning is

particularly important in the case of manufacturing companies, which tend

to require numerous improvements in this area. They should pay particular

attention to the management of their business processes, focusing on using stateof-the-art

IT solutions that will facilitate their optimization and automation, as well

as management of documentation and organization of daily work.


What is business process management all about?

The concept of Business Process Management (or BPM for short) is a modern

approach to managing the operations of a company or organization, comprising

identification, analysis, optimization and measurement of processes using a

special system of measures and indicators. In a word, BPM focuses on optimizing

and automating business processes. For a company to operate efficiently and

grow rapidly, it is essential that all the processes carried out as part of its daily

work are optimized, transparent and efficient.

A proper implementation of the key assumptions of BPM ensures a cohesive and

efficient flow of information within the organization, increases the efficiency and

effectiveness of the performed tasks and allows to adjust all aspects of the company’s

functioning to the customers’ needs. Without efficient and skillful business process

management, achieving business goals and building competitive advantage can

be virtually impossible. Business process management is also the key to optimizing

operating costs, as well as improving productivity and human resources management.

What modern BPM class systems should manufacturing companies


Business process management can be implemented with the help of BPM-class IT

systems – highly advanced software created with automation of business processes

in mind, supporting electronic task, information and document workflows, as well as

monitoring the course of processes carried out by the company. Some of the most

advanced solutions of this kind are based on agile methodologies and interactive

approach to providing enterprise IT solutions, thanks to which they enable testing

various ideas for optimizing processes and growing the business. By offering this

feature, they help companies test new solutions and evaluate their functionality

without taking unnecessary risks, in line with the Rapid Prototyping and Failure-as-a-

Service approaches.

Business process management in a manufacturing company can also be implemented

thanks to innovative low-code platforms – fully-featured and highly-advanced IT

solutions that enable automating business processes without having to use any

programming languages, while allowing for using code where it is justified from the

technological, financial or time standpoint. What is more, everybody can use a lowcode

platform without any coding skills to quickly build business applications using

drag&drop method and test them right away. The best low-code platforms available

on the market, which are designed to manage business processes, also offer the

possibility to implement instant changes in applications already deployed across

the organization with immediate effect, thanks to which they perfectly respond to the

needs of the company.



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M: +63 921 7105796


Choosing the Right Features

for an Engineering and

Technology Driven Website

If you plan to embark on a website project, you can end up overwhelmed.

There are plenty of things to consider when aiming at making the engineering

business unique. However, having a plan can help you design and develop a

unique website. Below are the best features to consider for your new website.

Call to Action

Having a website is great, but you need to provide the best services to people.

One way of ensuring that your audience is happy is by providing a call to action.

This helps you easily convert new visitors into purchases or leads. It also ensures

that you can know how to lead your visitors to your webpage.

Creating a unique call to action can appease most of your visitors. You can create

a contact form or even a newsletter where your visitors can stay updated with

your content. Therefore, the call to action (CTA) should be everything you want

your visitors to do. Remember to tell them through a well-crafted call to action.


Easy to Remember URL

If you are new to business and don’t have

a website, you might be excited to get

a website running as soon as possible.

However, it’s advisable to conduct

research and take a calculated approach

when picking a URL. Take time to assess

your business goals and ensure that you

pick a memorable URL.

When choosing a memorable URL, you

need something simple. That’s because

it’ll be easy to market and easy for most

users to remember. Furthermore, a simple

URL is easy to type into the address bar.

A good rule of thumb is to stick with .org

and .com addresses when possible.

These addresses are considered more

credible by search engines and users.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly


Nowadays, people rely on their mobile

phones and tablets to access the internet.

Therefore, you need to design a website

that is ideal for such users. This design

ought to have simple-to-read content and

good-quality pictures for anyone on the

phone. Furthermore, this makes it easy to

consume content from your website.

Making the design and responsiveness

of the website a priority means that you

get to offer the best customer service.

Besides, you can cater to the needs of

both desktop and mobile visitors. As

a bonus, this can be a feature that can

make your website rank higher. Work on

the design to ensure that it works on all


Clear Tech Business Description

Having a clear business description

can help users who stumble across the

website to know what you offer. Besides,

it provides an excellent first impression

and clearly communicates what you are

offering within your business.

Therefore, you ought to ensure that

the homepage has all the important

information. This will include the mission

and vision statement. More so, this can

help summarize everything that your

business does. With this, your audience

can easily understand what products and

services your business has to offer.



If Electronics Engineering

Is Your Future, You’ve Got

To Work For It

If electronics engineering is the future that you see for yourself, you need to

make sure that you are doing everything in your power to see your dream come

true. There are a few things that you are going to need in order to make this

possible, and we’re going to be talking about them in this article. As such, if

you are interested in finding out how to secure engineering as your future, keep

reading down below.


The first thing that we are going to mention is education. You are going to need

the right level of education if you want to go up in the industry, so you have got

to dedicate yourself to learning everything that you need to know. Of course,

you will learn plenty more on the job over the years, but we’re talking about the

basics that you need to learn in a classroom. It’s true to say that education isn’t

for everyone, but you’re not going to get very far without it.


Don’t forget that you have got to be

willing to do some things that you might

not be the best at. However, you have

got to be able to show that you have this

knowledge and most companies ask for

some kind of certificate of education.


The next thing that you are going to need

is a job. We know that the job market

is competitive which is why it can be

difficult to secure one of these at the

moment. Seeing as this is a highly-skilled

trade you are going to be competing

against people who are as dedicated

as you are to the job. You need to make

yourself the most attractive candidate

which sometimes means you need a little

more than knowledge about engineering

specifically. An example of this would be

if you had a sharp business mind, and

when they ask if you have anything to

add, you can wow them with it. Suggest

making your company dormant or one of

the companies they own, and whatever

else you can come up with. Make sure

that your suggestions are relevant though,

otherwise this will go against you.


The final thing that you are going to need

to have is passion. Passion is the driving

force behind everything. It’s the thing

that makes you love engineering. It’s the

thing that means that you will keep going

despite anything else that comes your

way, and it’s the thing that means you

love what you do. Without passion, you’re

not going to get very far at all.

We hope that you have found this article

helpful, and now see some of the things

that you have got to do if engineering is

your future. There are so many factors

that will come together and work in your

favor if you are persistent enough with

them, and give it everything that you

have got. We wish you the very best of

luck, and hope that you get your future in

engineering sooner than you thought.




Urethane vs Plastic: Material

of Strength

As finite resources become more expensive, manufacturers are looking for ways

to improve their products with reusable materials. This begs the question about

whether manufacturers should look to urethane or plastic for their products. Plastics

are made of carbon and hydrogen molecules, while urethane is a bit more complex.

Urethanes are often referred to as plastics, but they are not.

How Plastics and Urethanes Differ

Stated by a urethane manufacturer, plastics include commonly used materials like

polyethylene, nylon, and PVC. Meanwhile, urethanes use a flexible polymer molecule that

makes the material an elastomer. This is why plastics must be injection molded, and urethane

can be cast molded or reaction injection molded. Because of their chemical makeup, plastics

will break when pushed beyond their limitations. But, urethanes usually return to their cast or

injected forms.


Durability and Flexibility

Urethane is a more durable and flexible product than any plastic. While plastics do last a long

time, products made of plastic will wear out before a urethane product does. They are also

more likely to break, abrade, or deteriorate before urethanes will.

One of the most unique aspects of urethane is the material’s elastomeric ability. This means

that urethanes can be stretched or extended significantly. And when released, they will return

to their present size. Plastics cannot do this. In fact, if you attempt to stretch or extend a plastic

piece, it will remain stretched, or it will break.

Abrasion Resistance

Another impressive quality of urethane is the material’s resistance to abrasion. Urethane wheels

and rollers will last significantly longer than the same parts made of plastic. Manufacturers

who use urethane parts in their machines are satisfied with the lifespan of the urethane parts

because they do not break down when friction breaks down other materials.

Cost Similarities

Making parts from plastic or urethane have relatively similar costs. But, what cost less is making

the casts for urethane products. Most of the casts are made out of silicon, which is inexpensive.

However, plastic injection molding is not expensive, but the parts made this way do not last as

long as urethane ones do. So, in the long run, urethane parts are more cost-effective simply

because they have a longer lifespan than their plastic counterparts.

Load Bearing

Urethanes have incredible load-bearing performances. Plastics tend to break when they are

pushed to their limits, but urethanes often surprise engineers with home much they can tolerate.

Their elastomer quality gives them better shock absorption when impacts reach higher levels.

Temperature and Friction

When urethane is put under the stress of heat and friction, it continues to perform. Of course,

like all products, there are temperature limits. One of those is the low-temperature threshold,

and urethanes will continue to respond in temperatures that reach -60°F and more.

Sound and Noise

Urethanes are frequently used to dampen noise. For example, polyurethane foam is often

injected into car doors to reduce road noise. While plastic isn’t necessarily a noisy material,

urethanes are generally quiet because they absorb noise. Plastic can be noisy, especially

crinkly bags and rigid toys made from the material.




A Hypercar Beyond

Hypercars: Project Chaos

And The Visionary Engineer

At The Helm

The first hypercar to be made in Greece has been unveiled. Spyros Panopoulos

is preparing to launch Project Chaos, a car so powerful that he claims it goes a

step beyond the hypercar: this, he says, is an ‘ultracar’. Supercars, hypercars,

megacars and ultracars are all impressive feats of engineering that help shape the

future, but what’s special about Panopoulos’ vision, and why is Project Chaos different.

Introducing Project Chaos

Project Chaos will be available in two versions. Both models have a 4 liter V10 engine

made up of 40 valves and 20 injectors, and heavily featuring titanium in their design.

The first variant will contain two 68mm carbon turbos reaching 2000 hp and a limit of

11.000 rpm. The second will be paired with two 78mm carbon turbos, which will reach a

staggering 3000 hp and have a limit of 12.000 rpm. The connecting rods and pistons in


the first variant will be made from titanium; in

the second variant, these components will be

carbon fiber. This version is expected to reach

a speed of 500+ kmh, placing it in competition

with the leading models for speed.

Perhaps what’s most surprising about Project

Chaos, however, is that Panopoulos intends it

to be not a racing car, but an everyday city

car. “We want it to be suitable for the everyday

commute and for all categories of drivers,” he

said. This is potentially a game-changer for the

auto industry, and customers could see cars

like this on professional industry analysis

pages and review sites when searching for

everyday vehicles in the future.

A Visionary Engineer

Spyros Panopoulos has an impressive back

catalog, holding records in dragster racing

with his own custom-built cars. He has built

a 2000 hp Lamborghini and, most recently,

completely rebuilt an EVO entirely on his own.

The initial vision behind Project Chaos was to

create a car for himself — he had no intention

of marketing a hypercar. His view that the

term ‘hypercar’ is widely misunderstood and

his belief that current hypercars are lacking,

however, led him to build a car that would show

the world the true potential of the hypercar.

A Dedicated Team

Project Chaos is entirely built by nine engineers,

using parts custom-made in house. The

majority of auto manufacturers use parts from

other companies, but Panopoulos’ company,

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive, prides itself

on its engineering capabilities. Every part, from

the exhaust to the turbos is made in-house.

The entire Spyros Panopoulos Automotive

team is currently just 22 people strong, with

nine engineers entirely dedicated to Project

Chaos. However, once production of the car

begins, it is expected that the company will

expand significantly.

A number of extreme hypercars have been

unveiled in recent years, but Project Chaos

stands out from the crowd. Not only is it

a spectacular feat of engineering, but it

represents a respect for craftsmanship and

design that is rarely seen in the industry, and it

clearly illustrates the ambitious vision of a man

determined to show the world what a hypercar

really is.


Cellarator CX

Split System Cellar Cooler



Training Engineering Interns

to Be Productive Members of

Your Company

Internships have long been seen as a way for companies to get cheap labor. Unfortunately,

this abuse of the system has been called out many times and it’s starting to scare away new

recruits that have a lot of potential. Engineering and manufacturing firms of all sizes need to

look for ways to establish a healthy company culture and a team that meshes well together,

and the best way to achieve this level of cooperation is to introduce engineering interns to your

team and have them learn as they meld with the team.

So here are a couple of tips on how to train an engineering intern to be productive member of

your company from the very first day.

Develop a strong internship program

A strong internship program will help attract talented individuals from across the country.

From offering accommodation such as dorms to giving them employee-like benefits, a strong

internship program is a must if you want to attract the best of the best.


Transparency is important to gain their trust

During the internship, it’s vital that you remain as transparent as possible to help establish a

sense of trust between you and your engineering interns. You shouldn’t hide things from them

and you should be clear about their position in your workplace and the opportunities that you

can offer them. Hiding anything will remove any sense of trust and will be problematic in the


Invest in their skills and education if they show promise

Investing in your employees is a must for any productive business, but you should also

consider investing in interns that show promise. Online universities such as KUO offer fantastic

technical degrees that can help teach your employees practical skills. Investing in these types

of courses improves the technical skill of your engineering interns while also solidifying their

loyalty to your brand.

Don’t hesitate to give them homework

Homework can sound a little demeaning, but for an engineering or manufacturing-focused

business, it’s important to give interns “homework” to help them understand your workflow and

processes so they can easily integrate with your team.

Understand their skills and what they bring to the table

Engineering interns can come from a variety of different backgrounds and it’s your responsibility

as an employer to understand what they excel at. By understanding their history, you can

assign them a role that best suits their experience, but can also help them grow their skills to

become a productive member of your team.

Focus on both cultural immersion and their technical skills

At the end of the day, skills can be taught to an intern which makes them more valuable to a

company. However, their personality and attitude are two things which cannot easily be altered.

That’s why it’s important to hold on to the engineering interns that you feel can contribute to

your company and teach them skills later on. However, you should also be looking at their

potential and ability to learn new things at an accelerated pace. The perfect intern should

show promise in both fields, not just one.








The Main Principles To

Adhere To When Moving


If you have made a decision to start a new life elsewhere, your mind may be

spiralling out of control with all the regulations and rules that may come with

finding a new life. Moving to another country often takes thorough checks and

immigration papers. You may want to consider an indefinite leave to remain

application or whatever suits your current situation; again there are always

people who can assist you. Here are some principles that you should adhere to

in order to make your transition a much smoother one.

About a month or two in advance, preparations for the transition

should begin. These preparations include:

Health, life and travel insurance: One of the considerations that arises in

any transition is the issue of health. Medical insurance is different from travel

insurance, it contains extensive and comprehensive coverage in routine and

emergencies. The health services used abroad are usually different from the

public health system used in your own country. The difference is reflected in

the perception of the service, the costs of medical treatments, their availability

and the need to receive service from providers who speak a foreign language

(if needed). They may have different mentalities and priorities than the country

you now live in.


Medical examinations and vaccines: There are some countries that require

vaccinations to enter. Of course currently there are no laws that state a Covid-19

vaccine is needed, but vaccinations such as yellow fever and typhoid may occur

in certain countries. The decision is made on the basis of the passenger’s immune

status, destination country, travel conditions and length of stay. It is advisable to

contact a travelers’ clinic as soon as possible at least 6 weeks before the trip. It is

also recommended to perform a comprehensive medical examination before the trip

for the whole family and to keep the test sheet handy.

Passports and residence visas: Make sure that the passports of all family members

are valid and are not likely to run out within the first year abroad. It is worthwhile to

evaluate the renewal of passports whose expiration date is close in order to avoid

running around in the destination country, certainly during the initial adjustment period.

It is also recommended to leave the country when you have legal residence visas for

the whole family - it is not enough to settle for a tourist visa. It is also recommended

to check the location of the renewal of passports and visas in advance and to verify

the existence of all the required documents in advance.

Bank account in the destination country: It is likely that you will be able to open

a bank account upon arrival in the destination country, but you must still have full

access to your money. It is recommended to check this first to ensure you do not

encounter any issues.

Moving abroad can be stressful but if you ensure that you are prepared, then things

should be much smoother running and you can learn to enjoy the change much

quicker, with less fuss.


Interconnection Technology for

Photovoltaic Systems

Thin Film-Module Junction Box



Interchangeable VDE screwdriver set

with GT-12 Voltage detector



Maintenance Tips To Enhance

Productivity For Your

Manufacturing Business


Regardless of how big or small your manufacturing business is, you

probably already know that even one day of plant unavailability due to

machinery breakdowns can be a massive cost loss. What’s more, you

may even lose substantial sales as customers are likely to go elsewhere,

and they may not return. So, to ensure your business is never down, we have

listed a few essential maintenance tips that will keep your machinery operating

while also boosting overall productivity.

Replace Components With Higher Quality Materials

Regardless of the specific type of machinery, all machinery is built from various

components; you can replace some parts to enhance overall quality and durability.

Therefore, you could consider switching to round carbon fiber tubing in place of

steel as steel is heavier and might weigh down machines, slowing them down

and causing more wear and tear. However, before pulling machinery apart, it

is best to have a professional service evaluate the best approach to upgrading

your machinery to enhance performance and productivity.

Schedule Ongoing Maintenance

Instead of waiting for your machinery to break down and hoping that it doesn’t,

you should create a scheduled maintenance plan. Ongoing maintenance is the

best method of avoiding a breakdown

as a maintenance team will be able to

identify issues that you and your workers

would not be able to. You should also

consider the recommended timeline

for maintenance when creating your

schedule. When creating a maintenance

schedule, you should also be sure to opt

for a reliable maintenance service with an

excellent service rating.

Clean And Lubricate All Equipment


The vast majority of heavy machinery

should be cleaned and appropriately

lubricated daily. All the moving parts will

need proper lubrication to work as they

should, so your team of workers should

know that cleaning and lubrication is a

big part of the everyday work schedule.

It is also wise to also invest in quality

lubrication, as quality lubricants will

prevent damage to your machines. Some

machinery requires specific lubricants,

so be sure that you are always using the

right products to keep your machines in

pristine condition.

Maintain Workplace Cleanliness

And Organization

Manufacturing is an industry often noted

as a high-risk work environment due

to the specifics of the workplace. While

maintaining a clean and organized

workplace will reduce injuries and

enhance your health and safety rating,

the effort will also ensure your machinery

is less likely to break down. Because a

messy workplace means that debris and

contagions could become issues for

your machinery, keeping things clean

and organized will protect both your

employees and your machinery while

also enhancing overall productivity.

Workplace layout is also important

for cleanliness, organization, and


Preventative and proactive maintenance

measures are the best way to avoid

unplanned downtime that can significantly

cost your business sales and profits.

What’s more, manufacturing machinery

and most heavy-duty machinery is not

exactly the most affordable types of

machines out there. Keeping up with

preventative and proactive maintenance

should be a priority as it will also help you

avoid the costly issue of replacing your

machines if they are damaged beyond







The Benefits of Having

a STEM Tutor Blog


Top-notch bloggers are earning their living by writing on different niches

such as buying guides, health and fitness, gadgets and tech, and whatnot.

Likewise, your passion for teaching can further help you and the students

as well by initiating a tutor blog. Nowadays every single piece of information

is being accessed at the fingertips so why not bridge the gap between tutors and

students in the digital world? Whether you’re a tutor in Melbourne, California,

London, or any part of the world, your very own tutor blog can help you reach a

broader audience.

Thus, the following advantages of blogging in science, engineering, technology

and maths can help clear up your confusion:

Reach an International Audience

Let’s shed a light on the point we just mentioned above, starting up your tutor

blog can help you reach a broader and international audience. You can spread

your knowledge around the globe and have fun simultaneously. Interacting

with students of different nationalities will give you exposure to their culture,

customs, and values. You can also earn in the international currency which will

benefit you even more if they have a stable economy.

Be the Owner of Your Content

Be it Chemistry, Maths, Physics, and so on, I have seen a plethora of content

of teachers taking a nice journey around the social media platforms without

acknowledging the rights to its owners. You simply lose ownership and control

of your content this way.

Having a tutor blog gives you your personal space where you are the owner,

and you can post however you like. Such kind of platform also allows you to

keep an eye on the analytics such as which of your content performed well in

comparison to the others. This helps you to improve your writing, content and

keep you motivated as well.

Market Your Services and Skills

By using the right and relevant keywords, you can market your services.

Providing valuable and easy-to-read information to the students on different

subjects is also going to give a perspective to them on your teaching methods

and content. Everyone’s first step to their problem is to Google it, especially the

students, and if your tutor blog ranks on Google or any other search engine,

you have the chance to be recognized in the marketplace.

Also, ensure to keep your readers engaged, so they don’t drift away. Use a

simple yet engaging writing style to keep them interested and before posting

the final draft, look out if there’s any room for improvement.

Get Instant and Unfiltered Feedback

Blogging is such a platform that allows different readers to post their comments

to let the writer know about their thoughts. Most blogs also let you post

comments anonymously if a regular reader is too shy to get in the spotlight.

Overall, this allows your readers to give instant and straightforward feedback

on your content quality and writing skills and some of them even ask you to

create content of their choice.

This can also help you to tailor your content according to the needs and

preference of your readers, so they know you care about them, and they can

become your regular students.


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