Jeweller - November 2022

Sunny-side up: After a successful reset, there’s much to like about 2023 Retail in the cloud: Jewellers move towards a subscription economy Meet and Greet: Retail’s tech and software innovators

Sunny-side up: After a successful reset, there’s much to like about 2023
Retail in the cloud: Jewellers move towards a subscription economy
Meet and Greet: Retail’s tech and software innovators


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NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sunny-side up<br />



Retail in the cloud<br />



Meet and Greet<br />



Helping you shine<br />

yesterday, today<br />

& tomorrow.<br />





Sapphire Dreams now stocks certified, inscribed, sustainably sourced Australian<br />

Sapphires. Australian sapphires are unparalleled, ranging from deep blues, teal and<br />

green, to vibrant orange and yellow and the sought-after Parti. We offer single stones,<br />

matching pairs, and an array of sapphire melee in a myriad of shapes, sizes & colours.<br />




Apply for wholesale access via QR code or call our friendly team 02 9290 2199

Introducing our Revolutionary<br />

3D Ring Configurator<br />

PHONE 1300 886 108<br />


8 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Info@LJWestDiamonds.com | www.LJWestDiamonds.com | www.ScottWestDiamonds.com

To schedule an appointment, please contact us:<br />

L. J. WEST DIAMONDS INC. | 589 5th Ave, Suite 1102 | New York, NY 10017, U.S.A. | T +1 212 997 0940<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 9<br />

L. J. WEST AU PTY LTD | Level 9, 225 St Georges Terrace | Perth, WA 6000, Australia | T +61 40 997 6981


If it’s important,<br />

it’s Essential.<br />


Over 5000 diamon<br />

Short and long term memo<br />


IGI Lab Cert#<br />

Shape<br />

Weight<br />

Col/Clar<br />

Cut<br />

Polish<br />

Sym<br />

2.0 CT TW<br />

$999<br />

7.0 CT TW<br />

$3599<br />

3.0 CT TW<br />

$1499<br />

8.0 CT TW<br />

$3999<br />

4.0 CT TW<br />

$1899<br />

All Bracelets 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold or<br />

14K Rose Gold Classic 4 Prong Wire Basket<br />

Only need one? <strong>Jeweller</strong>y available for individual purchase.<br />

» All Diamonds F – G Colour<br />

» SI1 – SI2 Clarity<br />

» IGI Certify <strong>Jeweller</strong>y for $50 more<br />

10.0 CT TW<br />

$5499<br />


0.5 CT: 3<br />

0.7 CT: 3<br />

1 CT: 1<br />

1.5 CT: 1<br />

2 CT: 1<br />

9 Pack Bundle<br />

Sale Price<br />

$5699<br />

Long Term Memo Price<br />

$6499<br />

All Rings 14K White Gold or Yellow Gold<br />

Traditional Shank or Pinched Shank<br />

5.0 CT TW<br />

$2799<br />


532262069 BR 5.01 F-VS2<br />

538298440 BR 5.02 G-VS1<br />

9546203529<br />

Pack Bundle BR 3.51 F-VS2<br />

536203375 BR 3.47 E-SI1<br />

Sale Price<br />

537226089 BR 3.3 F-VS1<br />

1 CT TW: 544241551 5<br />

$4999<br />

BR 3.21 G-VS1<br />

1.5 CT TW: 544251410 2<br />

BR 3.11 F-VS1<br />

547247800 Long BR Term 3.07 Memo Price G-VS1<br />

2 CT TW: 508153075 2<br />

$5899<br />

BR 2.6 G-SI2<br />

488122981 BR 2.43 E-VS1<br />

537239025 BR 2.39 F-VS1<br />

AVAILABLE 537241163 IN 18, 27 & 54 BRPACK 2.34 BUNDLES E-SI1<br />

534262651 BR 2.29 G-VS1<br />

All Studs 14K 508153090 Yellow Gold or BR 14K White 2.2 Gold F-SI1<br />

Screwback 533218868 or Martini BR Pushback 2.23 F-SI2<br />

534246755 BR 2.1 E-VS1<br />

496199301<br />

533218746<br />

536289998<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

2.03<br />

2<br />

2<br />

D-SI2<br />

F-VS1<br />

F-SI1<br />

536294116 BR 2.01 F-SI2<br />

PENDANTS 534262493 PROGRAM<br />

BR 1.61 F-VVS2<br />

536290826<br />

534239437<br />

512232285<br />

542238092<br />

514288883<br />

544251864<br />

544280364<br />

523207685<br />

BR<br />

PR<br />

PR<br />

PS<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

CU<br />

1.51<br />

2.27<br />

2<br />

3.02<br />

5.35<br />

5.15<br />

5.13<br />

2.26<br />

G-VVS2<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS2<br />

G-VS2<br />

E-VVS2<br />

E-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

524250727 CU 2.19 F-VS1<br />

532263074 RAD 5.03 E-VS1<br />

9529259545<br />

Pack Bundle RAD 2.07 G-VS2<br />

528227217 HS 2 F-VS1<br />

0.5 CT:<br />

487193327<br />

3<br />

Sale Price<br />

HS 2.05 G-VS2<br />

0.7 CT: 508151963 3 $4499 AS 3.54 H-VS1<br />

1 CT: 1537216532<br />

OV 4.02 F-VS1<br />

539218526 Long OVTerm Memo 4.02 PriceG-VS2<br />

1.5 CT: 1<br />

544252123 OV 3.73 G-VS1<br />

2 CT: 1544241572<br />

$5299<br />

OV 3.01 G-VS1<br />


EX<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ak<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

22 W 48th St, New York,<br />

Call: (212)-764-7841 | Email: sa<br />

Website: www.sanghavisolitaire.<br />

All Pendant 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold<br />

Solid Bale or V Bale<br />



22 W 48TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10036, USA<br />

CALL: +1 (212)-764-7841 | SALES@ELGDIAMONDS.COM<br />


IGI Lab Cert#<br />

549<strong>2022</strong>96<br />

551272325<br />

544283518<br />

544252112<br />

536203375<br />

516260791<br />

532239455<br />

517224775<br />

547256983<br />

542237022<br />

547246619<br />

536289868<br />

536291487<br />

529259599<br />

533220474<br />

549220438<br />

546203522<br />

544280842<br />

550269096<br />

551285360<br />

551207435<br />

551278316<br />

474129833<br />

541284845<br />

536291475<br />

538274505<br />

536275206<br />

523207685<br />

371902862<br />

526283027<br />

538277168<br />

533214916<br />

533286978<br />

538285663<br />

510102263<br />

539235031<br />

541254877<br />

551274584<br />

550237582<br />

Shape<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

BR<br />

PR<br />

PR<br />

PR<br />

PS<br />

PS<br />

PS<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

EM<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

CU<br />

RAD<br />

RAD<br />

RAD<br />

MQ<br />

HS<br />

AS<br />

OV<br />

OV<br />

OV<br />

Col/Clar<br />

F-VS1<br />

F-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

H-VS1<br />

E-SI1<br />

F-SI1<br />

E-VS1<br />

D-SI1<br />

F-VS1<br />

F-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

F-VS2<br />

G-VS1<br />

D-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

F-VS1<br />

D-VVS2<br />

G-VS2<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

E-SI1<br />

E-VS1<br />

G-VVS2<br />

G-VS1<br />

E-VS1<br />

F-VS1<br />

G-VS1<br />

F-VS2<br />

G-VS1<br />

G-VS2<br />

Cut<br />

EX<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

ID<br />

ID<br />

EX<br />

Polish<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

Symmetry<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

Discount %<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.60<br />

-96.60<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.60<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.90<br />

-97.20<br />

-96.75<br />

-97.00<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.40<br />

-96.25<br />

-95.50<br />

-95.25<br />

-95.75<br />

-98.10<br />

-98.20<br />

-98.10<br />

-98.00<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.10<br />

-96.10<br />

-96.10<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.75<br />

-96.40<br />

-97.70<br />

-96.50<br />

-96.75<br />

-94.25<br />

-96.00<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.50<br />

-96.60<br />

-96.70<br />

Depth %<br />

62.5<br />

59.6<br />

61.7<br />

59.4<br />

61<br />

61.4<br />

60.3<br />

61<br />

63.2<br />

61.9<br />

62.2<br />

60.1<br />

75<br />

72.1<br />

72.4<br />

61.8<br />

65<br />

65.5<br />

61.5<br />

63.6<br />

61.3<br />

63.2<br />

65.8<br />

67.8<br />

67.3<br />

68.7<br />

67.6<br />

68.5<br />

60.8<br />

66.5<br />

65.3<br />

66.3<br />

68.4<br />

61.6<br />

56.4<br />

67.1<br />

63.1<br />

63.9<br />

63.4<br />

Table %<br />

59.5<br />

59<br />

60<br />

62.5<br />

58.5<br />

58.5<br />

59<br />

60.5<br />

56.5<br />

57<br />

59<br />

60<br />

73<br />

70<br />

70.5<br />

58.5<br />

61<br />

59.5<br />

61.5<br />

66<br />

67.5<br />

66.5<br />

61<br />

65<br />

64.5<br />

63.5<br />

66.5<br />

64.5<br />

67.5<br />

60<br />

67<br />

65<br />

67<br />

59<br />

59.5<br />

67<br />

66<br />

61.5<br />

61<br />

Total $<br />

$12804.19<br />

$5011.60<br />

$3520.02<br />

$2836.45<br />

$3686.88<br />

$3045.20<br />

$4092.75<br />

$1934.18<br />

$1568.60<br />

$1392.16<br />

$1672.61<br />

$1193.40<br />

$1550.00<br />

$1227.60<br />

$1390.50<br />

$3047.62<br />

$1781.72<br />

$1449.25<br />

$6034.88<br />

$5332.32<br />

$5351.92<br />

$5170.60<br />

$1675.80<br />

$1538.16<br />

$1589.84<br />

$1511.25<br />

$1384.15<br />

$1627.20<br />

$1281.15<br />

$1020.28<br />

$6465.76<br />

$1224.30<br />

$1103.21<br />

$4991.00<br />

$1414.40<br />

$1666.64<br />

$2606.62<br />

$1164.67<br />

$1081.41<br />

Weight<br />

5.15<br />

3.74<br />

3.57<br />

3.55<br />

3.47<br />

3.31<br />

3.21<br />

2.46<br />

2.3<br />

2.26<br />

2.19<br />

2.04<br />

2.5<br />

2.2<br />

2.06<br />

3.01<br />

2.42<br />

2.2<br />

5.25<br />

5.29<br />

5.03<br />

5.02<br />

2.1<br />

2.72<br />

2.63<br />

2.5<br />

2.35<br />

2.26<br />

2.19<br />

2.01<br />

5.02<br />

2.12<br />

2.19<br />

3.1<br />

2.08<br />

2.53<br />

3.31<br />

2.21<br />

2.26<br />

NY 10036, USA<br />

les@elgdiamonds.com<br />

com/Home/DailySpecial<br />

metry<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

EX<br />

Discount%<br />

-95.50<br />

-95.25<br />

-96.10<br />

-94.50<br />

-96.50<br />

-96.70<br />

-96.60<br />

-96.60<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.40<br />

-96.75<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.75<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.50<br />

-95.25<br />

-96.60<br />

-96.20<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.60<br />

-96.40<br />

-96.00<br />

-95.75<br />

-95.25<br />

-97.75<br />

-98.00<br />

-97.90<br />

-96.00<br />

-96.50<br />

-97.25<br />

-96.75<br />

-95.75<br />

-95.75<br />

-96.50<br />

-95.00<br />

-95.25<br />

-95.25<br />

-95.50<br />

Depth%<br />

62.7<br />

60.8<br />

60.2<br />

61<br />

62.4<br />

61.5<br />

61.2<br />

62.5<br />

62.9<br />

62.1<br />

62.4<br />

61.4<br />

61.5<br />

61.3<br />

62.1<br />

61.4<br />

62.5<br />

63.1<br />

59.7<br />

63.1<br />

62.4<br />

61.8<br />

71.8<br />

73.2<br />

61.9<br />

65.5<br />

62.2<br />

64.5<br />

68.5<br />

62.9<br />

61.7<br />

68.4<br />

60.9<br />

62.8<br />

63.7<br />

62.2<br />

63.6<br />

64.1<br />

63.4<br />

Table%<br />

56.5<br />

59.5<br />

61<br />

58.5<br />

57<br />

59<br />

59<br />

57.5<br />

55<br />

57.5<br />

57.5<br />

57.5<br />

58.5<br />

59<br />

56.5<br />

59.5<br />

58<br />

56.5<br />

61.5<br />

55.5<br />

57.5<br />

58<br />

70<br />

75<br />

60.5<br />

61.3<br />

65.5<br />

64.5<br />

64.5<br />

62<br />

65.5<br />

60<br />

55.5<br />

55.5<br />

64<br />

62<br />

64.5<br />

60<br />

59.5<br />

Total$<br />

$11385.22<br />

$12041.72<br />

$4038.26<br />

$4771.25<br />

$3869.25<br />

$3071.97<br />

$3542.29<br />

$3027.02<br />

$1359.15<br />

$2055.78<br />

$1708.85<br />

$1556.10<br />

$1451.29<br />

$1362.68<br />

$1118.57<br />

$1727.25<br />

$1456.02<br />

$1496.00<br />

$1238.80<br />

$1061.28<br />

$947.00<br />

$815.40<br />

$1407.40<br />

$1232.50<br />

$2940.72<br />

$7102.12<br />

$5768.00<br />

$6018.98<br />

$1627.20<br />

$1303.05<br />

$7746.20<br />

$975.49<br />

$1445.00<br />

$1263.31<br />

$2478.00<br />

$7135.50<br />

$5251.12<br />

$3986.44<br />

$3047.62<br />

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Lab Diamonds as low as 98.20% off!<br />



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NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Contents<br />

This Month<br />

Industry Facets<br />

15 Editorial<br />

30<br />

10 YEARS AGO<br />

Time Machine: <strong>November</strong> 2012<br />

16 Upfront<br />

35<br />


Garnets: Part III<br />

20 News<br />

72<br />

MY BENCH<br />

Sergio Bassil<br />


Welcome to the Cloud<br />

36 <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Showcase<br />

74<br />


Erin Keller<br />

4Learn more about the phenomenon sweeping<br />

through the retail sector - cloud technology.<br />

Features<br />

44<br />

50<br />

60<br />


The Cloud is transforming the retail game<br />


Get to know some of the industry’s tech experts<br />


Busy road ahead for buyers and suppliers<br />

Better Your Business<br />


Meet and Greet<br />

4The international jewellery industry<br />

now more than ever before offers a<br />

variety of technology programs, tools,<br />

and services designed to improve your<br />

bottom line.<br />


Looking forward<br />

4After a tumultuous three years there is<br />

reason for optimism for jewellery buyers<br />

and suppliers.<br />

66<br />

68<br />

69<br />

70<br />

71<br />


Have you tried mystery shopping? KIZER AND BENDER encourage you to give it a go.<br />


RYAN ESTIS returns for part two of his series on sales preparation.<br />


DAVID BROWN outlines how sales data analysis can take your business to the next level.<br />


JOSH STRUTT explains the importance of standing out this Christmas sales period.<br />


Customers want a business to love – MICHAEL HINSHAW teaches you how to build it.<br />

FRONT COVER Purchase diamonds online<br />

with a single click – Diamonds On Call aims<br />

to bring confidence and comfort to all who<br />

use the platform, whether they be a jeweller,<br />

retailer, manufacturer, or designer. True<br />

to this desire to unify, Diamonds On Call is<br />

available on all devices and all operating<br />

systems. Visit: diamondsoncall.com<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 13

MADE BY<br />

HAND,<br />

FORGED<br />

IN FIRE<br />

Introducing Elysian.<br />

Made by hand, forged in fire, our Elysian range is a true<br />

expression of character and craftsmanship. A simple<br />

statement or customised piece for him, her or them.<br />

Proudly 14 made in South | <strong>November</strong> Australia <strong>2022</strong> since 1976.<br />

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Editor’s Desk<br />

Spare them the sermon -<br />

your customers often don’t care<br />

Once upon a time the only person who was entitled to give unprompted advice to a business was the accountant.<br />

How times have changed! ANGELA HAN navigates the complex new world.<br />

Accountants provide directions on the<br />

best ways to manage a business by<br />

analysing sales data and inventory<br />

movement, as well as many other things.<br />

It was and still is something of a science,<br />

with established rules, principles and laws<br />

that give the accountant confidence in<br />

providing the advice.<br />

I’m sure you’ll agree that things seemed<br />

simpler back then.<br />

In less than a decade, the world has<br />

become full of ‘experts’ on all sorts of<br />

matters - from ethics and sustainability<br />

to diversity and inclusiveness. The power<br />

to make or influence critical business<br />

decisions are increasingly being afforded<br />

to those who may not understand<br />

the difference between something as<br />

elementary as debit and credit!<br />

The rise of social media along with woke<br />

capitalism has meant that there is no end<br />

to experts and activists lecturing you and<br />

making demands about how you should<br />

run your business. The issue is whether you<br />

should listen to them or their preaching.<br />

Don’t be fooled. What is often important<br />

to the industry (suppliers) is often not<br />

important to their customers (jewellery<br />

retailers) and which often extends to<br />

what is often important to retailers is not<br />

important to consumers.<br />

But, for activists and the new breed of social<br />

media preachers, what they think should be<br />

of interest to everyone, is often not.<br />

Many moons ago, <strong>Jeweller</strong> was approached<br />

by the CEO of an international watch<br />

company who suggested the magazine<br />

conduct an interview about her brand.<br />

This would not surprise you and it’s not an<br />

uncommon occurrence. In fact, it can be a<br />

welcome one because what may start out<br />

as a run-of-the-mill interview often leads<br />

to a unique discussion point. That is itself<br />

the most important point to remember -<br />

finding something of interest to write about<br />

that will interest you, the reader.<br />

The journalist replied asking what the CEO<br />

thought was the angle of the story, given<br />

that there are literally thousands of watch<br />

brands in the market.<br />

The answer came back: “I am a female<br />

watch designer”. He replied, “Great, but<br />

what’s the angle of the story?”<br />

She responded with more detail, however,<br />

it soon became clear that the only angle<br />

she felt worthwhile pursuing was that<br />

she was a woman in a male-dominated<br />

industry.<br />

The journalist agreed with the CEO that<br />

it was valid observation on the watch<br />

industry at large, but doubled down by<br />

asking if this was really of any interest to<br />

our readers, her potential customers.<br />

While merely making it as a female watch<br />

designer in today’s business world is<br />

worthy of a personal congratulations and<br />

little more - it’s certainly not worthy of<br />

an article because, we believe it has little<br />

relevance to our readers.<br />

However, there was a far more important<br />

issue at play: Design is gender blind.<br />

For example, take two or three watches<br />

and dare anyone to accurately identify<br />

which watch was designed by a male and<br />

by a female. Yes there is a difference if the<br />

watch (or other product) is designed for a<br />

woman, but that’s quite different to a<br />

watch that is designed by a woman!<br />

Even if such things were identifiable<br />

then the gender of the designer remains<br />

unimportant. Either a customer likes the<br />

product or design, or doesn’t.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>’s view then and now was that<br />

our readers, who were also her potential<br />

customers, don’t really care about who<br />

designed the product.<br />

In the instance of a retailer (as a customer<br />

of a brand), they merely want to know if<br />

the design sells. And in the instance of a<br />

consumer (as a customer of a retailer),<br />

they merely want to know if they like it.<br />

The CEO initially took issue with this view<br />

– and if you’re reading this, perhaps you do<br />

too – so we took the scenario away from<br />

‘our industry’, to neutral ground.<br />

We suggested that the CEO consider a<br />

different example: she was in the market<br />

to purchase new lingerie and she had<br />

narrowed her options down to two pieces<br />

The rise of<br />

social media<br />

along with woke<br />

capitalism has<br />

meant that<br />

there is no<br />

end to experts<br />

and activists<br />

lecturing you<br />

and making<br />

demands on how<br />

you should run<br />

your business.<br />

The issue is<br />

whether you<br />

should listen to<br />

them or their<br />

preaching.<br />

with an identical price tag, at $100. The first<br />

she rated as a 9/10 piece, the second was<br />

rated as a 7/10 or 8/10.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>’s journalist posed this question to<br />

the CEO: which one do you buy?<br />

As expected, she naturally responded that<br />

she would buy the item she rated as 9/10-<br />

who wouldn’t? She was then asked if she<br />

would change her selection if she was told<br />

that her preferred lingerie was designed by<br />

a man, while the other was designed by a<br />

woman.<br />

It’s okay if the answer is ‘yes’ to that<br />

question because it’s always up to the<br />

customer to rationalise purchases by<br />

whatever decision they see fit. But if you<br />

were in this position, might you experience<br />

buyers remorse for selecting one item,<br />

when you know you preferred the other?<br />

Our watch company CEO took her time<br />

answering, before saying that she would<br />

stick with the lingerie she believed to be a<br />

9/10 and at that point she understood our<br />

view, namely; the only thing that matters<br />

is what the customer thinks, not what the<br />

business or industry thinks.<br />

In our hypothetical (but realistic) scenario,<br />

a consumer wants to buy a watch that they<br />

like. Who designed the product, what their<br />

gender or race is usually doesn’t matter, they<br />

just want a product that best suits them.<br />

And given that design is gender blind - it’s<br />

nigh on impossible to accurately identify<br />

whether a male or female created it - then<br />

it’s not up to a business to push agendas<br />

onto consumers for which they are<br />

unconcerned and might find irrelevant.<br />

Many years after the CEO contacted us,<br />

we find the ‘noise’ created by agenda<br />

driven activists and woke capitalists has<br />

intensified. Now, don’t get me wrong,<br />

most - but not all - of the causes are<br />

noble. The issue for small businesses<br />

such as jewellers is not to be fooled by the<br />

preaching and into adopting something that<br />

is of no interest to your customers.<br />

Don’t believe me? Then ask Gillette about<br />

‘Go Woke, Go Broke!’<br />

Angela Han<br />

Publisher<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 15

Upfront<br />

#Instagram hashtags to follow<br />

Alpha Order<br />

#gemstonejewelry<br />

569,000 POSTS<br />

#jewellerygoals<br />

142,303 POSTS<br />

#gemstonesindia<br />

40,404 POSTS<br />

#finejewellery<br />

2,000,000 POSTS<br />

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Black Prince’s Ruby<br />

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490,000 POSTS<br />

#jewellerydesigns<br />

201,000 POSTS<br />

4The Black Prince’s Ruby is a 170-carat<br />

cabochon red spinel that is set in the cross<br />

pattée above the Cullinan II diamond at the front<br />

of the Imperial State Crown of the United<br />

Kingdom. The Black Prince’s Ruby dates<br />

back to the middle of the 14th century,<br />

initially belonging to Abū Sa’īd, the<br />

Arab Muslim Prince of Granada. Don<br />

Pedro of Seville took possession of the<br />

gemstone during the Christian conquest<br />

of the Iberian peninsula. In 1366, the<br />

gemstone traded hands for a second<br />

time, becoming the possession of<br />

Edward the Black Prince, son of King<br />

Edward III of England, as a part of a military negotiation.<br />

The gemstone has remained in England ever since, and<br />

is featured in the official coronation portrait of Queen Victoria.<br />

Trend Spotting<br />

4London Fashion Week has come and<br />

gone for another year and one trend to<br />

leave a lasting impression was supersized<br />

jewellery. Poster Girl’s giant sea<br />

anemone-styled rings gathered plenty<br />

of attention while Masha Popova’s<br />

neon bright earrings were equally<br />

eye-popping but were made from<br />

lightweight materials that won’t<br />

weigh potential wearers down.<br />

Pictured: Halpern<br />

Stranger Things<br />

Weird, wacky and wonderful<br />

jewellery news from around the world<br />

Bacteria bangles?<br />

4Chloe Fitzpatrick, a designer<br />

from Scotland, has gone viral<br />

on social media after creating<br />

jewellery made from bacteria.<br />

21-year-old Fitzpatrick took<br />

samples from her skin, as well as<br />

samples from plants, and placed<br />

them in a petri dish with a special<br />

growth medium known as agar. The<br />

bacteria then multiples and she is<br />

able to isolate colours to be used<br />

as dye for jewellery and clothing.<br />

Fitzpatrick’s videos has amassed<br />

millions of views.<br />

800-year-old coin<br />

4Manufacturer Stauer, based<br />

in the US, has crafted a watch<br />

featuring an 800-year-old<br />

coin. Dubbed ‘The Crusader’<br />

the timepiece features a silver<br />

denier dating back to 1163AD.<br />

The coin was originally minted<br />

by Bohemond III, the ruler of the<br />

Principality of Antioch, which today<br />

is located between Turkey and<br />

Syria. The watch also features the<br />

latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’.<br />

Digital Brainwave<br />

Motherly love<br />

Voice payments<br />

are becoming<br />

an increasingly<br />

popular practice.<br />

4The next big trend for retail efficency may<br />

well be ‘voice payments’. Customers select<br />

the jewellery products, place the order via<br />

voice and make payment as a checkout. The<br />

concept is already popular in India, where<br />

there are reportedly more than 160 million<br />

e-commerce users employing ‘voice-based’<br />

technologies to shop. Business consultants<br />

Capgemini surveyed 4,800 consumers and<br />

more than 950 executives from 12 major<br />

economies, including Australia, and found<br />

that 77 per cent of consumers expect to use<br />

touchless technologies more frequently.<br />

Campaign Watch<br />

4Michael Hill has launched its<br />

Christmas campaign, celebrating the<br />

busiest season of the year for retailers<br />

everywhere. Creative lead, Christy<br />

Peacock said: “Building on last year,<br />

our story continues with our central<br />

characters, Archie and Alice. Executed<br />

as a beautifully simple, timeless<br />

Christmas fable, it’s one that everyone<br />

can easily relate to.”<br />

4Kim Kardashian has been branded<br />

‘creepy’ after it was recently made<br />

public that she plans to make<br />

jewellery from her mother’s bones.<br />

Mother of Kardashian, Kris Jenner,<br />

recently underwent hip surgery, and in<br />

the lead-up to the procedure Jenner<br />

revealed that she had approved an<br />

unusual request from her daughter<br />

that doctors not discard any leftover<br />

bone following the procedure so<br />

that she can use the material to<br />

manufacture jewellery.<br />


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Some people exaggerate, and some lie.<br />

Numbers are always honest.<br />

July <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong><br />

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5,459 VIEWS<br />

970 VIEWS<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for July<br />

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February is only 7.53% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


13.3<br />


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18 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

The numbers speak for themselves.<br />

Over 12 months, <strong>Jeweller</strong> achieves 165,135 views/readership compared to only 8,855 by <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World.<br />

December 2021<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong><br />

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17,958 VIEWS<br />

1,220 VIEWS<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for<br />

December is only 6.79% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


14.7<br />


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October 2021<br />

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<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for<br />

October is only 2.57% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


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September 2021<br />

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<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for<br />

September is only 3.59% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


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August 2021<br />

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27,522 VIEWS<br />

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<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for<br />

August is only 2.30% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


43.5<br />


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July 2021<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong><br />

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15,530 VIEWS<br />

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<strong>Jeweller</strong>y World's engagement for July<br />

is only 4.15% of <strong>Jeweller</strong>'s<br />


24.1<br />


VIEWS /<br />


<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 19<br />

Between July 2021 to July <strong>2022</strong> Yumpu, the independent magazine publishing service, recorded <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World’s eMag views/readership<br />

as only manage 6% of that of <strong>Jeweller</strong>. Yumpu’s data is dynamic and was gathered on 28 October, <strong>2022</strong> (2pm AEST).

News<br />

Legal concerns over<br />

DDCA’s New Zealand claims<br />

New Melbourne Expo announced for 2023,<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards details revealed<br />

The mystery plaguing the practices of the Diamond<br />

Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA) has led to questions<br />

over the Club’s claims and therefore its adherence to<br />

New Zealand trade law.<br />

Among those concerns was the suggestion that the<br />

DDCA – led by president Rami Baron for 14 of its 15<br />

years – represents New Zealand on the international<br />

stage.<br />

The DDCA website states the Australian club is the<br />

“New Zealand representative of the World Federation<br />

of Diamond Bourses”.<br />

While the claim has been made on an Australianbased<br />

website, New Zealand authorities confirm that<br />

the Fair Trading Act (FTA) would still apply across the<br />

so-called ‘ditch’.<br />

According to the Commerce Commission, New<br />

Zealand’s competition, consumer and regulatory<br />

agency, businesses cannot behave in a way that is<br />

misleading or false.<br />

“They also can’t make misleading or false statements<br />

about their products or services, including price,<br />

standard, quality, origin or history and endorsements<br />

or approvals…,” the Commission’s website states.<br />

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission and Fair<br />

Trading general manager Vanessa Horne confirmed<br />

the circumstances in which the law may be applied.<br />

“The Fair Trading Act prohibits false and misleading<br />

conduct by businesses in trade,” Horne explained.<br />

She added, “The Act applies to all businesses ‘in<br />

trade’ in Aotearoa New Zealand, meaning businesses<br />

– local and international – that supply goods or<br />

services in Aotearoa,” meaning that New Zealand<br />

law applies to Australian-based organisations that<br />

mislead or deceive, including on “endorsements or<br />

approvals”.<br />

Despite previously reported requests for clarification,<br />

there has been no evidence provided by Baron and/or<br />

the DDCA to substantiate the claim that it represents<br />

New Zealand.<br />

When contacted in August, both the <strong>Jeweller</strong>s<br />

Association of New Zealand (JANZ) and the <strong>Jeweller</strong>s<br />

& Watchmakers New Zealand (JWNZ) knew nothing<br />

about the claims.<br />

Next year’s jewellery industry calendar is about<br />

to get busier with Expertise Events announcing<br />

a new trade show scheduled for February and<br />

the 2023 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards.<br />

The <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards will return to<br />

the International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair (IJF) next year,<br />

following a three-year COVID-enforced hiatus.<br />

The biennial <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards (JDA)<br />

were launched in 2017 and enthusiasm was<br />

high with 105 entries across 12 categories. The<br />

Awards recognise Australian and New Zealand<br />

jewellery design and manufacture across<br />

jewellers, apprentices and students.<br />

The last JDA event took place in 2019 and saw<br />

44 finalists across 10 categories, however;<br />

the 2021 edition was cancelled because of the<br />

global pandemic<br />

Gary Fitz-Roy, managing director Expertise<br />

Events, said, “As we have done in previous<br />

years, an expert panel will review all entries in<br />

a blind judging process to establish a finalists<br />

list. Entries are marked on theme, use of<br />

materials, retail presentation and commercial<br />

viability.<br />

“The finalists will then have the opportunity to<br />

showcase their work with an interactive display<br />

at the 2023 International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair in<br />

August.”<br />

The winners will be announced on Sunday 20<br />

August with a canapé reception on the fair floor<br />

at Sydney’s ICC Exhibition Centre.<br />

Fitz-Roy explained that the JDA format is<br />

unique for Australian jewellery awards.<br />

“Unlike other awards, our format showcases<br />

the finalists on the main exhibition floor for two<br />

days before the actual Awards presentation.<br />

Each piece can be viewed by the thousands of<br />

retailers and suppliers at the fair who can also<br />

vote in the People’s Choice Award, and this<br />

brings people to the show and is another way<br />

we hope to unite the industry,” Fitz-Roy said.<br />

He added that the categories and prizes for<br />

the 2023 JDA are still being finalised because<br />

“we are waiting on decisions from two or three<br />

international organisations who we hope will<br />

give the Awards an even bigger boost than in<br />

previous years.”<br />

Meanwhile, Expertise Events has added a<br />

third event to the 2023 industry calendar – the<br />

Melbourne <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Expo – which was fully<br />

booked in one day.<br />

Fitz-Roy admitted he undertook a ‘soft<br />

announcement’ to suppliers to gauge support<br />

before formally advertising the event to the<br />

wider industry.<br />

“I was quite surprised at the feedback.<br />

Admittedly, we committed limited space to<br />

the Expo but we received more requests for<br />

bookings on the first day than we have stands.<br />

We are now reviewing how we can create more<br />

space to accommodate the current waiting list<br />

and the expected additional interest.”<br />

In March 2021 Expertise Events introduced<br />

the Australian <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair – a small-scale<br />

show in Sydney – as a way for suppliers to<br />

reconnect with customers face-to-face after<br />

the 2020 lockdowns. The boutique style event<br />

was promoted as a way to help stimulate sales<br />

and ordering after the Christmas and New Year<br />

sales periods and following Valentine’s Day<br />

sales.<br />

The 2021 event was successful and it ran again<br />

in March this year with the aim to also capture<br />

the pre Mother’s Day sales cycle.<br />

Fitz-Roy explained that following the success<br />

of both Sydney jewellery fairs this year (March<br />

and August) he received exhibitor feedback and<br />

requests to see if “we could deliver something<br />

to help stimulate the Melbourne and Victorian<br />

jewellery market. Many of our exhibitors had<br />

suggested a small, boutique-style event in<br />

Melbourne as that state continues to rebuild as<br />

the hardest lockdown state.<br />

“So we took it to market in late September<br />

and by the end of the day we had more people<br />

wanting to exhibit than we had stands. That<br />

forced us to review our plans, which we are<br />

currently doing so we can go back to the<br />

suppliers and advise on space allocation,<br />

presentation and promotion.”<br />

Fitz-Roy added, “The Expo is designed to<br />

serve Melbourne and country retailers and<br />

has the support of the major buying groups -<br />

Nationwide <strong>Jeweller</strong>s, Independent <strong>Jeweller</strong>’s<br />

Collective and Leading Edge <strong>Jeweller</strong>s.”<br />

Melbourne <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Expo will run from 4-6<br />

February and will be co-located with the 2023<br />

Gift Fair and Frontline Retail stores events.<br />

20 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

News<br />

Another month of rising sales for Aussie retailers<br />

No stone precious metal jewellery sales<br />

dollar figures were impressive with a 57 per<br />

cent increase compared to 2021 and a notable<br />

27 per cent growth on the 2-year difference<br />

to 2020.<br />

Competition regulator<br />

targeting greenwashing<br />

Silver and alternative metals jewellery<br />

sales dollars were also very pleasing with<br />

a 74 per cent jump compared to 2021 and<br />

respectably 33 per cent improve on the 2-year<br />

comparison to 2020.<br />

The latest sales analysis from Retail Edge<br />

has drawn attention to a second consecutive<br />

month of strong performance for local<br />

jewellery retailers.<br />

Retail Edge’s data is gathered from POS<br />

software located in more than 400 Australian<br />

independent retail jewellery stores and<br />

in September, comparative overall sales<br />

increased by 54 per cent compared with 2021.<br />

Sales performance rose 18 per cent<br />

compared with September 2020. These<br />

figures come after a tremendous August<br />

analysis revealing a 62 per cent rise<br />

compared with 2021.<br />

The results for comparative units sold show<br />

a good increase of 38 per cent compared to<br />

September 2021 but a modest 0.2 per cent<br />

improve on the 2-year comparison to 2020.<br />

Comparative average sale (in inventory only)<br />

was a 12 per cent improver compared to<br />

September 2021, up to $220 from $197.<br />

Retail Edge sales manager Mike Dyer once<br />

again forewarned of the significant impact the<br />

market conditions during the pandemic had<br />

on the final figures.<br />

“As was stated each of the last few months,<br />

when reviewing the numbers it’s important to<br />

remember that July, August and September<br />

2021 and 2020 were impacted by lockdowns<br />

and so this will have an influence on the<br />

growth numbers,” he cautioned.<br />

“There were strong results across the<br />

product categories as you would expect given<br />

the numbers above.<br />

The drill down into the sales dollars numbers<br />

shows diamond set precious metal jewellery<br />

was up a huge 55 per cent compared to<br />

September 2021 and a good 13 per cent up on<br />

the 2-year difference to September 2020.”<br />

Coloured stone set precious metal jewellery<br />

sales dollars rose 45 per cent compared to<br />

September 2021 and a strong increase of 29<br />

per cent on the 2-year comparison.<br />

Dyer said that the pattern in layaways<br />

(laybys) showed a decrease of 12 per cent<br />

in dollars between new ones and pickups or<br />

cancellations.<br />

“After the previous three consecutive months<br />

of increases it’s only natural to have this<br />

drop due to completion and collection of the<br />

laybys,” he explained.<br />

“The pattern in services [repairs] also reflects<br />

this pattern with a decrease of 20 per cent<br />

in dollar values between new [incoming] and<br />

pickups or cancellations.<br />

If this pattern is also reflected in your<br />

business, it highlights the need to lift the<br />

volume and frequency of your marketing<br />

around the services area of your business.”<br />

Special order data demonstrates a reversal of<br />

the above pattern with an increase of 22 per<br />

cent in dollar values between new (incoming)<br />

and pickups or cancellations.<br />

Dyer suggested this is a good inflow of activity<br />

and cash flow moving forward towards the<br />

holiday period.<br />

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission<br />

(ACCC) will reportedly pursue businesses that practice<br />

‘greenwashing’ tactics as a priority in 2023.<br />

Greenwashing is a term used to describe the practices<br />

of businesses that promote their services or products<br />

as ethical or environmentally friendly with little<br />

substance or evidence to support these claims.<br />

According to many marketing experts, modern<br />

consumers are increasingly socially conscious when it<br />

comes to spending and tend to favour businesses who<br />

emphasise the importance of social responsibility or<br />

the sustainability of products.<br />

This has led to businesses making claims about the<br />

characteristics of their products or services which are<br />

untrue in a bid to profit from this consumer ‘activism.’<br />

This is typically done via the use of misleading<br />

language, broad terms that are difficult to verify, and<br />

occasionally outright falsehoods.<br />

ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said the champion<br />

of consumer law wouldn’t hesitate to prosecute<br />

any business found to be in breach of trade law via<br />

greenwashing.<br />

“As consumers become increasingly interested in<br />

purchasing sustainable products, there are growing<br />

concerns that some businesses are falsely promoting<br />

their environmental or green credentials,” she said.<br />

“Many businesses have raised concerns with the lack<br />

of a common definition or standard for terms such<br />

as ‘biodegradable’, ‘recyclable’ and ‘compostable’<br />

as there is no benchmark for which a product’s<br />

performance should be measured against.”<br />

The ACCC is encouraging all businesses to review<br />

their environmental and sustainability claims and<br />

ensure that their claims are supported by verifiable<br />

evidence and are not in breach of any consumer law.<br />

Rickard added: “The ACCC won’t hesitate to take<br />

enforcement action where it sees that consumers<br />

are being misled or deceived by green claims – just<br />

as it did against Volkswagen for false representations<br />

about compliance with Australian diesel emissions<br />

standards.”<br />

The ACCC states that greenwashing in a bid to<br />

promote products or services undermines consumer<br />

trust and confidence in the market at large.<br />



<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 21

News<br />

New Zealand jewellers victimised by devastating crime wave<br />

New Zealand jewellery retailers are being<br />

devastated by a crime wave that on the surface is<br />

brutish, however, further examination suggests it<br />

may be far more sophisticated and sinister.<br />

Ram raids have increased by more than 500 per<br />

cent for the first six months of <strong>2022</strong> compared to<br />

the same period in 2018, according to NZ Police<br />

statistics.<br />

Many major retailers such as Michael Hill have<br />

been targeted by thieves multiple times.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong> was recently made aware of one jewellery<br />

retailer that has been targeted by thieves seven<br />

times within an 18-month period.<br />

While a ram raid may be over quickly, the damage<br />

lasts far longer, with petrified staff members,<br />

rapidly rising insurance costs and a lack of victim<br />

support three of many factors crippling businesses<br />

beyond the immediate financial loss.<br />

Greg Harford, chief executive Retail New Zealand,<br />

told <strong>Jeweller</strong> that it was crucial businesses install<br />

effective security measures.<br />

“Crime in the New Zealand retail sector is really<br />

out of control, with a massive increase in ram<br />

raids, smash and grabs and other criminal activity.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y stores have been particularly targeted in<br />

recent weeks,” he said.<br />

“Retail NZ is deeply concerned for the safety<br />

and wellbeing of employees and customers and<br />

businesses are working to review and upgrade<br />

security.”<br />

The median age of those identified or caught<br />

across 129 ram raids since May this year is<br />

reportedly just 15 years old.<br />

Police Minister Chris Hipkins told the NZ<br />

Herald there was no evidence that demonstrates<br />

an official link between ram raids and adult gangs.<br />

“Ironically, some of the ‘tough on crime’ opposition<br />

rhetoric would drive these youth offenders towards<br />

gangs rather than away from them,” he added.<br />

“Our government is focused on ramping up<br />

support and supervision, and wants to get these<br />

young people into a pathway back into education<br />

or on to employment so they don’t end up in a life<br />

of crime.”<br />

According to NZ National Party spokesperson Mark<br />

Mitchell the criminal activity is far more intricate<br />

than it appears.<br />

“Without a doubt, these youth offenders are heavily<br />

influenced by the adult gangs,” Mitchell told Focus.<br />

“They’re well-planned, they know exactly what<br />

they’re after, they execute it well and they have a<br />

getaway car ready to go.”<br />

He added that some items are destined for<br />

overseas destinations: “Within hours they’re<br />

melting down the gold, they’re removing the<br />

diamonds and there’s a market that’s been created<br />

for that through the adult gang network.”<br />

NZ Police encourage anyone with any information<br />

to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously.<br />

18ct Diamond & Precious Coloured Gemstone <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Collection<br />


Daniel Jacuk | 0412 071 103 | sales@djdiamonddesigns.com.au

News<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>s Association of Australia president tenders shock resignation<br />

The <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Association of Australia (JAA) was<br />

sent scrambling for new leadership in October<br />

following the shock departure of president Karen<br />

Denaro.<br />

Denaro was elected president in <strong>November</strong><br />

2021 and, at the time, while the JAA made no<br />

announcement on its website, it is understood<br />

that she took over the role from Jo Tory in<br />

January <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

While having served only 10 months as<br />

president, Denaro joined the JAA’s board in<br />

January of 2021.<br />

Denaro announced her sudden departure on<br />

Linkedin saying: “It is with a heavy heart I<br />

announce my decision to resign from my role<br />

as JAA President and my subsequent choice to<br />

remove myself from the <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Association<br />

of Australia’s Board of Directors, effective<br />

immediately.”<br />

She added: “I shall be issuing a press release on<br />

this, in due course.”<br />

A JAA representative confirmed that the<br />

constitution requires that the vice-president<br />

becomes the de facto president in the event that<br />

a president unexpectedly resigns, until such<br />

a time as a new president is appointed by the<br />

board of directors.<br />

On 13 October, the JAA releasing a statement<br />

confirming the appointment of Joshua Sharp to<br />

the presidency.<br />

Sharp also joined the board in 2021, and prior<br />

to Denaro’s resignation, occupied the vicepresidency.<br />

Sharp has spent the past 15 years<br />

as general manager of Ian Sharp <strong>Jeweller</strong>y, a<br />

business located in Melbourne.<br />

“[Sharp’s] jewellery specialties within the<br />

business include diamonds and second-hand<br />

jewellery,” the JAA statement continues.<br />

“Joshua also comes to the board with a strong<br />

background having previously worked in banking<br />

and finance.”<br />

The statement also wished out-going president<br />

Denaro well in her next pursuit.<br />

“The JAA board extends their gratitude and<br />

thank you to Karen for her enthusiasm and<br />

commitment to the JAA during her time on the<br />

board,” the statement reads.<br />

“The board wishes her all the best for her future<br />

endeavours.”<br />

The JAA has confirmed that Joshua Sharp is the<br />

organisation’s new president following the surprise<br />

resignation of Karen Denaro.<br />

Ronnie Bauer (Klepner’s) has been appointed<br />

vice president while Cameron Marks (Percy<br />

Marks) moves to the role of treasurer. Jo Tory<br />

(Najo) and Dr Meredith Doig are the other<br />

members of the board.<br />

The JAA Annual General Meeting will take place on<br />

21 <strong>November</strong>. Director nominations for the Board<br />

from members will open in the coming weeks.<br />



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News<br />

De Beers releases cycle results, discovery in Zimbabwe Leadership change for 2023<br />

closures ahead of the Diwali holidays.”<br />

He continued: “The steady overall demand for<br />

De Beers Group rough diamonds is reflected in the<br />

ongoing consumer demand for diamond jewellery<br />

ahead of the key holiday sales season in the US.”<br />

De Beers Group has unveiled the details of the<br />

eighth sales cycle for <strong>2022</strong> completing $US500<br />

million in rough diamond sales.<br />

De Beers is the world’s largest diamond mining<br />

company by value, with operations in Botswana,<br />

Namibia, South Africa, and Canada and prior to<br />

the eighth cycle, offered forewarning of a drop in<br />

sales compared with the previous cycle due to the<br />

impact of Diwali in India.<br />

The seventh cycle represents rough sales<br />

completed between 19 September and 4 October.<br />

This year’s sales exceeded the 2021 sales ($US492<br />

million) by 1.6 per cent.<br />

De Beers Group CEO Bruce Cleaver said: “Demand<br />

for our rough diamonds during sales cycle<br />

eight was in line with expectations at what is a<br />

traditionally quieter time of year for the diamond<br />

industry as polishing factories in India prepare for<br />

The previous cycle featured a notable 20 per cent<br />

increase compared with 2021. De Beers completes<br />

10 sales cycles each year.<br />

Significant discovery for Alrosa<br />

Russian miner Alrosa has discovered 22 new<br />

diamond deposits in Zimbabwe.<br />

Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa<br />

confirmed that Alrosa will only be permitted to<br />

work on two of the deposits, while the others will<br />

be made available to other investors.<br />

In 2019 Alrosa signed an agreement with the<br />

state-owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corp.<br />

to jointly explore the region for diamonds. At the<br />

time, the company said it would spend $US12<br />

million exploring some of the 40 diamond mining<br />

rights it holds in the country.<br />

Foreign miners were permitted to operate within<br />

Zimbabwe for the first time in 2018.<br />

The world’s largest diamond miner, De Beers<br />

Group, has confirmed the company will have a<br />

new CEO in 2023.<br />

Bruce Cleaver has served as De Beers CEO for<br />

the past six years and will soon be succeeded by<br />

Al Cook.<br />

Cleaver will move into the position of cochairman<br />

of De Beers, working alongside<br />

current chairman and Anglo American CEO<br />

Duncan Wanbald.<br />

Incoming CEO Al Cook is executive vice president<br />

of exploration and production international for<br />

Equinor ASA, the Norway-based global energy<br />

company. Prior to that, he had a 20-year career<br />

with multinational oil and gas company BP.<br />

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News<br />

Lab-created diamond sales reaching<br />

new heights in US<br />

Lab-created diamonds have accounted for one-tenth of all engagement<br />

ring diamond sales within the US market this year according to recently<br />

unveiled industry research.<br />

Industry analyst Edahn Golan presented data compiled from more than<br />

1200 US jewellery stores at the Facets <strong>2022</strong> conference at the Antwerp<br />

World Diamond Centre.<br />

The data comes from Tenoris, a consultancy formed by Golan and National<br />

Jeweler publisher Chris Casey. According to Tenoris, lab-created diamonds<br />

accounted for six per cent of sales in 2021.<br />

Overall demand for diamond engagement rings of all types has dropped<br />

substantially in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

However, natural diamond engagement rings seem to have fallen more<br />

than their rivals, with sales of lab-created diamond engagement rings<br />

falling just 12 per cent year-over-year compared with a 51 per cent drop<br />

for natural diamond engagement rings.<br />

The average gross margin for a natural diamond engagement ring is 48.6<br />

per cent compared with 54.4 per cent for lab-created products.<br />

That’s a rise of 5.1 per cent for natural diamonds and 0.2 per cent for labcreated.<br />

The average carat weight for engagement rings was 0.84-carats for<br />

naturals, compared with 1.38-carats for lab-created.<br />

That represents a 1.4 per cent decline for natural diamonds but a 4.9 per<br />

cent jump for lab-grown.<br />

During the presentation, Golan attributed the trend to a level of ‘pent up<br />

demand’ in 2021 brought about due to the COVID pandemic.<br />

Lab-created diamonds reaching one-tenth of all diamond sales has been<br />

a prediction made by many industry analysts in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“I am forecasting that global lab-diamond jewelry sales will exceed 10<br />

per cent of all diamond jewellery sales for the first time this year, with<br />

the share even larger in the US,” diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky<br />

told <strong>Jeweller</strong> in September.<br />

“I think that share will continue to creep up over the next five years,<br />

however, at a slower pace than in the past, as consumers perceive the<br />

products as being less substitutable.”<br />

Swiss Made Mechanical<br />

Classiquewatches.com<br />

Zimnisky also outlined his belief that natural diamonds and lab-created<br />

diamonds would continue to separate as different, non-competing products<br />

in the minds of consumers.<br />

Become a stockist today 02 9290 2199

News<br />

LVMH jewellery sales increase by 23 per cent<br />

French luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët<br />

Hennessy (LVMH) is celebrating a strong third<br />

quarter sales performance, spearheaded by<br />

Tiffany & Co and Bulgari.<br />

In the first nine months of <strong>2022</strong>, jewellery and<br />

watch sales have increased by 23 per cent to<br />

€7.58 billion ($AU11.74 billion).<br />

Group revenue increased 28 per cent year-onyear<br />

to €56.49 billion ($AU87.50 billion).<br />

“Against an uncertain geopolitical and<br />

economic backdrop, the Group is confident<br />

in the continuation of current growth and will<br />

maintain a policy of cost control and selective<br />

investment,” LVHM said in a statement.<br />

“The Group’s strategy will remain focused on<br />

continuously strengthening the desirability<br />

of its brands, by relying on the authenticity<br />

and quality of its products, the excellence<br />

of their distribution and the reactivity of its<br />

organisation.”<br />

Sales in the US, Europe, and Japan benefited<br />

from positive levels of local demand, while<br />

those in Asia, including China, improved in the<br />

third quarter as pandemic restrictions eased.<br />

Headquartered in Paris, LVMH owns more<br />

than 60 subsidiaries which manage brands<br />

such as Bulgari, Chaumet, and Fred and watch<br />

manufacturers TAG Heuer, Zenith, and Hublot.<br />

LVMH also acquired Tiffany & Co in 2021, with<br />

Q3 sales for iconic US brand strong off the<br />

back of a 185-year anniversary campaign.<br />

In 2021 LVMH reported sales revenue in excess<br />

of €64 billion ($AU93.4 billion).<br />

Notable sales jumps in Asia<br />

The largest jewellery retailer in China, Chow Tai<br />

Fook, has recorded a 26 per cent rise in sales for<br />

the fiscal quarter ending 30 September.<br />

Chow Tai Fook is the second-largest jewellery<br />

retailer by market value in the world and<br />

operates more than 5,900 stores.<br />

Year-on-year retail sales improved by 28 per cent<br />

in mainland China, accounting for 91 per cent of<br />

total sales. In Hong Kong, sales rose 11 per cent.<br />

“Both mainland China and Hong Kong and<br />

Macau demonstrated a notable sequential<br />

improvement from the previous quarter,”<br />

Chow Tai Fook’s statement reads.<br />

“Hong Kong witnessed encouraging same-store<br />

sales growth thanks to stable local consumer<br />

demand.”<br />

Hong Kong jewellery retailer Luk Fook has<br />

likewise reported a boost in sales, driven<br />

mostly by gold products.<br />

Same-store sales increased by 40 per cent for<br />

the fiscal quarter ending 30 September.<br />

Attributed to an international drop in price, Luk<br />

Fook’s sales of gold jewellery increased by 62<br />

per cent year-on-year.

News<br />

Fortune Star expected to shine<br />

at upcoming auction<br />

A remarkably rare giant pink diamond is set to be auctioned in Geneva<br />

in <strong>November</strong>, commanding a hefty presale estimate of $US35 million<br />

($AU54 million).<br />

The Fortune Pink will appear at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale<br />

on 8 <strong>November</strong>, with the 18-carat pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond<br />

expected to fetch a historic return.<br />

Angela Berden, Christie’s senior jewellery specialist, said the rarity of<br />

Fortune Pink couldn’t be understated.<br />

“It’s a beautiful stone, it’s extremely rare to find a pink diamond, vivid<br />

pink diamond, of this size,” she said.<br />

“The colour saturation of this stone is so difficult to find in nature, and<br />

then when you find a crystal with that weight, with that colour, and a<br />

very good clarity, that’s just really rare.”<br />

To date, the largest vivid pink diamond sold at Christie’s has been the<br />

18-carat Winston Pink Legacy, which sold to jeweller Harry Winston for<br />

$US50.4 million in 2018, setting a world record per-carat price.<br />

Natural Diamond Council facing<br />

financial crisis<br />

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is expected to lose approximately half<br />

of its budget for 2023, a brutal blow for the international industry advocate.<br />

The NDC was established in 2000 with the intention of advancing the trade<br />

for the entirety of the diamond value chain, from mining to retail. One core<br />

focus for the organisation was reducing the trade of ‘conflict diamonds’.<br />

David Kellie, the NDC’s CEO since 2019, recently spoke at the Antwerp<br />

World Diamond Centre and highlighted the significance of Alrosa’s<br />

departure from the organisation earlier this year.<br />

“In February of this year, Alrosa suspended themselves from the NDC,<br />

resulting in a loss of almost half our financial resources for 2023,” he said.<br />

available in 9ct & 18ct gold and platinum<br />

“This is a crisis that is coming our way for the industry and one that I hope<br />

we can discuss together as a matter of urgency.”<br />

Alrosa’s self-suspension came following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in<br />

late February. Kellie also lamented what he described as a failure for<br />

diamond jewellery to perform on par with the rest of the luxury industry<br />

which he attributed to failures in marketing.<br />

“This [modern] consumer bears no resemblance to the consumer upon<br />

which our industry was built,” he said.<br />



+61 (08) 8352 1400 | sales@markmcaskill.com.au<br />


News<br />

Exceptional Blue to fetch more than $136 million<br />

Auction frenzy leads to record<br />

Collectors of fancy colour diamonds will soon be<br />

given the chance to acquire any of eight stunning<br />

blue miracles of nature.<br />

Sotheby’s will soon auction eight blue diamonds<br />

sourced from the De Beers Group, with the De<br />

Beers Exceptional Blue collection expected to fetch<br />

more than $US85 million ($AU136.36) in total.<br />

The diamonds were sourced from the Cullinan<br />

Mine in South Africa and vary in shape and<br />

size, ranging from a 1.2-carat oval shape to an<br />

11.29-carat step-cut. Together, the collection<br />

weighs more than 32 carats.<br />

Four of the diamonds are GIA-graded as fancy<br />

vivid, the highest of all colour gradings, and the<br />

De Beers Exceptional 3.24-carat diamond is<br />

internally flawless.<br />

“The magnificent De Beers Exceptional<br />

Blue Collection stands as a testament to<br />

De Beers’ unique ability to source the rarest<br />

diamonds in the world and the patience and<br />

foresight required to assemble a collection<br />

that transcends rarity and can only be called<br />

remarkable,” Bruce Cleaver, CEO of the De<br />

Beers Group said in a statement.<br />

The first of the eight to be sold will be a<br />

5.53-carat diamond, appearing at the Sotheby’s<br />

Magnificent and Nobles Jewels auction in<br />

Geneva on 9 <strong>November</strong>.<br />

Two more blue diamonds will feature at the<br />

Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on<br />

7 December.<br />

Olivier Wagner, head of Sotheby’s Magnificent<br />

Jewels auction in Geneva, said: “the market for<br />

coloured diamonds and precious gemstones<br />

has never been stronger, so we are absolutely<br />

thrilled to be offering the first diamond of this<br />

superb collection.”<br />

The remaining five diamonds are expected to be<br />

auctioned in 2023.<br />

The stunning Williamson Pink Star has set a<br />

new record for price per carat after demolishing<br />

presale estimates in Hong Kong on Friday.<br />

The Williamson Pink Star carried a presale<br />

estimate of $US21 million ($AU28.55 million)<br />

prior to the 7 October auction at Sotheby’s.<br />

After 20 minutes of bidding, a private collector<br />

from Florida (US) was victorious, paying $US57.7<br />

million ($AU78.46 million) for the cushionshaped<br />

11.15-carat fancy colour pink diamond.<br />

The sale of the internally flawless vivid pink<br />

diamond has produced a new world record for<br />

price per carat, commanding $US5,178,000<br />

($AU7,040,000).<br />

The Williamson Pink Star is the second biggest<br />

diamond of that colour and clarity to feature at<br />

auction.<br />

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10 Years Ago<br />

Time Machine: <strong>November</strong> 2012<br />

A snapshot of the industry events making headlines this time 10 years ago in <strong>Jeweller</strong>.<br />

Historic Headlines<br />

4 Rocker’s watch sets auction record<br />

4 Swarovski event among changes at 2013 fairs<br />

4 Pandora wins retailer award<br />

4 Axe-wielding motorcyclists in $3 million raid<br />

4 Love triangle defrauds jeweller of $1.4 million<br />


Listen up and sell more<br />

“There is no more useful tool in a retail<br />

company’s marketing armoury than its<br />

front-line sales and service people. Why?<br />

Because sales staff constantly receive<br />

feedback from customers about what is<br />

good, what is bad, what is missing and<br />

what the competition is doing.<br />



Ancient jewellery treasures<br />

unearthed<br />

Archaeologists have discovered a 2,400-yearold<br />

golden hoard in an ancient Greek tomb in<br />

Bulgaria. Gold jewellery was among the artifacts<br />

including four bracelets and a ring.<br />

The treasure is estimated to date back to the end<br />

of the 4th century BC, originally belonging to the<br />

Thracians, an ancient group of tribes. The bounty<br />

was uncovered last Thursday (8 <strong>November</strong>) at an<br />

ancient burial site 400km northeast of Sofia near<br />

the village of Sveshtari in northern Bulgaria.<br />

Local archaeologists found gold artifacts and<br />

jewellery including a tiara with reliefs of lions and<br />

fantasy animals; snakeheads; four bracelets; a<br />

ring; 44 applications of female figures and 100<br />

golden buttons.<br />

Australian brand in luxury<br />

mega-yacht jewellery fair<br />

In what’s believed to be a world first for the<br />

industry, a jewellery fair is being held aboard<br />

a $40 million, 228-foot luxury mega-yacht and<br />

an Australian company is participating in the<br />

international event.<br />

Australian pearl jewellery supplier Autore will<br />

be exhibiting at the inaugural International<br />

Contemporary Jewelry Fair (ICJF). To be held<br />

on 4-9 December, artists from around the globe<br />

will present an innovative collection of jewellery<br />

design onboard a floating exhibition called SeaFair,<br />

as part of Art Basel Miami Beach.<br />

The up-market sale will feature several luxury<br />

jewellery pieces by designers, major brands, and<br />

artisans. Participants from Australia, Italy, Spain,<br />

the Philippines, Lebanon, Brazil, Germany and the<br />

United States will present at the global event that<br />

is sure to draw an impressive crowd.<br />

<strong>November</strong> 2012<br />

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Editor’s Desk<br />

4Insurance debate continues: "Don’t<br />

get me wrong, I believe there is a need<br />

for valuation certificates for insurance<br />

purposes and valuers therefore play<br />

a vital role in providing that service<br />

(as long as it’s independent and the<br />

certificate is not used as part of the<br />

selling process).<br />

Regardless of your beliefs about how<br />

valuations certificates for new jewellery<br />

are used, the issue becomes even more<br />

complex when an insurance claim is<br />

lodged. What happens with a valuation<br />

certificate, assuming one exists, when<br />

an item needs to be replaced?<br />

Soapbox<br />

4 Insurers are not jewellers? :<br />

“Insurance companies are not<br />

jewellers – they do not understand<br />

the industry and have little or no<br />

understanding of the value of the<br />

individual attributes that make up<br />

jewellery items.<br />

Given that, it is easy to see why they<br />

would be confused when a jeweller<br />

offers 30 percent off the ticket price<br />

when quoting on an insurance claim<br />

but then offers 50 percent off to<br />

customers."<br />

– Greg Beaumont, managing director<br />

Jewelsure<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong> creates Cup that<br />

stops the nation<br />

While the race may only take three minutes to<br />

run, it requires more than 200 hours to craft<br />

the winner’s trophy – arguably Australia’s most<br />

recognisable prize – the Melbourne Cup.<br />

For the past 22 years, the task of creating<br />

Australia’s most iconic and highly coveted<br />

horse-racing trophy, the Melbourne Cup, has<br />

been the responsibility and privilege of Hardy<br />

Brothers <strong>Jeweller</strong>s.<br />

The tri-handled “Loving Cup” is crafted<br />

from 1.65kg of 18-carat yellow gold atop a<br />

Queensland Wattle timber base. This year’s<br />

trophy is valued at around $175,000.<br />

Gold buyers and sellers<br />

beware!<br />

After a “sting” operation, government<br />

authorities have warned not only<br />

consumers but gold-buying businesses<br />

about discrepancies in prices offered for<br />

secondhand gold jewellery.<br />

Reputable jewellers will likely applaud NSW Fair<br />

Trading’s stance against unscrupulous buyers<br />

who are duping unsuspecting consumers by<br />

undervaluing goods – giving the industry a bad<br />

name. Most jewellers would hope pressure from<br />

the government authorities will help weed out<br />

deceptive operators, whether they run kiosks,<br />

pawn shops or traditional stores.<br />

As part of a “sting” operation, NSW Police,<br />

together with NSW Fair Trading investigators,<br />

recently visited six Sydney gold-buying<br />

businesses comprising three shopping centre<br />

kiosks, two pawnbrokers and one jeweller.<br />

30 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Anyone can make a claim, but<br />

unfortunately exaggeration is a blood<br />

relative of falsehood and fiction.<br />

As they say, the devil is in the details.<br />

Numbers lead you to the detail and<br />

the detail leads you to facts.



As at 31 March <strong>2022</strong>, <strong>Jeweller</strong> was ranked 65,246, in the world, well<br />

ahead of other jewellery industry titles in more populous countries.<br />

For example, the US magazines JCK, Instore, and National Jeweler,<br />

ranked 87,514, 222,301 and 250,243 respectively, even though the<br />

population of the US is much larger than Australia.<br />


WORLD<br />


1 <strong>Jeweller</strong> Australia 65,246<br />

2 JCK USA 87,514<br />

3 Instore Magazine USA 222,301<br />

4 National Jeweler USA 250,243<br />

5 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 264,557<br />

6 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Net Asia Hong Kong 371,672<br />

7 Diamond World India 515,279<br />

8 Professional <strong>Jeweller</strong> UK 550,812<br />

9 Solitaire Magazine Singapore 842,952<br />

10 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> Magazine UK 1,019,888<br />

11 Indian <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 1,077,502<br />

12 The Jewelry Magazine India 1,195,354<br />

13 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Outlook UK 1,212,803<br />

14 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World Australia 1,226,650<br />

15 Art of <strong>Jeweller</strong>y India 1,237,318<br />

Which is why <strong>Jeweller</strong> remains #1.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong> has been the leading voice of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery<br />

industries for 25 years, and today we rank #1 in the world.<br />

Alexa, the independent global ranking system for measuring website traffic and<br />

readership, now ranks jewellermagazine.com as the most widely read industry<br />

publication in the world – by far!<br />

Better still, the daily time spent on jewellermagazine.com is more than 21 minutes,<br />

which far exceeds all other international publications, which average only 2–3 minutes<br />

per visitor. Moreover, our ‘page views’ is miles ahead of all other industry publications.<br />

In addition, <strong>Jeweller</strong>’s social media presence dominates and our eMags boast more<br />

than 12.3 million reads.<br />

The numbers speak for themselves - follow the leader, and follow the readers too!<br />

16 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Focus UK 1,290,905<br />

17 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Business Canada 1,388,929<br />

18 <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Network South Africa 1,436,224<br />

19 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Monthly UK 2,196,837<br />

20 Canadian <strong>Jeweller</strong> Canada 2,670,625<br />

21 The Retail Jeweler USA 3,218,391<br />

22 Preziosa Magazine Italy 3,582,030<br />

23 Gold Book Magazine Turkey 4,099,295<br />

24 Bangkok Gems & <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Thailand 4,558,422<br />

25 Hong Kong <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Magazine Hong Kong 6,296,819<br />

26 The New <strong>Jeweller</strong> UAE / India 10,992,912<br />

27 Jewel Trendz India NO DATA<br />

28 Solitaire International Singapore NO DATA<br />

29 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Time New Zealand NO DATA<br />





WORLD<br />


1 Rapaport Magazine* USA 139,695<br />

2 Idex* Israel 370,487<br />


Denotes titles connected to diamond trading platforms / publication




Page Views is the number of times a reader visits any page<br />

on a website. A higher Page View figure the better, because it<br />

means readers are more engaged in the content. <strong>Jeweller</strong>’s<br />

Page View count of 12 leads all websites while most others<br />

can only record a single Page View before the reader leaves.<br />

Time-on-Page is the average time a reader spends on a page<br />

while Time-On-Site is how long they spend on the site each day.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong> leads the world with a Daily Time of 21.50 minutes,<br />

while most other publications only manage 1-2 minutes. The<br />

more time spent on a website, the better the global ranking.<br />

The Bounce Rate measures the percentage of visits that<br />

consist of only a single page view. It indicates the percentage<br />

of readers that land on a website, and immediately leave<br />

(‘bounce off’) meaning a low bounce rate is optimal. Alexa<br />

records <strong>Jeweller</strong>’s Bounce Rate at less than 25 per cent.<br />




(IN MINUTES)<br />


BOUNCE<br />

RATE<br />

1 <strong>Jeweller</strong> Australia 12.00<br />

2 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 8.60<br />

3 <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Network South Africa 6.00<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Business Canada 4.00<br />

5 Gold Book Magazine Turkey 4.00<br />

6 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Net Asia Hong Kong 3.60<br />

7 Solitaire Magazine Singapore 3.00<br />

8 JCK USA 2.20<br />

9 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Outlook UK 2.00<br />

10 The Jewelry Magazine India 2.00<br />

11 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Focus UK 2.00<br />

12 Indian <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 2.00<br />

13 Canadian <strong>Jeweller</strong> Canada 2.00<br />

14 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Monthly UK 2.00<br />

15 Instore Magazine USA 1.70<br />

16 Diamond World India 1.50<br />

17 National Jeweler USA 1.30<br />

18 Professional <strong>Jeweller</strong> UK 1.10<br />

19 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> Magazine UK 1.00<br />

20 Art of <strong>Jeweller</strong>y India 1.00<br />

21 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World Australia 1.00<br />

22 The Retail Jeweler USA 1.00<br />

23 Preziosa Magazine Italy 1.00<br />

24 Bangkok Gems & <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Thailand 1.00<br />

25 Hong Kong <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Magazine Hong Kong 1.00<br />

26 The New <strong>Jeweller</strong> UAE / India 1.00<br />

27 Jewel Trendz India NO DATA<br />

28 Solitaire International Singapore NO DATA<br />

29 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Time New Zealand NO DATA<br />

1 <strong>Jeweller</strong> Australia 21:50<br />

2 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 14:59<br />

3 <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Network South Africa 12.22<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Net Asia Hong Kong 02.60<br />

5 Art of <strong>Jeweller</strong>y India 02.49<br />

6 JCK USA 02.47<br />

7 Indian <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 02.47<br />

8 Gold Book Magazine Turkey 02.26<br />

9 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World Australia 02.23<br />

10 Instore Magazine USA 02.12<br />

11 Diamond World India 02.03<br />

12 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Outlook UK 01.53<br />

13 Solitaire Magazine Singapore 01.51<br />

14 National Jeweler USA 01.49<br />

15 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Focus UK 01.32<br />

16 Professional <strong>Jeweller</strong> UK 01.28<br />

17 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Business Canada 01.17<br />

18 The Jewelry Magazine India 01.05<br />

19 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> Magazine UK 00.60<br />

20 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Monthly UK 00.34<br />

21 Jewel Trendz India NO DATA<br />

22 Solitaire International Singapore NO DATA<br />

23 Bangkok Gems & <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Thailand NO DATA<br />

24 The New <strong>Jeweller</strong> UAE / India NO DATA<br />

25 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Time New Zealand NO DATA<br />

26 Canadian <strong>Jeweller</strong> Canada NO DATA<br />

27 The Retail Jeweler USA NO DATA<br />

28 Preziosa Magazine Italy NO DATA<br />

29 Hong Kong <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Magazine Hong Kong NO DATA<br />

2 <strong>Jeweller</strong> Australia 24.40%<br />

1 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 22.70%<br />

3 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Net Asia Hong Kong 36.80%<br />

4 Retail <strong>Jeweller</strong> Magazine UK 45.50%<br />

5 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Outlook UK 50.00%<br />

6 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Business Canada 58.30%<br />

7 The Jewelry Magazine India 60.00%<br />

8 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Focus UK 62.50%<br />

9 JCK USA 64.40%<br />

10 Art of <strong>Jeweller</strong>y India 69.20%<br />

11 Diamond World India 69.80%<br />

12 Professional <strong>Jeweller</strong> UK 72.20%<br />

13 Instore Magazine USA 72.70%<br />

14 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y World Australia 78.60%<br />

15 Indian <strong>Jeweller</strong> India 81.00%<br />

16 National Jeweler USA 82.30%<br />

17 Jewel Trendz India NO DATA<br />

18 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Time New Zealand NO DATA<br />

19 Canadian <strong>Jeweller</strong> Canada NO DATA<br />

20 The Retail Jeweler USA NO DATA<br />

21 Preziosa Magazine Italy NO DATA<br />

22 Bangkok Gems & <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Thailand NO DATA<br />

23 Hong Kong <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Magazine Hong Kong NO DATA<br />

24 The New <strong>Jeweller</strong> UAE / India NO DATA<br />

25 <strong>Jeweller</strong>s Network South Africa NO DATA<br />

26 Gold Book Magazine Turkey NO DATA<br />

27 Solitaire Magazine Singapore NO DATA<br />

28 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Monthly UK NO DATA<br />

29 Solitaire International Singapore NO DATA<br />











(IN MINUTES)<br />





BOUNCE<br />

RATE<br />

1 Idex* Israel 1.60<br />

2 Rapaport Magazine* USA 1.80<br />

1 Rapaport Magazine* USA 02:20<br />

2 Idex* Israel 02:06<br />

1 Rapaport Magazine* USA 54.60%<br />

2 Idex* Israel 63.70%<br />

All data collated as at 31 March <strong>2022</strong>

Completing my diploma in<br />

Completing my diploma in<br />

Gemmology has benefited<br />

Gemmology has benefited<br />

me<br />

me<br />

as<br />

as<br />

a<br />

a<br />

jeweller<br />

jeweller<br />

in<br />

in<br />

more<br />

more<br />

ways<br />

ways<br />

than<br />

than<br />

I<br />

I<br />

ever<br />

ever<br />

expected.<br />

expected.<br />

I have<br />

I have<br />

always<br />

always<br />

had<br />

had<br />

an<br />

an<br />

interest<br />

interest<br />

in in gemstones gemstones and and found found<br />

the the course course was was not not only only<br />

informative informative and and challenging<br />

but but immensely rewarding.<br />

Studying Studying with with the the GAA GAA has has also also<br />

allowed allowed me me to to meet meet like-minded<br />

like-minded<br />

people people from from many many facets facets of of the the<br />

jewellery jewellery industry industry and and grants grants me me access access<br />

to to resources resources that that I will I will continue to to use use<br />

throughout my my professional career.<br />

Emma Meakes FGAA<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>, John John Miller Design - WA - WA<br />

Diploma in<br />

Gemmology<br />

Enrolments now open<br />

For more information<br />

1300 436 338<br />

learn@gem.org.au<br />

www.gem.org.au<br />

Be<br />

Brilliant<br />

Gem-Ed<br />

Gem-Ed<br />

Australia<br />

Australia<br />



Passionately<br />

Passionately<br />

educating<br />

educating<br />

the<br />

the<br />

industry,<br />

industry,<br />

gem<br />

gem enthusiasts<br />

enthusiasts<br />

and<br />

and<br />

consumers<br />

consumers<br />

about<br />

about<br />

gemstones<br />


REVIEW<br />

Gems<br />

Garnet Part III: A colourful history<br />

Above: Chopard;<br />

Tiffany & Co.; Hemmerle;<br />

Below: Louis Vuitton;<br />

Sanjay Kasliwal<br />

Red garnets have long been a prominent<br />

embellishment, symbol, and tool used<br />

across a variety of ancient and medieval<br />

cultures.<br />

Along with the favoured lapis lazuli,<br />

turquoise, and carnelian, garnet was<br />

often used in ancient Egyptian jewellery<br />

to depict symbols and stories sacred to<br />

the culture.<br />

In the Roman era, the jewels of the<br />

wealthy would often feature garnets of a<br />

rich colour, carved either into cabochons<br />

or into cameos of prominent figures<br />

or gods.<br />

Both in ancient Rome and ancient<br />

Greece, garnet signet rings were used as<br />

the seals on significant documents.<br />

During the Middle Ages, garnets were<br />

widely regarded as a gem with valuable<br />

protection properties.<br />

For this reason, they were often inlaid<br />

into the armour or decorative pieces of<br />

Anglo-Saxon and Celtic kings headed<br />

into battle.<br />

In these early times, the many varities<br />

of minerals and the differences between<br />

them were so poorly misunderstood, any<br />

red-coloured gem cut as a cabochon was<br />

referred to as a ‘carbuncle’.<br />

They may have been a ruby, spinel, or in<br />

many cases, the almandine and pyrope<br />

varieties of garnet.<br />

Around the turn of the 16th century, a<br />

deposit of pyrope garnet was discovered<br />

in Bohemia that later became an<br />

important source for centuries to come.<br />

These Bohemian garnets were famous<br />

for their fiery-red hue, becoming the gem<br />

of choice for jewellery of the Victorian<br />

era, as well as mourning jewellery for<br />

Queen Victoria following the death of<br />

Price Albert in 1861.<br />

In 1780, the French mineralogist R.J.<br />

Haüy, often titled the ‘Father of Modern<br />

Crystallography’, began to assess the<br />

physical properties of minerals in order<br />

understand, separate, and classify them.<br />

His work and the ongoing work of others<br />

led to the eventual establishment of<br />

six varieties of garnet by the early 20th<br />

century; pyrope, almandine, spessartine,<br />

uvarovite, grossular and andradite.<br />

In modern times, the discovery of green,<br />

purple, orage, pink, and even colourchange<br />

varieties has led to garnet<br />

featuring in a wide range of jewellery<br />

designs covering all price points, offering<br />

jewellery connoisseurs a garnet for<br />

almost every taste.<br />

Given the relative abundance of<br />

almandine and a hardness more<br />

suited to regular wear than that of<br />

glass, composite gems have long<br />

been manufactured both as a cheaper<br />

alternative, and to potentially deceive.<br />

Garnet topped doublets (GTDs) are<br />

faceted stones that are primarily glass<br />

(or similar cheap or soft material), with a<br />

thin sliver of almandine garnet secured<br />

to the crown.<br />

Often, these composites are not be<br />

recognised by the untrained eye and<br />

may be confused with ruby – a gem of<br />

significantly greater value.<br />

Colour: Various colours<br />

Found in: US, Russia,<br />

Kenya, Tanzania,<br />

Myanmar, Argentina,<br />

India, Zambia, Sri Lanka,<br />

Bavaria, Italy, Namibia,<br />

Madagascar, Mexico, Mali<br />

Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7.5<br />

Lustre: Vitreous<br />

Formula: General formula<br />

for garnet: A ³<br />

B ²<br />

C ³<br />

O ¹²<br />

However, when you know what you’re<br />

looking for garnet topped doublets<br />

are one of the easiest tricks to spot.<br />

Another feat made possible by modern<br />

technology is the synthetic gem material<br />

known as Yttrium Aluminium Garnet<br />

(YAG) and Gadolinium Gallium Garnet<br />

(GGG).<br />

These purely synthetic gems have no<br />

natural counterpart and are not silicate<br />

minerals as natural garnets are because<br />

they do not contain any silica.<br />

Regardless, YAGs and GGGs crystallize<br />

in the cubic crystal system in an<br />

arrangement very similar to that of<br />

the natural garnets, producing the<br />

familiar garnet dodecahedron forms.<br />

The presence of rare earth elements<br />

in YAGs and GGGs results in striking<br />

vivid colours, popular with lapidarists<br />

who fashion them into fantastic gems<br />

reminiscent of kryptonite.<br />

A staple revered throughout history and,<br />

to this day January’s birthstone, the<br />

family of gem garnets has cemented<br />

itself as a versatile and notable gem.<br />

Mikaelah Egan FGAA Dip DT<br />

began her career in the industry at<br />

Diamonds of Distinction in 2015. She now<br />

balances her role at the Gemmological<br />

Association of Australia with studying<br />

geology at the University of Queensland.<br />

Visit instagram.com/mikaelah.egan<br />

For more information on gems and<br />

gemmology, go to www.gem.org.au<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 35


Local Talent<br />

EST. 1981<br />



LARA<br />


Leaf Earring and<br />

Pendant Set<br />

Metal: Sterling silver<br />

Gemstones: Green<br />

tourmaline<br />

Lara Laverdure<br />

Queenstown, NZ<br />

Competitive Prices<br />

Keep your watch<br />

repair business<br />

alive and ticking<br />

Australia and New Zealand are not only home to some of the<br />

rarest gemstones in the world, but also the most talented jewellers.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong> showcases a tapestry of local masterpieces that have been<br />

meticulously crafted with great artisanship, right here on home soil<br />

High quality Seiko watch<br />

batteries, spare parts,<br />

tools and accessories<br />

German-made Beco Technic<br />

watchmaker supplies and<br />

Heli watch cleaning care.<br />

Family owned and operated.<br />

We value your business and support.<br />

Proudly serving the watch and<br />

jewellery trade for over forty years.<br />

Preferred supplier to<br />

buying groups.<br />



Custom Gold<br />

Bangle<br />

Metal: Gold<br />

Gemstones:<br />

Repurposed<br />

gemstones<br />

Sara Ramtoola<br />

Kiama, NSW<br />

Free Call: 1800 244 354<br />






Certified by<br />


1975<br />




PINKS<br />

The discovery of the Argyle mine in the remote Kimberley region<br />

of Western Australia opened up the source of approximately 90<br />

per cent of the world’s supply of pink diamonds.<br />

Their unique, intense and vivid colour tones made them desirable<br />

to international jewellers, collectors, investors and connoisseurs.<br />

It is of little surprise that terms such as “iconic”, “nature’s gift”,<br />

“magical” and “mystical” have been used to describe their<br />

appearance. Due to their rarity and escalating price over three<br />

decades, they have been referred to as the most concentrated<br />

form of wealth on Earth.<br />

With the Argyle Mine now closed, with only a finite supply left in<br />

the market, the demand for these rare stones is likely to increase.



REPORT<br />

The Collector’s Edition is at the forefront of Argyle<br />

pink diamond grading, especially stones purchased on<br />

secondary markets, older diamonds from private collections<br />

which may be without their original certificates, lot numbers<br />

and inscriptions, and diamonds smaller than 0.08 carats.<br />

This program helps to secure the legacy of these rare and<br />

iconic diamonds while maintaining the independence and<br />

integrity of the grading and origin identification process.<br />

The predominant use of smaller diamonds in the Collector’s<br />

Edition enables the product to be more attainable to a<br />

broader customer market segment.<br />

However, with several thousand diamonds having already<br />

been graded and transacted via this platform, this iconic<br />

product will soon vanish, as demand has exceeded supply.



Certified by<br />


1975<br />



1975<br />






DUBAI<br />


JAIPUR<br />




NEW YORK<br />

MUMBAI<br />

TEL AVIV<br />

TOKYO<br />

ITALY<br />



SURAT<br />




© IGI 2020 • International Gemological Institute www.igi.org


DESIGN<br />

Opal Ring<br />

Metals: Sterling<br />

silver<br />

Gemstones: Opal<br />

Katie Flinn<br />

Byron Bay, NSW<br />


STUDIO<br />

Cabochon Emerald<br />

Stiletto Earrings<br />

Metal: Gold<br />

Gemstones: Emerald,<br />

diamond, blue<br />

tourmaline<br />

Tim Peel<br />

Healesville, VIC<br />


JEWELS<br />

Parti-sapphire<br />

Ring<br />

Metal: 18-carat white<br />

gold, yellow gold<br />

Gemstones:<br />

Parti-sapphire<br />

Ellen Johnston<br />

Brisbane, QLD<br />

Our collection of unforgettable jewellery designs are crafted<br />

in premium 18ct gold, centred around unique, one-of-a-kind<br />

Australian Sapphires. The pieces in this range have been<br />

embellished with beautiful White Diamonds, to enhance the<br />

incredible hues of the Australian Sapphire.<br />

SapphireDreams.com.au<br />

Become a stockist today 02 9290 2199


Retail in the Cloud<br />


to the<br />

CLOUD<br />

Cloud computing and technology quietly infiltrated the retail sector and<br />

now play a key role in the jewellery trade. SAMUEL ORD explores the key<br />

reasons why your store needs to make the most of the tools on offer.<br />

44 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

I<br />

t wasn’t that long ago that ‘tools’ meant the<br />

items used by a jeweller to make any given ring,<br />

necklace or earring. These days a jeweller’s toolbox<br />

has grown to mean anything that a retailer can use to<br />

improve their business.<br />

Enter ‘cloud-based’ technology, SaaS (software as a service)<br />

and the subscription economy; that jeweller’s toolbox has<br />

become more like a tool shed!<br />

More importantly, and whether you like it or not, as a small<br />

business you will increasingly become reliant on all three -<br />

if you aren’t already.<br />

Even though you may not recognise the term, there’s little<br />

doubt that your business is likely involved in SaaS to some<br />

degree now.<br />

Based in Queensland, Retail Edge Consultants is a<br />

management consultancy business which specialises in<br />

jewellery retail operations. The company’s point-of-sales<br />

technology is installed in more than 3,500 stores worldwide –<br />

split between Australia, New Zealand and the US.<br />

The jewellery retail trade has evolved significantly in the<br />

past three decades and Retail Edge’s president David<br />

Brown has witnessed it all.<br />

“I think that we find ourselves at another pivotal moment<br />

in the history of the industry, particularly in terms of<br />

the relationship between digital presence and physical<br />

presence,” Brown explains.<br />

“It wasn’t always the way it is today – jewellery retail used to<br />

be a static industry that was very slow and very resistant to<br />

change. Recently, I’ve had to remind a lot of our clients that<br />

many of them had to be dragged kicking and screaming into<br />

the computerisation of their business in the first place.”<br />

SaaS is a trend in retail that has flourished as business owners<br />

increasingly realise that their competitor is no necessarily<br />

longer ‘down the street’ or in the next suburb - it could be<br />

someone in a different state or even overseas.<br />

The answer to the challenge posed by the double-edged sword<br />

of the digital economy? Well, one solution is the way that<br />

businesses can maximise their reach, efficiency and promote<br />

their brand to a much larger audience by new technology, often<br />

in the form of SaaS.<br />

Therefore, the double-edged sword of the digital economy<br />

also means your next customer could be different state or<br />

even overseas!<br />


Tech Heads<br />

David Scheine<br />

Podium<br />

“According to our recent<br />

research, almost half [46<br />

per cent] of Aussies have<br />

deleted an email from a<br />

business without opening<br />

it in the past 24 hours,<br />

while almost two-thirds<br />

[62 per cent] have ignored<br />

an unsolicited call from a<br />

business in the past week.”<br />

Harshil Shah<br />

Diamonds on Call<br />

“With time, efficiency became<br />

obvious, and they adapted to<br />

the new way of working.<br />

We feel the number of<br />

retailers switching to this<br />

modern way of business will<br />

increase manifolds in the<br />

coming years.”<br />

David Brown<br />

Retail Edge Consultants<br />

“I think from an industry<br />

point of view there’s still a<br />

lot of conservatism when it<br />

comes to this kind of thing,<br />

and the core reason of course<br />

is privacy. <strong>Jeweller</strong>y retailers<br />

and business owners don’t<br />

want people to see their<br />

margins and they don’t<br />

want people to be able to<br />

identify what you might call<br />

their operational ’point of<br />

difference.”<br />

L to R: Palloys’ Livadi; Diamonds on Call<br />

Innovative Australians?<br />

Australian retailers often look to the US for inspiration as<br />

global trendsetters.<br />

Brown says that when it comes to technology there are<br />

some significant misconceptions about Australia’s place<br />

in the advancement hierarchy.<br />

“We tend to think of America as leading the charge when<br />

it comes to business technology but in the reality from my<br />

perspective is that many American retailers are far behind<br />

their Australian counterparts when it comes to this kind<br />

technology,” Brown advises.<br />

“A lot of [US] jewellery stores are still very much pen and<br />

paper. They’re behind where we [Australia] are because<br />

they’re focused on doing things manually. I see a lot more<br />

hesitancy, paranoia and conservatism from the US retailers,<br />

whereas Australian retailers tend to be more willing to<br />

explore tech options.”<br />

Definitions<br />

Before going any further it’s appropriate that we define<br />

and explain the difference and importance of cloud-based<br />

technology, SaaS, and the move towards a subscription<br />

economy.<br />

The simplest way to understand SaaS is to think back to a<br />

time - not that long ago - when you purchased accounting<br />

software such as MYOB; it came in a box, it was installed on<br />

your computer and you ‘owned’ it under license.<br />

Perhaps you had to pay someone to install the accounting<br />

program, and when MYOB announced a software update you<br />

could choose to buy it (paying an additional price) in order to<br />

install the upgrade. Or you may skip that ‘latest version’.<br />

The risk posed was that you might fall behind in the most<br />

up-to-date or advanced version of the software.<br />

That was the old days, then along came SaaS, perhaps<br />

unbeknown sneaking up on you.<br />

Today your accounting program - whether it be MYOB, Xero,<br />

or Reckon - are all sitting in the cloud as a part of what’s<br />

described as the ‘subscription economy’.<br />

SaaS is the supply of software, usually on a subscription basis,<br />

over the internet where there is no need to install and/or<br />

update software – it’s all done for you by the supplier.<br />

The supplier maintains the servers, databases, and other<br />

hardware - and stores your data - to ensure a seamless<br />

delivery of your needs, be they accounting or otherwise.<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 45

Retail in the Cloud | TECH FEATURE<br />

Podium<br />

Understanding SaaS<br />

Broadly speaking a SaaS-based application is any software<br />

that is not hosted or run on your premises. It is served directly<br />

to you, hosted, pre-configured and ready to use for its specific<br />

purpose. The user requires no hardware to be purchased<br />

for the software, has nothing to install and does not need to<br />

create data back-ups.<br />

Typically the user accesses the software via a web browser on<br />

any device, by simply paying a monthly or annual subscription<br />

fee to get access to the ready-made SaaS solution.<br />

SaaS is not a plugin and does not sit on your computers<br />

or other devices. One of the key tenets is that there is no<br />

need to invest in or establish your own infrastructure for<br />

maintaining software products or servers.<br />

The software is hosted externally in the cloud where the<br />

data – your emails, pictures and video – is stored on a<br />

network of Google servers and licensed and delivered via<br />

your internet browser.<br />

If you require an internet connection to properly run a<br />

service your business uses, there’s a good chance it’s<br />

probably cloud-based.<br />

Subscription economy<br />

The subscription economy refers to a shift away from the<br />

traditional pay-per-product model, such as the example<br />

provided earlier concerning buying the MYOB program and<br />

installing it on your computer.<br />

This new system involves selling recurring subscriptions to<br />

consumers in exchange for access to a product or service<br />

over time.<br />

Often, but not always, these subscriptions can be paused or<br />

cancelled. Think Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and so on.<br />

It’s important to know that not all SaaS is subscription based.<br />

Gmail falls into this category, as it is free. Having signed-up<br />

for Gmail, the user then has an email account to be used<br />

anytime, anywhere in the world free of charge.<br />

Therefore not all SaaS requires a subscription payment -<br />

there are many free SaaS services - but they all use cloud<br />

technologies.<br />

That said, many people confuse SaaS and cloud based<br />

products believing them to be the same. Cloud-based<br />

products and services may sound like they’re referring to the<br />

same thing, however they are different.<br />

While a service such as MYOB exists ‘in the cloud’ it will most<br />


Tech Heads<br />

Susan Davidson<br />

Rareworks<br />

“Retailers are increasingly<br />

looking for cloud-based<br />

software solutions.<br />

Customer expectations have<br />

changed from 9-5 access to<br />

24/7 availability. To compete<br />

in this climate, businesses<br />

need more flexibility and<br />

accessibility outside of their<br />

brick-and-mortar stores.”<br />

Munmun Baishya<br />

McKinsey Digital<br />

“An increasing number of<br />

leaders have come to recognise<br />

the critical role of the public<br />

cloud in facilitating their<br />

technological reinvention.”<br />

Melissa Dean<br />

Deloitte Australia<br />

“Loyalty programs that<br />

seamlessly bridge channels<br />

strengthen brand to consumer<br />

connection through well-known<br />

reward schemes encourage<br />

repeat purchase behaviour.”<br />

likely be a SaaS-based application, however; your cloud-based<br />

services may not always be SaaS-based.<br />

In a nutshell, the cloud was developed as a way to share data<br />

faster and more effectively. A cloud-based product or service<br />

is anything running in the cloud which will cover many other<br />

areas of IT including platforms and applications, hosted in the<br />

cloud.<br />

In other words, the largest difference – or explanation - is that<br />

SaaS is only one part of the larger cloud.<br />

Why this matters to you<br />

By now you’re probably left with one question – why should I<br />

care?<br />

The answer is that a well considered strategy of SaaS tools<br />

can completely transform the business of a jewellery retailer.<br />

SaaS tools present the opportunity to better manage your<br />

store and increase sales and profits.<br />

How?<br />

Think of it as a method of outsourcing of the important parts<br />

of your business that don’t relate to retailing to customers<br />

directly. Those time-consuming areas such as administration,<br />

stock control, buying, marketing and so on.<br />

SaaS tools allow you to effectively hand over the creation,<br />

implementation, maintenance and updating of business<br />

software to the experts, so that you can get on with doing what<br />

you do best - selling to consumers.<br />

Over the past decade there has been an enormous shift<br />

in growth strategies for businesses, brought about by an<br />

increasing preference by consumers and businesses to<br />

subscribe to services, rather than outright purchase products.<br />

This trend gathered speed during the global pandemic,<br />

when everyone re-evaluated their lives. Consumers carefully<br />

considered what was important to them, and businesses<br />

evaluated why they operated in certain ways, and assessed<br />

the value of different procedures under new, often harsher<br />

circumstances.<br />

The astute asked one question more-often-than not – why?<br />

Why stick to the traditional methods? Why can’t this business<br />

operate with fewer expenses, more efficiently?<br />

This self analysis paired well with the newfound formula for<br />

increasing sales focused on monetising long-term customer<br />

relationships rather than selling products. These market<br />

shifts are driven by new models of consumption.<br />

46 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

for over 40 years<br />

Rareworks<br />

In short, consumer preferences have changed and<br />

businesses are beginning to understand that if they<br />

don’t meet their customers where they want to be,<br />

one of their competitors will.<br />

It’s all about managing your business better and in<br />

different ways - using new technology - in order to<br />

compete in the digital economy.<br />

Consider the following<br />

There is almost nothing that is not covered by a<br />

SaaS retail solution, some of which you may not<br />

have previously considered. They are all designed<br />

to reduce your workload and improve efficiency and<br />

productivity.<br />

Website management is one major area of<br />

advancement in recent years, lining up well with<br />

increased consumer expectations. Business<br />

websites offer more today than at any point in the<br />

history of the internet.<br />

Presenting potential customers with a highquality<br />

website affords your business a range of<br />

benefits – credibility, lead generation, organic<br />

traffic, the opportunity to showcase your unique<br />

brand, and the chance to provide updates and<br />

announcements. Managing all of these utilities<br />

is made simpler using SaaS, rather than a<br />

dedicated in-house IT staff.<br />

Furthermore, customer service capabilities are<br />

expanding, and perhaps most importantly, time is<br />

saved – whether it be because simple questions are<br />

easily answered online, avoiding lengthy phone calls<br />

with confused customers, or because inventory<br />

management can become somewhat automatic.<br />

Another important component of this increasingly<br />

complex digital landscape for retailers is reputation<br />

management – something many SaaS programs<br />

attempts to manage.<br />

Through a business such as Podium, a retailer can<br />

respond to a customer’s enquiries and schedule a<br />

consultation, send automated reminders ahead of<br />

their appointment, issue a one-touch payment link<br />

after they make a purchase and collect a Google<br />

review after their interaction is over.<br />

With Podium, it’s all done via SMS, so even<br />

for new customers it’s a familiar and easy to<br />

navigate system.<br />

According to Dave Scheine, country manager<br />

at Podium, businesses wildly misunderstand<br />

Australian consumers relationships with email<br />

as a platform.<br />

“According to our recent research, almost half of<br />

Aussies have deleted an email from a business<br />

without opening it in the past 24 hours, while almost<br />

two-thirds have ignored an unsolicited call from a<br />

business in the past week.”<br />

He continues: “Meanwhile 49 per cent say that<br />

businesses that use SMS to communicate appear<br />

more professional than those that don’t. Threequarters<br />

of Australians say they’re reliant on SMS<br />

reminders to manage their day-to-day life tasks,<br />

while 69 per cent say an SMS reminder has saved<br />

them from missing an upcoming appointment.”<br />

So what’s the key takeaway from this research?<br />

Consumer expectations are changing and<br />

businesses must keep up or risk falling behind.<br />

Scheine says that if your business isn’t<br />

communicating with customers using methods<br />

that suit their tastes, it won’t take long before a<br />

competitor captures their attention.<br />

“Take York <strong>Jeweller</strong>s, for example,” he says. “They<br />

wanted to generate more reviews and provide more<br />

streamlined customer communications, so they<br />

engaged Podium. They use Webchat to engage with<br />

their customers at every stage of their journey, and<br />

eviews to collect more Google reviews after the<br />

completion of a sale or customer interaction.”<br />

“The results speak for themselves. They’ve<br />

received over 400 total inbound leads in the past<br />

year, including 321 from Webchat, and facilitated<br />

650 customer conversations. What’s more, prior<br />

to Podium, they had 32 Google reviews with an<br />

average rating of 4.6. Through Podium, they now<br />

have over 360 reviews with an average rating of 4.9.<br />

They’re just one of thousands of businesses, many<br />

of them jewellery retailers, seeing similar results.”<br />

Further options<br />

All of the SaaS programs which address customer<br />

service management aim for one thing – more time<br />

available for you with customers, face-to-face.<br />

Inventory management was once one of the most<br />

time-consuming and frustrating tasks for many<br />

U L T R A S O N I C C L E A N I N G M A C H I N E S<br />






Shipping Australia Wide<br />

SAME-DAY dispatch for orders placed<br />

before 3pm AEST<br />

More than 30 models<br />

available at<br />


07 3876 7481<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 47<br />


Retail in the Cloud | TECH FEATURE<br />

Real-time inventory view: How the cloud could help<br />

The Cloud as Catalyst for Retail, McKinsey & Company<br />


SaaS – Software as a Service<br />

What does it all mean? SaaS is a way of<br />

delivering applications that a business may<br />

use to operate over the Internet. Instead of<br />

installing and maintaining software using an<br />

in-house IT department, business owners and<br />

employees are able to access the applications<br />

via the internet, freeing themselves from<br />

software and hardware management.<br />

Apart from the obvious general business and<br />

administration software such as accounting<br />

and POS, there are many jewellery specific<br />

SaaS services on offer that include:<br />

4 Gemstone and diamond trading platforms<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y and watch auction sites<br />

4 Diamonds search<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y repair tracking and management<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y appraisal management<br />

4 CRM - Customer Relation Management<br />

4 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Virtual Try-on<br />

4 Customised design<br />

4 eCommerce<br />

4 Email marketing and automation<br />

4 Retail store staff management<br />

Advantages<br />

• Flexible payments: Transitioning costs to<br />

a recurring operating expense allows many<br />

businesses to practice more predictable<br />

budgeting.<br />

• Scalability: Cloud services like SaaS offer<br />

high scalability, which gives customers the<br />

option to access more or fewer services or<br />

features on demand. Services can be expanded<br />

or retracted to fit the size of the business.<br />

• Automatic updates: Rather than purchasing<br />

new software, can rely on a SaaS provider to<br />

automatically update and patch management.<br />

This reduces the burden on in-house IT staff.<br />

• Accessibility and persistence: Since SaaS<br />

vendors deliver applications over the internet,<br />

users can access them from any internetenabled<br />

device and location.<br />

• Customisation: SaaS applications are often<br />

customisable and can be integrated with other<br />

business applications.<br />

Disadvantages<br />

• Uncontrollable issues: Should a provider<br />

experience service disruptions, or perhaps a<br />

security breach, there’s little the user can do<br />

but wait for the issue to be resolved.<br />

• Unexpected changes: If the provider upgrades<br />

to a new version of an application, it will roll out<br />

to all customers, regardless of whether or not<br />

the customer wants the newer version.<br />

• Security: Cloud security is often the biggest<br />

cause for hesitancy among retailers.<br />

businesses. It can be painstakingly repetitive and<br />

diverts your time and attention from other facets of<br />

the business.<br />

It’s difficult to focus on improving the efficiency of<br />

your business, adding new products or promotions, or<br />

generally improving your brand when you’re trapped in<br />

the store room with a clipboard!<br />

SaaS programs are able to accurately inform you how<br />

much stock you have on hand and using forecasting,<br />

can also advise on when you need to restock in order to<br />

avoid shortages. There are fewer things more grating<br />

to a customer than hearing that a coveted piece of<br />

jewellery is out of stock.<br />

Error reduction is perhaps the most obvious benefit<br />

when it comes to managing inventory in the cloud.<br />

The automated nature of the software means that<br />

inevitable human errors are eliminated. Cutting down<br />

on missed orders or incorrect information saves your<br />

business time and money.<br />

Meeting, and in some cases exceeding, the<br />

personalised security requirements of a store or<br />

business has never been easier with the decreasing<br />

cost of security equipment and the rise of accessibility<br />

as a result of cloud technology.<br />

For jewellers, connecting security cameras with a<br />

cloud service is a recipe for a safe and secure business<br />

– even in the event that thieves interfere with the<br />

cameras themselves. When the footage from security<br />

cameras is backed up on the cloud, access is easy and<br />

simple around the clock.<br />

Recorded CCTV footage is available and accessed<br />

anywhere at any time via a computer, mobile or tablet.<br />

Using the cloud can simplify the process of retrieving<br />

video information – even in the event that thieves<br />

damage the camera itself.<br />

Marketing is made easier with services designed<br />

handle outbound emails and newsletters as well as<br />

handling loyalty programs.<br />

Deloitte Australia partner Melissa Dean advises any<br />

retailer looking to maximise sales this holiday period<br />

must consider a well-oiled loyalty program.<br />

“Loyalty programs that seamlessly bridge channels<br />

strengthen brand to consumer connection through<br />

well-known reward schemes encourage repeat<br />

purchase behaviour,” she explains.<br />

“Loyalty programs also create additional, high impact<br />

touchpoints for greater customer understanding<br />

and value delivery improvement. Having a single<br />

customer view allows you to know your customer,<br />

and is your greatest strength in delivering excellence<br />

through personalisation, driving higher value business<br />

outcomes.”<br />

Dean suggests that cloud-based software is an<br />

excellent method for managing such programs.<br />

“Cloud-based systems can effectively underpin multichannel<br />

selling. They allow for a seamless shopping<br />

experience by efficiently supporting retailers with<br />

real-time visibility of stock quantities and locations,<br />

inventory syncing and integration, tracking, reporting,<br />

forecasting, customer, vendor management and<br />

more.”<br />

Buying and selling<br />

The logistics associated with acquiring diamonds and<br />

gemstones has been revolutionised by online trading<br />

platforms, such as RapNet, Get-Diamonds and IDEX.<br />

One relatively new face to the scene is Diamonds<br />

On Call – based in Hong Kong, the trading network<br />

recently celebrated five years of operation.<br />

Diamonds On Call founder Harshil Shah says he<br />

expects the increase in retailer interest in the cloud<br />

and SaaS to continue long into the future.<br />

“If you remember, post-recession diamond prices<br />

dropped rapidly and then picked up again from 2010<br />

to 2013. From 2013 to 2020 the market kept dropping<br />

from 5-10 per cent every quarter and hit a sharp low of<br />

almost 40 per cent during the pandemic,” he explains.<br />

“This was also during the times when cloud-based<br />

systems were introduced to almost all spheres and<br />

industries anew. And the retailers who initially were<br />

hesitant saw the opportunity to save time, effort and<br />

money and came on board to survive.”<br />

He added: “With time, efficiency became obvious, and<br />

they adapted to the new way of working. We feel the<br />

number of retailers switching to this modern way of<br />

business will increase manifolds in the coming years.”<br />

With an ever-growing number of programs and<br />

tools being made available to businesses to handle<br />

48 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

If If you have a<br />

workshop, you’ll<br />

fall in love with a<br />

ProLaser Easy<br />

Desktop<br />

Laser Welder.<br />

L to R: Rareworks; Rapnet<br />

inventory management, customer data, and store<br />

security, Retail Edge Consultants Brown says that<br />

unsurprisingly, privacy remains a pivotal point of<br />

interest for retailers.<br />

“I wouldn’t say that I’m seeing a big ‘movement’<br />

when it comes to retailers endorsing a wide range<br />

of cloud technologies, however, we have cloud<br />

options available to all of our clients because many<br />

do want the option,” he says.<br />

“I think from an industry point of view there’s still<br />

a lot of conservatism when it comes to this kind<br />

of thing, and the core reason of course is privacy.<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y retailers and business owners don’t want<br />

people to see their margins and they don’t want<br />

people to be able to identify what you might call<br />

their operational ‘point of difference.’<br />

“Some feel that because it’s all going ‘online’ and<br />

is being stored in some data centre they may never<br />

visit, that they are exposed to security flaws. But<br />

still, I would describe the interest as growing.”<br />

Rareworks is another recent addition to the<br />

industry, beginning in 2021 as RFID specialists.<br />

The business has since expanded to include an<br />

e-commerce platform, augmented reality, POS,<br />

business analytics and finance options – all created<br />

with the jewellers needs in mind.<br />

Rareworks’ chief operating officer Susan Davidson<br />

agreed with Brown and said that soon, it may be<br />

impossible for tech-hesitant retailers to compete<br />

with those that embrace emerging opportunities.<br />

“Retailers are increasingly looking for cloud-based<br />

software solutions. Customer expectations have<br />

changed from 9-5 access to 24/7 availability. To<br />

compete in this climate, businesses need more<br />

flexibility and accessibility outside of their brickand-mortar<br />

stores,” Davidson explains.<br />

“Whether it’s remote access to a POS to maintain<br />

an up-to-the-minute integrated website or the<br />

ability to log in to a cloud based book-keeping<br />

system, the need to work from any location is<br />

driving companies to transition to cloud-based<br />

systems. Cloud-based POS, accounting and human<br />

resource systems are vital for success today.<br />

Having a global cloud-based fleet of systems that<br />

work is what makes a modern-day business stand<br />

out from the rest.”<br />

Don’t fall behind<br />

It’s one thing to merely say – don’t fall behind. It’s<br />

another thing entirely for owners and managers<br />

to stay competitive via the mastery of emerging<br />

software technologies, especially when juggling the<br />

already time consuming responsibilities of running<br />

a business.<br />

As part of a report for McKinsey Digital, associate<br />

partner Munmun Baishya explains the evolving<br />

landscape for retailers: “Retail today is in the midst<br />

of an exciting revolution in which power has shifted<br />

from the retailer to the consumer.”<br />

“Consumers are influencing product trends<br />

through reviews and social media, doing extensive<br />

product research online, and expecting a seamless<br />

omnichannel experience across all touchpoints,”<br />

Baishya adds.<br />

“Businesses’ demands for tech-enabled capabilities<br />

are compelling technology executives to advance<br />

and accelerate their technology-adoption<br />

schedules. An increasing number of leaders have<br />

come to recognise the critical role of the public<br />

cloud in facilitating their technological reinvention.”<br />

Retailers face pressure to deliver new business<br />

capabilities faster. This, in turn, shrinks retailers’<br />

margins and impacts all aspects of the retail value<br />

chain in some way, shape, or form.<br />

For those hesitant to explore SaaS options, it’s<br />

important to remember that while learning and<br />

implementing new programs and services can be<br />

daunting the aim in the long run is to create a more<br />

efficient business, saving time and energy.<br />

Learning to use a program like MYOB was once a<br />

daunting prospect too – today, it’s second nature<br />

for most. The number of SaaS services being<br />

developed specifically for jewellery retailers and<br />

store managers increases every year (see panel<br />

opposite).<br />

Perhaps some day soon, many of the SaaS<br />

programs discussed above will feel so interwoven<br />

into your business that they’re an all-but invisible<br />

aspect of your efficient, time-rich business.<br />

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Retail in the Cloud<br />


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and engage with customers in unique<br />

and memorable ways.<br />

Why should jewellery retailers consider<br />

using Rareworks?<br />

Rareworks has a positive impact<br />

throughout your jewellery business –<br />

RFID improves stock control, optimises<br />

inventory purchases, boost sales, and<br />

reduce holding costs.<br />

Swim Cloud-based POS, developed in<br />

Australia, was designed by a jeweller for<br />

jewellers. It was created with you in mind.<br />

Swim covers your store processes in<br />

an easy-to-use, feature-rich jewelleryspecific<br />

business management system.<br />

Free up time for staff to focus on sales,<br />

designs, and client engagement rather<br />

than counting stock and paperwork.<br />

What benefits can your business offer<br />

jewellery stores?<br />

Swim stands for Savings With Improved<br />

Management.<br />

Rareworks products deliver that outcome<br />

to our clients via streamlined sales and<br />

operations, unique and memorable<br />

customer engagement, and advanced<br />

inventory management technology.<br />

The end result is saving jewellers the time<br />

they need to make every moment count!<br />

What unique benefits does your business<br />

offer that your competitors cannot?<br />

Rareworks caters exclusively to jewellers<br />

worldwide, with an extensive global<br />

footprint.<br />

With our streamlined and integrated<br />

products, jewellers can incorporate new<br />

technologies into their vision for their<br />

businesses and gain an advantage over<br />

competitors.<br />

We innovate and create solutions whose<br />

benefits tackle many of the challenges of<br />

the jewellery industry.<br />

Curated consultations help business<br />

owners understand what processes and<br />

business changes can be made that have<br />

the most value for their business and its<br />

operating model.<br />

Our industry knowledge and domain<br />

expertise, coupled with the suite of<br />

solutions we offer, help jewellers achieve<br />

their goals.<br />

With one integrated system backed by<br />

our exceptional training and support<br />

services, we help to automate, manage,<br />

and standardise across environments<br />

to create visibility and strengthen<br />

profitability. This is what sets<br />

us apart from the other industry players.<br />

Describe the typical user of Rareworks?<br />

Rareworks’ solutions span independent<br />

mom-and-pop shops and multichain<br />

retailers and wholesalers.<br />

Are there any options for integration<br />

with existing software?<br />

Rareworks RFID is already integrated<br />

with many POS systems around the<br />

world, of course including Swim.<br />

Swim is integrated with Shopify, Tiara<br />

E-Commerce, Xero, Clicksend and more<br />

to come!<br />


Top 3<br />

Advantages<br />

• Individualised<br />

consultation<br />

guides owners<br />

on the path to<br />

adding more<br />

value to their<br />

business.<br />

• A singlue<br />

integrated<br />

system with<br />

quality training<br />

and support.<br />

• Easy-touse<br />

program<br />

that reduces<br />

energy spent<br />

completing<br />

timeconsuming<br />

administrative<br />

tasks.<br />

How does pricing work with your<br />

platform?<br />

Swim offers monthly and annual plans,<br />

tailored to your business size and<br />

profile. Anyone interested is specific<br />

pricing structures can find the listings<br />

on our website, or contact us for further<br />

information.<br />

Our RFID solutions include hardware<br />

and software, priced as a combination<br />

of licenses and annual maintenance<br />

contracts.<br />

We also offer a variety of RFID tags<br />

in different colours, form factors, and<br />

functionality using a volume-based<br />

pricing approach.<br />

Can your software offer API integration<br />

and if so, how does that take place?<br />

We offer API integration and software<br />

development kits for some our products.<br />

As I mentioned earlier, anyone who has<br />

specific needs is free to contact us in<br />

order to discuss the finer points – every<br />

client we work with is unique in some way<br />

and we’re ready to meet requirements.<br />

What have been the major advances in<br />

RFID in the past three years?<br />

Integrations with e-commerce and<br />

virtual try-on elevate the already<br />

substantial benefits of Rareworks RFID<br />

and Swim POS.<br />

Any additional comment or information<br />

you’d like to share about your business?<br />

The Rareworks team is our biggest asset!<br />

No matter what the product is, you need<br />

the right people to back it up.<br />

Everyone, from our CEO to the newest<br />

hire, is invested in and accountable for the<br />

each and every long-term relationship. The<br />

outcome is the support, product growth,<br />

and availability you need for success.

Retail in the Cloud<br />


Diamonds On Call<br />

with Harshil Shah, Founder and CEO<br />

Est. 2017<br />

DIAMONDSONCALL.COM • +61 1800 841 842 • info@diamondsoncall.com<br />

facebook.com/diamondsoncall @diamondsoncall linkedin.com/company/diamondsoncall @diamondsoncall<br />

To make all varied types of polished<br />

diamonds, certified and parcel,<br />

accessible online around the world<br />

and to design a simple online platform<br />

where jewellers can buy and receive<br />

diamonds with single click.<br />

Why should jewellery retailers consider<br />

using Diamonds On Call?<br />

We function as a real-time virtual<br />

window between diamond sellers<br />

and buyers, bridging the gaps in the<br />

jewellery supply chain.<br />

Diamonds On Call is a business-to-business<br />

diamond e-commerce platform and the<br />

winner of the JWA Industry Innovation<br />

Award for 2021. Our web portal allows<br />

jewellers, diamond retailers and buyers<br />

across the world purchase diamonds<br />

from suppliers with a single click. We are<br />

an ecosystem of more than 20 DTC sight<br />

holders, 700-plus diamond manufacturers<br />

and 1500-plus retailers and jewellers<br />

completing transactions every day for<br />

natural and lab-created diamonds.<br />

What benefits can your business offer<br />

jewellery stores?<br />

Our portal carries a live inventory of millions<br />

of stones, where the jewellers find their<br />

perfect match and place orders.<br />

We offer transparent pricing, with no hidden<br />

cost or registration fees. Compare prices<br />

offered by suppliers. The inventory is live and<br />

members can purchase or hold diamonds in<br />

real- time. We offer exclusive CRM support<br />

with 24/7 access to a dedicated manager<br />

as per the preferred time zone. Diamonds<br />

On Call also carries complete supply<br />

management - we take care from A to Z;<br />

from sourcing, ordering to quality assurance<br />

and delivery.<br />

What unique benefits does your business<br />

offer that your competitors cannot?<br />

Buyers can choose to keep all their orders<br />

under one invoice or shipment, as per their<br />

requirement with consolidated invoicing and<br />

shipping.<br />

Our experts physically examine all the<br />

diamond including eye-clean and with no<br />

BGM as a part of an independent quality<br />

check. We adhere to a one-time KYC filing<br />

policy that saves a lot of effort and time<br />

of jewellers from filing documents for<br />

each and every supplier they deal with on<br />

our platform. Full logistical support is an<br />

important aspect of our platform, with full<br />

assurance of safety and security we provide<br />

door-to- door insurance. Diamonds On<br />

Call’s API integration and plugin allows<br />

purchasers to hold and confirm orders<br />

using right from their website.<br />

Describe the typical user of Diamonds<br />

On Call?<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>s, retailers and manufacturers,<br />

jewellery designers and chains of jewellery<br />

stores dealing exclusively in diamond<br />

jewellery pieces. We cater to jewellers<br />

primarily based in Singapore, Hong Kong,<br />

Australia, Europe, Canada, and some<br />

regions of southeast Asia, as well as the<br />

US and UK.<br />

Are there options for integration with<br />

existing software?<br />

Yes - our exclusive API integration and<br />

plugin option lets clients of our customers<br />

search, hold and buy diamonds from our<br />

inventory, via their website.<br />

How does pricing work on your platform?<br />

We are proud of our transparent pricing<br />

structure whereby any buyer can<br />

compare the supplier’s price and ours<br />

and see that buying from our platform is<br />

inexpensive. Furthermore, buying diamonds<br />

from our portal is always cost-effective<br />

because of the high negotiation ability we<br />

have, topped with consolidated shipments<br />

and single invoice structure.<br />

Does your business offer<br />

demonstrations?<br />

Any jeweller can simply visit our website and<br />

request a demo. A dedicated relationship<br />

manager from our sales team will get in<br />

touch with them at their convenience, in the<br />

working hours of their time zone and take<br />


ON CALL<br />

Top 3<br />

Advantages<br />

• Consolidated<br />

billing and<br />

shipments<br />

for those<br />

that prefer to<br />

keep all their<br />

orders under<br />

one invoice/<br />

shipment.<br />

• API integration<br />

and plugin<br />

allowing users<br />

to hold and<br />

confirm orders<br />

conveniently<br />

from their<br />

website.<br />

• Independent<br />

quality checks<br />

performed<br />

by experts<br />

ensuring<br />

diamonds are<br />

eye-clean with<br />

no BGM.<br />

them through the workings of the website as<br />

well as the mobile app.<br />

Can your software offer API integration<br />

and if so, how does that take place?<br />

Yes - directly visit the website, choose the<br />

‘Diamond Feed Connect’ option i.e., API or<br />

plug-in and one of our dedicated personnel<br />

from the CRM team will contact you to<br />

understand your requirements and along<br />

with an IT team member, will help you setup<br />

the API or plugin. Once the integration is<br />

done, the jewellers will only have to deal<br />

with one feed format for accessing the<br />

entire live inventory. They can choose to<br />

filter in or out any supplier’s inventory<br />

specifically as per their preference and can<br />

also has multiple filters to stream down the<br />

options and create a customised feed to be<br />

displayed on their website.<br />

What specific functions on your platform<br />

help jewellers sell more diamonds?<br />

There are several answers to this question,<br />

but the most important is that we provide<br />

security, convenience and comprehensive<br />

solutions. <strong>Jeweller</strong>s significantly saves time<br />

and money while working with Diamonds<br />

On Call. Our offerings include but are not<br />

limited to; a vast collection of diamonds in<br />

the live inventory, effortless coordination<br />

and free registration, easy access to readyto-sell<br />

diamonds from around the world,<br />

quick delivery, consolidated shipment and<br />

invoicing, so they can focus on making<br />

jewellery instead of procurement of<br />

diamonds.<br />

Any additional comment or information<br />

you’d like to share about your business?<br />

We recently celebrated five years of<br />

operation and have sold 70,000 diamonds<br />

so far. We have a well-structure operations<br />

team of experts who perform quality checks<br />

on shipments. Diamonds On Call is proud<br />

to possess a very well-maintained network<br />

of suppliers including DTC sight holders,<br />

and we are coming up with some dashing<br />

new technological innovations and tools and<br />

features that’ll help jewellers’ boost their<br />



7,00,000+ Natural Diamonds<br />

1,50,000+ Lab-grown Diamonds<br />


7,00,000+ Natural Diamonds<br />

1,50,000+ Lab-grown Diamonds<br />

Get Free Access<br />

Get Free Access<br />



AWARD<br />

2021<br />

We are are now now in in Australia.<br />

Call Call us us on on +61 +61 1800 1800 841 841 842 842<br />

Download App<br />

Download App<br />

@diamondsoncall<br />


Retail in the Cloud<br />


Retail Edge Consultants<br />

with David Brown, Founder and President<br />

Est. 1996<br />

RETAILEDGECONSULTANTS.COM.AU • +61 7 5574 0322 • info@retailedgeconsultants.com<br />

@theedgesoftware<br />

linkedin.com/company/retail-edge-consultants<br />

Retail Edge is a management consulting<br />

company that, as a result from demand<br />

from retailers dissatisfied with their<br />

existing system, sourced the world’s<br />

leading jewellery software.<br />

The retailers wanted a feature rich,<br />

reliable system with strong support,<br />

all at a realistic price. TheEdge was<br />

the answer!<br />

Why should jewellery retailers consider<br />

using Retail Edge?<br />

We’re offering the most comprehensive<br />

system in the market and we’re a full<br />

service company.<br />

We have a team of client services people<br />

working full-time to work with our clients<br />

and handle any incoming calls and we<br />

are the only business in the Australasian<br />

jewellery industry that provides industry<br />

trends, analysis and information.<br />

We’ve got programmers working hard to<br />

deliver programs that address staffing,<br />

customer and inventory management<br />

needs for our clients.<br />

The fact that we have stood the test of<br />

time is important, we’ve been around 20-<br />

plus years now and we’re still growing.<br />

Other companies have stagnated or began<br />

to decline in membership but that’s not<br />

the case for us.<br />

What benefits can your business offer<br />

jewellery stores?<br />

Electronic invoicing is a significant<br />

component of what we offer and I<br />

think that comes as a huge benefit<br />

to our clients.<br />

I mentioned the trends anaylsis earlier,<br />

I think that’s really unique.<br />

The advice and education and mentoring<br />

are probably our primary offering.<br />

Recently, one of the ideas we’ve been<br />

emphasising to our clients is that we are<br />

a single source for problem resolution.<br />

Whether it’s improved financials, healthier<br />

stock, business growth strategy, or staff<br />

performance and retention, we’re offering<br />

it all and more.<br />

If our clients have any issue with their<br />

business we want them to undersand they<br />

can come to us and we’ll work with them<br />

to generate the solution.<br />

What unique benefits does your business<br />

offer that your competitors cannot?<br />

More recently we’ve begun offering<br />

Edge Pulse.<br />

You’ve got your point-of-sale system<br />

which is located at the store, and now,<br />

we’re offering a mobile app which allows<br />

business owners to access all the key<br />

information from devices away from<br />

the store.<br />

It’s got excellent mobile functionality,<br />

real time statistics and all the data you<br />

might find yourself needing when you’re<br />

away from the store.<br />

It all circles back to that concept of being<br />

a full service business.<br />

It’s not just a matter of offering the tools.<br />

The name is Retail Edge Consultants.<br />

We don’t just give our clients the tools,<br />

we work with them to make sure they<br />

maximise sales and maximise profit.<br />

Describe the typical user of Retail Edge?<br />

Every client we work with is an<br />

independent jewellery store, however, they<br />

come in all different shapes and sizes.<br />

We’ve got your small mum-and-dad<br />


Top 3<br />

Advantages<br />

• Only business<br />

in the<br />

Australian<br />

jewellery<br />

industry<br />

offering trends<br />

analysis<br />

• Able to address<br />

a diverse range<br />

of issue that<br />

may impede a<br />

business<br />

• Multiple fulltime<br />

client<br />

services staff<br />

to provide<br />

quality,<br />

knowledgeable<br />

support to our<br />

clients<br />

jewellery stores with $300,000 in turnover,<br />

and then we work with larger retailers<br />

doing many millions in sales.<br />

We work with multi-store operations and<br />

cover anything that falls into the industry<br />

itself, whether it be diamonds jewellery,<br />

other gemstones, etcetera.<br />

We don’t work with major chains, our<br />

clients are all independents.<br />

Are there any options for integration<br />

with existing software?<br />

Whether it’s financing, jewellery<br />

valuations, or insurance, we’re across<br />

a very wide variety of programs and we<br />

offer a strong level of integration.<br />

We believe that it’s important that there<br />

are more and more tools available for<br />

our clients all the time and as a result we<br />

make it a priority to be adept and relevant<br />

so that we can meet their needs when<br />

they arise.<br />

We need to be relevant to the industry as<br />

it is today, not as it was yesterday. It’s a<br />

very dynamic industry and we need to be<br />

dynamic in our solutions.<br />

We pride ourselves on refusing to ever lag<br />

behind in a rapidly changing environment.<br />

How does the pricing structure work<br />

with your platform?<br />

The easiest way to understand our pricing<br />

structure is to know that it’s a rental<br />

model, we don’t sell the software.<br />

It’s a subscription-based service which<br />

is flexible depending on the size of your<br />

operation, factoring in characteristics<br />

such as how many work stations you<br />

have, or how many stores.<br />

On average, we charge less than one per<br />

cent of a typical store’s sales.

Just the edge<br />

you need.<br />

Know your business<br />

and industry trends<br />

anywhere, anytime.<br />

At the beach or at a Trade Fair,<br />

review your stock and sales<br />

performance from any supplier.<br />

Use pooled data to optimise<br />

profits by knowing the best<br />

performing items and emerging<br />

trends before you buy.<br />

Ready to improve your retail profits?<br />

We are your single source for all of your store’s needs.<br />

Improved<br />

Financials<br />

Healthier<br />

Inventory<br />

Sales<br />

Growth<br />

Recruiting<br />

& Hiring<br />

Increased Staff<br />

Performance<br />

POS &<br />

Edge Pulse<br />

• Mentoring and management consulting<br />

• Seamless succession planning<br />

• Be held accountable – see results!<br />

07 5574 0322<br />

mike@retailedgeconsultants.com<br />


Retail in the Cloud<br />


Podium<br />

with Dave Scheine, Country Manager, Australia at Podium<br />

Est. 2014<br />

PODIUM.COM • support@podium.com<br />

facebook.com/podium @PodiumHQ linkedin.com/company/podium @podium<br />

A few years back, Eric Rea (co-founder and<br />

CEO) got a frustrated call from his dad.<br />

His dad’s tyre shop had plenty of happy<br />

customers, but only a handful of angry<br />

ones were leaving reviews. So we built a<br />

product that made getting more reviews as<br />

easy as sending a text.<br />

As we set out to solve the same problem for<br />

local businesses everywhere, we realized<br />

that messaging with customers wasn’t<br />

just the better way to get reviews—it’s the<br />

better way to do business. We’ve since built<br />

a multi-product platform that’s modernising<br />

the way local business gets done.<br />

Why should jewellery retailers consider<br />

using Podium?<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y retailers - and any local<br />

business, for that matter - should use<br />

Podium because it helps businesses cater<br />

to the needs, habits, and preferences of<br />

contemporary consumers.<br />

Aussies have come to expect - and prioritise<br />

those who offer - quick, convenient and<br />

customer-friendly interactions with<br />

businesses today. They no longer want to<br />

interact with businesses via phone calls or<br />

exchanging emails back and forth; they want<br />

more convenience than that.<br />

Podium comprises eight different solutions,<br />

which enable businesses to deliver<br />

exceptional customer experiences in the<br />

palm of their hand. Local businesses are<br />

turning to Podium’s SMS-based platform<br />

to receive more business-critical reviews,<br />

collect payments, send SMS campaigns,<br />

and centralise their communications<br />

during lockdown. Running a local business<br />

isn’t easy, particularly lately, but Podium<br />

makes it easier than ever to communicate<br />

more conveniently, collect reviews, facilitate<br />

payments, send effective marketing<br />

campaigns and more.<br />

What benefits can your business offer<br />

jewellery stores?<br />

Through Podium, a jewellery retailer<br />

can answer a customer’s enquiries and<br />

schedule a consultation via webchat,<br />

send automated reminders ahead of their<br />

appointment, issue a one-touch payment<br />

link after they make a purchase and collect<br />

a Google review after their engagement<br />

has concluded.<br />

Crucially, it’s all done via SMS, so for a<br />

customer it’s as easy and convenient as<br />

communicating with their friends and family.<br />

What unique benefits does your business<br />

offer that your competitors cannot?<br />

Our competitive differentiator is the scale<br />

of our platform. A business is made up of<br />

many essential processes, departments,<br />

and components, and Podium’s platform<br />

caters to so many of them.<br />

We’ve built a platform made up of eight<br />

different tools, and growing that ecosystem<br />

is a core focus - we want to be the one-stop<br />

shop for local businesses.<br />

Rather than a local business using multiple<br />

different vendors - which is expensive,<br />

requires more time to learn and integrate,<br />

and often creates business silos - local<br />

businesses can use Podium for all their<br />

communication, marketing, and payment<br />

needs. There might be other platforms that<br />

handle one or two of those functions, but<br />

jewellers need a platform they can rely on<br />

to help power their business, not just one<br />

aspect of it.<br />

Describe the typical user of Podium?<br />

Podium is used by over 100,000 local<br />

businesses globally. Our core customers<br />

are SMBs, so typically any business with<br />

between 1-50 employees, though our<br />

platform is excellent for bigger<br />

businesses, too.<br />

We serve the entire spectrum of local<br />

businesses, from jewellers to dentists,<br />

mechanics, tradies and more. Every local<br />

business is unique, and every sector of the<br />

small business community has separate<br />

challenges and opportunities. However,<br />

they’re all bound by a desire to provide<br />

meaningful, convenient, and sophisticated<br />

customer experiences - and that’s where<br />

we come in.<br />

Are there any options for integration with<br />

existing software a retailer may be using?<br />

Because our mission is to make it as easy<br />

PODIUM<br />

Top 3<br />

Advantages<br />

• A platform<br />

containing<br />

eight different<br />

tools, each<br />

aimed to<br />

improve your<br />

business.<br />

• Scalable to<br />

all sizes due<br />

to a client<br />

base of more<br />

than 100,000<br />

businesses.<br />

• Capable of<br />

integration<br />

with more than<br />

180 different<br />

solutions.<br />

as possible for businesses to operate, we<br />

integrate with over 180 different solutions.<br />

Our growing ecosystem of integrations<br />

makes it easy to automate the more routine<br />

stuff while maintaining a personal touch<br />

in each customer interaction. We’re a<br />

perfect fit with the tools a jewellery retailer<br />

already uses, and we’re always adding new<br />

integrations.<br />

Can your software offer API integration<br />

and if so, how does that take place?<br />

Our API is public and available in our<br />

Developer Portal. That means any business<br />

that has an in-house system, or an idea<br />

for an app or process, can integrate it with<br />

Podium through the public API.<br />

What do retailers misunderstand about<br />

reputation management?<br />

Consumer expectations are changing<br />

today, and businesses that understand the<br />

role their online presence plays in that will<br />

be better placed to seize opportunities,<br />

overcome challenges and cater to their<br />

customers’ needs.<br />

The biggest misconception currently is that<br />

email and phone remain the primary means<br />

of communication for consumers. Far from<br />

it, in fact.<br />

Our research has revealed that Australian<br />

consumers say their tolerance for poor<br />

business communication has decreased<br />

since the pandemic and are willing to<br />

blacklist local businesses who don’t cater<br />

to their habits and preferences. So it’s<br />

no longer good enough to simply have<br />

a digital presence; it has to be effective,<br />

and built with the consumer and their<br />

preferences in mind.<br />

Any additional comment or information<br />

you’d like to share about your business?<br />

We recently released the Podium Businessto-Customer<br />

Communication Report, which<br />

deep dives into the trends and habits of<br />

consumers today.<br />

It’s a really important read, providing the<br />

insights jewellery retailers owners need to<br />

know about interacting with their customers<br />


Email is dead.<br />

Phone tag sucks.<br />

Watch 4 low-cost<br />

ways to supercharge<br />

your jewellery sales

Retail in the Cloud<br />


Livadi<br />

with Richard Ashman, General Manager at Palloys<br />

Est. 2020<br />

LIVADI.COM • 1300 886 108 • info@livadi.com<br />

facebook.com/livadirings<br />

@Palloysau<br />

linkedin.com/company/palloysau<br />

livadirings<br />

Design your own bespoke wedding<br />

ring or unique couples set. Start<br />

with a ring setting then customise<br />

the shape, features and stones.<br />

Your beautiful creation will be<br />

uniquely yours!<br />

Why should jewellery retailers become<br />

a partner with Livadi?<br />

Livadi offers unprecedented levels of<br />

innovation to our partners through<br />

cutting-edge technology.<br />

At the same time, targeted towards<br />

nurturing the sentimentality and personal<br />

nature of something as precious and<br />

important as wedding bands.<br />

Other important factors are the sheer<br />

ease at which retailers are able to create<br />

bespoke rings with the 3D configurator, as<br />

well as the interactive interface that can<br />

be used collaboratively in-store or online<br />

with your customers. The configurator’s<br />

unprecedented capacity for personalisation<br />

includes the ability to engrave anniversaries<br />

and inscriptions into your designs.<br />

What benefits can your business offer<br />

jewellery stores?<br />

Livadi takes pride in our ability to take the<br />

logistical burden away from business owners.<br />

We believe in jewellers building strong<br />

personal connections with their customers,<br />

having the time and space to identify how<br />

they can improve their business.<br />

It’s about creating the opportunity for<br />

these businesses to focus on the tasks<br />

that will generate a greater commercial<br />

outcome, which can be difficult when you’re<br />

negotiating the logistics of manufacturing<br />

bespoke jewellery.<br />

With Livadi, it is possible to be fully present<br />

in your business and with your customers,<br />

while ensuring that the highest-quality,<br />

bespoke wedding bands are available and<br />

carefully handcrafted.<br />

What unique benefits does your business<br />

offer that your competitors cannot?<br />

All Livadi products are made with 100 per<br />

cent Australian gold and ethically sourced,<br />

sustainable metals, this is an industry first<br />

and something that can be exclusively<br />

offered by Livadi.<br />

As concerns regarding sustainability<br />

continue to mount in industry, Livadi<br />

stands resolute in our commitment to<br />

sustainability and the environment.<br />

Additionally, all Livadi wedding bands<br />

are made from one piece of metal,<br />

creating an extremely durable,<br />

continuous wedding band.<br />

It’s worth noting that Livadi creations are<br />

completely hand-finished. We want each<br />

piece to be considered a miniature work<br />

of art, and so each Livadi piece is created<br />

by masters of craft – people who are proud<br />

to create objects of beauty.<br />

The hope is that the piece will be enjoyed by<br />

their wearer and their descendants to come.<br />

As we like to say, it’s this design ethos that<br />

makes every Livadi piece so special.<br />

Conceptually, the rings both symbolically<br />

and functionally reflect the lifelong<br />

commitment and connection associated<br />

with marriage.<br />

Since Livadi was launched what changes<br />

have been made to the platform?<br />

In June of <strong>2022</strong>, Livadi launched our<br />

revolutionary 3D Configurator, which allows<br />

clients to customise, design, and create<br />

their unique Livadi ring, with 3D rendered<br />

visuals that show their creation in real-time.<br />

The render created can then speak<br />

to the internal Livadi manufacturing<br />

systems, and the ring can be handcrafted<br />

and delivered within 14 days. It is a<br />

game changer in the industry, and for<br />

LIVADI<br />

Top 3<br />

Advantages<br />

• Made from<br />

100 per cent<br />

Australian gold,<br />

answering<br />

contemporary<br />

consumer<br />

concerns about<br />

environmental<br />

sustainability..<br />

• Interactive<br />

interface that<br />

can be used<br />

collaboratively<br />

in-store with<br />

customers.<br />

• Easy-to-use<br />

program that<br />

suits timesensitive<br />

businesses.<br />

Livadi stockists.<br />

The Configurator was one of our key<br />

innovation projects during COVID and<br />

is by far our most significant change to<br />

our online platforms.<br />

Describe the typical user of Livadi?<br />

While we believe Livadi is a brand for<br />

anyone and everyone, unified by our belief<br />

in marriage and celebrating love, Livadi is<br />

for anyone considering or preparing to take<br />

the exciting step toward marriage.<br />

We foresee a huge interest from customers,<br />

who typically value bespoke, meaningful<br />

and quality jewellery that can be customised<br />

and personalised as desired.<br />

Does your business offer demonstrations?<br />

At the recent International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair<br />

in Sydney, the Livadi digital 3D configurator<br />

and platform were a huge success.<br />

Additionally, we regularly demonstrate<br />

Livadi with buying groups.<br />

Anyone who interested in a demonstration<br />

is encouraged to get in contact via email<br />

[info@livadi.com] for more information or<br />

to book an instore demonstration.<br />

Any additional comment or information<br />

you’d like to share about your business?<br />

Palloys see technology as an enabler in<br />

the jewellery industry.<br />

Innovation and technological<br />

advancements support customer<br />

engagement and build business<br />

efficiencies; it improves systems and<br />

processes without compromising the<br />

artistry and sentimentality associated<br />

with jewellery, particularly wedding bands.<br />

We believe in supporting jewellers as<br />

artists and craftspeople and believe that<br />

technology like the 3D Configurator can help<br />

actualise this focus while simultaneously<br />

building wider business success.


On the Horizon<br />

JAM-PACKED 2023<br />

after<br />

Sydney & Singapore Success<br />

Everybody loves a comeback story. SAMUEL ORD examines the optimism surrounding 2023 following<br />

the success of Singapore’s <strong>Jeweller</strong>y & Gem World and Sydney’s International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair.<br />

A<br />

fter the trade was impeded for more<br />

than two years due to the COVID<br />

pandemic, jewellery retailers and<br />

suppliers have a jam-packed schedule to look<br />

forward to in 2023.<br />

Locally, next year’s jewellery industry calendar<br />

is about to get busier with Expertise Events<br />

announcing a new trade show scheduled for<br />

February as well as the 2023 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design<br />

Awards.<br />

The industry’s enthusiasm for such the new<br />

event was clearly high, as the Melbourne<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>y Expo was fully booked in one just day.<br />

Fitz-Roy admitted he undertook a ‘soft<br />

announcement’ to suppliers to gauge support<br />

before formally advertising the event to the wider<br />

industry.<br />

“I was quite surprised at the feedback. Admittedly,<br />

we committed limited space to the Expo but we<br />

received more requests for‘ bookings on the first<br />

day than we have stands. We are now reviewing<br />

how we can create more space to accommodate<br />

the current waiting list and the expected additional<br />

interest.”<br />

In March 2021 during COVID Expertise Events<br />

introduced the Australian <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair – a smallscale<br />

show in Sydney – as a way for suppliers to<br />

reconnect with customers face-to-face after the<br />

2020 lockdowns. The boutique-style event was<br />

promoted as a way to help stimulate sales and<br />

ordering after the Christmas and New Year sales<br />

periods and following Valentine’s Day sales.<br />

The 2021 event was successful and it ran again in<br />

March this year with the aim to also capture the<br />

preMother’s Day sales cycle.<br />

Fitz-Roy explained that following the success of<br />

both Sydney jewellery fairs this year (March and<br />

August) he received exhibitor feedback and requests<br />

to see if “we could deliver something to help<br />

stimulate the Melbourne and Victorian jewellery<br />

market. Many of our exhibitors had suggested a<br />

small, boutique-style event in Melbourne as that<br />

state continues to rebuild<br />

as the hardest lockdown state.”<br />

He added, “The Expo is designed to serve<br />

Melbourne and country retailers and has the<br />

support of the major buying groups - Nationwide<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>s, Independent <strong>Jeweller</strong>’s Collective and<br />

Leading Edge <strong>Jeweller</strong>s.<br />

Changes afoot for 2023<br />

This year’s International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair (IJF) was<br />

always going to be a litmus test of not only for the<br />

exhibitors and buyers but also event organiser<br />

Expertise Events.<br />

The pandemic forced people to question many<br />

things, including the way they work and run<br />

their businesses. For more than two years, retail<br />

jewellers and suppliers alike questioned everything<br />

they did.<br />

The <strong>2022</strong> Sydney tradeshow effectively became a<br />

reset in anticipation for the 2023 fair and beyond.<br />

Expertise Events managing director Gary Fitz-Roy<br />

told <strong>Jeweller</strong> he had already observed some<br />

changes in ordering patterns in the lead-up to the<br />

2019 show.<br />

“I think the challenge this year was always going to<br />

be the question of whether or not people were going<br />

to come and buy. If you think back to 2019, the Fair<br />

had already changed quite a lot. We were seeing<br />

a lot of people attending just to look at what’s on<br />

display and to plan for Christmas rather than just<br />

buy,” he explained.<br />

He said he viewed the reset to be a success and<br />

that the biggest surprise was that the opening<br />

days of the fair were very different start compared<br />

with what had occurred in the years before the<br />

pandemic.<br />

“It was reminiscent of fairs from yesteryear.<br />

From those that I’ve had the chance to speak with,<br />

Saturday and Sunday were both really strong days,<br />

however the first day felt more like the second<br />

we’ve become accustomed to.<br />

“In my mind, the success of this year’s show has<br />

really reaffirmed the position that a successful<br />

tradeshow unites the industry.”<br />

Success in Sydney<br />

This Fair was a busy one for Duraflex Group<br />

Australia (DGA), one of industry’s longest running<br />

jewellery and watch suppliers, as the business<br />

celebrates 60 years since it began trading.<br />

Duraflex has evolved from watch straps to European<br />

branded jewellery, a diamond range, and more<br />

recently Swiss watches, launching a partnership<br />

with Edox at this year’s Fair.<br />

Duraflex managing director Phil Edwards told<br />

<strong>Jeweller</strong>: “the overall experience at the fair was<br />

extremely positive with excellent attendance. Our<br />

60 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>



2023 EVENTS SCHEDULE | On the Horizon<br />






OFIR SRL<br />


New Designs<br />

On the Horizon | 2023 EVENTS SCHEDULE<br />

OE011-SS<br />

IP6524P<br />


IP6524E<br />

OP012-SS<br />

customers were pro-active with their agendas and feeling confident<br />

about the upcoming Christmas trading period.”<br />

For years visitors were traditionally greeted by the large presence of the<br />

Peter W Beck stand at the entrance, and the company’s rebranding to<br />

BECKS, with a strong red-and-black design, was the latest move from<br />

the South Australian-business following the passing of founder Peter<br />

Beck in 2021.<br />

“I known it’s my first major fair since 2001 and loved every minute,”<br />

Ingham explained. “Late on the third and final day you could see<br />

everyone on our team laughing and smiling – we’re all exhausted but<br />

now all the work has been worth it based on the reception we’ve had.”<br />

For jewellery and watch distributor Timesupply – which serves more<br />

than 800 retailers in Australia and New Zealand – the expectations<br />

heading into the IJF were clear.<br />

Director Ken Abbott said “Our expectations heading into the weekend<br />

were to simply reconnect with our customers face-to-face and hopefully<br />

connect with some new people, and we’ve achieved both of those goals<br />

so we’re happy.<br />

“Saturday was very strong in terms of orders and then Sunday was<br />

even stronger again, which is exactly what we hoped to see.”<br />

His expectations were met to such a degree that he added, ”there<br />

was little reason to delay confirming a return in 2023.<br />

“It was great to see so many people face-to-face – especially those<br />

from New Zealand who for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to<br />

see for a long time.”<br />

Success in Singapore<br />

Internationally there’s also been plenty of cause for optimism.<br />

Organisers of <strong>Jeweller</strong>y and Gem World, Informa Markets, made the<br />

difficult decision to shift the event to Singapore from Hong Kong for a<br />

one-off event in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The end result? Overwhelming praise for the new location and its ability<br />

to provide an accessible and secure in-person experience, even against<br />

the backdrop of the pandemic.<br />

Beginning on 27 September and concluding 30 September, JGW<br />

Singapore welcomed just shy of 1,000 exhibitors from more than 30<br />

countries and organisers reportedly increased the total reserved floor<br />

area to 35,000 square metres to accommodate increased demand.<br />

More than 11,000 buyers from 97 countries visited JGW Singapore.<br />

Informa Markets senior vice president David Bondi confirmed that the<br />

five biggest sources of buyers were Singapore, India, the Phillipines,<br />

Vietnam and Malaysia.<br />

“We are immensely delighted that exhibitors and buyers from all<br />

corners of the globe have joined our industry’s grand reunion in<br />

Luxury Pearl and Opal <strong>Jeweller</strong>y<br />

+61 2 9266 0636<br />

enquiries@ikecho.com.au<br />

www.ikecho.com.au<br />

“The fair was extremely<br />

positive with excellent<br />

attendance. Our customers<br />

were proactive with their<br />

agendas and feeling<br />

confident about the<br />

upcoming Christmas<br />

trading period.”<br />

Phil Edwards<br />

Duraflex Group Australia<br />

IJF Commentary<br />

“When you compare this<br />

show to Hong Kong, of<br />

course, Singapore is much<br />

smaller in scale but there’s<br />

still been lots of buyers<br />

and we’ve had the chance<br />

to showcase our products,<br />

so we’re very happy.”<br />

Shu Minoda<br />

Iris Opal<br />

JGW Commentary

Singapore. The positive energy and level of engagement on the show<br />

floor was invigorating,” he said.<br />

“Without our community’s incredible support, the industry regrouping<br />

that we all saw in Singapore wouldn’t have been possible. We are<br />

extremely grateful to our valued partners – the exhibitors – who<br />

brought their very best products and innovations to the show, and to the<br />

thousands of buyers who chose to attend. As I’ve mentioned a number<br />

of times before, a sourcing event goes beyond products; it’s as much<br />

about people, ideas and inspiration.”<br />

Australian’s in Singapore<br />

There were plenty of local faces among the exhibitors.<br />

Based in Los Angeles and originally from Sydney, Joel Price Opals is<br />

a wholesaler of Australian opal specializing in Lightning Ridge black<br />

and light opal.<br />

Director Joel Price said, “It’s been a little rough around the edges<br />

but largely I would say it’s been a good experience. Those little road<br />

bumps are exactly what you’d expect from a show the first time it’s<br />

hosted, first show jitters.<br />

“I’ve done Hong Kong many, many times before and although this<br />

show is obviously smaller and is missing the buyers from mainland<br />

China, I’d say that the buyers I’ve spoken to have the kind of attitude<br />

you hope to see.”<br />

“With that said, I’ve seen a lot of people I’m familiar with from Hong<br />

Kong here today and with close to 1,000 exhibitors at a first time<br />

show, there’s clearly been buy-in from the suppliers too, which is<br />

what the event needs to be a success.”<br />

Another familiar face amongst the crowd was that of Shu Minoda,<br />

director of Iris Opal.<br />

“It’s been a trip we’ve been very happy,” Minoda said. “When you<br />

compare this show to Hong Kong, of course, Singapore is much smaller<br />

in scale but there’s still been lots of buyers to speak with and we’ve had<br />

the chance to showcase our products, so we’re very happy.”<br />

“We were very busy on the first two days. Our speciality of course is<br />

black opals and they really seem to be rising in popularity.”<br />

What did the buyers have to say?<br />

Around 65 per cent of the 11,000 visitors came from overseas. Amongst<br />

the crowd were Amy and Chris Bradley of Pastiche, Australian designer<br />

jewellery. The pair acknowledged the irreplaceable importance of direct<br />

interaction in the jewellery trade.<br />

“It was so wonderful to be able to participate in trade fairs again after so<br />

long without one. We made a couple of new connections and caught up<br />

face-to-face with our current suppliers,” she said.<br />

Gislaine Rial of Jovely Joias, based in Brazil, echoed this sentiment.<br />

“Late on the third and final<br />

day you could see everyone<br />

on our team laughing and<br />

smiling – we’re all exhausted<br />

but now all the work has<br />

been worth it based on the<br />

reception we’ve had.”<br />

Greville Ingham<br />

BECKS<br />

IJF Commentary<br />

“I’ve seen a lot of people I’m<br />

familiar with from Hong Kong<br />

here today and with close to<br />

1,000 exhibitors at a first time<br />

show, there’s clearly been<br />

buy-in from the suppliers too,<br />

which is what the event needs<br />

to be a success.”<br />

Joel Price<br />

Joel Price Opals<br />

JGW Commentary

On the Horizon | 2023 EVENTS SCHEDULE<br />







The<br />

Elizabeth<br />

Ring<br />

9ct gold and diamonds<br />

A timeless classic<br />

birthstone ring<br />

03 9764 2165<br />

sales@lacouronnejwl.com.au<br />


2023 EVENTS SCHEDULE | On the Horizon<br />



4-6 Febuary ‘23 Melbourne <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Expo MCEC, Melbourne<br />

17-19 March ‘23 Australian <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair ICC, Sydney<br />

19-21 August ‘23 International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair ICC, Sydney<br />

“I had been going to the Hong Kong shows, which I love, for many<br />

years, but I have to say that Singapore did not disappoint. The beautiful<br />

city and JGW Singapore energised me after nearly three years of video<br />

meetings!” she said.<br />

Another Australian buyer - Adam Kelly of Adela Imports, based in<br />

Newcastle – said that launching a trade show following a two-year<br />

hiatus was no easy feat.<br />

“I found some new suppliers and placed some orders. Under the<br />

circumstances, Informa has done a great job,” he reported.<br />

Busy year ahead<br />

As a part of a special presentation on the second day of JGW Singapore the<br />

particulars of two significant upcoming international jewellery shows were<br />

outlined.<br />

From 12–14 February, <strong>Jeweller</strong>y, Gem and Technology Dubai (JGT Dubai)<br />

will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.<br />

The JGT Dubai marketplace debuted this year with 300 exhibitors from 25<br />

countries and regions. More than 4,000 visitors took part – 46 per cent of<br />

whom were international visitors.<br />

Informa Markets has also reaffirmed plans to return the <strong>Jeweller</strong>y and<br />

Gem World trade show to Hong Kong in September of 2023.<br />

Amid the recent relaxation of COVID pandemic restrictions in Hong Kong,<br />

Informa Markets has scheduled the Hong Kong show for seven days in<br />

September.<br />

The show will open at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) from 18-22<br />

September, while the trading will continue at the Hong Kong Convention<br />

and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 20-24 September.<br />

Celine Lau, Informa Markets director of jewellery fairs, said that organisers<br />

were confident pandemic restrictions would continue to be relaxed across<br />

the coming year, presenting Hong Kong with the opportunity to once again<br />

host one of the biggest events on the international calendar.<br />

“Although pandemic policies remain, we are hopeful that additional easing<br />

measures will be introduced when conditions allow,” Lau told Rapaport<br />

News.<br />

Welcome back<br />

The <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards will return to the International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y<br />

Fair (IJF) next year, following a three-year COVID-enforced hiatus. The<br />

Awards celebrate Australian and New Zealand jewellery design and<br />

manufacture across jewellers, apprentices and students.<br />

The biennial <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards (JDA) were launched in 2017 and<br />

enthusiasm was high with 105 entries across 12 categories.<br />

The most recent JDA event took place in 2019 and saw 44 finalists<br />

across 10 categories, however; the 2021 edition was cancelled because<br />

of the global pandemic.<br />

With so much on offer internationally and within Australia’s shores in 2023,<br />

there’s plenty of reason to believe buyers and suppliers alike will able off<br />

the looming economic uncertainty and well-and-truly put the pain of the<br />

pandemic in the rear-view mirror.


Strategy<br />

"A sincere and warm<br />

welcome from the<br />

staff, A clean store<br />

with products and<br />

promotions well<br />

displayed, A high<br />

quality website as<br />

well… this business<br />

is definitely on the<br />

right track!"<br />

How mystery shopping can improve your store<br />

It’s difficult to remain objective with the things we are most passionate about.<br />

KIZER & BENDER explore the insights the mystery shopping experience can offer business owners.<br />

In the hunt for better sales and happier<br />

customers, business owners have turned<br />

to mystery shopping services for more<br />

than 80 years now.<br />

It’s a practice with a rich history, beginning<br />

in the 1940s and exploding in popularity in<br />

the 1980s.<br />

Quality mystery shopping reports include<br />

more than just a numerical rating. They<br />

also include the shopper’s personal<br />

feelings, revealing how they felt while<br />

at the business. In the jewellery trade in<br />

particular, customers are looking to make<br />

an emotional purchase. How the store<br />

makes a customer feel can make or break<br />

a major sale!<br />

Mystery shoppers help businesses uncover<br />

how the average person perceives the<br />

business.<br />

That perception is your reality, whether you<br />

like it or not.<br />

Before the pandemic grounded us, we<br />

mystery shopped for many retail stores.<br />

We’d assume faux identities and morph<br />

into the typical customers that you see<br />

every day.<br />

We've shopped as well-dressed and as<br />

a complete mess, wealthy and cashchallenged,<br />

nice and downright selfabsorbed.<br />

And when we couldn’t pull off a<br />

disguise, we’d hire someone who could.<br />

We would never purposely set someone up<br />

with a ridiculous or embarrassing request<br />

because we believe that there is more to a<br />

successful mystery shopping experience<br />

than judging what a business is doing<br />

wrong.<br />

We prefer to look for the things a business<br />

is doing right and share those insights<br />

during the final analysis.<br />

When we do a mystery shop, we cover<br />

the following areas: exterior appearance,<br />

interior appearance, customer service,<br />

associate abilities, purchases, refunds, and<br />

overall visit.<br />

Mystery shoppers also rate the business<br />

on cleanliness, merchandise selection<br />

and presentation and store policies. Some<br />

even take note of how the telephone is<br />

answered.<br />

We’ve even had businesses ask us to<br />

mystery shop at the stores of their<br />

competitors!<br />

In each instance, we include a demographic<br />

profile so that we can describe the<br />

members of staff who served us.<br />

There’s a wide range of professional<br />

mystery shopping services available.<br />

If you’re looking to save money, you can<br />

organise one yourself. Simply prepare a list<br />

of criteria and ask your friends to shop at<br />

your store incognito.<br />

So, with all the above in mind, let’s take<br />

a look at some pieces of advice we leave<br />

business owners with following a review.<br />

Welcome!<br />

Offering each customer a warm and<br />

sincere greeting should be common<br />

practice right?<br />

According to<br />

the experts,<br />

we take 55 per<br />

cent of our<br />

communicative<br />

cues from body<br />

language, 38 per<br />

cent from tone<br />

of voice, and<br />

only seven per<br />

cent from the<br />

words they use.<br />

In our opinion, the sincere part is the most<br />

important.<br />

In the past, we’ve been ignored by staff and<br />

even met at the door by an employee who<br />

refused to smile or even make eye contact.<br />

According to the experts, we take 55 per<br />

cent of our communicative cues from body<br />

language, 38 per cent from tone of voice,<br />

and only seven per cent from the words<br />

they use.<br />

Avoid allowing your stance or tone to<br />

relay something other than what you had<br />

intended to say.<br />

Acknowledge<br />

Encourage your staff to acknowledge each<br />

customer whenever they cross paths.<br />

This might only be a smile, however, these<br />

gestures will make the customer feel<br />

valued.<br />

Salespeople should be able to read each<br />

unique situation. Sometimes a smile is all<br />

that’s required, and sometimes you need to<br />

break the ice and start a conversation.<br />

Asking, “What brings you in to see us<br />

today?” is always a good question to ask.<br />

If the customer has a specific need, they'll<br />

tell you what that is; if they are just there to<br />

learn more about what you offer, they'll let<br />

you know that too.<br />

Cleanliness<br />

If a customer is going to spend any amount<br />

of time in an area of the store it must be<br />

well-maintained.<br />

66 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Make a list of closing duties that need to<br />

be completed each night before the staff<br />

heads home.<br />

Keep everyone busy by assigning them<br />

one task to complete before the lights are<br />

switched off and doors are closed.<br />

In the morning, make a quick pass through<br />

the entire store, noting anything that needs<br />

to be cleaned or tidied before you unlock<br />

the door for business.<br />

Cut the chatter<br />

When you first enter a store, the sound<br />

or sight of staff enthusiastically chatting<br />

about life outside of work can be offputting<br />

for many customers.<br />

Customers don’t care to hear about what<br />

an employee did on Saturday night –<br />

especially in a jewellery store!<br />

Gratitude<br />

Staff should be sincerely thanking every<br />

customer for stopping by.<br />

It’s a simple thing, however half-hearted<br />

attempts to extend gratitude can do more<br />

harm than saying nothing at all.<br />

Let your customers know that you are<br />

always here to help - even if they leave the<br />

store empty-handed. How they are treated<br />

determines whether they will return to<br />

shop with you again.<br />

Zero Moments of Truth<br />

Google has coined an important term,<br />

ZMOT – Zero Moments of Truth. It’s used<br />

to describe a pattern of behaviour used by<br />

consumers online.<br />

Once upon a time, marketing experts<br />

worked with a three-step model to<br />

understand purchasing patterns.<br />

A customer begins with the catalyst (or<br />

stimulus) to make a purchase and heads to<br />

a store. After browsing products in a store,<br />

and perhaps speaking with an employee<br />

or salesperson, the customer makes a<br />

purchase, the first moment of truth. The<br />

customer heads home and makes use of<br />

the product, and that experience is known<br />

as the second moment of truth.<br />

Experts now understand that as a result of<br />

the internet and the rise of of e-commerce,<br />

that model is outdated and there’s a new<br />

aspect to understand – the ZMOT.<br />

The ZMOT comes after the catalyst and<br />

before the first moment of truth. After the<br />

need for a product arises, consumers are<br />

now consulting the internet before heading<br />

to the store – reading online reviews,<br />

comparing products online and seeking<br />

out detailed product descriptions.<br />

The ZMOT happens online before<br />

customers choose to visit your store. As a<br />

business owner you’ll need to be proactive<br />

and make the most of services such as<br />

Google Alerts to learn what’s being said<br />

about your store online.<br />

We have alerts set up with each of these<br />

services for ourselves, our company, and<br />

everything else we want to monitor online.<br />

Shaping the perception of your store and<br />

products online is crucial to coming out<br />

ahead during the ZMOT stage.<br />

Digital evaluation<br />

Dig deeper and check out your store’s<br />

online profile.<br />

Start by reviewing your Yelp and Google<br />

Business pages weekly. Think you don’t<br />

have a Yelp or Google Business page? You<br />

may have one even if you didn’t set it up!<br />

If a customer decides to review your<br />

business that becomes your page.<br />

As the owner, claim it, review what is<br />

being said, then fill in all the open areas.<br />

Add photos and respond to comments,<br />

both good and bad.<br />

ZERO<br />

MOMENT<br />

OF TRUTH<br />

Catalyst<br />

The customer<br />

develops a desire<br />

or need for a<br />

product.<br />

Zero Moment<br />

Research is<br />

performed online,<br />

examining<br />

reviews and<br />

descriptions.<br />

First Moment<br />

The customer<br />

visits a store<br />

to make the<br />

purchase.<br />

Second<br />

Moment<br />

The experience<br />

the customer has<br />

when using the<br />

product for the<br />

first time.<br />

Monitor these pages around the clock if<br />

you are getting many reviews.<br />

According to research released earlier this<br />

year by Invesp, 90 per cent of customers<br />

check online reviews before visiting a<br />

business.<br />

A further 72 per cent of customers they<br />

surveyed said they felt increased trust in a<br />

business with positive reviews online.<br />

That information should be all the<br />

prompting you need to understand the<br />

importance of a well-maintained online<br />

presence.<br />

Somehow, you’re still unconvinced? 31<br />

per cent of customers said they were<br />

likely to spend more at a business with<br />

overwhelmingly positive reviews!<br />

Good luck<br />

The biggest thing to remember is that<br />

when you’ve employed the service of a<br />

mystery shopper, every customer who<br />

walks through the door becomes a part of<br />

the mystery.<br />

The mystery component makes the<br />

evaluation exciting and keeps participants<br />

on their toes, however the bottom line is<br />

that every customer, in some shape or<br />

form, is offering your store a similar test.<br />

The average customer may not be a<br />

mystery shopper who is paid to be<br />

selective and picky, but they are evaluating<br />

your business each time they visit.<br />

The only difference is that they aren’t<br />

sharing your test results with you.<br />

So, will you pass their test?<br />


BENDER are retail strategists,<br />

authors and consultants. Visit:<br />

kizerandbender.com<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 67


Selling<br />

Important elements of sales preparation: Part II<br />

The average customer of today has changed significantly due to the influence of the internet.<br />

RYAN ESTIS encourages sales staff to prioritise planning.<br />

In the October edition of <strong>Jeweller</strong>,<br />

I discussed the changing perspective<br />

of the modern customer.<br />

The average customer walking into a<br />

jewellery store today wants the ideal<br />

product and they want it quickly, with their<br />

perception of products heavily influenced<br />

by online research performed days, and<br />

sometimes weeks in advance.<br />

Salespeople should view this new<br />

landscape as an opportunity and not a<br />

hurdle separating them from success.By<br />

performing targeted research to develop a<br />

better understanding of the customer while<br />

communicating in the appropriate tone to<br />

the person making the final purchasing<br />

decision, sales remain as achievable as<br />

ever.<br />

There’s more good news! Along with<br />

the strategy discussed in part one of<br />

this series, there is a range of further<br />

strategies to explore which will take the<br />

approach of your business to the next level.<br />

Pre-sale contact<br />

Sales calls have changed in the past<br />

few years, with an evolving mixture of<br />

in-person, phone, email, and video calls<br />

proving popular. The need to prepare for<br />

this pre-sale contact hasn’t changed.<br />

Great sales staff rely on a pre-sale plan.<br />

Here are three things that your pre-sale<br />

plan should achieve.<br />

• Understand the objective: Do you want<br />

the contact to result in a sale? A referral?<br />

Or simply to move the customer closer to<br />

closing the deal?<br />

Whatever it is, understanding your end<br />

goal is essential. Each one of those goals<br />

requires a different type of sales meeting<br />

and a different approach.<br />

• Emphasise your position of value: A<br />

position of value is the act of aligning with<br />

the customer outcome and presenting<br />

yourself in a compelling way that leads to a<br />

buyer investigating the business further.<br />

Customers want to see the value in<br />

maintaining a relationship with you. Price<br />

It’s important that you don’t meet resistance with resistance. Meet the<br />

customer with listening and understanding.<br />

is one thing, but your ability to create<br />

value is something that customers notice<br />

every time. Explain how your value is<br />

differentiated and unattainable from<br />

another business. Customers want<br />

authenticity and they aren’t afraid to<br />

validate the information they’ve gathered.<br />

• Earn the commitment: Sales contacts<br />

should end with a commitment to move<br />

forward in a positive way.<br />

Wherever you and the customer end up in<br />

the decision cycle, what is the commitment<br />

for advancing? That commitment also<br />

applies to you and your sales staff. How<br />

will you commit to delivering on your<br />

promises after the contact?<br />

Customer behaviours have changed, and<br />

your pre-sale plan needs to adapt. When<br />

you devote time to planning, establish your<br />

objectives and state the value you offer, all<br />

that’s left is to follow through.<br />

Readiness to meet resistance<br />

The top salespeople welcome resistance<br />

from potential customers. Resistance<br />

isn’t rejection, it’s a sign that someone is<br />

interested in your products or services.<br />

To be ready for that resistance, you must<br />

come up with solutions and make the<br />

customer the hero of their story.<br />

Every customer has unique needs, but<br />

they often have common pain points.<br />

Identify a handful of these challenges and<br />

Customers want<br />

to see the value<br />

in maintaining<br />

a relationship<br />

with you. Price<br />

is one thing,<br />

but your ability<br />

to create value<br />

is something<br />

that customers<br />

notice every<br />

time. Explain<br />

how that value<br />

is differentiated<br />

and unattainable<br />

from another<br />

business.<br />

prepare a script that helps you address<br />

those challenges as they come up. It’s<br />

important that you don’t meet resistance<br />

with resistance. Meet the customer with<br />

listening and understanding.<br />

When you emphasise open<br />

communication, you can develop a<br />

dialogue. When you do that, you can guide<br />

the customer toward a decision while<br />

assisting them with their concerns and,<br />

eventually, completing the sale.<br />

The second component is trust. Nearly 80<br />

per cent of B2B buyers want to work with<br />

a sales professional who is also a trusted<br />

adviser. It’s a similar scenario in a B2C<br />

environment – customers want to be loyal<br />

to a business – it makes purchasing all the<br />

easier when you have a history with a store<br />

or brand and know you can rely on them for<br />

quality products and exceptional service.<br />

When your potential customers are<br />

expressing resistance, they aren’t rejecting<br />

you — they are trying to ascertain your<br />

trustworthiness. They’re opening to door<br />

for you to provide advice and counsel. In<br />

turn, make them the hero of the story.<br />

Tell stories that help the customer see<br />

a brighter future. Show them how you’ll<br />

help them get to the other side — together.<br />

Statistics and lists are important, but<br />

people are much more likely to remember<br />

stories than other types of information.<br />

Customers have changed<br />

In this sales environment where<br />

customers are self-reliant and demand<br />

nothing short of perfection, preparation<br />

will be the difference between a sale<br />

secured and failure.<br />

By doing the research, crafting a presale<br />

strategy, and willingly engaging with<br />

resistance by helping the customer reach<br />

the solution with your guidance, sales staff<br />

position themselves for success.<br />

RYAN ESTIS is a Keynote speaker,<br />

author and founding partner of Impact<br />

Eleven helping companies embrace<br />

change, align teams, deliver value and<br />

drive growth. Learn more: ryanestis.com<br />

68 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Logged On<br />

Study sales data to take<br />

your business to the next level<br />

Leaders demonstrate to the rest of the world what is achievable.<br />

DAVID BROWN encourages business owners to examine the sales data produced by high performers.<br />

There’s an old saying about pioneers –<br />

they inevitably finish with arrows in their<br />

backs!<br />

This is a good metaphor for the power of<br />

competition, particularly when it comes<br />

to business.<br />

All too often, it seems those who choose<br />

to be leaders are constantly having to<br />

look over their shoulder to see what the<br />

chasing crowd is doing and those who<br />

follow get a comfortable view of the<br />

minimum level of performance they<br />

need to be achieving.<br />

Leaders set the benchmark for others to<br />

strive for.<br />

The ‘space race’ during the 1960s<br />

between the Soviet Union and the US<br />

drove levels of achievement in space<br />

exploration that culminated in the moon<br />

landing within one decade.<br />

Had the Soviets not sent the first person<br />

into space in 1961 (Yuri Gagarin), the US<br />

may not have been spurred into action so<br />

quickly.<br />

Roger Bannister, famous for breaking<br />

the four-minute mile in 1954, inspired<br />

a flurry of other athletes to pass that<br />

target within an 18-month period.<br />

It’s safe to say it was the remarkable<br />

feat of Bannister that inspired so many<br />

others to follow suit in such a short time<br />

period.<br />

Why do we follow?<br />

The best thing about following the<br />

leader is you get an accurate indication<br />

of what’s possible at the highest<br />

levels, which in many contexts is an<br />

irreplaceable level of insight.<br />

This is true of sales performance both<br />

within your jewellery store and when<br />

making comparisons with external<br />

competitors.<br />

Having data that indicates the best<br />

practices can make all the difference.<br />

If other stores are achieving a higher<br />

margin, why can’t you?<br />

In order to compile an effective report, ask the big questions.<br />

If some members of your sales staff can<br />

achieve an average sale of $200 why<br />

can’t the rest?<br />

So how do you know what the best<br />

practice level of achievement is? You<br />

have this data available to you daily<br />

through your sales reports.<br />

Reports<br />

Complete a salesperson report and<br />

you should be able to narrow in on the<br />

performance of staff, paying particular<br />

attention to how each employee weighs<br />

in against the store average.<br />

The benefit of benchmarking each<br />

contributor is that it highlights which<br />

member of staff is employing the best<br />

practices and opens the door for others<br />

to follow suit.<br />

In order to compile an effective report,<br />

ask the big questions. What is your<br />

threshold for average retail sale<br />

achieved? How many of your staff are<br />

achieving above this level?<br />

Who are the staff members achieving<br />

less than this ideal average? These are<br />

the staff members who need training in<br />

this area.<br />

What would happen if these staff<br />

members could achieve a level equal to<br />

the median average retail sale for your<br />

store?<br />

Your software may offer a ‘what if’<br />

scenario which shows how your overall<br />

The best thing<br />

about following<br />

the leader is you<br />

get an accurate<br />

indication of<br />

what’s possible<br />

at the highest<br />

levels, which<br />

in many<br />

contexts is an<br />

irreplaceable<br />

level of insight.<br />

sales would improve if your lower<br />

average sale staff managed to lift<br />

themselves to this median threshold.<br />

Discounts<br />

What about discounting, I hear you ask?<br />

If you have a situation where more than<br />

half your sales are made at a discount<br />

across the board this may reflect the<br />

number of reduced items in-store,<br />

or perhaps a cultural issue you have<br />

around discounting.<br />

If some of your staff discount heavily and<br />

while others don’t that is an issue. You<br />

can manage the problem on a case-bycase<br />

basis through training.<br />

Examining the practices of your lowest<br />

discounters, compared with those of<br />

your highest, will show you what can be<br />

achieved.<br />

To what degree would your bottom line<br />

improve by if they improved this to the<br />

store average discount level?<br />

A staff member discounting by five per<br />

cent more than your store average on<br />

$500,000 of annual sales will be taking<br />

$25,000 off your bottom line.<br />

Training for employees who do<br />

discounting more than is necessary<br />

could include dealing with discount<br />

pressure from customers or how to<br />

shy away from selling catalogue or<br />

specialised items<br />

by substituting higher margin pieces.<br />

If you’re losing $25,000 in profit from one<br />

person’s discounting patterns compared<br />

to the average store discount, can you<br />

afford to train them in how to correct<br />

this practice?<br />

Can you afford not to may be more<br />

accurate!<br />

DAVID BROWN is co-founder<br />

and business mentor with Retail<br />

Edge Consultants. Learn more:<br />

retailedgeconsultants.com<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 69


Marketing & PR<br />

Retailers must create theatre: Part I<br />

The holiday period brings with it tremendous opportunity for jewellery retailers.<br />

JOSH STRUTT encourages you to add creative flair to your store.<br />

William Shakespeare famously said:<br />

”all the worlds a stage and all the men<br />

and women merely players.”<br />

This rings true in the world of jewellery<br />

retail where your store is the stage<br />

and the customers and staff are the<br />

performers.<br />

Many years ago, I worked with a retail<br />

entrepreneur who said that stores are<br />

like theatre and each morning when the<br />

curtains rise it is ‘showtime’.<br />

Nobody builds a set better than the<br />

professionals of theatre and just as we<br />

recommend stage lighting designers<br />

for retail lighting, similarities also exist<br />

between visual merchandising, set<br />

design, and great visual impact in retail.<br />

We are now approaching peak Christmas<br />

trading and you can expect a significant<br />

increase in customers walking by and<br />

entering your store.<br />

In order to turn the busiest period of the<br />

retail calendar into a success for your<br />

jewellery store, consider the following<br />

tips and pointers for magnificent,<br />

awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping window<br />

and merchandise displays to excite and<br />

delight your customers this Christmas.<br />

Getting started<br />

Don’t aim to create good theatre. You<br />

must intend to create great theatre!<br />

We don’t need any more perfectly ‘good’<br />

stores with perfectly ‘good’ displays. You<br />

are setting out to do something great - or<br />

it’s not worth doing.<br />

• Belief: Create the window and<br />

merchandise display you believe in.<br />

Create your own show and make it true to<br />

your brand.<br />

When designing your display space,<br />

remember why you are creating the<br />

show. The display you design should an<br />

expression of the things that make your<br />

business unique.<br />

Take a strong stand and challenge<br />

yourself to express it and where you can<br />

include your customers in this process.<br />

Build great displays from the customer perspective that entertains and<br />

inspires (form) not from the traditional product assembly (function).<br />

All great displays should acknowledge,<br />

utilise, and endow the space where it is<br />

performed.<br />

• Know your audience: Have some idea<br />

of who you are creating this show for.<br />

Displays that are for ‘for everyone’ are<br />

bland theatre and will not target your<br />

customer segment effectively.<br />

Provide entertainment that your target<br />

customers will not only remember, but will<br />

also inspire them to return year-after-year.<br />

Gain feedback from your audience, find out<br />

what they really want to see, and create a<br />

show based on those responses.<br />

• Mix it up: Make sure that no two<br />

performances or displays are the same.<br />

Make sure your store is offering an event<br />

that cannot easily be reproduced – this is<br />

what the audience wants to see and if you<br />

succeeed, loyal customers will return to<br />

see the next production.<br />

Include a surprise. No one should be able<br />

to know what’s coming next, including the<br />

performers. Surprise makes theatre a<br />

live event and multiple surprises make for<br />

memorable theatre.<br />

• Gifts: Create a gift for the audience and<br />

make sure everyone in the audience has<br />

an individual experience of the show to<br />

take out of the theatre and share and<br />

discuss afterward.<br />

Provide<br />

entertainment<br />

that your target<br />

customers will<br />

remember and<br />

look forward to<br />

coming back<br />

to see year<br />

after year.<br />

Think of the wonderful department store<br />

windows at Christmas time as a holiday<br />

destination as people enjoy the gift of the<br />

season.<br />

• Change: Keep your merchandising fresh<br />

and exciting for your customers and don't<br />

shy away from evolving as a store.<br />

Make it clear when new lines and items are<br />

in store by promoting them in your window.<br />

• Make some noise: Include music within<br />

your store that complements to the<br />

atmosphere. There’s no better way to<br />

introduce new music to people than having<br />

it accompany stage action!<br />

Considering taking the opportunity to<br />

re-contextualise known music through<br />

performance.<br />

• Break the rules: Don’t do what<br />

anybody tells you, it’s your store and your<br />

performance. Make your own theatre and<br />

find your own way – you’re creating art.<br />

Build great displays from the customer<br />

perspective that entertains and inspires,<br />

(form) not from the traditional product<br />

assembly (function).<br />

Final thoughts<br />

Performative action within your store can<br />

be best used to create excitement around<br />

your promotional products.<br />

If you’re unsure about the positioning of<br />

your promotional products ask yourself<br />

the following questions: Is the latest<br />

promotional material positioned in the<br />

correct place? Are the promoted product<br />

lines in a prominent position? Are all<br />

products in stock, faced up, and well<br />

presented?<br />

In the part two of this series with <strong>Jeweller</strong>,<br />

I’ll outline several strategies you<br />

can utilise to make the most of the<br />

Christmas period.<br />

JOSH STRUTT is Retail Doctor Group’s<br />

performance consultant. His expertise<br />

is driving tactical operational efficiency<br />

to maximise growth.<br />

Visit: retaildoctor.com.au<br />

70 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Management<br />

The key to building a business your customers love<br />

Ready to make your customers your priority? MICHAEL HINSHAW shares five crucial<br />

concepts to understand on your way to building a business your customers will love.<br />

It takes effort to build a business that<br />

customers will love. But for most, it’s<br />

well worth the time and energy. After all,<br />

your customers are the lifeblood of your<br />

business.<br />

So, if you make decisions based on their<br />

needs and what is best for them, your<br />

organisation can thrive. As we often say,<br />

improving customer-centricity may not be<br />

simple - but it can be straightforward.<br />

If you’re ready to make your customers<br />

your priority then here are five concepts to<br />

keep in mind as you build your business.<br />

Put your customers first<br />

If you want to build a customer-centric<br />

business you need to put your customers<br />

first. It starts with products and services<br />

that solve problems and meet needs, however,<br />

it doesn’t stop there. You also need to<br />

make sure your customers are treated like<br />

people — not like accounts, numbers or<br />

simply a source of revenue.<br />

In other words, show them you care. Think<br />

about ways to put your customers at the<br />

centre of your decision-making so their<br />

needs are consistently understood and<br />

met and they know your organisation values<br />

them. Your customers should not only<br />

feel like they are your top priority - they<br />

should also truly be your top priority.<br />

Prioritise experience<br />

Customer experience should be a top priority<br />

for any business that wants to extract<br />

increased value from customers.<br />

Every interaction the customer has with<br />

your business should help them seamlessly<br />

accomplish their goal – whether it<br />

be finding the right piece of jewellery or<br />

having a beloved ring or necklace repaired<br />

- from an initial website visit to direct customer<br />

service, every point counts across<br />

their journey with your organisation.<br />

That's why it’s so important to understand<br />

the experience of your customer in<br />

its entirety and then work to make sure<br />

they have positive interactions each step<br />

of the way.<br />

Intelligently anticipating customer needs is one of the best ways to get more<br />

business from them.<br />

By first identifying and eliminating friction<br />

and pain points, you’ll then be able to<br />

deliver the differentiating — perhaps even<br />

transformational — experiences that can<br />

set you apart from the competition.<br />

Collect feedback and act<br />

Customer feedback is essential for making<br />

informed decisions about what customers<br />

love about your business - and what they<br />

dislike about it too.<br />

Understanding what they are thinking,<br />

feeling, and doing is one of the more<br />

important parts of being customer-centric,<br />

as it allows you to constantly improve your<br />

business and meet your customers where<br />

they are and not just where you wish they<br />

were. This means regularly soliciting and<br />

collecting feedback from your customers,<br />

analysing the data you collect and taking<br />

action on what you learn.<br />

Anticipate<br />

One of the best ways to demonstrate<br />

that a business is customer-centric is to<br />

anticipate the needs of customers in ways<br />

that allow a business to consistently meet<br />

— and where relevant exceed — customer<br />

expectations.<br />

After all, there’s a reason that Amazon<br />

was granted a patent for what it calls a<br />

‘system for anticipatory package shipping’.<br />

The e-commerce giant is planning<br />

to ship the products they know their<br />

customers want before their customers<br />

know they want them.<br />

Customer<br />

feedback is<br />

essential<br />

for making<br />

informed<br />

decisions about<br />

what customers<br />

love about<br />

your business<br />

- and what they<br />

dislike about it<br />

too.<br />

Like Amazon, your business can leverage<br />

customer data to become dramatically<br />

more intelligent and more responsive to<br />

your customers.<br />

Intelligently anticipating customer needs is<br />

one of the best ways to get more business<br />

from them.<br />

Relentlessly relevant<br />

Today’s customers expect personalisation<br />

and recognition. In fact, Microsoft research<br />

notes that 80 per cent of customers are<br />

more likely to buy when you offer personalised<br />

experience.<br />

However, that personalisation better be<br />

relevant and the jewellery product or<br />

service you’re offering must be aligned<br />

with their individual interests, beliefs and<br />

needs.<br />

To deliver relevant experiences, your<br />

organisation must have the systems,<br />

processes, data, and capabilities to allow<br />

you to treat customers differently based on<br />

what you know about them.<br />

This applies across every channel and<br />

interaction, with data analytics leading the<br />

way to individualised experiences that give<br />

your customers what they need - when,<br />

where and how they need it.<br />

Customer is king<br />

From the products and services you sell<br />

to the experiences they have and the<br />

ways you interact with them, a focus on<br />

providing an amazing customer experience<br />

drives greater loyalty and, for a few<br />

winning companies, customer love.<br />

Of course, it’s all easier said than done.<br />

However, if you keep the customer at the<br />

centre of everything you do, you’ll be on<br />

your way to creating a business they love<br />

that deserves their loyalty, their accolades,<br />

and their business.<br />

MICHAEL HINSHAW is president of<br />

McorpCX, which focuses on customer<br />

experience management.<br />

Learn more: mcorpcx.com<br />

<strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 71

My Bench<br />

Sergio Bassil<br />

Sergio Bassil Gem Setters. Sydney NSW<br />

Age 64 • Years in Trade 46 • Training Trained in Paris for 5 years, working with master diamond setters. • First job Diamond setting in Paris.<br />



This ring featured tapered baguettes and round diamonds<br />

in a claw setting with a Ceylon blue sapphire in a claw<br />

setting. One of the most detailed cluster rings I have set<br />

that included various diamond sizes.<br />

4FAVOURITE GEMSTONE Diamond. Great to work with<br />

and the greatest refractor of light, giving it the most<br />

sparkle out of the all the gemstones.<br />

4FAVOURITE METAL 18-carat white gold.<br />

4FAVOURITE TOOL The graver - the most used tool in<br />

diamond setting.<br />

4BEST NEW TOOL DISCOVERY The pulse graver. It is a<br />

great new tool for setting diamonds.<br />

4BEST PART OF THE JOB Setting diamonds on different<br />

unique pieces that skilled jewellers have created and<br />

then seeing the finished piece after it has been polished.<br />

4WORST PART OF THE JOB Forgetting to take a break<br />

and stretch out the body when working on a big piece<br />

that requires many hours at the bench.<br />

4BEST TIP FROM A JEWELLER Spend time on each<br />

piece of jewellery to make sure it is perfect.<br />

4BEST TIP TO A JEWELLER If you’re starting out as a<br />

jeweller, get yourself a great mentor that can teach their<br />

skills. This can really help you get much further faster<br />

in your career.<br />


Sitting down for too long. It’s important to get up<br />

sometimes and move around and stretch the body.<br />

4LOVE JEWELLERY BECAUSE It is my passion. I have<br />

been setting diamonds for more than 40 years and I<br />

love seeing the piece come to life once the diamonds<br />

and gemstones are set.<br />

72 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Soapbox<br />

The hidden factor impacting<br />

your bottom line<br />

It’s long been said that the customer is king. ERIN KELLER suggests that an important<br />

aspect of business success is all too often overlooked in service of this traditional wisdom.<br />

For the industry leaders reading this<br />

it will come as no surprise when I say<br />

that hiring staff right now is incredibly<br />

difficult.<br />

Labour shortages are widespread, young<br />

workers are expecting higher starting<br />

wages, and after a business hires and<br />

trains a new employee, especially a new<br />

apprentice, the risk that they will jump ship<br />

for a better paying job, or worse become<br />

your competition, is rising fast.<br />

With record staff shortages plaguing<br />

businesses, it’s clear that something needs<br />

to change. Reducing staff turnover and<br />

attracting new talent is forcing employers to<br />

operate from a core belief that places value<br />

on their employees.<br />

Employees or customers?<br />

Employees or customers – who would you<br />

say matters more to your business?<br />

We need to prioritise the customer<br />

experience. With an emphasis on sales<br />

increases our customers are our focus,<br />

while employees are often seen as<br />

disposable and replaceable cogs in the<br />

machinery. Because the customer is always<br />

right — right?<br />

Not anymore! While customers and their<br />

experience are still integral to our cause<br />

the pandemic gave many jewellers the time<br />

to pause and rethink circumstances and<br />

priorities, including what we want from our<br />

careers and more importantly, our lives.<br />

Many have opted for the sea-change<br />

option, moving towards coastlines with<br />

slower-paced living and have concluded<br />

that the ‘old way’ of doing things just isn’t<br />

good enough anymore.<br />

Staff, especially those belonging to<br />

younger demographics, want more<br />

flexibility, more autonomy and yes, more<br />

opportunity to grow within their roles.This<br />

shift in priorities and perspective from<br />

the average employee has changed the<br />

landscape for businesses, leading to the<br />

staff shortages I mentioned earlier.<br />

This is applying more pressure to those<br />

handling the hiring and training process,<br />

however, the simple truth is that developing<br />

quality staff is an investment every jewellery<br />

business simply must make.The imminent<br />

threat of losing a talented contributor at<br />

the drop of a hat may scare many stores<br />

away from investing heavily in developing<br />

employee abilities, but believe me when I say<br />

that’s a mistake you can’t afford to make.<br />

Risking it all<br />

It has never been more important to invest in<br />

your people. I guarantee that your customer<br />

experience will benefit from this focus.<br />

Every member of staff has influence over<br />

some, or all, of your customer relationships<br />

and experiences.<br />

You’ve probably heard it said before that<br />

when someone has a positive experience<br />

at a business, they’re likely to tell one or<br />

two people, whereas if they have a negative<br />

experience, they will tell at least five.<br />

A single interaction with your staff can<br />

make or break their experience in store,<br />

on a telephone call, or even via virtual<br />

interactions such as email or social media.<br />

Like it or not, these experiences reflect<br />

on your business and how a customer<br />

perceives your brand, including the<br />

likelihood of them returning in the future.<br />

In Ruby Newell-Legner’s Understanding<br />

Customers, she says that it takes 12 positive<br />

customer experiences to completely<br />

repair the damage done by one negative<br />

experience. Perhaps even more interesting<br />

is that research from Glance suggests that<br />

78 per cent of customers admit they have<br />

backed out of a purchase due to a poor<br />

customer experience.<br />

Further research shows that businesses<br />

that perform well on employee experience<br />

metrics – meaning their staff are happy and<br />

engaged working in the business – also tend<br />

to perform well on customer experience<br />

metrics, suggesting that improvements<br />

in employee satisfaction can drive<br />

improvements in customer satisfaction.<br />

It has never<br />

been more<br />

important<br />

to invest in<br />

your people.<br />

I guarantee<br />

that your<br />

customer<br />

experience<br />

will benefit<br />

from this<br />

focus.<br />

Happy staff can equal happy customers.<br />

Accept the challenge<br />

There is a old saying we use here at<br />

Nationwide <strong>Jeweller</strong>s – “work on your<br />

business, and not in your business.”It’s<br />

a saying that refers to a business owner<br />

getting caught up in the day-to-day activity<br />

of a business and struggling to find the<br />

time to empower their staff with higher<br />

responsibilities.<br />

Why do we still blame employees for<br />

sales losses when training and processes<br />

are the problem? What if the procedure is<br />

inadequate and does not fulfil the intended<br />

purpose? How can you hold your team<br />

accountable for failures if they are not<br />

sufficiently trained?<br />

These can be hard questions to ask yourself<br />

as a business owner, however, they’re<br />

important to consider. As an experienced<br />

educator and sales trainer, I cannot express<br />

enough the importance of adequate training<br />

and communication; they comprise the<br />

successful foundation of any business.<br />

Effective two-way communication provides<br />

new ideas and engages employees, which<br />

can contribute to sales and the continued<br />

success of the business. Ineffective<br />

communication leads to errors, leaves staff<br />

feeling confused, devalued, and frustrated.<br />

I challenge you to empower your staff<br />

with capabilities that exceed your own, to<br />

work on their weaknesses and improve<br />

their strengths, to provide focus for more<br />

opportunities that could lead to further<br />

business growth. Because happy, motivated,<br />

engaged, experienced, empowered staff<br />

equals happy customers.<br />

Listen to your employees - they often have<br />

something important to say!<br />

Name: Erin Keller<br />

Business: Nationwide <strong>Jeweller</strong>s<br />

Position: National Membership Manager<br />

Location: Sydney, Australia<br />

Years in the industry: 12<br />

74 | <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

The 2023 <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards are back!<br />

Returning to the International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair held at the ICC Sydney, the <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Design Awards represent the industry<br />

in recognising and celebrating the best of the best in Australian and New Zealand craftsmanship. The Awards Finalists<br />

will have their designs showcased as part of an exclusive display at the Fair, with cash prizes to be won!<br />

Award Categories<br />

✧1st & 2nd year Apprentice/Student ✧ 3rd & 4th year Apprentice/Student ✧ Australian Opal Award<br />

✧ Bridal Award ✧ Cad/Cam/Cast Award ✧ Coloured Gemstone Award ✧ Diamond Award<br />

✧ Coloured Diamond Award ✧ Men’s Accessories & <strong>Jeweller</strong>y ✧ Pearl Award ✧ Precious Metal Award<br />

Do you have what it takes?<br />

Enter the Awards online at www.jewelleryfair.com.au<br />

International <strong>Jeweller</strong>y Fair<br />

August 19 – 21, 2023 ✧ ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour<br />

Organised by<br />

For information regarding the awards, including terms and conditions, please visit<br />

www.jewelleryfair.com.au or give our team a call on 02 9452 7575



Sams Group Australia’s Argyle pink diamond collection<br />

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