Blinds & Shutters - issue 1/2023

2023 has got off to a good start because as of today we haven’t got a new Prime Minister. It would be great to have some stability, and the word is that the price of energy may not hit the heights that many analysts have predicted. This is great for manufacturers in the UK, but it is still a tough market out there and inflation is still high enough to be of concern. It is also vital that interest rates do not run out of control as this will affect consumer spending, as more than 1.8 million fixed rate deals are coming to an end this year. However, as this issue shows there are lots of companies still investing in the blinds and shutters market, so here’s to a successful 2023!

2023 has got off to a good start because as of today we haven’t got a new Prime Minister.
It would be great to have some stability, and the word is that the price of energy may not hit the heights that many analysts have predicted. This is great for manufacturers in the UK, but it is still a tough market out there and inflation is still high enough to be of concern. It is also vital that interest rates do not run out of control as this will affect consumer spending, as more than 1.8 million fixed rate deals are coming to an end this year.
However, as this issue shows there are lots of companies still investing in the blinds and shutters market, so here’s to a successful 2023!


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● Blackout Rollers can help to maximise<br />

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NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4<br />

Caribbean looks ahead to what might happen in <strong>2023</strong><br />

NEW PRODUCTS . . . . . . . . . . . . 64-74<br />

Eco-friendly products will be a trend for <strong>2023</strong><br />

Features and articles<br />

PROFILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-26<br />

Companies are investing to ensure future success<br />

FABRIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-32<br />

New ranges of fabrics have been launched from a number of<br />

companies<br />

ENERGY EFFICIENCY . . . . . . . . . . . 38<br />

Tensarc says sail blinds are an energy efficient choice<br />

ROLLER BLINDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40<br />

PT <strong>Blinds</strong> has a launched a new collection<br />

SHUTTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44<br />

Consumers are buying more shutters than ever before<br />

MARKETING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-54<br />

A look at the interior design trends for <strong>2023</strong><br />

AWNINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-63<br />

Choosing the right fabric for your awning is a major decision<br />

From the editor<br />

Issue ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong> has got off to a good<br />

start because as of today we<br />

haven’t got a new Prime<br />

Minister.<br />

It would be great to have<br />

some stability, and the word is<br />

that the price of energy may<br />

not hit the heights that many<br />

analysts have predicted. This is<br />

great for manufacturers in the<br />

UK, but it is still a tough market<br />

out there and inflation is still<br />

high enough to be of concern.<br />

It is also vital that interest rates<br />

do not run out of control as<br />

this will affect consumer<br />

spending, as more than 1.8<br />

million fixed rate deals are<br />

coming to an end this year.<br />

However, as this <strong>issue</strong> shows<br />

there are lots of companies still<br />

investing in the blinds and<br />

shutters market, so here’s to a<br />

successful <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

John Hatcher<br />

editor<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

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<strong>2023</strong> ISSUE ONE • WINTER<br />

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<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong> 3

NEWS NEWSDESK: mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

What does <strong>2023</strong> have in store for<br />

our sector?<br />

There is a lot going on in the world that is bringing the<br />

economy down and we are certainly experiencing<br />

challenging times, including the recession and cost of living<br />

crisis. However, the home improvement sector is ripe for<br />

continued growth during <strong>2023</strong> and promises to be an<br />

exciting year according to Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong>.<br />

For consumers, while they continue to cut<br />

back on meals out and holidays abroad, the<br />

growing interest in home improvement over<br />

the last two years, and the enquiries we are<br />

receiving shows that they will continue to<br />

spend and invest on their homes. Spending<br />

more time at home than before the<br />

pandemic and the home representing the<br />

biggest ROI, the ‘holiday at home culture<br />

looks set to continue to flourish.<br />

Companies with a quality offering who<br />

can offer a one stop shop i.e. complimentary<br />

products, will see strong growth. Naturally,<br />

customers looking to shade their windows<br />

with interior systems may also be looking for<br />

shading for their outdoor spaces, particularly<br />

if they have just had new sliding / folding<br />

doors installed. Alternatively, they may not be<br />

aware of external shading, and this<br />

represents a great opportunity for upselling<br />

with the added advantage of a higher order<br />

value and therefore, profits.<br />

Additionally, due to the introduction of Part<br />

0 of the building regulations for new builds in<br />

June 2022, external blinds will need to be<br />

installed and this represents a fantastic<br />

opportunity to sell interior blinds for other<br />

windows in the property.<br />

Lead times will be key, as consumers<br />

revert back to a longer purchasing decision.<br />

They want to pay for products and solutions<br />

that will function as they desire and stand<br />

the test of time as these products offer the<br />

best value for money. However, when they<br />

are ready to proceed, they don’t want to<br />

wait! Our industry-beating 2-week<br />

manufacture lead time for all our external<br />

shading systems will help our dealers win<br />

more sales while our ‘Made in Britain’ stamp<br />

is always a winner.<br />

The commercial sector continues to aim to<br />

utilise every inch of available outdoor space,<br />

in particular with year-round flexible solutions.<br />

These include our Outdoor Living Pods with<br />

opening and closing roofs, coupled with sliding<br />

glass walls offered by the glazing sector –<br />

products that go hand in hand. Expect<br />

increased demand for these high value<br />

installations enabling hospitality establishments<br />

to profit from their available outdoor space<br />

365 days a year.<br />

Marketing also remains key and certainly<br />

shouldn’t be overlooked or ‘cropped’.<br />

Companies with strong brand identities that<br />

commit to and be consistent with their<br />

marketing will see the greatest number of<br />

leads and subsequently sales.<br />

All in all, an exciting year ahead for forward<br />

thinking, innovative and driven companies in<br />

the home improvement sector, especially<br />

those who add ‘Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong>’ external<br />

shading systems to their product portfolio.<br />


Ultrafabrics,has announced its<br />

collaboration with colour expert<br />

PANTONE to inspire the use of the<br />

new Pantone Color of the Year <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

PANTONE 18-750 Viva Magenta.<br />

“This year’s PANTONE Color of the<br />

Year is powerful and empowering,” says<br />

Laurie Pressman Vice-President of the<br />

Pantone Color Institute. “It is an<br />

animated crimson red that revels in pure<br />

joy, encouraging experimentation and<br />

self-expression without restraint, an<br />

electrifying, and boundless shade that is a<br />

stand-out statement. PANTONE 18-<br />

1750 Viva Magenta welcomes anyone<br />

and everyone with the same verve for<br />

life and rebellious spirit. It is a color that<br />

is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of<br />

all.”<br />

These two global authorities on<br />

colour have joined forces to showcase<br />

how Viva Magenta can be activated to<br />

create transformative spaces.<br />

“The Pantone Color of the Year is a<br />

critical driver of design. Together with<br />

Pantone, we’re looking forward to<br />

helping designers bring cultural<br />

timeliness to timeless design,” says Barry<br />

Silverman, Vice President of Marketing<br />

and Branding at Ultrafabrics. “The<br />

collaboration will help the design<br />

industry connect to the color zeitgeist in<br />

a sustainable and enduring way.”<br />

The first initiative will see Ultrafabrics<br />

Color of the Year Palette featured in<br />

Pantone Connect with a selection of<br />

complementary Ultrafabrics color<br />

swatches sitting seamlessly with Viva<br />

Magenta, serving as a flourish of<br />

inspiration for any interior designer or<br />

specifier.<br />

Throughout <strong>2023</strong> Ultrafabrics will<br />

deepen their collaboration with Pantone<br />

through a series of co-branded global,<br />

interactive events, sharing their expertise<br />

on how color can be implemented in<br />

almost any type of space and into Viva<br />

Magenta’s application possibilities across<br />

the world of interiors<br />

4 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />



ORDER<br />


NEWS<br />

NEWSDESK: mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Markilux has moved into a larger<br />

showroom in London<br />

Following a refurbishment, markilux reopened its new<br />

London showroom at the end of October. The<br />

presentation and training venue is showing a diverse range<br />

of products on almost twice the space. Also on display –<br />

awning systems designed to shade large areas. The<br />

company wants to further strengthen its brand presence in<br />

the south of England with this unique display.<br />

markilux has been exhibiting its awning systems in the Business Design Centre in Islington,<br />

London, for seven years now. Last year, the opportunity arose to expand the size of the<br />

showroom. The renovation was completed at the end of October. The company can now<br />

show considerably more products on an area of around 140 square metres. And the<br />

showroom also offers more space for the company’s markilux Academy specialist dealer<br />

training sessions to be conducted.<br />

The London showroom includes seven folding-arm awning models, including all designer<br />

awnings of the MX series. Vertical roller blinds and side screens as well as the fabric collection<br />

are also on display. Due to the fact that the showroom has almost twice the amount of space,<br />

planners, architects, end consumers and specialist dealers can now also take a closer look at<br />

sun and wet weather protection systems for particularly large areas. “We have the ‘markilux<br />

markant’ roof awning on display for example and the ‘pergola stretch’. And we also have two<br />

additional models from our pergola family on show,” says Peer Cornelßen, Head of<br />

International Sales. He is hopeful that this diversity will attract even more customers.<br />

Nigel Shaw, managing director of markilux UK, is confident that the new showroom is also<br />

ideal for both product and technical training sessions. However, the high-quality range serves<br />

above all to further penetrate the market in the more affluent south of England, particularly<br />

with the range of products that are ideal for shading large areas. The location in London’s<br />

Business Design Centre is also perfect for extending the company's brand presence because<br />

it is a popular conference and exhibition venue steeped in history, which has attracted many<br />

visitors in recent years – something from which markilux has also been able to draw benefit.<br />

The company is now eager to see how visitor numbers develop in the new London<br />

showroom.<br />


Luxury textiles brand Chase Erwin is<br />

launching two new and exclusive<br />

collections, Solstice and Aurora. These<br />

stunning new fabric launches draw<br />

inspiration from nature, reflecting the<br />

changing of the seasons and the chasing<br />

of the Aurora Borealis lights. The highly<br />

anticipated collections feature an elegant<br />

palette of subtle colours with<br />

sophisticated appeal. Textured linens,<br />

tactile silks and lush velvets flow<br />

seamlessly together in a celebration of<br />

texture, colour and pattern.<br />

Founded in 1987 with a rich Icelandic<br />

heritage and a scandi sensitivity to<br />

colour and texture, Chase Erwin is<br />

renowned for their luxurious textile<br />

collections that can be used individually<br />

or layered with ease, showcasing a<br />

variety of superior-quality options. These<br />

two new and expertly curated<br />

collections reflect the versatility of the<br />

Chase Erwin range, offering a wide range<br />

of weights, weaves and textures for<br />

choice, comfort and contemporary<br />

appeal.<br />

Chase Erwin CEO Lauren Stonnell<br />

commented: “We are delighted to be<br />

introducing Solstice and Aurora to our<br />

customers. We’ve curated these<br />

beautifully crafted collections to offer a<br />

truly luxurious aesthetic with timeless<br />

appeal, offering beautiful quality textiles<br />

that are suitable for a wide range of<br />

interior projects. These inspiring new<br />

collections mark a pivotal moment in<br />

Chase Erwin’s evolution and celebrate<br />

new beginnings. “<br />

6 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />


Less is more with ShadeBox ®<br />

Hide roller blinds when they’re not in use<br />

Compatible with most manufacturers’ roller blinds<br />

Motor or handpull option<br />

compatible with various ceiling types<br />

Enquire now at:<br />

enquiries@yewdale.co.uk<br />

Or call us on:<br />

01268 570900


Taking the lead<br />

Waverley invests to<br />

lead the market for<br />

shading, screening<br />

and acoustic<br />

solutions<br />

Waverley is investing over £700,000 this<br />

year to enhance the shading,<br />

screening and acoustics solutions<br />

provided to architects, specifiers and contractors<br />

in the South East and for major projects across<br />

the UK.<br />

Its latest move sees a doubling of production<br />

capacity for commercial blinds and curtain tracks as<br />

it moves to a larger site on the Bilton Way<br />

industrial estate in Luton.<br />

The investments include:<br />

• Expansion of its UK production capacity for<br />

blinds and curtains to mitigate the impact of Brexit<br />

and shorten lead times<br />

• Integration of technological advances to help<br />

architects design buildings which boost productivity<br />

and tackle the impact of climate change<br />

• Enhancement of its product offering via its<br />

new Exteriors division and the addition of a new<br />

glazed partitioning range<br />

Daniel James, managing director of Waverley,<br />

says: “Waverley is confident about investing for<br />

growth as demand for our core expertise in blinds,<br />

curtains and decorative screens will only increase.<br />

Protecting users from heat, glare and noise is vital if<br />

buildings are to mitigate against the effects of<br />

climate change and enhance occupant productivity<br />

and wellbeing.”<br />

In 2022, the company has:<br />

• Semi-automated production to triple capacity<br />

at its curtain workroom facility<br />

• Acquired SioSystems, a specialist company<br />

which designs, manufactures, and installs high-end<br />

acoustic glazed partitioning to create acoustically<br />

enhanced working environments<br />

• Launched Waverley Exteriors and expanded<br />

its range to reflect an increased emphasis on<br />

outdoor living and the climate emergency<br />

• Recruited six marketing, sales and customer<br />

service professionals for its head office operation<br />

in Farnham, Surrey<br />

The new 14,400 sq ft manufacturing facility in<br />

Luton opened in October 2022. It enables<br />

Waverley to double production capacity and<br />

respond to increasing demand for high volume<br />

production of blinds and curtain tracks as the<br />

company wins more major projects.<br />

For more information on Waverley’s shading,<br />

screening and acoustic solutions, visit<br />

waverley.co.uk or contact hello@waverley.co.uk<br />

8 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


SALES<br />


I<br />

N<br />

L<br />

E<br />

2<br />

LEAD<br />

WEEKS<br />

S<br />

S<br />

T<br />

H<br />

T<br />

N<br />

A<br />

IME<br />


ROOFS<br />

PATIO<br />



BLINDS<br />




0344 800 1947 t<br />

info@cbsolarshading.co.uk e<br />

cbsolarshading.co.uk/trade w<br />



A whole new world<br />

Martin Cairns, MD<br />

Blindtex, says the<br />

company has a<br />

new world of<br />

endless possibilities<br />

Blindtex are on a never-ending quest to break<br />

the mold, and to stand out from a crowded<br />

market. We know that to grab your<br />

attention, and for you to place our books in front<br />

of your customer, we have to offer something<br />

different, something very special indeed. We know<br />

as a retailer you don’t want to offer the same<br />

books as everybody else and that you also want<br />

your shop offering to differentiate from the rest.<br />

A New Age of Exploration<br />

Our new Signature VRP collection does just<br />

that….. not only does it have 242 firm favourites;<br />

plains, jacquards and sheers, the book contains a<br />

multitude of colour combinations from our new<br />

and improved Anycolour range, making what we<br />

consider to be our greatest combination of fabrics<br />

ever to go into one book!<br />

Premium Quality Fabrics<br />

We have also developed a range of luxurious<br />

laminated blackout fabrics, derived from our bestselling<br />

curtain collection. This places the book in a<br />

class of its own, as customer feedback demands<br />

better quality fabrics that feel great to the touch.<br />

Over 95% of the fabrics are 2.8 metres wide. So<br />

gone are the days of asking our customers to rechoose<br />

as the one they prefer could not be made.<br />

Expanded Anycolour Range<br />

We are very fortunate to have our in-house<br />

artist hand-paint some great designs. Whilst our<br />

team has gathered some fantastic designs from<br />

around the world, we still know that Plains sells<br />

very well. That’s why we’ve extended our<br />

Anycolour pallet, now offering even more shades<br />

of colour (245 to be exact) that can be applied to<br />

four types of fabric. Imagine being able to offer 245<br />

colours on a screen, translucent, or blackout fabric.<br />

If that does not satisfy your customer's needs, then<br />

simply send us the RAL or Pantone colour that<br />

they require.<br />

Customise Anything<br />

There is also a section showing our custom print<br />

option, which has been very successful, especially in<br />

commercial applications where adding a logo to a<br />

blind has helped to secure many office or retail<br />

contracts. Our online software will even help you<br />

customise the image by letting you enter your<br />

measurements, giving you a landscape or portrait<br />

canvas to import your customers' logos, etc, and<br />

position it to get the perspective your customer<br />

requires.<br />

Improving Margins<br />

As always, to improve margin, we all need to<br />

upsell, which can be easily accommodated by<br />

adding our in-house designed cassettes. Available in<br />

3 sizes that offer both back and front roll<br />

capabilities. Moreover, all our cassettes can be<br />

covered in the fabric of your choice. Our motors<br />

are expansive in having both wired and battery<br />

options, combining the latest technology and<br />

connectivity to home hubs such as Alexa.<br />

Retailer Protection<br />

We at Blindtex know full well what a retailer has<br />

to cope with in today's market, and we want to<br />

protect you. Therefore, we will not permit sales<br />

online to undermine your retail price. This allows<br />

you to offer a best-price guarantee with peace of<br />

mind.<br />

Also, to protect you, we will not sell to any<br />

competitor within a reasonable distance of your<br />

store or operation. We are committed to the<br />

retailer- as we know, loyalty can go a long way in<br />

our industry.<br />

10 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

THE<br />



Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> are a UK manufacturer offering the trade an independent choice of<br />

custom blind collections designed for you and your customers.<br />

Our Interior <strong>Shutters</strong> Collection are skilfully hand-made by quality craftsmen. Your<br />

customers can select from one of our many paint or stain finishes or opt for a custom<br />

colour to complement and enhance their home.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />



30 years in business<br />

Coulisse celebrates<br />

30 years in the<br />

business with<br />

global success,<br />

growth and<br />

innovation<br />

To celebrate 30 years of innovation and<br />

growth, proud family-run business Coulisse,<br />

has revealed its future vision to build a<br />

brand-new Coulisse Campus in the Netherlands. A<br />

hub for inspiration, pioneering, collaborating and<br />

staying ahead of the game for employees and<br />

partners alike. Where creative minds, smart<br />

technology, digitization and robotics will<br />

interconnect seamlessly to deliver the most<br />

forward-thinking solutions for the window covering<br />

industry worldwide.<br />

Plans for Coulisse Campus<br />

unveiled<br />

The dream of a new Coulisse Campus of 70,000<br />

square meters was unveiled at the new location,<br />

the Elsmoat business park in Enter, at the official<br />

press event on October 27. The new billboard,<br />

revealed by founders Christiaan and Maurice<br />

Roetgering, showed an artist impression of the<br />

new complex. Phase one will be the construction<br />

of the first building - a 15,000 square meter<br />

warehouse 13 meters high of which 2,000 square<br />

meters will be automated – which is planned for<br />

completion in <strong>2023</strong>. Phase two will be to build a<br />

fully automated highbay warehouse of 7,000<br />

square meters, where RFID (radio frequency<br />

identification) will be in use. Plans are also in place<br />

to produce hydrogen with solar energy at this new<br />

location to reduce the company's ecological<br />

footprint.<br />

Worldwide expansion:<br />

Coulisse is celebrating success across the world.<br />

Earlier this year, the company proudly celebrated<br />

the opening of its new 50,000 square foot office,<br />

showroom and warehouse in Miami after 10 years<br />

of growing success on American soil. Followed by<br />

the opening of its brand-new Sydney office and<br />

showroom a few months later. Now Coulisse<br />

services all corners of the world to ensure that<br />

customers get exactly what they need with local<br />

presence.<br />

After successful launches this year at global tech<br />

events CES in Las Vegas and IFA Berlin, the new<br />

smart technology concept Eve Motion<strong>Blinds</strong>,<br />

developed by Coulisse in collaboration with smart<br />

home specialist Eve Systems, has been transforming<br />

the smart home window covering world. Already<br />

working with Apple Home thanks to Thread, it is<br />

now ready to work with Google Home, Amazon<br />

Alexa and Samsung SmartThings and other smart<br />

devices with the new phenomenon Matter. This<br />

universal smart home connectivity standard, being<br />

developed by the world’s leading tech companies,<br />

has been recently released. Enabling any homeowner<br />

to easily set up and control a smart home with all<br />

devices being able to communicate together.<br />

12 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

continues on page 14

New Live Pricing Feature<br />

Our latest website<br />

update was done with<br />

you in mind, adding in<br />

our new live pricing<br />

feature onto the members<br />

page, so that you can<br />

see live pricing as you<br />

build your order in<br />

the basket!<br />

This feature also allows you to see<br />

the individual price for all blinds in<br />

your basket, as well as the total basket<br />

price - this includes seeing the new<br />

pricing after any discount is applied!<br />

You can now also save an order<br />

as a quote, so you can return to<br />

edit at any point.<br />

See more about the update at<br />



With smart home connectivity, security,<br />

heating, energy saving and health being<br />

trends to watch, the smart blind market is<br />

being heralded as the next big thing that will<br />

revolutionize households and buildings<br />

across the world. Making life easier, safer and<br />

more convenient, while saving energy at the<br />

same time. And thanks to the support of<br />

Thread and soon Matter, Eve Motion<strong>Blinds</strong><br />

is the most advanced smart home solution<br />

currently available on the market.<br />

Trailblazing Robotics<br />

Following on from the success of<br />

Motion<strong>Blinds</strong> smart technology, this year<br />

sees the fruition of the new robotic<br />

machinery that in-house engineers at<br />

Coulisse have been working on over the<br />

past few years. This new robotic assembling<br />

machinery will optimize production<br />

processes by making the production of<br />

pleated blinds 80% more efficient and save<br />

on CO2. Making it a game-changer for<br />

Coulisse and its assembling partners.<br />

“With creativity and innovation in our<br />

DNA, we listen, think out-of-the-box and<br />

always push the limits in design and<br />

technology. We aspire to be the Tesla of our<br />

industry. Engineering window covering<br />

solutions that utilize the latest smart<br />

technology with the most sophisticated<br />

designs. Still down-to-earth and very proud,<br />

we continue to build strong partnerships<br />

and look forward to realizing our dream of<br />

a new Coulisse Campus – the go-to place<br />

for window coverings experts around the<br />

world.” Christiaan Roetgering<br />

Strong social corporate<br />

responsibility for the<br />

local environment<br />

Since 1992, Coulisse has always had a<br />

strong social responsibility with several<br />

ventures in place to preserve the local<br />

heritage and environment. Including<br />

renovating the historic farmhouse called<br />

‘The Pearl of Twente’ dating back to 1800<br />

and restoring the Reggedal nature reserve<br />

near the Coulisse headquarters, which is a<br />

huge source of inspiration for the company<br />

and its fabric collection ‘Living Beauty’. New<br />

generations can enjoy the biodiversity of<br />

flora and fauna including wildflower<br />

restoration from the Dutch wetlands.<br />

“It’s incredibly rewarding to build a<br />

company and watch it grow over the last<br />

thirty years. Expanding with talented people<br />

in new locations around the world and<br />

building a brand-new Coulisse Campus. And<br />

doing all this whilst preserving our precious<br />

heritage and local environment. Our mission<br />

will always remain the same: keep developing,<br />

revolving and giving back to society – now<br />

and in the future.” Maurice Roetgering<br />

Climax of the 30th<br />

anniversary celebrations<br />

As the pinnacle to the 30-year<br />

celebrations, Coulisse has produced a<br />

beautifully crafted coffee table book: Living<br />

Beauty. Made in collaboration with<br />

renowned fashion photographer Jasper<br />

Abels, this book captures images of the<br />

wildlife of the Reggedal countryside over a<br />

year. Along with a 30 Year Anniversary<br />

Journal featuring interviews with Christiaan<br />

and Maurice Roetgering, Jasper Abels and<br />

creative director Catharina Idema.<br />





For more than 30 years, we have<br />

made sure that you feel comfortable<br />

at home, have the best lighting<br />

conditions and can take care<br />

of the things you really like.<br />

www.isotra.com<br />

14 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />







SMAR T<br />



S OLAR<br />

F A BRIC S<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

173 references, 58 new items for an even richer<br />

and more harmonious range of fabrics.<br />

Suited to all outdoor solar protection systems<br />

Folding arm awnings, pergolas, shade sails, vertical blinds.<br />

4 main colour families<br />

STONE (grey tones), NATURAL (natural tones).<br />

SOLAR (warm tones) and POLAR (cold tones).<br />

A collection that captures the character of DICKSON CONSTANT<br />

Design fabrics<br />

Sustainable fabrics<br />

People-centric<br />

Edition 10/2022 - SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole - Photos : Dickson<br />

Contact: kwild@dickson-constant.com<br />

More information on : dickson-constant.com





We’re so excited to be launching our fabulous Signature<br />

VRP collection, with a showstopping combination of<br />

colours, designs and textures.<br />




New luxury blackout fabrics derived from our<br />

Best-Selling Curtain Collection<br />

242 fabric choices including plains, jacquard's<br />

and sheers across the full colour spectrum<br />

135 beautiful digital print options. A total of<br />

27 designs and 5 colourways with each design<br />

Over 95% of the entire collection is available<br />

in 2.8m wide width<br />

0161 818 9915 0161 818 9915 sales@blindtex.co.uk www.blindtex.co.uk


We’ve dedicated an entire section of our combi book to Anycolour….<br />

Browse our beautiful colour palettes and unique designs with a multitude of colour combinations, patterns and designs<br />

all in one book.<br />

The largest plains collection in the market,<br />

with 245 colours available in Translucent,<br />

Screen, Blackout and textured blackout fabrics<br />

Change the colour of the design to suit<br />

any theme<br />

Changeable cassette and bottom bar<br />

colour options<br />

Customise designs with your own pantone or<br />

RAL colours<br />

Mix and match products in the same room<br />

with the same design<br />


*<br />

Add fully fabric wrapped cassette and bottom bar<br />

available in 3 size options<br />

*<br />

*<br />

*<br />

6 vertical headrail colour options<br />

Colour coordinating accessories<br />

Scalable border prints options in the digital<br />

print fabrics<br />

*<br />

*<br />

Custom prints & logo’s<br />

Motorisation using the latest technology. Operate<br />

directly from your smartphone or home hub<br />





Feel safe with the knowledge that we will not permit sales online to undermine your<br />

retail price. This allows you to offer the best price guarantee with peace of mind.<br />


Child Safety is a primary concern for us all<br />

and all our products are child safe as<br />

standard, and carry warning tags to ensure<br />

the risks are outlined to parents and<br />

guardians<br />


We take great pride in the knowledge that<br />

we design and manufacture our blinds with<br />

the highest quality standards and the<br />

greatest attention to detail.<br />

With this commitment in mind, every<br />

Signature blind is backed up with our<br />

unique “Lifetime Warranty”.<br />


Our sales and service teams are here for you,<br />

with direct access in a more personal way via<br />

video or voice call directly from our website or<br />

even WhatsApp for convenience.<br />



Wire-Free & Hard Wired<br />

Blindtex is a premium UK-UAE based window coverings’ firm.<br />

For over 25 years, our team has provided quality products,<br />

exceptional brand experience and bespoke window treatments<br />

to various business sectors throughout Europe, Africa and the<br />

Middle East.<br />

Watch<br />

Video<br />

Open an account with us today to access our trade portal and<br />

benefit from a wealth of information, images and marketing tools<br />

to enhance your business<br />

WhatsApp<br />

0161 818 9915 0161 818 9915<br />

sales@blindtex.co.uk www.blindtex.co.uk


Pillars of success<br />

Dickson-Constant:<br />

tradition, design<br />

and innovation<br />

since 1836<br />

Leader in French-made textiles, Dickson-<br />

Constant is recognized for its unbeatable<br />

combination of technical expertise,<br />

innovation, performance and environmental action<br />

and its passion for home improvement. Because of<br />

the lifestyle changes brought about by Covid and<br />

especially global warming, for which awnings<br />

provide a natural and straightforward way to<br />

protect homes from the heat, our expertise<br />

remains just as relevant today as ever.<br />

Dickson-Constant already enjoyed the textile<br />

expertise, an attention to detail and a meticulous<br />

approach to technical weaving required to make<br />

uncoated sailcloth in Dunkirk in the 1840s.<br />

Dickson-Constant continues to produce its textiles<br />

in northern France, in Wasquehal and in its<br />

recently opened site in Hordain. This 10 hectare<br />

site houses a 20000m² state of the art textile<br />

factory as well as a new 18000m² logistics centre. It<br />

will increase production and storage capacities by<br />

75%.<br />

Since it was founded, Dickson-Constant has<br />

been driven by a quest for innovation and technical<br />

quality in order to provide customers with longlasting<br />

products.<br />

We’re proud to present the new Dickson Solar<br />

Fabrics collection.<br />

It is based on four key pillars:<br />

Designer fabrics:<br />


Technical fabrics:<br />


Responsible fabrics:<br />


A people-centric approach:<br />

Smart + People<br />

The result is an extremely SMART collection:<br />

A collection designed to achieve one aim: to<br />

help people get more from life.<br />

To get more from life, you need more than a<br />

fabric. Dickson transforms the way we use our<br />

spaces, allowing us to spend more time outdoors<br />

with more freedom to choose what we do and<br />

when we do it.<br />

Smart + Design<br />

58 new items have been added to the collection<br />

focusing on two key areas, textured plains and<br />

contemporary stripes<br />

Textured Solids<br />

• LINK: whimsical solids with a geometric<br />

texture recalling the delicacy of precious stones<br />

• Piqués, tweeds and chinés, in bright,<br />

sophisticated designs with delicate textures and<br />

deep colours alongside more luminous and subtle<br />

colours to create a harmonious palette.<br />

Contemporary Stripes<br />

Rejuvenated, fresh, harmonious or minimalist,<br />

traditional, restyled or asymmetrical – stripes<br />

structure fabrics and add a touch of modernity and<br />

depth to vibrant, invigorating fabrics in tune with<br />

the times.<br />

This collection of 173 products is divided into<br />

four main colour families:<br />

Stone - grey tones<br />

Natural - natural tones<br />

Solar- warm tones infused with yellow,<br />

orange and red hues<br />

Polar - cool tones infused with green and<br />

blue hues<br />

18 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>



Roller and Vertical Collection<br />


Introducing blockout shutter with integrated cellular blind



2002<br />

Contact us today<br />

to find out more<br />

T: 0333 202 5054<br />

E: connect@s-craft.co.uk<br />



Eleven beautiful made-to-measure blinds, and six<br />

stunning shutter ranges. We offer a range of madeto-measure<br />

blinds that have been hand-picked and<br />

designed to complement our beautiful shutters.<br />

Get in touch today to arrange a meeting with your<br />

S:CRAFT Business Development Manager, who<br />

can take you through our portfolio of products and<br />

services available to our customers.


Extending excellence<br />

S:CRAFT says it is<br />

extending its<br />

excellence in<br />

product and<br />

customer service<br />

Since launching in 2002, S:CRAFT has become<br />

a name synonymous with both its premium<br />

range of shutters and providing exceptional<br />

customer support. With our comprehensive blinds<br />

entry into the market, we are maintaining our<br />

position as the value-added distributor of window<br />

coverings, offering industry-leading levels of service,<br />

and helping drive the success of our trade<br />

partners.<br />

Bolstering our existing product offering,<br />

S:CRAFT has broadened our premium range of<br />

blinds. Over the past few years, the company has<br />

taken steps to invest in its people, broaden the<br />

knowledge base and strengthen relationships. We<br />

are extremely proud of the growth we have<br />

achieved and what we have to offer you.<br />

In total we have selected eleven fantastic quality<br />

blinds, meaning that all your blinds and shutter<br />

requirements can be fulfilled by S:CRAFT! This will<br />

enable you to get maximum value from each<br />

customer consultation and deliver to the customer<br />

the convenience and peace of mind that comes<br />

from having one company fitting their whole house<br />

throughout, with consistent quality in product and fit.<br />

Our magnificent Any Colour and Digital printing<br />

service gives our partners the ability to print<br />

whatever they would like and achieve the perfect<br />

finish on a blind, at no extra cost! We are proud to<br />

offer competitively priced soft-flowing vane<br />

verticals, otherwise known as Dijon blinds. What<br />

about our SmartLif Geno Venetians? These<br />

beautifully finished blinds come with an integrated<br />

and tensioned mechanism with no free-hanging<br />

cords. Our beautiful and luxurious designer-quality<br />

Roque Roman blinds are mill sewn for a neat and<br />

consistent finish with less light bleed. All this, and so<br />

much more to share with you!!<br />

Running alongside our new blinds range, we<br />

have launched a variety of blinds books and<br />

samples to give you excellent tools to use in your<br />

showrooms or out on customer visits! These<br />

fantastic collections of quality blinds materials<br />

highlight our new ranges beautifully in stylish pointof-sale<br />

books for your customers to peruse at their<br />

leisure!<br />

As you would expect from S:CRAFT, high-quality<br />

point-of-sale materials and our award-winning<br />

training will be available, so you can consult and fit<br />

with confidence. If you are an existing partner of<br />

ours, speak to your Business Development<br />

Manager to order your blinds books or blinds<br />

display boxes or find out more about our in-house<br />

training, don’t miss the opportunity to maximise<br />

your sales.<br />

20 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Save energy<br />

Save money<br />

Homeowners can save up to £350 per year*<br />

Reduces<br />

heat loss<br />

by up to<br />

43%*<br />

(* Independently tested)<br />

Siderails<br />

High quality<br />

fabric<br />

Siderails with<br />

brush seals<br />

NEW<br />

Portal<br />

Quoting<br />

System!<br />

Rubber seal<br />

Order today: portal.blocblinds.co.uk<br />

Become a trade partner<br />

T: 028 7944 0130 E: sales@blocblinds.com


Just can’t get enough<br />

Louvolite says that<br />

It seems that you<br />

cannot get enough<br />

of a good thing at<br />

the BBSA Show<br />

Goodness knows how many exhibitions<br />

that I have had the pleasure of<br />

representing Louvolite and our products,<br />

but at a rough estimate it must be approaching 50<br />

– that’s excluding the famous Louvolite roadshows!<br />

For the build up to BBSA expo 2022 I was, once<br />

again, able to leave all the arrangements to the<br />

team with Sales and Marketing Director David<br />

Robinson taking the lead. It was only towards the<br />

last month or so before the show that we held a<br />

meeting to gain a full overview of the stand itself as<br />

a model and, of course, review and confirm the<br />

products that would take centre stage.<br />

Wow – the stand was a lot bigger than I had<br />

imagined, but as Louvolite were presenting so<br />

many new ideas and products, the space had to be<br />

of sufficient size to feature them all in appropriate<br />

ways of display. Plus, there would be around 20<br />

Louvolite team members on the stand to assist<br />

visitors in viewing and understanding the items on<br />

show – still, it looked big!<br />

With the very able Jamie Marsden liaising with<br />

the stand builders, our technical support team and<br />

the venue and Jo Burns co-ordinating blind<br />

manufacture with our new colleges at Excel along<br />

with looking at display themes etc., things seemed<br />

to be ticking along very nicely as I started a 2 week<br />

trip to visit our Canadian operation and also visit<br />

the new R&T expo in Charlotte NC, them onto<br />

Turkey to see business colleagues there and visit<br />

R&T Turkey, arriving back in the UK on the Friday<br />

before the show.<br />

I drove down on the Saturday to meet with the<br />

rest of the team and cast an eye over the finished<br />

stand – it was only then that I became aware of<br />

the additional challenges that had been faced. A<br />

couple of days before access to the venue for the<br />

stand build calamity – Jamie came down with<br />

Covid!<br />

Fortunately, David had been kept fully aware of<br />

preparations and was as much up to date as he<br />

could be with the progress on the stand, its<br />

delivery and the build-up etc. That said, losing Jamie<br />

was an <strong>issue</strong>. But as all exhibitors will know, such<br />

things are sent to try us and inevitably David and<br />

the team took over and when I arrived – other<br />

than words of support and a few suggestions<br />

regarding certain product locations/features, all I<br />

was charged with doing was to ensure that tea,<br />

coffee milk and sugar were available and mops,<br />

brushes and dustpans were purchased. A walk to<br />

the convenient Tesco store armed with a credit<br />

card did the trick!<br />

In addition to the fabrics launched earlier in the<br />

year – which looked absolutely fabulous on the<br />

stand – Louvolite had 15 new products for launch<br />

in <strong>2023</strong> – yes 15! All of these items were featured<br />

on the stand. I have to say I did feel a little<br />

concerned that the Louvolite team wouldn’t be<br />

able to do themselves or the products justice with<br />

22 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

continues on page 24

End-to-end automation software for manufacturers & retailers<br />

of<br />

Up to 60% increase in productivity and also<br />

save up to £27000 in staffing cost<br />

CRM, ERP & eCommerce tailored<br />

specifically for window blinds, curtains and shutters businesses<br />

BlindMatrix is launching the future of window blinds software with its exciting new version which incorporates distinct<br />

modules, updated technology, additional features, slick design and an interactive user interface – as well as integration<br />

with major suppliers.<br />

Features you will love to use from BlindMatrix new version V4<br />

The all new real-time customisable dashboards<br />

Ultra-friendly user interface<br />

Upgraded Stock & Inventory management system<br />

User customisable reports<br />

Advanced scheduler<br />

Plug and play eCommerce plugin to change any WordPress website into an eCommerce website in minutes<br />

EDI integration to get the orders directly into your suppliers system<br />

Powerful bill of materials<br />

More automation on manufacturing module<br />

Data driven capacity planning<br />

Let’s start a conversation<br />

Call +44 (0) 20 7096 1371<br />

sales@blindmatrix.com | www.blindmatrix.com<br />

Scan here to request a demo and see how<br />

BlindMatrix can help your company grow.<br />

Get a Demo


so many items to be explained and so many<br />

visitors expected.<br />

I am delighted to say that I shouldn’t have<br />

worried. The team on the stand, which<br />

included 2 of our Irish colleagues, Stephen<br />

and Kim, were absolutely brilliant. Totally up<br />

for the show and exhibiting all the<br />

experience they had gained during previous<br />

shows with regard to identifying those<br />

visitors who needed to be seen and<br />

managing their time with customers to<br />

maximise the information given to the new<br />

programmes – fabulous work – WELL<br />

DONE TEAM.<br />

As for the products - what a reaction -<br />

the new Vision fabric collection was<br />

received with comments such as it being<br />

‘the best collection available.’ With so many<br />

stars it could be called the Galaxy<br />

programme.<br />

Grip Fit was an instant hit and its<br />

performance capability astounded many. The<br />

Louvolite motorised curtain pole featuring<br />

the Equi-drape system operated superbly<br />

every single time it was asked to and the<br />

new Cellular operating system featuring<br />

Louvolite’s new motor programme was<br />

seen to work superbly in a number of large<br />

and challenging installations.<br />

The Child Safe Roman blind programme<br />

surprised everybody with its ease of<br />

assembly and smoothness of operation. In<br />

addition it impressed the BBSA judges as it<br />

was awarded Best Child Safety product of<br />

the show.<br />

There were many items on the Louvolite<br />

stand which drew plaudits from the visitors<br />

– if there was a real gamechanger it would<br />

likely be seen as the options available with<br />

Louvolite’s shutter programme. Louvolite<br />

manufactures its shutter product from raw<br />

materials at its premises in Hyde, but now<br />

the Louvolite Urban shutter is available for<br />

blind makers to manufacture in their own<br />

premises, using their own staff – a first!<br />

One of the challenges with shutters is you<br />

need the knowledge to measure and install<br />

correctly – Louvolite trains people to do just<br />

that with its technical support team. That<br />

said, it has another option (or two).<br />

The industry knows how to measure and<br />

install a Louvolite Perfect Fit product, let’s<br />

face it they have done so for years, so<br />

Louvolite has created a Perfect Fit<br />

installation programme for its shutters. Just<br />

measure the width and drop of the inside<br />

bead of a double-glazed sealed unit window<br />

and you have measured for a Perfect Fit<br />

shutter. This can feature all the options that<br />

would be expected from an Urban Shutter,<br />

fitted to an aluminium Perfect Fit frame with<br />

fully openable panels and the ability to<br />

rotate handles to open windows etc.<br />

I did mention a further development –<br />

the Perfect Fit ‘Lite’ shutter. This concept<br />

removes the need for the aluminium Perfect<br />

Fit frame, by using the patented Perfect Fit<br />

installation technology to apply the shutter<br />

panel directly onto Perfect Fit brackets<br />

installed into the window. On the correct<br />

window configuration, Perfect Fit Lite looks<br />

amazing. Although still in its final<br />

development stage it was felt that – as<br />

exhibitions of this nature happens only<br />

every 3 years or so – it was important to<br />

allow the industry a glimpse into its<br />

future…… and what a Louvolite future that<br />

will be!<br />


Matic M1<br />

- Automatically cuts on four sides<br />

- Fast and Accurate<br />

- Athenea Software links to<br />

your Order System<br />

- Utilises part rolls or pieces<br />

- Automatic Nesting<br />

- Minimal Waste<br />

- Users report over 25%<br />

material savings and increased<br />

production<br />

24 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

Matic M1-PC Cutting Tables<br />

&<br />

Matic Impulse Welders<br />

All Matic machines are Industry 4 compatible<br />

www.atech.co.uk<br />

Matic Welders<br />

- Automatic fold and weld<br />

- Perfect for vertical blinds<br />

- 3 - 8m welding widths<br />

- Weld Zips, Pockets, Splines<br />

and much more<br />

- Seamless welding, no shine<br />

- Weld fabrics with welding<br />

tape<br />

- Semi or Fully Automated<br />

- Simple to use

• Available in all of our Full Height,<br />

Tier-on-Tier, Café and Tracked styles,<br />

in 9 contemporary colours<br />




WOOD<br />


• The Laminate Veneer Lumber side<br />

stiles are bonded with wood laminate<br />

and resin, to ensure maximum<br />

stability and twist resistance<br />

• The Polypropylene coating allows<br />

for resistance against scratching,<br />

chipping, staining, and fading<br />

• Easy Tilt Louvre Drive System<br />

enhances user experience<br />

• Edge-to-edge frame reduces heat<br />

loss at your customers windows<br />

by up to 62%<br />

• Comprehensive 3 year warranty<br />

Find our more about our<br />

Engineered Wood Seattle range at<br />



Partners in trade<br />

Stevens says that<br />

working with the<br />

company is a true<br />

partnership<br />

The Stevens trade partner portal has<br />

everything you need in one place! Login to<br />

access all your order and account details as<br />

well as any technical information you many require.<br />

Quotes – create and save quotes which you can<br />

save with your own job references.<br />

Orders – order all your Made to Measure blinds,<br />

as well as being able to see the details and status<br />

of any previous orders you have placed.<br />

Account details – ensure your contact details are<br />

up to date, including the best people to contact for<br />

specific communications.<br />

Technical information – find all the technical<br />

information you require for all of our systems and<br />

fabrics. All files can be viewed online as well as<br />

downloaded for future use.<br />

Invoices – see details of all invoices for quick<br />

reference.<br />

The company also has a new look Timber<br />

Impressions Faux Wood Slat Selector for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The updated slat selector includes a new on<br />

trend Smoke colourway along with a refreshed<br />

cover and new look.<br />

The Timber Impressions range from Stevens<br />

offers the beautiful look of real wood with all the<br />

benefits of PVC - a stylish and practical solution for<br />

all interior styles.<br />

• All colours available in 50mm slat widths with<br />

popular whites available in 38mm<br />

• <strong>Blinds</strong> can be made up to 2550mm wide<br />

• Fire retardant<br />

• Co-ordinating tapes available<br />

26 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

End-to-end automation software for manufacturers & retailers<br />

of<br />

With<br />

Real-time<br />

Tracking<br />

Customise the dashboard wiith<br />

the metrics you need<br />

BlindMatrix New Version V4, which completely overhauls and adds new features that were anticipated by all<br />

window blinds retailers and manufacturers.<br />

Unlimited Dashboards EDI Integration More Automation<br />

Real-time customisable dashboards<br />

with ultra-friendly user interface<br />

EDI integration to get the orders directly<br />

into your suppliers system<br />

Advanced automation on manufacturring,<br />

scheduling, tracking and many more<br />

e-Commerce Plugin to change any information website<br />

into an e-Commerce website in minutes<br />

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FABRIC<br />

Hidden away<br />

Cocoon yourself<br />

with The Fabric<br />

Box Textures<br />

Collection<br />

In today’s current economic climate, we are<br />

becoming increasingly conscious of how we heat<br />

our homes as cost effectively as possible.<br />

Choosing window coverings often comes as an<br />

afterthought for many consumers, but as we know,<br />

the right choice can make a significant difference<br />

not only to aesthetics but to the thermal insulation<br />

of our homes.<br />

Different textures can have a major impact on<br />

the mood of a room; they impact the way we view<br />

the room. Texture can add depth and enhance the<br />

feeling of warmth in our mindset. Playing with<br />

textures allows additional character to be added to<br />

a room, thicker yarns with matt texture depict a<br />

cosy rustic look, one where homeowners can<br />

cocoon themselves in the winter months.<br />

During the development of each new textured<br />

weave within The Fabric Box, the aim was to<br />

innovate and expand the aesthetic possibilities of<br />

roller and vertical blind fabric, to allow them to<br />

merge seamlessly with soft furnishings. Working<br />

directly with fabric designers’ new fabrics have<br />

been formulated via translating coloured yarns and<br />

textures into dense weaves which still allow the<br />

fabric to maintain its core function as a window<br />

covering.<br />

Throughout The Fabric Box, a wide selection of<br />

heavily tactile fabrics is available. Marlow, extremely<br />

popular for its basketweave appearance emulates<br />

an aesthetic of warmth with a subtle one colour<br />

texture. Enhancing its thermal properties is the<br />

blockout backing.<br />

The luxurious boucle effect of Focal’s weave<br />

with its highly twisted yarns create a luxurious<br />

tactile finish that enables acoustic absorption,<br />

making it perfect for areas where there are higher<br />

levels of noise, whilst encapsulating an environment<br />

of comfort.<br />

Stripped back to true organic form, Ennis<br />

presents an authentic, natural feel, imitating a<br />

cocooning woollen weave, whilst Logan’s subtle<br />

horizontal texture transcends from natural linen, an<br />

earthen palette further embraces the consumers<br />

desire for bringing nature indoors in the most<br />

organic form. These natural look fabrics provides<br />

the homeowner with their instinctual connection<br />

that wool and organic fabrics are associated with<br />

warmth.<br />

Alvor’s striking horizontal textured weave mixed<br />

with its distinctive variation of surface texture<br />

presents a complex weave that has become<br />

renowned for its luxurious identity. Vivi, a dense,<br />

multi weave fabrics combines texture and colour<br />

that injects warming amber or gold tones giving<br />

further annotations of warmth.<br />

Through the synergy of fabric performance and<br />

aesthetics, each Fabric Box textured weave<br />

maintains and promotes their own distinct identity.<br />

Each texture weave interacts differently with light,<br />

the subtle weave variations reflect and absorb<br />

sunlight giving the surface its own distinct element<br />

of depth and warmth.<br />

The focus and investment assigned to the<br />

development of the texture section has resolutely<br />

met consumer demand. Over the last 4 years the<br />

demand for textured fabrics has increased<br />

significantly and since the launch of the current<br />

collection demand for textures continues with<br />

phenomenal growth, exceeding initial expectations.<br />

The Fabric Box is now synonymously know for its<br />

complex textured weaves.<br />

28 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Custom Made Awnings<br />

Renowned BAT® Awning Systems<br />

Dickson® Stockist<br />

Integrated lighting and heating systems<br />

Somfy® Motorisation<br />

Based in the Midlands we are a committed trade only supplier. Our close partnership with BAT, Dickson and Somfy mean<br />

we have a large UK stockholding of components providing delivery within 2 weeks. It also means that we are ready to<br />

launch, early in <strong>2023</strong>, the new Dickson® Orchestra collection featuring 58 new exclusive designs to complement the 115<br />

existing best-selling colours and fabrics.<br />

email; sales@basedirect.co.uk and telephone; 01922 644429 or visit our<br />

website; www.basedirect.co.uk.

FABRIC<br />

More than fabulous fabrics<br />

Lienesch has<br />

launched a range<br />

of cellular and<br />

pleated shades<br />

As part of a multiyear strategic plan, the<br />

wholesale distribution company Lienesch<br />

Ltd, with a warehouse in Leeds, launched<br />

LIFF Shades - a branded retail concept for cellular<br />

and pleated shades at the BBSA show, last<br />

October.<br />

The launch of the Lienesch-Style brand for roller<br />

and screen fabrics for the commercial sector in<br />

2021, was the first phase of the marketing plan.<br />

With Leeds as a central location for the United<br />

Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland the logical<br />

next step was to add an extensive line of the<br />

popular Honeycell cellular fabrics to the offering<br />

from inventory for both the commercial and<br />

residential market. Next-day delivery, cut-length<br />

service and specialist advise enable Lienesch to<br />

maximise the benefit their wholesale operation is<br />

now offering UK manufacturers.<br />

“But with our branded retail concept LIFF<br />

shades, we offer more than fabulous fabrics. We<br />

offer online and offline promotional support for<br />

our UK manufacturers, from collection books to<br />

product training and from landing pages to social<br />

media posts”, Richard Greaves, General Manager of<br />

Lienesch Ltd, adds. It is a further logical<br />

development of business to support our customer<br />

base.<br />

If our customers can focus on manufacturing and<br />

selling pleated or cellular blinds, and do not have to<br />

worry about creating marketing materials or social<br />

media content, we believe that they can stand out<br />

in their marketplace.<br />

Reactions to the LIFF concept and the two<br />

individual collections were incredibly positive. The<br />

pre-defined collection of some 150 cellular fabrics<br />

and 100 pleated fabrics is well presented in colour<br />

groups and offers a large variety in textures,<br />

textiles, colours and transparency.<br />

Another important thing is that there is hardly<br />

any investment needed in fabric inventory as every<br />

fabric is offered with a cut-length service to LIFF<br />

shades customers. This is part of Lienesch’<br />

sustainability policy and is in line with UN<br />

sustainability goal 12; responsible consumption and<br />

production. Sustainable consumption and<br />

production are about doing more and better with<br />

less. That is exactly what Lienesch envisions.<br />

Therefore, included in the fabric selection of both<br />

collections are also fabrics made from postconsumer<br />

recycled polyester. These sustainable and<br />

highly decorative fabrics can easily be identified as<br />

they are individually marked with the True® textile<br />

logo, as a clear and easy-to-remember sign for<br />

sustainable fabrics. In the LIFF cellular shades<br />

collection the recycled True Daito fabrics are also<br />

flame-retardant and meet the Oekotex standard<br />

100 for optimal product safety.<br />

Contact Lienesch Ltd for more information<br />

about the exciting and complete LIFF branded<br />

retail concept.<br />

30 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


FABRIC<br />

High quality textiles<br />

Stevens Scotland<br />

has introduced a<br />

new window blind<br />

collection with a<br />

subtle twist<br />

New House Textiles is famous for its highquality<br />

roller blind fabrics and are the<br />

perfect choice for the interior design<br />

market or high-end projects. You can now order<br />

your Newhouse Textiles book through Stevens<br />

Scotland.<br />

Their latest window blind collection has soft-feel<br />

fabrics, patterns, subtle textures, their hallmark<br />

sheers, plains, blackouts and innovative eco fabrics<br />

made from recycled materials.<br />

The book is in a larger A3 size, which means we<br />

can offer display samples within the Collection book.<br />

In keeping with the demand for recycled items,<br />

70% of the collection is dyed, coated or printed<br />

CO2 neutral or from recycled sources. A great<br />

selling story for your customers!<br />

The new books also contains:<br />

• Beautiful new weaves and prints by Melanie<br />

Darwin and Laura Fletcher<br />

• New Japanese Linen soft-feel colours<br />

• Sophisticated plain and blockout ranges in soft<br />

pastel colours<br />

• Wide-width roller fabrics in sheers, plains or<br />

blockouts<br />

• Gorgeous new sheers Sahara and Mistral<br />

• Updated colour range in traditional Swedish<br />

Plains<br />

Order your Newhouse Textiles Book from your<br />

stevens area sales manager or contact our customer<br />

service department.<br />

32 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>



SMAR T<br />



S OLAR<br />

F A BRIC S<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

173 references, 58 new items for an even richer<br />

and more harmonious range of fabrics.<br />

Suited to all outdoor solar protection systems<br />

Folding arm awnings, pergolas, shade sails, vertical blinds<br />

4 main colour families<br />

STONE (grey tones), NATURAL (natural tones)<br />

SOLAR (warm tones) and POLAR (cold tones)<br />

A collection that captures the character of DICKSON CONSTANT<br />

Design fabrics<br />

Sustainable fabrics<br />

People-centric<br />

Contact: kwild@dickson-constant.com<br />

More information on : dickson-constant.com<br />

Edition 09/2022 - SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole - Photos : Dickson

FABRIC<br />

A sound vision<br />

Louvolite says you<br />

really do need<br />

Vision in this<br />

business<br />

It seems a long time ago that Louvolite<br />

introduced its Vision programme to the UK<br />

industry. The compact, yet varied selection of<br />

fabrics were mounted on a 4 section fold out<br />

presentation card – the first page of which<br />

featured a mounted piece of Vision fabric which<br />

was able to be moved up and down to help<br />

illustrate how this new window furnishing<br />

actually operated.<br />

In order to maximise the understanding of<br />

this new blind concept, the card was inserted<br />

into every new Roller Shade book that the<br />

company launched that year. The belief was that<br />

by doing this, the consumer looking to buy a<br />

roller blind would at least have the opportunity<br />

of considering this new innovative product<br />

before finalising their choice.<br />

Of course, Louvolite had established a<br />

preferred manufacturing method for the Vision<br />

product which allowed users of the Louvolite<br />

roller blind system to assemble the Vision<br />

product and thereby offer the product to their<br />

trade customers or direct to their consumers –<br />

whichever method of sale they adopted.<br />

In addition, those companies with retail<br />

showrooms were strongly encouraged to<br />

feature a Vision blind in order that the<br />

consumer be able to fully understand the<br />

operation thereof.<br />

And so the success of Vision began with these<br />

simple steps to take the product to the industry<br />

and through them to the consumer – of course<br />

the product has now been called other names –<br />

Duo Blind/Day Night/Zebra, but whichever<br />

name people know it as the product has<br />

become a staple in the industry’s offerings.<br />

As perhaps you may expect, the latest version<br />

of Louvolite’s Vision programme breaks new<br />

ground yet again. The increased number of SKUs<br />

included in the programme reflects the product<br />

importance and indeed the progression of<br />

design within the textiles themselves.<br />

The weaves now feature sophisticated yarns<br />

with multiple coloured fibres to provide<br />

additional depth - metallic yarns are used to<br />

create mildly reflective weaves. Panel sizes are<br />

no longer restricted to one size but include<br />

larger panels to better satisfy larger windows or<br />

create a bold effect at others.<br />

Whilst you cannot really ever achieve a total<br />

blockout effect with a Vision blind, an increased<br />

number of fabrics featuring blockout panels<br />

coupled with alternating voile or more open<br />

translucent weaves give the consumer a wider<br />

choice than ever before.<br />

Louvolite has also created a number<br />

appropriate designs which it now offers as print<br />

variants using the unique banded construction<br />

of Vision to create flowing artwork which<br />

changes as the blind is operated. These really do<br />

have to be seen to be appreciated and there is<br />

no doubt that the programme takes the Vision<br />

offering to a new level.<br />

Such an important programme needs to be<br />

presented in a way that invigorates the<br />

customer and there is no doubt that the<br />

Louvolite presentation does exactly that. Shown<br />

in colour spectrum format, but with<br />

corresponding print designs interleaved<br />

between woven solids and jacquards, each turn<br />

of the page provides a new selection of<br />

beautiful Vision fabrics.<br />

The collection was one of the many featured<br />

products on the Louvolite stand at the BBSA<br />

show in October and was greeted with<br />

expressions of delight by the visitors to the<br />

stand who were really impressed by the depth<br />

and range of the programme. Many stated that<br />

it would really enhance their sales opportunities<br />

in this still growing market segment.<br />

The official launch of Louvolite’s new Vision<br />

programme is January <strong>2023</strong>, with orders taken<br />

for presentation books at the show and now<br />

also by the Louvolite team. As stated in the title,<br />

we believe you really do need to have Vision in<br />

this business. We hope you agree.<br />

34 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

y tensARC<br />

InShade fixed roof blinds: a simple, effective solution for residential and commercial<br />

roof spaces, large and small.<br />

•<br />

Made from our unique ISX fabric for quick installation, simple maintenance and<br />

•<br />

•<br />

exceptional solar control.<br />

Cuts costs with no compromising on quality, using premium materials and backed with a<br />

full 7 year warranty.<br />

Free UK-based design service, made entirely in the UK with UK-manufactured materials,<br />

2-week delivery.<br />

www.tensarc.com 01786 450083 inshade@tensarc.co.uk


Cool combination<br />

Stuart Wilson at<br />

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> has<br />

combined Venitian<br />

and cellular blinds<br />

Acouple of years ago I had the idea of<br />

combining a venetian blind with a cellular<br />

perfect fit blind, mainly due to the fact<br />

that we heard customers saying that venetian<br />

perfect fits were good but weren’t blackout, or<br />

that cellular perfect fits were great for blackout,<br />

but they were either closed or opened.<br />

With this challenge I set about trying to figure it<br />

out, one was to have the venetian blind at the top<br />

and the cellular blind coming up from the bottom<br />

and at the time this was the best idea of a bad<br />

bunch (roughly eight different ideas) the topdown<br />

bottom-up design was poor due to the fact<br />

you had two large bars across the middle still<br />

allowing light through, the Semper Hybrid was<br />

then shelved for while till I could think of a better<br />

solution.<br />

Then finally with the help from Benthin and<br />

their wide range of components, I found the<br />

centre bar I was after. This bar was used in<br />

numerous blind configurations but never with the<br />

above idea. I got the blinds fitted together roughly<br />

but found the overall weight of the blind made it<br />

almost unusable, yet it did resemble the idea I had<br />

in my head originally. The main design of the blind<br />

would have the venetian blind at the top and then<br />

the cellular blind attached to the venetian via the<br />

Benthin centre bar. This would then allow<br />

complete independent movement of the two<br />

blinds as well as a fully operational venetian blind<br />

with its tilt option.<br />

While working on another project I was<br />

designing, I had created a new cording system that<br />

gave a lot more tension in the cord and blind<br />

mechanism without overstressing either the blind<br />

itself or the spring. I adapted it to the newly name<br />

“Semper Hybrid” which solved the <strong>issue</strong> of the<br />

weight of combined blinds as well as retaining the<br />

smooth sliding motion Benthin systems give to the<br />

customer.<br />

Once I got it working on the typical door size, I<br />

was confident it would work on other sizes, so the<br />

next step was to get Semper Hybrid design<br />

protected via a design right, and at the same time I<br />

also got the freehang version of the blind<br />

protected as well, this version allows the user to<br />

operate the two blinds like the Semper Hybrid<br />

perfect fit version but as a freehang with standard<br />

cord pulls.<br />

The next stage is to fully test the other sizes<br />

with a view to launch to my trading network in<br />

Feb <strong>2023</strong>, the response has been really positive<br />

even without properly launching it with two<br />

possible office blocks being tendered as they have<br />

been looking for a solution to allow the staff<br />

control the light in their offices while having the<br />

ability to make the bottom section blackout, so<br />

they didn’t get baked at their computers during<br />

the summer months.<br />

For more information, please email me at<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com<br />

36 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

R E A L W O O D V E N E T I A N B L I N D S<br />

Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.<br />

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


Smooth sailing<br />

tensARC says<br />

energy efficiency is<br />

a core benefit of<br />

sail blinds<br />

Indoor roof blinds must perform under severe<br />

conditions. In summer, when the sun is at its<br />

highest and its hottest, roof glazing can<br />

experience intense UV, extreme temperatures (e.g.,<br />

70C/160F) and four times the heat gain of wall<br />

windows. Any solution must mediate heat yet<br />

preserve the benefits of a glass roof, by bringing in<br />

natural light and maintaining an open feel.<br />

Sail blinds are fixed roof blinds which can be<br />

tailored to fit any space, whilst cutting heat gain,<br />

eliminating glare yet transmitting large amounts of<br />

soft, natural light. This functionality is required for<br />

roof applications and the intensity of those<br />

conditions. Additionally, sail blinds defy gravity<br />

without the need for support wires; in fact, their<br />

simple form belies the tensile fabric engineering that<br />

keeps them taut and elegant. These design<br />

characteristics also support energy efficiency,<br />

creating easy, attractive and cost-effective solutions.<br />

The correct fabric selection is critical for an<br />

effective and durable solution. InShade sail blinds are<br />

made from a unique, UK-manufactured light-filtering<br />

textile, ISX, that was designed specifically for this<br />

application. This translucent fabric has a special 3-<br />

dimensional structure that maximises the<br />

transmission of natural light while eliminating glare.<br />

With 100% glare reduction, 70% heat reflection, and<br />

20% light transmission, the solar performance of this<br />

tightly knitted fabric is optimised for roof blind<br />

applications. As a result, rooms retain lots of soft,<br />

natural light, and sail blinds need no adjustment<br />

when the day turns from sunny to overcast.<br />

Cutting heat gain without compromising on<br />

natural light translates into significant savings on<br />

summer cooling costs. Leveraging natural daylight<br />

also means that less artificial light is needed, thereby<br />

enhancing the quality of light within the space. In<br />

the winter, sail blinds made from ISX fabric can<br />

reflect radiant heat back into the space from<br />

internal sources such as underfloor heating, making<br />

rooms cosier, and reducing heating costs.<br />

Sail blinds are positioned to account for the<br />

direction of sunlight and other fixed aspects of the<br />

environment. Sun-tracking software can address<br />

problem areas with targeted solar shading, and the<br />

configuration can be optimised for any space. Tensile<br />

fabric engineering keeps the sail in place.<br />

We developed InShade as a solution that can be<br />

configured easily for all glazed roof conditions and<br />

requirements. Every sail is machine washable and<br />

comes with a 7-year warranty. An inherently fireretardant<br />

fabric is available for lifelong protection<br />

with no additional maintenance. Sail blinds create<br />

pleasant, dappled shading and a diffused light for a<br />

relaxing atmosphere, providing a simple, elegant,<br />

fixed roof solution suitable for year-round use with<br />

no need for adjustment.<br />

38 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


Do you get to the point<br />

or<br />

GO ROUND<br />

Some of the best curves, straights,<br />

angles and shapes in the business<br />

t: 01260 297976<br />

f: 01260 297515<br />

info@blindshapers.com<br />

www.blindshapers.com<br />

TM<br />






CW12 1QR


Rolling on<br />

PT <strong>Blinds</strong> has<br />

introduced a new<br />

collection of roller<br />

blinds<br />

PT <strong>Blinds</strong> have recently unveiled their new<br />

Portfolio collection of roller blinds, featuring<br />

50 new designs, 50 daylight plains, and 50<br />

blackout plains.<br />

Showcasing a selection of the best-selling<br />

fabrics from Prestigious Textiles, each stunning ontrend<br />

design has been exclusively selected for the<br />

Portfolio Collection, ready to inspire and<br />

transform any room.<br />

From conversational patterned designs to<br />

subtle, sophisticated plains, the versatile and<br />

practical collection offers a blind for every<br />

window. The blinds can either be controlled by a<br />

standard chain sidewinder, or an upgraded<br />

motorisation via a remote control.<br />

All roller blinds are available as either standard<br />

or reverse roll, and can be upgraded to a closed<br />

cassette heading in 6 stylish shades.<br />

Available in either a daylight, PVC or blackout<br />

quality, the collection presents a window dressing<br />

for every living space, from bathrooms and<br />

kitchens to bedrooms.<br />

Designs include:<br />

Nicobar Jungle – Featuring a statement leaf<br />

print presenting a captivating and natural finish,<br />

Nicobar Jungle’s rich green styling connects<br />

interiors with the outdoors, showcasing a vibrant<br />

rainforest look.<br />

Pacific Cream – An eye-catching design ideal<br />

for bathrooms and kitchens, Pacific Cream has<br />

delicate green bamboo shoots and leaves that<br />

inspire a tropical and tranquil setting.<br />

Alano Azure – With its sprawling leafy trails<br />

and a palette of gentle blues and delicate lilacs,<br />

Alano Azure offers a calming, serene finish for the<br />

most contemporary living spaces.<br />

Hanalei Hibiscus – Providing a contemporary<br />

take on the classic floral trend, Hanalei Hibiscus is<br />

inspired by Hawaiian tropics, and boasts a<br />

stunning canvas for laid-back living.<br />

Osaka Green Tea – Drawing inspiration from<br />

Japanese gardens, the watercolour foliage of Osaka<br />

Green Tea is presented in a palette of calming<br />

pastels, adding an element of zen to the home.<br />

Honeysuckle Honey – With vibrant, handpainted<br />

florals in a palette of rich oranges and<br />

greens, Honeysuckle Honey captures the essence<br />

of English botanical gardens.<br />

40 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

clic<br />



Our clic bead-fit system’s ultra slim design has been developed to fit perfectly onto any double-glazed<br />

window but is particularly suitable for bi-fold doors and tilt-and-turn windows.<br />

With clic, there is no need to measure the window’s bead depth as this system has been carefully<br />

engineered to fit all window frame depths with a single bracket type.<br />

Its clever, fold away handle makes it ideal to use on bi-fold doors where it is important that the blind<br />

does not protrude further than the window frame.<br />

Please contact your Area Sales Manager to see a sample of clic along with the beautiful collection of<br />

venetian slat finishes and pleated and honeycomb fabrics, that are available with this blind.<br />



Find, select and specify<br />

Find, select and<br />

specify – Online<br />

shopping made<br />

easy with the NBS<br />

Source<br />

future of construction is digital…<br />

We’re all about helping the industry<br />

“The<br />

build safer, more sustainable buildings<br />

that make a positive impact on the future of the<br />

built environment and making it easy to do so…<br />

Our cloud-based technology platform for<br />

specifiers and manufacturers enables our<br />

customers to collaborate better than ever, making<br />

construction specifications smarter, rich in detail<br />

and safeguarded for the future. Pretty cool.”<br />

This was lifted from https://www.thenbs.com/<br />

and is referring to the NBS, an integrated global<br />

platform for everyone involved in the design,<br />

supply and construction of the built environment.<br />

For almost 50 years, the National Building<br />

Specification, or the NBS, has provided a platform<br />

for easy, consistent and reliable specification in the<br />

construction sector. Back in 1973, it came in the<br />

form of a book but has progressed over the<br />

decades to its most recent launch of cloud-based<br />

platforms, NBS Source and NBS Chorus. These<br />

platforms work together to provide a simple<br />

specification process with detailed product<br />

information.<br />

The NBS Source is a free research tool to make<br />

your specification journey easier, saving you the<br />

hassle of having to do hours of online research<br />

that might result in mistakes in the long run with<br />

poor product choices.<br />

The NBS Chorus enables you to create detailed<br />

specification documents from a database of<br />

products which can then be viewed in Source. In<br />

Chorus, you can create your project and within<br />

that, create the spec document, meaning the most<br />

up-to-date specification information is available to<br />

any project team member at all times.<br />

Why sign up to NBS Source?<br />

It’s simple. It puts your business and your<br />

products up there with the best, on a trusted<br />

platform where the browsers have come with a<br />

purpose – to source the most relevant products<br />

for their projects. Specifiers and manufacturers<br />

alike are supported, and the platform is trusted.<br />

External shading manufacturer, Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong>,<br />

is one of the companies that has signed up to<br />

make it easy for architects and designers who are<br />

specifying a project, enabling them to easily view<br />

their products and supporting literature and<br />

allowing them to communicate effectively without<br />

trawling the internet.<br />

Their page is clear and easy to use with<br />

everything you need to know about Caribbean<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> in one place, making it much simpler to<br />

make decisions – consisting of a company<br />

summary, list of their products, properties,<br />

certifications, associated literature, specification<br />

clauses, digital objects, images, links and clear<br />

contact details.<br />

The products are introduced via clear imagery<br />

which are hyperlinked to take you through to the<br />

thorough and detailed information of that product<br />

and the option to ‘Add to spec’. This section is<br />

then followed by links to the company brochures<br />

and catalogues.<br />

The NBS information is current, and any delisted<br />

products are archived, giving you access to<br />

fully up to date product information.<br />

Manufacturers have to be efficient in maintaining<br />

that their information is up to date.<br />

Specifying comes with huge responsibility, and<br />

because of this, specifiers have weight on their<br />

shoulders to select the right products. They are<br />

constantly having to answer questions about their<br />

decisions, but by using the NBS Source in<br />

combination with NBS Chorus, they can now<br />

bring in the spec teams to clearly show what they<br />

are choosing, whilst being able to provide answers<br />

to their detailed questions as they are all laid out<br />

for them to see.<br />

NBS Source can be accessed free of charge via<br />

any web browser without creating an account and<br />

for even the most reticent of shoppers, the NBS<br />

has made online shopping easy!<br />

42 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>



Consumer demand for automated shading is growing.<br />

The technology is so easy to use, they save time and look so good in contemporary<br />

and traditional interiors.<br />

As the exclusive fabricators of the innovative QMotion® product range we can support<br />

dealers in taking advantage of this big market opportunity.<br />

Take a look at our extensive range of solutions and see why now is the perfect time to<br />

specify and fit QMotion window treatments.<br />

Contact us today for the best automated blinds on the market.<br />

www.qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

info@qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

+44(0)1908 047 980<br />

@QMotionUK<br />

QMotionShades<br />

qmotionshades<br />

A brand of


Madison continues to flourish<br />

Decora has a high<br />

quality shutters<br />

suitable for all<br />

installations<br />

At the heart of Madison shutters is our<br />

commitment to ensure every handcrafted<br />

shutter offers the ultimate window<br />

covering. Santa Fe <strong>Shutters</strong> Madison collection is<br />

building its reputation on being a sustainable<br />

hardwood shutter offering, with the quality and<br />

craftsmanship remaining at the core of the<br />

collection.<br />

With the changing economic climate Madison<br />

shutters, has introduced two new shutter options<br />

which will enhance energy saving properties. The<br />

blockout shutter incorporates a blockout cellular<br />

blind that manoeuvres within a bespoke channel<br />

within the specially design shutter frame. The<br />

combination of the honeycomb cellular structure<br />

and the silver lined fabric maximises insulation. A<br />

pocket of air is trapped within the fabric whilst the<br />

framed blind creates a barrier for the cooler air<br />

from the exterior. The white cellular fabric offers<br />

the added benefit of enhanced energy efficiency<br />

during the summer months as the sun’s rays are<br />

deflected reducing heat transmission into a room.<br />

In addition, the framed blind within the shutter<br />

frame improves light control as when the blind is<br />

fully closed, light seepage through the shutter<br />

panels and blades is eliminated.<br />

Madison merges traditional with contemporary<br />

through the new offering of solid shutters. The regal<br />

grandeur of solid shutters of the past creates a<br />

stunning centre piece in any home. The solid<br />

hardwood panels offer the ultimate in privacy<br />

control and blockout properties. When closed, these<br />

offer another highly energy efficient window<br />

covering. Combining the fact that wood is a natural<br />

insulator alongside the closed solid panels creating a<br />

barrier to cool air from outside, solid shutters<br />

present an extremely purposeful window dressing.<br />

Available as full height, tier on tier or café style<br />

solid shutters can be manufactured in a plethora<br />

of colours, choose from a selection of 13 standard<br />

painted tones, 11 natural wood tones or choose<br />

from a selection of farrow and ball, Dulux or Little<br />

Greene colours.<br />

All Madison shutter options are available to<br />

order on the Santa Fe online ordering portal. The<br />

easy, three step order process simplifies the user<br />

experience. Completing the order with a 3D<br />

shutter visualisation enabling confirmation of<br />

shutter configuration.<br />

A quick calculate facility on the home page<br />

computes a price guide for each shutter range in<br />

one click by entering the desired width and height<br />

of the window.The site has been built to be used<br />

on mobiles, tablets and desktop enabling orders to<br />

be placed at any time, even onsite during a<br />

customer survey, or at your own convenience.<br />

Santa Fe’s commitment to delivering the<br />

ultimate shutter offering continues to develop to<br />

offer a quality and reliable handcrafted shutter<br />

offering.<br />

44 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Outdoor living<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Discover our<br />

full promotion<br />

on tailor-made<br />

solutions at<br />

www.harol.com<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Outdoor living<br />



Under regulations<br />

The introduction<br />

of Part O of the<br />

Building<br />

Regulations and<br />

what it means for<br />

overheating in<br />

properties<br />

The UK isn’t renowned for its hot weather,<br />

but the past few summers have been an<br />

exception with long spells of uncomfortable<br />

heat causing plants, pets and the nation to wilt! It<br />

has also raised further questions about the planet<br />

heating up and whether these extreme heat spells<br />

might become more frequent.<br />

The <strong>issue</strong>s of overheating<br />

Increased temperatures could spell disaster for<br />

the UK as currently, 20% of existing homes, which<br />

equates to almost 5.5 million properties, overheat.<br />

With high levels of wall insulation driven by<br />

regulations to protect our homes against the cold<br />

this figure will only increase – as summer heat<br />

cannot escape!<br />

The reason for such high numbers of homes<br />

overheating is partly down to the popularity of<br />

incorporating large expanses of glass including<br />

sliding / bi-folding doors and skylights, and this has<br />

been made somewhat fashionable by TV<br />

programmes such as Grand Designs.<br />

The introduction and goal of<br />

Part O<br />

The government introduced Part O of the<br />

Building Regulations on 15th June 2022 to prevent<br />

homes overheating in summer caused by modern<br />

‘glass box’ building design, with high levels of wall<br />

insulation. The goal is to limit unwanted solar gain<br />

over the warmer seasons and provide occupants<br />

with adequate means of quickly removing excess<br />

heat from indoor environments.<br />

A recent article cited that ‘the Chartered<br />

Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)<br />

had become increasingly concerned about<br />

overheating in homes. CIBSE had therefore<br />

produced evidence and contributed to various<br />

government steering groups and projects<br />

considering the <strong>issue</strong> over the past decade. More<br />

recently, CIBSE were part of the Building<br />

Regulations Advisory Committee that advised<br />

government on the various ways in which<br />

overheating could be addressed in the Building<br />

Regulations.’<br />

Thankfully, the advice CIBSE gave was listened to,<br />

and now forms the basis of the new Part O<br />

Building Regulation.<br />

The new regulation will change the way new<br />

homes are designed and built and large expanses<br />

of glass will need to include exterior shading of<br />

some description to prevent overheating, and air<br />

conditioning is not a solution!<br />

Why external shading is the<br />

obvious solution<br />

External shading is the most effective solution to<br />

prevent overheating and while it would be easy to<br />

46 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

continues on page 48


sing its praises so as to garner sales, there is<br />

more to it. It has actually been detailed in<br />

the approved overheating regulation<br />

document as follows:<br />

Acceptable strategies for reducing<br />

overheating risk<br />

Limiting solar gains<br />

2.7 Solar gains in summer should be<br />

limited by any of the following means.<br />

a. Fixed shading devices, comprising any of<br />

the following.<br />

i. <strong>Shutters</strong>.<br />

ii. External blinds.<br />

iii. Overhangs.<br />

iv. Awnings.<br />

How do awnings and<br />

external blinds work?<br />

Installing External <strong>Blinds</strong> or awnings keeps<br />

buildings cool by providing a dynamic<br />

protective layer to the outside of the glass,<br />

absorbing and deflecting up to 97% of solar<br />

radiation, in turn reducing interior room<br />

temperatures by up to 18C and cutting the<br />

energy consumption otherwise needed to<br />

cool down a hot room by over 80%.<br />

They diffuse incoming light to prevent<br />

glare, blocking damaging UV rays to prevent<br />

fixtures and fittings from bleaching by the<br />

sun and also offer extra privacy –<br />

particularly in built-up areas – while adding<br />

a striking new dynamic to any façade.<br />

Automatic outdoor blinds are the<br />

preferred option, positioning themselves<br />

based on the ambient conditions to ensure<br />

a thermally and visually comfortable indoor<br />

environment with minimum energy demand<br />

on any installed heating and cooling systems,<br />

reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions<br />

as a result.<br />

To conclude, while the introduction of the<br />

new Part 0 regulation will prevent new<br />

homes being built that are susceptible to<br />

overheating, occupants currently living in<br />

those properties that overheat need to do<br />

something about their situation, other than<br />

installing air conditioning. The solution is<br />

simple, approved and recommended and<br />

that is, install external blinds or awnings!<br />

Innovation comes built-in<br />



BLINDS<br />

Manual or automated<br />

Venetian or pleated<br />

sales@morleyglass.co.uk<br />

48 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

0113 277 8722

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> <br />

At Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> we are a<br />

trademarked family run company<br />

with over 30 years combined<br />

experience, where we offer a range<br />

of pleated and cellular blinds, in a<br />

manual and motorised format. All<br />

of which are made in house by our<br />

team in Rochdale, Manchester.<br />

Website<br />

www.semperblinds.com<br />

Queries<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com<br />

Orders<br />

semperorders@gmail.com<br />

Mobile<br />

07766 600131<br />

Fax<br />

01706 662441<br />

What we do?<br />

3<br />

3 Freehangs<br />

3 Skylights<br />

3<br />

3<br />

UK Survey and fit service for<br />

PFI conservatory roof blinds<br />

in pleated and cellular fabrics.<br />

5-year warranty and<br />

Lantern <strong>Blinds</strong> (PFI framed skylights)<br />

a 5* service<br />

Perfect fit (pleated, cellular and venetian)<br />

Venetians (metals and woods)


Seven trends for <strong>2023</strong><br />

Experts reveal<br />

seven interior<br />

design trends for<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Interior design is an ever-changing subject, and<br />

as trends come and go, it’s sometimes tough to<br />

keep up.<br />

This is why interior experts Hovia have written<br />

a list of trends which are predicted to increase<br />

their popularity in <strong>2023</strong> which can help you spice<br />

up your home and keep in touch with all the<br />

latest styles.<br />

• Brighter is better<br />

A house is not a home without that cozy<br />

feeling, and to reach that goal would be to make<br />

the most of the natural light, however not<br />

everyone might be blessed with large windows<br />

and exposure to the sun. Therefore, in the<br />

upcoming season the focus is all on chandeliers<br />

and lamps.<br />

There is no wrong way to choose a pendant,<br />

however what is predicted to be in trend this<br />

winter are oversized and noticeable ones.<br />

Choosing a large chandelier might be scary and it<br />

is not for everyone, but this might be a right time<br />

to take a leap of faith or overcome the fear of not<br />

being able to pull off such a piece of furniture.<br />

• The right colors<br />

If repainting walls and furniture is something in<br />

your to-do list, you might want to go in one of<br />

two directions: choose natural colors to embrace<br />

the calm vibe of earth tones or, if you’d like a pop<br />

of color, stay within the safe lines of mellow and<br />

tranquil blues and greens, with an addition of soft<br />

pinks and lavender. To finish off, you’ll find that soft<br />

gold trims are what’s missing!<br />

• Multi-functionality<br />

As we move on with time, we also move on<br />

from the notion that a house must simply be a<br />

place where to eat, sleep and chill. Having a<br />

multifunctional home might be the best trend<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is bringing along with additions such as<br />

movie and game rooms, gyms and saunas.<br />

Regardless of common belief, to set up such a<br />

room might not be as expensive as expected, all<br />

you need is a spare room and either a couple of<br />

gym equipment, a projector and a sofa, and a<br />

gaming console, all things that are easier and<br />

easier to find in a family home.<br />

• Curves<br />

Straight lines and geometry out, curves and<br />

movement in! One of the most promising trends<br />

of this winter are curves and to achieve this style<br />

you won’t need to redo your whole house, even<br />

though that might be an option for whoever<br />

might be able to do so. In fact, just an arched<br />

doorway or some fun and lively piece of furniture<br />

such as a curved sofa can just do the trick!<br />

• “Mid-century chic”<br />

It’s the return of the 60s and 70s in our living<br />

rooms, bedrooms and kitchens! This means<br />

wallpapers, and Hovia knows one thing or two<br />

about those, and statement objects.<br />

Try buying a statement sofa, or an adorned<br />

cupboard which will be the star of your room, and<br />

pair it with soft colors and sleek curves for a<br />

house in perfect <strong>2023</strong> trend style.<br />

• Add some texture<br />

Adding character to any room without making<br />

it tacky might be tricky, and that’s where marble<br />

comes to rescue. An unexpected texture which is<br />

still elegant and smooth, it will catch the eye<br />

without being too loud. You can also try and add<br />

some pieces that mix different textures and<br />

materials!<br />

• Nature… in!<br />

Your home can definitely be whatever you<br />

would like it to be, so why not a garden? Indoor<br />

gardening, plants and more earthy pieces can<br />

make your living room feel just like a resort and<br />

it’s a <strong>2023</strong> trend that we’ve seen before but that<br />

will only grow more and more popular.<br />

50 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

HAFREN<br />


/hav-ren/ Welsh<br />

noun<br />

A legendary Welsh Princess who was<br />

drowned in the River Severn by her stepmother.<br />

Hafren is the Welsh name for the River Severn.<br />


CANOPY<br />

ABOUT<br />

A modular electrically-operated retractable canopy.<br />

Utilises highest quality Makefast sliding roof<br />

systems.<br />

Canopy retracts to the rear at the press of a button.<br />

Marine-grade 316 stainless steel roof frames.<br />


Module width up to 4m<br />

Module projection up to 6m<br />

All modules can be linked<br />

Marine-quality waterproof fabrics<br />

Proudly designed and manufactured in Wales<br />

info@shashe.co.uk<br />

01686 629010<br />



American success<br />

Successful start to<br />

Sun Shading Expo<br />

in Charlotte (NC)<br />

with the next<br />

edition to take<br />

place in Orlando<br />

(FL) from 1 to 3<br />

November <strong>2023</strong><br />

Sun Shading Expo North America is the<br />

newest member of the R+T Alliance, the<br />

trade fair combination for sun shading<br />

systems and the door/gate industry. Sun Shading<br />

Expo opened its doors for the first time from 12<br />

to 14 October 2022 and celebrated its successful<br />

première in the Charlotte Convention Center<br />

(North Carolina, USA) in parallel with IFAI Expo,<br />

the leading North American trade fair for special<br />

materials and technical textiles.<br />

Together with IFAI Expo, a total of 314<br />

exhibitors presented their product innovations on<br />

a gross exhibition area of around 21,000 square<br />

metres. 274 companies were represented in the<br />

exhibition areas "Advanced textiles" and<br />

"Specialised textiles", as well as in the shared area<br />

of the two trade fairs. The "shared area" was used,<br />

for example, by major players in the sun shading<br />

system industry such as Sattler and Mermet to<br />

present their innovative new products. Around 60<br />

per cent of the exhibitors at Sun Shading Expo<br />

came from abroad, for example Australia, Belgium,<br />

China, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, South Korea<br />

and Turkey. In keeping with the motto<br />

"Knowledge2Go Onsite Sessions", the extensive<br />

Conference programme provided interesting<br />

insights into the topics of motorisation, outdoor<br />

living and digital marketing.<br />

Sebastian Schmid, Vice President of Messe<br />

Stuttgart, stated: "The successful première of Sun<br />

Shading Expo proves that we struck the right cord<br />

with this new product on the North American<br />

market. A large number of exhibitors have already<br />

promised that they will take part in the next Sun<br />

Shading Expo in <strong>2023</strong>. We are delighted to have<br />

now been able to set another milestone for the<br />

R+T Alliance with the successful première of Sun<br />

Shading Expo North America. It is now essential<br />

to build on the lessons learned and successfully<br />

develop the event still further." "We are very<br />

satisfied with the première of Sun Shading Expo.<br />

The feedback from our exhibitors and visitors<br />

regarding the cooperation with IFAI Expo was<br />

extremely positive. We were able to make perfect<br />

use of the synergies between the two events. For<br />

example, new visitor target groups moved around<br />

both trade fairs thanks to the co-location. The<br />

exhibitors at Sun Shading Expo praised, in<br />

particular, the high expertise of the visitors and<br />

the satisfaction that important trade visitors such<br />

as wholesalers and manufacturers were present,"<br />

added Manuela Keller, Manager Exhibitions and<br />

Events. Philip McKay, the new President of Messe<br />

Stuttgart Inc., the American subsidiary of Messe<br />

Stuttgart, has been supporting the trade fair<br />

activities on the North American market since 1<br />

October 2022. The main focal points here are<br />

now the preparations for Sun Shading Expo <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The next edition of Sun Shading Expo North<br />

America will be held at the Orange County<br />

Convention Center in Orlando (Florida) from 1<br />

to 3 November <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

52 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

prestigious blinds<br />

Portfolio Collection<br />

Roller <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

ptblinds.co.uk<br />

01274 568822


Make marketing work<br />

S:CRAFT says that<br />

now’s the time to<br />

get marketing<br />

working for you<br />

Turning the page to a new year, and a busy<br />

one for many of us. It means reflecting on<br />

the past and looking forward to the future.<br />

It’s important to make sure your business is<br />

well set to continue the momentum into <strong>2023</strong><br />

and onwards. Is your marketing ready for <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

Are your appointment and order books festively<br />

plump? The world may be changing, but the basics<br />

hold true – here’s our guide to driving your<br />

marketing forward.<br />

Marketing strategy<br />

Think of this as a useful road map (or cheat<br />

sheet). It will guide you in every business decision<br />

you make. A marketing strategy will highlight the<br />

path you’re taking to achieve specific goals and<br />

objectives. Five areas to focus on to improve your<br />

marketing strategy are:<br />

1. Target audience and how you adapt your<br />

language and imagery to reflect the audience you<br />

want to attract. Consider the consumer and what<br />

they want to hear “What’s in it for me?” - use the<br />

words ‘you’ and ‘your’ wherever you can to appeal<br />

to the customer emotionally.<br />

2. Paid advertising – Identifying your strengths,<br />

weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)<br />

will help you prepare for every outcome. Using a<br />

reliable agency and investing well in PPC can have<br />

its rewards and help you attract audiences with<br />

buying intent and help the customer find you<br />

easily. An approximation of PPC investment of<br />

£500pm = 5- 6 leads.<br />

3. Social Media is one of the biggest marketing<br />

platforms these days. It’s a fantastic tool for<br />

increasing brand awareness and reaching new and<br />

existing audiences. We recommend consistent<br />

month-on-month advertising (not boosting) using<br />

Business Manager of £200 per month is optimal.<br />

Facebook builds audience recognition and allows<br />

lookalike audiences to improve not just volume<br />

but the quality of leads over time.<br />

4. Advertise – planning and creating a<br />

communications calendar throughout the year will<br />

give you clear goals and ensure there are no gaps.<br />

Consider what channels you can utilise for<br />

campaigns, Such as social media, website, emails,<br />

landing pages, adverts in magazines, flyers etc<br />

5. Value propositioning and branding – it is<br />

important to define your value proposition, to<br />

help you stand out in a competitive market. Your<br />

customers will recognise and identify with (trust in<br />

the brand) when it’s consistent, eye-catching and<br />

tells your story.<br />

S:CRAFT prides itself on being the UK’S<br />

independent and value-added distributor, offering<br />

its partners exceptional service and fantastic<br />

products. When you partner with the company, it<br />

will support you and your business – whether it is<br />

tailored marketing advice, product training, and<br />

on-hand technical support with product ordering.<br />

54 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.<br />

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


New collection for <strong>2023</strong><br />

markilux officially<br />

launches its new<br />

fabric collection<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

The renewal of the markilux collection has<br />

always caused a few surprises over the<br />

years in terms of material and patterns.<br />

And this year is no different, because the new<br />

awning fabric collection “collection one” is more<br />

compact and up to date, with even more of an<br />

international focus. It combines classic styles with<br />

current trends and, furthermore, is more<br />

economical in its new, concentrated form. Some<br />

selected specialist dealers were given the chance<br />

to try out the collection in advance. And now, the<br />

collection is looking forward to its official launch in<br />

the spring.<br />

To date, markilux has introduced a new<br />

collection of awning cover fabrics every five years.<br />

And that time has come round again. The start of<br />

<strong>2023</strong> will ring in the change to the “collection<br />

one” – an exciting mix of classic and new trendy<br />

patterns. A durable collection with a reduced<br />

scope of patterns, based on the three cover<br />

qualities “sunbow”,“sunvas” and “sunsilk”. The<br />

“collection one” is different from everything that<br />

went before it as, on the one hand, it is enduring<br />

and, on the other, will be constantly in flux.<br />

“suncolours” provide the<br />

durable basis<br />

Around 110 timeless, neutral “suncolour” fabrics<br />

form the basis. They will remain fairly constant<br />

over the years, with the exception of an<br />

occasional replacement. Every end consumer<br />

should feel at home here. The focus is on plain<br />

colours, false plains, textured patterns and classic<br />

stripes in seven colour families: in the qualities<br />

“sunvas”, the well-known high-tech polyester<br />

manufactured by a company affiliated to markilux,<br />

and “sunbow”, a top-quality acrylic fabric made in<br />

Europe.<br />

They are all fabrics that have sold well up to<br />

now and which are being merged to create a new<br />

portfolio. And that means that acrylic is once<br />

more part of the collection. Annette Busch, textile<br />

designer at markilux, explains: “Technically, yarns<br />

have changed an incredible amount over the past<br />

few years. Today, both materials have very similar<br />

properties as far as appearance, surface finish and<br />

56 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong><br />

continues on page 58


DESIGN<br />


Sattler<br />

selector<br />

Sattler has launched a new Design Selector<br />





Finding the perfect fabric for<br />

an awning is sometimes the<br />

most difficult part of the<br />

sales process. The Design<br />

Selector from Sattler is designed<br />

to help.<br />

Even though an awning fabric<br />

is a technical product, the<br />

selection process is usually purely<br />

about appearance. Which colour?<br />

Which stripe? Does the design<br />

match my house?<br />

The Design Selector from<br />

Sattler is a tool that has<br />

successfully supported this<br />

selection pro-cess for years. Since<br />

autumn 2022, a new version has<br />

been online. The colour of the<br />

façade can be adapted to one's<br />

own situation, a fabric<br />

comparison has been integrated<br />

and a shad-ow simulator<br />

supports the idea of what shade<br />

the awning will cast on one's own<br />

terrace.<br />

In the course of January<br />

various system types and regional<br />

landscape scenes will be added.<br />

But not only the Design<br />

Selector has been completely<br />

renewed, a new sun protection<br />

collec-tion has been launched<br />

with 1st of January. New design<br />

lines, new colours and, above all,<br />

the analogue collection book will<br />

be combined with the digital<br />

Design Selector in a way never<br />

seen before.<br />

Integrate the Design Selector<br />

right now and benefit from the<br />

new version.<br />

The search for the right fabric is not always easy -<br />

it‘s good that with the DESIGN SELECTOR from<br />

Sattler you have the perfect tool at hand to make<br />

the decision-making process easier for your<br />

customers. With even more options than before:<br />






Embed the SATTLER DESIGN<br />

SELECTOR today for free and<br />

benefit from the new advantages:<br />

suntex.sattler.com/design-selector<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong> 57<br />



weatherproof behaviour are concerned.”<br />

On the one hand, this strategy, she explains,<br />

will allow the company to offer a much<br />

larger and more international variety of<br />

materials, which in particular will be an<br />

advantage for the export markets. And, on<br />

the other, having two manufacturers is<br />

economically more reliable, as they can<br />

better secure the supply chain.<br />

“visutex“ offers<br />

exclusive, trendy<br />

patterns<br />

The classic “suncolours” are to be<br />

complemented by 40 mainly new,<br />

contemporary “visutex“ patterns in the<br />

material “sunvas” and the brilliantly luminous<br />

“sunsilk”, which is only to be employed here.<br />

Thus, “visutex“ remains an exclusive quality<br />

in “collection one”, produced, as it is,<br />

exclusively for markilux. The special look of<br />

the fabrics continues to thrive on its special<br />

textures, from elegant pin stripe patterns,<br />

from over-dyed mouliné yarns, from<br />

luminous stripes with a three-dimensional<br />

appearance and classic block stripes in a<br />

retro look. And moreover, especially from<br />

current trends. “This time, the “visutex“<br />

covers were inspired in particular by five<br />

colour trends: pastel green, dark blue, light<br />

beige as well as an elegant silver and black.<br />

These are also our anniversary frame<br />

colours. The two together look absolutely<br />

fantastic on a patio and in the garden,” says<br />

a satisfied Annette Busch. This focus on<br />

trends is the basis for a “breathing”, dynamic<br />

collection. Because, in the future, the<br />

“visutex“ designs are to be replaced or<br />

extended on a regular basis or simply as<br />

needed with new exciting colours and<br />

patterns. This category also includes the<br />

“smart art” patterns which will continue to<br />

be featured in their very own small sample<br />

book. This, she feels, is how to remain<br />

flexible in the market and always stay up to<br />

date.<br />

Collection form saves<br />

resources<br />

Alongside the timeless basic patterns and<br />

the special “visutex“ creations, “collection<br />

one” also consists of the “specials”, fabrics<br />

which have specific technical properties.<br />

These include: “transolair”, “perfotex”, “perla<br />

FR” and, after a temporary stop in<br />

production, also “vuscreen”. These are<br />

available in 59 patterns. “With this compact<br />

structure, based on three pillars, we have<br />

made our awning cover collection fit for the<br />

future. Because, due to the lower number of<br />

cover fabrics and the fact that we are no<br />

longer stipulating a fixed life cycle, we need<br />

fewer resources. This makes the collection<br />

more modern and also more efficient. It is<br />

thus as long-lasting as it is dynamic and<br />

diverse. Furthermore, it fits in only one<br />

collection book and one carrying bag. Fabric<br />

samples can be added and exchanged. Even<br />

the fabric hangers are designed so that the<br />

patterns can simply be exchanged by way of<br />

press studs.<br />

The concept is progress<br />

with a sense of<br />

proportion<br />

Developing the collection and finding a<br />

suitable supplier of quality acrylic was an<br />

intense process. The company scrutinised its<br />

own collection as well as the portfolios of<br />

other manufacturers. That initially resulted in<br />

a "Top 100“ selection and ultimately the<br />

current range in the steps that followed. “I<br />

think the ‘collection one’ has turned into a<br />

fantastic thing. It is easy to handle, is very<br />

internationally orientated and continues to<br />

illustrate our textile expertise,” says Annette<br />

Busch. In terms of colour, what the company<br />

offers is still also very special, particularly<br />

taking aspects such as “visutex” and the<br />

service “colour on demand” into<br />

consideration. “With this unique collection,<br />

we are once again going on the offensive.<br />

Because, what we have developed here is<br />

clever progress combined with a sense of<br />

proportion,” says a thoroughly convinced<br />

designer.<br />

58 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Base Awnings<br />

Base Awnings are exclusively a trade only supplier. We are BAT, Dickson and Somfy stockists,<br />

providing a 2-week nationwide delivery. Early in <strong>2023</strong> we will launch the new Dickson® Orchestra<br />

collection of 173 fabric items featuring 58 new exclusive designs.<br />

Contact us on 01922 644429.<br />

sales@basedirect.co.uk<br />

www.basedirect.co.uk<br />

Becker Motors Ltd<br />

Becker Motors Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of motorised curtain tracks, Roman<br />

headrails and sun protection hardware.<br />

Offering the latest in Smart Home, Radio and Hardwired Technology.<br />

Call us today for expert advice and a friendly, prompt, service. Tel: +44 (0)1283 536700<br />

sales@beckermotors.co.uk www.beckermotors.co.uk<br />

Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong> are a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of simple, clever roller blinds and skylight blinds.<br />

The Bloc Out black out blind offers unmatched levels of darkness and its unique design offers up to 43% saving on<br />

heat loss, helping your customer to save energy- save money.<br />

Offering a range of safe by design products, order easily via our online portal. Contact us on +44 (0) 28 7944 0130<br />

sales@blocblinds.com<br />

bloccommercialblinds.com<br />

Dickson Constant<br />

Innovative textiles for your world. Five words that attest to our powers of innovation and global<br />

reach. Innovative in textiles is what drives Dickson to conquer the markets of the future and meet the<br />

challenge of improving people’s living space.<br />

kwild@dickson-constant.com www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Don Smith <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

We specialise in the manufacture of rectangular and shaped, motorised and manual, Roof, Gable, and Skylight/Lantern<br />

blinds. We also offer supply only on motorised or manual Perfect Fit blinds (Pleated, Roller, Vision, and Venetian),<br />

Standard pleated blinds, Roller blinds using the Louvolite and Evans systems, Visions, Verticals, Allusion, Panel blinds<br />

and retractable insect screens.<br />

info@donsmithblinds.co.uk www.donsmithblinds.co.uk

East Anglia <strong>Blinds</strong> Limited<br />

E. A. <strong>Blinds</strong> can supply you with a fantastic range of pinoleum blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds, roof roller blinds,<br />

venetian blinds, vertical blinds and Vision blinds.<br />

Offering a national and international service to the blind and conservatory industry.<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

Ellard<br />

Ellard is the UK’s largest supplier of drives and controls used to automate industrial doors, shutters,<br />

garage doors, blinds and gates. Over the course of the last 67 years and through our acquisition of<br />

NRG Automation, we have developed some of the very best market-leading products supported by the<br />

largest technical and customer service teams in the UK.<br />

sales@ellard.co.uk<br />

www.ellard.co.uk<br />

ISOTRA<br />

BLINDS AND ROLLER SHUTTERS. ISOTRA is the Czech producer of interior and exterior blinds, fabric roller<br />

blinds, plisse blinds, Japanese panel blinds, pre-window exterior roller shutters, insect screen, awnings, screen blinds<br />

and pergolas. ISOTRA has its own development workplace, design center, modern tool shop, pressure unit for<br />

thermo-plastics and wide manufacturing operating units.<br />

dvorsky@isotra.cz www.isotra.com<br />

Lienesch Ltd<br />

Lienesch Ltd is specialized in decorative, functional and technical fabrics for interior window coverings<br />

tailored for the home and project market. Lienesch Ltd, with a warehouse in Leeds, launched this year LIFF®<br />

Shades - a branded retail concept for cellular and pleated shades.<br />

Contact Lienesch Ltd for more information about the exciting and complete LIFF branded retail concept.<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk www.lienesch.com<br />

Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd<br />

Superior Uni-<strong>Blinds</strong>® double glazed units complete with ScreenLine integral blinds.<br />

Venetian and pleated options with 5 operating systems to choose from, including a magnetic slider and<br />

smart-home compatible motorised blinds from the UK’s market-leader. Wide range of colours available<br />

– reliable, maintenance-free and perfect for bi-fold and sliding doors.<br />

sales@morleyglass.co.uk morleyglass.co.uk<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH- technical textiles at the highest level<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH has developed to become a leading supplier for technical textiles, manufacturing fabrics<br />

for sun, antiglare and privacy protection for residential and commercial buildings, as well as boat cover fabrics and<br />

weatherproof outdoor upholstery fabrics at our state-of-the-art facilities.<br />

mail@sattler.com suntex.sattler.com<br />

SHY Shading<br />

Manufactured in the UK, innovation, expertise, and heritage are at the heart of SHY’s shading solutions. Embracing<br />

challenge, we design and manufacture bespoke motorised blinds for windows of all shapes and sizes.<br />

We believe that each project is unique, and our in-house experts are always on-hand to offer tailored advice and<br />

solutions for your specific requirements. Contact SHY Shading on 01462 455 400 to talk to a specialist.<br />

sales@shy.co.uk www.shy.co.uk<br />

Supa-Shade <strong>Blinds</strong> & Awnings Ltd<br />

Supa-Shade offers Dutch <strong>Blinds</strong> in Kit form or complete, covered ready to fit. Also an extensive range of Extrusions<br />

with Nylon Components to match.<br />

Our computerised Bending Machine enables us to bend most shapes in the design and style to suit your needs.<br />

Telephone us on: 01803 522887<br />

tony@supa-shade.co.uk www.awningsdevon.co.uk

D o n<br />

S m i t h<br />

B l i n d s<br />

We specialise in the manufacture of<br />

Perfect Fit International <strong>Blinds</strong>® for<br />

Roofs, Gable Ends and Skylights<br />

We also offer a huge range of quality<br />

made-to-measure blinds available<br />

for supply only, including:<br />

Perfect fit blinds (pleated, roller,<br />

vision, venetian)<br />

Benthin Pleated blinds<br />

Benthin Roller blinds for Velux style<br />

windows<br />

Rollers (Louvolite and Evans systems)<br />

Visions<br />

Allusions<br />

Verticals<br />

Insect Screens<br />

Motorised blinds<br />

Supplying Retail and Trade


A gardener’s world<br />

Homeowners<br />

invest heavily in<br />

their gardens and<br />

are treating them<br />

as extensions to<br />

their houses, as<br />

Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

explains<br />

Over the last couple of years, gardens<br />

have become a major focus as the<br />

whole nation was forced to stay within<br />

its own four walls. As a result, people started to<br />

look for ways to make the most of their garden<br />

space and for many this meant transforming it to<br />

become a blended part of the home; an<br />

indoor/outdoor room.<br />

In 2022, a potential client, looking to transform<br />

their garden, contacted Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong> London<br />

based dealer, Virtue Projects, to design and<br />

construct a high-end hotel style garden. The<br />

project was to include covered outdoor spaces<br />

and subsequently, Virtue Projects selected and<br />

included the Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong> award-winning<br />

Outdoor Living Pod selecting the Deluxe model<br />

……..and two of them!<br />

What was the original<br />

customer brief?<br />

The client had a vision of creating a luxurious,<br />

high-end, hotel-like outdoor space where they<br />

would be able to host friends ‘in the garden’ allyear<br />

round. It would be a place to enjoy great<br />

food, drinks and music whilst also being a place of<br />

serenity for relaxing and unwinding. The space<br />

would need to function as an outdoor/indoor<br />

room so as to create the feeling of being outside<br />

while at the same time, being protected from the<br />

elements.<br />

How was the outcome<br />

achieved?<br />

The client asked for a result that exudes<br />

opulence whilst creating a wonderful alfresco<br />

home, so to achieve this ‘luxury, high-end’ feel that<br />

this project required, it would be essential to use<br />

the best quality materials and equipment.<br />

The right products for this project not only<br />

needed to be high quality but also have form and<br />

function, which is why the Deluxe Outdoor Living<br />

Pod from Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong> was the obvious<br />

choice. The dealer had every confidence that this<br />

product would enable them to achieve the<br />

desired results and the verdict was, they most<br />

certainly made the correct decision.<br />

Why the Deluxe Outdoor<br />

Living Pod?<br />

This award-winning product is the most<br />

bespoke louvered roof pergola option from the<br />

Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong> range and subsequently perfect<br />

for this project, where many bespoke elements<br />

were required. Integrated walls between the posts<br />

form the back of the outdoor kitchen, complete<br />

with extractor fan and outdoor seating area with<br />

windproof screens shielding the open sides<br />

without blocking the view when the weather is<br />

inclement. Added to this, ambient lighting sets the<br />

mood while infra-red heaters keep the chill away<br />

when the cold sets in. This structure really is the<br />

most flexible and adaptable within the range. Not<br />

forgetting its key feature of large 21cm wide roof<br />

louvers that rotate through 150 degrees, allowing<br />

the user to play with light and shade and when<br />

closed, are completely water, wind and even snow<br />

tight.<br />

How has the client's overall<br />

space transformed as a<br />

result?<br />

The results are stunning and exactly what the<br />

client had envisaged and more. A beautiful space<br />

was created that can be used all year round, from<br />

cold and crisp winters to baking hot summers, and<br />

the client now has a dream garden area to relax in<br />

and entertain friends while being protected from<br />

the elements. By opting for two of the Deluxe<br />

Outdoor Living Pods, the client has opened up a<br />

whole new garden space where they can now<br />

create great memories.<br />

60 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

east anglia blinds_quarter page_BLS1-12 16/12/11 12:30 Pa<br />

Louvolite VogueTrack<br />

for Trade Customers<br />


now available with Allusion<br />

Conservatory and<br />

Window <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Specialists<br />

Motorisation options<br />

available<br />

fax: 01492 539581<br />

Available in white, brown,<br />

champagne, black &<br />

silver<br />

• Does not twist<br />

• Trouble free<br />

fitting<br />

■ Panel blinds ■ Pinoleum blinds<br />

■ Pleated blinds ■ Roller blinds<br />

■ Roof blinds ■ Roof roller blinds<br />

■ Vertical blinds ■ Conservatory blinds<br />

■ Motorised blinds<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

bend it_quarter page_iss1-19.indd 1 14/12/2018 12:13<br />







6 metre x 200mm<br />





J’ BRACKET<br />








1” x 1” x 6 metre<br />

ANGLE<br />

1” x 1/8” x 6 metre<br />



Dutch Blind<br />

Extrusions and<br />

Components<br />

Made from Glass Filled UV Stabilised<br />

Nylon for strength and durability.<br />

All components moulded to match the<br />

colour of the Extrusions.<br />

Anodised, White, Black (Major system)<br />

and Anthracite (Metro System)<br />



+ INSERT<br />








Unit 2a, Miglo Ind Est, Paignton,<br />

Devon, TQ4 7QW<br />

Tel: 01803 522887<br />

E: tony@supa-shade.co.uk<br />

W: www.awningsdevon.co.uk


A versatile choice<br />

The markilux<br />

"pergola" product<br />

range is extremely<br />

versatile<br />

The end consumer holds pergola awnings in<br />

high esteem as they create an outdoor<br />

space that has an airy Mediterranean flair.<br />

In recent years, manufacturer markilux has built up<br />

a particularly wide-ranging portfolio for this type<br />

of product. With this, a broad range of areas can<br />

be covered and many wishes with respect to<br />

individual requirements for sun and wet weather<br />

protection can be fulfilled.<br />

Today's pergola awnings have very diverging<br />

characters. But they all have one thing in common:<br />

these awning systems have been a sales magnet<br />

for years. Mainly, because they are more versatile<br />

and less expensive than a conservatory. On top of<br />

that, air can circulate under a pergola awning, so it<br />

is all but impossible for heat to accumulate. In<br />

addition, these systems can be attached to the<br />

wall of almost any house. And with their<br />

supporting posts, they are more stable in wind<br />

than many a conventional awning. For this reason,<br />

manufacturer markilux has continued to expand<br />

its range of pergola products over the course of<br />

time. Today, it offers a maximum in variety and<br />

design options.<br />

Accessories giving wet<br />

weather protection<br />

"We started years ago already with our 'pergola<br />

classic'. It was our first model of this kind,<br />

combining graceful lines with high stability. This is<br />

ensured by the telescopic posts at the front, which<br />

can be secured to the ground or held in place by<br />

weighted ballast boxes," explains Director, Michael<br />

Gerling, responsible for Production and R&D<br />

within the company. The model quickly found<br />

many aficionados in the market and showed<br />

potential to be made even more versatile. Initially,<br />

focus was laid on developing accessories for the<br />

"pergola classic". Matching vertical roller blinds and<br />

the shadeplus function should turn the awning<br />

into an all-round weather protection system.<br />

Weather protection that makes it possible to stay<br />

outside in comfort and in a cosy atmosphere<br />

almost all year round. The textile character of the<br />

solution as well as the lighting and heating options<br />

contribute to this, as well.<br />

Variety in shape and size<br />

The first pergola model concentrated primarily<br />

on size, as up to 30 square metres can be shaded<br />

using just one awning. And several units can be<br />

added to it. "In a next step, we therefore wanted<br />

to develop another model for smaller areas. So in<br />

2019, we brought the 'pergola compact' onto the<br />

market", Mr Gerling goes on to say. This compact,<br />

smart awning is suitable for areas up to 18 square<br />

metres in size. Unlike its sister model, the design of<br />

which is based on rounded forms, the smaller<br />

"pergola" is based on an angular design. From that<br />

compact format, it then carried on to the XXL<br />

format and an awning of superlatives with a<br />

completely new drive system: the "pergola<br />

stretch". Areas of up to 175 square metres can be<br />

covered and its cover is is transported in a similar<br />

way to that of a roof festoon. This year, the<br />

product range is to be expanded once again, this<br />

time by way of the "pergola cubic". Technically, it is<br />

identical to the classic "pergola", but revisits<br />

angular design language once again.<br />

Suitable for a wide variety of<br />

situations<br />

Michael Gerling explains: "The ability to offer a<br />

wide range of size options is a clear sales<br />

argument. But design details are also important to<br />

the end consumer. After all, the awning needs to<br />

suit the appearance of the house. And the<br />

modern architecture of today is often dominated<br />

by an angular design culture," he says. The different<br />

models, size formats, plus complementary<br />

accessories offer a lot of scope to configure the<br />

system individually, in particular, because it can also<br />

be combined with other awning models from the<br />

manufacturer. According to Mr. Gerling, just about<br />

any surface area can be shaded in this way. This<br />

applies to private gardens as well as to the<br />

outdoor areas of restaurants, cafés or hotels. This<br />

is perhaps the most decisive unique selling point.<br />

62 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


32MM & 40MM MOTOR.<br />

Soft closure at end limit, bi-directional wireless controls, smooth 21rpm and 40rpm<br />

motor speeds, up to 300 complete open & close cycles per charge.<br />

Control from your smart device with the Home Hub.<br />




WWW.ELLARD.CO.UK | 0161 945 4561


Ahead of the game<br />

Eclipse says that<br />

there is an<br />

increasing demand<br />

for wider fabrics<br />

The window blind industry is continuously<br />

changing and here at Eclipse we are making<br />

sure we are staying ahead of these changes.<br />

One major change is that in general windows are<br />

getting bigger. Therefore, there is an increasing<br />

demand for wider fabrics.<br />

On top of this, consumers are now more aware<br />

of how the textile industry impacts our planet. Did<br />

you know that the textile industry is responsible for<br />

approximately 20% of the world's water waste and<br />

10% of all carbon emissions? We all have a part to<br />

play in reducing waste and helping to lower<br />

emissions.<br />

We have taken all these factors into<br />

consideration when developing new products.<br />

We are excited to introduce Palette eco to our<br />

current product offering. Our Palette eco fabric has<br />

been developed using 100% recycled yarn that has<br />

been derived from post-consumer PET drinking<br />

bottles. Palette eco is available as a 3m wide roller<br />

fabric in 7 of our bestselling colours – Bright White,<br />

Charcoal, Concrete, Grey, Iron, Stone Grey and<br />

White.<br />

We have developed a brand-new Palette eco<br />

swatch card that you can use to upsell this fantastic<br />

product offering.<br />

Order your Palette eco Swatch card and fabrics<br />

through our online ordering portal now!<br />

TH<br />

EALL-NEW<br />

IS HERE!<br />

e co<br />

3.0<br />

e<br />

co3.0<br />

64 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


Micro Pneumatic’s<br />

Heat Welder<br />

Compact and lightweight, to sit on top of any bench<br />

Gives a super flat weld in record time, approximately<br />

2 seconds per weld<br />

Can also be supplied as a double headed unit<br />

Please contact Micro Pneumatics Ltd for more information<br />

Tel: 0116 2611055 / 0116 2611066 Email: sales@micropneumatics.co.uk<br />

Micro Pneumatics Ltd<br />

1 Palmer Street<br />

Leicester LE4 5PT<br />




Spring is in the air<br />

“Flower Market“ -<br />

Junkers & Müllers<br />

gives a foretaste of<br />

spring<br />

With new print designs for its roller blind<br />

collection, Junkers & Müllers is already<br />

allowing the first signs of spring to<br />

blossom.<br />

“Flower Market“ is the name of the new theme<br />

collection. And there are many discoveries to be<br />

made on a tour of this flower market.<br />

Alongside discreet, Scandinavian-style designs,<br />

there are watercolour-like, playful prints and those<br />

with a touch of romance.<br />

One of the highlights is the “Flower Bouquet“<br />

design. The coarse fabric structure lends the<br />

generous design its very own liveliness. A special<br />

feature here is also the white “Frost“ reverse. It<br />

ensures an even opacity of the fabric and a solid<br />

compact handle.<br />

“Portobello“ is a powerful composition of<br />

imaginatively interpreted plant shapes. On the dense<br />

cotton-like fabric structure of the front, the<br />

pinseleffects of the design are reproduced in a finely<br />

nuanced way. As a blackout blind, it brings floral<br />

charm to the bedroom. In addition, there are two<br />

prints that are implemented on recycled polyester.<br />

This further expands the JM upcycling segment.<br />

66 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Design<br />

Novelty<br />

A cracking composition<br />

with an excellent ensemble.<br />

markilux designer awnings “Made in Germany”.<br />

Make way for the new cassette awning markilux MX-4. Created to shade large areas, its avant-garde<br />

design and all-round styling panel are compelling. Product design – both functional and attractive.<br />

Create the most alluring shade in the world. markilux.co.uk<br />

More Info?<br />

| Brand<br />

| e.g. markilux MX-2 / MX-1 compact


Next generation<br />

Mermet has<br />

installed solar<br />

shading at a<br />

company HQ in<br />

France<br />

Inaugurated in June 2022, Ampacity, the new<br />

Nexans research and innovation hub in Lyon,<br />

brings together a hundred or so engineers,<br />

researchers and technicians to work on tomorrow’s<br />

electrification challenges.<br />

In this building of almost 6000 m² open to the<br />

outside with its huge plate glass windows, but also<br />

to the inside through its open-space design, the<br />

architect AFAA ARCHITECTURE aimed to<br />

maximise the insertion of natural light for the<br />

comfort of users. So it was a natural step for us to<br />

choose our Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric (1306<br />

Bronze colour) for the 250 indoor blinds to<br />

provide the occupants with visual and thermal<br />

comfort while letting light into the premises.<br />

Warema, as blinds manufacturer, and Lenoir<br />

Métallerie, as installer, were selected to work with<br />

this fabric.<br />

Thanks to its metallised face the Screen Nature<br />

Ultimetal fabric skilfully combines high solar<br />

reflectance (74%), a low emissivity of 10% and<br />

outstanding visible transmission (Tv = 6%),<br />

irrespective of the colour.<br />

Thermal comfort is total and both glare and<br />

unwanted reflections are kept under control. It also<br />

allows optimum insertion of natural light, while its<br />

transparency maintains good through-vision.<br />

Besides its outstanding sunscreen properties,<br />

Screen Nature Ultimetal boasts many assets:<br />

• A PVC-free, halogen-free and polyester-free<br />

glass fibre fabric, it guarantees minimum<br />

environmental impact.<br />

• Incombustible, no smoke emission.<br />

• Very slim, ideal for blinds fitted into constricted<br />

spaces.<br />

By controlling the sun’s action on buildings,<br />

Mermet fabrics ensure user comfort and well-being<br />

(glare control, temperature management, etc.) and<br />

reduce energy consumption while limiting the need<br />

for artificial lighting and air conditioning.<br />

68 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>

Telephone: 023 80773533<br />

www.sunfashion.co.uk<br />

Sun Fashion is a family run business based in Hampshire. With over 40 years experience<br />

in the industry. We supply customers throughout the UK and Ireland.<br />

Trade suppliers and manufacturers of high quality exterior sun shading products.<br />

We offer an extensive range including awnings, canopies, traditional awnings, drop<br />

arms, screens, recovers and more.<br />

We deal with many different European partners to enable us to offer a large range<br />

of products to suit the vast majority of applications in both domestic and commercial<br />

sectors.<br />

Our aim is to provide customers with the means to fulfil even the most demanding<br />

clients requirements.<br />

www.sunfashion.co.uk • T: 023 80773533 • E: sales@sun-fashion.co.uk<br />



On the level<br />

PC Henderson has<br />

introduced a<br />

system that reduces<br />

installation time<br />

for blinds<br />

PC Henderson has brought to the market its<br />

latest product offering, Husky 120 Pro.<br />

Husky 120 Pro is a professional level sliding<br />

system which caters for wooden and metal doors<br />

up to 120kg. The system uses fewer components<br />

than comparable systems on the market which<br />

reduces the installation time and makes it suitable<br />

for all, from architects and specifiers to home<br />

improvement enthusiasts.<br />

The smooth-running system which has low initial<br />

friction benefits from a range of complementary<br />

accessories including a newly designed soft close<br />

mechanism. It sits alongside the current Husky<br />

products in our range including Husky Sliding and<br />

Husky Low Headroom. Trevor Cossins, managing<br />

director, P C Henderson explains the reasons for<br />

introducing the new product:<br />

“Assessing the changing global landscape, we<br />

decided that strategically the continual investment<br />

P C Henderson makes in the design and<br />

development of new products is key. Creating<br />

improved solutions keeps the business at the<br />

forefront of the industry and provides greater<br />

choice for our customers.”<br />

As well as the UK market, P C Henderson<br />

enjoys sales globally with customers in over 70<br />

countries. The company has a strong research and<br />

development ethos, continually delivering the most<br />

innovative and creative products to builders’<br />

merchants, architects, contractors, and home<br />

improvement companies.<br />

Despite the challenges of the global pandemic,<br />

the business has enjoyed impressive growth and<br />

exceeded its sales targets for the last twelve<br />

months. Trevor Cossins commented,<br />

“Covid19 impacted businesses across the world<br />

and with our flexibility and responsive business<br />

practices we have been able to adapt and thrive.<br />

We see the launch of Husky 120 Pro as a<br />

continuation of our agile and proactive approach<br />

to operations.”<br />

Based in Co. Durham, P C Henderson has one<br />

of the most technically advanced manufacturing<br />

systems of its kind, consistently achieving ISO 9001<br />

quality certification. Explaining why the time was<br />

right to launch this product, Sales and Commercial<br />

Director David Newton said,<br />

“Our market research and feedback from<br />

customers confirmed the time was right to launch<br />

this new product. Husky is seen as the benchmark<br />

for sliding door hardware systems. We want to<br />

bring to market the very best kits and products<br />

with improved functionality at competitive prices.”<br />

“We are particularly proud of the new soft<br />

close accessory that can accommodate panels<br />

between 10kgs and 120kgs in weight, therefore<br />

reducing inventory for our customers. The new<br />

soft close product is extremely robust and we<br />

believe it will be extremely well received by the<br />

market.”<br />

70 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


<strong>Blinds</strong>pace products offer you solutions to<br />

future-proof buildings and to conceal blinds<br />

in any type of window or skylight.<br />

®<br />

To find out more about how <strong>Blinds</strong>pace can help transform your blind projects<br />

Contact: Farnborough ough Blind Company - 01732 456304 - sales@farnboroughblinds.com<br />

Whatever your inspiration, we can match it.<br />




TEL: 01732 456304 sales@farnboroughblinds.com<br />






What have the Romans<br />

ever done for us?<br />

Style Studio’s new<br />

Roman & Curtain<br />

Collection has it<br />

all!<br />

The new Style Studio Roman & Curtain<br />

Collection offers an extensive range of over<br />

280 fabrics including striking plains, beautiful<br />

textures and exclusive on trend patterns!<br />

New for this Collection, we have a selection of<br />

exclusive designs inspired by our recently launched<br />

Roller Collection. Our popular Surreal, Mono<br />

Leopard and Fuchsia Swingtime patterns have been<br />

recoloured for the soft furnishings market and bring<br />

something unique and striking to the product<br />

offering.<br />

Perfect Plains<br />

Plains are always a popular choice, so we have<br />

introduced some new plain ranges for this<br />

Collection. With a wide selection of colours on<br />

offer, your customers can choose from 5 ranges and<br />

an in impressive 65 colours!<br />

Tempting Textures<br />

Textured plains are so easy to use as they can be<br />

understated and interesting without being too<br />

much of a statement in the room. Customer can<br />

easily style them up or down to match existing<br />

décor.<br />

We have 7 stylish ranges which offer a wide<br />

range of finishes including subtle two-tone colour,<br />

metallic weaves for those who like a little sparkle<br />

and small geometric patterns for an element of<br />

design.<br />

Popular Patterns<br />

Catch your customers’ eye with something<br />

different! Bring some designs to your customers<br />

with our wide range of classic and contemporary<br />

patterns. From simple florals to striking art deco<br />

motifs, there is something for every style.<br />

Inspired Interiors<br />

For this collection we have taken inspiration from<br />

different countries around the world. The delicate<br />

floral fabrics within this collection are driven from<br />

the Kew and Japanese Gardens and offer a pretty<br />

pattern in softer colours.<br />

The art deco vibe takes notes of the architecture<br />

of Lake Como, bringing an impactful and striking<br />

72 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>


Ωlook for those who want to showcase a bold style.<br />

The rich colour palette of this collection is manifested from the art<br />

and culture of South Asia and offers some on trend and luxurious<br />

colours.<br />

Eco recycled fabrics<br />

The textile industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the<br />

worlds water waste and 10% of all carbon emissions. We can all play<br />

our part in reducing waste and helping to lower emissions.<br />

That is why we have introduced a selection of recycled fabrics using<br />

PET yarns to our product ranges. In doing this, we are helping to close<br />

the gap between raw materials and recycling.<br />

Our eco fabrics in our book are labelled with an eco-logo for easy<br />

identification. With 9 ranges and 40 items to choose from, your<br />

customers will love our range of eco fabrics. From natural textures to<br />

geometric patterns to choose from, show your customers that eco<br />

fabrics can also be stylish!<br />

Curtains<br />

All of the fabrics in our Collection are available as Curtains. We<br />

have 5 header types to choose from, including our new Wave Curtain<br />

Option. This new stylish heading creates soft folds of fabric that give a<br />

contemporary ripple effect.<br />

We also offer Eyelet, Pencil Pleat, Double Pinch Pleat and Triple<br />

Pinch Pleat options with standard or blackout linings. You can also<br />

complete the set of Curtains with our fabric tiebacks.<br />

Your customers will love choosing a cushion to match their new<br />

blind or curtains. We offer 3 sizes 30x50cm, 40x40cm and 60x60cm<br />

that they can mix and match with.<br />

Motorised <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Upsell your Roman blinds to Powershade - the ultimate Roman<br />

blind for the home. A luxurious and affordable motorised Roman<br />

blind that is operated at the touch of a button! Complete with a quiet<br />

and smooth operation Powershade Roman combines style and<br />

control.<br />

For customers who wish to control their blinds through their<br />

smartphone devices, the Powershade Smart Controller is what they<br />

need. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri<br />

Shortcuts, it brings the ultimate convenience and technology to your<br />

customers home.<br />

more than<br />

now available LIFF ® Shades<br />

A branded retail concept for cellular and pleated shades.<br />

The LIFF ® shades collection is an honest, sustainable and<br />

attractive collection.<br />

The pre-defined collection of cellular and pleated fabrics is<br />

well presented in colour groups and offers a large variety in<br />

textures, textiles and transparency.<br />

Contact us for more information about the exciting and<br />

complete LIFF ® branded retail concept.<br />

Order your collection books from inventory.<br />

Lienesch Ltd<br />

Unit 2 - Hunslet Trading Estate,<br />

Severn Road, LEEDS, LS10 1BL United Kingdom<br />

Tel. 0113 8681066<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong> 73


Getting a grip<br />

Louvolite has<br />

created a fitting<br />

system that makes<br />

it easier for blind<br />

installers<br />

everywhere<br />

Anyone involved in the installation of<br />

window shades will have experienced the<br />

challenges sometimes seen when fitting<br />

blinds into certain scenarios.<br />

If you have ever tried to fix brackets into an RSJ<br />

or concrete lintel or try to explain to an insistent<br />

customer that you will be very careful when drilling<br />

into their porcelain tiled bathroom but cannot take<br />

responsibility for any resultant damage, you will<br />

know exactly some of the challenges that can be<br />

faced.<br />

So the task was given to the Louvolite<br />

Engineering team to create a system which takes<br />

away the <strong>issue</strong>s that are often seen by the installer<br />

when fitting into a recess and open up additional<br />

opportunities for the industry.<br />

After many meetings and literally hundreds of 3D<br />

printed sample ideas, the first recognisable concept<br />

of the final product was seen. The prototype was<br />

essentially a two piece unit which used a cam action<br />

to lock the plate featuring the location for the roller<br />

shade end sets, whilst the top plate was located into<br />

the Louvolite fascia system.<br />

Affixed to the outside of the blind location plate<br />

was a flexible sheet featuring multiple grip areas<br />

which seemed to differ in height. So how did this<br />

product work?<br />

Well – first the measurement of the inside recess<br />

width is taken – this needs to be accurate – and<br />

then the drop. The blind is manufactured with<br />

appropriate allowances. The new style brackets are<br />

inserted into the fascia and the blind receiving<br />

plates are folded flat up to the fascia. Position the<br />

fascia within the recess and raise to position, then<br />

lower them until they lock into the recess as the<br />

cam action takes effect; do this to both brackets.<br />

The flexible material fixed to the outside of the<br />

blind location plate compresses to ensure a tight fit.<br />

Finally install the blind and, hey presto, the blind is<br />

installed without any need to fix through into<br />

plasterwork, tiles, window frames or any other<br />

substance. The system takes literally seconds to<br />

install.<br />

What if the blind doesn’t quite fit? Well, our<br />

engineering team thought of that too. Within the<br />

section that is fitted to the fascia is a space which<br />

receives a moulded square block. This block<br />

features the numbers 0/1/2/3 on one of the<br />

brackets and 0/-1/-2/-3 on the opposite bracket.<br />

By rotating the appropriate block within its<br />

location you can either increase the operating<br />

width of the system by up to 3mm, or reduce the<br />

width of the operating system by up to 3mm –<br />

absolutely brilliant!!!.<br />

Ok, so now the need was to try out this<br />

product in real world situations. Dozens of<br />

colleagues within Louvolite were asked to measure<br />

areas of their homes – accurately – to trial the<br />

new system. The Engineering team needed<br />

differing surfaces on which to install the products<br />

– tiles, painted surfaces, wallpaper, textured<br />

wallpaper, wood and anything else that is found in<br />

window recesses.<br />

As was expected there were some failures –<br />

recesses were not always measured accurately and<br />

a number of installations that were measured<br />

accurately showed some slippage. The slippage was<br />

a concern and resulted in further multiple tests on<br />

the materials for the flexible pad until a final<br />

material was selected. This worked well in further<br />

tests including bathroom and kitchen areas which<br />

featured tiling and of course steam.<br />

So what was next? More trials, of course, with<br />

significant weight being constantly applied to a<br />

blind installed using the new system and operating<br />

continuously via a One Touch motor. Again success<br />

and added knowledge, allowing the team to add<br />

further refinements where deemed appropriate.<br />

So now the trade has a new installation product<br />

from Louvolite which will allow blinds to be<br />

installed, not only in those locations already<br />

mentioned, but also in places such as rental<br />

properties and halls of residence where<br />

renters/students are not allowed to screw into<br />

walls or frames. Gone too are the situations where<br />

apologies are needed when tiles are cracked or<br />

poor plasterwork exposed.<br />

Grip Fit takes care of all of these <strong>issue</strong>s and is<br />

simple to install and remove – and of course, Grip<br />

Fit is available only from Louvolite!<br />

74 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE ONE <strong>2023</strong>



MAX<br />

As part of the launch of<br />

its new DICKSON SOLAR<br />

FABRICS collection, MAX<br />

range has been reinvented<br />

with a new, higherperformance<br />

coating for<br />

unparalleled resistance to<br />

weather conditions.<br />

A solution-dyed acrylic fibre for an<br />

incomparable resistance over time.<br />

An innovative treatment for<br />

easy maintenance.<br />

A technical coating for<br />

enhanced waterproofing.<br />

A « 4 seasons » fabric for<br />

MAXimum outdoor fun !<br />

Edition 12/2022 - SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole - Photos : Dickson<br />

Contact: kwild@dickson-constant.com<br />

More information on :<br />


Helpline<br />

To advertise here contact Julie at j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />





& FABRICS<br />

Pleated <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Roller / Verticals / Pleated blinds / Honeycomb<br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Pleated<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

For more information contact:<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk<br />

lienesch.com<br />



Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Contact Luxaflex<br />

CONTACT:<br />

Distributor for Dickson awning fabrics<br />

0161 442 9500<br />

kwild@dickson-constant.com<br />


UK manufactured<br />

2-week nationwide delivery<br />

BAT & Dickson stockists<br />

Exclusive Trade only Supplier<br />

sales@basedirect.co.uk<br />

www.basedirect.co.uk<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Conservatory and<br />

Window <strong>Blinds</strong> Specialists<br />

Motorisation options available<br />

ea blinds_3x1_BLSCLASS.pdf 29/10/12 15:41:21 morleyglass.co.uk<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />



0113 277 8722<br />



Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />



Perfect Fit <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Perfect Fit<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />


2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

Energy saving blinds<br />

+44 (0) 28 7944 0130<br />

bloccommercialblinds.com<br />



To advertise in <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

please contact JULIE SARIDAKIS<br />

via e-mail at:<br />

j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />


Window Blind Motorisation<br />

Battery and hardwired solutions<br />

Home Hubs • Solar Panels<br />

Remotes and wall switches<br />

Control your home from any device,<br />

anytime, anywhere<br />


For more information call a member of<br />

our team on 0161 945 4561<br />

www.ellard.co.uk<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

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please contact<br />







Roller <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Roller<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


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Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Vertical <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Vertical<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />



Classified’s<br />

To advertise in this<br />

space please contact<br />


via e-mail at:<br />

j.saridakis<br />

@turretgroup.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

View our magazine online<br />

at<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

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FOR SALE<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> and Shutter<br />

shop business.<br />

Leasehold premises<br />

East London / Essex border<br />

Established 48 years<br />

Please contact if interested with<br />

possible proposal/offer to<br />

Rod Williams at ellrodo@aol.com

Classified’s<br />




Join our team of<br />

dedicated local<br />

advisors<br />

Immediate start available<br />

Become your own boss and join Hillarys network<br />

of local advisors, design consultants and<br />

installers. Whether your skill is sales or you’re just<br />

a keen DIY’er, you’ll work in your local area to<br />

help people transform their homes.<br />



Our Sales Designers and our Installers remain at the heart of our business.<br />

If you have exceptional customer service skills, a great eye for precision and<br />

detail this could be the perfect opportunity for you.<br />

• Part-time & full-time opportunities available • High earning potential<br />

• Comprehensive training provided<br />

Visit careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk or call 0115 852 2896<br />

To find out more register for your free virtual<br />

discovery session today!<br />


Great earning<br />

potential<br />

Flexible<br />

working<br />

Award winning<br />

training<br />


An exciting opportunity to join our team at Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> and take advantage of<br />

our continued investment in growth.<br />


Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> are seeking a talented and motivated professional with proven success of working in a target driven role.<br />

The main purpose of the role is to grow and develop the sales of window blinds and shutters in the following postcode areas: -<br />

Doncaster, Hull, Sheffield, Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent, Walsall, Birmingham, Coventry,<br />

Leicester and Northampton.<br />

You will be at the forefront of developing relationships through the identification, nurturing and conversion of prospective<br />

customers. An equally important part of the role is to visit existing customers to maintain and develop relationships and sales.<br />

Key competencies include over 3 years experience in a similar role, ability to work independently, strong presentation, relationship<br />

building and negotiation skills, excellent organisational, administrative and IT skills and to hold a full UK driving licence.<br />

In return we will offer you a comprehensive salary and commission package (salary on application) that also includes full training,<br />

a company car, company phone and laptop, 20 days annual leave and flexible hours to suit the role.<br />

You will also be joining a company founded in 1978, proud to produce high standards of product and services and constantly<br />

driving to increase their product portfolio and market share.<br />

To apply and to receive a full job description, please email your CV and covering letter to recruitment@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

In the April <strong>2023</strong> edition, features include:<br />

n Security shutters & insect screens n Vertical blinds<br />

n Digital technology & social media n Awnings & terrace coverings<br />

n Conservatory, rooflight & shaped blinds n Fabric technology<br />

n Wood & pinoleum blinds n Sustainability<br />

To submit your editorial article,<br />

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John Hatcher, Editor<br />

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Combining Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong>’ extensive experience producing wood blinds and our continued success with<br />

the Impressions Faux Wood blind, we are excited to launch the Impressions WOOD Collection.<br />

Six carefully selected Basswood colours will complement and enhance any interior décor, harmonising<br />

perfectly within the current interiors trend of white, cream, grey and black. Available with ladder braid,<br />

25mm and 38mm tape, these stunning wood blinds will add warmth and elegance to any setting.<br />

Please contact your Area Sales Manager, or the customer services team, to request a swatch containing<br />

the complete collection including tapes or a sample blind.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />


2022<br />

Style Studio<br />

Roman & Curtain<br />

Collection<br />

MSS5134<br />

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For more information contact your Area Sales Manager<br />

or call our Customer Service Department on:<br />

0141 814 3500<br />


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