Power - International digital exhibition catalog

In this exhibition, we seek to explore what Power is. Is it a physical meaning, or is strength something internal? Does being strong mean having an advantage over someone and being the first, or is it about willpower when a person has almighty patience and goes step by step to his goal? Does power have gender, man’s superiority over nature, or do time and age affect power? Everyone has their own truth. Let’s think about the meaning of power and show our own vision in this exhibition!

In this exhibition, we seek to explore what Power is.
Is it a physical meaning, or is strength something internal?
Does being strong mean having an advantage over someone and being the first, or is it about willpower when a person has almighty patience and goes step by step to his goal?
Does power have gender, man’s superiority over nature, or do time and age affect power?

Everyone has their own truth. Let’s think about the meaning of power and show our own vision in this exhibition!


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“<strong>Power</strong> is of two kinds. One is obtained by the<br />

fear of punishment and the other by acts of love.<br />

<strong>Power</strong> based on love is a thousand times more<br />

effective and permanent then the one derived<br />

from fear of punishment.”<br />



Jillian Adel<br />

04<br />

Olivia Maday<br />

40<br />

Nicole Baumgarten<br />

06<br />

Yuliya Odukalets<br />

42<br />

Diane Belgrod<br />

08<br />

Ehigbai Ozoya<br />

44<br />

Che-Kuang Chuang<br />

10<br />

Valeriia Prasol<br />

46<br />

Tanya Churey<br />

12<br />

Tamara Prylypko<br />

50<br />

Karina Danylchuk<br />

14<br />

Alla Rasskazova<br />

52<br />

Daman Gill-Tur<br />

16<br />

Isabelle Roby<br />

54<br />

Peter Hriso<br />

18<br />

Bruna Rocha<br />

56<br />

Yulia Kapustynska<br />

20<br />

Katya Rybakova<br />

58<br />

Edith Kernerman<br />

22<br />

Tetiana Savchenko<br />

60<br />

Victoria Kovalchuk<br />

24<br />

Margarita Stepanova<br />

62<br />

Lilya Kravetska<br />

26<br />

Kevin Trinh<br />

64<br />

Kate Kutsevol<br />

28<br />

Anna Weichselbaumer<br />

66<br />

Viktoriia Kyrylenko<br />

30<br />

Olena Yemelianova<br />

68<br />

Olga Larina<br />

36<br />

Qiongzi Zhu<br />

70<br />

Lou Liska<br />

38<br />


A Prayer for Oneness<br />

30x44 in., acrylic and charcoal on paper, 2021<br />



Los Angeles, United States<br />

@jillianbadel | www. jillianadel.com<br />

About artwork<br />

A Prayer for Oneness” explores the disempowerment created through violence, neglect,<br />

and lies of the American government towards the American people and beyond. It aims<br />

to remind individuals of the power given to them by birthright, validate all of our anger<br />

and disgust at the authorities, and reignite the passion to fight back by letting people<br />

know they are not alone or wrong in feeling their rage, confusion, or sadness. I have<br />

always found connection, knowing one is not alone and valid in what they are feeling,<br />

is the greatest source of empowerment when nothing else seems to make sense or be<br />

helpful. So this is my prayer for whoever might agree.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

A Prayer for Oneness” is all about embracing Darkness as fully at The Light. So charcoal<br />

was used to write the piece in earnest yet aggressive type, messy and smudged in all<br />

directions. Paper was separately covered in charcoal, ripped, and glued to the piece in<br />

the negative space with my hands, using the blackened glue on my fingers to add more<br />

textural emotion. The integration of fluorescent matte yellow paint corresponds to the<br />

empowering nature of the piece, The Light.<br />


Through The Forrest No. 1<br />

100 x 100 cm, Illustration to Digital, 2023<br />



Copenhagen, Denmark<br />

@adesignersmood | FB adesignersmood | www. adesignersmood.com<br />

About artwork<br />

Through The Forrest” is a botanical realism series that captures the intricate details<br />

of plants and flowers using drawing and <strong>digital</strong> techniques developed by the artist.<br />

This piece is about a person walking through a dense forest, cutting through vines and<br />

branches, and trying to eliminate chaos in their life. As the journey progresses, the person<br />

realizes they’ve missed the vibrant colors and delicate petals of the flora around<br />

them, reminding us to appreciate the journey and beauty that surrounds us. The artwork<br />

captures this realization and allows viewers to experience the sense of wonder in<br />

a forest. The series title, “Through The Forrest,” refers to the moment we all have when<br />

we forget to appreciate life’s small moments of beauty, and joy and how we have the<br />

power to put this in motion through awareness of ourselves and our actions.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My illustrations embody the individuality and exclusive beauty found in nature’s flowers,<br />

conveying a unique story and emotion. Each stroke of the pencil, each color chosen,<br />

is a deliberate expression of the flower’s essence, resulting in a harmonious blend of<br />

beauty and emotion. Inspired by my background in branding, my work has a moody<br />

energy with captivating colors. I hope to inspire others to appreciate and preserve the<br />

natural world through my art.<br />


The Days<br />

60” x 48”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2023<br />



San Diego, United States<br />

@dianebelgrodart | FB dianebelgrod | www.dianebelgrod.com<br />

About artwork<br />

Becoming a mother gave me the greatest amount of power I have known in this life. I<br />

felt power in my body for what it had achieved by developing, giving birth to and nourishing<br />

another human, all without my direct control or planning. For so much of my life<br />

I struggled with my relationship to my own personal power, and by simply allowing my<br />

body to do what it innately knew how to do, I finally felt the most at ease with myself<br />

and the most full of my own power as a woman and as a person.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

In my paintings I seek to explore our connection to nature and to each other. Specifically,<br />

I am interested in the powerful undercurrent of the divine feminine and how this<br />

force presents itself within us and our society. My most recent series of works, large<br />

scale acrylic on canvas paintings done with bright, luminous colors, is a reflection of<br />

my first year as a mother to my son Jack through which I am seeking to understand my<br />

relationship to joy, isolation, expectation and fulfillment.<br />


Subsistence Machines in Meta world<br />

45*45 (For Each Image), 4K(For Video),<br />

Digital Prints and Animation, 2022<br />



Taipei City, Taiwan<br />

@chekuangchuang | FB | Behance<br />

About artwork<br />

“Subsistence Machines in Meta World” is an artist’s collection of fictitious machines<br />

that explore how people will eat, wear, live, and move in the Metaverse. The artist envisions<br />

meeting physiological needs in this virtual realm and has designed imaginary<br />

machines for the future cyberhuman. Through animations and isometric drawings, the<br />

artist presents these fantasy machines, incorporating media symbols like data, signals,<br />

and social networks. This body of work serves as a prophecy of the meta-world, similar<br />

to how artists in the 19th century imagined and warned about the future based on industrial<br />

revolution and steam technology. The artist aims to offer a possible future through<br />

these visual works, inspiring future generations. The <strong>digital</strong> files have been minted into<br />

NFTs, ensuring their eternal existence in the Web 3.0 metaverse.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Che-Kuang Chuang is a versatile Taiwanese artist specializing in <strong>digital</strong> media. His artistic<br />

endeavors span various disciplines such as design, architecture, graphics, and fine<br />

art. He has dedicated himself to exploring how form and techniques can enhance the<br />

essence of his artwork, utilizing form as a metaphor and leveraging <strong>digital</strong> technologies<br />

to reinforce his artistic discourse. His approach resembles <strong>digital</strong> performance art,<br />

where each action carries profound meaning and significance.<br />


The bride is a hutsulka<br />

70x60cm; Acrylic, canvas; 2022<br />



Uzhhorod, Ukraine<br />

@tanya_churey_art | FB<br />

About artwork<br />

The painting “Hutsulka Bride”, which appeared from under the brush of my hand, was<br />

painted by the influence of the war. It is about beautiful Ukrainian women and the beauty<br />

of the national dress.<br />

How many things had to be experienced, how many tears were shed, how much grief did<br />

Ukrainian women experience? And even in such a difficult time, when rockets arrive<br />

every day, they hold on, volunteer, get married, find a reason to smile. Moreover, they<br />

become even stronger and more beautiful for the sake of the future, for the sake of children.<br />

They have the power to never give up, their power is genetic, being born on holy<br />

land and being the ancestor of the Cossacks.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Due to the influence of the war, more Ukrainian motifs began to appear on my canvases.<br />

With my art, I want to show the whole world the greatness of our culture, our authentic<br />

clothes, the beauty and strength of Ukrainian women. A Ukrainian woman is a powerful<br />

source of inspiration for both a warrior and an artist. They have super powers, they<br />

can be at the front protecting the country from the enemy, and volunteer, helping those<br />

in need, and raise children, enveloping them with love and care.<br />


Blackbirds and spirits<br />

30х40 cm, watercolor on paper, 2022<br />



Kyiv, Ukraine<br />

@danylchuk.art | ArtFinder karina-danylchuk<br />

About artwork<br />

Internal power is hidden inside these blackbirds.<br />

Old wise bird is looking at you from the painting and giving you patience: everything<br />

will be alright; you also have this power inside.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Relationships between nature and people inspire me to create my artworks - watercolor<br />

birds. I chose this medium to show how fragile the bird (and nature) world is: bold,<br />

transparent, and expressive. All these conditions I can express in art when words lose<br />

power. I also show the unique personality of each bird.<br />

Also, my watercolor birds set out the difference between people and animals, especially<br />


The Corset<br />

10in x 10in, Digital, 2022<br />



Manteca, United States<br />

@zo_gill_tur | www.nirankaar.com<br />

About artwork<br />

The corset, in my artwork, is not just a physical garment but a metaphorical construct,<br />

a complex commentary on beauty standards, societal expectations, and self-identity.<br />

In “The Corset,” I manipulate <strong>digital</strong> forms to echo the physicality of the historical<br />

garment. The shapes, lines, and textures I employ draw upon the rigidity and constriction<br />

of the corset, as well as the alluring curvature and beauty it imparts to the form it<br />

clothes. The palette is purposefully chosen, reflecting the stark contrasts and inherent<br />

dichotomies the corset represents — beauty and pain, power and submission, liberation<br />

and restriction. I invite you to partake in this conversation, to explore the layers<br />

and discover what “The Corset” means to you.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

As a <strong>digital</strong> abstract artist with distorted vision, I approach my work with a unique perspective<br />

on the world around me. Working in the <strong>digital</strong> realm allows me to experiment<br />

freely and push the boundaries of traditional abstract art. By combining various <strong>digital</strong><br />

tools and techniques, I am able to create complex and dynamic pieces that are not limited<br />

by physical constraints.<br />


Hand<br />

17 inches x 17 inches, Digital Art 2019<br />



Acworth, United States<br />

@phriso1 | www. hriso-animation.com<br />

About artwork<br />

To fight upward out of that chaos to this form requires a compulsion: one must be faced<br />

with the choice of perishing or prevailing. A dominating race can grow up only out of<br />

terrible and violent beginnings.”<br />

― Friedrich Nietzsche,<br />

<strong>Power</strong> and strength come from within oneself even as one starts to fade away.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

There are no messages or hidden agendas in my work other than to reveal the discoveries<br />

made during my investigations. There is a seed of an idea or a bit of a plan when I<br />

begin, but I am quickly directed by the work, answering the needs, sorting the puzzles,<br />

and discovering solutions through the aid of technology.<br />


Tortured<br />

70x50cm, 2022 year<br />



Kyiv, Ukraine<br />

@yuliakapustynska | FB kapyst<br />

About artwork<br />

My essay is about the inner strength of the Ukrainian people. My country is defending<br />

its independence. In this photo, I am showing flowers as the Ukrainian people, who,<br />

suffering from Russian torture, do not lose their strength and faith in victory!<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My artistic concept is to show the viewer conceptual thoughts through ordinary and<br />

simple things. I also actively practice documentary, landscape, art photography.<br />


Les Tours Hydro Landscape<br />

91 x 241 cm<br />

gouache, chinese watercolour, chalk pastel, pencil, chalk, conte ink on rag paper<br />

2021<br />



Toronto, Canada<br />

@edithstudioart | FB edithstudioart | www.edithstudio.com<br />

About artwork<br />

In this piece, I explore the impact of hydroelectric towers on the environment, highlighting<br />

power dynamics and the resilience of nature. Challenging beauty ideals, I raise<br />

awareness of consumption’s environmental consequences. Les Tours underscores the<br />

fractured connections between humanity and nature, shedding light on power imbalances.<br />

Juxtaposing the landscape with human-made towers, I provoke contemplation<br />

of beauty and the enduring strength of nature. This piece draws attention to the obliviousness<br />

surrounding our consumption habits and their environmental impact, urging<br />

recognition of power’s influence. Towers symbolize industrial dominance, prompting<br />

reflection on the consequences of unchecked consumption. Ultimately, I aim to ignite<br />

dialogue on our collective responsibility in preserving the environment, urging mindful<br />

consumption. Les Tours showcases nature’s resilience amidst power dynamics.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

I’ve been exploring the ubiquity of hydroelectric towers in our environment and the<br />

impact of industry on North American Indigenous communities. My use of hydro towers<br />

is an attempt to challenge the idea of what constitutes beauty in nature and how we<br />

accept our world without questioning our consumption and its impact on the environment.<br />

Through art, I aim to highlight the fractured quality of our relationship with the<br />

environment and the intentional unawareness of our energy consumption.<br />


For the Soul<br />

30x40, oil on canvas, 2023<br />



Kyiv, Ukraine<br />

@kovalchuk_v_art<br />

About artwork<br />

<strong>Power</strong> is multifaceted.<br />

It is love, kindness, courage, fighting your fears, sacrifice, challenge, and, of course, the<br />

physical aspect.<br />

This painting is about inner strength. About the soul of a person who, despite all the<br />

horrors of war and difficult conditions of survival, retains humanity and a good heart.<br />

Who supports himself with creativity and finds the strength not to become hardened in<br />

these terrible conditions. And even help others recover energetically, emotionally and<br />

physically. It’s about the power of the human soul and the power of creativity. Because<br />

music is vibrations that heal.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

In my paintings, I reflect the healing energy and beauty of this world in all its manifestations,<br />

love of life, moods and experiences. I bring the viewer back to a peaceful state<br />

of contemplation, helping them to feel themselves in the moment.<br />

Looking at cheerful paintings is a kind of meditation that reconfigures the brain and<br />

brings the human energy bodies into balance and, as a result, heals the body and soul.<br />


Lady Labyrinth’s Pain<br />

size 60×45, canvas, 2019<br />



Chernivtsi, Ukraine<br />

@lilya_kravetska<br />

About artwork<br />

Tears are the highest degree of a smile.<br />

Frederic Stendhal<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Surreal artist, admire in the style of surrealism.<br />


I was not prepared for a sudden changes<br />

50X50 cm, photocollage, 2022-2023<br />



Kyiv, Ukraine<br />

@katekutsevol | FB kate.kutsevol.3 | website<br />

About artwork<br />

I was not prepared for a sudden changes. I did’nt wont moving to another environment.<br />

Everything that is happening to me now seems like a long dream. With pain from separation<br />

and feelings of guilt. With feelings, it is impossible to plan my life. Although my<br />

feelings resonate with the sincere actions of friends. My inner world strives to be where<br />

I felt myself, whole, where everything is familiar and close and you can make plans.<br />

My body is far from this place. Consciousness tries to assure me I did everything right,<br />

saving part of my universe from war. I divide myself into parts. Having split into parts,<br />

I seem to have dissolved into the universe. Far from home, new conditions build my<br />

current everyday life. I’m trying to wake up from a fairy dream.<br />

First I thought it was about me. About this war that is inside also. But we are all so similar!<br />

I have been asking each of us who are far from home, what keeps us together? What<br />

became a small island of power?<br />

Artist Statement<br />

In my works I reflect on the thirst for love, loneliness, openness to herself, emotional<br />

connection with the objects around me in everyday life. My desire is to provoke the<br />

viewer into a dialogue with myself, with my memory, experiences and emotions, in<br />

some cases even to try to escape from reality.<br />


Motherland<br />

50*40 cm, watercolor, 2023<br />



Andryshivka, Ukraine<br />

@viki_myart<br />

About artwork<br />

My power is my Motherland, the place where I grew up, where I spent my childhood,<br />

where I was happy and where I want to be happy in the future. As for me, Ukraine is associated<br />

with a young woman, with a kind soul and big heart . I depicted my Motherland<br />

as a Ukrainian woman, dressed in traditional clothes with a necklace, which testifies to<br />

the wealth and beauty of our country.<br />

Her eyes are full of hope and faith and also filled with sadness and pain caused by the<br />

war in Ukraine.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art about my world, my Motherland, about Ukraine and it’s traditions. I love people,<br />

who live in Ukraine, their courage, their faces, their national costumes and our culture.<br />

I like to draw Ukrainian women aims to show and popularize to the whole world who we<br />

are, Ukrainian women.<br />

Also the second direction of my art is Ukrainian landscapes, which are most beautiful<br />

and filled of especial energy for me.<br />


Warrior of light<br />

56*38 cm, watercolor, 2023<br />



Andryshivka, Ukraine<br />

@viki_myart<br />

About artwork<br />

The power for me is about being as strong as possible. It means to save your best qualities,<br />

best features and being kind to those around you.<br />

Sometimes we even don’t understand how strong and powerful we are. My art is about<br />

this…<br />

Despite the difficulties, the tragedy and the constant shelling of the russions, our warrior<br />

of light could play his best music on the ruins. It is inspiring and distingguishing us<br />

from Russians. Because we are strong in our faith, humanity and unity.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art about my world, my Motherland, about Ukraine and it’s traditions. I love people,<br />

who live in Ukraine, their courage, their faces, their national costumes and our culture.<br />

I like to draw Ukrainian women aims to show and popularize to the whole world who we<br />

are, Ukrainian women.<br />

Also the second direction of my art is Ukrainian landscapes, which are most beautiful<br />

and filled of especial energy for me.<br />


Ukranian dream<br />

19*38 cm, watercolor, 2023<br />



Andryshivka, Ukraine<br />

@viki_myart<br />

About artwork<br />

The largest airplane in the world, the airplane that has been built by the Ukranians , but<br />

destroyed by russians.<br />

This plane is not just an ordinary airplane - it demonstrated our power , our capacity<br />

to create something particular, strong and extraordinary. For every Ukranian - the destruction<br />

of Mriya became as destruction of something personal. For the rusians it was<br />

an act of killing our power, because the biggest plane belonged to Ukraine , not russia.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art about my world, my Motherland, about Ukraine and it’s traditions. I love people,<br />

who live in Ukraine, their courage, their faces, their national costumes and our culture.<br />

I like to draw Ukrainian women aims to show and popularize to the whole world who we<br />

are, Ukrainian women.<br />

Also the second direction of my art is Ukrainian landscapes, which are most beautiful<br />

and filled of especial energy for me.<br />


Scythian strength and grace<br />

50x35 cm, Watercolor, gel pen, paper, 2022<br />



Kherson, Ukraine<br />

@larinamagicart | FB olga.larina.art | Saatchi<br />

About artwork<br />

In the painting “Scythian Strength and Grace” from the “From Ukraine with Love” series,<br />

I depicted the spirit of free, fast, courageous birds. I turned to the ancient history<br />

of Ukraine, when our lands were inhabited by brave, warlike and developed peoples.<br />

These tribes have left a mark on our culture. With this series of paintings, I convey the<br />

spirit of strength and rebelliousness to evil. Our warriors are now fighting for our identity<br />

as resolutely as our ancient ancestors. The painting uses elements of the traditional<br />

animal style in Scythian gold jewelry. I am inspired by the strength, courage of animal<br />

and human figures on gold jewelry. The most famous ancient decoration is the Golden<br />

Pectoral, the elements of which I stylized. For me, a woman is like a bird, she can be<br />

tender, vulnerable, but when you need to fight for your values, freedom can be bold,<br />

strong. This is the image of Ukraine. With my work, I support the spirit of resistance of<br />

the Armed Forces of Ukraine.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

In my work, I am inspired by the world around me: nature, the female image, the architecture<br />

of cities, the sea. The female image is the most important for me in painting. It is<br />

difficult for a woman in this world, I pass this image through myself. I want to leave the<br />

female image, for many years, as vulnerable, sensual, unknown as nature. I love watercolor<br />

for its elusiveness, danger, unpredictability. I find these traits in the female image<br />

as well. I use the symbolism.<br />


Now is the time to observe 3<br />

40x30cm, photography, 2023<br />



Guntramsdorf, Austria<br />

@louliska100 | www.gliska.com<br />

About artwork<br />

The photo from a series of three focuses on the act of observing. Those who observe<br />

collect data and thus place themselves in a more powerful position vis-à-vis those who<br />

do not, cannot or do not want to collect this data.<br />

Observing, watching, monitoring, especially when it is done in secret, helps to gain<br />

power. It is irrelevant whether the scientist evaluates collected data or the secret service<br />

employee. The power imbalance in relation to those who do not have this data remains<br />

and the step towards surveillance is small.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

I am interested in the human condition between the pace of personal learning and development<br />

and the constantly accelerating processes of technical action and innovation.<br />

Matter has long since decoupled from process. The exciting question for me is whether<br />

and how a reconnection, perhaps even a kind of unison, can be achieved again? The<br />

desire that drives a body and the pleasure that nourishes a body may be driving forces<br />

in this enterprise.<br />


Woman in Red<br />

1.2m x 1m, two-channel VHS video with two CRT TVs,<br />

2023<br />



Boston, United States<br />

@olivia_maday | www.oliviamaday.com<br />

About artwork<br />

“Woman in Red” effectively challenges the historical objectification and cannibalization<br />

of women in media representations by reclaiming and emphasizing the autonomy<br />

and agency of the female body. Through the use of horror tropes, this work employs a<br />

potent visual language to explore the violence and consumption inflicted upon women<br />

in film and media, while also destabilizing traditional power roles and notions of<br />

femininity. Raw meat and blood serve as symbols for the flesh, representing the act of<br />

embracing the body and reclaiming what has been stripped away from women for centuries.<br />

As a woman rubs bloody, raw meat across her skin, she denounces the historical<br />

exploitation and commodification of the female flesh, embracing her body as the site<br />

of her own personal pleasure and power. This interplay of fear, desire, and power, thus<br />

invites viewers to engage with the female body in a way that honors women’s inherent<br />

complexity and dynamism.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

As an artist working across video, sound, and installation my practice is driven by a desire<br />

to bring women’s sexuality to the forefront of contemporary discourse, challenging<br />

the historic precedence of male sexual entitlement and the objectification of the female<br />

form. By highlighting the body of the woman in a provocative manner, I command attention<br />

towards its presence, all while maintaining narrative control and actively challenging<br />

the notion of the passive female subject.<br />


Displaced<br />

60/40 cm. Canvas, oil. 2023<br />



Zdolbuniv, Ukraine<br />

@yuliya_odukalets_art | FB yuliya.odukalets<br />

About artwork<br />

Displaced persons often face enormous challenges, and their condition is one of uncertainty,<br />

shock, and trauma. They are forced to navigate a new and unfamiliar environment,<br />

yet they face the emotional and psychological consequences of their displacement.<br />

Despite these difficulties, many displaced people show incredible resilience and<br />

determination to rebuild their lives. The image of pears on dry branches reinforces the<br />

symbolism of a woman fleeing war, as well as the discomfort present that reflects the<br />

harsh reality that displaced people face. This creates a more powerful and poignant<br />

message that emphasizes their struggle and resilience.<br />

As an artist, I believe it is our duty to use our platforms to raise awareness of their struggles,<br />

advocate for their rights, and ensure their well-being.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My main criterion is the search for harmony. To engage the viewer, they must feel involved<br />

in the work. Therefore, my paintings aim to provide a sense of comfort and tranquility,<br />

reminding the viewer that they are not alone in society. The desire to create a<br />

calming and restful atmosphere is always at the basis of my art.<br />


The Head Load Wind Romance<br />

27.9cm x 15.2cm x 12.7cm, carbon steel wire and rot iron on wood, 2022<br />



Benin City, Nigeria<br />

@wirewizardart_of_oz15 | FB ehigbaiozoya | website<br />

About artwork<br />

The head load wind romance is a driving force to succeed even against the force of nature,<br />

it is a show of strong will power by women all around the world who endeavor to<br />

use their ability, sacrificing for the common good. Inspired by third world culture of<br />

women carry huge load with the head and walking for long distances to sell and deliver<br />

for their livelihood. Weaved carbon steel wire on wood with found rot object.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

An expressionist inspired by my daily activities,my personal goal is to keep learning,<br />

creating and refining my works with the hope of making the world a better place allowing<br />

the viewers of my work to appreciate ethics and aesthetic making their mind go<br />

into deep critical thinking of life, culture and existence. I work with varieties of WIRE(-<br />

carbon steel, aluminum) to form random scribbles inter-connecting to build gestural<br />

sculpture, coming up with series of semi realistic spatial pieces.<br />


Lion roar<br />

70*80 cm The Year: 2021 Materials: oil, acrylic<br />



Ukraine<br />

@pva_artist | FB lera.polozova.37<br />

About artwork<br />

The painting depicts a lion growling. He appears huge and powerful, with a fierce gaze<br />

and menacing fangs. At the same time, he looks persistent and determined, ready to<br />

pursue his goal no matter what. His eyes are filled with determination and confidence,<br />

which allows him to overcome any obstacles to success.<br />

The lion in this painting symbolizes the willpower and perseverance needed to achieve<br />

goals. He reminds us that it is important to keep faith in ourselves and not to give up,<br />

even if difficulties arise along the way. Through strength and perseverance, a person<br />

can achieve their goals and overcome all obstacles in their path, just like this lion.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art can be defined as a mixture of the natural world and the human world and their<br />

interaction with each other. How human actions affect the world, and how we ourselves<br />

affect nature. How a choice made can change everything around us. One decision made<br />

can start a war or a majority decision can stop it.<br />

In my projects, I use different materials such as (oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels)<br />

and techniques with which I can portray my ideas and thoughts more expressively.<br />


Amulet<br />

20*20 cm, Materials: colored pencils and a marker<br />



Ukraine<br />

@pva_artist | FB lera.polozova.37<br />

About artwork<br />

The painting depicts a rubbing rooster. The rooster is depicted in bright red colors,<br />

which emphasizes its strength and energy.<br />

The painting symbolizes the strength of will, which can overcome any obstacles and<br />

achieve goals, and also reminds of the importance of infusion<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art can be defined as a mixture of the natural world and the human world and their<br />

interaction with each other. How human actions affect the world, and how we ourselves<br />

affect nature. How a choice made can change everything around us. One decision made<br />

can start a war or a majority decision can stop it.<br />

In my projects, I use different materials such as (oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels)<br />

and techniques with which I can portray my ideas and thoughts more expressively.<br />


Winning battle against empire<br />

50 x 80 cm, oil on canvas, 2022<br />



Кyiv, Ukraine<br />

@realsurreal_art<br />

About artwork<br />

This artwork is about power of bravery of ukrainians who are fighting with russian occupants.<br />

<strong>Power</strong> of bravery to fight even if you are risking to die, even if your enemy<br />

much bigger then you, has much more resources, possibilities and influence. <strong>Power</strong> of<br />

fighting for freedom and prosperity even if your house is destroyed and family killed by<br />

russians. <strong>Power</strong> of words “Slava Ukraini” which can be your last words ever just because<br />

you love your country and want to be independent from sick tyrannical fantasies of<br />

your neighbour. It is a fortitude. It is a real power.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art is about reality that seems surreal for people who have never been a witness of<br />

war. In my art you can see this idea underlined. That’s why I am working in surrealistic<br />

artstyle to show reality where millions of people actually live. So, my art is a reflection<br />

of mental condition of ukrainians using ukrainian symbolic and my own associations.<br />

My mission is to remind people all around the world that war for global democracy and<br />

freedom lasts and that supporting Ukraine is really important<br />


Winter cherry (Physalis)<br />

41x51 cm, watercolour, 2022<br />



Кyiv, Ukraine<br />

@ara_rasskazova_alla<br />

About artwork<br />

I was watching this plants for several seasons next to my office. Finally my fillings<br />

during 2022 required a real expression and this was the image that had came to my<br />

mind as embodiment of all the emotions I went through. I came to the office, it was a<br />

disgusting wet snowing day and a flowerbed looked dirty and dead. I found this branch<br />

and brought it home. No, it didn’t return to the life in a warm room, but started to look<br />

better… just like me trying to live normal life for the future, for the spring that will come<br />

any way, for the power to continue to fight, believe and wait. This project was created<br />

in December 2022, after 10 months break, listening air sirens, sometimes having no<br />

electricity, but all these influences just added deeper senses and gave me a magic kick to<br />

keep painting, crystallised why for I am an artist.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

I’m Ukrainian botanical artist. Each of my works explores not so much the structure of<br />

the plant, but feelings that it evokes. Behind every my painting there is a real person or<br />

event which impressed me or worried.<br />

I’m searching for power which could relieve the anxiety we experience daily.<br />

I’ve come to botanical style because it fits my perfectionist’s nature with considered approach<br />

but also it allows my inner hooliganism be happy with free flow of watercolours.<br />

This project done in war time<br />


Goulecore<br />

101x76cm, <strong>digital</strong> art, 2023<br />



Rouyn-Noranda, Canada<br />

@isabelle.roby | FB isabellerobyartiste | www.isabelleroby.com<br />

About artwork<br />

Citizen of Rouyn-Noranda, I suffer from the current problem of the contamination of<br />

our environment with multiple toxic agents in order to meet the profit needs of a multinational<br />

company. I created a <strong>digital</strong> painting inspired by the myth of the Minotaur and<br />

the vampire (Ghoul). The Ghoul, a predator that can make itself invisible in our midst,<br />

is driven by the satisfaction of its impulses even if it means exhausting all resources.<br />

She has no empathy and considers humans as food. “Goulecore” features the Ghoul,<br />

a terrible and inhuman force, with two chimneys spewing toxic smoke. She enslaved<br />

the Minotaur (the mine) which takes its annual tribute of lives (cancer). The citizens of<br />

Rouyn-Noranda, for their part, respond to the codes of the clone: an instrumentalized<br />

caste closer to cattle or merchandise than to humans and whose rights to health are denied.<br />

“Goulecore” denounces the instrumentalization of the living for profit.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My artistic practice explores possible futures. My approach combines contemporary<br />

art and science fiction by using a mixture of the familiar and the unusual. I frequently<br />

tackle themes that question what is specific to humanity. Who are we ? What is our relationship<br />

to the Other? My pictorial space often resembles a laboratory dedicated to hybridization.<br />

By combining techniques, materials or ideas, I try to study where humans<br />

come from and where they are going.<br />


Their Frenzy<br />

60x50, acrylic, 2022<br />



Budapest, Hungary<br />

@Coachmebruna | FB Coachmebruna | www.coachmebruna.com<br />

About artwork<br />

This piece represents the exteriorization of our energy being exchanged, within us, and<br />

with the divine, through us in moments of pleasure.<br />

It is an explosion of our masculine and feminine, good or bad, Ying and yang touching<br />

the heavens and returning to us.<br />

How do we use it after?<br />

We can harvest it, to manifest material or spiritual miracles.<br />

It’s all about learning how to use our sexual strength, consciously and wisely to create a<br />

better world.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

My art comes from the deepest of my heart, my strength to survive childhood and continue<br />

domestic abuse.<br />

I’ve lost my voice, and painting became my microphone to the world, my way to externalize,<br />

heal myself and heal others that have lived under shame, guilty and constant<br />

humiliation to put out their pain.<br />

Without many expectations, or plans my art is a tool to heal, strengthen, and inspire me<br />

and others to go give up!<br />


Evil<br />

А3, mixed media, 2022<br />



Кyiv, Ukraine<br />

@rbkvvaa | FB<br />

About artwork<br />

Each of us has a burden behind us. А secret, a fear, a trauma, something that eats away<br />

at you every day, that constricts your chest with the mere reminder of yourself. How to<br />

get rid of this pain? You can answer this question only by feeling your own power.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

am Katya Rybakova, a young ukrainian artist (19 y.o) from Mariupol. Art is the main<br />

thing that helped (and still helps) me to get through all the difficulties. It is not just a<br />

beautiful picture, but a deep symbiosis of my feelings and thoughts. Beginning with<br />

the full-scale invasion, I started actively working on the theme of war, internal struggle,<br />

and brutality through the prism of my own experience. I am passionate about both<br />

drawing and painting and prefer to experiment as much as I can.<br />


Faith and Hope in the Midst of Adversity<br />

50x70cm, watercolor on a paper, 2023<br />



Kropivnizkiy, Ukraine<br />

@letisdecorate<br />

About artwork<br />

The watercolour painting portrays a wreath of thorns with large thorns protruding<br />

from each branch. Perched on the thorns are several crows emitting piercing screams,<br />

their sinister looks encapsulating the ominous atmosphere. However, in the centre of<br />

the wreath is a small but vivid sunflower, boldly reaching for the sun as if oblivious to<br />

the surrounding chaos. The image symbolizes the idea that faith and hope can be a saving<br />

force, even in the most difficult situations.<br />

The work was written on the anniversary of the war. The main power that helped me<br />

and united millions of people is the hope for life, the hope for the future<br />

Artist Statement<br />

As an artist living in Ukraine, I find immense inspiration in the rich tapestry of our folk<br />

art heritage. My passion lies in the Petrykivka style of painting and watercolor art, two<br />

artistic forms that have captivated my heart and allowed me to express my creativity in<br />

a distinctive manner.<br />

In fact, my creative path is a holiday of Petrykivka and watercolors, a fusion of tradition<br />

and innovation. Through the prism of flowers and birds I invite the audience to explore<br />

the enchanting world<br />


Tell me the Blue<br />

90x95 cm, Acrylic, 2023<br />



Sibiu, Romania<br />

@margarita_stepanova_artist<br />

About artwork<br />

Open up to the world and the world will open up to you.<br />

Since ancient times, hands have been considered a symbol of physical and spiritual<br />

strength. My painting is about the inner spiritual strength of a person. I depicted open<br />

hands that overlap, cross, and thus combine. Each hand has its own story and personality,<br />

but each of them is a link in the endless circulation of energies in the universe. I<br />

believe that when we open up, the Universe gives us the necessary energy, strength, and<br />

sense of harmony that we need. Also, my idea of the painting is complemented by the<br />

blue color, which I decided to emphasize in the title of the painting. Because blue is the<br />

color of peace and general harmony. It is associated with the globe, the sky, water, and<br />

from feelings - with honesty, sincerity, and purity. And in a state of peace and harmony,<br />

I believe, we are the strongest, because we are full of creative energy to create, build, and<br />

make the world better.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

“The greatness of a person is in his hands”<br />

Hands are one of the most unique tools of the human body. They open to each of us a<br />

limitless world of the most diverse possibilities - to create, heal, protect, hug, even talk,<br />

but also destroy, cause pain... Hands are a symbol of action, strength (physical and spiritual),<br />

as well as faith, blessings, peace, and hope. Each image of the hands that I draw is<br />

unique, with its destiny, filled with eternal meaning...<br />


Blood Chernozems<br />

46 -inch tondo, acrylic on canvas, 2022<br />



New York/Toronto, Canada<br />

@kevintrinhart<br />

About artwork<br />

One of the most important breadbaskets of the world is on its last breath due the fertile<br />

chernozems of Ukraine have turned bloody by inhumane perpetual destruction<br />

and killing. According to experts : “It would take decades to fix the damage to Europe’s<br />

breadbasket - including contamination, mines and destroyed infrastructure - and that<br />

global food supplies could suffer for years to come.”<br />

The artwork was created for DotLab’s Ukrainian Digital Aid. All profits made from the<br />

work’s NFTs was donated to the Ukraine Center Foundation.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Its a long process of meditation and execution of conceptual and aesthetic vigor.<br />


Woman stop<br />

90x40cm Acrylic Picture<br />



Wien, Austria<br />

@annawei334<br />

About artwork<br />

I think the exercise of power is often also about breaking, destroying or forbidding what<br />

makes the other deep.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

Painting is not just painting. It is colorful, diverse and moves something. Go on a search<br />

for who you are. There are questions like: What do you want and where do you get to that<br />

move you. How do external and internal perception work toether? Are you automatically<br />

one? There is so much more. Stimulate, absorb, crazy, colorful, crooked, simple and<br />

straight in its technology - all of this can be painting. On the one hand it is the imagination<br />

and the dream on the other hand...<br />


Way<br />

46*69 см, acrylic, 2023<br />



Kharkiv, Ukraine<br />

@olena_yemelianova<br />

About artwork<br />

I believe that the inner strength of a person is much more important than the physical.<br />

Many physically strong people are not able to withstand even small emotional stresses,<br />

they give up in the face of difficulties, and break down under stronger external circumstances.<br />

And the main strength of a person lies in his ability to go his own way,<br />

looking at everything. Everyone has this path, but often we change ourselves under the<br />

influence of various circumstances. And then it is no longer our path, but simply, but<br />

the path along which we are ordered to go. Find yourself, believe in yourself, choose the<br />

most beautiful, unusual, unusual, but exactly your own path and follow it, this is the<br />

greatest power.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

The central object of my artistic research is a person’s path to himself through emotions<br />

impressions, thoughts, meanings and their duality. My ability to observe this path, to<br />

track its features in various manifestations, constantly inspires thoughts that are reflected<br />

in my paintings .For me, everything around me is filled with meaning and emotions.<br />

The aesthetics of the moment preserved in my memory are complemented by<br />

observations,additional senses of emotions and mood.<br />


Her World -<br />

A Living Archive for Queer Connection<br />

A series of workshops and a living installation, 2021-now<br />



London, United Kingdom<br />

@about_her_world | website<br />

About artwork<br />

‘Her World’ empowers queer women and non-binary individuals by providing a platform<br />

to document their experiences, thoughts, and desires through a multi-sensory archive.<br />

The project’s art therapy workshops enable participants to express themselves<br />

creatively, resulting in unique profiles that capture their essence. The <strong>exhibition</strong> of<br />

these profiles showcases the diversity of the queer community and fosters community<br />

and belonging. ‘Hey Cards’ filled in by visitors during the installation demonstrate<br />

the transformative power of centering marginalized genders’ voices and experiences,<br />

which also led to new connection within the group.<br />

‘Her World’ demonstrates the transformative power of centering marginalized genders’<br />

voices and experiences by facilitating connections and fostering a sense of belonging. It<br />

provides a necessary platform for marginalized genders to be heard and validated.<br />

Artist Statement<br />

As a community artist and feminist in London, I explore gender issues, philosophy,<br />

and storytelling through various mediums. My art challenges societal norms, aiming<br />

to challenge societal norms and stereotypes through my art, with the intention of<br />

prompting reflection and promoting transformation. In my work, I frequently engage<br />

with communities and encourage participation, as I believe in the power of art to create<br />

social change and amplify the voices of marginalized groups.<br />


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