Tackle Trade World - September 2023

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18,500<br />



IN OVER<br />

120 COUNTRIES<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />




PACBAY MINIMA - X offers an unparalleled level of durability, solving the problems<br />

commonly associated with inner rings popping out or getting crushed. Through<br />

extensive reform and innovation, PACBAY MINIMA - X is constructed using highstrength<br />

, one-piece stainless steel. Both the guides and tops utilize mirror polishing,<br />

multi-layer Hard Chrome plating, and Titanium plating processes, resulting in corrosion<br />

resistance, low friction, and high thermal conductivity. As a result , the friction force<br />

during long-distance casting or retrieving is significantly reduced.<br />

If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of losing or breaking your inner ring while battling a tough fish, you’ll<br />

appreciate the superiority of PACBAY MINIMA - X. Currently, we offer sizes ranging from #05 to #20, with plans to expand<br />

up to #50. More sizes and models will be available soon. We believe these guides are ideal for lure anglers, particularly<br />

carp anglers who often face issues with the #50 stripper guide getting damaged during transportation.<br />

With PACBAY MINIMA - X, this problem has been entirely eliminated.<br />

In summary, PACBAY MINIMA - X guides and tops are renowned for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand<br />

heavy use and harsh conditions. This innovation in the fishing world, through the abandonment of ceramic and stainlesssteel<br />

rings, allows fishermen to bid farewell to the nightmares of ring breakages, crushing, and detachment.<br />

Build Great Fishing Rods<br />

info@fishpacbay.com<br />



www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Was EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> in<br />

Hungary a hit or a miss?<br />

PAGE 18<br />


What happened at the<br />

world’s largest fishing<br />

trade show?<br />

PAGE 26<br />




The first two major<br />

international trade<br />

shows of the year have<br />

buoyed the tackle industry and<br />

have been seen as a sign of<br />

future growth in the sport.<br />

Despite longstanding<br />

concerns over the number of<br />

exhibitors and visitors alike, the<br />

returning EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> in<br />

Budapest in June is said to have<br />

generated a positive atmosphere<br />

and encouraged strong<br />

networking.<br />

Hot on its heels was ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, staged once again in<br />

Orlando, Florida, which was<br />

hailed as a rousing success with<br />

increased exhibitors and more<br />

international visitors than ever.<br />

It has raised hopes that<br />

these signal continued growth<br />

in recreational fishing, despite<br />

concerns about a flat market in<br />

many territories.<br />

In Budapest, HungExpo<br />

welcomed more than 1,600<br />

visitors over the three-day event,<br />

including 457 retailers and<br />

686 wholesalers along with 53<br />

agents.<br />

The NEXT Group’s Sara<br />

Ballotta, a regular exhibitor over<br />

many years, said: “EFTTEX<br />

was a great success because<br />

I was able to meet many of<br />

my customers that I hadn’t seen<br />

for many years due to the Covid<br />

lockdown. We also made a lot<br />

of new contacts. Participating<br />

in EFTTEX in Budapest filled<br />

me with new energy and a lot<br />

of optimism. So I consider<br />

the result, on balance, to be<br />

absolutely positive.”<br />

Nigel May from UK tackle<br />

accessory firm Dinsmores added:<br />

“We met most of the people<br />

involved in our export network<br />

at this show, and we get to see<br />

the customers face to face, which<br />

for a business like ours is very<br />

cost-effective.”<br />

Over in Florida the following<br />

month, ICAST attracted<br />

13,346 attendees from every US<br />

state not to mention 80 other<br />

countries including Singapore,<br />

Peru, Japan and Australia, with<br />

633 exhibitors setting up booths.<br />

Blake Swango, vice-president<br />

of trade show and membership<br />

at the American Sportfishing<br />

Association, which organises the<br />

event, revealed: “This is one of<br />

the most impressive shows we<br />

have had since I’ve been here.<br />

The booth spaces are bigger,<br />

better and more impressive each<br />

year and I think this is probably<br />

the most beautiful show that I<br />

have worked on.”<br />

It also grew by courting<br />

the fly fishing industry with<br />

its dedicated section which<br />

included the ICAST Fly<br />

Shop outfitters concept, not<br />

to mention the FLYCASTing<br />

pond where buyers could try out<br />

the latest rods, reels and lines.<br />

• Continued on page 10<br />

S E N T T O M O R E T H A N 1 8 , 5 0 0 T A C K L E I N D U S T R Y<br />



<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Tackle</strong><strong>Trade</strong><br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Editor:<br />

John Hunter<br />




06<br />

+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A journalist all his life and with 20-plus years<br />

of international business magazine experience,<br />

John was the founding editor of TTW and has<br />

now returned to the helm. He has helped<br />

many brands launch and grow over the years<br />

through B2B publications and via his own<br />

consultancy business.<br />


North America:<br />

Bart Manganiello<br />

+1 914 722 7601<br />

bartalm@optonline.net<br />

For over 38 years, Bart has been working with<br />

trade magazines, 34 in the tackle industry.<br />

Since 2001, he has been TTW’s North American<br />

Director, providing the best communication<br />

programs to companies, helping them connect<br />

with current and prospective trade partners<br />

around the world.<br />

Rest Of The <strong>World</strong>:<br />

Guido Knegt<br />

+39 3475036436<br />

guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A born and bred Dutchman, he spent five<br />

years travelling the world as a scuba-diving<br />

instructor and English teacher before settling<br />

down in Sardinia. Guido previously worked for<br />

TTW between 2014 and 2017.<br />

China: Robert Li<br />

Li Ziwei<br />

+86 13451914155<br />

robert.li365@gmail.com<br />

Li Ziwei (Robert) has been working as news<br />

editor for over 20 years. He founded the most<br />

influential Chinese fishing forum in the Straits<br />

and successfully organised many industry<br />

events. His love for culture and tourism has led<br />

him to devote his entire life to the exchanges<br />

between China and southeast Asia.<br />

Magazine Manager<br />

Justin Fox<br />

+44 7813 327966<br />

justin.fox@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A hugely experienced communicator with<br />

more than 20 years at parent company DHP,<br />

Justin knows what it takes to grow brands<br />

and businesses across the tackle sector.<br />

Sub Editor: David Haynes<br />

Art Editor: Paul Evans<br />

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DHP LTD<br />

Editorial, administration, subscriptions and<br />

accounts to: DHP Ltd, 1st Floor, Nene House,<br />

Sopwith Way, Daventry, NN11 8EA, UK<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Iappreciate I was writing this just a<br />

day after the end of ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

and that that was a long time ago<br />

now but I really hope the positive<br />

vibes from the Orlando show continue<br />

to radiate.<br />

Certainly, there were plenty of<br />

discussions on the show floor in<br />

mid-July about the parlous state<br />

of the industry – the arrival of late<br />

stock, retailers with bulging shelves<br />

and storerooms, a slowdown in angler<br />

numbers and a reluctance on their part<br />

to spend too much money given the<br />

current high cost of living.<br />

And yet, for all that, there were<br />

abundant smiles throughout the<br />

Orange County Convention Center.<br />

Gone were the previous two years’<br />

caution surrounding Covid-19 and its<br />

effects on in-person events as visitors<br />

from around 80 countries – including<br />

a smattering of us from the UK and<br />

Europe – found their way to Orlando.<br />

There were Australian, Japanese,<br />

Chinese, Korean, Singapore, Ukrainian,<br />

Lithuanian, Italian and Danish accents<br />

– among many others – mingling with<br />

the more usual American and Central<br />

American tongues.<br />

It really did feel like an international<br />

show, which is as it should be given<br />

this is the biggest sportfishing show<br />

in the world. For all that, I am still<br />

amazed that more ‘foreigners’ don’t<br />

make the trip over.<br />

With uncertainty over the future<br />

of EFTTEX, this is THE most<br />

consistent of trade shows and, while<br />

3,511<br />

6,466<br />

one could argue it is somewhat bassfishing<br />

biased given the popularity<br />

of the species across this part of the<br />

world, there’s a great mix of disciplines<br />

represented in the gear.<br />

With the addition of more fly<br />

fishing this year – in response to<br />

the changes with the former IFTD<br />

show – it broadened the mix still<br />

further, although, again, I was perhaps<br />

expecting more.<br />

But what ICAST (and EFTTEX<br />

before it) proved was that ours is<br />

an industry that thrives on personal<br />

relationships, a hands-on approach to<br />

our products and the social networking<br />

power of a Happy Hour or two!<br />

Few industries are as warm and<br />

welcoming as the tackle industry,<br />

which is why everyone who organises<br />

a trade event – in any shape or form –<br />

deserves our support.<br />

So let’s celebrate the positive vibe<br />

coming from EFTTEX and ICAST<br />

and, for those where it’s relevant,<br />

let’s look forward to the AFFTA<br />

Confluence and then towards<br />

ChinaFish and beyond.<br />

Successful events and, by extension,<br />

a successful industry, don’t happen by<br />

themselves.<br />

Of course there are external forces at<br />

play – and when haven’t there been?<br />

But positivity breeds positivity, so<br />

we really can control what happens<br />

next.<br />

John Hunter<br />


Kaptura led the construction<br />

of hooks to another level<br />

and only the best become<br />

Kaptura Next<br />

Premium materials<br />

and manic<br />

construction<br />

make this new<br />

line unique<br />

WHO’S<br />


Distributed by Lineaeffe S.p.a - Via Massumatico 3689 - S. Pietro in Casale - Bologna - ITALY<br />

infolineaeffe.it<br />



<strong>2023</strong><br />

18<br />

Contents<br />

10 NEWS<br />

Rapala increases its stake in 13 Fishing,<br />

Simms unveils its new president, G Loomis<br />

reveals a direct-to-consumer channel and<br />

Fin Rage acquires Goldfish lures.<br />

42 SHOP WINDOW<br />

We have some suggestions for the latest<br />

gear you could stock to help customers<br />

stay protected from the elements while<br />

fishing.<br />

Roberts from<br />

Topwater Lures has<br />

some answers…<br />

26<br />


The months leading up to EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong><br />

in Budapest were full of hesitation and<br />

uncertainty but it seems the organisers got<br />

plenty right.<br />


Italian line maker Plastools and its latest<br />

biodegradable packaging swept away the<br />

opposition at EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong>’s awards.<br />


With a swathe of international exhibitors<br />

and visitors, thousands of new products<br />

and a real buzz on the show floor, ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong> delighted many. We have a full report.<br />


Since 1999, Carr Specialty Baits has been<br />

revolutionising the industry with its<br />

Fishbites bait brand and, now, its Fight<br />

Club lures.<br />



American <strong>Tackle</strong> Company went to ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong> with one goal in mind – to change<br />

the perception of rod handles. The Tsuka 2<br />

did not disappoint.<br />


Based on the incredible success of the<br />

Stubby Guide Glove, Fish Monkey debuted<br />

this best-seller in a brand-new colour<br />

pattern at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />


Anglers and watersports enthusiasts need<br />

look no further than the Climate Control<br />

performance sunglasses from Wiley X.<br />


Good clothing and apparel will allow you<br />

to stay on the water longer, no matter what<br />

the conditions.<br />

08 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


NRS has used its expertise to expand its<br />

line of personal watercraft purpose-built<br />

for anglers, introducing the Riffle Fishing<br />

Packraft in 2024.<br />


ICAST<br />

Simms Fishing Products took the stage at<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> to accept two awards, for the<br />

G4Z Stockingfoot Wader and Flyweight<br />

Vest Pack.<br />


Widely regarded as home to high-end<br />

tackle and major global brands, plus vast<br />

fishing opportunities and a strong market,<br />

Japan is central to our industry.<br />


FOR 2024<br />

The 2024 fishing season will continue to<br />

make Panther Martin fans happy and reel<br />

in additional fans with 74 new lures.<br />


More products from global suppliers that<br />

will be worth adding to your outlet’s<br />

shelves over the coming months.<br />


Energofish has become one of the largest<br />

tackle manufacturers and distributors in<br />

Eastern Europe. Prior to EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> in<br />

Budapest, TTW met the team.<br />


SPLASH<br />

Pradco Outdoor Brands’ latest acquisition,<br />

Great Lakes Finesse, enjoyed a positive<br />

response from buyers at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />


It’s the question that runs through every<br />

lure angler’s mind before casting. Nick<br />


MORE<br />

Tunisian manufacturer MORE<br />

(Mediterranean Outdoor<br />

Recreational Equipment) has<br />

established itself as a renowned<br />

specialist in carbon grip systems.<br />



With almost 40 years’ experience in<br />

supplying the global tackle market with<br />

accessories, Deáky Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> has<br />

become a valued partner.<br />



There seems to be more of a clamour<br />

than ever for the US Fly Fishing Shows<br />

scheduled for next year, as they will spread<br />

throughout the USA.<br />


Japanese saltwater fishing brand ZENAQ’s<br />

Racing concept is at the cutting edge. Its<br />

Type R inherits this spirit with outstanding<br />

performance.<br />


Hareline Dubbin is widely recognised as a<br />

US fly-tying materials specialist, thanks to<br />

its distinctive rabbit logo and wide product<br />

range.<br />



SEVIIN’s GF baitcasting reels deliver an<br />

optimal balance of castability, smoothness,<br />

and comfort and are available in six models.<br />


Different boiled seeds are essential<br />

groundbait for anglers. The Carp Expert<br />

range has put plenty into the mix for every<br />

angler to discover.<br />


Super<br />

Heat Dissipation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Super<br />

Low-Friction<br />

Super<br />

Hardness<br />

Super<br />


Shows bring feel-good<br />

factor back to industry<br />

• Continued from page 3<br />

The end of <strong>September</strong> will also<br />

see the American Fly Fishing<br />

<strong>Trade</strong> Association’s brand-new<br />

Confluence event in Salt Lake<br />

City, Utah, USA, bringing<br />

together the industry for an<br />

event incorporating advice and<br />

information, networking and new<br />

gear.<br />

AFFTA’S executive director,<br />

Lucas Bissett, said: “How<br />

we do business, how we stay<br />

connected and how we see<br />

the future of fly fishing is an<br />

ongoing conversation among<br />

our members. The Confluence<br />

gives us the opportunity to bring<br />

all segments of the industry<br />

together to have that discussion<br />

and showcase all the brands that<br />

make fly fishing a great industry.”<br />

Meanwhile, one of the<br />

oldest-established international<br />

shows, ChinaFish, will return in<br />

February 2024, after several years’<br />

break forced by the Covid-19<br />

pandemic.<br />

Registration is open and you<br />

can expect around 500 exhibitors<br />

and roughly 1,500 international<br />

buyers from 80 countries to<br />

descend on the New China<br />

International Exhibition Center<br />

in Beijing.<br />

Halco unveils third<br />

party warehouse<br />

to service USA<br />

Academy Sports<br />

ventures into Virginia<br />

Australian lure manufacturer Halco has opened a thirdparty<br />

warehouse in Dallas, Texas to better service its US<br />

customers.<br />

The warehouse will hold a range of its fastest moving<br />

lines, allowing the brand to provide faster service to its<br />

key distributors, Big Rock Sports and Farris Brothers<br />

as well as serving others who were previously unable to<br />

access the product.<br />

Halco’s sales and marketing manager, Tim Carter,<br />

told TTW: “Because of the way things used to work,<br />

distributors would wait for stocks to become depleted<br />

before placing orders, along with lead time requirements<br />

which meant that sometimes they were out of stock of<br />

these fast-moving or volume lures.<br />

“Having a warehouse in the US now means we can<br />

service everyone much faster and our distributors will<br />

hopefully never run out of stock again.<br />

“Of course, it also means we can look after sponsored<br />

anglers, operations and influencers in a timely manner as<br />

well. We see it as a real game-changer.”<br />

www.halcotackle.com<br />

10 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

‘Fun For All’ will open its second<br />

location in Virginia this autumn.<br />

Sited in Fredericksburg, the store<br />

will cover more than 77,000 sq<br />

ft. Academy plans to continue its<br />

expansion efforts with the goal of<br />

opening between 13 and 15 stores this<br />

year, and a total of 120 to 140 new<br />

stores by the end of 2027.<br />

The latest location will carry a<br />

wide array of products for customers<br />

to choose from to kick-start their<br />

fun, including key brands such as<br />

Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Under<br />

Armour, Columbia, YETI, Shimano<br />

and many more.<br />

It will also continue to offer its<br />

everyday value exclusive, private label<br />

brands such as Magellan Outdoors,<br />

Freely, ROW, BCG, H2OX, Mosaic,<br />

O’Rageous, and Redfield, which<br />

cover outdoor apparel and equipment,<br />

women’s and men’s apparel, workout<br />

attire, fishing equipment, water gear<br />

and hunting accessories, respectively.<br />

Sam Johnson, Academy’s executive<br />

vice-president of retail operations,<br />

said: “We are excited to be a new<br />

destination for the Fredericksburg<br />

community to find everything they<br />

need to pursue their sports and<br />

outdoors passions.<br />

“Whether you are cheering on<br />

[your team], gearing up to fish the<br />

Rappahannock River, or playing<br />

a soccer game, Academy Sports +<br />

Outdoors is here to help you have fun<br />

out there.”

Rapala increases<br />

stake in 13 Fishing<br />


Rapala VMC Corporation<br />

and James Coble, current<br />

majority shareholder of<br />

DQC International, which<br />

manufactures and markets 13<br />

Fishing rods and reels, have<br />

agreed that Rapala VMC will<br />

increase its ownership of the<br />

Florida-based company to 60<br />

per cent.<br />

Rapala VMC introduced 13<br />

Fishing freshwater, saltwater<br />

and hardwater (ice fishing) rods<br />

and reels to markets outside the<br />

United States following the 49<br />

per cent acquisition of DQC<br />

International in 2019. Rapala<br />

VMC will continue to invest<br />

in the marketing and product<br />

development of the 13 Fishing<br />

brand with the plan of building<br />

brand loyalty for it among<br />

retailers and consumers around<br />

the world, including the United<br />

States.<br />

Under the agreement,<br />

Coble will maintain a 40 per<br />

cent stake and continue as<br />

13 Fishing’s Chief Executive<br />

Officer with a key emphasis on<br />

building the brand and driving<br />

innovative products into the<br />

worldwide market.<br />

The amalgamation of 13<br />

Fishing’s and Rapala’s product<br />

ranges will maximise mutually<br />

beneficial distribution and<br />

operative synergies.<br />

DQC International<br />

Corporation president James<br />

Coble said: “Rapala is one of<br />

the largest players worldwide in<br />

our industry. Where 13 Fishing<br />

excels in branding, product<br />

development and innovation,<br />

Rapala excels in driving<br />

operations and sales.<br />

“Joining forces in the US<br />

and leveraging Rapala’s vast<br />

knowledge and customer base<br />

will allow 13 Fishing to rapidly<br />

accelerate growth in the US<br />

market.”<br />

Lars Ollberg, president<br />

and CEO of Rapala VMC<br />

Corporation, added: “For<br />

almost four years we have been<br />

selling 13 Fishing products<br />

outside the United States. Now<br />

is the time to join forces in the<br />

US, in which market Rapala’s<br />

operational excellence will truly<br />

accelerate the growth of the 13<br />

Fishing brand.”<br />

“13 Fishing already has a<br />

proven record of building a<br />

dynamic brand and developing<br />

innovative products. It has<br />

managed to successfully wedge<br />

itself into the world’s most<br />

competitive fishing tackle<br />

market in a relatively short<br />

time.<br />

“We are confident that<br />

combining our industry<br />

knowledge, industry-leading<br />

global distribution network,<br />

and understanding of the<br />

various fishing tackle markets<br />

with James Coble and his<br />

team’s agility, innovation, and<br />

other capabilities, we can grow<br />

13 Fishing into a worldwide<br />

rod and reel player.<br />

“I have full confidence in<br />

the partnership with James<br />

Coble and 13 Fishing, which<br />

will grow as a core brand of the<br />

Rapala family of high quality<br />

fishing brands.”<br />

We currently offer 16 Foamanizer<br />

options, all of which have been designed<br />

to adjust to any fly tyer's workspace.<br />

Over 13,000+<br />

products available<br />

for your fly tying<br />




High-end global tackle brand G Loomis<br />

has launched a direct-to-consumer<br />

(D2C) channel in North America for its<br />

conventional range of rods.<br />

The company says it wants to improve<br />

the shopping experience for anglers while<br />

expanding product research and sales<br />

opportunities at the same time. It said<br />

that changing shopping behaviour and the<br />

chance to build a seamless customer-brand<br />

connection were behind the move.<br />

More and more anglers want uninhibited<br />

access to information as they research and<br />

compare fishing equipment online before<br />

making a purchase decision.<br />

To meet these evolving trends, G<br />

Loomis says it understands the importance<br />

of establishing a direct connection with its<br />

customers, thus providing a comprehensive<br />

brand experience.<br />

However, in a bid to keep its dealer<br />

FUJI ® ULTRA-Poly ®<br />

Wrapping Thread<br />

it’s not just good, it’s FUJI ® good.<br />

Preferred by the best custom rod builders and<br />

factories worldwide. ULTRA-Poly ® is a colorfast<br />

polyester guide<br />

wrapping thread made<br />

exclusively for FUJI ®<br />

to wrap smooth,<br />

burnish without<br />

fuzzies and resist<br />

fading. You’ll enjoy<br />

intense color that<br />

gets better with<br />

every coat of finish.<br />

Contact info@<br />

anglersresource.<br />

net for more information.<br />

Carded<br />

product available<br />

for retail.<br />

Exclusive FUJI Agent North America<br />

Foley, Alabama USA • info@anglersresource.net<br />

www.anglersresource.net<br />

network onside, it has partnered with<br />

e-commerce platform locally.com, to<br />

ensure retailers remain a vital step in<br />

anglers’ online shopping journeys.<br />

Authorised dealers will be able to get<br />

involved in the D2C channel, unlocking<br />

the full potential of the brand’s entire<br />

customer base while maximising sales<br />

opportunities. They will be able to share<br />

their inventory, manage listings and<br />

promote events, all through the G Loomis<br />

website. In essence, anglers will be able to<br />

order online and pick up their purchases<br />

in store.<br />

Dave Pfeiffer, Shimano North America<br />

Fishing president, said: “Our dealer<br />

network has always been a top priority and<br />

we firmly believe that this new direct-toconsumer<br />

channel will complement their<br />

existing efforts.<br />

“We are providing our dealers an<br />

additional avenue to connect with anglers<br />

and showcase our exceptional fishing<br />

tackle. This partnership bridges the gap<br />

between physical retail and e-commerce,<br />

ultimately driving mutual success for both<br />

G Loomis and our valued retailers.”<br />

Industry veteran<br />

signs with Fly<br />

Fishing Show<br />

Rob Parkins, who has<br />

more than 20 years’<br />

industry experience<br />

as a manufacturers’<br />

representative, fishing<br />

guide and retail fly shop<br />

manager, has joined the<br />

Fly Fishing Show staff.<br />

Most recently he<br />

worked with Backcountry<br />

Hunters & Anglers as<br />

its Public Waters Access<br />

Coordinator. He is a<br />

former board member and treasurer of the Fly Fishing <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Association and currently sits on the board of his local Trout<br />

Unlimited chapter in Teton Village, Idaho.<br />

Ben Furimsky, president and CEO of the nationwide event,<br />

said Rob first attended the Fly Fishing Show in 1997 as a<br />

consumer and has since been part of the shows as a fly tier,<br />

exhibitor and presenter at most venues.<br />

He will work to help current and future exhibitors maximise<br />

their business potential at the seven shows across the United<br />

States and will be actively working on site at the live events.<br />

www.flyfishingshow.com<br />

www.gloomis.com<br />

Thread ad for TTW.indd 1<br />

5/9/22 9:41 AM



Vista Outdoor, the parent<br />

company of 41 key brands<br />

in the sporting and outdoor<br />

products sector, has appointed<br />

Jordan Judd as president<br />

of its Bozeman, Montanabased<br />

brand Simms Fishing<br />

Products, effective from<br />

August 1st.<br />

Judd joins Simms from<br />

Salomon North America, the<br />

outdoor footwear, apparel and<br />

winter sports equipment brand<br />

owned and operated by Amer<br />

Sports, where he had served as<br />

president and general manager<br />

since early 2020.<br />

In that role, he was<br />

responsible for all aspects of<br />

Salomon’s business in North<br />

America, including strategic<br />

planning, omnichannel sales<br />

and channel management,<br />

marketing, merchandising,<br />

financial planning, P&L<br />

management and human<br />

resources.<br />

Gary McArthur, interim<br />

CEO at Vista Outdoor, said:<br />

“Based on his vast experience,<br />

unique understanding of a<br />

brand’s entire operations and<br />

track record of driving growth,<br />

Jordan is an ideal person to<br />

lead Simms Fishing Products,<br />

the anchor of our company’s<br />

new fishing platform.<br />

“He is a proven business<br />

leader whose success at<br />

Salomon should quickly and<br />

easily translate to Simms,<br />

another legacy outdoor brand.<br />

We welcome Jordan to the<br />

Vista Outdoor family, and<br />

we look forward to working<br />

with him as Simms unlocks<br />

its fullest potential, reaches<br />

new heights in its product<br />

categories and creates even<br />

more separation from the<br />

competition.”<br />

Since joining Amer Sports<br />

in 2007, Judd has held<br />

numerous positions in sales,<br />

product and marketing for<br />

both the parent company<br />

and several of its outdoor<br />

brands. That business acumen,<br />

coupled with Judd’s passion<br />

Jordan Judd<br />

for fishing as a lifelong<br />

angler, helped him stand<br />

out as the top candidate<br />

for this important position<br />

with Simms, the major<br />

manufacturer of waders,<br />

outerwear and technical<br />

fishing apparel and accessories.<br />

He said: “I am honoured<br />

and excited to join Simms<br />

Fishing Products for many<br />

reasons. One, the brand’s<br />

talented and dedicated<br />

employees have created a<br />

culture and product line that<br />

are the envy of the outdoors. I<br />

can’t wait to join them and get<br />

to work.<br />

“Two, the Simms brand is<br />

renowned for its innovation<br />

and quality. Go to any fishing<br />

community in the world and<br />

the anglers there will tell you<br />

Simms is the sport’s gold<br />

standard.<br />

“And three, Simms’ focus on<br />

reshaping the future of fishing<br />

by protecting our waters and<br />

building a welcoming and<br />

diverse angling community<br />

is the model for stewardship,<br />

sustainability and inclusion.<br />

I’m proud to become part of<br />

that mission.”<br />

Jordan is a lifelong angler<br />

and a staunch supporter<br />

of conservation and<br />

environmental stewardship.<br />

He is directly involved<br />

with several non-profit<br />

organisations that work to<br />

increase access to the outdoors<br />

for everyone, a key component<br />

of Simms’ mission in its<br />

hometown of Bozeman and<br />

wherever people fish.<br />




US-based industry<br />

magazine Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Retailer has a new owner,<br />

with Brian Thurston and<br />

Carlton Veirs selling up<br />

to business leader and<br />

outdoor enthusiast Angie<br />

Thompson, after 15 years.<br />

The move also means<br />

that Ken Duke, managing<br />

editor for almost nine years,<br />

has departed the business.<br />

Angie has acquired<br />

both Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Retailer and the regular-enews<br />

magazine The Fishing<br />

Ken Duke<br />

Wire. The purchase marks<br />

a significant move by Thompson to<br />

create new opportunities for growth and<br />

innovation in the fishing space.<br />

With over three decades working in<br />

the fishing media industry and a wide<br />

range of roles under her belt, Thompson<br />

has a 360-degree perspective and indepth<br />

understanding of the recreational<br />

fishing business as well as the needs of<br />

its retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers,<br />

distributors and consumers.<br />

She said: “I couldn’t be more excited<br />

to take the helm. I’m honoured to<br />

assume responsibility for a 45-yearold<br />

brand and I’m serious about the<br />

stewardship of the title. <strong>Tackle</strong> shops are<br />

the lifeblood of this huge and important<br />

fishing industry and by God’s grace, I<br />

Anglie Thompson<br />

will use creative content and storytelling<br />

to inspire and educate consumers in<br />

support of the fishing business.”<br />

Brian added: “Co-owning Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Retailer and The Fishing Wire<br />

has without a doubt been the most<br />

exciting and rewarding period of my<br />

40-plus years in this industry. Due<br />

to the outstanding work of our staff,<br />

the properties continue to be such an<br />

integral part of the business-to-business<br />

communication that impacts retailers,<br />

wholesalers, distributors and our<br />

industry partners who have played such<br />

an important role in our success.<br />

“I will miss being a part of this<br />

wonderful family, but it is time to pass<br />

the reins. I can’t think of a more capable<br />

person than Angie<br />

Thompson to take these<br />

properties to new levels<br />

and serve the needs of<br />

our partners. It’s been a<br />

great ride!”<br />

Meanwhile, departing<br />

managing editor Ken<br />

Duke commented: “It’s<br />

a job I’ve enjoyed for<br />

nearly nine years, but<br />

it’s time to move on to<br />

something else, and as<br />

much as I feel the pangs<br />

of leaving, I’m even<br />

more excited about the<br />

prospects of something<br />

new.<br />

“The team that I worked with to<br />

put the magazine together and oversee<br />

the efforts to maintain and advance<br />

all the moving parts of FTR was and<br />

is extremely talented, enormously<br />

thoughtful and relentlessly professional.<br />

“The new publisher, Angie Thompson,<br />

is a long-time industry professional with<br />

a diverse and impressive résumé. She<br />

will lead a terrific team that I’ve had<br />

the pleasure to work with for nearly a<br />

decade.<br />

“I am not leaving the industry, just<br />

changing focus. I expect you’ll be<br />

hearing from me as I write, record,<br />

consult and find other ways to<br />

contribute to the sport we love.”<br />

Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong> acquires a Goldfish<br />

Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong> LLC has<br />

acquired the iconic fishing<br />

lure brand, Al’s Goldfish Lure<br />

Company. Both companies are<br />

based in the USA.<br />

Former owners, Jeff and<br />

Mandy DeBuigne, owned and<br />

operated Al’s Goldfish since<br />

2018. Jeff was recently offered<br />

a job that he could not pass up<br />

and they decided to transition<br />

the ownership of this popular<br />

fishing brand to a new owner<br />

so it could continue to grow.<br />

Mandy said: “Selling Al’s<br />

is bittersweet for us because<br />

we love Al’s products and<br />

the company’s history of<br />

American manufacturing.<br />

We will always be Al’s true<br />

believers, along with many<br />

other anglers who cherish<br />

their Goldfish.<br />

“We know Paul Check,<br />

owner of Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong>, will<br />

do great things with his vision<br />

and goals for growing and<br />

expanding the brand. We will<br />

always support Al’s and are<br />

very excited for Paul and the<br />

company’s future.”<br />

Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong> is poised to<br />

build upon the rich history of<br />

Al’s Goldfish Lure Company<br />

by expanding the reach of the<br />

products into the Midwest.<br />

Paul Check added: “We<br />

are excited to acquire such an<br />

iconic fishing lure brand with<br />

a long history of catching<br />

fish all over the world. We<br />

will continue to build upon<br />

the momentum that Jeff<br />

and Mandy have built in the<br />

Northeast by bringing more<br />

options and colours for the<br />

variety of fish in the Midwest<br />

as well as saltwater baits.”<br />

Financial terms of the<br />

transaction were not disclosed.<br />

The company will be relocated<br />

to Wisconsin later this<br />

summer.<br />

www.alsgoldfish.com<br />

14 www.tackletradeworld.com


BIG ROCK<br />

US outdoor sporting goods distributor Big<br />

Rock Sports has made a number of key<br />

appointments to strengthen its business,<br />

including president and chief operating<br />

officer.<br />

Brian Phillips, who rose through the<br />

ranks since joining as director of national<br />

accounts in 2010, has been promoted<br />

to president, leading all aspects of the<br />

business.<br />

Most recently, as the senior vice president<br />

of sales and merchandising, he consistently<br />

delivered outstanding results, driving<br />

revenue growth and fostering strong<br />

customer and vendor-partner relationships.<br />

Mark Charnot, who was previously<br />

vice president of operations, becomes<br />

chief operating officer (COO), assuming<br />

responsibility for leading the operations,<br />

supply chain, human resources and demand<br />

planning initiatives. He joined Big Rock in<br />

2018.<br />

Ed Small, CEO at Big Rock Sports and<br />

parent company Peak Global Holdings,<br />

said: “Brian’s promotion is a testament<br />

to his exceptional leadership skills, vast<br />

industry knowledge and proven ability to<br />

drive business growth.<br />

“Throughout his 13 years with Big Rock<br />

Sports, Brian has continuously displayed<br />

a passion for innovation and a pursuit of<br />

excellence. With Brian as president, Big<br />

Rock Sports is well-positioned to capitalise<br />

on emerging opportunities and further<br />

solidify our position as the premier sporting<br />

goods distributor in North America.”<br />

He added: “Mark’s promotion to COO<br />

Brad McNutt<br />

Mark Charnot<br />

is evidence of his leadership, expertise<br />

in distribution and logistics and agility<br />

to support the sales of our business and<br />

brands. Mark has demonstrated a proactive<br />

approach for solving issues and a relentless<br />

pursuit of service excellence for our<br />

customers.”<br />

Brad McNutt, who started at Big Rock<br />

as national accounts manager in 2008,<br />

becomes vice president of sales – dealer<br />

channel.<br />

Brian Phillips<br />

Ryan Link<br />

With 25 years of industry experience,<br />

Brad’s career began at Shakespeare Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>.<br />

Ryan Link is named as vice president of<br />

merchandising. He joined Big Rock Sports<br />

in 2013 and has held leadership roles in<br />

national account sales and merchandising,<br />

most recently serving as merchandising<br />

director for the US distribution market.<br />

BigRockSports.com<br />

Leading the industry in<br />

service and solutions<br />

Rob Frichette<br />

Customised service is at the<br />

core of Mud Hole Custom<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>’s wholesale team, with<br />

each wholesale partner having<br />

unique needs, customers and<br />

business strategies.<br />

Rob Frichette, senior<br />

wholesale representative at Mud<br />

Hole, is a leader in providing<br />

business solutions for his<br />

customers, with the highest level<br />

of customer service available in<br />

the rod building industry.<br />

An avid angler and expert<br />

rod builder himself, Rob keeps<br />

track of industry trends, knows<br />

the ins and outs of Mud Hole<br />

operations and product offerings<br />

and provides tailored service<br />

to help his wholesale partners<br />

grow their businesses.<br />

Contact Rob at +1 866-<br />

790-RODS, ext. 126 to start<br />

building your business today!<br />

16 www.tackletradeworld.com


Add performance to your assortment.<br />

Stubby<br />

Guide Glove<br />

in 10 colors<br />

Fishing Socks<br />

• 3 Weights<br />

• 6 Styles<br />

Over 50 different Styles!<br />

Mossy Oak Gloves<br />

• Bottomland<br />

• Shadow Grass<br />

• 9 Styles<br />



EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> EXCEEDED<br />


The months leading up to EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> in Budapest were full of hesitation and uncertainty<br />

regarding the added value and usefulness of the trade show that was last held four years<br />

ago. But, as TTW’s Guido Knegt reports, it exceeded expectations.<br />

There were undoubted concerns<br />

about what the European Fishing<br />

<strong>Trade</strong> Exhibition (EFFTEX)<br />

<strong>2023</strong> may look and feel like, given it had<br />

been four long years since it was last<br />

staged, and even more so considering<br />

it was being organised by a third party<br />

from within the trade rather than by<br />

EFTTEX’s owners, the European Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> Association.<br />

However, in the weeks leading up<br />

to the show, the number of exhibitors<br />

18 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

increased noticeably and, on paper at<br />

least, the show began to look like the “old<br />

one”.<br />

The first day on the floor was a bit<br />

like the first day back in school: you’re<br />

not sure where to sit and who to talk<br />

to. But seeing the number of exhibitors,<br />

visitors and professional set-up that<br />

the organising team from Energofish<br />

managed to bring along, made the overall<br />

feeling change from hesitant to very<br />

positive.<br />

At the end of the first day the floor<br />

was buzzing. More than expected visitors,<br />

unexpected exhibitors and many deals<br />

made contributed to a massive sigh of<br />

relieve and regained trust in the show’s<br />

added value.<br />

Istvan Pal and his team could breathe<br />

again and must have had bruised backs<br />

from all the complimentary backslapping<br />

they received at the end of the first day.<br />

The dinner and awards ceremony at the<br />

end of the second day were as jolly and

EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong><br />


important as ever.<br />

Contestants were proud of their awards,<br />

the national gypsy band lightened the<br />

mood and the speeches and the open bar<br />

afterwards made everyone start the last<br />

day of the show with new connections<br />

and great stories to share on their social<br />

media accounts.<br />

Meanwhile, European Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

<strong>Trade</strong> Association (EFTTA) board<br />

member Gerard Bakkenes made a speech<br />

underlining the importance of becoming<br />

a member of the European trade body,<br />

explaining that EFTTA does a lot of<br />

good, lobbies for the industry and needs<br />

to be supported by the trade players.<br />

This now needs to be better<br />

communicated to the industry at large. At<br />

the same time, if being part of EFTTA<br />

and of the EFTTEX trade show is<br />

important as Gerard said, then the big<br />

non-attenders at this EFTTEX should<br />

practise what they preach and support the<br />

show as well by being present.<br />

Distancing yourself from something<br />

that is the only major European trade<br />

show does it a disservice.<br />

However you approach it – a smaller<br />

stand for example – it is important to<br />

show unity and interest and make it clear<br />

the whole industry is part of this and is<br />

willing to share its expertise, vision and<br />

mission.<br />

Line manufacturer Mazzaferro came all<br />

the way from Brazil to Budapest for the<br />

show. The supplier has been at many<br />

EFTTEX shows over the years and took<br />

the opportunity of its return to reengage<br />

with the global market one-toone.<br />

Italian tackle brand Lineaeffe has been a regular at EFTTEX over the years and<br />

made a welcome return this year with another eye-catching stand.<br />

New exhibitor<br />

wants MORE<br />

Tunisia-based component supplier MORE<br />

made the most of its first visit to EFTTEX.<br />

Not only did it bring an exclusive product<br />

and a runner-up spot in the Best New<br />

Product Showcase for its FlexTouch ES<br />

Carbon and Reverse Half Wells fly rod grips<br />

but it also made some good connections<br />

throughout the show.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Dinsmores returned<br />

triumphant from EFTTEX<br />

EFTTEX stalwart and shot and<br />

terminal tackle brand Dinsmores<br />

triumphed with three awards in the<br />

EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> Best Product Showcase.<br />

Dinsmores has been attending<br />

EFTTEX for over 38 years, having<br />

only missed two shows since its export<br />

journey began, and the show has always<br />

represented a vital part of the annual<br />

marketing plan for owner Nigel May.<br />

He explained: “We have always<br />

benefitted from the coming together<br />

that is the EFTTEX show. We have<br />

met most of the people involved in our<br />

export network at this show, and we get<br />

to see the customers face to face, which<br />

for a business like ours is very cost<br />

effective.”<br />

Dinsmores was one of the earliest if<br />

not the first company to properly invest<br />

in the non-toxic weight development<br />

and bring lead-free products to the<br />

market. Years ahead of the curve, it<br />

finally received the recognition for that<br />

pioneering work in the form of the<br />

EFTTEX overall green product award<br />

for products offering the best green<br />

solution for angling.<br />

The winning products that<br />

contributed to the overall green award<br />

were its non-toxic shot in a range of<br />

sizes, which captured best accessory, and<br />

the aptly named Stealth egg shot, which<br />

crept in to snatch success in the terminal<br />

tackle category.<br />

www.dinsmores.co.uk<br />




The team from Italian design, display and brand experts NEXT<br />

Group from Italy thoroughly enjoyed EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> and relished<br />

the opportunity to catch up in person with old and new customers<br />

alike.<br />

Sara Ballotta has been at so many EFTTEX shows over the years<br />

so was well-placed to offer her views on the event and its value to<br />

her business,<br />

She explained: “For me, EFTTEX was a great success because<br />

I was able to meet many of my customers that I hadn’t seen for<br />

many years due to the Covid lockdown. We also made a lot of new<br />

contacts.<br />

“Even if this EFTTEX doesn’t end up bringing new business,<br />

it was important to be seen, to propose new things and to make<br />

customers understand that we are alive and very active!<br />

“Certainly this year there have been many problems in Europe,<br />

as we all know. Participating in EFTTEX in Budapest filled me<br />

with new energy and a lot of optimism. So I consider the result, on<br />

balance, to be absolutely positive.”<br />

next-go.it<br />

20 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Bait mix comes out on top<br />

Hungarian bait manufacturer Top Mix has plenty of reasons to celebrate<br />

at its ‘home’ EFTTEX.<br />

The well-established family business picked up the Visitors’ Choice<br />

award for its Green GLM Method Mix.<br />

Zoltan Papp said: “We were very happy with the award because it was<br />

the opinion of the visitors – and they could only vote for one product.<br />

“At the exhibition, we met many prospective partners who were<br />

interested in our products. After just a week, they contacted us and<br />

several partners placed orders for our products. We couldn’t have asked<br />

for more.”<br />

• Continued on page 22

Display, Design, POS product<br />

R990<br />

500.00<br />

1360.00<br />

If you expected standard display by us…<br />

You are wrong!<br />

We want to amaze our customers, we love<br />

to study new shapes and materials.<br />

700<br />

What we create is never common<br />

because we make it according to your<br />

needs and also your expectations<br />

450<br />

600.00<br />

Stay tuned! https://next-go.it/<br />


Design - Display - POS Project<br />

Via S.Donato 178/2 - 40127 Bologna<br />

Mobile + 39 3355737302<br />

Sara Ballotta<br />

Mail: sara@next-go.it<br />



EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> NEW PRODUCT<br />


The Best New Product Showcase at EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong><br />

differed from previous years but still proved to be hugely<br />

popular and highly successful.<br />

It was open not only to exhibitors but to other brands too and<br />

featured more categories than ever before.<br />

In addition, judging took into account a special ‘green booster’<br />

scoring system to reward companies that offered environmentally<br />

friendly products or packaging.<br />

The awards themselves were presented during a gala dinner in<br />

the city of Budapest where the event was held, with hundreds of<br />

people enjoying the night.<br />

The winners of each category are below…<br />

APPAREL & GENERAL--------------------<br />

• Boxes and Bags<br />

Winner: Panaro Srl- Lure Box 182<br />

Runner-up: Panaro Srl - Max Capture<br />

• Camping/outdoor Gear<br />

Winner: CUZO.eu - enzo<br />

Runner-up: CUZO.eu - quantum<br />

• Clothing<br />

Winner: Finntrail - Fishing Suit<br />

Tournament Graphite<br />

Runner-up: Savage Gear - SG8 Zip Chest<br />

Wader<br />

• Electronic Devices<br />

Winner: Deeper - Deeper Chirp+2 Fish<br />

Finder + Extender Kit<br />

Runner-up: Flacarp - Flacarp X7 Bite<br />

Alarm Set<br />

• Footwear<br />

Winner: Finntrail - Rubber Boots<br />

Outlander Khaki<br />

Runner-up: Dry Walker - Dry Walker<br />

Strong Truck Long<br />

• Gis<br />

Winner: GABY Fish Pillows - GABY<br />

Sailfish<br />

Runner-up: Berkley - Zilla Limited<br />

Edition Giftbox<br />

• Rod Components<br />

Winner: American <strong>Tackle</strong> - Hybrid Reel<br />

Seat<br />

Runner-up: MORE (Mediterranean<br />

Outdoor Recreational Equipment)<br />

- MORE FlexTouch ES Carbon Grips -<br />

Reverse Half Wells Fly Rod Grip<br />

• Sunglasses<br />

Winner: Adventer&Fishing - Glasses<br />

sunset<br />

Runner-up: Aquila Polarized Sunglasses<br />

- SONAR, (black/amber) Polarized<br />

Glasses<br />

• Watercra<br />

Winner: HY Boats - HY 5.0 Fish<br />

CARP & FEEDER--------------------------<br />

• Accessory<br />

Winner: Rippton - CatchX Pro Bait Boat<br />

Runner-up: Czero - Czero Adjustable<br />

Sponge Rod Protector<br />

• Bait<br />

Winner: Dovit - Carp Pellet Mix<br />

Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzár Mix<br />

Concourse Twister Spray<br />

Visitors’ choice award: Top Mix - Green<br />

GLM method mix<br />

• Braided line<br />

Winner: Sonik - Subsonik Sinking Braid<br />

Runner-up: Zukibo - Tears of Ocean<br />

• Carp Rod<br />

Winner: Sonik - Xtractor Pro Carp Rod<br />

Runner-up: Carp Expert - Carp Expert<br />

Max1 Carp Rod<br />

• Feeder Rod<br />

Winner: Nytro - Nytro Starkx Method<br />

Series<br />

Runner-up: TOP MIX - Stradivari<br />

method feeder rod 360 M<br />

• Hookbait<br />

Winner: Cralusso - Jelly Snail<br />

Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzár Mix<br />

Concourse Twister<br />

• Hooks and Rigs<br />

Winner: Benzar Mix - Benzar Arc Flat<br />

XL Rig<br />

Runner-up: Carp´R´Us - Stiff Link<br />

Ronnie Boom<br />

• Monofilament<br />

Winner: OEM Fishing Line Plastools -<br />

Zero Memory<br />

Runner-up: Carbotex - Cameleon Boile<br />

& Carp<br />

• Reel<br />

Winner: Shimano - Power Aero<br />

Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzár<br />

Concourse Feeder 6000 reel<br />

• Terminal tackle<br />

Winner: Cralusso - Big Rocket Method<br />

Basket<br />

Runner-up: Dutch Carp Mesh - Anti<br />

Fraying Mesh<br />

FLY FISHING------------------------------<br />

• Accessory<br />

Winner: E-Fly - E-Fly<br />

Runner-up: Kopter Flies - Kopter<br />

Revolution Bobbin<br />

• Clothing<br />

Winner: Schöffel Fly Fishing - Schöffel<br />

Salar Wading Jacket GoreTex (forest)<br />

Runner-up: Finntrail - Wading Boots<br />

Sportsman Blue<br />

• Fly Lines<br />

Winner: RIO Products - Premier Bank<br />

Robber Wf5f<br />

Runner-up: Cortland Line Company -<br />

Specialty Series Pike / Musky Fly Line<br />

• Freshwater Rod<br />

Winner: Redington - Strike 3106-4<br />

• Reel<br />

Winner: Sage - Enforcer 9/10<br />

• Saltwater Rod<br />

Winner: Sage - Salt R8 990-4<br />

• Two Handed Rod<br />

Winner: R.L. Winston Rod Company -<br />

Microspey Air 2 — 11’ 3WT<br />

Runner-up: Redington - Redington<br />

Trout Spey Field Kit<br />

• Waders<br />

Winner: Greys - Tital Breathable<br />

Stockingfoot Wader<br />

Runner-up: Finntrail - Waders Proguide<br />

Blue<br />

GENERAL & COARSE----------------------<br />

• Accessory<br />

Winner: Dinsmores Super Soft Shot -<br />

Non Toxic Shot 4 Sizes BB 1 4 6<br />

Runner-up: Nytro - Starkx EVA-Ultra<br />

Airbowls 1818 and 2424<br />

• Bait<br />

Winner: Nikl - Devill Krill<br />

Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzar Turbo<br />

Flavour Aroma<br />

• Coarse Rod<br />

Winner: Golden Catch - Golden Catch<br />

Rod Sintez Pole 8.00m<br />

Runner-up: Nytro - Aryzon Continental<br />

Strong Feeder<br />

• Hooks and rigs<br />

Winner: Mustad Fishing - AlphaPoint<br />

Chinu Light Hook<br />

Runner-up: Gurza - Super Lock LE XP<br />

• Lines<br />

Winner: OEM Fishing Line Plastools -<br />

Break Line Method Fishing Bio Sostenible<br />

Runner-up: Relix - Relix Shock Leader<br />

FC Coated<br />

• Reel<br />

Winner: Nytro - Aryzon Series<br />

Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzár River<br />

Bolo 1000 reel<br />

• Terminal tackle<br />

Winner: Dinsmores Super Soft Shot -<br />

Stealth Egg Shot<br />

Runner-up: LeadFree - Long Cast Carp<br />

SALTWATER FISHING---------------------<br />

• Accessory<br />

Winner: Adventer&Fishing - Gloves for<br />

sea fishing Bluefin Trevally<br />

Runner-up: Finntrail - UPF Lonsleeve<br />

Hood Wave Grey<br />

• Boat Rod<br />

Winner: Penn - Battalion Solid Spiral<br />

Armour<br />

Runner-up: Winner Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> - Tai<br />

Rubber<br />

• Braided line<br />

Winner: Zukibo - S Braided Line<br />

Runner-up: SpiderWire - Stealth Smooth<br />

8x8 PE Braid<br />

• Coastal Rod<br />

Winner: Favorite - Black Swan<br />

Runner-up: Illex - Element Rider X5<br />

S2702MH Shorelauncher<br />

• Lure, Hooks and rigs<br />

Winner: fiiish - BioTop Stick<br />

Runner-up: JATSUI - Jatsui Rush Egi<br />

Rubber<br />

• Monofilament<br />

Winner: OEM Fishing Line Plastools -<br />

Fluorocarbon Ks High Abrasion Salt<br />

Water<br />

Runner-up: Carbotex Elite Series -<br />

Trolling & Sea<br />

• Multiplier Reel<br />

Winner: Pure Fishing- Penn Fathom<br />

10XN LD LH<br />

Runner-up: Studio Ocean Mark Blue<br />

Safari 35<br />

• Spinning Reel<br />

Winner: Penn - Tidal XT Longcast<br />

Runner-up: Aquantic - X-Solid<br />


• Accessory<br />

Winner: ReelX and ReelOils - Scandex<br />

Hi Tech Extreme Pressure Lubricand<br />

Reel Oil<br />

Runner-up: MORE (Mediterranean<br />

Outdoor Recreational Equipment)<br />

- MORE FastFit Grip Systems- Fuji SKS<br />

System<br />

• Baitcasting Reel<br />

Winner: Abu Garcia - Zenon MG-LTX<br />

Casting<br />

Runner-up: Shimano - Calcutta Conquest<br />

MD<br />

• Baitcasting Rod<br />

Winner: Illex - Night Shadows B 220<br />

MHFG Cranking Time<br />

Runner-up: Savage Gear - Alpha SG6<br />

Pelagic Vertical<br />

• Braided line<br />

Winner: Carbotex Elite Series - Spin &<br />

Cast<br />

Runner-up: Berkley - DEX Braid PE x8<br />

• Hard Lure<br />

Winner: Shimano - Bantam Armajoint<br />

Flash Boost 190F/190S<br />

Runner-up: Livingston Lures - Titan Jr<br />

• Metal Lure<br />

Winner: Ribche-lures Serbia - Quicky<br />

Runner-up: Heron - Double-Fly<br />

• Monofilament<br />

Winner: Golden Catch - Fluorocarbon<br />

Golden Catch X-Guard FC Leader 25m<br />

Runner-up: OEM Fishing Line Plastools -<br />

High Visibility Spinning & Lure<br />

• So Lure<br />

Winner: Savage Gear - 3D Whitefish Shad<br />

Runner-up: Strike Pro - Giant Pig Tail<br />

• Spinning Reel<br />

Winner: Shimano - Vanquish<br />

Runner-up: Abu Garcia - Zenon MGX<br />

Spinning<br />

• Spinning Rod<br />

Winner: Stucki Fishing - Diamond<br />

Finesse<br />

Runner-up: Golden Catch - Golden Catch<br />

Rod Endorfin EDS-610UL-S 2.08m 0.2-4g<br />

• Terminal tackle<br />

Winner: Pikecraft Fishing - Quick Release<br />

Pin<br />

Runner-up: Dnipro-Lead - Sinker “Fang”<br />

22 www.tackletradeworld.com

anos<br />

lines, fibers, ropes and nets<br />

1953.<strong>2023</strong><br />

premium lines for sport fishing<br />

We are<br />

Mazzaferro<br />

In the market for over 70 years,<br />

Mazzaferro is concerned with<br />

serving the most demanding<br />

fishermen in the world.<br />

Quality for the Mazzaferro group<br />

goes beyond a commitment! This is<br />

a value that we tirelessly pursue in<br />

our relationships with customers.<br />

70 YEARS<br />


Mazzaferro's manufacturing process is<br />

based on the premise of being recognized<br />

as a process of excellence in the<br />

Brazilian and international markets, as it<br />

manufactures high quality products in all<br />

segments and commercial brands.<br />

Our culture is based on open communication,<br />

transparency and openness to<br />

new ideas. The good management of<br />

people is seen as very important in our<br />

business.<br />

Discover our<br />

complete line<br />

lines, fibers, ropes and nets<br />



Plastools<br />




Italian line manufacturer Plastools and its latest biodegradable packaging swept away<br />

the opposition at EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong>, walking away with four awards – three for best new<br />

products and one for its trade stand.<br />

The company, which makes<br />

around 200 different fishing line<br />

products, also introduced show<br />

visitors to a wide selection of<br />

packaging, using biodegradable materials<br />

as well as plastic-free OEM yarns.<br />

Plastools’ CEO Moira Dal Pozzo<br />

explained: “We have launched several<br />

new products but we are the pioneers<br />

of BIO packaging. Using raw materials<br />

such as bamboo, hemp, coffee or wood,<br />

allows us to give our OEM monofilaments<br />

compostable, biodegradable or bio-based<br />

packaging. We are the only ones in the<br />

fishing market to offer our customers fully<br />

biodegradable packaging.<br />

“We have an in-house plastic moulding<br />

department where we can create any<br />

object in biodegradable material with our<br />

exclusive recipes, as well as packaging<br />

such as BIO boxes or envelopes. We have<br />

invested a great deal of time and resources<br />

in BIO research, obtaining exceptional<br />

results and recognition from our earthconscious<br />

customers.”<br />

Customers loved the concept and the<br />

company was further honoured with<br />

three Best New Product awards in the<br />

carp, coarse and saltwater line categories,<br />

24 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

respectively.<br />

Its Zero Memory line stunned visitors<br />

thanks to its total lack of memory, minimal<br />

elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance,<br />

especially at the knot. This extruded thread<br />

with advanced technology uses three<br />

different molecules and is excellent for<br />

every type of fishing.<br />

High Visibility, meanwhile, also offers<br />

zero memory but with a super visible<br />

colouring for every type of fishing.<br />

Although highly visible out of the water, it<br />

disappears completely when immersed.<br />

The third winner was KS Fluorocarbon,<br />

which is saltwater resistant with a high<br />

knot strength and boasts just the right<br />

amount of suppleness while also offering<br />

excellent value for money.<br />

All of its threads and spools can be<br />

supplied with customised OEM branding<br />

and with both organic and non-organic<br />

packaging.<br />

As if this wasn’t enough, Moira was also<br />

delighted to pick up an award for the best<br />

stand.<br />

She told TTW: “EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> was a<br />

magnificent event, the organisation did its<br />

best to make the event happen in the best<br />

possible way. I personally congratulated<br />

the organisers on a great job and I think<br />

it was not at all easy for them but it was a<br />

success.<br />

“I also encouraged them to organise it<br />

again, even without the big names, since<br />

we small ones really can make a difference<br />

and we proved it.<br />

“We are very fond of EFTTEX. As a<br />

manufacturer it is the only trade fair that is<br />

suitable for us – it is the iconic European<br />

trade fair where we can meet all our<br />

customers and find new ones. It is the best<br />

showcase for the European fishing market.<br />

“I really hope that the organisers don’t<br />

give up in the face of demands from the<br />

‘big brands’. Let’s all think together about<br />

keeping the European market alive with a<br />

centralised fair and let’s all try to look in<br />

the same direction.<br />

“Of course we might not agree on<br />

everything, but for the common good<br />

we need to find a point of reference, to<br />

focus not on personal interests but on<br />

safeguarding the event itself for the good<br />

of our market.”<br />



Panther Martin ®<br />

New 2024 Line Up<br />

As Seen At<br />

NEW SonicWhammy<br />

Split , Bent Blade for<br />

Added Action<br />

NEW Hybrid Holographic<br />

Silky & Smooth Tails<br />

Stay Fluffy When Wet<br />

74 NEW Panther Martin® lures coming in 2024!<br />

Make room on your shelves and in your tackle boxes,<br />

Panther Martin® is bringing a total of 74 exciting new<br />

lures your way.<br />

Unique designs like the SonicWhammy with a split<br />

blade that’s bent at the bottom to produce more<br />

spinning and thumping action.<br />

Plush tails that stay fluffy when wet on the<br />

Hybrid Holographic have 0% absorption.<br />

Single Hooks for catch & release anglers come in<br />

barbed and barbless options.<br />

Groovy, ultra violet shades of the SpikeADelics glow<br />

bright in all water conditions. Weedless hook & soft<br />

body glide through vegatation.<br />

Double bladed, fully skirted, free spinning<br />

SonicThumpers work like magic on monster bass.<br />

NEW SpikeADelic<br />

NEW<br />

Single Hooks<br />

Ultra Violet Blade & Body<br />

with Weedless Hook<br />

Barbless Undressed<br />

NEW SonicThumper<br />

Barbed Fly<br />

Double Panther<br />

Martin Blade<br />

PantherMartin.com, Dept TT093L<br />

19 N. Columbia Street, Port Jefferson, NY 11777<br />

ph (631) 473-7308 • fax (631) 473-7398<br />

/PantherMartin • /PantherMartinFishing

ICAST<br />


Mazurkiewicz<br />

After coming to a screeching halt in 2020 – leading to an amicable effort in pivoting<br />

to an online show – and then doing its best working through COVID protocols and<br />

travel restrictions to put on better-than-expected shows in 2021 and 2022 (but<br />

lacking much of the show’s international flair), the International Convention of Allied<br />

Sportfishing <strong>Trade</strong>s (ICAST) is back.<br />

Attendance at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> reached<br />

13,345 attendees, including all 50<br />

US states and, more importantly,<br />

registrants from 84 countries, proving that<br />

the ‘International’ in the ICAST acronym is<br />

very valid.<br />

Exhibitors, dealers and media from<br />

across the globe attended one of the most<br />

vibrant shows in many years – some saying,<br />

“it could be the best ever” to “the fishing<br />

industry just works so much better when we<br />

can gather in person”.<br />

The American Sportfishing Association’s<br />

staff did their job well, kicking the show<br />

off with record participation in the ICAST<br />

Cup fishing tournament that raised money<br />

for ASA’s Keep America Fishing initiative<br />

efforts, to the most exhibitors at the ‘On<br />

The Water’ event, where even the typical<br />

Florida-in-July afternoon thunderstorm<br />

didn’t dampen the crowd or excitement.<br />

“While other outdoor recreation product<br />

26 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

shows continue to lose their lustre, it really<br />

seems that ICAST is healthier than ever,<br />

and you could really feel that momentum<br />

on the show floor,” said Casey Shedd,<br />

president at AFTCO.<br />

Shedd noted that as the company<br />

expends it global reach, he was pleased<br />

with the number of international customers<br />

visiting their booth. “It was a nice bonus to<br />

have our Canadian customers back at the<br />

show, plus a good number of accounts who<br />

haven’t been back since 2019.”<br />


Daiwa US president Carey Graves, a<br />

veteran of more than two decades of<br />

attending ICAST shows, said he was<br />

not only impressed by the exceptional<br />

attendance from all segments of the<br />

sportfishing industry, but was downright<br />

humbled by the amount of time dealers<br />

and key accounts spent looking over all<br />

Daiwa had to offer in its massive exhibit.<br />

“Seeing all the positives at ICAST<br />

is both exciting and needed for the<br />

continued growth of the fishing industry,”<br />

said Graves. “Those attending saw great<br />

innovative products, and that goes way<br />

beyond just Daiwa. It’s happening across<br />

the board with rods, reels, fishing lines,<br />

lures and more, and that competition<br />

pushes all of us to be even more innovative<br />

in future new products for the benefit of<br />

anglers worldwide.”<br />

A brand well-entrenched globally in<br />

the fishing industry, Simms Fishing booth<br />

was fully staffed with sales, product and<br />

brand managers for both its fly fishing<br />

focused gear and clothing and more for<br />

conventional anglers. An anchor exhibitor<br />

next to the FlyCASTing pond – spurring<br />

interest in ASA’s efforts to attract the<br />

fly-fishing industry to ICAST – Simms’s<br />

director of brand, Patterson Leeth, was

Review<br />

ICAST<br />

extremely pleased with the turnout<br />

from all sides of the angling<br />

community, from local guides<br />

and shops to international<br />

dealers all represented and<br />

engaged in the future of our<br />

sport.<br />

“As Simms continues to<br />

evolve our product offering and<br />

expand outside of our awardwinning<br />

wader and into subsets<br />

of the larger fishing community,<br />

I can’t think of a better event<br />

to showcase our products,” he noted. “And<br />

even in Florida in July, we were able to<br />

generate great interest in our updated<br />

Challenger insulated jackets and bibs<br />

designed for hard water fanatics and those<br />

who find themselves competing on the<br />

coldest fishing tournament mornings.”<br />

The staff at House of Outdoors, known<br />

best for its Googan brand baits and lures<br />

and Bass Mafia lure and tackle storage<br />

products, exceeded expectations with their<br />

interaction with both US and international<br />

dealers.<br />

Tommy Thompson, VP of retail sales<br />

and marketing, said reaching out to the<br />

international audience was a key show goal.<br />

“We brought in Edgar Hoill, who handles<br />

Latin American sales out of Guadalajara,<br />

Mexico, to help us with our international<br />

business,” said Thompson. “Edgar was<br />

able to make substantial inroads with<br />

contacts not only from Mexico, Costa Rica,<br />

Colombia and Panama, but also opened up<br />

potential doors for us in Australia, South<br />

Africa and Spain.”<br />

There were more international doors to<br />

knock on at fishing apparel brand Huk.<br />

According to Huk’s director of independent<br />

sales Jim Lupinski: “We also did extremely<br />

well with international contacts, especially<br />

in warmer weather climates. Over the three<br />

days, we had conversations with dealers and<br />

distributors from Australia, Brazil, Mexico<br />

and even Saudi Arabia.”<br />

Lupinski added the company did<br />

very well in its interaction with dealers<br />

throughout its southeast US stronghold and<br />

beyond. The Huk booth was consistently<br />

busy throughout Wednesday and Thursday<br />

and he was pleasantly surprised with the<br />

number of visitors on Friday.<br />

Room to still grow bigger? Ideas to bring<br />

in even more international exhibitors and<br />

dealers? Providing the right ‘trade’ home<br />

for the fly-fishing industry? The ASA staff<br />

has plenty of questions about ICAST and<br />

plenty of answers to work on. But with the<br />

problems caused by COVID mostly now in<br />

the rear view mirror, ICAST is back – and<br />

being done right.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


ICAST<br />

International<br />

flavour at<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

From its name alone, the International<br />

Convention of Allied Sportfishing <strong>Trade</strong>s,<br />

better known as ICAST, has always tried<br />

to welcome visitors from outside the USA.<br />

Covid made it difficult in the last<br />

couple of years but there were plenty of<br />

accents and languages on the show floor<br />

this year.<br />

Walking through the Orange County<br />

Convention Center in Orlando, Florida,<br />

TTW bumped into companies from<br />

across the globe – there were 84 countries<br />

represented in all.<br />

TTW met the Italian fishing line<br />

manufacturer Gruppo DP on the first<br />

morning, who were eager for business<br />

and had plenty of meetings lined up<br />

throughout the three-day show.<br />

One of the furthest-travelled companies<br />

was Halco from Australia. Managing<br />

director Ben Patrick and sales and<br />

marketing manager Tim Carter made<br />

the long journey to showcase their latest<br />

lures as well as making the most of their<br />

time with a visit to a new third-party<br />

warehouse in the USA.<br />

The Gruppo stand<br />

Another Australian voice belonged to<br />

Simon Blockley, the managing director of<br />

Brandscope, who was walking the floor<br />

and meeting with many of his clients who<br />

avail themselves of the firm’s innovative<br />

global B2B e-commerce platform.<br />

It currently supports more than 500<br />

brands, including some of the biggest<br />

names in apparel, general sports and<br />

fishing, among others.<br />

The team from castable smart sonar<br />

maker Deeper had trekked across from<br />

Lithuania to meet existing and new<br />

buyers, while Ukraine-based IBIS brought<br />

across its Select range of rods and more<br />

and made many friends. Polish inflatable<br />

boat name Oro-Jet was also on hand.<br />

One company that was especially<br />

IBIS Select crew from the Ukraine<br />

First Dart’s Sandy Otaga<br />

Westin’s Escape Cam<br />

pleased to have made the trip from<br />

mainland Europe was Danish brand<br />

Westin. Despite having thousands of<br />

SKUs, it actually only brought one to<br />

ICAST – its new – and tiny – EscapeCam<br />

underwater camera, which is due for<br />

official release shortly.<br />

It was a big stand for a small product<br />

but it drew plenty of interest as designer<br />

Michael Trøst explained the concept.<br />

Things got even better when it picked<br />

up the Best New Product award in the<br />

electronics category.<br />

Describing it as the world’s smallest<br />

and lightest underwater fishing camera,<br />

Westin CEO Thomas Eldor Petersen said:<br />

“We are very happy. It was worth making<br />

the journey, for sure. The product is a little<br />

different from many we supply but we<br />

wanted to show it first at ICAST.”<br />

Despite their luggage going missing<br />

in advance of the show, Singapore-based<br />

fishing line supplier FirstDart enjoyed the<br />

ICAST experience and were pleasantly<br />

surprised on day one how much interest<br />

they received on the limited samples they<br />

were able to display.<br />

Fortunately, the rest of their stand and<br />

the remaining samples arrived in time for<br />

day two.<br />

Some of the most intriguing<br />

conversations took place on the Weather<br />

Monster booth. While it was a new name<br />

at ICAST – with eye-catching clothing<br />

for both fresh- and saltwater – it is<br />

actually owned by a 50-year-old Korean<br />

company, Kolon Sport.<br />

Asia was represented by many brand<br />

names in fact, including Adusta lures from<br />

and Sasame Hooks from Japan, several<br />

Chinese tool and lure makers, kayak<br />

makers from Taiwan and more.<br />

Closer to home, representing the rest of<br />

the Americas were names like Brazilian<br />

line manufacturer Mazzaferro, survival<br />

brand Mustang and Scotty Manufacturing<br />

from Canada and a couple of Costa Rican<br />

and Guatemala destinations.<br />

28 www.tackletradeworld.com

Review<br />



ICAST<br />

ICAST is much more than a trade<br />

show, with its seminars, demonstrations,<br />

activities, awards and keynote speakers<br />

as well as the chance for attendees to<br />

get out on the water and try gear for<br />

themselves, the day before the show opens<br />

for business.<br />

As day broke over nearby Lake Toho<br />

in Kissimmee, the team of Steve Weist,<br />

Christian Bellomono and Trevor Bates<br />

topped a field of 46 teams in Major<br />

League Fishing’s ICAST Cup bass fishing<br />

tournament.<br />

TTW editor John Hunter joined boat<br />

captain Cal Lane and Lucas Steward from<br />

Power-Pole and caught their three-fish<br />

limit but it was some way off the winning<br />

mark of 17lb 3oz. The event, now in its<br />

eighth year, raises proceeds for ASA’s<br />

angler advocacy program, Keep America<br />

Fishing, via the early morning tournament.<br />

Major League Fishing vice president of<br />

operations, Dave Washburn, said: “I can’t<br />

think of a better way to kick off ICAST<br />

than to have teams competing on Lake<br />

Toho. We only fish for four hours and<br />

every year we catch quality fish.”<br />

This year, the ICAST Cup raised $9,200<br />

for Keep America Fishing, bringing its alltime<br />

total to more than $80,000.<br />

On The Water<br />

Meanwhile outside the Orange County<br />

Convention Centre’s North Concourse,<br />

a hive of activity could be seen for the<br />

ICAST On The Water Product Demo<br />

Day, sponsored by Garmin.<br />

This year’s event set an attendance<br />

record for exhibitors, who lined the<br />

shoreline with new rods, reels and apparel<br />

while a flotilla of personal watercraft and<br />

a bay boat patrolled waters stocked with<br />

fish.<br />

“I feel like ICAST is back to life again,”<br />

said KastKing CEO Tate Cui. “We are<br />

seeing a lot of international visitors at this<br />

event. We are seeing the audience here<br />

try new products, and new products really<br />

drive the industry.”<br />

Dockside, Old Town Canoes &<br />

Kayaks pro Ashley Lewis demonstrated<br />

the company’s new electronic pedal drive<br />

system.<br />

He said: “The crowd is very eager and<br />

excited. They want to come in and see<br />

what is going on. Being on the water<br />

gives us an opportunity to congregate as<br />

we naturally would around docks and boat<br />

launches to experience fishing. So, we get<br />

to do that with new products and with<br />

each other to generate some excitement<br />

for what’s new.”<br />

Later that evening, media and buyers<br />

were able to view and vote for the Best<br />

New Products in a special reception<br />

featuring over 1,000 products in 37<br />

different categories.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


ICAST<br />

St Croix owners Dave, Jeff<br />

and Paul Schluter prepare<br />

to serve a special 75th<br />

anniversary cake at ICAST.<br />

St Croix family celebrates 75 years<br />

US rod maker St Croix had an extra special<br />

reason to celebrate at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> as it<br />

gathered its key people to mark 75 years in<br />

business.<br />

Owners Dave, Jeff, and Paul Schluter<br />

served a special 75th anniversary cake to<br />

visitors to the company’s booth during the<br />

show.<br />

St Croix CEO Scott Forristall said<br />

afterwards: “We’re proud of our 75 years<br />

in business and the control we command<br />

over our rod-manufacturing process –<br />

handcrafting the ‘Best Rods on Earth’ in the<br />

two most advanced fishing rod factories in<br />

the world.<br />

“We’re also proud that we’ve been owned<br />

by the same family for the last 46 of those<br />

years. Most of all, though, we’re grateful<br />

to you – our anglers – for the trust and<br />

confidence you’ve placed in us to add value<br />

to your precious time and experiences on the<br />

water.”<br />

Founded by brothers Bob and Bill<br />

Johnson in 1948, St Croix originally made<br />

and sold landing nets before moving into<br />

fishing poles.<br />

Park Falls businessman Gordon Schluter<br />

actually bought and saved the company<br />

twice, the second time installing his sons in<br />

the business to help out.<br />





Among the many intriguing launches at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> was the<br />

appearance of fishing apparel brand Weather Monster.<br />

Although the eye-catching products and the brand name are new<br />

to the US market the heritage is strong as it is part of Korean-based<br />

50-year-old camping and outdoor manufacturer Kolon Sport.<br />

Wholesale manager Ally Hwang explained: “We are a longestablished<br />

outdoor, mountain gear and camping name with a<br />

flagship store in Seoul, Korea, but we wanted to expand into fishing.<br />

“We felt there would be a demand for more fashionable fishing<br />

clothing that would also look good outside of the sport and, having<br />

created two collections for salt and freshwater fishing, we wanted to<br />

test them out in the US market, which is why we visited ICAST.<br />

“It is very important for us to get feedback from the industry – we<br />

feel these are unique products and we wanted the industry to see<br />

them. We are initially looking for distributors across the USA and<br />

have been excited to talk to many people at the show.”<br />

Weather Monster’s head designer Jae hun<br />

Jung and wholesale manager Ally Hwang.<br />

30 www.tackletradeworld.com

Review<br />



By John Mazurkiewicz<br />

It just has to be a bit intimidating. Not only<br />

are you exhibiting at the ICAST Show for<br />

the first time – there were 180 companies<br />

in Orlando for the first time interspersed<br />

among the 663 total exhibits – but this<br />

could be your big opportunity at taking your<br />

company to that next level. <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> visited with two new exhibitors at<br />

the show to hear about their experiences,<br />

and why it was important to be in Orlando<br />

for ICAST ’23.<br />

Josh Clymer with AquaTraction, makers<br />

of advanced marine flooring for both the<br />

OEM boat market and custom aftermarket<br />

dealers, said many of his contacts in the<br />

marine and fishing industries told him<br />

ICAST was a show he needed to check<br />

out. Some of those said it was not the right<br />

show for his product. His reaction to it all –<br />

nine on a 10 scale positive.<br />

Clymer met with a good number of<br />

dealers from Florida that had interest, and<br />

with his company based in Minnesota, he<br />

doesn’t have those opportunities to interact<br />

with dealers from other areas of the country<br />

often.<br />

“While our immediate return-oninvestment<br />

isn’t there, were weren’t<br />

expecting it,” said Clymer. “But the<br />

connections we made and the ability to<br />

have interaction with the major players in<br />

the business – and to show our products<br />

to anyone attending the show who owns<br />

a boat, we expect a 10-time return on our<br />

investment from it.”<br />

At a show where there are<br />

easily 100,000-plus different<br />

lures and plastic baits on display,<br />

how does newcomer Bizz<br />

Baits get bites from any dealers<br />

walking the ICAST ohow floor?<br />

Owner Brian Souza has solid<br />

consumer show experience<br />

at the Chicagoland Fishing,<br />

Boating & Travel Show and the<br />

Bassmaster Classic Outdoor<br />

Expo.<br />

“We knew our booth had<br />

to be eye-catching so we took<br />

the chance to kick off a new look and rebranding<br />

for the company and our products,<br />

and we also launched our new lead jig line<br />

plus new plastics,” he said. “We worked our<br />

connections prior to show – and also had<br />

B.A.S.S College Bracket champion and<br />

Bassmaster Classic qualifier Louis Monetti<br />

helping us in the booth to bring added<br />

interest.”<br />

Souza said the company’s expectations<br />

were definitely met and has lots of warm<br />

leads to follow-up with after the show,<br />

plus he had the opportunity to talk with<br />

a number of distributors, a sales channel<br />

he has not travelled down yet. From<br />

making lures in his spare time, along with<br />

competing in college fishing tournaments<br />

while attending Illinois State University, to<br />

now owning a business that had a successful<br />

first-time at the ICAST Show, Souza could<br />

be a case history on how to make a career in<br />

Newcomers Bizz<br />

Baits’ stand.<br />

ICAST<br />

the fishing industry.<br />

To assist first-time exhibitors at ICAST,<br />

the American Sportfishing Association<br />

provides assistance well prior to the start<br />

of the show. According to Blake Swango,<br />

ASA’s VP of <strong>Trade</strong> Shows and Membership,<br />

his staff holds webinars for both first-time<br />

and other exhibitors starting in February<br />

to discuss basic best practices at the show,<br />

move-in/out directions, and opportunities<br />

to promote their company.<br />

“Once at ICAST, those that serve on the<br />

ASA Membership Committee visit every<br />

new exhibitor to welcome them, answer<br />

any questions, and as a thank you from<br />

ASA, provide them with a Centerplate gift<br />

certificate so lunch one day at the show is<br />

on us,” said Swango.<br />

“We also have ASA tax consultant Mitch<br />

King visit each new member to explain IRS<br />

excise taxes and help them navigate those<br />

waters.”<br />

Making your products<br />

stand out in the crowd<br />

Stepping back to a tradition <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong> initiated years<br />

ago at EFTTEX where we recognised companies for their<br />

booth/stands at the show, TTW editor John Hunter and US<br />

correspondent John Mazurkiewicz collaborated on honouring two<br />

companies for their efforts at this year’s ICAST.<br />

In what we call the ‘small stand’ category, we recognise EZ<br />

On Fishing Company from Charleston, South Carolina for<br />

their handiwork. Using reclaimed wood to build display tables<br />

and old wire spindles stacked up to display products, company<br />

CEO Eddie Phillips and director of sales and marketing, Delano<br />

Francis, constructed an eye-catching booth to showcase their new<br />

EzOn SLIP Bobber.<br />

They had two video monitors running to show the effectiveness<br />

of their floats/strike indicators when targeting panfish in<br />

freshwater, and to fish deeper water or suspending baits in<br />

saltwater at specific depths. This was their third year as ICAST<br />

exhibitors.<br />


The side and back walls of the Orange County Convention<br />

Center were lined with the much more massive booths from the<br />

big brands in the industry. While all the major players including<br />

Shimano, Rather Outdoors, Rapala/VMC and Pure Fishing do<br />

an outstanding job with inviting displays, we’re recognising Daiwa<br />

USA for the ‘big stand’ category.<br />

With its 60ft by 80ft footprint, Daiwa had the biggest singlebrand<br />

booth at the show. Keeping its freshwater products on one<br />

side and saltwater on the other, they made it convenient for their<br />

sales staff to show dealers their entire product line-up, along with<br />

having dedicated areas with all their new gear on display for each<br />

rep group to work with customers.<br />

There was an exceptional hands-on display of the Daiwa power<br />

assist reels, which may have even helped bring added awareness<br />

to the Seapower 1200, which won ‘Best New Saltwater Reel’<br />

in the New Product Showcase. Daiwa also started off the show<br />

Wednesday morning by hosting more than 125 media members<br />

and dealers at the booth where senior marketing manager Marc<br />

Mills gave a quick overview on all of Daiwa’s key new products<br />

being introduced. There was room for all.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


ICAST<br />

Great Lakes Finesse<br />

Halco lure<br />

REC Recoil XL guides<br />

NEW<br />



BUYERS<br />

With 37 categories in the New Product<br />

Showcase Awards, there were plenty of<br />

chances to shine and collect a trophy or two<br />

at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

While several companies walked<br />

away with multiple honours during the<br />

awards night, including AFTCO, Simms,<br />

Shimano, Pure Fishing and Z-Man, the<br />

loudest cheer was reserved for the following<br />

day’s announcement of Best Of Show.<br />

Florida-based American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Company picked up ICAST’s most coveted<br />

award with its all-carbon fishing rod<br />

32 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Under Armour suit<br />

The Power-Pole stand<br />

handle, the G2 Tsuka 2 Complete Carbon<br />

Handle.<br />

The innovative custom rod component<br />

beat out a field of more than 1,000 other<br />

entries in the ICAST New Product<br />

Showcase Awards, coming out on top of<br />

37 other category winners to give the rod<br />

builders industry bragging rights.<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> Company marketing<br />

manager Kevin Landers said: “To win Best<br />

of Show against all of these other products<br />

is pretty unreal.”<br />

While vice president Darrin Heim<br />

explained that the product had been more<br />

than a decade in the making and added:<br />

“It’s great to be representing the rest of the<br />

custom rod builders and rod component<br />

companies in the industry.”<br />

Power-Pole was another company<br />

that celebrated loudly as its MOVE<br />

ZR brushless trolling motor took the<br />

Motorised Boating Accessories gong while<br />

Danish brand Westin only brought one<br />

product to the show – its EscapeCam<br />

underwater camera – and walked away with<br />

the ‘best electronics’ honour.

Review<br />

ICAST<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> BEST OF CATEGORY WINNERS<br />


Novelties and Wellness<br />

Product: The GoMist Drink and<br />

Misting Bottle | ExtremeMist<br />

Personal Cooling Systems<br />

Motorised Boating Accessories<br />

Product: PowerPole Move ZR |<br />

Power-Pole<br />

Non-Motorised Boating Accessory<br />

Product: BOTE Water Hammock<br />

| BOTE<br />

Boats and Watercraft<br />

Product: Old Town Sportsman<br />

BigWater ePDL + 132 | Johnson<br />

Outdoors Watercraft, Inc.<br />

Footwear<br />

Product: Ankle Deck Boots -<br />

Black | AFTCO<br />

Ice Fishing<br />

Product: LiveScope Plus Ice<br />

Fishing Bundle LI with ECHOMAP<br />

UHD2 93sv | Garmin USA<br />

Eyewear<br />

Product: King Tide 8, Black 580G<br />

Blue Mirror | Costa Sunglasses<br />

Lifestyle Apparel for Women<br />

Product: Women’s Coverup Dress<br />

| Huk Performance Fishing<br />

Lifestyle Apparel for Men<br />

Product: Ocean Bound Hooded<br />

Performance Shirt | AFTCO<br />

Warm Weather Technical Apparel<br />

for Women<br />

Product: Mojeaux ¼ Zip<br />

Performance Shirt | AFTCO<br />

Warm Weather Technical Apparel<br />

for Men<br />

Product: Channel Hooded<br />

Performance Shirt | AFTCO<br />

Cold Weather Technical Apparel<br />

for Women<br />

Product: Women’s Barricade<br />

Rain Suit | AFTCO<br />

Cold Weather Technical Apparel<br />

for Men<br />

Product: Gale Pullover | Blackfish<br />

Gear<br />


Soft and Hard Coolers<br />

Product: Flop Box 10 | Flop<br />

Industries<br />

Electronics<br />

Product: Westin EscapeCam |<br />

Westin Fishing<br />

Cutlery, Hand Pliers or Tools<br />

Product: BUBBA Pro Series Smart<br />

Fish Scale | BUBBA<br />

Fishing Accessory<br />

Product: ENGEL USB<br />

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion XL<br />

Live Bait Aerator Pump | ENGEL<br />

Coolers<br />

Kids’ <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Product: ProFISHiency Next Gen<br />

Crazy Combo | Anything Possible<br />

Brands<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Management<br />

Product: Pontoon Boat <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Center | Boat Outfitters<br />

Terminal <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Product: VMC Swingin’ Ned Rig<br />

Jig | Rapala<br />

Custom <strong>Tackle</strong> and Components<br />

Product: G2 Tsuka 2 Complete<br />

Carbon Handle | American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Company<br />

Fishing Line<br />

Product: Mastiff Fluorocarbon |<br />

Shimano<br />


Fly Fishing Waders & Wading Boots<br />

Product: G4Z Stockingfoot<br />

Wader | Simms Fishing Products<br />

Fly Lines, Leaders, Tippet and<br />

Line Accessories<br />

Product: BUZBE Colony 8T<br />

(THIN) | BUZBE<br />

Fly Fishing Packs, Bags &<br />

Luggage<br />

Product: Flyweight Vest Pack |<br />

Simms Fishing Products<br />

Fly Fishing Technical Apparel and<br />

Accessories<br />

Product: Master M6014 Edition |<br />

Renzetti, Inc.<br />

Fly Fishing Reel<br />

Product: Cheeky Spray Fly Reel |<br />

Cheeky Fishing<br />

Fly Fishing Rod<br />

Product: Hardy Marksman Z |<br />

Pure Fishing, Inc.<br />


Freshwater Soft Lure<br />

Product: Berkley PowerBait<br />

Nessie | Pure Fishing, Inc.<br />

Saltwater Soft Lure<br />

Product: Mulletron LT (Line<br />

Through) Swimbait | Z-Man<br />

Fishing Products<br />

Freshwater Hard Lure<br />

Product: ChatterBait Elite EVO |<br />

Z-Man Fishing Products<br />

Saltwater Hard Lure<br />

Product: MIrrOlure The Duke Dog<br />

| L&S Bait Company<br />


Freshwater Rod<br />

Product: St Croix Mojo Bass<br />

TRIGON | St Croix Rods<br />

Saltwater Rod<br />

Product: NRX+ Inshore | Shimano<br />

Rod & Reel Combo<br />

Product: Abu Garcia ZATA<br />

Baitcast Combo | Pure Fishing,<br />

Inc.<br />


Freshwater Reel<br />

Product: Stradic FM | Shimano<br />

Saltwater Reel<br />

Product: Seapower 1200 | Daiwa<br />

Corporation<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Fishbites<br />



Anglers around the world agree: Fishbites catch more fish! Since 1999, Carr Specialty Baits,<br />

Inc. has been busy revolutionising the fishing industry with its game-changing brand of<br />

baits called Fishbites and its newest Fight Club lures. The Fishbites team explains more…<br />

If you’re looking for a fight, you’ve<br />

come to the right place.<br />

Fishbites Fight Club Lures are<br />

made from a patented Hydrogel<br />

matrix making these baits more durable<br />

and flexible than other similar scentbased<br />

lures currently on the market.<br />

Each Fight Club bait is heavily infused<br />

with the proven Fishbites flavour/scent<br />

technology. In short, these lures are going<br />

to bring the fight to you!<br />

Fishbites Fight Club Lures will not dry<br />

out on your hook as fast as other similar<br />

baits nor are these baits immersed in a<br />

strong-smelling solution that stinks up<br />

everything they touch. It’s the scent that<br />

melts in the water, not on your hand! As<br />

a bonus, these lures are made with allnatural<br />

ingredients and are biodegradable.<br />

Fight Club lures come in five shapes<br />

and numerous confidence colours so,<br />

regardless of your fish-fighting style,<br />

there’s a lure with your name on it.<br />

No matter where you are in the<br />

34 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

world or what species you are targeting,<br />

Fishbites has a bait for that!<br />

Here’s a quick breakdown of shapes<br />

available:<br />

• Butt Kicker Paddletail 4in<br />

• Dirty Boxer Curly Tail 5in<br />

• Fight’n Shrimp 3.5in<br />

• Brawler Jerkbait 5in<br />

• Fight Club Grub 6in<br />


Using a concentrated formula replicating<br />

the natural chemicals that fish use to<br />

detect and track their prey, Fishbites<br />

have become the go-to synthetic<br />

alternative to natural bait. Each bait is<br />

heavily infused with a mixture it calls<br />

Flavor/Scent.<br />

The scent replicates feeding stimulants<br />

found in prey animals that trigger<br />

feeding behaviours in fish. The flavour<br />

replicates the taste fish are expecting<br />

when they strike. The result is a very<br />

aggressive bite, giving anglers a better<br />

chance to set the hook!<br />

Anglers around the world are using<br />

Fishbites as their confidence baits,<br />

knowing that by using these baits<br />

the chances of catching more fish<br />

dramatically increase. It’s the bait that<br />

stays on the hook longer, lasts longer, and<br />

has the scent that melts in the water not<br />

in your hand.<br />

As the bait gradually dissolves,<br />

Fishbites baits release a trail of powerful<br />

feeding stimulants that fish simply cannot<br />

resist.<br />

Fishbites is family-owned and operated<br />

in St Augustine, Florida and prides itself<br />

on making reliably consistent fishing<br />

products for anglers of all ages around the<br />

world.<br />


info@fishbites.com<br />


American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />



WINS BIG!<br />

Tsuka 2 redefines fishing rod handles<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> went to<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> with an agenda.<br />

They went with the idea<br />

that they could change the<br />

idea of fishing rod handles with their<br />

new product, the Tsuka 2. This fishing<br />

rod handle redefines the idea behind<br />

material, shape, strength and experience<br />

to everything before. After months of<br />

development and testing the Tsuka 2 was<br />

shown to the industry and the industry<br />

cheered.<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> not only took the<br />

Best in Category award but to much of<br />

the team at American <strong>Tackle</strong>’s shock,<br />

“Best in Show,” the highest award for any<br />

product in the fishing industry. The team<br />

was overwhelmed with the outpouring of<br />

support from rod designers, brands and<br />

competitors. “We are in shock. We knew<br />

we had a good product and were hoping<br />

to win our category, but never thought a<br />

fishing rod component could win Best in<br />

Show,” says Darrin Heim, vice president<br />

at American <strong>Tackle</strong>.<br />

“We are consistently trying to develop<br />

new products to push the fishing industry<br />

forward for the betterment of our sport<br />

and the anglers that use our products.<br />

“We have been working with carbon for<br />

over 10 years and this is the culmination<br />

of all that hard work.<br />

“Everyone is excited for the future<br />

of not only the Tsuka 2 but carbon as<br />

a material in this industry.” With more<br />

and more companies looking forward<br />

to and adjusting to the ever-changing<br />

fishing market, carbon has been at the<br />

forefront. “We have been looking outside<br />

our industry to see what materials can<br />

be adapted to be used within the fishing<br />

industry,” says Heim. “We are all very<br />

excited for the future of American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

as well as the fishing industry.”<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> has been around for<br />

40 years and continues to be the go-to<br />

company for quality components in the<br />

industry. With many brands in their<br />

booth at ICAST the industry as a whole<br />

looks to be adopting the Tsuka 2 as the<br />

next evolution in fishing rod handles.<br />


www.americantackle.us<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Fish Monkey<br />




Don’t call it a throwback but, based on the incredible success of the Stubby Guide Glove,<br />

Fish Monkey debuted this best-seller in a brand-new colour pattern during this year’s ICAST<br />

trade show in Orlando, Florida.<br />

In the New Product Showcase, Warm<br />

Weather Technical Apparel for Men<br />

category, the Stubby was unveiled<br />

in Old School Beige Camo, one of<br />

three new “old school” patterns. This was<br />

one of the original camouflage colour<br />

designs and it’s making a comeback these<br />

days as one of the most popular anywhere<br />

from the field to the docks.<br />

The Stubby is one of the most popular<br />

fishing gloves in the world for a variety of<br />

reasons. First, it offers UPF 50-plus sun<br />

protection plus all-day comfort thanks<br />

to its ultra-lightweight and wicking fabrics.<br />

PVC Monkey Grip in the palms gives<br />

you a sure grip on rods, steering wheels<br />

and throttles, and it works just as well<br />

when wet as it does dry. The shorter<br />

fingers and cuffs give it a low profile and<br />

the many colours and patterns match<br />

moisturenearly<br />

any taste.<br />


Also new for Spring 2024 is some<br />

exciting news from Fish Monkey<br />

performance fishing gloves: Mossy<br />

36 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Oak Bottomland. The brand will be<br />

introducing the Bottomland camo pattern<br />

in two best-selling glove styles – the Half<br />

Finger Guide and the Stubby – as well as<br />

in the popular performance Face Guard.<br />

Original Bottomland is the pattern<br />

that launched the Mossy Oak brand<br />

more than 35 years ago, when founder<br />

Toxey Haas wanted to find a way to get<br />

closer to those ultra-wary wild turkeys in<br />

Mississippi and Alabama.<br />

Drawing inspiration from the natural<br />

world around him, he developed one of<br />

the most natural-looking camouflage<br />

patterns in the world based on those long<br />

hours in the woods. Since those early<br />

years, Mossy Oak has not only become<br />

popular with hunters but with outdoor<br />

enthusiasts of all kinds, including anglers.<br />

“Fish Monkey is very excited to partner<br />

with Mossy Oak and looks forward to<br />

releasing the Bottomland pattern in two of<br />

our most popular gloves as well as our face<br />

guard,” Fish Monkey founder and president<br />

Tim Mossberg says.<br />

“There’s a natural synergy between the<br />

two brands in that we want to provide not<br />

just great products for our customers but to<br />

find unique ways where we can improve the<br />

overall experience and enjoyment of being in<br />

the outdoors.”<br />


sales@fishmonkeygloves.com<br />


Giving You the Tools to Improve Your Business<br />

Salt Palace Convention Center<br />

Salt Lake City, Utah<br />

<strong>September</strong> 26-28, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Visit AFFTA.org for more information.<br />

Your B2B<br />



From rod repair to OEM components<br />

and fully built rods, we are the #1 b2b<br />

product supplier in the industry!<br />

YOUR RODS.<br />

YOUR WAY.<br />



Wiley X<br />






Anglers and watersports enthusiasts won’t have to look further than the versatile Climate<br />

Control series of performance sunglasses from Wiley X – an exciting collection of eyewear<br />

for those who want the best and won’t settle for average.<br />

In 1987, the family-owned Wiley X<br />

was founded on the battlefield by<br />

the late Myles Freeman Sr, and for<br />

over 35 years the brand has been at<br />

the forefront of the protective eyewear<br />

industry, ensuring uncompromising safety<br />

for the armed forces of the world.<br />

Its many years of experience have not<br />

only made Wiley X a preferred brand<br />

when seeking protection from fragments,<br />

but its continued innovative approach<br />

to creating top of the line eyewear has<br />

also made the brand a first choice when<br />

selecting performance sunglasses.<br />



It is well known that polarised sunglasses<br />

are a must-have for all anglers and<br />

watersport enthusiasts, as the polarised<br />

filter ensures that glare, which naturally<br />

occurs when sun rays hit the water<br />

surface, is eliminated.<br />

38 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

In this way, the anglers can see the fish<br />

under the surface. However, for those<br />

who engage in any activities on the water,<br />

sunglasses are also all about comfort.<br />

Angling involves long days on the<br />

water, waiting for that dream catch to<br />

find its way to the bait.<br />

Here, the high-wrap design of the<br />

models in the Wiley X Climate Control<br />

series are especially beneficial. Due to this<br />

wrap-around frame design, the eyewear<br />

sits close to the user’s face, giving a snug<br />

and comfortable fit.<br />

At the same time, all peripheral light is<br />

eliminated, making sure that the user gets<br />

the best use of the polarised filter, as all<br />

light that can hit the lenses from behind<br />

is removed.<br />

High performance water sport<br />

activities, on the other hand, also<br />

demand comfort and a snug fit, but when<br />

conducting activities with a high pulse<br />

and at a high speed, the Facial Cavity<br />

Seal of the Climate Control series is a<br />

game changer.<br />

The easily removeable foam insert will<br />

not only add an extra dimension of soft<br />

comfort to the user but it will also ensure<br />

that wind, water and dust cannot enter<br />

the eye and cause irritation.<br />

No matter if you are a passionate<br />

angler or determined to break the<br />

toughest records in high-speed watersport<br />

activities, the Climate Control series will<br />

protect the eyes from the elements while<br />

ensuring the best polarised experience.<br />

WILEY X<br />


Introducing a new chapter in Total Boat Control with the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor. These<br />

two models conquer the harshest conditions with unrivaled power, unmatched durability and unbelievable<br />

efficiency that operates with near absolute silence. Go farther. Fish harder. Make every move count.<br />



CLOTHING &<br />




& APPAREL<br />

Rods, reels and terminal tackle will catch you fish but good clothing and apparel will allow you<br />

to stay on the water longer and maximise each trip, no matter what the conditions.<br />

Come rain or shine, ice or sun,<br />

anglers just can’t get enough of<br />

their sport and will brave the<br />

harshest or most trying conditions to put a<br />

bend in their rod.<br />

While their choice of tackle probably<br />

won’t change, what they pull on to protect<br />

themselves from the elements certainly<br />

will, not matter where you are in the world.<br />

There’s an old adage: “There’s no such<br />

thing as bad weather, only unsuitable<br />

clothing.” And that phrase is particularly<br />

applicable to fishing.<br />

It’s why clothing is such a crucial market<br />

sector, as anglers understand that top<br />

quality, technical apparel plays such a key<br />

part in the sport – and they are prepared to<br />

pay a good price for it.<br />

Whether they need to stay warm and<br />

dry in heavy rain or high winds or beat<br />

burning sun with cooling, skin-protecting<br />

gear, there is so much on the market and<br />

more coming all the time as technology<br />

continues to advance in this sphere.<br />

While there are a number of specialist<br />

manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to<br />

the best gear that an angler can have, at the<br />

same time virtually every major tackle firm<br />

will have its own complementary clothing<br />

line, designed to make the most of brand<br />

loyalty as fisherfolk plump for the logos<br />

they know and love on their tackle.<br />


Of course, it’s understandable with the<br />

‘pros’, the competition anglers and those<br />

who are more ‘hardcore’, perhaps spending<br />

days on the bank in any weather or chasing<br />

across the flats in unrelenting sunshine but<br />

nowadays even so-called ‘pleasure anglers’<br />

are searching for the best gear available.<br />

This also presents a wonderful<br />

opportunity for retailers. Indeed, there are<br />

many who style themselves as ‘outfitters’,<br />

ensuring those heading to cool destinations<br />

have all they require. But more and more<br />

dealers now recognise the need to stock<br />

great clothing and take advantage of the<br />

need to stay protected.<br />

Whether it’s the latest waterproof<br />

or windproof technology, the technical<br />

attributes of a fleece, breathability or<br />

wicking abilities, sun protection factor or<br />

quick-drying qualities, the choice is wide<br />

and varied. Leaving footwear and waders<br />

aside (which really should be in their own<br />

categories) there are a few key pieces that<br />

must form part of your inventory:<br />

Weatherproof jackets and trousers – Th e<br />

most exposed items of clothing, these are a<br />

must-have for serious anglers.<br />

Hoodies/sweatshirts – Style and fashionconscious<br />

anglers will want one of these,<br />

supporting their favourite brands. They are<br />

great for layering on changeable days, too<br />

T-shirts/long sleeve T-shirts – Th e<br />

standard base layer for many anglers, which<br />

can be found as standard or with SPF<br />

ratings for protection against UV rays.<br />

Caps/headwear – A fantastic product<br />

to stock and will always sell well. Warm<br />

beanie style hats are perfect for the colder<br />

months while caps and brimmed hats are<br />

great for protecting the face from sun and<br />

insect bites.<br />

Gloves – The hands take some serious<br />

abuse while fishing all year, so a selection<br />

of gloves will keep anglers’ hands<br />

protected. Some are specially designed for<br />

saltwater fly fishermen and for stripping<br />

back big flies or with a cut finger to allow<br />

knot tying and aid dexterity.<br />

40 www.tackletradeworld.com

© <strong>2023</strong> Wiley X<br />

WX OZONE<br />


Wiley X removable, soft foam Facial Cavity Seals block out even the finest irritants and peripheral<br />

light, protecting the eyes and allowing polarized lenses to perform at peak levels.<br />

WILEYX.EU | +45 96 93 00 45


CLOTHING &<br />


SIMMS<br />


The highest-tech wading jacket on the water, this jacket is<br />

constructed with waterproof/ breathable three-layer GORE-TEX Pro<br />

fabric.<br />

Built with an adjustable hood, the jacket also comes equipped<br />

with adjustable cuffs designed to lock water out.<br />

A unique storage array includes dual zippered chest storage<br />

pockets with interior stretch mesh dividers, zippered side-entry<br />

handwarmer pockets with integrated pass-through zipper for wader<br />

access without having to remove your jacket.<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />



Upgrade your fishing wardrobe with the Women’s Tunic<br />

Fishing Shirt in the Unbound Brown pattern.<br />

Made from high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric, this<br />

shirt is perfect for all-day fishing trips, keeping you cool<br />

and dry even on the hottest days.<br />

The Unbound Brown design features a unique,<br />

abstract Brown Trout pattern that is both eye-catching<br />

and stylish, making this shirt suitable for both on and off<br />

the water.<br />

The tunic style provides extra coverage and UPF 50+<br />

protection from the sun.<br />

Equipped with functional pockets for storing essentials<br />

like sunglasses, lip balm and fishing gear, this tunic fishing<br />

shirt is both practical and fashionable.<br />

Whether you’re an avid angler or just looking for a<br />

comfortable and stylish shirt for your outdoor activities,<br />

this women’s tunic fishing shirt is the perfect choice! In<br />

szies from XS to 3XL.<br />

fishewear.com<br />

HUK<br />


Winner of Best New Product at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>, this is designed to combine<br />

fashion with functionality and is the perfect accessory for female anglers<br />

who refuse to compromise on style while enjoying their time on the<br />

water.<br />

Whether hopping off the boat or simply lounging by the pool, this<br />

cover-up is a must-have addition to any fishing wardrobe.<br />

Boasting a range of impressive features, the Pursuit Cover-Up Dress<br />

guarantees exceptional performance. With its 50+ UPF sun protection,<br />

female anglers can stay in the sun with peace of mind, knowing their skin<br />

is shielded from harmful UV rays. The adjustable hood offers additional<br />

sun protection, protecting the face and neck from harsh rays.<br />

The moisture transport technology efficiently wicks away sweat,<br />

keeping the user dry and comfortable even during intense fishing<br />

sessions. The cinches at the bottom allow for easy adjustment, ensuring a<br />

perfect fit and ideal coverage.<br />

www.hukgear.com<br />

42 www.tackletradeworld.com



The Back Country OTC is a medium-weight, wader-friendly line of Merino wool performance socks<br />

for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Wool-rich, premium construction, performance enhanced and<br />

ready for a long day on the water or in the field. Ventilation panels, arch and ankle compression,<br />

non-slip calf and a cushioned footbed, while a seamless toe prevents chafing!<br />

These are perfect socks for cool to cold conditions; paired with waders, leather boots or rubber<br />

muck boots, these will be your feet’s new best friend. Made in the USA.<br />

www.dealers.fishmonkeygloves.com<br />


CLOTHING &<br />




This field coat is made of high-quality loden milled by Leichtfried, Austria, then coated in a fine layer<br />

of Teflon coating for further water repellency.<br />

The fabric is then sent to Northamptonshire, England, to Farlows’ master coatmakers, who boast<br />

more than 40 years’ experience, where it is marked, cut and sewn by hand.<br />

It incorporates a drop membrane waterproof liner for optimum breathability and performance,<br />

wool loden lining in the collar for extra warmth and comfort, hard wearing metal double zip fleecelined<br />

handwarmer pockets and large bellows pockets, with fastening.<br />

As if that wasn’t enough, high strength cotton is used across the garment and there are button<br />

side adjusters on the back half belt, and internal cuff so the garment can be worn over tailoring,<br />

Alcantara (manmade hard wearing suede) trimming in high wear areas, rain zip storm flap with real<br />

horn button closures for extra weather protection, military twill luxurious lining with heavy weave<br />

cotton lower drip strip plus zippered and buttoned internal breast pockets.<br />

www.farlows.co.uk<br />

HUK<br />


This lightweight and waterproof jacket will keep anglers warm, dry and ready to<br />

conquer any fishing expedition; it’s designed to provide optimal protection in adverse<br />

weather conditions.<br />

It’s made with a 2.5l waterproof body fabric, which guarantees superior water<br />

resistance, keeping you dry even during heavy rain or splashes while its fully seamsealed<br />

construction takes waterproofing to the next level, preventing any water<br />

penetration and keeping anglers protected from head to hem.<br />

An adjustable bungee hood ensures a snug fit, keeping rain and wind out, while the<br />

zippered pockets offer secure storage for essentials, keeping them dry and within reach<br />

at all times.<br />

And when the weather clears up, simply roll up the jacket and conveniently store<br />

it in its own zippered chest pocket. This feature makes it easy to carry and ensures<br />

every fisherman is always prepared for changing weather conditions during fishing<br />

adventures.<br />

Crafted from a blend of 95 per cent polyester and five per cent Spandex, it’s the<br />

perfect balance between comfort, flexibility,<br />

and durability, allowing for unrestricted<br />

movement, ensuring easy and precise line<br />

casting.<br />

www.hukgear.com<br />



An incredibly technical jacket designed to offer everything you could possibly need whilst on<br />

the water.<br />

The GORE-TEX 3-layer laminate with ripstop offers 100 per cent waterproofing while being<br />

durable and fully breathable. Combined with a three-point adjustable packaway storm hood,<br />

adjustable watertight cuffs and two zipped microfleece side hand warmer pockets with<br />

drainage eyelets, you will have complete protection from the elements.<br />

The large top-access chest pockets feature an elasticated gusset for maximum storage,<br />

whilst the D-ring for tool attachment and Hypalon port for your zinger attachment are very<br />

easily accessible.<br />

There is also a hook and loop fastener fly patch pad, wading belt loops, reinforced net<br />

D-ring and an internal zip pocket with clear face for your mobile phone.<br />

www.schoffelcountry.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



NRS<br />

Fishing-specific<br />

packcraft<br />

launching for 2024<br />

With over five decades of designing and building rafts, NRS used its expertise to expand its<br />

line of personal watercraft purpose-built for anglers and will introduce the Riffle Fishing<br />

Packraft in 2024.<br />

The first packraft designed<br />

specifically for fishing, the Riffle<br />

gives anglers a new, better tool<br />

for pursuing fish off the beaten<br />

path. Hike it in to access remote waters,<br />

cross the river to fish the far bank or stalk<br />

the alpine lakes – the ultra-lightweight<br />

Riffle inflates and deflates quickly, making it<br />

easier than ever to ‘Catch the Adventure’.<br />

“We don’t enter any product category<br />

unless we are confident that we can offer<br />

something unique to the market,” said NRS<br />

chief operations officer, David Blue.<br />

“With the Riffle Packraft, we hit the<br />

mark. We used our five-plus decades of<br />

experience to develop new technology<br />

creating a more durable, reliable, and airtight<br />

lightweight boat and then added features to<br />

enhance an angler’s experience on the water.”<br />

Rather than sticking with the<br />

conventional method of butting and sewing<br />

seams together, NRS engineers chose<br />

overlapping, heat-welded seams that are<br />

further sealed with interior taping, to create<br />

an incredibly strong mechanical bond for<br />

fail-proof air retention.<br />

NRS doubles the insurance against leaks<br />

by applying a waterproof TPU coating to<br />

both sides of the PVC-free nylon material.<br />

44 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Made for fishing<br />

Anglers will love the Riffle’s fishingspecific<br />

features including integrated<br />

reel slots in the floor and attachment<br />

points for rigging rods, rod tubes, packs<br />

and a day bag. Reinforcements inside the<br />

bow protect from wading boots, while a<br />

waterproof storage compartment with<br />

TIZIP closure gives anglers a dry space<br />

for storing extra layers and gear.<br />

A full-length, rigid inflatable floor<br />

provides additional stability in more<br />

dynamic water and is self-bailing<br />

for increased manoeuvrability. The<br />

detachable seat and backrest gives anglers<br />

the ability to customise their comfort and<br />

set-up.<br />

Not only is NRS committed to<br />

bringing to market new gear<br />

for adventure anglers, but<br />

in the past few years it<br />

has doubled down on<br />

its efforts to reduce its<br />

environmental footprint.<br />

Each new product must<br />

meet three design pillars:<br />

Performance, Longevity and<br />

Sustainability. Durable materials,<br />

advanced construction and deliberate<br />

design based on the specific needs of the<br />

adventure angler ensure the Riffle will<br />

stay in your boat quiver for years, if not<br />

decades.<br />

And the Riffle’s TPU-coated nylon<br />

is highly repairable, extending this<br />

packraft’s useable lifetime.<br />

The Riffle inflates with minimal<br />

effort using the included inflation bag.<br />

The packraft also includes a repair kit<br />

and compression strap for storing and<br />

transport.<br />

When adventure calls for going light,<br />

fast and far, anglers need a boat that is<br />

reliable, packable and functional, with<br />

everything you need and nothing you<br />

don’t.<br />

NRS<br />


Tel: 814-443-3638 Email: info@flyfishingshow.com<br />

Now accepting contracts!<br />

Announcing 2024 Fly Fishing Show Dates<br />

Announcing our 2024 Fly Fishing Show schedule with the addition of our return to Bellevue, WA. This<br />

will be the biggest fly fishing even to hit the Pacific Northwest in years. Our shows serve as a dynamic<br />

marketplace, fostering connections, igniting innovation, and driving the growth of our industry. By<br />

joining us as an exhibitor, you become an integral part of this journey. New exhibitors are now welcome<br />

to apply to exhibit.<br />

Each show is tailor-made for passionate anglers like yourself, bringing together a curated selection of<br />

top-notch exhibitors, industry experts, and fellow enthusiasts under one roof. Whether you’re seeking the<br />

latest gear, eager to discover innovative techniques, or nail down your next bucket list trip, we’ve got you<br />

covered! Stay tuned for further updates, a detailed schedule of events, and registration information.<br />

Until then, may your lines be tight and your spirits high!<br />

2024 Show Dates<br />

• Marlborough, MA - Jan 5-7<br />

• Denver, CO - Jan 19-21<br />

• Edison, NJ - Jan 26-28<br />

• Atlanta, GA - Feb. 2-4<br />

• Bellevue,WA - Feb. 17-18<br />

• Pleasanton, CA - Feb 23-25<br />

• Lancaster, PA - March 2-3<br />



Simms<br />


AT ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> has come and gone and, as is the case every year, the floor was booming with<br />

manufacturers and exhibitors showing the latest and greatest fishing tackle, gear and<br />

apparel to media and dealers from around the world.<br />

While virtually every booth<br />

at the show displays<br />

the entirety of its new<br />

product offerings, there’s<br />

no better place to get a true glimpse of the<br />

most cutting-edge technology and creative<br />

angling solutions than the ICAST New<br />

Product Showcase. This year, over 1,000<br />

products were submitted to dozens of<br />

categories that are voted upon by media<br />

attendees and others.<br />

Bozeman, Montana-based Simms<br />

Fishing Products came to the table with<br />

The FW Vest Pack<br />

46 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

numerous strong contenders such as the<br />

all-new Challenger Insulated Suit, the<br />

Men’s SolarFlex Cooling Hoody, the Men’s<br />

and Women’s Glades Hoody, the Daymaker<br />

Landing Net and the Pursuit Shoe.<br />

In the end, Simms took the stage to<br />

accept two awards, one for the all-new G4Z<br />

Stockingfoot Wader and the other for the<br />

Flyweight Vest Pack.<br />


Submitted in the Fly Fishing Waders<br />

and Wading Boots category, the all-new<br />

G4Z Stockingfoot Wader not only looks<br />

fantastic, it’s also the hardest-charging,<br />

performance-driven wader Simms has ever<br />

made.<br />

Made in Bozeman, the G4Z is built with<br />

a four-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric<br />

in the lower and a three-layer GORE-<br />

TEX Pro Shell in the upper. It features<br />

new patterning for 2024 to provide a much<br />

better fit, greater range of motion and<br />

increased longevity.<br />

In the new model, the four-layer<br />

extends higher up on the leg for added<br />

durability. Equipped with Simms’ patented<br />

compression-moulded, anatomically<br />

correct left and right stockingfeet and<br />

integrated gravel guards, the wader also<br />

features Simms patented front and back<br />

leg seams. Low profile, rugged belt loops<br />

keep a customised G4, adjustable-stretch<br />

neoprene wading belt in place and two<br />

zippered stretch woven stash pockets allow<br />

for ample on-body storage while two<br />

zippered microfleece lined handwarmer<br />

pockets revitalise frozen fingers.<br />

A new, fully submersible centre-front<br />

zipper has been reconstructed for a better<br />

fit and a spacer mesh suspender system has<br />

been incorporated for a more ergonomic fit,<br />

more support and increased breathability.<br />

Finally, quick-adjust cam-lock suspender<br />

hardware has been included for on-the-fly<br />

adjustments.<br />


Meanwhile, the innovative Flyweight<br />

Vest Pack is a hybrid that offers the<br />

functionality of a vest and the convenience<br />

of a pack. Built with a 150D Robic Nylon,<br />

it comes equipped with a 2l hydration<br />

bladder sleeve, internal organisation,<br />

stretch-woven water bottle/rod tube<br />

holders, a zippered opening and a vented<br />

flap on the back to store wet gear without<br />

stowing inside.<br />

The Vest Pack also has two zippered<br />

pockets on both flanks of the vest portion<br />

and adjustable straps that go across the<br />

chest and abdomen to offer maximum<br />

support for long days on the water.<br />

The award winning G4Z Stockingfoot<br />

Wader and Flyweight Vest Pack are both<br />

part of Simms’ Spring 2024 product line<br />

and will be available in January.<br />

SIMMS<br />









DBW...<br />

JAPAN<br />

D o i n g B u s i n e s s W i t h . . .<br />

JAPAN<br />

Widely regarded as the home of high-end tackle and major global<br />

brands, Japan is central to the tackle trade. Add the fact that fishing is<br />

one of the most popular sports among its 124 million residents and it’s<br />

easy to see why the country should be a key port of call for you.<br />

With a reputation for quality<br />

products designed to serve<br />

a highly discerning market,<br />

Japan is famed for its<br />

consumerism and for the fact it<br />

48 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

is one of the largest and<br />

most developed economies in<br />

the world.<br />

It has a well-educated,<br />

industrious workforce and<br />

large, affluent population while<br />

also being home to a number<br />

of the biggest names in the<br />

fishing tackle industry.<br />

It was one of the first Asian<br />

countries to climb the value<br />

chain from cheap textiles to<br />

advanced manufacturing and<br />

services – which now account<br />

for the majority of its GDP<br />

and employment.<br />

From the 1960s to the<br />

1980s, Japan achieved one of<br />

the highest economic growth<br />

rates in the world, helped<br />

by high rates of investment<br />

in productive plant and<br />

equipment, the application of<br />

efficient industrial techniques<br />

and a large domestic market of<br />

discerning consumers.<br />

Today, Japan is a world<br />

leader in the manufacture<br />

of electrical appliances and<br />

electronics, cars, ships, machine<br />

tools, optical and precision<br />

equipment, machinery and<br />

chemicals. Key exports include<br />

vehicles, machinery and<br />

manufactured goods, while the<br />

main imports include mineral<br />

fuels, machinery and food.<br />


Japan could easily be said to<br />

be the homeland of fishing<br />

tackle and is the birthplace of

DBW...<br />

JAPAN<br />

economy focus<br />

$6.319 trillion GDP (USD)<br />

$49.044 GDP per capita (USD)<br />

0.7% GDP growth rate (average)<br />

2.66% Unemployment rate<br />

Top export partners:<br />

– China<br />

– USA<br />

– South Korea<br />

– Taiwan<br />

– Hong Kong<br />

Top import partners:<br />

– China<br />

– USA<br />

– Australia<br />

– South Korea<br />

Taiwan<br />

fACT file<br />

Capital: Tokyo<br />

Dialling code: +81<br />

Population: 124.8 million<br />

Prime minister: Fumio Kishida (at time of going to press)<br />

Official language: Japanese<br />

Time zones: Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)<br />

Currency: Yen<br />

Internet domain: .jp<br />

global tackle giants Daiwa and<br />

Shimano. It is also a hugely<br />

diverse country in terms of<br />

fishing disciplines and the way<br />

it sells tackle to anglers.<br />

The retail chain Ishiguro is<br />

popular with Japanese anglers<br />

of all disciplines as the shop<br />

sells a wide range of freshwater<br />

and saltwater gear. In its<br />

stores it makes every inch of<br />

floorspace count with tackle on<br />

every wall, shelf and surface,<br />

packed aisles and huge choice<br />

in each product category.<br />

Japanese retail staff are<br />

friendly and helpful and many<br />

retailers also run fishing clubs,<br />

with initiatives sometimes<br />

promoted to attract young<br />

anglers to ensure the future of<br />

the market.<br />

The growth of tackle shop<br />

chains has accelerated in the<br />

last few decades following<br />

some mainstream supermarkets<br />

trying and failing to<br />

successfully sell fishing tackle,<br />

leaving the specialist retailers<br />

– both independent and chain<br />

– to thrive.<br />

Other big retail chains<br />

include Johshuya and Casting,<br />

which is owned and run by<br />

<strong>World</strong> Sports Co, itself owned<br />

by Globeride Inc, owner of<br />

Daiwa Sports.<br />

Japan’s domestic fishing<br />

market is super-competitive<br />

and its tastes in terms of<br />

quality are very, very high. This<br />

means that Japanese anglers are<br />

not afraid to spend money, and<br />

fishing tackle here is expensive.<br />

There are an estimated<br />

15 million anglers in Japan,<br />

with 4,000 tackle shops, 100<br />

wholesalers, 150 manufacturers<br />

and the total estimated value<br />

of fishing to Japan’s economy is<br />

$6 billion.<br />

The Yokohama Fishing<br />

Festival and Osaka Fishing<br />

Show returned to live action<br />

this year and attracted more<br />

than 70,000 anglers.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />

JAPAN<br />


In 2022, the fishing and tackle<br />

market reached 247 billion<br />

JPY – just below 2 billion USD<br />

– which was five per cent down<br />

from 2021. However, compared<br />

to pre-Covid levels in 2019, the<br />

market size was 208 billion JPY,<br />

meaning it has grown by over 20<br />

per cent.<br />

This year, there is a noticeable<br />

decline, in line with many other<br />

countries as people are starting<br />

to find other ways to spend<br />

their time, such as travel. As a<br />

result, the market has slowed<br />

as retailers and distributors are<br />

overstocked.<br />

That said, the Japanese<br />

Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Manufacturers<br />

Association ( JAFTMA) expects<br />

things to recover in 2024.<br />

Saltwater shore fishing<br />

currently accounts for around 42<br />

per cent of the market and has<br />

been the fastest growing sector,<br />

while freshwater bass fishing<br />

takes up 18 per cent, rock fishing<br />

13 per cent and inshore/offshore<br />

fishing 12 per cent.<br />

In 2022, fish and tackle<br />

exports reached 49 billion<br />

JPY, an increase of 30 per cent<br />

compared to 2021) and imports<br />

reached 77 billion JPY which<br />

was an 18 per cent increase from<br />

2021.<br />

Tairaba (sea bream fishing)<br />

remains very popular and trout<br />

fishing parks, called AreaTrout,<br />

are also seeing notable growth.<br />


Shozaburo Shimano founded<br />

the business in Sakai City, Japan,<br />

in March 1921. More than 100<br />

years on, Shimano employs over<br />

11,000 people at 50 consolidated<br />

manufacturing, research, sales<br />

and marketing companies across<br />

the world, while still being<br />

predominantly a family owned<br />

company, under the leadership<br />

of Shimano chairman and CEO<br />

Yozo Shimano.<br />

In 1970, Shimano launched<br />

Yozo Shimano<br />

- chairman 1936 Shimano Factory<br />

50 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

into the fishing tackle business,<br />

firstly with its DUX spinning<br />

reel, harnessing technologies<br />

refined in the manufacture of<br />

bicycle components, such as<br />

gears and body structures.<br />

Company president Taizo<br />

Shimano said: “Our way<br />

of manufacturing has been<br />

significantly impacted by the<br />

progress of digital technologies,<br />

such as those of IoT and AI.<br />

Moreover, we are urged to<br />

respond to changing views about<br />

enjoying outdoor sports, as well<br />

as changes in market trends and<br />

customers’ buying behaviours.<br />

Such changes are being<br />

accelerated by the Covid-19<br />

pandemic, which has been<br />

prevailing recently.<br />

“Looking into the coming<br />

century, I believe that it is<br />

an urgent task for Shimano<br />

to radically innovate its<br />

manufacturing systems and<br />

improve its business efficiency<br />

by thoroughly adopting digital<br />

technologies so as to establish<br />

a corporate structure capable<br />

of meeting changing customer<br />

demands.<br />

“At the same time, we must<br />

strive to create a sustainable<br />

society, adhering to the<br />

following tagline: ‘Closer to<br />

Nature, Closer to People.’<br />

Since our products are used<br />

for activities performed in<br />

natural settings we are especially<br />

aware of our responsibility<br />

for protecting the natural<br />

environment. Concurrently, we<br />

must also fulfil our responsibility<br />

as a global corporate citizen and<br />

contribute to local communities.<br />

“In line with Shimano’s<br />

mission ‘To promote health<br />

and happiness through the<br />

enjoyment of nature and the<br />

world around us,’ we will<br />

continue to propose captivating<br />

products that meet changing<br />

customer demands to help<br />

them lead healthy and enriched<br />

lives. We will also work to<br />

long sustain Shimano as a<br />

value creating company that<br />

creates new cycling and fishing<br />

cultures.”<br />

DAIWA<br />

Since Daiwa was founded in<br />

1958, it has been developing<br />

products to be the first to<br />

meet the ever changing<br />

market needs. It should be to<br />

no one’s surprise that Daiwa<br />

has been the first in the world<br />

to create many innovative<br />

technologies. Daiwa’s reel<br />

producing technology is<br />

considered to be one of the<br />

best in the world and its<br />

development of the ‘openfaced<br />

reel’ in 1965 sparked the<br />

market as the completely new<br />

shape of this new reel concept<br />

shocked the world.<br />

Daiwa’s development of new<br />

materials has been integral<br />

to its growth and success,<br />

specifically, its focus on carbon<br />

fibres from its very early<br />

years around 1979. Daiwa<br />

was the first manufacturer<br />

in the world to incorporate<br />

graphite to both reel bodies<br />

and rotors, as well as using<br />

densely packed carbon fibres<br />

for fishing rods<br />

In 2007 Daiwa debuted its<br />

new material called Zaion:<br />

a high density carbon fibre<br />

material that even exceeds<br />

metal in some aspects. In<br />

2010 it developed Z-SVF,<br />

a high density carbon fibre<br />

sheet with a minimal amount<br />

of resin to create some of the<br />

lightest weight rods on the<br />

market.<br />

Daiwa technologists<br />

all inherit the company’s<br />

passion for technological<br />

advancement. The passion<br />

to provide surprise and<br />

enjoyment to anyone that<br />

fishes is what keeps Daiwa’s<br />

technology evolving now and<br />

in the future.

DBW...<br />

JAPAN<br />

h o W D o T h E y f i s h ?<br />

YOSHI TAKASHINA, president and CEo Takashina Life Preservers Co., Ltd.<br />

Recreational fishing has long been one<br />

of the most popular recreations in Japan.<br />

Traditional bait fishing (carp or saltwater),<br />

then bass fishing became very popular in the<br />

1990s and more recently saltwater fishing<br />

with various lures. There are many different<br />

fish to catch with lures, but squid are one of<br />

the most popular in recent years.<br />

The traditional style of fishing is ayu (a<br />

type of freshwater trout), which inhabit clean<br />

rivers. This is seasonal, usually from June to<br />

<strong>September</strong>. You use live ayu to catch an ayu –<br />

as these fish are highly territorial, they fight<br />

and get caught on the hook. The popularity<br />

of fishing for ayu has declined over the years,<br />

but many manufacturers have put a lot of<br />

resources for growth in recent years.<br />

Still minor but gaining popularity is kayak<br />

fishing and SUP fishing. Since owning a boat<br />

in Japan is very expensive, many anglers have<br />

turned to kayaks and SUPs to get on the<br />

water to fish.<br />

The Covid-19 pandemic initially had a<br />

negative impact on the fishing market, but<br />

since many found this to be a good way to<br />

recreate during these times there has been<br />

a surge of new anglers. In 2020 the market<br />

expanded by around 30 per cent over the<br />

previous year; 2021 has seen a slight decline<br />

but is still very strong.<br />

Most of the fishing tackle and equipment<br />

in Japan is filled with Japanese products as<br />

various fishing styles are very sophisticated.<br />

T A R g E T s P E C i E s<br />

There is so much to go at in<br />

Japan in terms of fishing, it’s<br />

hard to know where to begin.<br />

From targeting sea perch,<br />

sea bream, sea bass and<br />

flounder in Tokyo Bay to<br />

casting a line in the shadow<br />

of Mount Fuji, tenkara fishing<br />

in the mountains and streams<br />

or even ice fishing, there’s no<br />

shortage of different species<br />

to try for.<br />

Both saltwater and<br />

freshwater bass are abundant<br />

in areas, many cities offer<br />

stocked ponds (some even<br />

have restaurants attached<br />

where you can have your<br />

catch cooked), charter boat<br />

skippers abound on the coast.<br />

Alongside bass, other key<br />

species include several types<br />

of tuna (including bluefin and<br />

yellowfin) and amberjack plus<br />

giant trevally out in the sea,<br />

while freshwater species also<br />

include various carp including<br />

crucians and several types of<br />

trout, including two that are<br />

native to the country.<br />



www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Panther Martin<br />



LURES FOR 2024<br />

Since 1958, anglers have been filling their tackle boxes and hauling in fish with Panther<br />

Martin lures. The 2024 fishing season will continue to make Panther Martin fans happy and<br />

reel in additional fans. Introduced at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> were 74 new lures in irresistible designs<br />

and colour combinations.<br />

It all starts out simply, with four<br />

single hook lures for 2024 that<br />

will make catch and release anglers<br />

happy. The Single Hook Fly series<br />

offers two dressed lures in Gold Black<br />

and Gold Brown. These lures have a<br />

single, super-sharp barbed hook.<br />

For those anglers looking for a barbless<br />

hook, the Single Hook Barbless series<br />

is being launched. Barbless lures will be<br />

available in Panther Martin Regular Gold<br />

and Rainbow Trout colour combinations.<br />

Both single hook series will come in sizes<br />

2, 4 and 6.<br />


The SonicWhammy takes the classic<br />

Panther Martin convex/concave blade<br />

and splits it at the bottom with an added<br />

down turn at the tip. These changes make<br />

a dramatic difference in the thumping<br />

and spinning action of the blade. Not only<br />

does it send out sonic vibrations, the blade<br />

whips around; the combined vibrations<br />

and thumping attract fish from near and<br />

far. The SonicWhammy series is available<br />

in six proven colour combinations – Gold,<br />

Silver, Fire Tiger, Tiger Green, Rainbow<br />

Trout and Spotted Black – and three<br />

popular sizes: 2, 4 and 6.<br />

Hybrid Holographic spinners will fluff<br />

52 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

out the competition. This series has full<br />

body dressings with an ultraviolet, silky<br />

smooth synthetic fibre with no water<br />

absorption. That means they stay superfluffy<br />

in water creating a bigger profile for<br />

fish that are super-hungry.<br />

As the name suggests, these are also<br />

holographic, so they’ll look one colour to<br />

the human eye but will glow in bright,<br />

ultraviolet colours for fish. Three enticing<br />

colours (Silver Chartreuse White, Silver<br />

Blue and Gold Pink Blue) and three sizes<br />

(2, 4 and 6) will have anglers and fish<br />

clamouring for more.<br />


When monster bass are the target, Panther<br />

Martin’s SonicThumper series will have<br />

you saying “take my money, please!” These<br />

spinbaits tout two signature Panther<br />

Martin blades in genuine silver plated,<br />

genuine gold plated or a combination of<br />

both.<br />

The blades spin and thump<br />

independently as brightly coloured silicone<br />

dressings attached to minnow heads flow.<br />

Small clear glass beads behind the first<br />

blade and a swivel in front of the second<br />

larger blade create the spinning action<br />

that calls to the fish. A small second hole<br />

in the larger blade also produces bubbles<br />

that further add sonic action to this lure.<br />

Available in two sizes (6 and 9) and four<br />

colours (White, White Chartreuse, Fire<br />

Tiger and Blue Black).<br />

Finally, there’s the SpikeADelic series.<br />

This exciting series has some wild and eyepopping<br />

colours including Holographic<br />

Bubble Gum, WonderBread, Tangerine<br />

Surprise, Hulk, Glow Rainbow and Fire<br />

Tiger.<br />

These soft-bodied lures have a supersharp,<br />

weedless hook, brightly coloured<br />

and patterned bodies and blades and a<br />

large, bright salmon bead.<br />

Since they<br />

are ultraviolet,<br />

SpikeADelics<br />

appear as one<br />

colour to the<br />

human eye but,<br />

once underwater,<br />

fish see them in<br />

all their glowing<br />

glory. Available<br />

in the six colours<br />

above and four<br />

sizes (4, 6, 9 and 15).<br />

The 2024<br />


catalogue<br />

Mauricio@PantherMartin.com<br />


American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Wins Big<br />

Tsuka 2 Redefines Fishing<br />

Rod Handles<br />


For more info, contact sales@americantackle.us

MAKING<br />


Making Contact<br />

2<br />

1<br />

Want your products to<br />

be seen by thousands of<br />

potential buyers… FREE<br />

of charge? Then get in<br />

touch, we’d love to hear<br />

from you.<br />


+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

Contact John directly for details of<br />

how to send your product and a<br />

short description to <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong>’s office.<br />



Always at the apex of bladed<br />

bass jigs, Z-Man has renewed<br />

its frontrunner status with<br />

the ChatterBait Elite EVO.<br />

Constructed with upgrades to the<br />

max, this is a next-level bladed jig<br />

built with highly evolved basscatching<br />

DNA – plus enough little<br />

tricks to electrify even a jaded<br />

bass pro. Shaped and developed<br />

in response to bass behaviour and<br />

angler instinct, the bait reflects<br />

decades of original ideas on<br />

blade design, hook and jighead<br />

configuration – and how all<br />

moving parts coalesce to deliver<br />

smooth yet action-filled fishing.<br />

www.zmanfishing.com<br />

2 STONFO<br />


The Italian accessory<br />

manufacturer has done it again<br />

with another must-have product.<br />

These tools are designed to<br />

allow anglers to easily make very<br />

small loops ideal for hooklengths<br />

and hair rigs.<br />

The small size allows you to tie<br />

4mm loops, while the large is ideal<br />

for 6mm loops.<br />

www.stonfo.com<br />

3 ST CROIX<br />



Designed and handcrafted to<br />

help anglers master the full<br />

gamut of techniques used<br />

to target heavy, hard-pulling<br />

salmon and steelhead, the<br />

Onchor series expands for 2024<br />

to encompass a total of 30 rods.<br />

Series additions include two new<br />

trolling models, two centrepin<br />

models, 14 in-hand spinning<br />

models and eight in-hand casting<br />

models, each distinctly optimised<br />

to give anglers the edge in any<br />

salmon or steelhead presentation.<br />

Moderate-action trolling models<br />

feature SCIII carbon / Linear<br />

S-Glass hybrid blank technology,<br />

while all others are built on<br />

lightweight and durable SCIII<br />

carbon blanks.<br />

3<br />

dealersupport@stcroixrods.com<br />

54 www.tackletradeworld.com


with our game-changing baits & lures<br />

Over 150 species caught around the world!<br />



Energofish<br />

Energofish:<br />

Devoted to fishing<br />

Founded back in 1992, Energofish has become one of the largest tackle<br />

manufacturers and distributors in Eastern Europe. Prior to EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong> in Budapest,<br />

TTW’s Guido Knegt visited the company.<br />

When József Markócz<br />

founded Energofish just<br />

over 30 years ago, he<br />

dreamed of a future when<br />

his products would be found in the tackle<br />

boxes of anglers and beside them on the<br />

lake.<br />

Over the years, thanks to key brands<br />

like Carp Expert, Benazar Mix, Wizard,<br />

IBite and L&K, it has matured into a<br />

business with more 150 staff, suppliers<br />

and partners and ships to more than<br />

2,000 resellers across the region.<br />

Alongside its significant Hunagrian<br />

presence – due in part to the fact that it<br />

makes many of its unique items in the<br />

country – it also services a wide range of<br />

markets with its website already available<br />

in English, Slovak, Czech, Romanian,<br />

German, Serbian, Spanish and Ukrainian,<br />

56 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

with a growing market share in Italy too.<br />

Energofish’s Dr Zoltan Kekkoi<br />

explained: “In Hungary, almost 100<br />

people work in our retail and wholesale<br />

trade to ensure the quality service of our<br />

partners and customers, while in our<br />

other subsidiaries we work with a team<br />

of more than 50 people in many other<br />

countries.<br />

“Our success is mainly due to our<br />

dedicated and enthusiastic employees.<br />

We are proud of the performance of all<br />

of them and the fact that several of them<br />

have been with us since opening.<br />

“We are the market leader in Hungary<br />

and Romania and, thanks to all of our<br />

brands, we are able to offer a very wide<br />

range of products for shops to stock<br />

and anglers to use. Our core customer is<br />

probably the average fisherman but we do<br />

have products to suit all.”<br />

Like many tackle businesses, during<br />

and just after the Covid-19 pandemic and<br />

lockdowns, it saw strong sales as anglers<br />

returned to the banks in great numbers.<br />

While this trend has reduced to the<br />

point where things are, more or less, back<br />

to normal, Energofish is still looking<br />

forward to the future with confidence.<br />

Zoltan added: “We have many<br />

regions and countries already covered<br />

but our wide range of products and our<br />

experience should allow us to find further<br />

distribution and more retailers over<br />

the coming year. It’s important that we<br />

continue to grow.”<br />

Energofish<br />

www. energofish.com


Great Lakes Finesse<br />




The <strong>2023</strong> International Convention of Allied Sportfishing <strong>Trade</strong>s (ICAST) held in Orlando,<br />

Florida, was a resounding success for Great Lakes Finesse, as the brand proudly unveiled its<br />

acquisition by industry giant Pradco Outdoor Brands.<br />

The event marked a new chapter<br />

for Great Lakes Finesse and<br />

the overwhelming positive<br />

response from major dealers,<br />

media and pro anglers has set the stage<br />

for a game-changing year ahead.<br />

At ICAST, the Great Lakes Finesse<br />

booth was a centre of attention, drawing<br />

in curious onlookers and industry<br />

professionals alike. The lit-up displays<br />

showcasing the brand’s exceptional soft<br />

baits and terminal tackle captured the<br />

attention of attendees, making it a mustvisit<br />

destination at the show.<br />

The merchandised TV display featuring<br />

exhilarating fish catches and compelling<br />

underwater footage left visitors in awe<br />

and reinforced the brand’s commitment<br />

to innovation and excellence.<br />


What sets Great Lakes Finesse apart and<br />

garnered the most attention is its unique<br />

approach to soft baits. The true neutral<br />

buoyancy of its soft baits was a gamechanger<br />

for many anglers. This feature<br />

makes the baits sit perfectly horizontal<br />

in the water, enticing even the most<br />

pressured fish to bite.<br />

Combine this with the matte no shine<br />

finish, and the result is a super-natural<br />

bait that proves irresistible to smallmouth<br />

bass and other species alike.<br />

The quality of Great Lakes Finesse’s<br />

terminal tackle also stood out among<br />

the sea of products at ICAST. Built<br />

with purpose and precision, the brand’s<br />

terminal tackle exemplifies durability,<br />

reliability and ingenuity. Anglers<br />

appreciated the attention to detail and<br />

design, giving them the confidence they<br />

need to tackle any fishing challenge.<br />

The positive reception at the show<br />

reaffirms the potential of the Great<br />

Lakes Finesse brand. With the backing<br />

of Pradco Outdoor Brands, a company<br />

renowned for its expertise and influence<br />

58 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Bruce and Dan<br />

in the fishing industry, the future is<br />

undoubtedly promising for this dynamic<br />

alliance.<br />


Looking ahead, Great Lakes Finesse is wellpositioned<br />

for significant growth over the<br />

next 12 months. The acquisition by Pradco<br />

Outdoor Brands means that its products<br />

will now be widely available throughout<br />

North America, as they become seamlessly<br />

integrated with major dealers.<br />

This strategic move will undoubtedly<br />

propel the brand to new heights, offering<br />

anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to<br />

experience the unique advantages of their<br />

products.<br />

The excitement generated at ICAST<br />

serves as a testament to the hard work and<br />

dedication of the Great Lakes Finesse<br />

team. Their commitment to innovation,<br />

combined with their passion for angling,<br />

has culminated in a product line up that<br />

captivates the fishing community. As the<br />

brand expands its reach and presence, more<br />

anglers will undoubtedly experience the<br />

thrill of fishing with Great Lakes Finesse<br />

products.<br />

In conclusion, the recent ICAST was<br />

a turning point for Great Lakes Finesse<br />

as it announced its acquisition. The event<br />

showcased the brand’s exceptional soft<br />

baits and terminal tackle, leaving a lasting<br />

impression on major dealers, media and pro<br />

anglers alike.<br />

The true neutral buoyancy and matte<br />

finish of their soft baits, coupled with the<br />

high-quality terminal tackle, drew the<br />

most attention and admiration. With an<br />

expanded presence in North America and<br />

the support of Pradco Outdoor Brands,<br />

the stage is set for Great Lakes Finesse to<br />

make waves in the fishing industry, and<br />

the trade is eagerly awaiting the exciting<br />

developments that lie ahead.<br />



Carbon Grip System Specialists<br />

MORE specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative grip systems made from carbon fiber for OEM<br />

customers. MORE FastFit carbon grip systems are pre-assembled complete grip/reel seat solutions that simplify<br />

supply chain, streamline manufacturing processes, reduce labor costs, and ensure the highest level of quality,<br />

resulting in a beeer booom line for B2B clients. It is no wonder MORE grips are used by some of the most elite<br />

rod manufactures in the world.<br />

Made in Tunisia, Enjoyed <strong>World</strong>wide<br />

www.moretn.com<br />

or email: sales@moretn.com




It’s the question that runs through every lure angler’s mind before casting. Whether we are<br />

selecting a fly to catch salmon, a stick-bait to snare a snook, a popper to raise a big GT or<br />

a weedless shad to retrieve slowly across a shoal of bass, the greatest thrill has to be the<br />

preceding colour selection that results in a successful hook-up. Nick Roberts from Topwater<br />

Lures explains more…<br />

Successfully ‘matching the hatch’, as<br />

they say, is a highly rewarding and<br />

satisfying aspect of our sport.<br />

The standard rules of thumb<br />

surely are in most anglers’ minds as they<br />

prepare for a day on the water. On a dark<br />

day select a dark lure. On a bright day<br />

select a bright coloured lure. Retrieve<br />

fast, retrieve slow, rattles, no rattles, keep<br />

to the surface, ensure the lure stays deep<br />

down.<br />

Some anglers may not give any<br />

consideration to colour selection and rely<br />

simply on good fortune and the stars.<br />

60 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Each to their own and often a fish caught<br />

in an unorthodox manner can be the best<br />

possible fodder for a post-session debrief,<br />

leaving the self-proclaimed experts<br />

scratching their heads once again.<br />


However, can any angler really know<br />

which lure type, technique or colour<br />

will be most effective on any given day?<br />

Most have their own tried and tested<br />

preferences and these go-to colour<br />

selections are usually linked simply to<br />

either good or bad experiences and,<br />

ultimately, which colours have produced<br />

the most fish.<br />

Some anglers link lure colour with<br />

weather conditions, light, depth and<br />

even water temperature. Some link their<br />

choices with the time of year or time<br />

of day, target species or perhaps some<br />

advice they have absorbed from a more<br />

successful friend.<br />

Those anglers who are prepared<br />

to share their experiences will often<br />

influence those new to the sport and on it<br />

goes. There are some anglers who simply<br />

won’t entertain anything other than a very

Topwater Lures<br />


natural colour imitation. It would seem<br />

ridiculous to them to consider anything<br />

that isn’t naturally occurring.<br />


As a consequence, lure manufacturers will<br />

usually cover the basics with their colour<br />

ranges, almost always including a very<br />

familiar line-up.<br />

For example, a natural sand-eel colour,<br />

a recognisable mackerel, a proverbial<br />

black and silver mullet colour, the<br />

obligatory pure white and the habitual<br />

and classic ‘white with a red head’.<br />

All these are proven, which we can,<br />

usually, overtly accept as direct imitations<br />

of the bait fish in our waters.<br />

Except, of course, the ‘red head/<br />

white body’, which has never been<br />

truly understood but which can be very<br />

effective.<br />


A little outside of the box – albeit often<br />

inside the boxes of the best anglers – are a<br />

plethora of unconventional and eccentric<br />

colour combinations. Yet where does the<br />

angler get an explanation for these bizarre<br />

and whacky creations? Wild Peach, Blue<br />

Pink UV, Banana Jack, Lemon Fluo? The<br />

world’s gone mad. Or has it?<br />

Armando Sousa, CEO at Portuguese<br />

Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Distribution LDA,<br />

responsible for bringing us the ecofriendly<br />

lure fishing brand GT-BIO, is<br />

keen to remark that their colour selection<br />

is a critical part of their lure production<br />

process.<br />

More importantly, however, is GT-<br />

BIO’s desire to ensure that their lures are<br />

kind to our planet and that its customers<br />

are aware of the reasoning behind each<br />

colour and when and where to deploy<br />

them.<br />

He explained: “Each GT-BIO colour is<br />

selected and agreed based on the highest<br />

amount of research and testing. As a<br />

team, we are perfectionists when it comes<br />

to this process. It can be the fun part for<br />

us but also the process of colour selection<br />

can throw up many challenges.<br />

“Many different colour combinations<br />

are tested, with our focus being to ensure<br />

optimum success for the angler but also<br />

create innovative, lifelike and exciting<br />

new combinations and effects. Of course,<br />

we have to catch the angler before they<br />

catch the fish!”<br />


Armando continued: “Our strategy<br />

for colour selection looks at important<br />

aspects such as light, water colour, depth<br />

and atmospheric conditions. We also<br />

need to know that we have served the<br />

customer well with the knowledge to<br />

understand that methodology.<br />

“Some colours follow natural patterns<br />

and some are specifically designed for<br />

certain conditions. For example, darker<br />

colours fish better at night, in deeper<br />

water and in moonlight.<br />

“Our Pink colours also perform well<br />

at night and the Lime Black works well<br />

in depths over 10 metres. Our Shiner<br />

and Glass colours offer fantastic fishing<br />

in the daytime and in the brightest of<br />

conditions.<br />

“After many hours of research we<br />

95 per cent of waste is<br />

reused, remelted and<br />

injected again.<br />

developed our Kamaleo colour range. Our<br />

Kaki Kamaleo lure model changes colour<br />

dependent upon which angle it is viewed<br />

by the incoming predator. It can be green,<br />

golden green or golden red, based on<br />

which way you look at it. The Kamaleo<br />

is an entirely unique concept never seen<br />

before in lure fishing and we are very<br />

proud to be bringing these innovative<br />

models to the market.<br />

“Of the utmost importance, as an<br />

eco-friendly lure fishing brand, is that we<br />

are able to say that our colour pigments<br />

respect nature, using mineral and nontoxic<br />

materials and naturally occurring<br />

fish scents. That is the very ethos<br />

behind all the GT-BIO range. They are<br />

eco-friendly and safe for any aquatic<br />

environment, creating astonishingly<br />

natural patterns that attract and hook<br />

more fish.”<br />

Some of us would prefer to stick to<br />

what we know but isn’t it inspiring to<br />

know that there is a strategy behind<br />

lure colours we are now seeing and the<br />

options are wide open for us? If you don’t<br />

give it a go, you’ll never know and, with<br />

the GT-BIO range, you can sleep well,<br />

because you’ll also be doing your bit for<br />

the planet.<br />

GT-BIO is distributed in the UK<br />

and Ireland by Topwater Lures. nick@<br />

topwaterlures.co.uk<br />

For global enquiries, email comercial@<br />

gt-bio.net or visit www.gt-bio.net<br />


www.gt-bio.net<br />

GT-Bio head office and factory.<br />

An injection batch before assembly.<br />

Preparing delivery orders.<br />

All production,<br />

injection,<br />

assembly and<br />

packing is done<br />

in-house.<br />

Mineral pigments are<br />

used in GT-BIO colours.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



MORE<br />




Located on the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean in Tunisia, MORE (Mediterranean<br />

Outdoor Recreational Equipment) has established itself as a renowned specialist in carbon<br />

grip systems, delivering technologically advanced fishing rod grips to B2B clients worldwide.<br />

Going beyond the pursuit of mere<br />

customer satisfaction, MORE<br />

places customer happiness<br />

at the forefront of all its<br />

operations. With a core value of service and<br />

a corporate culture rooted in being “easy to<br />

work with”, MORE aims to cultivate truly<br />

happy customers resulting in lasting, loyal<br />

partnerships.<br />

Innovation drives customer happiness<br />

at MORE. By harnessing its expertise,<br />

it actively seeks opportunities to provide<br />

unique and cost-effective solutions for its<br />

clients.<br />


A prime example of this innovation is the<br />

acclaimed FastFit grip system.<br />

Recognised as a runner-up for Best New<br />

Product at EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong>, the MORE<br />

FastFit grip systems combine their cuttingedge<br />

grip and component technology with<br />

their assembly expertise to offer complete<br />

grip/reel seat solutions.<br />

This allows clients to choose each<br />

component of the grip/reel seat system to<br />

create an optimal performing configuration<br />

for their rods. With the ability to custom<br />

ream the systems to precise tolerances,<br />

64 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

installation becomes effortless during rod<br />

assembly.<br />

Not only do MORE grip systems excel in<br />

performance and manufacturability, but they<br />

also offer stunning aesthetics.<br />

With 36 standard colours and the<br />

capability to custom colour match for<br />

volume OEM clients, MORE delivers grip<br />

systems that enhance both the appearance<br />

and performance of fishing rods.<br />

This innovative solution simplifies the<br />

supply chain, streamlines manufacturing<br />

processes, reduces labour costs, and ensures<br />

the highest level of quality, resulting in a<br />

better bottom line for B2B clients.<br />


Made in Tunisia and led by on-site<br />

American management and engineering,<br />

MORE showcases an unwavering<br />

commitment to quality, precision and<br />

innovation.<br />

The company’s grip production process<br />

demands technical expertise and the use of<br />

customised CNC machines, CAD/CAM<br />

technologies and an array of proprietary inhouse<br />

developed equipment. Of course, this<br />

is augmented by a trained eye and skilled<br />

craftsmanship. This enables MORE to offer<br />

complete custom grip solutions tailored to<br />

the unique requirements of its B2B clients,<br />

ensuring a perfect fit for their fishing rods.<br />

With extensive expertise in product<br />

development and diverse manufacturing<br />

processes, MORE has earned a reputation<br />

for producing precision carbon grips that<br />

outshine competitors in the market.<br />

Through continuous innovation and<br />

a drive to push the boundaries of grip<br />

technology, MORE sets new standards in<br />

performance and aesthetics, ensuring its<br />

clients receive best-in-class components so<br />

they can lead the way with best-in-world<br />

rods.<br />

MORE continues to shape the future<br />

of fishing, providing B2B clients with<br />

unparalleled grip solutions that enhance<br />

their customers’ joy on the water.<br />

MORE<br />

www. more.fishing


Lightweight and easy to transport, the Approach redefines the limits<br />

of where a boat can take you. Constructed with durable welded PVC,<br />

it can handle the abrasion of shallow streams and overgrown banks. A<br />

combination of 16-inch tubes and a thick drop stitch insert floor enhances<br />

buoyancy, letting the Approach draft in really skinny water, opening access<br />

to more remote waters other boats can’t reach. Featuring an innovative<br />

slot-rail frame system, anglers can make on-the-fly adjustments to seat,<br />

oar and accessory placement. The Approach is designed to fit between<br />

the wheel wells of a full-size truck or ride on the roof of a Jeep or SUV.<br />

When you don’t need a trailer to haul it or a ramp to launch it, you can fish<br />

wherever the adventure takes you.<br />



If you are a fishing enthusiast, you might want to<br />

mark your calendars for the fishing tackle fairs that<br />

take place in different cities in China every year.<br />

These exhibitions were held in Beijing, Tianjin,<br />

Suzhou and Shanghai. After nearly three years<br />

of epidemic control, this year's fishing tackle<br />

exhibition has begun to fully recover.<br />

The exhibition covers freshwater fishing, saltwater<br />

fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, carp fishing, lure<br />

fishing, bait fishing and other fishing gear products<br />

and categories. You can find the latest and greatest<br />

products from domestic and foreign brands, as<br />

well as some unique and creative products from<br />

emerging companies and designers. You can<br />

also enjoy various events and events at the show<br />

such as seminars, workshops, demonstrations,<br />

competitions and prize draws.<br />

The exhibition is not only a place to buy and sell<br />

fishing gear, but also a place to learn and exchange<br />

fishing concepts. You can meet and interact with<br />

other fishing enthusiasts, experts, celebrities, and<br />

media from different countries and regions. You<br />

can also learn more about China's fishing culture<br />

and history, as well as current fishing trends and<br />

challenges.<br />

China Fish Show in Beijing is the largest foreign<br />

trade fishing tackle professional exhibition in<br />

China. After being suspended due to the epidemic,<br />

it will reopen next year.<br />

Tianjin Exhibition, which is the largest and most<br />

attended trade show in Tianjin in China. It is<br />

generally held in Tianjin every February. This year,<br />

it is adjusted from two sessions per year to one<br />

session per year.<br />

Suzhou Exhibition is usually held in Suzhou<br />

International Expo Center in May or June every<br />

year. Focus on the fishing tackle market in eastern<br />

China.<br />

The Guangzhou exhibition brings together<br />

domestic and foreign brands, as well as innovative<br />

and original products from some new entrants.



From June 17th to 18th, the finals of the National Fishing Grand Prix were held in Hubei. 452 fishing masters from home and<br />

abroad gathered in Xiaogan to compete with poles and enjoy fishing.<br />

The competition was sponsored by CRAA. CRAA President Wei Baozhen and other leading guests and relevant media<br />

representatives attended the opening ceremony of the conference.<br />

At 9:00 am on the 17th, following the order of the chief referee, the fishing grand prix officially started, and the players<br />

put on bait and threw poles one after another to start a competitive competition. On the field, some anglers were calm and<br />

composed, while others were concentrating and holding their breath. The fishing line drew beautiful arcs in the air, and fresh<br />

fish were caught in the net amidst laughter and laughter.<br />

The competition system of this year's Fishing Grand Prix has been upgraded. In addition to the PK competition, there are<br />

special resurrection competitions and women's group competitions. Three champions will be produced in one competition,<br />

with a wide range of awards and more participants than in previous years. The gathering also attracted fishermen from<br />

Vietnam to participate in it, which was an unprecedented event.<br />

After two days of fierce competition, Zhou Yibo, a professional fishing athlete from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, won<br />

the championship. Dai Qijian from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Tang Jinbo from Xiaogan, Hubei Province won the<br />

second and third place respectively.<br />

At the same time as the event, CRAA set up a publicity corner of the "Yangtze River Ten-year Fishing Ban and Retirement<br />

Fisherman's Alternative Livelihood Demonstration Project" with the theme of "Guiding Civilized Fishing and Building a<br />

Living Yangtze River" in the competition field and product exhibition hall, to publicize the regulation of fishing to protect the<br />

ecology resource-related knowledge.



For a long time, China's deepsea<br />

fishing boats have been in<br />

an unknown area of policy.<br />

Recently, this situation has<br />

been broken. At 11 a.m. on<br />

July 8, Zhongchuang Marine<br />

Technology Co., Ltd. created<br />

a fishing boat for the Fishery<br />

Affairs Service Center<br />

of Wanning City, Hainan<br />

Province. The recreational<br />

fishing boat "Qiongwan<br />

Yuxiu No. 01001" was<br />

officially launched at the<br />

wharf of Wanning Port North<br />

Service Station. This is the first ship in Hainan Province to complete the approval, construction, A recreational fishing boat<br />

that has been inspected and officially launched into operation.<br />

According to reports, the ship is designed with a total length<br />

of 16.5 meters, a width of 3.7 meters, and a speed of 11 knots.<br />

The hull is made of fiberglass, which has the advantages of<br />

light material, high strength, and long life. It is also equipped<br />

with a ship anti-rolling gyro device, which can effectively<br />

reduce ship shaking. .<br />

The development of recreational fishery is an important<br />

measure to guide fishermen to go to the shore, to the deep<br />

sea, and to the recreational fishery.<br />

The relevant person in charge of the Hainan Provincial<br />

Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that<br />

recreational fishery is a new form of business and a new model emerging in the new stage of economic development. At<br />

present, the province's coastal cities and counties have approved 26 leisure fishing boats and net tool indicators, of which<br />

10 have started construction. The "Qiong Wan Yuxiu No. 01001" leisure fishing boat was successfully launched, marking<br />

that the development of Hainan's recreational fishery has<br />

entered the "fast lane".<br />

It is understood that "Qiongwan Yuxiu 01001" has a<br />

smooth and beautiful appearance, and is comfortable<br />

and safe. There are currently two ships of this type under<br />

construction, and the second ship is expected to be put into<br />

operation by the end of this month. In <strong>2023</strong>, Mannings<br />

plans to approve 27 recreational fishing boats, 13 of which<br />

have been approved so far, of which 4 under construction<br />

will also be launched in August, and strive to launch 10<br />

recreational fishing boats by the end of the year.



On July 12, Wang Xiangfa, general manager of Beijing Bihai Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Co., Ltd., An Lixin, vice president<br />

of Four Seas Fishing Channel, Liu Haifeng, general manager of Wuhan Keyou Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Co., Ltd., and<br />

Geng Baoqiang, founder of Beijing Geng Baoqiang Fishing Cultural Exchange Center, and others visited<br />

China Customs Scientific Research The Yizhuang Customs Laboratory of the Center Beijing Zhongren Testing<br />

Technology Service Co., Ltd. conducts on-the-spot investigation and research.<br />

General manager Wang Xiangfa and his team visited the testing equipment and environment of fishing tackle<br />

products, inquired about the testing methods and basis, and visited the specific experimental process of chemical<br />

inspectors "migratable elements" and ROHS testing.<br />

Tang Xiaoning, head of the Marketing Department of the Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Laboratory of Beijing Zhongren<br />

Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd., introduced the laboratory's experimental capability declaration process<br />

since its establishment, and demonstrated the current testing capabilities and international mutual recognition<br />

qualifications of the laboratory.<br />

The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues such as the current status of quality<br />

control in the fishing tackle industry and business development under the current economic situation.


Deáky Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />




With almost 40 years’ experience in supplying the global tackle market with a wide range<br />

of quality fishing accessories, Deáky Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> has become a valued partner for many…<br />

and it’s still growing.<br />

Deáky Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> is a<br />

family business located 70<br />

kilometres north of Budapest<br />

in Kétbodony in Hungary.<br />

Set up back in 1984, it originally served<br />

the needs of the domestic tackle market.<br />

Later, with the help of the Hungarian<br />

wholesalers, it started exporting to<br />

western Europe, which it has been doing<br />

independently since 1996.<br />

It prides itself on providing its partners<br />

with great products at favourable terms<br />

on short-term, fast and accurate delivery<br />

at a fair price.<br />

Deáky Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> factory entrance<br />


The village of Kétbodony dates back all<br />

the way to the medieval age, before the<br />

Turkish occupation.<br />

First it was called Bodon, according<br />

to a letter from the Hungarian king at<br />

that time, Bela IV, in 1263. The village<br />

is surrounded by huge forests and this<br />

allowed many people to flee and<br />

saved countless lives during the<br />

Mongol invasion.<br />

In 1579 the village consisted<br />

of 22 estates with families; it<br />

was always inhabited mostly<br />

by Slavic or Slavic-Hungarian<br />

people. During the Turkish<br />

invasion in 1600 the old village<br />

was destroyed and was then<br />

settled by agricultural people.<br />

As a result the two separate<br />

parts of Upper Bodony and<br />

Lower Bodony became one.<br />

The village always had a close<br />

connection to nature, which is<br />

evident in the river and fish on<br />

the crest of Kétbodony.<br />

The flowing water not only<br />

provided smaller fish but also<br />

powered the windmill that is<br />

currently Deáky Fishing’s main<br />

building, and has been since<br />

1984.<br />

The windmill itself dates back<br />

to 1694, when it was producing<br />

premium quality flour.<br />

In addition you can also find an<br />

amazing 16 hectare fishing lake, which<br />

is so pure that you can sometimes catch<br />

crab in it.<br />


Today, the Deáky factory makes its own<br />

tools for producing fishing articles, which<br />

means it can quickly and flexibly adapt<br />

to a client’s different needs. It carefully<br />

packs its products and it is also possible<br />

to service custom packaging requirements.<br />

Back in 2001, it became a member<br />

of Europe’s largest trade association,<br />

the European Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Association (EFTTA) and since then<br />

has been participating as an exhibitor<br />

at the European Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Exhibition (EFTTEX) every year.<br />

Owner Orsolya Deáky Barta and<br />

general manager Máté Barta at<br />

EFTTEX <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Deáky has also been the Hungarian<br />

Bronze Grade Sponsor of the Hungarian<br />

Feeder Team since 2014.<br />

General manager Máté Barta said:<br />

“Thanks to the constantly expanding<br />

supply of goods and the constant high<br />

quality, our products are now supplied<br />

to the most European countries and<br />

presented at numerous international<br />

professional exhibitions. Our company<br />

only serves resellers, we do not currently<br />

retail ourselves.<br />

“We hope to find even more partners,<br />

establishing a long-term business<br />

relationship which satisfies both of us!”<br />


www. deakyfishing.hu/en<br />

70 www.tackletradeworld.com

STOPPIONI s.n.c. Firenze Italy<br />

Tel.+39 0558739615<br />

stonfo@stonfo.com<br />

Prod. Effevuemme s.r.l.<br />

MEMBER<br />


Tip saver with patented “SBS” locking system. Clear and<br />

unbreakable material.<br />

Art.375<br />

Art.376 Art.377 Art.587<br />


SYSTEM<br />

Lock<br />

Unlock<br />

Art.390 Art.391 Art.392 Art.400 Art.401 Art.153 Art.154<br />

www.stonfo.com<br />


It’s a<br />

family<br />

thing<br />

EST.<br />

1958<br />

F J Neil has been family owned and operated since the<br />

1950s… and is still going strong! Under the Dolphin brand<br />

we supply all types of terminal tackle and accessories, from<br />

traditional bamboo poles to the latest rigs and lures.<br />

• Competitive pricing<br />

• Large stock inventory – no order delays<br />

• Rapid turnaround • Export specialists<br />

• Able to source any special requirements<br />



FJ NEIL COMPANY INC, 1064 ROUTE 109, PO BOX 617, LINDENHURST, NY 11757-0617 USA<br />

We are looking for experienced agents or distributors for the European market. If qualified, email Neil Miritello at nmfjn@aol.com


Fly Fishing Show<br />



STATES IN 2024<br />

There seems to be more of a clamour than ever for the US Fly Fishing Shows scheduled for<br />

next year, especially given that the events will be spread nicely across the entire United<br />

States.<br />

At first, it seemed like a<br />

simple enough chore: find<br />

a new home for the Pacific<br />

Northwest edition of The<br />

Fly Fishing Show. But one prospective<br />

location after the other turned sour with<br />

not enough parking, too large, too small,<br />

conflicts of dates with other events, not<br />

centrally located and on and on.<br />

That’s when a prime weekend opened<br />

up at the Meydenbauer Center in<br />

Bellevue. The facility – 11100 NE 6th<br />

St – about 10 miles from downtown<br />

Seattle and 30 minutes from Sea-Tac<br />

International Airport, meets all of The<br />

Fly Fishing Show’s needs for attendees<br />

from Oregon, Washington, and British<br />

Columbia and exhibitors from North<br />

America, Europe, Asia and around the<br />

world.<br />

Once word got out within the fly<br />

fishing community, the gates opened with<br />

requests for exhibit space from dealers,<br />

manufacturers, angling pros with ideas for<br />

seminars, vacation destinations, artists,<br />

and others connected to the sport we all<br />

love. The Fly Fishing Show was back in<br />

the Pacific Northwest, joining locations<br />

from near Boston to Atlanta, New Jersey<br />

to Denver and the San Francisco Bay area<br />

to Pennsylvania!<br />

Over the past 32 years, since its<br />

72 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

founding in 1992, The Fly Fishing Show<br />

has evolved into an amalgamation of<br />

trade and consumer show. According to<br />

the long-time show attendees, there is<br />

almost as much business written off the<br />

show floor – at the show hotel bar for<br />

example – as on the floor!<br />

If you have been “waiting to see what<br />

happens” following the years of pandemic,<br />

or are simply “on the fence” about<br />

attending, be aware that time is nearly up.<br />

Can you really afford to miss thousands<br />

of consumers? Can you really afford to<br />

miss hundreds of industry professionals?<br />


Marketing surveys vary, of course, but<br />

they all point to the same reality of life.<br />

It’s a lot easier to sell in-person, faceto-face<br />

than any other way yet devised.<br />

People – fly fishers in particular – are<br />

wary of anonymous unsubstantiated<br />

claims and product hoopla.<br />

Simply put, they want to try it on, flex<br />

it, twirl it, touch it and maybe even caress<br />

it a little before buying it.<br />

Annually, Fly Fishing Show exhibitors<br />

greet thousands of shoppers each day in<br />

an environment conducive to acceptance.<br />

It’s the “everybody’s doing it” kind of<br />

phenomena. Some marketing experts<br />

refer to it as the bandwagon approach.<br />

If you’re looking to sell anything<br />

related to our game of fly fishing – or<br />

customers to buy whatever fly fishing<br />

product you’re selling – get ready for the<br />

2024 Fly Fishing Shows. There are seven<br />

hot venues encompassing a broad swathe<br />

of North America’s fly fishing community<br />

with a limited number of booths still<br />

available.<br />

For information regarding Destination<br />

Theater presentations, reservations and<br />

payment deadlines, booth requirements or<br />

any other question call +1 814 443 3638<br />

or go to flyf ishingshow.com/exhibitor-info<br />

and follow the directions for either new<br />

or returning exhibitors.<br />


www.flyfishingshow.com<br />



Marlborough, Massachusetts: January 5th to 7th<br />

Denver, Colorado: January 19th to 21st<br />

Edison, New Jersey: January 26th to 28th<br />

Atlanta, Georgia: February 2nd to 4th<br />

Seattle/Bellevue, Washington: February 17th to 18th<br />

Pleasanton, California: February 23rd to 25th<br />

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: March 2nd to 3rd

Zenaq<br />


ZENAQ’s Racing<br />

concept leading<br />

the way<br />

When it comes to saltwater fishing, Japanese brand<br />

ZENAQ has always been at the forefront of technology.<br />

Its Racing concept always been at the cutting edge,<br />

breaking down stereotypes and constantly challenging.<br />

The Type R inherits this spirit and brings outstanding<br />

performance in the field.<br />

ZENAQ’s Type R rods embody<br />

many qualities but they also boast<br />

a wealth of features that make<br />

them stand out from the crowd.<br />

For a start, there’s the newly developed<br />

Hexagon reel seat. The high strength, long<br />

fibre carbon of Torayca is produced with a<br />

special moulding machine to form a sturdy<br />

framework. Even large reels will be held<br />

firmly without wobbling.<br />

At the same time, the surface of the<br />

framework is covered with a special rubber<br />

to create a new feeling of comfort in the<br />

hands.<br />

This means the rod demonstrates an easy<br />

action, with no need for unnecessary force.<br />

Like the hexagon grip, the reel seat is also<br />

hexagon shaped to suppress left and right<br />

reel rattling and transmit power without<br />

loss. This can conserve hand strength,<br />

which is the first thing to give up under<br />

tense angling conditions, increasing the<br />

probability of catching a big fish.<br />

A rubber cushion has been devised for the<br />

area where the reel foot rests. This prevents<br />

the reel from loosening even if it’s not<br />

fully tightened, and prevents the reel from<br />

rattling even in extreme conditions. This<br />

ensures that the rod and reel are perfectly<br />

integrated.<br />

Major benefits<br />

Another cool feature, which is popular with<br />

many anglers, is the single wrapped guides,<br />

which creates a feeling closer to an original<br />

blank design.<br />

Moreover, the single wrapped guides do<br />

not interfere with the rod’s action and allow<br />

for a much better feeling, ensuring a sharp<br />

rod action.<br />

Drawing out the fullest performance<br />

of these spinning rods is the RG Guide<br />

System.<br />

This original system brings out the<br />

fullest potential of the rods, overcoming<br />

any downsides from using PE line and<br />

maximising its benefits.<br />

Other additions include a Type R original<br />

metal ring, special Type R original metal<br />

parts with a laser engraved Type R logo, a<br />

gun-metallic thread and silk-printed logo,<br />

easy-to-hold end grip and an exceptional<br />

feeling for perfect casts every time.<br />

The functional beauty is the result of<br />

carefully designing the ideal casting rod<br />

that can be used for a long period of time<br />

without undue fatigue.<br />

ZENAQ<br />

www.zenaq.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Hareline Dubbin<br />



Hareline Dubbin is widely recognised as the American fly-tying materials company with the<br />

distinctive rabbit logo and an extensive range of products.<br />

Its humble beginnings can be traced<br />

back to 1981 when Bob Borden<br />

started dyeing rabbit fur in a few<br />

essential colours for his commercial<br />

fly tying. Using a pot on his kitchen<br />

stove, Borden laid the foundation for<br />

Hareline Dubbin Inc.<br />

He packaged the dyed dubbing and<br />

began offering it to local fly shops,<br />

which started stocking packs of Hareline<br />

Dubbin. The next breakthrough was the<br />

introduction of Krystal Flash, a product<br />

now widely used in fishing flies and lures<br />

worldwide.<br />


In 2016, the company underwent a change<br />

in ownership, with Bill Keough, owner of<br />

Keough Hackles, taking the helm.<br />

The following year, Hareline Dubbin<br />

further improved its operations by acquiring<br />

Spirit River and relocating it to Hareline’s<br />

headquarters in Monroe, Oregon.<br />

Presently, Hareline boasts a catalogue<br />

offering of approximately 14,000 line<br />

items, continually expanding each year with<br />

the addition of innovative products that<br />

captivate fly tyers worldwide.<br />

Within the realm of fly tying, Hareline<br />

exhibits a deep passion for discovering new<br />

materials that inspire fresh ideas at the tying<br />

vise for tyers everywhere and to have their<br />

products available to every Hareline dealer.<br />

To facilitate this vision, the Hareline<br />

app offers a comprehensive list of available<br />

products for dealers and consumers.<br />

If a fly shop has yet to stock a particular<br />

item from Hareline’s extensive catalogue<br />

or lacks the space to do so, consumers can<br />

utilise the app or the Hareline website,<br />

which functions similarly, to email their<br />

wish lists directly to their local or favourite<br />

Hareline dealer.<br />


Hareline’s remarkable growth stems from<br />

its consistent track record of releasing<br />

new, unique and innovative products, year<br />

after year.<br />

Its daily objective is to ensure that<br />

orders to its network of dealers are<br />

fulfilled 100 per cent complete and<br />

shipped within 24 hours.<br />

This strategic approach has played<br />

a pivotal role in Hareline’s impressive<br />

expansion and success.<br />

Whether your business is new to fly<br />

tying or already offers fly tying products,<br />

Hareline aims to partner with you on<br />

your company’s successful journey.<br />


hareline@hareline.com<br />

www.hareline.com<br />

74 www.tackletradeworld.com

UNI PRODUCTS J.G. Cote Inc.<br />

1004 Principale<br />

Ste-Melanie, QC. Canada JOK 3AO<br />

Tel: 450-889-8054<br />

Toll-Free: 1-877-889-8054<br />

Fax: 450-889-5887<br />

Email: info@uniproducts.com<br />


AGENTS<br />

WANTED<br />



Look to UNI for the best in spooled fly-tying materials!<br />

www.uniproducts.com<br />

Leeda is looking for skilled and driven<br />

agents to boost its European sales team.<br />

Focussing on our key in-house brands, MAP and<br />

Wychwood, we are looking to recruit agents who have<br />

an in-depth knowledge of key European territories and<br />

the changing marketplace.<br />

Do you have what it takes to push the brands to the<br />

next level in your country?<br />

Get in touch by submitting your resume and details to<br />

nick.gritton@madison.co.uk<br />

GUIDE<br />

Check out the brands here<br />

CHOICE<br />

MATCH &<br />

FEEDER<br />

CARP<br />



GAME<br />

RECOIL XL ® combines all the features of REC<br />

RECOIL ® guides with an entirely new fieldtested<br />

frame design. This design utilizes<br />

the existing loop diameter of RECOIL guides<br />

with a significantly higher guide height. This<br />

revolutionary guide design increases rod<br />

performance by significantly reducing line slap<br />

on the blank and reducing guide weight and<br />

bulk. By significantly reducing line slap overall<br />

casting distance is increased. With a higher<br />

guide height, smaller guide sizes can be used<br />

to achieve the same “choke-down” effect.<br />

This reduction in guide train size results in<br />

decreased guide weight and bulk.<br />

(860) 749-3476<br />

Sales@REC.com<br />

www.REC.com<br />

Original<br />

Recoil®<br />

ALL NEW<br />

RecoilXL®<br />

50% TALLER<br />


MADE<br />



SEVIIN<br />



A foundational offering in SEVIIN’s inaugural product launch for 2024, GF Series baitcasting<br />

reels deliver an optimal balance of castability, smoothness, and comfort. Each of six available<br />

GF models is packed with features, meticulously engineered and crafted to optimise<br />

performance without sacrificing durability at an angler-friendly retail price.<br />

GF Series reels were conceived<br />

to provide anglers with<br />

smooth, reliable, and failsafe<br />

performance that exceeds<br />

their $120 price point,” says SEVIIN<br />

Reels’ product manager, Robert Woods.<br />

“Performance-enhancing features<br />

include a 4+1 stainless-steel bearing<br />

system – the two bearings on the spool<br />

shaft being Japanese stainless steel –<br />

and carbon and stainless-steel drag<br />

componentry with an audible drag. These<br />

features alone result in noticeably smooth<br />

casting, retrieves, and drag operation.<br />

Hardened brass pinion and drive gears<br />

offer great gear feel and excellent<br />

durability.”<br />

He added that GF Series reels also<br />

feel light, comfortable and solid in the<br />

hand. “GF reels feature ported aluminium<br />

76 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

spools and carbon fibre handles to<br />

minimise weight, while a strong, onepiece<br />

graphite frame and side plates yield<br />

excellent rigidity that further enhances<br />

the satisfying way GF reels feel and<br />

perform. Anglers will also appreciate<br />

GF’s micro-adjustable magnetic cast<br />

control that makes it easy to tune and<br />

dial in maximum casting performance<br />

depending on the specific line and lure<br />

they’re using.”<br />

SEVIIN’s GF Series consists of six<br />

low-profile baitcasting models in three<br />

available gear ratios with right-hand and<br />

left-hand retrieve configurations.<br />

No matter the fishing situation or<br />

technique, there’s a SEVIIN GF Series<br />

reel delivering the perfect balance of<br />

castability, smoothness, versatility,<br />

and comfort. Each model is loaded<br />

with features, engineered to optimise<br />

performance without sacrificing<br />

durability.<br />

SEVIIN<br />

dealersupport@seviinreels.com<br />


Classifieds<br />


PLIERS<br />



The EASIEST... The FASTEST...<br />

The BESTEST...<br />

for changing hooks or spinner blades<br />

visit www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com for demo video<br />


4 Sizes<br />

www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com<br />

RIGS !!!!<br />




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E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

COMING UP…<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

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JANUARY 2024<br />

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Special issue: 2024 Product Showcase<br />

Spotlight: Boat Accessories<br />

Doing Business With: Taiwan<br />

To submit news or editorial for<br />

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To advertise or discuss a marketing campaign in any of these editions,<br />

contact our business development team:<br />

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E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk


Energofish<br />



We all know that different boiled seeds are essential groundbait for anglers, whether they<br />

be match, carp or feeder fishermen. Take a closer look at the Carp Expert range, and you can<br />

be sure there will be a suitable seed mix for every angler to discover.<br />

All the items in the Carp Expert<br />

range consist of properly<br />

boiled, selected grains to<br />

guarantee the best chance for<br />

those who try them.<br />

But what are the elements that go into<br />

this complex, high quality assortment?<br />

Let’s start with the products in 800g<br />

packaging. This is the widest subassortment<br />

as 800g of corn, wheat or<br />

anything else is usually more than enough<br />

for a day’s fishing.<br />

Among the 800g seeds, anglers will<br />

find the most basic grains on their own,<br />

like corn, tiger nut or hempseed, whether<br />

in normal or summer lactic acid versions.<br />

These products are suitable both for<br />

feeding during a carp fishing trip or for<br />

making groundbait even more complex<br />

and attractive.<br />


But of course, simplicity is not always the<br />

key to success, which is why Energofish<br />

included a selection of seed mixes into<br />

this range as well.<br />

These are ideal mixtures of Carp<br />

Expert’s finest particles, all cooked and<br />

prepared to the highest standards. These<br />

mixes are excellent choices if anglers are<br />

planning to create a bed of feed, because<br />

the different particles ensure that fish<br />

will not become pre-occupied feeding<br />

on any one food item. These are all great<br />

for feeding, whether with a Spomb or a<br />

scoop.<br />

As we all know, many anglers undertake<br />

long journeys to their favourite venues,<br />

which is why the majority of Carp Expert<br />

products are available in economical<br />

packaging as well – for example tiger nut,<br />

corn, one corn mix, wheat and hempseed.<br />

Thanks to this packaging, buying<br />

the proper amount of particles makes<br />

economic sense,which is really important<br />

for every angler across Europe. With the<br />

3kg or 5kg packs, feeding bravely will not<br />

be a problem!<br />

Furthermore, the Carp Expert range<br />

contains many natural hook baits as<br />

well, like the flavoured corns in fluid and<br />

the pickled corn variations. These hook<br />

baits are ideal for all anglers who prefer<br />

traditional solutions and try to catch any<br />

of the non-predatory species.<br />

Bottled corn is available in different,<br />

attractive flavours and bright colours that<br />

make them a selective but vital fourseason<br />

hook bait.<br />

Looking specifically at carp fishing,<br />

then fishing selectively is always the key<br />

to success. That is why, among Carp<br />

Expert seeds, there are some flavoured<br />

tiger nut variations which are ideal for<br />

lakes where, for example, it is really hard<br />

to catch carp due to the presence of<br />

catfish or skimmers. Making a snowman<br />

rig with a flavoured tiger nut and a bright<br />

pop-up can change everything there and<br />

can make fishing more efficient!<br />

Taking everything into account,<br />

everyone can see how complex the Carp<br />

Expert particle assortment really is. As<br />

a result, any angler can choose the ideal<br />

solution for their fishing.<br />


www.energofish.com<br />

78 www.tackletradeworld.com

The Classic never<br />

goes out of fashion<br />

Carp Expert corns from<br />

800 grams to 5 kg packages!<br />

Besides the<br />

natural scents,<br />

also available in<br />

flavoured versions.<br />

NEW Size!<br />

Mega Corn!<br />

Favorite baits for<br />

summer fishing:<br />

Lactic Acid<br />

seed mixes<br />

Special bait<br />

corns in<br />

2 versions!<br />

(Dipped / in Liquid)<br />

Partners Wanted!<br />

Energofish Ltd. is looking for new Partners<br />

all over the <strong>World</strong>. Free delivery on orders<br />

over €300. Registration and other details:<br />




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