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Dr Slick owner lifts the lid<br />

on longevity.<br />

PAGE 18<br />


Why Scandinavia is a key<br />

tackle business territory.<br />

PAGE 28<br />



Boat dealers and users look<br />

set to change tack from<br />

larger powered vessels<br />

to smaller personal watercraft<br />

as the industry sees a shift in<br />

buying patterns.<br />

As the number of powered<br />

boat sales in the USA continues<br />

to decline from its strong<br />

showing during the Covid-19<br />

pandemic, attention has turned<br />

to innovation and to smaller<br />

craft.<br />

The National Marine<br />

Manufacturers Association<br />

says new powerboat retail sales<br />

will likely be down slightly in<br />

2023, by approximately one to<br />

three per cent, to an estimated<br />

258,000 units.<br />

It also predicts that this year<br />

new recreational boat sales will<br />

be on a par with 2023 as the<br />

industry continues to navigate<br />

interest rates not to mention<br />

shifts in consumer confidence.<br />

As a result, manufacturers are<br />

said to be focused on continuing<br />

to deliver innovative new<br />

products and showcase emerging<br />

technologies at boat shows<br />

across the country, ranging<br />

from hydrogen-fuelled marine<br />

engines to boats powered fully<br />

by sustainable marine fuels.<br />

While most categories saw<br />

declines in 2023 – in some cases<br />

by up to a quarter – the personal<br />

watercraft segment has bucked<br />

the trend, with data suggesting<br />

sales in this segment are up by<br />

between a fifth and quarter (20<br />

to 25 per cent)<br />

These small craft, designed for<br />

use by one to three people and<br />

popular with anglers as they are<br />

well-priced and easy to transport<br />

to favoured fishing spots, are<br />

expected to make up between<br />

85,000 to 90,000 of the 258,000<br />

estimated new units sold at<br />

retail in 2023.<br />

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S E N T T O M O R E T H A N 1 8 , 5 0 0 T A C K L E I N D U S T R Y<br />


MARCH<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Tackle</strong><strong>Trade</strong><br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Editor:<br />

John Hunter<br />

04<br />

+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A journalist all his life and with 20-plus years<br />

of international business magazine experience,<br />

John was the founding editor of TTW and has<br />

now returned to the helm. He has helped<br />

many brands launch and grow over the years<br />

through B2B publications and via his own<br />

consultancy business.<br />


North America:<br />

Bart Manganiello<br />

+1 914 722 7601<br />

bartalm@optonline.net<br />

For over 38 years, Bart has been working with<br />

trade magazines, 34 in the tackle industry.<br />

Since 2001, he has been TTW’s North American<br />

Director, providing the best communication<br />

programs to companies, helping them connect<br />

with current and prospective trade partners<br />

around the world.<br />

Rest Of The <strong>World</strong>:<br />

Guido Knegt<br />

+39 3475036436<br />

guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A born and bred Dutchman, he spent five<br />

years travelling the world as a scuba-diving<br />

instructor and English teacher before settling<br />

down in Sardinia. Guido previously worked for<br />

TTW between 2014 and 2017.<br />

China: Robert Li<br />

Li Ziwei<br />

+86 13451914155<br />

robert.li365@gmail.com<br />

Li Ziwei (Robert) has been working as news<br />

editor for over 20 years. He founded the most<br />

influential Chinese fishing forum in the Straits<br />

and successfully organised many industry<br />

events. His love for culture and tourism has led<br />

him to devote his entire life to the exchanges<br />

between China and southeast Asia.<br />

Magazine Manager<br />

Justin Fox<br />

+44 7813 327966<br />

justin.fox@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A hugely experienced communicator with<br />

more than 20 years at parent company DHP,<br />

Justin knows what it takes to grow brands<br />

and businesses across the tackle sector.<br />

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Art Editor: Paul Evans<br />

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We’ve all heard retailers<br />

bemoaning the amount of<br />

stock they currently hold but,<br />

rather than get concerned about lack of<br />

orders, it might be worth scaling down<br />

your offerings for the time being.<br />

That’s not necessarily in terms of the<br />

quantity but more the quality or, to be<br />

more precise, the size.<br />

There are several schools of thought<br />

that suggest that larger (and bigger-ticket)<br />

items are tougher to shift right now.<br />

Our story about the cooldown in<br />

recreational boat sales in the US is a<br />

case in point. Larger and powered boats<br />

certainly saw a marked decline, yet<br />

there appeared to be a strong leap in the<br />

purchase of personal watercraft.<br />

At the same time, our Doing Business<br />

With feature on Scandinavia pointed to<br />

the fact that expensive rods and reels were<br />

not selling through in the same way that<br />

cheaper or entry-level kit was.<br />

The reason is pretty clear – the<br />

economy globally is still not in great<br />

shape.<br />

High interest rates and rising inflation<br />

are making larger purchases more and<br />

more difficult.<br />

Whatever disposable income people<br />

have to spend on their pastimes or<br />

hobbies right now is minimal.<br />

But we also know that when things<br />

get tough, many seek sanctuary in their<br />

favourite sport. Getting out and enjoying<br />

the fresh air or being beside the water is<br />

cathartic to many.<br />

3,511<br />

6,466<br />

While we have certainly seen a drop<br />

in many countries in people fishing since<br />

the highs of the Covid-19 pandemic, we<br />

must remember that was a highly unusual<br />

situation and somewhat misleading in<br />

terms of the number of regular anglers.<br />

But there is plenty of anecdotal<br />

evidence to suggest that those who have<br />

maintained their interest are going just<br />

as much as ever. It’s just that they are not<br />

necessarily replacing their gear – special<br />

rods, reels, luggage, chairs and seatboxes<br />

or even boats – as often as they did before.<br />

But if you are selling consumables<br />

– bait, lures, line, weights and so on –<br />

there’s a good chance these will be the<br />

first areas in the tackle market to show an<br />

uptick in sales.<br />

It may not sound perfect but it’s<br />

something to hang on to as we seek<br />

to come out of the fog that has been<br />

surrounding our industry in the last year,<br />

caused by overstocking following the<br />

highest demand we have seen for many a<br />

year.<br />

That it cooled so quickly is rather<br />

surprising but we just need to hold our<br />

nerve, keep calm and carry on.<br />

If you are in the R&D business or pride<br />

yourself on innovation then now is the<br />

time to invest. Brighter days will come<br />

again and, when they do, the clamour for<br />

new gear will once again be strong. Make<br />

sure you are best placed to take advantage.<br />

John Hunter<br />


MARCH<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

24<br />

16<br />

18<br />

28<br />

Contents<br />

32<br />

40<br />

03 NEWS<br />

Rapala VMC completes the purchase of<br />

13 Fishing, Daiwa moves into a new home<br />

and Catch Fly Fishing Partners adds<br />

brands.<br />


Two vehicles on two different coasts are<br />

bound for the same family reunion at<br />

ICAST <strong>2024</strong>, the largest sportfishing trade<br />

event in the world.<br />


TOOLS<br />

Founded by a surgeon, Dr Slick has been<br />

making high quality tools for the fly fishing<br />

trade for 35 years, as current owner Steve<br />

Fournier explains.<br />


A good rod will allow you to cast and<br />

control your bait or fly as well as aid<br />

fighting your fish. How do you select the<br />

right ones to sell?<br />

26 SHOP WINDOW<br />

We offer a few suggestions for fishing rods<br />

that are shaping the way the industry is<br />

headed right now.<br />


With rivers, lakes and an extensive<br />

coastline, Scandinavia has a proud tradition<br />

of recreational fishing, not to mention<br />

some major tackle firms.<br />



The UK-based brand will be at parent<br />

company Leeda’s ice<strong>Tackle</strong>* trade event.<br />

What can you expect to see? It could be<br />

Epic!<br />


While some firms scaled back during<br />

Covid-19, line expert FirstDart pushed<br />

forward, placing R&D firmly at the core of<br />

its future plans.<br />


Simms’ Pursuit Shoe – new for <strong>2024</strong> –<br />

has been specifically designed to deliver<br />

anglers performance advantages in a<br />

variety of fishing scenarios.<br />


Another selection of gear on the market<br />

that you might wish to consider adding to<br />

your inventory for the coming season.<br />


We highlight some of the latest fly fishing<br />

tackle that looks like it will sell well in the<br />

coming months.<br />


Johnny Onslow, of Kenyan fly tying firm<br />

Gone Fishing, explains why it is trusted<br />

worldwide to deliver the best fishing flies.<br />


Look around you, there may be more than<br />

a few other businesses locally you can<br />

connect with to boost your customer base<br />

and turnover.<br />

06 www.tackletradeworld.com



• Continued from page 3<br />

NMMA president Frank<br />

Hugelmeyer explained: “With<br />

jumps in interest rates and<br />

inflation in 2023, we saw more<br />

boating consumers being price<br />

sensitive and deciding to wait<br />

things out before buying their<br />

next boat and in the meantime,<br />

picking up a personal<br />

watercraft to enrich their time<br />

spent on the water.<br />

“The nearly one million<br />

people who purchased a boat<br />

for the first time during<br />

the height of the pandemic<br />

continued to spend record time<br />

on the water in 2023, helping<br />

drive an economic impact of<br />

$230 billion.<br />

“As we enter <strong>2024</strong>, we expect<br />

Americans’ desire to be near<br />

water to continue as more<br />

people seek ways to prioritise<br />

health and wellness and<br />

enhance their quality of life,<br />

which has the industry focused<br />

on continued innovation and<br />

ensuring greater access to our<br />

public waters.”<br />

Recreational boating remains<br />

a significant driver to the US<br />

economy due to the estimated<br />

85 million Americans who hit<br />

the water each year, bringing<br />

their friends and family and<br />

spending on everything from<br />

food and marine accessories<br />

to marinas, storage, and<br />

insurance.<br />

It drives an economic impact<br />

of $230 billion, up 36 per cent<br />

from 2018, while supporting<br />

36,000 US businesses and<br />

812,000 American jobs,<br />

according to NMMA’s 2023<br />

Economic Impact Study on<br />

Recreational Boating.<br />

Winter is a traditionally<br />

strong selling season for<br />

the recreational boating<br />

industry with dozens of boat<br />

shows taking place around<br />

the country in January and<br />

February in major markets<br />

like New York, Miami and<br />

Chicago.<br />

They are a major driver<br />

of retail sales for the year<br />

ahead, with manufacturers and<br />

dealers debuting new product<br />

innovations and technologies.<br />

The recreational boating<br />

industry has a long track<br />

record of product innovation<br />

and self-regulation to support<br />

its boating consumers who<br />

spend their leisure time on US<br />

waterways.<br />

Recent global research found<br />

that, due to the unique<br />

on-water environment for<br />

recreational boating and the<br />

varied interests of boaters<br />

and the experiences they<br />

seek, there is no “one-sizefits<br />

all” approach to continue<br />

decarbonising recreational<br />

boating, with a variety of<br />

technological solutions<br />

considered.<br />

Rapala VMC completes 13 Fishing deal<br />

Rapala VMC Corporation has bought<br />

James Coble’s remaining 40 per cent<br />

shareholding of DQC International, the<br />

owner of the 13 Fishing rod and reel brand.<br />

Rapala VMC president and CEO Lars<br />

Ollberg explained: “We have now come full<br />

circle and Rapala will enter full-time into<br />

the US rod and reel market. Rapala has<br />

already set its highly qualified, nationwide<br />

sales force on ‘full alert’.<br />

“The time is right to start selling<br />

this innovative brand as the market<br />

slowly normalises following the Covid<br />

uncertainties.<br />

“13 Fishing already has a proven track<br />

record of building a dynamic brand and<br />

developing innovative products. In a<br />

relatively short time, it has successfully<br />

wedged itself into the world’s most<br />

competitive fishing tackle market. We thank<br />

James Coble for creating 13 Fishing with<br />

such passion and wish him all the success in<br />

reaching new horizons in his career.”<br />

The 13 Fishing brand and products<br />

are unique in that they offer a refreshing<br />

alternative to standard market staples.<br />

Within this diverse brand portfolio, 13<br />

Fishing offers freshwater and inshore rods<br />

and reels and is a market leader in the<br />

dedicated ice<br />

fishing market.<br />

Th e<br />

acquisition gives<br />

Rapala VMC<br />

the opportunity<br />

to consolidate<br />

13 Fishing into<br />

Rapala USA<br />

and continue<br />

to strengthen<br />

the company’s<br />

market position<br />

within the US<br />

market.<br />

Jim Coble and Lars Ollberg<br />

Rapala’s<br />

global<br />

manufacturing and purchasing strength,<br />

backed with a proven US distribution centre<br />

and supply chain, offers retailers world-class<br />

service it says they can count on.<br />

Rapala VMC Corporation has one of<br />

the largest sales and distribution networks<br />

covering every corner of the US market<br />

and the expertise and positive relationships<br />

fostered by the Rapala USA sales team will<br />

clearly place 13 Fishing in a strong market<br />

position.<br />

In a separate move, Rapala VMC<br />

Corporation has sold the group’s entire<br />

injection moulding business to a Finnish<br />

mould and injection-moulded parts<br />

manufacturer Muottituote Group Oy with<br />

an agreement signed in late December<br />

2023.<br />

With the transaction, Muottituote Group<br />

Oy acquires Rapala VMC’s subsidiary KL-<br />

Teho Oy’s real estate, located in Korpilahti,<br />

Finland, along with the injection moulding<br />

operations, equipment and personnel.<br />

www.rapalavmc.com<br />

08 www.tackletradeworld.com

Daiwa USA<br />

welcomes new year<br />

with a new home<br />

Global tackle giant Daiwa kicked<br />

off <strong>2024</strong> by opening the doors to<br />

new corporate headquarters and<br />

USA warehouse facilities.<br />

The move to a bigger facility in<br />

California doubles its space and<br />

capacity to ship product.<br />

Planning started in 2019 but<br />

the Covid-19 pandemic, supply<br />

chain delays, construction and<br />

warehouse materials shortages<br />

and changes in the working<br />

environment slowed it down.<br />

Daiwa USA president Carey<br />

Graves explained: “We wanted to<br />

make sure the new facility met our<br />

needs in these post-Covid times,<br />

so we did a pause with selecting<br />

the right location.<br />

“By discussing and<br />

collaborating with warehouse<br />

and office operations managers<br />

on what was needed to run our<br />

business more efficiently, the<br />

facility sets us up to grow Daiwa’s<br />

business and better serve our<br />

dealers and customers.”<br />

Warehouse operations manager<br />

Brian Nolte praised the 20 truck<br />

bays dedicated to both inbound<br />

and outbound shipping.<br />

“We’ll also be able to use the<br />

added bays as flex space for extra<br />

storage and stage product for<br />

value-added builds of combos.<br />

“The extra space and bays<br />

give us the in-house capability<br />

to efficiently add UPCs, hang<br />

tags, and dealer stickers, giving us<br />

unique benefits to offer dealers.”<br />

The additional space enabled<br />

Daiwa to add both a dedicated<br />

shipping office and after-service<br />

reel maintenance/repair centre. A<br />

complete revamp of its racking<br />

systems for pick-and-ship needs<br />

also provides more efficient<br />

operations.<br />

Carey continued: “While the<br />

warehouse needs were the main<br />

priority, the secondary focus was<br />

our office needs.<br />

“With changes in the business<br />

environment to accommodate<br />

both in- and out-of-office<br />

working, we’ve set up our<br />

corporate area with dedicated<br />

space for customer service, our<br />

accounting/financial operations,<br />

and our sales and marketing office<br />

needs.<br />

“While many of our office<br />

staff work a hybrid in-office/<br />

out-of-office schedule, we have<br />

an excellent set-up in the new<br />

facility for the various teams<br />

to come together for in-person<br />

discussions and collaboration for<br />

our business.”<br />

He confirmed that Daiwa is<br />

keen to welcome manufacturer<br />

reps, dealers and distributors to<br />

the facility this year.<br />

“It shows our commitment to<br />

the Daiwa tackle business, which<br />

in turn shows our commitment to<br />

their businesses,” he concluded.<br />

daiwa.us<br />



<strong>Tackle</strong> trade newcomer Catch Fly Fishing<br />

Partners is growing rapidly and has added two<br />

more brands to its expanding portfolio.<br />

The firm aims to offer quality fly fishing and<br />

fly tying equipment brands to selective fly shops<br />

around Europe and continues this approach with<br />

additional of Easy Shrimp Eyes and SMHAEN.<br />

Mads Pedersen of Catch Fly Fishing Partners<br />

said: “I’m proud to welcome both SMHAEN<br />

and Easy Shrimp Eyes to our portfolio. High<br />

quality is what we aim for and with these two<br />

brands we will not be disappointed. As a fly<br />

tyer, both brands have been in my own hands<br />

and they represent great, usable products in<br />

impeccable quality.”<br />

Steen Lykjær and Erik Petersen of Easy<br />

Shrimp Eyes explained: “In Easy Shrimp Eyes,<br />

we have invented Danish-produced quality<br />

products since 2012. We have revolutionised<br />

the world of fly tying and fly fishing with new<br />

thinking and more colourful options for fly tyers.<br />

“Our product range is actually made for<br />

ourselves, as fly fishers, but we share it with the<br />

Carey Graves, Daiwa<br />

world, to optimise everyone’s experience. We<br />

have our biggest project to date launching soon,<br />

and we are excited to show this to the fly fishing<br />

community.<br />

“To be a part of the product range in Catch<br />

Fly Fishing is absolutely amazing and makes us<br />

proud; they have the knowledge and the team to<br />

take us to the next level. Thanks guys!”<br />

Meanwhile, Stig M Hansen, CEO of<br />

SMHAEN, is looking forward to the partnership<br />

and is very optimistic.<br />

He said: “Our vision is clear – to provide<br />

quality fly tying tools. Tools designed with style<br />

and functions. Tools made for your passion.<br />

“Selling our products through an experienced<br />

team like Catch Fly Fishing is just a privilege. It<br />

is an honour to be in their product range.”<br />

Things are happening really fast at Catch Fly<br />

Fishing Partners and more announcements are<br />

expected soon. To find out more, contact Hanna<br />

or Mads.<br />

hv@catchff.com<br />

mp@catchff.com<br />

THE BEST<br />


S T U F F<br />

FOR OVER<br />

75 YEARS<br />















27 CR 458<br />

Mountain Home,<br />

Arkansas 72653<br />

Phone: 001 (870) 425-9500<br />

Fax: 001 (870) 425-9599<br />

E-Mail: wapsi@wapsifly.com<br />

Website: www.wapsifly.com

Torayca M46X carbon<br />

fibre is better for blanks<br />

and the environment<br />

The latest carbon fibre material<br />

from Japanese manufacturing<br />

expert Toray – Torayca MX64 –<br />

is said to offer higher-strength,<br />

lower weight rods as well as<br />

being kinder to the environment.<br />

The new offering is around<br />

20 per cent stronger than others<br />

in the Torayca MX series while<br />

maintaining a high tensile<br />

modulus. So it reduces the<br />

weight of carbon fibre-reinforced<br />

plastic materials, lowering their<br />

environmental impact.<br />

Typically, there is a trade-off<br />

between the tensile modulus<br />

and strength of carbon fibre.<br />

Boosting the strength while<br />

maintaining the modulus of<br />

carbon fibres with a tensile<br />

modulus exceeding 350<br />

GPa presents technological<br />

challenges.<br />

However, the sporting and<br />

leisure goods market demands<br />

both qualities to maintain<br />

performance while using less<br />

carbon fibre to lower the weight<br />

of moulded parts.<br />

Toray developed M46X by<br />

pushing the structural control<br />

technology envelope. Nanolevel<br />

controls of the graphite<br />

crystallite structure inside<br />

fibres resulted in an ultra-fine,<br />

ultra-high orientation producing<br />

carbon fibre that is more than<br />

20 per cent stronger than<br />

conventional materials while<br />

maintaining its tensile modulus.<br />

The company will also<br />

deploy Torayca M46X prepreg,<br />

with the resin matrix utilising<br />

the proprietary NanoAlloy<br />

microstructure control<br />

technology.<br />

The new product will<br />

significantly enhance<br />

compressive strength<br />

to boost stiffness while<br />

retaining strength,<br />

reducing the weight<br />

of finished products and<br />

broadening design flexibility.<br />

Developing highperformance<br />

carbon fibres<br />

with a high tensile modulus<br />

exceeding 350 GPa began with<br />

Torayca M40 with graphitised<br />

yarn, followed by M40J in<br />

1984 and M46J in 1986 in<br />

response to robust demand for<br />

the high-modulus Torayca MJ<br />

carbon fibre series.<br />

The MX series was created<br />

by applying technologies to<br />

control graphite crystallite<br />

structures and orientations<br />

inside fibres.<br />

The first offering in this<br />

series was M40X, launched in<br />

2018, which quickly earned<br />

a solid reputation as a highperformance<br />

carbon fibre and<br />

prepreg (a resin-impregnated<br />

intermediate base material)<br />

matching market requirements.<br />

In line with its corporate<br />

philosophy of contributing to<br />

society by creating new value,<br />

Toray will continue developing<br />

new products that help<br />

transform the economy through<br />

the enhanced performance and<br />

processability of Torayca carbon<br />

fibre and prepreg.<br />

www.toray.com<br />

Retail boss move for<br />

sporting goods stores<br />

Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings has named Craig McNair as chief<br />

retail officer to oversee store operations at its sites across the USA.<br />

He will be responsible for the customer experience, in-store<br />

programs, training and talent development as well as driving growth.<br />

Sportsman’s Warehouse president and CEO Paul Stone said:<br />

“Craig has significant experience working in retail operations<br />

to achieve organisational objectives, resulting in growth and<br />

profitability.<br />

“With his deep retail experience, he will be focused on building<br />

our in-store culture and programs, providing our customers with a<br />

differentiated experience and creating loyalty and trust.”<br />

Craig, who has worked for leading retailers including Academy<br />

Sports + Outdoors and Cabela’s, added: “As a lifelong store operator,<br />

I welcome the opportunity to bring our stores to life with the unique<br />

outdoor products we sell, while providing our customers best-inclass<br />

service.<br />

“It’s exciting to transition my career back to speciality outdoor<br />

retail as it directly aligns with my personal love of the outdoors.”

Carbon neutral boost for<br />

Yamaha with acquisition<br />

2023-24<br />

Over 1,400 New<br />

Line Items in our<br />

2023-<strong>2024</strong> Catalog<br />

14,600+ Products<br />

Available for your<br />

Fly Tying Shops Walls!<br />

Microflex Soft<br />

Hackle Chenille<br />

Available in 5 sizes and<br />

31 Great Colors!<br />

In a bid to implement a<br />

multiple technology approach<br />

to achieve carbon neutrality,<br />

Yamaha Motor Co has acquired<br />

marine electric propulsion<br />

manufacturer Torqeedo.<br />

The stock purchase<br />

agreement with German parent<br />

company Deutz AG will also<br />

boost Yamaha’s position in the<br />

competitive electric propulsion<br />

market.<br />

Torqeedo offers a wide range<br />

of products including electric<br />

outboard and inboard motors<br />

through to batteries and other<br />

accessories. It also holds many<br />

patents related to electric<br />

motors, propellers and electric<br />

systems, as well as the R&D<br />

capabilities, mass-production<br />

equipment, and development<br />

resources for next-generation<br />

environmental technologies.<br />

Yamaha US Marine<br />

Business Unit president Ben<br />

Speciale explained: “Yamaha’s<br />

acquisition of Torqeedo<br />

supports the current mid-term<br />

plan and helps to accelerate<br />

the company’s efforts toward<br />

achieving carbon neutrality by<br />

2050.<br />

“That goal within the marine<br />

market can only be reached<br />

through an approach leveraging<br />

a variety of solutions, one of<br />

which is electric propulsion.<br />

“Through the relationship<br />

with Torqeedo, Yamaha will<br />

have the ability to fast-track<br />

the establishment of a small<br />

electric propulsion line-up,<br />

complementing the company’s<br />

efforts with hydrogen and<br />

sustainable fuels as additional<br />

means of reducing the carbon<br />

footprint on the water.<br />

“Furthermore, the pending<br />

acquisition supports Yamaha<br />

Marine’s CASE strategy, which<br />

helps Yamaha deliver highvalue,<br />

innovative products to<br />

customers while promoting<br />

marine conservation and<br />



Safety campaign<br />

launched<br />

The National Safe Boating Council<br />

(NSBC), a US-based catalyst for<br />

recreational boating safety, has<br />

launched an awareness initiative<br />

to encourage all boaters to always<br />

wear a life jacket for themselves<br />

and everyone that depends on<br />

them.<br />

Wear It For Them is part of the<br />

NSBC’s Safe Boating Campaign, and<br />

the messages are being broadcast<br />

via video, print and social media.<br />

KastKing’s new<br />

frontier<br />

With the tagline ‘Fueled<br />

by Innovation’, KastKing is<br />

transforming its brand and product<br />

line from an online provider of<br />

entry-level rods and reels to a<br />

high-tech, performance fishing<br />

brand accessible online or through<br />

traditional brick-and-mortar retail,<br />

in partnership with rep group<br />

Frontier Sales and Marketing, based<br />

in Katy, Texas, USA.<br />

Whitney opens<br />

comms<br />

The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable<br />

(ORR), the USA’s leading coalition<br />

of associated trade groups, has<br />

appointed Whitney Potter Schwartz<br />

as senior vice-president of<br />

communications and operations.<br />

Whitney brings a wealth of<br />

experience and expertise to ORR,<br />

having held significant roles in<br />

strategic communications and<br />

operations for the past decade.<br />



Outdoor industry professional<br />

Kenny Ballard has been<br />

appointed Mustang Survival’s<br />

new president, taking over from<br />

Juanita Killen, who became<br />

interim president last year,<br />

leading the company through a<br />

challenging year of growth and<br />

evolution.<br />

Meanwhile, Lance<br />

Richardson, an expert in<br />

domestic manufacturing and<br />

efficiency, takes on the newly<br />

created role of vice-president of<br />

Kenny Ballard<br />

manufacturing and innovation<br />

for the Wing Group, Mustang<br />

Survival’s parent company.<br />

Kenny brings a wealth of experience from<br />

previous executive roles with renowned brands<br />

including Osprey, SwissGear, Wenger Outdoor,<br />

Kelty, and, most recently, his own successful<br />

consulting firm.<br />

Having once worked at Mad River Canoe,<br />

he returns to his roots by re-immersing himself<br />

in the water sports industry.<br />

Andrew Branagh, CEO of the Wing<br />

Group, said: “Kenny’s history of exceptional<br />

leadership across a diverse spectrum of outdoor<br />

businesses uniquely qualifies him as the ideal<br />

candidate for this pivotal role at Mustang<br />

Survival. Kenny has consistently worked across<br />

the retail sector and knows how to navigate<br />

the complexities of commercial and military<br />

operations.”<br />

Kenny added: “I’m ecstatic to be working<br />

with a brand that has a heritage of innovation,<br />

saving and protecting lives and enabling<br />

everyday marine adventures.”<br />

“Sailing, paddling and fishing: the Mustang<br />

brand DNA, product portfolio and, most<br />

importantly, the global team are built around<br />

these activities, and I am excited to align<br />

business with my passions.”<br />

Lance Richardson<br />

Based at the firm’s HQ in Vancouver, which<br />

includes the local manufacturing facility, he<br />

will oversee the newly moved and expanded<br />

Jacksonville Florida plant, operations in<br />

Spencer, Virginia and the overseas office in<br />

Salisbury, UK.<br />

Lance Richardson will have his desk next to<br />

Kenny’s. As an Arc’teryx and Herschel alumni,<br />

his supply chain and manufacturing expertise<br />

will fold seamlessly into the needs of the Wing<br />

Group.<br />

He said: “I am excited to join the Wing<br />

Group, which, across its brands, has an<br />

incredible history and future in making<br />

purpose-built safety products for people who<br />

need and use them. It’s an honour to join the<br />

team and work to enable, protect and save<br />

lives.”<br />

Andrew Branagh added: “We are<br />

starting the year strong by adding these two<br />

experienced professionals to the workforces<br />

of Mustang Survival and the Wing Group as<br />

we’re looking ahead to continue to serve our<br />

customers and consumers better with the best<br />

products available.”<br />

www.mustangsurvival.com<br />





Buy now, pay later with a flexible plan that fits your budget.<br />

No fees. No surprises.<br />


www.trianglesport.com<br />

2-YR WARRANTY • FULL TECH SUPPORT • 110V & 220V • TELEPHONE +1 (201) 699-4228 • MADE IN THE U.S.A.




Mike Baumgartner has joined Rapala VMC<br />

as its regional sales manager covering the<br />

western United States and select national<br />

accounts.<br />

He will work with the firm’s retail<br />

partners to market all brands sold in the US,<br />

including Rapala lures, knives, apparel and<br />

accessories, Storm, Blue Fox, Luhr-Jensen<br />

and Williamson lures, StrikeMaster ice<br />

fishing augers and apparel, VMC hooks<br />

and terminal tackle, Sufix fishing line and<br />

leaders, CrushCity soft baits and 13 Fishing<br />

rods and reels.<br />

Travis Tuma, vice-president of sales<br />

for Rapala VMC, explained: “Mike<br />

brings a deep, grassroots understanding<br />

of what customers want and expect from<br />

manufacturers.<br />

“Mike’s experience, knowledge and<br />

passion for his customers fits perfectly<br />

into the Rapala culture. And now with<br />

the addition of 13 Fishing and CrushCity,<br />

we’re looking forward to growing our strong<br />

portfolio of brands with Mike’s expertise.”<br />

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mike has<br />

been an avid angler and hunter his entire<br />

life, spending hours in pursuit of walleyes,<br />

muskies and bass but describes himself as a<br />

true multi-species angler who enjoys fishing<br />

year-round.<br />

During his time at university, where<br />

he graduated with bachelor’s degree in<br />

marketing, Mike worked at Scheels as a<br />

fishing and hunting sales associate, later<br />

joining Pure Fishing as a key account<br />

manager, where he stayed for 12 years.<br />

Mike said: “Growing up in Minnesota,<br />

Rapala is the most iconic brand around so,<br />

for me, it’s a true honour to be part of the<br />

Rapala family. I’ve been using Rapala lures<br />

since I was a kid, so this feels like coming<br />

full circle.”<br />

rapalavmc.com<br />

Sales reps unveiled<br />

for Scott Fly Rods<br />

The Scott Fly Rod Company has announced<br />

that Eric Kraimer and Daniel Roberts of Red<br />

Heron Sales will be representing the company<br />

in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma,<br />

USA.<br />

The Colorado-based manufacturer, which<br />

has been handcrafting rods since 1974, says the<br />

pair will bring a passion for customer service,<br />

integrity, fishing and fly tying, having earned<br />

the trust of speciality fly shops for over two<br />

decades.<br />

Scott president Jim Bartschi explained:<br />

“Eric was the first employee we hired when the<br />

company relocated to Telluride, Colorado, from<br />

California.<br />

“He can actually handcraft a Scott rod, from<br />

start to finish. Eric is not only an industry peer<br />

but a lifelong friend and fishing buddy. That<br />

we’ve come full circle to work together again<br />

feels perfect.”<br />

Red Heron also represents Simms, the<br />

Mayfly Group, Umpqua and Buff.<br />

info@redheronllc.com<br />

First foray into rod market<br />

for GSM Outdoors<br />

The acquisition of Phenix<br />

Rods marks shooting, knife<br />

and lure brand owner GSM<br />

Outdoors’ entry into the<br />

fishing rod market.<br />

Established in 1977, Texas,<br />

USA-based Phenix is a brand<br />

offering a wide range of<br />

custom-quality rods for both<br />

fresh- and saltwater anglers,<br />

using the most advanced rod<br />

building carbon technology.<br />

Crispin Powley, GSM<br />

senior vice president of<br />

fishing, explained: “We were<br />

only looking for something<br />

special to be our flagship<br />

brand when entering the rod<br />

category.<br />

“There was zero doubt<br />

or hesitation that Phenix<br />

was the one when the<br />

opportunity came about.<br />

This brand has a legacy<br />

and tradition that is second<br />

to none. It’s a unique and<br />

superior product that we can’t<br />

wait to put our resources<br />

behind.”<br />

Among the myriad<br />

of brands in the GSM<br />

Outdoors portfolio are<br />

shooting names like<br />

Birchwood Casey, knife<br />

makers SOG and Cold Steel<br />

while fishing brands include<br />

Yamamoto Baits and Bill<br />

Lewis Lures.<br />

GSM CEO Edward<br />

Castro added: “Our fishing<br />

team was adamant that<br />

Phenix was the perfect brand<br />

for GSM to lead the category<br />

with. The previous ownership<br />

has done a tremendous job<br />

and I feel certain that we can<br />

elevate Phenix even more<br />

through design, innovation,<br />

and our distribution<br />

channels.”<br />


Wiley X named official eyewear<br />

for classic angling events<br />

Wiley X, a global leader<br />

in protective eyewear, has<br />

become the official eyewear<br />

sponsor for three prestigious<br />

angling events: the Sea<br />

Angling Classic, <strong>World</strong> Carp<br />

Classic, and <strong>World</strong> Predator<br />

Classic.<br />

This collaboration<br />

underscores Wiley X’s<br />

commitment to providing<br />

high-quality eyewear solutions<br />

tailored to the needs of<br />

anglers worldwide.<br />

Known for its dedication<br />

to protection and innovation,<br />

Wiley X’s eyewear range<br />

is said to offer anglers<br />

unparalleled clarity, durability,<br />

and vision enhancement,<br />

ensuring optimal performance<br />

in various fishing conditions.<br />

Jes Damgaard Lund,<br />

marketing manager at Wiley<br />

X, said: “We are thrilled to be<br />

the official eyewear partner for<br />

these awesome events! For us,<br />

protection is key and what we<br />

have built our brand around.<br />

“We are known for the<br />

extraordinary quality of<br />

our polarised lenses and<br />

our colour enhancing lens<br />

technology and, paired<br />

with our uncompromising,<br />

protective design, we know<br />

that we deliver one of the best<br />

options for any angler, who<br />

won’t compromise when it<br />

comes to their gear!”<br />

Events founder and<br />

managing director Ross<br />

Honey added: “The Sea<br />

Angling Classic, <strong>World</strong><br />

Carp Classic and <strong>World</strong><br />

Predator Classic are esteemed<br />

tournaments that attract top<br />

anglers from around the globe.<br />

“With Wiley X on board as<br />

the official eyewear partner,<br />

participants can expect<br />

top-notch eye protection<br />

and performance-enhancing<br />

optics, empowering them<br />

to focus solely on the<br />

competition.”<br />

Wiley X’s eyewear is<br />

renowned for its EN.166<br />

certified impact resistance,<br />

meeting stringent safety<br />

standards while delivering<br />

unmatched comfort and style.<br />

Its polarised lenses reduce<br />

glare and provide exceptional<br />

clarity, essential for anglers<br />

seeking an edge in various<br />

fishing environments.<br />

As part of this partnership,<br />

Wiley X will also engage with<br />

attendees through various<br />

activities, showcasing their<br />

latest eyewear innovations<br />

and providing insights on the<br />

importance of eye protection<br />

in angling.<br />

www.seaanglingclassic.com<br />

www.worldpredatorclassic.com<br />

www.worldcarpclassic.com<br />

www.wileyx.eu<br />

Freedom for American Baitworks Co<br />

As part of a strategic evolution, Michael<br />

and Nick Tamburro have sold their<br />

shares of Canadian business Freedom<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Corporation to American<br />

Baitworks Co (ABW).<br />

The decision is said to be a<br />

deliberate step towards embracing new<br />

opportunities and advancing into an<br />

exciting phase of growth and innovation<br />

for the Toronto-based business, as<br />

it seeks to fortify its position in the<br />

market and capitalise on emerging<br />

trends in the industry.<br />

Michael Tamburro, co-owner and<br />

co-founder of Freedom <strong>Tackle</strong> Corp,<br />

explained: “We are immensely grateful<br />

for the trust and support we’ve received<br />

throughout our journey building our<br />

fishing tackle brand.<br />

“This strategic move positions us to<br />

start a new chapter and give American<br />

Baitworks the foundation to grow and<br />

expand the Freedom brand.<br />

“We want to thank all of our retailers,<br />

customers, anglers, employees, friends<br />

and family who helped us take an idea,<br />

and build a brand that was proudly sold<br />

in retailers around the world,” added<br />

co-owner Nick Tamburro.<br />

The sale of shares opens doors<br />

to fresh collaborations, enhanced<br />

resources and opportunities to amplify<br />

Freedom <strong>Tackle</strong>’s impact on the fishing<br />

landscape.<br />

Freedom <strong>Tackle</strong> Corp, established by<br />

the brothers back in 2012, emphasised it<br />

remains committed to its core values of<br />

innovation and assures stakeholders of a<br />

seamless transition and will continue to<br />

deliver exceptional fishing tackle while<br />

fostering a culture of innovation and<br />

excellence.<br />

American Baitworks Co provides<br />

custom manufacturing of fishing<br />

lures and products for customer’s<br />

specifications, with brands including<br />

BaitFuel, NetBait, Halo Fishing, Snag<br />

Proof, Scum Frog and STH Bait Co.<br />

14 www.tackletradeworld.com


YOU DON’T<br />





Daiwa’s exclusive NANOPLUS Graphite<br />

Daiwa’s exclusive Custom Reel Seats<br />

FUJI ® Alconite Ring Guides<br />

Limited 5 Year Warranty<br />

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NEW <strong>2024</strong><br />

UNI PRODUCTS J.G. Cote Inc.<br />

1004 Principale<br />

Ste-Melanie, QC. Canada JOK 3AO<br />

Tel: 450-889-8054<br />

Toll-Free: 1-877-889-8054<br />

Fax: 450-889-5887<br />

Email: info@uniproducts.com<br />

Look to UNI<br />

for the best in<br />

spooled<br />

fly-tying<br />

materials!<br />





www.uniproducts.com<br />





ICAST<br />




Two vehicles on two different coasts are bound for the same family reunion at ICAST <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

the largest sportfishing trade event in the world.<br />

Across America, a tale<br />

of two travellers is<br />

playing out. On the<br />

Atlantic coast, Bajío<br />

Sunglasses angler Jay Johnson<br />

is loading up a modified yellow<br />

school bus and a skiff, bound<br />

for shallow flats brimming with<br />

snook and bonefish of Florida.<br />

On the Pacific coast, PacBak<br />

founder Brian McKinnon<br />

is tethered to the wheel of a PacBak at ICAST<br />

Toyota Tundra pickup truck,<br />

cruising north between Los<br />

Angeles and San Francisco Bay with a<br />

camper top over his bed.<br />

Johnson, an in-house content creator<br />

and YouTube star, is on the hunt for tight<br />

lines and elegant product shots.<br />

McKinnon, an Alaskan angler with a<br />

burgeoning cooler company, is hunting<br />

for handshakes. Through the final days of<br />

winter and into spring, both bearded, lionhearted<br />

outdoorsmen will spend much of<br />

their time thousands of miles apart on the<br />

road. But in July, they will both convene<br />

at ICAST, the largest sportfishing trade<br />

show on the planet.<br />

Hosted annually by the American<br />

Sportfishing Association, ICAST brings<br />

together the entire business community of<br />

the sportfishing industry. Last year, 13,346<br />

attendees from all 50 states, 80 countries<br />

and six continents joined in on the fun.<br />

For people like Johnson and McKinnon,<br />

the pilgrimage to ICAST is becoming as<br />

much a part of life as the salmon runs of<br />

Alaska or the tarpon runs of Florida.<br />


“I think with trade shows, what we<br />

have forgotten about and what has been<br />

undervalued is the reason they exist,” says<br />

Al Perkinson, the silver-haired founder of<br />

Bajío Sunglasses, who proudly welcomed<br />

Johnson’s school bus into his show booth<br />

at last year’s show.<br />

16 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

“It’s not only to do business. In fact,<br />

that is probably one of the less important<br />

aspects of it. I think these shows exist<br />

so the community can come together,<br />

so people can tell stories, reconnect and<br />

build both friendships and business<br />

relationships.”<br />

A little more than a year ago, Brian<br />

McKinnon’s ICAST story became the<br />

stuff of legend when PacBak – an upstart<br />

cooler brand – booked a last-minute<br />

booth to showcase its first product<br />

prototypes to the industry.<br />

Then, in a field of more than 900 entries<br />

to the prestigious ICAST Best of Show<br />

Awards, McKinnon’s product was voted<br />

number one. The win transformed his<br />

business and his life overnight. Within<br />

months, investment, marketing dollars and<br />

warehouses full of production products<br />

arrived.<br />

“We were a full-blown startup,”<br />

McKinnon said. “At the time, we didn’t<br />

have a warehouse. We didn’t have<br />

anything. We had three prototype coolers<br />

and six prototype sealers. That’s it.”<br />

Today, it is selling PacBak products to<br />

more than 50 dealers from the Bering<br />

Sea to Biscayne Bay. “It all started with<br />

ICAST,” McKinnon said. “We had a little<br />

10x10 booth, the cheapest thing we could<br />

get; but from that point, it just went crazy.<br />

After winning ICAST, companies were<br />

coming at us from every angle.”<br />

Al Perkinson, Bajío<br />

“ICAST is doing great,” added<br />

Perkinson. “It still feels like people<br />

are having fun there, like the fishing<br />

community is there and represented.”<br />

Since 2021, Bajío has been expanding<br />

its own footprint at ICAST. Less than<br />

five years after Perkinson founded his<br />

own young company, he, too, feels its<br />

reputation has been cemented in part<br />

thanks to an award at fishing’s largest<br />

trade show.<br />

“It gets attention,” Perkinson says. “We<br />

were David taking on Goliath, and people<br />

noticed us. For our little ragtag band to<br />

beat the big boys was pretty fun. It really<br />

meant a lot.”<br />

This year, Al, Jay and Brian will<br />

again find themselves on the show<br />

floor. Although they will arrive from<br />

different corners of the country, they will<br />

rendezvous at an entire sea of friends,<br />

connections and community.<br />

ICAST<br />

www.ICASTFishing.org<br />

* ICAST <strong>2024</strong> is scheduled for July<br />

16th to 19th at Orlando, Florida’s<br />

Orange County Convention<br />

Center. Registration for exhibitors<br />

and attendees is already open at<br />

ICASTFishing.org .

New Products <strong>2024</strong><br />

drslick.com • 800-462-4474<br />


This wicked cool looking series revolves around the time savings and ergonomics<br />

of a bent shaft instrument. The loops on the super sharp razor scissors are raised<br />

and exposed, allowing the user to simply put their fingers into the loops without<br />

having to slide them across the bench to get them in hand or worse, dropping<br />

them on the floor! For those who keep scissors in hand while tying, the bent shaft is more ergonomic than a<br />

straight shaft, and follows the contours of your hand. Less hand fatigue=more flies leaving the vise. The bent<br />

shaft on the versatile scissor clamps allows for a greater range of motion vs a traditional straight shank or<br />

curved jaw clamp. Perfect for<br />

excavating flies from<br />

a fish’s pie hole.<br />

SNH5BW<br />


SR4BW<br />

RAZOR<br />


Half Smooth &<br />

Half Crosshatch<br />

Jaw Structure<br />

SR37BW<br />

3.75” Arrow Scissor<br />

Adjustable Tension<br />

Serrated Blade<br />

SR4BW<br />

4” All Purpose Scissor<br />

Adjustable Tension<br />

Serrated Blade<br />

SR45BW<br />

4.5” Hair Scissor<br />

Adjustable Tension<br />

Serrated Blade<br />

SNH5BW<br />

5” Scissor Clamp<br />

Straight Blade<br />

SNH6BW<br />

6” Scissor Clamp<br />

Straight Blade<br />


Rubber<br />

Tubing on<br />

One Jaw<br />


Cutting edge nippers for the new age tippet<br />

materials. Super sharp Tungsten Carbide blades<br />

are mounted on a lightweight 6061-T6 anodized<br />

aluminum frame and make short work of most, if not<br />

all, tippet material from braid up to 20lb coated wire.<br />

Available in straight or off set cutting face and<br />

both units come with replacement T.C. cutters, screws,<br />

hex key, and a steel retention ring.<br />

NATC<br />

Straight<br />

Cutting Face<br />

5.75” 7” 5” 3.75” 5” 4.5”<br />

BOD/CF-J<br />

Bodkin<br />

BT/CF-J<br />

Bobbin<br />

Threader<br />

WF/CF-J<br />

Whip<br />

Finisher<br />

RHP/CF-J<br />

Rotary<br />

Hackle Plier<br />

DH/CF-J<br />

Dubbing<br />

Hook<br />

DTW/CF-J<br />

Dubbing<br />

Twister<br />

You’ve got to see these! We have taken our 6 jumbo tying tools and mated them to<br />

stunning 10 mm O/D carbon fiber handles. Strong, lightweight, and beautiful!<br />

NATCO<br />

Offset<br />

Cutting Face




Founded by a surgeon – who should know a thing or about precision instruments – for 35<br />

years, Dr Slick has been making high quality tools for the fly fishing industry. Current owner<br />

Steve Fournier explains how it has kept pace with ever-changing demands.<br />


START?<br />

STEVE FOURNIER: Dr Slick Co was<br />

founded in 1989 by a urologist, Dr Ken<br />

High. It was originally based in Dillon,<br />

Montana, but moved to our present facility<br />

in Belgrade, Montana in 2000.<br />

Dr High was very unhappy with the<br />

quality of the fly tying and streamside<br />

instruments he was using in his sport.<br />

Being a surgeon, he was used to very high<br />

18 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

quality, well-designed tools for specific tasks<br />

in the surgical suites, but there was nothing<br />

like this for fly tying and angling (I think we<br />

all remember those days!).<br />

Our first efforts were to basically take<br />

existing medical tools and modify them to<br />

the needed tasks (scissors for fly tying and<br />

clamps for streamside use).<br />

This met with reasonable success but it<br />

became clear, after much trial and error, that<br />

most of the items would need to be designed<br />

from the ground up for the needs of the tyer<br />

and angler.<br />

Since those initial efforts, each item has<br />

been designed from scratch. We can control<br />

the die/moulds, metal used, type of jaw<br />

structure, hardness, finish and more.<br />

The name Dr Slick comes from Dr High’s<br />

proclivity for soaking his fly lines in silicon<br />

before steelhead fishing – it made for some<br />

legendary casts!<br />

I joined Dr Slick in 1996 after four years

Dr Slick<br />


Siding and tipping Synthetics Scissors<br />

a lot, so I see lots of needs based on my<br />

experiences. I’ll take that knowledge and<br />

work on improving one of our existing tools<br />

or invent a new item from scratch to fill the<br />

need.<br />

I also keep a notebook of every comment/<br />

complaint I receive and use that to improve<br />

existing items or help in development of<br />

a new item. I call it the “you should” and<br />

“have you thought about” depository. If I see<br />

lots of common comments, then I’ll research<br />

the item further to determine marketability.<br />

Over the past 20-plus years I’ve designed<br />

close to 60 items and I’m always working<br />

on the next thing. Right now, we have 15<br />

items in the R&D pipeline. There are also<br />

constant improvements to existing products.<br />

We have a few patents for our efforts, too.<br />

Among my favourite items over the last<br />

25 years are our range of scissors – Razors,<br />

Tungsten Carbide, Bent Shaft, Micro-Tip,<br />

Twisted Loop, Black Widow and advanced<br />

30 degree curved blades on our curved<br />

scissor models.<br />

Then there’s our fly tying gear such as<br />

the Spigot Bobbin, Jumbo Carbon Fibre<br />

Handle tying tools, Hair Stackers, Extra<br />

Hand and Bead Tweezers.<br />

We have Release Clamps, Shot Clamps,<br />

Twisted Loop, Long Range, Crossfire, Hook<br />

Eye Cleaning Pins in shank design and 30<br />

degree curved jaws on the curved model of<br />

clamps.<br />

Our pliers range includes Bullet Head<br />

and the storm series (Typhoon and Squall),<br />

we have our Off Set Clipper, the Knot<br />

Tying Clipper and Cyclone Clippers and, of<br />

course, our Necklace.<br />

with fly rod firm Thomas & Thomas and a<br />

few stops at some retail fly shops.<br />

I have been involved in the fly fishing<br />

industry in manufacturing, sales, retail<br />

and distribution since 1988. I was hired as<br />

general manager/head of sales and chief<br />

widget maker in 1995. I have owned the<br />

company since 2009.<br />

I wear many hats here and have done so<br />

since 1997. I design all products, run the<br />

sales and marketing department, oversee all<br />

the reps, fill a few orders daily and work on<br />

800 scissors and face/polish 50 to 600 line<br />

clippers per week.<br />

A short day is 10 hours! And I enjoy<br />

every minute of it. I would much rather be<br />

testing clamps or making bobbins versus<br />

sitting at a desk. Like any good company, I<br />

am fortunate to have great people around<br />

me.<br />



We pride ourselves on innovating and<br />

creating new products to fill a need in the<br />

tying and angling world. I fish and tie<br />

Cyclone Nippers – Straight<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Sharpening nippers<br />




No secrets really but much of our success<br />

lies within our production. Most of the items<br />

are manufactured overseas and then they<br />

arrive at our shop as whole units or pieces.<br />

We can handle each item up to six times<br />

from arrival to departure.<br />

All units are tested to ensure they meet our<br />

requirements for the task. Each scissor has<br />

the blades and tips examined and cut tested<br />

to ensure sharpness. If there are problems, we<br />

can sharpen the blades and or refine the tips<br />

to get them even and sharp.<br />

Each clamp is opened and closed and<br />

put under a stress test to ensure smooth<br />

operation; if problems exist with the ratchets<br />

being too hard or loose, we fix that with<br />

hands or hammers!<br />

Each bobbin is threaded and tested. The<br />

list of what we do goes on and on but the<br />

point is tyers and anglers have come to expect<br />

this level of effort from us to achieve the final<br />

product.<br />

In the end, we are dedicated to the highest<br />

quality and the most consistent product we<br />

can deliver. It is one of the reasons we put our<br />

products in bags versus zip tied to cardboard<br />

for display. We want you to handle and feel<br />

the item.<br />

The company runs with five employees.<br />

Market growth has averaged double digits<br />

over the past 20 years.<br />

We are lucky to have a very dedicated<br />

following amongst the tying and angling<br />

community. I attribute that to our dedication<br />

to quality, consistency and innovation.<br />

20 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Carbon Fibre<br />

Handle Whip<br />

Finisher<br />

Tyers like to know when their favourite<br />

scissor wears out after 10 years that the<br />

replacement will be just like their retired<br />

favourite. It’s the same for the angler, when a<br />

clamp is lost or retired, they want that same<br />

item they had and have it perform the same<br />

way.<br />

Plus I think most people are aware of the<br />

efforts we put into each product and they<br />

appreciate that aspect of Dr Slick. AND we<br />

are a fun bunch of people to be around.<br />



Our biggest challenge day to day is<br />

maintaining the expected level of quality on<br />

the finished product (quality conttol).<br />

Most of our items are hand finished so we<br />

do not have the luxury of CNC or machined<br />

processes. We must constantly change our<br />

inspection and correction processes on<br />

items to adapt to the small inconsistencies/<br />

variances.<br />

That being said, we have seen about<br />

everything, so we adopt the corrective<br />

measures and move on. After 30-plus years,<br />

we have lots of different techniques to mollify<br />

most issues on any item.<br />

Other issues that can cause headaches<br />

are sourcing raw stainless steel and brass,<br />

supply line distances while global politics and<br />

policies are always fun!<br />



I enjoy the industry. I think its size makes<br />

it easy to stay connected with the customers<br />

and shops. It is not a big fraternity, so we all<br />

kind of know each other.<br />

I’m optimistic that the innovation in the<br />

industry will carry the day and keep the<br />

sport fresh and exciting for new and existing<br />

participants.<br />

I’m not much of a pessimist, but I have<br />

been in this industry for a long time and<br />

I’m not a huge fan of the consolidation of<br />

the industry. I think that can cause a stifling<br />

effect on innovation and thus the industry.<br />

Plus, manufacturers selling direct to<br />

customers is a problem. We are proudly<br />

wholesale and will continue to rely on our<br />

domestic and international retailer network<br />

for our success.<br />

I’m excited to see more fly tying<br />

happening. It looked like that might be a<br />

dying art form a few years back but it looks<br />

like the new materials, social media and a<br />

whole batch of really good young tyers has<br />

turned that around.<br />

I think, on the angling side, saltwater<br />

fishing is definitely on the upswing as well as<br />

pursuit of non-traditional species like carp.<br />

DR SLICK<br />





PACBAY MINIMA - X offers an unparalleled level of durability, solving the problems commonly associated with inner rings<br />

popping out or getting crushed. Through extensive reform and innovation, PACBAY MINIMA - X is constructed using highstrength<br />

, one-piece stainless steel. Both the guides and tops utilize mirror polishing, multi-layer Hard Chrome plating, and<br />

Titanium plating processes, resulting in corrosion resistance, low friction, and high thermal conductivity. As a result , the friction<br />

force during long-distance casting or retrieving is significantly reduced.<br />

If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of losing or breaking your inner ring while battling a tough fish, you’ll appreciate the superiority of PACBAY<br />

MINIMA - X. Currently, we offer sizes ranging from #05 to #20, with plans to expand up to #50. More sizes and models will be available soon. We believe<br />

these guides are ideal for lure anglers, particularly carp anglers who often face issues with the #50 stripper guide getting damaged during transportation.<br />

With PACBAY MINIMA - X, this problem has been entirely eliminated.<br />

In summary, PACBAY MINIMA - X guides and tops are renowned for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.<br />

This innovation in the fishing world, through the abandonment of ceramic and stainless-steel rings, allows fishermen to bid farewell to the nightmares of<br />

ring breakages, crushing, and detachment.<br />

Build Great Fishing Rods<br />

www.fishpacbay.com<br />



roDS<br />


RODS<br />

An essential tool for any angler, a good rod<br />

will allow you to cast and control your bait or<br />

fly as well as aid fighting your fish. Advances<br />

in technology have seen changes in materials<br />

in many markets while understanding the<br />

value or rod length or blank design are crucial<br />

to select the right one for the job.<br />

No matter what species you<br />

are fishing for, in whatever<br />

conditions and with whatever<br />

method, the fishing rod is far from<br />

being a simple device to throw your line<br />

and play your fish.<br />

Fishing with a rod and line has<br />

ancient origins. Early humans likely<br />

used simple tools like sticks, bone hooks<br />

and lines made from plant fibres to<br />

catch fish.<br />

Historical records suggest that<br />

the ancient Egyptians and Chinese<br />

were among the first to use more<br />

sophisticated fishing tools. In ancient<br />

Egypt, around 2000 BCE, depictions<br />

of fishing with rods can be found in<br />

various artefacts while there are records<br />

in ancient China of bamboo rods and<br />

silk lines being commonly used.<br />

In medieval Europe, fishing rods<br />

became more specialised. They were<br />

often made from wood and the design<br />

evolved to include features like guides<br />

to help control the line.<br />

By the 17th century, fishing rods<br />

had become longer, lighter and<br />

more flexible. This was partly due<br />

to advancements in materials and<br />

construction techniques. The use of<br />

reels also became more common during<br />

this period.<br />

The 19th century saw significant<br />

advancements in fishing rod technology.<br />

Materials such as steel and, later,<br />

bamboo, became popular choices for rod<br />

construction. With the improvements in<br />

fishing reels, anglers could cast longer<br />

distances with greater accuracy.<br />

The 20th century brought about<br />

further innovations in rod design, with<br />

fibreglass rods gaining popularity by<br />

the middle of the century, thanks to<br />

their durability and affordability. As the<br />

century progressed, graphite and carbon<br />

fibre materials were introduced, offering<br />

lighter weights and high-performance.<br />

With the advances in technology and<br />

materials, rods are now designed and<br />

developed to be specific to whatever<br />

niche you are into, whether that’s rod<br />

length, line or lure weight, ring or guide<br />

spacing, blank construction or the use<br />

of relevant materials.<br />

24 www.tackletradeworld.com


RODS<br />

Something for everyone<br />

Depending on the method or style of<br />

fishing, there are rods from around 2ft<br />

for ice fishing up to 12ft or 13ft for carp<br />

fishing, 14ft for European match fishing<br />

and even telescopic Bolognese rods up to<br />

23ft (7m) and that’s before we talk about<br />

fishing poles – which can go to more than<br />

16m in some cases.<br />

In general, though, you will likely<br />

come across a few main types – notably<br />

spinning rods of many lengths for bait<br />

and lure fishing, baitcasting rods for<br />

heavier lures, fly fishing rods, which are<br />

typically more flexible with their action<br />

helping impart power to the cast and ice<br />

fishing rods which, as mentioned, are<br />

generally much shorter.<br />

Longer rods will typically allow longer<br />

accurate casts and are designed for larger<br />

bodies of water while shorter rods offer<br />

better control in tight spaces or where you<br />

need to impart some movement to your<br />

lure.<br />

Action stations<br />

Another key part of any rod’s make-up is<br />

its action. This determines the power or<br />

sensitivity of a rod and sometimes aids in<br />

casting and playing fish.<br />

There are typically three main actions to<br />

look out for – fast, medium and slow.<br />

A fast action rod will bend mostly at<br />

the tip, offering sensitivity and quick<br />

hook-setting ability. These rods are a good<br />

starting point for beginners as they can<br />

deal with a reasonable range of tasks and<br />

requirements.<br />

Medium action rods are a decent allrounder,<br />

with a good bend in the middle<br />

section, offering a balance between<br />

power and flexibility. But these are often<br />

favoured by anglers targeting larger fish or<br />

to cast further.<br />

A rod with a slower action tends to bend<br />

through the entire rod length. This makes it<br />

more flexible and these are more suited to<br />

small fish and smaller lures with light lines.<br />

You’ll also come across power ratings<br />

on many rods and these are fairly selfexplanatory.<br />

Lighter power rods are perfect for light<br />

tackle, small lures and small fish, medium<br />

power will handle most situations for your<br />

general fishing while heavy power rods are<br />

designed for use on big carp, bass, pike<br />

or catfish. Rods for beachcasting and surf<br />

fishing go one step further than this to cope<br />

with the extremes demanded of them.<br />

Material decisions<br />

From cane and reed – beloved of purists –<br />

through to fibreglass and carbon fibre, rods<br />

have been made in many materials over the<br />

years, with other, sustainable, renewable<br />

and recyclable materials also now in<br />

evidence.<br />

Fibreglass has been around for a long<br />

time and many anglers still favour these<br />

rods for their strength and durability. Not<br />

to mention their keen price.<br />

Since the 1970s, though, graphite or<br />

carbon fibre rods have been a lighter and<br />

more popular alternative, blending various<br />

degrees of stiffness or modulus to light<br />

weight and sensitivity, for better casting,<br />

handling, bite detection and fish playing.<br />

When it comes to fixtures and fittings<br />

such as guides, their quality, quantity,<br />

weight and positioning can be almost as<br />

important as the blank. Rod manufacturers<br />

often use guides from the top brand names<br />

as key selling points. While the top rods<br />

will have the best guides, models lower<br />

down the range will still be furnished with<br />

those that are more than up to the job.<br />

Handle materials vary widely, from high<br />

grade cork on fly rods to part-EVA grips<br />

on coarse fishing rods, abbreviated Japanese<br />

shrink handles on carp rods and golf-club<br />

style wraps on spin and baitcasting rods.<br />

Of course, budget comes into play in<br />

many instances just as much as the actual<br />

fishing requirements.<br />

It’s certainly worth stocking one or<br />

two expensive flagship models for the<br />

discerning angler and for those whose<br />

aspirations are high, but, in reality, most<br />

sales will come from the middle ground<br />

products that offer a balance of quality and<br />

price, while you should never overlook the<br />

lower end of the market for beginners.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



RODS<br />



Made for fly casting to steelhead and salmon, Scott’s Swing<br />

rods feature progressive loading actions, fast recovery speed,<br />

directional stability and a light-in-hand feel from combining<br />

finely tuned new tapers with its multi-directional, multimodulus<br />

layups, ARC2 reinforcement, Carbon Link resin<br />

system and the very finest components.<br />

Breakthrough components include titanium tangle-<br />

free stripping guides with silicon nitride inserts that<br />

allow casts to shoot further and help prevent tangles<br />

in mono or braid running lines. Snake Brand<br />

universal snake guides grace the rest of the rod<br />

to round out the guide set.<br />

Scott also designed a fully milled<br />

aluminium reel seat with aggressive<br />

threads for operating with cold hands,<br />

type 3 hard coat, and specially milled<br />

reel foot pockets that securely hold<br />

current performance reels and<br />

most vintage reel feet.<br />

All-new front- and rear-grip<br />

designs turned from Flor<br />

grade cork ensure comfort,<br />

feel, and longevity.<br />

www.scottflyrod.com<br />

ZENAQ<br />


These offshore casting rods are<br />

unashamedly designed for anglers who<br />

want to test their limits.<br />

Specially developed for specific<br />

conditions, the SINPAA rod action<br />

breathes life into your lures and draws<br />

out their maximum potential, no<br />

matter the fish size, season or any other<br />

conditions affecting you.<br />

The SINPAA has evolved into a rod<br />

for specialists, inheriting the high-level<br />

performance of the FOKEETO Casting<br />

series, Zenaq’s original specialist rods<br />

which date back to the early days of<br />

offshore casting.<br />

This rod was specially designed for<br />

catching “the big one” and includes the<br />

firm’s patented Hexagon Grip.<br />

The 8ft 3in SINPAA 83 Hiramasa rod<br />

can handle lures from 65g to 130g with<br />

recommended reel sizes from SW10000<br />

to 14000HG.<br />

www.zenaq.com<br />

DAIWA<br />


Designed and built for walleye anglers, the TD EYE<br />

series is a 17-model line-up including spinning, casting,<br />

and trolling rods.<br />

Each rod is engineered with signature Daiwa<br />

technologies like High Volume Fiber (HVF) – for<br />

increased graphite density – and X45 Bias Graphite<br />

Construction technology to eliminate blank twist and<br />

ensure increased strength.<br />

Its MEGA TOP tip on the TD EYE 7ft 6in trolling<br />

model along with two spinning rods is designed for<br />

super sensitivity while there are FUJI Fazlite K-Guides<br />

on all 17 models. The spinning rods also boast highgrade<br />

cork handles.<br />

With both one- and two-piece rods in the series,<br />

there is bound to be something for every walleye<br />

fishing requirement.<br />

www.daiwa.us<br />

26 www.tackletradeworld.com

DBW...<br />


D O I N G B U S I N E S S W I T H . . .<br />


With rivers and lakes in abundance, not to mention an extensive coastline,<br />

Scandinavia has a proud tradition of recreational fishing, both as a top<br />

destination for the sport and as the innovator of key products via major brands.<br />

For the purposes of<br />

this article, we will<br />

consider Scandinavia as<br />

encompassing Denmark,<br />

Norway and Sweden,<br />

although there are schools<br />

of thought which will<br />

add in both Finland and<br />

Iceland – usually these are covered by the<br />

term ‘Nordic’ instead.<br />

The total area of these three nations<br />

is about 358,325 square miles, making it<br />

bigger than any other single European<br />

country, with more than 21 million<br />

inhabitants, although the population<br />

density of this region is very low, at less<br />

than 60 people per square mile.<br />

Undoubtedly, the largest country is<br />

Sweden, which is also the most populated,<br />

with more than 10 million inhabitants,<br />

while Norway and Denmark each have less<br />

than six million.<br />

There are multiple languages spoken<br />

throughout Scandinavia including<br />

Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, while<br />

Icelandic, Finnish and Sami languages are<br />

also in evidence.<br />

Scandinavia has always enjoyed a<br />

reputation for a good quality of life –<br />

indeed Denmark is ranked at number four<br />

and Norway at number nine in the world<br />

table of best countries to live in.<br />

While the 2023 <strong>World</strong> Happiness<br />

Report cites Denmark in second spot, with<br />

Sweden sixth and Norway seventh, based<br />

on factors including low income inequality,<br />

health care and education.<br />


The early industrialisation of the Nordic<br />

countries was based on key natural<br />

resources. Norway and Sweden had large<br />

forests so timber, pulp and paper were<br />

crucial commodities – indeed Sweden is<br />

the home of furniture giant IKEA.<br />

It also has significant iron ore reserves,<br />

which brought wealth to the country even<br />

before modern industrialisation. Norway’s<br />

most important industries have been<br />

forestry, fishing and hydropower while, in<br />

later years, vast oil and gas deposits in the<br />

28 www.tackletradeworld.com


FOCUS<br />

DBW...<br />


GDP<br />

Denmark: $420.87 billion<br />

Sweden: $597.1 billion<br />

Norway: $452.9 billion<br />

GDP Growth rate<br />

Denmark: 1.2% Sweden: 0.3% Norway: 1.0%<br />


Capitals: Denmark – Copenhagen;<br />

Sweden – Stockholm; Norway – Oslo<br />


Denmark – 5,935,619 (2023 estimate)<br />

Sweden – 10,540,886 (2023 estimate)<br />

Norway – 5,488,984 (2023 estimate)<br />


Danish, Swedish, Norwegian<br />


Denmark – Danish krone DKK<br />

Sweden – Swedish krona SEK<br />

Norway – Norwegian krone NOK<br />

DENMARK: Top export partners:<br />

- Germany - Sweden - Netherlands - Norway - UK<br />

Top import partners:<br />

- Germany - Sweden - Netherlands - China - Norway<br />

SWEDEN: Top export partners:<br />

- Norway - Germany - USA - Finland - Denmark<br />

Top import partners:<br />

- Germany - Netherlands - Norway - Denmark - China<br />

NORWAY: Top export partners:<br />

- UK - Germany - Netherlands - France - Sweden<br />

Top import partners:<br />

- Germany - Sweden - China - USA - Denmark<br />

North Sea have enriched the country.<br />

Denmark’s arable land made agriculture<br />

important for its economy so the food<br />

industry here has been significant. Perhaps<br />

because of its lengthy coastline and<br />

relationship with the sea, Denmark is also<br />

the home of the world’s largest container<br />

shipping operator Maersk, while toy<br />

building brick manufacturer LEGO also<br />

originated here.<br />


Each of the countries also has a rich<br />

heritage in the fishing tackle industry –<br />

from hook maker Mustad in Norway to<br />

reel brand Abu Garcia from Sweden, not<br />

to mention lure and tackle firm Westin and<br />

major tackle distributor Svendsen Sport in<br />

Denmark, among many others.<br />

Other great Scandinavian examples<br />

include Ahrex Hooks, Fladen Fishing,<br />

Guideline, Loop, Hansen, A Jensen and<br />

more, along with the European and Middle<br />

East headquarters for eyewear brand Wiley<br />

X in Denmark.<br />

And if you look at its near neighbours,<br />

one of the largest global tackle businesses,<br />

which is also a top name throughout<br />

Scandinavia, is Finland-based Rapala<br />

VMC Corporation.<br />

It’s perhaps not surprising, when you<br />

consider that the three nations also<br />

harbour plenty of anglers.<br />

Figures suggest that there are around<br />

450,000 Danish anglers served by about<br />

160 tackle shops, while the recreational<br />

fishing tackle market is worth more than<br />

$350m.<br />

In Sweden, there are said to be around<br />

1.2 million anglers at present – roughly<br />

860,000 men and the rest women.<br />

Although it appears from the data that this<br />

is about 300,000 less than the year before.<br />

There are an estimated 190 tackle shops<br />

with a total economic value of recreational<br />

fisheries to Sweden’s economy around<br />

$310m.<br />

In Norway those figures are an estimated<br />

1.45 million recreational anglers, 150<br />

tackle shops and an economic value of<br />

$215m.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />


C O U N T R Y C O M P A R I S O N<br />

SWEDEN<br />

The Swedish coastlines, rivers and around<br />

100,000 lakes boast excellent salmon and<br />

trout fishing, not to mention plenty of<br />

char, and grayling are plentiful while pike<br />

abound, with pike-perch in the southern<br />

regions.<br />

Fishing is one of the Swedish tourism<br />

sector’s most promising segments,<br />

especially for Europeans and Americans<br />

– both areas which have the potential to<br />

grow significantly in the coming years.<br />

The mighty Atlantic salmon and the<br />

Baltic salmon live in the fast-moving<br />

rivers, regularly reaching 6 to 8kg, while<br />

there are plentiful brown and rainbow<br />

trout, too.<br />

Fly fishing, especially using light tackle,<br />

spinning or trolling are especially popular.<br />

The long Swedish winter season offers<br />

great conditions for ice fishing for big<br />

pike and this is also the ideal time to<br />

target zander and perch by ice fishing.<br />

According to research provided to<br />

TTW by Rapala VMC, in 2022/23,<br />

around 1.2 million people<br />

enjoyed recreational<br />

fishing, with the total<br />

number of fishing days<br />

adding up to 12.2 million,<br />

with almost half of these<br />

(5.9 million) fishing from<br />

boats.<br />

The most popular areas<br />

are inland in Norrland,<br />

including Lake Storsjön,<br />

Götalan and Svealand.<br />

Spending for major<br />

purchases, such as boats<br />

or more expensive<br />

equipment, has decreased<br />

from the peak of 9.7 billion SEK to 3.8<br />

billion SEK, likely due to higher interest<br />

rates and the high inflation in society.<br />

This inflation and the rising interest<br />

rates mean expensive rods and reels are<br />

slower movers nowadays, with small<br />

purchases proving more likely.<br />

There are some key players in Sweden,<br />

including SöderSportfiske (South<br />

Sportfishing), with a wide range of tackle<br />

available under its own brands and many<br />

major names via its Fishline e-commerce<br />

platform in Sweden and now its Sportfish<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> sites covering not just Scandinavia<br />

but Germany, The Netherlands, France<br />

and Finland.<br />

NORWAY<br />

The coastline of Norway is longer than the<br />

equator and its seas are brimming with<br />

record-sized cod, salmon and halibut –<br />

again, popular among tourists as well as<br />

locals.<br />

The whole coastline is dotted with villages<br />

where fishing is still an important part of<br />

the local lifestyle, catching sea trout, halibut,<br />

salmon, haddock, plaice, mackerel, monkfish,<br />

ling, staithe and more.<br />

Ice fishing is not so widespread in<br />

Norway since the coastline and fjords in<br />

Norway do not freeze up during the winter<br />

season.<br />

There are, however, still thousands of lakes<br />

located throughout mainland Norway that<br />

do completely freeze over in the winter,<br />

making them a prime spot for a spot of ice<br />

fishing.<br />

Around 80,000 anglers target Atlantic<br />

salmon and sea-run brown trout and char,<br />

spending around €125million on their sport.<br />

One of the biggest and oldest outdoor<br />

groups in Norway is the Norwegian<br />

Association of Hunters and Anglers, which<br />

was founded way back in 1871.<br />

As the only nationwide group of its kind<br />

there, it boasts more than 110,000 members<br />

and includes over 550 local and 18 country<br />

organisations.<br />

It employs 80 people across the<br />

country, with a mission to secure the same<br />

opportunities for future generations to have<br />

access to “the meaning of life”, access to<br />

nature and the opportunity to harvest from a<br />

sustainable natural resource.<br />

30 www.tackletradeworld.com

DBW...<br />



Denmark is renowned for its varied fishing<br />

waters; it has an extensive coastline for<br />

sea and deep sea fishing, as well as many<br />

freshwater rivers, streams and lakes.<br />

Fishing is possible year-round, from the<br />

long summer evenings to ice fishing in the<br />

winter.<br />

Although it’s the smallest country of the<br />

three, the fishing industry in Denmark is<br />

huge.<br />

Employing over 20,000 people, it’s<br />

the fifth-largest exporter of fish and fish<br />

products worldwide, which is great news for<br />

recreational anglers, too!<br />

Surrounded by water there’s no shortage<br />

of places to cast a line, while inland you’ll<br />

find plenty of rivers and lakes.<br />

From deep sea fishing in the Jutland<br />

peninsula for monster cod and lingcod,<br />

Atlantic mackerel, pollock and a variety of<br />

flatfish species to river fishing, the sport on<br />

offer in Jutland is pretty spectacular.<br />

Fishermen can try for Atlantic salmon<br />

fishing in the Skjern River, whether fly<br />

fishing or spinning, or if you prefer sea trout<br />

most of the rivers and streams in Western<br />

Jutland hold a big stock, as well as grayling.<br />

There are many freshwater lakes offering<br />

great fishing and at Skanderborg Lakes<br />

you’ll find some good-sized zander, while<br />

for monster pike and perch, head to<br />

Damhus Lake with your lure fishing kit.<br />

Denmark also has a history of coarse<br />

angling for bream and roach, particularly<br />

with UK anglers, and many big-money<br />

matches were held in its lakes, and many<br />

fishing holidays were taken here.<br />

That said, the demise of many ferry routes<br />

has reduced this somewhat today.<br />

The tackle retail market is largely<br />

dominated by independent retailers,<br />

with some of the biggest in the<br />

capital, Copenhagen, including Jagt &<br />

Fiskerimagasinet, which dates back to 1921<br />

and still has an old-fashioned or traditional<br />

feel, with its glass cases filled with reels,<br />

fishing rods stacked in their hundreds and a<br />

wall of lures and spinners.<br />

A little further out are larger and more<br />

modern-feeling stores, such as Sport<br />

Dres and Hvidovre Sport, offering large<br />

floorspaces, clean layouts and, of course, an<br />

online presence too.<br />

Many Danish anglers still prefer visiting<br />

a local store to browse and get advice and<br />

there is usually at least one within driving<br />

distance.<br />

Outside of Copenhagen, two other<br />

notable retailers are Go Fishing in Odense<br />

and Korsholm on the western coast near<br />

Jylland.<br />

Go-Fishing actually has two other<br />

stores located further north near the city of<br />

Aarhus, one of which is an outlet store.<br />

While tackle can seem quite expensive<br />

in Denmark, too, there are also plenty of<br />

supermarkets offering cheaper, entry-level<br />

alternatives.<br />

You’ll also struggle to find too many<br />

wholesalers as many shops deal direct with<br />

brands but the newly formed Catch Partners<br />

and the Fly Co both work in the fly fishing<br />

supply market.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />






With the ice<strong>Tackle</strong>* <strong>2024</strong> trade show looming in the UK, it’s time to look at some of the key<br />

products coming from Leeda’s key carp brand, Wychwood.<br />

Anew year heralds new gear and<br />

long-standing UK-based carp<br />

brand Wychwood is setting<br />

itself up for a new chapter as it<br />

goes from strength to strength in its fifth<br />

decade in the carp market.<br />

The brand is reshaping how it presents<br />

its product tiers and, from this spring,<br />

there will be a number of additions to its<br />

product range, including totally new rods.<br />

Coinciding with ice<strong>Tackle</strong>* <strong>2024</strong> – the<br />

trade-only event for parent company<br />

Leeda, being held in late <strong>March</strong> in the<br />

UK – there will be a series of flagship rods<br />

falling under the EPIC banner.<br />

Developed as a mixture of all-round<br />

versatility but with the power to hit big<br />

distances, there are three test curves to<br />

choose from – 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb – all<br />

based around a Toray carbon blank that’s<br />

adorned with American <strong>Tackle</strong> guides.<br />

Two handle options will be available; a<br />

full Japanese shrink wrap and a slim cork<br />

32 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

mix, both featuring built-in snag rings to<br />

prevent rods being pulled in.<br />

“We’re starting with a modest selection<br />

of what would be classed as go-to lengths<br />

and test curves,” explained Pat MacInnes,<br />

marketing manager for Wychwood.<br />

“But we are looking at the potential for<br />

additional lengths and options for stalking<br />

that would broaden the appeal of the Epic<br />


Wychwood<br />


The Wychwood team put an Epic rod through its<br />

paces at the Carp Den Bosch show.<br />

Look out for<br />

more Riot rods<br />

later in the year.<br />


With that in mind, also in the pipeline<br />

(although destined to be a Q4 launch)<br />

is a new range of Riot rods. Riot is the<br />

brand’s entry-level sub-brand and has<br />

been in the Wychwood lexicon for years.<br />

But, as the brand evolves, the incoming<br />

rods will offer a wider range of options<br />

and bring in premium looks without the<br />

premium price tag.<br />

“As I’ve hinted at with Epic, Riot will<br />

go all-in with multiple options when it<br />

launches later in <strong>2024</strong>,” Pat continued.<br />

“We’ll have traditional 12ft and 13ft<br />

carp rods, plus we’ll have shorter 9ft and<br />

10ft options, and we’ll also incorporate<br />

stalking models with more guides. We’ll<br />

also have some tele-butt rods for easy<br />

stowage.”<br />


This update of rods is part of a wider<br />

brand restructure from Wychwood; the<br />

whole brand will be streamlined to offer<br />

three sub-brands – Riot, Extremis and<br />

Epic – which deal with key price levels<br />

and will feature all products, such as<br />

shelters, rods, reels, carp care and luggage.<br />

This new direction from the brand is<br />

part of the main message going out to<br />

consumers through <strong>2024</strong> and will be a<br />

major theme of the brand’s trade and<br />

consumer shows, the first of which was<br />

the popular Carp den Bosch event, held<br />

in Holland each January.<br />

For retailers who are interested in<br />

knowing more about working with<br />

Wychwood, they can contact www.<br />

leedab2b.co.uk for new account info,<br />

or head over to www.icetackle.co.uk to<br />

register for the <strong>March</strong> trade-only<br />

event in the UK.<br />


www.leedab2b.co.uk<br />

The Epic rods<br />

are new for<br />

<strong>2024</strong>.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



FirstDart<br />

R&D PAYS<br />




The Covid-19 pandemic caused many companies to rethink their strategy. Some scaled back,<br />

line expert FirstDart pushed forward, placing R&D firmly at the core of its future plans. Now<br />

it is looking ahead with confidence, ready to work with even more global partners…<br />

When the pandemic struck,<br />

FirstDart was going through<br />

the peak of its production<br />

season, until the multiple<br />

strict lockdowns at the time interrupted its<br />

usual plans and forced a strategic rethink.<br />

But rather than scale things down, it made<br />

R&D a cornerstone of its philosophy, futureproofing<br />

the business in the process.<br />

FirstDart has always worked on new<br />

product development but, in 2020, a multidisciplinary<br />

and multi-geographical R&D<br />

task force from its Singapore HQ and<br />

Chinese facilities was formed. Crucially, it<br />

was not limited just to the technical team but<br />

also included a material science specialist and<br />

members of the sales team.<br />

The new team was tasked to achieve<br />

resilience, capacity, capability, and compliance.<br />


As a result of this approach, FirstDart<br />

developed a number of key areas, or<br />

milestones, for its business:<br />

• Building resilience through flexibility:<br />

Modifying its production processes and<br />

machines made changes easier and faster,<br />

enabling higher customisation levels with<br />

lower MOQs. One great example is the<br />

launch of its Hybrid Mono line at China<br />

Fish <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

• Increasing capacity in key areas:<br />

Alongside additional machinery, this<br />

involved improving and optimising<br />

processes and conducting material<br />

studies to increase productivity. The<br />

most important capacity increment was<br />

in its fly line division. A year into the<br />

pandemic, a new production machine<br />

with higher automation and upgraded<br />

equipment for sample production were<br />

added. Weatherproof measures to enable<br />

34 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

production every day of the year were also<br />

implemented in 2022.<br />

• Developing capability through new<br />

technologies and materials: Arguably the<br />

most rewarding and customer-centric of<br />

all the tasks, FirstDart incorporated the<br />

needs and wants of the market into its<br />

product development wish list.<br />

The industry has seen little<br />

development in materials since nylon,<br />

UHMWPE and PVDF or fluorocarbon.<br />

FirstDart’s quest for new materials<br />

helped it develop a new line with fishing<br />

specific properties based on PET.<br />

Customers saw it first at China Fish.<br />

Meanwhile, biodegradable options are<br />

being prototyped.<br />

It also made significant quality<br />

improvements over the last three years in<br />

fly lines. FirstDart is not only a supplier<br />

of low-cost fly lines, but it is now making<br />

inroads into a more specialised level.<br />

• Ensuring compliance with customers’<br />

requirements and with regulations: Every<br />

development has been done with the<br />

utmost emphasis on quality control and<br />

alignment with policies and regulations in<br />

the industry, country and worldwide, such<br />

as REACH and California Proposition 65.<br />

The intensive work and investment<br />

in R&D of the last three years are the<br />

building blocks of what is to come in<br />

<strong>2024</strong> and, going forward, FirstDart sees<br />

a renewed approach and commitment to<br />

be a true OEM solution provider for all<br />

fishing line needs.<br />


This year FirstDart is showcasing<br />

tangible testimonies to its hard work,<br />

through new and improved products and<br />

technologies.<br />

Hybrid Mono is the result of an<br />

upgraded coating process giving the<br />

customer total flexibility to select the<br />

best monofilament for their needs and<br />

enhance it with a fluoropolymer coating.<br />

Its premium range of fly lines has been<br />

specially made for different applications<br />

thanks to customised coatings and inhouse<br />

core making. Meanwhile, PET<br />

materials offer high sensitivity, abrasion<br />

resistance and sinking characteristics<br />

along with biodegradable options. All of<br />

these developments are in the pipeline.<br />

FirstDart’s view is <strong>2024</strong> will be<br />

challenging but it remains optimistic.<br />

Customers’ trust in it continues, with<br />

orders and new products during the<br />

pandemic, while the increasing interest in<br />

developing solutions with the business is<br />

proof that the gamble is paying off.<br />



STOPPIONI s.n.c. Firenze Italy Prod. Effevuemme s.r.l.<br />

Tel.+39 0558739615 -Fax +39 0558739648 stonfo@stonfo.com<br />

MEMBER<br />

Art.569<br />


Bait station designed to meet the many needs of fisherman. Its structure, in durable plastic, is perfectly rounded and has<br />

no sharp edges. The compartment can hold various bait boxes or tools in a stable position. Other important features<br />

make this bait tray a well equipped working station necessary in every kind of boat. Dimension 39x28 cm. Supplied with<br />

adjustable stainless steel base, clamp and angle lock connector.<br />

s b lo cca-unlock<br />

www.stonfo.com<br />


It’s a<br />

family<br />

thing<br />

EST.<br />

1958<br />

F J Neil has been family owned and operated since the<br />

1950s… and is still going strong! Under the Dolphin brand<br />

we supply all types of terminal tackle and accessories, from<br />

traditional bamboo poles to the latest rigs and lures.<br />

• Competitive pricing<br />

• Large stock inventory – no order delays<br />

• Rapid turnaround • Export specialists<br />

• Able to source any special requirements<br />



FJ NEIL COMPANY INC, 1064 ROUTE 109, PO BOX 617, LINDENHURST, NY 11757-0617 USA<br />

We are looking for experienced agents or distributors for the European market. If qualified, email Neil Miritello at nmfjn@aol.com


WAS HELD<br />

On January 5, the 15th Huzhou Nanxun Fish Culture<br />

Festival and Mulberry Fish Pond System Biodiversity<br />

Exhibition, participated by CRAA, kicked off at<br />

Huzhou Digang Fishing Village. The theme of this event<br />

is "The harmony of fish and mulberry, and all things<br />

are harmonious", which means that fish and mulberry<br />

are prosperous in the Year of the Dragon. It advocates<br />

the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity to the<br />

world, with the goal of respecting nature, complying<br />

with nature, and protecting nature, and jointly build<br />

humankind. An earth-friendly home that lives in<br />

harmony with nature. The event lasted for three days<br />

from January 5th to 7th, and received more than 100,000<br />

tourists.<br />

The event was rich in content, and included face-to-face<br />

meetings between Zhejiang Huzhou mulberry fish pond<br />

system experts and mulberry researchers, mulberry<br />

fish pond system parent-child study experience and<br />

cultural and creative product display, "Baiyin mulberry<br />

fish pond system", a globally important agricultural<br />

cultural heritage. ”Mulberry Fish Pond Biodiversity<br />

Stone Wind Seal Carving Art Installation Exhibition,<br />

“Bi Dao Dragon Palace” Year of the Dragon Blessing<br />

Calligraphy Activity, Folklore Performance, Diggang<br />

Fish Soup and Rice Tasting, Diggang Tongshan Art<br />

Museum Immersive Experience , Diggang Yusangji light<br />

show and other sub-activities.<br />

At the opening ceremony of the Fish Culture Festival,<br />

CRAA President Wei Baozhen participated in the gongbeating<br />

ceremony. The opening ceremony also held the<br />

"National Agricultural Industry Strong Town" awarding<br />

ceremony, the "Provincial Biodiversity Experience Site"<br />

awarding ceremony, and the "Diggang Tongshan Art<br />

Museum" unveiling ceremony.<br />

Sacrificing sacrifices to the fish god and praying for<br />

a good harvest of fish and mulberry trees is a living<br />

epitome of thousands of years of farming civilization.<br />

The annual Fish Culture Festival is a happy harvest<br />

celebration for the people in the Mulberry Fish Pond<br />

Core Reserve. After the opening ceremony, a ceremony<br />

of lighting fish fire and worshiping the fish god was held<br />

on site, to thank the fish god for blessing the local fishery<br />

industry with good weather and good harvest, and to<br />

pray for good weather, good fishery harvest, peaceful life<br />

and contentment for the country and the people in the<br />

coming year.



On January 3, fishermen in Satun Province, Thailand,<br />

caught an oarfish in the shallow waters of the Andaman<br />

Sea. This fish was considered a harbinger of earthquakes,<br />

triggering panic among local people. Some people<br />

worry that this means that areas along the Andaman Sea<br />

may be hit by earthquakes or tsunamis.<br />

However, some local people believe that oarfish are<br />

messengers of earthquakes and that their appearance<br />

in shallow waters is an ominous sign. A citizen named<br />

Boomerange said: "I have never seen oarfish here, which<br />

is a very rare fish. I heard that if oarfish is found near<br />

Satun, it may mean that the Andaman There may be<br />

earthquakes or even tsunamis in coastal areas. I am very<br />

scared and I don’t want to experience another disaster like 2004.”<br />

Another citizen named Wannarrong Sa-ard also said that he had heard that oarfish, also known as earthquake fish,<br />

often appear on the water accompanied by earthquakes. He said: "I think there is chaos in the ocean, which may<br />

indicate the arrival of natural disasters. I hope the government can provide some early warning and protection<br />

measures to make us feel safe."<br />

According to relevant information on the fishery industry in Taiwan, China, at about 9:40 a.m. on November 6, 2020,<br />

an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 occurred in Taitung County, Taiwan. On the same day, a 490-centimeter-long<br />

fish weighing 45 kilograms swam into a fish farm in Yilan. Oarfish.<br />

Regarding these fears and doubts, Ton, a marine ecology lecturer at the Agricultural University of Thailand, gave<br />

a different explanation. Oarfish are rarely caught because people generally don't fish in deep water, he said. The<br />

discovery of these unusual fish was the result of the recent Indian Ocean Dipole phenomenon, which causes cold<br />

water to flow into the Andaman Sea.<br />

"It used to be sunfish, now it's oarfish," Ton said. "These fish may just follow the cold water groups and have no<br />

special meaning. Although there are unusual conditions in the ocean, understanding the cause of this phenomenon<br />

will help To avoid unnecessary panic. Oarfish are not a harbinger of earthquakes, nor will they cause tsunamis. We<br />

don’t need to worry too much, just stay vigilant and prepared.”<br />

Thorne also called on the public not to believe rumors but to trust science and expert opinions. He said: "Oarfish are a<br />

very beautiful and precious fish, and we should respect them, not be afraid of them. We should protect the ecological<br />

balance of the ocean, not destroy them."



Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan, China, and<br />

an ecological treasure house. Here, there are many rare<br />

animals and plants, one of which is a freshwater fish that<br />

can only be seen in Yushan in the world, that is Yushan<br />

Hemimyzon.<br />

Yushan Hemimyzon is a small and slender fish, about 5<br />

centimeters in length, with many white dorsal spots on<br />

its body, like stars in the sky. The pattern and number of<br />

their dorsal fin rays are different from other rock-climbing<br />

loaches, and are a unique morphological feature. The<br />

"Hemimyzon" in their name comes from the fact that<br />

they like to shuttle between rocks in streams and use their<br />

sucker-shaped mouths to firmly adhere to the rocks to<br />

resist the erosion of the water.<br />

Yushan Hemimyzon is a very picky fish. They can only live in very clear, stable, low-temperature mountain streams, and<br />

are very sensitive to changes in water quality and quantity. They are mainly distributed in the waters of Nanzixian Creek<br />

and Linong Creek in the upper reaches of Gaoping Creek in Yushan Park. They are the most distinctive alpine fish species<br />

unique to Taiwan in the streams in the park at the southern foot of the main peak of Yushan.<br />

Yushan Hemimyzon is a newly discovered fish species that has not been officially named until recently. The Yushan Park<br />

Management Office entrusted the research team of Professor Chen Yixiong of the Institute of Marine Biology of Taiwan<br />

Ocean University to conduct a survey of fish and crustacean ecological resources in the streams of Yushan Park. discovered<br />

and described during planning. This is an important scientific achievement and an achievement of ecological conservation.<br />

It shows that the water system and forest ecological resources of Yushan Park are well preserved and have not been damaged<br />

or polluted by humans.<br />

Yushan Hemimyzon is not only a beautiful fish, but also an important ecological indicator. Their existence represents the<br />

stability and diversity of alpine stream ecosystems, and is also an important lifeline for maintaining the ecological stability<br />

of mammals or reptiles in the riverside zone. Their disappearance may mean deterioration of water quality or quantity, or<br />

invasion or competition from other organisms, posing threats and impacts to the entire ecosystem.<br />

Local organizations call on the public to cherish and protect Yushan Hemimyzon and the alpine stream environment they<br />

inhabit. Abide by the park's management regulations, do not throw away garbage at will, do not catch or feed wild animals<br />

without authorization, do not destroy or pollute water sources, and reduce interference and impact on the park's ecology.<br />

Only in this way can Yushan Hemimyzon, a unique alpine gem in Taiwan, continue to shine in the stream.



China's fishing tackle exhibition will start in February, so in January, several of us from China's fishing tackle<br />

factories organized a group to visit the Yokohama Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> Exhibition in Japan. This exhibition is<br />

sponsored by the Japan Fishing Products Industry Association and will be held on January 19th. The Pacifico<br />

Yokohama Exhibition Hall opened in Nishi Ward Port, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.<br />

According to the organizer, there are 129 exhibitors from 7 different categories this time, which is the largest<br />

scale since the exhibition began. This also means the strong recovery of the Japanese fishing tackle market.<br />

There are many activities at the exhibition, including live boat fishing exchange performances, various award<br />

ceremonies for winning anglers, and activities specifically for female anglers. It seems to be a very successful<br />

fishing equipment exhibition.


Simms<br />

SIMMS’<br />


SHOE<br />

THE NEXT<br />

STEP IN<br />



Simms’ spring <strong>2024</strong> collection includes one standout item: the all-new Pursuit Shoe has<br />

been specifically designed to deliver anglers performance advantages in a variety of fishing<br />

scenarios.<br />

Bozeman, Montana-based Simms<br />

Fishing Products made its mark<br />

on the tackle trade in the early<br />

1990s with the introduction<br />

of the very first waterproof/breathable<br />

wader.<br />

Since then, its commitment to<br />

innovation and fishing focused, technical<br />

gear has only intensified. Over the years,<br />

footwear is another category Simms has<br />

not only trailblazed but also managed to<br />

leave a significant footprint in.<br />

From building a variety of virtually<br />

indestructible, award-winning wading<br />

boots, to performance driven on-deck<br />

footwear, to wet-wading footwear, to<br />

beautifully simplistic flip-flops – Simms<br />

has created footwear for all anglers and<br />

all ecosystems.<br />

In early January, Simms launched<br />

its long-awaited spring <strong>2024</strong> product<br />

collection. As consumers might expect,<br />

this line is chock full of innovation and<br />

performance driven gear but one standout<br />

comes in the all-new Pursuit Shoe,<br />

specifically designed to offer anglers<br />

unmatched versatility.<br />


The goal of the Pursuit Shoe was to<br />

build a piece of footwear that could<br />

40 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

deliver anglers performative<br />

advantages in a variety<br />

of fishing scenarios and<br />

ecosystems.<br />

With a lowprofile<br />

design and<br />

constructed from an<br />

ultra-breathable and<br />

quick-drying mesh upper,<br />

the Pursuit Shoe features a comfortable,<br />

stretch-neoprene collar to keep debris<br />

out.<br />

To bolster durability, the shoe comes<br />

equipped with TPU overlays in highabrasion<br />

areas and also includes a quickadjust,<br />

snag-free cord lacing system.<br />

For traction, the Simms product team<br />

sourced a super grippy micro-siped<br />

rubber outsole that offers slip-resistance<br />

on both wet and dry surfaces.<br />

The end result is a shoe that’s equally<br />

at home on the deck of any type of boat<br />

as it is grabbing on to the craggy bottom<br />

of a bonefish flat or the slippery rocks of<br />

a Western trout stream.<br />

Simms recognises the fact that anglers<br />

by and large don’t just fish for one species<br />

or in a singular environment. In saying<br />

that, versatility was a key objective in the<br />

initial design.<br />

The end goal of the Pursuit was to<br />

offer anglers a shoe that could pretty<br />

much do it all. It’s a very lightweight<br />

option that can cover off on the<br />

majority of situations anglers might find<br />

themselves in. It was designed to be<br />

worn either next to the skin or, for longer<br />

wading scenarios, with a thin liner sock<br />

for extra protection.<br />

Wading boots, flats booties (and<br />

sneakers), wet-wading shoes/sandals and<br />

burlier rubber boots will always have a<br />

place in the quiver of multi-environment,<br />

multi-season anglers but, for the lion’s<br />

share of the season, the Pursuit Shoe<br />

delivers comfort, performance and<br />

versatility for a multitude of angling<br />

situations.<br />

SIMMS<br />

www. simmsfishing.com

lineaeffe.it<br />

happIness<br />

is a FIshing day!<br />

ANGLER: Daniele “Maio” Maioriello<br />

@maio_nomura_angler_official<br />


<strong>2024</strong> ON WWW.LINEAEFFE.IT<br />


Lineaeffe S.p.a - Via Massumatico, 3689 - 40018 S. Pietro in Casale (BO) - ITALY - info@lineaeffe.it

MAKING<br />


Making Contact<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

Want your products to<br />

be seen by thousands of<br />

potential buyers… FREE of<br />

charge? Then get in touch,<br />

we’d love to hear from you.<br />


+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

Contact John directly for details of<br />

how to send your product and a<br />

short description to <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong>’s office.<br />

1 DAIWA<br />


Available in two sizes (3600 and<br />

3700) and six total configurations,<br />

these tackle boxes feature clear,<br />

weathertight lids with four robust,<br />

tight-snapping latches to keep<br />

everything in check.<br />

Internal tabs are cut clean for<br />

instant organising of each slot,<br />

with a total of 12 compartments in<br />

the 3600 size and 20 in the 3700<br />

size. Each is available in shallow,<br />

regular and deep models. And,<br />

doing its part for the environment,<br />

Daiwa’s D-BOX <strong>Tackle</strong> System<br />

boxes are made from 100 per cent<br />

recycled plastic.<br />

www.daiwa.us<br />

2 SEVIIN<br />


Designed from a totally blank<br />

canvas for the express purpose of<br />

giving anglers smooth, lightweight,<br />

rock-solid and reliably dependable<br />

performance for an attractive and<br />

competitive retail price.<br />

Available in five versatile sizes<br />

from 750 to 3000, the GS Series<br />

reels will appeal to a wide range<br />

of avid as well as more-casual<br />

anglers who appreciate elevated<br />

quality and performance.<br />

The GS incorporates a carbon<br />

body, side plates and rotor to<br />

maximise rigidity and minimise<br />

weight, while the external design<br />

boasts strong and lightweight<br />

aluminium handles and spools.<br />

seviinreels.com<br />

3 SIMMS<br />


Anglers have plenty of options<br />

for performance driven pants and<br />

shorts from apparel giant Simms,<br />

including the Driftless Wade Pant<br />

for spring <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Built with a durable Micro-<br />

Ripstop fabric, it provides four-way<br />

stretch for comfort and mobility<br />

in and out of the water. A button<br />

front closure with a zippered fly<br />

and stretch elastic waist provide a<br />

secure fit and two front mesh lined<br />

hand pockets and a single back<br />

right mesh lined pocket provide<br />

storage for small essentials.<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />

42 www.tackletradeworld.com



Fly fishing has always enjoyed a strong reputation for innovation. TTW looks at a selection<br />

of products that are sure to catch the eye of consumers in the coming months.<br />


GTS REEL<br />

Nautilus Reels has done it again with the launch of its newcomer, the GTS<br />

reel.<br />

This product is based on the brand’s class-leading GTX reel, but it<br />

has been scaled down in size. It will, without a doubt, be a top performer<br />

among reels.<br />

The GTS series will be available in 3.5in and 4in diameters, covering<br />

4-wt through to 8-wt options.<br />

All GTS reels are lightweight with large arbors and impeccable brakes,<br />

while the multiple innovative design features define these reels as the<br />

among the finest ever made.<br />

The reels are availalbe in Europe through the newly formed Catch<br />

Partners distribution company.<br />

www.catchffp.com<br />



Another innovation from ArcticSilver is on its way. The Norwegian brand<br />

is not just pushing boundaries, it’s setting them. The upcoming Switch-Flex<br />

Handle, proudly backed by a pending patent, is poised to be a revolutionary<br />

addition to its arsenal.<br />

Paired with the existing patented Free-Flex System, ArcticSilver fly<br />

rods are cementing their place as trailblazers with not one but two patents<br />

shaping the future of the sport. This double innovation ensures that anglers<br />

experience unparalleled performance, versatility and a touch of Norwegian<br />

engineering excellence.<br />

The Switch-Flex handle looks set to be a game-changer in the fly fishing<br />

world, allowing you to switch fly rod blanks inside your handle in seconds.<br />

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility by transforming your rod from a nimble<br />

8ft 3-wt to a powerful 12ft 10-wt Switch Rod, using just one handle<br />

with multiple end parts. This system not only saves you money but also<br />

contributes to a greener environment.<br />

Travel light and compact with the Switch-Flex System, enhancing your<br />

fishing adventures and embrace the future of fly fishing with as adaptability<br />

meets excellence.<br />

www.arcticsilvershop.com<br />



German reel manufacturer Vosseler blends modern materials and<br />

classic design to deliver stylish quality fly reels, such as the Passion.<br />

The combination of classic design and state-of-the-art technology – the<br />

team works with modern CNC machines alongside SolidWorks for<br />

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Solid CAM (Computer-Aided<br />

Manufacturing) for machine programming – makes this an elegant fly reel<br />

variant.<br />

The different sizes can be used for everything from delicate grayling<br />

fishing to challenging salmon drills.<br />

Everything that Vosseler does is driven by passion; that’s what makes the<br />

difference, being hands on with every part from first design, construction<br />

and prototyping to series production.<br />

The Passion fly reel is also available as a carbon variant.<br />

www.vosseler.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Gone Fishing<br />



Johnny Onslow, the managing director of Kenyan fly tying firm Gone Fishing Limited,<br />

explains why it is trusted worldwide to deliver the best fishing flies time after time.<br />

The Gone Fishing family<br />

Just over 20 years ago, I was mulling<br />

plans with a great friend with<br />

whom I had grown up here in<br />

Kenya.<br />

We had accompanied each other<br />

on many fishing expeditions from a<br />

young age, ranging from the wild forest<br />

trout streams of Kenya at high altitude,<br />

dodging the odd elephant and buffalo, to<br />

the deserts of Lake Turkana in the north<br />

of Kenya in search of 100lb-plus Nile<br />

perch and on to the coast looking for<br />

sailfish and marlin... all on fly (or at least<br />

most of the time!).<br />

I had just retired as the principal of a<br />

school in Nairobi and was casting about<br />

for ideas as I completed an MBA. Why<br />

not export fishing flies, my friend had<br />

suggested – a crazy idea in my mind, as<br />

my ability to tie flies is laughable even to<br />

this day.<br />

This casual comment and a series of<br />

coincidences led to the foundation of<br />

Gone Fishing, which now employs about<br />

100 people and exports flies all over the<br />

world.<br />

I am glad to say that every tyer has<br />

44 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

infinitely<br />

more skill<br />

at the bench<br />

than I do.<br />

My task is to<br />

ensure they<br />

receive the<br />

support and<br />

resources to tie flies so that our customers<br />

can confidently compare our flies with<br />

the best commercially tied flies from<br />

anywhere in the world and, perhaps just<br />

as importantly, get a sense of real value<br />

for money.<br />


The fact that Gone Fishing has<br />

developed a network of wonderfully<br />

loyal customers, some of whom order<br />

tens of thousands of dozens a year and<br />

some only about 100 dozen, but of<br />

their own bespoke and very demanding<br />

specifications, speaks for itself.<br />

The hallmark of doing business with<br />

Gone Fishing has always been one of<br />

open, friendly, and quick response. We<br />

have been complimented on:<br />

• Our ability to meet timelines.<br />

• The consistent high quality of our flies,<br />

order after order.<br />

• Straightforward approach to handling<br />

the occasional quality issues that do<br />

occur and are inevitable with a totally<br />

manual process.<br />

• Pleasant and quick communication.<br />

• Ability to supply top-up orders at short<br />

notice.<br />

Twenty years on, Gone Fishing is still<br />

developing and is always keen to help<br />

both those in wholesale and retail develop<br />

their sales and range of patterns. We<br />

would love to hear from you.<br />


jeonslow@fishingfliesandlures.com<br />


Classifieds<br />


PLIERS<br />



The EASIEST... The FASTEST...<br />

The BESTEST...<br />

for changing hooks or spinner blades<br />

visit www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com for demo video<br />


4 Sizes<br />

www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com<br />

RIGS !!!!<br />




T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

COMING UP…<br />

MAY <strong>2024</strong><br />

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Mailed: April 10th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

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China Fish review<br />

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Doing Business With: Alaska USA<br />

JUNE <strong>2024</strong><br />

Ad Copy: April 19th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Mailed: May 8th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

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& EFTTEX preview<br />

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Doing Business With: Benelux<br />

JULY <strong>2024</strong><br />

Ad Copy: May 17th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Mailed: June 5th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Special issue: ICAST preview<br />

Spotlight: <strong>Tackle</strong> Storage<br />

Doing Business With: Pacific<br />

Northwest<br />

To submit news or editorial for<br />

any of these issues, contact:<br />

To advertise or discuss a marketing campaign in any of these editions,<br />

contact our business development team:<br />

EDITOR<br />


T: + 44 (0)7990 542958<br />

E: john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />



T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk


Marketing<br />



It can be tempting as a business owner to assume you are on your own but if you look<br />

around you, there may be more than a few other businesses locally you can connect with to<br />

boost your customer base and turnover.<br />

If you’re looking to market your fishing<br />

tackle business locally, establishing<br />

strong connections within the wider<br />

outdoor community can greatly<br />

enhance your visibility and customer base.<br />

First up, consider the nearby fisheries and<br />

angling clubs. Get to know them and offer<br />

to get involved. You could sponsor events or<br />

offer discounts to members.<br />

This not only gets your name out there<br />

but it establishes you as the first port of call<br />

or a vital reference for anglers who may not<br />

necessarily have used your services before.<br />

Either attend club meetings with your<br />

own little table or stand or create special<br />

events like talks or workshops for members.<br />

Your staff could maybe offer some fishing<br />

advice, rig clinics, gear maintenance classes<br />

or similar or perhaps stage an exclusive<br />

tackle demo or sale event.<br />



Look around your area and identify<br />

businesses that have a synergy with yours<br />

but do not compete.<br />

If you only offer fishing tackle, can<br />

you work with a local general outdoor or<br />

46 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

camping store to cross-promote each other<br />

and your offerings?<br />

How about working with a nearby fish<br />

restaurant for special deals for both sets of<br />

customers or even a garage for repairs to<br />

vehicles – most anglers use one to get to<br />

their favourite water.<br />

You’ll reach a wider audience, increase<br />

your brand or business visibility and<br />

engender loyalty and interest.<br />

You should generally approach these<br />

businesses in person if possible so your<br />

offering is tailored to them and you can all<br />

discuss potential additional ideas.<br />


Focus on building genuine relationships<br />

with other business owners. This can lead to<br />

long-term collaborations and even a network<br />

of supportive local partners.<br />

Remember, though, that effective<br />

collaboration is built on mutual respect and<br />

a shared understanding of goals. Approach<br />

potential partners with a clear value<br />

proposition, highlighting the benefits of<br />

working together. Regular communication<br />

and follow-ups are key to maintaining<br />

successful partnerships.<br />


Make sure that all of these partnerships are<br />

promoted via your social media, that of the<br />

brands or companies you work alongside or<br />

through the clubs themselves.<br />

It’s a great form of outreach and can<br />

really boost the loyalty factor or grow your<br />

customer base.<br />

You could create or develop joint<br />

promotions and use shout-outs, shared posts,<br />

or even joint giveaways on your social media<br />

platforms, boosting reach even further.<br />

Once established, you can even reach<br />

out to local media – newspapers, radio,<br />

community newsletters – to explain the<br />

partnerships or put out joint press releases.<br />

Local media, in particular, love to report<br />

on success stories, especially if they involve<br />

multiple businesses or groups.<br />

• John Hunter is the director of HunterMedia,<br />

a global PR, marketing and events consultancy<br />

with more than 25 years of tackle industry<br />

experience.<br />

Hunter Media<br />

john@hunter-media.co.uk<br />



RIB POPER / 4g<br />

EFFICIENT Tested by expert fishermen<br />

EFFECTIVE Natural look<br />

ECOLOGICAL Made of Zinc alloy, lead (Pb) free<br />

ECONOMIC Extra low prices<br />

EUROPEAN Produced in Europe<br />

www.ribche-lures.com<br />

office@ribche-lures.com<br />

+381 63 77 33 222<br />

Novi Sad, Serbia<br />

SHRIMP / 9g<br />

FROG / 9g<br />

LIPS<br />



Super<br />

Heat Dissipation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Super<br />

Low-Friction<br />

Super<br />

Hardness<br />

Super<br />


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