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Our comprehensive guide<br />

to lure fishing.<br />

PAGE 18<br />


The latest tuna rod for<br />

those giants, revealed.<br />

PAGE 36<br />


As the European<br />

Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Association (EFTTA)<br />

reveals plans for an Angling<br />

Summit for later this year, it has<br />

also been announced that the<br />

EFTTEX trade show looks set<br />

to return in 2025.<br />

Although EFTTEX 2023,<br />

staged in Budapest, was<br />

considered a success by some,<br />

proposals to run another this<br />

year were dropped at the start<br />

of the year, although TTW<br />

understands another European<br />

trade show – not sanctioned by<br />

EFTTA – is being touted.<br />

But the focus this year will,<br />

instead, be on an engaging<br />

Angling Summit, designed to<br />

bring together the industry for<br />

two days of discussions, seminars<br />

and networking in a central<br />

European location.<br />

The summit concept –<br />

which is already favoured by<br />

the American Sportfishing<br />

Association and the American<br />

Fly Fishing <strong>Trade</strong> Association<br />

(which will be running its first<br />

in place of the IFTD Show later<br />

this year) – is seen as a precursor<br />

to the return of EFTTEX in<br />

2025.<br />

Although a venue has not<br />

been revealed, it is understood<br />

that discussions are well under<br />

way, although it is also likely that<br />

EFTTA itself will not oversee<br />

the show as it is concentrating<br />

on its lobbying efforts in<br />

the European parliament to<br />

safeguard the future of our sport<br />

and the industry.<br />

EFTTA vice-president Ross<br />

Honey told TTW: “Currently<br />

under consideration for <strong>2024</strong><br />

is an Angling Summit with an<br />

industry awards [event] and a<br />

restructured, made-for-purpose<br />

EFTTEX show in 2025. There<br />

are several different companies<br />

submitting proposals to run<br />

these initiatives and are due<br />

to have these to EFTTA for<br />

consideration by mid-March.”<br />

S E N T T O M O R E T H A N 1 8 , 5 0 0 T A C K L E I N D U S T R Y<br />


APRIL<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Tackle</strong><strong>Trade</strong><br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Editor:<br />

John Hunter<br />

04<br />

+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A journalist all his life and with 20-plus years<br />

of international business magazine experience,<br />

John was the founding editor of TTW and has<br />

now returned to the helm. He has helped<br />

many brands launch and grow over the years<br />

through B2B publications and via his own<br />

consultancy business.<br />


North America:<br />

Bart Manganiello<br />

+1 914 722 7601<br />

bartalm@optonline.net<br />

For over 38 years, Bart has been working with<br />

trade magazines, 34 in the tackle industry.<br />

Since 2001, he has been TTW’s North American<br />

Director, providing the best communication<br />

programs to companies, helping them connect<br />

with current and prospective trade partners<br />

around the world.<br />

Rest Of The <strong>World</strong>:<br />

Guido Knegt<br />

+39 3475036436<br />

guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A born and bred Dutchman, he spent five<br />

years travelling the world as a scuba-diving<br />

instructor and English teacher before settling<br />

down in Sardinia. Guido previously worked for<br />

TTW between 2014 and 2017.<br />

China: Robert Li<br />

Li Ziwei<br />

+86 13451914155<br />

robert.li365@gmail.com<br />

Li Ziwei (Robert) has been working as news<br />

editor for over 20 years. He founded the most<br />

influential Chinese fishing forum in the Straits<br />

and successfully organised many industry<br />

events. His love for culture and tourism has led<br />

him to devote his entire life to the exchanges<br />

between China and southeast Asia.<br />

Magazine Manager<br />

Justin Fox<br />

+44 7813 327966<br />

justin.fox@dhpub.co.uk<br />

A hugely experienced communicator with<br />

more than 20 years at parent company DHP,<br />

Justin knows what it takes to grow brands<br />

and businesses across the tackle sector.<br />

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Over the last 23 years – ever since we<br />

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aim has always been to help your<br />

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3,511<br />

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In the past, since we are a B2B magazine,<br />

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But we also recognise that this is where<br />

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So you will find us increasingly using our<br />

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John Hunter<br />


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APRIL<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

18<br />

16<br />

24<br />

30<br />

Contents<br />

28<br />

36<br />

08 NEWS<br />

Foundation Outdoor Group appoints vicepresident<br />

as it plans for growth while retail<br />

giant Angling Direct posts revenue increase<br />

news.<br />


A special ‘happy hour’ at the world’s<br />

biggest sportfishing trade event, ICAST,<br />

heralds the hugely important New Product<br />

Showcase Reception.<br />


Lure fishing is probably the quickest and<br />

easiest method to get you started fishing<br />

while also promising a good success rate –<br />

the range of lures, though, is vast!<br />

20 SHOP WINDOW<br />

We offer a few suggestions for lures<br />

that are destined to be strong sellers for<br />

you and encourage more bites for your<br />

customers.<br />


Such a vast continent with so many<br />

countries undoubtedly brings some great<br />

opportunities but it’s a complex place with<br />

so much going on, so where do you start?<br />

We have a few pointers for you.<br />



With a host of major tackle awards to<br />

its name, the Tsuka 2 rod handle from<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> has redefined the carbon<br />

fibre handle market.<br />


JACKET<br />

Designed and developed to deliver nextlevel<br />

weather protection, comfort and<br />

durability, Simms’ latest offering has you<br />

covered.<br />


In 1998 Japanese rod expert Zenaq<br />

introduced the Monster Buster, designed to<br />

catch huge tuna. Now it has raised the bar<br />

even higher with its latest project.<br />


More tackle and gear recently released into<br />

the market that you might wish to consider<br />

adding to your inventory for the coming<br />

season.<br />



In such a competitive marketplace, it’s<br />

important to stand out from the crowd but<br />

knowing the best approach is not easy. We<br />

have some simple tips to help you.<br />

06 www.tackletradeworld.com



Fly anglers and major brands<br />

will again be descending on<br />

the Event Forum Fürstenfeld<br />

in Germany for the annual<br />

Experience the <strong>World</strong> of Fly<br />

Fishing (EWF), on <strong>April</strong> 13th<br />

and 14th.<br />

EWF welcomes<br />

representatives and visitors<br />

from more than 20 different<br />

countries, not just from Europe<br />

but from across the world.<br />

Top personalities give fly<br />

casting and fly tying<br />

demonstrations and<br />

instruction at two<br />

casting pools and the many<br />

meadows on site, with fly tyers<br />

and brands throughout the<br />

show halls.<br />

Over 100 renowned<br />

exhibitors will showcase their<br />

fly fishing products again<br />

this year, covering products,<br />

materials, destinations, waters,<br />

magazines, books and clothing,<br />

alongside art and<br />

craft workshops<br />

and, this year, a<br />

special exhibition on Atlantic<br />

salmon, an iconic species that<br />

suffers from climate change,<br />

pollution, fish farms and dams.<br />

The Patagonia team offers<br />

no-cost repair of clothing of<br />

any brand, although not waders<br />

or wading shoes.<br />

In addition, the German<br />

Open Championship in Fly<br />

Tying is also being staged for<br />

international competitors.<br />

The Fürstenfeld Exhibition<br />

Center has a special charm<br />

thanks to its location in historic<br />

monastery grounds, which<br />

feature a magnificent Baroque<br />

church, the courtyards, gardens,<br />

and lovingly restored buildings.<br />

The event is open on<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 13th from 9am<br />

to 6pm and on Sunday, <strong>April</strong><br />

14th from 9am to 5pm.<br />

Foundation Outdoor hunts down Hunter<br />

Foundation Outdoor Group, the<br />

world’s largest supplier of rod building<br />

components, supplies, equipment and<br />

instruction, has promoted Hunter<br />

McKamey to the role of vice president as<br />

it seeks further growth.<br />

Reporting directly to president and<br />

COO Brook Oliva, Hunter be the primary<br />

contact for day-to-day operations and will<br />

focus on aligning processes and business<br />

practices with Foundation’s aggressive<br />

growth strategies in the United States,<br />

Europe and Asia.<br />

Brook said: “This is a great opportunity<br />

for Hunter and for Foundation Outdoor<br />

Group. Hunter has a wealth of experience<br />

in angling and in the fishing rod business.<br />

He has a keen sense for our business and<br />

for our customers, and I am confident<br />

that he will thrive in this new leadership<br />

position.”<br />

Hunter grew up in the custom tackle<br />

industry, working for his father’s rod<br />

building business in Tennessee.<br />

He joined American <strong>Tackle</strong> when he<br />

began his college career at the University<br />

of Central Florida, where he was a<br />

champion angler.<br />

In 2016, he took his experience to Mud<br />

Hole Custom <strong>Tackle</strong>, which grew into<br />

his most recent position as director of<br />

the product development and purchasing<br />

department at Foundation Outdoor<br />

Group.<br />

Hunter said: “I’m excited to accept this<br />

new challenge and help take Foundation<br />

Outdoor Group to new heights. We have<br />

an amazing team and we have already been<br />

working on a number of key initiatives<br />

to expand our presence across the globe<br />

and to improve our day-to-day business<br />

operations as well.”<br />

With Foundation Outdoor Group’s<br />

acquisition of American <strong>Tackle</strong> and Mud<br />

Hole Custom <strong>Tackle</strong> last August, and the<br />

purchase of a new European headquarters<br />

in Halmstad, Sweden in October, the<br />

company continues to streamline its<br />

backend processes, marketing initiatives,<br />

and sales programs.<br />

Hunter McKamey.<br />

Hunter’s promotion is yet another<br />

strategic move to solidify Foundation’s<br />

leadership position within the fishing<br />

tackle and outdoors industry.<br />

foundationoutdoorgroup.com<br />

08 www.tackletradeworld.com

Anglers need to be vigilant of threats<br />

US industry body the American<br />

Sportfishing Association has<br />

urged anglers to be wary of threats<br />

from those keen on removing<br />

their rights to fish.<br />

Speaking at the annual<br />

National Professional Anglers’<br />

Association conference in<br />

Florida, the ASA’s vice-president<br />

of government affairs, Mike<br />

Leonard, said individuals needed<br />

to work alongside organisations<br />

like his to protect their sport.<br />

Nearly half of Australia’s<br />

fishable waters are now off limits<br />

while some European countries<br />

ban catch and release, claiming it<br />

hurts the fish.<br />

While American angler<br />

interests are backed by the<br />

American Sportfishing<br />

Association (ASA), the nation’s<br />

largest trade association for the<br />

recreational sportfishing industry,<br />

it cannot completely protect<br />

fishing rights alone.<br />

Mike outlined three key areas<br />

to consider in order to safeguard<br />

fishing including not taking<br />

fishing for granted, not sitting<br />

on the sidelines and stopping<br />

infighting with the sport.<br />

He went on to talk about<br />

knowing the issues in your area,<br />

joining fishing organisations<br />

that work to protect sportfishing<br />

like the NPAA and the ASA,<br />

and keeping up with the issues<br />

that could affect your ability to<br />

access the vast amount of aquatic<br />

resources available in this country<br />

via the ASA website.<br />

asafishing.org<br />



Major tackle retailer Angling Direct has seen a<br />

10 per cent rise in revenue – to £81.7 million –<br />

despite a challenging consumer landscape and<br />

disruption to fishing caused by named storm<br />

events in the final weeks of its fiscal year.<br />

Resilient UK store sales – up 7.6 per cent<br />

to £44.4m, were underpinned by stronger<br />

conversion and new store openings in 2023,<br />

including Cardiff and Goole in <strong>April</strong>, increasing<br />

the group’s store footprint from 45 to 47.<br />

These new stores, alongside those stores<br />

opened in the previous year, contributed £3.6m<br />

of sales in the year. Like for like store sales were<br />

£40.7m, representing 3.1 per cent growth and<br />

demonstrating strength against the previous<br />

fiscal year, which saw a flat growth rate.<br />

Total online sales increased 13.5 per cent to<br />

£37.2m, up from £32.8m, driven in part by a<br />

36.3 per cent rise in European online sales to<br />

£4.3m, as the company continues to develop this<br />

area.<br />

UK online sales rose by 11.1 per cent,<br />

driven by strong average transaction value<br />

growth and reflecting increasing engagement<br />

in the company’s loyalty and repeat purchase<br />

membership model, MyAD, boasting more<br />

than 220,000 members at the period end after<br />

launching in June.<br />

CEO Steve Crowe said: “Angling Direct has<br />

continued to gain market share in the UK and<br />

Europe and we believe there are significant<br />

further growth opportunities in both markets.<br />

“The group will continue to invest in its digital<br />

and physical footprint in the UK to capture<br />

further market share growth, leveraging its<br />

strong balance sheet to ensure it is competitively<br />

placed as consumer confidence returns.<br />

“The European market creates a significantly<br />

larger addressable market but remains highly<br />

competitive, driven by even more intense price<br />

competition.<br />

“Despite this, the group delivered strong<br />

growth, whilst retaining pricing discipline,<br />

leading to further market share gains, which<br />

provides the board with confidence that<br />

its European strategy remains appropriate.<br />

In January <strong>2024</strong> we committed to our first<br />

European store in Utrecht in The Netherlands.<br />

The store is scheduled to open during the spring<br />

fishing season.”<br />

THE BEST<br />


S T U F F<br />

FOR OVER<br />

75 YEARS<br />















27 CR 458<br />

Mountain Home,<br />

Arkansas 72653<br />

Phone: 001 (870) 425-9500<br />

Fax: 001 (870) 425-9599<br />

E-Mail: wapsi@wapsifly.com<br />

Website: www.wapsifly.com



St. Croix Rod is growing its sales<br />

rep team with the addition of<br />

HM Outdoors to represent its<br />

fly fishing brand in the Northern<br />

Rocky-Mountain and Pacific<br />

Northwest states of Idaho,<br />

Montana, Wyoming, Oregon,<br />

Washington and Alaska, USA.<br />

The established agency,<br />

headquartered in Bozeman,<br />

Montana has a 26-year heritage<br />

of serving top manufacturers in<br />

the outdoor, fishing, whitewater<br />

and hunting industries<br />

throughout the American<br />

Northwest.<br />

St. Croix fly fishing director<br />

of sales, Zack Dalton, explained:<br />

“The Northern Rockies and<br />

Pacific Northwest represent an<br />

incredible opportunity for us to<br />

reintroduce our brand’s unique<br />

heritage and exciting new fly rods<br />

to a community of anglers for<br />

whom fly fishing is a whole lot<br />

more than a hobby, a passion, or<br />

even a lifestyle.<br />

“Travis and his team at<br />

HM Outdoors have proven<br />

themselves a trusted resource for<br />

the fly shops and professional<br />

guides that provide the core of<br />

the speciality<br />

fly fishing<br />

community<br />

here, and we<br />

couldn’t be more<br />

excited to start<br />

working together<br />

to support<br />

these anglers<br />

with the elitelevel<br />

products,<br />

technologies and<br />

service St. Croix<br />

provides.”<br />

HM Outdoors<br />

owner Travis<br />

Morris has lived<br />

his entire life<br />

in the area he<br />

serves and added:<br />

“I was raised a<br />

fifth-generation<br />

Sheridan, Wyoming kid to<br />

a ranching family. I fished<br />

wherever and however I could<br />

in those early years, and Ritz<br />

Sporting Goods was my hangout<br />

when I wasn’t fishing.<br />

“I eventually moved to<br />

Bozeman and went to school<br />

at Montana State, worked to<br />

establish myself as a fishing guide<br />

and served as general manager<br />

for the Bozeman Angler for 12<br />

years.”<br />

He went to work as a sales<br />

representative in 2006 for<br />

Brooks Montgomery – the<br />

well-known fly angler and<br />

founder of what would become<br />

the Hart-Montgomery Agency<br />

and, later, HM Outdoors, the<br />

company Morris now owns.<br />

He said: “Our team at HM<br />

Outdoors is stoked to be<br />

working with St. Croix Fly<br />

Fishing for so many reasons.<br />

I repped the company for a<br />

number of years and have a<br />

personal connection with the<br />

brand that goes back to the early<br />

days of my own fishing.”<br />

Outdoor company makes leap with Frog factory<br />

GSM Outdoors, the name behind countless<br />

hunting and fishing brands, has released a<br />

new one in the lure sector – the Frog Factory.<br />

With the intent of delivering both proven<br />

and innovative products in the category of<br />

frogs, toads, and hollow-body topwaters, the<br />

Frog Factory offers existing, proven products<br />

in the Boom Boom Frog and the Ribbit<br />

with a focus on upcoming innovation and<br />

development.<br />

Crispin Powley, GSM’s senior vicepresident<br />

of fishing, revealed: “We’re<br />

constantly being asked to develop frogs<br />

and toads by our pros and end-users. After<br />

hearing that we needed to ‘design something<br />

like a Ribbit’ enough times, we decided that<br />

it was better to own the original than try to<br />

design around it.<br />

“This brand will be a fun combination<br />

10 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

of proven designs and modern innovative<br />

concepts that will ultimately add value to the<br />

frog category in every angler’s tacklebox.”<br />

Major League Fishing pro and Boom<br />

Boom Frog creator Fred Roumbanis added:<br />

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be<br />

working with the gang at GSM to launch<br />

the Frog Factory brand. The foundation of<br />

the brand will be my Boom Boom Frogs and<br />

the iconic Ribbit series, but we also already<br />

have several awesome new products in the<br />

works that I can’t wait to get in my hands.<br />

“Frog fishing is something that I’ve<br />

based my career around and I’m ecstatic to<br />

help start a brand dedicated to serious frog<br />

fishermen.”<br />

Alongside iconic hunting brands like<br />

Truglo, Tenzing, Walker’s, Birchwood-<br />

Casey, SOG knives and Stealth Cam, GSM<br />

Outdoors also offers Gary Yamamoto<br />

Customer Baits, Bill Lewis, Phenix Rods and<br />

Buckeye Lures.<br />


It’s a wrap for Bajío’s<br />

latest glasses launch<br />

Offering a tight, full wrap<br />

for maximum sun and wind<br />

protection, the Rigolets is the<br />

latest glasses offering from<br />

relative newcomer on the scene,<br />

Bajío.<br />

The US-based brand says the<br />

product – pronounced RIGuh-Leez<br />

– is perfect for boat<br />

owners with small and narrow<br />

faces and boasts wide temples<br />

and vented rubber sun-blocking<br />

side shields.<br />

Each pair also features Bajío’s<br />

polarised, blue light-blocking<br />

lenses with LAPIS technology<br />

for crisp, clear fish-spotting<br />

vision.<br />

Named after a deepwater<br />

Foundation Outdoor Group<br />

has released details of a<br />

string of ground-breaking<br />

rod building products from<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> and Custom<br />

Rod Builder (CRB)<br />

Among the latest<br />

innovations are the ICAST<br />

2023 Best In Show awardwinning<br />

Tsuka 2 complete<br />

carbon handle from American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>.<br />

strait with incredible history<br />

just 30 minutes outside of New<br />

Orleans, Rigolets means trench<br />

in French.<br />

The glasses are available in<br />

three different frame colours<br />

with a total of 14 lens options.<br />

bajiosunglasses.com<br />



The Foundation Outdoor team<br />

celebrate American <strong>Tackle</strong>’s Tsuka 2<br />

rod handle success at China Fish <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The handle has also just scooped the Best Fishing Accessory<br />

awarded at the China Fish <strong>2024</strong> show in Beijing.<br />

Engineered for discerning anglers and forward-thinking rod<br />

designers, the Tsuka 2 is said to push the boundaries of carbon<br />

handle technology, offering unprecedented strength, feel, and<br />

weight relief with a slim and ergonomic design.<br />

Foundation’s president and COO, Brook Oliva, said: “We’re<br />

elated to bring home yet another major award for the American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> brand. The timing was also impeccable, as we just launched<br />

the Tsuka 2 to consumers this week. It will be a challenge to keep<br />

up with demand!”<br />

Pairing a fibreglass tip with graphite mid and butt sections,<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> is also introducing the innovative Bushido<br />

Moving Bait Series blanks, purpose-built for anglers who fish<br />

diving and lipless crankbaits and vibrating jigs.<br />

Meanwhile, on the CRB front, the brand has added new sizes to<br />

its Extreme Reamers, including XXL, XXXL – ideal for offshore<br />

rods and other large rod blanks – not to mention a totally new line<br />

up of 18in versions.<br />

2023-24<br />

Over 1,400 New<br />

Line Items in our<br />

2023-<strong>2024</strong> Catalog<br />

14,600+ Products<br />

Available for your<br />

Fly Tying Shops Walls!<br />

Microflex Soft<br />

Hackle Chenille<br />

Available in 5 sizes and<br />

31 Great Colors!<br />



Mossy Oak aids Huk<br />

Apparel brand Huk and camou<br />

expert Mossy Oak have teamed<br />

up to create a new collection<br />

of patterns, available in Huk’s<br />

Pursuit Collection and a variety of<br />

accessories.<br />

The Mossy Oak Stormwater<br />

pattern represents what every<br />

fisherman respects – stormy<br />

waters, choppy seas, swirling grey<br />

skies and charging swells.<br />

Huk’s Pursuit Collection is<br />

available in Mossy Oak Stormwater<br />

colours Spindrift, Midnight, and<br />

Bonefish.<br />

ASA applauds act<br />

The American Sportfishing<br />

Association (ASA), the trade<br />

association for the US recreational<br />

fishing industry, has backed a<br />

bipartisan effort to improve public<br />

access and publicly available<br />

information on federally managed<br />

marine waters through the<br />

MAPOceans Act.<br />

Mike Leonard, vice-president of<br />

government affairs at the ASA, said:<br />

“The act would help American’s<br />

nearly nine million saltwater<br />

anglers access marine waters<br />

with more confidence, ensuring<br />

that recreational information is<br />

easily accessible through marine<br />

electronics, mapping apps, and<br />

online platforms.”<br />

Marine protection<br />

fear<br />

A New South Wales, Australia south<br />

coast group is calling on the state<br />

government to return Batemans<br />

Bay marine sanctuary zones to full<br />

protection. In 2019, the government<br />

declared an amnesty that allowed<br />

recreational anglers to fish in six of<br />

the 32 zones.<br />

Nature Coast Marine Group<br />

vice-president James Caffery said<br />

the amnesty defeated the whole<br />

purpose of sanctuary zones and<br />

called for full protection to be<br />

restored.<br />

Recreational Fishing Alliance<br />

of NSW vice-president Max Castle<br />

said: “If areas lose their access<br />

to fishing, there’s going to be a<br />

business impact.”<br />

Key European carp<br />

name joins EFTTA<br />

The European Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Association’s (EFTTA) drive to grow<br />

membership has been given a boost with the<br />

addition of well-known carp name, Korda<br />

Europe.<br />

It’s the latest company to join the trade<br />

organisation, which works alongside the<br />

industry to advocate for the preservation<br />

and promotion of recreational angling in the<br />

European Parliament.<br />

Korda Europe, the wholesale distribution<br />

subsidiary of UK-based carp brand Korda<br />

Developments, supplies not only Korda<br />

products to the Continent but also Carp<br />

Porter, Guru, Delkim bite alarms and<br />

Mainline Baits.<br />

Maurice Keulen, Korda Europe,’s managing<br />

director, met with EFTTA CEO Olivier<br />

Portrat, president Jan Mertens, vice-president<br />

Ross Honey and board member Gerard<br />

Bakkenes at the Carp De Bosch show to<br />

discuss EFTTA’s mission.<br />

He said: “We are<br />

dedicated to supporting<br />

initiatives that champion<br />

the interests of recreational<br />

anglers. Joining EFTTA<br />

aligns seamlessly with our<br />

commitment to preserving<br />

the rich tradition of angling<br />

while contributing to<br />

sustainable practices within the industry. We<br />

look forward to collaborating with likeminded<br />

companies and advocating for the<br />

rights of anglers in the European Parliament.”<br />

EFTTA president Jan Mertens added:<br />

“The increasing number of companies joining<br />

EFTTA reflects a shared commitment to<br />

safeguarding the interests of recreational<br />

anglers. Maurice Keulen and Korda Europe<br />

bring valuable expertise and passion to our<br />

collective efforts. Together, we will continue to<br />

make a significant impact on the policies that<br />

affect the recreational angling community.”<br />

As EFTTA’s membership continues to<br />

expand, the organisation strengthens its<br />

position as a unified voice for the fishing<br />

tackle industry, working collaboratively to<br />

influence positive changes in legislation and<br />

policies that impact recreational angling.<br />

www.eftta.com<br />

12 www.tackletradeworld.com

Big changes for Danish Fly Company<br />

Denmark-based distributor The<br />

Fly Company is embarking on<br />

a new journey, with a relocation,<br />

a strategic overhaul and the<br />

addition of two more brands to<br />

its portfolio.<br />

Over the past two years,<br />

the company has engaged<br />

in a meticulous examination<br />

of its operations, leading to<br />

transformative changes.<br />

As it moves forward, it has<br />

become the exclusive European<br />

distributor for Ewing feathers,<br />

renowned for its unique<br />

products that it says elevate the<br />

art of fly tying.<br />

In addition, The Fly<br />

Company has also expanded its<br />

distribution network to include<br />

TFO fly rods in select European<br />

countries.<br />

Suzuki GB’s Marine<br />

Division says changes to<br />

its sales team will further<br />

enhance its ability to<br />

respond to the needs<br />

of the dealer network<br />

and continue delivering<br />

exceptional customer<br />

service.<br />

The first change is the<br />

appointment of Steve<br />

Warren as its newest sales<br />

account manager, looking<br />

after Suzuki’s presence<br />

predominantly in the north of<br />

England and Wales, as well as<br />

in Southern Ireland.<br />

Steve is no stranger to<br />

the marine industry and<br />

already has extensive product<br />

knowledge, having spent<br />

eight years working in Suzuki<br />

GB’s technical department<br />

and being hands on in the<br />

company’s workshop facility.<br />

He has also supported the<br />

team at key events such as<br />

the Southampton Boat Show,<br />

Seawork and BoatLife as<br />

well as assisting various key<br />

boat builder and commercial<br />

TFO, a strong and wellrenowned<br />

brand, brings a legacy<br />

of quality and innovation to the<br />

fly fishing community.<br />

The decision to relocate<br />

to a better-suited location<br />

in Randers is strategic and<br />

reflects The Fly Company’s<br />

commitment to maximising<br />

and optimising its structure<br />

and capabilities. This move is<br />

aimed at enhancing operational<br />

efficiency, fostering innovation<br />

and ensuring a seamless<br />

experience for fly fishing<br />

enthusiasts.<br />

The full Flyco team,<br />

comprised of seasoned<br />

professionals, brings a wealth<br />

of experience as they work to<br />

invigorate the organisation’s<br />

vision and strategy, ensuring a<br />

SuZuKI maRINE<br />


Ben Green<br />

(le) and<br />

Steve<br />

Warren<br />

take<br />

up new<br />

positions<br />

at Suzuki<br />

Marine GB.<br />

operator accounts with sea<br />

trials and rigging advice.<br />

The second change<br />

continues Suzuki’s desire<br />

to promote from within,<br />

as existing team member<br />

Ben Green becomes events<br />

coordinator and account<br />

manager and will take on the<br />

responsibility for a number of<br />

selected key accounts.<br />

Ben has been with Suzuki<br />

GB for over five years,<br />

working first in the Dealer<br />

Services department and<br />

then, more recently, as events<br />

coordinator for the ATV and<br />

Marine team.<br />

marine.suzuki.co.uk<br />

commitment to excellence and<br />

the continuation of fly fishing<br />

traditions.<br />

Head of sales Christoffer<br />

Thorsager explained: “We<br />

believe that our new location<br />

in Randers will serve as a hub<br />

for innovation and will allow us<br />

to maximise and optimise our<br />

capabilities.<br />

“With the full Flyco team and<br />

strong financial backing, coupled<br />

with our new location, we are<br />

excited about the future and the<br />

opportunities it presents.”<br />




Banks Inc., a leading name in<br />

manufacturer’s representation,<br />

has announced the ending<br />

of its historic 96-year<br />

partnership with Mustad<br />

USA.<br />

This exceptional<br />

collaboration, spanning<br />

nearly a century, marked the<br />

end of the oldest standing<br />

manufacturer’s representation<br />

relationship in the industry.<br />

Banks, Inc said it was<br />

proud of its journey alongside<br />

Mustad USA, from the<br />

brand’s humble beginnings<br />

on US shores in 1928 to its<br />

current status as one of the<br />

most iconic names in the<br />

tackle trade.<br />

Company president Trip<br />

Banks commented: “Together,<br />

we have built a legacy<br />

that will be remembered<br />

for generations and is a<br />

testament to the dedication<br />

we have both given to the<br />

business. As Mustad USA<br />

transitions to an internal sales<br />

model with its talented staff,<br />

we extend our heartfelt best<br />

wishes for continued success.<br />

“Throughout this 96-year<br />

evolution, we have constantly<br />

adapted to changing market<br />

dynamics and industry<br />

trends. One thing remains<br />

constant however, our<br />

commitment to face-to-face<br />

meetings, nurturing valuable<br />

relationships with every<br />

account we serve across the<br />

USA.<br />

“Our team’s presence<br />

on the road, in stores, and<br />

our focus on listening to<br />

customers have allowed us to<br />

take valuable market insights<br />

back to the great brands we<br />

represent. This ‘mirror of the<br />

marketplace’ communication<br />

has been instrumental in<br />

keeping us, our factories and<br />

customers at the forefront<br />

of the industry for nearly a<br />

century.”<br />

Now the firm is looking<br />

forward to the next 96 years<br />

of innovation, growth, and<br />

success, saying it remains<br />

dedicated to maintaining the<br />

work ethics that have defined<br />

it for nearly a century, while<br />

thanking its valued customers<br />

and partners who continue to<br />

support its in the future.<br />

Trip Banks<br />

Goldfish moves home after acquisition<br />

Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong>, which bought Al’s<br />

Goldfish Lures in July 2023, has officially<br />

moved the iconic fishing tackle maker<br />

to the Green Bay, Wisconsin area of the<br />

USA.<br />

Paul Check, Fin Rage <strong>Tackle</strong>’s owner,<br />

explained: “We are excited to bring Al’s<br />

Goldfish Lures to Wisconsin, one of<br />

the bastions of sportfishing in America,<br />

where we can more closely connect with<br />

Midwestern anglers and develop the next<br />

phase in the seven-decade-long history<br />

of the company.<br />

“At the same time, we pledge to remain<br />

true to the company’s northeastern roots.<br />

Al’s Goldfish Lures is famous for being<br />

deadly on sportfish species<br />

throughout America and the<br />

world, and our goal is to<br />

increase their effectiveness<br />

across the board.”<br />

Moving forward, he<br />

revealed that his goals<br />

include the development<br />

of new colours in the<br />

current Goldfish, 49er and<br />

Helgy product lines, the creation<br />

of new products and offerings for<br />

ice fishermen and the development of<br />

additional product size ranges across<br />

the board to make the product line<br />

even more effective for a wide variety of<br />

fishing techniques.<br />

Paul added: “There is a<br />

different type of fishing<br />

here in the Midwest,<br />

specifically walleye,<br />

northern pike and<br />

musky and the Al’s<br />

Goldfish products have<br />

proven successful over the<br />

years for these species.<br />

“We intend to develop<br />

additional sizes and colours of Al’s<br />

Goldfish products to continue that long<br />

history of success.”<br />

www.alsgoldfish.com<br />

14 www.tackletradeworld.com

STOPPIONI s.n.c. Firenze Italy<br />

Tel.+39 0558739615 -Fax +39 0558739648 stonfo@stonfo.com<br />

MEMBER<br />

Art.738<br />


Tools to make very small loops ideal for<br />

hooklengths and hair rigs.<br />

The small size allows you to tie 4 mm<br />

loops, while the large 6 mm.<br />

4 mm 6 mm<br />

1 2 3<br />

4<br />

1 or 2x<br />

5 6<br />

7 8<br />

www.stonfo.com<br />




PACBAY MINIMA - X offers an unparalleled level of durability, solving the problems commonly associated with inner rings<br />

popping out or getting crushed. Through extensive reform and innovation, PACBAY MINIMA - X is constructed using highstrength<br />

, one-piece stainless steel. Both the guides and tops utilize mirror polishing, multi-layer Hard Chrome plating, and<br />

Titanium plating processes, resulting in corrosion resistance, low friction, and high thermal conductivity. As a result , the friction<br />

force during long-distance casting or retrieving is significantly reduced.<br />

If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of losing or breaking your inner ring while battling a tough fish, you’ll appreciate the superiority of PACBAY<br />

MINIMA - X. Currently, we offer sizes ranging from #05 to #20, with plans to expand up to #50. More sizes and models will be available soon. We believe<br />

these guides are ideal for lure anglers, particularly carp anglers who often face issues with the #50 stripper guide getting damaged during transportation.<br />

With PACBAY MINIMA - X, this problem has been entirely eliminated.<br />

In summary, PACBAY MINIMA - X guides and tops are renowned for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.<br />

This innovation in the fishing world, through the abandonment of ceramic and stainless-steel rings, allows fishermen to bid farewell to the nightmares of<br />

ring breakages, crushing, and detachment.<br />

Build Great Fishing Rods<br />

www.fishpacbay.com<br />



ICAST<br />

Inside fishing tackle’s<br />

can’t-miss review event<br />

At ICAST, a happy hour made for tackle dealers delivers more than a good time.<br />

Every year, there’s a happy hour that<br />

gives tackle dealers an early look<br />

at the most exciting new products<br />

in fishing.<br />

Like clockwork, it begins when the<br />

bright lights of Orlando’s Orange County<br />

Convention Center flicker to life over a red<br />

carpet leading through a gateway at ICAST.<br />

Before the show floor officially opens<br />

on Wednesday morning, the New Product<br />

Showcase Reception roars to life just as the<br />

forklifts loading in display booths fall silent<br />

on Tuesday afternoon.<br />

Inside, display cases glow with spotlights<br />

on new lures bound for fisheries, from<br />

deep blue waters flanking sandy paradises<br />

to remote trout streams high in the Rocky<br />

Mountains.<br />

Display racks are zoned with apparel<br />

made of new materials and sporting new<br />

patterns that have yet to see retail shelves.<br />

And a gathered crowd of retailers and<br />

media members share complimentary hors<br />

d’oeuvres, cocktails and brews amidst a hall<br />

where the best of the best new products at<br />

ICAST are all located in one place.<br />

Aiming for the best<br />

“The New Product Showcase Reception is<br />

the first look attendees get at every product<br />

entered in the ICAST Best of Category<br />

Awards,” says American Sportfishing<br />

Association trade show vice-president Blake<br />

Swango.<br />

“It’s not only a chance to see new<br />

products, most of them for the first time, but<br />

16 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

also an opportunity to vote in the awards<br />

and plan which exhibitors you might want to<br />

go see throughout the week.”<br />

Last year, more than 1,000 new products<br />

shimmered in the spotlight of the New<br />

Product Showcase. Combined, they<br />

represented years of work from a field of<br />

633 exhibitors competing in 37 categories<br />

ranging from hard and soft lures to apparel<br />

and watercraft.<br />

Well received<br />

For most of the past two decades, Aleida<br />

Tush has made the drive up to ICAST from<br />

her tackle store in Siesta Key, Florida in time<br />

for the reception.<br />

“We get to see new products first-hand<br />

before a lot of people,” says Tush. “If you<br />

don’t go to ICAST, it can take two or three<br />

months before you could even possibly begin<br />

seeing some of the new things coming into<br />

the market for yourself.”<br />

Tush says the chance to see brand new<br />

products before even browsing the aisles<br />

of ICAST has immediate and longterm<br />

benefits for her business, CB Outfitters.<br />

“I always think that gives you a jump on<br />

seeing and possibly being able to order new<br />

products,” she says, noting that the New<br />

Product Showcase helps populate her show<br />

calendar. “One of the reasons you go to<br />

ICAST is that you have the opportunity to<br />

meet and talk with managers, presidents or<br />

vice presidents that you otherwise might not<br />

meet. You get to share your ideas with them,<br />

too.”<br />

For Tush and many retailers like her,<br />

some of those ideas are sparked at the New<br />

Product Showcase Reception – a happy hour<br />

unlike any other, a happy hour tailor-made<br />

for tackle store owners and employees.<br />

“ICAST is the biggest sportfishing<br />

tradeshow on the planet,” adds Swango.<br />

“There is truly no other place where tackle<br />

dealers can see so many new products in<br />

person while having the opportunity to<br />

speak directly to many of the people involved<br />

in making them.”<br />

Growth potential<br />

This year, the ICAST New Product<br />

Showcase is expanding to include 41<br />

categories. It’s an all-time record that means<br />

attendees will have the chance to see even<br />

more brand-new products at the show and<br />

might need to spend a little more time at the<br />

unofficial kick-off happy hour.<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> ICAST New Product Showcase<br />

Preview Reception is scheduled from 5-8pm<br />

on Tuesday, July 16 inside the Orange<br />

County Convention Center.<br />

Registration for ICAST <strong>2024</strong>, set for July<br />

16-19, is open now. Qualified attendees can<br />

register for free and download the official<br />

ICAST smartphone app to stay up-to-date<br />

on daily events in Orlando on both iOS and<br />

Android.<br />

ICAST<br />


A Blade for Every Angler<br />

No Matter the Species, No Matter the Season, No Matter the Waters<br />

NEW SonicWhammy DualFlash <br />

WillowStrike <br />

Classic<br />

Panther Martin Has<br />

You Covered<br />

In the US<br />

Dealer Info:<br />

Wholesale@PantherMartin.com<br />

To Order: PantherMartin.com<br />

Dept. TT044L<br />

In Canada<br />

Dealer Info:<br />

info@panthermartin.ca<br />

To Order: PantherMartin.ca


LURES<br />


LURES<br />

Pretty much any body of water that<br />

holds fish, anywhere in the world, can<br />

be targeted using lures. Lure fishing is<br />

probably the quickest and easiest method<br />

to get you started fishing while also<br />

promising a good success rate.<br />

At its most basic, a lure is simply<br />

a type of artificial fishing bait<br />

– essentially designed to mimic<br />

the appearance and movement of prey –<br />

to attract fish.<br />

Naturally, just like the real world<br />

of insects, smaller bait fish and other<br />

creatures, both aquatic and sometimes<br />

terrestrial, lures come in many different<br />

shapes, sizes, and colours, each designed<br />

to appeal to their chosen target.<br />

What makes them especially popular<br />

over using live bait is that they are<br />

simple and clean to use, can usually<br />

be cast further and are generally great<br />

for both catch and release angling or<br />

fishing for the pot.<br />

They can be selected to entice<br />

specific species, are easily swapped out<br />

for alternatives if one colour or pattern<br />

isn’t working and, of course, you’ll<br />

find versions and models that can be<br />

deployed in both fresh and saltwater.<br />

While lure fishing can seem<br />

quite simple, the reality is that, in the<br />

hands of an experienced angler, many<br />

lures can be devastatingly successful.<br />

Skilled anglers can impart all sorts<br />

of lifelike movement to their lures,<br />

turning a follow from a target fish into<br />

a confident strike, time after time. Of<br />

course, even greater success comes from<br />

the ability to cast them accurately, often<br />

to specific features like islands, reeds,<br />

dock pilings and the like, although fancasting<br />

can also help you cover a lot of<br />

open water very quickly and efficiently.<br />

Lure fishing is arguably the most<br />

versatile of all forms of the sport – with<br />

so many types available, ranging from<br />

hard-bodied plugs and spoons to soft<br />

plastic baits and even flies, anglers can<br />

target different species in a huge array<br />

of water conditions.<br />

Anglers have more control over the<br />

presentation of the lure, including<br />

speed, depth and action, compared to<br />

using live bait. This control can be<br />

crucial in enticing a strike from wary<br />

fish.<br />

Another often overlooked aspect to<br />

lure fishing is how visually exciting<br />

it can be! Seeing a fish strike a lure<br />

followed by the challenge of hooking<br />

and landing your target on an artificial<br />

bait can be very rewarding.<br />

Since many predatory fish hunt by a<br />

range of methods, lures have adapted to<br />

take this into account.<br />

Some are brightly coloured, some are<br />

lifelike, some are scented or have rattles<br />

or other devices inserted to make them<br />

audible too; however they all impart<br />

some form of movement, which attracts<br />

the target’s attention first and foremost.<br />

18 www.tackletradeworld.com


LURES<br />


Let’s take a look at some of the most common<br />

styles or types of lure…<br />

Plugs or crankbaits<br />

These are hard plastic fishing lures shaped<br />

and coloured to resemble bait fish or<br />

other prey, made out of a solid or hollow<br />

piece of plastic, with a thin lip of metal<br />

or plastic attached to the front, hugely<br />

popular with bass and pike anglers<br />

The lip is often adjustable to make the<br />

lure wobble. Plugs feature two or three<br />

treble hooks and can float, sink, dive, or<br />

hover.<br />

Most plugs float on the water’s surface<br />

or suspend in the water, but dive sharply<br />

when retrieved, so by reeling, stopping<br />

and repeating you can imitate the<br />

behaviour of live, or injured bait fish.<br />

Changing twitching intervals and<br />

reeling speed adds variety.<br />

Jigs<br />

Jigs feature a weighted head on one side<br />

and a hook on the other. Often using<br />

a plastic grub, jigs are one of the most<br />

popular types of fishing lures. They sink<br />

easily, making them great for bottom<br />

feeders – cast one out and let it sink to<br />

the bottom, then start jigging! The trick<br />

here is to experiment with different<br />

speeds and movements to see what works<br />

best.<br />

Spinners<br />

These move horizontally through the<br />

water, come in many shapes and colours<br />

– depending on the targeted depth and<br />

species – and have a hook on one side,<br />

and one or more metal blades that spin<br />

like a propeller on the other.<br />

The spinning blades vibrate, flash and<br />

reflect colour to accurately mimic bait<br />

fish and attract predators, making them<br />

perfect for catching bass, perch and pike.<br />

Spoons<br />

These may seem like a basic lure but, in<br />

the right hands, these curved, concave<br />

metal lures that shine and wobble as they<br />

move through the water, are deadly.<br />

The bigger the curve, the wider the<br />

wobble. A wobbling lure resembles<br />

injured bait fish, and this is something<br />

game fish can’t resist.<br />

Soft plastics<br />

Soft plastic lures imitate a variety of aquatic<br />

‘bait’, from minnows to worms, crawfish to<br />

frogs. Soft plastics are very popular for bass<br />

fishing.<br />

Their beauty is that they seem to work<br />

everywhere and the vast choice across the<br />

world is due to the fact that no one single<br />

lure will catch fish in all conditions on the<br />

day.<br />

There are designs for fast water, coloured<br />

water, dark days, light days and all the<br />

seasons of the year when fish behaviour and<br />

even species-specific behaviour has to be<br />

taken into consideration.<br />


Many lure anglers who fish nothing else<br />

will have hundreds or possibly thousands of<br />

lures in various types to choose from. These<br />

will also vary depending on the country<br />

you’re in, although what generally pushes<br />

the buttons of a fish in Europe will also do<br />

so in North America or Australia.<br />

Understanding the waters near your store<br />

and the resident predatory species will make<br />

your stock choice easier but ask questions<br />

of your customers too and find out what the<br />

‘killer’ lures are in your area or region.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Rainbow, and<br />


LURES<br />

DAIWA<br />


The Lazy FA Shad puts the personality of a swimbait in a saltwater-grade twitch<br />

bait that even includes a sluggish slalom. The floating lure dives up to three feet<br />

when engaged, rolling and showing its sides while in motion, broadcasting a<br />

subdued flash while emitting subtle ticks on the retrieve.<br />

Externally, it sports refined cosmetics, including realistic eyeballs,<br />

gills and mouth parts, and scale patterns that capture<br />

light and throw colour. Choose from proven saltwater<br />

patterns, including 3D Konosiro, Skeleton Chart Back,<br />

Skeleton Red Head, Skeleton Mullet, Holo Sardine and<br />

Pink Clear Holo.<br />

daiwa.us<br />



This lure mimics a vulnerable frog exposed in open water, falling to the security<br />

of bottom cover. Twitch it to create an erratic action or wind it slow to generate a<br />

thumping pulse.<br />

The body is made from ABS plastic and is buoyant. The legs are made from TPE<br />

soft plastic.<br />

The durable and buoyant material enables the legs to shimmy and flicker as the<br />

bait falls. The swing weight is strategically designed to throw the bait off balance,<br />

which creates a wobble action as the lure settles after a twitch or pull.<br />

The position of the swing weight is aligned on the body enabling a balanced fall,<br />

just like a real frog when exposed in open water. The lure comes with two weights,<br />

to adjust the falling action.<br />

Equipped with a stout Mustad strong hook, it’s ideal for targeting bass, zander,<br />

pike and other freshwater bottom-feeding predators.<br />

mustad-fishing.com/livetarget<br />



New for <strong>2024</strong>, Panther Martin is offering a groovy new lure called FishSeeUV<br />

SpikeADelic. These lures come in six eye-popping colours and patterns to<br />

attract fish such as redfish, sea trout, snook and many other saltwater species.<br />

Painted with UV coating, the SpikeADelic series appear differently to fish<br />

than they do to the human eye. So once underwater, these lures really put<br />

on a show, glowing and reflecting light while the blade spins freely and the<br />

tails dance through the water.<br />

Outfitted with Panther Martin’s classic convex/concave blades, softbodied<br />

lures have a super sharp, weedless hook, brightly coloured and<br />

patterned bodies and blades and a large, bright salmon bead, they are sure<br />

to catch fish.<br />

Available now in four sizes (4, 6, 9 and 15) and<br />

six colours (Holographic Bubble Gum,<br />

WonderBread, Tangerine<br />

Surprise, Hulk,<br />

Glow<br />

20 www.tackletradeworld.com


NEW <strong>2024</strong><br />

UNI PRODUCTS J.G. Cote Inc.<br />

1004 Principale<br />

Ste-Melanie, QC. Canada JOK 3AO<br />

Tel: 450-889-8054<br />

Toll-Free: 1-877-889-8054<br />

Fax: 450-889-5887<br />

Email: info@uniproducts.com<br />

Look to UNI<br />

for the best in<br />

spooled<br />

fly-tying<br />

materials!<br />





www.uniproducts.com<br />




DBW...<br />

AFRICA<br />

AFRICA<br />

D O I N G B U S I N E S S W I T H . . .<br />

Such a vast continent with so many countries undoubtedly brings some<br />

great opportunities but it’s a complex place with so much going on, so<br />

where do you start? We have a few pointers for you.<br />

Africa is a<br />

complex<br />

continent.<br />

With a<br />

total land<br />

mass of<br />

30.37<br />

million square kilometres and<br />

a total population of almost<br />

1.4 billion, it is larger than<br />

the USA, China and Brazil<br />

combined.<br />

It boasts at least 54<br />

countries, although that<br />

24 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

figure is up for debate, given<br />

the confusing political and<br />

geographical situations it finds<br />

itself in.<br />

What is for sure is that<br />

Nigeria is the biggest by<br />

population while St Helena<br />

is the smallest. Countries like<br />

South Africa and Kenya are<br />

probably best known in terms<br />

of fishing imports and exports.<br />

While Africa has many<br />

issues – political, population<br />

and climate among them – it<br />

has a growing knowledgebased<br />

economy with a focus on<br />

technology, finance and other<br />

e-commerce services.<br />

It’s widely thought that<br />

African industries could<br />

double production to nearly<br />

$1 trillion within a decade and<br />

potentially become the world’s<br />

greatest manufacturing centre.<br />

Although 600 million<br />

Africans still lack access to<br />

the electricity grid, the annual<br />

infrastructure investment has

DBW...<br />

AFRICA<br />


Surface area: 11,730,000 sq m (30,370,000 sq km)<br />

Population: 1,393,676,444<br />

GDP: £2.98 trillion<br />

Countries: 54 recognised states, two partially recognised states, four<br />

dependent territories<br />

Language: At least 1,250 native languages<br />

Time zones: UTC -1 to TC +4<br />

Largest cities: Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Luanda, Khartoum<br />

Top African Exporters<br />

- South Africa<br />

- Algeria<br />

- Nigeria<br />

- Angola<br />

- Egypt<br />

Top African Importers<br />

- South Africa<br />

- Egypt<br />

- Nigeria<br />

- Kenya<br />

- Tanzania<br />

Top Import Partners<br />

- China<br />

- Mainland Europe<br />

- USA<br />

- India<br />

- South Africa<br />

Top Export Partners<br />

- China<br />

- India<br />

- United States<br />

- South Africa<br />

- Germany<br />

doubled to around $80 billion.<br />

Africa has more than 120<br />

million active mobile money<br />

accounts, which account for<br />

more than 50 per cent of the<br />

global total and mobile traffic<br />

data is expected to increase<br />

hugely in the coming years.<br />

The continent has already<br />

developed a diversified<br />

manufacturing base and<br />

has shown its resilience and<br />

potential to compete in the<br />

global economy.<br />

Tourism is an extremely<br />

profitable industry and is<br />

now the second fastestgrowing<br />

tourist industry in<br />

the world, only behind the<br />

Asia Pacific region. Indeed,<br />

the tourism industry in South<br />

Africa alone employs more<br />

people than the automotive<br />

manufacturing, mining,<br />

chemical manufacturing, and<br />

communications services<br />

sectors and is expected to keep<br />

growing.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />

AFRICA<br />

A N G L I N G I N A F R I C A<br />

Mention fishing and African nations<br />

such as Kenya, Egypt and South Africa<br />

will be uppermost in the majority of<br />

conversations.<br />

From fly tying experts in Kenya to<br />

shark charters off the coast of South<br />

Africa to major rivers and massive lakes<br />

holding tough predators, this continent<br />

boasts a wealth of diverse fishing and<br />

tackle know-how.<br />

Indeed, South Africa has even hosted<br />

the Feeder <strong>World</strong> Championship at the<br />

Bloemhof Dam in 2013 and 2019 with<br />

great success.<br />

There are literally thousands of unique<br />

and challenging fishing destinations.<br />

Surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic<br />

Oceans and the Mediterranean and the<br />

Red Seas, you would expect saltwater<br />

fishing to be a mainstay of the sport.<br />

Whether casting from the shore or<br />

heading out to the deep, you can expect<br />

some amazing sport.<br />

Head to Cape Town in South Africa,<br />

for example, and you can chase kob,<br />

yellowtail, snoek (not to be confused with<br />

snook) and more from the shore or in<br />

estuaries, while heading offshore to the<br />

deep can net you tuna, marlin, swordfish<br />

and large sharks, although this is often<br />

now undertaken as a conservation effort.<br />

West African venues combine<br />

spectacular fly and beach casting<br />

experiences for a bewilderingly wide<br />

range of species including massive<br />

tarpon and big African threadfin, Cubera<br />

snappers and bull sharks.<br />

The Benguela Current in<br />

the Atlantic Ocean brings<br />

nutrient-rich waters close to<br />

the shore, attracting a variety<br />

of fish species including<br />

sharks, kob and steenbras.<br />

East Africa and Kenya<br />

in particular offer a welldeveloped<br />

deep sea fishing<br />

experience. Here is one of<br />

the few places that offers the<br />

chance of a super grand slam<br />

on one day: blue, black and<br />

striped marlin, broadbill and sailfish.<br />

Kenya, of course, is also home to some<br />

key fly tying companies including Gone<br />

Fishing and Fulling Mill.<br />

Head to the mighty River Nile in<br />

Egypt for both fresh- and saltwater<br />

opportunities. Popular species include<br />

Nile perch, catfish and more while the<br />

Nile Delta opens into the Mediterranean<br />

Sea, affording a wide range of fishing<br />

options from shore and boat.<br />

Lake Nasser – the world’s largest<br />

manmade lake – meanwhile, has<br />

developed a reputation for the fearsome<br />

tiger fish and Nile perch, which grow to a<br />

huge sizes.<br />

The lake is also home to moonfish,<br />

tilapia and catfish including the giant<br />

vundu and fishing styles vary from<br />

trolling and spinning to drift casting and<br />

fly fishing.<br />

On the Zambezi River, near Victoria<br />

Brown Trout<br />

Falls, anglers can try their luck catching<br />

the powerful and acrobatic tiger fish,<br />

as well as other species like bream and<br />

vundu catfish.<br />

The Okavango Delta in Botswana<br />

is a UNESCO <strong>World</strong> Heritage Site<br />

and a unique angling destination, with<br />

tilapia, catfish, and tiger fish in the<br />

delta’s labyrinth of channels, lagoons and<br />

floodplains.<br />

Ethiopia offers exotic fishing in the<br />

Bale Mountains with some excellent<br />

rainbows in the rivers.<br />

Finally, the Seychelles and Red<br />

Sea offer upmarket live-aboards and<br />

outstanding venues.<br />

The former, an archipelago in the<br />

Indian Ocean, is famous for its worldclass<br />

saltwater fly fishing. Anglers can<br />

target species like bonefish, permit,<br />

trevally, and more in the pristine flats and<br />

reefs surrounding the islands.<br />

26 www.tackletradeworld.com

S T R O N G I N T R O D U C T I O N S<br />

DBW...<br />

AFRICA<br />

Carp and trout were successfully<br />

introduced in the freshwater dams<br />

and rivers from Europe, and bass from<br />

the USA, with bank angling being the<br />

dominant style of freshwater angling,<br />

followed by boat-based bass fishing and<br />

fly fishing for trout and the indigenous<br />

yellowfish.<br />

The higher altitude trout fishing varies<br />

from small crystal clear streams teeming<br />

with browns and rainbows, to the bigger<br />

forest rivers where the chance of a 4lbplus<br />

rainbow is a reality and then to the<br />

lakes on Mount Kenya and well managed<br />

lodges and access to stunning waters.<br />

With both the Indian and Atlantic<br />

seaboard, the variety of fish one can catch<br />

is practically unlimited. Shore based<br />

‘Rock and Surf ’ is the most popular facet,<br />

with bait and the sport fishing seasonally Vundo Catfish<br />

divided between sharks/rays<br />

and the multitude of edibles<br />

on offer.<br />

On the east coast, big game<br />

or ‘Ski Boat’ fishing is also<br />

extremely popular. Although<br />

spinning and jigging is widely<br />

practised it is not promoted for<br />

resident reef species.<br />

The multitude of tidal<br />

estuaries provide a strong<br />

movement of fish, which<br />

artificial lure anglers and fly Yellow fish<br />

fishers alike concentrate their<br />

efforts on, on a catch and<br />

To show how important recreational<br />

release basis.<br />

angling is in Africa, taking South Africa<br />

Whether one uses bait, lure or fly, there as an example, a recent survey initiated by<br />

is year-round opportunity for anglers SACRAA (South African Consolidated<br />

in Southern Africa, with the species Recreational Anglers Association) found<br />

and style being chosen according to the that in total, the average recreational<br />

season.<br />

fisherman or woman spends R19,000 on<br />

angling per year. Given the estimated<br />

number of recreational fishermen (1.327<br />

million), the total spending by anglers in<br />

South Africa amounts to approximately<br />

R26.5 billion per annum.<br />

For marine recreational angling this<br />

value is R14.6 billion per annum, for<br />

freshwater recreational angling it is R11.9<br />

billion per annum.<br />

Also, recreational angling contributes<br />

massively to the economy, creates a large<br />

number of jobs (94,070), particularly in<br />

the trade, accommodation and catering<br />

sector (44,138 jobs), supports an informal<br />

sector of bait collectors, gillies and<br />

fish cleaners (R227.5 million direct<br />

expenditure per annum) and many poor<br />

people also participate in recreational<br />

angling and use it as a safety net for their<br />

food security needs.<br />

I N D U S T R Y V I E W<br />

JOHNNY ONSLOW, Gone Fishing Ltd, Kenya<br />

Kenya produces<br />

more fishing<br />

flies than any<br />

other country in<br />

the world and<br />

commands well<br />

over 50 per cent<br />

of the market. It is<br />

the home of Fulling Mill and Gone Fishing.<br />

There are also many smaller companies that<br />

offer great value. Sadly, a few rogues have<br />

given the country a bad name, but this should<br />

not prevent customers finding outstanding<br />

value and quality from reputable companies.<br />

The founder (and managing director<br />

[president]) is looking to retire in the next few<br />

years and gradually hand over the company.<br />

The business is strong and expanding and has<br />

been supplying a wide range of superb flies to<br />

the fly fishing world since 2005. Situated in<br />

rented buildings on a secure site on a farm in<br />

Kenya’s Rift Valley, this business has developed<br />

markets all over the world with customers in<br />

the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany,<br />

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, France,<br />

South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.<br />

The company is fully registered to import<br />

materials under bond and also to export<br />

finished product under AGOA and the General<br />

System of Preferences trade agreements<br />

enabling customers who reside in countries that<br />

are members to import duty free.<br />

The company has an excellent managerial<br />

team and reporting process developed using the<br />

Kaizen philosophy of constant improvement.<br />

The website has been recently overhauled<br />

and has been given the thumbs up by current<br />

customers. Sale price will be driven by the<br />

value of the stocks and assets at the time of sale,<br />

including the website and also the customer<br />

base. Further information is available on<br />

request.<br />

Thanks to Daniel Smith at www.howtocatchanyfish.com for some species images.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



American <strong>Tackle</strong><br />



The multi-award-winning Tsuka 2 rod handle from American <strong>Tackle</strong> has redefined the<br />

carbon fibre handle market.<br />

Utilised for its remarkable<br />

strength, weight relief and<br />

ability to weather the harshest<br />

of conditions, carbon fibre<br />

has been used in major manufacturing<br />

industries for decades, including<br />

aerospace, automotive, civil engineering,<br />

and sporting goods.<br />

Recognising the value of carbon fibre’s<br />

properties for fishing rod development,<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong> has been at the forefront<br />

of leveraging this amazing material to<br />

elevate the fishing experience.<br />


Offering a variety of carbon fibre handles,<br />

reel seats, and rod blanks, American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> really hit its stride in 2020<br />

with the introduction of the G2 Tsuka<br />

28 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Complete Carbon Handle System.<br />

The original Tsuka was the most<br />

advanced rod handle ever produced,<br />

winning Best of Category for fishing<br />

accessories at ICAST 2020. It utilised<br />

the same carbon material used in<br />

modern, premium fishing rod blanks, like<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong>’s premium Bushido 3K<br />

Series.<br />

American <strong>Tackle</strong>’s HCC Hand Crafted Carbon<br />

Reel Seat uses blow-moulded carbon seat<br />

bodies and carbon 3K pattern with a polished<br />

finish for strength, weight reduction and<br />

sensitivity.<br />

The pinnacle of American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>’s carbon revolution was<br />

the introduction of the Tsuka<br />

2 Complete Carbon Handle at<br />

ICAST 2023.<br />

This was the industry’s first<br />

single piece, blow-moulded<br />

carbon handle and it has gained<br />

the attention of the entire fishing<br />

rod component industry.<br />

The Tsuka 2 took home both<br />

Best of Category and Best of<br />

Show honours at ICAST last year.<br />

Most recently, the Tsuka 2 won<br />

its third major industry award<br />

in the Best Product Showcase,<br />

Fishing Accessory category at<br />

China Fish <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Weighing in at less than<br />

2oz and available for both<br />

casting and spinning options<br />

in 3K matte or carbon matte<br />

finishes, find out more about<br />

the Tsuka 2 and all of American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>’s innovative carbon rod<br />

components by emailing sales@<br />

foundationoutdoorgroup.com<br />


www. foundationoutdoorgroup.com




With spring right around the corner in the northern hemisphere, anglers have a lot to look<br />

forward to. Designed and developed to deliver next-level waterproof / breathable weather<br />

protection, comfort and durability, the all-new, award-winning G4 Pro Jacket from Simms<br />

has you covered.<br />

Spring is a time of year that<br />

represents new beginnings,<br />

transformations, and starting fresh.<br />

It also happens to be one of the<br />

fishiest times of the year – as well as one of<br />

the rainiest.<br />

In order to capitalise on all of the<br />

opportunities that come with spring, a<br />

quality rain jacket is worth its weight in<br />

gold.<br />

The award-winning G4 Pro Jacket ranks<br />

as the most technologically advanced,<br />

performance driven rain jacket Simms has<br />

ever released.<br />


The G4 Pro has evolved from a long lineage<br />

of technical outerwear. Its origin dates<br />

back to 1994 when Simms introduced the<br />

Dry Coat, the first piece of outerwear it<br />

released equipped with Gore-Tex immersion<br />

technology.<br />

The Dry Coat hit the market right on<br />

30 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

the heels of the first waterproof / breathable<br />

wader Simms introduced in 1993. Like<br />

the wader, the Dry Coat was a true<br />

gamechanger and served as the baseline<br />

for other Simms outerwear favourites such<br />

as the Guide Jacket and G3 Guide Jacket.<br />

The original G4 Pro Jacket landed with<br />

speciality retailers in 2008 and, since then,<br />

it has gone through several wildly popular<br />

iterations.<br />

Historically, in addition to using premium<br />

Gore-Tex waterproof / breathable fabrics,<br />

a key selling point of the G4 Pro Jacket<br />

was to provide anglers with ample and<br />

convenient on-body storage.<br />

This way, in lieu of a pack or a vest,<br />

anglers could simply stash all of their gear<br />

inside their jacket and keep it within easy<br />

reach. To accomplish this, in the past, the<br />

G4 Pro Jacket implemented several different<br />

pocket configurations.<br />

At one point, Simms’ flagship rain jacket’s<br />

pocket array included nine different ones<br />

– two traditional baffled chest pockets, two<br />

handwarmer pockets, two hidden rear ‘game<br />

pockets’, a zippered stash pocket on the<br />

sleeve,and two internal dump pockets.<br />

This configuration did provide a lot<br />

of storage but, over time, Simms’ design<br />

team began to devise ways to rebuild the<br />

jacket with a more sleek and streamlined<br />

appearance without sacrificing its renowned<br />

on-body storage.<br />


But first let’s look at the main engine behind<br />

the performance aspect of the piece – the<br />

fabric. Since it initially dropped, Simms<br />

used Gore-Tex fabric in the G4 Pro Jacket<br />

and the same is true for the latest iteration.<br />

Specifically, the jacket is powered by a<br />

three-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell. Pro Shell is<br />

the highest performing fabric in the Gore-<br />

Tex portfolio. In short, it offers performative<br />

advantages across the board and boasts<br />

outstanding durability.

Simms<br />


Pro Shell is lightweight but extremely<br />

tough in terms of puncture and tear<br />

resistance as well as abrasion. It’s also a<br />

very supple fabric which goes a long way<br />

towards comfort and range-of-motion.<br />

And, in addition to being waterproof, it also<br />

breathes extremely well.<br />

As regards features… inclusive of Simms’<br />

tried and true three-panel, three-point<br />

adjustable storm hood, the latest version<br />

does not include the old internal collar.<br />

Omitting this feature removed a sizeable<br />

amount of weight and also simplified the<br />

design – truth be told, this feature was<br />

more or less unnecessary and got in the way,<br />

especially if the hood wasn’t in use.<br />

The jacket opens and closes with a highly<br />

water-resistant centre-front zipper that’s<br />

backed by what the product team refers to<br />

as a rain gutter. This ensures that, even if<br />

driving rain was to penetrate the jacket, the<br />

rain gutter is yet another line of defence<br />

to prevent moisture from reaching interior<br />

layers of clothing.<br />


For any fans of the old Slick jacket, rest<br />

assured, many of the new design/feature<br />

cues found in the new G4 Pro Jacket<br />

came directly from the old West Coast<br />

Steelheader standby.<br />

As previously mentioned, Simms aimed<br />

to maintain the storage aspect of the<br />

jacket but wanted to do so in a way that<br />

allowed for a streamlined front.<br />

So, instead of two oversized, top load<br />

baffled chest pockets, the design team<br />

implemented two oversized vertical<br />

entrance chest pockets with waterresistant<br />

zippers and bonded welts for<br />

extra protection from the elements.<br />

This design (borrowed from the old<br />

Slick jacket) is what provides the sleek<br />

and streamlined front. The pockets<br />

themselves are huge. They can each easily<br />

accommodate large fly boxes and they<br />

also feature internal stretch woven dump<br />

pockets to keep specific gear in specific<br />

places. The left pocket also includes a<br />

tethered sunglass chamois.<br />

The jacket also incorporates two<br />

zippered micro-fleece lined handwarmer<br />

pockets. Another very cool feature taken<br />

from the old Slick jacket lives inside these<br />

pockets.<br />

When you reach inside, you’ll feel<br />

another zipper on the inside of each<br />

pocket. When you unzip these, you now<br />

have access to the upper portion of your<br />

wader without having to take off, or<br />

unzip your jacket. It’s a small detail that<br />

makes all the sense in the world when it’s<br />

raining and the bite is on.<br />

Finally, on the interior of the jacket,<br />

there’s one more zippered stash pocket,<br />

perfectly sized to house a set of keys, a<br />

couple of tippet spools, or a phone.<br />

It’s also important to note that, with<br />

the exception of the interior pocket, all of<br />

the pockets feature highly water resistant<br />

zippers.<br />

In addition, if a zipper isn’t fully closed<br />

and rain gets inside, or water gets in<br />

from a deep wade, the pockets also come<br />

equipped with drain holes.<br />


Once again, range-of-motion is<br />

something Simms doesn’t take lightly<br />

and, therefore, the sleeves of the G4 Pro<br />

are articulated. Simms has also modified<br />

the cuff design by incorporating a small,<br />

pliable piece of Toray that’s overlaid with<br />

an adjustable Velcro closure.<br />

In combination, this material and the<br />

closure allow anglers to essentially create<br />

a watertight seal to prevent rain or water<br />

from making its way into the sleeves of<br />

any underlayers.<br />

The jacket also includes a revamp of<br />

the old tuckaway loop fly field. This<br />

feature now lives on the upper left chest<br />

portion of the jacket and is much smaller<br />

than the previous version. Flip it out and<br />

stash unproductive flies or keep a few<br />

on-deck options at the ready. When not<br />

in use, simply tuck it away.<br />

For deeper wading missions, the jacket<br />

is cut slightly longer than traditional<br />

wading jackets and also features an<br />

adjustable bottom hem to keep water out.<br />

Since its inception, Simms’ G4 Pro<br />

Jacket has enabled countless anglers who<br />

would otherwise have been forced to<br />

head for cover to remain in the elements<br />

indefinitely in pursuit of one more cast.<br />

The latest iteration is no exception —<br />

in fact, it’s a great example of utilising<br />

aspects that have worked in the past<br />

and eliminating aspects that haven’t. It’s<br />

also inclusive of new innovations and<br />

advancements that make this version<br />

the best G4 Pro Jacket Simms has ever<br />

released.<br />

SIMMS<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />

“The G4 Pro has evolved from a long<br />

lineage of technical outerwear.”<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


<strong>2024</strong> BIHAI FISHING TACKLE INDUSTRY EXPO<br />


On February 29, <strong>2024</strong>, the <strong>2024</strong> Spring Bihai Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Industry Expo hosted by Beijing Bihai Fishing<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> Co., Ltd. grandly opened at the National<br />

Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). This is<br />

the largest fishing tackle exhibition in China's history.<br />

The exhibition covers an area of approximately 150,000<br />

square meters, with a total of 12 exhibition halls. Nearly<br />

3,000 fishing tackle and outdoor leisure companies from<br />

China and overseas participated in the exhibition. The<br />

outstanding performance of this exhibition means that<br />

China's fishing tackle market has experienced strong<br />

recovery and growth after the epidemic.<br />

This exhibition aims to showcase the latest development<br />

of China's fishing tackle industry, promote exchanges<br />

and cooperation in the fishing tackle industry, enhance<br />

the influence of fishing culture, and provide fishing<br />

enthusiasts with more choices and services.<br />

On the opening day of the exhibition, a grand opening<br />

ceremony was held, and awards were awarded to the<br />

most popular fishing tackle in 2023, and this year's<br />

selection was launched. At the same time, the exhibition<br />

also arranged a number of professional forums, lectures,<br />

training, experience and other activities, covering<br />

all aspects of fishing tackle, providing a platform for<br />

exhibitors and visitors to interact and learn.<br />

This exhibition brings together many well-known<br />

companies and brands in the domestic fishing tackle<br />

industry, including Daiwa, Shinmano, Oldghost,<br />

Purefishing and many other domestic and foreign<br />

fishing tackle companies, bringing a series of innovative

fishing supplies to provide fishing enthusiasts with a better experience. .<br />

At the exhibition, there is a dazzling array of fishing gear, including fishing rods, fishing lines, fishing baits, fishing<br />

hooks, fishing boxes, fishing chairs, fishing clothes, fishing shoes, fishing umbrellas, fishing lights, fishing carts, etc.,<br />

all of which meet the different needs and preferences of fishing. person. The exhibition also displayed some high-end<br />

fishing tackle, demonstrating the technological innovation capabilities of the fishing tackle industry.<br />

During the exhibition, exhibitors and visitors responded enthusiastically, saying that this exhibition was a rare<br />

opportunity to not only learn about the latest developments in fishing tackle, but also to have in-depth exchanges with<br />

industry insiders, expand business cooperation, improve fishing skills, and enjoy fishing. pleasure. The exhibition also<br />

attracted the attention of many media and social figures, playing a positive role in promoting the development of the<br />

fishing tackle industry.<br />

It is reported that this exhibition will last until March 3, and it is expected that more than 100,000 visitors will visit the<br />

exhibition every day. The successful holding of this exhibition marks that China's fishing tackle industry has entered<br />

a new stage, injecting new vitality into the development of China's fishing tackle industry and adding new color to the<br />

lives of fishermen across the country.


On February 28, <strong>2024</strong>, the <strong>2024</strong> Spring Tea Party<br />

hosted by CAA was held in Tianjin.<br />

Members of the CAA at all levels and representatives<br />

from relevant local people’s governments, sports<br />

authorities, and provincial associations across the<br />

country, business representatives in fishing counties,<br />

media representatives, heads of professional<br />

committees of the China Fishing Sports Association,<br />

and well-known competitive fishing masters in the<br />

Chinese fishing community Nearly 300 people,<br />

including celebrities and fishing celebrities, gathered together to offer suggestions and suggestions for the<br />

development of China’s fishing industry and to seek a better future.<br />

Looking back on 2023, CAA is not afraid of difficulties, firmly pressing the reset button, releasing passion<br />

in unity and forging ahead, letting go of expectations, regaining confidence, and rebuilding a magnificent<br />

new era. It has received strong support from relevant local governments, media and enterprises. Everyone<br />

witnessed the award ceremony of the 2023 National Fishing Event Outstanding Event Organization Award,<br />

the National Fishing Event Commercial Sponsorship Plaque Presentation Ceremony, and the 2023 China<br />

Fishing Sports Base Flag Presentation Ceremony.<br />

Respect the rules and enjoy fishing. Respect the rules of nature, protect fishing water resources, and enjoy<br />

green fishing. CAA released the "Green Safety Guidelines for Fishing in China". In the new season of <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

the China Fishing Sports Association will advocate a new trend of civilized fishing and lead the healthy, safe<br />

and orderly development of fishing sports in China.




It was over 25 years ago, back in 1998, that Japanese rod expert Zenaq introduced the<br />

Monster Buster, specifically designed to catch huge tuna. Now it has raised the bar even<br />

higher with its latest project.<br />

Since the launch of the iconic<br />

Monster Buster, Zenaq’s passion has<br />

driven it to continually develop rods<br />

for big game fishing.<br />

Advancements in tackle, including lines<br />

and hooks, have made tuna over 200kg a<br />

feasible target. Yet, Zenaq aspired to create<br />

a rod capable of going head-to-head with<br />

these giants in the casting game. This<br />

ambition led to the inception of Project<br />

Monster Buster.<br />

The key feature it prioritised in<br />

developing this rod was its ability to lift a<br />

200kg fish while being bent at a steep angle.<br />

If the rod blank is overly rigid, it becomes<br />

too challenging for anglers to endure the<br />

fierce struggle of a monster. Additionally,<br />

such a stiff rod blank wouldn’t allow casting<br />

of a 100g lure.<br />

On the other hand, a rod blank that’s<br />

too flexible wouldn’t just fail to lift a 200kg<br />

monster but would also easily break under<br />

the heavy load.<br />


The challenge was clear – how could it<br />

design a rod capable of casting a 100g lure<br />

far and still enable an average-sized angler<br />

to battle a 200kg monster tuna?<br />

The journey towards creating the perfect<br />

rod blank involved relentless cycles of<br />

design, bench testing and field testing, and<br />

was finally completed after four seasons,<br />

starting in 2019.<br />

The result is the innovative rod blank that<br />

is the backbone of the Tobizo TC77 Tuna -<br />

Monster Buster.<br />

36 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Thanks to the Deep Bias Layered<br />

Construction (DBL) Structure, this<br />

rod blank boasts impressive heavy load<br />

durability, making it able to withstand the<br />

maximum drag from a large reel even at a<br />

steep angle of 65 degrees.<br />

Its core flexibility allows the rod to<br />

be bent effectively with realistic human<br />

strength, generating repulsive power as<br />

it bends. Even in a fight with monster<br />

tunas, the rod blank remains robust,<br />

assisting anglers by lifting while enduring<br />

the strain.<br />

Its length of 7ft 7in optimises<br />

casting performance, lure control and<br />

performance when facing the heaviest<br />

fight.<br />

This flexible rod blank can elegantly<br />

handle lightweight lures, accurately<br />

casting them to the desired spot.<br />

It offers a significant advantage in the<br />

tuna casting game. To take on monster<br />

tunas that exceed human limits, the rod<br />

blank must be absolutely trustworthy.<br />



This patent-pending process of making<br />

rod blanks involves various factors such as<br />

the carbon material’s elasticity, thickness,<br />

amount of resin, fibre angle, and taper<br />

design of the mandrel and mould. The<br />

possibilities for making rod blanks are<br />

endless.<br />

Among this infinite array of<br />

combinations, the Zenaq team searches<br />

for the optimal material and layers it

Zenaq<br />


deeply, finding the perfect orientation of<br />

fibres and stacking them accordingly.<br />

Its chosen method of designing the rod<br />

blank is a world apart from rods designed<br />

for finesse and lightness. It’s akin to<br />

crafting the physique of a well-trained<br />

heavyweight athlete.<br />

This manufacturing process allowed<br />

Zenaq to precisely design the necessary<br />

torque and power, fulfilling the<br />

requirements for recoil, durability, and<br />

flexibility needed for its Monster blank.<br />

In developing the Monster rod,<br />

not only was high-level rod making<br />

technology crucial, but also the patience<br />

to find the optimal combination among<br />

an infinite array of complex carbon<br />

materials.<br />


Unsurprisingly, the guides have been<br />

configured for use with ultra-large tackle<br />

such as reels over size 20000 and PE lines<br />

with a PE rating of 12.<br />

Moreover, the Assist Guide<br />

significantly reduces line tangling at the<br />

tip, eliminating line troubles and enabling<br />

smooth line release and stable longdistance<br />

casting. This ensures you don’t<br />

miss the big chance.<br />


For big game reliability, Zenaq has<br />

developed an entirely new heavy-fighting<br />

grip incorporating rubber material into<br />

its trusted Hexagon Grip. This patentpending<br />

concept ensures the greatest slip<br />

resistance ever.<br />

Meanwhile, the moulded surface<br />

pattern of Japanese-style tortoiseshell<br />

enhances grip strength and minimises<br />

fatigue in a big fight.<br />

This ultimate grip from ZENAQ is<br />

indispensable for prolonged power fights<br />

against monster tunas.<br />


The amount of stress put on the reel seat<br />

when going head-to-head with a monster<br />

catch exceeding 200kg is enormous.<br />

This robust metal reel seat is designed<br />

with the utmost priority on absolute<br />

capture, allowing you to concentrate all<br />

your nerves on the fight.<br />


For the rod grip end, Zenaq has adopted<br />

a combination of a metal gimbal and a<br />

rubber end.<br />

If facing a monster without a gimbal<br />

is your style, use the rubber end. Remove<br />

the rubber end to use for the gimbal fight.<br />

This design provides two grip ends for<br />

the best fighting style.<br />


In just 40 minutes, using the TC77 Tuna<br />

– Monster Buster, a lone angler managed<br />

to reel in a 213kg monster tuna.<br />

This remarkable achievement<br />

highlighted the exceptional performance<br />

of the blank, crafted for the challenging<br />

task of bending under huge pressure and<br />

lifting such giants of the seas.<br />

ZENAQ<br />

zenaq.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


MAKING<br />


Making Contact<br />

2<br />

1<br />

3<br />

Want your products to<br />

be seen by thousands of<br />

potential buyers… FREE of<br />

charge? Then get in touch,<br />

we’d love to hear from you.<br />


+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />

Contact John directly for details of<br />

how to send your product and a<br />

short description to <strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong>’s office.<br />


E-Z BAITS<br />

Fishbites is the synthetic<br />

alternative to natural bait that<br />

uses a concentrated flavour/scent<br />

formula that replicates the natural<br />

chemicals fish use to detect and<br />

track their prey.<br />

Fishbites gradually dissolve in<br />

water, releasing a trail of powerful<br />

feeding stimulants. Its E-Z Baits<br />

can be used on a bare hook or as a<br />

trailer on a jig. Each bait strip is ½ in<br />

wide and about 12in long.<br />

The ‘Longer Lasting’ formula<br />

features a cloth binder that keeps<br />

it on the hook longer and provides<br />

extra durability. Just cut it, hook it<br />

and cast it. It’s that E-Z!<br />

fishbites.com<br />

2 DAIWA<br />


Attractively priced, yet bursting<br />

with features and technology, this<br />

‘do it all’ reel boasts an advanced<br />

Zaion V body – said to be lighter,<br />

stronger, and more rigid than<br />

traditional composite graphite.<br />

Daiwa’s cornerstone Airdrive<br />

rotor fosters a lighter rotation<br />

so it’s easier to spin while the<br />

solid Airdrive bail is noticeably<br />

smooth and durable. Users will<br />

also benefit from Regal LT’s Tough<br />

Digigear, Advanced Tournament<br />

Drag (ATD) and the L/R folding<br />

machined aluminium handle with<br />

oversized grip.<br />

It’s available in sizes from 1000<br />

to 6000, making it ideal for both<br />

fresh- and saltwater anglers.<br />

daiwa.us<br />

3 ST. CROIX<br />


This series of 25 technique-focused<br />

freshwater rods includes 17 casting<br />

and eight spinning models for<br />

freshwater fishing, with nextgeneration<br />

technique-specific<br />

hybrid carbon fibre SCIV+ blanks<br />

or iAct (SCIV+ and linear S-Glass)<br />

hybrid blanks.<br />

The rods also boast ultradurable,<br />

rigid titanium guides<br />

with silicon carbide rings,<br />

anthropometrics-driven split-grip<br />

TRIGON moulded carbon fibre<br />

handles with high-tactile TPU<br />

accents and moulded carbon fibre<br />

Dynamix reel seats for dramatically<br />

increased comfort, control and<br />

energy transmission.<br />

stcroixrods.com<br />

38 www.tackletradeworld.com

lineaeffe.it<br />

happIness<br />

is a FIshing day!<br />

ANGLER: Daniele “Maio” Maioriello<br />

@maio_nomura_angler_official<br />


<strong>2024</strong> ON WWW.LINEAEFFE.IT<br />


Lineaeffe S.p.a - Via Massumatico, 3689 - 40018 S. Pietro in Casale (BO) - ITALY - info@lineaeffe.it

Classifieds<br />


PLIERS<br />



The EASIEST... The FASTEST...<br />

The BESTEST...<br />

for changing hooks or spinner blades<br />

visit www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com for demo video<br />


4 Sizes<br />

www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com<br />

RIGS !!!!<br />




T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

COMING UP…<br />

JUNE <strong>2024</strong><br />

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Mailed: May 8th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Special issue: Fishing Technology<br />

& EFTTEX preview<br />

Spotlight: Bait<br />

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JULY <strong>2024</strong><br />

Ad Copy: May 17th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Mailed: June 5th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Special issue: ICAST preview<br />

Spotlight: <strong>Tackle</strong> Storage<br />

Doing Business With: Pacific<br />

Northwest<br />

AUGUST <strong>2024</strong><br />

Ad Copy: June 21st, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Mailed: July 10th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Special issue: Predator fishing<br />

Spotlight: Hooks<br />

Doing Business With: MIddle East<br />

To submit news or editorial for<br />

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To advertise or discuss a marketing campaign in any of these editions,<br />

contact our business development team:<br />

EDITOR<br />


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E: john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />



T: +1 914 722 7601<br />

E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

REST of WORLD<br />


T: +39 347 503 6436<br />

E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk



I<br />

V<br />

LEXA ® -HD500<br />


Super High Line<br />

Capacity<br />

Corrosion<br />

Resistant CRBB<br />

Ball Bearings<br />

Magforce® Cast<br />

Control<br />

120mm Swept<br />

Power Handle<br />

For more info visit: Daiwa.us<br />


It’s a<br />

family<br />

thing<br />

EST.<br />

1958<br />

F J Neil has been family owned and operated since the<br />

1950s… and is still going strong! Under the Dolphin brand<br />

we supply all types of terminal tackle and accessories, from<br />

traditional bamboo poles to the latest rigs and lures.<br />

• Competitive pricing<br />

• Large stock inventory – no order delays<br />

• Rapid turnaround • Export specialists<br />

• Able to source any special requirements<br />



FJ NEIL COMPANY INC, 1064 ROUTE 109, PO BOX 617, LINDENHURST, NY 11757-0617 USA<br />

We are looking for experienced agents or distributors for the European market. If qualified, email Neil Miritello at nmfjn@aol.com


Marketing<br />



In such a competitive marketplace, it’s important to stand out from the crowd<br />

but knowing the best approach is not easy. Here are some simple tips from<br />

marketing expert and TTW editor John Hunter.<br />


If you’ve been in business any length of time,<br />

hopefully you have a functional website for<br />

people to connect with your business and<br />

buy your products.<br />

The next step is to ensure it’s optimised<br />

for both search engines and conversions. This<br />

means getting organic traffic to your site.<br />

Create good-quality content on trending<br />

topics in your niche and ensure you use the<br />

right keywords (a quick Google search will<br />

explain this more). Use the main ones on<br />

landing pages, titles, meta descriptions and<br />

so on.<br />

And don’t forget to sharpen up your site<br />

design and ensure the page-load speed is<br />

good.<br />


Connecting with your audience and setting<br />

your business apart from others is crucial.<br />

Telling the story of your brand is a great way<br />

to do this.<br />

How and why did it start, who are the<br />

people behind it, what makes it different<br />

from any competitors?<br />

Having a compelling ‘About Us’ page<br />

is a simple way to do this and will help<br />

customers identify with you, making them<br />

more likely to buy from your business.<br />


A cheap (or free!) and effective marketing<br />

platform is social media.<br />

Do some research to ascertain which<br />

platforms your audience use the most, find<br />

the right ‘voice’ to talk to them in, ensure<br />

you post regularly, make sure you use good<br />

or quirky images, vary the content, tag in<br />

relevant people or partners and don’t forget<br />

to include a link to your website to drive<br />

traffic.<br />


Setting yourself apart from your competitors<br />

is important so become number one in your<br />

field.<br />

You could start a blog about fishing<br />

locally, an angling discipline you love, offer<br />

tips and advice, review the latest gear or<br />

answer questions on how to repair tackle or<br />

build rods, for example.<br />

You can do this with videos too, which<br />

makes your content even more compelling.<br />

Then share this via social media with links<br />

back to your website.<br />

Establishing yourself as an industry expert<br />

means people will trust what you say… and<br />

what you offer. It might lead to interviews,<br />

podcasts or invitations to events, where you<br />

can promote your business further.<br />


This follows on from becoming an expert<br />

in your niche, since video is the best way to<br />

engage people – everyone loves good, and<br />

informative, content.<br />

Whether it’s tips and tricks, a product<br />

review or new gear that’s just arrived, you<br />

can create a video about it.<br />

Even better, if it’s a tutorial or a video<br />

that explains more about that product then,<br />

once again, you will not only help potential<br />

customers but you can encourage them to<br />

visit your store or website.<br />


One cool trick is to set up some kind of<br />

loyalty scheme or rewards programme.<br />

Offer rewards such as discounts or<br />

additional services in return for referrals<br />

from existing customers to their friends.<br />

You can also offer something similar for<br />

loyalty. This can be anything from rewards<br />

for buying regularly from you – for example<br />

collecting tokens on the value of each<br />

purchase – or from simply following, liking<br />

and sharing your social media posts.<br />

Hunter Media<br />

john@hunter-media.co.uk<br />

www.huntermedia.co.uk<br />

42 www.tackletradeworld.com

Super<br />

Heat Dissipation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Super<br />

Low-Friction<br />

Super<br />

Hardness<br />

Super<br />




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