Gun Trade World - 2024 Gear Guide

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G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

The robust, lightweight mission pack TT Base Pack 75 can be individually configured depending on the application. It offers<br />

a volume of 75 liters and can be expanded to 90 liters by adjusting the lid. The lid can be removed, in which case the backpack<br />

is only closed with the roll-top snow guard. It features MOLLE loops on the front, sides, lid and hip belt. This enables<br />

a wide range of additional pockets to be added.

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

WELCOME TO OUR <strong>2024</strong> GEAR GUIDE<br />

Dear Industry Partners,<br />

As we roll out <strong>Gun</strong> <strong>Trade</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong>’s <strong>2024</strong> <strong>Gear</strong> <strong>Guide</strong>,<br />

I’m reminded of the<br />

crucial role you, our valued<br />

industry professionals,<br />

play in the shooting sports<br />

ecosystem. This edition is<br />

a collection of the latest<br />

products and innovations<br />

as well as a celebration<br />

of the collective spirit<br />

that drives our industry<br />

forward.<br />

Our goal is to equip you<br />

with a comprehensive<br />

understanding of the<br />

cutting-edge gear and<br />

trends shaping today’s<br />

shooting market, ensuring<br />

you’re well-prepared<br />

to meet and exceed the<br />

evolving needs of your<br />

customers.<br />

This year has again<br />

seen innovation and<br />

advancements in our<br />

industry. We’ve witnessed<br />

brands push the envelope<br />

of performance, durability,<br />

and precision, with<br />

new benchmarks set,<br />

influencing consumer<br />

expectations and<br />

preferences. By providing<br />

detailed insights into these<br />

pioneering products, we<br />

aim to arm you with the<br />

knowledge necessary<br />

to curate your offerings<br />

effectively, ensuring that<br />

your portfolio remains<br />

relevant and to keep those<br />

tills ringing.<br />

Our guide is designed<br />

to be an invaluable<br />

resource for retailers<br />

and wholesalers alike,<br />

whether you’re looking<br />

to expand your product<br />

range, research new<br />

market segments, or refine<br />

your expertise. From<br />

the compact precision<br />

of Bergara’s B-14 Stoke<br />

Compact Rifle to the<br />

technological prowess of<br />

Pulsar’s ballistic calculator,<br />

and from GPO’s state-ofthe-art<br />

optics to Tasmanian<br />

Tiger’s mission-ready<br />

backpacks, we cover an<br />

array of products that<br />

cater to a diverse range of<br />

shooting disciplines and<br />

retailer needs.<br />

In many ways, new<br />

products are the life<br />

blood of our sector. They<br />

serve as the primary<br />

catalysts for excitement<br />

among consumers, they<br />

significantly drive sales<br />

and play a crucial role<br />

in inspiring the next<br />

generation of enthusiasts.<br />

This energy is essential<br />

for sustaining interest<br />

in hunting and shooting<br />

activities as well as<br />

pushing the boundaries<br />

of technology, safety, and<br />

performance within the<br />

industry.<br />

As we present the<br />

<strong>Gun</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Gear</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> to our valued<br />

network of industry<br />

professionals, it’s crucial<br />

to shine a spotlight on<br />

the ground-breaking<br />

technologies and advanced<br />

manufacturing techniques<br />

that are setting the course<br />

for the future of firearms<br />

and hunting equipment.<br />

This year, as well as product<br />

previews, we delve into<br />

the core innovations that<br />

are reshaping our industry.<br />

Turn over to the next page<br />

to read about those.<br />

As we navigate<br />

the challenges and<br />

opportunities of the<br />

coming year, our<br />

commitment to supporting<br />

the vibrant community<br />

of global dealers remains<br />

committed. We can all<br />

contribute to a thriving<br />

market that meets the<br />

high standards and<br />

diverse needs of shooting<br />

enthusiasts around the<br />

world.<br />

Thank you for your<br />

ongoing efforts to make<br />

out industry a success and<br />

for the passion you bring<br />

to hunting and shooting<br />

sports.<br />

With regards,<br />

Rob Smith,<br />


W E L C O M E<br />

10<br />

01<br />

04<br />

08<br />

10<br />

12<br />

14<br />

16<br />

Tasmanian Tiger<br />

Revolutionising the Firearm Industry<br />

Exploring ground-breaking technologies and advanced<br />

manufacturing techniques shaping the future of firearms<br />

and hunting equipment - emphasising precision, safety, and<br />

performance.<br />

Trust the Ballistic Science<br />

Highlighting the importance of ballistic calculations in enhancing<br />

precision and safety for shooters, featuring innovations by Pulsar<br />

in thermal and night vision optics.<br />

Tasmanian Tiger’s <strong>2024</strong> Military and Police <strong>Gear</strong><br />

Unveiling Tasmanian Tiger’s new line of backpacks designed for<br />

military and police, tailored for both short and extended missions.<br />

GPO’s New PASSION SD Binoculars and Portfolio Expansion<br />

Introducing German Precision Optics’ latest binocular series<br />

alongside significant additions to its rangefinder and riflescope<br />

ranges, aiming to blend performance with value.<br />

ATN X-Sight 5: A New Era of Smart Shooting<br />

Presenting the ATN X-Sight 5 Ultra HD 4K+ Smart Day & Night<br />

Vision Rifle Scope, a leap in precision optical equipment<br />

technology.<br />

Barrett MRADELR: Military Precision for the Enthusiast<br />

Detailing the Barrett MRADELR, a system tested in the extremes<br />

by the military, offering high-quality, off-the-shelf performance<br />

with the unique feature of user-changeable barrels for longrange<br />

shooting.<br />

14<br />

18<br />

Davide Pedersoli’s Historical Firearm Reproductions<br />

Exploring the blend of historical authenticity and modern<br />

precision in Davide Pedersoli’s meticulously crafted muzzleloading<br />

firearms.<br />

20<br />

NOBLEX E-Optics’ Innovative NV OS 1 x 23 for Glock MOS<br />

Showcasing NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH’s breakthrough in<br />

optoelectronic products with its red dot sight designed to<br />

enhance pistol accuracy and agility.<br />

26<br />

22<br />

22<br />

24<br />

Bergara B-14 Stoke Compact Rifle<br />

Challenging norms with Bergara’s B-14 Stoke compact rifle,<br />

offering unparalleled features in compact firearms without<br />

sacrificing quality or affordability.<br />

The Evolution of Elcan<br />

Unveiling Raytheon ELCAN’s latest advancements in optical<br />

sight design for <strong>2024</strong>, including the innovative dual field of view<br />

combat optics, the ELCAN SpecterDR dual role weapon sights,<br />

enhancing both the SpecterDR 1-4x and 1.5-6x models.<br />

26<br />

Steambow’s M10 Tactical: A New Paradigm?<br />

Introducing the M10 Tactical by Steambow, setting a new<br />

benchmark in crossbow capabilities, complementing the AR-6<br />

Tactical’s legacy.<br />

28<br />

Vortex Optics

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />




<strong>Gun</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong> discovers the groundbreaking<br />

technologies and advanced<br />

manufacturing techniques defining the future<br />

of firearms and hunting equipment. From<br />

the integration of smart technologies to<br />

enhancements in materials science, discovering<br />

how the industry is advancing to meet the<br />

modern hunter’s and shooter’s demands for<br />

precision, safety, and performance.<br />

In <strong>2024</strong>, our industry<br />

is at the forefront<br />

of significant<br />

technological and<br />

environmental<br />

innovations,<br />

reshaping<br />

manufacturing<br />

practices, product<br />

offerings and market<br />

strategies. These<br />

advancements reflect<br />

the industry’s response<br />

to evolving consumer<br />

demands, regulatory<br />

pressures and a<br />

global shift towards<br />

sustainability and<br />

ethical consumption.<br />

Here are<br />

some of the key<br />

innovations affecting<br />

manufacturers in the<br />

shooting and hunting<br />


L A T E S T T R E N D S<br />

Sustainable Materials and Practices<br />

Eco-friendly Ammunition: With laws changing,<br />

manufacturers are developing ammunition with nontoxic,<br />

biodegradable components, moving away from leadbased<br />

products to minimise environmental impact. This<br />

includes the use of copper and other alternatives for lead<br />

bullets and biodegradable materials for shotgun wads.<br />

Recycled and Sustainable Materials: There’s an<br />

increased use of recycled metals and sustainable materials<br />

in the production of firearms and accessories. This shift<br />

not only addresses environmental concerns but also<br />

appeals to a market segment that values sustainability.<br />

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques<br />

3D Printing: The adoption of 3D printing technology is revolutionising<br />

the manufacturing process for firearms and accessories, allowing for<br />

rapid prototyping. While prototypes could take days, weeks, or even<br />

months using earlier technologies, with additive manufacturing,<br />

prototypes can be produced virtually overnight, speeding up the<br />

product design and development stage significantly.<br />

Automation and AI: Enhanced automation and artificial<br />

intelligence (AI) are being integrated into manufacturing processes<br />

to increase efficiency, reduce errors and enable predictive<br />

maintenance, leading to higher quality products and more scalable<br />

production methods.

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

Smart Firearms and<br />

Integrated Technology<br />

Connectivity and IoT:<br />

Firearms and accessories<br />

are increasingly featuring<br />

smart technologies, including<br />

IoT (Internet of Things)<br />

connectivity for enhanced<br />

functionality, such as shot<br />

tracking, performance<br />

analysis and maintenance<br />

alerts.<br />

Safety Innovations:<br />

Biometric locks and<br />

smart safes are becoming<br />

more common, offering<br />

personalised security features<br />

that prevent unauthorised<br />

use, addressing concerns<br />

around firearm safety and<br />

theft.<br />

Customisation and Personalisation<br />

Modular Designs: Manufacturers are offering firearms with<br />

modular designs, allowing users to customise and upgrade<br />

various components such as grips, barrels, and sights to<br />

suit their preferences and needs.<br />

Bespoke Manufacturing: There is a growing trend<br />

towards bespoke manufacturing services, where customers<br />

can order firearms and accessories tailored to their<br />

specifications, including custom engravings and finishes.

L A T E S T T R E N D S<br />

Regulatory Compliance<br />

and Traceability<br />

Digital Traceability:<br />

In response to<br />

regulatory demands for<br />

enhanced traceability,<br />

manufacturers are<br />

implementing digital<br />

systems to track the<br />

lifecycle of a product<br />

from production<br />

through to sale,<br />

ensuring compliance<br />

with international<br />

standards and<br />

regulations.<br />

Compliance<br />

Software: Software<br />

solutions are being<br />

developed to help<br />

manufacturers navigate<br />

the complex landscape<br />

of global regulations<br />

affecting the industry,<br />

streamlining<br />

compliance with laws<br />

related to export,<br />

import, and the ethical<br />

sourcing of materials.<br />

Research and Development in Ballistics and Materials<br />

Science<br />

Ballistic Performance: Ongoing research into ballistics<br />

and materials science is leading to the development of<br />

ammunition and firearms that perform more efficiently,<br />

with improvements in accuracy, range, and lethality.<br />

Wearable Technology: The integration of wearable<br />

technology in hunting gear, including enhanced<br />

communication devices, GPS, and biometric monitoring,<br />

is opening new avenues for product development and<br />

innovation.<br />

As we look towards<br />

the future, it’s clear<br />

that manufacturers<br />

within our industry are<br />

embracing innovation<br />

to meet the challenges<br />

and opportunities<br />

of a rapidly evolving<br />

market. By investing<br />

in sustainable<br />

practices, advanced<br />

manufacturing<br />

technologies and<br />

smart product features,<br />

manufacturers are<br />

setting new standards<br />

for quality, performance,<br />

and responsibility in<br />

the industry. These<br />

innovations not only<br />

respond to current<br />

consumer demands but<br />

also anticipate future<br />

trends, positioning the<br />

industry for continued<br />

growth and success.

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />




Whether you are a beginner or<br />

an advanced shooter, trusting the<br />

science behind the shot should<br />

be your top priority.<br />

Ballistic calculations becoming a<br />

standard of long-range shooting<br />

ensure precision, safety, and<br />

self-confidence of hitting right<br />

on target. Pulsar, a European<br />

manufacturer of thermal and night<br />

vision optics, is taking a step forward<br />

by introducing internal ballistic<br />

calculations for both riflescopes<br />

with and without the integrated<br />

laser rangefinder.

P U L S A R<br />

Level up your<br />

accuracy<br />

The sole purpose<br />

of a ballistic<br />

calculator is to<br />

quickly calculate<br />

a bullet’s performance<br />

in a specific situation,<br />

considering environmental<br />

conditions and ammunition<br />

specifications. In other<br />

words, mixing some<br />

physics and mathematics<br />

with natural factors like<br />

air temperature, humidity<br />

level, wind direction and<br />

speed and other influencing<br />

factors.<br />

Once you start<br />

implementing ballistic<br />

calculations, you might<br />

achieve a level of accuracy<br />

that seemed unattainable<br />

before. It is especially useful<br />

in real hunting conditions<br />

when you know the exact<br />

distance to the target. By<br />

having the visualization of<br />

suggested point of aiming<br />

(SPOA) in front of your<br />

eyes you can quickly and<br />

confidently adjust to hit<br />

right on target.<br />

Ballistics inside the entire<br />

range of riflescopes<br />

Enabled ballistic<br />

calculations not only<br />

enhance the functionality<br />

and convenience of Pulsar<br />

riflescopes but is also a proof<br />

of how the brand is taking<br />

care of loyal customers. Now<br />

ballistic science is available<br />

even for the Pulsar Trail<br />

thermal riflescopes line<br />

that has been a favorite by<br />

hunters around the world<br />

for many years. As well as<br />

for the Digex C50, Pulsar’s<br />

irreplaceable night vision<br />

riflescope.<br />

Equipped with ballistic<br />

calculations also comes the<br />

most popular Thermion 2<br />

riflescopes line. Both the LRF<br />

and non-LRF models. The<br />

same update is coming to<br />

Pulsar’s compact riflescopes<br />

Talion and the multispectral<br />

riflescopes Thermion Duo<br />

DXP50 and Thermion Duo<br />

DXP55. And that is a huge<br />

change for the hunting<br />

community. Now you do not<br />

necessarily need a riflescope<br />

with the laser range finder to<br />

place a precise shot.<br />

Complex technology made<br />

simple<br />

Those who had a chance to<br />

experiment with the Stream<br />

Vision Ballistics mobile<br />

application developed<br />

by Pulsar praise it for<br />

its simplicity of use and<br />

effortless operation. It only<br />

takes a few simple steps to<br />

create a ballistic profile or<br />

several ones if you prefer on<br />

the app and upload them<br />

to your riflescope. After that<br />

you can disconnect from the<br />

app and start using ballistic<br />

calculations inside your<br />

scope. It is convenient to use<br />

even when you are offline,<br />

which often happens when<br />

you are out there in nature.<br />

In simple words, the<br />

ballistic calculations are<br />

made within the scope<br />

itself. You just need to<br />

select one of the uploaded<br />

profiles and manually input<br />

a preferred distance to the<br />

target. Or to be assured,<br />

measure the distance with a<br />

handheld and then set it in<br />

the riflescope’s short menu.<br />

You instantly get a visual<br />

SPOA on the screen of the<br />

riflescope and can quickly<br />

adjust your aim for a perfect<br />

shot. Worth mentioning,<br />

there is always a possibility<br />

to deactivate the SPOA in the<br />

device’s menu.<br />

Make safety your priority<br />

Finally, bear in mind that<br />

even the most advanced<br />

ballistic calculator needs<br />

to be used proficiently. It<br />

takes practice and some<br />

knowledge to make the most<br />

of it and, most importantly,<br />

to use it safely.<br />

Do not forget the “margin<br />

of error” depends on many<br />

things, the quickly changing<br />

wind direction being only<br />

one of them. So, enjoy<br />

shooting accurately but only<br />

place the shot when you are<br />

100 per cent sure.<br />

About<br />

In 1991, a group of friends<br />

united by a singular passion<br />

for expanding human<br />

capabilities embarked on a<br />

journey that would forever<br />

change the landscape of<br />

vision technology. With<br />

a shared enthusiasm for<br />

innovation, they began<br />

assembling wooden<br />

observation tubes in the<br />

basement of an unfinished<br />

residential building. Little<br />

did they know, this modest<br />

endeavor would lay the<br />

foundation for PULSAR, a<br />

name that would become<br />

synonymous with excellence<br />

in thermal and digital day &<br />

night vision imaging devices.<br />

Over three decades,<br />

PULSAR has evolved from<br />

a humble beginning into<br />

a leading global brand,<br />

recognized for setting<br />

trends and pioneering<br />

advancements in the sector.<br />

The company’s ascent to the<br />

pinnacle of the industry is a<br />

testament to its unwavering<br />

commitment to innovation,<br />

quality and the very passion<br />

that ignited its inception.<br />

Today, PULSAR stands<br />

as an innovation leader,<br />

consistently pushing the<br />

boundaries of technology to<br />

enhance human interaction<br />

with the natural world.<br />

The original passion that<br />

motivated the founders<br />

continues to drive more than<br />

1200 employees across the<br />

globe, fostering a culture of<br />

innovation and a relentless<br />

pursuit of excellence.<br />

As a high-tech company,<br />

PULSAR is committed to<br />

exploring new frontiers,<br />

continually seeking<br />

innovative solutions that<br />

advance the state of the<br />

art. Every step forward is<br />

guided by the ambition to<br />

employ the most cuttingedge<br />

technologies, enabling<br />

outdoor adventurers<br />

worldwide to experience<br />

the natural world in ways<br />

previously unimaginable.<br />


GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />


TIGER<br />





For its <strong>2024</strong> line-up, Tasmanian Tiger, a German premium brand known for military and<br />

police gear, unveils new special backpacks designed for both short and extended missions.<br />

Suitable for both<br />

professional<br />

and civilian<br />

use, is a robust<br />

travel bag made<br />

of Cordura<br />

with thoughtful features.<br />

Water-repellent document<br />

sleeves and high frequency<br />

welded, waterproof<br />

pack sacks offer the<br />

possibility of using<br />

equipment in adverse<br />

weather conditions and<br />

transporting it during<br />

amphibious operations, for<br />

example.<br />

Handling is optimised<br />

with the enhanced<br />

magazine pouch collection<br />

(MK III versions). Newly<br />

designed elastic magazine<br />

pouches (EL) combine<br />

flexibility of use with<br />

light weight. A modular<br />

magazine pouch can be<br />

used for pistol and rifle<br />

magazines.<br />

Backpacks for short and<br />

long range<br />

With its newly developed<br />

Y2 Carrying System, the<br />

small TT Modular Combat<br />

Pack 24 SL offers an<br />

extremely wide range of<br />

variation in back length<br />

adjustment, making it<br />

suitable for both petite<br />

and very tall individuals.<br />

Like all modular backpacks<br />

from Tasmanian Tiger, the<br />

24-litre backpack can be<br />

expanded both outside and<br />

inside with pouches and<br />

equipment.<br />

For missions in adverse<br />

conditions or amphibious<br />

operations, the waterproof<br />

taped TT Sentinel 35 WP<br />

with roll-top closure suits<br />

perfect. Its volume of 35<br />

litres can be compressed<br />

by circumferential straps,<br />

MOLLE in laser-cut design<br />

on the sides allows for<br />

individual adaptation.<br />

With the TT Base Pack<br />

75, Tasmanian Tiger<br />

introduces a larger version<br />

of the TT Base Pack 52 for<br />

multi-week operations. Its<br />

volume can be expanded<br />

up to 90 litres by adjusting<br />

the height of the lid or even<br />

removing it and using the<br />

roll-top snow guard.<br />

Rugged travel bag with<br />

backpack function<br />

Made of rugged Cordura<br />

(700 denier), the TT<br />

Duffel features a large,<br />

lockable opening for<br />

convenient loading and<br />

removable stowable<br />

backpack shoulder straps.<br />

The shoulder straps also<br />

serve as a carry handle<br />

as well as single shoulder<br />

straps. Various interior<br />

compartments and bungee<br />

cords make it easy to stow<br />

small items and clothing.<br />

MOLLE on the exterior<br />

allows for individual<br />

adaptation. The bag is<br />

available with 45 and 65<br />

litres volume.<br />

Water-repellent document<br />

sleeves and waterproof<br />

pack sacks<br />

Water-resistant document,<br />

cell phone and tablet<br />

sleeves combine protection<br />

from unpleasant weather<br />

conditions with convenient<br />

handling. Rugged,<br />

waterproof welded pack<br />

sacks with roll closure<br />

and valve for compression<br />

are offered in three sizes<br />

(15, 25, 48 litres). They are<br />

IP64 tested (dustproof,<br />

protection against<br />

splashing water from all<br />

sides).<br />

Optimised and new<br />

magazine pouches<br />

Thanks to special plastic<br />

side reinforcements,

T A S M A N I A N T I G E R<br />

TT Base Pack 75<br />

TT Modular Combat Pack 24 SL<br />

TT Sentinel 35 WP<br />

TT Duffel<br />

TT SGL<br />

Modular Mag<br />

Pouch MCL<br />

TT Small<br />

Universal<br />

Mag Pouch EL<br />

the MK III versions of all<br />

standard magazine pouches<br />

offer optimised handling.<br />

The rifle magazine pouches<br />

now feature an elastic<br />

quick-release fastener with<br />

ergonomic polymer pull tab.<br />

The TT SGL Modular Mag<br />

Pouch MCL (Multicalibre) has<br />

a hook-and-loop interior<br />

with a removable divider and<br />

can therefore be used for<br />

either two pistol magazines<br />

or one rifle magazine. Its<br />

lid is removable. The TT<br />

Universal Mag Pouch EL<br />

and the TT Small Universal<br />

Mag Pouch EL are very light,<br />

flat fitting as well as easy<br />

to equip due to the use of<br />

robust, elastic material.<br />

About<br />

Tasmanian Tiger is a<br />

premier global supplier<br />

known for its high-quality<br />

military, tactical and police<br />

equipment. Established by<br />

Tatonka GmbH in 1999, the<br />

company has continually<br />

set new standards in<br />

the industry through its<br />

commitment to innovation,<br />

quality, and functionality.<br />

Tasmanian Tiger prides itself<br />

on a meticulous approach<br />

to product development,<br />

starting from the prototype<br />

phase and focusing heavily<br />

on the specific needs and<br />

requirements of its users.<br />

This approach ensures that<br />

each product not only meets<br />

but exceeds expectations in<br />

terms of functionality and<br />

quality.<br />

One of the distinctive<br />

features of Tasmanian<br />

Tiger is its dedication to<br />

manufacturing excellence.<br />

All products are crafted<br />

in the company’s own<br />

production facilities,<br />

allowing for strict quality<br />

control at every step of the<br />

manufacturing process. This<br />

in-house production model<br />

ensures that Tasmanian Tiger<br />

maintains a consistently<br />

high standard for all its<br />

products. Furthermore,<br />

the company is also<br />

noted for its Open Factory<br />

program, which emphasises<br />

transparency and allows<br />

visitors to witness the<br />

skilled production team<br />

in action, showcasing the<br />

craftsmanship that goes into<br />

each piece of equipment.<br />

Tasmanian Tiger’s product<br />

range is extensive, covering<br />

everything from backpacks<br />

designed for various ranges<br />

and operations, modular<br />

pouches, tactical equipment,<br />

belts, law enforcement<br />

gear, medical equipment<br />

and more. Each product<br />

is designed with the best<br />

quality materials and aimed<br />

at enhancing functionality<br />

for its users, whether<br />

they’re engaged in military<br />

operations, law enforcement<br />

activities, or outdoor<br />

adventures.<br />

The company’s<br />

commitment to quality<br />

extends beyond its products<br />

to the working conditions<br />

in its factories. Tasmanian<br />

Tiger stands out for ensuring<br />

excellent social conditions<br />

for its workers, setting<br />

a benchmark for ethical<br />

manufacturing practices<br />

within the industry.<br />

For professionals looking<br />

for reliable, high-quality<br />

tactical and military<br />

equipment, Tasmanian<br />

Tiger represents a trusted<br />

brand that combines<br />

innovative product design<br />

with robust manufacturing<br />

practices to deliver gear that<br />

professionals can rely on in<br />

any situation.<br />


GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />







In a strategic move to broaden its successful product line-up, German Precision Optics<br />

(GPO GmbH), a flourishing brand in the optics industry, announced the launch of its new<br />

PASSION SD binocular series. This introduction comes alongside significant expansions in<br />

its rangefinder and riflescope portfolios. Already a notable presence in over 60 countries,<br />

GPO’s latest offerings are poised to reinforce its reputation for combining top-tier<br />

performance with exceptional value.<br />

Introducing PASSION SD: A new entry in<br />

optics excellence<br />

The PASSION SD series, unveiled in<br />

February <strong>2024</strong> in Inning am Ammersee,<br />

Germany, marks a new chapter in<br />

GPO’s mission to make high-quality<br />

observation optics accessible to a<br />

broader audience. These binoculars<br />

are designed to offer stellar optical<br />

performance, including impressive<br />

field of view, edge sharpness, colour<br />

rendition, and light transmission, at<br />

a price point that is within reach for<br />

enthusiasts and professionals alike.<br />

Crafted with a rubber-armoured<br />

magnesium housing and featuring<br />

a compact, ergonomic design,<br />

the PASSION SD binoculars are<br />

distinguished by their lightweight and<br />

portable form factor, making them ideal<br />

for a large range of hunting scenarios.<br />

The PASSION SD line includes<br />

models tailored to various needs,<br />

from the ultra-compact 8x26 / 10x26<br />

suitable for backpacking, to the 8x42<br />

/ 10x42 variants designed for optimal<br />

performance in all light conditions.<br />

There are also 8x34 and 10x34 options<br />

available. Each model combines<br />

GPO’s optical engineering prowess<br />

with practical features, ensuring<br />

they meet the demands of even the<br />

most discerning users. With a fiveyear<br />

warranty and a comprehensive<br />

accessory package, the PASSION SD<br />

series is set to become a favoured<br />

choice for those seeking quality optics<br />

without the premium price.<br />

SPECTRA 8x 1.6-13x44i: A compact<br />

powerhouse for hunters<br />

The SPECTRA 8x 1.6-13x44i G4i Fiber<br />

represents the pinnacle of hunting<br />

optic innovation, offering unmatched<br />

versatility in a sleek, compact design.<br />

This latest entrant into GPO’s revered<br />

8x zoom riflescope family is engineered<br />

to meet the diverse requirements of<br />

modern hunters, combining advanced<br />

optical features in an ultra-lightweight<br />

package.<br />

Designed for adaptability, the<br />

SPECTRA 8x showcases an extremely<br />

short objective lens and reinforced<br />

housing, making it suitable for thermal<br />

and night vision attachments. Its<br />

parallax adjustment capability from 10<br />

metres to infinity, alongside a compact<br />

body measuring just 300mm in length<br />

and weighing less than 700g, makes it a<br />

standout choice for hunters who value<br />

both functionality and portability.<br />

The riflescope’s 8x zoom capability<br />

offers a broad field of view (25.6m)<br />

for various hunting scenarios, from<br />

driven hunts to long-range shooting,<br />

supported by an optionally available<br />

ballistic turret (GBT). With a wide eye<br />

relief and a large exit pupil, it ensures

G E R M A N P R E C I S I O N O P T I C S<br />

Passion SD<br />

RANGEGUIDE 3200 10x40<br />

SPECTRA 8x 1.6-13x44i G4i Fiber<br />

comfortable viewing, while the HD lens<br />

system delivers excellent colour fidelity,<br />

resolution, and light transmission.<br />

GPO’s focus on durability is evident in<br />

the SPECTRA 8x’s ability to withstand the<br />

demands of high-calibre firearms and<br />

silencers, offering unwavering shooting<br />

stability. Its fine and bright G4i Fiber<br />

fibre reticle, adjustable for varying light<br />

conditions, and extensive elevation<br />

adjustment range (320cm), enhance its<br />

appeal as a versatile hunting tool.<br />

Beyond distance: GPO’s new<br />

RANGEGUIDE 3200 transforms outdoor<br />

precision<br />

Further expanding its rangefinder family,<br />

GPO introduced the RANGEGUIDE<br />

3200 8x40 and 10x40, an advanced<br />

line of laser rangefinders that<br />

promise unparalleled compactness,<br />

lightweight design (

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />



ATN X-SIGHT 5<br />




The ATN X-Sight 5 Ultra HD 4K+ Smart Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope stands as a pinnacle<br />

of technological innovation in the realm of precision shooting and hunting equipment.<br />

Engineered by ATN, a leader in the field of night vision and smart optics, this cutting-edge<br />

device is designed to transform the hunting experience by offering unparalleled clarity,<br />

accuracy, and versatility both day and night.<br />

Unmatched visual clarity<br />

can affect the trajectory of a bullet, 4K resolution, users can relive their<br />

At the heart of the ATN X-Sight 5 is<br />

its Ultra HD 4K+ sensor, providing a<br />

resolution that exceeds the capabilities<br />

of traditional scopes by offering four<br />

million additional pixels. This highresolution<br />

imaging ensures that users<br />

experience a super clear and detailed<br />

view of their target, regardless of the<br />

time of day. The incorporation of ATN’s<br />

Quad Core technology further enhances<br />

the visual experience, ensuring crisp<br />

imagery in both bright daylight and the<br />

dead of night.<br />

Advanced ballistic calculator<br />

One of the most significant features of<br />

the X-Sight 5 is its advanced ballistic<br />

calculator. This tool simplifies the<br />

shooting process by automatically<br />

adjusting for various factors that<br />

such as wind, distance, and bullet<br />

drop. This functionality empowers<br />

shooters, whether novices or seasoned<br />

professionals, to make every shot count<br />

with confidence.<br />

Enhanced night vision<br />

The enhanced night vision mode of<br />

the X-Sight 5 sets a new standard for<br />

night-time shooting. With this feature,<br />

hunters can obtain vivid images in<br />

environments with little to no light,<br />

extending their hunting hours and<br />

opportunities.<br />

Record and share your hunts<br />

The X-Sight 5 is not just a tool for<br />

shooting; it’s also a device for capturing<br />

and sharing memories. With its<br />

ability to record hunts in stunning<br />

experiences and share them with<br />

friends, family and fellow enthusiasts.<br />

The scope also supports HD streaming,<br />

allowing for live sharing while<br />

simultaneously saving footage to an<br />

onboard memory card.<br />

Innovative features for an enhanced<br />

shooting experience<br />

Beyond its core capabilities, the X-Sight<br />

5 boasts a suite of additional features<br />

designed to enrich the user experience.<br />

The scope offers a slow-motion function<br />

at 120/240 fps, providing an in-depth<br />

analysis of shots. Moreover, the ATN<br />

Reticle Editor allows users to create<br />

custom reticles that suit their specific<br />

shooting preferences and requirements,<br />

further enhancing accuracy and<br />


ATN<br />

Seamless integration and versatility<br />

Designed with user convenience in mind,<br />

the X-Sight 5 can be easily mounted on<br />

firearms using standard 30mm rings.<br />

This ensures compatibility with a wide<br />

range of setups and makes it a versatile<br />

choice for different shooting disciplines.<br />

Available in various models, including<br />

options with built-in rangefinders, the<br />

X-Sight 5 meets the diverse needs of the<br />

shooting community.<br />

The ATN X-Sight 5 Ultra HD 4K+<br />

Smart Day and Night Vision Riflescope<br />

represents a significant leap forward in<br />

the evolution of optical technology for<br />

the shooting sports. By combining highdefinition<br />

imaging, advanced ballistic<br />

calculations, and a host of innovative<br />

features, the X-Sight 5 offers users an<br />

unmatched level of precision, flexibility,<br />

and enjoyment in their hunting and<br />

shooting activities. For shooters seeking<br />

to elevate their experience with the<br />

latest in smart optics technology, the<br />

X-Sight 5 promises clarity, accuracy, and<br />

innovation with every shot.<br />

About<br />

ATN Europe LTD has established itself as<br />

a frontrunner in the development and<br />

manufacture of precision Night Vision<br />

optics and Thermal Imaging solutions.<br />

Over the span of more than two decades<br />

since its inception, ATN has cultivated<br />

the most extensive assortment of<br />

low-light optical devices aimed at<br />

a consumer market, showcasing its<br />

dedication to innovation and quality in<br />

this specialised field.<br />

The company’s commitment to<br />

innovation is evident in its consistent<br />

introduction of new and advanced<br />

technologies in low light optics and<br />

intelligent devices. In 2014, ATN further<br />

solidified its position in the industry,<br />

although the text cuts off before<br />

detailing the specifics of this milestone.<br />

For enthusiasts of night vision and<br />

thermal imaging technology, ATN<br />

Europe LTD represents a source of<br />

reliable, cutting-edge products designed<br />

to enhance night-time visibility and<br />

precision for a variety of applications,<br />

including surveillance, hunting, and<br />

security.<br />


EXT REME<br />

- LONG RANGE -<br />



The MRADELR is a high quality, military tested, off-the-shelf, extreme long-range system with user changeable<br />

barrels. Designed to deliver precision typically achieved only by custom-built rifles, this rifle expands the bolt-action<br />

MRAD family to include 416 Barrett with additional large caliber options available in the future.<br />


GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

A BLEND<br />

OF<br />


AND<br />


Discover the unparalleled blend of historical precision and modern<br />

craftsmanship with Pedersoli’s firearms. Merging robust durability and refined<br />

elegance, these masterpieces are not just tools but works of art, offering<br />

retailers a unique opportunity to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.<br />

Here, <strong>Gun</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong> discovers why stocking Pedersoli products can elevate<br />

your inventory beyond the ordinary.

In the competitive<br />

world of firearms<br />

retail, offering<br />

products that<br />

stand out is key to<br />

attracting discerning<br />

customers. One brand<br />

that embodies these<br />

traits is Davide Pedersoli,<br />

a world leader in<br />

the reproduction of<br />

historical firearms. With<br />

a reputation for products<br />

that are “tough as a rock,<br />

delicate as a feather,”<br />

Pedersoli has set new<br />

quality standards in<br />

a market segment<br />

often considered<br />

straightforward<br />

from a mechanical<br />

and manufacturing<br />

perspective. This<br />

article explores the<br />

unique selling points<br />

of Pedersoli’s offerings,<br />

making a compelling<br />

case for why retailers<br />

should include these<br />

exceptional firearms in<br />

their inventory.<br />

Historical Elegance,<br />

Modern Precision<br />

Davide Pedersoli has<br />

carved a niche in the<br />

international market<br />

by producing muzzleloading<br />

guns that are not<br />

only visually appealing<br />

but also perform with<br />

the accuracy of their<br />

modern counterparts.<br />

Attention to detail is<br />

evident in every product,<br />

from the fine appearance<br />

to the meticulous<br />

craftsmanship. This<br />

dedication to quality<br />

ensures that Pedersoli’s<br />

firearms are more than<br />

just replicas; they are<br />

functional pieces of<br />

history, bridging the gap<br />

between the past and<br />

present.<br />

The Model 1886 lever<br />

action rifle<br />

Pedersoli’s venture<br />

into the world of Lever<br />

Action rifles, specifically<br />

with the Model 1886,<br />

illustrates the company’s<br />

philosophy of combining<br />

structural solidity with<br />

mechanical fluidity. The<br />

Model 1886 stands out<br />

for its robust locking<br />

system, characterised by<br />

a large bolt secured by<br />

two thick bolt locking<br />

plates and high carbon<br />

steel locking pins.<br />

This intricate design<br />

ensures durability and<br />

reliability, qualities that<br />

are paramount in the<br />

demanding conditions<br />

of hunting and shooting<br />

sports.<br />

Cutting-edge technology<br />

and craftsmanship<br />

Pedersoli’s success in<br />

achieving a balance<br />

between solid<br />

construction and<br />

seamless operation in<br />

the Lever Action Rifle<br />

can be attributed to<br />

the use of advanced<br />

technologies and<br />

rigorous control cycles.<br />

The expertise of<br />

Pedersoli’s gunsmiths,<br />

who operate within a<br />

high-quality system,<br />

is a testament to the<br />

brand’s commitment<br />

to excellence. This<br />

combination of<br />

traditional gunsmithing<br />

skills and modern<br />

manufacturing<br />

techniques results in<br />

firearms that are both<br />

reliable and a pleasure<br />

to use.<br />

The advantage of<br />

vertical ejection<br />

Pedersoli’s Lever Action<br />

rifles, including the<br />

Boarbuster and Droptine<br />

models, feature a vertical<br />

ejection mechanism that<br />

sets them apart from<br />

competitors with side<br />

ejection systems. This<br />

design choice not only<br />

allows for ambidextrous<br />

use but also facilitates<br />

the mounting of modern<br />

aiming systems without<br />

interference from the<br />

ejection process. For<br />

hunters and shooters<br />

who demand versatility<br />

and functionality,<br />

Pedersoli’s vertical<br />

ejection system offers a<br />

distinct advantage.<br />

D A V I D E P E D E R S O L I<br />

The importance of<br />

design<br />

Pedersoli understands<br />

that the value of a<br />

firearm extends beyond<br />

its functional attributes.<br />

The aesthetic appeal of a<br />

rifle is a crucial factor in a<br />

buyer’s decision-making<br />

process. By selecting<br />

the finest materials and<br />

applying elegant finishes,<br />

Pedersoli’s Lever Action<br />

Rifles strike a perfect<br />

balance between<br />

practicality and visual<br />

appeal. This attention to<br />

design and aesthetics<br />

ensures that Pedersoli<br />

products are not just<br />

tools but works of art<br />

that attract and retain<br />

customers.<br />

Partnering with<br />

Pedersoli means<br />

offering customers<br />

a unique blend of<br />

historical authenticity,<br />

mechanical precision,<br />

and aesthetic elegance.<br />

Pedersoli’s commitment<br />

to craftsmanship sets<br />

its firearms apart. By<br />

including Pedersoli’s<br />

Lever Action Rifles<br />

and other historical<br />

reproductions in their<br />

inventory, retailers can<br />

cater to a niche market<br />

of enthusiasts and<br />

collectors who value<br />

durability, performance,<br />

and beauty. In a<br />

world where the eye<br />

indeed wants its part,<br />

Pedersoli’s firearms<br />

display the harmony<br />

of form and function,<br />

making them a musthave<br />

for any discerning<br />

dealer.<br />


GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

E-OPTICS<br />




When innovation can redefine the standards of precision and agility, the NOBLEX NV OS 1 x<br />

23 for Glock MOS stands out as an example of advancement. Introduced by NOBLEX E-Optics<br />

GmbH, a company with a fascinating legacy in the development of optoelectronic products,<br />

this integrated red dot sight looks to revolutionise pistol sights, enhancing the shooting<br />

experience across various disciplines.

N O B L E X<br />

German<br />

Engineering<br />

NOBLEX<br />

E-Optics, with<br />

roots that<br />

trace back to<br />

the production<br />

facilities of<br />

Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss<br />

in Jena, and later, in the<br />

Thuringian Eisfeld, carries<br />

forward a 150-year tradition<br />

of excellence in optical<br />

devices. This rich heritage,<br />

characterised by a wealth<br />

of experience in optics,<br />

mechanics, electronics<br />

and surface finishing, is<br />

not just a backdrop for<br />

NOBLEX products; it is the<br />

foundation upon which the<br />

NV OS for Glock MOS is built.<br />

For NOBLEX, continuing<br />

the legacy of Zeiss, Docter,<br />

and Analytik Jena with an<br />

innovative spirit is both an<br />

incentive and an obligation.<br />

Co-witness<br />

This new development<br />

offers an almost complete<br />

integration of the red dot<br />

sight into the slide of a<br />

Glock pistol. This means that<br />

the mechanical sights can<br />

be used without restriction,<br />

while the red dot provides<br />

additional orientation (cowitness).<br />

Features:<br />

- Co-witness thanks to<br />

extremely flat design<br />

- Lens diagonal 23mm<br />

- Optical glass lens<br />

- Red illuminated 4 MOA<br />

LED dot<br />

- Automatic brightness<br />

control and manual override<br />

- Metal housing made of<br />

aluminium (aircraft alloy)<br />

- Can be combined with<br />

night vision, laser, aiming<br />

devices and thermal<br />

imaging devices.<br />

Revolutionising sight<br />

precision<br />

The NV OS 1 x 23 for Glock<br />

MOS redefines expectations<br />

for pistol sights. At its<br />

core is a precise 4-MOA<br />

illuminated dot, enabling<br />

shooters to acquire targets<br />

with unmatched precision.<br />

This accuracy is crucial,<br />

whether for competitive<br />

shooting, law enforcement<br />

applications, or recreational<br />

use. The sight’s parallax has<br />

been meticulously adjusted<br />

to 25-metres, ensuring that<br />

the point of impact remains<br />

constant even with slight<br />

deviations along the optical<br />

axis. This feature represents<br />

a significant leap forward in<br />

shooting accuracy, offering<br />

shooters confidence in their<br />

equipment, regardless of the<br />

scenario.<br />

Designed for the elements<br />

Understanding that<br />

reliability under various<br />

environmental conditions<br />

is critical, NOBLEX has<br />

engineered the NV OS for<br />

Glock MOS to defy the<br />

elements. With its IPX7<br />

waterproof rating, the sight<br />

is ready for all weather<br />

conditions, providing<br />

shooters with a versatile<br />

tool that excels in rain,<br />

snow, or sunshine. This<br />

resilience is complemented<br />

by an impressive 10,000<br />

hours of battery life,<br />

ensuring long-lasting<br />

performance, and reducing<br />

the need for frequent<br />

maintenance.<br />

Unmatched versatility<br />

What sets the NV OS for<br />

Glock MOS apart is its<br />

versatility. The sight can<br />

be seamlessly combined<br />

with night vision, laser<br />

targeting, and thermal<br />

imaging devices, making it<br />

a multifaceted companion<br />

for various applications. This<br />

compatibility expands its<br />

utility beyond traditional<br />

uses, catering to the needs<br />

of modern tactical and<br />

recreational shooters who<br />

demand more from their<br />

optics.<br />

Robust and reliable<br />

construction<br />

The NV OS for Glock MOS<br />

boasts a robust metal<br />

construction, guaranteeing<br />

reliability under extreme<br />

conditions. Whether<br />

subjected to up to 1,000 g or<br />

10,000 shots of continuous<br />

load, the sight’s durability<br />

is unquestionable. This<br />

reliability is essential not<br />

only for ensuring longevity<br />

but also for maintaining<br />

precision and accuracy<br />

over time. Additionally, the<br />

sight comes with an ABS<br />

standby protective cap and<br />

a rubber protective cap for<br />

transport, offering extra<br />

layers of protection for the<br />

aluminium housing during<br />

use and in transit.<br />

Enhanced field of view and<br />

quick handling<br />

With an impressive 23mm<br />

diagonal of the glass optics,<br />

the NV OS for Glock MOS<br />

offers a generous field of<br />

view, facilitating fast target<br />

acquisition. This feature<br />

is particularly beneficial<br />

in dynamic shooting<br />

environments where speed<br />

is of the essence. Moreover,<br />

the sight’s flat design<br />

ensures quick handling,<br />

even when drawing from a<br />

holster, providing an edge<br />

in situations where every<br />

second counts.<br />

NOBLEX E-Optics: A legacy<br />

of innovation<br />

The introduction of the<br />

NV OS for Glock MOS<br />

reflects NOBLEX E-Optics’<br />

commitment to innovation<br />

and quality. As the company<br />

continues the proud<br />

tradition of its predecessors,<br />

it also looks to the future,<br />

embracing new technologies<br />

and design principles to<br />

meet the evolving needs of<br />

shooters worldwide. The NV<br />

OS for Glock MOS is more<br />

than just a product; it is a<br />

demonstration of NOBLEX’s<br />

dedication to pushing<br />

the boundaries of what<br />

is possible in the field of<br />

optoelectronic devices.<br />

+49 3686 688 9022<br />

info@noblex-e-optics.com<br />


GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

In the land of compact<br />

rifles, hunters often<br />

encounter a trade-off<br />

between affordability<br />

and quality, with many<br />

models offering pareddown<br />

features to save on<br />

costs. However, Bergara<br />

challenges this norm with<br />

its B-14 Stoke compact<br />

rifle, a firearm that defies<br />

the stereotypes associated<br />

with smaller-sized rifles<br />

without compromising on<br />

the features found in its<br />

flagship models.<br />





B E R G A R A<br />

The Stoke rifle<br />

is meticulously<br />

designed to<br />

accommodate<br />

shooters of<br />

smaller stature,<br />

featuring a shorter distance<br />

between the recoil pad and<br />

trigger, a reduced fore-end<br />

length, and a slimmer grip.<br />

These modifications cater<br />

to individuals with smaller<br />

hands and shorter arms,<br />

making it an exceptionally<br />

suitable option for youth<br />

hunters, women and smallstatured<br />

adults alike. The<br />

introduction of a spider<br />

web custom paint finish<br />

and new Bergara checkering<br />

adds a modern flair to the<br />

rifle, aligning it with the<br />

esteemed qualities of the<br />

B-14 series and setting it<br />

apart as a compact rifle that<br />

excels in both form and<br />

function.<br />

Compact stock, big<br />

performance<br />

The Stoke’s compact stock,<br />

measuring 31.1 cm in length<br />

of pull (LOP), is tailored<br />

for ergonomic comfort<br />

and improved handling for<br />

shooters requiring a closer<br />

fit. The inclusion of spacers<br />

to adjust the LOP further<br />

enhances its adaptability,<br />

ensuring a personalized fit<br />

for each shooter.<br />

Despite its diminutive<br />

size, the B-14 Stoke packs<br />

a formidable punch,<br />

boasting Sub-MOA accuracy<br />

that rivals its larger<br />

counterparts. Equipped with<br />

a 90-degree bolt throw,<br />

detachable AICS-style<br />

magazine, and a durable<br />

graphite black Cerakote<br />

finish, this rifle is built for<br />

precision and resilience.<br />

The M5 inlet bottom metal<br />

system also enhances<br />

its compatibility with a<br />

wide array of aftermarket<br />

AICS accessories, offering<br />

shooters the flexibility<br />

to customise their<br />

firearm according to their<br />

preferences.<br />

Versatile calibre options for<br />

every hunter<br />

The B-14 Stoke is available<br />

in a variety of calibres,<br />

including .223 Rem, .22-250<br />

Rem, .300 AAC Blackout, .243<br />

Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308<br />

Win, and the more powerful<br />

6.5 PRC. This selection<br />

ensures that hunters can<br />

find a model that suits their<br />

specific needs, whether for<br />

starting off in the hunting<br />

world or seeking a compact<br />

rifle capable of taking on<br />

most game species.<br />

Redefining compact rifles<br />

with unmatched quality and<br />

precision<br />

The Bergara B-14 Stoke<br />

emerges as a standout<br />

compact rifle that marries<br />

affordability with the high<br />

standards of performance<br />

and quality synonymous<br />

with the Bergara name.<br />

It’s a firearm designed<br />

with a broad spectrum of<br />

hunters in mind, offering<br />

the versatility, precision and<br />

comfort needed to engage<br />

in hunting endeavours<br />

across the globe. The B-14<br />

Stoke proves that when it<br />

comes to compact rifles,<br />

you no longer need to<br />

compromise on quality for<br />

size.<br />

About<br />

Nestled in the heart of<br />

Bergara, Spain, a region<br />

with a storied tradition<br />

of producing some of the<br />

world’s most respected<br />

firearms, Bergara has<br />

emerged as a symbol of<br />

exceptional craftsmanship<br />

and technological<br />

innovation in the land<br />

of rifle manufacturing.<br />

This illustrious heritage,<br />

combined with the latest<br />

advancements in barrelmaking<br />

technology, stresses<br />

Bergara’s dedication to<br />

quality, performance, and<br />

value. The brand’s fusion<br />

of traditional gunsmithing<br />

artistry with cutting-edge<br />

manufacturing techniques<br />

results in rifles that embody<br />

the pinnacle of precision<br />

and reliability.<br />

Leveraging the most<br />

sophisticated barrel<br />

manufacturing technologies,<br />

Bergara utilises state-ofthe-art<br />

machinery and a<br />

rigorous commitment to<br />

excellence. This approach<br />

has not only cemented its<br />

reputation as a leading<br />

barrel supplier for premier<br />

gun makers across Europe<br />

and the United States but<br />

also laid the foundation<br />

for its line of precision<br />

rifles. Bergara Rifles are<br />

meticulously engineered to<br />

maximize the performance<br />

of their world-class<br />

barrels, ensuring each<br />

rifle meets the brand’s<br />

exacting standards and the<br />

expectations of the most<br />

discerning shooters.<br />

Bergara’s journey from<br />

a revered barrel maker<br />

to a distinguished rifle<br />

manufacturer is driven by<br />

decades of expertise in<br />

barrel craftsmanship. The<br />

transition to producing a<br />

comprehensive line up of<br />

precision rifles represents<br />

a natural extension of<br />

the brand’s legacy. Each<br />

Bergara rifle is proof of the<br />

company’s relentless pursuit<br />

of perfection, offering<br />

shooters unparalleled<br />

accuracy, durability, and<br />

functionality. Whether<br />

for competitive shooting,<br />

hunting, or tactical<br />

applications, Bergara Rifles<br />

deliver a custom-grade<br />

experience straight from the<br />

production line, reflecting<br />

the brand’s unwavering<br />

commitment to excellence<br />

in every shot.<br />



OF ELCAN<br />

NEW for <strong>2024</strong>, the ELCAN SpecterDR 1-4x and 1.5-6x<br />

are equipped with integrated Picatinny rails,<br />

ambidextrous magnification throw levers, improved<br />

battery covers, and hard-wearing CERAKOTE ®<br />

performance finishes in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

Raytheon ELCAN continue to build on their legacy of innovation in optical<br />

sight design with improvements to the world’s first truly dual field of view<br />

combat optics, the ELCAN SpecterDR dual role weapon sights<br />

The success of the battle proven SpecterDR is driven by our customers,<br />

tailoring developments to meet their needs. The addition of the integrated<br />

picatinny rails, ambidextrous throw levers, improved battery covers and<br />

hard wearing CERAKOTE ® finishes reflect the goal of increasing the<br />

SpecterDR’s capability, compatibility and effectiveness on the battlefield<br />

Unlike zoom sights, the SpecterDR weapon optics switch instantly from<br />

a CQB sight to a magnified sight with the throw of a lever and provides<br />

an optimized optical path and identical eye relief for the operator in both<br />

magnified and CQB modes<br />

In CQB mode the SpecterDR has by far the largest field of view in the<br />

industry. In magnification mode the SpecterDR offers a generous field of<br />

view, long eye relief and ELCAN’S legendary crystal clear image, with the<br />

ability to adjust the sight to illuminate the crosshair or just a brilliant red<br />

dot in the center<br />

The SpecterDR 1-4x & SpecterDR 1.5-6x Dual Role Optical Combat Sights<br />

help field operators to see better and farther in extreme environments and<br />

unpredictable situations. Armament Technology Incorporated supply the<br />

ELCAN Specter DR to NATO and partner militaries and via our distribution<br />

network to dealers, competitive shooters and clients worldwide.<br />

For more information or distribution opportunities, contact<br />

Armament Technology Incorporated: sales@armament.com

GTW<br />

G E A R G U I D E 2 0 2 4<br />

The new M10<br />

Tactical, fast target<br />

acquisition, shots,<br />

and reloads in one<br />

sublime package.<br />

Steambow’s long-standing,<br />

best-selling AR-6 Tactical now<br />

has a new stablemate – the M10<br />

Tactical: a paradigm shift in what<br />

crossbows are capable of.<br />

Box<br />

magazine,<br />

string<br />

dampeners,<br />

and 75lb of<br />

draw: the<br />

M10 on a<br />

Tactical.<br />

The AR-6 integral magazine: the<br />

design that started it all on a Tactical<br />

and pistol-configured Compact.<br />


M10: ANOTHER<br />


The feature of Steambow’s<br />

repeating crossbows that<br />

shook the archery world so<br />

comprehensively was that<br />

you could shoot six shots,<br />

one after another. Fast and<br />

accurate, thanks to the lever-action<br />

cocking system of the Tactical frame<br />

and the integral magazine of the AR-6<br />

upper, which can be reloaded with<br />

speedloaders or by hand.<br />

A competent shooter, using the<br />

standard 55lb limb and shooting from<br />

the shoulder, can get an average shot<br />

cycle of around five seconds per shot to<br />

fully empty the magazine. The reload<br />

process is easy and straightforward, but<br />

to make it fast as well, the shooter will<br />

need to commit time and practice to<br />

hone those fine motor skills.<br />

Steambow’s latest creation is a<br />

different beast. The M10 upper on the<br />

Tactical frame uses the same repeating<br />

crossbow principle but feeds from a<br />

detachable box magazine, holding not<br />

six but ten arrows. With the option to<br />

reload by just replacing the magazine,<br />

that same practiced shooter can expect<br />

their reload time to drop to around two<br />

seconds instead of the minimum 10<br />

seconds it took to reload the AR-6.<br />

Together with that faster reload, the<br />

shooter will also have that satisfying<br />

feeling of “seating a fresh mag”. That<br />

cycle rate can just keep on going for<br />

as long as you have loaded magazines<br />

at the ready. Let’s look at both these<br />

trailblazers of the archery world in more<br />

detail.<br />

Steambow’s continued dominance<br />

The AR-6 Tactical was the first serious<br />

design of this new generation of<br />

crossbows, adding a shoulderstock<br />

to the mix. The AR-6 Tactical (and<br />

the subsequent attempts by other<br />

manufacturers to compete with it)<br />

formed the basis for a serious new<br />

archery sector that had, hitherto,<br />

been largely a gimmick: the repeating<br />

crossbow sector.<br />

The Tactical was the only one<br />

designed to be a bona fide weapon<br />

from the outset, regardless of the end<br />

user’s intentions. It’s been a best-seller<br />

for Steambow and an easy market<br />

leader ever since, with the appeals to<br />

the buying public continuing to grow<br />

with the introduction of an impressive<br />

list of upgrades. Those upgrades helped<br />

turn the Tactical into the foundation of<br />

a truly modular crossbow platform with<br />

Steambow parts being usable on it or<br />

its original AR-Series brethren: the AR-6<br />

Compact and the Survival.<br />

A modular range like no other<br />

The parts list is impressive. There are<br />

parts to make it easier to aim: faster or<br />

more accurately, for low light or no light.<br />

Others allow you to turn a crossbow into<br />

something that you can pack away in a<br />

bag or drawer: about a minute to take<br />

down or reassemble.<br />

There is a range of limbs that go<br />

beyond the three draw weights<br />

currently offered as standard, adding a<br />

further three more performance levels<br />

to choose from. These options give the<br />

AR-Series the kind of fps-to-weight ratio<br />

unseen in other brands.<br />

New standards, new expectations<br />

A quick calculation of what’s on sale in<br />

the recurve crossbow market shows that<br />

a Steambow AR-6 Tactical, weighing in<br />

at about 2.5lbs fitted with Steambow’s<br />

steroidal 150lb “Hunting” limb, delivers<br />

a staggering 90fps per lb of crossbow.<br />

Some of the leading, full-power, full-size<br />

hunting crossbows on the market barely<br />

deliver 60fps per lb of crossbow weight.<br />

And the Tactical’s power-to-weight ratio<br />

takes into account a full payload of six<br />

arrows.<br />

The AR-6 Tactical can punch well<br />

above its weight should the owner want<br />

it to. And that is the crux of the issue:<br />

it’s up to the owner to decide what they<br />

want. Steambow has the accessories<br />

needed to enable a customer to build<br />

the ideal crossbow for their desires.<br />

Each with a purpose<br />

What more do you get with the M10<br />

Tactical? The first and most obvious<br />

benefit of the M10 is the fundamentally<br />

new reloading system and capacity. Ten<br />

shots over six, held in box magazines<br />

that you can carry in any standard AR-<br />

15/M-4 magazine pouch.<br />

With that, an improved shoulder stock,<br />

a 75lb limb as standard to the AR-6<br />

Tactical’s 55lb draw weight, integral<br />

string dampeners for the increased<br />

service life of components, and a<br />

smoother shooting experience. Not to<br />

mention a few other improvements, too.<br />

So, does the AR-6 still have a place at the<br />

table?<br />

In short, it absolutely does. The M10<br />

offers a whole stack of performance<br />

improvements over the AR-6, true, but<br />

those come at an additional cost. And if<br />

S T E A M B O W<br />

Steambow’s Quick Detach range makes<br />

storage, deployment, and maintenance<br />

effortless, whichever variant you use.<br />

someone is happy to shoot and reload<br />

in a relatively leisurely manner, the AR-6<br />

is a proven platform. It is inherently<br />

accurate, reliable, and robust. There are<br />

fewer moving parts, too, and the singlestack<br />

inbuilt magazine is also known to<br />

accept and work with Steambow’s wide<br />

range of projectiles.<br />

Also, not everyone needs such a high<br />

volume of fire or the ability to shoot<br />

hundreds of arrows in one session.<br />

Sometimes, a few arrows are enough.<br />

And especially for hunting or defensive<br />

scenarios, you will likely never need<br />

more than a couple of arrows at once.<br />

For applications where lightningquick<br />

reloads are necessary, especially in<br />

action-packed dynamic shooting sports,<br />

the M10 really shines.<br />

Steambow’s ingenuity has meant<br />

that a crossbow no longer needs to be<br />

heavy, it no longer needs to have a slow<br />

shot cycle, and it no longer needs to be<br />

awkward to store or carry with dynamic<br />

shooting sports now on the list.<br />

sales@steambow.com<br />

www.steambow.at<br />

No more missed targets and no<br />

missed opportunities<br />

If you recognise the potential of these<br />

kinds of products, get in touch with<br />

Steambow to see how you can get<br />

yours. You can order straight from<br />

Steambow. Use code STEAMBOW5<br />

for a 5% discount on a single order.<br />

If you are a retailer or distributor,<br />

Steambow has an excellent starter<br />

kit: just email sales@steambow.com<br />

for details. Steambow is also offering<br />

retailers a generous 15% reduction<br />

on orders worth €15,000 or more.<br />

Between great offers and the best<br />

product lineup in the sector, becoming<br />

a Steambow customer has never been<br />

a better move.

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