Great West Way Travel Magazine | Issue 09

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it's time to cosy up with a cup of tea and our Autumn/Winter edition of the Great West Way Travel Magazine. We've been hard at work curating an issue showcasing the region's best, from hidden historic gems to enchanting festival light trails. Join us for an exclusive interview with Steve Lewis, General Manager at Lainston House Exclusive Collection. Discover the latest travel news on the Great West Way, including exciting plans for a historical celebration in Malmesbury and a charming countryside hotel. If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss our article on the best plant-based menus and vegan dishes along the Great West Way route. Plus, uncover the fascinating history of The Royal Mint, where every British coin has been produced for over a millennium. With so much to see and do, the Great West Way is the perfect destination for your next adventure. We hope this edition of the magazine inspires you to explore all that this remarkable region has to offer.

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it's time to cosy up with a cup of tea and our Autumn/Winter edition of the Great West Way Travel Magazine. We've been hard at work curating an issue showcasing the region's best, from hidden historic gems to enchanting festival light trails. Join us for an exclusive interview with Steve Lewis, General Manager at Lainston House Exclusive Collection. Discover the latest travel news on the Great West Way, including exciting plans for a historical celebration in Malmesbury and a charming countryside hotel. If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss our article on the best plant-based menus and vegan dishes along the Great West Way route. Plus, uncover the fascinating history of The Royal Mint, where every British coin has been produced for over a millennium. With so much to see and do, the Great West Way is the perfect destination for your next adventure. We hope this edition of the magazine inspires you to explore all that this remarkable region has to offer.


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AUTUMN/WINTER 2023<br />

TRAVEL MAGAZINE | ISSUE <strong>09</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Discover World Heritage Sites,<br />

The Kennet & Avon Canal, Festival<br />

Light Trails, Windsor and much more...<br />

Grace and elegance, rural peace or contemporary cool. <strong>Travel</strong>ling through the cities, towns<br />

and villages along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, you will encounter England at its most beguiling

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Pictured Above: Marble Hill villa and gardens have been<br />

restored to their former Georgian glory this summer. Visit for<br />

free from April to October 2024. Images © English Heritage<br />

Jessica<br />

England’s <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is one of the world’s<br />

premier touring routes, bringing together many of<br />

England’s most famous destinations and attractions<br />

along a corridor between London and Bristol<br />

As the leaves change and the<br />

air turns crisp, it's time to cosy<br />

up with a cup of tea and our<br />

Autumn/Winter edition of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>. We've<br />

been hard at work curating an issue that<br />

showcases the best of the region, from hidden<br />

historic gems to the enchanting festival light<br />

trails. Join us on page 8 for an exclusive interview with Steve Lewis,<br />

General Manager at Lainston House Exclusive Collection, and<br />

discover the story behind this stunning hotel. On page 14, we have<br />

the latest travel news on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, including exciting<br />

plans for a historical celebration in Malmesbury and a charming<br />

countryside hotel. If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss page<br />

18, where we highlight the best plant-based menus and vegan<br />

dishes along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route. And on page 24, uncover<br />

the fascinating history of The Royal Mint, where every British coin<br />

has been produced for over a millennium. With so much to see and<br />

do, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is the perfect destination for your next<br />

adventure. We hope this edition of the magazine inspires you to<br />

explore all that this remarkable region has to offer. Happy reading!<br />

x<br />

Jessica <strong>Way</strong><br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Download our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> map to discover<br />

the hundreds of places to visit, things to do,<br />

sites to see and places to stay along the route:<br />

: <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk/explore/maps<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Britain’s<br />

<strong>Great</strong>est<br />

Palace<br />

Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

blenheimpalace.com<br />

partnerships@blenheimpalace.com<br />


Registered charity number 1166164

34<br />


AUTUMN/WINTER | Edition <strong>09</strong><br />

64<br />




08 Join Steve Lewis, General Manager at Lainston<br />

House Exclusive Collection, on his journey from love of<br />

hospitality to creating unique guest experiences. Discover<br />

the story behind this hidden Hampshire gem<br />


14 Our latest travel news on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

showcases five-star luxury living on a houseboat, a<br />

charming countryside hotel, a new pub with rooms,<br />

a local brewery, and exciting plans for a historical<br />

celebration in Malmesbury<br />


18 Discover the best plant-based menus and vegan<br />

dishes along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route. From Bath to<br />

Bristol and everwhere inbetween, these restaurants<br />

showcase sustainability and locally sourced ingredients<br />


24 Uncover the fascinating history of The Royal Mint,<br />

where every British coin has been produced for over a<br />

millennium, and learn about the skills and crafts involved<br />


28 Discover the rich history and cultural gems of<br />

the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead from<br />

Windsor Castle to the Theatre Royal, there's something<br />

for everyone<br />



From the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge to the<br />

Tudor kitchens of Hampton Court Palace, some of the<br />

most fascinating historic sites in England can be found<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> – this is a route with hidden<br />

treasures and rich cultural heritage at every turn<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />





<strong>Travel</strong> with the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass and explore<br />

ten brilliant places to visit, from the world-famous Royal<br />

Crescent to the stunning Vale of Pewsey and the historic<br />

market town of Chippenham<br />


50 Embark on a journey of natural beauty and heritage<br />

along the Kennet & Avon Canal. Explore by boat, bike or foot<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, discovering picturesque towns<br />

and fascinating wildlife<br />


56 Meet the talented chef Ricki <strong>West</strong>on of Whatley<br />

Manor Hotel & Spa’s Michelin-star restaurant, The Dining<br />

Room. Discover his immersive dining experience and Britishinfluenced,<br />

locally sourced menu in this exclusive interview<br />



Discover the enchanting festival light trails and shows along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> with our must-visit destinations to<br />

experience the most magical winter illumination this season<br />


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72 The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is known for its many special<br />

events – don't miss our cultural calendar highlights<br />


78 The route has been designed to be travelled in a<br />

variety of different ways: by road, by rail, on water via the<br />

Kennet and Avon Canal and River Thames, by bike or on foot<br />


82 There are many ways to enjoy food and drink on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> from fine dining and cookery schools to<br />

vineyard tours and quaint tea rooms and cafés<br />


94 Stay overnight on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, whether on a<br />

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8 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

MY GREAT<br />

WEST WAY<br />

A journey from love of hospitality to creating unique guest<br />

experiences, we go behind the scenes with Steve Lewis,<br />

General Manager at Lainston House Exclusive Collection<br />

Tell us about your journey in becoming<br />

General Manager at Lainston House, Exclusive<br />

Collection?<br />

In one way or another I’ve always had hospitality<br />

at heart. I loved entertaining when I was young,<br />

traveling was something instilled in me from an<br />

early age, so I was exposed to many cultures,<br />

foods, languages which I found extremely<br />

exciting. I worked in sport for a long time when<br />

I left university, on large sponsorships which<br />

allowed me to continue experiencing new<br />

places and meeting new peo-ple. I got bored of<br />

the travelling, transferred my ‘people’ skills to<br />

hotels and have never looked back. I love the<br />

fact that every day we get to reinvent the guest<br />

experience – new people, new expectations, but<br />

on a familiar patch for myself and the team. I’ve<br />

been with Exclusive Collection for nearly 2 years<br />

and feel like Lainston House is my second home.<br />

What does your role involve and what does a<br />

typical day look like?<br />

Everything revolves around people. Whether<br />

that’s talking to staff and helping them with<br />

the day-to-day challenges we all face, working<br />

with outside suppliers, contractors and<br />

stakeholders, or talking to business, corporate<br />

and leisure guests to ensure a visit that exceeds<br />

expectations. Everything comes back to people<br />

and the quality and consistency of day-to-day<br />

relationships. No two days are the same, so I<br />

see my role as the CEO – Chief Energy Officer<br />

–I know that people look to me to set the tone<br />

for the hotel environment, ensuring things<br />

run smoothly and everyone feels comfortable.<br />

My aim everyday as I come to work is to be<br />

inspirational, trustworthy, and engaging. If I can<br />

do that then we’re off to a good start. Things<br />

don’t always go to plan, but if myself and the<br />

team are consistent in our day-to-day manner<br />

and professionalism then we have a very high<br />

chance of overcoming any challenges together<br />

as a team ensuring the quality of experiences are<br />

not affected.<br />

What do you love most about your job?<br />

I love the fact that my previous jobs and various<br />

life experiences have prepared me perfectly for<br />

everyday life in the hotel and allow me to be the<br />

person that the guest or staff member needs me<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


to be at the right time. Whether it’s a couple having afternoon<br />

tea in the bar, a corporate client looking to discuss business, or<br />

a staff member in conversation, it is the life experiences and<br />

stories that I have had that help break down barriers, build<br />

great relationships, and create trust and confidence.<br />

In addition, Lainston House is somewhere I’m genuinely<br />

excited to go to every day! I live in the area, and my<br />

commute isn’t too far. From the moment I come through<br />

the front gate and up the driveway, and what a driveway it<br />

is, I feel like I am being transported into a very special kind<br />

of place. One I now know intimately and felt completely at<br />

home immediately when I joined the team, Lainston House<br />

truly is a hidden Hampshire gem that I love to shout about.<br />

It is way more than just a building, it is an estate full of<br />

experiences for explorers, food lovers, and do differently-ers!<br />

I love the history, elegance, and tradition but I also<br />

love being the architect of the current “feel” that guests,<br />

visitors, staff have when they come to the hotel. It has a<br />

unique energy which is familiar, wel-coming, confident, and<br />

established but also energetic, surprising, and personal. All<br />

the older touches combined with new experiences is what we<br />

are all about.<br />

Do you work with a wider team and what achievements<br />

are you most proud of?<br />

Yes, the beauty of the Exclusive Collection, which received<br />

B Corp accreditation in 2021, is that all 6 hotels, 2 spas, golf<br />

club and pub, share the same core values but are recognised<br />

and celebrated for their unique features and personalities.<br />

Each is at the forefront of hospitality in their own area and<br />

I am very proud Lainston House has long been a fixture on<br />

the Winchester and Hampshire social and foodie scene.<br />

However, I am also extremely proud that whilst we are often<br />

remembered by guests for an occasion attended in the past,<br />

we remain relevant to their experiences today. I love the<br />

fact that guests comment on how important Lainston is<br />

to themselves and their family, how many times they have<br />

been and how they love seeing staff who have been with<br />

us a long time. They have all the confi-dence of long-term<br />

association with Lainston House but also the benefit from<br />

10 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

fresh experiences such as the new Wellhouse restaurant,<br />

cooking classes in our very own cookery school, Season,<br />

kitchen garden tours, immersive outdoor experiences, B Corp<br />

touchpoints, and regular Lainston Live events.<br />

What do you find most inspiring day to day?<br />

Guest’s expectations continue to develop and change. The<br />

appetite for new tastes and activities continues to get faster<br />

and it is the job of the hotel team to consolidate what we<br />

do best to ensure a con-sistent product but also look for<br />

new and innovative ways to engage with guests. I love that<br />

challenge. To do that at Lainston is very inspiring. It would<br />

be easy to let the beautiful eye-catching building do most of<br />

the work, but when enthusiasm, passion and a high-quality<br />

level of customer service is added then the hotel ‘magic<br />

dust’ is created, and people get much more than just a hotel<br />

stay. The estate changes colour continually throughout the<br />

year, never more vibrant than in autumn or spring when the<br />

huge number of trees and flowers burst into colour. That<br />

constantly changing personality is how the team presents<br />

itself – we see every day as a chance to find something new<br />

and make someone else happy.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 11

Any funny or interesting anecdotes related to your role or<br />

your experiences with visitors that you can share?<br />

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a corporate event<br />

for a local resident who wanted to show off ‘his’ Lainston<br />

House to colleagues. After attending one of the hotel’s local<br />

Test Valley fishing trips on the Monday of that week he said<br />

that he wanted to incorporate a Lainston ‘experience’ into<br />

an upcoming 2-day senior management meeting. We love a<br />

clear brief!<br />

During the two days with us the delegates experienced<br />

the best that the hotel has to offer – an assortment of the<br />

quality bedrooms, business time in our meeting rooms,<br />

cocktail making masterclass in the kitchen garden using<br />

herbs from the garden, a Wellhouse dinner featuring the<br />

trout that he had caught on the Monday as one of the<br />

dishes, a nature immersion for the delegates on morning<br />

2 (without phones!) to escape and have some personal<br />

downtime, and a chef’s table dining experience. They all<br />

left remarking that it was the most productive meeting<br />

they had ever had, and that returning to a ‘normal’<br />

business meeting scenario wouldn’t be possible – objective<br />

achieved!<br />

Interestingly, on the same week we took a call from a<br />

couple who wished to book Christmas 2023 with us. You<br />

would think that was nothing out of the ordinary, however,<br />

they have celebrated Christmas with us for the past 24 years,<br />

staying in the same room. They know most of the team by<br />

their first names and we love welcoming them into our family<br />

every year, in fact Christmas at Lainston just wouldn’t be the<br />

same without them! Amazing<br />

Are you a city, town, or country person?<br />

Both. As mentioned before, I’ve been very fortunate to have<br />

travelled a lot and it means I constantly crave the excitement<br />

of a new places. Is there anything more exciting than<br />

wondering the streets of a new city?! However, I also like to<br />

leave the city and return to the countryside where I live. As<br />

much as I love people, I am surrounded by them all day every<br />

day and I equally adore the solitude of long peaceful dog<br />

walks with my two Labradors – Nelson & Eddie!<br />

12 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

‘I love being by the sea, and although I miss the beach the special<br />

nature of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> means we are never far from the water<br />

of the Thames, or Kennet & Avon rivers. It’s the perfect combo.’<br />

What’s your favourite food or drink along or within easy<br />

reach of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>?<br />

I live in the Test Valley and am so lucky to have the wide<br />

choice of amazing Hampshire & Wiltshire ingredients on my<br />

doorstep. My favourite place to go for dinner is the Malet<br />

Arms in Newton Tony. (Not far from Stonehenge) The owner<br />

Noel is also the chef, the hunter and the butcher and takes<br />

such pride in his menu. It’s a great team, great place, not<br />

fussy and does exactly what it is meant to – making people<br />

very happy.<br />

What do you think makes the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> special?<br />

The huge amount of choice. I’ve lived in London at one<br />

end of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, I’ve lived in Bristol at the other<br />

end, and I currently live near Stonehenge in the middle. The<br />

three places couldn’t be more different, but I love them all<br />

equally and am always surprised by the speed of progress<br />

everywhere. There is a never-ending list of places to visit,<br />

that combine the very best of British history with the most<br />

unexpected modern, creative, and artistic surprises along the<br />

way. I love being by the sea, and although I miss the beach<br />

the special nature of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> means we are never<br />

far from the water of the Thames, or Kennet & Avon rivers. It’s<br />

the perfect combo.<br />

For those staying at Lainston House, there is just so<br />

much to explore within the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> local to us. One<br />

night is just never enough and we love welcoming guests<br />

for extended stays to really immerse themselves in the local<br />

area and the experiences we offer within our estate. There’s<br />

nothing better than welcoming guests back to the hotel after<br />

a day out and about and hearing all about what they have<br />

been up to and no doubt the memories they have made.<br />

Please describe your perfect adventure on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong>?<br />

To be honest, anything including two wheels (I am a<br />

fanatical cyclist), my family, a riverbank bike ride, followed<br />

by country pub lunch, bit of afternoon shopping and then<br />

home. Perfect.<br />

Click here to find out more<br />

about becoming a <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Ambassador<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



A look at the highlights and what’s new on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Get Ready to Experience 5-Star Luxury with<br />

Henley Floating Homes!<br />

Henley-on-Thames is about to witness a revolutionary<br />

concept in accommodation with the launch of Henley<br />

Floating Homes. This innovative company is set to<br />

bring a whole new level of luxury living to the town.<br />

The idea was born out of a partnership between two<br />

of Henley-on-Thames' most respected names in the<br />

business world – Hobbs of Henley, a luxury family-run<br />

boat company with over 150 years of experience, and<br />

the award-winning Ecoscape Solutions, a sustainable<br />

landscape design and construction company.<br />

The flagship of the Henley Floating Homes fleet is<br />

'OHSO', a beautifully converted 60ft houseboat that<br />

originally operated in London. The vessel has been<br />

designed to the highest standards and offers luxury<br />

living for up to six people. With three double bedrooms,<br />

a bathroom, a galley, a living and dining area, 'OHSO' is<br />

the epitome of comfort and style. But that's not all; the<br />

houseboat also boasts a rooftop garden complete with<br />

comfortable outdoor furniture and a hot tub, providing<br />

the perfect place to relax and take in the incredible<br />

panoramic river views with a glass of bubbly in hand!<br />

Henley Floating Homes promises to deliver a unique<br />

and unforgettable experience, combining the tranquility<br />

of life on the river with the very best in luxury living.<br />

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, offering<br />

guests an eco-friendly and unforgettable getaway<br />

experience. So, if you're looking for a truly exceptional<br />

way to experience Henley-on-Thames, look no further<br />

than Henley Floating Homes – the future of luxury<br />

living is launching here on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>!<br />

14 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Rework'd project at Dyrham Park<br />

Exciting plans are underway as the Dyrham Park<br />

Rework project aims to restore and revitalise<br />

the house, garden, and parkland to create an<br />

engaging and meaningful journey into the 17th<br />

century. The project includes major works to<br />

re-present the house's interior, a new exhibition,<br />

and a revitalised play area and cafe. There are<br />

also plans to add paths to the parkland, and bring<br />

17th-century elements back to the garden too.<br />

A charming countryside hotel in Wiltshire<br />

Bishopstrow, the Wiltshire-based hotel, is relaunching with<br />

stunning rooms, landscaped grounds, and a farm-to-fork<br />

restaurant, The Garden Grill. The hotel has 34 beautifully<br />

decorated rooms that offer breathtaking views of the<br />

surrounding hills and countryside and the restaurant offers<br />

private dining spaces and al fresco dining domes, which<br />

provide unique and unforgettable dining experiences.<br />

Indulge in an Omakase Sushi Experience<br />

Hurley House Hotel in Berkshire has launched<br />

its new Japanese Omakase Sushi Bar, providing<br />

an exclusive dining experience for up to five<br />

guests. The Head Sushi Chef carefully crafts a<br />

meal for each guest, chosen right in front of<br />

them. The bar is open for two evening sittings<br />

on Fridays and Saturdays, with private sittings<br />

available on Thursdays and Sundays by prior<br />

arrangement. Guests can choose from two<br />

tasting menus, the 12-course Lotus or the<br />

16-course Dragon, with a selection of Japanese<br />

sakes and whiskies available.<br />

Follow the paths through<br />

England’s idyllic countryside,<br />

quaint villages and elegant<br />

towns. You will find our<br />

country's best-kept secrets<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>,<br />

whether it's somewhere<br />

brimming with charm, buzzing<br />

with vitality or shouting its<br />

history from every corner.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 15


Bristol's newest pub with rooms!<br />

Introducing Hort's Townhouse! Experience the<br />

grandeur of this Grade-II listed Young's pub,<br />

now beautifully refurbished into a gorgeous<br />

townhouse. Indulge in seasonal British dishes,<br />

craft beers, and cask ales while relaxing in<br />

vintage leather chairs and booths. The pub's 19<br />

boutique bedrooms offer the perfect place to<br />

rest, with individually designed rooms featuring<br />

comfortable Hypnos beds, rainfall showers, and<br />

a carefully curated mini bar. Located in the heart<br />

of Bristol, Hort's Townhouse is the ideal spot for a<br />

romantic weekend break, family trip or city break<br />

as part of your next <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure.<br />

Rude Giant Brew Co: Crafting Local<br />

Rude Giant Brew Co is a new addition to Wiltshire's<br />

thriving food and drink scene. The brewery's founders,<br />

including Dan Hancock of Immersive Group and Lyall<br />

Dew of Sixpenny Brewery, aim to create beers that<br />

cater to all tastes. The team's focus is on the basics,<br />

using local produce and creativity to produce a curated<br />

list of quaffable drops. Rude Giant beer is currently<br />

supplied to local pubs and restaurants, with plans to<br />

open a tap room and supper clubs in the future.<br />

16 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Looking ahead... The town<br />

of Malmesbury will be<br />

celebrating 'Athelstan 1100'<br />

in 2024. King Athelstan,<br />

the first king of England, is<br />

buried in Malmesbury and<br />

in July 2024 the town will<br />

mark the 1100th anniversary<br />

of him becoming King.<br />

Expect a series of events<br />

from late June, including<br />

large-scale Anglo-Saxon<br />

re-enactments, live<br />

performances around the<br />

Abbey, and archaeology digs<br />

A Luxurious Getaway in Woodstock<br />

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming Blenheim<br />

Palace Lodge Retreat, a joint project from<br />

Darwin Escapes and Blenheim Palace. The<br />

retreat features luxurious lodges designed by<br />

local designer Harriet Lazzeri nestled beside<br />

the historic Blenheim Palace, the birthplace<br />

of Sir Winston Churchill. Nearby, guests can<br />

explore the charming village of Woodstock and<br />

its pubs, restaurants, and museums. The lodge<br />

designs are both modern and respectful of the<br />

palace's heritage. One-bedroom lodges are<br />

priced from £525 a week.<br />

Click here to sign up to our<br />

monthly <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

e-newsletter and stay in the know<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 17


DINING<br />

Our top picks for plant-based menus and delicious<br />

vegan dishes in honour of World Vegan Day and Veganuary<br />

Stretching from London to Bristol, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong> boasts an incredible selection of restaurants,<br />

cafes, and other eateries. Many of these businesses<br />

use local produce where they can, some even<br />

growing their own. All of which work towards producing<br />

quality dishes and all-inclusive dining experiences that<br />

highlight the importance of sustainability. In honour<br />

of World Vegan Day and Veganuary, here are our top<br />

restaurant picks for plant-based menus and delicious<br />

vegan dishes along the route.<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen<br />

Located in the World Heritage City of Bath, Clayton’s<br />

Kitchen is a perennial favourite for local foodies and<br />

travellers. Robert Clayton, Chef Patron since 2012,<br />

creates uncomplicated dishes that explore and showcase<br />

the freshest and very best ingredients. Inspired by<br />

Mediterranean and modern French cuisine, Robert<br />

compliments a range of popular vegan dishes with locally<br />

sourced produce.<br />

Starters include roasted pickled beetroots, tomatillo<br />

soup, a selection of breads with tomato puree and<br />

marinated olives. Main courses range from toasted fregola<br />

pasta with pea and shiitake mushrooms, saffron and<br />

sultana couscous. Desserts include cider brandy parfait,<br />

sorbet, and plant-based ice cream.<br />

Click here to view Clayton's Kitchen vegan menu<br />

18 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


In 2020, more than 400,000 people pledged to try a vegan<br />

lifestyle during January. Both World Vegan Day and Veganuary<br />

aim to promote awareness of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle,<br />

including environmental, health, and animal welfare benefits.<br />

20 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Lainston House - Exclusive Collection<br />

Encapsulated in 63-acres of Hampshire countryside and<br />

within easy reach of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route, escape to the<br />

country with a luxury staycation at Lainston House Hotel.<br />

Step inside their stunning restaurant, The Wellhouse, and<br />

expect immersive eating like no other! Taking inspiration<br />

from the hotel’s impressive kitchen garden as well as produce<br />

from local suppliers, The Wellhouse welcomes hotel guests<br />

and the local community to enjoy an authentic dining<br />

experience where simplicity of woodfired cooking and homegrown<br />

produce come together with the very best of local<br />

field, farm, and forest.<br />

There vegan menu includes delicious dishes from wild<br />

mushroom arancini with chilli jam, to woodfired gnocchi,<br />

spiced tomato, and pickled shallots.<br />

Click here to view The Wellhouse menu<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Set in the gorgeous Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon,<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms offers the very best when it comes to<br />

traditionally British Afternoon Tea, lunches, and light meals.<br />

With delicate bone china, friendly staff in Victorian costumes<br />

and vegan, gluten free and dairy free options available, enjoy<br />

a luxury experience whilst delving into a range of homemade<br />

cakes, pastries, and sandwiches upon your visit.<br />

Click here to view The Afternoon Tea menu<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 21

Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa<br />

Nestled within the idyllic countryside of Wiltshire<br />

is Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa. Focusing on an honest<br />

and authentic dining experience, Bishopstrow’s new<br />

restaurant helps to showcase the very best of British<br />

cuisine, with a strong consideration to sustainability<br />

and fresh produce.<br />

Their culinary philosophy is rooted in the No-Dig<br />

kitchen garden, where fresh produce is cultivated,<br />

forming the foundation of every meal served. With<br />

a focus on locally sourced ingredients and ethical<br />

practices, Bishopstrow’s Restaurant offers a unique<br />

dining experience with an extensive selection of vegan<br />

dishes, celebrating the bounty of the surrounding<br />

countryside.<br />

Main meals include chicory and fig salad, roasted<br />

aubergine and green lentil dahl and winter vegetable<br />

tagine with couscous and mint yoghurt.<br />

Click here to view Bishopstrow's sample menu<br />

Whatley Manor<br />

Set in 12-acres of spectacular gardens, Whatley<br />

Manor offers the perfect getaway in the heart of the<br />

Cotswolds. Their Michelin star restaurant, The Dining<br />

Room, serves a range of incredible plant-based starter<br />

and main course dishes. With a strong focus on carbon<br />

footprint and sustainability all around, The Dining<br />

Room highlights the benefits of local produce through<br />

incredibly tasty and creative meals.<br />

Enjoy a selection of vegan dishes including tomato tart<br />

with pepper and crispy seaweed and beetroot tartar<br />

with lettuce relish.<br />

Click here to view Whatley Manor's Vegan<br />

Sample menu<br />

Click here to find out more<br />

about Sustainable Dining on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

22 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

World Vegan Day helps to bring attention to the benefits of a vegan<br />

lifestyle and is celebrated on 1 November. Veganuary is a charity that<br />

encourages people to try a vegan lifestyle for the month of January.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />




Every British coin produced for the last 1100 years started its life at<br />

The Royal Mint. It’s just a hop and a skip across the Severn Bridge from<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> and a fascinating place to see in action<br />

24 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

The very first coins were made – or minted – in Britain<br />

around the end of the 2nd century BC. An official<br />

Royal Mint was established at the Tower of London<br />

many years later, at the end of the 3rd century. The<br />

move to its current bigger, more modern site in Llantrisant,<br />

near Cardiff, was at the end of the 1960s, and partly<br />

prompted by the move to decimalisation.<br />

Not surprisingly, with the amount of cash (not to<br />

mention gold bullion and some of the world’s rarest coins)<br />

kept here, there are strong security measures in place at the<br />

35-acre site near Cardiff. What is surprising is that the public<br />

are welcomed in to have a look round.<br />

We spoke to Matthew Rose, who has spent years<br />

letting people into the secrets of one of the world’s oldest<br />

companies at The Royal Mint Experience. ‘Many people come<br />

here not knowing what to expect, he says, but they go away<br />

with a real appreciation of the skills and crafts that go into<br />

making every coin. We spend without thinking but these are<br />

like miniature works of art and have so much history behind<br />

them.’<br />

In fact, The Royal Mint makes money for the UK and<br />

some 60 other countries around the world. As well as the<br />

everyday stuff we spend, there are commemorative coins to<br />

mark special events, anniversaries and deserving individuals.<br />

And it’s not just coins either. There are medals that visitors<br />

can see, from those worn by members of the armed forces<br />

to those won at the 2012 Olympic Games medals, and<br />

seals, including the including the <strong>Great</strong> Seal of the Realm,<br />

belonging to the Monarch, and used on important state<br />

papers.<br />

‘We talk about the history of this place on a tour<br />

here’, says Matthew. ‘And we show it, too. We make it as<br />

interactive as possible. It’s not a museum but a working<br />

factory. During the week, visitors can see it in action,<br />

watching the processes from behind a glass screen. Children<br />

love anything shiny – and once they get into the building,<br />

which is itself big and gold, they get to see glimmering coins<br />

shooting off the ‘hoppers’ and being tipped into presses.<br />

Many of them go away from here feeling inspired and start<br />

collecting coins as a hobby.’ (there are details of some of the<br />

most rare and collectable coins on The Royal Mint website).<br />

At weekends, when the factory is closed, guests can go<br />

behind the screen and walk the factory floor, seeing the<br />

machinery up close. It’s a different experience – many people<br />

come back twice to see both.’<br />

The Coronation – and its aftermath – have been a<br />

particularly exciting time here. ‘On the night before the<br />

Coronation itself’, says Matthew, ‘we opened up for 24<br />

hours, with tours every 20 minutes. We streamed the<br />

ceremony onto big screens so that guests could go on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


tour then watch the Coronation in this iconic place.<br />

‘Since then we have had the pleasure of producing the<br />

new coins which feature the portrait of King Charles III (as<br />

well as Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side), which will<br />

gradually replace all older coins.’ Once upon a time, before<br />

the days of television and newspapers, these portraits whre<br />

the only way that most people would ever get to see their<br />

monarch. Since the 17th century the tradition has been<br />

for each monarch faces the opposite way to that of their<br />

predecessor.<br />

A new temporarary exhibition, built to celebrate the<br />

Coronation, features a coin from every monarch from<br />

William and Conqueror to King Charles III. A mock-up of<br />

Wetminster Abbey, includes a throne on which visitors can<br />

sit for a photo – a lovely take away from a visit.<br />

Another great souvenir is a coin that you have struck<br />

yourself. Designs vary throughout the year. As we go to press,<br />

for example, a commemorative coin celebrating Lord of the<br />

Rings and The Hobbit author JRR Tolkien is being offered.<br />

So, what can we look forward to this Autumn and Winter<br />

at The Royal Mint? There are regular events and workshops,<br />

particularly over the school holidays, such as the Creepy<br />

Critters Halloween workshops, which aim to teach children<br />

about the benefits of bugs in our environment.<br />

Probably the highlight of the year, however, is The Royal<br />

Mint Christmas Experience. ‘It’s magical’, says Matthew.<br />

‘Everything is covered in snow – we bring in a special<br />

effects company to do it - plus there are 25 foot high<br />

Christmas trees and lights twinkling all around. Our usual<br />

tour becomes entirely Christmas themed, with the factory<br />

floor transformed into Santa’s grotto. The tour starts in the<br />

gingerbread room and moves through the sorting office<br />

(where children can post their wish lists). Children then get<br />

to meet Santa and learn about the what the elves do. They<br />

also learn about the tradition of using coins at Christmas –<br />

children receiving them in their stockings and parents putting<br />

a sixpence in the Christmas pudding. A present from Santa<br />

ensures every child goes home with a smile on their face.’<br />

It seems that any time is a good time to visit The Royal<br />

Mint. And, while you’re waiting, look a bit more closely at<br />

that handful of coins you receive. You never know what they<br />

might be worth!.<br />

26 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Regally good experiences on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>...<br />

There are plenty of royal hotspots along the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route. Here are some of our favourites…<br />

▶ King Charles III Coronation Walking Tour, London<br />

Get the inside gen on the Coronation and all things<br />

royal. The two-hour walk includes all the usual<br />

suspects (like Buckingham Palace and St James’),<br />

along with lesser-known delights, like the Queen’s<br />

favourite off licence and Prince Phillip’s barbers.<br />

goldentours.com<br />

▶ Windsor Castle, Berkshire<br />

It’s been home (and occasional wedding venue) to<br />

British Kings and Queens for over 900 years. When<br />

you’ve seen it, try the new Coronation beer and take a<br />

tour of the Windsor & Eton brewery where it’s made.<br />

webrew.co.uk<br />

▶ <strong>Great</strong> Royal Gardens Afternoon Tea, Berkshire<br />

Cliveden, which has entertained every monarch since<br />

King George I, is celebrating Coronation year with a<br />

special afternoon tea. It includes produce from the<br />

Sandringham Estate and sweet treats inspired by<br />

flowers grown in the King’s royal gardens.<br />

clivedenhouse.co.uk<br />

▶ Highgrove House & Gardens, Gloucestershire<br />

The former home, and still a favourite retreat, of King<br />

Charles III, is not open to the public. However, the<br />

15 acres of organic gardens, including rare trees and<br />

plants, designed by him are.<br />

highgrovegardens.com.<br />

▶ The Polly tea Rooms, Wiltshire<br />

Stop for a cup of tea and slice of cake where the<br />

Princess of Wales used to do the same with friends,<br />

while studying at nearby Marlborough College.<br />

thepollytearooms.com<br />

▶ The Old Bakery, Highworth<br />

Enjoy a delicious cream tea in this traditional café<br />

located in the heart of Wiltshire's Highest Town.<br />

Highworth is an ancient hill top market town situated<br />

on the edge of the Cotswolds only four miles from the<br />

River Thames and close to Swindon.<br />

visithighworth.co.uk<br />

▶ Victoria Art Gallery, Bath<br />

Ogle art at this gallery, which opened in 1900 in<br />

celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.<br />

Exhibitions regularly change and feature artists and<br />

designers both well-known and up and coming.<br />

victoriagal.co.uk<br />

▶ Thornbury Castle, near Bristol<br />

Have a sleepover in Thornbury Castle's Henry VIII<br />

Suite, where the king and his wife, Anne Boleyn<br />

stayed for 10 days in 1535.<br />

thornburycastle.co.uk<br />

Click here to find out more<br />

about the museums on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



ROYAL<br />


It may seem surprising, but the town of Windsor is considerably<br />

older than the castle. It dates from the 7th century with royal ownership<br />

probably from the 9th century. Eton sits on the opposite bank of the<br />

River Thames from Windsor and is connected by a footbridge. It is most<br />

well-known for its famous public school, Eton College<br />

If you're looking for a day trip outside of London at the east<br />

of The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route, a visit to the Royal Borough<br />

of Windsor and Maidenhead is a must. This historic town<br />

is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in British<br />

history, including Windsor Castle, the residence of the<br />

monarch for over 900 years.<br />

In this article, we'll guide you through a day of exploring<br />

Royal Windsor, from the Castle and its State Apartments to<br />

the Royal Farms Windsor Farm Shop and The Savill Garden.<br />

iconic fortress has been the residence of British monarchs for<br />

over 900 years.<br />

The Castle has been expanded and renovated over the<br />

centuries, with each monarch adding their own unique touch.<br />


Designed to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee<br />

in 1897, the Windsor Royal Station is a stunning example<br />

of Victorian architecture. Today, it is a shopper's paradise,<br />

with a wide range of shops and restaurants to choose from.<br />

The Station is located opposite Windsor Castle, making it<br />

the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat or some souvenir<br />

shopping.<br />


No visit to Royal Windsor is complete without a trip to<br />

Windsor Castle. Built by William the Conqueror in 1070, this<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


‘The Savill Garden is a 35-acre<br />

garden... a riot of colour and<br />

texture, with stunning herbaceous<br />

borders and a wide<br />

range of plants and flowers.’<br />


The Savill Garden is a 35-acre garden located in Windsor<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Park. It was developed by Sir Eric Savill in 1932, with<br />

permission from Queen Mary. The Garden is a riot of colour<br />

and texture, with stunning herbaceous borders and a wide<br />

range of plants and flowers. Visitors can also enjoy a prebooked<br />

lunch or tea in the Savill Building.<br />


The Long Walk is a historic route that stretches from Windsor<br />

Castle to Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park. It was laid out by Charles II in<br />

1685 and is still used for ceremonial events today. The Walk<br />

is a beautiful way to explore the town, with stunning views of<br />

the Castle and its surrounding landscape.<br />

Today, it is a stunning example of British architecture and<br />

history, and is open to the public for tours.<br />

One of the highlights of a visit to Windsor Castle is the<br />

State Apartments. These regal rooms are adorned with<br />

exquisite works of art and Old Master paintings, including<br />

pieces by Rembrandt and Rubens. The Apartments also house<br />

Queen Mary's Dolls' House, a masterpiece in miniature that is<br />

a must-see for anyone visiting the Castle.<br />

St. George's Chapel is another highlight of Windsor Castle.<br />

This stunning chapel has been the site of many royal weddings,<br />

including that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is also<br />

the final resting place of 39 British monarchs, including Henry<br />

VIII, Charles II and Queen Elizabeth II.<br />


Dating back to 1690, the Windsor Guildhall is a historic<br />

venue that has been used for countless weddings and civic<br />

ceremonies over the centuries. It was chosen by Prince<br />

Charles for his wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles and by<br />

Sir Elton John for his civil partnership. Today, it houses<br />

the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum and the Tourist<br />

Information Centre.<br />



The Royal Farms Windsor Farm Shop is a must-visit for<br />

foodies. The Duke of Edinburgh came up with the idea of<br />

selling high-quality goods from the Royal Estates and other<br />

small local suppliers in 2001. Today, the Farm Shop is a<br />

popular destination for food lovers, with a wide range of<br />

edible souvenirs to choose from. Coaches are welcome to<br />

pull in, and passengers can enjoy tea in the Coffee Shop.<br />


Frogmore House is a royal retreat that has been used by the<br />

Royal Family for over 300 years. Today, it is used for private<br />

entertaining and is open to the public in August. Visitors can<br />

explore the stunning gardens and learn about the history of<br />

this iconic royal residence.<br />


The Theatre Royal is a beautiful Edwardian theater that has<br />

been a cultural hub in the town for over 200 years. Visitors<br />

can enjoy a play, comedy, or a Christmas pantomime,<br />

making it the perfect way to round off a day of exploring<br />

Royal Windsor. In conclusion, a day in Royal Windsor is a<br />

must-visit for anyone interested in British history, culture, and<br />

royalty. From the iconic Windsor Castle to the Royal Farms<br />

Windsor Farm Shop, there is something for everyone in this<br />

beautiful town.<br />

30 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Discover<br />

Chippenham<br />

A flourishing & lively market town.<br />

Arts, culture, heritage, events,<br />

and activities.<br />

Purple Flag status for nightlife.<br />

Green Flag in John Coles Park<br />

& Monkton Park.<br />

www.chippenham.gov.uk<br />

Against the backdrop<br />

of a renowned collection<br />

experience critically acclaimed<br />

exhibitions of historical and<br />

contemporary art, lectures,<br />

concerts, workshops and<br />

events or indulge in our<br />

Garden Café.<br />

DON’T MISS<br />

Lucie Rie: The Adventure of Pottery<br />

14 July 2023 to 7 January 2024<br />

Sarah Biffin<br />

18 September 2023 to 14 January 2024<br />

Gwen John: Art and Life in London and Paris<br />

21 October 2023 to 14 April 2024<br />

The Holburne (aka Lady Danbury’s house in<br />

George Shaw<br />

Netflix’s popular Bridgerton) is one of the UK’s<br />

best loved A Corner independent of a Foreign museums. Field As well as<br />

housing Édouard a wonderful Vuillard and eclectic collection, it<br />

presents The world-class Poetry of exhibitions the Everyday of historical and<br />

contemporary art and a dynamic programme of<br />

Lauren Child<br />

creative activities and events for all ages.<br />

Located The at the Art end of of Illustration the majestic <strong>Great</strong><br />

Pulteney Rembrandt Street, with a fantastic café and<br />

gardens, A it’s Life a must in Print see for any visit to Bath.<br />

2019 HIGHLIGHTS<br />

Henri Matisse<br />

Master of Line<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB<br />

www.holburne.org<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB<br />



BEYOND<br />

Visiting Eton is a truly unique experience that boasts a rich<br />

heritage and a variety of exciting things to explore. On the<br />

second day of your trip, you can take a leisurely stroll along<br />

the Eton Walkway, which is a circular walking tour that<br />

connects 18 points of interest celebrating Eton's rich history.<br />

The tour covers a total of 2 miles and there are free guides<br />

available from the Visitor Information Centre, making it an<br />

ideal way to explore the area.<br />

One of the highlights of the Eton Walkway is the Red<br />

Post Box located on Eton High Street. This rare pillar box<br />

dates back to 1856 and is still in use today. Its vertical slot<br />

for posting and fluted Doric decoration is where the name<br />

"pillar" came from. Interestingly, Eton was also the first<br />

village in England to have a post office.<br />

Another must-see attraction in Eton is the Herschel<br />

Observatory. Sir William Herschel, King George III's<br />

astronomer, lived in Datchet, Old Windsor, and Slough. He<br />

correctly described the spiral structure of our Milky <strong>Way</strong><br />

Galaxy and the observatory is a fascinating insight into his<br />

work.<br />

If you have some spare time, consider visiting Dorney<br />

Court in Dorney. The Palmer family has owned the estate<br />

for over 600 years, passing it down from father to son.<br />

The Grade 1 listed building is a stunning example of Tudor<br />

architecture and private group visits are available for up to<br />

60 people.<br />

For a unique experience, take a French Brothers Lunch<br />

or Afternoon Tea Cruise to Maidenhead and visit the<br />

Maidenhead Heritage Centre. The centre boasts an amazing<br />

Spitfire flight simulator, which is sure to delight aviation<br />

enthusiasts.<br />

Eton and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of history<br />

and culture to explore. With so much to see and do, it's no<br />

wonder that visitors return time and time again. Plan your<br />

trip today and discover the wonders of Eton for yourself?<br />

Click here to find out more<br />

about visiting Windsor on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

32 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


ROUTE:<br />

The Queen’s Walkway<br />

This two hour walking<br />

route was created to mark<br />

the occasion of The Queen<br />

becoming Britain’s longest<br />

reigning monarch and was<br />

opened by The Queen on her<br />

90th birthday. It is a symbolic<br />

6.373km long for the 63<br />

years, 7 months and 3 days<br />

and links 63 of Windsor’s best<br />

attractions, features and views.<br />


If you’re based in London,<br />

head over to Victoria for a<br />

nostalgic day out by steam<br />

train on The Royal Windsor<br />

Steam Express or combine<br />

with a French Brothers Royal<br />

Steamboat Voyage along the<br />

River Thames through the<br />

“back garden” of Windsor<br />

Castle.<br />


Frogmore House –<br />

Surrounded by gardens, the<br />

house (1680s) was purchased<br />

for Queen Charlotte in 1792.<br />

She laid out the garden with<br />

many rare and unusual plants.<br />

Windsor Castle – Fire and<br />

Restoration: Learn<br />

more about this devastating<br />

event and the castle’s<br />

restoration.<br />

Platinum Jubilee: The<br />

Queen’s Coronation. Book<br />

an Exclusive Evening Tour, a<br />

behind the ropes experience in<br />

the State Apartments.<br />


Windsor<br />

Windsor Grill – Famous for its Beef, a<br />

short stroll from the Castle.<br />

Patch on the Plaza – al fresco bar and<br />

restaurant close to Windsor & Eton station.<br />

Eton<br />

Côte Brasserie – relaxed dining<br />

with views over the river.<br />

Gilbeys Bar & Restaurant – Serves a<br />

‘Modern British’ menu.<br />

The Eton Mess – restaurant and bar in<br />

the centre of Eton<br />

The Flaming Cow – American style diner<br />

restaurant.<br />


In Windsor<br />

Castle Hotel – Georgian boutique<br />

premium hotel, opposite the castle, with a<br />

rich and fascinating history.<br />

Macdonald Windsor Hotel – Two<br />

minutes walk from the Castle with 120<br />

luxury contemporary bedrooms.<br />

Nearby<br />

Fairmont Windsor Park – beautiful<br />

hotelset in the English countryside where<br />

historyand elegance merge.<br />

Holiday Inn Express T5 Heathrow – just<br />

off the M4 motorway, with easy access to<br />

London and Windsor.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />





The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> showcases some of the most beautiful<br />

landscapes, historic sites, and cultural experiences that England<br />

has to offer. But did you know there are a plethora of unexpected<br />

historic places, including three World Heritage UNESCO Sites<br />

recognised for their cultural and historical significance too?<br />

T<br />

he <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is home to several World<br />

Heritage Sites, each with its unique charm and<br />

significance. From the prehistoric monument of<br />

Stonehenge, which dates back to 3000 BC, to<br />

the picturesque city of Bath, famous for its Roman Baths<br />

and Georgian architecture, there is no shortage of historic<br />

landmarks to explore.<br />

There are no less than 3 UNESCO World Heritage<br />

Sites to explore: Kew Gardens, Stonehenge and Avebury<br />

and Bath - as well as nearby Blenheim Palace, the<br />

birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill as well as many other<br />

notable sites steeped in history and offering a glimpse<br />

into the country's rich cultural heritage.<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> tells the story of England<br />

back to its earliest inhabitants, learn more at these key<br />

attractions.<br />


These enigmatic stones together form one of the UK’s<br />

first ever UNESCO World Heritage sites. Stonehenge is<br />

the more sophisticated build of the two, while Avebury<br />

- a 40-minute drive away - is the largest. Since their<br />

curious arrangement dates back to prehistoric times,<br />

there is a lot about them that remains mysterious,<br />

encouraging everyone from film directors to conspiracy<br />

theorists to fill in the gaps. (Some have even supposed<br />

they were the work of giants). The best way to<br />

experience them today is alongside the Pagan pilgrims<br />

who gather there to worship the rising and setting of the<br />

sun on both the summer and winter solstice.<br />


Get a handle on Britain’s royal heritage, and its influence<br />

on life in Britain today, at Hampton Court Palace.<br />

Exploring its <strong>Great</strong> Hall, Tudor Kitchens and Haunted<br />

Gallery you’ll discover stories of romance, religion,<br />

power and death. As the former home of Henry VIII -<br />

you may already have an inkling for some of these tales.<br />

For a sweet treat, pop into the Chocolate Kitchen, where<br />

King George I’s personal chocolate maker, Thomas<br />

Tosier, would have made luxurious blends of hot<br />

chocolate infused with sugar and spices.<br />

34 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


As well as having been a medieval monastery, an<br />

elegant Renaissance-style home and a Harry Potter<br />

film set, Lacock Abbey was also the birthplace of<br />

photography. You can stand in the very spot, in the<br />

South Gallery, where William Henry Fox Talbot took<br />

what is believed to be the first photographic negative<br />

in 1835. Visit the Fox Talbot Museum to find out more<br />

about the Victorian pioneer and chart the history<br />

of photography from then to the present day, when<br />

snapping pictures on our smartphones is just part of<br />

everyday life.<br />

Good to know: the village of Lacock provides a<br />

beautiful backdrop if you feel inspired to make some<br />

images of your own.<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> offers an idyllic introduction to<br />

rural life in England. Reading’s fantastic free museum<br />

provides some context for it all, with displays on<br />

everything farming from tractors to teapots, and some<br />

enchanting folk artefacts.The ‘A Year on the Farm’<br />

exhibition looks at farming over the past 200 years,<br />

and how it has been guided by our demand for food as<br />

well as the seasons. See if you can spot the shepherd’s<br />

crook, which says on it: ‘Carved by a Poor Shepherd in<br />

the years 1844 to 1849’.<br />


If you only see one Neolithic Long Barrow - let it be<br />

<strong>West</strong> Kennet Long Barrow. For those unfamiliar with<br />

36 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

such sights, a long barrow is a burial chamber. This one (free to enter) is<br />

thought to have been built in 3650 BC, which really boggles the mind<br />

as you wander inside its chalky chambers. The remains of more than<br />

46 people were discovered here, alongside pottery, beads and other<br />

treasures for the journey to the afterlife. Find out more at the nearby<br />

Alexander Keiller Museum.<br />


Just a 6-minute drive from <strong>West</strong> Kennet Long Barrow you’ll find Silbury<br />

Hill - the largest artificial mound in Europe at 30 metres high. Despite its<br />

undeniable presence, it contains no burials, as might be expected, and<br />

archaeologists can only guess as to what its purpose might have been<br />

when it was created, around 2400 BC. Have a look for yourself and see<br />

what you can come up with - half the fun is letting your imagination run<br />

wild. Did you know? It’s thought Silbury Hill would have taken 4 million<br />

hours - gradually, by many people over time - to construct.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



This icon of Bristol took 33 years to complete, and is referred to as Isambard Kingdom<br />

Brunel’s first love. Dramatically suspended across the Avon Gorge, it makes for<br />

marvellous pictures at any time of day. Head up to the Clifton Observatory for the<br />

best views. At the Visitor Centre you can learn about the competition to find a winning<br />

design. You can also join a free guided tour, for a unique insight into the history of the<br />

bridge or get tickets for one of their special Hard Hat tours, where you’ll don a high-vis<br />

jacket and head inside one of the bridge’s atmospheric abutments.<br />


Another of the top places to visit in Bristol happens to be another of Brunel’s feats - the<br />

world’s first great passenger ship. Stepping aboard the SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain is more like<br />

stepping back in time, as you proceed through reconstructions of the ship’s cabins and<br />

get to dress up as one of the passengers. If you want to step into the shoes of a sailor<br />

of the time, dare to Go Aloft! and scale the rigging - 25m above ground. As a key figure<br />

in Britain’s Industrial Revolution, Brunel is also the subject of a new museum on site:<br />

Being Brunel. There you’ll have the chance to enter the engineering great’s dining room<br />

at 18 Duke Street, his Dock Office and even his mind.<br />

38 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

BATH<br />

As an UNESCO World Heritage city, Bath is full of mustvisit<br />

historic sites. From the Romans who established<br />

the spa town to the Georgians and their elegant urban<br />

planning, emphasising the natural landscape, each<br />

pristine street reveals more about England’s history.<br />

First, head to the steamy Roman Baths, where you may<br />

even come face-to-face with a real Roman. Then behold<br />

the golden beauty of its neoclassical Palladian crescents,<br />

picturesque green spaces, fine views and ornate social<br />

spaces such as the Pump Room and the Assembly<br />

Rooms. And finally there’s medieval Bath Abbey, with its<br />

distinctive ladders of angels enticing you in.<br />


Located in the heart of the city, the Bath World<br />

Heritage Centre is a must-visit for anyone interested in<br />

history, architecture, or culture. The center is housed<br />

in a beautiful Georgian building and offers a range<br />

of exhibits and displays that explore the history and<br />

significance of Bath as a World Heritage Site.<br />


The story of Windsor Castle goes back to the origins<br />

of England as we know it. William the Conqueror first<br />

ordered its construction, then in timber, around 1070,<br />

after defeating King Harold at the Battle of Hastings.<br />

Its location so close to London, in view of the Thames,<br />

made it the perfect spot for a new king. Although he<br />

never spoke English, he introduced many French and<br />

Latin words to the language, and his administration<br />

is thought to have had a profound impact on making<br />

Britain a world power. His direct descendent - Queen<br />

Elizabeth II - spent most weekends here with her family.<br />

You can visit the State Apartments, watch the Changing<br />

of the Guard and visit St George’s Chapel, where Prince<br />

Harry married Meghan Markle, and Queen Elizabeth II<br />

was laid to rest beside her husband Prince Philip.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Tucked away in the Hampshire countryside alongside<br />

the peaceful River Test is the oldest silk mill that is still<br />

weaving silk in its original building. Whitchurch Silk Mill is<br />

a gem of Britain’s industrial heritage in the centre of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Visitors can explore a beautiful Georgian<br />

water mill with impressive Victorian machinery that is<br />

still in use today to spin glorious, colourful silks.<br />


Motoring enthusiasts will love the Atwell-Wilson Motor<br />

Museum, located near the welcoming and historic<br />

Wiltshire town of Calne. Home to a fascinating collection<br />

of vintage and classic cars as well as a collection of<br />

motorcycles, mopeds and push bikes, the museum makes<br />

an interesting and unusual stopping-off point along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />


You may well have already visited some grand historic<br />

houses belonging to England's aristocracy and royalty.<br />

But this unusual historic site is something rarer - a chance<br />

to visit a 17th century house lived in by a middle-class<br />

merchant family. The Merchant's House in Marlborough<br />

belonged to Thomas Bayly and was built following the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Fire of Marlborough in 1653, featuring wood<br />

panelling, brilliant wall paintings and a commanding oak<br />

staircase.<br />


Elegantly spanning a Somerset valley and surrounded by<br />

picturesque green countryside, Dundas Aqueduct carries<br />

the Kennet and Avon Canal across both the River Avon<br />

and the local railway. A Scheduled Ancient Monument,<br />

the aqueduct dates back to 1810 and is an impressive<br />

testament to the masterful engineering that allowed the<br />

construction of the canal.<br />


All Saints Church in the Wiltshire village of Alton Priors<br />

may look like a traditional, historic village church, but<br />

hides a fascinating secret. Within the church, a mysterious<br />

trapdoor conceals a buried stone of the same kind used<br />

in the construction of the ancient stone circles at Avebury<br />

and Stonehenge. The significance of this buried sarsen<br />

stone is unknown. The church itself includes Norman,<br />

Medieval and 19th-century elements and there is a yew<br />

tree in the churchyard which is said to be 1700 years old.<br />

40 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Maidenhead Heritage Centre explores the history of the Berkshire town<br />

of Maidenhead by telling the stories of its river, roads and railway. The<br />

centre's spitfire simulator is one of the most unusual historic experiences<br />

on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Experience for yourself what it must have been<br />

like for a 1940s spitfire pilot in an authentic simulator with replica flight<br />

controls and wide screen pilot view.<br />

Click here to find out more about<br />

exploring the must visit historic<br />

sites on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />





Whether you wish to journey through stunning<br />

countryside or historic cities, discover iconic sites or<br />

hidden gems, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass<br />

allows you to venture across the full extent of this<br />

500-mile touring route with ease...<br />

With unlimited off-peak<br />

train and bus travel for<br />

domestic users and<br />

access to both off-peak<br />

and peak travel for<br />

internationals, the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer<br />

Pass is your ticket to exploring<br />

London, Bristol and<br />

everywhere in between!<br />

1<br />

WAKE THE<br />

TIGER<br />

Head just 20<br />

minutes-walk from<br />

Bristol's Temple<br />

Meads Station to the<br />

world’s first Amazement Park!<br />

Wake the Tiger welcomes<br />

you to enter its portal into<br />

the parallel world of Meridia,<br />

27 unique spaces featuring<br />

fascinating art displays,<br />

each exploring themes of<br />

connection, innovation,<br />

inspiration, and discovery.<br />

42 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

2<br />



Surrounded by the beautiful parkland at<br />

College Green, in the <strong>West</strong> End of the city,<br />

is Bristol’s historic Cathedral. Free to enter<br />

and open all year round, Bristol Cathedral<br />

showcases a unique display of British and European<br />

architecture, particularly at the Eastern end. The Nave,<br />

Choir and Aisles are all the same height, making Bristol<br />

Cathedral a major example of a hall church and one of<br />

the finest to be found anywhere in the world!. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


3<br />


Head north from Bath Spa Railway station, just a<br />

20-minute walk through the city streets, and you will<br />

reach the world-famous Royal Crescent. Built between<br />

1767 and 1774, the Royal Crescent is considered one<br />

of the finest achievements of 18th Century urban architecture,<br />

representing the highest point of Palladian architecture in the city.<br />

Head to No.1 Royal Crescent to see what life was like for the<br />

wealthy and their servants as you wonder through the rooms,<br />

displaying original interior design with authentic furniture,<br />

paintings, and carpets.<br />

4<br />


In the heart of the city and you will also find the famous<br />

Roman Baths. Upon entering the museum, discover more<br />

about the original bathing complex as you explore a huge<br />

collection of artifacts and ruins from 70 AD including the<br />

great Roman temple of Sulis Minerva. Plus, don't miss Pulteney<br />

Bridge, surrounded by luscious greenery and the city’s staple Bath<br />

Stone. Head across the bridge for fantastic views of the river Avon<br />

as it forms a horseshoe of tiered water at the Weir. →<br />

44 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Explore<br />

ancient baths<br />

and<br />

sacred springs<br />

in the heart of<br />

Georgian Bath<br />

www.romanbaths.co.uk<br />

Booking online is advisable

5<br />


Part of the Windsor Estate, Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park showcases<br />

a magnificent display of forests, gardens, monuments,<br />

and lakes. Spanning over 4,800-acres, this ancient Royal<br />

landscape provides the perfect location for sunny walks<br />

and family picnics.<br />

6<br />


To really experience quintessential English countryside,<br />

head down to Vale of Pewsey in the heart of North<br />

Wessex Downs AONB. Here you will have a chance to<br />

spot one of Wiltshire’s famous white horses, as well as<br />

other popular attractions including Wilton Windmill and Crofton<br />

Beam Engines along the Kennet and Avon Canal.<br />

46 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

7<br />


Embark on a journey to the historical market<br />

town of Chippenham, one of the <strong>West</strong><br />

Country’s most vibrant towns and the ideal<br />

location for relaxation and exploration of<br />

rural Wiltshire. Just a short drive from Bath and the<br />

Cotswolds, Chippenham offers the perfect pitstop<br />

for visitors to explore its lively market town, pretty<br />

parkland and walking trails along the river Avon. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


8<br />


Hop off the train or bus in Reading and be prepared to<br />

be amazed by the history and cultural offering. Visit<br />

the Museum of English Rural Life for an insight into the<br />

rich history of rural life in England. 20 minutes walk<br />

away and you reach The Abbey Quarter which encompasses the<br />

former grounds of Reading Abbey. It includes the Abbey Ruins,<br />

the Abbey Gateway, Reading Gaol, the Forbury Gardens and the<br />

surrounding area including Reading Museum. The Abbey Ruins<br />

are a magnificent example of medieval architecture. Reading is<br />

a city full of hidden gems, from lovely cafes to delightful parks.<br />

It is highly recommended to take some time to explore the area<br />

and discover all that it has to offer.<br />

9<br />


Make the most of your journey through the eastern part<br />

of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> with a unique boat trip across<br />

the river Thames with Hobbs of Henley. Explore peaceful<br />

paths as you meander your way through Henley and<br />

its surrounding famous riverside towns. Hobbs of Henley is a<br />

family-run business that offers river experiences. Established in<br />

1870, Hobbs of Henley has been providing boat hire, river trips,<br />

and cruises along the River Thames for over 150 years. They offer<br />

a range of services including self-drive boat hire, chauffeured river<br />

trips, party boats, and corporate events.<br />

10<br />




If you're looking to visit Stonehenge it is easy to<br />

get there from Salisbury on the Stonehenge Tour<br />

bus – it runs from Salisbury to Stonehenge, with<br />

departures every hour during the summer season and every<br />

two hours during the winter season. The journey takes around<br />

30 minutes each way, and tickets can be purchased online or<br />

at the Salisbury bus station. Another option is to take the train<br />

from Salisbury to the nearby town of Amesbury, which is about<br />

3 miles from Stonehenge. From Amesbury, you can either walk<br />

to Stonehenge (which takes about an hour) or take a taxi or bus<br />

from the town. There are regular train services from Salisbury<br />

to Amesbury, with journey times of around 10 minutes. The<br />

Stonehenge Tour bus and train to Amesbury are both convenient<br />

options for those with a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass looking<br />

to visit this iconic prehistoric monument as part of their journey.<br />

48 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Tour buses<br />

depart regularly<br />

from<br />

Salisbury<br />

City Centre<br />

& Salisbury<br />

Railway Station<br />

experience the<br />

magical & mysterious<br />

with our<br />

onboard commentary<br />

as we guide you through the glorious landscape.<br />

Available in 10 languages<br />

Photo- English Heritage<br />

Tickets can be<br />

bought from<br />

the driver with<br />

cash<br />

or<br />

contactless<br />

or<br />

download<br />

the Salisbury Reds<br />

app<br />

seasonal prices apply<br />

as set by English<br />

Heritage<br />

thestonehengetour.info<br />

Bradford on Avon<br />

is perfectly set in the<br />

dramatic Avon valley<br />

in Wiltshire and only<br />

a few miles from the<br />

World Heritage City of Bath; it is<br />

a combination of river, canal and<br />

architecture of true character.<br />

From small weavers’ cottage to<br />

grand clothiers’ houses; handsome<br />

public buildings, medieval barns,<br />

ancient places of worship and<br />

meandering alleyways making it<br />

the perfect place to explore!<br />

Explore BoA visitor centre: 01225 864240<br />

www.bradfordonavon.co.uk<br />

eboa ad <strong>09</strong>1219.indd 1 <strong>09</strong>/12/2019 12:45



CANAL<br />

Passing through countryside, market towns and picturesque villages,<br />

the waterways looked after by the Canal and River Trust offer an<br />

abundance of natural beauty and heritage. Embark on your own<br />

journey of the Kennet and Avon Canal making the most of eco-travel<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> with a trip by bike or on foot this season<br />

Explore the stunning scenery and Areas of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty of the Kennet & Avon Canal, a<br />

wonderful way to travel along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

The Kennet & Avon Canal map will be your perfect<br />

guide for your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> journey, looked after by the<br />

Canal & River Trust, the UK's largest waterways charity.<br />

Whether you choose to explore by narrowboat, bike, or<br />

on foot, slow down and enjoy all 87 miles of the canal as<br />

part of your adventure. You could hire a bike and cycle along<br />

the towpath or take a walk to get close to nature. You can<br />

also canoe, kayak, or book one of the numerous boat trips.<br />

Passing through countryside, market towns, and picturesque<br />

villages, the canal offers an abundance of natural beauty,<br />

fascinating wildlife, outstanding canal structures, fabulous<br />

vistas, and heritage galore.<br />

Take a look at our Kennet & Avon map to find out<br />

everything you need to know about visiting the canal.<br />

Boating on the Kennet & Avon Canal gently recalibrates<br />

your busy everyday life, with golden sun on tranquil waters<br />

and fascinating wildlife all around. For those who prefer to<br />

stay on land, picnicking and walking or cycling the towpath<br />

surrounded by summertime damselflies, butterflies, and<br />

birdsong is a relaxing way to enjoy the canal. You can stop<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 51

‘...the famous Caen Hill Lock Flight in Devizes is a real wow –<br />

look up from the bottom of the 16 locks that form the main ‘<br />

staircase’ – now that’s one way to get boats to travel uphill.’<br />

at one of the many canalside cafes and pubs, and enjoy<br />

the quiet spots such as Honeystreet, charming Bradford on<br />

Avon, and bustling Newbury along the way.<br />

The canal opened for business in 1810, and many of its<br />

buildings date from then or earlier. You will pass wonderful<br />

structures of a bygone age, like Avoncliff Aqueduct and<br />

Dundas Aqueduct. For those of you who like technology,<br />

Crofton and Claverton pumping stations provide ingenious<br />

solutions for replenishing the canal with water. Of course,<br />

the famous Caen Hill Lock Flight in Devizes is a real wow<br />

– look up from the bottom of the 16 locks that form the<br />

main ‘staircase’ – now that’s one way to get boats to travel<br />

uphill!<br />

The Kennet and Avon Canal passes through several<br />

towns and cities along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, offering great<br />

opportunities to discover more of historic England with<br />

famous landmarks just a short distance away. You can<br />

explore the Vale of Pewsey, Devizes, Bradford on Avon,<br />

Bristol, and Reading, each with their unique attractions.<br />

Whether you choose to embark on a boat trip upstream or<br />

cycle with the family along the water's edge, there is plenty<br />

to explore across this ribbon of beauty.<br />


The Kennet and Avon Canal passes through several towns<br />

and cities along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, offering great<br />

opportunities to discover more of historic England with<br />

famous landmarks just a short distance away.<br />

52 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Forming the western extent of the North Wessex Downs<br />

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Vale of Pewsey<br />

showcases some of the most picturesque scenes along the<br />

canal. With settlements dating back to 3000 BC, the Vale of<br />

Pewsey boasts a rich and interesting history with plenty to<br />

discover along its walking routes.<br />


Host to one of the most famous landmarks along the Kennet<br />

and Avon Canal, Devizes is Wiltshire’s historic market town<br />

with plenty to explore within its Medieval past. Whether<br />

by narrowboat or on foot, be sure to pass through the Caen<br />

Hill flight, a triumph of Georgian engineering with 29 locks<br />

stretching over 2 miles!<br />


Bradford on Avon features two waterways, with the river<br />

Avon merging into the Kennet and Avon canal. Situated on<br />

Bath’s doorstep and on the edge of the Cotswolds AONB, this<br />

picturesque town offers plenty, with a range of independent<br />

stores, restaurants and historic features throughout.<br />


Tour the far west parts of the Kennet and Avon Canal, and<br />

you will reach the vibrant city of Bristol. This cultural and<br />

historic city boasts a range of iconic landmarks with its rich<br />

maritime heritage, including Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain and<br />

Clifton Suspension Bridge. Home to world-renowned graffiti<br />

artist, Banksy, be sure to browse Bristol’s colourful streets as<br />

its walls are filled with the well-known pieces.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


‘Perfect for both long and short walks, the<br />

Kennet and Avon Canal towpath allows<br />

individuals to embark on a flexible journey,<br />

taking in all that’s around them with ease.’<br />


On the other end of the Kennet and Avon Canal is the modern<br />

city of Reading. Located between the river Thames and the<br />

Kennet, Reading offers both the excitement of a modern city,<br />

with a slice of English heritage. Stroll along the Kennet to<br />

find stunning parkland, an array of independent shops and<br />

historical landmarks such as the impressive Abbey Ruins.<br />



For a unique and historical experience along the Kennet and<br />

Avon Canal, be sure to book a Horse-drawn boat trip with<br />

Kennet Horse Boat Company. Environmentally friendly and<br />

with very few left in the UK, these horse-drawn barges offer<br />

enjoyable experiences while keeping England’s 19th Century<br />

heritage well and truly alive.<br />


For scenic routes along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, a cycle ride on<br />

the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath is one not to miss! Enjoy<br />

easy terrain, ideal for all ages, as you get close to nature this<br />

year. Alternatively, you can focus on the busier routes by<br />

setting out on a journey through bustling cities that sit along<br />

the Kennet and Avon Canal.<br />


Take in breathtaking sites as you indulge in a peaceful walk<br />

along the Kennet and Avon Canal this season. Perfect for<br />

both long and short walks, the Kennet and Avon Canal<br />

towpath allows individuals to embark on a flexible journey,<br />

taking in all that’s around them with ease. Pass a range of<br />

historic sites, including Dundas Aqueduct and Caen Hill,<br />

before stopping by nearby towns for the perfect picnic<br />

location.<br />

Click here to download<br />

the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal Map<br />

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Holidays on the Kennet & Avon Canal<br />

The Traditional Narrowboat Experience • Accommodation that goes wherever you go<br />

e: enquiries@sallynarrowboats.co.uk | t: 01225 864923 | w: sallynarrowboats.co.uk

MEET THE<br />

CHEF<br />

From the very moment the gargantuan solid wood gateway doors glide<br />

open to reveal the Grade Il listed frontage of Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa,<br />

guests are transported to a world of peace and tranquillity. One of Britain’s<br />

most exciting chefs, Ricki <strong>West</strong>on reveals what’s next for his immersive<br />

dining experience at the hotel's Michelin-star restaurant The Dining Room<br />

Ricki <strong>West</strong>on stands at the pass of the expansive<br />

and gleaming kitchen of The Dining Room,<br />

casting a masterful eye over his showstopping<br />

dishes. His kitchen is a flurry of hushed activity<br />

– there is no shouting nor clamouring – just a confident,<br />

quick-footed buzz honed by the cool, calm executive<br />

chef. “I don’t like combative kitchens. You don’t need<br />

to shout and holler. I like my team to be focused and<br />

creative,” Ricki says.<br />

A rising star of modern British gastronomy, Ricki<br />

was appointed executive chef of Whatley Manor Hotel<br />

& Spa’s Michelin-star restaurant The Dining Room in<br />

2022, having been part of the team at Whatley Manor<br />

for over three years prior to that. Young, ambitious,<br />

and experimental, Ricki continues to elevate Whatley<br />

Manor’s multicourse menu at The Dining Room – and<br />

while tasting menus can sometimes overpromise and<br />

underperform, Ricki’s creation is undoubtedly one of the<br />

finest culinary experiences across the British Isles.<br />

“Tasting menus are so much more than just putting<br />

a menu on a piece of paper. These days, guests are<br />

looking for that immersive experience, something that is<br />

different to what other people do,” says Ricki.<br />

Ensconced behind buttery Cotswold-stone walls,<br />

the hotel's immaculate lawns, tinkling waterlily ponds<br />

and Grade-II-listed manor house trailed in ivy, climbing<br />

roses and wisteria is picture-book perfect – a decadent<br />

hideaway one would send an out-of-towner to if you<br />

wanted to epitomise English country-hotel elegance in<br />

a snapshot. Add to this, Ricki’s dining tour de force and<br />

guests are left wanting for nothing.<br />

Diners embarking on the tasting menu at Whatley<br />

Manor begin with drinks served overlooking the gardens<br />

or in the flower-festooned drawing room. Guests are<br />

delivered a brief menu hinting at what is to come…<br />

‘scallop, cucumber, trout roe’, and ‘lamb, asparagus,<br />

black olive’ pique interest on our visit.<br />

Ricki and his team create a unique sense of occasion<br />

from the very first morsels – with the amuse bouche<br />

served in the gleaming kitchen itself. An exhilarating<br />

peek behind the curtain, it's an experience where diners<br />

can talk to the chefs as they walk you through the small<br />

56 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


“The kitchen gardens, particularly during summer, are joyful and<br />

open for guests to wander. On our visit we were greeted by a<br />

canopy of delicate trailing sweet peas in bloom alongside beds<br />

brimming with rainbows of chard, plumes of lettuce and bright,<br />

plentiful courgettes.”<br />

58 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Ricki describes his style at Whatley as British-influenced with<br />

classical cooking techniques. “We try to source as much as<br />

we can from the UK, utilising the seasons as a benchmark for<br />

the menu. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful stateof-the-art<br />

kitchen that runs completely on electric power<br />

situated just outside of the restaurant, and we use as much<br />

as we can from our garden.”<br />

The kitchen gardens, particularly during summer, are<br />

joyful and open for guests to wander. On our visit we were<br />

greeted by a canopy of delicate trailing sweet peas in bloom<br />

alongside beds brimming with rainbows of chard, plumes of<br />

lettuce and bright, plentiful courgettes.<br />

“When guests sit down, they can look out on to the<br />

gardens and see different produce that appears throughout<br />

the evening,” Ricki adds.<br />

“A couple of dishes that I really like currently are the Jacob's<br />

ladder with smoked eel, and the plum dessert that we finish<br />

with. The Jacob's ladder course uses the short rib of the cow<br />

and incorporates a couple of classical techniques to bring out<br />

the richness of the beef and contrast this with the smokiness<br />

of the eel. When we did the first illustration of the menu it was<br />

important for me to celebrate real local ingredients.<br />

The cows are farmed next to the hotel by a farmer called<br />

Tom Wakefield who we have a great relationship with. It’s a<br />

small herd of cattle which are 100 per cent grass-fed organic<br />

Aberdeen Angus and the meat is phenomenal and really<br />

showcases the local aspect of the menu we have created.”<br />

“The plum course is the one dish that we have kept on<br />

the menu since the first week. For me it’s a perfect way to<br />

end the experience, combining sweet, salty and acidity all in<br />

one. We preserve plums throughout the year to be able to<br />

have it on year-round. This is another part of the ethos here –<br />

to reduce as much waste as possible. Whether that’s through<br />

fermentation or vinegars using the stones of the plum –<br />

everything is looked at as a possible product that we can use<br />

in one form or another.”<br />

This mindful approach saw The Dining Room’s sustainable<br />

practices rewarded with the new Green Michelin star in<br />

January 2021 – an accolade it has retained alongside just 23<br />

restaurants in the UK.<br />

bites – in our case, a delectable array of nibbles including<br />

lobster, potato and turbot skirt, and a fantastic beetroot suet<br />

tart served on smoking, aromatic pine needles.<br />

“Guests start their journey with us in the kitchen having<br />

a few little bites. It’s an exciting part of what we can offer,<br />

as guests get the chance to come into the kitchen and see<br />

the chefs and ask questions about the food and the concept<br />

of the menu. I think it’s a memorable start, as it adds to the<br />

occasion and helps to deliver an unforgettable evening.”<br />


Prior to Whatley Manor, Ricki spent three years at the<br />

two-star Michelin restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham – an<br />

experience that is etched in his memory.<br />

“Sat Bains will always be one of my biggest inspirations.<br />

The intensity and understanding of flavours and ethos in<br />

that restaurant is a massive part of the chef I am today. Such<br />

forward-thinking and uniqueness makes it one of the best<br />

restaurants in the country.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


60 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

“I have always remembered how Sat [Bains] used to<br />

compare aspects of a tasting menu to a theatre production –<br />

meaning you have to consider how to keep viewers engaged<br />

for two or three hours and moderate the tempo of the<br />

service and keep the experience entertaining and surprising.<br />

“That’s why sometimes it's very quick between courses<br />

and at some points we slow things right down and tie in a<br />

more elaborate wine service. Or, we dress and reveal a dish<br />

in a certain way, utilising not just taste but scent, sight, and<br />

sound.”<br />

Thus, every course at The Dining Room is skillfully<br />

presented and impeccably designed – whether unveiled with<br />

a dramatic puff of aromatic smokiness, or with intricate<br />

placement of cerise pink singular petals from the garden –<br />

no dish is without a level of drama, intrigue, thought and<br />

excitement to make it stand out.<br />

Flavours, textures and tempo all play integral parts to<br />

Ricki’s cooking. “Quite a few of the dishes are inspired by<br />

nostalgic memories of my childhood and favourite dishes,”<br />

Ricki says. “I love food that evokes memories. Take our<br />

mussel tart, for example. A big part of my childhood was<br />

going to the coast and walking past the fish markets and<br />

smelling all the produce and sitting on the seafront tasting<br />

cockles, mussels and having all those salty sea days.<br />

I think this dish imparts those kind of memories for<br />

diners, too.”<br />

NEW FOR 2023<br />

The launch of the new tasting menu at The Dining Room<br />

includes tweaks to much-loved dishes and some newcomers.<br />

“The new menu is massively inspired by my own perceptions<br />

and what food means to me. We are continuously looking<br />

at new dishes and ingredients that fit within the menu style<br />

that we have created. Everyone in my kitchen has fantastic<br />

experience and knowledge that is brought to the table when<br />

we develop a new menu. We are also looking more closely<br />

at evolving the guest journey throughout the evening and<br />

thinking about how we can make their experience even more<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


personal for each guest that walks through the door.”<br />

“We are using brill as our new fish course, which is such<br />

a great product. The freshness and sweetness of the fish is<br />

cooked with an English sparkling wine and scallop mousse<br />

and works beautifully. We wrap the whole fillet of the fish<br />

with truffles from Zak at Wiltshire Truffles, which gives the<br />

dish great contrast and earthiness. It’s a dish that showcases<br />

brilliant English ingredients.<br />

“Field to plate and seasonal produce will always be a<br />

focus. As a chef, inspiration comes from all over. I think the<br />

chef Poul Andrias Ziska in the Faroe Islands is amazing when<br />

it comes to produce. Using ingredients from around the<br />

island, techniques that are passed down through generations<br />

and having achieved two Michelin stars in such a remote<br />

place with limited supply is a testament I think to his<br />

understanding of ingredients and habitat of the islands.”<br />


Amid the grounds and luxuriously appointed bedrooms of<br />

Whatley Manor, things are going from strength to strength.<br />

The hotel has become the first countryside luxury hotel in<br />

the UK to achieve Silver accreditation through EarthCheck, a<br />

leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability<br />

for the travel and tourism industry. Whatley has also a<br />

host of other awards to its name from ‘Best Sustainable<br />

Achievement’ at the 2022 Boutique Hotelier Awards to a<br />

recent Condé Nast Johansens Sustainability Award.<br />

Much more work was required than simply replacing<br />

the odd single-use plastic (though this has also been done<br />

in every guest room). General manager Sue Williams says<br />

the Earthcheck accreditation is the fruit of several years of<br />

diligent work across the hotel, including overhauling the<br />

waste management, utilities and supplier relationships.<br />

“We are proof that you can be a five-star luxurious<br />

destination but also be environmentally positive,” Sue adds.<br />

The proof, they say, is in the pudding and every inch of<br />

Whatley feels individual and sumptuous. Its award-winning<br />

eco-conscious Aquarias Spa features a large hydro pool;<br />

thermal experiences, including a tepidarium and steam<br />

grotto; plus an outdoor pool space and a plethora of bespoke<br />

and high-end treatments. The spa also offers a floatation pod<br />

and is set in blissful surrounds.<br />

The hotel has deluxe bedrooms and suites overlooking<br />

the gardens and courtyards, meaning guests are spoilt<br />

for choice. Welcome touches – such as the home-baked<br />

shortbread awaiting you in your room, walking maps to<br />

explore the grounds, and seasonal flowers – make a stay all<br />

the more 'boutique' in feel. Ricki also oversees the afternoon<br />

tea offering and the hotel’s more informal Grey’s Brasserie,<br />

but be sure to save room for the menu experience at The<br />

Dining Room – it will not disappoint.<br />

62 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Ricki <strong>West</strong>on’s top local <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> spots...<br />

▶ Stroud Farmers Market takes place every Saturday<br />

and is a multi-award winning market that offers a rich<br />

variety of local produce from farmers, growers and<br />

producers in the Five Valleys in Gloucestershire.<br />

▶ Malmesbury has its own farmers and local artisan<br />

market every Friday from 9am to 3pm, so you can<br />

always stop off to take a stroll and enjoy the range of<br />

stalls ahead of checking into Whatley Manor.<br />

▶ Whatley Manor is located next door to<br />

Tracklements, where you will be able to see where<br />

they make the world-renowned condiments, as well<br />

as taste and buy them to enjoy at home.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />




Get into the spirit this season by embarking on a festive journey<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Through colourful light trails surrounded<br />

by historic gardens and famous landmarks, to traditional Christmas<br />

markets, their plenty fun to be had between London and Bristol.

1<br />



Rediscover the stories that shaped our<br />

childhood and make your own magical<br />

moments as Longleat presents Treasured<br />

Tales: The Festival of Light 2023. Discover brandnew,<br />

show-stopping scenes from treasured tales,<br />

featuring The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by<br />

C.S Lewis; Cinderella; Peter Pan; The Wizard of Oz;<br />

Winnie the Pooh and many more. The UK’s original<br />

and best lantern festival returns from 11 Nov to 7<br />

January 2024, and it’s inviting you to step straight<br />

into the pages of your favourite stories, reimagined as<br />

stunning lanterns.<br />

In addition to this year’s brand-new lantern<br />

scenes, you can also enjoy access to all Longleat’s<br />

popular animal and adventure attractions, including<br />

the Winter Safari experience.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


2<br />



Stourhead’s hugely popular<br />

Christmas light trail returns<br />

for its fifth year with a host of<br />

amazing new features. Running from<br />

1 to 31 December 2023, Christmas at<br />

Stourhead is full of seasonal surprises<br />

and shimmering reflections that<br />

cast light on beautiful silhouettes of<br />

majestic trees, all choreographed to a<br />

soundtrack of festive classics.<br />

Discover the iconic Christmas<br />

Cathedral created with more than a<br />

thousand pea lights woven into the<br />

forest landscape. Marvel at the ‘sea of<br />

light’, neon stars wrapping trees and<br />

stunning Super Nova. Pause to reflect<br />

on the mesmerizing, flickering flames<br />

in the fire garden, enjoy the largerthan-life<br />

light installations and don’t<br />

forget to wave at Father Christmas<br />

along the way.<br />

66 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

3<br />



Experience an authentically English<br />

Christmas in Salisbury this year with<br />

their brand-new City of Stars display!<br />

Brand-new ‘stellar’ art installations will<br />

populate the magical medieval streets, with<br />

interactive, community and light-based<br />

projects alike. With many ways to explore the<br />

City of Stars including a festive stroll down<br />

historic streets, following a trail of sculpture<br />

and light, and stargazing from the top of the<br />

iconic Cathedral spire at twilight. There has<br />

never been a better time to visit the beautiful<br />

city of Salisbury where tradition meets<br />

innovation this Christmas time.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


4<br />


MARKET<br />

From Thursday 23 November<br />

to Sunday 10 December<br />

2023, the picturesque streets<br />

of Bath will be transformed into a<br />

magical, festive experience like no<br />

other. Featuring over 160 twinkling<br />

chalets entwining some of the city’s<br />

most iconic monuments, a plethora<br />

of food and beverage stalls and a<br />

light display that will transport you<br />

to another word, it’s definitely one to<br />

add to your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> bucket<br />

list this Christmas.<br />

68 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

5<br />



Embark on a journey to Windsor and<br />

enjoy a family-fun evening as the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Park lights up for the festive<br />

season. With a generous sparkle of new<br />

installations and a sprinkling of favourites<br />

returning, this year’s Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park<br />

Illuminated promises to be more magical<br />

than ever. Explore a range of glistening<br />

displays and light installations as you follow<br />

a path through woodland awash with colour,<br />

mythical creatures, sparkles of fireflies and<br />

dancing fairies all around! Marvel at the<br />

flood-lit fountains and glimmering reflections<br />

at the lake before enjoying a selection of<br />

treats by one of the fire pits.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


6<br />




Located within easy reach of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, Blenheim Palace<br />

offers the perfect Christmas treat with<br />

this year’s After-Dark Illuminated Trail.<br />

Discover heart-shaped arches glittering<br />

in the moonlight, glowing tunnels filled<br />

with stars and an 8-metre sphere filled<br />

with over 20,000 moving LEDs, as well<br />

as the return of the ever-popular dancing<br />

reflections in the colourful Cascades and<br />

magical Lakeside walk.<br />

70 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Click here to book experiences!<br />

Now is the perfect time to plan<br />

your escape through real England on an<br />

adventure along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>...

Arts and Events<br />

Cultural Calendar<br />

As well as its natural scenery, cultural scene and lovely locals, the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is known for its many festivals and events<br />


Pumpkin picking and parties<br />

Don't miss Windsor Royal<br />

Station’s famous Pumpkin<br />

Party or Avon Valley<br />

Wildlife and Adventure<br />

Park for Pumpkin Patch<br />

Nights and fair rides.<br />

Want to pick your own?<br />

Bristol has a wide range of<br />

pumpkin patches where<br />

you can pick your own<br />

pumpkin this Halloween.<br />

Try the Pumpkin Fest at<br />

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm<br />

where you can pick your<br />

own, there are talks about<br />

creepy crawlies, and the<br />

Owl of the World Trail.<br />

13 OCTOBER<br />

Wake The Tiger: Adults-only evening<br />

This is the first time that you’ll<br />

be able to explore the weird and<br />

wonderful Meridia world after hours.<br />

21-29 OCTOBER<br />

Woeful Wounds at Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain<br />

Experience the magic of special effect make-up and receive<br />

your very own artist-made cuts and blisters that the galley<br />

crew would have suffered during their time working at sea<br />

UNTIL<br />

31 OCTOBER<br />

Art in the Garden at The Savill Garden<br />

Set within 35 acres, this exhibition<br />

combines eye-catching sculpture<br />

with horticultural excellence.<br />

72 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


24 NOVEMBER<br />

The Devizes Winter Festival<br />

This annual festival features a variety<br />

of events, such as live music, dance<br />

performances, theatre shows, and<br />

workshops. There are also food and drink<br />

stalls, as well as arts and crafts vendors,<br />

where visitors can find unique gifts and<br />

souvenirs. The festival attracts visitors from<br />

all over the region. It's a wonderful way to<br />

get into the holiday spirit and experience<br />

the local culture.<br />

7-11 NOVEMBER<br />

Sarum Lights: Illuminating Art<br />

A captivating light and sound experience<br />

at Salisbury Cathedral with installations<br />

exploring art across the centuries, from the<br />

drama of Baroque, which emerged amid<br />

the Protestant-Catholic conflicts of the<br />

C16, to Art Deco, which grew of early C20<br />

industrialisation and experimentation.<br />

The show finale in the Nave will showcase<br />

the Pre-Raphaelites (Burne-Jones, Millais,<br />

Rossetti and Holman Hunt) and the<br />

Impressionists (Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne,<br />

Manet and Renoir).<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Arts and Events Cultural Calendar<br />


17 NOVEMBER<br />

Lantern Parade, Festival and Christmas<br />

lights switch-on<br />

This spectacular annual event in Trowbridge<br />

gets bigger and brighter every year with<br />

hundreds of beautiful, handcrafted willow<br />

lanterns being paraded through the town<br />

centre. The town’s Christmas lights will be<br />

switched on in Fore Street, and there will<br />

be spectacular fireworks in the town park.<br />

Musical entertainment, funfair rides, and<br />

fantastic food add to the festivities.<br />

UNTIL<br />

31 DECEMBER<br />

Brick America: An Adventure in LEGO<br />

Bricks at American Museum & Gardens<br />

Discover famous buildings, cityscapes<br />

and vehicles, plus models inspired by<br />

movies, history, NASA, iconic people and<br />

much more, with models and mosaics<br />

built specially for the American Museum<br />

& Gardens by LEGO artist Warren<br />

Elsmore and his team. There are 40<br />

LEGO brick models to get inspired by,<br />

including a large replica of Claverton<br />

Manor, the Museum's home.<br />

74 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

UNTIL<br />

31 MARCH 2024<br />

Light Struck at Lacock<br />

Have you heard of Ellen Carey? She's an acclaimed<br />

artist who has made a name for herself through her<br />

groundbreaking work with Polaroid and the 20x24 studio<br />

in New York. Carey's work focuses on exploring the use<br />

of color and light through camera-less techniques, and<br />

her latest exhibit 'Light-Struck' showcases her stunning<br />

photograms and giant Polaroid prints at the Fox Talbot<br />

Museum. One of the highlights of the exhibit is Carey's<br />

piece 'Crush & Pull with Hands, Penlights & Spruce<br />

Needles,' which was created specifically for Lacock and is<br />

inspired by Talbot's own 'A Cascade of Spruce Needles.'<br />

15<br />


Luminaries Online Talk<br />

Love, Death and Royalty:<br />

Kew Palace and<br />

Strawberry Hill House &<br />

Gardens<br />

Speakers from two<br />

famous <strong>West</strong> London<br />

properties explore the<br />

relationships of love,<br />

politics and ultimately<br />

power and ponder the<br />

question of whether love<br />

is indeed ‘treacherous'.<br />


8Carols on the Hill<br />

An evening of carols in<br />

front of Windsor Castle,<br />

featuring the Band of<br />

the Household Cavalry.<br />

Assembling around the<br />

Castle Hill Christmas<br />

tree for carol service is<br />

one of town’s oldest<br />

Christmas traditions.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Arts and Events Cultural Calendar<br />

JAN/FEB<br />

Make your own fused glass<br />

Bristol balloon at Creative<br />

Space, Bristol<br />

Learn how to fuse glass<br />

to create your own<br />

unique glass balloon<br />

sun catcher. You can be<br />

as creative as you wish<br />

selecting from a rainbow<br />

of coloured glass and<br />

glass accessories to<br />

make your piece to keep<br />

or give as a gift.<br />

House Tour and Cream Tea,<br />

Marble Hill, Twickenham<br />

Experience the story behind one of<br />

18th century London’s most<br />

beautiful residences with a private<br />

tour around Marble Hill House and<br />

afternoon tea in the grounds.<br />

24 November –<br />

2 January<br />

RHS Glow 2023 at Wisley<br />

An unmissable after-dark<br />

spectacle of lights and<br />

illuminations which<br />

light up your way on a<br />

wonder-filled journey<br />

and magical evening.<br />

27 JANUARY<br />

Jack & the Beanstalk- The Giant Family Pantomime Adventure,<br />

The Neeld Community & Arts Centre, Chippenham<br />

It's Panto time, and this magical production promises<br />

stunning scenery, colourful costumes and toe-tapping songs<br />

Find out more<br />

Click here to stay<br />

up-to-date with our<br />

festivals and events<br />

76 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Over 150 years of<br />

River and Boating Service<br />

Over 150 years of<br />

Over<br />

River<br />

150 years<br />

and Boating<br />

of<br />

Service<br />

River and Boating Service<br />

• Luxury Passenger Boat Charter<br />

• Self Drive Adventure<br />

• Luxury Boating Holidays<br />

• River Trips<br />

• Luxury Passenger Boat Charter<br />

Moorings<br />

• Self<br />

and<br />

Drive<br />

Storage<br />

• Luxury Passenger Boat Adventure Charter<br />

• Edwardian Self Drive • Luxury Adventure Chauffeured Boating Holidays Launches<br />

• Luxury • Boating River Trips Holidays<br />

• River Trips • Moorings and Storage<br />

• Moorings • Edwardian and Storage Chauffeured Launches<br />

• Edwardian Chauffeured Launches<br />

For bookings and enquiries<br />

please contact Hobbs of Henley<br />

on 01491 572035 or<br />

For bookings and enquiries<br />

boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

For bookings please and enquiries contact Hobbs of Henley<br />

please contact 01491 Hobbs 572035 of Henley or<br />

on 01491 572035 boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

or<br />

boats@hobbsofhenley.co.uk<br />

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Step back in time to the glorious Victorian era,<br />

double winner UK’s ‘Top Tea Place’, and one<br />

of the finest spots for afternoon tea. Based in<br />

a former blacksmith’s cottage the Hansel &<br />

Gretel-style exterior leads onto the cosiest of<br />

dining rooms. A wonderful and atmospheric<br />

venue for groups. From morning tea or coffee,<br />

mini Cream Tea to an extended visit for Empire<br />

Full Afternoon Teas.<br />

24a Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon,<br />

Wiltshire, BA15 1BY<br />

+44 (0)1225 865537<br />

www.thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

08/02/2023 19:05

<strong>Way</strong>s to travel the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

It’s fun to travel under your own steam. Welcome to a journey<br />

through time – an adventure across England by car, rail, boat, foot, bike<br />

or a combination of all. Start planning your journey of discovery here...<br />

78 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Hiring a bike and cycling along the canal, countryside<br />

paths and trails, taking a walk through picturesque<br />

villages and visiting our three Areas of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty and three UNESCO World Heritage<br />

sites by foot is a beautifully scenic experience.<br />

Whether you’re up for a lengthy hike in the<br />

Cotswolds, a cycle ride racing down the 13.7km (8.5<br />

miles) steeply twisting Swinley Red trail with its<br />

berms, drops and white-knuckle descents, or just<br />

fancy a potter around some village antique shops,<br />

walking and cycling is a wonderful way to explore.<br />

You can cycle the entire length of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong> via National Cycle Route 4, which links up<br />

regional cycle routes such as the Thames Valley Cycle<br />

Route and the Kennet & Avon Cycle Route.<br />

The National Trails website gives details of longdistance<br />

walking trails along the route: The Cotswold<br />

<strong>Way</strong>, The Ridgeway and the Thames Path.<br />

Go to Sustrans for more (shorter) cycle routes on the<br />

National Cycle Network, in and around the touring<br />

route. There are also some excellent routes along the<br />

Wiltshire Cycleway, including a picturesque 15.3k<br />

between Corsham and Bradford on Avon.<br />

Be sure to read the Information Points page to find<br />

out where to pick up local maps and walking trails.<br />

Plus, download our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> map before you<br />

set off.<br />

Did you know? Bristol was officially Britain’s first<br />

cycling city. Join the locals with a ride on a<br />

pay-as-you-go YoBike, hire a tandem or go on a<br />

Cycle the City tour of Bristol's best landmarks.<br />


The Kennet & Avon Canal is a wonderful way to<br />

travel along part of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. This ribbon<br />

of beauty and history stretches between Reading and<br />

Bristol and is looked after by the Canal & River Trust.<br />

Slow down and enjoy all 87 miles of the Kennet<br />

& Avon Canal as part of your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

adventure, using our Kennet & Avon Canal map.<br />

Hire a boat or hop on a barge tour for the ultimate<br />

experience in slow travel. Multiple companies<br />

operate along the River Thames and the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal. Visit Thames and The Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal Trust are useful places to start.<br />

You can canoe, kayak or book one of the numerous<br />

boat trips. Passing through countryside, market<br />

towns and picturesque villages, the canal offers an<br />

abundance of natural beauty, fascinating wildlife,<br />

outstanding canal structures, fabulous vistas and<br />

heritage galore. The lazy pop pop pop of the engine<br />

while you travel slowly through attractive towns like<br />

Hungerford, quaint villages such as Wootton Rivers<br />

and architectural masterpieces like Bath.<br />

Of course, the famous Caen Hill Lock Flight in<br />

Devizes is a real wow – look up from the bottom of<br />

the 16 locks that form the main ‘staircase’ – now<br />

that’s one way to get boats to travel uphill.<br />

Take a look at our Marina page for hire boats and<br />

boat tours and find details of river transport options<br />

in the capital on the Transport for London website.<br />

Did you know? Queen Elizabeth II reopened the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal in 1990 after a passionate<br />

band of volunteers gave it an impressive revamp.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


<strong>Way</strong>s to travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

BY CAR<br />

A road trip adventure along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

allows you to linger as long as you want in each<br />

destination, and even venture off on a complete<br />

tangent if the mood takes you – take a look at our<br />

suggested itineraries to help you make a start.<br />

The main road between London and Bristol is the A4<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Road, based on an ancient horse track<br />

and later, one of King Charles I’s <strong>Great</strong> Roads, which<br />

facilitated the establishment of the British postal<br />

service – The Royal Mail.<br />

The A4 cuts a fairly direct path between the two<br />

cities, allowing you to travel the distance in less than<br />

2 hours 30 minutes if you wanted to. Of course, if<br />

you’re travelling by car, half the pleasure is being<br />

able to pull off and explore whenever you like.<br />

Wherever you decide to base yourself along the<br />

touring route, there’ll also be charming country lanes<br />

and winding rural roads to enjoy. Jump in the car and<br />

see where you end up.<br />

You may find the AA’s Route Planner tool useful for<br />

planning your road trip. Also, our pages on car hire<br />

and travel tips could be of interest – especially if this<br />

is your first time driving in the UK.<br />

If you want to hire a car for your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

adventure, you’ll find plenty of car hire companies<br />

in just the places you’d expect – airports, larger train<br />

stations, cities and towns, for example Auto Europe<br />

and Practical Car & Van Rental.<br />

Did you know? The first mail coach was introduced<br />

between Bristol and London in 1784.<br />

BY TRAIN<br />

Making tracks on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> can point you<br />

at endless amounts of history and fun facts to be<br />

discovered along its length from London to Bristol. In<br />

one go the journey is just 1hr 40min, but by stopping<br />

off you can explore the route in your own time<br />

turning it into a holiday adventure of a lifetime.<br />

Relax and journey along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> using<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer pass. It includes<br />

unlimited Off-Peak train travel from London<br />

Paddington with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway along the<br />

route to Bristol Temple Meads via Reading and<br />

Swindon, or Newbury and Pewsey, with options<br />

to branch off towards Salisbury via <strong>West</strong>bury (or<br />

London Waterloo to Salisbury with South <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway). It also includes unlimited travel on listed<br />

bus services along the routes. The rail route is<br />

marked on the map with a green line. Choose from<br />

an East, <strong>West</strong> or Global one-day or seven-day ticket<br />

to enjoy your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure.<br />

You can purchase the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer<br />

pass online at GWR.com or from your local station.<br />

They come in the form of a standard orange ticket,<br />

clearly showing the route you have purchased<br />

and whether it is valid for one day or seven. If you<br />

are travelling from overseas, international passes<br />

(similar to a BritRail pass) can be purchased online<br />

at ACPRail.com or via your travel agent, where<br />

discounted international rates apply and with no offpeak<br />

travel time restrictions.<br />

Did you know? The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway runs<br />

along the full distance of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

– from London’s Paddington station to Bristol<br />

Temple Meads.<br />

80 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


If you’d rather someone else was driving, or aren’t able<br />

to drive, the extensive bus and coach services along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> will come as a relief. They can also be a<br />

very cost effective choice, useful for budget travel.<br />

There are multiple coach services between London and<br />

Bristol by companies including National Express, Megabus,<br />

Stagecoach and Eurolines. Once you’ve reached your<br />

destination, you can access various local bus services -<br />

some travelling to fairly remote rural locations. Download<br />

the Tootbus app and enjoy hop-on hop-off flexibility in<br />

Bath and Windsor.<br />




North Wessex Downs<br />

Marvel at the prehistoric stones of<br />

Stonehenge and Avebury, the Wiltshire<br />

White Horses and the White Horse<br />

at Uffington. Take time to visit<br />

Highclere Castle, where Downton<br />

Abbey was filmed, and get lost in the<br />

mysterious hillforts, neolithic burial<br />

mounds and genteel country houses.<br />

The Chilterns<br />

Characterised by neat farmland,<br />

ancient woodland and chalk downland.<br />

The Chilterns is a haven for wildlife<br />

including red kites. Explore the<br />

fabulous trails of The Ridgeway and<br />

the Chiltern <strong>Way</strong> Circular passing<br />

sparkling-clear chalk streams.<br />

The Cotswolds<br />

The Cotswolds <strong>Way</strong> starts in Bath<br />

and follows north for 102 miles,<br />

to the well-to-do market town of<br />

Chipping Campden. Explore Corsham,<br />

Castle Combe and Dyrham Park,<br />

or just take in the views: gentle<br />

hills, sweeping valleys and summer<br />

wildflower meadows dotted with<br />

warm limestone homes. This is<br />

England at its prettiest.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to<br />

Food and Drink<br />

From the wild creativity of Bristol’s street food scene, to the glamour of<br />

London’s high profile restaurants, there’s a tantalising buffet of food and<br />

drink experiences along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

82 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Michelin Starred and Fine Dining<br />

Sit down to a meal of gastronomical delights at one<br />

of the award-winning fine-dining establishments<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Sample sumptuous<br />

tasting menus created by Michelin-starred chefs,<br />

innovative dishes featuring local produce, and<br />

traditional English delicacies cooked to perfection.<br />

The Vineyard, Stockcross, Berkshire<br />

Not only is The Vineyard a luxury five-star hotel<br />

and spa, it also has a fine dining restaurant and<br />

30,000-bottle wine cellar. Head chef Robby Jenks is<br />

at the helm of this 3AA Rosette restaurant. Diners can<br />

choose from an à la carte or tasting menu where they<br />

can enjoy dishes such as veal sweetbread ravioli with<br />

pumpkin seeds in a pumpkin and brown butter sauce<br />

or roast brill, brassicas, caper berries and almond.<br />

Stockcross, Newbury<br />

Bulrush, Bristol<br />

One of the recent additions to the Michelin Guide,<br />

Bristol-based restaurant Bulrush is certainly on many<br />

a foodie’s ‘must visit’ list. Chef Proprietor George<br />

Livesey’s imaginative and well-balanced menu is<br />

chock-full of seasonal ingredients which are either<br />

organic or have been foraged.<br />

21 Cotham Rd S, Bristol<br />

Olive Tree Restaurant, Bath<br />

Located in the renowned Queensberry Hotel, Olive<br />

Tree is a 3 AA Rosette restaurant in the heart of the<br />

beautiful city of Bath. It is a contemporary British<br />

restaurant offering informal fine dining under the<br />

direction of award-winning head chef, Chris Cleghorn.<br />

This is the only restaurant in the city to be awarded a<br />

Michelin Star. Chris’ menu is quintessentially British<br />

with Mediterranean influences.<br />

4-7 Russell St, Bath<br />

The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire<br />

If you love theatre, Heston Blumenthal’s renowned<br />

eatery in Bray offers the perfect destination, serving<br />

innovative modern British cuisin. Heston has been<br />

described as the ‘Willy Wonka of British gastronomy’<br />

and diners who would like to eat at his three-Michelinstarred<br />

wonderland pay £325 up front for a ‘ticket’ –<br />

providing them with access to the 17-courses on offer<br />

that showcase his multi sensory cuisine.<br />

High St, Bray<br />

The Dining Room, Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

Ricki <strong>West</strong>on, Executive Chef oversees all food<br />

and beverage offerings at the Whatley Manor,<br />

including Michelin-starred The Dining Room with<br />

accomplished cooking and very creative dishes.<br />

Whilst Grey’s, offers a welcoming neighbourhood<br />

restaurant experience featuring delicious set lunch<br />

and A La Carte menus. Ricki and his team have also<br />

achieved the Michelin Green Star in The Dining Room<br />

recognising Sustainable Gastronomy.<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa, Easton Grey,<br />

Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

Abbey Row, The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury<br />

The on-site fine dining restaurant to The Old Bell<br />

Hotel, Abbey Row, is headed up by their ever talented<br />

and multi award winning Executive Chef, Leigh Evans.<br />

With hyper seasonal and local ingredients being his<br />

biggest inspiration, Leigh has the privilege of working<br />

directly with The Old Bell Hotel’s gardeners who grow<br />

much of the kitchen’s produce from their stunning<br />

kitchen garden at Abbey House Manor.<br />

Abbey Row, Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

THE PIG-near Bath<br />

You don't have to be staying at THE-PIG-near Bath<br />

to book a table at their impressive Kitchen Garden<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

restaurant where they rear their our own chickens<br />

and pigs for eggs and pork. Home to quite a few fourlegged<br />

and feathered friends, it is the farm to fork<br />

experience that has made the PIGs so successful.<br />

Hunstrete, Pensford, Bath<br />

Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons,<br />

South Oxfordshire<br />

Described as ‘Oxfordshire heritage meets French<br />

flair’, Raymond Blanc’s two Michelin-starred chic<br />

restaurant has earned itself a global reputation<br />

for fine gastronomy and creative cooking. Diners<br />

continue to be charmed by both the setting<br />

(country-house luxe) and the delicious treats on<br />

offer which includes the likes of spiced monkfish,<br />

ravioli of pumpkin and smoked trout amongst others.<br />

Church Road, <strong>Great</strong> Milton, South Oxfordshire<br />

The Miller of Mansfield, Berkshire<br />

Despite its intriguing name, the Miller of Mansfield<br />

is situated in the sweet village of Goring-on-Thames.<br />

This 18th-century country pub has been given a<br />

contemporary twist and can be defined as ‘Modern<br />

European’ which has earned two AA Rosettes<br />

and offers refined modern British dishes from the<br />

freshest seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients.<br />

High Street, Goring on Thames, Reading<br />

The Hand and Flowers, Marlow<br />

The Hand and Flowers is the only pub in the UK<br />

with two Michelin stars and with celebrated chef<br />

Tom Kerridge at the helm it is easy to see why. The<br />

restaurant has a rustic feel which is complemented<br />

by the refined British cuisine on offer.<br />

126 <strong>West</strong> St, Marlow<br />

Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire<br />

Chef André Garrett’s innovative dishes, meticulous<br />

preparation and elaborate finishes showcase his<br />

exquisitely crafted creation. Produce is locally sourced<br />

and is highly seasonal – guests can choose between an<br />

à la carte menu or an eight-course tasting menu.<br />

Cliveden Rd, Taplow, Berkshire<br />

Paco Tapas, Bristol<br />

An ever changing menu combining traditional tapas<br />

with personal interpretations from Michelin starred<br />

Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias. Staying true to the<br />

vibrant and comforting flavours of his heritage, with<br />

jamón ready to carve, padrón peppers roasting over<br />

the wood fire and sherry straight from the barrel.<br />

3a Lower Guinea Street, Bristol BS1 6FU<br />

Queens Arms, East Garston, Berkshire<br />

Perfectly placed as a stop-over destination within<br />

an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This award<br />

winning, pub, restaurant and hotel (with its own<br />

private lodge) serves seasonal British cuisine.<br />

East Garston, Berkshire<br />

The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire<br />

Bray is the place for foodies to be! The Waterside Inn<br />

which is under the leadership of chef patron Alain<br />

Roux has held three Michelin stars for over thirty<br />

years. Expect the most exquisite Classic French<br />

cooking coupled with the most impeccable service.<br />

Ferry Rd, Bray, Berkshire<br />

Red Lion Freehouse, East Chisenbury<br />

Husband and wife team, Guy and Brittany Manning<br />

modestly describe themselves as “just a couple<br />

of chefs working to create a place with real soul”.<br />

Sourcing from the best possible producers, talent and<br />

hard work has earned the duo, and their team, one<br />

Michelin star status and a restaurant “where the food<br />

has personality, the surroundings are relaxed and the<br />

hospitality is warm and sincere”.<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey, Wiltshire<br />

84 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is the only place<br />

where you can experience all five of the<br />

UK's Three Michelin Starred restaurants.<br />

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay<br />

Royal Hospital Road, London<br />

gordonramsayrestaurants.com/<br />

restaurant-gordon-ramsay<br />

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester<br />

Park Lane, London<br />

alainducasse-dorchester.com<br />

Sketch – the Lecture Room & Library<br />

9 Conduit Street, London<br />

sketch.london/the-lecture-room<br />

The Waterside Inn<br />

Ferry Rd, Bray<br />

waterside-inn.co.uk<br />

Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck<br />

High Street, Bray<br />

thefatduck.co.uk<br />


The Dining Room, Whatley Manor<br />

Easton Grey, Malmesbury<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />

Red Lion Freehouse<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

Dining Restaurants<br />

You’ll find many of the restaurants along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> are dining rooms within our<br />

Ambassador hotels. You’ll also find several celebrity<br />

chefs including Rick Stein, Pierre Koffmann and<br />

Marco Pierre White.<br />

Abbey Hotel Kitchen, The Abbey Hotel Bath<br />

Under the helm of Head Chef Marcus Bradley, Abbey<br />

Hotel Kitchen is in the perfect central Bath location.<br />

This relaxing and vibrant space offers high energy,<br />

attentive service and delicious fresh food and drinks<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

The Orange Artichoke, Apex Hotel, Bath<br />

Perfectly placed in the heart of Bath, you’ll never<br />

be far from the action when you eat at The Orange<br />

Artichoke. Allow them to curb your cravings with<br />

locally sourced food, drink and delicious delicacies in<br />

contemporary, chic surroundings.<br />

apexhotels.co.uk<br />

Beau’s Bar and Restaurant at Donnington<br />

Grove Hotel & Country Club<br />

Set amidst beautiful parkland with the River<br />

Lambourn winding through the grounds, this<br />

Newbury restaurant has large picture windows to<br />

make the most of the picturesque river views.<br />

donnington-grove.com<br />

The Brasserie at Sir Christopher Wren Hotel<br />

With glorious river views and a stunning bar and<br />

terrace, The Brasserie offers upscale dining in the<br />

heart of Windsor. Large windows let you watch boats<br />

and swans glide down the Thames as you enjoy the<br />

delicious all day menu and fine wines.<br />

sirchristopherwren.co.uk<br />

Cedar at the Langley<br />

Dining experiences here are inspired by the bountiful<br />

English countryside. Savour delicious cuisine in<br />

our elevated restaurant overlooking the grounds,<br />

featuring sumptuous meals crafted with natural<br />

ingredients.<br />

marriott.com<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen<br />

Uncomplicated dishes that explore and showcase<br />

the freshest and very best ingredients. Chef Patron,<br />

Robert Clayton ensures that every dish is prepared,<br />

cooked and presented to perfection.<br />

claytonskitchen.com<br />

Cloisters Restaurant, Bailbrook House Hotel<br />

Tucked away in the historic mansion is Cloisters<br />

restaurant where the heritage of this country house<br />

hotel in Bath really comes into its own, with original<br />

archways made from traditional Bath stone.<br />

handpickedhotels.co.uk<br />

Cricklade House & Spa<br />

The chefs at Crickdale are passionate about using<br />

great local produce and change their menu monthly.<br />

Enjoy a three course meal, a traditional Sunday Roast<br />

or Afternoon Tea of finger sandwiches, homemade<br />

scones with jam and cream and a selection of cakes.<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

The Gainsborough Brasserie<br />

The Restaurant with its Georgian architecture,<br />

original artwork and impressive wine wall is open to<br />

hotel guests and non-residents. Enjoy contemporary<br />

British cuisine inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients<br />

in a stylish and relaxed environment.<br />

thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk<br />

86 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


There are many ways to sample the best<br />

local cuisine on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>,<br />

from city tours and hands-on cookery<br />

classes to nostalgic river cruising.<br />


A Taste of England<br />

atasteofenglandtours.com<br />

In and Beyond Bath<br />

inandbeyondbath.com<br />

Savouring Bath<br />

savouringbath.com<br />


Vaughan’s Kitchen<br />

White Horse Business Centre, Devizes<br />

vaughanskitchen.co.uk<br />


Hobbs of Henley<br />

hobbsofhenley.com<br />

Bristol Packet Boat Trips<br />

bristolpacket.co.uk<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

thamesrivercruise.co.uk<br />

French Brothers<br />

frenchbrothers.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

The Restaurant, No 15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

Open for a show-stopping supper or lovely lunch<br />

while you’re exploring the city of Bath. Seasonal<br />

local meat, fresh fruit and veg are sourced from<br />

Buxton Butchers and family-run grocers, Lovejoys,<br />

and as for bread and baked goodies, there’s nowhere<br />

better than beloved Bath institution, Bertinet Bakery.<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk<br />

The Dower House Restaurant, The Royal<br />

Crescent Hotel & Spa<br />

Award winning dishes are created with passion and<br />

served with pride by award-winning Head Chef<br />

Martin Blake and his team.<br />

royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

Guyers House Hotel & Restaurant, Chippenham<br />

Set in a lovely old house with its own kitchen garden<br />

and orchard the pretty dining room restaurant offers<br />

a menu of finely cooked modern British cuisine.<br />

guyershouse.com<br />

Heyworth Restaurant, Henley<br />

Greenland’s Hotel<br />

Here you can enjoy an evening meal prepared by<br />

passionate chefs with menus designed using seasonal<br />

produce and locally sourced ingredients.<br />

hospitalityuor.co.uk<br />

Windsor & Eton Brewery, Leaf<br />

at The Castle Hotel<br />

From comforting classics to light bites and<br />

delectable vegan options, British artisan cheeses and<br />

local beers visit Leaf, serves dishes made from the<br />

finest locally sourced produce with a wide-ranging,<br />

modern menu.<br />

castlehotelwindsor.com/dining/<br />

The Moonraker Hotel Brasserie<br />

Like the seasons, menus change as Xavier and his<br />

team use fresh local produce to create and showcase<br />

some old-fashioned classics, putting the hotel<br />

Brasserie firmly on the culinary map. They have a<br />

walled garden used as the setting for their smokery<br />

which they use to smoke their meat and fish.<br />

moonrakerhotel.com<br />

The Old Bell Hotel, Saints & Sinners<br />

Home to some of the most delicious food in the<br />

Cotswolds serveing a menu of dishes made from<br />

deliciously fresh, locally sourced ingredients.<br />

The Old Bell Hotel is a Grade I listed hotel, rumoured<br />

to be England’s oldest hotel, located next door to<br />

Malmesbury Abbey.<br />

oldbellhotel.co.uk<br />

Plum + Spilt Milk, <strong>Great</strong> Northern Hotel<br />

An award-winning restaurant in the heart of King's<br />

Cross, offering a beautiful seasonal modern-British<br />

menu, with locally sourced ingredients. In an elegant<br />

yet cosy atmosphere, surrounded by the views of<br />

King’s Cross and St Pancras.<br />

plumandspiltmilk.com<br />

Rick Stein, Marlborough<br />

Rick Stein’s Marlborough restaurant brings a taste<br />

of Cornwall to the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Located on<br />

Marlborough High Street, serving a combination<br />

of classic seafood dishes, excellent wines and with<br />

plenty of coastal charm.<br />

rickstein.com<br />

The Roseate Hotels, London, Reading and Bath<br />

All three of The Roseate Hotels, Roseate House in<br />

London, near Hyde Park, The Roseate in Reading and<br />

88 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Discover crisp, white, award-winning<br />

bubbly varieties<br />

Alder Ridge Vineyard<br />

Between Hungerford and Marlborough<br />

alderridge.co.uk<br />

Aldwick Estate Vineyard<br />

Nestled beneath the famous Mendip Hills<br />

aldwickestate.co.uk<br />

Bluestone Vineyards at Cholderton<br />

Rare Breeds Farm<br />

10 acre on-site boutique vineyard on the<br />

McConnell family farm in Wiltshire<br />

bluestonevineyards.co.uk<br />


Enjoy wine tastings, taprooms and tours<br />

Bristol Brewery Tours<br />

Mardyke Wharf, Bristol<br />

bristolbrewerytours.com<br />

Bristol Hoppers<br />

Walking Tours of Bristol's Craft Beer Scene<br />

bristolhoppers.co.uk<br />

The Bath Brew House<br />

14 James Street <strong>West</strong>, Bath<br />

thebathbrewhouse.com<br />

Wadworth Brewery<br />

Northgate Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire<br />

wadworth.co.uk<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery<br />

The Old Dairy, Yattendon<br />

wbbrew.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

The Roseate Villa in Bath, located in a quiet corner of<br />

the city, offer exceptional dining in their restaurants.<br />

roseatehotels.com<br />

Shelburne Restaurant, Bowood Hotel, Spa &<br />

Golf Resort<br />

Laid-back, countryside dining with picture perfect<br />

views. The Two AA Rosette Shelburne Restaurant<br />

serves delicious food from seasonal menus every day.<br />

From long, lazy lunches to romantic moments over<br />

cocktails, you will enjoy a range of mouth-watering<br />

dishes prepared with passion and served with flair.<br />

bowood.org<br />

The Red Lion Freehouse<br />

An idyllic 18th century country pub restaurant set<br />

in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire, conveniently<br />

situated for those looking to visit Stonehenge.<br />

Recognised in 2013 with a Michelin Star and<br />

Wiltshire’s only 3 AA Rosette Pub.<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

With so many ingredients plucked from their own<br />

kitchen garden, it’s more about wheelbarrow yards<br />

than food miles at Woolley Grange. Visit for fine<br />

dining or family dining.<br />

woolleygrangehotel.co.uk<br />

Mark’s Bar, Riverside Hotel, Salisbury<br />

Mark’s Bar is truly a fabulous place to enjoy a<br />

relaxing drink, lunch or dinner with friends. Opening<br />

out on to a terrace overlooking the river and<br />

Salisbury Cathedral with a great choice of wines,<br />

Champagnes, premium spirits and cocktails.<br />

riversidesalisbury.co.uk/salisbury-food-and-drink/<br />

Pubs and Inns<br />

From traditional thatched village inns to modern<br />

gastropubs with spacious beer gardens perfect for<br />

families to enjoy the summer sunshine<br />

Red Lion Freehouse<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />

The Bear Hotel, Devizes<br />

2-3 The Market Pl, Devizes<br />

thebearhoteldevizes.co.uk<br />

The Black Swan in Devizes<br />

The Market Place, Devizes<br />

blackswandevizes.co.uk<br />

The Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill<br />

Bath Road, Knowl Hill, Reading<br />

butcombe.com<br />

Crown & Anchor Inn<br />

Ham, Wiltshire<br />

crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />

The Crown, Tolldown<br />

Toll Down <strong>Way</strong>, Dyrham, Chippenham<br />

butcombe.com<br />

The George Inn, Norton St Philip<br />

High Street, Norton St Philip, Bath<br />

butcombe.com<br />

Rose & Crown Ashbury<br />

3 High St, Ashbury, Swindon<br />

roseandcrownatashbury.co.uk<br />

90 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Helen Browning’s Royal Oak<br />

Cues Ln, Bishopstone, Swindon<br />

helenbrowningsorganic.co.uk<br />

The Newbury<br />

137 Bartholomew St, Newbury<br />

thenewburypub.co.uk<br />

The Prince Street Social<br />

Crown House, 37-41 Prince St, Bristol<br />

princestreetsocial.com<br />

Queens Arms, East Garston<br />

Newbury Rd, East Garston, Hungerford<br />

queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />

The Royal Oak Yattendon<br />

The Square, Yattendon<br />

royaloakyattendon.co.uk<br />

The Royal Windsor Pub<br />

Datchet Rd, Windsor<br />

theroyalwindsor.co.uk<br />

Old bell Warminster<br />

42 Market Pl, Warminster<br />

oldbellwarminster.co.uk<br />

Three Tuns Freehouse<br />

1 High St, <strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn, Marlborough<br />

tunsfreehouse.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

Tea Rooms & Cafés<br />

Whether it’s a quick cuppa with breakfast or a<br />

full-blown afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches,<br />

indulgent cakes and tasty scones, you'll find plenty<br />

of lovely cafes and tea rooms to enjoy along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

The Six Bells Walborough<br />

Traditional Tea Rooms in a lovely setting by the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal. Leaf tea, cream teas, apple pie,<br />

canalman's lunch, whippy ice cream and more.<br />

facebook.com/aldermastontearooms<br />

Canal Trust Café<br />

A beautiful tea rooms and licensed cafe situated in<br />

Bradford on Avon along the Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

with lovely gardens and delicious food and cakes.<br />

facebook.com/Canal-Trust-Cafe<br />

Tea Shop by the Canal<br />

Set in a unique grade II listed building by the Kennet<br />

& Avon Canal, blending the warmth of Italian culture,<br />

with fine and splendid rituals of English Cream Teas.<br />

teashopbythecanal.co.uk<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Housed in a former blacksmith's cottage dating<br />

from 1502, this quintessentially English tea room<br />

offers the very best in traditionally British afternoon<br />

tea. With delicate bone china, the finest leaf teas,<br />

and friendly staff in Victorian costumes serving<br />

homemade cakes, pastries and sandwiches.<br />

thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

Honeystreet Mill Cafe<br />

Situated in Pewsey Vale, Honeystreet Mill Cafe offers<br />

a range of delicious fresh and local food open for<br />

breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Treat yourself to<br />

a chilled glass of prosecco on the terrace, and watch<br />

the world go by Wiltshire-style.<br />

honeystreetboats.co.uk<br />

Spring's Café and Restaurant<br />

Located at Thermae Bath Spa, Springs Café and<br />

Restaurant combines beautiful Georgian architecture<br />

with classic, contemporary style. Throughout the day<br />

and evening, spa users can enjoy delicious dishes and<br />

interesting drinks from an extensive menu.<br />

thermaebathspa.com/springs-cafe-and-restaurant<br />

The Tutti Pole<br />

A family run restaurant close to the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal in a grade ll listed building, serving quality<br />

homemade food and luxury afternoon teas.<br />

thetuttipole.co.uk<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National Arboretum<br />

During your visit to <strong>West</strong>onbirt The National<br />

Arboretum stop off at the restaurant for freshly<br />

prepared hot and cold refreshments including soups,<br />

sandwiches, savoury snacks, cakes and pastries.<br />

forestryengland.uk/westonbirt/restaurant<br />

Windsor Castle Undercroft Café<br />

The first café for visitors to Windsor Castle has<br />

opened in Edward III’s medieval Undercroft, which<br />

for centuries served as the Castle’s main wine cellar<br />

and is one of the oldest surviving spaces in the<br />

1,000-year-old royal residence.<br />

windsor.gov.uk/food-and-drink<br />

Lido Spa & Restaurant, Bristol Lido<br />

Spanish and Mediterranean menus, open kitchen<br />

with hot blazing Italian clay oven and bespoke<br />

charcoal grill by the grade 2 listed outdoor pool.<br />

lidobristol.com/restaurant-and-tapas-bar<br />

92 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

North Parade, Bath<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

Cricklade House<br />

Common Hill, Cricklade, Swindon<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon<br />

thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

No15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney, Bath<br />

15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk<br />

The Pump Room Restaurant<br />

Searcys at the Pump Room, Stall Street, Bath<br />

thepumproombath.co.uk<br />

The Roseate Hotel, Reading<br />

26 The Forbury, Reading<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/theroseate<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa<br />

16 Royal Crescent, Bath<br />

royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa<br />

Easton Grey, Malmesbury<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Where to Stay on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Staying overnight on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> makes for a wonderful trip,<br />

whether on a romantic weekend away or a week-long adventure<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

94 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

BATH<br />

Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

This charming hotel in Bath offers a blend of<br />

traditional and contemporary design, with<br />

comfortable rooms and modern amenities.<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

Looking for a home away from home in Bath? These<br />

apartments offer the perfect way to relax and explore<br />

the city at your own pace.<br />

bathapartmentbreaks.co.uk<br />


No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

To be found at the heart of Bath’s fashionable<br />

society, No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney is an elegant<br />

and vivacious townhouse hotel on the very<br />

grandest street in Bath. Comprising 40<br />

bedrooms, a cocktail bar, restaurant and<br />

boutique spa, No.15 exudes understated<br />

sophistication and luxury.<br />

Bath Area Self Catering<br />

Enjoy the ultimate freedom and flexibility with selfcatering<br />

accommodation in the Bath area, perfect for<br />

families and groups.<br />

bathselfcatering.com<br />

Brooks Guesthouse B&B<br />

This cozy bed and breakfast in Bath offers a warm<br />

welcome and comfortable rooms, with a delicious<br />

breakfast to start your day.<br />

brooksguesthousebristol.com<br />

Dukes Hotel<br />

Experience luxury and style at this elegant hotel in<br />

Bath, with spacious rooms, fine dining and impeccable<br />

service.<br />

dukesbath.co.uk<br />

The Apartment Bath<br />

These stylish and modern apartments in Bath provide a<br />

comfortable and convenient base for exploring the city,<br />

with plenty of space and amenities for a relaxing stay.<br />

apartmentbath.com<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa<br />

Immerse yourself in luxury at this stunning hotel and<br />

spa in the heart of Bath, with elegant rooms, a worldclass<br />

spa, and exceptional dining.<br />

thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk<br />


No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

Indulge in the eclectic charm of this boutique hotel in<br />

Bath, featuring individually designed rooms, a stylish<br />

bar, and a unique Georgian townhouse setting.<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk/no-15-bath<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath<br />

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and elegance<br />

at this beautiful Victorian villa in Bath, with spacious<br />

rooms, a tranquil garden, and a warm and welcoming<br />

atmosphere.<br />

roseatehotels.com/bath/theroseatevilla<br />

Tucking Mill, Bath Apartments and Cottages<br />

Enjoy the privacy and independence of self-catering<br />

accommodation at these charming apartments and<br />

cottages in the Bath countryside, surrounded by<br />

stunning scenery.<br />

tuckingmill.com<br />

YMCA Bath Hostel<br />

This affordable and friendly hostel in Bath offers a<br />

comfortable and convenient base for exploring the city,<br />

with modern facilities and a welcoming atmosphere.<br />

ymcabath.org.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Donnington Grove Hotel & Country Club<br />

A luxurious hotel and country club located in a<br />

picturesque setting, offering guests a range of<br />

amenities including golf, spa, and fine dining.<br />

donnington-grove.com<br />

Hilton Reading<br />

A modern and stylish hotel situated in the<br />

heart of Reading, offering guests comfortable<br />

accommodations and easy access to local<br />

attractions.<br />

hilton.com/en/hotels<br />


The Royal Berkshire Hotel<br />

This stunning property is part of the Exclusive<br />

Collection, located in the heart of the English<br />

countryside and offers guests a unique and<br />

unforgettable experience. With its beautiful<br />

rooms and exceptional service, the Royal<br />

Berkshire Hotel is the perfect place to escape<br />

from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.<br />

Manor Farm Courtyard Cottages<br />

Charming and cozy cottages located in a peaceful<br />

countryside setting, offering guests a relaxing and<br />

memorable stay.<br />

stayatmanorfarm.co.uk<br />

Novotel Reading Centre<br />

A contemporary hotel located in the town<br />

center, offering guests a convenient location and<br />

comfortable accommodations.<br />

all.accor.com/hotel<br />

The Chequers Hotel<br />

A historic and charming hotel located in the town<br />

center, offering guests a warm and welcoming<br />

atmosphere and easy access to local shops and<br />

restaurants.<br />

chequershotelnewbury.co.uk<br />

The Roseate Reading<br />

A luxurious and elegant hotel located in the<br />

heart of Reading, offering guests a range of<br />

amenities including fine dining, spa, and stylish<br />

accommodations.<br />

roseatehotels.com<br />

The Royal Berkshire Hotel<br />

This luxurious country house hotel located just a<br />

short distance from Windsor Castle has stunning<br />

Georgian architecture, elegant rooms, a spa, and<br />

a range of outdoor activities, including tennis and<br />

croquet.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/royal-berkshire<br />

The Royal Berkshire Hotel<br />

96 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Lainston House<br />


Brooks Guesthouse B&B<br />

A cozy and charming bed and breakfast located in<br />

the heart of Bristol, offering guests comfortable<br />

accommodations and a warm atmosphere.<br />

brooksguesthousebristol.com<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport<br />

A modern and convenient hotel located near Bristol<br />

Airport, offering guests easy access to transportation<br />

and comfortable accommodations.<br />

hilton.com/en/hotels/hampton-bristol-airport<br />

Rooftop Retro Rocket Caravans<br />

A unique and quirky accommodation option located in<br />

Bristol, offering guests a memorable and fun stay on<br />

the rooftop of a building.<br />

visitbristol.co.uk/accommodation<br />


Lainston House<br />

Lainston House is a beautiful and historic<br />

property located in serene and picturesque<br />

countryside. The hotel offers guests a unique<br />

experience with its vintage furnishings and<br />

charming decor. The property is surrounded by<br />

lush gardens and grounds, perfect for leisurely<br />

strolls or picnics and has a well-stocked library<br />

where guests can unwind with a good book.<br />

The Bristol Wing part of YMCA<br />

A budget-friendly and centrally located<br />

accommodation option in Bristol, offering guests a<br />

simple and comfortable stay in a historic building.<br />

thebristolwing.co.uk<br />


Lainston House<br />

This luxurious country house hotel is part of the<br />

Exclusive Hotels collection located in the beautiful<br />

Hampshire countryside. Guests can enjoy elegant<br />

and spacious accommodations, exceptional dining<br />

experiences, and a range of activities such as horse<br />

riding, shooting, and falconry. The hotel also features<br />

stunning gardens and a spa for ultimate relaxation.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/lainston-house<br />

LONDON<br />

Roseate House London<br />

This luxurious boutique hotel is located in the heart<br />

of London, near Hyde Park and Oxford Street. The<br />

hotel offers elegant and stylish accommodations,<br />

exceptional dining experiences, and a range of<br />

amenities such as a fitness center and spa. Guests can<br />

also enjoy the hotel's beautiful garden and terrace for<br />

a peaceful retreat in the bustling city.<br />

roseatehotels.com/london/roseatehouse<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Pennyhill Park<br />

Pennyhill Park is a luxurious hotel and spa.<br />

One of the key highlights of Pennyhill Park is<br />

its award-winning spa, which offers a range<br />

of luxurious treatments and facilities. The spa<br />

includes eight indoor and outdoor pools, a<br />

thermal suite, and various treatment rooms.<br />

The hotel also features several dining options,<br />

including Michelin-starred Latymer restaurant.<br />


Herongate Apartments<br />

Situated in a charming and peaceful location,<br />

Herongate Apartments offer modern and spacious<br />

accommodations with all the necessary amenities to<br />

make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.<br />

herongateservicedapartments.com<br />

Oxford Marriott<br />

This sophisticated hotel in the heart of Oxford offers<br />

stylish and modern accommodations, excellent dining<br />

options, and a range of amenities such as a fitness<br />

center and indoor pool.<br />

marriott.com/en-gb/hotels/oxford-city-centre<br />

The Chilterns View<br />

Nestled in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, this hotel<br />

offers stunning views and luxurious accommodations,<br />

perfect for a relaxing getaway. Guests can also enjoy<br />

the hotel's on-site spa facilities.<br />

thechilternsview.co.uk<br />

Pennyhill Park<br />

The Greenlands Hotel<br />

Set in a historic mansion surrounded by beautiful<br />

gardens, The Greenlands Hotel offers elegant and<br />

comfortable accommodations with easy access to<br />

scenic walks and local attractions.<br />

hospitalityuor.co.uk/accommodation/henleygreenlands-hotel<br />

SURREY<br />

The Queens Arms Hotel<br />

This charming and historic hotel is located in the<br />

heart of the picturesque town of Hungerford. With<br />

comfortable rooms, a cosy bar, and a restaurant serving<br />

delicious meals, it's an ideal choice for those looking to<br />

immerse themselves in the town's unique character.<br />

queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />

Pennyhill Park<br />

One of the Exclusive Hotels collection, Pennyhill Park<br />

is a luxurious country house hotel located in Bagshot.<br />

Set in beautiful grounds, it offers guests elegant<br />

rooms, a spa, and a range of outdoor activities,<br />

including golf and tennis. It's an ideal choice for those<br />

seeking a peaceful and indulgent escape.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/pennyhill-park<br />

98 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

R E C H A R G E , R E L A X , &<br />

R E D I S C O V E R Y O U R I N N E R P E A C E<br />

Breathtaking lakeside setting surrounded by five acres of<br />

picturesque gardens. AA Rosette Awarded Glaze<br />

Restaurant, Aqua Bar & Lounge and Conservatory<br />

overlooking lawns and lake, offering Modern British and<br />

Authentic Indian Cuisine. Indulge in a world of wellness with<br />

luxurious spa treatments. Life-Fitness Gym and serene<br />

indoor pool. Unwind and rejuvenate at the Quad Club<br />

Wellness and Spa, a tranquil escape nestled near must-visit<br />

attractions such as Windsor Castle & Legoland.<br />

Discover the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation oasis at<br />

Crowne Plaza Reading East Hotel and Spa. Located<br />

conveniently in the Winnersh Triangle, close to Legoland and<br />

Windsor Castle. Our relaxing spa treatments are the perfect<br />

complement to your adventure-filled day. Our 2 AA Rosette<br />

awarded Caprice Restaurant provides a remarkable fine dining<br />

experience, in a serene and intimate setting.<br />

@Crowneplazamarlow<br />

www.cpmarlow.co.uk | 01628 496 800 | reservations@cpmarlow.co.uk<br />

@Crowneplazareadingeast<br />

www.cpreading.co.uk | 0118 944 0444<br />

reservations@cpreading.co.uk<br />

Breakfasts, Morning Coffee, Sunday Roasts,<br />

Luncheons, Snacks, Cream Teas & Afternoon Teas<br />

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm<br />

Hungerford, RG17 0DN<br />

01488682515 | thetuttipole.co.uk<br />

Cosy luxury getaway in the Cotswolds<br />

Pettifers Hotel offers dog-friendly rooms as well as options for families and singles.<br />

Don’t miss the Cotswold Long-Weekender package: 3 nights of fabulous<br />

accommodation and full Cotswold breakfasts for £135 per person<br />

(based on 2 sharing a standard room from 1st October 2023 – 31st January 2024 excluding<br />

Christmas and New Year).<br />

This <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Exclusive deal is not available online, so please contact us<br />

via email or call 01666 815060 and quote GWW 23 to book your stay

Walton on Thames Camping and<br />

Caravanning Club Site<br />

This picturesque campsite is situated on the banks<br />

of the River Thames. With a range of pitches<br />

available, it's perfect for those looking for a<br />

peaceful and scenic getaway in the heart of the<br />

countryside.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />


The Old Bell, Warminster<br />

The Old Bell Hotel is a charming 14th century<br />

coaching Inn located in the Wiltshire market<br />

town of Warminster, on the edge of the<br />

Cranborne Chase and <strong>West</strong> Wiltshire Downs<br />

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.<br />

Just a short drive to the beautiful city of Bath<br />

and a stone’s throw to Longleat.<br />


Baker's Cottage at The Manor House<br />

This is a charming cottage located within the<br />

grounds of The Manor House, an impressive<br />

historic building in the Cotswolds. The cottage<br />

has been beautifully restored and offers a<br />

comfortable and peaceful retreat.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/the-manor-house<br />

Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel<br />

This hotel is situated in the heart of Chippenham.<br />

It offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving<br />

delicious meals, and a bar where guests can relax<br />

and unwind.<br />

angel-hotel-chippenham.com<br />

Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Club<br />

Site<br />

This is a popular campsite located near the village<br />

of Cheddar, famous for its cheese and stunning<br />

gorge. The site offers a range of pitches for tents,<br />

caravans, and motorhomes, as well as glamping<br />

pods and camping cabins<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages<br />

These charming cottages are set in the beautiful<br />

countryside of Wiltshire, close to the historic town<br />

of Bradford on Avon. They offer a peaceful and<br />

relaxing base for exploring the surrounding area.<br />

churchfarmcottages.com<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy<br />

This is a family-run dairy farm in the heart of the<br />

Cotswolds. Visitors can take a tour of the farm and<br />

learn about the milking process, as well as sample<br />

some of the delicious dairy products made on site.<br />

cliffefarmdairy.co.uk<br />

The Old Bell, Warminster<br />

100 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Cricklade House Hotel<br />

This hotel is set in a beautiful country house<br />

surrounded by acres of stunning parkland. It offers<br />

comfortable accommodation, a restaurant serving<br />

delicious meals, and a range of leisure facilities<br />

including a golf course and spa.<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages<br />

These delightful cottages are set on a picturesque<br />

golf course in Wiltshire. They offer comfortable<br />

accommodation and stunning views of the<br />

surrounding countryside.<br />

cumberwellcountrycottages.com<br />

Devizes Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

This is a peaceful and secluded campsite located<br />

close to the historic town of Devizes. It offers<br />

a range of pitches for tents, caravans, and<br />

motorhomes, as well as glamping pods and<br />

camping cabins.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />


Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Mill Farm is a charming luxury glamping site<br />

in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Unwind<br />

and get close to nature staying in one of<br />

the four luxury canvas lodges situated on a<br />

working farm offering guests a peaceful and<br />

relaxing retreat. The area is perfect for walking,<br />

cycling, and exploring the nearby villages and<br />

towns. The farm itself is home to a variety of<br />

animals, including cows, pigs, and chickens.<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton<br />

This hotel is located in the heart of Swindon, a<br />

bustling town in Wiltshire. It offers comfortable<br />

rooms, a restaurant serving delicious meals, and a<br />

range of leisure facilities including a fitness center<br />

and indoor pool.<br />

hilton.com/en/hotels/doubletree-southampton<br />

Holiday Inn Salisbury<br />

This hotel is situated just outside the historic city<br />

of Salisbury, famous for its stunning cathedral. It<br />

offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving<br />

delicious meals, and a bar where guests can relax<br />

and unwind.<br />

ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/wiltshire<br />

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, Mill Farm<br />

Glamping offers a unique and luxurious camping<br />

experience. Guests can choose from a range of<br />

stylish and comfortable glamping pods, each with<br />

their own private facilities and stunning views of<br />

the surrounding countryside.<br />

millfarmglamping.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


This <strong>Way</strong> for<br />

a Journey<br />

Through Time<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> weaves through<br />

the timeless county of Wiltshire.<br />

The Ancient Briton, Romans, Normans and<br />

Saxons have all left their mark.<br />

Now it’s time for you to follow in<br />

their footsteps.<br />

It’s Time for Wiltshire<br />



Pettifers Hotel<br />

From the cozy lounges with roaring log fires<br />

to the delightful gardens and terrace, Pettifers<br />

Hotel provides the perfect setting to unwind and<br />

enjoy the tranquility of the Wiltshire countryside.<br />

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a<br />

family holiday, or a dog friendly retreat, Pettifers<br />

Hotel is the ideal destination.<br />

Pettifers Hotel<br />

Nestled in the picturesque village of Crudwell,<br />

Malmesbury, Pettifers Hotel is a charming country<br />

house hotel that offers a warm welcome and<br />

comfortable accommodation with 14 individually<br />

designed rooms.<br />

pettifershotel.co.uk<br />

Pythouse Kitchen Garden<br />

Set in the stunning surroundings of Pythouse Kitchen<br />

Garden, this restaurant offers delicious seasonal<br />

cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The<br />

beautiful gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a<br />

relaxing and memorable dining experience.<br />

pythousekitchengarden.co.uk<br />

RiverSide Hotel<br />

Located just a stone's throw from the picturesque<br />

River Avon, the RiverSide Hotel offers comfortable<br />

accommodation in the heart of Salisbury. The hotel is<br />

within easy reach of the city's famous cathedral and<br />

other historic attractions.<br />

riversidesalisbury.co.uk<br />

Rose & Crown Inn, Ashbury<br />

This traditional English inn is situated in the<br />

charming village of Ashbury, surrounded by beautiful<br />

countryside. The inn offers comfortable rooms, a<br />

welcoming bar, and a restaurant serving delicious<br />

home-cooked meals.<br />

roseandcrownatashbury.co.uk<br />

Rowley Cottage at Iford Manor<br />

This charming cottage is located within the<br />

grounds of the historic Iford Manor, surrounded by<br />

beautiful gardens and woodland. The cottage offers<br />

comfortable accommodation and stunning views of<br />

the surrounding countryside.<br />

ifordmanor.co.uk/stay<br />

Salisbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

This peaceful campsite is located just a short distance<br />

from the historic city of Salisbury, famous for its<br />

stunning cathedral and other attractions. The site offers<br />

a range of pitches for tents, caravans, and motorhomes,<br />

as well as glamping pods and camping cabins.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/salisbury<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


The Kingsbury @ No7 & No8<br />

These luxurious apartments are located in the heart<br />

of Wiltshire, offering guests a comfortable and stylish<br />

home away from home. With modern amenities and<br />

elegant decor, these apartments are the perfect choice<br />

for those seeking a sophisticated and convenient stay.<br />

thekingsbury.co.uk<br />

The Merchant's House Hotel<br />

This historic hotel is located in the charming town of<br />

Marlborough, offering guests a unique and memorable<br />

experience. With comfortable rooms, a cosy bar, and<br />

a restaurant serving delicious meals, the Merchant's<br />

House Hotel is the perfect choice for those seeking a<br />

taste of old-world charm.<br />

themerchantshousehotel.co.uk<br />

The Old Bell Hotel<br />

Situated in the heart of Malmesbury, the Old Bell<br />

Hotel is a historic coaching inn that has been lovingly<br />

restored to offer guests a comfortable and stylish stay.<br />

The elegant rooms, welcoming bar, and restaurant<br />

serving delicious cuisine are perfect for those seeking a<br />

touch of luxury in the heart of the town.<br />

oldbellhotel.co.uk<br />

The Manor House<br />

This beautiful country house hotel is set in the<br />

picturesque countryside of Wiltshire, offering guests<br />

a tranquil and relaxing stay. With elegant rooms, a<br />

spa, and a restaurant serving delicious cuisine, the<br />

Manor House is the perfect choice for those seeking a<br />

luxurious and peaceful retreat.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/the-manor-house<br />

Timbrells Yard<br />

This charming pub with rooms is located in the heart<br />

of Bradford-on-Avon, offering guests a cosy and<br />

welcoming stay. With comfortable rooms, a welcoming<br />

bar, and a restaurant serving delicious meals, Timbrells<br />

Yard offers a traditional English pub experience.<br />

timbrellsyard.com<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

These stylish and comfortable glamping pods are<br />

located in the heart of Wiltshire, offering guests a<br />

unique and memorable camping experience. With<br />

private facilities and stunning views of the surrounding<br />

countryside, Totteridge Farm Camping Pods are the<br />

perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and<br />

peaceful retreat.<br />

totteridge-farm.website/camping-pods<br />

Troutbeck Guest House<br />

This elegant guest house is located in the charming town<br />

of Devizes, offering guests a comfortable and stylish<br />

stay. With spacious rooms, a welcoming lounge, and<br />

a delicious breakfast served each morning, Troutbeck<br />

Guest House offers a relaxing and convenient stay.<br />

redlionfreehouse.com/troutbeck-guest-house/<br />

Village Hotel Swindon<br />

This modern and stylish hotel is located just a short<br />

distance from the centre of Swindon, offering guests a<br />

comfortable and convenient stay. With spacious rooms,<br />

a fitness centre, and a restaurant serving delicious<br />

meals, the Village Hotel Swindon is the perfect choice<br />

for those seeking a contemporary and stylish stay.<br />

village-hotels.co.uk/swindon<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

Set in the picturesque countryside of Wiltshire,<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel offers guests a luxurious<br />

and relaxing stay. With elegant rooms, a spa, and<br />

a restaurant serving delicious cuisine in peaceful<br />

surroundings, this is an indulgent escape from the<br />

hustle and bustle of daily life.<br />

luxuryfamilyhotels.co.uk/woolley-grange<br />

Plan your complete trip<br />

One of the most exciting ways to<br />

travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is to<br />

stop somewhere new each night. The<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> caters to the desires of<br />

all travellers, with its mix of quirky<br />

glamping and camping sites, pretty<br />

countryside B&Bs, cool city hotels,<br />

traditional village pubs and even fancy<br />

castles and stately homes<br />

104 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



Aerospace Bristol<br />

Alder Ridge Vineyard<br />

American Museum & Garden<br />

Apex Hotel<br />

Apsley House<br />

Ascot Racecourse<br />

Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum<br />

Auto Europe<br />

Avebury<br />

Barrington Court<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

Bath Bus Company<br />

Bath Curious Strolls<br />

Bath Insider Tours<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel<br />

Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa<br />

Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve<br />

Blenheim Palace<br />

Bluestone Vineyard<br />

Bombay Sapphire<br />

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection<br />

Bowood House & Garden<br />

Bozedown Alpacas<br />

Bradford on Avon Town<br />

Bristol Airport<br />

Bristol Cathedral<br />

Bristol Community Ferry Boats<br />

Bristol Packet Boats<br />

Bristol Tandem Hire<br />

Britains Best Heritage Tours<br />

British Museum<br />

Brooks Guest House Bath<br />

Brooks Guest House Bristol<br />

Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain<br />

Calne Town<br />

Canal & River Trust<br />

Castle Combe Circuit<br />

Cheddar Caves<br />

Cheddar Gorge<br />

Chippenham Museum and Heritage<br />

Centre<br />

Chippenham Town<br />

Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages<br />

Classic Cottages<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy<br />

Clifton Suspension Bridge<br />

Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen<br />

Corsham Town<br />

Cotswold Water Park<br />

Cricklade House Hotel<br />

Crofton Beam Engines<br />

Crop Circle Visitors Centre &<br />

Exhibition<br />

Crown & Anchor<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages<br />

Devizes Camping and Caravanning<br />

Club Site<br />

Devizes Town<br />

Newark Park, Ozleworth<br />

Donnington Grove Hotel & Country Newbury Racecourse<br />

Club<br />

No. 1 Royal Crescent<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton, Swindon No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

Dr Chocs<br />

North Wessex Downs AONB<br />

Dukes Hotel<br />

Novotel Reading Centre<br />

Dyrham Park<br />

Old Sarum<br />

Exclusive Collection<br />

Oldbury Tours<br />

Fashion Museum Bath<br />

Original Wild<br />

First <strong>Travel</strong> Solutions<br />

Oxford Marriott<br />

Fisherton Mill<br />

Parkway Shopping Centre<br />

French Brothers<br />

Pennyhill Park<br />

Galahad Tours<br />

Pettifers Freehouse Hotel<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

Pewsey Vale of Tourism Partnership<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Official Tour Prior Park Landscape Garden<br />

Operators<br />

Quirky Campers<br />

Hampton Court Palace<br />

Reading Museum<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bath City Reading UK<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport Red Lion Freehouse<br />

Henley Greenlands Hotel<br />

REME Museum<br />

Henley on Thames<br />

River & Rowing Museum<br />

Herongate Apartments<br />

Rollestone Manor<br />

Hilton Reading<br />

Roseate House London<br />

Hobbs of Henley<br />

Royal Berkshire<br />

Holiday Inn, Salisbury - Stonehenge Royal Borough of Windsor &<br />

HoneyStreet Boats<br />

Maidenhead<br />

Hungerford Town<br />

Salisbury Cathedral<br />

Iford Manor Gardens<br />

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum<br />

In and Beyond Bath<br />

Tours<br />

Jones’s Mill at The Vera Jeans Reserve Sally Narrowboats<br />

Kelmscott Manor<br />

Savouring Bath<br />

Kennet & Avon Trade Association Shaw House<br />

Kennet Horse Boat Company Skydive Netheravon<br />

Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum & South <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

Village<br />

St Peter’s Church<br />

Lainston House<br />

Stay in Bath<br />

Live Escape Salisbury<br />

Stasher<br />

WWT London Wetland Centre Stonehenge<br />

Longleat<br />

Stourhead<br />

Longleat Cottages<br />

Strawberry Hill House & Garden<br />

Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve Studley Grange<br />

Lytes Cary Manor<br />

Sulis Guides<br />

Mad Max Tours<br />

Swindon Village Hotel<br />

Maidenhead Heritage Centre Thames Lido<br />

Malmesbury Town<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

Marble Hill<br />

The Abbey Quarter<br />

Marlborough College Summer School The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Marlborough Town<br />

The Bristol Wing/YMCA<br />

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein The Castle Inn & Bakers Cottage<br />

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet The Chequers Hotel<br />

Swindon<br />

The Courts Garden<br />

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

The Crown & Anchor<br />

Mompesson House<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa<br />

Monkey Island Estate<br />

The Guild Wiltshire<br />

Montacute House<br />

The Holburne Museum<br />

Museum of East Asian Art<br />

The Jane Austen Centre<br />

MV Barbara McLellan<br />

The Kennet & Avon Canal Trust<br />

National Garden Scheme<br />

The Manor House & Golf Club<br />

National Trust<br />

The Merchant’s House<br />

National Waterways Museum The Merchants House Hotel<br />

The Museum of English Rural Life<br />

The National Gallery<br />

The Old Bell Hotel<br />

The Pound Arts Centre<br />

The Riverside<br />

The Roman Baths<br />

The Roseate Reading<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath<br />

The Royal Mint<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa,<br />

Bath<br />

The Royal Windsor Pub<br />

The Stonehenge Tour<br />

The Tutti Pole<br />

The Watermill Theatre<br />

The Wave<br />

Thermae Bath Spa<br />

Timbrells Yard<br />

Tintinhull Garden<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

Tour and Explore<br />

Tourism South East<br />

Tours 2 Order<br />

TransWilts Community Rail<br />

Trowbridge Town<br />

Turner’s House<br />

Tyntesfield, Wraxall<br />

University Of Bristol Botanic<br />

Gardens<br />

Vaughan’s Kitchen<br />

Vintage Classics<br />

VisitBritain/VisitEngland<br />

Visit Gloucestershire<br />

Visit Highworth<br />

Visit Newbury<br />

Visit Thames<br />

Visit <strong>West</strong> - Bath<br />

Visit <strong>West</strong> - Bristol<br />

VisitWiltshire<br />

Wake The Tiger<br />

We The Curious<br />

Wellington Arch<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Museum<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National Arboretum<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa<br />

Whitchurch Silk Mill<br />

Wilton Shopping Village - The Guild<br />

Wilton Windmill<br />

Wiltshire Museum<br />

Wiltshire Stonehenge landscape<br />

Windsor Carriages<br />

Windsor Castle, Royal Collection<br />

Trust<br />

Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park – The Crown<br />

Estate<br />

Windsor Open Top Bus Tours<br />

Windsor Duck Tours<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

Wyvern Theatre<br />

YMCA Bath Group<br />

Discover more about our Ambassadors at: <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

*Standard network charges apply. Calls from mobiles may be higher.<br />

Prepare before you go<br />

There’s nothing like a good map to make you feel like a true adventurer<br />

This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery<br />

Download our 'This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery'<br />

map of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, and get a sense for<br />

the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Will you<br />

venture out to explore the mysteries of the North<br />

Wessex Downs? Make a summer solstice pilgrimage<br />

to Stonehenge? Or set off to photograph the pretty<br />

villages of the Cotswolds?<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> routes<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> routes<br />

included – WEST included – EAST<br />

Train routes<br />

Train routes<br />

Food and Drink Map<br />

• Bristol Temple Meads – • London Paddington-Swindon<br />

Swindon (via Bath Spa and<br />

(via Didcot or <strong>West</strong>bury)<br />

Chippenham)<br />

• London Waterloo-<strong>West</strong>bury via<br />

• Bristol Temple Meads –<br />

Salisbury using GWR or SWR<br />

Salisbury via <strong>West</strong>bury<br />

services<br />

Food lovers can download • Chippenham-Trowbridge our food via and drink More map information<br />

• Thames Valley branch lines for<br />

Melksham<br />

east of Reading (except<br />

• <strong>West</strong>bury-Pewsey<br />

services to Guildford)<br />

Bus route<br />

Bus route<br />

an overview of the incredible<br />

• X5 Salisbury, Amesbury,<br />

culinary delights<br />

GWR.Feedback@GWR.com<br />

available<br />

• X2 and X32 beween Oxford<br />

Pewsey, Marlborough,<br />

and Wantage via Didcot<br />

Swindon (Salisbury Reds)<br />

Parkway (Thames <strong>Travel</strong>,<br />

• 49 Trans-Wilts-Express,<br />

Connector)<br />

Swindon, Trowbridge,<br />

• X38/X39 & X40, Reading,<br />

GWR.com/contact<br />

along the route, featuring local (Stagecoach <strong>West</strong>) breweries, Henley, Wallingford, Oxford Michelin<br />

• 55 Swindon-Royal Wootton<br />

(Thames <strong>Travel</strong>, River Rapids)<br />

Basset-Chippenham<br />

• X5 Salisbury, Amesbury,<br />

(Stagecoach <strong>West</strong> GOLD)<br />

Pewsey, Marlborough,<br />

Follow us: @GWRHelp<br />

• S6 Swindon-Faringdon-<br />

Swindon (Salisbury Reds)<br />

starred dining, farmers' markets, Oxford (Stagecoach <strong>West</strong> afternoon • Green Line services 702 tea, food<br />

GOLD)<br />

and 703 between Heathrow,<br />

Like us: facebook.com/GWRUK<br />

• 80/81 Swindon-Marlborough Windsor and LEGOLAND<br />

(Stagecoach <strong>West</strong>)<br />

Windsor Resort<br />

• All First <strong>West</strong> of England • Reading Buses services,<br />

and drink festivals, quaint country services (except Bristol Flyer) excluding pubs Greenwave, and more.<br />

Kennections, football and<br />

special event services<br />

Discounts on the following<br />

services:<br />

• Open Top Oxford<br />

03457 000 125* (open 0600-2300 daily)<br />

Don’t miss out on our latest offers,<br />

special deals and news. Register at<br />

GWR.com/signup<br />

• A railcard discount is given on<br />

the Reading RailAir Coach<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal map <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> routes included – GLOBAL<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

All routes included in East and <strong>West</strong> regions<br />

Take a look at our Kennet & Avon Canal map to find<br />

out about travelling along the beautiful and historic<br />

canal that stretches between Reading and Bristol.<br />

Looked after by the Canal & River Trust, you can<br />

explore the towpath by foot or bike – or float gently<br />

along on a narrowboat, canoe or kayak.<br />

Of course, while these maps will steer you towards<br />

incredible attractions, beautiful landscapes and top<br />

places to stay, eat and drink – you are ultimately<br />

your own tour guide. Please do wander off course<br />

and find things to see and do that are not marked on<br />

our maps. This dreamy part of England is set up for<br />

surprising discoveries.<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> ®<br />

Discoverer pass<br />

Click here to book online<br />

with prices from just £27.50<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass<br />

Tickets for the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway can be bought from<br />

ticket offices at stations along<br />

the route but for cheaper tickets<br />

and no queues we recommend<br />

buying in advance. There are<br />

three <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer<br />

routes available, (East, <strong>West</strong> or<br />

global) giving you the opportunity<br />

to explore your chosen area in<br />

one-day instalments or over the<br />

duration of a week.<br />

Click here to download the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass<br />

Click here to download<br />

This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery<br />

Click here to find out more about<br />

Food and Drink<br />

Click here to download the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal map<br />

106 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Begin your next adventure at<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

#EscapetheEveryday<br />



®<br />


Tickets now<br />

on sale<br />

Made for Magical Christmas Moments<br />

This Christmas, discover the wonder of Santa’s workshop at The Royal Mint<br />

Experience as he teams up with The Royal Mint. Filled with wonder and delight,<br />

it is sure to be a truly magical and festive experience for all the family to enjoy.<br />


For more details visit: www.royalmint.com/the-royal-mint-experience/christmas.<br />

The Royal Mint Christmas Experience runs every day<br />

from 25th November 2023 to 24th December 2023<br />



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