Great West Way Travel Magazine | Issue 06

Escape the everyday by exploring the Great West Way touring route between London and Bristol this summer with our brand new itineraries from Prehistoric Journeys to Vibrant Cities by Train.

Escape the everyday by exploring the Great West Way touring route between London and Bristol
this summer with our brand new itineraries from Prehistoric Journeys to Vibrant Cities by Train.


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SUMMER 2022<br />

TRAVEL MAGAZINE | ISSUE <strong>06</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Where our best kept secrets from<br />

the past meet twenty-first-century<br />

hospitality. Expect history, adventure,<br />

natural beauty and excitement<br />

Escape the Everyday by exploring the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> touring route between London and Bristol<br />

this summer with our brand new itineraries from Prehistoric Journeys to Vibrant Cities by Train

GREAT<br />

FOR<br />

GROUPS<br />

With 21 Ascot Racedays throughout the year,<br />

each with exhilarating racing and its own unique<br />

character, there is something to suit every<br />

occasion and ensure a day to remember.<br />

Book as a group and save when booking<br />

10 tickets or more.<br />

Find out more at ascot.com/groups



Here comes the British summer we have all<br />

been waiting for; an opportunity to travel<br />

and explore without the fear of lockdowns,<br />

restrictions and disruption to our plans.<br />

Plus, with international travel back on,<br />

England is not likely to become as busy as<br />

we experienced in some of our over-popular<br />

destinations last year, offering the chance to<br />

enjoy and admire the very best of England once more.<br />

Step into the extraordinary as you travel through time and<br />

stumble across hidden gems while discovering the real England on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> and escape the everyday.<br />

England’s <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> touring route from London to Bristol<br />

offers uninterrupted countryside, famous landmarks, awardwinning<br />

attractions and is home to some of the country’s finest<br />

restaurants, prettiest villages and most vibrant cities.<br />

Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, spellbinding<br />

museums, luxury hotels with spas, unique experiences, or glamping<br />

under the stars, this fascinating route is guaranteed to fill you with<br />

incredible memories and unforgettable moments. Make up for lost<br />

time by planning your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> journey today.<br />

Pictured Above: Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath; The Rose<br />

Hungerford.<br />

Escape the Everyday on a unique adventure along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> in 2022, discovering iconic<br />

sites and hidden landscapes.<br />

Jessica <strong>Way</strong><br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> <strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Jessica x<br />

Download our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> map to discover<br />

the hundreds of places to visit, things to do,<br />

sites to see and places to stay along the route:<br />

: <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk/explore/maps<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



SUMMER 2022 | Edition <strong>06</strong><br />




07 Susie Brew, coordinator from the Pewsey Vale<br />

Tourism Partnership talks about the Vale of Pewsey, her<br />

love of countryside, her three Cocker Spaniels, Wilton<br />

Windmill and Crofton Beam Engines.<br />


08 From the re-opening of the UK’s oldest public<br />

outdoor swimming pool and secret vaults hidden<br />

below Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge to new hotels,<br />

attractions and more success on the <strong>Great</strong> west <strong>Way</strong>.<br />


14 MEMENTOS<br />

We discover some of the unique artisan trades and<br />

skills which are still being masterfully taught on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Why not visit them for yourself and<br />

experience their trades and secrets first-hand?<br />


22 WAY<br />

From the largest tennis museum in the world to smalltown<br />

rugby clubs and big city football stadiums we hope<br />

you will stop for a tour at one of our favourite clubs.<br />


28 Pumpkin picking to alpaca walking, freshly laid<br />

eggs to milking the cows, it’s time to clean the mud from<br />

your wellies and experience the very best of countryside<br />

living on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />


34 With the recent release of Netflix’s Bridgerton<br />

Season Two, it's time to celebrate the series on a<br />

Bridgerton-inspired tour of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, visiting<br />

some of the glamorous locations seen on screen, including<br />

Hampton Court Palace and No.1 Royal Crescent.<br />

4 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk




Take a swim in a rooftop pool in Bath, celebrate the<br />

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's 60th birthday, enjoy a Biscuit<br />

Fuelled Break in Reading and join in the fun of the<br />

four-day Bank Holiday marking the Queen’s 70-year reign.<br />


52 For unforgettable family fun why not bring the<br />

kids on a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure? There's splishsplashy<br />

water parks, wonderfully wild safari parks,<br />

magnificent interactive museums and much more.<br />


58 We speak to Neil Wilkin, The British Museum<br />

Stonehenge Exhibition Curator about the much-loved<br />

British monument and the new Prehistoric Journey of<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />



Visit these pretty villages by foot, train or water,<br />

leaving the car behind while discovering plenty of other<br />

fascinating destinations and attractions along the way.<br />


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74 As well as its natural scenery, cultural scene and lovely<br />

locals, the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is known for its many festivals<br />

and events.<br />


80 The route has been designed to be travelled in a<br />

variety of different ways: by road, by rail, on water via the<br />

Kennet and Avon Canal and River Thames, by bike or on foot.<br />


84 There are many ways to enjoy food and drink on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> from fine dining and cookery schools to<br />

vineyard tours and quaint tea rooms and cafés.<br />


92 Stay overnight on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, whether on a<br />

romantic weekend away or a week-long adventure.<br />

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Take your<br />

time on the<br />

Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal


The Vale of Pewsey runs from just east of Devizes through to the county<br />

border with <strong>West</strong> Berkshire, covering around 25 miles from east to west,<br />

with more than 100 pretty villages and hamlets along the way. We speak<br />

to Susie Brew, coordinator from the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership...<br />

What do you love most about the Vale of Pewsey?<br />

The Vale has the Kennet & Avon Canal running through its<br />

centre and makes up a large part of the North Wessex Downs<br />

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – it is one of England’s best<br />

kept secrets! It’s also the home to the Crop Circle Exhibition at<br />

Honeystreet which is renowned as a world leader in crop circle<br />

information and is absolutely fascinating. If you are visiting in<br />

June or July, then you may get to see a real crop circle and the<br />

Exhibition Centre will be able to direct you.<br />

Tell us more about what you do on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>?<br />

I think that I have one of the best jobs in the world because I<br />

get to promote one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas<br />

in England. You never quite know what each day might bring<br />

and so I have also found myself working with ITV, re-chalking<br />

a white horse, delivering leaflets, managing our Tourist<br />

Information Kiosks (converted phone boxes) and lots more!<br />

What’s a typical day like for you?<br />

There isn’t really a typical day. I work from home, so whatever I<br />

might be doing work-wise, I have to make sure that there is an<br />

hour or so dedicated to walking our three cocker spaniels.<br />

What do you love most about your job?<br />

Exploring the Vale for new walks and cycle routes and getting<br />

to know the area more intimately. The love of countryside<br />

has always been with me – I grew up in a small village in<br />

Gloucestershire and, although I spent many years in London,<br />

the <strong>West</strong> Country is where I really wanted to come back to.<br />

The Vale of Pewsey is really special – it is very unspoilt, really<br />

‘earthy’. There is so much space, it really is tranquil and the<br />

history and heritage around us is fascinating.<br />

What’s your favourite food or drink along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>?<br />

You are spoilt for choice in the Vale of Pewsey – we have so<br />

many really fabulous country pubs that do delicious food and<br />

local beers and ciders, as well as cafes that offer incredible<br />

cakes and locally sourced food. However, if you come to the<br />

Vale, you have to go to Marshall’s Bakery in Pewsey and try the<br />

lardy cake – absolutely delicious.<br />

If you could choose one must-visit attraction along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, what would it be and why?<br />

Actually I’ve picked two! Wilton Windmill and Crofton Beam<br />

Engines – these two heritage sites are close to one another and<br />

there is a walk on our website that takes you to both of them.<br />

It is amazing that both sites still perform the job they were built<br />

to do 200 years ago! The guides at both sites are so interesting<br />

as well so the guided tours are a must. Highly recommended<br />

with a stop at The Swan Inn for a local pint of beer or cider or a<br />

glass of wine.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



A look at the highlights and what’s new on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

The UK’s oldest public outdoor<br />

swimming pool, Bath<br />

The Cleveland Pools in the city<br />

of Bath is the UK's only surviving<br />

Georgian Lido, dating back over<br />

200 years. This unique open-air<br />

public swimming pool uses the<br />

heat pumps in the adjacent river<br />

as its energy for heating the<br />

water. Restoration to bring this<br />

wonderful heritage site back into<br />

use has begun, with the opening<br />

planned for the summer this year.<br />

Artist Residence hotel and<br />

restaurant opens in Bristol<br />

Located in the creative St Pauls<br />

community, just minutes from<br />

Bristol's city centre, this Georgian<br />

townhouse is an eccentric home<br />

from home. Downstairs, you'll find<br />

the light and airy Library, a relaxed<br />

lounge bar for making yourself<br />

at home, and the sprawling Boot<br />

Factory complete with ping-pong<br />

table, photobooth, buzzing central<br />

bar and courtyard garden.<br />

Stay, play, party and discover at<br />

the new Moxy Bristol Hotel<br />

Part of the Marriott group, the<br />

Moxy Hotel is a brand new<br />

214-room funky and affordable<br />

boutique hotel, conveniently<br />

located in Newfoundland Street,<br />

close to the city's fantastic<br />

attractions, including Bristol Zoo,<br />

The National Arboretum, We The<br />

Curious, Bristol Cathedral, The<br />

Wave, and the vibrant area of St<br />

Pauls to explore on its doorstep.<br />

8 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Royal <strong>West</strong> of England<br />

Academy re-opens in Bristol<br />

Bristol’s oldest art gallery, Royal<br />

<strong>West</strong> of England Academy has been<br />

closed for nearly two years as it has<br />

undergone a £4.1 million<br />

refurbishment. Inside the gallery<br />

there are new spaces and worldclass<br />

art exhibitions set to return,<br />

with the re-opening exhibition ‘Me<br />

Myself and I: Artists’.<br />

A win for Bath Insider Tours<br />

One of our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Tour<br />

Guides, Daniel, is jumping for<br />

joy following his success at the<br />

Bristol Bath and Somerset Tourism<br />

Awards winning the Award for<br />

'Experience of the Year'.<br />

Faster Britain and Clifton<br />

Suspension Bridge: Celebrating<br />

the 20th anniversary of an<br />

incredible discovery<br />

Twenty years after contractors at<br />

Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge<br />

discovered secret vaults hidden<br />

below the iconic structure, the<br />

public are being offered a new<br />

opportunity to explore the underground<br />

spaces designed by famous<br />

Victorian engineer Isambard<br />

Kingdom Brunel. Sadly, Brunel died<br />

five years before the opening of the<br />

bridge and his plans for the crossing<br />

were lost. The vaults remained<br />

undisturbed for 162 years until their<br />

chance discovery in 2002 when<br />

specialist equipment was needed<br />

to access the structure and clear<br />

tunnel entrances filled with rubble<br />

left by the original workforce. To<br />

celebrate the twentieth anniversary<br />

of this remarkable discovery, a<br />

new programme of family-friendly<br />

‘Vaults Visits’ has been launched,<br />

running alongside the Visitor Centre’s<br />

popular in-depth Hard Hat Tours.<br />

Sponsored by full fibre provider, ITS<br />

Technology Group’s ‘Faster Britain’<br />

programme, the visits allow families<br />

to access a new platform installed<br />

in the largest and most significant<br />

of the twelve stone chambers – an<br />

impressive echo chamber, 11 metres<br />

high, festooned in stalactites.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


The Bath World Heritage Centre<br />

Located in the heart of the city<br />

centre The Bath World Heritage<br />

Centre will have free access for all.<br />

It will be filled with imaginative<br />

interpretation that will show<br />

people why Bath is so special and<br />

inspire them with the information<br />

they need to go out and explore<br />

the amazing World Heritage City.<br />

Bailey Balloons<br />

Bailey Balloons have acquired two<br />

new balloons. One is already flying<br />

over the South <strong>West</strong> from Bristol<br />

and Bath, the other balloon will be<br />

ready for the Bristol Balloon Fiesta<br />

in August. There are still spaces<br />

to fly at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta<br />

12-15 August 2022. Fly with up to<br />

100 balloons at the mass launches<br />

at dawn and dusk over three days<br />

(weather permitting).<br />

Live Escape Rooms Salisbury<br />

Just a short detour off the route<br />

Live Escape Rooms Salisbury brings<br />

you a five-star escape experience<br />

in The Cross Keys Shopping Centre<br />

in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Husband<br />

and wife Claire and Charlie Pitcher<br />

have worked around the clock to<br />

turn the downstairs of their 14th<br />

century building into a pirate<br />

tavern ready to welcome teams to<br />

play their games and hunts.<br />

Cocktail Making Experiences<br />

in Marlborough<br />

Cocktail masterclasses are now<br />

available within The Kingsbury @<br />

No7 & No8 restaurant available to<br />

book either as a standalone event<br />

or as part of an overnight stay.<br />

During the cocktail experience<br />

guests enjoy hot nibbles from<br />

the Bite Me menu and get to take<br />

home a 12 piece cocktail set and<br />

mixology hard back recipe book.<br />

The Kingsbury @ No7 & No8 is a<br />

sumptuous designer Boutique Hotel<br />

offering the finest accommodation<br />

in Marlborough. Located next<br />

door to the hotel is the fun and<br />

innovative Bite Me Burger and Get<br />

Plucked Restaurants, run in tandem<br />

by the owners of the hotel. The<br />

building at No 7 dates back to the<br />

17th Century and its three rooms<br />

maintain their original features<br />

including their fabulous beams.<br />

No 8 has seven rooms including a<br />

Master Suite with four poster bed.<br />

The Kingsbury @ No7 & No8 is<br />

situated close to the centre of the<br />

historic market town of Marlborough,<br />

within close proximity to Avebury<br />

and Silbury Hill.<br />

10 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



BARREL<br />


What will you do on your daycation?<br />

Find out more visitnewbury.org.uk<br />

@VisitNewbury<br />

Visit Bristol’s unique<br />

Visit Bristol’s unique<br />



Open<br />

all year<br />

(check website<br />

for details)<br />

www.bris.ac.uk/botanic-garden<br />

University of Bristol Botanic Garden<br />

Stoke Park Road, Bristol BS9 1JG Tel: 0117 428 2041

Crescent Restaurant & Bar<br />

Located in Bath's Margaret's<br />

Buildings a beautiful side street<br />

between the Royal Crescent and The<br />

Circus, the new Crescent Restaurant<br />

& Bar, launched by husband-andwife<br />

duo Simon and Leanne, offers<br />

breakfasts and tapas and cocktails.<br />

Wake The Tiger Amazement Park<br />

An alternative to the traditional<br />

art gallery, Bristol's Wake The Tiger<br />

is a new fantastical, interactive<br />

and immersive art experience.<br />

Visitors are transported to the<br />

magical realms of an ‘alchemist's<br />

dream’, in 27 unique artistic rooms.<br />

The Jane Austen Centre<br />

Discover more about Jane Austen’s<br />

life in the magnificent city of Bath<br />

during Regency times at this new<br />

exhibition space in Bath, where<br />

actors are on hand to show you how<br />

to write with a quill and ink and<br />

play traditional regency games.<br />

Pewsey Vale Circular <strong>Way</strong><br />

The Pewsey Vale Circular <strong>Way</strong> is a<br />

new long-distance walking, cycling<br />

and riding route. The way marked<br />

route is a 77 mile walking route or<br />

a 72 mile cycling/riding route, with<br />

the Vale of Pewsey at its heart.<br />

Dramatic downland, secluded<br />

woodland, sweeping valleys and<br />

the Kennet & Avon Canal provide<br />

a rich variety of landscapes for the<br />

walker, rider or cyclist to enjoy.<br />

Click here to download the the<br />

Circular <strong>Way</strong> leaflet.<br />

Stay in the know<br />

Click here to sign<br />

up to our monthly<br />

e-newsletter<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />




This summer lots of our favourite craftspeople from the length of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route are throwing open their doors once more and inviting us back<br />

to learn more about their artisan trades. With so much creativity your journey<br />

just isn’t complete without taking some time to discover them for yourselves.<br />

Words | Samantha Campbell<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is a great place to explore the<br />

world of ceramics, book into a workshop to learn<br />

alongside other like-minded participants, or simply<br />

drop in to meet the fantastic artists at home in their<br />

pottery studios. Pottery is a catalyst for so much more –<br />

feeling great, slowing down and making time for ourselves<br />

doing something that feels really nourishing.<br />

Meet the Makers<br />

Conveniently situated close to Swindon town centre, The<br />

Eastcott Studios Pottery studio has everything you need to<br />

'get creative'. Try your hand at ‘pot throwing’ on a potter's<br />

wheel, paint-a-pot and learn the techniques of coiling,<br />

pinching and slabbing. Fired Thoughts Ceramic Arts Studio’s<br />

have two studios, one in Devizes and another in Swindon,<br />

offering weekly courses and weekend workshops. You<br />

might like to stay at one of the many local hotels, bed and<br />

breakfast and campsites nearby and stay for a course (see<br />

our accommodation section page 94).<br />

In Wiltshire, Jane Scott Ceramics has moved to lovely<br />

new premises in Corsham while over in Bradford on Avon<br />

everyone is welcome by the Winsley Pottery Club who meet<br />

in the Church Hall for a workshop every Saturday between<br />

10am and 12 noon. Call 01225 722107 to book your place,<br />

price is £12 per session to include refreshments.<br />

A short detour south of the route you will find Enigma<br />

Pottery Studio and Gallery in Frome. Launched by Jenny<br />

Barton after graduating from Bath Spa University with a<br />

degree in Ceramic Design, the pottery studio is situated at<br />

the bottom of a picturesque walled garden to the rear of<br />

her impressive Grade II listed house and gallery. Book in for<br />

a one or two hour pottery making party, or join in the fun<br />

of her seasonally inspired pottery workshops like Easter Egg<br />

painting, Mothers Day gift making, Summer workshops and<br />

Christmas Decoration Making.<br />

14 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured clockwise from left: Hand made pottery at Aston Pottery<br />

and Gardens; Jane and Stephen, owners of Aston Pottery and<br />

Gardens; Gardens in bloom at Aston Pottery and Gardens<br />

In Bristol, head to The Village Pottery in Markham Farm to<br />

pick up a beautiful handmade souvenir or visit Jessica Thorn<br />

Ceramics in Centrespace Studio for a one to one workshop<br />

on the potter's wheel.<br />

You might enjoy combining your love of gardens<br />

and pottery with a visit to Aston Pottery and Gardens.<br />

Owners Jane and Stephen offer guided tours and talks on<br />

everything from approaches to design, methods of planting<br />

and all important garden maintenance as well as pottery<br />

demonstrations. Visit the gift shop and replenish at their<br />

award-winning Country Café. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 15

Discover Gloucestershire’s best attractions, tours,<br />

shops, restaurants, accommodation and venues<br />

discovergloucestershire visitglosuk DiscoverGlos

“Tucked away in the Hampshire countryside alongside<br />

the peaceful River Test is the oldest silk mill that is still<br />

weaving silk in its original building.”<br />

Pictured clockwise from left: The craft of silk<br />

weaving at Whitchurch Silk Mill; Traditional<br />

heritage Whitchurch Silk; Whitchurch Silk Mill<br />

and the River Test.<br />

Heritage Crafts<br />

There are some spectacular reminders of<br />

England's industrial heritage to discover along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Some of these historic<br />

gems are still in working order – and can even<br />

be seen in action.<br />

For an unusual introduction to the area's<br />

heritage, explore some of these living pieces<br />

of history. Whitchurch Silk Mill, for example,<br />

a 200-year-old silk mill still using historic<br />

equipment and processes to produce beautiful<br />

silks. Tucked away in the Hampshire countryside<br />

alongside the peaceful River Test Whitchurch<br />

Silk Mill is the oldest silk mill that is still<br />

weaving silk in its original building.<br />

Explore the beautiful Georgian water mill<br />

with impressive Victorian machinery that is still<br />

in use today to spin glorious, colourful silks.<br />

Crofton Beam Engines on the Kennet and<br />

Avon Canal were built around the same time<br />

as Whitchurch Silk Mill, to pump water to the<br />

highest point of the canal. The Beam Engines<br />

are in working order and are put in action for<br />

visitors to watch during regular weekends every<br />

summer. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk 17

“Our personal styling appointments<br />

encourage investment in well-made,<br />

quality clothes in versatile styles so<br />

that you buy once and buy right.”<br />

Pictured clockwise from left: Made to measure tailoring at Regent Tailoring; Bombay<br />

Sapphire Distillery; Gin Cocktail Masterclass; <strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery; Trying on a new<br />

suit at Regent Tailoring; Holland & Sherry Fabrics.<br />

Made to Measure<br />

You might think London’s Savile Row is where<br />

all the most stylish tailors are located, but<br />

you can find them along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

route too. Take for example the Chambers<br />

Bespoke Tailors in Wimbledon, a highly<br />

regarded bespoke tailoring and alterations<br />

boutique situated in the beautiful and very<br />

desirable Wimbledon Village.<br />

Located on Salisbury’s New Street you<br />

will find Regent Tailoring with an ethos<br />

centred on cultivating timeless designs<br />

and helping to curate a personal style for<br />

every individual.Famous as a tailor, personal<br />

stylist, curator of contemporary fashion<br />

and a celebrated brand in its own right,<br />

Regent has become an institution over the<br />

past fifteen years with the Regent shop<br />

serving as the company’s beating heart.<br />

With a commitment to using the finest<br />

quality cloths, materials and manufacturing<br />

methods, Regent’s clothes are all<br />

scrupulously designed and of the highest<br />

18 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Did you<br />

know? You<br />

can make<br />

your own<br />

with a Gin<br />

Cocktail<br />

Masterclass<br />

at Bombay<br />

Sapphire Gin<br />

Distillery<br />

calibre. British Heritage remains at the core as founder,<br />

Jason Regent, continuously seeks to innovate, operating at<br />

the shop both as an expert tailor (with over 25 years in the<br />

business) and personal stylist. “Tailoring is a key element at<br />

Regent: we offer both off-the-peg and semi-bespoke suits.<br />

Our personal styling appointments encourage investment in<br />

well-made, quality clothes in versatile styles so that you buy<br />

once and buy right”.<br />

The Regent shop still acts as the heart of all we do: we<br />

promise a unique experience when you step through the<br />

door. Our establishment offers everything from perfect gift<br />

ideas and gentlemen’s grooming products, as well as three<br />

floors of high-quality clothes with styles ranging from the<br />

classic to the cutting edge.<br />

Be it an Ebbets Field Cap or a bespoke suit, a Regent<br />

bicycle; a pair of Ludwig Reiter trainers or a pair of Albert<br />

Thurston braces, you will be sure to discover a selection of<br />

unique, hand picked brands you won’t usually find on the<br />

high street at Regent’s.<br />

In the beautiful city of Bath shoppers expects a certain<br />

quality and exclusivity that you won’t find in many cities, and<br />

there is no exception at City Tailors, where they work hard<br />

to deliver beyond expectations and offer only the highest<br />

quality garments for both men and women.<br />

Thirst Quenching<br />

Find out all about making England’s most traditional<br />

beverages by taking a tour at Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery,<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery or Wadworth Brewery. Based at<br />

Laverstoke Mill in rural Hampshire, so ideal to combine with<br />

a visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill, (featured on page 17) the<br />

Bombay Sapphire Distillery is in a conservation area with<br />

over 1000 years of history.<br />

For over 225 years, the Victorian and Georgian buildings<br />

set astride the crystal-clear River Test produced bank note<br />

paper for the Bank of England and the British Empire. Now,<br />

Laverstoke Mill is a state-of-the-art sustainable distillery,<br />

which produces every drop of Bombay Sapphire gin.<br />

The distillery showcases the care, skill and artistry behind<br />

every drop of Bombay Sapphire, and allows you to discover<br />

the flavours of the botanicals which make Bombay Sapphire<br />

gin so unique.<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery is an independent brewery<br />

nestled in the heart of Berkshire with over 23 years of brewing<br />

experience. Visit the the Taproom & Kitchen for a burger or →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


“It was in Bristol, in 1847, Joseph Fry<br />

worked out how to make a paste from<br />

cocoa, sugar and cocoa powder that<br />

could be moulded into a bar.”<br />

Pictured clockwise from left: Wadworth Brewery;<br />

Chocolate Icecreams; Buttle Farm, Wiltshire<br />

light bite, and a taste of the craft beer or ale<br />

proudly produced in traditional casks.<br />

Discover the history and heritage of<br />

Wadworth Brewery, located in the bustling<br />

market town of Devizes, Wiltshire, at their<br />

Visitor Centre where there is a free self-guided<br />

exhibition to include a unique collection of<br />

hand painted pub signs, before stopping for a<br />

beer at The Harness Room Bar.<br />

Famous Artisan Food<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is home to many of<br />

England’s finest goodies. From Bath's famous<br />

Sally Lunn bun first recorded in 1780, and<br />

the traditional Maids of Honour cake which<br />

can be dated back to Hampton Court Palace<br />

and Henry VIII, to the delicious Lardy Cake,<br />

originating from Wiltshire. And it's not just<br />

cake, believe it or not, even the chocolate bar<br />

was invented here. Yes that’s right! It was in<br />

Bristol, in 1847, Joseph Fry worked out how<br />

to make a paste from cocoa, sugar and cocoa<br />

powder that could be moulded into a bar. J S<br />

Fry & Sons had their factory in Union Street<br />

and produced their most famous chocolate bar,<br />

Fun Fact: In<br />

a year <strong>West</strong><br />

Berkshire<br />

Brewery<br />

brew an<br />

impressive<br />

2.6 million<br />

pints.<br />

the Fry’s Chocolate Cream, in 1866 as well as the<br />

UK’s first chocolate Easter egg in 1873.<br />

Other foodie ‘claims to fame’ include Cheddar<br />

cheese and Wiltshire cure - a traditional English<br />

technique for curing bacon and ham. The meat is<br />

soaked in brine for several days, making it moist<br />

and giving it a succulent texture. The technique<br />

was developed in Calne in Wiltshire by the Harris<br />

family in the 18th century. Visit Buttle Farm to<br />

buy Wiltshire cured ham fresh from the farm.<br />

20 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Discover Wiltshire’s medieval gem<br />

Just eight miles from Stonehenge, this architectural masterpiece is home to best preserved<br />

Prepare to be amazed...<br />

original 1215 Magna Carta, Britain’s tallest spire and the world’s oldest clock.<br />

Explore this historic Cathedral and view the finest original 1215 Magna<br />

Carta, Britain’s tallest spire and the world’s oldest mechanical clock<br />

www.salisburycathedral.org.uk<br />



www.salisburycathedral.org.uk<br />

Holidays on the Kennet & Avon Canal<br />

The Traditional Narrowboat Experience • Accommodation that goes wherever you go<br />

e: enquiries@sallynarrowboats.co.uk | t: 01225 864923 | w: sallynarrowboats.co.uk

22 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



Spectator sports are hugely popular in England and throughout the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. From the largest tennis museum in the world to<br />

small-town rugby clubs and big city football stadiums we hope you<br />

will stop for a tour at one of these favourite clubs.<br />

Words | Lucy Bond<br />

Horse racing, rowing regattas and polo matches are all<br />

high-class occasions where dressing up is part of the<br />

fun. Henley Royal Regatta and Royal Ascot are the<br />

two most famous, with traditions and etiquette that<br />

add to the sense of occasion. But if your trip doesn’t coincide<br />

with one of these major events not only are there lots more<br />

competitive races, games and matches to keep you on the<br />

edge of your seat, you are still able to visit these prestigious<br />

world-renowned venues on a behind-the-scenes tour of the<br />

players and competitors grounds, stadiums and changing rooms.<br />

Take a visit to England's Home of Rugby Museum<br />

The award-winning World Rugby Museum houses the world’s<br />

most prestigious collection of rugby memorabilia and offers<br />

memorable tours of the iconic Twickenham Stadium.<br />

During a Stadium Tour you are able to visit some of<br />

the most exciting and select areas, including the Royal<br />

Box, Players' Tunnel, pitch-side, and inside the England<br />

Dressing Room where you will learn about the match-day<br />

preparations and routines of international rugby players. →<br />

Experience the life of an Equestrian<br />

There’s a strong horse riding heritage running through the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, and many tracks where you can watch races<br />

and put money on your favourite horses. Ascot is of course<br />

the most famous hosting Royal Ascot in June, however did you<br />

know you can enjoy a free guided tour from one of their iconic<br />

Bowler Hat Stewards? These special tours include a visit to<br />

the weighing room and jockeys' changing rooms taking place<br />

throughout the Jumps season, before racing begins.<br />

Other racecourses in the region include those at Newbury,<br />

Windsor, Bath and a short detour off the route, Salisbury.<br />

And don’t miss Barbury International Horse Trials in July, set<br />

against the beautiful backdrop of the Marlborough Downs.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Take a tour of Wimbledon, the All England Tennis Club<br />

Wimbledon's award-winning behind-the-scenes tours of<br />

the grounds are the perfect way to see this world-famous<br />

site – the location to one of the four tennis Grand Slam<br />

tournaments, considered the most important competitions<br />

of the tennis season. One of the world’s most celebrated<br />

tennis events, the championships at Wimbledon run for two<br />

weeks in July attracting over 500,000 spectators.<br />

Expertly led by a friendly Blue Badge Guide, you’ll learn<br />

about how Wimbledon’s distinctive grass is cared for and<br />

how the site is improved and developed each year.<br />

You’ll see facilities provided for the press, broadcasters and<br />

the world’s best tennis players. Inside the Wimbledon Lawn<br />

Tennis Museum you will experience the history and traditions<br />

of ‘the Fortnight’, get up close to the Championships Trophies,<br />

feel the fabrics of tennis fashions from the Victorian period,<br />

test your skills on the Batak wall and learn about how The<br />

Championships has developed since 1877.<br />

Club followed by a 'Crew lunch’ at Leander with Toby Garbett<br />

offering his stories, revelations and motivational advice.<br />

Following the experience head to the Henley on Thames<br />

River & Rowing Museum located on the banks of the<br />

picturesque river and housed in an award-winning building,<br />

designed by the acclaimed architect Sir David Chipperfield.<br />

With four permanent galleries dedicated to Rowing,<br />

Rivers, the work of British Artist John Piper and the history of<br />

Henley on Thames, the Museum is also home to the magical<br />

Wind in the Willows exhibition which brings to life the<br />

much-loved story with 3D models, lighting and music.<br />

Pop into the café and sit out on the terrace overlooking<br />

Mill Meadows, and visit the shop for books and games,<br />

fashion, craft and local produce, including fine wines, gins,<br />

honey and chocolates. The constantly evolving calendar of<br />

temporary art and photography exhibitions and a year-round<br />

calendar of nature trails, craft workshops and family days,<br />

ensures there is always something new to see and do.<br />

“One of the world’s most celebrated tennis events, the<br />

champoinships at Wimbledon runs for two weeks in July<br />

attracting over 500,000 spectators.”<br />

With clothing and equipment donated by tennis’ top<br />

stars, you’re certain to see something from your favourite<br />

player too. The Museum also runs several special exhibitions,<br />

including one dedicated to tennis at the Olympic Games,<br />

another charting the evolution of the racket from the 1870s<br />

to present day, and a showcase of the spectacular tennis<br />

posters that have been used to advertise Wimbledon over<br />

the years. The Museum's newest temporary exhibition is<br />

Centre Court: 100 Years of Change, celebrating the centenary<br />

of Centre Court, taking place in 2022.<br />

The exhibition explores the role that Centre Court has<br />

played as a witness to a period of considerable social and<br />

cultural progress, and the platform that the court, and The<br />

Championships, has provided for that change.<br />

Have an unforgettable time on the water<br />

An absolute must for Rowing enthusiasts, the Henley Rowing<br />

Association offer a special and unique opportunity to row<br />

on the regatta course with Olympian and Twice World<br />

Champion, Toby Garbett. The five hour long Gold package<br />

includes an outdoor warm up session of rowing specific<br />

exercises, a coaching and rowing experience in a quad or<br />

octuple on the Regatta course, a tour of the famous Leander<br />

Enjoy a real tradition at Marylebone Cricket Club Museum<br />

with a Lord’s Tour<br />

Lord’s is the most famous cricket Ground in the world,<br />

steeped in over 200 years of history and tradition. Lord's is<br />

not only a must for all cricket lovers, but for anyone looking<br />

for the quintessentially English experience. Private Tours can<br />

be booked any day of the week, giving you an opportunity to<br />

go behind the scenes at the ‘home of cricket’.<br />

An expert guide will lead you through the most iconic<br />

parts of the ground including the Grade II listed Victorian<br />

Pavilion, the world-famous Long Room, the Players’ Dressing<br />

Rooms, the dramatic J.P. Morgan Media Centre, and the<br />

MCC Museum, home of the Ashes Urn – cricket’s bestknown<br />

artefact. Lord’s has an extraordinary history, dramatic<br />

architecture, and an unrivalled collection of cricket-related<br />

art and memorabilia.<br />

Tour the stadiums of England's ‘beautiful game’<br />

Football in England is not just a game but a national<br />

obsession. Even if you’re not a football fan, it’s hard not to<br />

get swept away by the atmosphere at a good match. See<br />

what all the fuss is about with a stadium tour. Bristol City,<br />

whose home stadium is Ashton Gate, and Bristol Rovers, →<br />

24 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured previous page: Family fun at Ascot<br />

Racecourse. Pictured clockwise from above:<br />

Rowing on the River Thames, Henley;<br />

Marylebone Cricket Club Museum and Lord’s<br />

Tour; The All England Club, Wimbledon.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Wonders await<br />

those who venture off the beaten path<br />

A unique royal connection,<br />

rich cultural heritage, stunning<br />

architecture and beautiful<br />

natural scenery along a 20 mile<br />

stretch of the River Thames.<br />

Add to this an abundance of<br />

places to stay from 5 star resorts<br />

to riverside camping, quaint<br />

villages, one-of-a-kind shops<br />

and a culinary scene headed by<br />

the likes of Heston Blumenthal<br />

and you’ll have a reasonable<br />

idea of the treats in store for<br />

you in and around Windsor.<br />

www.windsor.gov.uk<br />

#VisitWindsor<br />


Pictured: World Rugby Museum<br />

at Memorial Stadium, have a historic rivalry. You can visit<br />

Ashton Gate during one of their hosted events throughout<br />

the year. There's a huge variety from music concerts to<br />

include award-winning Elton John and his Farewell Yellow<br />

Brick Road: The Final Tour, to The Killers and comedian<br />

Russell Brand.<br />

Bristol Rovers offer behind the scenes tours of the<br />

Memorial Stadium with professional coaches, including visits<br />

to the players dressing room and the chance to wave the<br />

flags of the Guard of Honour for under six to under 16 years<br />

football teams. While top performing Bristol City Women’s<br />

F.C. can be found at Stoke Gifford Stadium, there’s also the<br />

Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls where graffiti artist Banksy was<br />

once a member (apparently he played in goal).<br />

In London you can go behind the scenes at the London<br />

Stadium with a <strong>West</strong> Ham football legend, take a stadium<br />

tour at Chelsea and see their iconic soccer club’s trophies,<br />

shirts and memorabilia, and for the most iconic ground of<br />

them all, take a tour of Wembley Stadium. New, worldleading<br />

technology allows you to get closer to the history of<br />

the stadium, with augmented reality as well as exceptional<br />

opportunities to visit the dressing rooms, pitch and tunnel, as<br />

well as a chance to hold a replica FA cup!<br />

Visit the opulent Farleigh House Estate for a historic<br />

tour with Bath Rugby<br />

If there is a capital city of Rugby in England then it is here.<br />

Bath Rugby is one of the oldest Rugby teams in the world -<br />

they have been going strong for more than 150 years. You<br />

can see Bath Rugby play at The Rec by the River Avon with<br />

views of Pulteney Bridge and Georgian Terraces – one of<br />

English Rugby’s most iconic sights.<br />

Away from matchdays on The Rec, Bath Rugby hang<br />

their hat at the opulent Farleigh House Estate. This majestic<br />

Georgian mansion is the most spectacular rugby facility we<br />

have seen in Europe. The original walled garden is now a<br />

half-size 3G set-piece training pitch, the outbuildings house a<br />

powerlifter's paradise and the old towers of the mansion now<br />

hosts the state-of-the-art nerve centre of English Rugby’s<br />

most successful club. You can visit the manor for a coaching<br />

experience, tour, lectures on training and many more<br />

possibilities besides. With Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire,<br />

Dorset and Wiltshire all in easy distance of Bath, your touring<br />

opposition will be clubs from the core of English Rugby’s<br />

most traditional and historic heartland.<br />

Take your travels up a gear<br />

If you like high octane sport, have you ever raced a rally car?<br />

Incongruously located in ‘the prettiest village in England’,<br />

Castle Combe Circuit offers petrol heads the possibility to<br />

Did you<br />

know? In<br />

1971, Mollie<br />

Gerrard<br />

became the<br />

first woman<br />

president of<br />

Bath Rugby,<br />

and any<br />

rugby club.<br />

tackle high speed laps and time trials themselves, as well as<br />

experience a white knuckle passenger ride with a pro driver<br />

at the wheel. Or you might like to have a go at sailing at<br />

Cotswold Water Park or on the River Thames. Channel your<br />

inner Chris Hoy and whizz round the tracks on the velodrome<br />

at Palmer Park, Reading (adaptable bikes available) or take a<br />

tandem ride around Bristol with Bristol Tandem Hire.<br />

Plan your visit and watch a spectator sport as part of<br />

your own <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> sporting tour<br />

Depending on where you’re visiting along the touring route<br />

and when, you might also catch some cycling, hockey, motor<br />

racing, marathons, boxing, tennis… even a game of rounders<br />

in a local park. This cricket-like game has been popular<br />

since Tudor times - not the height of UK sport, perhaps,<br />

but entertaining nonetheless. And you don’t have to be a<br />

spectator: opportunities abound to jump into that gym kit and<br />

get active yourself. And if you want to watch something a little<br />

offbeat, you could always visit Chippenham for the Pancake<br />

Race on Shrove Tuesday. Or the Woolsack Races, which take<br />

place in Tetbury each May to celebrate the town’s wool trade<br />

heritage. There are even lawnmower races - held throughout<br />

the south of England each summer.<br />

However you choose to engross yourself in sport along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> we hope you have a memorable experience.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



ON THE WAY<br />

From pumpkin picking to alpaca walking, freshly laid eggs to<br />

milking the cows, it’s time to clean the mud from your wellies<br />

and experience the very best of countryside living.<br />

Words | Susan Wright<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is home to all sorts of interesting,<br />

unique and unusual accommodation, but have you<br />

ever stayed on a farm? With miles upon miles of lush,<br />

green countryside, our route boasts some of the finest<br />

examples of rural working farms and farm experiences you can<br />

enjoy, many of which offer quirky accommodation too.<br />

Get back to nature and the outdoors with a stay on<br />

one of The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>’s farms, featuring friendly cows<br />

and sheep as your next-door neighbours, fresh homegrown<br />

produce to taste, and tours and experiences to get involved in<br />

on your stay. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something<br />

different on your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> journey.<br />

and Wi-Fi which you may require as the camp is off-grid.<br />

On the farm, you can also try your hand at the ancient art<br />

of sheep herding, take a tour of the local organic vineyard or<br />

book one of a number of activities to make your group stay<br />

even more memorable.<br />

There is a nearby farm shop, village co-operative and village<br />

pub. They are also just five miles from the beautiful city of Bath<br />

and two miles from the pretty town of Bradford on Avon. →<br />

The Farm Camp<br />

Home to four large self-catered bell tents (sleeping up to four)<br />

The Farm Camp offers a taste of the simple life. This is a place<br />

you can unwind and and enjoy an unforgettable glamping<br />

experience. Open from late March until early October, they<br />

welcome groups looking to enjoy a more natural break away.<br />

The facilities at camp include two hot showers, private<br />

compost loos, a grass clearing for games and a communal<br />

shelter. Half a mile down the lane guests can also use the<br />

indoor heated pool, games room and laundry room should<br />

you need some modern luxury. There are also power sockets<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Bozedown Farm<br />

For the ultimate alpaca experience UK Alpaca Breeder,<br />

Bozedown Farm is the place to go. Join them on an alpaca walk<br />

through the beautiful South Oxfordshire countryside – where<br />

the Chiltern Hills meet the River Thames.<br />

You can enjoy leading an alpaca around their alpaca farm<br />

as you learn more about these attractive, enigmatic creatures<br />

that originate from the High Andes of Peru, but are quite at<br />

home in leafy England.<br />

Bozedown Farm is home to Bozedown Alpacas – a family<br />

enterprise who have been breeding and selling alpacas since<br />

1989. The truly exceptional Bozedown Pedigrees have been<br />

built upon a solid foundation of World Class Bloodstock,<br />

carefully selected by the family from Peru, Australia and USA.<br />

Bozedown genetics have produced a phenomenal number<br />

of Champion Huacayas and Suris ever since 1989 both for<br />

Bozedown Alpacas and their clients. With more than 700<br />

Alpacas, including over 100 suris, they are able to offer exciting<br />

new bloodlines from a broad genetic base.<br />

Throughout the year they host a number of Alpaca training<br />

courses, BAS Judge training courses, and other events too.<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages<br />

Stay on a working sheep farm, situated in an Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty, just two miles from Bradford on<br />

Avon. There are seven cottages you can stay in at the awardwinning<br />

Church Farm – each with exposed beams and vaulted<br />

ceilings and the delightful Old Granary barn conversion just<br />

a short walk along the country lane. Longleat and the World<br />

Heritage City of Bath are also just a short journey away.<br />

Enjoy walking and cycling from your doorstep then reward<br />

yourself afterwards in the luxurious heated indoor pool.<br />

Children will love the Games Room with table tennis, table<br />

football, a pool table and Wi-Fi Internet Access.<br />

Pop into Hartley Farm Shop and Café, or the village pub<br />

and village shop – and look forward to a welcome cream tea<br />

with homemade scones, jam, organic clotted cream and locally<br />

produced biscuits with tea and coffee on arrival.<br />

Guests can also get involved with a<br />

‘Farm Workshop’ from bushcraft, weighing<br />

lambs to sheep herding and 'Farmcraft'<br />

sessions to include farm tours, sheep<br />

herding, and even farm olympics!<br />

Pictured previous page left to right: Camping at The Farm<br />

Camp; Enjoying the outdoors at The Farm Camp.<br />

Pictured: Alpacas at Bozedown Farm

“In the gardens there are ‘wild’ areas... attracting many bees and<br />

butterflies... owls, red kite, buzzards and kestrels...”<br />

Buttle Farm<br />

Located in Compton Bassett Buttle Farm is home to Robert<br />

and Sara, who live in the farmhouse, a converted Victorian<br />

brick and slate barn which was once winter housing for the<br />

dairy cows that used to live there. Across the yard is the Chalk<br />

Barn holiday cottage – also a converted barn and probably<br />

the oldest building on the site, constructed largely from chalk<br />

blocks – the local building material. In the gardens there are<br />

‘wild’ areas which are never cut, and as such produce a wide<br />

variety of so-called weeds and wildflowers, attracting many<br />

bees and butterflies as well as providing habitat and corridor<br />

for the wildlife that share the farm. This encourages the owls,<br />

red kite, buzzards and kestrels that can be regularly seen<br />

soaring over the fields.<br />

Buttle Farm is also home to a flock of guinea fowl who<br />

roam free range around the barns and into the fields, eating<br />

bugs and seeds along the way, as well as delivering fabulously<br />

yellow, rich eggs for use in the kitchen. They may not be<br />

the smartest birds but they certainly are one of the more<br />

entertaining varieties and make a point of greeting visitors to<br />

the farm. →

“Mill Farm have recently launched Belle Vue Farm Shire – three<br />

unique and luxurious super-chic canvas lodge retreats... each with<br />

its own private courtyard and hot tub.”<br />

32 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured left to right: Four poster bed at Mill Farm Glamping;<br />

relaxing at Totteridge Farm; Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Situated in the village of Poulshot just three miles from<br />

Devizes, Mill Farm have recently launched Belle Vue Farm<br />

Shire – three unique and luxurious super-chic canvas lodge<br />

retreats, in a newly planted woodland landscape with<br />

wild flower meadows, overlooking the beautiful Wiltshire<br />

countryside - each with its own private courtyard and hot tub.<br />

Joe and Izzy Dyke are the third generation of Dykes to<br />

tend this very special corner of the British countryside inviting<br />

guests to experience the joys of their family-run, organic farm.<br />

You will meet the ducks, dairy cattle and donkeys, and<br />

have fun on Farmer Joe's organic farm tour. Walk, ride, paddle,<br />

fish – or just soak up the sun and the tranquil scenery. It all<br />

adds up to a naturally inspirational experience: a unique break<br />

that you will treasure for a lifetime.<br />

There is a small gaggle of organic geese, Wiltshire Horn<br />

sheep, donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs as well as a range of<br />

activities available to pre-book during your stay to include:<br />

fitness classes, pizza evenings, archery, painting classes, laser<br />

shooting and pub taxis via gator or tractor and trailer.<br />

Sheephouse Manor<br />

Sheephouse Manor is an ideal base for visiting all attractions<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, their five cottages offer comfort<br />

and relaxation with everything you need.<br />

Situated in rural Berkshire countryside, close to the scenic<br />

River Thames, yet two miles from Maidenhead town and<br />

station. Everything along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is within 90<br />

minutes by car or train.<br />

The 16th Century Sheephouse Manor was originally a dairy<br />

farm, and now the five converted barns sit in two acres of<br />

pretty gardens. Four legged friends don't need to stay at home<br />

as they are pet friendly, and even have a dedicated dog run,<br />

plus a children’s play paddock amongst the chickens.<br />

Totteridge Farm<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods offer a wonderful English<br />

countryside experience, for those who want to be close to<br />

nature without giving up home comforts.<br />

Step out of your timber lodge into the fresh calm of a rural<br />

Wiltshire morning, explore the towns, villages and trails of the<br />

Vale of Pewsey, or sit out under the stars around a wood fire<br />

with a glass of their farm-grown English wine… with the home<br />

comforts of a hot shower, crisp white cotton sheets, and even<br />

underfloor-heated in your own luxury pod.<br />

Pod and camping areas offer fantastic views across the<br />

Vale of Pewsey, looking across to the majestic backdrop of<br />

Martinsell Hill, and the area is perfect for walking and cycling,<br />

as well as for trips further afield in Wiltshire and beyond.<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy<br />

Set on the edge of Salisbury Plain, Cliffe Farm Dairy is a<br />

converted disused milking parlour set on an organic farm<br />

owned by the Holloway family. It is now a wonderfully<br />

spacious three-bedroom barn conversion ideally situated to<br />

explore the beautiful county of Wiltshire.<br />

As a guest you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the<br />

stunning chalk escarpment of Salisbury Plain with just sheep<br />

and wildlife as your neighbours. The Holloway family have<br />

farmed in the village for over a century and with the opening<br />

of their holiday cottage they have been able to offer guests a<br />

glimpse of what their rural life is like living on a farm.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />




Netflix’s Bridgerton has stolen our hearts ever since its debut release<br />

on Christmas day two years ago. With the recent launch of Season<br />

Two it's time to celebrate the series on a Bridgerton-inspired tour of<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, visiting the glamorous locations seen on screen.<br />

Words | Melanie Abrams<br />

Produced by Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy<br />

and Scandal, and based on the novels by Julia Quinn,<br />

the show has proved a hit with audiences around the<br />

world thanks to its modern take on life in Regency<br />

England – not to mention its passionate romance scenes.<br />

But did you know several of the scenes were filmed right<br />

here on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>? With the second series out<br />

now discover the real-life filming locations and Bridgerton<br />

experiences on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

Starting in the west of London, east of the route, is Syon<br />

House, the London home of the Dukes of Northumberland<br />

with its 200 acre park. Used as Bridgerton’s Buckingham<br />

House, the smaller forerunner to Buckingham Palace, it’s<br />

where Queen Charlotte dined with her husband, George III,<br />

whilst its Print Room doubled for Hastings’ study. →<br />

Take some time to visit the beautiful historic properties and<br />

locations used as backdrops for the show including famous<br />

landmarks like Hampton Court Palace to the lesser-known<br />

secrets such as the Abbey Deli in Bath (previously called<br />

Pickled Greens). Incredible historic houses and charming<br />

cities from the whole length of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> are being<br />

used as filmsets to bring the Bridgerton story to life.<br />

If you are beginning your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> journey in London<br />

its Regency heritage offers the perfect inspiration. Many of<br />

the events in Bridgerton are set in London Mayfair's, within<br />

the residences of the best families in England. Take in<br />

Regent’s Park and Regent Street or see London through its<br />

Bridgerton homes.<br />

34 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

“Incredible historic houses and charming cities from the whole<br />

length of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> are being used as filmsets to bring<br />

the Bridgerton story to life.”<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Located on the river Thames and surrounded by swathes<br />

of stunning gardens and parkland, Hampton Court Palace<br />

may be best known for its Tudor and Stuart heritage – but in<br />

Bridgerton, it stood in for St James’s Palace. Carriages swept<br />

into the famous red brick courtyard for Queen Charlotte’s<br />

Ball. “We were there for an afternoon,” says Bailey, who plays<br />

Anthony.<br />

Hampton Court Palace is one of Britain’s most famous<br />

buildings and a must-visit destination on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong>. The former home of King Henry VIII, you can imagine<br />

following in the footsteps of its stars with a stroll through<br />

the palace’s 60 acres of gardens, including the ornate Privy<br />

Garden, which was beloved by the King himself, or exploring<br />

the beauty of Richmond Park - home to herds of red and<br />

fallow deer since 1637.<br />

Although Hampton Court Palace was used for exterior<br />

shots of Queen Charlotte’s Palace, Lancaster House in<br />

<strong>West</strong>minster, London, was used for the interior and also<br />

acted as a backdrop for scenes filmed inside Buckingham<br />

Palace. With its sweeping staircases and Grand Hall, which<br />

mirrors the style of the Palace of Versailles, the building is<br />

a favourite filming location for period dramas and has also<br />

appeared in Downton Abbey and The King’s Speech.<br />

If in London you might choose to venture a short distance<br />

from the route across Bushy Park into Teddington for<br />

Normansfield Theatre in the Langdon Down Centre, where<br />

Hastings and Anthony had their boxing match. Located<br />

in the heart of Pall Mall and founded in 1832, The Reform<br />

Club is another London filming location immortalised in<br />

the series. The setting of episode one’s meeting between<br />

the Duke of Hastings and Anthony Bridgerton, in reality the<br />

private members' club is the haunt of some of Britain’s most<br />

forward-thinking political minds, not to mention one of the<br />

area’s most striking buildings.<br />

In Twickenham you can visit the medieval St Mary’s Church<br />

where early 18th century English poet, Alexander Pope<br />

is buried, used for St George’s church where Daphne and<br />

Hastings married. Although not featured in Bridgerton<br />

36 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

nearby is <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>’s Strawberry Hill House & Garden<br />

– Horace Walpole’s 18th century architectural masterpiece,<br />

internationally renowned as Britain’s finest example of<br />

Georgian Gothic revival architecture.<br />

Another short detour from the route you can stroll like the<br />

Featheringtons in Surrey’s 18th century Painshill Park - the<br />

beautifully manicured grounds feature in the hit show. Look<br />

out for oft used scenes like the Chinese bridge, rowing lake<br />

and winding paths. There is also Wilton House, near Salisbury<br />

– the home of the Earls of Pembroke acts as multiple sets<br />

for Hastings, his honorary godmother, Lady Danbury (Adjoa<br />

Andoh) as well as Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel).<br />

Most recognisable will be the exterior – which was used for<br />

Hastings’ London home and the Double Cube Room for the<br />

Queen’s presentation chamber. Whilst the garden hosted<br />

Lady Danbury’s party in the last episode of season one.<br />

Head to Bath where much of the filming took place. Founded<br />

by the Romans, the Somerset city was a buzzing social hub<br />

for the well-to-do in the 1800s and it remains a jewel of<br />

Regency architecture to this day. If you’re keen to experience<br />

a slice of Bridgerton visit No.1 Royal Crescent, a museum<br />

of a Georgian home including a Withdrawing Room and<br />

Gentleman’s Retreat. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


It was used as the exterior of the Featheringtons’ family pad, as “with the<br />

Featheringtons, it is all about show,” says Bridgerton production designer,<br />

Will Hughes-Jones. Whilst there, pop a few doors down to sample the<br />

Royal Crescent Hotel’s champagne afternoon tea or hop on a carriage.<br />

Stop at the city’s impressive Guildhall as its banqueting room with<br />

unmissable chandeliers stood in for the Rambury ballroom.<br />

Follow the footsteps of your favourite characters, walking along streets<br />

where filming took place. There’s Abbey Green, Bath Street, Beauford<br />

Square, as well as Trim Street, where inside number 12 Gunter’s Tea Shop<br />

was filmed.<br />

The Holburne Museum in Sydney Pleasure Gardens, another must-visit<br />

attraction on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, doubles as Lady Danbury's home and<br />

the stunning Grade I listed elegant façade is seen in almost all episodes.<br />

Lady Danbury was filmed here stepping down from her carriage while<br />

reading Lady Whistledown’s gossip sheet.<br />

Situated in the centre of Bath, Abbey Green’s cobbled streets and quaint<br />

boutiques make it a dream filming location for Bridgerton and it’s here<br />

that the fictional dress shop, Modiste, is located. Owned by renowned<br />

seamstress Madame Genevieve Delacroix, the shop is a hotbed of style and<br />

gossip and the setting to several key scenes in the show. If you’re a fan of the<br />

show, you can look forward to donning your best outfits for a turn around<br />

the square, before a spot of lunch and shopping in true Bridgerton style.<br />

Bath Street features in the very first episode of Bridgerton, when the Duke<br />

makes his heart-stopping appearance on horseback. Although it doubles<br />

as a Mayfair street in London, this Georgian delight is actually the location<br />

of a quintessential <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> highlight, the Thermae Bath Spa, an<br />

award-winning spa featuring the 18th-century Cross Bath and an open-air<br />

rooftop pool. →<br />

38 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured first page left<br />

to right: The long gallery,<br />

Syon House; Bridgerton's<br />

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen<br />

Charlotte Pictured previous<br />

page clockwise from left:<br />

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey<br />

as Anthony Bridgerton;<br />

Bridgerton's Rupert Young<br />

as Lord Jack Featherington,<br />

Bessie Carter as Prudence<br />

Featherington, Nicola<br />

Coughlan as Penelope<br />

Featherington, Polly<br />

Walker as Lady Portia<br />

Featherington, Florence<br />

Emilia Hunt as Hyacinth<br />

Bridgerton, Ruth Gemmell<br />

as Lady Violet Bridgerton,<br />

Luke Newton as Colin<br />

Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey<br />

as Anthony Bridgerton, and<br />

Luke Thompson as Benedict<br />

Bridgerton; Strawberry Hill<br />

House & Garden Pictured<br />

left to right: The Holburne<br />

Museum; Jonathan Bailey<br />

as Anthony Bridgerton and<br />

Simone Ashley as Kate<br />

Sharma. Pictured next page<br />

left to right: Bridgerton's<br />

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony<br />

Bridgerton and Simone<br />

Ashley as Kate Sharma; Leigh<br />

Court, Bristol; Allen Leech<br />

and Tuppence Middleton on<br />

the set of Downton Abbey: A<br />

New Era.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


“Leigh Court was the lavish filming location for three of the<br />

season’s most opulent events, from Daphne’s jaw-dropping reveal...<br />

to the dramatic scenes at the Crawford Ballroom.”<br />


40 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Many of the scandalous storylines in Bridgerton revolve around big<br />

social events, where high society comes together to celebrate, mediate<br />

and fall in love, much to the delight of gossip columnist extraordinaire,<br />

Lady Whistledown. The Assembly Rooms tea room and ballroom were<br />

the setting for many of these extravagant evening scenes and have also<br />

featured in film adaptations of classics including Persuasion, in addition<br />

to being home to a highly regarded Fashion Museum.<br />

Situated just outside Bristol, at the very <strong>West</strong>ern end of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route, Leigh Court was used for many of Bridgerton's ball<br />

scenes. Although it is now a dreamy wedding and private events<br />

venue, a visit to Leigh Woods, a tranquil woodland nestled above the<br />

Avon Gorge and the iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge, gets you just a<br />

stone’s throw away.<br />

Leigh Court was the lavish filming location for three of the season’s<br />

most opulent events, from Daphne’s jaw-dropping reveal to Prince<br />

Friedrich (Freddie Stroma) to the dramatic scenes at the Crawford<br />

Ballroom. Built during Regency times, the suspended double staircase<br />

in the <strong>Great</strong> Hall is where Daphne appeared before dancing with<br />

Prince Friedrich. Whether Bridgerton, Featherington or brooding<br />

Duke, never are the characters of Bridgerton more extravagant than<br />

when attending a ball!<br />

Alternatively, you can plan to experience a slice of 18th century life at<br />

Bristol’s Georgian House Museum, a restored period home with formal<br />

rooms and kitchens. You can also enjoy a behind-the-scenes interview<br />

with Penelope Featherington, played by Irish actress Nicola Coughlan,<br />

who reveals the secrets of the show while shooting at Leigh Court.<br />

Many other films, TV shows and period dramas have been filmed along<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Fans of Jane Austen may recognise the Temple<br />

of Apollo at the National Trust’s Stourhead Gardens (just south of the<br />

main <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route) as the place the Darcy proposes to Lizzie<br />

in the rain in the film version of Pride and Prejudice. And, Potterheads<br />

– get those cloaks and wands at the ready! There are several magical<br />

Harry Potter locations, not to mention Paddington Bear, Shaun the<br />

Sheep and Wallace & Gromit. Click here to find out more.<br />

You might also enjoy...<br />

Celebrating the new Downton Abbey<br />

sequel film, Downton Abbey, A New<br />

Era, coming to theatres in 2022<br />

Bowood House & Gardens<br />

A cottage located on the Bowood House<br />

Estate was used as a filming location in<br />

the Downton Abbey film and can even<br />

be seen in the trailer. Bowood House<br />

sits within 100 acres of beautifully landscaped<br />

parkland, and features a hotel,<br />

spa and championship golf course.<br />

Lacock Village<br />

Within the village of Lacock, producers<br />

of Downton Abbey created the annual<br />

Malton Show at a farmer’s market.<br />

There is lots to see and do including<br />

visiting Lacock Abbey and the Fox<br />

Talbot Museum.<br />

Highclere Castle<br />

Most of Downton Abbey the TV series<br />

and movie were filmed at Highclere<br />

Castle, or ‘The Real Downton Abbey’, as<br />

it’s known. Highclere Castle is located<br />

in North Hampshire on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong>, and is currently home to the<br />

eighth Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.<br />

Throughout the year, Highclere Castle<br />

holds tours and events open to the<br />

public where you can explore the Estate<br />

and the various filming locations that<br />

have appeared on our screens.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />





There are plenty of excuses to celebrate this summer,<br />

including a special long Bank Holiday weekend, an<br />

array of excellent exhibitions and some exciting<br />

period dramas coming to our TV screens.<br />

1<br />

CATCH<br />


YEAR<br />

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of our<br />

favourite annual events had to be cancelled, postponed<br />

or curtailed in 2019 and 2021.<br />

But don't worry – they're back in 2022 and there’s an exciting<br />

calendar of events planned for the coming year. Why not time<br />

your visit to coincide with Royal Ascot or Henley Royal Regatta in<br />

June or Reading Festival in August?<br />

Or join a course at Marlborough College Summer School<br />

which runs more than 500 different courses in July and August.<br />

There will also be plenty of festive fun-filled events in the run up<br />

to Christmas. If you’ve been missing out on seeing live music or<br />

theatre performed, now is the time to book your tickets for 2022.<br />

You can catch top-notch performances of all kinds at the<br />

Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, Wiltshire Music Centre in pretty<br />

Bradford on Avon, the Watermill Theatre near Newbury or Pound<br />

Arts Centre in Corsham.<br />

42 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

Pictured left to right: Painting, Marlborough College Summer School;<br />

Thermae Bath Spa roof top spa.

2<br />

ESCAPE<br />


Shake off the mundane and the everyday,<br />

and go on an adventure this year! Discover<br />

stunning street art as you explore bustling<br />

Bristol. Take a swim in a rooftop pool<br />

and visit the brand new Mary Shelley's House of<br />

Frankenstein museum in Bath. See a historic windmill in<br />

action in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty.<br />

Watch horses thunder past at Newbury Racecourse.<br />

Take a boat trip along the Thames, spotting famous<br />

landmarks and pretty wildlife. Uncover the mysteries of<br />

Wiltshire's dramatic crop circles. Float up, up and away<br />

in a hot air balloon, or jump out of a plane with Skydive<br />

Netheravon. We all deserve a little bit of luxury, so why<br />

not prioritise your wellbeing and treat yourself to a<br />

sumptuous spa stay, and enjoy a fine-dining experience<br />

at a Michelin star restaurant.<br />

You might even enjoy wine-tasting experience at<br />

one of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>’s thriving vineyards, or a<br />

cocktail masterclass at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery.<br />

However you choose to Escape the Everyday let’s make<br />

2022 a thrilling year and make up for lost time with<br />

families and friends!<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


3<br />




There’s a brand-new World Heritage Centre<br />

opening in Bath in spring 2022. The new centre will<br />

illuminate Bath's history with fascinating interactive<br />

exhibits and displays about Bath’s hot springs, Roman remains<br />

and Georgian architecture. A perfect excuse to visit the grand<br />

and gentile city of Bath as you travel along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong>.<br />

44 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

Pictured left to right: Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon in Bath;<br />

Bath’s new World Heritage Centre; Graham from Tours2Order

4<br />





Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's first nature reserve<br />

was Blackmoor Copse, a Site of Special<br />

Scientific Interest and one of the most important<br />

woods in Wiltshire for butterflies. 60 years after it was<br />

first formed, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust now looks after<br />

40 nature reserves in Wiltshire, many of which are<br />

easy to access from the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

The trust creates living landscapes across Wiltshire<br />

by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wildlife<br />

habitats across landscapes for wildlife and people.<br />

Stop off at the grasslands and lakes at Lower<br />

Moor near Cricklade, the wildlife-rich hay meadows at<br />

Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve just down the road or<br />

the woodland, ponds and wet grasslands at Jones's Mill<br />

in the Vale of Pewsey in 2022 to enjoy nature, improve<br />

your wellbeing and help Wiltshire Wildlife Trust<br />

celebrate their big birthday year.<br />


Tours2Order<br />

Graham is a Blue Badge Tourist Guide<br />

based in Royal Berkshire, there to help you<br />

discover the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

tours2order.com<br />

Bath Insider Tours<br />

Founder of Bath Insider Tours, Daniel is a<br />

local guide who was born and grew up in the<br />

beautiful City of Bath.<br />

bathinsidertours.co.uk<br />

Britain’s Best Heritage Tours<br />

Founders Ian and daughter Heather<br />

together with Sandrine – all registered Blue<br />

Badge Guides – offer expert-led tours.<br />

bbhtours.co.uk<br />

Galahad Tours<br />

Private guided tours of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

from Bath in a luxury vehicle. Sightseeing<br />

in style in a luxury Mercedes V Class.<br />

galahadtours.co.uk<br />

Tour and Explore<br />

Anne Bartlett is a specialist Blue Badge<br />

Tourist Guide of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

tourandexplore.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


5<br />




There’s a major new exhibition coming to the British<br />

Museum in 2022; The World of Stonehenge - the first<br />

of its kind in the UK. Explore the history and mystery of<br />

one of England’s most iconic sites, built thousands of years ago on<br />

Salisbury Plain, just below where the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> runs today.<br />

At the British Museum between 17 February and 17 July you<br />

can see hundreds of ancient objects relating to the stone circle,<br />

then learn more about its history at Wiltshire Museum before a<br />

short detour to see Stonehenge itself.<br />

Shrouded in layers of speculation and folklore, Stonehenge is<br />

perhaps the world’s most awe-inspiring ancient stone circle, and<br />

its image is famous around the globe.<br />

The World of Stonehenge exhibition will bring the story<br />

of Stonehenge into sharper focus, showing that rather than a<br />

shadowy age of mystery, the Britain and Ireland of four millennia<br />

ago were places of big ideas, commerce and travel.<br />

Journey back to the time of its construction around<br />

3000–2500 BC, and with the help of objects from across Europe<br />

– including stone axes from the North Italian Alps and stunning<br />

metalwork from Ireland – the world of Stonehenge will be<br />

illuminated like never before.<br />

46 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

Pictured left to right: Stonehenge prehistoric monument on Salisbury<br />

Plain; Reading – famous for its biscuit manufacturing

6<br />

ENJOY<br />




In 2022, Reading will<br />

be celebrating the 200-<br />

year anniversary of its biscuit<br />

manufacturing history. In 1822<br />

Thomas Huntley opened his first<br />

shop in the town and went on to<br />

become one of the world's largest<br />

biscuit manufacturers with Huntley<br />

& Palmers, earning Reading the<br />

nickname of ‘Biscuit Town’ in the<br />

process. 2022 will see biscuit focused<br />

tours, events and offers come to<br />

Reading, so make sure you stop off<br />

here as you travel along the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Visit the special exhibition<br />

Biscuit Town: 200 years of Huntley<br />

and Palmers in Reading at The<br />

Museum of English Rural Life, see the<br />

astonishing collection of decorative<br />

biscuits tins and ephemera in the<br />

Huntley & Palmers Gallery at Reading<br />

Museum, and be sure to join a Biscuit<br />

Walkabout guided tour of Reading’s<br />

biscuit heritage with Terry’s Reading<br />

Walkabouts Reading.<br />

Children’s Festival, 14 May – 5 June,<br />

will also be taking on the theme of<br />

Biscuit Town and you might wish to<br />

finish off your biscuit itinerary with<br />

Afternoon Tea at the Reading Room<br />

and Lounge at the Roseate Reading<br />

Hotel, complete with biscuits inspired<br />

by Huntley and Palmer. Available from<br />

9 May 2022. Or have Afternoon Tea<br />

afloat on a Thames River Cruise as the<br />

banks of the River Thames glide by.<br />

Download the<br />

Reading Pocket Map<br />

Reading sits at the heart<br />

of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


7<br />




Literature lovers will have plenty to please them in<br />

2022 on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Thomas Hardy, the<br />

author of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Jude the Obscure<br />

and Far from the Madding Crowd, was born in South <strong>West</strong><br />

England and set many of his novels here. In 2022, four exhibitions<br />

dedicated to his life and work will take place on and near to<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, in Devizes, Wiltshire, Poole and Dorset.<br />

Wiltshire Museum will host "The Ancient Landscape" exploring<br />

how Hardy's writing was influenced by Wiltshire's timeless<br />

landscapes.<br />

Plus, the first of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books was<br />

published in 1997. And if you’re a lover of this magical world,<br />

you can celebrate its 25th anniversary on a trip along the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Take a look at the best places to pretend you're Harry<br />

Potter and discover some of the filming locations used to bring<br />

Harry’s world to life in the film series, from the ancient Abbey in<br />

Wiltshire that doubles as a Hogwart's classroom to the woodland<br />

setting for the Quidditch World Cup.<br />

48 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />

Pictured left to right: The World-Famous Jacobite Express Train also known as<br />

the ‘Harry Potter Steam Train'; Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea at Cliveden House

8<br />




Explore the Royal Connections of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong> as her Majesty the Queen becomes the first<br />

UK monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. A fourday<br />

Bank Holiday in June will mark the Queen’s 70-year reign,<br />

and there will be celebrations and special events throughout<br />

the whole of the year. So plan a trip fit for royalty in 2022 with<br />

a visit to Windsor Castle – the Queen’s favourite weekend<br />

residence - book an overnight stay in a regal suite at one of<br />

our luxury hotel options, or plan a day out at Royal Ascot.<br />

Here on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, there will be lots of events<br />

taking place throughout the year to mark the occasion, from<br />

street parties to special exhibitions.<br />

Click here to see our many events including: The Queen's<br />

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations! - Hobbs of Henley Cruise;<br />

The Monkton Park Royal Scarecrow Trail 2022, Chippenham;<br />

Platinum Jubilee Walk and Jubilee Picnic in the Park, Windsor;<br />

and the Beacon Lighting and Fireworks – being held in Windsor<br />

during the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


9<br />

TRAVEL<br />


As we all become more aware of our impact on<br />

the planet, many of us are trying to choose more<br />

sustainable ways to travel. Make 2022 the year you<br />

go on an eco-friendly trip along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong>. You can traverse the entire route by public transport,<br />

leave the car at home and cycle and walk sections. And along<br />

the way you will find fine-dining restaurants stocked with<br />

sustainable local produce, plastic-free towns, eco-friendly<br />

glamping pods, and attractions working towards achieving<br />

zero-carbon by planting trees across their land.<br />

If you’re making a New Year’s Resolution to be more<br />

active in 2022, a trip along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> will give<br />

you all the opportunities you need. From long walks<br />

along the Kennet & Avon Canal to cycle rides in Swinley<br />

Forest, or rowing on the River Thames, there is plenty to<br />

do to keep you busy and get your heart racing.<br />

For something more unusual, have a go at inland<br />

surfing at The Wave, book a tandem bike ride through the<br />

centre of Bristol, or try Stand-up Paddleboarding with<br />

Original Wild.<br />

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Pictured clockwise from left: Cyclists at Windsor Castle; Clifton Suspension<br />

Bridge, Bristol; Bowood House & Gardens; Blenheim Palace

10<br />

TICK<br />



The maritime city of Bristol with its elegant Suspension<br />

Bridge. The regal town of Windsor. World Heritage site<br />

Blenheim Palace. Fascinating Berkeley Castle and beautiful<br />

Bowood House & Gardens. There are plenty of iconic locations to visit<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route. Why don’t you make 2022 the year<br />

you visit these fascinating and famous locations? Within easy reach of<br />

the route you will also find spectacular Salisbury Cathedral and stunning<br />

National Trust landscapes at Cheddar Gorge.<br />



Escape the Everyday on a unique<br />

adventure along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

in 2022, discovering iconic sites and<br />

hidden landscapes.<br />

Explore traditionally English market towns<br />

where narrow cottage-lined streets hide<br />

boutique shops and welcoming pubs. Finish<br />

a long countryside ramble with a wellearned<br />

slice of cake at a canal-side teashop.<br />

Catch up on some city culture in vibrant<br />

Bristol or gorgeous Georgian Bath, both well<br />

stocked with fascinating museums, tranquil<br />

galleries and historic landmarks. Then hop<br />

back on a train or bus and whizz off to your<br />

next <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> stop!<br />

Download our newly updated <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong> map to discover the hundreds of places<br />

to visit, things to do, sites to see and places<br />

to stay along the route between Bristol and<br />

London. And book your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Discoverer pass for an easy, flexible and ecofriendly<br />

way to travel by public transport.<br />

Are you ready to start planning your<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure? Click here to<br />

visit our campaign page.<br />

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Bringing the kids on a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure? You’ll want some ideas<br />

for things to do that will keep everyone happy. Don't worry, there’s plenty<br />

of choice along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> for them too, from splish-splashy<br />

water parks to wonderfully wild safari parks, for unforgettable family fun.<br />

Of all the wow-worthy family attractions, there are<br />

a few big ones you should be aware of. Not far<br />

out of London is Legoland Windsor Resort. The<br />

colourful block-built land dreams are made of.<br />

This is probably one all kids everywhere will enjoy. In fact, it<br />

may well bring back happy memories for adults, too. You can<br />

visit just for the day to explore the amazing attractions, from<br />

Miniland – a lego replica of the world – to a Lego reef where<br />

you can build your own digital fish. There are some great<br />

rides sure to ramp up excitement too, like the Pirate Falls<br />

Treasure Quest, the Spinning Spider and the Vikings’ River<br />

Splash. You can also stay overnight in one of the resort’s<br />

fantastical hotels – check out The Castle with its fairytalethemed<br />

rooms.<br />

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Swindon,<br />

the Museum of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway is a must. There’s<br />

plenty to enthral children, including a steam train simulator<br />

where they can get behind the controls and a 1930s<br />

platform, reconstructed to give a sense for the old glamour<br />

of train travel. Grown-ups can get to grips with some <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Railway history while kids go goggle-eyed over the<br />

locomotives. You might think the figures you see around<br />

the museum feel a little too life-like – that’s because they<br />

were cast from real Swindon folk, including ex-railway<br />

workers. After perusing the gift shop, you’ll find more<br />

shopping at the Swindon Designer Outlet next door.<br />

At Longleat, a little south of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, you<br />

can take your little lions on a wild drive through a safari<br />

park. From the madness of the monkey drive-through to<br />

the awe-inspiring sight of real-life rhinos in the Big Game<br />

Park – it’s sure to be a lasting memory all-round.<br />

Buckle them in to see their faces light up over those<br />

enigmatic macaques, who aren’t shy, so make sure you<br />

wind up the windows – unless you want an extra cheeky<br />

monkey in the backseat.<br />

Elsewhere there’s lions, tigers, a pack of wolves,<br />

zebras, ostriches and much more. For those that want to<br />

get hands-on with the animals, there are various feeding<br />

opportunities – extend a branch off the pier for the giraffe,<br />

hand-feed deer from your car window, throw fish to the<br />

sea lions from the boat on the lake, hold cups of nectar for<br />

rainbow lorikeets. Cute! →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Who remembers being dragged kicking and screaming round<br />

a so-called ‘educational’ attraction as a child? Well, no need<br />

for any of that along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

In Bath, kids will love meeting the soldiers at The Roman<br />

Baths. Or playing Postman Pat at the Bath Postal Museum,<br />

or cowboys at the American Museum.<br />

In Bristol, there’s Aerospace Bristol, M Shed, Bristol<br />

Aquarium as well as REME Museum and the Atwell-Wilson<br />

Motor Museum. Schedule plenty of time for a visit to Brunel’s<br />

restored SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain. Its evocative cabins are filled with<br />

the sights, sounds and smells of its first journeys across the<br />

seas, from steerage to first class. Brave hearts can also climb<br />

the ship’s mast, as sailors once did, and get a grand view over<br />

Bristol’s floating harbour and toward the colourful houses of<br />

Clifton Wood. Included in the price of the ticket is entry to<br />

the new Being Brunel museum, where you enter the genius<br />

mind of the Victorian engineer. The gift shop’s pretty great<br />

too: who doesn’t need a bath duck dressed as Brunel?<br />

And don’t forget We The Curious, where children are<br />

invited to make their own discoveries through hands-on<br />

science experiments including running on a giant hamster<br />

wheel, dressing up like a bee to collect pollen and even<br />

having a go at making your own animation, inspired by stopmotion<br />

Aardman hits like Morph and Wallace and Gromit.<br />

(Watch out for cool new exhibitions coming soon as the<br />

museum is in the midst of an exciting revamp.) There’s also<br />

a planetarium where you can all don special 3D specs for a<br />

seasonal adventure in the night sky.<br />

Little green fingers will love a day out at The University of<br />

Bristol Botanic Garden exploring some 4,500 plant species<br />

from over 200 plant families within its five-acre site. This<br />

diversity of plants is unique and not found anywhere else in<br />

the Bristol area.<br />

A castle always goes down well, too. From the grandeur<br />

of Hampton Court Palace, with the maze that featured in<br />

‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome K Jerome, Windsor Castle<br />

and Berkeley Castle to the evocative ruins of Old Wardour<br />

Castle, young imaginations are sure to be entertained.<br />

Stonehenge and Avebury are also natural choices – both<br />

allowing them to get a glimpse of history while roaming free<br />

like pint-sized prehistoric warriors.<br />

54 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured previous page: Longleat Pictured clockwise from left:<br />

Brunel's SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain; Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park;<br />

University of Bristol Botanic Garden<br />


Kids won’t believe their eyes when they enter the tropical<br />

glasshouses at The Living Rainforest near Newbury – home<br />

to over 850 types of rainforest plants and animals including<br />

Cinnamon the sloth, primary-coloured toucans and blue<br />

poison dart frogs. Wannabe-keepers can even try a Keeper<br />

Experience, where they’ll get behind-the-scenes access to<br />

the animals and find out what it takes to care for them dayto-day.<br />

Neatly situated in-between Bath and Bristol Avon Valley<br />

Adventure and Wildlife Park is full of farmyard favourites<br />

including a zoo, children's playground, mini train and go-karts.<br />

Alternatively, take them for a splash about at Cotswold<br />

Water Park, a short detour from the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. The<br />

term ‘water park’ doesn’t convey the magnitude of this<br />

place – it’s a complete holiday destination with lots of lovely<br />

lakeside accommodation ranging from camping to swish<br />

self-catering villas. The park encompasses a whopping 150<br />

lakes – and there’s even a beach, not quite what you’d expect<br />

in the Cotswolds countryside! There’s plenty to keep kids and<br />

grown-ups busy including archery, fishing, golf, horse riding,<br />

kayaking, wakeboarding and bird watching. And when you’re<br />

not picnicking on cheese and pickle sandwiches by one of the<br />

lakes, there are family-friendly places to eat and drink.<br />

Plus, check out Active England’s Family Adventures for<br />

ideas and try a boat trip with Bristol Packet Boat Trips, Jubilee<br />

Boat Trips and Barbara McLellan Canal Boat. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Family Raceday at Ascot is packed full of memory making<br />

activities for all the family to enjoy from dog agility<br />

performers and Ferret Racing to adventurous treasure hunts<br />

and pony rides. You might enjoy taking the kids to meet<br />

red panda Lady Hilary at Bristol Zoo Gardens, visit Janu the<br />

elephant at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, pet ponies and piggies at<br />

Roves Farm Visitor Centre or to take a walk in the tree canopy<br />

at <strong>West</strong>onbirt Arboretum.<br />

Just north of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, <strong>West</strong>onbirt is well<br />

set up for young naturalists. The nice clear paths and<br />

new Treetop Walkway make arboretum adventures easy,<br />

whatever the season. Keep an eye out for special events and<br />

activities, too. Their Enchanted Christmas never fails to ignite<br />

the imaginations of little ones with its twinkly tree lights and<br />

magical trails – Mr & Mrs Christmas also like to attend.<br />

Spring and autumn are also natural highlights, with a<br />

confetti of golden leaves or pink blossoms bound to put a<br />

bounce in your tiny tot’s steps. At WWF wildlife reserves like<br />

Blakehill Farm, Lower Moor and Jones’s Mill they can don a<br />

pair of baby binos and spot their first birds. And they’ll also be<br />

captivated by the pretty spectacle at Studley Grange Butterfly<br />

World – also home to meerkats, otters and terrapins. Finally, if<br />

they just need to run around for a bit, Windsor <strong>Great</strong> Park has<br />

more space than they could ever need.<br />


If you’re not camping or glamping at one of the idyllic<br />

countryside camps along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, there are<br />

some excellent hotels well-suited to families. At both<br />

Cricklade House and Woolley Grange Hotel, on the edge<br />

of the Cotswolds, you’ll be delighted to find mum and dad<br />

delights, like spas and bars, alongside lots of child-friendly<br />

activities. And for every night you stay at Woolley Grange,<br />

you get two hours of complimentary childcare in the Ofsted<br />

Registered Woolley Bears Den crèche, allowing parents to<br />

have a fun and relaxing time too!<br />


The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> incorporates lots of amazing family<br />

days out along its route with plenty of places to eat and<br />

drink with children of all ages.<br />

56 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured clockwise from left: Ascot Racecourse;<br />

Bowood House & Gardens; Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen<br />

Take the kids for a trip on a narrowboat, and stop<br />

at a friendly canal-side café for a bite to eat. Spend the<br />

day exploring a castle, meeting animals at the zoo, or<br />

watching children’s theatre – then relax in the sunshine in<br />

an unpretentious pub garden. Enjoy a lovely family meal at<br />

a welcoming restaurant after a tiring day of adventurous<br />

activities like cycling, learning to surf or rock climbing.<br />

There are welcoming family-friendly cafés at many of the<br />

attractions along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> – perfect for picking<br />

up lunch during a family day out. Aerospace Bristol Café,<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt Restaurant and the Pump Room at The Roman<br />

Baths will all happily welcome children. At Bowood House<br />

and Gardens, the Stables Restaurant and Treehouse Café are<br />

two great options for the whole family, not to mention the<br />

ever-popular Ice Cream Kiosk in the middle of the adventure<br />

playground! From toddlers to teenagers, keep the whole<br />

family happy at the many family-friendly restaurants, pubs,<br />

hotels and cafés along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. You can expect<br />

sunny, welcoming service and tasty food to suit fussy eaters<br />

(both adults and children!)<br />

There are even lots of dog-friendly places to eat and drink<br />

along the <strong>Way</strong> to keep the whole family happy. For a fun<br />

family day out, head to Longleat Food and Music Festival in<br />

the summer, or stop off at welcoming Cobbs Farm Shop &<br />

Kitchen, Hungerford for a bite to eat as you travel the route.<br />

At Cobbs you can sit on the garden terrace to enjoy a<br />

meal and a drink, with a clear view over the children’s play<br />

area - so the whole family will be happy!<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />




The world-famous British Museum is running a major exhibition<br />

dedicated to Stonehenge; the most famous ancient stone circle in<br />

the world. Shrouded in layers of speculation and folklore, you can<br />

now learn all about this special monument’s fascinating history in<br />

London before visiting Stonehenge itself on a wonderful<br />

prehistoric journey of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>

“The exhibition has given us the incredible opportunity to put<br />

Stonehenge in the context of this era, including the arrival<br />

of the first farmers who transformed the British landscape;<br />

the first metalworkers who redefined social, economic,<br />

and cosmological connections; and the introduction of<br />

long-distance trade and exchange networks,” says Neil.<br />

“Stonehenge features throughout the narrative we tell, acting<br />

as a familiar thread. We took the opportunity to show that the<br />

monument meant very different things at different times and<br />

that these meanings were informed by what was happening<br />

elsewhere across Europe”.<br />

Stonehenge is a famous and much-loved British<br />

monument that has fascinated historians,<br />

archaeologists and enthusiasts for centuries. In The<br />

British Museum’s special exhibition, The World of<br />

Stonehenge, running this summer its story is being told. And,<br />

if ever there was an iconic structure that evokes questions of<br />

who?, when?, why? and how? Stonehenge is it. This is the first<br />

time an exhibition about Stonehenge and its era has ever been<br />

staged in London. “That seems remarkable to me given how<br />

famous the monument is around the world,” Neil Wilkin, The<br />

British Museum Stonehenge Exhibition Curator, tells us.<br />

Over 430 objects have been brought together from across<br />

Europe in this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle on the history –<br />

and mystery – of the ancient monument. “It was an amazing<br />

opportunity to bring so many wonderful objects to London<br />

from across Britain, Ireland, and North-<strong>West</strong> Europe and to<br />

display them together and tell such a compelling story”, Neil<br />

explains.<br />

And there is quite a history, Stonehenge was built 4,500<br />

years ago around the same time as the Sphinx and the <strong>Great</strong><br />

Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, one of the most remarkable eras on<br />

the islands of Britain and Ireland, which saw huge social and<br />

technological revolutions, alongside fundamental changes in<br />

people’s relationships with the sky, the land and one another.<br />

At the heart of the exhibition is the sensational loan of a<br />

4,000-year-old Bronze Age timber circle, dubbed Seahenge<br />

due to its similarity to Wiltshire’s Stonehenge. It is a hugely<br />

significant and extremely rare surviving example of a timber<br />

monument that has also been called “Stonehenge of the Sea.”<br />

It re-emerged on a remote Norfolk beach in 1998 due to the<br />

shifting sands, and it consists of a large, upturned tree stump<br />

surrounded by 54 wooden posts. The oak posts, some up to<br />

3m tall, were tightly packed in a 6.6m diameter circle with<br />

their bark-covered sides facing outwards. Inside the circle was<br />

a mighty oak, its roots upturned towards the heavens like<br />

branches. Collectively the circle creates a giant tree. A narrow<br />

entranceway was aligned on the rising midsummer sun and it<br />

is thought this monument was used for ritual purposes.<br />

“The exhibition could never replace the opportunity to visit<br />

Stonehenge itself - or indeed many of the other wonderful<br />

sites and museums along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, including<br />

Salisbury Museum, Wiltshire Museum in Devizes or Avebury<br />

henge and standing stones”, says Neil. “It does, however,<br />

provide the perfect complementary experience and I really<br />

hope visitors to the <strong>Way</strong> will be able to start or end their<br />

journeys at the British Museum exhibition”.<br />

When asked about his favourite part of the exhibition, Neil<br />

enthuses, “I love so many of the objects, from the newly<br />

discovered Burton Agnes chalk 'drum', buried with three<br />

children in a poignant and powerful grave in North Yorkshire<br />

around 3000 BC, around the same time as the bluestones<br />

were being raised at Stonehenge to the Nebra Sky Disc from<br />

Germany, a portable version of Stonehenge and the earliest<br />

known depiction of the heavens in the world! I'm particularly<br />

fond of Seahenge too - we have been able to bring key<br />

elements of this wonderfully preserved timber circle to London<br />

(the oaks to build it were felled in the spring or summer of →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


“I love so many of the objects,<br />

from the newly discovered Burton<br />

Agnes chalk 'drum' ... to the Nebra<br />

Sky Disc from Germany.”<br />

Neil Wilkin, Exhibition Curator<br />

2049 BC). It is the next best thing to being able to exhibit<br />

Stonehenge itself, especially given the importance of timber<br />

monuments during the era of Stonehenge - monuments that<br />

so rarely survive due to their perishable material.<br />

The new Prehistoric Journey of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> takes<br />

you on an adventure through the ancient landscapes of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, and journeys between two historic cities; the<br />

famous English capital, London, and the small city of Salisbury<br />

just to the south of the main <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> route. Over<br />

three busy days, you may only cover a few hundred miles but<br />

you will travel through thousands of years of history.<br />

The journey begins at the British Museum World of<br />

Stonehenge exhibition, then it’s an hour and a half train<br />

journey to the Wiltshire city of Salisbury, to spend a few hours<br />

exploring the historic streets; it might not reach back in time<br />

quite as far as Stonehenge itself, but there are 800 years of<br />

fascinating history to see here.<br />

After a busy day exploring England's past, venture back to the<br />

modern day with a meal at one of Salisbury's contemporary<br />

restaurants, and a quiet drink at one of the city's many<br />

bars or pubs before getting up bright and early for a visit to<br />

Stonehenge itself.<br />

With space for just 30 visitors, a Stone Circle Experience lets<br />

you get up close to the world-famous ancient monument,<br />

walking amongst the towering, mysterious stones as the day<br />

begins. Each visit takes place at dawn and lasts an hour, after<br />

which you can explore the museum-quality exhibitions at the<br />

Stonehenge Visitor Centre to find out more detail and context<br />

about the stone circle's past.<br />

Spend your afternoon back in the city of Salisbury for a visit<br />

to Salisbury Museum. Located in the Cathedral Close, the<br />

museum is surrounded by the city's historic sights, including<br />

the awe-inspiring Salisbury Cathedral. Inside Salisbury<br />

Museum you will discover a world-class gallery of archaeology<br />

housing one of Europe’s most extensive collections of<br />

Stonehenge and prehistoric artefacts, as well as other<br />

exhibitions dedicated to the history of the local area.<br />

Spend your evening exploring and experiencing Salisbury’s<br />

nightlife; the city has a huge array of restaurants, bars and<br />

pubs to enjoy as well as theatres with a busy programme of<br />

plays and performances throughout the year.<br />

For those who would like to see more of the ancient<br />

landscapes of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> travel out of Salisbury to<br />

the Wiltshire market town of Devizes, taking less than an<br />

60 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Pictured previous page left to right: Stonehenge; Decorated sun-disc from a woman’s belt, found in<br />

Langstrup, Denmark. Pictured clockwise from left: Neil Wilkin, British Museum Curator inspects a beaker<br />

pot before it goes on display; Bronze twin horse–snake hybrid; Nebra Sky Disc; Seahenge; Rare Saxon coin<br />

found in Wiltshire field and bought by the Wiltshire Museum for £21,600 after a fundraising campaign<br />

hour by car. This pretty little town boasts a traditional market<br />

square, independent shops aplenty and pleasant walks along<br />

the Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

Here you will also find Wiltshire Museum, a treasure trove of<br />

information about the area’s history. The Prehistoric Wiltshire<br />

Galleries tell the story of the people who built the mysterious<br />

monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury, and features<br />

artifacts from the over 4,000 years ago, to complete your<br />

understanding of our area's ancient history.<br />

In the afternoon, explore the surrounding countryside to walk<br />

through the timeless landscapes you have heard about on your<br />

trip. The large stone circle at Avebury - dating back more than<br />

4,000 years and running through the village itself - is a short<br />

drive away from Devizes. While you're there, visit <strong>West</strong> Kennet<br />

Long Barrow and Silbury Hill to fully immerse yourself in the<br />

ancient landscape, and enjoy a walk with far-reaching views<br />

over the Wiltshire countryside. <strong>West</strong> Kennet Long Barrow is a<br />

Neolithic tomb built more than five thousand years ago - step<br />

into the dark interior to feel like you have travelled backwards<br />

through the millennia. A short walk away, Silbury Hill is a manmade<br />

hill created at roughly the same time as the Avebury<br />

stone circle, similar in size to some of the ancient Egyptian<br />

pyramids, and built for mysterious unknown purposes.<br />

Now that you have thoroughly explored the ancient<br />

landscapes and prehistoric past of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, it's<br />

time to end your journey by returning east to London.<br />

Or you may prefer to explore the rest of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

route by travelling west to the vibrant cities of Bristol and<br />

Bath, which both have a wealth of attractions, activities and<br />

history to enjoy. Click here to find out more.<br />

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Ready to plan a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure by train or on water?<br />

You can visit these pretty villages plus plenty of other fascinating<br />

destinations and attractions along the way. Book a <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Discoverer pass for easy and convenient travel, with the option to hop<br />

on and off at stops all along the route...<br />

Words | Poppy Ryan

Pictured previous page: The market town of Hungerford near Kintbury<br />

Pictured clockwise from left: The Ferry Cookham; Sir Stanley Spencer<br />

Gallery; North Wessex Down<br />

There are many ways to travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

between Bristol and London; by bike, boat, car, foot<br />

or by public transport using the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Discoverer pass. If you choose to explore by rail, you<br />

can easily hop between vibrant cities like Bath or Bristol,<br />

historic towns like Windsor or Newbury, and even small,<br />

sleepy villages where you can enjoy a taste of traditional<br />

English village life. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites<br />

within easy reach by train or by water.<br />

cygnets and assigns ownership. You might also enjoy a visit to<br />

the Stanley Spencer Gallery where guides offer walking tours<br />

around Cookham, the heart of the village and the river path.<br />

Or find your own way with the Gallery’s Walks Booklet.<br />

Getting there: <strong>Travel</strong> with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway to<br />

Cookham railway station or take a cruise along the River<br />

Thames.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Cookham<br />

include Bel and the Dragon, Cliveden and the Thames Riviera.<br />


Cookham, Cookham Rise and Cookham Dean are referred<br />

to locally as ‘The Cookhams’. Although Kenneth Grahame’s<br />

children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows, was mainly a<br />

product of the author’s imagination, the sleepy riverside<br />

village of Cookham Dean, where he lived as a boy, may well<br />

have inspired him. Try the National Trust’s 3-mile Wind in the<br />

Willows walk. In fact, these well-heeled Berkshire villages by<br />

The Thames have attracted plenty of creative residents over<br />

the years, including artist Sir Stanley Spencer and actress<br />

Jessica Brown Findlay - Lady Sybil Crawley in Downton Abbey.<br />

Plan your visit to Cookham to see the colourful Swan Upping<br />

Ceremony taking place during the third week of July. This is<br />

the time when the Royal Swankeeper catches all the new<br />

64 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


The pretty Berkshire village of Pangbourne, near Reading,<br />

boasts a selection of independent shops, pubs and cafes, and<br />

was once home to Kenneth Grahame, who wrote the beloved<br />

children's book The Wind in the Willows. The River Thames<br />

runs through the village, offering lovely riverside walks to<br />

visitors, as well as the chance for some wildlife-watching.<br />

Pangbourne railway station is on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern main line<br />

between London Paddington and Bristol, making this an easy<br />

stopping-off point as you travel along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

The large town of Reading - with its fascinating museums,<br />

bustling shops, and historic connections to the likes of Jane<br />

Austen and Oscar Wilde - is also near to Pangbourne and easy<br />

to reach by train.<br />

Getting there: Pangbourne is also on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

main line, with the River Thames running through it, so<br />

travelling there is easy by both boat or train.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Pangbourne<br />

include Hilton Reading, The Roseate and Bird in Hand at<br />

Knowl Hill.<br />


A few miles East of the pretty market town of Newbury is the<br />

lesser-known Berkshire village of Woolhampton. This small<br />

village boasts a couple of country pubs, riverside walks along<br />

the River Kennet, and its own railway station with direct links<br />

to nearby Newbury and Reading. Somewhat confusingly,<br />

the railway station at Woolhampton is not named after the<br />

village itself, but after Midgham - another village two miles<br />

down the road!<br />

Getting there: Woolhampton has its own station, Midgham.<br />

It was formerly known as Woolhampton railway station -<br />

travel with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway. <strong>Travel</strong>ling by boat? It is<br />

easy to find the canalside from the Kennet & Avon Canal,<br />

stop off at The Rowbarge, a truly characterful traditional pub<br />

on the canal.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Woolhampton<br />

include The Rowbarge, Chestnuts B&B and Rowe's<br />

Farmhouse.<br />


The quiet Berkshire village of Kintbury is surrounded by the<br />

stunning countryside of the North Wessex Downs Area of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty. Kintbury has everything you<br />

could want in a village; pubs, a bakery, a shop and a post<br />

office. The village also offers direct access to the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal, which can be explored by foot, bike or boat.<br />

Nearby are two bustling, historic market towns - Newbury and<br />

Hungerford - which can also be reached by train and are well<br />

worth a visit for a spot of shopping or something to eat. →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Pictured left to right: The village of Ramsbury; Burbage<br />

Wharf and Crane in Pewsey Vale<br />

Getting there: <strong>Travel</strong> to Kintbury train station with <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Railway or cruise there along the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Kintbury include<br />

Manor Farm Courtyard Cottages, Hampstead Norreys, and<br />

Donnington Grove.<br />


This lesser-visited Berkshire village offers an authentic glimpse<br />

at rural English life. It is home to weeping willows, thatched<br />

houses and duck races. Pop into the local pub, The Eastbury<br />

Plough, for one of their ‘Proper English Roasts’. You’ll have<br />

your pick of local produce: roast Berkshire venison, the belly of<br />

Windsor Estate pork and rib of Marsh Farm beef have all been<br />

featured on the menu recently. Eastbury also makes a fine<br />

place to stop off if you’re in Lambourn for horse racing.<br />

Getting there: Take the train to Eastbury Plough station or a<br />

narrowboat along the River Lambourn.<br />

Where to stay: The Queens Arms at East Garston,<br />

Hungerford, an award-winning hotel, pub and restaurant<br />

with its own private lodge.<br />


Historic Ramsbury is just a quick jaunt east of Marlborough.<br />

The Bell, a 300-year-old coaching inn, has a restaurant that’s<br />

as well-regarded as its comfortable rooms. If you enjoy a<br />

tipple, take one of the Ramsbury Estate’s guided distillery<br />

or brewery tours - they make their own gin, vodka and beer<br />

with chalk-filtered water. Try Honey Bee Nectar, a golden<br />

pale ale produced in cooperation with North Wessex Downs<br />

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - except for the hops,<br />

all the beer's ingredients come from within the AONB. When<br />

you’ve had your fill of food and drink, explore the village’s<br />

rich heritage which goes all the way back to the Saxons. The<br />

magnificent mosaics at Littlecote Roman Villa are a must-see<br />

- and there is a lovely flat 1-mile walk from Littlecote to the<br />

Ramsbury Brewery.<br />

Getting there: Possibly the most difficult of our villages to<br />

reach by train or boat, as the nearest station is Hungerford,<br />

which takes around 10 minutes (from Hungerford Station) to<br />

Ramsbury in a taxi. The River Kennet runs through the village<br />

which makes for a beautifully picturesque scene. By boat<br />

stop at the nearby Hungerford Canal and from there make<br />

your way by bike or foot.<br />

Where to stay: The place to stay in Ramsbury is The Bell,<br />

or nearby in Hungerford you could try the Herongate<br />

Apartments, conveniently located just minutes' walk from<br />

Hungerford High Street.<br />

66 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Located canalside in the stunning landscapes of the Vale of<br />

Pewsey, in the centre of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, the Wiltshire<br />

village of <strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn is connected to the rest of the route<br />

by road, rail and canal. This pretty village offers lots of lovely<br />

hikes, including a walk to 200-year-old Wilton Windmill,<br />

with stunning views over the local countryside. Or you could<br />

explore the peaceful Kennet and Avon Canal on a narrowboat<br />

trip or towpath cycle ride. Of course, nothing completes a<br />

traditional English village like a traditional English pub, and in<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn you will find an award-winning independent<br />

freehouse, The Three Tuns, serving high-quality food and drink.<br />

Getting there: <strong>Travel</strong> to Bedwyn station with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway or cruise there along the Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

Where to stay: You might have to make it a day trip to <strong>Great</strong><br />

Bedwyn, or you could combine it with a visit and stay in the<br />

nearby village of Ramsbury (see previous entry).<br />

PEWSEY<br />

The Historic Wiltshire village of Pewsey is the perfect place<br />

to base yourself when exploring the ancient landscape of the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. The characterful village even has its own<br />

chalky White Horse, just a mile or so south. It’s also a lovely<br />

launchpad for some great walks and bike rides along the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal or through the surrounding countryside.<br />

Just outside the village is Jones's Mill, a Wiltshire Wildlife<br />

Trust nature reserve where you can walk amongst woodlands,<br />

fens and wet grasslands, spotting rare plants and beautiful<br />

wildflowers.<br />

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all sleepy and rural<br />

here - the Pewsey Vale is known for its lively music festival<br />

and top pubs too. (In summer you can pitch your tent at The<br />

Woodbridge Inn.)<br />

Getting there: <strong>Travel</strong> to Pewsey train station with <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Railway or take a barge trip along the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Pewsey include<br />

Troutbeck Guest House and Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />


Steeple Ashton is a quintessential <strong>West</strong> Country Village,<br />

offering visitors an opportunity to marvel at its variety of<br />

architectural styles, spanning 700 years, set amidst beautiful<br />

Wiltshire countryside. There is also a warm welcome and<br />

refreshment to be enjoyed at the Village Shop and at The<br />

Longs Arms public house. At the centre of the Village is the<br />

green with its lock-up gaol and market cross.<br />

Getting there: Nearest rail stations are at Trowbridge and<br />

<strong>West</strong>bury<br />

Where to stay: Newhouse Farm Bed & Breakfast →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Pictured clockwise from left: Pretty thatched cottages in the village of<br />

Avebury; Castle Combe; The National Trust village of Lacock<br />


Museums, 16th-century manor houses, megalithic stone<br />

circles, some villages have it all. As home to the largest stone<br />

circle in the world, some of Avebury village lies within the<br />

stones. Go on one of the National Trust’s regular guided tours<br />

to find out more about all the strange sarsens and burial<br />

mounds around you. Make sure you check out Avebury Manor,<br />

too, and the Alexander Keiller Museum, which shines a light<br />

on the many archaeological finds from the area. Follow up<br />

with a cream tea in one of the cafés, and maybe even stay the<br />

night in a cosy B&B so you can capture that misty, mysterious<br />

morning view on camera.<br />

Getting there: The nearest rail station to Avebury is Pewsey<br />

(see previous entry) or cruise there along the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Avebury include<br />

Buttle Farm, Mill Farm Glamping and The Kingsbury @ No.7<br />

& No.8.<br />

streets are lined with charming stone cottages, and there’s a<br />

Tithe Barn and traditional bakery too. Stop and peer in the<br />

windows at 2 High Street. If you thought the UK’s buzzing<br />

coffee culture was something new, think again! Although the<br />

old shop window now replicates a local store at the beginning<br />

of the 20th-century, it was previously a busy coffee tavern.<br />

Other attractions in the village include Lacock Abbey and the<br />

Fox Talbot Museum - the birthplace of photography.<br />

Getting there: By train travel to Melksham or Chippenham<br />

LACOCK<br />

You’ll find this National Trust village - a film set for Pride and<br />

Prejudice and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - just<br />

a few miles south of Chippenham. It’s been so beautifully<br />

preserved that it feels like a living museum. Its medieval<br />

68 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

station which are around three miles from Lacock Village. It<br />

is also easy to navigate there by bike (you will find bike racks<br />

in the village car park adjacent to the Red Lion pub) with a<br />

surrounding network of footpaths, including a route beside<br />

the Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Lacock include<br />

Cherry Tree Barn, Guyers House Hotel and Restaurant and<br />

Lorne House.<br />


No list of villages along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> could miss out<br />

Castle Combe, often referred to as the prettiest village in<br />

England. The quaint limestone cottages that feature in many<br />

a travel snap, however, were not built for their aesthetics<br />

but to house the weavers who made the village's distinctive<br />

red and gold cloth, often used for military uniforms. They<br />

lived and worked close to the Bybrook River as the water was<br />

needed for ‘fulling’ or cleansing the wool. If you have your own<br />

wheels - bike, car or even chauffeur-driven classic car - don’t<br />

miss the chance to explore nearby Cotswolds villages such<br />

as Badminton, Bibury, Lower Slaughter and Bourton-on-the-<br />

Water.<br />

Getting there: The nearest station to Castle Combe is<br />

Chippenham. The river Bybrook forms the heart of many<br />

communities in North Wiltshire as it carves its way through<br />

beautiful countryside and villages all the way from Burton<br />

down to Bathford and flows through the heart of Castle<br />

Combe.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Castle Combe<br />

include The Manor House and Golf Club, Best <strong>West</strong>ern Angel<br />

Hotel, Guyers House Hotel and Restaurant and Lorne House<br />


Bathampton is a wonderful place for rest and contemplation,<br />

just an 11-minute drive from the high society of Bath. The<br />

almighty views from Bathampton Down offer perspective not<br />

just on the village but on the city, and the countryside beyond.<br />

With the Kennet & Avon Canal running through it, it’s also a<br />

great place to take a boat ride – aboard the Pulteney Princess<br />

perhaps - or just enjoy a stroll along the banks. Look out for<br />

herons and cormorants, both regular visitors to the waterways<br />

here. Fun Fact: Plasticine was invented here in 1897 by local<br />

art teacher William Harbutt.<br />

Getting there: Bathampton has its own train station<br />

however it has been disused since 1966. Instead, head to<br />

Bath’s Manvers Street and jump on a D1 discover bus towards<br />

Warminster to reach Bathampton (Hantone Hill) taking just<br />

ten minutes. Alternatively, located on the beautiful Kennet →<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Pictured top to bottom: Family go for a walk in Freshford;<br />

The Inn at Freshford<br />

& Avon Canal what better a way to travel to Bathampton<br />

than along the canal. (Pulteney Princess and Bath & Dundas<br />

Canal Co both offer boat trips).<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Bathampton<br />

include The Old Mill Hotel and Bailbrook House. Or head<br />

into Bath where there is a superabundance of wonderful<br />

accommodation options.<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway or by boat along the River Avon. From<br />

the station you can join the footpath along the River Avon.<br />

This will take you through Avoncliff Wood to the Avoncliff<br />

aqueduct. The significant structure carries the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal and the Bath to <strong>West</strong>bury railway line over the<br />

River Avon. It was built by John Rennie and chief engineer<br />

John Thomas between 1797 and 1801 and is a Grade II listed<br />


Picture-perfect and with a train station that will whisk you<br />

to either the Georgian city of Bath or the pretty market<br />

town of Bradford on Avon in around ten minutes, you might<br />

be surprised to discover just how rural the Somerset village<br />

of Freshford feels. This countryside idyll offers a breath<br />

of fresh air; here you will find narrow streets lined with<br />

higgledy-piggledy cottages, as well as fantastic views over the<br />

surrounding countryside. There are lovely walks heading out<br />

from the village in all directions, including a picturesque stroll<br />

through woodland and river meadow to Iford Manor Gardens<br />

where you can enjoy a walk through flower-filled terrace<br />

gardens followed by tea and cake in the cafe. Or, stop off for a<br />

brew at the beautiful 16th Century village inn ideally located<br />

on the banks of the River Frome.<br />

Getting there: <strong>Travel</strong> to Freshford train station with the<br />

70 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

TheOldBellHotel<br />

oldbell_hotel<br />

Abbeyhousemanor<br />


This <strong>Way</strong> for<br />

a Journey<br />

Through Time<br />

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> weaves through<br />

the timeless county of Wiltshire.<br />

The Ancient Briton, Romans, Normans and<br />

Saxons have all left their mark.<br />

Now it’s time for you to follow in<br />

their footsteps.<br />

It’s Time for Wiltshire<br />


uilding. From its elevated position there are fine views over<br />

the river below.<br />

Where to stay: The closest place to stay is Homewood, an<br />

eclectic, luxurious and slightly eccentric hotel; think grand<br />

Georgian country house and grounds filled with creative<br />

artworks and ultra-modern indulgences including a spa and<br />

heated outdoor swimming pool.<br />


For something a bit different, head four miles north of Bristol<br />

to see this attractive hamlet - built to provide housing for<br />

workers of Blaise Castle Estate in their retirement. The nine<br />

comfortable cottages now seem almost ornamental, with<br />

their tall chimneys and attractive thatched roofs. They were<br />

commissioned in the 19th century by John Scandrett Harford,<br />

a Bristol banker and prominent Quaker. See if you can read the<br />

sundial on the village green.<br />

Getting there: It's simple to reach Blaise Hamlet by train.<br />

Hop on at Bristol Temple Meads to Sea Mills station taking<br />

around 20 minutes. You can also cycle along the National<br />

Cycle Network Route 4 via Henbury.<br />

Where to stay: Stay at Best <strong>West</strong>ern Henbury Lodge Hotel<br />

or one of the many brilliant nearby accommodation options<br />

in Bristol.<br />


A little south of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> you’ll find Tisbury, one<br />

of Wiltshire’s prettiest villages. It’s worth the trip for a view<br />

onto the Nadder Valley - and both the Cranborne Chase and<br />

<strong>West</strong> Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.<br />

It’s fantastic for walkers, but also caters to those who prefer<br />

to potter along a well-kept High Street, with its independent<br />

boutiques and tea rooms. Other highlights include a<br />

4,000-year-old yew tree and possibly the largest Tithe Barn in<br />

existence in England. Oh, and it’s very close to Old Wardour<br />

Castle of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves fame.<br />

Getting there: Tisbury railway station is managed by South<br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Railway and is on the <strong>West</strong> of England Main Line.<br />

Where to stay: Places to stay in and around Tisbury include<br />

Wingmore, The Benett Arms and the Grosvenor Arms.<br />

Click here to find out<br />

more about purchasing<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Discoverer pass<br />

Did you know?<br />

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Arts and Events<br />

Cultural Calendar<br />

As well as its natural scenery, cultural scene and lovely locals, the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is known for its many festivals and events<br />

JUNE<br />

02<br />

In Windsor the Platinum<br />

Jubilee weekend begins with<br />

the lighting of the Windsor<br />

beacon and fireworks<br />

14<br />

Royal Ascot presents an<br />

all-star cast, unparalleled<br />

racing and exquisite fine<br />

dining again this summer<br />

2-5<br />

JUNE<br />


1-5<br />

JUNE<br />

Kids Rule at Stonehenge<br />

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum<br />

Jubilee with historic performers,<br />

family fun and hands-on activities<br />

Queens Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend<br />

In celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in the<br />

City of Bath there will be a city parade, a service at Bath<br />

Abbey and a picnic in Royal Victoria Park<br />

11-12<br />

JUNE<br />

Bradford on Avon Food & Drink Festival<br />

Enjoy demonstrations from local<br />

and celebrity chefs, markets, live<br />

music and a dog show<br />

74 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

FROM<br />

01<br />

JUNE<br />

The Platinum Jubilee Tea at<br />

Bite Me Burger, Marlborough<br />

Enjoy Bite Me burgers,<br />

homemade cupcakes,<br />

burger cakes, scones with<br />

clotted cream and jam,<br />

petit fours, macarons, an<br />

assortment of chocolates,<br />

and caramel popcorn<br />

served on a fabulous<br />

millennium wheel<br />

Until 30 June<br />

Visit the Royal Crescent<br />

Hotel & Spa in Bath to<br />

see paintings by Alina<br />

Maksimenko in a special<br />

solo exhibition<br />

23<br />

JUNE<br />



A Right Royal Tea Party<br />

Replicating Her Majesty's<br />

favourite sandwiches and cakes<br />

in celebration of the milestone<br />

UNTIL<br />

05<br />

JUNE<br />


Waddesdon Colourscape<br />

An extraordinary experience<br />

of colour and light lands again<br />

on the Waddesdon lawns<br />

2-3 June<br />

Love Saves the Day will<br />

kickstart the Queen’s<br />

Jubilee celebrations at<br />

Bristol’s Ashton Court<br />

while also celebrating its<br />

10 year anniversary<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Against the backdrop<br />

of a renowned collection<br />

experience critically acclaimed<br />

exhibitions of historical and<br />

contemporary art, lectures,<br />

concerts, workshops and<br />

events or indulge in our<br />

Garden Café.<br />

DON’T MISS<br />

Love Life: David Hockney<br />

Drawings 1963-1977<br />

27 May to 18 September 2022<br />

Rodin & Degas: Impressionist<br />

Sculpture<br />

3 September 2022 to 2 January 2023<br />

2019 HIGHLIGHTS<br />

George Shaw<br />

A Corner of a Foreign Field<br />

Édouard Vuillard<br />

Against The the Poetry backdrop of the Everyday of a<br />

renowned Lauren collection Child experience<br />

critically The acclaimed Art of Illustration exhibitions<br />

of historical and contemporary<br />

Rembrandt<br />

art, lectures,<br />

A Life in<br />

concerts,<br />

Print<br />

workshops<br />

and events or indulge in our<br />

Garden<br />

Henri<br />

Café<br />

Matisse<br />

Master of Line<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB<br />

www.holburne.org<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB<br />

www.holburne.org<br />

Discover Pewsey Vale<br />

One day or multi-day<br />

walking & cycling itineraries<br />

in the heart of the<br />

north wessex downs<br />

eat ~ drink ~ shop ~ stay<br />

• Tours in Bath<br />

• Trips from Bath<br />

• Stonehenge Tours<br />

• Custom Tours<br />

• Unique Experiences<br />

www.visitpewseyvale.co.uk<br />

tranquil ~ spiritual ~ ancient<br />



Arts and Events Cultural Calendar<br />

JULY<br />

UNTIL<br />

17<br />

JULY<br />

The World of Stonehenge,<br />

The British Museum<br />

Shrouded in layers of<br />

speculation and folklore,<br />

Stonehenge towers<br />

above the Wiltshire<br />

countryside, and is<br />

perhaps the world's<br />

most awe-inspiring<br />

ancient stone circle<br />

28 June – 3 July<br />

Henley Royal Regatta is<br />

the most prestigious<br />

rowing regatta in the world<br />

a highlight of the <strong>Great</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> social season<br />

23<br />

JULY<br />


Ray Gelato's Giants Jazz Festival<br />

The Godfather of Swing, Ray<br />

Gelato and his band, promise a<br />

fun-filled evening of jazz tunes<br />

10<br />

JULY<br />


Maidenhead Bikeathon<br />

A popular cycling event (it is<br />

not a race!) with three<br />

different routes available<br />

25 June – 10 July<br />

Bristol Pride will feature<br />

a programme of events<br />

across the city over two<br />

weeks, while Pride Day<br />

will take place on 9 July<br />

returning to The Downs<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Arts and Events Cultural Calendar<br />

AUGUST<br />

FROM<br />

01<br />

AUGUST<br />


A trail of large Globe sculptures in Bristol<br />

The World Reimagined is a ground-breaking, national<br />

art education project aimed at transforming how we<br />

understand Transatlantic Slavery<br />

07<br />

The Sports Family Fun Race<br />

Day at Windsor Racecourse<br />

is a great day with live horse<br />

racing and entertainment<br />

28-29<br />

AUGUST<br />

The Joust, Berkeley Castle<br />

Knights and their stunning steeds<br />

from the Cavalry of Heroes battle it<br />

out in a spectacular jousting display<br />

27-28<br />

The Bristol Botanic Garden<br />

hosts a variety of events<br />

throughout the year including<br />

the Bee and Pollination<br />

Festival which celebrates all<br />

things related to bees and<br />

pollination<br />

5-6<br />

AUGUST<br />


A Midsummer Night's Dream - in the heart of the Town Gardens<br />

The Fairy Kingdom is at War. Oberon and Titania's<br />

marital mayhem unleashes chaos on four young lovers<br />

with disastrous – and hilarious – consequences<br />

11-14<br />

AUGUST<br />

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta<br />

Bristol’s largest free fiesta returns<br />

with over 100 hot air balloons at<br />

Ashton Court Estate<br />

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UNTIL<br />

04<br />

SEPT<br />

Nature Detectives at Roves<br />

Farm, Swindon<br />

Take part in woodland<br />

crafts, gather sticks, build<br />

a den, follow the activity<br />

trail, go on a bug hunt,<br />

and join the farmer on<br />

a tractor and trailer ride<br />

of the farm. Plus, take<br />

on the giant slides and<br />

climbing ropes in the park<br />

10 May – 25 September<br />

Biscuit Town: 200 years<br />

of Huntley & Palmers<br />

in Reading exhibition at<br />

The Museum of English<br />

Rural Life<br />

15-18<br />

SEPT<br />

Blenheim Palace International<br />

Horse Trials<br />

A world class international<br />

equestrian event and day out<br />

UNTIL<br />

12<br />

SEPT<br />


Love Life: David Hockney’s Drawings<br />

A sumptuous collection of rarely<br />

seen drawings by one of our most<br />

popular and recognisable artists<br />

7 July – 26 September<br />

In celebration of The<br />

Queen's Platinum Jubilee,<br />

Windsor Castle are<br />

hosting a special display<br />

commemorating Her<br />

Majesty's Coronation<br />

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<strong>Way</strong>s to travel the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

It’s fun to travel under your own steam. Welcome to a journey<br />

through time – an adventure across England by car, rail, boat, foot, bike<br />

or a combination of all. Start planning your journey of discovery here...<br />

80 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Hiring a bike and cycling along the canal, countryside<br />

paths and trails, taking a walk through picturesque<br />

villages and visiting our three Areas of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty and three UNESCO World Heritage<br />

sites by foot is a beautifully scenic experience.<br />

Whether you’re up for a lengthy hike in the<br />

Cotswolds, a cycle ride racing down the 13.7km (8.5<br />

miles) steeply twisting Swinley Red trail with its<br />

berms, drops and white-knuckle descents, or just<br />

fancy a potter around some village antique shops,<br />

walking and cycling is a wonderful way to explore.<br />

You can cycle the entire length of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

<strong>Way</strong> via National Cycle Route 4, which links up<br />

regional cycle routes such as the Thames Valley Cycle<br />

Route and the Kennet & Avon Cycle Route.<br />

The National Trails website gives details of longdistance<br />

walking trails along the route: The Cotswold<br />

<strong>Way</strong>, The Ridgeway and the Thames Path.<br />

Go to Sustrans for more (shorter) cycle routes on the<br />

National Cycle Network, in and around the touring<br />

route. There are also some excellent routes along the<br />

Wiltshire Cycleway, including a picturesque 15.3k<br />

between Corsham and Bradford on Avon.<br />

Be sure to read the Information Points page to find<br />

out where to pick up local maps and walking trails.<br />

Plus, download our <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> map before you<br />

set off.<br />

Did you know? Bristol was officially Britain’s first<br />

cycling city. Join the locals with a ride on a<br />

pay-as-you-go YoBike, hire a tandem or go on a<br />

<strong>Great</strong> Bristol Food Tour with Cycle the City.<br />


The Kennet & Avon Canal is a wonderful way to<br />

travel along part of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. This ribbon<br />

of beauty and history stretches between Reading and<br />

Bristol and is looked after by the Canal & River Trust.<br />

Slow down and enjoy all 87 miles of the Kennet<br />

& Avon Canal as part of your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

adventure, using our Kennet & Avon Canal map.<br />

Hire a boat or hop on a barge tour for the ultimate<br />

experience in slow travel. Multiple companies<br />

operate along the River Thames and the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal. Visit Thames and The Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal Trust are useful places to start.<br />

You can canoe, kayak or book one of the numerous<br />

boat trips. Passing through countryside, market<br />

towns and picturesque villages, the canal offers an<br />

abundance of natural beauty, fascinating wildlife,<br />

outstanding canal structures, fabulous vistas and<br />

heritage galore. The lazy pop pop pop of the engine<br />

while you travel slowly through attractive towns like<br />

Hungerford, quaint villages such as Wootton Rivers<br />

and architectural masterpieces like Bath.<br />

Of course, the famous Caen Hill Lock Flight in<br />

Devizes is a real wow – look up from the bottom of<br />

the 16 locks that form the main ‘staircase’ – now<br />

that’s one way to get boats to travel uphill.<br />

Take a look at our Marina page for hire boats and<br />

boat tours and find details of river transport options<br />

in the capital on the Transport for London website.<br />

Did you know? Queen Elizabeth II reopened the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal in 1990 after a passionate<br />

band of volunteers gave it an impressive revamp.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


<strong>Way</strong>s to travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

BY CAR<br />

A road trip adventure along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

allows you to linger as long as you want in each<br />

destination, and even venture off on a complete<br />

tangent if the mood takes you – take a look at our<br />

suggested itineraries to help you make a start.<br />

The main road between London and Bristol is the A4<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> Road, based on an ancient horse track<br />

and later, one of King Charles I’s <strong>Great</strong> Roads, which<br />

facilitated the establishment of the British postal<br />

service – The Royal Mail.<br />

The A4 cuts a fairly direct path between the two<br />

cities, allowing you to travel the distance in less than<br />

2 hours 30 minutes if you wanted to. Of course, if<br />

you’re travelling by car, half the pleasure is being<br />

able to pull off and explore whenever you like.<br />

Wherever you decide to base yourself along the<br />

touring route, there’ll also be charming country lanes<br />

and winding rural roads to enjoy. Jump in the car and<br />

see where you end up.<br />

You may find the AA’s Route Planner tool useful for<br />

planning your road trip. Also, our pages on car hire<br />

and travel tips could be of interest - especially if this<br />

is your first time driving in the UK.<br />

If you want to hire a car for your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

adventure, you’ll find plenty of car hire companies<br />

in just the places you’d expect – airports, larger train<br />

stations, cities and towns, for example Auto Europe<br />

and Practical Car & Van Rental.<br />

Did you know? The first mail coach was introduced<br />

between Bristol and London in 1784.<br />

BY TRAIN<br />

Making tracks on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> can point you<br />

at endless amounts of history and fun facts to be<br />

discovered along its length from London to Bristol. In<br />

one go the journey is just 1hr 40min, but by stopping<br />

off you can explore the route in your own time<br />

turning it into a holiday adventure of a lifetime.<br />

Relax and journey along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> using<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer pass. It includes<br />

unlimited Off-Peak train travel from London<br />

Paddington with <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway along the<br />

route to Bristol Temple Meads via Reading and<br />

Swindon, or Newbury and Pewsey, with options<br />

to branch off towards Salisbury via <strong>West</strong>bury (or<br />

London Waterloo to Salisbury with South <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway). It also includes unlimited travel on listed<br />

bus services along the routes. The rail route is<br />

marked on the map with a green line. Choose from<br />

an East, <strong>West</strong> or Global one-day or seven-day ticket<br />

to enjoy your <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> adventure.<br />

You can purchase the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer<br />

pass online at GWR.com or from your local station.<br />

They come in the form of a standard orange ticket,<br />

clearly showing the route you have purchased<br />

and whether it is valid for one day or seven. If you<br />

are travelling from overseas, international passes<br />

(similar to a BritRail pass) can be purchased online<br />

at ACPRail.com or via your travel agent, where<br />

discounted international rates apply and with no offpeak<br />

travel time restrictions.<br />

Did you know? The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway runs<br />

along the full distance of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

– from London’s Paddington station to Bristol<br />

Temple Meads.<br />

82 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk




North Wessex Downs<br />

Marvel at the prehistoric stones of<br />

Stonehenge and Avebury, the Wiltshire<br />

White Horses and the White Horse<br />

at Uffington. Take time to visit<br />

Highclere Castle, where Downton<br />

Abbey was filmed, and get lost in the<br />

mysterious hillforts, neolithic burial<br />

mounds and genteel country houses.<br />

The Chilterns<br />

Characterised by neat farmland,<br />

ancient woodland and chalk downland.<br />

The Chilterns is a haven for wildlife<br />

including red kites. Explore the<br />

fabulous trails of The Ridgeway and<br />

the Chiltern <strong>Way</strong> Circular passing<br />

sparkling-clear chalk streams.<br />

The Cotswolds<br />

The Cotswolds <strong>Way</strong> starts in Bath<br />

and follows north for 102 miles,<br />

to the well-to-do market town of<br />

Chipping Campden. Explore Corsham,<br />

Castle Combe and Dyrham Park,<br />

or just take in the views: gentle<br />

hills, sweeping valleys and summer<br />

wildflower meadows dotted with<br />

warm limestone homes. This is<br />

England at its prettiest.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to<br />

Food and Drink<br />

From the wild creativity of Bristol’s street food scene, to the glamour of<br />

London’s high profile restaurants, there’s a tantalising buffet of food and<br />

drink experiences along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

84 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Michelin Starred and Fine Dining<br />

Sit down to a meal of gastronomical delights at one<br />

of the award-winning fine-dining establishments<br />

along the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Sample sumptuous<br />

tasting menus created by Michelin-starred chefs,<br />

innovative dishes featuring local produce, and<br />

traditional English delicacies cooked to perfection.<br />

The Vineyard, Stockcross, Berkshire<br />

Not only is The Vineyard a luxury five-star hotel and<br />

spa in a quaint country setting in Berkshire, it also<br />

has a 30,000-bottle wine cellar and a fine dining<br />

restaurant. Head chef Robby Jenks is at the helm of<br />

this 3AA Rosette restaurant. Diners can choose from<br />

an à la carte or a tasting menu where they can enjoy<br />

dishes such as veal sweetbread ravioli with pumpkin<br />

seeds in a pumpkin and brown butter sauce or roast<br />

brill, brassicas, caper berries and almond.<br />

Stockcross, Newbury<br />

Bulrush, Bristol<br />

One of the recent additions to the Michelin Guide,<br />

Bristol-based restaurant Bulrush is certainly on many<br />

a foodie’s ‘must visit’ list. Chef Proprietor George<br />

Livesey’s imaginative and well-balanced menu is<br />

chock-full of seasonal ingredients which are either<br />

organic or have been foraged.<br />

21 Cotham Rd S, Bristol<br />

Pony & Trap, Bristol<br />

Run by brother and sister Josh and Holly Eggleton,<br />

this Michelin Star pub, with exceptional views of<br />

the stunning Chew Valley, offers an ever-changing<br />

menu that focuses on fresh produce which is locally<br />

sourced. Diners can choose from a tasting menu or<br />

from the dinner and lunch menus where they can<br />

enjoy dishes such as wood pigeon and ‘day boat’ fish.<br />

Moorledge Road, Newtown, Chew Magna<br />

Olive Tree Restaurant, Bath<br />

Located in the renowned Queensberry Hotel, Olive<br />

Tree is a 3 AA Rosette restaurant in the heart of the<br />

beautiful city of Bath. It is a contemporary British<br />

restaurant offering informal fine dining under the<br />

direction of award-winning head chef, Chris Cleghorn.<br />

This is the only restaurant in the city to be awarded a<br />

Michelin Star. Chris’ menu is quintessentially British<br />

with Mediterranean influences.<br />

4-7 Russell St, Bath<br />

The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire<br />

If you love theatre, Heston Blumenthal’s renowned<br />

eatery in Bray offers the perfect destination, serving<br />

innovative modern British cuisine in the most<br />

spectacular of settings. Heston has previously been<br />

described as the ‘Willy Wonka of British gastronomy’<br />

and diners who would like to eat at his three-Michelinstarred<br />

wonderland pay £325 up front for a ‘ticket’ -<br />

providing them with access to the 17-courses on offer<br />

that showcase his multi sensory cuisine.<br />

High St, Bray<br />

The Dining Room, Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

Michelin’s European Young Chef of the Year Niall<br />

Keating showcases his skills as Executive Chef at this<br />

one Michelin star dining room restaurant at Whatley<br />

Manor Hotel. Serving seasonal British produce<br />

influenced by his world wide travels.<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa, Easton Grey,<br />

Malmesbury, Wiltshire<br />

Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons,<br />

South Oxfordshire<br />

Described as ‘Oxfordshire heritage meets French<br />

flair’, Raymond Blanc’s two Michelin-starred chic<br />

restaurant has earned itself a global reputation<br />

for fine gastronomy and creative cooking. Diners<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

continue to be charmed by both the setting<br />

(country-house luxe) and the delicious treats on<br />

offer which includes the likes of spiced monkfish,<br />

ravioli of pumpkin and smoked trout amongst others.<br />

Church Road, <strong>Great</strong> Milton, South Oxfordshire<br />

The Miller of Mansfield, Berkshire<br />

Despite its intriguing name, the Miller of Mansfield<br />

is situated in the sweet village of Goring-on-Thames.<br />

This 18th-century country pub has been given a<br />

contemporary twist and can be defined as ‘Modern<br />

European’ which has earned two AA Rosettes<br />

and offers refined modern British dishes from the<br />

freshest seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients.<br />

High Street, Goring on Thames, Reading<br />

The Harrow at Little Bedwyn, Nr. Marlborough<br />

Owned and run by Sue and Roger Jones, this Michelin<br />

Star gem has received worldwide accolades for its<br />

food and has also been critically acclaimed for its<br />

900 bin Wine List. Offering three menus, to include<br />

an eight course evening gourmet which changes daily<br />

to reflect the best seasonal ingredients.<br />

Little Bedwyn, Nr. Marlborough, Wiltshire<br />

The Hand and Flowers, Marlow<br />

The Hand and Flowers is the only pub in the UK<br />

with two Michelin stars and with celebrated chef<br />

Tom Kerridge at the helm it is easy to see why. The<br />

restaurant has a rustic feel which is complemented<br />

by the refined British cuisine on offer.<br />

126 <strong>West</strong> St, Marlow<br />

Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire<br />

Chef André Garrett’s innovative dishes, meticulous<br />

preparation and elaborate finishes showcase his<br />

exquisitely crafted creation. Produce is locally<br />

sourced and is highly seasonal – guests can choose<br />

between an à la carte menu or an eight-course<br />

tasting menu.<br />

Cliveden Rd, Taplow, Berkshire<br />

Casamia, Bristol<br />

Casamia is a family run restaurant serving a multicourse<br />

tasting menu within an intimate restaurant<br />

setting of just nine tables. Chef Peter Sanchez-<br />

Iglesias and his team create dishes which are<br />

influenced by the individuality, multicultural and<br />

creative vibes of their home city of Bristol.<br />

The General, Lower Guinea Street, Bristol<br />

Queens Arms, East Garston, Berkshire<br />

Perfectly placed as a stop-over destination within<br />

an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This award<br />

winning, pub, restaurant and hotel (with its own<br />

private lodge) serves seasonal British cuisine.<br />

East Garston, Berkshire<br />

The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire<br />

Bray is the place for foodies to be! The Waterside Inn<br />

which is under the leadership of chef patron Alain<br />

Roux has held three Michelin stars for over thirty<br />

years. Expect the most exquisite Classic French<br />

cooking coupled with the most impeccable service.<br />

Ferry Rd, Bray, Berkshire<br />

Red Lion Freehouse, East Chisenbury<br />

Husband and wife team, Guy and Brittany Manning<br />

modestly describe themselves as “just a couple<br />

of chefs working to create a place with real soul”.<br />

Sourcing from the best possible producers, talent<br />

and hard work has earned the duo, and their team,<br />

one Michelin star status and a restaurant “where the<br />

food has personality, the surroundings are relaxed<br />

and the hospitality is warm and sincere”.<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey, Wiltshire<br />

86 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is the only place<br />

where you can experience all five of the<br />

UK's Three Michelin Starred restaurants.<br />

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay<br />

Royal Hospital Road, London<br />

gordonramsayrestaurants.com/<br />

restaurant-gordon-ramsay<br />

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester<br />

Park Lane, London<br />

alainducasse-dorchester.com<br />

Sketch - the Lecture Room & Library<br />

9 Conduit Street, London<br />

sketch.london/the-lecture-room<br />

The Waterside Inn<br />

Ferry Rd, Bray<br />

waterside-inn.co.uk<br />

Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck<br />

High Street, Bray<br />

thefatduck.co.uk<br />


The Dining Room, Whatley Manor<br />

Easton Grey, Malmesbury<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />

Red Lion Freehouse<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

Dining Restaurants<br />

You’ll find many of the restaurants along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> are dining rooms within our<br />

Ambassador hotels. You’ll also find several celebrity<br />

chefs including Rick Stein, Pierre Koffmann and<br />

Marco Pierre White.<br />

Abbey Hotel Kitchen, The Abbey Hotel Bath<br />

Under the helm of Head Chef Marcus Bradley, Abbey<br />

Hotel Kitchen is in the perfect central Bath location.<br />

This relaxing and vibrant space offers high energy,<br />

attentive service and delicious fresh food and drinks<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

The Orange Artichoke, Apex Hotel, Bath<br />

Perfectly placed in the heart of Bath, you’ll never<br />

be far from the action when you eat at The Orange<br />

Artichoke. Allow them to curb your cravings with<br />

locally sourced food, drink and delicious delicacies in<br />

contemporary, chic surroundings.<br />

apexhotels.co.uk<br />

Beau’s Bar and Restaurant at Donnington<br />

Grove Hotel & Country Club<br />

Set amidst beautiful parkland with the River<br />

Lambourn winding through the grounds, this<br />

Newbury restaurant has large picture windows to<br />

make the most of the picturesque river views.<br />

donnington-grove.com<br />

The Brasserie at Sir Christopher Wren Hotel<br />

With glorious river views and a stunning bar and<br />

terrace, The Brasserie offers upscale dining in the<br />

heart of Windsor. Large windows let you watch boats<br />

and swans glide down the Thames as you enjoy the<br />

delicious all day menu and fine wines.<br />

sirchristopherwren.co.uk<br />

Cedar at the Langley<br />

Dining experiences here are inspired by the bountiful<br />

English countryside. Savour delicious cuisine in<br />

our elevated restaurant overlooking the grounds,<br />

featuring sumptuous meals crafted with natural<br />

ingredients.<br />

marriott.com<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen<br />

Uncomplicated dishes that explore and showcase<br />

the freshest and very best ingredients. Chef Patron,<br />

Robert Clayton ensures that every dish is prepared,<br />

cooked and presented to perfection.<br />

claytonskitchen.com<br />

Cloisters Restaurant, Bailbrook House Hotel<br />

Tucked away in the historic mansion is Cloisters<br />

restaurant where the heritage of this country house<br />

hotel in Bath really comes into its own, with original<br />

archways made from traditional Bath stone.<br />

handpickedhotels.co.uk<br />

Cricklade House & Spa<br />

The chefs at Crickdale are passionate about using<br />

great local produce and change their menu monthly.<br />

Enjoy a three course meal, a traditional Sunday Roast<br />

or Afternoon Tea of finger sandwiches, homemade<br />

scones with jam and cream and a selection of cakes.<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

The Gainsborough Brasserie<br />

The Restaurant with its Georgian architecture,<br />

original artwork and impressive wine wall is open to<br />

hotel guests and non-residents. Enjoy contemporary<br />

British cuisine inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients<br />

in a stylish and relaxed environment.<br />

thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk<br />

88 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


There are many ways to sample the best<br />

local cuisine on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>,<br />

from city tours and hands-on cookery<br />

classes to nostalgic river cruising.<br />


A Taste of England<br />

atasteofenglandtours.com<br />

Around and about Bath<br />

alainducasse-dorchester.com<br />

Savouring Bath<br />

savouringbath.com<br />


Vaughan’s Kitchen<br />

White Horse Business Centre, Devizes<br />

vaughanskitchen.co.uk<br />


Hobbs of Henley<br />

hobbsofhenley.com<br />

Bristol Packet Boat Trips<br />

bristolpacket.co.uk<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

thamesrivercruise.co.uk<br />

French Brothers<br />

frenchbrothers.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

The Restaurant, No 15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

Open for a show-stopping supper or lovely lunch<br />

while you’re exploring the city of Bath. Seasonal<br />

local meat, fresh fruit and veg are sourced from<br />

Buxton Butchers and family-run grocers, Lovejoys,<br />

and as for bread and baked goodies, there’s nowhere<br />

better than beloved Bath institution, Bertinet Bakery.<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk<br />

The Dower House Restaurant, The Royal<br />

Crescent Hotel & Spa<br />

Award winning dishes are created with passion and<br />

served with pride by award-winning Head Chef<br />

Martin Blake and his team.<br />

royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

Guyers House Hotel & Restaurant<br />

Set in a lovely old house with its own kitchen garden<br />

and orchard the pretty dining room restaurant offers<br />

a menu of finely cooked modern British cuisine.<br />

guyershouse.com<br />

Heyworth Restaurant, Henley<br />

Greenland’s Hotel<br />

Here you can enjoy an evening meal prepared by<br />

passionate chefs with menus designed using seasonal<br />

produce and locally sourced ingredients.<br />

hospitalityuor.co.uk<br />

The Marco Pierre White Restaurant<br />

at The Castle Hotel<br />

Savour the flavour of seasonal menus at the Marco<br />

Pierre White Restaurant at The Castle Hotel. Dishes<br />

include Chicken Milanese and cheesy and creamy<br />

Macaroni Cheese perfectly paired with a refreshing<br />

Marco Pierre White wine.<br />

mpwrestaurants.co.uk<br />

The Monkey Island Brasserie at the<br />

Monkey Island Estate<br />

The cuisine here is a delectable modern take on<br />

British classics, with produce freshly sourced from<br />

the gardens and surrounding countryside. Choose<br />

to dine in the elegant main dining room or on the<br />

terrace with views of the River Thames, where the<br />

surroundings are refined yet intimate and informal,<br />

and steeped in history.<br />

monkeyislandestate.co.uk<br />

The Moonraker Hotel Brasserie<br />

Like the seasons, menus change as Xavier and his<br />

team use fresh local produce to create and showcase<br />

some old-fashioned classics, putting the hotel<br />

Brasserie firmly on the culinary map. They have a<br />

walled garden used as the setting for their smokery<br />

which they use to smoke their meat and fish.<br />

moonrakerhotel.com<br />

The Old Bell Hotel, Saints & Sinners<br />

Home to some of the most delicious food in the<br />

Cotswolds, the Saints & Sinners restaurant at The<br />

Old Bell Hotel serves a menu of dishes made from<br />

deliciously fresh, locally sourced ingredients.<br />

The Old Bell Hotel is a Grade I listed hotel, rumoured<br />

to be England’s oldest hotel, located next door to<br />

Malmesbury Abbey.<br />

oldbellhotel.co.uk<br />

Plum + Spilt Milk, <strong>Great</strong> Northern Hotel<br />

An award-winning restaurant in the heart of King's<br />

Cross, offering a beautiful seasonal modern-British<br />

menu, with locally sourced ingredients. In an elegant<br />

yet cosy atmosphere, surrounded by the views of<br />

King’s Cross and St Pancras.<br />

plumandspiltmilk.com<br />

90 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Discover crisp, white, award-winning<br />

bubbly varieties<br />

Alder Ridge Vineyard<br />

Between Hungerford and Marlborough<br />

alderridge.co.uk<br />

Aldwick Estate Vineyard<br />

Nestled beneath the famous Mendip Hills<br />

aldwickestate.co.uk<br />

Bluestone Vineyards at Cholderton<br />

Rare Breeds Farm<br />

10 acre on-site boutique vineyard on the<br />

McConnell family farm in Wiltshire<br />

bluestonevineyards.co.uk<br />


Enjoy wine tastings, taprooms and tours<br />

Bristol Brewery Tours<br />

Mardyke Wharf, Bristol<br />

bristolbrewerytours.com<br />

Bristol Hoppers<br />

Walking Tours of Bristol's Craft Beer Scene<br />

bristolhoppers.co.uk<br />

The Bath Brew House<br />

14 James Street <strong>West</strong>, Bath<br />

thebathbrewhouse.com<br />

Wadworth Brewery<br />

Northgate Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire<br />

wadworth.co.uk<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery<br />

The Old Dairy, Yattendon<br />

wbbrew.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

Rick Stein, Marlborough<br />

Rick Stein’s Marlborough restaurant brings a taste<br />

of Cornwall to the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>. Located on<br />

Marlborough High Street, serving a combination<br />

of classic seafood dishes, excellent wines and with<br />

plenty of coastal charm.<br />

rickstein.com<br />

The Roseate Hotels, London, Reading and Bath<br />

All three of The Roseate Hotels, Roseate House in<br />

London, near Hyde Park, The Roseate in Reading and<br />

The Roseate Villa in Bath, located in a quiet corner of<br />

the city, offer exceptional dining in their restaurants.<br />

roseatehotels.com<br />

Shelburne Restaurant, Bowood Hotel, Spa &<br />

Golf Resort<br />

Laid-back, countryside dining with picture perfect<br />

views. The Two AA Rosette Shelburne Restaurant<br />

serves delicious food from seasonal menus every day.<br />

From long, lazy lunches to romantic moments over<br />

cocktails, you will enjoy a range of mouth-watering<br />

dishes prepared with passion and served with flair.<br />

bowood.org<br />

The Swan Bradford On Avon<br />

Locally sourced produce, beautifully prepared and<br />

cooked to perfection.Open for breakfast, lunch,<br />

dinner, Sunday carvery, coffee, or a light snack and a<br />

glass of wine or pint of local ale.<br />

theswanbradford.co.uk<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

With so many ingredients plucked from their own<br />

kitchen garden, it’s more about wheelbarrow yards<br />

than food miles at Woolley Grange. Visit for fine<br />

dining or family dining.<br />

woolleygrangehotel.co.uk<br />

Pubs and Inns<br />

From traditional thatched village inns to modern<br />

gastropubs with spacious beer gardens perfect for<br />

families to enjoy the summer sunshine<br />

Red Lion Freehouse<br />

East Chisenbury, Pewsey<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />

The Bear Hotel, Devizes<br />

2-3 The Market Pl, Devizes<br />

thebearhoteldevizes.co.uk<br />

The Black Swan in Devizes<br />

The Market Place, Devizes<br />

blackswandevizes.co.uk<br />

The Bird in Hand, Knowl Hill<br />

Bath Road, Knowl Hill, Reading<br />

butcombe.com<br />

Crown & Anchor Inn<br />

Ham, Wiltshire<br />

crownandanchorham.co.uk<br />

The Crown, Tolldown<br />

Toll Down <strong>Way</strong>, Dyrham, Chippenham<br />

butcombe.com<br />

The George Inn, Norton St Philip<br />

High Street, Norton St Philip, Bath<br />

butcombe.com<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Brewery Taproom and Kitchen<br />

The Old Dairy Frilsham Farm, Yattendon<br />

wbbrew.com<br />

92 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Helen Browning’s Royal Oak<br />

Cues Ln, Bishopstone, Swindon<br />

helenbrowningsorganic.co.uk<br />

The Newbury<br />

137 Bartholomew St, Newbury<br />

thenewburypub.co.uk<br />

The Prince Street Social<br />

Crown House, 37-41 Prince St, Bristol<br />

princestreetsocial.com<br />

Queens Arms, East Garston<br />

Newbury Rd, East Garston, Hungerford<br />

queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />

The Royal Oak Yattendon<br />

The Square, Yattendon RG18 0UG<br />

royaloakyattendon.co.uk<br />

The Royal Windsor Pub<br />

Datchet Rd, Windsor<br />

theroyalwindsor.co.uk<br />

The Swan Bradford On Avon<br />

1 Church St, Bradford-on-Avon<br />

theswanbradford.co.uk<br />

Three Tuns Freehouse<br />

1 High St, <strong>Great</strong> Bedwyn, Marlborough<br />

tunsfreehouse.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Gourmet Guide to Food and Drink<br />

Tea Rooms & Cafés<br />

Whether it’s a quick cuppa with breakfast or a<br />

full-blown afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches,<br />

indulgent cakes and tasty scones, you'll find plenty<br />

of lovely cafes and tea rooms to enjoy along the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

Aldermaston Tea Rooms<br />

Traditional Tea Rooms in a lovely setting by the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal. Leaf tea, cream teas, apple pie,<br />

canalman's lunch, whippy ice cream and more.<br />

facebook.com/aldermastontearooms<br />

Canal Trust Café<br />

A beautiful tea rooms and licensed cafe situated in<br />

Bradford on Avon along the Kennet & Avon Canal.<br />

with lovely gardens and delicious food and cakes.<br />

facebook.com/Canal-Trust-Cafe<br />

Teashop by the Canal<br />

Set in a unique grade II listed building by the Kennet<br />

& Avon Canal, blending the warmth of Italian culture,<br />

with fine and splendid rituals of English Cream Teas.<br />

teashopbythecanal.co.uk<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Housed in a former blacksmith's cottage dating<br />

from 1502, this quintessentially English tea room<br />

offers the very best in traditionally British afternoon<br />

tea. With delicate bone china, the finest leaf teas,<br />

and friendly staff in Victorian costumes serving<br />

homemade cakes, pastries and sandwiches.<br />

thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

Honeystreet Mill Cafe<br />

Situated in Pewsey Vale, Honeystreet Mill Cafe offers<br />

a range of delicious fresh and local food open for<br />

breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Treat yourself to<br />

a chilled glass of prosecco on the terrace, and watch<br />

the world go by Wiltshire-style.<br />

honeystreetboats.co.uk<br />

Spring's Café and Restaurant<br />

Located at Thermae Bath Spa, Springs Café and<br />

Restaurant combines beautiful Georgian architecture<br />

with classic, contemporary style. Throughout the day<br />

and evening, spa users can enjoy delicious dishes and<br />

interesting drinks from an extensive menu.<br />

thermaebathspa.com/springs-cafe-and-restaurant<br />

The Tutti Pole<br />

A family run restaurant close to the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal in a grade ll listed building, serving quality<br />

homemade food and luxury afternoon teas.<br />

thetuttipole.co.uk<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National Arboretum<br />

During your visit to <strong>West</strong>onbirt The National<br />

Arboretum stop off at the restaurant for freshly<br />

prepared hot and cold refreshments including soups,<br />

sandwiches, savoury snacks, cakes and pastries.<br />

forestryengland.uk/westonbirt/restaurant<br />

Windsor Castle Undercroft Café<br />

The first café for visitors to Windsor Castle has<br />

opened in Edward III’s medieval Undercroft, which<br />

for centuries served as the Castle’s main wine cellar<br />

and is one of the oldest surviving spaces in the<br />

1,000-year-old royal residence.<br />

windsor.gov.uk/food-and-drink<br />

Lido Spa & Restaurant, Bristol Lido<br />

Spanish and Mediterranean menus, open kitchen<br />

with hot blazing Italian clay oven and bespoke<br />

charcoal grill by the grade 2 listed outdoor pool.<br />

lidobristol.com/restaurant-and-tapas-bar<br />

94 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

North Parade, Bath<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

Cricklade House<br />

Common Hill, Cricklade, Swindon<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon<br />

thebridgetearooms.co.uk<br />

No15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney, Bath<br />

15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney Street, Bath<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk<br />

The Pump Room Restaurant<br />

Searcys at the Pump Room, Stall Street, Bath<br />

thepumproombath.co.uk<br />

The Roseate Hotel, Reading<br />

26 The Forbury, Reading<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/theroseate<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa<br />

16 Royal Crescent, Bath<br />

royalcrescent.co.uk<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa<br />

Easton Grey, Malmesbury<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Where to Stay on<br />

the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

Staying overnight on the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> makes for a wonderful trip,<br />

whether on a romantic weekend away or a week-long adventure<br />

BATH<br />

Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

Abbey Hotel is located perfectly central in the city of<br />

Bath, making it an ideal place to stay to when exploring<br />

the city. Independantly owned, this unique hotel offers<br />

an intriguing blend of stylish comfort, vibrant and<br />

eccentric contemporary art, and historic character.<br />

abbeyhotelbath.co.uk<br />

Dukes Hotel<br />

One of Bath’s most prestigious streets, this beautiful,<br />

boutique, guest house stands on <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

Street. Whether it is the high ceilings, sash windows<br />

or hand crafted Sanitan bathroom suites, each room<br />

uniquely reflects an era of Georgian elegance and charm.<br />

dukesbath.co.uk<br />

The Apartment Bath<br />

From Nespresso to Nintendo, The Apartment, Bath<br />

is a two-bedroom apartment in central Bath on<br />

Widcombe Parade, and the perfect home from home<br />

for guests exploring the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>.<br />

apartmentbath.com<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath occupies a quiet corner of<br />

the city, overlooking the tranquil Henrietta Park.<br />

Encompassing two characterful converted Victorian<br />

houses, the Villa offers 21 rooms with exclusive<br />

features. The Villa also has a private garden where<br />

you can relax and enjoy an indulgent afternoon tea.<br />

roseatehotels.com/bath/theroseatevilla/<br />

Tucking Mill, Bath Apartments and Cottages<br />

Family owned range of award-winning luxurious<br />

properties including three cottages at Tucking Mill<br />

with outstanding views, and two apartments just 10<br />

minutes’ walk from Bath city centre.<br />

bathselfcatering.net<br />

YMCA Bath Hostel<br />

YMCA Bath Hostel is a city centre hostel with all<br />

the attractions located within walking distance;<br />

The Roman Baths, Royal Crescent, Bath Rugby<br />

Ground, The Circus and Bath Abbey to name a few.<br />

Affordable, clean accommodation ideal for families,<br />

couples, and backpackers on a budget.<br />

ymcabath.org.uk<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

Two luxurious self-catering apartments in Bath, each<br />

perfect for four guests. One apartment is on the<br />

ground floor and has its own sun-trap patio area with<br />

outside seating, whilst the other is on the first floor<br />

and has two small balconies off the living area.<br />

bathapartmentbreaks.co.uk<br />

Bath Area Self Catering<br />

High quality, luxury self-catering holiday cottages<br />

and apartments in Bath and the surrounding areas<br />

of Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. These<br />

properties are ideal for exploring the <strong>West</strong>ern part<br />

of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> including Wiltshire, the<br />

Cotswolds, Bath and Bristol<br />

bathselfcatering.com<br />

96 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

To be found at the heart of Bath’s<br />

fashionable society, No.15 <strong>Great</strong><br />

Pulteney is an elegant and vivacious<br />

townhouse hotel on the very grandest<br />

street in Bath. Comprising 40 bedrooms,<br />

a cocktail bar, restaurant and boutique<br />

spa, No.15 exudes understated<br />

sophistication and luxury.<br />

guesthousehotels.co.uk/no-15-bath<br />

Brooks Guesthouse B&B<br />

Brooks Guesthouse Bath is an award winning four<br />

star boutique guesthouse in Bath city centre with 22<br />

uniquely furnished bedrooms with an eclectic mix of<br />

antiques, modern pieces and designer wallpapers.<br />

brooksguesthouse.com<br />

Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa<br />

Where dapper country house hotel meets hospitality<br />

with imagination, charm and spirit, surrounded by<br />

private gardens and set in glorious, rural Wiltshire.<br />

You might also enjoy a visit to sister hotels , The Bird<br />

& Homewood<br />

bishopstrowhotel.com<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Abbey Hotel, Bath<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa occupies two historic<br />

buildings with Georgian and Victorian facades in<br />

the heart of Bath. Named after the artist Thomas<br />

Gainsborough, the luxury hotel is welcoming and<br />

elegant. there are 99 berooms and suites with views<br />

across the city to surrounding countryside.<br />

thegainsboroughbathspa.co.uk<br />


Timbrells Yard<br />

Timbrells Yard is a stylishly revamped riverside inn<br />

at the heart of beautiful Bradford-on-Avon. It has<br />

award-winning food and 17 super stylish bedrooms.<br />

Grade II listed, it is family and dog-friendly, and has a<br />

wonderful terrace on the banks of the River Avon.<br />

timbrellsyard.com<br />


Royal Berkshire (Exclusive Collection)<br />

Royal Berkshire is a country house located in the<br />

heart of Ascot, perfect for overnight stays, with 66<br />

luxury bedrooms. The grounds are charming, perfect<br />

for a wedding location or event, with a private walled<br />

garden and a beautiful fountain plaza.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/royal-berkshire<br />

Monkey Island Estate<br />

Set across seven acres, Monkey Island Estate features<br />

27 exquisite guestrooms and three sumptuous suites.<br />

There are six further Private Residences, set across<br />

seven acres, two Grade I listed heritage pavilions,<br />

beautifully landscaped gardens, luxury Floating Spa<br />

and picturesque views of the River Thames.<br />

monkeyislandestate.co.uk<br />


Brooks Guesthouse B&B and Rooftop Retro<br />

Rocket Caravans, Bristol<br />

A boutique contemporary guesthouse situated<br />

smack bang in the heart of Bristol's old town next<br />

to St Nicholas Market and just a short stroll to the<br />

vibrant Harbourside.<br />

brooksguesthousebristol.com<br />

98 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

The caravans are British built and capturing the<br />

glamour of the timeless vintage aluminium design<br />

with all the lux of a modern hotel room and beautiful<br />

rooftop views of Bristol City Centre.<br />

brooksguesthousebristol.com<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport<br />

This is the ultimate hotel in terms of design, comfort<br />

and convenience, being on the doorstep of Bristol<br />

Airport – the only hotel within walking distance of<br />

the terminal. Spend a day exploring Noah's Ark Zoo<br />

Farm, Cheddar Caves and Gorge or Cabot Tower.<br />

hilton.com<br />


Pythouse Kitchen Garden<br />

You’ve heard of restaurants with rooms – now we<br />

bring you the restaurant with a glamping village.<br />

Six bell tents and a cosy shepherds’ hut sit in an<br />

orchard near this lunchtime-only restaurant.<br />

They share showers, a cocktail area, kitchen and<br />

dining area.<br />

pythousekitchengarden.co.uk<br />

The Bristol Wing part of YMCA<br />

The Bristol Wing is a boutique hostel in Bristol city<br />

centre. After an extensive restoration, they opened in<br />

2018 in the Grade II listed old Police Headquarters.<br />

Located only a short walk from some of the best<br />

bits of Bristol including Bristol’s harbourside, Bristol<br />

Shopping Quarter and the Old City<br />

thebristolwing.co.uk<br />


The Manor House - Exclusive Collection<br />

This 14th century luxury hotel and golf club is<br />

perfect for romantic nights away, with Michelin<br />

starred dining and a dedicated gin bar. Head into the<br />

picturesque village of Castle Combe or play a round<br />

at the championship 18-hole golf course. Situated in<br />

365 acres of rich parkland and widely regarded as a<br />

real hidden golfing gem in the Cotswolds.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/the-manor-house<br />


Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

From its lofty position near Priddy, the highest<br />

village in the Mendip Hills, Cheddar Club Site is<br />

surrounded by spectacular landscapes, great for<br />

walking, cycling, caving and rock climbing. Less than<br />

five miles from the campsite is Cheddar Gorge, one<br />

of Britain's most spectacular natural landmarks.<br />

Explore its extraordinary subterranean stalactite<br />

show caves, venture inside hidden prehistoric<br />

chambers at Gough’s Cave, wander along the clifftops<br />

and experience spectacular panoramic views<br />

from Jacob’s Ladder and the Lookout Tower.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />


Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

Perched on the banks of the River Thames, this<br />

lovely campsite has a rural feel despite being just<br />

50 minutes from Central London by train. Walkers<br />

will enjoy the Thames Path Nature Trail - a longdistance<br />

towpath trail that starts in the Cotswolds<br />

and meanders through Chertsey towards the heart of<br />

London. It’s a peaceful and scenic trail that’s ideal for<br />

people of all ages and abilities.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Enjoy the best of the beautiful British countryside<br />

from the comfort of a luxurious canvas lodge on this<br />

family-run, organic farm. Meet the ducks, dairy cattle<br />

and donkeys. Have fun on Farmer Joe's organic farm<br />

tour. Walk, ride, paddle, fish – or just soak up the sun<br />

and the tranquil scenery. It all adds up to a unique<br />

break that you – and your family or friends – will<br />

treasure for a lifetime.<br />

millfarmglamping.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa<br />

Whatley Manor is a grown-up getaway in the<br />

heart of the Cotswolds set in 12 acres of gardens.<br />

Try Grey’s Brasserie for a leisurely lunch, dinner<br />

or chilled glass of wine. Or the innovative tasting<br />

menu with specially selected wines in The Dining<br />

Room. There's also The Green Room where chefs<br />

prepare small plates of expertly crafted food in<br />

front of you, Aquarias Spa and even a cinema.<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />


The Greenlands Hotel<br />

Set within the 30-acre Henley Business School estate<br />

in the Oxfordshire countryside, this magnificent<br />

Grade II Listed Building is steeped in history dating as<br />

far back as 1480. There are 100 bedrooms including<br />

eight luxury balcony rooms with views across the<br />

Chiltern Valley and the grounds leading to the River<br />

Thames. There's a fitness centre, tennis courts, giant<br />

lawn chess and footpaths leading into the Chiltern<br />

Hills. Located less than three miles from the centre<br />

of Henley-on-Thames home to the famous annual<br />

Henley Royal Regatta, five miles from the riverside<br />

Georgian market town of Marlow and a short car<br />

journey to Windsor and Oxford.<br />

hospitalityuor.co.uk/accommodation<br />


Herongate Apartments<br />

Welcome to Herongate Apartments, a collection of<br />

four purpose built self serviced/serviced apartments<br />

conveniently located just minutes walk from<br />

Hungerford High Street and the beautiful Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal. The apartments are situated next door<br />

to Herongate Club and all guests over the age of 16<br />

years can enjoy complimentary access to the gym<br />

and pool as well as discounts off classes and the<br />

fabulous Honesty Cafe.<br />

herongateservicedapartments.com<br />

LONDON<br />

Roseate House London<br />

Located near Hyde Park with stunning views over<br />

leafy <strong>West</strong>bourne Terrace. John Constable, son of the<br />

famous landscape artist, once lived there, and Oscar<br />

Wilde married at St James’ Church opposite. The<br />

hotel comprises of three restored, mid-19th century,<br />

Grade II listed townhouses originally built in 1842<br />

which still retain the grace and charm of the original<br />

Victorian architecture. Located on a street steeped<br />

in history in a haven of tranquillity amidst the hustle<br />

and bustle of the capital.<br />

roseatehotels.com<br />


Donnington Grove Hotel & Country Club<br />

Donnington Grove, a three star country-house hotel<br />

in Newbury, is situated in 500 acres of beautiful<br />

grounds that include an 18 hole championship golf<br />

course, beauty and treatment rooms at Avalon<br />

Retreat, Clay Shooting and the New Beau's Bar<br />

and Restaurant. It is a fascinating destination with<br />

more than a whiff of English decadence. Built in<br />

'Strawberry Hill Gothic' style, this 250 year old,<br />

charming building has a unique heritage.<br />

donnington-grove.com<br />


The Chilterns View<br />

The Chilterns View offers luxury lodge<br />

accommodation overlooking the beautiful Chiltern<br />

Hills. Guests love the privacy and seclusion of these<br />

lodges with wonderful south-facing views and hot<br />

tubs. Sit around the fire pit with a glass of fizz to<br />

watch the sun set over the hills, and in the daytime<br />

you can relax by the pond or take a walk to one of<br />

the many fine pubs and eateries in the area.<br />

thechilternsview.co.uk<br />

100 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Whately Manor Hotel & Spa, Malmesbury<br />


Hilton Reading<br />

Ideally located off junction 11 of the M4, the<br />

Hilton Hotel in Reading offers a warm and inviting<br />

atmosphere. Bedrooms feature air conditioning,<br />

wired and wireless Internet access, laptop safes, mini<br />

bar, on-demand movies, a spacious workdesk and<br />

famous Hilton Serenity bed system. Access to the<br />

24-hour LivingWell Health Club is included.<br />

hilton.com<br />

Novotel Reading Centre<br />

Perfectly suited in the heart of the town. Many of<br />

Reading's best restaurants, bars and shops are just<br />

a stone's throw from the hotel, and you are close<br />

to Windsor and Oxford, and family attractions like<br />

Legoland, Reading Museum, Reading Abbey Ruins<br />

and Forbury Gardens Public Park. Reading train<br />

station is a two-minute walk away and Thames<br />

Valley Park is just a shuttle bus away.<br />

all.accor.com/hotel<br />

The Roseate Reading<br />

Described as 'The UK's Sexiest Townhouse Hotel' by<br />

The Evening Standard, The Roseate Reading is also<br />

recognised for its artful conception and luxury.<br />

roseatehotels.com/reading/theroseate<br />


Salisbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

Within easy reach of some of the most famous sites<br />

in England. The historic centre of Salisbury, known<br />

as ‘the city in the countryside’, is an easy two mile<br />

walk from the campsite and offers many must-see<br />

attractions including the famous cathedral.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />

The Merchant’s House Hotel, Salisbury<br />

37 newly and beautifully refurbished en suite<br />

rooms located in the city centre. A must visit is The<br />

Merchant’s Bar with open fire and wonderful choice<br />

of wines, beers and spirits.<br />

themerchantshousehotel.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


The Kingsbury @ No7 & No8, Marlborough<br />

SURREY<br />

Pennyhill Park<br />

There are only a few places able to offer such a<br />

diverse range of experiences as Pennyhill Park.<br />

Set in 123 acres of Surrey countryside with a host<br />

of individual experiences, they offer exceptional<br />

overnight breaks, Michelin starred dining, bespoke<br />

weddings, distinctive meetings and events, family<br />

celebrations and an award-winning spa. There are<br />

two award-winning restaurants, The Ascot Bar, and<br />

The Spa including a state-of-the-art fitness suite,<br />

treatment rooms, nail bar, hot tubs and indoor and<br />

outdoor pools.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/pennyhill-park<br />

Walton on Thames Camping and Caravanning<br />

Club Site<br />

Tucked away in rural Surrey, you’d hardly know<br />

Walton on Thames Club Site is just half an hour from<br />

Central London. For a hearty dose of adrenaline,<br />

head to the much-loved theme parks of Thorpe Park,<br />

Chessington World of Adventures, and Legoland,<br />

where kids (and big kids too) can go wild on wacky<br />

rides and looping rollercoasters. For something a<br />

little more sedate, head to Hampton Court Palace,<br />

once the palatial home of King Henry VIII and his<br />

six wives, to experience Royal life by exploring<br />

the splendid interiors and wandering around the<br />

magnificent estate with its rich variety of gardens<br />

and plants.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />


Rose & Crown Inn, Ashbury<br />

Located in a charming ‘off the beaten track’ village at<br />

the foot of the rolling countryside of the Lambourn<br />

Downs and historic sites of the Vale of the White<br />

Horse. This village inn boasts an exceptional menu<br />

and very comfortable rooms. It has a unique<br />

atmosphere and very much reflects the gentle pace<br />

of a friendly and welcoming ‘unspoiled’ village inn.<br />

roseandcrownatashbury.co.uk<br />

102 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk


The Queens Arms Hotel<br />

The Queens Arms is an award-winning hotel, pub and<br />

restaurant with its own private lodge. Situated in the<br />

beautiful village of East Garston, between London<br />

and the <strong>West</strong> Country yet in the heart of an Area<br />

of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Queens Arms<br />

features 12 bespoke bedrooms, a large friendly bar<br />

with log fire that leads into the dining room, a south<br />

facing patio and a large enclosed garden – all ideal<br />

for alfresco dining. Children and dogs welcome.<br />

queensarmseastgarston.co.uk<br />


The Kingsbury @ No7 & No8<br />

Boutique hotel come Airbnb with modern,<br />

keyless entry system allowing you to come<br />

and go as you please. All rooms have been<br />

lovingly and individually designed to offer<br />

quality, comfort and style, for you to relax and<br />

enjoy your stay. Fun dining concept including<br />

fabulous afternoon teas and cocktail making in<br />

the restaurant (book in advance).<br />

thekingsbury.co.uk<br />


Church Farm Country Cottages<br />

Enjoy a rural location on a working sheep farm<br />

staying in award-winning single storey cottages and<br />

barn conversions with exposed beams and vaulted<br />

ceilings. Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural<br />

Beauty you can enjoy walking and cycling from your<br />

doorstep or it is a short journey to Bradford on Avon,<br />

Longleat and the World Heritage City of Bath.<br />

churchfarmcottages.com<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages<br />

Set in a peaceful, rural location, these seven unique,<br />

luxurious and spacious self-catering cottages are set<br />

in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside on the edge<br />

of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just five<br />

miles from the World Heritage city of Bath and one<br />

mile from the Saxon town of Bradford on Avon.<br />

cumberwellcountrycottages.com<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

Surrounded by 14 acres of stunning grounds, Woolley<br />

Grange is a Jacobean manor house located on the<br />

edge of Bradford on Avon. The hotel offers a warm<br />

welcome to families, has award-winning children's<br />

facilities, a beautiful spa, and great food using<br />

fresh produce from the walled kitchen garden. For<br />

a stargazing evening stay in one of the new Luxury<br />

Glamping Suites, you also have access to the historic<br />

hotel and its facilities, including heated indoor and<br />

outdoor swimming pools, spa, OFSTED-registered<br />

childcare and The Hideout Pizza Cafe.<br />

woolleygrangehotel.co.uk<br />


Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel, Chippenham<br />

Superbly located five miles from the M4 between<br />

Bath and Swindon. This 400-year-old coaching inn<br />

has been sympathetically extended to include a<br />

gym, indoor pool, courtyard garden and bedroom<br />

wing. The addition of a stylish new brasserie, bar<br />

and lounge create the ideal surroundings to relax.<br />

A perfect base for enjoying motor racing at Castle<br />

Combe, the Badminton Horse Trials, Longleat Safari<br />

Park and Swindon designer shopping village.<br />

angel-hotel-chippenham.com<br />


Cliffe Farm Dairy<br />

Self-catering accommodation in the heart of<br />

Wiltshire; ideal for families looking for that quiet<br />

escape. A secluded and unique cottage on a working<br />

farm. This special place offers uninterrupted views<br />

and wonderful walking opportunities.<br />

cliffefarmdairy.co.uk<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />



Rowley Cottage at Iford Manor<br />

Surrounded by nature in the beautiful Iford<br />

Valley and set within the Grade 1 listed<br />

Iford Manor Gardens, this luxury, self-catering<br />

period cottage is in an idyllic setting. Recently<br />

renovated, with three en-suite bedrooms,<br />

sleeping six it is the perfect base to explore<br />

from. Just 15 minutes from Bath.<br />

ifordmanor.co.uk/stay<br />


The Old Bell Hotel<br />

A comfortable, country hotel full of character and<br />

charm, reputed to be the oldest purpose built hotel<br />

in England (c.1220) and Grade I Listed. The hotel<br />

nestles in the beautiful medieval Cotswold town of<br />

Malmesbury and is 75 yards from the famous Abbey<br />

House Gardens with over 2000 roses.<br />

With crackling log fires, cosy corners, squashy sofas,<br />

plump duvets, fine linen and fabulous food and wine<br />

– this is pure indulgence.<br />

oldbellhotel.co.uk<br />

Pettifers Hotel<br />

Pettifers Hotel is the perfect spot to relax, unwind<br />

and explore. You've got the fabulous Cotswold Water<br />

Park, Highgrove, <strong>West</strong>onbirt Arboretum, Tetbury,<br />

Malmesbury and Cirencester all on the door step -<br />

perfect for family stays and mini breaks, plus they are<br />

super dog friendly too so no need to leave your four<br />

legged friends behind!<br />

pettifershotel.co.uk<br />

Devizes Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

This peaceful campsite beside the Kennet & Avon<br />

Canal is perfect for walking, cycling, and exploring<br />

the region’s many historic attractions. Head out on<br />

a scenic walk to the historic market town of Devizes<br />

along the towpath, passing the Caen Hill flight of 29<br />

locks – one of the longest continuous flight of locks<br />

in the country, rising 237 feet over two miles. In the<br />

bustling market town of Devizes, visit the Wiltshire<br />

Museum with its award-winning galleries and ancient<br />

gold collection (which dates back to the time of<br />

Stonehenge) pop into the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust<br />

Museum to learn more about the local waterways.<br />

Head to Wadworth’s Brewery to take a tour and<br />

sample ales at the visitor centre, and see the famous<br />

shire horses making deliveries. If you fancy stretching<br />

your legs, take the five-mile circular walk from Devizes<br />

to Roundway Hill, taking in stretches of the Kennet &<br />

Avon Canal, with opportunities to take longer walks<br />

by joining the Mid Wilts <strong>Way</strong>, Wessex Ridgeway or the<br />

White Horse Trail.<br />

campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk<br />


Holiday Inn, Salisbury – Stonehenge<br />

This modern friendly hotel has over 100 air<br />

conditioned bedrooms and is the nearest hotel<br />

to Stonehenge, offering a stylish, contemporary<br />

gateway to the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> and to the<br />

picturesque county of Wiltshire and beyond.<br />

Enjoy easy access to the colourful landscape of sights<br />

and attractions dotting the English countryside.<br />

hisalisbury–stonehenge.co.uk<br />


Cricklade House Hotel<br />

Standing in over 30 acres of peaceful, secluded<br />

grounds on the edge of the Cotswolds, Cricklade<br />

House Hotel offers a traditional, warm and friendly<br />

welcome for those in search of tranquility, comfort,<br />

good food and wine, with extensive recreational<br />

facilities. This beautiful and dignified country<br />

house, built at the turn of the last century, has been<br />

tastefully restored and carefully extended.<br />

Perhaps the most impressive addition is the<br />

magnificent Victorian-style glass conservatory<br />

104 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk

Rowley Cottage at Iford Manor, Bradford-on-Avon<br />

which runs the full length of the original building,<br />

making the most of the hotel's elevated position,<br />

with wonderful panoramic views over the Wiltshire<br />

countryside. The ideal location for exploring the<br />

wonders Wiltshire and the surrounding area have to<br />

offer – with brilliant links to both the M4 and M5 and<br />

through to Oxford.<br />

crickladehotel.co.uk<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton, Swindon<br />

<strong>West</strong> of Swindon, this relaxing hotel is an excellent<br />

base for touring the beautiful <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong><br />

countryside including the Wiltshire Downs and<br />

the Cotswolds, visiting pretty villages such as<br />

Chippenham and Marlborough, and, for a truly<br />

memorable experience, you'll find the World<br />

Heritage Site of Avebury nearby too.<br />

The accommodation comprises 171 bedrooms with<br />

61 Deluxe rooms and eight Suites and for food and<br />

drink head to The Larder Restaurant and Bar.<br />

hilton.com<br />


Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods offer a wonderful<br />

English countryside experience, for those who<br />

want to be close to nature without giving up home<br />

comforts. Step out of your timber lodge into the<br />

fresh calm of a rural Wiltshire morning, explore the<br />

towns, villages and trails of the Vale of Pewsey, or sit<br />

out under the stars around a wood fire with a glass of<br />

farm-grown English wine.<br />

There are five luxury log pods in total, and they are<br />

exclusively for adults (for ages 18 and above), with<br />

fantastic views over the Pewsey Vale, and with the<br />

home comforts of a hot shower and a King Size bed<br />

in a double-glazed, underfloor-heated<br />

There is plenty of choice for walking, cycling or even<br />

kayaking, with many dog friendly pubs nearby. Come<br />

home to your own firepit, spectacular sunsets and<br />

dark skies. There is also an all-weather shelter and<br />

BBQ area.<br />

totteridge-farm.website/camping-and-holidays<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Experience the new<br />

menus by Executive Chef<br />

Ricki <strong>West</strong>on and his team<br />

Bursting with flavour. Choose either the<br />

Michelin-starred restaurant ‘The Dining Room’,<br />

or Grey’s Brasserie.<br />

Enjoy a one-night break with dinner in<br />

Grey’s Brasserie from £449.<br />

Or the Michelin star experience with<br />

dinner in The Dining Room from £784.<br />

Book online whatleymanor.com<br />

or call reservations on 01666 822 888<br />

Escape to the Cotswolds this Summer<br />

Food bursts with flavour. Choose either the Michelin starred restaurant ‘The Dining Room’, or for a more relaxed experience<br />

Grey’s Brasserie. Unwind in Aquarias Spa, and take a leisurely stroll around the 12 acres of English country gardens.<br />

Whatley Manor welcomes children from the age of 12 and is dog friendly.<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa Easton Grey Malmesbury SN16 0RB<br />

whatleymanor.com<br />

Biscuit-themed Events, Exhibitions and more:<br />


Official <strong>Travel</strong> Partner

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> caters to the desires of<br />

all travellers, with its mix of quirky glamping<br />

and camping sites, pretty countryside B&Bs,<br />

cool city hotels, traditional village pubs and<br />

even fancy castles and stately homes<br />

Troutbeck Guest House<br />

The Red Lion Freehouse and Troutbeck Guest House<br />

at East Chisenbury have gained quite a reputation<br />

for providing the best of Wiltshire's food, drink and<br />

accommodation in a truly beautiful setting. East<br />

Chisenbury is in a designated Area of Outstanding<br />

Natural Beauty complete with the River Avon (Site of<br />

Special Scientific Interest) running straight through<br />

the tiny village, and is home to stunning countryside<br />

views, Stonehenge, fly fishing and excellent walking<br />

routes. The thatched pub now holds a Michelin star<br />

for its outstanding food, but has never changed its<br />

relaxed, distinctively 'pubby' atmosphere.<br />

If there were any improvements to be made to the<br />

Red Lion experience, it could only be the addition of<br />

a cozy, classy guest house to go back to after a lovely<br />

meal. In December of 2012 the Red Lion opened a<br />

newly converted bungalow to its loyal following – a<br />

gorgeously polished accommodation sat right on<br />

the bank of the River Avon. Each of the five unique<br />

rooms has been individually decorated, very carefully<br />

outfitted with all the best comforts and amenities<br />

and boasts uninterrupted countryside views from a<br />

private deck.<br />

redlionfreehouse.com<br />


Lainston House<br />

Lainston House is a 17th century luxury hotel,<br />

offering luxurious stays, award-winning dining,<br />

bespoke meetings and memorable weddings. It is<br />

also home to the Season cookery school with awardwinning<br />

chefs and renowned external experts.<br />

Tucked away in 63 acres of rural Hampshire<br />

countryside, you can enjoy both a remote and<br />

relaxing escape in the country or a more activity<br />

filled getaway with lots to do on site, as well as so<br />

many attractions on your doorstep. Our luxurious<br />

and individually designed rooms and suites can<br />

Manor Farm Courtyard Cottages<br />

Luxuriously-appointed self-catering cottages<br />

situated in glorious Berkshire countryside.<br />

These 17th century former barns and stables,<br />

renovated by the Betts family farm, provide<br />

everything you need for a luxurious stay on the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> and with a village community<br />

shop and café next door for fresh food.<br />

stayatmanorfarm.co.uk<br />

be hard to tear yourself away from, but when you<br />

do you can enjoy beautiful walks and bike rides in<br />

the grounds, inspiring cookery classes in Season<br />

and delicious dining in The Avenue or our brand<br />

new restaurant, The Wellhouse. Not to mention<br />

outstanding afternoon teas in the drawing room<br />

and casual dining in The Cedar Bar and on the<br />

sun-drenched terrace. Head out to explore local<br />

attractions, with the historic city of Winchester just<br />

10 minutes drive, as well as the River Test, Bombay<br />

Sapphire distillery, Marwell Zoo and Paultons Park<br />

(and so much more) all within 15 miles.<br />

exclusive.co.uk/lainston-house<br />

Plan your complete trip<br />

One of the most exciting ways to<br />

travel the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> is to<br />

stop somewhere new each night.<br />

<strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk<br />


Prepare before you go<br />

There’s nothing like a good map to make you feel like a true adventurer<br />

This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery<br />

Download our 'This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery'<br />

map of the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong>, and get a sense for<br />

the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Will you<br />

venture out to explore the mysteries of the North<br />

Wessex Downs? Make a summer solstice pilgrimage<br />

to Stonehenge? Or set off to photograph the pretty<br />

villages of the Cotswolds?<br />

Food and Drink Map<br />

Food lovers can download our food and drink map for<br />

an overview of the incredible culinary delights available<br />

along the route, featuring local breweries, Michelin<br />

starred dining, farmers' markets, afternoon tea, food<br />

and drink festivals, quaint country pubs and more.<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal map<br />

Take a look at our Kennet & Avon Canal map to find<br />

out about travelling along the beautiful and historic<br />

canal that stretches between Reading and Bristol.<br />

Looked after by the Canal & River Trust, you can<br />

explore the towpath by foot or bike - or float gently<br />

along on a narrowboat, canoe or kayak.<br />

Of course, while these maps will steer you towards<br />

incredible attractions, beautiful landscapes and top<br />

places to stay, eat and drink – you are ultimately<br />

your own tour guide. Please do wander off course<br />

and find things to see and do that are not marked on<br />

our maps. This dreamy part of England is set up for<br />

surprising discoveries.<br />

Click here to book online<br />

with prices from just £24.<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass<br />

Tickets for the <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern<br />

Railway can be bought from<br />

ticket offices at stations along<br />

the route but for cheaper tickets<br />

and no queues we recommend<br />

buying in advance. There are<br />

three <strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer<br />

routes available, (East, <strong>West</strong> or<br />

global) giving you the opportunity<br />

to explore your chosen area in<br />

one-day instalments or over the<br />

duration of a week.<br />

Click here to download the<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Discoverer Pass<br />

Click here to download<br />

This <strong>Way</strong> for a Journey of Discovery<br />

Click here to download the<br />

Food and Drink Map<br />

Click here to download the<br />

Kennet & Avon Canal map<br />

108 <strong>Great</strong><strong>West</strong><strong>Way</strong>.co.uk



Aerospace Bristol<br />

Alder Ridge Vineyard<br />

Aldermaston Tea Rooms, Visitor Centre,<br />

& Shop<br />

Aldwick Estate<br />

All Saints Church<br />

American Museum & Garden<br />

Apex Hotel<br />

Apsley House<br />

Ascot Racecourse<br />

Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum<br />

Auto Europe<br />

Avebury<br />

Bailey Balloons<br />

Barrington Court<br />

Bath Apartment Breaks<br />

Bath Area Self Catering<br />

Bath Bus Company<br />

Bath Business Improvement District<br />

Bath Insider Tours<br />

Berkeley Castle<br />

Best <strong>West</strong>ern Plus Angel Hotel<br />

Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa<br />

Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve<br />

Blenheim Palace<br />

Bluestone Vineyard<br />

Bombay Sapphire<br />

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection<br />

Bowood House & Garden<br />

Bozedown Alpacas<br />

Bradford on Avon Town<br />

Bristol Airport<br />

Bristol Cathedral<br />

Bristol Community Ferry Boats<br />

Bristol Packet Boats<br />

Bristol Tandem Hire<br />

Britains Best Heritage Tours<br />

British Museum<br />

Brooks Guest House Bath<br />

Brooks Guest House Bristol<br />

Bruce Branch Boats<br />

Brunel’s SS <strong>Great</strong> Britain<br />

Calne Town<br />

Canal & River Trust<br />

Canal Trust Café<br />

Castle Combe Circuit<br />

Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Club<br />

Site<br />

Cheddar Caves & Gorge<br />

Chertsey Camping and Caravanning<br />

Club Site<br />

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre<br />

Chippenham Town<br />

Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm<br />

Cholderton Youth Hostel<br />

Church Farm Country Cottages<br />

Clayton’s Kitchen<br />

Cliffe Farm Dairy<br />

Clifton Suspension Bridge<br />

Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen<br />

Corsham Town<br />

Cotswold Water Park<br />

Cricklade House Hotel<br />

Crofton Beam Engines<br />

Crop Circle Visitors Centre & Exhibition<br />

Crown & Anchor<br />

Cumberwell Country Cottages<br />

Devizes Camping and Caravanning Club<br />

Site<br />

Devizes Town<br />

Devizes Wharf Tea Room<br />

Donnington Grove Hotel & Country Club<br />

DoubleTree by Hilton<br />

Dukes Hotel<br />

Dyrham Park<br />

Fashion Museum Bath<br />

First <strong>Travel</strong> Solutions<br />

Fisherton Mill<br />

French Brothers<br />

Galahad Tours<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

<strong>Great</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Way</strong> Official Tour Operators<br />

Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport<br />

Hampton Court Palace<br />

Henley Greenlands Hotel<br />

Henley Rowing Association<br />

Henley on Thames<br />

Herongate Apartments<br />

Hilton Reading<br />

Hobbs of Henley<br />

Holiday Inn, Salisbury - Stonehenge<br />

Honey Street Mill Café & Boats<br />

Hotel Novotel Reading Centre<br />

Hungerford Town<br />

Hungerford Wharf<br />

Iford Manor Gardens<br />

Jones’s Mill at The Vera Jeans Reserve<br />

Kenavon Venture<br />

Kennet & Avon Gateway<br />

Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum & Village<br />

Lainston House<br />

Lido Spa & Restaurant<br />

Live Escape Salisbury<br />

London Wetland Centre<br />

Longleat<br />

Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve<br />

Lytes Cary Manor<br />

Mad Max Tours<br />

Maidenhead Heritage Centre<br />

Malmesbury Town<br />

Manor Farm Courtyard Cottages<br />

Marlborough College Summer School<br />

Marlborough Town<br />

Marlow Town<br />

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein<br />

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet<br />

Merchants House<br />

Mill Farm Glamping<br />

Mompesson House<br />

Monkey Island Estate<br />

Montacute House<br />

Museum of East Asian Art<br />

MV Barbara McLellan<br />

MV Jubilee<br />

National Garden Scheme<br />

National Trust<br />

Newark Park, Ozleworth<br />

Newbury Racecourse<br />

No. 1 Royal Crescent<br />

No.15 <strong>Great</strong> Pulteney<br />

North Wessex Downs AONB<br />

Novotel Reading Centre<br />

Old Sarum<br />

Oldbury Tours<br />

Original Wild<br />

Parkway Shopping Centre<br />

Pennyhill Parkt<br />

Pettifers Freehouse Hotel<br />

Pewsey Vale of Tourism Partnership<br />

Prior Park Landscape Garden<br />

Reading Museum<br />

Reading UK<br />

Red Lion Freehouse<br />

REME Museum<br />

River & Rowing Museum<br />

Rose & Crown Inn<br />

Roseate House London<br />

Royal Berkshire, Sunninghill<br />

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead<br />

Salisbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site<br />

Salisbury Cathedral<br />

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum Tours<br />

Sally Narrowboats<br />

Savouring Bath<br />

Shaw House<br />

Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa<br />

Skydive Netheravon<br />

South <strong>West</strong>ern Railway<br />

St Peter’s Church<br />

Stay in Bath<br />

Steeple Ashton<br />

Stonehenge<br />

Stonor Park<br />

Stourhead<br />

Strawberry Hill House & Garden<br />

Studley Grange<br />

Sulis Guides<br />

Teashop by the Canal<br />

Thames Lido<br />

Thames Rivercruise<br />

The Abbey Quarter<br />

The Apartment Bath<br />

The Bridge Tea Rooms<br />

The Bristol Wing/YMCA<br />

The Chilterns View<br />

The Courts Garden<br />

The Crown & Anchor<br />

The Engineman’s Rest Café<br />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa<br />

The Guild Wiltshire<br />

The Holburne Museum<br />

The Jane Austen Centre<br />

The Kennet & Avon Canal Trust<br />

The Kennet & Avon Trade Association<br />

The Kingsbury @ No.8<br />

The Langley<br />

The Manor House<br />

The Merchant’s House<br />

The Merchants House Hotel<br />

The Museum of English Rural Life<br />

The Old Bell Hotel<br />

The Pound Arts Centre<br />

The Queens Arms Hotel<br />

The Roman Baths<br />

The Rose of Hungerford<br />

The Roseate Reading<br />

The Roseate Villa Bath<br />

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath<br />

The Royal Windsor Pub<br />

The Swan Hotel<br />

The Tutti Pole<br />

The Watermill Theatre<br />

The Wave<br />

Thermae Bath Spa<br />

Timbrells Yard<br />

Tintinhull Garden<br />

Totteridge Farm Camping Pods<br />

Tour and Explore<br />

Tours 2 Order<br />

TransWilts Community Rail<br />

Troutbeck Guest House<br />

Trowbridge Town<br />

Tucking Mill View<br />

Turner’s House<br />

Tyntesfield, Wraxall<br />

University Of Bristol Botanic Gardens<br />

Vaughan’s Kitchen<br />

Vintage Classics<br />

VisitBritain/VisitEngland<br />

Visit Gloucestershire<br />

Visit Highworth<br />

Visit Newbury<br />

Visit Thames<br />

Visit <strong>West</strong> - Bath<br />

Visit <strong>West</strong> - Bristol<br />

VisitWiltshire<br />

Waddesdon Manor<br />

Walton on Thames Camping and<br />

Caravanning Club Site<br />

We The Curious<br />

Wellington Arch<br />

<strong>West</strong> Berkshire Museum<br />

<strong>West</strong>onbirt, The National Arboretum<br />

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa<br />

Whitchurch Silk Mill<br />

White Horse Inn<br />

Wilton Windmill<br />

Wiltshire Museum<br />

Windsor Carriages<br />

Windsor Castle, Royal Collection Trust<br />

Windsor Duck Tours<br />

Woolley Grange Hotel<br />

Wyvern Theatre<br />

YMCA Bath Group<br />

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