Wine Portfolio 2024

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<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Portfolio</strong><br />


<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Portfolio</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Information Key<br />

Screwcap bottle<br />

Suitable for vegetarians<br />

Suitable for vegans<br />

Organic wine<br />

Parcel wine - limited availability<br />

Contains sulphites<br />

Contains egg<br />

Contains milk<br />

Contains fish<br />

For allergens explained, please see page 155.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> only available in cases<br />

Volumes, Vintages and Labels<br />

Volumes, vintages and photographs listed in this document are correct at the time of production, but<br />

please note that these may change over the life of this list.<br />

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Phone:<br />

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Contents<br />

Prices effective from 6th March <strong>2024</strong><br />

England 6<br />

Champagne 16<br />

Sparkling 28<br />

White 40<br />

Rosé 78<br />

Red 96<br />

Dessert and Fortified <strong>Wine</strong> 138<br />

Alcohol Free 151<br />

Bag in Box <strong>Wine</strong>s 154<br />


4<br />


Welcome<br />

We are excited to share our new portfolio with you for<br />

<strong>2024</strong>/25. In this edition we will introduce you to 21 new<br />

wines from 6 different countries. English wine year-onyear<br />

continues to deliver fabulous quality, interesting<br />

styles and puts our wines, both still and sparkling, on<br />

the world map. To bolster our fantastic English range,<br />

we have added a superb new Rosé Reserve from Lyme<br />

Bay, one of our local Devon suppliers.<br />

Providing wines from classical regions in France are<br />

a cornerstone to any portfolio. After some tricky<br />

vintages, we are thrilled to have sourced a great Pinot<br />

Noir from Burgundy at an affordable price point. We<br />

have extended our Bordeaux offering with a delicious<br />

oaked Sauvignon Blanc and a cracking right-bank<br />

red to offer a great food pairing accompaniment.<br />

Crémant has become the new ‘go to’ sparkling for the<br />

wedding market and sits on the by the glass menus in<br />

many establishments; so, we’ve brought in a fabulous<br />

sparkling wine from the world class sparkling region<br />

of the Loire Valley, the Langlois Chateau "LC" Crémant<br />

Blanc. But of course, we couldn’t leave France without<br />

a Sauternes to add to our sticky offering.<br />

Staying in Europe, we have continued to see exciting<br />

growth in the sales of Rioja, Spain. With more people<br />

enjoying the wide range of styles there is to offer,<br />

we have found a rich, indulgent white Rioja from our<br />

friends at Azabache and we are re-introducing a big,<br />

bold Gran Reserva, back into our fine wine arena,<br />

crafted by Almudena Alberca MW the first female<br />

Master of <strong>Wine</strong> in Spain.<br />

We then side-step to Italy, making sure we took on the<br />

Soave Classico, a high-quality white wine, crafted by<br />

three sisters who have become leaders in the Italian<br />

white wine market. This organic gem is a true favourite<br />

amongst our sales team and a must try! We have also<br />

introduced a new refreshing Gavi, at a price point<br />

which makes it a great new ‘by the glass’ option for<br />

those foodie customers.<br />

Being proud of the Southwest, and all the fantastic<br />

seafood we have at our fingertips, we are always<br />

looking to add in wines that complement our culinary<br />

scene. We are proud to introduce our first Greek wine,<br />

the Moderne Allegorie Assyrtiko. A crisp, fresh wine<br />

with a streak of salinity - the grape Assyrtiko is truly a<br />

sommeliers dream.<br />

Looking at our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, we<br />

are excited to showcase new wines from South Africa,<br />

with our brand-new Rivalry range from Riebeek Cellars<br />

who we have had the pleasure to work closely with<br />

for many years. Then to world-famous Graham Beck<br />

for two Method Cap Classique wines, showcasing an<br />

extraordinary Brut and Rosé sparkling that brings a<br />

great point of difference to those sparkling sections on<br />

any wine menu.<br />

Lastly, some Australian additions where we highlight<br />

two of Australia’s flagship styles and grapes. The De<br />

Bortoli Aus Chardonnay and Shiraz, made by 4th<br />

generation family producers who have become a<br />

standard-bearer for sustainability in Australia. All these<br />

fabulous wines can be found on pages 89-95.<br />

Now for a quick update on our ecommerce – online<br />

platform which is fully operational. We hope that<br />

you are benefiting from being able to jump online<br />

and place your order when you have five minutes in<br />

your busy schedule. If you are still to join this userfriendly<br />

platform, please do not hesitate to contact<br />

ecommerce@staustellbrewery.co.uk who can register<br />

your online account.<br />

All that is left, is to thank you for your continued<br />

support and custom. Please do take a look through our<br />

portfolio and choose from the carefully selected wines<br />

we have to offer. If you should require any further<br />

information on any of the wines shown, please contact<br />

your <strong>Wine</strong> or Sales Development Managers who are on<br />

hand to help.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


England<br />

6<br />


Contents<br />

Knightor <strong>Wine</strong>ry 8<br />

Polgoon Vineyard 10<br />

Camel Valley <strong>Wine</strong>s 11<br />

Pebblebed Vineyards 11<br />

Lyme Bay <strong>Wine</strong>ry 13<br />

Sandridge Barton 15<br />

Langham <strong>Wine</strong> Estate 15<br />

Gusbourne Estate 15<br />


Knightor<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>ry<br />

The ethos at Knightor winery is<br />

uncompromising and innovative. Founded<br />

by Adrian Derx in 2011, head winemaker<br />

David Brocklehurst and his team are peeling<br />

back the oft-associated elitism of wine,<br />

whilst championing the complexity and<br />

enjoyment to be had from our cool climate<br />

grapes.<br />

Situated above St Austell Bay with vineyards near<br />

Portscatho and Looe, it is a bustling enclave of<br />

winemaking, an events space and emerging foodie<br />

destination. Knightor looks to capture the delicate<br />

aromas and flavours of the grapes producing premium<br />

quality still and sparkling wines in small batches.<br />

The cool climate and low yields allow them to produce<br />

lighter, fruitier, lower abv wines with good acidity that<br />

are refreshing as an aperitif and shockingly good with<br />

food. Minimal intervention means all the wines are<br />

vegan friendly, low in sulphites and any sweetness<br />

comes from fruit, not sugar. The results are often<br />

beautiful and always ephemeral, like the most unique<br />

experiences with the delicate lightness that is the<br />

hallmark of the best English wines. The breadth and<br />

range of tastes is surprisingly wide as they push the<br />

boundaries of wine into the aperitif and cocktail space<br />

with vermouths and spritzes.<br />

Knightor Madeleine<br />

Angevine<br />

Knightor Madeleine Angevine | Cornwall, England<br />

Light and dry, pale lemon green in colour, there are<br />

subtle aromas of apples, pears plus a slight nuttiness.<br />

The palate is youthful and crisp, with flavours of green<br />

apples and citrus. Perfect as an aperitif or with salads<br />

or tapas. (vg) (s)<br />

£18.36<br />

per bottle<br />


Knightor Brut<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem Red<br />

Knightor Brut | Cornwall, England<br />

Predominantly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, well<br />

balanced with good depth of fruit flavour and<br />

complexity from lees aging in bottle. Pale lemon<br />

green in colour with a lively mousse that quickly<br />

settles to a steady stream of fine bubbles. Aromas<br />

are a combination of apples, citrus and freshly<br />

baked bread. On the palate, this wine shows great<br />

vivacity, complexity and a fine mousse. Perfect for<br />

any celebration, pairs wonderfully with fish and chips.<br />

Serve at 8 degrees. (vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem Red | Cornwall, England<br />

A blend of the ripest red grapes. Pinot Noir, Regent,<br />

Rondo. Carpe Diem red is lightly oaked, youthful and<br />

fresh. The nose is full of ripe berry characters such as<br />

cherry and strawberry, yet the Regent also provides<br />

it with crushed black pepper, spice and a little<br />

blackcurrant leaf. An easy drinking, medium-bodied,<br />

food friendly red with good tannins and structure.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£32.72<br />

per bottle<br />

£17.11<br />

per bottle<br />

Knightor Carpe<br />

Diem White<br />

Knightor Carpe<br />

Diem Rosé<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem White | Cornwall, England<br />

Madeleine Angevine, Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Seyval<br />

Blanc. Light, off-dry, crisp, delicate and aromatic. It<br />

is typically English in style, displaying delicate fresh<br />

fruit and floral hedgerow characters on the nose. It<br />

displays great balance with a medium fruit intensity<br />

of medlars, white plums and fresh grapes. Think<br />

something like an English Vinho Verde - A very food<br />

friendly wine! Perfect with white fish or poultry. On<br />

the palate it is fresh and well-rounded giving generous<br />

apple and citrus flavours. (vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem Rosé | Cornwall, England<br />

Rondo, Dornfelder, Schönberger, Siegerrebe, Pinot<br />

Noir. Light, off-dry. This rosé has a delicate salmon<br />

pink hue. Fresh, delicate and fruity, with aromas of<br />

rose petal, raspberry, peach and strawberry. Citrus<br />

and raspberry characters continue in a palate that is<br />

lively and refreshing. Its acidity will cut through oily<br />

foods and pair perfectly with smoked salmon gravlax.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£16.35<br />

per bottle<br />

£16.35<br />

per bottle<br />

www.staustellwines.co.uk<br />


Knightor <strong>Wine</strong>ry<br />

Knightor Brut, Cornwall £32.72<br />

Well-balanced with good depth of fruit flavour, and subtle complexity from lees<br />

ageing in bottle. Perfect for any celebration. (vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem Rosé, Cornwall £16.35<br />

Fresh summer fruit and floral notes on the nose, balanced acidity and delicate notes<br />

of pink grapefruit, raspberry and citrus on the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem White, Cornwall £16.35<br />

Lively and fresh with aromas of elderflower, nettle and apple. Crisp and clean on<br />

the palate with plenty of fruit flavours and a long tangy gooseberry filled finish.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Madeleine Angevine, Cornwall £18.36<br />

Light and dry, Pale lemon green in colour, there are subtle aromas of apples, pears<br />

plus a slight nuttiness. The palate is youthful and crisp, with flavours of green apples<br />

and citrus. (vg) (s)<br />

Knightor Carpe Diem Red, Cornwall £17.11<br />

Aromas of dark fruit, spices and black pepper, the palate is medium-bodied fruity<br />

with gentle oak. (vg) (s)<br />

Polgoon Vineyard<br />

Polgoon Seyval Blanc Sparkling, Cornwall £33.83<br />

A single variety, single estate, rather special sparkling from Polgoon. A flirt with<br />

green pear on the nose followed by delicate citrus notes. Crisp and lively, a perfect<br />

accompaniment to Cornish seafood and shellfish. (s)<br />

Polgoon Pinot Noir Rosé Sparkling, Cornwall £35.83<br />

A rich pink colour and a golden hue with a nose of zesty citrus and toasted crumb.<br />

A delicate palate with hints of tangerine, honey and spice. (s)<br />

Polgoon Rosé, Cornwall £17.59<br />

Medium-dry rosé with a vibrant pink colour, fresh Cornish strawberries on the<br />

nose and a palate of full, ripe summer fruits with a finish lengthened by a crisp fruit<br />

acidity. (s)<br />

10<br />


Camel Valley <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

Camel Valley Brut, Cornwall £36.94<br />

Superb golden sparkler with an elegant fizz and full, ripe flavours, packed with<br />

elderflower and hedgerow notes, yet truly brut. (vg) (s)<br />

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut, Cornwall £40.37<br />

Lovely floral and delicate strawberry fruit nose that drives into a brioche, fresh<br />

bread yeastiness supported by crisp acidity and a finish of great finesse. (vg) (s)<br />

Camel Valley Bacchus Dry, Cornwall £17.55<br />

Light, floral and delicate with apple blossom and a racy edge. A really vibrant, dry<br />

wine that shows the potential of our English vineyards. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Pebblebed Vineyards<br />

Pebblebed Brut, Devon £32.93<br />

An award-winning wine from Topsham in Devon. Aged for a minimum of two years<br />

on the lees, this is full of crisp apple fruit flavours with a delicate sparkling mousse.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Meet the<br />

producer<br />

12<br />


Lyme Bay <strong>Wine</strong>ry<br />

Lyme Bay <strong>Wine</strong>ry is a small and dedicated West<br />

Country company, passionate about producing<br />

delicious, award-winning English wines in Devon’s<br />

beautiful Axe Valley. Each of their unique wines are<br />

fermented, blended and aged at the winery and<br />

they are the only English <strong>Wine</strong>ry to achieve an A*<br />

accreditation for manufacturing quality from the<br />

British Retail Consortium (BRC) ensuring that all their<br />

products are crafted to the highest standards.<br />

Their team’s dedication, patience and flair mean<br />

they know how to make outstanding English wines,<br />

combining their knowledge with their winemaking<br />

skills to craft award-winning still and sparkling English<br />

wines with a modern twist.<br />

We have been working with Lyme Bay for a number<br />

of years and their Shoreline range and superb<br />

sparkling wines remain firm favourites. Our quest to<br />

supply the best of what’s to offer on our own shores<br />

continues and we are delighted to have added their<br />

award winning Pinot Noir (Gold in the International<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> Challenge 2022), Chardonnay (Silver in the<br />

International <strong>Wine</strong> Challenge 2022) along with their<br />

quintessential Bacchus to our ever increasing range,<br />

ready to adorn wine lists throughout the South West.<br />

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir, Devon<br />

This unique English red wine displays a complex<br />

and intense array of black cherries, raspberries and<br />

bramble fruit, underpinned by subtle toasty oak.<br />

£28.88<br />

Lyme Bay Chardonnay, Devon<br />

An elegant English dry white wine combining<br />

notes of baked apples and stone fruit with the<br />

subtle creaminess of oak. A crisp and complex<br />

framework makes this wine an excellent match<br />

with food, and it also has the structure to support<br />

extended ageing.<br />

£25.23<br />

Lyme Bay Bacchus, Devon<br />

Made from 100% Bacchus grapes, this fresh and<br />

zesty wine is intensely aromatic with tropicality,<br />

minerality and characteristic English hedgerow<br />

notes.<br />

£19.21<br />


Lyme Bay <strong>Wine</strong>ry<br />

Lyme Bay Brut Reserve, Devon £27.79<br />

This fruit driven sparkling wine displays refreshing lemon and green apple notes,<br />

with a vibrant and creamy mousse finish. (s) (f)<br />

Lyme Bay Sparkling Rosé, Devon £31.63<br />

A vibrant soft pink with wild strawberries, pepper and redcurrant. A bright, fruit<br />

driven palate with a richness of honey and hints of brioche and almond. A classic<br />

traditional method sparkling rosé. (s) (f)<br />

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve<br />

Devon<br />

New<br />

Rich and expressive rose with red fruit and a creamy, lightly<br />

spiced finish from subtle oak. Partially fermented in French<br />

oak barriques and then aged for a further 8 months,<br />

resulting in a rich and complex style of rosé. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£22.37<br />

Lyme Bay Shoreline, Devon £20.02<br />

A wine for seafood; dry and refreshing with complex layers. This beautiful wine has<br />

subtle notes of rose petal, lemon, nettle and grapefruit. (s) (sc)<br />

Lyme Bay Bacchus, Devon £19.21<br />

An intense, aromatic wine with tropicality, minerality and characteristic English<br />

hedgerow. (s) (sc)<br />

Lyme Bay Chardonnay, Devon £25.23<br />

An award-winning 100% chardonnay wine with a depth of fruit and body that takes<br />

English Chardonnay to the next level. (s) (sc)<br />

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir, Devon £28.88<br />

Made from the finest fruit in the UK and aged in 30% new oak, this wine displays a<br />

complex and intense array of black cherries, raspberries and bramble fruit, underpinned<br />

by a subtle toasty oak. (s) (sc)<br />

14<br />


Sandridge Barton<br />

Sharpham Classic Cuvée, Devon £33.41<br />

This early harvested wine expresses a delightful spritz with a vibrant citrus<br />

mouthfeel. Fresh fruit flavours make this simply delicious. (vg) (s)<br />

Sharpham Classic Cuvée Rosé, Devon £32.29<br />

A wine that is light in style and extremely approachable. This blend in<br />

predominantly Pinot Noir with a small addition of Chardonnay. The palate is lean<br />

and layered with flavours of raspberry and strawberry. (vg) (s)<br />

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve, Devon £15.88<br />

Super full-flavoured, tropical fruits, guava with a delicate spice, good concentration<br />

and high acidity, a zippy estate wine. Energetic and with all the structure for a long<br />

and happy life. (vg) (s)<br />

Langham <strong>Wine</strong> Estate<br />

Langham Corallian Classic Cuvée, Dorset £30.33<br />

A pale gold colour with a stream of fine bubbles. Aromas of cut grass, oyster shell<br />

and baked apple. Integrated citrus acidity, fresh and complex with stewed apple<br />

flavours. (vg) (s)<br />

Gusbourne Estate<br />

Gusbourne Brut Reserve, Kent £40.52<br />

Bright citrus and orchard fruit notes on the nose, with lemon, orange peel and green<br />

apple. Ripe apple and pear, hints of white peach and apricot highlighting subtle<br />

notes of toasted brioche and delicate sweet spice. The wine is elegant and round,<br />

with a lively freshness and lingering mineral note on the finish. (s) (f)<br />

Gusbourne Rosé Brut, Kent £48.49<br />

Fresh, vibrant and dominated by red cherry, ripe strawberry and raspberry notes.<br />

A floral character lies behind the red fruit, alongside hints of nectarine and<br />

mandarin. A creamy texture and lively citrus streak combine to create a long,<br />

elegant finish. (s) (f)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Champagne<br />

16<br />


Contents<br />

House Champagne 18<br />

Joseph Perrier 18<br />

Taittinger 18<br />

Pol Roger 20<br />

Bollinger 23<br />

Möet & Chandon 24<br />

Ayala 26<br />

Veuve Cliquot 26<br />

Laurent Perrier 26<br />

Prestige Cuvée 27<br />


Champagne is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous and prestigious wine<br />

regions, which doesn’t come as a huge surprise as they have thousands of years<br />

wine making experience under their belt; a fascinating process that shows the<br />

intricacy of wine making in all its glory.<br />

Champagne is made from three predominant grape varieties: Chardonnay, which gives elegance and finesse,<br />

Pinot Noir adds elegance and structure, and Pinot Meunier offers fruit and backbone. Popping a Champagne cork<br />

still remains the epitome of any celebration and ensures any party goes with a bang.<br />

Amongst many other remarkable feats, the region boasts an astonishing one billion bottles ageing in their cellars<br />

at any one time, more than any other region in the world.<br />

House Champagne<br />

Joseph Perrier<br />

Baron De Villeboerg Brut, Champagne £28.43<br />

From a Champagne House based in Ville Sur Arce, deep in the south of<br />

Champagne. This sparkling has an elegant nose with notes of blossom and yellow<br />

fruits. A fresh and generous palate, with a fine balance and long finish with hints of<br />

pear. (vg) (s)<br />

Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Brut, Champagne £38.84<br />

Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Brut, Half £19.38<br />

One of the great overachieving, underestimated small Champagne houses. It has a<br />

relaxed, easy-drinking style with a warm brioche weight to support its fresh appley<br />

fruit. (vg) (s)<br />

Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Rosé Brut, Champagne £50.52<br />

Pinkish terracotta colour. Light, welcoming rosé with an abundant mousse and<br />

plenty of vibrant strawberry and violet flavours for a delicately perfumed style.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

Taittinger<br />

Taittinger Brut Réserve , Champagne £55.16<br />

Taittinger Brut Réserve, Half £30.67<br />

Champagne of particular finesse combining elegance with a creamy richness.<br />

Light, fresh, plenty of lemony fruit character and a little biscuit note of maturity and<br />

complexity. (vg) (s)<br />

Taittinger Rosé Brut, Champagne £65.85<br />

A veritable star in the shining pink Champagne firmament. Not only does the vivid<br />

red fruit explode on the palate, but it has a finesse of texture. (vg) (s)<br />

18<br />


Champagne<br />

Taittinger<br />

The vitality and reach of the Taittinger brand<br />

is based on the values of those who embody<br />

it today. These values are inherited from<br />

those who created the Champagne house.<br />

Over three generations, a number of people<br />

have left their mark on the history, spirit and<br />

style of Taittinger and, beyond that, on the<br />

image of Champagne itself.<br />

Vision, inspiration, strategy, development and<br />

influence have all contributed to permanently shaping<br />

the destiny of the family and the reputation of the<br />

Champagne house.<br />

The experience and passion of the winegrowers now<br />

gives way to the skills and talent of the Cellar Master<br />

in selecting, and then delicately combining, the<br />

potential of each vintage being used in the blends.<br />

Chardonnay is always the main component used, and<br />

creates that original, defining characteristic of the<br />

Taittinger Champagne House.<br />

It is this unique style, which has been present<br />

since the outset; the style that the tasting panel<br />

always scrupulously seek to maintain, but nothing<br />

is ever certain. “Our work is based on humility and<br />

tranquillity”, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger once said.<br />

Humility is required in the face of a living raw material<br />

which is the result of the work of both nature and<br />

man, with no guarantees about how it develops and<br />

what the result will be. Tranquillity is necessary for<br />

the patience and long hours required for the perfect<br />

maturation of the wine and before it sees the light<br />

of day.<br />

Taittinger Brut Réserve,<br />

Champagne, France<br />

Champagne of particular<br />

finesse combining elegance<br />

with a creamy richness.<br />

Light, fresh, plenty of lemony<br />

fruit character and a little<br />

biscuit note of maturity and<br />

complexity. (vg) (s)<br />

£55.16<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Pol Roger<br />

In 1849, an eighteen year old Monsieur Pol<br />

Roger made his first sale of wine. Focusing<br />

early on an extra-brut style which the<br />

English favoured, Great Britain became the<br />

premier market for his brand of Champagne,<br />

and from humble beginnings, Pol Roger is<br />

now famous throughout the world. <strong>2024</strong><br />

marks 175 years that Maison Pol Roger has<br />

been producing exceptional Champagne.<br />

Currently in the hands of the fifth and sixth<br />

generation, family and independence are at<br />

the heart of Champagne Pol Roger.<br />

The Pol Roger Brut Réserve Non-Vintage is the<br />

definitive house style, and comes from the three<br />

Champagne varietals, blended in equal proportion:<br />

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The wine<br />

is composed from 30 still base wines and drawn from<br />

at least three vintages. After tasting, blending and<br />

bottling, the secondary fermentation and maturation<br />

takes place in the cool atmosphere of their famously<br />

deep cellars, located 33 metres below street level, for<br />

at least four years on the lees. Each bottle is given a<br />

traditional remuage (hand riddling) before disgorging<br />

and dosage.<br />

The winemaker’s skill each year is to produce the<br />

same freshness, structure and robust flavour from a<br />

variety of vintages. Pol Roger began to produce its<br />

Brut Réserve Non-Vintage expression in the 1950s<br />

and since then has ensured that no matter what year,<br />

each bottle is representative of the Pol Roger style:<br />

inimitable quality, purity of fruit and famously fine<br />

bubbles.<br />

Pol Roger Brut Reserve,<br />

Champagne<br />

On the nose, this Champagne<br />

is dominated by white<br />

flowers, green apple, brioche<br />

and a trace of minerality. On<br />

the palate there are notes<br />

of stone fruits, a certain<br />

nuttiness and a hint of honey<br />

supporting the freshness of<br />

the acidity. (vg) (s)<br />

£60.44<br />

20<br />


Pol Roger<br />

Pol Roger Brut Reserve, Champagne £60.44<br />

On the nose, this Champagne is dominated by white flowers, green apple, brioche<br />

and a trace of minerality. On the palate there are notes of stone fruits, a certain<br />

nuttiness and a hint of honey supporting the freshness of the acidity. (vg) (s)<br />

Pol Roger Rosé, Champagne £121.31<br />

Rosé is salmon-pink in colour with orange tints set off by the mesmerising display<br />

of fine bubbles. At the outset the nose presents a beautifully fresh expression<br />

dominated by cherry, raspberry and delicate rose petals. As it warms, notes of<br />

candied cherries and sweet berries bring a wonderful complexity that is continued<br />

in the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

Pol Roger Brut Vintage, Champagne, 2013 £113.18<br />

Pale golden hue with a complex aroma of almonds, candied sweets and pastries.<br />

This vintage delight is crisp and fresh yet full of roundness and suppleness. (vg) (s)<br />

Pol Roger Blanc De Blanc, Champagne £121.01<br />

This cuvée is immediately captivating in the glass, with an enticing pale golden<br />

colour and persistent thread of fine bubbles. On the nose there are notes of buttery<br />

pastry, meringue and white flowers, underpinned by a zesty freshness. Complex<br />

aromas of citrus fruit and brioche balance beautifully. On the finish notes of dried<br />

peach and hazelnut. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Oysters pair<br />

perfectly with<br />

Bollinger!<br />

22<br />


Bollinger<br />

Champagne Bollinger obtains B Corp<br />

certification. Maison Bollinger maintains its<br />

ongoing commitment to People, to the Land,<br />

and to its Roots.<br />

In July 2022, Maison Bollinger outlined ambitious<br />

plans for its Bicentenary (2029) as well as a new<br />

environmental and societal charter. Today, Maison<br />

Bollinger is proud to reveal that they have achieved<br />

their objective of obtaining a B Corp certification, as<br />

of September 2023.<br />

A demanding certification, recognising over two<br />

years of determination. This international certification<br />

represents high standards in terms of social, societal,<br />

and environmental performance and it allows them to<br />

join a community of businesses who are committed to<br />

the ambitious development of these values.<br />

By obtaining the B Corp certification, Champagne<br />

Bollinger commits to a structure of ongoing<br />

development and must submit to an evaluation and<br />

verification process every three years to demonstrate<br />

that it still meets the constantly advancing<br />

certification standards.<br />

Champagne Bollinger commit to:<br />

Perfecting unique areas of expertise,<br />

Developing a culture of excellence for our employees,<br />

Guaranteeing the well-being of our teams,<br />

Ensuring the sustainability of our vineyards by<br />

preserving biodiversity,<br />

Reducing the carbon footprint of our work,<br />

Developing a circular economy,<br />

Perpetuating family heritage,<br />

Contributing to the local ecosystem.<br />

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut,<br />

Champagne<br />

Firm, with yeasty brioche notes<br />

following through to enrich<br />

the fruit flavour. Taut style and<br />

solid finish. (s)<br />

£70.29<br />

A responsibility anchored in time and a commitment<br />

to People, the Earth and our Roots.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Bollinger<br />

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut, Champagne £70.29<br />

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut, Half £38.83<br />

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut, Magnum £147.45<br />

Firm, with yeasty brioche notes following through to enrich the fruit flavour. Taut<br />

style and solid finish. (s)<br />

Bollinger Rosé Brut, Champagne £101.03<br />

Bollinger Rosé Brut, Magnum £161.88<br />

Created from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, showing delicate aromas<br />

of ripe red fruits and powerful elegance. It is immensely complex yet beautiful and<br />

lingering. (s)<br />

Bollinger La Grande Année Brut, Champagne, 2014 £196.53<br />

Superb and confident, rich, biscuity character with a lingering finish. A classic<br />

vintage Champagne. (s)<br />

Möet & Chandon<br />

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, Champagne £57.55<br />

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, 20cl £18.10<br />

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, Half £34.70<br />

An elegant golden straw yellow colour with green highlights, whilst on the nose<br />

there is a vibrant intensity of green apple and citrus fruits. Finishing with the<br />

delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruit on the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

Moët & Chandon Brut Rosé Impérial, Champagne £75.53<br />

Pink with amber highlights. A bewitching bouquet of red fruits, floral nuances and<br />

a slight hint of pepper that develop into juicy berries, peaches and a subtle hint of<br />

menthol on the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Brut, Champagne, 2013 £88.04<br />

Bright, pale yellow with glints of green and fine, persistent bubbles. A bouquet<br />

characterized by freshness with initial notes of fresh white flowers, peach and<br />

nectarine that evolve towards hazelnut and biscuit. (v) (s)<br />

24<br />


Laurent-Perrier<br />

Founded in 1812, the House of Laurent-<br />

Perrier has been defined by its pioneering<br />

role in innovating Champagne throughout<br />

its history. Internationally recognised as<br />

one of the foremost names in Champagne,<br />

its success can be attributed to a deliberate<br />

policy of challenging conventional<br />

techniques, whilst honouring traditional<br />

values: a respect for nature and the terroir<br />

above all, a passion for quality, and strong,<br />

lasting relationships.<br />

Laurent-Perrier’s success must also be attributed to<br />

the energy of the de Nonancourt family. This familyrun<br />

house was purchased in 1939 by Marie-Louise de<br />

Nonancourt, who was a member of the prominent<br />

Lanson family. In 1948, Marie-Louise’s son, Bernard<br />

de Nonancourt, picked up the reins aged 28 and<br />

built it into a global brand. The company remained<br />

in his hands for 60 years and is now run by his two<br />

daughters, Stéphanie Meneux de Nonancourt and<br />

Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt.<br />

The late Bernard de Nonancourt assumed control<br />

in a demanding business environment at the end<br />

of the Second World War. Bernard preserved the<br />

independence of his champagne house and its related<br />

values, taking the house from one of hundreds to its<br />

current position as one of the region’s leading houses.<br />

These same principles guide the current management<br />

team led by his two daughters.<br />

Additionally, as growers and producers of fine<br />

champagne wines, Laurent-Perrier is committed<br />

to ceasing all practices or actions which may<br />

irremediably damage the environment. This pledge is<br />

translated and put into action in all activities, showing<br />

a continual respect for the environment and natural<br />

resources. The house’s long-term policy in grape<br />

growing and wine elaboration is based on sustainable<br />

methods.<br />

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé,<br />

Champagne, France<br />

Pale and interesting, yet full<br />

and flavoursome. A classic<br />

wine in an iconic bottle.<br />

(vg) (sf)<br />

£95.27<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Ayala<br />

Ayala Brut Majeur, Champagne £46.07<br />

Ayala Brut Majeur, Half £22.67<br />

An expressive and elegant Champagne with ripe fruit flavours. Fresh and crisp, yet<br />

with good body on the palate. (s)<br />

Ayala Rosé Brut Majeur, Champagne £48.73<br />

Pale pink colour, fine mousse, fresh aromas and crisp on the palate. Perfect summer<br />

Champagne, full of delicate red fruit flavours. (s)<br />

Veuve Clicquot<br />

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut, Champagne £62.28<br />

Pale gold, confident full aroma and flavour, mouth-filling and satisfying. Excellent in<br />

its class with real depth of flavour. (vg) (s)<br />

Veuve Clicquot Rosé Brut, Champagne £72.59<br />

Elegant and generous, with red berry, dried fruits and biscuit notes. On the palate, it<br />

shows perfect balance and combines elegance and personality. (vg) (s)<br />

Laurent Perrier<br />

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée, Champagne £64.67<br />

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée, Half £38.19<br />

In the top rank of Champagne houses, the style is light and elegant. Real finesse<br />

tops yeasty, fresh bread undertones, taut apple and citrus fruit. Complex, absolute<br />

purity. (vg) (s)<br />

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé, Champagne £95.27<br />

Pale and interesting, yet full and flavoursome. A classic wine in an iconic bottle.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

26<br />


Perfect with...<br />

apple<br />

tarte<br />

tatin<br />

Krug Grande Cuvée Brut,<br />

Champagne<br />

Now showing its immense potential with smoky, lemony<br />

fruit character and a touch of brioche, mineral ripe white<br />

fruits and honey. It is magisterial, full, crisp and vibrant.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

POA<br />

Prestige Cuvée<br />

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Iteration No. 26 , Champagne<br />

POA<br />

It has a bright colour, with a brilliant yellow hue. Its subtle aromas of honey,<br />

hazelnuts, grilled almonds and brioche, make this the perfect companion for refined<br />

dishes. (vg) (s)<br />

Dom Pérignon, Champagne<br />

POA<br />

Perfect balance of fruit and floral flavours, with an exquisite mineral finish. Drink<br />

now to 2030. (vg) (s)<br />

Krug Grande Cuvée Brut, Champagne<br />

POA<br />

Now showing its immense potential with smoky, lemony fruit character and a<br />

touch of brioche, mineral ripe white fruits and honey. It is magisterial, full, crisp and<br />

vibrant. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Sparkling<br />

28<br />


Contents<br />

Argentina 30<br />

France 30<br />

Italy 30<br />

New Zealand 36<br />

South Africa 36<br />

Spain 37<br />


Argentina<br />

Chandon Garden Spritz, Mendoza £24.10<br />

Chandon has taken the classic Spritz apéritif to a new level, sourcing the finest<br />

ingredients of orange peel extract, Valencian oranges and spice. This refreshing<br />

delight strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. (vg) (s)<br />

France<br />

Langlois Château Cremant Blanc<br />

Loire<br />

New<br />

An elegant sparkler full of quince, peach and grapefruit.<br />

Delicate bubbles and immense freshness make this a very<br />

versatile wine. Langlois-Chateau has been recognized as<br />

one of the finest sparkling wine producers, owned by the<br />

Bollinger Family since 1973. (s)<br />

£15.97<br />

Italy<br />

x6<br />

Tramonto Sparkling, Bardolino £8.47<br />

Unwind with this extra dry fizz filled with zesty acidity and ripe citrus fruits. (v) (s)<br />

Prosecco Bollicine Frizzante<br />

x6<br />

Prosecco Bollicine Frizzante, Veneto £9.46<br />

Complex bouquet with fruity notes of peach and green apple with scents of acacia<br />

and lilac. Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and delicate perlage.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

30<br />


Prosecco Spumante<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Prosecco Spumante Botter, Veneto £10.34<br />

Prosecco Spumante Botter, 20cl, (sc) £3.80<br />

A zippy, refreshing and sherbet style fizz with delicate fruity notes and a soft<br />

creamy finish. (vg) (s)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Prosecco Borgo SanLeo, Veneto £10.70<br />

Prosecco Borgo SanLeo, 20cl, (sc) £3.64<br />

Intense floral, fruity bouquet. A wonderfully fresh and well-balanced, appley palate<br />

with just a hint of delicate almond. (v) (s)<br />

x6<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Vescovo, Cervignano del Friuli £11.04<br />

Bright pale straw-yellow; a fine, clear mousse with a very delicate perlage.<br />

Attractively intense, very fruity and aromatic, with hints of wisteria flowers and<br />

Rennet apples. Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate<br />

almond note that is typical of Glera. (v) (s)<br />

x6<br />

Prosecco Spumante Divici, Veneto £11.32<br />

Pale lemon colour, with creamy bubbles. This organic offering has a delicate and<br />

complex bouquet with fruity notes of peach, green apple and lemon interlaced with<br />

floral hints of acacia and rose. (vg) (s) (o)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Bolani, Friuli-Venezia Giulia £11.64<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Bolani, 20cl, (sc) £3.86<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Bolani, Magnum £23.45<br />

Pale straw-yellow and a fine, clear mousse with delicate bubbles. Exuberantly fruity,<br />

aromatic, with appley notes. Well-balanced and easy-drinking with delicate hints of<br />

almond. (v) (s)<br />

Della Vite Superiore<br />

Valdobbiadene<br />

New<br />

Rich and extra-dry with a highly mineral palate and a<br />

lingering finish. Hints of crostini and chamomile combine<br />

with poached pear, spiced apple, white peach and star<br />

anise. (vg) (s)<br />

£21.29<br />

x6<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Della Vite<br />

Della Vite is a range of premium, vegancertified<br />

Proseccos on a mission to elevate<br />

the category. Della Vite takes the best of<br />

Proseccos informal lifestyle and applies the<br />

craft, care and skill handed down through<br />

the generations to create one of the world’s<br />

best tasting Proseccos.<br />

Della Vite Millesimato D.O.C. Prosecco Rosé is an<br />

exclusive vintage rosé. The extra-dry blend is made<br />

with 11% of carefully selected Pinot Nero grapes,<br />

co-fermented with our premium Glera grapes for<br />

90 days (this fermentation is three times as long<br />

as normal styles of Prosecco). This, combined with<br />

unique yeast strains cultivated at the winery, creates<br />

an elegant, smooth texture and an exceptional tasting<br />

liquid. This wine is vegan-certified meaning no animal<br />

products are used in the filtration process.<br />

Della Vite Prosecco Rosé<br />

Millesimato, Valdobbiadene<br />

Elegant, pale coral pink in colour<br />

with an aromatic nose of freshly<br />

crushed wild berries and rhubarb.<br />

A bright, clean palate with delicate<br />

fruit flavours balanced by a<br />

creamy texture and fine bubbles,<br />

leading to a long, smooth finish.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£19.67<br />

32<br />


Prosecco Rosé<br />

x6<br />

Prosecco Ca’ Bolani Rosé, Friuli Venezia Giulia £12.95<br />

Pale pink in colour with fine bubbles. Pleasantly fruity and refreshing on the palate<br />

with notes of crisp Rennet apples and red berry fruits. (v) (s)<br />

x24<br />

Villa Sandi Prosecco Rosé, 20cl, Treviso £4.47<br />

A beautiful Prosecco Rosé with aromatic freshness of red fruits and floral scents in<br />

particular notes of pomegranate and rose. On the palate it is silky and full.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Della Vite Prosecco Rosé Millesimato<br />

Valdobbiadene<br />

New<br />

Elegant, pale coral pink in colour with an aromatic nose of<br />

freshly crushed wild berries and rhubarb. A bright, clean<br />

palate with delicate fruit flavours balanced by a creamy<br />

texture and fine bubbles, leading to a long, smooth finish.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£19.67<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Bolani,<br />

Friuli-Venezia Giulia<br />

one to<br />

try!<br />

Pale straw-yellow and a fine, clear mousse with delicate<br />

bubbles. Exuberantly fruity, aromatic, with appley notes.<br />

Well-balanced and easy-drinking with delicate hints of<br />

almond. (v) (s)<br />

£12.95<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


34<br />


Chandon<br />

Spritz crafted from award winning sparkling<br />

wine blended with our homemade liqueur<br />

from spices and local orange peels.<br />

Elevate your rooftop gatherings and garden parties<br />

with Chandon’s latest innovation, Chandon Garden<br />

Spritz. A ready-to-serve, naturally flavoured spritz. It’s<br />

created with a blend of exceptional sparkling wine,<br />

Chandon Brut, and orange-peel liqueur. It’s naturally<br />

delicious and a perfect balance between sweetness<br />

and bitterness.<br />

The perfect serve consists of 175ml Chandon Garden<br />

Spritz poured over three ice cubes. The garnish<br />

features a slice of dried orange and a sprig of<br />

rosemary, creating the perfect toast among friends.<br />

We only use sustainably farmed Valencia oranges with<br />

no use of pesticides. We hand-peel the oranges one by<br />

one and then macerate the skins for up to six months.<br />

We only use the orange peel, however, none of the<br />

orange goes to waste with 100% of the juice distributed<br />

among schools, with the pulp being used as compost<br />

on the vineyards.<br />

Chandon Garden Spritz,<br />

Mendoza<br />

Chandon has taken the classic<br />

Spritz apéritif to a new level,<br />

sourcing the finest ingredients of<br />

orange peel extract, Valencian<br />

oranges and spice. This refreshing<br />

delight strikes the perfect balance<br />

of sweetness and bitterness. (v) (s)<br />

£24.10<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


New Zealand<br />

Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut, Marlborough £33.91<br />

Pelorus is crisp and balanced. The pale straw colour and aromas of ripe citrus hint<br />

at its Chardonnay origins. On the nose, a bouquet of apple and lemon complements<br />

the aromas of fresh bread, drawn from two years’ bottle ageing on lees. The palate<br />

is toasty, creamy and complex, enhanced further by the lingering, nutty finish.<br />

(s) (m)<br />

Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut Rosé, Marlborough £35.38<br />

Pelorus Rosé is smooth and elegant, with a pale salmon hue and brambly aromas.<br />

The nose is laden with raspberries, cranberries and wild strawberries, while red<br />

florals, rosehip and marzipan hover at the fringe. Baked quince, cranberry and<br />

brioche meet citrus notes on the palate, while its fine structure persists all the way<br />

to a soft, dry finish. (v) (s)<br />

South Africa<br />

Graham Beck Brut<br />

Western Cape<br />

New<br />

This delightful sparkling wine exudes light yeasty aromas,<br />

limey fresh fruit on the nose and rich creamy complexity<br />

on the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

£16.34<br />

Graham Beck Brut Rosé<br />

Western Cape<br />

New<br />

Bursting with flavours of freshly crushed berries and<br />

hints of oyster shell. Flirtatious and fun, yet elegant and<br />

structured, it’s perfect for all seasons and settings. (vg) (s)<br />

£16.34<br />

36<br />


Perfect with...<br />

ramen<br />

Graham Beck Brut,<br />

Western Cape<br />

Ramen can come in many forms, salty, spicy, sweet and<br />

sour, so a versatile wine is what is needed. That’s why we<br />

have chosen the Graham Beck Brut, its lively acidity and<br />

citrus punch are just waiting to blend with the umamirich<br />

broth. It also has a mildly yeasty character that will<br />

compliment the soy sauce or miso in the dish.<br />

£16.34<br />

Spain<br />

Codorníu Brut Cava, Catalunya £11.08<br />

A classic, dry sparkling wine using the three traditional and indigenous grape<br />

varieties, Parellada, Xarel·lo and Macabeo. A refreshing Cava with delicious floral<br />

aromas and a dry finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Codorníu Rosé Brut Cava, Catalunya £11.10<br />

A blend of Monastrell, Pinot Noir, Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada matured for at<br />

least nine months to allow the toasty flavours from ageing to develop. Light-pink in<br />

colour with vibrant, fruity aromas and ripe, summer fruit flavours. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Plum bellini<br />

Ingredients<br />

prosecco<br />

plum purée (or fruit purée of choice)<br />

plum slice and rosemary to garnish<br />

Method<br />

Put the plum purée in a Champagne flute up to<br />

about 1/3 full and slowly top up with Prosecco.<br />

Garnish with plum slice and rosemary sprig.<br />

serving<br />

suggestion<br />

38<br />


Vegetable tempura<br />

Proscuitto crostini<br />

Prosecco Spumante Ca’ Bolani | Friuli-Venezia Giulia<br />

Vegetable Tempura should be enjoyed with our wonderful<br />

estate Prosecco Ca’Bolani.<br />

The delightful pairing with Vegetable Tempura allows the<br />

prosecco’s high acidity and effervescence to cut through the<br />

oiliness of the tempura, while its light, crisp flavours won't<br />

overpower the vegetables.<br />

Our Ca’Bolani Brut offers a fine, clear mousse with delicate<br />

bubbles. Such a busy fruitiness, wonderfully aromatic, with<br />

appley notes. Well-balanced and easy drinking with delicate<br />

hints of almond. Not only can you enjoy this Prosecco by the<br />

full bottle we also offer a 20cl option and a rosé for every<br />

occasion.<br />

Prosecco Spumante Divici | Veneto<br />

Prosciutto Crostini is the perfect pairing for our wonderful<br />

organic sparkling Divici prosecco.<br />

This rich dish goes best with the Italian crisp, high quality<br />

Prosecco, which is dry but has balanced acidity, cutting<br />

through the Prosciutto with each sip.<br />

Divici is a pale lemon colour, with creamy bubbles. This<br />

organic offering has a delicate and complex bouquet with<br />

fruity notes of peach, green apple and lemon interlaced with<br />

floral hints of acacia and rose all packaged in a wonderful<br />

bottle. It truly captures the phrase “What Grows Together<br />

Goes Together.”<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


White<br />

40<br />


Contents<br />

Argentina 42<br />

Australia 42<br />

Austria 43<br />

Chile 44<br />

France 46<br />

Germany 56<br />

Greece 56<br />

Italy 56<br />

Moldova 62<br />

New Zealand 62<br />

Portugal 67<br />

Romania 69<br />

South Africa 70<br />

Spain 75<br />

USA 76<br />


Argentina - Viognier<br />

Blue Horn Viognier, Mendoza £10.70<br />

Peach and apricot with some floral and aromatic notes. The palate is complex, fresh<br />

and unctuous with a lingering finish. (vg) (s) (m) (sc)<br />

Australia - Chardonnay<br />

x6<br />

Arapala Sky Chardonnay, South East Australia £8.55<br />

Refreshing citrus and peach aromas, tropical fruit flavours combine with a clean and<br />

elegant finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Billycan Chardonnay, South East Australia £8.59<br />

Australia has moved away from heavy, oaky, simple white wines and this<br />

Chardonnay shows their new improved style. Light and fresh with crisp green apple<br />

character. (s) (sc)<br />

Deen Vat 7 Chardonnay, De Bortoli, New South Wales £11.83<br />

Golden Aussie Chardonnay shows a touch of caramel and vanilla oak, with plenty of<br />

up-front spice and nicely structured fruit. Full of ripe flavours, balanced with a racy<br />

citrus line. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

De Bortoli Aus Estate Chardonnay<br />

Riverina<br />

New<br />

Soft, lightly oaked and vibrantly fruity Chardonnay made<br />

by 4th generation family producers, De Bortoli. It has lifted<br />

aromas of ripe peach complemented with vanilla oak. The<br />

palate is soft and creamy and exhibits ripe stone fruits.<br />

It has integrated oak and a gentle acid nuance for a very<br />

long finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.01<br />

42<br />


Blue Horn Viognier,<br />

Mendoza<br />

one to<br />

try!<br />

Peach and apricot with some floral and aromatic notes.<br />

The palate is complex, fresh and unctuous with a lingering<br />

finish. (vg) (sm) (sc)<br />

£10.70<br />

Australia - Sauvignon Blanc<br />

x6<br />

McGuigan Black Label Sauvignon Blanc, South East Australia £9.24<br />

A full flavoured Sauvignon Blanc that exhibits superb varietal intensity, a firm acid<br />

back bone, while finishing soft and sweet with a good length of flavour. (s) (sc)<br />

Austria - Grüner Veltliner<br />

Crazy Creatures Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal £17.25<br />

Known for its spicy, herbal and fruity aromas combined with a crisp, fresh acidity.<br />

This wine is perfect for whatever you’re up to: a picnic, breakfast, dinner with the<br />

family or an evening with friends. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Chile - Sauvignon Blanc<br />

x6<br />

San Elian Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £7.59<br />

On the nose, tropical fruit aromas whilst on the palate, citrus fruits, a light-body and<br />

a balanced acidity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Whistle Blower Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon, Central Valley £7.73<br />

A pleasant aromatic nose with a hint of citrus fruit. A young and fresh wine with<br />

tropical fruit flavours and a balanced acidity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Alta Baliza Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £7.74<br />

Refreshing, young wine showing a green yellow colour. The aromas are fresh with<br />

hints of grass and citrus fruit. On the palate, balanced acidity, light-body and<br />

lingering finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Santa Helena Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £7.96<br />

This classic Chilean style of Sauvignon Blanc is lively and lifted, with a herbal green<br />

pea leafiness and real freshness through the finish. (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Villa Rosaura Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Central Valley £7.97<br />

A delightfully crisp and refreshing white wine. Citrus fruit aromas and floral notes<br />

combine on the nose. On the palate, a balanced acidity, light body and a lasting<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Urmeneta Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £8.07<br />

A blend of herbal notes and fresh tropical fruit such as grapefruit, pineapple and<br />

mango. It is fresh in style with balanced acidity that enhances the fruity palate.<br />

(s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £8.55<br />

Arapala Sky Sauvignon Blanc, Quarter £2.51<br />

Green gooseberry and ripe melon aromas combine with a zingy citrus flavour and a<br />

crisp, refreshing finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Sepa Moya Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley £8.83<br />

Mouth-wateringly refreshing, like sheer Andean dew melt. Bags of citrus and<br />

tropical fruit character and full of zest. Fresh yet satisfying, this is textbook Chilean<br />

Sauvignon. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

44<br />


Spaghetti vongole<br />

Agustinos Pinot Gris | Bíobío Valley<br />

Located in the Bíobío Valley, just 30km from the Pacific<br />

Ocean and with an abundance of volcanoes and rivers that<br />

flow through its vineyards, Viña Agustinos was conceived<br />

to produce wines of the highest quality in a context of total<br />

sustainability.<br />

The Agustinos Estate Pinot Gris (more commonly seen as<br />

Pinot Grigio) is a perfect example of this. <strong>Wine</strong>maker, Diego<br />

Zabala strives to showcase the elegance and character<br />

of such wines produced in this unique terroir. He ensures<br />

that the health of the fruit is impeccable by harvesting<br />

only at optimal maturity from areas where the soils are of<br />

rich diversity to deliver these wines, which are young, well<br />

balanced, and full of fresh fruit.<br />

Aromas of fresh red apple and ripe quince fruit with a touch<br />

of delicate minerality and subtle floral notes. The Agustinos<br />

Estate Pinot Gris is refreshing with a balanced acidity and<br />

a long and delicious finish, perfect to accompany fish,<br />

seafood, salads, vegetable tarts or chicken dishes.<br />

Food<br />

pairing<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Chile - Chardonnay<br />

x6<br />

Alta Baliza Chardonnay, Central Valley £7.74<br />

Fresh and young, slightly golden with green olive hints. Sweet, tropical aromas such<br />

as banana and pineapple combine and on the palate, the wine is crisp, soft and<br />

well-balanced. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Urmeneta Chardonnay, Mendoza £8.07<br />

This intense Chardonnay shows aromas of peach and pineapple, plus a hint of<br />

banana that all blend perfectly with sweet notes of vanilla. (s) (sc)<br />

Chile - Pinot Gris<br />

x6<br />

Agustinos Estate Pinot Gris, Bío Bío Valley £8.78<br />

A delicious example of this popular grape variety (more commonly seen as Pinot<br />

Grigio). Aromas of fresh red apple and ripe quince fruit. The palate is fresh and<br />

balanced. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

France - Bordeaux<br />

Château de Cruzeau Pessac-Léognan<br />

Bordeaux<br />

New<br />

Delicious 100% Sauvignon Blanc - barrel ageing and<br />

bâtonnage notes of pear and green apple create an<br />

exceptionally smooth and flavourful palate. This wine is<br />

fresh, well-balanced and is lifted by the noticeably light,<br />

well integrated oak. This leads to a wine that has plenty of<br />

drinkable appeal. (s)<br />

£22.95<br />

46<br />


Andre Lurton<br />

Château de Cruzeau Pessac-Léognan | Bordeaux<br />

Château de Cruzeau is a discreet estate in Pessac-Léognan,<br />

Bordeaux which seduces with its remarkable gravel terroir<br />

and its consistency is exceptional. Covering almost 100<br />

hectares, the estate is set on gravelly hilltops, rich in rolled<br />

pebbles. The plots are generally south-facing: an ideal<br />

situation for producing great wines, typical of the Pessac-<br />

Léognan appellation.<br />

The Cruzeau Blanc is the finest expression of its terroir<br />

with a rich, complex nose, with lovely notes of white fruit<br />

and citrus, freshness and roundness on the palate. Lemonmeringue<br />

and biscuit aromas lead to a very smooth and<br />

flavourful palate that has plenty of drinkable appeal.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


France - Burgundy<br />

Mâcon Villages, Crepillionne, Domaine Fichet, Mâconnais £15.12<br />

This wine has flavours of grapefruit and citrus fruit, with notes of roses and acacia.<br />

An elegant yet full, smooth and creamy wine. (s)<br />

Mâcon-Lugny Les Genièvres, Louis Latour, Mâconnais £20.12<br />

Bright favourite from the Latour stable, with fresh grassy notes, plenty of tropical<br />

fruit and a firm roundness. Good ripe Chardonnay, with a touch of age. (v) (s)<br />

France - Côte Chalonnaise<br />

Montagny, Louis Latour, Côte Chalonnaise £28.17<br />

Lovely notes of white stone fruits with hints of marzipan and a subtle minerality on<br />

the finish. (v) (s)<br />

France - Côte de Beaune<br />

Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Les Murgers des Dents de Chien, Gerard<br />

Thomas et Filles, Côte de Beaune<br />

POA<br />

A concentrated palate revealing notes of honey, dried peach and spice. It has<br />

refined crisp acidity that suffuses the palate with minerality as it rolls out on the<br />

finish. (v) (s) (m)<br />

Puligny-Montrachet, Louis Latour, Côte de Beaune<br />

POA<br />

Floral and almond notes on the nose, vanilla on the palate. Very neat and confident<br />

Puligny with signs of balanced ageing for added depth. (v) (s)<br />

48<br />


France - Chablis<br />

Chablis Alain Geoffroy, Chablis £20.69<br />

Fragrant flowers, fruity aromas with sweet, suave scents. A pronounced minerally<br />

character enhances the fruit flavours. (s) (m) (sc)<br />

Chablis Jean Deligny, Chablis £29.31<br />

A rich and complex wine with a wonderful, fat structure in the mouth and the<br />

charming typical Chardonnay aromas of butter and brioche. Harmonious, fine and<br />

elegant with an excellent aromatic linger. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Chablis 1er Cru Les Fourneaux, Paul Nicolle , Chablis £33.70<br />

Fresh yet rich on the mid-palate, with citrus blossom and green apple flavours, a<br />

salty minerality and clean finish. (s) (sc)<br />

Petit Chablis Domaine de la Motte<br />

Chablis<br />

New<br />

Notes of lemon zest, baked apple and pear. A clean<br />

and refreshing finish make this wine easy drinking and<br />

approachable. (s)<br />

£19.48<br />

France<br />

Loire - Muscadet<br />

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine £9.53<br />

Dry, crisp and fresh with a sea breeze and light almond character. Carries a light and<br />

easy natural style. (vg) (s)<br />

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie, Château L’Oiselinière<br />

de la Ramée, Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine<br />

£11.30<br />

Just what a good young Muscadet is all about. A suggestion of sea breeze over<br />

new-mown hay, some mineral cool, finished with calm length. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


White Sangria<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 bottles of Cuvée Prestige White<br />

300ml ginger wine<br />

80ml elderflower cordial<br />

fruit of choice<br />

ice<br />

1L sparkling water<br />

Method<br />

Put all the ingredients (except the ice and water)<br />

into two large jugs and put in the fridge for at<br />

least 1 hr to chill. Just before serving, top up<br />

with the ice and water. Pop a few edible flowers<br />

in the jug, if you like.<br />

serving<br />

suggestion<br />

50<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Loire - Vouvray<br />

Vouvray, Domaine de Vaufuget, Vouvray £12.86<br />

With its floral bouquet, appley fruit and cool acid balance, all Vouvray’s key features<br />

are on show here. Its medium-dry softness makes a delightful apéritif. (vg) (s)<br />

Upper Loire<br />

Jean-Baptiste Thibault Menetou-Salon, Loire £17.19<br />

Packed with intense citrus and pineapple flavours, this is a must for every Loire<br />

lover. (vg) (s)<br />

Sancerre, Domaine Neveu, Sancerre £19.96<br />

Classic wine from the historical home of Sauvignon. Not only does it have an<br />

elegant ‘gunflint’ minerality, but the grassy, gooseberry fruit carries through the<br />

citrus richness. (s)<br />

Pouilly-Fumé, Guy Saget, Pouilly Fumé £22.32<br />

Classic Pouilly Fumé from the central vineyards of the Loire. Crisply refreshing<br />

aromatic fruit and an underlying suggestion of flint. (s) (sc)<br />

Sancerre, Domaine de la Perrière, Sancerre £24.66<br />

Cool and grassy with a boisterous touch of gooseberry fruit over a neat mineral<br />

base, this offers classic character at a good value. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Rhône<br />

Côtes du Rhône Blanc, Colombo & Fille, Côtes du Rhône £13.67<br />

Intense floral aromas and crisp, fresh citrus characters. Lively and vibrant. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


South of France<br />

x6<br />

Cuvée Prestige White, Languedoc £8.80<br />

Citrus, passion fruit, grapefruit and white flowers. Very refreshing, well-balanced<br />

and rounded in the mouth. Dry, fresh aftertaste. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

Laurent Miquel Chardonnay Viognier, Languedoc £10.11<br />

Characterised by combined aromas of citrus and white peaches, this Chardonnay<br />

Viognier is a delicious introduction to the unique flavours of the Viognier. The<br />

influence of the early-picked unoaked Chardonnay element is evident on the palate<br />

- lemons and clean white fruit flavours. It finishes with rich apricot fruit. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

South of France - Chardonnay<br />

x6<br />

Avoir La Pêche Chardonnay, South of France £8.16<br />

Expressive Chardonnay with the perfect balance of density, texture and freshness.<br />

The result is very pure and bright, with an attractive orange blossom nose and a<br />

harmonious, rich and peachy palate. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

South of France - Sauvignon Blanc<br />

x6<br />

Rue Des Amis Sauvignon Blanc, Côtes de Gascogne £8.44<br />

This zesty Sauvignon Blanc is mouth-watering and confident with tropical orchard<br />

and citrus fruit notes. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Daguet de Berticot Sauvignon Blanc, Côtes de Duras £10.19<br />

Grassy, dry Sauvignon from Western France, with a pleasing, crisp, neat finish.<br />

(s) (sc)<br />

52<br />


South of France - Aromatics<br />

Selon Létang Viognier, Languedoc £9.06<br />

This Viognier is ‘frais’; vinified dry, with honeysuckle and mandarin notes and a clean<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Laurent Miquel Viognier, Languedoc £12.20<br />

This is a deliciously perfumed opulent wine with characteristic aromas of white<br />

flowers and ‘pêche de vigne’. On the palate it is surprisingly elegant for a Viognier<br />

with delicate apricot and orange blossom but also some citrus character. (vg) (s)<br />

Laurent Miquel Albarino, Languedoc £13.03<br />

Aromas of grapefruit with a delicate floral overtone, the palate is lively and<br />

refreshing with generous white peach flavours and a hint of lime on the finish. A<br />

soft yet crisp and aromatic white, it illustrates Laurent’s signature style of clear pure<br />

fruit. (vg) (s)<br />

South of France - Picpoul de Pinet<br />

Jean-Luc Colombo Picpoul de Pinet, Les Girelles, Languedoc £11.36<br />

A bright yellow colour with green highlights. The nose is rich and subtle, with fresh<br />

notes of white flowers. The palate is nicely rounded and very fresh with good<br />

structure. (s) (sc)<br />

Acquae Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc £12.46<br />

A dry white wine with a pale gold colour. A fine, fresh nose with fruity and floral<br />

aromas. A refreshing palate with hints of citrus. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Pour le Vin<br />

Pour Le Vin is an energetic range of wines made from grapes sourced in the<br />

Languedoc and Gascony regions in the south of France. They provide the<br />

perfect balance between ripeness and freshness and are made to showcase<br />

the best of French winemaking. Each of the wines is named after a different<br />

French idiom that represents its style and personality.<br />

54<br />


Tout un Fromage Merlot | Languedoc<br />

Tout Un Fromage means “A whole cheese” or “to<br />

exaggerate”. This fruit-forward, easy-drinking Merlot<br />

is made from grapes sourced from sun-drenched<br />

Languedoc vineyards, vinified to showcase their fruit<br />

and varietal characteristics. The wine is vibrant with<br />

plummy and blackberry fruit that fills the mouth. Soft<br />

and supple on the palate, with ripe, rounded fruit and<br />

a lovely, juicy finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Avoir La Pêche Chardonnay | Languedoc<br />

Avoir la Pêche means “To have a peach” which is<br />

the French way to describe “to be on top form”. It is<br />

a blend of Chardonnay from two different vineyard<br />

plots, one located in Gascony for its purity of flavour,<br />

and the other in the Pays D’Oc for its character<br />

and texture. The result is a wine that is pure and<br />

bright, with an attractive orange blossom nose and a<br />

harmonious, rich and peachy palate. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Germany - Riesling<br />

Walt Riesling, Pfalz £10.35<br />

Medium-bodied, off-dry, fruity Riesling, nicely-balanced acidity with flavours of<br />

peaches and stone fruits with a hint of apricot. (s) (sc)<br />

Greece - Assyrtiko<br />

Moderne Allegorie Assyrtiko<br />

Peloponnese<br />

New<br />

This is a lean white wine with passion fruit, flint and lemon<br />

flavours, subtle bitterness, and saltiness on the finish. It is<br />

crisp and refreshing, great for sharing on a summer’s day.<br />

For those not aware, the Assyrtiko grape is to Greece what<br />

Albarino is to Spain. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

£11.80<br />

Italy<br />

x6<br />

Tramonto White, Bardolino £6.77<br />

Delicate floral notes with a hint of apple blossom. Fresh and vibrant with a<br />

refreshing acidity. It has a touch of citrus and elderflower on the finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

56<br />


Italy - Pinot Grigio<br />

x6<br />

Tanti Petali Catarratto-Pinot Grigio, Sicily £7.48<br />

Light and leafy with a hint of pear and blossom. An easygoing match for almost<br />

anything. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Intorno Catarratto Pinot Grigio, Sicily £7.57<br />

A dry, soft and well-balanced wine, with delicate pear and almond flavours. An<br />

ever-popular glass of white. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Soprano Pinot Grigio, Venezie £7.84<br />

Crisp apple and soft white pear flavours. This wine is easy drinking with a lifted<br />

freshness. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

San Alessandro Trebbiano-Pinot Grigio, Puglia £8.07<br />

Light and delicate style with floral notes and a lime and sherbet touch. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Laroma Pinot Grigio, Sicily £8.12<br />

Fresh, dry and delicate with gentle floral and citrus aromas. A classic Italian white<br />

wine. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia Pinot Grigio, Sicily £8.55<br />

Arapala Sky Inzolia Pinot Grigio, Quarter £2.51<br />

Delicate green apple and citrus aromas follow onto the palate with a crisp, clean<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Miopasso Pinot Grigio, Sicily £9.87<br />

Lemony-yellow in colour with brilliant glints. A captivating, fresh and lively taste<br />

with hints of acacia honey, pear and ripe apple. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


There is more to Italy than Pinot Grigio...<br />

x6<br />

Ca’ Di Ponti Grillo, Sicily £7.78<br />

A honeyed, floral and spicy nose with hints of ginger and stone fruit. Fresh,<br />

balanced acidity on the lightly nutty finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Terrazzo Falanghina, Puglia £8.18<br />

This Puglian Falanghina has a good body and structure which contains fresh and<br />

fruity notes and gives out citrus-floral aromas. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Àpulo Fiano, Sicily £9.18<br />

A blend of predominantly Fiano grapes with other estate grown varietals. Very<br />

pleasurable, lively,fresh and intensely aromatic wine. The fruity and floral notes<br />

follow perfectly on the palate. (s) (sc)<br />

Miopasso Fiano, Sicily £10.00<br />

The perfectly ripened grapes combine with crisp, citrus acidity, to give the wine a<br />

lovely balance. Fresh and floral with touches of honey. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Àpulo Fiano,<br />

Sicily<br />

our<br />

pick!<br />

A blend of predominantly Fiano grapes with other estate<br />

grown varietals. Very pleasurable, lively,fresh and intensely<br />

aromatic wine. The fruity and floral notes follow perfectly<br />

on the palate. (s) (sc)<br />

£9.18<br />

58<br />


Perfect with...<br />

seafood<br />

parpadelle<br />

San Alessandro Trebbiano-Pinot Grigio,<br />

Puglia<br />

Light and delicate style with floral notes and a lime and<br />

sherbet touch. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.07<br />

There is more to Italy than Pinot Grigio...<br />

Miopasso Grillo Appassimento , Sicily £10.30<br />

On the nose there are notes of dried fruits and nuts, with hints of oranges and<br />

grapefruit. The palate is soft and well-rounded, with touches of honey on the long<br />

finish. The colour is straw yellow with flecks of gold. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Gavi La Lancellota<br />

Piemonte<br />

New<br />

This is an elegant and fresh Gavi, easy-drinking but with<br />

good depth of flavour. Zesty citrus fruit and lightly floral<br />

characters, with hints of apple and pear. Fresh, steely<br />

acidity and underlying mineral characters, balanced by<br />

notes of melon and stone fruit, and a touch of fennel. Great<br />

as an aperitif or particularly good with tuna steak.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£11.47<br />

Calasole Vermentino, Rocca di Montemassi, Tuscany £12.38<br />

Elegantly balanced aromas of citrus, green melon and white blossom. The palate is<br />

silky, with mouth-watering green apple, citrus and stone minerals that lead to a long<br />

and refreshing finish. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Aromatic<br />

Whites<br />

The world of wine is many and varied, with aromas<br />

and flavours ranging from gentle citrus, herbal<br />

characters through to incredibly perfumed, floral,<br />

tropical and spicy notes.<br />

In essence, grape varieties aren’t all born equal,<br />

as certain varieties produce wines that display a<br />

much greater intensity of aromas than others – we<br />

call these ‘aromatic varieties’. Sauvignon Blanc has<br />

become the most popular aromatic grape variety<br />

in the UK, but if you’re looking for something with a<br />

little more character, there are many other regions,<br />

varieties, and wines to consider…<br />

France<br />

Selon Létang Viognier | Languedoc<br />

Sourced from the rugged hillsides in the Languedoc region<br />

of south-eastern France, this is made from a small parcel<br />

(less than a hectare) of Viognier grown in a vineyard<br />

abundant with apricot trees. The Mediterranean climate<br />

creates a fresh and bright white with honeysuckle and<br />

mandarin notes. A dry wine with a lovely peachy nose and<br />

crisp acidity, perfect to enjoy with Thai food and dishes in<br />

creamy sauces.<br />

Top Tip: Viognier is pronounced [vee-ON-yay]. This can often<br />

be a struggle for many customers who read it with a hard ‘g’.<br />


South Africa<br />

Italy<br />

Percheron Chenin Blanc Viognier | Western Cape<br />

Moving to South Africa, this is a delicious 80% Chenin Blanc<br />

/ 20% Viognier blend from the Coastal region, mainly from<br />

Swartland vineyards of the Western Cape. Part of the Chenin<br />

Blanc is wild yeast fermented and kept longer on lees to give<br />

a rounded palate, rich texture and good fruit concentration.<br />

Vibrant with white peach and hints of jasmine, this appealing<br />

white has stone fruit flavours, bright acidity and a touch of<br />

minerality on the finish – a good match for grilled prawns<br />

with plenty of garlic and chilli, or a whole lemon sole fried in<br />

butter!<br />

La Lancelotta Gavi | Piemonte<br />

The Gavi appellation is in the Piemonte region of northwestern<br />

Italy. One of the leading producers in the area is<br />

Araldica, who source their Cortese grapes from south-west<br />

facing vineyards in the Monferrato hills. This wine has bags<br />

of fresh citrus and stone fruit aromas, apple and apricot<br />

flavours, and crisp lemony acidity on the finish. Some lees<br />

ageing adds to the bright, textural palate and makes it a<br />

good match for summer salads, chicken or fish dishes.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


There is more to Italy than Pinot Grigio...<br />

Soave Classico Suavia<br />

Veneto<br />

New<br />

Fresh fragrances of fruits and white flowers accompanied<br />

by vegetal and mineral notes. Juicy and balanced salinity<br />

combines with freshness and softness. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£15.24<br />

Cossetti Gavi di Gavi, Piedmonte £17.78<br />

A medley of peach, apple and honeydew, crisp and dry with an invigorating acidity<br />

that keeps the freshness. (s)<br />

Moldova - Pinot Grigio<br />

x6<br />

Terrazzo Pinot Grigio, Moldova £8.41<br />

With apple, pear, lemon and lime on the palate, this Pinot Grigio has an underlying<br />

creamy texture and generous, lingering finish. Moreish from first sip to last.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

New Zealand - Wairarapa<br />

Outnumbered Sauvignon Blanc, Wairarapa £11.66<br />

This refreshing, aromatic wine has wonderful aromas of ripe citrus and lime, with a<br />

juicy gooseberry palate, a splash of grapefruit and a lingering finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

62<br />


Matahiwi<br />

Matahiwi Estate is located in the heart of the<br />

Wairarapa, we pride ourselves on being an<br />

award-winning family-owned winery.<br />

Romeo Bragato, an Italian viticulturist & oenologist,<br />

was contracted by New Zealand’s Department of<br />

Agriculture in 1895 to advise on planting & pruning<br />

vines in New Zealand, from which he reported the<br />

ideal growing conditions that the Wairarapa & other<br />

regions in New Zealand offered potential grape<br />

growers. Owner of Matahiwi Estate Alastair Scott<br />

agreed and began planting in 1998.<br />

French wife of early settler, William Beetham, was so<br />

inspired by our region that she left her Burgundian<br />

homeland to live in New Zealand in the 1880's and<br />

produced the region’s first Pinot Noir vintage in 1897.<br />

Prohibition came into force in the late 1900's which<br />

saw an end to winemaking in the region. Hence<br />

the Phoenix in our logo, it symbolises the rebirth<br />

of winemaking in the northern Wairarapa after the<br />

period of prohibition.<br />

Matahiwi Estate wines are produced according to<br />

the criteria of Sustainable <strong>Wine</strong>growing New Zealand<br />

(SWNZ). Sustainable <strong>Wine</strong>growing New Zealand was<br />

developed to provide “best practice model, guarantee<br />

better quality from the vineyard to the bottle and<br />

address consumer concerns around the environment.<br />

In addition to the SWNZ program, we embrace<br />

practices which encourage a healthy vineyard. Inter-<br />

row plantings promote healthy soils and bio-diversity<br />

in the vineyard. The flowering buckwheat and phacelia<br />

attract natural predators for some vineyard pests,<br />

while clovers, oats, chicory and vetch provide nitrogen<br />

and other nutrients to vines when they are mown or<br />

cultivated into the ground.<br />

Outnumbered Sauvignon<br />

Blanc, Wairarapa<br />

Our cool climate vineyards<br />

create the perfect Sauvignon<br />

Blanc, bursting with zesty<br />

flavours of clean lime and<br />

succulent grapefruit, all<br />

according to the criteria of<br />

Sustainable <strong>Wine</strong>growing<br />

New Zealand. Family owned<br />

and award-winning, we<br />

guarantee better quality from<br />

the vineyard to the bottle.<br />

Some say that this Wairarapa<br />

Sauvignon Blanc is the region’s<br />

best-kept secret!<br />

£11.66<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


64<br />


Women<br />

in <strong>Wine</strong>:<br />

Kate Acland<br />

In hindsight I can’t believe they let me buy it. I was 26<br />

years old, and while my parents helped with the bank<br />

paperwork, the bank essentially lent me several million<br />

dollars. That just wouldn’t happen these days.<br />

We’ve grown from that point to producing around<br />

40,000 dozen and exporting to 26 different<br />

international markets.<br />

I love the annual process, seeing our wines start in<br />

the vineyard and following that through to the cellar<br />

- then every year we get the chance to do it all over<br />

again. I love seeing our vineyard blocks grow and<br />

develop through the years and the depth and flavour<br />

from every block grow - each one has a unique<br />

character, with its own quirks, that develop and<br />

mature through the years and occasionally throw us<br />

some curve balls to deal with!<br />

The other great thing about our industry is the people<br />

and opportunities to meet like-minded and passionate<br />

people all over the world. It takes a special kind of<br />

person to still be smiling after 3 weeks of grueling<br />

harvest - those are my kind of people. Ultimately, we<br />

make the wines we like to drink.”<br />

Kate Acland is the Founder and Owner of<br />

Sugar Loaf <strong>Wine</strong>s and Orchard Lane <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

in New Zealand. Kate studied Viticulture and<br />

Oenology at Lincoln University, followed by a<br />

Masters in Farm Management Consultancy.<br />

In 2007 she purchased her Rapaura based winery.<br />

There were some tough times in the early days due<br />

to an oversupply of wine and the global financial<br />

crisis and the winery largely survived on several<br />

winemaking contracts for other estates.<br />

In 2010 she married David, a farmer from Mt Somers<br />

in Canterbury, and went on to have three children.<br />

Sales at the winery have steadily grown and they<br />

now export to Australia, the UK, Ireland and Canada<br />

amongst others. We asked Kate to share with us what<br />

drew her to winemaking and what keeps her going<br />

vintage to vintage.<br />

“I was drawn to winemaking at university, transferring<br />

my science degree to viticulture and oenology in my<br />

second year. After travelling and working for a few<br />

years I started the Sugar Loaf brand at the age of 26,<br />

then quickly built a small winery, purchased vineyards<br />

and went all in.<br />

Founder & Owner: Sugar Loaf / Orchard Lane <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


New Zealand - Marlborough<br />

x6<br />

Gravel & Loam Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £11.32<br />

Intense gooseberry aromas alongside fresh herbaceous and grassy notes. Vibrant<br />

passion fruit, citrus and peach characters with top notes of melon and kiwi balanced<br />

with softer apple and white pear flavours. Well structured zesty acidity with<br />

fantastic length and elegance. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Orchard Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £13.20<br />

Packed with ripe tropical aromas, passion fruit and mango. The palate is rich and<br />

rounded with crisp hints of citrus fruits. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £13.55<br />

Very lean and grassy with a mineral, citrus zing. It has an added complexity of<br />

asparagus pungency and bright nettly notes. Absolutely classic benchmark<br />

Sauvignon. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £15.01<br />

Bright and fresh, it leaps with exotic notes of white peach and pink grapefruit over<br />

a mineral flintiness. Complexity of gooseberry, passionfruit and taut citrus - just<br />

brilliant. (s) (sc)<br />

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £31.45<br />

This iconic wine is reminiscent of fresh fruit salad - full of ripe peach, mango and<br />

passion fruit, cut through with a citrus whiplash. (s) (sc)<br />

There is more to New Zealand than Sauvignon Blanc...<br />

Esk Valley Artisanal Albariño, Hawkes Bay £17.59<br />

This wine reveals classic Albariño notes of lime, peach and an assortment of<br />

tropical fruits. It is full and rich with mouthwatering acidity providing length and<br />

deliciousness with the palate weight enhanced by ageing on yeast lees. (s) (sc)<br />

Cloudy Bay Chardonnay, Marlborough £39.89<br />

Bright and refined, the nose is immediately fresh and beguiling with notes of<br />

candied citrus, stone fruit and orchard blossom. The palate is rounded with gentle<br />

citrus and white peach characters, enfolded in layers of crème patissière and<br />

hazelnut. (s) (m) (sc)<br />

66<br />


Lago Vinho Verde,<br />

Vinho Verde<br />

Made by family-owned Quinta De Calcada, Lago is a<br />

blend of native grapes with a light effervescence. This<br />

Vinho Verde is a wonderfully inviting and versatile<br />

wine. The nose offers an array of tropical aromas with<br />

delicate floral nuances. The palate is bright, refreshing,<br />

and bursting with flavours of lime and lychee.<br />

Thanks to its mouthwatering acidity and light alcohol<br />

content, it is perfect for lunchtime drinking alongside<br />

seafood, sushi, ceviche style of dishes but will also lend<br />

itself very well as a sundowner with tapas or tacos.<br />

One to<br />

try!<br />

£9.04<br />

Portugal<br />

x6<br />

Coreto White, Lisboa £8.46<br />

A combination of delicate aromas, delicious apple and grapefruit flavours and a<br />

lively finish. Something a bit different from the normal offering and well worth<br />

discovering. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Point West Alvarinho-Chardonnay, Lisboa £9.30<br />

Wonderfully balanced and full-bodied. Showing delicious apple fruit and melon<br />

flavours with a note of vanilla prior to a dry and wonderfully citrusy finish which<br />

lingers. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Grand’Arte Alvarinho, Lisboa £10.24<br />

Real finesse with an intense aroma of ripe orchard fruits. The body is full with a<br />

delicious, creamy tropical character yet has a fresh, citrus quality and a long finish.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

Portugal - Vinho Verde<br />

Lago Vinho Verde , Vinho Verde £9.04<br />

A light effervescence favours the release of tropical and citrus aromas with floral<br />

nuances that reflect the green landscape of the region. Great freshness with a vivid<br />

acidity results in a very pleasant and versatile wine. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Esk Valley<br />

For nearly four decades, Esk Valley have<br />

crafted award winning boutique wines using<br />

traditional hands-on techniques. This simple<br />

and artisanal approach was born of the<br />

original winery site in Bayview, with its old<br />

concrete vats, unique layout and absence of<br />

modern technology.<br />

Esk Valley sources the grapes from two main wine<br />

regions in New Zealand. On the east coast of North<br />

Island and overlooking the South Pacific Ocean is<br />

Hawkes Bay, where the vineyards naturally enjoy a<br />

maritime climate. Here they produce an exquisite<br />

Albarino and their famous Merlot/Malbec/Cabernet<br />

blends. In Hawkes Bay the winter is not too cold, the<br />

summer not too hot and the settled milder autumn<br />

allows a slow final development of flavour and aroma<br />

in the grapes, running up to vintage. The International<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> Challenge Great Value White <strong>Wine</strong> Champion<br />

winning Sauvignon Blanc comes from their cooler<br />

Marlborough vineyards on the South Island, combining<br />

fruit from both the Awatere and Wairau Valleys to<br />

produce a benchmark style for that region.<br />

In 2018 the limitations of the original 85-year-old<br />

winery were reached and Esk Valley relocated its<br />

winemaking operation to an all-new site situated in<br />

the Gimblett Gravels in Hawkes Bay, an area that is<br />

rapidly becoming one of the most famed New World<br />

terroirs. Of utmost importance was that the artisanal<br />

winemaking approach would remain unchanged and<br />

steps, including the installation of concrete fermenters<br />

were taken to ensure that the hallmark style of the<br />

wines remained the same. The winemaker even<br />

captured indigenous yeasts from the original winery<br />

site, driving it inland to the new site and adding it to<br />

waiting ferments thus intertwining the DNA of old and<br />

new.<br />

Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc,<br />

Marlborough<br />

Very lean and grassy with a<br />

mineral, citrus zing. It has an<br />

added complexity of asparagus<br />

pungency and bright nettly<br />

notes. Absolutely classic<br />

benchmark Sauvignon. (vg) (s)<br />

(sc)<br />

£13.55<br />

68<br />


Romania - Sauvignon Blanc<br />

x6<br />

Dreambird Sauvignon Blanc, Banat £8.06<br />

Aromatic with crisp citrus and grassy notes. Tart gooseberry and a pleasant<br />

minerality enhance this easy drinking wine. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Romania - Pinot Grigio<br />

x6<br />

Dreambird Pinot Grigio, Banat £8.06<br />

Lovely aromas of grapefruit and peach. A delicate body with lots of fruit as well as<br />

abundant melon and apple character with a citrus acidity, that shouts Pinot Grigio.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Frunza Pinot Grigio, Banat £8.11<br />

Lovely, opulent notes of grapefruit and peach. Light in body with melon and apple<br />

flavours on the palate resulting in a citrusy acidity. This is what Pinot Grigio should<br />

be. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Romania - Au Naturale |<br />

with no elaborate treatment,<br />

dressing or preparation.<br />

Orange <strong>Wine</strong>, Banat £11.19<br />

Dark straw colour with orange hints, the nose is a delicate mélange of quince,<br />

Williams pear and a hint of vanilla. A complex and structured wine, with elegant but<br />

discreet fruit flavours of stone fruits, backed up with a powerful structure and long<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


South Africa<br />

x6<br />

Prime Cuts White, Western Cape £7.62<br />

Packed with citrus overtones tangy tropical fruits and blossom notes. Bright and<br />

zingy on the finish, this is such a moreish wine. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Percheron Chenin Viognier, Western Cape £7.82<br />

Vibrant and aromatic with delicious subtle perfumed aromas, white peach and hints<br />

of jasmine on the nose, combined with texture and minerality on the finish. (vg) (s)<br />

South Africa - Chenin Blanc<br />

Painted Wolf Black Pack Old Vines Chenin Blanc, Paarl £17.35<br />

An elegant wine, with an aroma of fresh bright peach, citrus, straw and vanilla. The<br />

wine has a creamy finessed texture, evident new wood aromas and a lovely long<br />

finish with nice fresh acidity keeping it bouncy and vibrant. (vg) (s)<br />

Don’t tell the Kiwis Sauvignon Blanc,<br />

Western Cape<br />

our<br />

pick!<br />

This fruity wine is bursting with fresh zesty citrus flavours.<br />

It has the perfect balance of acidity and freshness you<br />

associate with wines from vineyards on the cool slopes of<br />

the Western Cape, South Africa. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£10.02<br />

70<br />


Perfect with...<br />

prawn<br />

bisque<br />

Hamilton Russell Chardonnay,<br />

Walker Bay<br />

Aromas of perfectly-ripened fruit and finest French oak.<br />

Flavours glamorously combine in a racy elegant style that<br />

is closely reminiscent of the finest white Burgundy. (s)<br />

£42.08<br />

South Africa - Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Don’t tell the Kiwis Sauvignon Blanc, Western Cape £10.02<br />

This fruity wine is bursting with fresh zesty citrus flavours. It has the perfect balance<br />

of acidity and freshness you associate with wines from vineyards on the cool slopes<br />

of the Western Cape, South Africa. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

The Den Sauvignon Blanc, Painted Wolf, Paarl £11.93<br />

A gastranomic Sauvignon with vibrant aromas and flavours of tropical fruits, pea,<br />

mineral notes and nettle. The wine is really beautifully balanced with a clean vibrant<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

South Africa - Chardonnay<br />

Hamilton Russell Chardonnay, Walker Bay £42.08<br />

Aromas of perfectly-ripened fruit and finest French oak. Flavours glamorously<br />

combine in a racy elegant style that is closely reminiscent of the finest white<br />

Burgundy. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Riebeek<br />

In the heart of the Swartland region in South<br />

Africa, you will find the Riebeek Valley a<br />

picturesque wine-growing region known<br />

for its stunning landscapes and exceptional<br />

wines.<br />

The Riebeek Valley <strong>Wine</strong> Co., nestled in the<br />

picturesque Riebeek Valley, is an award winning<br />

winery that specialises in farming drylands and bush<br />

vines on the slopes of the majestic Kasteelberg<br />

Mountain. Benefiting from the unique terroir of<br />

the region, our vineyards consistently produce<br />

exceptional quality wines that capture the essence of<br />

the area, and where we source our Rivalry wines.<br />

Rivalry is named after the friendly rivalry between the<br />

two villages in the valley, Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek<br />

Wes. The job of referee is our winemaker Jacques<br />

Theron who selects the grapes for these wines from<br />

the vineyards across the valley. The Rivalry range<br />

showcases the distinct flavours and aromas of the<br />

Swartland, reflecting the terroir and the winemaking<br />

expertise of the region. With a combination of natural<br />

beauty and exceptional wine quality, the Riebeek<br />

Valley is truly a gem within the South African wine<br />

landscape.<br />

72<br />


South Africa<br />

Rivalry Chenin Blanc<br />

Swartland<br />

New<br />

This is a lean white wine with passion fruit, flint and lemon<br />

flavors, subtle bitterness, and saltiness on the finish.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.42<br />

x6<br />

Rivalry Chardonnay<br />

Swartland<br />

New<br />

Intense aromas of ripe apple, lime and pear with hints of<br />

tropical fruit. Bright and steely dry, the fruit is balanced<br />

by zesty acidity that refreshes the palate with a lingering<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.46<br />

x6<br />

Rivalry Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Swartland<br />

New<br />

Delicate green flavours with hints of tropical fruit on<br />

a crisp, dry finish. Due to warm, dry conditions in the<br />

Swartland, this Sauvignon Blanc is a more tropical style. It<br />

has delicate green notes, complimented by yellow-stone<br />

and tropical fruit, a touch of minerality and a crisp, lively<br />

acidity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.28<br />

x6<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Seafood paella<br />

Azabache White Barrel Fermented | Rioja<br />

Characteristic aromas of plush white flowers, mature<br />

exotic fruit such as pineapple combined with a touch<br />

of apple. Toasted hints, balanced tannins and medium<br />

acidity makes for a rich, elegant wine. (vg) (s)<br />

Food<br />

pairing<br />

74<br />


Spain<br />

x6<br />

Nueve Vidas Sauvignon Blanc, La Mancha £7.83<br />

Fresh and crisp, full to the brim with gooseberry, citrus, finished with hints of grass<br />

and floral nuances. (s)<br />

Pez de Rio Blanco, Carinena £7.88<br />

Fresh and aromatic with flavours of apple and pineapple. Full of flavour and<br />

long-lasting with a dry finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Spain - Rioja<br />

x6<br />

Azabache Blanco, Rioja £8.36<br />

Intensely fruity, with citrus and apple aromas. Smooth, balanced and refreshing.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

Ermita de San Felices Blanco, Rioja £10.80<br />

A very fruity aroma with sweet overtones resulting from good quality Viura grapes.<br />

Well structured, good acidity and a long finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

Azabache White Barrel Fermented<br />

Rioja<br />

New<br />

Characteristic aromas of plush white flowers, mature exotic<br />

fruit such as pineapple combined with a touch of apple.<br />

Toasted hints, balanced tannins and medium acidity makes<br />

for a rich, elegant wine. (vg) (s)<br />

£8.86<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Spain - Rías Baixas<br />

Eidos de Padriñàn Albariño, Rías Baixas £17.11<br />

Bursting with melon, pears and apricots. This Albariño is silky smooth with a superb<br />

fresh acidity. (vg) (s)<br />

USA - Pinot Gris<br />

Hahn <strong>Wine</strong>ry Pinot Gris, California £18.38<br />

Aromas of pear, citrus, lime, creamy melon with a grassy minerality. Flavours of<br />

tropical fruits, citrus and hints of lemon blossom, finish with a bright acidity.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

USA - Chardonnay<br />

Hahn <strong>Wine</strong>ry Chardonnay, California £19.04<br />

Initial scents of pineapple and mango give way to aromas of pear and vanilla. A rich<br />

mouthfeel shows flavours of bananas, baked apples and toffee. A touch of acidity<br />

balances a note of sweet butter on the crisp finish. (vg) (s)<br />

The Federalist Chardonnay, California £22.29<br />

Boasting a big oak backbone, rich fruit flavours and a long smooth finish, this is a<br />

Chardonnay that stands tall and proud. (vg) (s)<br />

76<br />


Fish tacos<br />

Eidos de Padriñàn Albariño | Rías Baixas<br />

Bursting with melon, pears and apricots. This Albariño<br />

is silky smooth with a superb fresh acidity. (vg) (s)<br />

Food<br />

pairing<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Rosé<br />

78<br />


Contents<br />

Chile 80<br />

France 80<br />

Italy 86<br />

New Zealand 86<br />

Portugal 86<br />

South Africa 88<br />

USA 88<br />


Chile<br />

x6<br />

San Elian Rosé, Central Valley £7.59<br />

This wine gives intense aromas of cherry, plum, peach and watermelon. The palate<br />

is crisp and light with refreshing acidity and a delicate hint of sweetness on the<br />

finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

France - Loire<br />

Rosé d’Anjou, Domaine des Nouelles, Chereau Carré, Anjou £10.42<br />

All softness and light sweetness here. A long-standing favourite from the lovely<br />

Loire Valley. (vg) (s)<br />

Sancerre Rosé, Domaine de la Perriere, Sancerre £21.65<br />

This classic Pinot Noir Rosé from Sancerre packs an aromatic punch. Red apple, red<br />

fruit, cherry, lemon balm on the palate with a balanced acidity. A pleasing dry and<br />

concentrated wine. (vg) (s)<br />

Southern France<br />

x6<br />

Cuvée Prestige Rosé, Languedoc £8.89<br />

This rosé wine shows a beautiful pale pink colour. Subtle flavours of ripe fruits and<br />

dried flowers. Super fresh with a balanced finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

80<br />


Perfect with...<br />

risotto<br />

fruits<br />

de mer<br />

Sancerre Rosé, Domaine de la Perriere,<br />

Sancerre<br />

This classic Pinot Noir Rosé from Sancerre packs an<br />

aromatic punch. Red apple, red fruit, cherry, lemon balm<br />

on the palate with a balanced acidity. A pleasing dry and<br />

concentrated wine. (vg) (s)<br />

£21.65<br />

Southern France<br />

Laurent Miquel Cinsault Syrah Rosé, Languedoc £10.11<br />

Characterised by a beautiful pale pink robe this Cinsault Syrah epitomises the best<br />

of southern French rosés with forward fruit flavours and perfect balance. Cinsault<br />

contributes freshness and soft texture to the blend and Syrah the dramatic color<br />

and delicious red fruit. (s) (sc)<br />

Crazy Tropez Rosé, IGP Mediterranée £10.12<br />

Crazy Tropez Rosé, Magnum £24.54<br />

This deliciously fun and fruity little number is produced by Domaine Tropez. A<br />

sweeter style pale rosé made from 70% Grenache and 30% Cinsault. The magnum is<br />

perfect for sharing with friends! (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Sand Tropez Rosé, IGP Mediterranée £13.45<br />

This fantastic rosé is pale pink with salmon coloured highlights. Dry in style, fresh<br />

with notes of citrus and exotic fruit. Refreshing and fruity on the palate with a lovely<br />

smooth finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Domaine<br />

Tropez<br />

Welcome to Domaine Tropez, where you will<br />

discover our award-winning wines from the<br />

renowned Saint Tropez region in Côtes de<br />

Provence.<br />

Our history began in 1930 when our founder acquired<br />

the vineyards and started farming and trading the<br />

grapes. In 1996, the founder’s grandson, the current<br />

owner, established a modern vineyard as a tribute to<br />

his memory.<br />

Our vineyard boasts over 40 hectares of AOC Côtes<br />

de Provence vines, and our grapes include the prized<br />

grenache for structure and aroma, the elegant and<br />

refined tibouren specific to the Golfe of Saint-Tropez,<br />

and complementary varieties such as cinsault for rosé,<br />

rolle for white, and syrah for red.<br />

light-colored wines that boast a distinct Provence<br />

character.<br />

Our clay and limestone soils, combined with the sandy<br />

Mediterranean climate, provide the perfect terroir for<br />

wines with lively, full-bodied flavours.<br />

A visit to our vineyard is a unique opportunity to fully<br />

experience our passion and dedication.<br />

We invite you to immerse yourself in the taste of our<br />

products and feel the unique touch we impart on each<br />

vintage.<br />

At Domaine Tropez, we are committed to the highest<br />

level of environmental practices and are certified with<br />

Level 3 HVE (High Environmental Value) adhering to<br />

the principles of organic farming.<br />

Our vine growing procedures are carefully crafted,<br />

including regular mechanical weeding to limit<br />

chemical weed control and the use of certified organic<br />

fertilizers.<br />

Our wines are harvested at a low temperature to<br />

obtain elegant and complex aromas, creating crisp,<br />

82<br />


Domaine<br />

Tropez Food<br />

Pairings<br />

Charcuterie board<br />

Marinated anchovies<br />

Crazy Tropez Rosé | IGP Mediterranée<br />

Embark on a sensory journey as you pair Crazy Tropez<br />

Rosé with an exquisite charcuterie board. Craft your board<br />

with olives, fresh berries, apples, pears, melon, cherry<br />

tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and drizzled honey,<br />

inviting guests to customize their bites. With its pale pink<br />

hue and aromatic bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits,<br />

Crazy Tropez Rosé sets the stage for a culinary symphony.<br />

Relish its indulgent fruitiness intertwined with hints of spice<br />

and minerality, culminating in a smooth, zesty finish. The<br />

wine’s vibrant acidity beautifully complements savoury<br />

cured meats, while its refreshing character harmonizes with<br />

crisp vegetables and artisan bread. Explore the interplay of<br />

flavours, textures, and aromas, as each sip and bite unveils<br />

new dimensions of indulgence. With Crazy Tropez Rosé,<br />

every moment becomes a celebration of life’s rich tapestry.<br />

Cheers to unforgettable moments shared over delectable<br />

fare and exquisite wine.<br />

Sand Tropez Rosé | IGP Mediterranée<br />

Savour the delightful pairing of marinated anchovies with<br />

Sand Tropez Rosé, a symphony of flavours in every sip. With<br />

its pale pink hue and mesmerising copper reflections, Sand<br />

Tropez Rosé offers a vivacious nose brimming with notes of<br />

red and citrus fruits.<br />

On the palate, experience the wine’s supple and rounded<br />

texture, boasting jammy flavors of raspberry and<br />

pomegranate that culminate in a refreshing finish. The wine’s<br />

lively acidity beautifully compliments the briny richness<br />

of marinated anchovies, creating a harmonious balance of<br />

flavours.<br />

As you indulge in this culinary journey, allow the contrasting<br />

elements of fruity sweetness and savoury depth to captivate<br />

your senses. Sand Tropez Rosé elevates the experience with<br />

its elegance and finesse, leaving a lasting impression on the<br />

palate.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Château de<br />

la Deidière<br />

Château de la Deidière is owned by the<br />

Fabre-Grimaldi family and located in the<br />

south-east of France, in the heartland of the<br />

Côtes de Provence region.<br />

An historical estate, during the reign of Louis XIV,<br />

the château belonged to the Count of La Deidière of<br />

Pierrefeu. The King gave him the royal privilege to<br />

hunt and breed pigeons. He then built a Provençal<br />

pigeon loft bearing the family’s coat of arms.<br />

The history of the Fabre-Grimaldi family and Château<br />

de la Deidière came together in 1961 when Henri Fabre<br />

acquired the property. The estate is a live Provençal<br />

picture that offers great sceneries of olive trees, wild<br />

woods and hedges along the river.<br />

The 140-acre estate of Chateau de La Deidiere is<br />

situated next to the towns of Pierrefeu-du-Var, Puget-<br />

Ville, and Cuers. Puget-Ville is known for its red wines,<br />

and Pierrefeu-du-Var for its rosé wines.<br />

The main grape varietals grown on our vineyard are<br />

Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle, and Grenache.<br />

The Fabre-Grimaldi family are committed to offering<br />

high-quality wines and focus on the respect of their<br />

environment.<br />

As a result of this commitment, Chateau La Deidiere<br />

uses ultra-sustainable land farming processes,<br />

and the wines are certified HVE (Haute Valeur<br />

Environnementale) Level 3.<br />

Château de la Deidière Rosé,<br />

Côtes de Provence<br />

A single estate wine with a<br />

lovely pale pink colour. Rosés<br />

of the inner valley are wines<br />

of character. An aromatic<br />

nose with hints of citrus and<br />

blackcurrant fruits. On the<br />

mouth, the wine is round with<br />

flavours of blueberry and sweet<br />

spice. Chateau de la Deidiere<br />

2022 has a good structure,<br />

fruity with a light acidity. (s)<br />

£13.48<br />

84<br />


Provence<br />

Pierre de Taille Rosé, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence £12.66<br />

A pale and delicate rosé with good weight and depth. Fresh and fruity bouquet of<br />

red fruit and slight citrus mineral note. Well-balanced with a refreshing finish.<br />

(v) (s) (m)<br />

Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé Domaine Teisseire,<br />

Côtes de Provence<br />

£12.78<br />

This wine shows delicate red summer fruits of strawberry, raspberry and a hint of<br />

watermelon. Refreshing acidity provides an enjoyable, light finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Château de la Deidière Rosé, Côtes de Provence £13.48<br />

A single estate wine with a lovely pale pink colour. Rosés of the inner valley are<br />

wines of character. An aromatic nose with hints of citrus and blackcurrant fruits. On<br />

the mouth, the wine is round with flavours of blueberry and sweet spice. Chateau de<br />

la Deidiere has a good structure, fruity with a light acidity. (s)<br />

Aix Rosé, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence £18.06<br />

A fine, delicate nose with floral blossom, peach, fresh citrus, and hints of red<br />

fruit lead to a classic fresh and bright palate, a spritely acidity balanced with wild<br />

strawberry, raspberry, and stone fruit notes. (v) (s)<br />

Whispering Angel, Côtes de Provence £24.94<br />

Whispering Angel Rosé, Magnum £50.66<br />

Pale pink in colour, it has flavours of redcurrant, dried flowers and spices on the<br />

nose, with a subtle herbal quality. Dry, with bitter red fruit flavours, it has a firm<br />

finish with lingering herbal notes. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Italy<br />

x6<br />

Tramonto Rosé, Bardolino £6.74<br />

Fresh with a crisp acidity, this young wine has a lovely balance of strawberries and<br />

summer fruits. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Tanti Petali Pinot Grigio Rosato, Sicily £7.48<br />

Very light and refreshing with a delicate pear-drop fruit. Bright, fresh and terrifically<br />

easy to drink. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Intorno Pinot Grigio Rosato, Sicily £7.57<br />

A light and delicate dry rosé with gentle hints of strawberry fruit and a sherbet<br />

touch. Soft, refreshing and uplifting. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Laroma Pinot Grigio Rosato, Sicily £8.12<br />

As pleasing a Pinot Grigio rosé as you could find. It has freshness, delicacy and<br />

rose-scented charm all the way through. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

New Zealand<br />

Esk Valley Rosé, Hawkes Bay £13.43<br />

This delicate rosé is created in vineyards where Merlot vines are carefully managed<br />

to give full-flavoured grapes with lower sugars. The resulting wine is crisp, dry and<br />

refreshing with bags of style. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Portugal<br />

x6<br />

Coreto Rosado, Lisboa £8.46<br />

Award-winning wine for its intense fruity aromas, mouth-watering juiciness and<br />

crisp, fresh flavours of strawberries and raspberries. A great all-rounder. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

86<br />


Panzanella caprese<br />

Strawberry tart<br />

Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé Domaine Teisseire,<br />

Côtes de Provence<br />

Panzanella Caprese would be a delight with our Provence<br />

Rosé Domaine Teissiere. Panzanella is simply tomatoes,<br />

cucumber, peppers, red onion, basil, and capers, while<br />

Caprese is yet more tomatoes, basil and a generous<br />

serving of Mozzarella balls. Coteaux Varios en Domaine<br />

Teissiere Provence Rosé offers delicate red summer fruits of<br />

strawberry, raspberry and a hint of watermelon. Refreshing<br />

acidity provides an enjoyable, light crisp finish, ensuring a<br />

perfect pairing with the salad dish or simply a glass sat in<br />

the sun while enjoying life.<br />

The French region of Provence is known for its beautiful<br />

landscapes, river valleys, coastlands and mountainous<br />

areas with picturesque wineries, all under a wonderful<br />

Mediterranean climate. The wineries focus on producing<br />

the very best Rosé wines made from the wonderful Cinsault<br />

grape. Treat yourself, you deserve it!<br />

Terrazzo Zinfandel Rosé | California<br />

A Strawberry Tart needs a best friend, and what could be<br />

better than a wine bursting with melon, raspberry and apple<br />

flavours such as our Terrazzo White Zinfandel, from the USA.<br />

The tart is made with shortcrust pastry that is dense and<br />

crumbly, containing a sweet strawberry filling most often<br />

served warm, making the White Zinfandel grape variety<br />

the perfect sipping rosé for this dish. White Zinfandel has a<br />

sweeter taste and is much milder than a drier Pinot Grigio<br />

Rosato or a wonderful Provence for example.<br />

Not just an eye-catching label! This vibrant pink wine has a<br />

sugar content 50% lower than most White Zinfandels. Young<br />

and fresh, chill this wine down and enjoy with our suggested<br />

pairing or chilled with friends in the summer sun.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


South Africa<br />

The Den Pinotage Rosé, Painted Wolf , Paarl £11.39<br />

This is a wonderfully dry, fruity rosé with delicate pomegranate and cranberry<br />

aromas complemented by subtle hints of rose petal. On the palate these are joined<br />

by savoury, almost biscuity flavours underlined by crisp acidity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

USA<br />

x6<br />

Island Fox Zinfandel Rosé, California £7.64<br />

A beautifully fruity, sweet wine bursting with raspberries, redcurrants and a hint of<br />

melon. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Terrazzo Zinfandel Rosé, California £7.80<br />

The perfect sipping rosé for both hot summer days and cooler winter nights.<br />

Raspberry, strawberry and sweet melon fruit make this wine juicy and hugely<br />

enjoyable. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Falling Petal Zinfandel Rosé, California £8.01<br />

Falling Petal Zinfandel Rosé conjures up summer in every sip with its delicious<br />

flavours of red fruits and peach. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé, California £8.23<br />

Arapala Sky Zinfandel Rosé, Quarter £2.32<br />

Soft strawberry and watermelon flavours combine with a balanced sweetness and a<br />

clean finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

88<br />


New <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

South Africa<br />

We are delighted to introduce you to our 20<br />

new wines from 6 different countries. From the<br />

superb Lyme Bay Rosé Reserve from our local<br />

Devon <strong>Wine</strong>ry to our brand-new Rivalry range,<br />

crafted by Riebeek Cellars in South Africa,<br />

who we have partnered with for many years.<br />

Our wine team are super excited about the new<br />

additions and can’t wait to introduce them to<br />

your menus.<br />

Graham Beck Brut | South Africa<br />

This delightful sparkling wine exudes light yeasty aromas,<br />

limey fresh fruit on the nose and rich creamy complexity on<br />

the palate.<br />

South Africa<br />

Graham Beck Brut Rosé | South Africa<br />

Bursting with flavours of freshly crushed berries and hints of<br />

oyster shell. Flirtatious and fun, yet elegant and structured,<br />

it’s perfect for all seasons and settings.<br />


NEW<br />

Australia<br />

England<br />

De Bortoli AUS Estate Chardonnay | Australia<br />

Soft, lightly oaked and vibrantly fruity Chardonnay made<br />

by 4th generation family producers, De Bortoli. It has lifted<br />

aromas of ripe peach complemented with vanilla oak. The<br />

palate is soft and creamy and exhibits ripe stone fruits. It<br />

has integrated oak and a gentle acid nuance for a very long<br />

finish.<br />

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve | England<br />

Rich and expressive rose with red fruit and a creamy,<br />

lightly spiced finish from subtle oak. Partially fermented in<br />

French oak barriques and then aged for a further 8 months,<br />

resulting in a rich and complex style of rosé.<br />

Australia<br />

France<br />

De Bortoli AUS Estate Shiraz | Australia<br />

Fresh, fruity Shiraz made by 4th generation family<br />

producers De Bortoli. Bright red with crimson hues. A<br />

youthful medium-bodied Shiraz that exhibits juicy berry fruit<br />

flavours with layers of spice and a soft tannin finish. Gentle,<br />

yet generous.<br />

Château de Barbe Blanche | France<br />

Made using fruit from 30-year-old vines atop one of the<br />

highest plateaus in St Emilion, the Merlot brings red fruit<br />

aromas and silkyness whereas the Cabernet Franc gives<br />

freshness and tannins. Barrel ageing softens the wine and<br />

its tannins to a velvety touch in the mouth, while bringing<br />

tantalising hints of oak to an already complex wine.<br />

90<br />


France<br />

Italy<br />

Château de Cruzeau | France<br />

Delicious notes of pear and green apple create an<br />

exceptionally smooth and flavourful palate. This wine is<br />

fresh, well-balanced and is lifted by the noticeably light,<br />

well integrated oak. This leads to a wine that has plenty of<br />

drinkable appeal.<br />

Gavi La Lancellota | Italy<br />

This is an elegant and fresh Gavi, easy-drinking but<br />

with depth of flavour. Zesty citrus fruit and lightly floral<br />

characters with hints of apple and pear. Fresh, steely acidity<br />

and underlying mineral characters, balanced by notes of<br />

melon and stone fruit, and a touch of fennel.<br />

Italy<br />

France<br />

Soave Classico Suavia | Italy<br />

Fresh fragrances of fruits and white flowers accompanied<br />

by vegetal and mineral notes. Juicy and balanced salinity<br />

combines with freshness and softness.<br />

Vallet Freres Bourgogne Pinot Noir | France<br />

Textbook Burgundian Pinot Noir, balanced and elegant.<br />

Earthy, strawberry fruit and a light pepperiness on the nose.<br />

Mouthwatering acidity balances the moderate gentle ripe<br />

tannins and elegant, pure, somewhat savoury red fruit.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


NEW<br />

France<br />

France<br />

Langlois Chateau "LC" Cremant Blanc | France<br />

An elegant sparkler full of quince, peach and grapefruit.<br />

Delicate bubbles and immense freshness make this a very<br />

versatile wine. Langlois-Chateau has been recognized as<br />

one of the finest sparkling wine producers, owned by the<br />

Bollinger Family since 1973.<br />

Petit Guiraud Sauternes | France<br />

Airy, delicate and very zesty fresh with notes of lemon, dried<br />

apricot and pink grapefruit. This wine is pure indulgence for<br />

totally uninhibited drinking.<br />

Spain<br />

Spain<br />

Azabache White Barrel Fermented | Spain<br />

Characteristic aromas of plush white flowers, mature exotic<br />

fruit combined with a touch of apple. followed by toasted<br />

hints and a rich, elegant finish. An outstanding white Rioja<br />

that punches well above its weight.<br />

Glorioso Rioja Gran Reserva | Spain<br />

Intense and elegant with notes of blueberries and red forest<br />

fruits. Due to its aging in French oak, delicate aromas of<br />

menthol and cedar appear with a mineral finish that gives it<br />

personality. It is dense, well balanced, with fine and polished<br />

tannins and a long finish.<br />

92<br />


South Africa<br />

South Africa<br />

Rivalry Chardonnay | South Africa<br />

Intense aromas of ripe apple, lime and pear with hints of<br />

tropical fruit. Bright and steely dry, the fruit is balanced by<br />

zesty acidity that refreshes the palate with a lingering finish.<br />

Rivalry Chenin Blanc | South Africa<br />

This is a lean white wine with passion fruit, flint and lemon<br />

flavors, subtle bitterness, and saltiness on the finish.<br />

South Africa<br />

South Africa<br />

Rivalry Sauvignon Blanc | South Africa<br />

Delicate green flavours with hints of tropical fruit on a crisp,<br />

dry finish. Due to warm, dry conditions in the Swartland,<br />

this Sauvignon Blanc is a more tropical style. It has delicate<br />

green notes, complimented by yellow-stone and tropical<br />

fruit, a touch of minerality and a crisp, lively acidity.<br />

Rivalry Shiraz | South Africa<br />

Intense and elegant with notes of blueberries and red forest<br />

fruits. Due to its aging in French oak, delicate aromas of<br />

menthol and cedar appear with a mineral finish that gives it<br />

personality. It is dense, well balanced, with fine and polished<br />

tannins and a long finish.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


94NEW<br />

94<br />

Greece<br />

Moderne Allegorie Assyrtiko | Greece<br />

This is a lean white wine with passion fruit, flint and<br />

lemon flavours, subtle bitterness, and saltiness on the<br />

finish. It is crisp and refreshing, great for sharing on<br />

a summer’s day. For those not aware, the Assyrtiko<br />

grape is to Greece what Albarino is to Spain.

Italy<br />

Italy<br />

Della Vite Prosecco Rosé Millesimato | Italy<br />

Elegant, pale coral pink in colour with an aromatic<br />

nose of freshly crushed wild berries and rhubarb.<br />

A bright, clean palate with delicate fruit flavours<br />

balanced by a creamy texture and fine bubbles,<br />

leading to a long, smooth finish.<br />

Della Vite Superiore | Italy<br />

Rich and extra-dry with a highly mineral palate and<br />

a lingering finish. Hints of crostini and chamomile<br />

combine with poached pear, spiced apple, white<br />

peach and star anise.<br />

www.staustellwines.co.uk<br />


Red<br />

96<br />


Contents<br />

Argentina 98<br />

Australia 99<br />

Chile 104<br />

France 110<br />

Germany 120<br />

Italy 120<br />

Lebanon 124<br />

New Zealand 124<br />

Portugal 125<br />

Romania 126<br />

South Africa 127<br />

Spain 130<br />

USA 137<br />


Argentina - Malbec<br />

x6<br />

No.10 Malbec, Mendoza £8.27<br />

Bold, rich and spicy in style. A classical youthful Malbec, with juicy blueberry and<br />

blackberry flavours. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Tamari Malbec, Mendoza £9.00<br />

Soft red fruit notes with elegantly smooth tannins and a lingering finish. A great<br />

example of Argentina’s hallmark red wine. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

The Butcher of Buenos Aires Malbec, Mendoza £9.09<br />

Attractive notes of sweet black cherry and a silky smooth mouthfeel. Not a heavy<br />

Malbec but one designed to be versatile with food yet easy enough to drink on its<br />

own. (s) (sc)<br />

Camarada Seleccion Malbec, Mendoza £9.19<br />

A rich red, brimming with lush blueberry and blackberry aromas with smooth<br />

chocolatey flavours and a long spicy finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Waqi Malbec, Mendoza £9.96<br />

Bright ruby colour. Dry, medium-bodied with flavours of plums, cherries and sweet<br />

spice. (vg) (s) (e) (sc)<br />

Blue Horn Malbec, Mendoza £10.67<br />

Rounded and powerful with flavours of forest fruits, bilberry, and spice. Rich and<br />

jammy. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Trueno Malbec, Mendoza £12.92<br />

Ruby red with notes of raisins, chocolate, coffee, tobacco and caramel. Smooth and<br />

well-balanced, purity of red and blackberry fruits and a lingering finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Apelación Malbec, Zuccardi, Uco Valley £17.29<br />

Bold fruity flavours are offset against great acidity that provides freshness and<br />

minerality. (vg) (s)<br />

98<br />


The Butcher of Buenos Aires Malbec,<br />

Mendoza<br />

our<br />

pick!<br />

The Butcher of Buenos Aires is a nod to Marcos the<br />

Butcher who introduced us to this family winery nestled<br />

high in the Uco Valley in Mendoza. The vines grow at an<br />

altitude of between 850m and 1400m, which helps lock<br />

in an abundance of fresh red fruit flavours while keeping<br />

tannin levels low. Their winemaker has worked at Châteaux<br />

Margaux and Mouton-Rothschild, bringing old world<br />

knowledge to new world vines. This is a great mediumbodied<br />

Malbec, super versatile, it will be the perfect match<br />

for most dishes, like grilled steaks and charcuterie.<br />

£9.09<br />

Argentina - Malbec<br />

Terrazas Reserva Malbec, Mendoza £19.97<br />

Full-bodied yet, underpinned by sweet and round tannins. This wine has a juicy<br />

finish reminiscent of red and black fruit that provides freshness. (v) (s)<br />

Argentina - Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Terrazas Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza £20.14<br />

Intensely spicy with a fruity nose and silky palate. This wine has remarkable ripeness<br />

and a great natural acidity. (v) (s)<br />

Australia<br />

x6<br />

McGuigan Black Label Red, South East Australia £9.23<br />

Cherry red in color, with crimson hues, the McGuigan Black Label Red delivers<br />

intense aromas of black fruits with notes of spicy oak. The palate is smooth<br />

and displays sweet ripe berries and cherries, and spice, with good length and<br />

complexity. (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Familia<br />

Falasco<br />

Familia Falasco, is one of Argentina’s leading<br />

family-owned wineries. Today the fourth<br />

generation continues the story that began in<br />

1939 with Haroldo Santos Falasco, known as<br />

‘Don Lolo’.<br />

He would wheel his bicycle through the streets of<br />

his small hometown of Chacabuco, 200km west<br />

of Buenos Aires, selling his wines from the basket<br />

on the front of his bike. Eighty years later, Franco<br />

Falasco, along with his siblings, are responsible for his<br />

grandfather’s legacy; creating wines of excellence and<br />

quality for the world to enjoy.<br />

The vineyards are planted at premium high-altitude<br />

sites in Mendoza, with most grapes sourced from<br />

the Uco Valley, the greatest wine producing region<br />

in Mendoza. Here the vineyards can be planted up to<br />

1500 meters above sea level. The micro-climate here<br />

has chilly winters and hot, dry summers with cool<br />

nights. Vines are nourished by meltwater from snow<br />

on the Andes Mountains and grapes produce wines<br />

of great character and freshness. Malbec finds its<br />

greatest and most authentic expression here.<br />

Trueno Malbec,<br />

Mendoza<br />

Ruby red with notes of raisins,<br />

chocolate, coffee, tobacco<br />

and caramel. Smooth and<br />

well-balanced, purity of red<br />

and blackberry fruits and a<br />

lingering finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£12.92<br />

100<br />


McGuigan Black Label Red,<br />

South East Australia<br />

our<br />

pick!<br />

Cherry red in colour, with crimson hues, the McGuigan<br />

Black Label Red delivers intense aromas of black fruits<br />

with notes of spicy oak. The palate is smooth and<br />

displays sweet ripe berries and cherries, and spice,<br />

with good length and complexity. (s) (sc)<br />

£9.23<br />

Australia - Shiraz<br />

x6<br />

Arapala Sky Shiraz, South East Australia £8.55<br />

Aromas of blackcurrants and bramble fruits combine with spicy berry fruit flavours<br />

and a soft, rounded finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Billycan Shiraz, South East Australia £8.59<br />

Here’s a juicy fruity Aussie red with balanced alcohol to give a deliciously easy<br />

drinking Shiraz. It’s time to rediscover just how good the wines from Down Under<br />

are tasting. (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Yallaroo Shiraz, South East Australia £8.76<br />

This is a fresh, juicy, fruity Aussie Shiraz laden with black forest flavours. Delicious<br />

and easy drinking. (s) (sc)<br />

De Bortoli Organic Field Blend Shiraz, South East Australia £10.89<br />

Enticing fragrant aromas of red fruits and white pepper. The palate exudes rich red<br />

fruits and blackberry notes. (vg) (s)<br />

Signature Series Shiraz, Robert Oatley, McLaren Vale £15.07<br />

Generous and appealing with Barossa’s dark fruits and black chocolate characters,<br />

soft tannins and lovely length of flavour. (v) (s) (e)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


De Bortoli <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

De Bortoli <strong>Wine</strong>s is an Australian institution.<br />

Established in 1928, by Vittorio and<br />

Giuseppina De Bortoli, the business has<br />

evolved into a global force over the last 95<br />

years. Today, the business is run by the<br />

fourth generation, with some of the fifth<br />

generation starting to join them.<br />

De Bortoli has become a standard-bearer for<br />

sustainability in Australia with the ultimate ambition to<br />

become a Zero Waste <strong>Wine</strong>ry.<br />

In 2005, De Bortoli conducted its first environmental<br />

assessment and tackled the issue of wastewater.<br />

This set in motion analysis of the entire operation,<br />

examining everything from viticulture to bottling<br />

through a sustainability lens.<br />

Their research-driven approach has led to many<br />

breakthroughs. They solved the wastewater problem<br />

by replacing the sodium used to clean tanks<br />

with potassium. The water could then be used to<br />

grow crops, the sale of which offsets the costs of<br />

wastewater management. When excess potassium<br />

became an issue, they developed the ‘De Bortoli<br />

Method’ that recycles the waste product to produce a<br />

cleaning solution.<br />

Alongside water and waste management, they also<br />

focused on energy efficiency, installing the largest<br />

solar panel initiative of any Australian winery in 2013.<br />

As of 2020, 6.2% of their Riverina vineyards are<br />

certified organic and they aim to increase this to 10%<br />

by 2025.<br />

In 2023, De Bortoli became the first Platinum Partner<br />

of New South Wales’ Sustainability Advantage<br />

program in recognition of its achievements. The work<br />

continues, reflecting the family motto, ‘Semper ad<br />

Majora’ - ‘always striving for better’.<br />

Aus Estate Shiraz De Bortoli,<br />

Riverina<br />

Fresh, fruity Shiraz made<br />

by 4th generation family<br />

producers De Bortoli. Bright<br />

red with crimson hues. A<br />

youthful medium-bodied Shiraz<br />

that exhibits juicy berry fruit<br />

flavours with layers of spice<br />

and a soft tannin finish. Gentle,<br />

yet generous. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.01<br />

102<br />


Australia - Shiraz<br />

Aus Estate Shiraz De Bortoli<br />

Riverina<br />

New<br />

Fresh, fruity Shiraz made by 4th generation family<br />

producers De Bortoli. Bright red with crimson hues. A<br />

youthful medium-bodied Shiraz that exhibits juicy berry<br />

fruit flavours with layers of spice and a soft tannin finish.<br />

Gentle, yet generous. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.01<br />

There is more to Australia than Shiraz...<br />

Regional Reserve Pinot Noir, De Bortoli, Yarra Valley £14.66<br />

Fragrant, complex and textured with enticing red fruits, violets and an autumnal<br />

spice. Wonderfully soft and supple. (vg) (s)<br />

Australia - Au Natural |<br />

with no elaborate treatment,<br />

dressing or preparation.<br />

Paxton Pollinator Shiraz, McLaren Vale £16.40<br />

A vibrant and fresh unoaked lively Shiraz. Plum and red berry fruit aromas entice<br />

on the nose and the palate delivers a vibrant mouthfeel, balanced with integrated<br />

tannins on the finish. All natural, biodynamic, organic and no added preservatives.<br />

(vg) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Chile<br />

x6<br />

Whistle Blower Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley £7.73<br />

Juicy red and black fruits on the nose such as cherries and blackberries. Good<br />

intensity, clean, young with a medium-body and soft tannins. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Chile - Merlot<br />

x6<br />

San Elian Merlot, Central Valley £7.59<br />

On the nose, aromas of black cherries, whilst on the palate, juicy red and black fruits<br />

combine with a medium-body and soft tannins. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Alta Baliza Merlot, Central Valley £7.74<br />

Aromas of mature fruits, red berries and some spiced notes precede rich tannins<br />

with a medium-body. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Santa Helena Merlot, Central Valley £7.96<br />

Soft, ripe, rounded and packed with plummy spice and red fruit flavours. A very<br />

gentle texture supports plenty of blackberry, bramble fruit. A real over-performer.<br />

(s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Villa Rosaura Merlot Reserva, Central Valley £7.97<br />

A deep violet red wine with mature red fruit aromas of plum combined with spiced<br />

notes. On the palate, rich, velvety tannins, a medium-body and a lasting finish.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Urmeneta Merlot, Central Valley £8.07<br />

Medium-bodied, soft tannins, with black fruit and sweet vanilla flavours.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

x24<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot, Central Valley £8.55<br />

Arapala Sky Merlot, Quarter £2.51<br />

Intense aromas of rich black cherry, plum and a hint of dark bitter chocolate ending<br />

in a long, smooth finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

104<br />


Perfect with...<br />

baked<br />

camembert<br />

Regional Reserve Pinot Noir, De Bortoli,<br />

Yarra Valley<br />

Fragrant, complex and textured with enticing red fruits,<br />

violets and an autumnal spice. Wonderfully soft and<br />

supple. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£14.66<br />

Chile - Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

x6<br />

Alta Baliza Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley £7.74<br />

Attractive aromas of berries with mature red fruits and spices. The palate<br />

demonstrates a firm body and lasting finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley £8.07<br />

Dark ruby colour, full of red fruit aromas, perfectly mixed with sweet vanilla and<br />

coconut notes. It has a fresh mouthfeel, medium-body, soft tannins and a long,<br />

pleasant finish. (s) (sc)<br />

Estate Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva,<br />

Viu Manent, Colchagua Valley<br />

£13.17<br />

Fresh red berries and blackcurrants on the nose with subtle notes of vanilla. Soft<br />

tannins lead to a long finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Viña Agustinos<br />

Agustinos <strong>Wine</strong>ry – Crafted from Nature<br />

Located in the Bíobío Valley, just 30km from the<br />

Pacific Ocean and with an abundance of volcanoes<br />

and rivers that flow through its vineyards, Viña<br />

Agustinos was conceived to produce wines of the<br />

highest quality in a context of total sustainability.<br />

To achieve that, the winery has incorporated<br />

environmentally friendly and minimally invasive<br />

practices into its processes, as well as constant care<br />

for its employees and their families. In this unique<br />

setting, the winery owns a 300-hectare estate where<br />

the natural soil, wind, rain, and temperature conditions<br />

combine to create the best terroir for the production<br />

of fine wines of singular characteristics.<br />

A fine example is the Agustinos Estate Malbec<br />

benefiting from the temperate Mediterranean<br />

climate of the Bíobío Valley, with warm days and cool<br />

nights. The soil is volcanic, sandy and rocky, with<br />

an abundance of organic river deposits that make<br />

it rich and fertile. This is the ideal location for such<br />

noble varieties that require a prolonged ripening<br />

period, which preserves the freshness and intensity of<br />

flavours and aromas.<br />

Agustinos Malbec,<br />

Bíobío Valley<br />

The wine has an intense deep<br />

cherry red-colour with aromas<br />

of blackberry and blueberry<br />

and delicate violet notes. The<br />

tannins are round and smooth<br />

with a lasting finish. This is<br />

a juicy wine with impressive<br />

balance and elegance. Ideal<br />

with steak, lamb on the bone,<br />

pasta in a rich sauce or mature<br />

cheeses. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.78<br />

106<br />


Beef Tacos<br />

Augustinos Malbec | Bíobío Valley<br />

The wine has an intense deep cherry red-colour with aromas<br />

of blackberry and blueberry and delicate violet notes. The<br />

tannins are round and smooth with a lasting finish. This<br />

is a juicy mouth-filling wine with impressive balance and<br />

elegance. Ideal with steak, lamb on the bone, pasta in a rich<br />

sauce or mature cheeses.<br />

Food<br />

pairing<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Pinot<br />

Noir<br />

Many people in the wine industry have a love affair<br />

with Pinot Noir and it is often described as the<br />

‘Holy Grail’ of grape varieties, but for others it is<br />

often misunderstood, “It’s a bit thin”, is one of the<br />

comments that we hear at tastings. This is, in part,<br />

due to the fact that the UK market has been flooded<br />

with powerful, blockbusting reds from the New<br />

World, so anything lighter can often get lost in a<br />

tasting line-up. If you like a red that is more delicate,<br />

elegant, and something you can have a couple of<br />

glasses over lunch without feeling the need to go for<br />

a snooze afterwards, then perhaps it’s time to give<br />

Pinot Noir a try.<br />

So why are Pinot Noir’s lighter than most other reds?<br />

Well, Pinot Noir is a particularly thin-skinned grape<br />

variety, and as colour and tannin are extracted from<br />

the grape skins in the winemaking process, thin<br />

skinned varieties like Pinot Noir produce wines that<br />

are lighter in colour, body, and tannin. The thin skins<br />

also make the grapes susceptible to extremes of<br />

temperature and weather, which means that Pinot<br />

Noir vineyards are usually planted in cooler regions<br />

and climates, once again aiding the production of<br />

a lighter style of wine. Now don’t take this lack of<br />

deep colour or lighter body to mean that the wine<br />

is somehow inferior, don’t even take it to mean that<br />

it has a less intense flavour. Just that it’s not always<br />

as obvious as its thicker-skinned counterparts and<br />

sometimes you just need a little bit of time with it to<br />

fully appreciate its delicate flavour profile.<br />

Top Tip: In the hot summer months, try putting your<br />

Pinot Noir in the fridge.<br />

Here we explore three very different examples of<br />

Pinot Noir, from vineyards located in the heights of<br />

the Andes to the grape’s heartland in Burgundy.<br />

France<br />

Vallet Frères Bourgogne Pinot Noir | Burgundy<br />

Vallet Frères was founded in 1864 and is now in the hands<br />

of the fourth generation of the family. Grapes are handharvested<br />

and sourced from several parcels from premium<br />

vineyard sites in the Meursault and Gevrey-Chambertin<br />

regions of Burgundy. Since yeasts are an expression of<br />

the individual vintage and vineyard, only the natural grape<br />

yeasts are used for the fermentation. The wine is then aged<br />

in oak barrels for 16-18 months, of which 20-30% is well<br />

toasted new oak. A pretty, translucent ruby colour with<br />

earthy, strawberry fruit and a light pepperiness on the nose.<br />

Mouthwatering acidity balances the moderate gentle ripe<br />

tannins and elegant, pure, somewhat savoury red fruit. This<br />

is a wine to truly savour and get to know over a few glasses.<br />

108<br />


Chile<br />

France<br />

El Viejo del Valle Pinot Noir | Central Valley<br />

Chile is usually thought of as being a hot country, but the<br />

higher you go into the Andean foothills, or the further<br />

south you travel into Patagonia, you can find plentiful cool<br />

climate vineyards perfect for cultivating Pinot Noir. ‘El Viejo<br />

del Valle’ or ‘The Old Man of the Valley’ is sourced from a<br />

small Hacienda in the Andes where glacial streams and pure<br />

mountain air allow the grapes to express their natural fruit<br />

characters. The result – a deliciously long, bright, textural<br />

Pinot. Summer fruits of redcurrant, raspberry and wild<br />

strawberries on the nose follow through to a juicy palate. A<br />

touch of oak adds spice and smoky complexity.<br />

Vieille Monnaie Pinot Noir | Languedoc<br />

A unique take on Pinot Noir from two growers' plantings in<br />

the sun-drenched vineyards of the Southern Languedoc. A<br />

small portion of the wine (around 15%) spends some time<br />

in oak to give added character and weight. This southern<br />

French example is fuller than Pinot Noir from Burgundy due<br />

to the additional heat and sunshine. It has a warm, rich nose<br />

with aromas of dark wild cherry and just a hint of toasty<br />

oak. The palate is nicely balanced with an exciting, savoury<br />

bitterness provided by ripe, tasty tannins.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Chile - Carménère<br />

x6<br />

Urmeneta Carménère, Central Valley £8.07<br />

A gentle, velvety wine. Spiced aromas of green pepper and some tobacco, whilst<br />

still remaining very fruity and fresh. (s) (sc)<br />

Chile - Malbec<br />

x6<br />

Agustinos Estate Malbec, Bío Bío Valley £8.78<br />

The wine has an intense deep cherry red-colour with aromas of blackberry and<br />

blueberry and delicate violet notes. The tannins are round and smooth with a lasting<br />

finish. This is a juicy wine with impressive balance and elegance. Ideal with steak,<br />

lamb on the bone, pasta in a rich sauce or mature cheeses. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Chile - Pinot Noir<br />

x6<br />

El Viejo Del Valle Pinot Noir, Central Valley £8.91<br />

Summer fruits of redcurrant, raspberry and wild strawberries on the nose follow<br />

through to a juicy palate. A touch of oak adds spicy complexity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Bordeaux - Entre Deux Mers<br />

Château Lamothe Castera, Bordeaux Supérieur £12.61<br />

Intense rubis colour. Explosive with aromas of red fruit and vanilla. Well-structured,<br />

rounded mid-palate, spicy, complex and approachable. (vg) (s)<br />

110<br />


Perfect with...<br />

beef<br />

burger<br />

Urmeneta Carménère,<br />

Central Valley<br />

A gentle, velvety wine. Spiced aromas of green pepper and<br />

some tobacco, whilst still remaining very fruity and fresh.<br />

(s) (sc)<br />

£8.07<br />

Bordeaux - Haut-Médoc<br />

Le Moulin Rose de Malescasse, Haut-Médoc, 2016 £22.47<br />

An aromatic nose of black and red fruits. Discreetly toasted, well-rounded and<br />

structured, it combines freshness with a rich, voluptuous style and is notable for its<br />

long, meaty finish, packed with raspberries and blackcurrents. (s)<br />

Château Fontesteau Cru Bourgeois 2016, Haut-Médoc, 2016 £22.83<br />

This 2016 boasts a very rich garnet colour. The nose is expressive, opening onto<br />

jammy aromas of red fruit such as cherry and redcurrant. The palate is ample and<br />

full-bodied with a tense, fresh structure. The tannins are silky and fine. This is a<br />

remarkably balanced vintage with a real force of character. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


André Lurton<br />

The Lurton name is synonymous with<br />

Bordeaux. André Lurton has made his own<br />

mark on the region - he was a true visionary<br />

who inherited Chateau Bonnet in 1953<br />

and subsequently was instrumental in the<br />

establishment of Pessac-Leognan. Over<br />

the years he grew the business from 30 to<br />

600 hectares, and it is now comprised of 5<br />

further estates.<br />

Now with Jacques, André’s son, as president and<br />

Jacques’s niece Mathilde de Caix Lurton at the helm,<br />

the business continues to innovate, with an increasing<br />

focus on social and environmental sustainability.<br />

Find me on page 114<br />

Find me on page 46<br />

112<br />


Andre Lurton<br />

Château de Barbe Blanche | Bordeaux<br />

Château de Barbe Blanche is situated in Lussac Saint-<br />

Émilion, Bordeaux. This estate, undergoing organic<br />

conversion benefits from the same exceptional claylimestone<br />

terroir as the great châteaus that surround it. The<br />

estate is currently in the process of converting to organic<br />

farming. Made like a Cru Classé with a high proportion of<br />

Cabernet Franc, it shows incredible silkiness and richness<br />

after only 3 or 4 years. Made using fruit from 30-year-old<br />

vines atop one of the highest plateaus in St Emilion, the<br />

Merlot brings red fruit aromas and silkiness whereas the<br />

Cabernet Franc gives freshness and tannins. Barrel ageing<br />

softens the wine and its tannins to a velvety touch in the<br />

mouth, while bringing tantalising hints of oak to an already<br />

complex wine.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Bordeaux - Lussac-St Emilion<br />

Château De Barbe Blanche<br />

Lussac-St Emilion<br />

New<br />

Made using fruit from 30-year-old vines atop one of the<br />

highest plateaus in St Emilion, the Merlot brings red fruit<br />

aromas and silkyness whereas the Cabernet Franc gives<br />

freshness and tannins. Barrel ageing softens the wine and<br />

its tannins to a velvety touch in the mouth, while bringing<br />

tantalising hints of oak to an already complex wine.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£22.95<br />

Château Mouton Rothschild<br />

Parcel<br />

Château Mouton Rothschild 1972, Pauillac, 1972*<br />

POA<br />

* Limited Availability<br />

Perfect with...<br />

roast leg<br />

of lamb<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1978,<br />

Bordeaux<br />

A well-structured wine with elegance and delicacy. Intense<br />

aromatics with earthy, smoky notes. Black fruits, cassis,<br />

cedar and oak on the palate. A wine to savour. (s)<br />

POA<br />

*prices quoted are net<br />

114<br />


Bordeaux - Margaux<br />

Château Palmer<br />

Parcel<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1960, Margaux, 1960*<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1964, Margaux, 1964*<br />

POA<br />

POA<br />

* Limited Availability<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1965, Margaux, 1965*<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1978, Margaux, 1978*<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1979, Margaux, 1979*<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1981, Margaux, 1981*<br />

Château Palmer, 3ème Cru Classé 1983, Margaux, 1983*<br />

POA<br />

POA<br />

POA<br />

POA<br />

POA<br />

Château Giscours<br />

Parcel<br />

Château Giscours, 3ème Cru Classé 1970, Margaux, 1970*<br />

POA<br />

Rich in tannins, dry, sophisticated and complex. Packed with fruits; blackcurrant,<br />

raspberry and red cherry, medium-bodied with subtle hints of wood. (s)<br />

* Limited Availability<br />

*prices quoted are net<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Burgundy - Beaujolais<br />

Terra Iconia Beaujolais, Beaujolais £11.86<br />

An abundance of intense berry fruits such as redcurrant, blackberry and blueberry.<br />

A subtle, floral peony fragrance lingers on the palate and combines with mineral<br />

notes and round, silky tannins to give a balanced glass with a lengthy, fruity finish.<br />

(vg) (o) (s)<br />

Cave des Grands Vins de Fleurie, Beaujolais £15.20<br />

Notes of slightly tart blackberries give this wine a nice balance. On the palate, the<br />

powerful, smooth tannins reinforce the succulent character of this Fleurie, which<br />

delivers a lovely, lingering finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Morgon Les Corcelettes, Louis Latour, Beaujolais £20.28<br />

Floral aromas with subtle hints of violet and blackberry prior to a full-bodied palate<br />

with ample fruit and silky tannins. (v) (s)<br />

Burgundy<br />

Vallet Frères Bourgogne Pinot Noir<br />

Burgundy<br />

New<br />

Textbook Burgundian Pinot Noir, balanced and elegant.<br />

Earthy, strawberry fruit and a light pepperiness on the<br />

nose. Mouthwatering acidity balances the moderate gentle<br />

ripe tannins and elegant, pure, somewhat savoury red fruit.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

£21.24<br />

Burgundy - Côte de Nuits<br />

Nuits-St-Georges, Louis Latour, Côte de Nuits £87.53<br />

Classic earthy character with a long and elegant finish showing a rich vanilla flavour,<br />

ripe cassis and black cherry fruit aromas. (vg) (s)<br />

116<br />


Burgundy - Côte de Beaune<br />

Aloxe-Corton, Louis Latour, Côte de Beaune £73.55<br />

Intense cherry aromas with notes of liquorice with discreet tannins, a subtle<br />

earthyness and gentle spice. (v) (s)<br />

Southern Rhône<br />

La Cigaliere Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône £10.04<br />

A rounded, well-balanced wine with a long, fruity finish. Soft body without excess<br />

tannins. (vg) (s)<br />

Côtes du Rhône Rouge, M. Chapoutier, Côtes du Rhône £12.51<br />

An intense wine made mainly from Grenache and Syrah, with notes of blackcurrant<br />

and raspberry, complemented by hints of white pepper. The wine is juicy, powerful<br />

and fruity, with lovely roasted notes and silky, delicate tannins. (vg) (s)<br />

Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Colombo & Fille, Côtes du Rhône £13.93<br />

A bright and seductively fruity wine packed with red fruit characters, well-rounded<br />

tannins and balanced acidity. (s)<br />

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Colombo & Fille, Châteauneuf-du-Pape £47.65<br />

A big wine intense colour, nose and palate. Ripe fruit and gingerbread spice with<br />

herbaceous notes. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Northern Rhône<br />

Crozes Hermitage La Petite Ruche, M. Chapoutier, Crozes Hermitage £22.25<br />

Red fruits, blackcurrant and raspberry aromas, fresh and rounded with a baked fruit<br />

note on the palate. (vg) (s)<br />

Saint Joseph, Colombo & Fille, Saint Joseph £24.27<br />

From hand-harvested Syrah, the result is a wine with wonderful richness and a<br />

dense full-bodied structure with blackberry, cherry and clove notes. (vg) (s)<br />

France - Languedoc<br />

x6<br />

Cuvée Prestige Red, Languedoc £8.83<br />

Berry fruit flavours with notes of aromatic herbs like thyme and laurel. Rounded and<br />

well balanced. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

France - Merlot<br />

x6<br />

Tout un Fromage Merlot, Languedoc £8.30<br />

Deep garnet colour with vibrant plummy and blackberry fruit that fills the mouth.<br />

Soft and supple on the palate, with ripe, rounded fruit and a lovely, juicy finish.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Patriarche Merlot, Languedoc £9.51<br />

Initial aromas of black fruits are followed by spicy notes. The palate is silky and<br />

well-rounded with good tannins and a long length. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

118<br />


Perfect with...<br />

stuffed<br />

mushrooms<br />

Daguet De Berticot Merlot,<br />

Côtes de Duras<br />

A light supple Merlot that takes its cue from many<br />

traditional light wines made in neighbouring Bordeaux.<br />

(sc) (s)<br />

£10.19<br />

France - Merlot<br />

La Croix Grenache Merlot, Languedoc £9.41<br />

Coming from low yielding fruit, this wine has flavours of red and blackberry fruit,<br />

dried herbs as well as a racy acidity. The Merlot adds some softness and roundness<br />

in the mid-palate and a ripe juicy finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Daguet De Berticot Merlot, Côtes de Duras £10.19<br />

A light supple Merlot that takes its cue from many traditional light wines made in<br />

neighbouring Bordeaux. (sc) (s)<br />

France - Syrah Grenache<br />

Laurent Miquel Syrah Grenache, Languedoc £10.11<br />

Typical Southern French blend with dominant spicy syrah and juicy full grenache.<br />

This wine offers a ripe nose of red fruits, with delcious mocha herbs and spices. The<br />

pallet is mellow with intense berry flavour and characteristic rosemary, thyme and<br />

floral notes. (vg) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


France - Cinsault<br />

Selon Létang Cinsault, Languedoc £8.86<br />

Unoaked, vibrant redcurrant and raspberry fruit with a wild, delicately tannic<br />

herbaceous edge. (vg) (s)<br />

France - Pinot Noir<br />

Vieille Monnaie Pinot Noir, Languedoc £10.11<br />

Fuller than Pinot Noir from Burgundy, it has a warm, rich nose with aromas of dark<br />

wild cherry and just a hint of toasty oak. The palate is nicely balanced with an<br />

exciting, savoury bitterness provided by ripe, tasty tannins. (s)<br />

Valmoissine Pinot Noir, Louis Latour, Côteaux du Verdon £15.97<br />

Fresh strawberry aromas with hints of cherry and nutmeg with supple tannins and<br />

balanced acidity. (v) (s)<br />

Germany - Pinot Noir<br />

Walt Pinot Noir, Pfalz £11.81<br />

Elegant, light and fruity with ripe red berries and hints of spice. (s) (sc)<br />

Italy<br />

x6<br />

Tramonto Red, Bardolino £6.77<br />

Hints of plum and cherry aromas. Good intensity, fresh and young. Juicy red fruits<br />

with smooth tannins and a balanced acidity. A soft, easy and approachable wine<br />

with a well rounded finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

120<br />


Italy - Puglia<br />

Vita Sangiovese, Puglia £8.29<br />

Red wine with some classic Sangiovese character; crisp cherry and raspberry fruit<br />

with ripe tannins and a wave of refreshing acidity on the finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

Giorgio & Gianni Negroamaro, Puglia £7.95<br />

Intense with ripe fruit aromas and hints of oak. Round full-bodied with rich toasted<br />

oak flavours. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Gran Rosso Primitivo-Negroamaro, Puglia £8.59<br />

Intense, full and complex with dark chocolate and black cherry character. A<br />

wonderful food wine with plenty of body and structure for hearty dishes. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Vitis Nostra Primitivo, Puglia £8.95<br />

Red fruit with delicate hints of ripe cherry. Well balanced sweetness and acidity.<br />

This wine is characterised by a sweet finish. (v) (s)<br />

pizza<br />

Perfect with...<br />

Vita Sangiovese,<br />

Puglia<br />

Red wine with some classic Sangiovese character; crisp<br />

cherry and raspberry fruit with ripe tannins and a wave of<br />

refreshing acidity on the finish. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.95<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Italy - Puglia<br />

Casa Vinironia Appassimento, Puglia £9.51<br />

A full-bodied soft wine giving characteristic notes of ripe plum and raisins. Oak<br />

ageing adds to the intensity with pleasing notes of spice and vanilla. (vg) (s)<br />

Italy - Sicily<br />

Italy - Abruzzo<br />

Miopasso Nero d’Avola Appassimento , Sicily £10.86<br />

Intense bouquet with deep notes of dark cherries, damsons and blackcurrants.<br />

The palate is powerful yet approachable, with silky smooth tannins, great depth of<br />

flavour and layers of complexity. (vg) (s)<br />

x6<br />

Montepulciano Tor Del Colle Limited Edition, Abruzzo £8.84<br />

Intense and concentrated on the nose with cherry flavours and notes of blackberries<br />

and liquorice. Dry and herbaceous on the palate, rounded and mouthfilling. (vg) (s)<br />

Italy - Tuscany<br />

Volpetto Chianti, Tuscany £10.29<br />

A lively and intense Chianti. Red plum and fig with a splash of cherry tart, this is<br />

well-structured, full-bodied and great with red meats and pastas. (vg) (s)<br />

Volpetto Chianti Riserva, Tuscany £12.06<br />

A complex wine with a deep intensity of fruit and a long powerful finish. Well<br />

structured and full-bodied. (vg) (s)<br />

Chianti Classico, Castello di Albola, Tuscany £14.84<br />

A classic, quintessential Chianti Classico. Aromas of fruit cake, subtle spice, violet,<br />

cherry and leather flavours. (s)<br />

Rocca di Montemassi, Tuscany £30.72<br />

This superb Tuscan is ruby red with garnet reflections and displays notes of<br />

blackcurrants, tobacco and spices. Full bodied, medium tannins, well-balanced with<br />

a long finish. (s)<br />

122<br />


Castello<br />

di Albola<br />

Castello di Albola is a medieval village<br />

located in Tuscany in the heart of Chianti: an<br />

area supremely well-suited to wine growing<br />

and appreciated all over the world for its<br />

prestigious wines.<br />

Castello di Albola's vineyards are planted among the<br />

highest hills of Chianti Classico, up to 700m, where<br />

the weather is cooler. This helps produce wines that<br />

are fresher, with lighter tannins.<br />

The Estate covers 900 hectares and the vineyards are<br />

surrounded by forests creating a unique microclimate.<br />

In September it can be 25-280˚C during the day but<br />

just 15-180˚C at night. This temperature variation is<br />

important for maintaining the acidity in the wine. In<br />

addition, the 109 hectares of vines are grown on steep<br />

slopes with North, South, East and West exposure.<br />

This allows different characteristics to develop in<br />

different vineyards.<br />

The Estate is steeped in history. Castello d’Albola is<br />

the name of the castle in the village of Albola and<br />

the estate can trace its ownership back to the 12th<br />

century. It has passed through the hands of some<br />

of Tuscany’s most important and influential noble<br />

families.<br />

The estate’s goal is to maintain a style and level of<br />

quality so that the wines reflect the authenticity of<br />

their historic cellars, where one can find fine wines<br />

that have been ageing for decades and yet still have a<br />

taste of almost unreal freshness.<br />

The high altitude, the diversity and suitability of the<br />

soils for wine growing and the perfect exposure form<br />

a unified whole, a ‘radiant jewel’ that shines with its<br />

own light against the glittering treasure trove that is<br />

Chianti Classico, with its sloping hillside vineyards,<br />

historic buildings and artistic treasures.<br />

Castello di Albola captures the essence of the<br />

Sangiovese variety with its often subtle and austere<br />

tones, capable of delighting all those who care to<br />

unlock its fascinating secrets.<br />

Grapes are hand-picked and carefully vinified<br />

according to the traditional fermentation method.<br />

After malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in<br />

Slavonian oak barrels for 10-12 months and then aged<br />

in bottle.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Italy - Piedmonte<br />

Cossetti Barolo, Piedmonte £38.47<br />

A wine of great class with long ageing, a garnet red with orange reflections that<br />

intensify over time. Intense aroma of red and purple fruits, the flavour is full and<br />

velvety, with a spicy finish. (s)<br />

Italy - Veneto<br />

Valpolicella Classico, Zonin, Veneto £12.76<br />

Aromas of wild berries and cherries precede a classic dry and smooth palate. A<br />

lighter style red, ideally suited to tomato-based Italian dishes. (vg) (s)<br />

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Zonin, Veneto £14.73<br />

A wonderfully rich and complex deep ruby-red wine with intense aromas of cherries<br />

and chocolate. Dry and robust on the palate with a fine and harmonious balance.<br />

(vg) (s)<br />

Amarone della Valpolicella, Zonin, Veneto £30.71<br />

Intense colour leads into an inviting bouquet of wild hedgerow berries. There is<br />

a velvety feel and masses of rich sun-dried fruit, spice and integrated balanced<br />

tannins. (s)<br />

Lebanon<br />

Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley £45.07<br />

Blood red in colour with a rich, fragrant fruit nose; mulberries, black cherries, plums<br />

with a hint of mocha. The palate is very intense and concentrated. It is full of volume<br />

and characterised by forest and black fruits with elegant spice. The tannins are soft<br />

and juicy and it has a lengthy finish. (vg) (s)<br />

New Zealand - Wairarapa<br />

Outnumbered Pinot Noir, Wairarapa £13.43<br />

This is a lively, young Pinot with ripe cherry and plum fruit flavours. Bright, ripe and<br />

fragrant, the inviting bouquet shows dark fruit and floral characters with subtle<br />

spicy complexity. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

124<br />


New Zealand - Hawkes Bay<br />

Esk Valley Merlot-Cabernet-Malbec, Hawkes Bay £17.26<br />

Full dark red, soft Merlot, firm Cabernet and ripe dark Malbec come together<br />

perfectly in this smooth integrated blend. (s) (e) (sc)<br />

New Zealand - Marlborough<br />

The Crossings Pinot Noir, Marlborough £18.05<br />

Finely poised aromas of red cherry, spice, raspberry and gentle smokiness. The<br />

palate is vibrantly intense with a full, rich and silky mouthful. (s) (sc)<br />

Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir, Marlborough £40.35<br />

Fine, silky tannins and juicy acidity provide an elegant structure, with complexity<br />

coming from gentle toast and woodsmoke characters. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

Portugal<br />

x6<br />

Coreto Red, Lisboa £8.46<br />

Coreto could easily be your favourite daily wine. Medium-bodied, smooth, balanced<br />

alcohol and tannins with fresh herbal notes and berry fruit flavours. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Alta Corte Red, Lisboa £9.10<br />

With a well defined garnet colour, it has enticing aromas, a full body and complex<br />

palate with notes of figs, cherries, and damsons. (vg) (s)<br />

x6<br />

Point West Touriga Nacional, Lisboa £9.30<br />

A high quality wine of intense colour, forest fruit flavours and subtle oak-spice<br />

notes. The power has been harnessed into a deliciously smooth style, but with real<br />

concentration of flavour. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Portugal - Douro<br />

x6<br />

Vega Red, Douro £9.69<br />

Rich, full-bodied but very smooth with delicious intense fruit and a complex,<br />

elegant finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Romania - Merlot<br />

x6<br />

Dreambird Merlot, Banat £8.06<br />

Vibrant, floral aroma of spiced plums, vanilla toffees and pepper. A silky, dryyet-fruity<br />

medium-body and a long, tangy raspberry finish with elegant tannins.<br />

Exceptionally tasty and nicely balanced for sipping at the table. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Romania - Pinot Noir<br />

x6<br />

Dreambird Pinot Noir, Banat £8.06<br />

Gorgeous red berries and plums, medium-bodied with a nice hit of acidity. Slightly<br />

smoky with a spiced cherry finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Frunza Pinot Noir, Banat £8.11<br />

Flavours of cherry, raspberry and plums. This Pinot Noir has a balanced acidity,<br />

medium-body and slightly spicy finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Perfect with...<br />

spaghetti<br />

bolognese<br />

Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir,<br />

Walker Bay<br />

Lovely strawberry-note aroma is transformed into a wine<br />

of consummate balance and elegance on the palate and<br />

finish. (v) (s)<br />

£48.44<br />

126<br />


South Africa<br />

x6<br />

Prime Cuts Red, Western Cape, NV £7.49<br />

A nose of pure crushed fresh raspberries with a palate of summer berries, cream<br />

and dark spice on the finish. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

South Africa - Shiraz<br />

Rivalry Shiraz<br />

Swartland<br />

New<br />

Rich and full-bodied with a subdued smokiness on the<br />

nose and a palate of ripe dark fruit, vanilla and cinnamon.<br />

Well-balanced and smooth, the aftertaste lingers with<br />

flavours of chocolate and spice. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

£8.46<br />

x6<br />

South Africa - Pinotage<br />

The Den Pinotage, Painted Wolf, Paarl £12.08<br />

An intense fruit-packed wine with notes of summer berries, savoury spice and<br />

toasty cedarwood flavours. The Den wines are comfort wines, and this wine delivers<br />

just that. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

South Africa - Pinot Noir<br />

Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir, Walker Bay £48.44<br />

Lovely strawberry-note aroma is transformed into a wine of consummate balance<br />

and elegance on the palate and finish. (v) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Women<br />

in <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Almudena Alberca<br />

With more than 17 years winemaking<br />

experience, Almudena Alberca MW<br />

combined her Master of <strong>Wine</strong> studies with<br />

her professional career in various wineries.<br />

She forms part of the current generation<br />

of the most nationally and internationally<br />

recognised young Spanish winemakers.<br />

In 2003 Almudena Alberca MW began her career as<br />

winemaking assistant in the winery Viñas del Cenit,<br />

in the DO Tierra del Vino de Zamora. From here she<br />

travelled to New Zealand to complete her training,<br />

eventually bringing all her wealth of knowledge and<br />

skills back to her homeland.<br />

In 2005 Almudena joined a project at its very outset,<br />

where she could gain first-hand experience of all the<br />

stages of development of a winery and its wines,<br />

taking charge of oenology at the winery in 2008.<br />

This was when she achieved the WSET (<strong>Wine</strong> &<br />

Spirit Education Trust) Advanced Certificate, the first<br />

step on the path of studies that would lead to her<br />

becoming a Master of <strong>Wine</strong> and the first woman in<br />

Spain to do so.<br />

became a dedicated winemaker. Almudena’s work in<br />

improving the quality of the wines obtained very good<br />

reviews from the national and international wine press.<br />

Almudena showed her versatility and multiple talents<br />

by working on these two, very different projects,<br />

as the two areas represented climatic extremes,<br />

managing to create wines of high-quality year after<br />

year.<br />

It was in 2015, that Almudena Alberca MW arrived<br />

at Bodegas Viña Mayor as Technical Director. She<br />

has been responsible for repositioning the winery,<br />

creation, design and relaunch of new products.<br />

Eight new wines bearing her signature were launched<br />

in the record time of 18 months, in addition to the<br />

production of wines in new D.O.s such as Valdéorras<br />

and Rías Baixas, where the group had not previously<br />

worked.<br />

Almudena is now the <strong>Wine</strong>making Director for<br />

Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos overseeing their diverse<br />

portfolio of wineries. She is involved in their many<br />

sustainability projects, including regenerative farming<br />

and biodiversity plans as well as the reduction of<br />

emissions and waste across the business.<br />

In 2010 she added wineries Dominio de Atauta<br />

and Atalayas de Golbán to her portfolio, where she<br />

128<br />


<strong>Wine</strong> maker: Gloriosa Rioja Gran Reserva<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Spain<br />

Pez de Rio Tinto, Carinena £7.88<br />

Dark cherry, blackcurrant and forest fruit flavours combine with earthy notes of<br />

sweet spice, offering a delicious and smooth glass of red. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

x6<br />

Nueve Vidas Merlot, La Mancha £7.89<br />

Silky soft Merlot with notes of cocoa and crushed black fruits. (s) (sc)<br />

Spain - Rioja<br />

x6<br />

1000 Milhojas Tempranillo, Rioja £8.42<br />

Well structured and full-bodied, the tannins are well-integrated giving a smooth, yet<br />

complex wine with a deep intensity of fruit and a powerful long finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Cormoran Tempranillo, Rioja £8.48<br />

Bright cherry red with masses of red berry fruit flavours leading into richer, warmer<br />

fruits with a hint of vanilla. Well-balanced, lingering and harmonious. (vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Tunante De Azabache, Rioja £8.49<br />

Aromas of red berries and vanilla follow through to a rich palate. Long-lasting and<br />

pleasantly complex on the finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Ermita de San Felices Selección, Rioja £10.80<br />

Light, elegant with plenty of summer-pudding red berry fruit. Light oak adds weight<br />

and concentration. The vibrant violet, cherry fruit is typical of good Tempranillo<br />

Rioja. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

130<br />


Spain - Rioja Crianza<br />

1000 Milhojas Crianza, Rioja £9.61<br />

Made from 75% Tempranillo and 25% Garnacha this is an open and friendly Rioja<br />

filled with vanilla spice and baked red fruit. Full-bodied but smooth enough to drink<br />

on its own. (v) (s) (sc)<br />

Cormoran Crianza, Rioja £9.71<br />

Dark cherry red. Clean with intense ripe fruit, liquorice and toasted notes. This wine<br />

is rich and rounded in the mouth with a lovely long finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Ermita de San Felices Crianza, Rioja £15.49<br />

Very smart, modern Rioja, with smoky, spicy fruit and enveloped by a neatly<br />

integrated silky oak overcoat. Fine concentration and power - a real overperformer<br />

in its class. (v) (s) (e) (sc)<br />

Spain - Rioja Reserva<br />

Glorioso Rioja Gran Reserva<br />

Rioja<br />

New<br />

Intense and elegant with notes of blueberries and red<br />

forest fruits. Due to its aging in French oak, delicate<br />

aromas of menthol and cedar appear with a mineral finish<br />

that gives it personality. It is dense, well balanced, with fine<br />

and polished tannins and a long finish. (s)<br />

£23.27<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Women<br />

in <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Laura I jalba<br />

Laura Ijalba co-owner of Santalba <strong>Wine</strong>ry,<br />

describes her winemaking career as her<br />

lifestyle, culture and roots.<br />

Laura began her journey with the winery 13 years ago,<br />

as a young girl, with a visit to check the vineyards. She<br />

navigated the narrow roads in her small, red Suzuki<br />

Vitara, much to the surprise and slight intimidation of<br />

the vine growers. From that day she has never looked<br />

back.<br />

Her advice to women who would like to work in wine,<br />

“It’s different from anything else. <strong>Wine</strong> encourages<br />

us to socialise, it educates the senses and invites<br />

conversation. To make wine is easy but to make the<br />

best quality wines you must have passion as well as<br />

knowledge.”<br />

Laura studied business at Bilbao university, which has<br />

enabled her to undertake the finances, marketing,<br />

purchase management and wine tourism components<br />

of the winery. Her work doesn’t end there, she also<br />

oversees grape production, deals with the vine<br />

growers, and controls the vineyards during harvest.<br />

In addition, Laura has the enviable job of tasting all<br />

the wines produced to ensure they are true to the<br />

Santalba style.<br />

Laura has fond memories of attending wine fairs with<br />

her father Santigo and brother Roberto and mixing<br />

with the locals, telling stories and sharing good food<br />

and wine. Whilst she recognises that working so<br />

closely with family can be difficult, especially when<br />

you see more of them than your partner, she wouldn’t<br />

change it. She adores working on their family legacy,<br />

paving the way for future family members.<br />

Santalba is a family run winery established in 1964.<br />

It is known around the globe in five continents. It<br />

prides itself on producing high quality wines using the<br />

knowledge and passion that has been handed down<br />

through the generations.<br />

132<br />


Co-owner: Santalba <strong>Wine</strong>ry<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Spain - Rioja Reserva<br />

Azabache Reserva, Rioja £12.99<br />

Intense ruby red with an aged terracotta rim. Ripe fruit aromas laced with vanilla,<br />

chocolate and leather. Full-bodied red fruits with silky tannins and oak ageing that<br />

gives a long and lingering finish. (vg) (s)<br />

Ermita de San Felices Reserva, Rioja £17.84<br />

Intensely concentrated with blackberry fruit and wonderful enriching sweetness.<br />

Beginning to show meaty, gamey, leathery development with a finish that lasts<br />

forever. Fabulous! (v) (s)<br />

Spain - Ribera del Duero<br />

Viña Mayor Roble, Ribera del Duero £14.03<br />

Deep coloured with aromas of red and black fruits intertwined with light notes of<br />

toast from its time spent in oak barrels. Fresh, juicy and crammed full of berry fruit<br />

flavours along with a beautiful depth of ethereal spice. (v) (s)<br />

Viña Mayor Crianza, Ribera del Duero £18.80<br />

A deep ruby red. Intense juicy red fruits on the nose which explode in the mouth<br />

then melt into forest fruits, and well-integrated tannin. A hint of toasted oak and<br />

sumptuous texture. (v) (s)<br />

Our pick...<br />

our<br />

pick!<br />

Azabache Reserva,<br />

Rioja<br />

Intense ruby red with an aged terracotta rim. Ripe fruit<br />

aromas laced with vanilla, chocolate and leather. Fullbodied<br />

red fruits with silky tannins and oak ageing that<br />

gives a long and lingering finish. (vg) (s)<br />

£12.99<br />

134<br />


Hahn<br />

Family <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

Since 1980, the Hahn family has cultivated<br />

their hillside vineyards in Monterey County.<br />

Today, Hahn wines represent the family’s<br />

commitment to craft rich, supple wines<br />

which over deliver on quality yet are perfect<br />

for everyday enjoyment. Today Hahn Family<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>s are recognised as one of Central<br />

Coast’s leading family-owned, estate-driven<br />

& independent wine companies.<br />

Sustainable winegrowing is not only something<br />

they do at Hahn Family <strong>Wine</strong>s, it is integral to their<br />

business. Hahn were one of the first wineries in the<br />

area to have all estate vineyards certified under the<br />

rigorous Sustainability in Practice, or SIP certification<br />

program. This strict third-party program is the gold<br />

standard for sustainable vineyard certification in the<br />

USA. It challenges growers and wine producers to<br />

review, implement and amend practices impacting<br />

the earth, its people and future generations while<br />

offering buyers and consumers a trustworthy seal that<br />

guarantees conscientious quality.<br />

Known for being supple and accessible, the Hahn<br />

Founder’s Series wines are sourced from vineyards<br />

in California’s Monterey County and Santa Lucia<br />

Highlands where they make a Chardonnay, Pinot Gris,<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a GSM blend.<br />

Hahn GSM,<br />

California<br />

This wine is made from<br />

Grenache, Syrah and<br />

Mourvedre grapes (GSM). It<br />

is bright ruby with aromas<br />

of strawberry, raspberry,<br />

blueberry and white pepper.<br />

Enticing flavours of strawberry<br />

cream, red cherry, vanilla and<br />

tobacco, enhanced by a broad,<br />

rich midpalate and a delicate<br />

finish. (v) (s)<br />

£19.02<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


The Federalist<br />

Grown, aged and crafted in some of<br />

America’s most renowned regions with the<br />

same rebellious spirit that created a nation.<br />

These are distinctly American craft wines<br />

wrought with as much character and bold<br />

spirit as the famous American statesmen<br />

that don every bottle.<br />

Unshackled by the past, yet deep rooted in the ideal<br />

of “whatever I’m drinking should taste good dammit”<br />

and born from the virtues of every forward-thinking,<br />

hard-working, red-blooded American, this is The<br />

Federalist. To honour their Founding Fathers and their<br />

love of wine, they created a collection of varietals<br />

as big and bold as the men themselves. Thus, The<br />

Federalist was born. They began with their flagship<br />

Visionary Zinfandel featuring the man who pioneered<br />

The Federalist Party, Alexander Hamilton.<br />

They have since created a Chardonnay featuring the<br />

Statue of Liberty, a Cabernet Sauvignon featuring Ben<br />

Franklin, a Zinfandel featuring George Washington<br />

and a Honest Red Blend featuring Abraham Lincoln.<br />

Their newest edition to the Federalist family is the<br />

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Zinfandel from Mendocino<br />

County. Aged in real bourbon barrels for six months,<br />

this wine portrays Alexander Hamilton, who met his<br />

demise at the end of a smoking barrel in the most<br />

famous duel in American history. The Federalist <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

invite you to explore their collection of exceptionally<br />

bold wines and discover what it means to taste ‘A<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> With Principle’<br />

The Federalist Zinfandel,<br />

California<br />

Aromas of red fruits including<br />

plum and cherry with cinnamon<br />

spice. A good density, firm<br />

tannin structure and a long<br />

smooth finish. (v) (s)<br />

£21.81<br />

136<br />


USA<br />

Hahn <strong>Wine</strong>ry GSM, California £19.02<br />

This wine is made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre grapes (GSM). It is bright<br />

ruby with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and white pepper. Enticing<br />

flavours of strawberry cream, red cherry, vanilla and tobacco, enhanced by a broad,<br />

rich midpalate and a delicate finish. (v) (s)<br />

USA - Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Hahn <strong>Wine</strong>ry Cabernet Sauvignon, California £19.04<br />

Inviting red cherry and currant jam aromatics complement notes of vanilla and<br />

caramel. Chewy tannins frame hi-tone cherry and berry flavours that carry through<br />

the long, smooth finish. (vg) (s)<br />

The Federalist Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, California £28.59<br />

This bourbon barrel-aged red rests in charred oak, giving way to smoky vanilla<br />

notes along with its distinct berry aroma. (vg) (s)<br />

USA - Pinot Noir<br />

Hahn <strong>Wine</strong>ry Pinot Noir, California £19.04<br />

This wines’ bouquet charms with scents of red cherry, ripe strawberry, cola and<br />

spice. On the palate, soft mouthfeel complements flavours recalling plums and<br />

black cherry. Supple tannins and a dash of acidity end in a beautifully balanced,<br />

clean finish. (vg) (s)<br />

USA - Zinfandel<br />

The Federalist Zinfandel, California £22.29<br />

Aromas of red fruits including plum and cherry with cinnamon spice. A good<br />

density, firm tannin structure and a long smooth finish. (v) (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Dessert<br />

& Fortified<br />

138<br />


Contents<br />

Dessert <strong>Wine</strong> 140<br />

Port 141<br />

Madeira 149<br />

Sherry 150<br />


Dessert <strong>Wine</strong> - Australia<br />

Deen Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon, De Bortoli, Half, New South Wales £10.09<br />

De Bortoli Vat 5 is a perfect expression of botrytis: pure luminescent gold in colour,<br />

with intense marmalade and dried peel fruit flavours, plus the botrytis honeyed<br />

effect. (v) (s) (m) (sc)<br />

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat, Half, Victoria £14.98<br />

Bright amber gold with copper tints. Intense Muscat aromas and fresh raisin fruit<br />

backed by a hint of fortifying spirit and aged oak characters lusciously sweet.<br />

(vg) (s) (sc)<br />

Noble One Botrytis Semillon, De Bortoli, Half, New South Wales £23.39<br />

Perfect expression of Australian botrytised Semillon, this wine has a golden<br />

tawny colour and glorious aroma. Unctuous, viscous, concentrated sweetness.<br />

Extraordinary. (s) (m) (sc)<br />

Dessert <strong>Wine</strong> - France<br />

Petit Guiraud Sauternes 2016<br />

Sauternes<br />

New<br />

Airy, delicate and very zesty fresh with notes of lemon,<br />

dried apricot and pink grapefruit. This wine is pure<br />

indulgence for totally uninhibited drinking. (s)<br />

£15.77<br />

140<br />


Port - Walter Hicks<br />

Walter Hicks Western Hunt Ruby, Douro £15.26<br />

Stylish fruity nose, full of intense concentrated blackcurrant and cherry aromas.<br />

Full-bodied and firm, the palate is crammed with luscious black fruit flavours. (s)<br />

Port - Taylor’s<br />

Taylor’s Chip Dry White, Douro £31.20<br />

Pale, straw colour. Delicate nose combining fresh fruit fragrances with the mellow<br />

aromas and hints of oak of a traditional white Port. Fresh, lively palate, with good<br />

flavour and crisp, dry finish. (s)<br />

Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage, Douro, 2014/15 £23.02<br />

Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage, Magnum, Douro, 2012 £54.16<br />

Pungent aromatic nose with heaps of black woodland fruit, dark cherry and plum.<br />

Lovely clean, crisp freshness to the bouquet. The palate is rounded, smooth and<br />

perfectly balanced. Flavours of redcurrant, raspberry and blueberry in abundance,<br />

with a delicious hint of black liquorice. The finish is wonderfully long. (s)<br />

Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny, Douro £30.34<br />

Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of ripe berry fruit with a delicate nuttiness<br />

and subtle mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth and<br />

silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy flavours which persist on the long<br />

finish. (s)<br />

Taylor’s 2000, Douro, 2000 £76.77<br />

Taylor’s 2000, Half, Douro, 2000 £42.11<br />

Rich magenta colour. Powerful, intense, black fruit and cherry aromas with lovely<br />

fragrant aromatic notes. On the mouth this wine is in perfect harmony with<br />

beautifully balanced fruit and tannins. Rich, elegant, luscious black fruit flavours.<br />

Long rich finish. Very stylish. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


142<br />


Women<br />

in <strong>Wine</strong>:<br />

Julie Mortlock<br />

Even when she first joined De Bortoli, Julie<br />

never expected to become a winemaker. But her<br />

background and experience helped put her on the<br />

path.<br />

Julie grew up on a dairy farm and had ambitions to be<br />

a chef. Instead her passion for science kicked in and<br />

for the next ten years she became a self-confessed<br />

“dairy lab rat”, a qualified tester of cream and milk.<br />

She also developed an interest in cheese. She had<br />

begun looking for a change of pace and scene when<br />

a friend mentioned that wineries also employed<br />

laboratory assistants. The idea that wine and cheese<br />

went so well together appealed to her. She moved to<br />

Griffith and, shortly after, started in the quality control<br />

labs at De Bortoli <strong>Wine</strong>s.<br />

Julie became interested in winemaking after<br />

progressing to winemaker’s assistant (“doing the jobs<br />

they didn’t want to do”, she says) and began studying,<br />

firstly for a Bachelor degree in <strong>Wine</strong> Science and then<br />

another in <strong>Wine</strong> Business, both from Charles Sturt<br />

University. She began looking after all the white wines<br />

produced at Bilbul, then moved onto the reds and<br />

fortified wines.<br />

The fortified wines are a particular favourite. To add<br />

to her successes, Julie was shortlisted as ‘Sweet<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>maker of the Year’ in the 2016 International <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Challenge.<br />

“Selecting the best parcels of fruit to<br />

produce fortified wines that will age well and<br />

then tasting them from the barrel as they<br />

change overtime is a bit like watching a child<br />

grow up and mature,” she says.<br />

Pair<br />

Noble One<br />

with Crème<br />

Brûlée<br />

Julie Mortlock has been working for De<br />

Bortoli <strong>Wine</strong>s for more than 25 years. Not<br />

only is she a great cook, a sports fanatic<br />

and a keen tennis player with a mean<br />

backhand, she’s also Senior Red <strong>Wine</strong>maker<br />

at the Bilbul Estate and helps oversee the<br />

company’s extensive fortified wine portfolio,<br />

one of the largest and most diverse in<br />

Australia.<br />

Since 2000, she’s also assisted Darren De Bortoli with<br />

the iconic Noble One Botrytis Semillon. Given the<br />

success and responsibility, it might seem surprising<br />

that winemaking was not her first passion.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> maker: De Bortoli Family <strong>Wine</strong>makers<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Taylor’s<br />

Nestled among the lodges and cellars of<br />

Oporto, Taylor’s is one of the oldest of the<br />

founding Port Houses. Still family-managed<br />

to this day, Taylor’s is committed to producing<br />

only the finest Port wines of quality and<br />

character.<br />

Noted for their elegance and poise, as well as for their<br />

restrained power and longevity, Taylor’s Vintage Ports<br />

are blended from the finest wines of Taylor’s own quintas:<br />

Quinta da Vargellas, Quinta de Terra Feita and Quinta<br />

do Junco. These three iconic properties, each with<br />

its distinct geographic location and character are the<br />

source of Taylor’s inimitable house style. Taylor’s is also<br />

respected as a producer of wood aged ports and holds<br />

one of the most extensive reserves of rare cask aged<br />

wines.<br />

Taylor’s Vintage Ports are renowned for their<br />

massive structure and aromatic power, tempered by<br />

a characteristic understatement and restraint. The<br />

ultimate collector’s Port wines, Vintage Ports will age for<br />

decades in the cellar, slowly developing the elegance and<br />

harmony.<br />

The house is also known as the originator of Late Bottled<br />

Vintage, a style which the firm pioneered.<br />

Taylor’s 1985,<br />

Douro, Portugal<br />

Intense ruby colour, now just<br />

beginning to open out. Rich,<br />

complete, multidimensional<br />

nose, displaying elements<br />

of both youth and maturity.<br />

Aromas of ripe berry fruit,<br />

liquorice and butterscotch<br />

with scented violet notes. The<br />

palate is now quite smooth<br />

and round with velvety<br />

well integrated tannins and<br />

masses of rich figgy fruit<br />

flavour. Warm mellow finish<br />

full of rich jammy fruit. (s)<br />

£80.53<br />

144<br />


Port - Taylors<br />

Taylor’s 1985, Douro £80.53<br />

Intense ruby colour, now just beginning to open out. Rich, complete,<br />

multidimensional nose, displaying elements of both youth and maturity. Aromas of<br />

ripe berry fruit, liquorice and butterscotch with scented violet notes. The palate is<br />

now quite smooth and round with velvety well integrated tannins and masses of rich<br />

figgy fruit flavour. Warm mellow finish full of rich jammy fruit. (s)<br />

Taylor’s 1983, Douro £77.27<br />

Deep cherry, burgundy colour, fading at the rim. Rich, jammy harmonious fruit.<br />

Stylish, aromatic, concentrated flavours of raisin, chocolate and plum jam. (s)<br />

Taylor’s 1980, Douro £88.80<br />

Ruby, cherry red tones gently fading at the edges. Attractive fresh fruit and spice<br />

bouquet. Intense; surprisingly youthful. An elegant, nicely weighted and balanced<br />

wine. Firm full fruit flavours with a freshness that carries on through to the finish. (s)<br />

Taylor’s 1977, Douro £128.15<br />

Fresh nose, clean fruit with delicate floral notes. A wine with great complexity of<br />

fruit – berry and spice, dense, luscious and concentrated, yet with a soft, delicate<br />

finish which belies the inner strength. (s)<br />

Port - Dow’s<br />

Dow’s 1985, Douro £62.27<br />

Black fruits, smooth tannins. This mature Port is sweet & ripe on the palate. (s)<br />

Dow’s 1983, Douro £65.15<br />

Rich and raisiny, sweet and well structured. This wine will hold its own for many<br />

years to come. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Port - Warre’s<br />

Warre’s Otima 10 Year Old Tawny, 50cl, Douro £19.70<br />

This full bodied tawny is rich with flavours of coffee, dried fruit and rounded with<br />

hints of toffee and orange peel. Delicious. (s)<br />

Warre’s 2000, Douro £58.59<br />

Sweet with a syrupy caramel flavour and a great finish. (s)<br />

Warre’s 1985, Douro £74.35<br />

Rich and warming, dark fruit. Plums, figs and a hint of floral come together to create<br />

a long, lingering finish. (s)<br />

Warre’s 1980, Douro £66.15<br />

A combination of figs, coffee, chocolate and bold tannins. Good length with a<br />

lingering after taste. (s)<br />

Port - Fonseca<br />

Fonseca Bin No.27, Douro £21.38<br />

Deep youthful ruby colour. Intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry,<br />

cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of spice. The palate is full<br />

bodied and round, with a smooth velvety texture balanced by firm mouth filling<br />

tannins. The juicy black fruit flavours linger into the rich luscious finish. (s)<br />

Fonseca 2000, Douro £62.92<br />

Inky purple colour. Complete nose, with impressive depth and background,<br />

displaying the concentrated and opulent fruitiness which is the hallmark of the<br />

Fonseca style. (s)<br />

Fonseca 1997, Douro £78.49<br />

A very elegant, smooth and complete wine. Hints of tobacco and cedar wood spice<br />

– enormous depth. Lovely rich fruit and big tannins. (s)<br />

146<br />


Chocolate tart<br />

Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny | Douro<br />

Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of ripe berry<br />

fruit with a delicate nuttiness and subtle mellow notes<br />

of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth<br />

and silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy<br />

flavours which persist on the long finish. (s)<br />

Food<br />

pairing<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />

www.staustellwines.co.uk<br />


Port - Fonseca<br />

Fonseca 1985, Douro £86.39<br />

Huge ripe, rich, blackcurrant nose. Attractive, extremely powerful bouquet. Full,<br />

concentrated, powerful palate. Great richness, depth, complexity. Lovely intense<br />

chocolate and blackberry flavours. (s)<br />

Fonseca 1983, Douro £73.09<br />

Intense bouquet. Strong aromas and flavours of chocolate, prune and fig. Nice<br />

depth. Concentrated, rich and complex. Almost creamy. (s)<br />

Fonseca 1980, Douro, 1980 £75.17<br />

Rich ruby fading gently at the rim. Scents of spice, raisin and fruit cake. Soft, sweet<br />

and ever so slightly plump. Deep and rounded. Flavours of chocolate, spice and<br />

Christmas cake. (s)<br />

Port - Graham’s<br />

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage, Douro £18.44<br />

On the nose it is brimming with layers of dark fruits combined with herbal notes of<br />

fresh mint. On the palate it is full-bodied with flavours of cassis and has a long, firm<br />

finish. (s)<br />

Graham’s 1985, Douro £77.97<br />

Superb backbone and opulent, intense fruit. It is beautifully fresh and assertive on<br />

the nose, with perfumed floral aromas. Elegant and well-structured, this lovely wine<br />

will benefit from being kept in bottle for another few years but can be enjoyed now.<br />

(s)<br />

Graham’s 1977, Douro £89.89<br />

Rich complex fruit, powerful but well balanced. This Port is held in high regard. (s)<br />

Graham’s 2000, Douro, 2000 £65.40<br />

Graham’s 2000 Vintage is wonderfully smooth, full and rich, with fresh blackberry<br />

and red plum notes. (s)<br />

148<br />


Port - Graham’s<br />

Graham’s 1983, Douro, 1983 £67.12<br />

An explosion of luscious black fruit flavours ending with hints of spice and mint. It<br />

has exceptional balance and structure, and is intensely aromatic and full-bodied on<br />

the palate. (s)<br />

Graham’s 1980, Douro, 1980 £76.77<br />

This well-structured vintage was initially unfairly underrated but it has since<br />

established its great worth. It is a beautifully balanced wine with a long future ahead<br />

of it. (s)<br />

Port - Croft<br />

Croft 1977, Douro £81.86<br />

Ripe red berry fruits with harmonious tones of ginger and honey. (s)<br />

Port - Cockburn’s<br />

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby, Douro £18.75<br />

Lively light ruby colour. On the nose fresh and appealing youthful red fruit aromas<br />

such as red cherry and raspberry. Well balanced with soft fruity flavours leading to<br />

a long elegant finish. (s)<br />

Madeira<br />

Duke of Clarence, Malmsey Blandy, Madeira £17.56<br />

Deep golden brown colour with honey and raisins on the nose, rich full-bodied and<br />

soft textured; a great after dinner drink. (s)<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Sherry<br />

Tio Pepe Extra Dry, Palomino Fino, Gonzalez Byass,<br />

50cl, Jerez<br />

£21.26<br />

Good, classic nose, fresh, full-flavoured. Very dry and a little salty. Decent tang on<br />

the palate. Tight and pure with more body than many Fino’s. (s)<br />

La Gitana Manzanilla, Hidalgo, 50cl, Jerez £12.77<br />

Absolutely bone dry and utterly Andalucian. Salted almonds and sea spray with a<br />

clear, linear style. (s)<br />

Harveys Club Classic Amontillado, Jerez £17.43<br />

Plenty of toffee and raisins in a complex Christmas cake mix of dried fruit<br />

nuttiness. (s)<br />

Hidalgo Amontillado Napoleon, 50cl, Jerez £19.14<br />

Full and long on the palate with a rich hazelnut aroma. A nutty flavour which is both<br />

dry and refined. (s)<br />

Hidalgo Oloroso Faraón, 50cl, Jerez £19.51<br />

Penetrating rich walnut aroma and a full rich smooth flavour, yet dry. (s)<br />

Pedro Ximenez Triana, Javier Hidalgo, 50cl, Jerez £19.13<br />

The colour and complexity of molasses, it is complex, intensely sweet and rich with<br />

pronounced raisin flavours. A blockbuster of power and sweetness and irresistibly<br />

fascinating. (s)<br />

Croft Original Pale Cream, Jerez £18.99<br />

A pale dry blend of quality Fino Sherry, with the added depth of a cream. (s)<br />

Harveys Bristol Cream, Jerez £18.44<br />

A rich array of roasted nuts and raisins, with a subtle spicy finish. (s)<br />

150<br />


Alcohol Free<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Wild Life<br />

Botanicals<br />

Award-winning, dry and refreshing 0.5%<br />

ABV non-alcoholic sparkling wine with a<br />

fine bead of bubbles and an uplifting elixir<br />

of vitamins, minerals and botanicals – each<br />

chosen for their health properties as well<br />

as their flavour profile. 100% vegan, low<br />

in calories and every 125ml glass delivers a<br />

minimum 15% of your daily reference intake<br />

of vitamins and minerals - or put simply…<br />

Wild Life includes botanicals such as Damask Rose,<br />

Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Ashwagandha, that in<br />

traditional use are renowned for their antioxidant,<br />

anti-inflammatory, general wellness and moodboosting<br />

credentials. Damiana, an aphrodisiac, energy<br />

tonic and positive mood booster, is also included. Wild<br />

Life is further enriched with eight active vitamins and<br />

minerals which offer a multitude of health benefits<br />

including Zinc to support your body’s natural immune<br />

system, Niacin to reduce tiredness and fatigue,<br />

Vitamin B6 to bolster your mood and Thiamine to<br />

support your heart.<br />

152<br />


Non-Alcoholic - England<br />

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Nude, Cornwall £12.47<br />

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Nude, 20cl, Cornwall (sc) x12 £4.28<br />

Nude entices with vivid green hints, followed by a generous perfume evoking<br />

seasonal gooseberry, greengage and even young banana. On the dry palate are<br />

tickly, delicate Champagne-like bubbles encapsulating the freshness and zing of<br />

lime and mango. 0.5% vol (v) (o) (s)<br />

x12<br />

Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush, 20cl, Cornwall £4.28<br />

Blush pouts with juicy, wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded,<br />

mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard<br />

fruits such as crab apple and red apple. 0.5% vol (v) (o) (s) (sc)<br />

Lemon Spark<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 scoop of lemon sorbet<br />

3 dashes Bitters<br />

Wild Life Botanicals Nude<br />

Serving<br />

Suggestion<br />

Method<br />

Build in coupee glass and mix ingredients together. Garnish<br />

with lime zest and rosemary.<br />

Bubbles and Berries<br />

Ingredients<br />

lemon mixer<br />

3 spoonfuls of strawberry jam<br />

Wild Life Botanicals Nude<br />

Method<br />

Build in wine glass of your choice, mix ingredients together<br />

and top with Wild Life Botanicals Nude. Garnish with lemon,<br />

lime and strawberries.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Bag in Box <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

Stowells <strong>Wine</strong> Boxes Origin Price<br />

Zinfandel Rosé - 3 Litre U.S.A £33.26<br />

Jack Rabbit <strong>Wine</strong> Boxes<br />

Pinot Grigio - 10 Litre Italy £111.16<br />

White Zinfandel - 10 Litre U.S.A £100.89<br />

Tempranillo - 10 Litre Spain £103.39<br />

6 x 75cl<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc Chile £51.28<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio Italy £51.60<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay South Africa £52.04<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel U.S.A £49.56<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz Chile £51.16<br />

Jack Rabbit Merlot Chile £51.98<br />

12 x 18.7cl<br />

Jack Rabbit Chardonnay South Africa £29.12<br />

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio Italy £30.48<br />

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc Chile £30.79<br />

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel U.S.A £29.48<br />

Jack Rabbit Shiraz Chile £29.42<br />

Jack Rabbit Merlot Chile £30.25<br />

154<br />


Allergens explained<br />

As of December 13th 2014 a new law concerning allergens came into effect that significantly affects the<br />

hospitality trade. Here is an outline of the regulations and what you need to do about them.<br />

The law states that all retailers MUST have information on allergen ingredients that MUST either be:<br />

• Written up front (on a menu or menu board) without the customer having to ask for help.<br />

• Sign posted to where information can be found or obtained.<br />

• Sign posted to say that information can be obtained from a staff member.<br />

If information on allergens is provided by word (by a staff member), this must be consistent and verifiable i.e.<br />

a business must have in place a process to capture information from recipes or ingredient lists from products<br />

bought in and this must be made available to staff.<br />

Allergens found in wine:<br />

Sulphur Dioxide (s)<br />

The key allergen found in wine is sulphur dioxide. Some wines may also contain traces of milk or eggs which are<br />

used as fining agents. In essence, wine is exempt from the new laws because wine labels already adhere to wine<br />

regulations stating that sulphites, egg and milk need to be indicated if detected in the wine:<br />

It is obligatory to state on the label that a wine contains sulphites if it contains more than 10mg/l of sulphur<br />

dioxide. This is shown as “Contains Sulphur Dioxide” (or sulphites/sulfites). SO 2<br />

is used to a certain extent in the<br />

making of virtually all wine and is a by-product of fermentation, therefore virtually all wine contains this level of<br />

sulphites.<br />

Milk (m) and Egg (e)<br />

Casein is the principal milk protein used as a fining agent. If used it is mostly for white wine to get rid of a brown<br />

colour or for clearing cloudy wine. Egg whites are used in the production of fine red wines for fining as they<br />

gently absorb the harsh and bitter tannins.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>s which are fined with milk or egg products (detectable limits in the finished product at levels above 0.25<br />

mg/litre) should be clearly labelled.<br />

Fish (f)<br />

Isinglass, a particularly pure protein obtained from the bladders of sturgeon and other freshwater fish has been<br />

used for fining wine for centuries. It reacts with the excess tannins in harsh young red wines and is occasionally<br />

used to clarify white wines to be bottled without a final filtration. There is a noticeable trend away from the use of<br />

animal-derived products, mainly in the interests of vegetarians and vegans.<br />

What you need to do:<br />

It’s not as complicated as you might fear. To ensure your wine list adheres to the law, all you need to do is add a<br />

statement on your wine list saying “<strong>Wine</strong>s on this list may contain sulphites, egg or milk products. Please ask a<br />

member of staff should you require guidance.” However, you will have to ensure your staff are confident about<br />

which wines contain allergens. To help you do this, we recommend having a document or file available to staff<br />

showing all products and which allergens they contain. You can also check the back of the wine bottles where all<br />

allergen information will be shown, providing they are 2012 vintage onwards. Additionally, in wine staff trainings<br />

we suggest talking about wine allergens and showing where to find the information, so that everyone is aware.<br />

Lastly, if you have any further queries please speak to your SDM who will be able to help.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Responsible drinking<br />

Understanding alcohol percentages<br />

In this period of Government-led responsible drinking and increased awareness of health issues and alcohol<br />

consumption, it is important to know how many units of alcohol are in a glass of wine.<br />

It is a simple calculation of the percentage volume alcohol multiplied by the amount of wine in litres.<br />

Find out the exact units in your wine and for more information refer to the website drinkaware.co.uk<br />

As an example, the amount of units contained<br />

in a glass of 11.5% wine is as follows:<br />

Per 125ml Glass<br />

(0.125L x 11.5%)<br />

1.44<br />

UK Units<br />

Per 175ml Glass<br />

(0.175L x 11.5%)<br />

2.0<br />

UK Units<br />

Per 250ml Glass<br />

(0.250L x 11.5%)<br />

2.88<br />

UK Units<br />

Alternatively, the amount of units contained<br />

in a 14% wine is as follows:<br />

Per 125ml Glass<br />

(0.125L x 14%)<br />

1.75<br />

UK Units<br />

Per 175ml Glass<br />

(0.175L x 14%)<br />

2.45<br />

UK Units<br />

Per 250ml Glass<br />

(0.250L x 14%)<br />

3.5<br />

UK Units<br />

156<br />


Profit calculator<br />

To calculate your gross margin on retail price you need to multiply the excl VAT cost price by the relevant factor<br />

to achieve the incl VAT list price at the required margin.<br />

For example, to achieve a 60% margin on a bottle of wine that costs £5.75 excl VAT, simply multiply 5.75 by 3.001<br />

to give a result of £17.25 inc VAT.<br />

Margin % required<br />

on Retail Price<br />

Factor<br />

(20%)<br />

Example Cost<br />

(excl VAT)<br />

Example List Price<br />

(incl VAT)<br />

45 2.181 £5.75 £12.54<br />

50 2.400 £5.75 £13.80<br />

51 2.449 £5.75 £14.08<br />

52 2.500 £5.75 £14.37<br />

53 2.553 £5.75 £14.67<br />

54 2.608 £5.75 £14.99<br />

55 2.667 £5.75 £15.33<br />

56 2.727 £5.75 £15.68<br />

57 2.791 £5.75 £16.04<br />

58 2.858 £5.75 £16.43<br />

59 2.927 £5.75 £16.83<br />

60 3.001 £5.75 £17.25<br />

61 3.077 £5.75 £17.69<br />

62 3.158 £5.75 £18.15<br />

63 3.244 £5.75 £18.65<br />

64 3.333 £5.75 £19.16<br />

65 3.428 £5.75 £19.71<br />

66 3.530 £5.75 £20.29<br />

67 3.637 £5.75 £20.91<br />

68 3.750 £5.75 £21.56<br />

69 3.871 £5.75 £22.58<br />

70 4.000 £5.75 £23.00<br />

71 4.138 £5.75 £23.79<br />

72 4.285 £5.75 £24.63<br />

73 4.445 £5.75 £25.55<br />

74 4.615 £5.75 £26.53<br />

75 4.800 £5.75 £27.60<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Terms & conditions<br />

1. Terms of Payment<br />

Payment is due by you in full and cleared funds within such period or on such date as we specify to you.<br />

Otherwise, if we do not give you a specific date then payment is due on the 24th day of the month following the<br />

month the invoice is dated. Failure to pay any amount due to us by the due date or any circumstances which give<br />

us reasonable concerns about your solvency, shall entitle us to suspend delivery of any undelivered orders.<br />

If payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to charge you interest on the overdue amount at<br />

the rate of 3% per annum above the Bank of England’s base rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue<br />

on a daily basis from the due date until actual payment of the overdue amount. Any account falling overdue will<br />

not qualify for discount relating to the overdue amount and we reserve the right to withdraw without notice<br />

any discounts that have been allowed if payment is not made in full by the due date. All of our reasonable costs<br />

(including legal fees) incurred by us in collection of amounts due hereunder or in enforcing repossession under<br />

clause 5 below will be payable by you. In the event of any cheques or direct debit being dishonoured, we will<br />

charge you a reasonable fee to cover bank and administration costs. Any credit periods are granted at our<br />

discretion and can be amended, suspended or withdrawn by us at any time.<br />

2. Claims<br />

All goods should be examined at the time of delivery and any loss or damage signed for accordingly. If<br />

examination is impractical at the time of delivery, please sign delivery note “UNEXAMINED”. In any event St<br />

Austell Brewery must be notified of any discrepancies and/or breakages in deliveries received not later than the<br />

day following the day of delivery.<br />

3. Set-Off<br />

You shall pay us all amounts due in full without any set-off, counterclaim, deduction or withholding (except<br />

as required by law). We may at any time without limiting any other rights or remedies we may have, set-off or<br />

withhold any amount owing to us, or any company within our group, by you against any sum which we or any<br />

company within our group owe you.<br />

4. Insolvency<br />

Without affecting any of our other rights or remedies we may terminate this contract or suspend any further<br />

deliveries under these conditions with immediate effect and if the goods have been delivered but not paid for, the<br />

price shall become immediately due and payable, notwithstanding any previous agreement or arrangement to<br />

the contrary if;<br />

1. You become unable to pay your debts as they fall due, propose any voluntary arrangement or enter into a<br />

compromise or other arrangement with your creditors;<br />

2. An order is made or you become subject to a bankruptcy petition or become bankrupt;<br />

3. You become subject to a winding-up petition or go into liquidation or become subject to a petition for an<br />

administration order or upon the making of an administration order;<br />

4. You cease, or threaten to cease, to carry on all or a substantial part of your business;<br />

5. An encumbering party takes possession of, or a receiver or manager is appointed over any of your property or<br />

assets or;<br />

6. We reasonably believe that any of the events mentioned above is likely to occur and notify you accordingly.<br />

5. Risk & Retention of Title<br />

The risk in the goods shall pass to you upon delivery. However, notwithstanding delivery and passing of risk in the<br />

goods, title and property in the goods, including full legal and beneficial ownership shall not pass to you until we<br />

have received in cash or cleared funds payment in full for the goods delivered to you and any other goods which<br />

we have supplied to you in respect of which payment has become due. Payment of the full price of the goods<br />

shall include the amount of any interest or other sum payable under the terms of this and all other contracts<br />

between us and you under which the goods were delivered.<br />

158 www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Terms & conditions<br />

5. Risk & Retention of Title (continued)<br />

Until payment for the goods is received by us, you shall hold the goods on our behalf and shall store the goods<br />

separately from all other goods you hold so that they are readily identifiable as our property. If you sell the goods<br />

before we have been paid in full, you shall hold the proceeds of the sale on trust for us, and such sale is only<br />

authorised by us if it takes place in the ordinary course of your business. In the event of non-payment by you on<br />

the due date, we shall be entitled to enter your premises and take such measures as are reasonably necessary to<br />

recover the goods. We shall have absolute authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all or any<br />

part of the goods in which title remains vested in us. We shall be entitled to seek a court injunction to prevent you<br />

from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of the goods.<br />

6. Ownership<br />

Notice is hereby given that returnable bottles, cases and casks upon which a deposit may or may not have been<br />

charged are your responsibility. They will be credited in full when returned in good condition and their full value<br />

will be charged for if not returned.<br />

7. Availability of Stock, Vintages and Substitutions<br />

It is not always possible to ensure that stocks of wine in our list remain available until the publication of the<br />

next monthly amendment sheet or annual price list. If your order includes a wine which is either out of stock or<br />

discontinued we will select another wine as near as possible in style, quality and price. Similarly in the event of a<br />

vintage being out of stock the next available vintage will be sent unless we are instructed to the contrary.<br />

8. Prices<br />

All prices are quoted exclusive of V.A.T and are subject to market fluctuations, alterations in Customs and Excise<br />

Duties, and stocks being available. We reserve the right to alter any prices or specifications in accordance with<br />

these conditions at any time without notice to you and all goods are sold subject to prices and conditions ruling<br />

at the date of dispatch. All prices include delivery by our own transport providing that conditions stated under<br />

Clause 9 below are adhered to.<br />

9. Deliveries and Minimum Orders<br />

We reserve the right to state a minimum value and/or quantity for any orders to be delivered wherever deemed<br />

appropriate. All deliveries are made by our own transport. Approximate times and days of deliveries are available<br />

from St Austell Brewery or any of its depots.<br />

10. Warranty<br />

We warrant that on delivery our goods conform with their description and are of satisfactory quality (within<br />

the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979). All other implied terms are, to the fullest extent permitted by law,<br />

excluded from the contract.<br />

11. Contract Terms<br />

These terms and conditions apply to the contract between you and us to the exclusion of any other terms that<br />

you seek to impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.<br />

An order constitutes an offer by you to purchase the goods in accordance with these conditions.<br />

You are responsible for ensuring that the terms of the order and any applicable specification are complete and<br />

accurate.<br />

An order will only be deemed to be accepted by us when we confirm acceptance, either verbally or in writing, at<br />

which point a contract will come into existence. A contract constitutes the entire agreement between you and us.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Terms & conditions<br />

12. Stock Rotation and Returns<br />

It is your responsibility to rotate products so that the oldest is sold first. No credit will be given for out of<br />

date products nor will they be exchanged. No returns of WINES AND SPIRITS will be accepted other than in<br />

exceptional circumstances in which case authorisation from the brewery is required in advance. In the instances<br />

of BEER, CIDER AND MINERALS carrying an open date code, goods must be returned in complete packs, good<br />

condition and not of mixed dates and must have the major part of their available life to run. Guidance on this<br />

matter is readily available from us on request. We cannot guarantee credit on returns of other Brewer’s cask<br />

conditioned Ales and even where credit is given delays of up to 3 months should be expected. Cask conditioned<br />

Ales cannot be supplied on a sale or return basis. Returns of Draught <strong>Wine</strong>, Postmix Minerals and “Special<br />

Orders” will not be accepted. In the case of authorisation from St Austell Brewery being granted for the return of<br />

goods, due to overstocking, closing down or change of ownership we reserve the right to charge up to 20% of<br />

the value of the goods to cover costs of collection and administration.<br />

13. Exclusion of Liability<br />

St Austell Brewery Company Limited shall be under no liability whatsoever for loss or damage, death or personal<br />

injury howsoever arising other than for death or personal injury sustained by any person arising from the<br />

negligence of St Austell Brewery Company Limited or under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.<br />

14. Money Laundering<br />

For the protection of our customers, we operate a money laundering reporting procedure. In certain<br />

circumstances, information will be revealed by us to the appropriate authorities in relation to any suspicion of<br />

money laundering.<br />

160<br />


Notes<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


Notes<br />

162<br />


Designed and produced in-house at St Austell <strong>Wine</strong>s.<br />

Proudly printed in Cornwall.<br />

www.staustellbrewery.co.uk/wholesale<br />


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