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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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ATRIUM | DECKS 2–3 KÅRE TVETER 1922–2012 • NORWAY • OIL ON CANVAS Norwegian painter Kåre Tveter is known for his landscape paintings of winter and autumn scenery in pale white and soft pastel colors. With his minimal use of color and nuances of white, Tveter has become known as the “Painter of Light.” In his work, light becomes so much more than the transition between day and night—it takes its own meditative form and becomes a vessel for nature’s mysteries. Tveter’s motifs are primarily the poetry of light and the expression of personal feelings. What was most important to him was drawing out the essence of his experiences in nature, and he was particularly concerned with what he called “the inner light,” the light of the mind’s inner landscape. Tveter found his motifs from Svalbard in the high north of Norway to the woodlands of Finnskogen in the south of Norway and Sweden. He stayed true to this range of motifs, which he first entertained in 1957, throughout his life. WHITE LANDSCAPE | 1987–1988 37