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18 th MAY 2018



Stand No. 500

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ITB China Style

The hotel world puts its best foot forward at

Shanghai show



Philip Wolf

Founder, PhocusWright

There’s a quality standard there, and all

these appointments, so it’s not just

producing a show, but making sure all the

different constituents that attend get some

value out of it. Read page 6


Jenna Qian

CEO, Destination Marketing, Ctrip

From PC to tablet PC to mobile; from

official website to microblogs to social

media channels, travel brands need

consistent, concise, and accessible

contents. Read page 7

The evolution of the hospitality industry

is seeing major global players largely

diversifying their offering, while smaller

luxury and boutique brands take an

increasingly solid footing in the marketplace.

ITB China gives buyers an exceptional cross

section of all categories of accommodation,

with luxury regional brands, such as Pan

Pacific or New World Hotels, and major

players such as China-based Jin Jiang or US

giant, Wyndham (see our exclusive interview

with Leo Liu, President, Greater China,

Wyndham Hotel Group, page 8) revealing

their latest development plans and strategy,

and participating in conference sessions.

Indeed, as accommodation distribution

channels evolve much among the same

lines as those of other parts of the travel

industry, the presence of these groups at

ITB China, side by side with an exceptional

spread of conference sessions covering

developments in the supply chains, gives

buyers the current “state of the art”, as well

as key strategy points and trends for future


As such, more and more, ITB China is

becoming a mirror reflection of all key

industry trends.

Leo Liu

President, Greater China, Wyndham Hotel Group





© Gvillemin

Vinícius Lummertz

President, Embratur

This year, the segments highlighted will

be culture, ecotourism & adventure, and

sun & beach. Within that, Brazil will be

promoting its nautical and luxury segment,

beyond the many resort options available.

Read page 13

According to the UNWTO,

the Americas welcomed

207 million international

tourists in 2017, a rise

of 3% overall, with most

destinations enjoying

solid results, led by South

America (+7%). Central

America and the Caribbean

both grew 4%, with the

latter showing clear signs of

recovery in the aftermath of

hurricanes Irma and Maria.

In North America (+2%),

robust results in Mexico

and Canada contrasted with

a decrease in the United

States, the region’s largest

destination. Find out more

about selected American

exhibitors at ITB China,

from page 12.

Sibinacocha Lake, Peru





Culture as a Key

Tourism Asset

An increasing number of

travellers are looking for

authentic experiences, both

when it comes to local people

and cuisine, but in particular

with the discovery of new

cultures. Indeed, culture has

become a key element in tourism

development, as specifically

outlined by the UNWTO in

its Muscat declaration on

“tourism and culture: fostering

sustainable development”.

The declaration reinforced

the UNWTO’s commitment

to: strengthen the synergies

between tourism and culture

and advance the contribution

of cultural tourism to the

2030 Agenda on Sustainable

Development and the 17

sustainable development goals;

enhance the role of tourism and

culture in peace building and

heritage protection, especially in


65 av. Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée, 13006 Marseille, France

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• info@cleverdis.com • www.cleverdis.com.

• info@itb-china-news.com • www.itb-china-news.com

conflict affected areas; promote

responsible and sustainable

tourism management of cultural

heritage; encourage a creative

and innovative approach for

sustainable urban development

through cultural tourism; and

explore the inter-linkages

between culture and nature in

sustainable tourism.

Promoting cultural

understanding is thus at the very

heart of driving tourism in the

right direction. It is therefore all

the more important to spotlight

initiatives such as those by a

number of DMOs at ITB China

(i.e. Abu Dhabi, with the opening

of the Louvre), in promoting and

fostering culture in tourism.

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“Party Like a Finn” evening on

the rooftop terrace of the Shook,


Events and Aw

The 2018 edition shows lively

growth in following for awards,

and great attendance levels

at networking events, further

underlining the importance

of the show in underlining

thought leadership and “building






FOR 2018

The first “It’s My World Travel

Awards” – a cooperation between

ITB China and Qyer, saw a full

house on the afternoon and

evening of Wednesday 16 th May.

The awards are the recognition

for innovative tourism

destinations, organisations and

businesses that present the latest

outbound travel trends of Chinese

travellers and that are driving the

positive transformation of the

tourism industry.

Zhang Yi, co-founder of

Qyer.com said: “We’re thrilled to

be working with ITB China as the

leading Chinese outbound travel

platform. We expect Qyer.com to

serve Chinese travellers and

travel industry peers, aligning our

expertise in rich user-generated

content (UGC), advanced

technology and great product

experience, and promoting

common development through

deep collaboration.”

Qyer.com is China’s biggest

outbound travel service platform

with 88,000,000 registered

users and a daily visitor volume

with more than 12,000,000.

Qyer offers more than one

million destination POI (Points

of Interest) and has published

more than 600 travel tips with a

total visitor volume of over 380


Awards included:

• Top 10 Travelers of the Year –

recognising creative travel


• Top 10 Pioneers of Travel &

Tourism – recognising great

contributions to the travel


• Top 10 Best Destinations –

recognising most popular places

in terms of culture, unique

experience and safety

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018




© Messe Berlin




One of the top 10 Travelers of the Year –

recognising creative travel solutions: Huang

Lu, Chinese Influencer

One of the top 10 Pioneers of Travel & Tourism –

recognising great contributions to the travel

industry: Xia Yu, a famous Chinese actor

ITB China 2018 is in search of

tomorrow’s talents: Today, the third

day of the ITB China Conference, is

dedicated to the new area “Education

and Job”. The Job Day takes place

throughout the day and consists of a

dedicated area in Conference Room

B with more than 40 companies,

institutions and universities, such

as Ctrip, JinJiang, Huazhu, BTG-

Homeinn, Sabre, Carlson Wagonlit

Travel China, Wyndham Hotel Group,

Utour and CAISSA Travel presenting

themselves in the fully booked Job


ards @ ITB China

• Top 10 Amazing Travel

Experiences – recognising best

travel experiences, trendy but

also suitable for the average


• Top 5 Intelligent Travel

Providers – recognising

best transportation,

accommodation, payment


A full list and rundown will be

available in the Review edition

of ITB China News, published

online one week after the show.





The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

accepted an award for “Amazing

Travel Experiences” in the “It’s

My World Travel Awards 2018

for the Everest Base Camp Trek,

based on 478,539 votes from

the Chinese travellers within

the past one month. With the

extension of air connectivity

between Nepal China sector

and provision of on-arrival

gratis visa for 150 days to

Chinese visitors to Nepal, the

growth from China market to

Nepal is promising. Currently,

five Chinese carriers- Air

China, China Southern, China

Eastern, Sichuan Airlines and

Tibet Airlines – operate flights

to Nepal. Similarly, Himalaya

Airlines is studying prospects

of operating in this sector. The

growing connectivity certainly

adds value to Chinese tourism

in Nepal.



With Visit Finland as the

official partner of ITB China,

a networking evening was

organised in the centre of the

city on Wednesday 16th May, at

Shook, Shanghai. Party-goers

were able to take advantage of

the enormous rooftop terrace

overlooking the Huangpu River,

and drink-in the history of this

magical place. The Shook is

located at the famed Swatch

Art Peace Hotel. Today, under

the leadership and creative

guidance of the Swatch Group,

the Peace Hotel, in its long

history, welcomed a number

of illustrious guests and hosted

some notable events including

the First International Opium

Conference in 1909. Political

leader Sun Yat-Sun gave an

important address there after

becoming the provisional

president of the Republic of

China. Chiang Kai-Shek and

his fiancée Soong Mei Ling

(of the storied Soong Sisters)

celebrated their engagement at

the Peace Hotel.

ITB China Cruise Night 2.0

– Powered by Ctrip, the ITB

Sundowner powered by

Maritim, and the “European

Night” have been other notable

events this year

The morning sessions in Conference

Room A are dealing with in-depth

content sessions about Education

organised in partnership with globally

renowned educational institutions,

focusing on topics of tourism

education and executive training

This year’s honoured partners of

the Education Day are the Fudan

University Shanghai, the Hong

Kong Polytechnic University and

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing

Association International (HSMAI).

More than 120 renowned experts

from the Chinese and international

travel industry are imparting their

knowledge at the second ITB China


ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018


East-West Exchange

EU-China Tourism Year Under Spotlight

Philip C. Wolf

Founder, PhocusWright



Philip C. Wolf, host of the EU-China

panel at this year’s ITB China

event, has a long background

with ITB, dating back to his time

at the helm of PhocusWright.

We asked him what his thoughts

were about this year’s edition of

the show in China.

This year’s growth in exhibition space

of over 50% year-on-year is exceptional.

But ITB’s organisers, Messe Berlin, have

a certain way of running trade shows.

There’s a quality standard there, and

all these appointments, so it’s not just

producing a show, but making sure all

the different constituents that attend

get some value out of it.

As ITB China is an official

partner of the EU-China

Tourism Year, the topic has

very much been under the

spotlight over the past couple

of days. On Day One of the

show, Philip C. Wolf, founder

of Phocuswright, moderated

a conference on the topic,

attended by five high ranking

officials from different sectors:

• Yiyi Jiang, Head of

International Tourism

Research, China Tourism


• Raimonds Aleksejenko,

Deputy State Secretary,

Ministry of Economics of the

Republic of Latvia

• Bojan Pavlek, First Secretary,

EU Delegation to China

• Paavo Virkkunen, Executive

Director, Business Finland

Oy & Head of Visit Finland

• And Pierre Coenegrachts,

Deputy Director, Wallonia

Belgium Tourism Board

One of the biggest obstacles

to the growth of Chinese

tourist numbers into Europe is

that of visa issuance – a topic

addressed by the panel.

Bojan Pavlek said he believed

more visa centres around

China, where Chinese citizens

could place their applications,

would help the situation,

adding, “This would of course

lower the cost for visas and the

time required for visas.”

Raimonds Aleksejenko said he

believed relieving the issue will

take time, but there are ways

to move forward. “We are

working with Alibaba Group.

It is not about legislation. It’s

about user experience. And

with a partner like Alibaba,

they do a lot of work instead

of the client.”

Aleksejenko went on to

explain that the use of Chinese

payment systems such as

Alipay is important, especially

for small destinations.

Paavo Virkkunen said that

“Convenience and ease are

those words we are all craving

for. Convenience and ease

in visa issues, in payment

methods, in connectivity, in

combinability. I think those

are the elements we really

need, to create new creative

digital platforms, which will

ease our work and life very


Pierre Coenegrachts said that

in Belgium, his organisation

is working with partners

to implement the Chinese

WeChat payment system:

“More and more, maybe we

will come to WeChat payments

in Europe.”

Can the ECTY really going to

make a difference? According

to Bojan Pavlek, “It’s just a

start. It has to be seen as a kickoff,

as a platform, to gather

all the actors in the tourism

industry, to make a European

market more attractive to

Chinese people, but also not

to forget an important fact,

and that’s sustainability of

tourism. The whole idea is

to have this discussion about

how to attract Chinese tourists

and vice-versa. Where can

we find synergies, and also,

basically, that the industry

itself engages and also adapts

to the market”

The session you moderated was about

EU-China relations, and the EU-China

Year. What was the upshot of this?

Only 2% of Europe’s inbound

international travellers come from

China. So, it really begs the question.

It’s kind of like unemployment. Is

there a natural growth rate of Chinese

tourists to Europe? And then how much

of a catalyst will this really be? Because

every other country in the world is

trying to lure these tourists. From my

perspective, it’s really interesting,

because there is this healthy global

competition for international travellers,

especially from China. As the Asian

economies prosper, that means more

outbound travellers. Travel and tourism

is like one of the world’s great balancing

acts. Every issue is involved, from raw

census practicalities, the economy, you

need to be of a certain income level

before you can travel, then you have

the politics, the visas, environmental

issues, capacity issues… it’s really like

“the great equaliser”

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018




The Art and Science

of Destination


Jenna Qian is CEO of Destination Marketing at Ctrip, leading a

business that connects destinations with people. We asked Ms

Qian how destination marketing is changing over time, and what

is important when marketing towards Chinese travellers.

Chinese millennials are becoming

the new force in China’s tourism.

This massive group has a unique

media consumption pattern. From PC

to tablet PC to mobile; from official

website to microblogs to social

media channels, travel brands need

consistent, concise, and accessible

contents. Mobile internet has already

surpassed TV in amount of time spent,

and it is still growing rapidly.

You talk about the “art and science”

of Destination Marketing. What do

you mean by that?

The art & science is of equal

significance to Destination Marketing.

Though the marketing method varies,

the logic and scientific analysis system

behind marketing are unchanged.

Through scientific analysis, we get a

better understanding of target groups,

their consumption preferences, and

as a result, build strategy to have full

marketing penetration on travellers’

decision and behaviour before, during

and after the trip.

Here I would like to share an example:

Ctrip’s marketing project with Peru.

The first stage is branding &












Jenna Qian

CEO of Destination Marketing,


awareness. Through PC and

mobile landing page, Ctrip website

advertisements, social media posting,

and KOL sharing, beautiful images

are displayed in ways that make the

destination immediately desirable.

The second stage is sales conversion.

Ctrip leverages its large membership

and corporate partnerships to precisely

reach the target audience. Taking into

account differences in purchasing

power, interests, demographic

information, browsing history and

more, we push relevant travel product

to each potential tourist, and heighten

sales conversion.

The last stage is maintenance. After

the initial launch, we assembled

a Peru Online Flagship Store that

incorporated tourism info, travel

products, multimedia content, and

sales functions in one place to

create an interface that collages all

relevant tourism-related information

together. From scenic spots to hotels

to restaurants, visitors can visually

experience and instantly make

purchasing decisions





The consolidation of OTA giants has centralised

the distribution channels for hotels, which are

not only investing heavily in direct bookings but

are also looking for new marketing channels.

So, which marketing channels have the most

potential for growth? How would WeChat Mini

Programs, short videos, blockchain and other new

technologies change the marketing channels for

hoteliers? These were just some of the questions

addressed at yesterday’s ITB China Conference

session entitled, “The New Dynamics of Hotel

Distribution”. One of the panellists, Andrew

Hughes, Regional Director Hotel Sourcing of

Hotelbeds Group someone who has been involved

in travel and hospitality in various roles for over

20 years. We asked Andrew what he thinks of

the distribution landscape at the moment.

The distribution landscape

is constantly evolving,

though now it’s moving

at a pace at which few

can keep up. There are

so many developments,

we’d take days to cover

them, though two stand

out at the moment. Firstly,

consolidation is occurring

and will continue to occur,

largely driven through the

desire of hoteliers and

B2B clients to leverage

partners’ technology to

optimize their business.

Secondly, there’s increased

pressure on intermediaries

to demonstrate value in the

supply chains, as well as

the clear ability to influence

clients to preference

certain partners over

others. It’s also no longer

enough to have strong data

available, intermediaries

and travel companies

need to demonstrate the

ability to turn the data into

commercial outcomes.

What are your thoughts

about the initiative by ITB

to start the show here in

China last year, aiming for

the outbound market?

China is such an exciting

market, especially seeing the

growth of Fully Independent

Travellers (FITs) from across

the whole country, not just

major gateways. ITB is an

ideal platform for us to

engage suppliers and clients

who access this outbound

market and forms a part

of our extensive range of

actions planned for the

coming year in China



Regional Director

Hotel Sourcing,

Hotelbeds Group

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018








Leo Liu

President, Greater China,

Wyndham Hotel Group

Wyndham Hotels: Targeting 2,000

Properties in China by 2019

Exclusive Interview – Leo Liu, President, Greater China, Wyndham Hotel Group

Leo Liu, President, Greater China, Wyndham Hotel Group was

delivering a keynote at ITB China entitled “The Invariable

Innovation and Crossover”. In the conference, Mr Liu was

giving details of the latest developments in the group, brand

strategy, cross-border activities, and development plans and

objectives in China. We asked him firstly to tell us a little more

about the company’s evolution in China.

The rapid growth of China’s tourism

industry has created a heightened

demand for hotels and offers huge

potential for us to expand the

presence of our brands in stunning

locations country-wide. We expect

significant growth for our upscale

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts brand

in emerging markets, especially

in rising regional economic hubs,

leisure locations and nature resort

locations. Wyndham is currently the

largest US-based hotel company in

China, and we expect to hit more

than 2,000 hotels in this country

by the end of 2019. Our success is

a testament to the global power

of our brands and the increasing

influence of our class-leading

loyalty programme. In a little

over a decade, we’ve established

ourselves as a key player in the

country—opening on average

more than five hotels weekly

and enrolling nearly 1,000 new

Wyndham Rewards members daily.

China continues to offer incredible

opportunities, and with our broad

portfolio of globally recognised

brands, Wyndham is uniquely

positioned to take advantage.

You were largely educated in

France in the “grandes écoles”,

and also worked with the Frenchbased

AccorHotels group for some

time. Do you feel this might give

you a “different” way of looking

at things?

It can be said that the atmosphere

of French society, its code of

conduct and its people’s quality

of life requirements have had a

certain impact upon me. It meant

my choice of work was naturally

related to lifestyle, or quality of life.

Perhaps because of these unique

and diverse experiences, I have

been described as “half gentleman,

half adventurer”. In my opinion,

the gentleman is the intrinsic core

value, the adventure is the outward

manifestation. The performance of

the gentleman in the workplace

is mainly reflected in team

management-building and team

cohesion, making the team work

in a relaxed atmosphere, and being

truly proud of the job. Meanwhile,

adventurers, or adventurous spirits,

are the people who dare to subvert

the tradition and break the comfort

zone. While being a solid brand,

Wyndham Hotel Group wants to

be recognised in a short space of

time, so it needs some adventurous


Where do you see the company

going in the next couple of years?

What’s the roadmap?

Wyndham Hotel Group has always

regarded China as a strategic

location. In 2018, we continue to

adhere to the “full-star, multi-brand,

broad cross-border” strategy. We

will be bringing more excellent

hotels to different cities, and better

serving the owners. In terms of

brand, over the years, we have been

committed to brand expansion and

upgrading. The number of Ramada

hotels in China has past 90, and

the 100th Ramada will be officially

opened in China this year. We are

constantly introducing new brands

to enrich our group in China, such

as the inclusion of the Tryp and the

Wingate lifestyle brands. Wyndham

Hotel Group will also continue to

expand into third or fourth tier

Chinese cities. Data shows that

in China, there are more than

80 cities with population levels

between five and ten million. This

means there is very large potential

for development.

When it comes to the hotel

platform, we are developing multiwin

cooperation. We plan to form

new strategic partnerships with

investors, consultants, capital

and industry groups/alliances to

establish a long-term mutually

beneficial mode of cooperation.

The launch of the alliance matrix

is a three-dimensional offensive,

which will show Wyndham as being

tolerant and open, and expanding

the hotels’ ecological circle. This

means not only providing hotel

services, but also serving the hotel.

Wyndham Hotel Group is also

making strategic changes, focusing

on links to more of the best in other

areas, such as US and HTC VR, highend

unmanned aerial vehicles, an

underwater robotic company, and

cross-border integration of the

double win situation, which also

makes the hotel industry more vital

and vibrant

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018



我 们 将 联 合 战 略 伙 伴 ,

与 投 资 方 、 顾 问 方 、 资 本 方 和

业 内 团 体 / 联 盟 建 立 长 期 互 利

的 合 作 模 式 , 发 起 合 纵 连 横 的

矩 阵 立 体 攻 势 , 将 温 德 姆 打 造

成 一 个 宽 容 开 放 、 无 限 延 展 的

平 台 , 打 造 酒 店 生 态 圈 。

西 安 豪 享 来 温 德 姆 至 尊 酒 店 , 中 国 西 安

温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 :

计 划 于 2019 年 在 中 国 拥 有 2000 家 酒 店

独 家 专 访 - 温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 大 中 华 区 总 裁 刘 晨 军 先 生

温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 大 中 华 区 总 裁 刘 晨 军 先 生 在 ITB China 发 表 了

为 “ 不 变 的 创 新 与 跨 界 ” 的 主 题 演 讲 。 在 会 议 中 , 刘 先 生 详 细 地

为 大 家 介 绍 了 其 集 团 的 最 新 动 态 、 品 牌 战 略 、 跨 界 活 动 以 及 在

华 发 展 的 规 划 和 目 标 。 首 先 , 他 向 我 们 介 绍 了 其 公 司 在 中 国 的

发 展 历 程 。

中 国 旅 游 业 的 快 速 增 长 积 极 地

带 动 了 市 场 对 酒 店 的 需 求 , 同

时 展 示 了 全 国 各 地 区 为 各 品 牌

扩 大 发 展 所 提 供 的 巨 大 潜 力 。

我 们 预 计 在 新 兴 市 场 , 特 别 是

各 区 域 经 济 区 中 心 、 休 闲 胜 地

和 自 然 度 假 胜 地 等 , 拓 展 高 档

温 德 姆 酒 店 & 度 假 村 的 品 牌 形

象 。 温 德 姆 酒 店 目 前 是 中 国 最

大 的 美 国 酒 店 集 团 , 我 们 预 计

到 2019 年 底 前 完 成 在 华 酒 店 数

超 达 2000 家 的 目 标 。 我 们 的 成 功

是 我 们 品 牌 的 全 球 影 响 力 的 证

明 , 也 是 我 们 品 牌 忠 诚 计 划 影

响 力 日 益 增 长 的 证 明 。 在 十 多

年 的 时 间 里 , 我 们 已 经 确 立 了

自 己 在 华 的 重 要 角 色 - 每 周 平 均

有 超 过 五 家 温 德 姆 旗 下 酒 店 开

业 ; 每 天 平 均 有 近 1000 名 新 的 温

德 姆 奖 赏 计 划 会 员 注 册 加 入 我

们 。 中 国 正 不 断 地 在 给 我 们 提

供 各 种 难 得 的 机 遇 , 而 温 德 姆

集 团 凭 借 着 其 广 泛 的 全 球 知 名

品 牌 组 合 , 在 其 中 具 备 了 独 一

无 二 的 优 势 。

您 曾 经 就 读 的 是 法 国 高 等 商 学

院 , 又 在 法 国 的 雅 高 酒 店 集 团 工

作 了 一 段 时 间 。 您 觉 得 这 些 经 历

在 看 待 事 物 的 时 候 有 给 您 带 来 “

不 一 样 ” 的 判 断 吗 ?

可 以 说 , 法 国 社 会 的 氛 围 , 行 为

准 则 以 及 人 们 对 生 活 质 量 的 要 求

都 给 我 带 来 了 一 定 的 影 响 。 让 我

后 来 选 择 的 工 作 也 自 然 而 然 地 都

跟 生 活 方 式 、 生 活 品 质 有 关 。 也

许 是 因 为 这 些 独 特 而 多 元 化 的 经

历 , 我 被 形 容 为 “ 一 半 绅 士 , 一

半 冒 险 家 ”。 在 我 看 来 , 绅 士 是

内 在 的 核 心 价 值 , 冒 险 是 外 在

的 表 现 形 式 。 职 场 中 的 绅 士 表 现

主 要 体 现 在 团 队 管 理 方 面 —— 建

立 团 队 的 凝 聚 力 、 让 团 队 在 一 个

轻 松 的 氛 围 中 工 作 , 并 真 正 为 这

份 工 作 感 到 自 豪 ; 而 冒 险 家 , 或

者 说 冒 险 精 神 , 则 是 敢 于 颠 覆 传

统 、 打 破 舒 适 区 域 的 觉 悟 。 温 德

姆 虽 然 是 一 个 坚 实 的 品 牌 , 但 想

要 在 短 时 间 内 被 大 家 所 认 知 , 是

需 要 一 些 冒 险 精 神 的 。

你 认 为 公 司 在 未 来 几 年 内 的 走 向

如 何 ? 路 标 是 什 么 ?

温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 一 直 视 中 国 为 重

点 战 略 布 局 地 区 。2018 年 , 我 们

继 续 坚 持 “ 全 星 级 , 多 品 牌 , 广

跨 界 ” 战 略 , 将 更 多 优 秀 的 酒 店

带 到 不 同 的 城 市 , 并 更 好 地 服 务

于 业 主 。 在 品 牌 方 面 , 多 年 来 ,

我 们 一 直 在 致 力 于 品 牌 扩 张 和 升

级 。 在 华 的 华 美 达 酒 店 数 量 已 突

破 90 家 , 第 100 家 华 美 达 ® 也 将 于

今 年 在 中 国 正 式 落 地 。 我 们 不 断

引 进 新 品 牌 以 丰 富 我 们 在 中 国 的

品 牌 线 , 如 去 年 落 户 在 古 都 西 安

的 精 品 潮 牌 酒 店 爵 怡 ® 温 德 姆 。

温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 也 将 继 续 向 中 国

三 、 四 线 城 市 扩 张 。 数 据 显 示 ,

在 中 国 , 人 口 在 500 万 到 1000 万 之

间 的 大 型 城 市 有 80 多 个 , 这 些 城

市 仍 然 蕴 藏 着 人 口 红 利 、 有 非 常

大 的 发 展 潜 力 。

另 外 , 谈 到 酒 店 平 台 , 我 们 正 在

开 展 多 赢 的 合 作 关 系 。 我 们 将 联

合 战 略 伙 伴 , 与 投 资 方 、 顾 问

方 、 资 本 方 和 业 内 团 体 / 联 盟 建

立 长 期 互 利 的 合 作 模 式 , 发 起

合 纵 连 横 的 矩 阵 立 体 攻 势 , 将

温 德 姆 打 造 成 一 个 宽 容 开 放 、

无 限 延 展 的 平 台 , 打 造 酒 店 生 态

圈 。 不 仅 提 供 酒 店 服 务 , 更 服 务

于 酒 店 。 温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 也 正 在

进 行 战 略 变 革 , 着 力 于 链 接 更 多

其 他 领 域 佼 佼 者 , 像 我 们 和 HTC

VR、 高 端 无 人 机 、 水 下 机 器 人 公

司 的 合 作 , 跨 界 交 融 的 双 赢 局 面

也 让 酒 店 行 业 更 富 生 命 力

刘 晨 军

温 德 姆 酒 店 集 团 大 中 华 区 总 裁

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018

Email: 1nfo@v1s1tmalta.com




Global Cultural Centre

Integrating culture into the identity of the emirate

of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture

Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) is

back at ITB China with the aim of

developing strong partnerships

and marketing initiatives

with leading Chinese travel

professionals to further grow the

emirate’s presence internationally

and leverage the destination’s

cruise appeal, while building

awareness around the authority’s

global destination campaign.

One of the key attractions for the

emirate is that of culture, and

visitors to ITB China will learn a

great deal about the destination’s

cultural attractions.

© Visit Abu Dhabi


Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first museum of its kind in the Arab world: a universal

museum that is a cultural beacon, bringing together different cultures to

shine fresh light on the shared stories of humanity.

A floating dome

of light and shade

Located on Saadiyat Island, Pritzker

Prize winning French architect Jean

Nouvel has designed a museum-city

(Arab medina) under a vast silvery

dome. Here you can walk through

the promenades overlooking the sea

beneath the museum’s 180-metre

diameter dome, composed of almost

8,000 unique metal stars set in a

complex geometric pattern. When

sunlight filters through, it creates a

moving ‘rain of light’ beneath the

dome, reminiscent of the overlapping

palm trees in the UAE’s oases.

“A welcoming world serenely

combining light and shadow,

reflection and calm. It wishes to

belong to a country, to its history,

to its geography without becoming

a flat translation. It also aims to

emphasise the fascination generated

by rare encounters, stated Nouvel.

A museum-city in the sea

Designed as a micro-city, Louvre

Abu Dhabi is an archipelago out

at sea. Dedicated areas entice and

encourage a multitude of activities,

especially contemplation. For a

diverse choice of transportation,

visitors can arrive by either land or


Just like wandering the narrow

streets of an Arabian medina, visitors

can explore 55 detached buildings.

Twenty-three of these buildings are

devoted to galleries, which were

inspired by the low-lying homes of

the local region. Exterior facades

overlooking both sea and the Abu

Dhabi skyline encourage considered

walks and conversation.

On display are the museum’s

important collection of artworks,

artefacts and loans from France’s

top museums. These span the

entirety of human existence: from

prehistoric objects to commissioned

contemporary artworks, highlighting

universal themes and ideas and

marking a departure from traditional

museography that often separates

objects from different civilisations.

In addition to the 23 galleries, the

museum includes exhibitions, a

Children’s Museum, a restaurant, a

boutique gift shop and a café

STAND No. 520



The Qasr Al Hosn exhibition

offers visitors a journey

through the story behind Abu

Dhabi, as well as the history

of the region surrounding

Qasr Al Hosn, and highlights

the restoration and

conservation development

project that includes Qasr

Al Hosn and its surrounding

area. The Qasr Al Hosn

master plan was launched

last year by His Highness

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed

Al Nahyan, Crown Prince

of Abu Dhabi and Deputy

Supreme Commander of the

UAE Armed Forces, and it is

expected to be completed

through 2018.

Moving through the various

zones of this lasting cultural

icon, Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition

presents a rich collection of

oral testimonies, historical

photographs, and other

materials that highlight the

history of the region, and

the vital role of Qasr Al

Hosn within Abu Dhabi as a

beacon of heritage, culture,

and Emirati tradition. The

exhibition also relates the

extensive history of Abu

Dhabi and the story of its

development through to the

modern era.

The newly renovated

cultural destination

underpins the everlasting

vision of late Sheikh Zayed

bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the

founding father of the UAE,

and his invaluable initiatives

to integrate culture into

the identity of the emirate

of Abu Dhabi. His vision

inspired the concept behind

the new design of the

exhibition as an active hub

for education, culture, and

entertainment, as well as a

window through time that

presents both a rich history

and a bright future

STAND No. 520

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018



A rendering shows the

design for the expansion of

the Las Vegas Convention

Center, expected to be

complete in 2021.





The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)

arrives at ITB China hot on the heels of the release of

design drawings for the iconic expansion to the Las Vegas

Convention Center. Architects presented the designs

to the Board of Directors of the LVCVA on April 10. The

drawings provide a glimpse of the vibrant new look of the

nearly 60-year-old facility.

The LVCCD’s Phase Two is an $860 million expansion

project that will add 1.4 million square feet to the current

convention center facility, including at least 600,000

square feet of new, leasable exhibit space. The expansion

is slated for completion in time to welcome CES in 2021.

Late last year, the LVCVA’s Board of Directors finalised

the selection of tvsdesign / Design Las Vegas to provide

design services for the expansion project. Phase Three

will be the complete renovation of the existing 3.2 millionsquare-foot

facility, with a projected completion date of


STAND No. 810

For its tenth anniversary,

the London West

Hollywood at Beverly

Hills has been given a

major makeover.

The London West

Hollywood is just off

Sunset Boulevard -

just two blocks from

Beverly Hills. Celebrating

the property’s 10th

anniversary and their

partnership with BAFTA,

a number of new

renovations are being

unveiled, breathing new

life into what was already

a star location. In 2014,

US$27m was pumped

into major renovations,

adding in the new suites

and 9th floor. And in

2017 another US$11m

Jeff Kulek

was spent on further


This is an all-suite hotel.

The smallest room is

double the size of a

standard room in a regular

hotel – at 720 square feet.

Their bathrooms are

luxurious with separate

soaking tubs and double

headed showers.

“All the suites were

renovated in 2017,”

explains General

Manager Jeff Kulek. “In

2014, the owners builtout

the ninth floor, and

there is a junior ballroom

on the second floor that

we turned into three

luxury suites that are

just incredible. Sunset

Boulevard runs along

General Manager,

The London West Hollywood

A Spiffingly Nice Hotel on

the Doorstep to Beverly Hills

the hill, so our hotel has

views from every room.

I’ve never had that before.

All the rooms have

balconies, the luxury

suites on the ninth floor

have three balconies, and

the penthouse has the

rooftop deck; so the view

plane is phenomenal.”

Adding to the new suites,

a new state-of-the-art

fitness center has been

opened with the latest in

gym technology. There

are yoga mats to take

outside, where a new

mural reflects the spirit

of the hotel – a trendy

woman’s sunglasses

reflecting the Union Jack

STAND No. 620



A recent study published by WTTC indicates that Lima

accounts for over a half of Peru’s tourism.

Indeed, Lima accounts for 59% of Travel & Tourism GDP

in Peru, as the city is a pivotal hub and gateway to the

rest of the country, with 90% of visitors to Peru spending

at least one night in the capital, revealed a new report

by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Latin

America City Travel & Tourism Impact. Latin America

City Travel & Tourism Impact is one of a series of

reports by WTTC which looks at the contribution of

Travel & Tourism to city economies and job creation.

The study covers 65 cities, six of which are in Latin

America. Travel & Tourism contributes 4.6% of Lima’s

GDP, a total of US$4.5bn in 2016

STAND No. 720

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018







President, Embratur

“Post Games Brazil” –

Maintaining Momentum

Culture, ecotourism & adventure, sun &

beach make up the nation’s new tourism


The World Cup Soccer and

the Olympic Games have of

course had a positive effect

on global perception of Brazil

as a destination. But how is

Embratur, the country’s DMO,

attempting to perpetuate

this? We put the question to

Embratur President, Vinícius


At the end of the series of megaevents

held in Brazil, (starting with

the Pan-American Cup in 2007,

followed by Rio+20, World Youth

Day, the Confederations Cup, the

World Cup and the Olympic Games)

Brazil have benefitted from ample

exposure to the outside world

and the building of both basic and

touristic infrastructure.

The total investment in the Olympic

Games was of R$11 billion, 57%

from the private sector and 43%

from the public sector. For every

R$ 1 invested in sports facilities,

another R$ 5 are applied in projects

for the city that shall remain as a

legacy for locals and tourists.

To keep the positive trend, Brazil

is now implementing a series of

measures for tourists planning

to visit Brazil. One big step is the

electronic visa that will facilitate

the entrance of tourists coming

from Japan, the United States and

Australia. This upgrade of the

tourism process will also leverage

the sector in Brazil, generating

more employment and income.

Brazil is also working to improve

the air connectivity. In Europe,

there were an increase in flights of

10.80% (from 852 to 944); as in seats

of 9.54% (from 256,896 to 281,408),

comparing February 2017 to the

same period this year.

Embratur is also working on content

sharing in their social channels

such as Facebook, Instagram

and YouTube. Digital influencers

are now playing a big role in the

way we are promoting Brazil

Internationally. In addition, we

have been doing an intense work

focused on tour operators aiming

to increase the number of operators

that are qualified to commercialize

Brazil with excellence. This

includes different activities such as

workshops, roadshows and online









What are the key local “products”

being promoted here?

This year, the segments highlighted

will be culture, ecotourism &

adventure, and sun & beach. Within

that, Brazil will be promoting

its nautical and luxury segment,

beyond the many resort options


STAND No. 510





Industry professionals at

ITB China from Dominican

Republic are here “fresh” from

the recent DATE conference in

Punta Cana.

Industry experts at this year’s

Dominican Annual Tourism

Exchange (DATE) conference

agreed upon several initiatives

set to build on three trending

niches: declared family travel,

authentic experiences and


80% of all visits to Dominican

Republic’s protected areas

are by foreigners, and once

again Colonial City ranked

number two – after Isla

Saona, amongst the most

visited attractions. This

trend confirms that visitors

are increasingly looking to

explore beyond the beaches

– and tourism operators have

taken note.

At this year’s DATE, Best

Day (BD) Travel shared

its remarkable growth, in

2017 BD served 79,500

passengers transporting

tourists to the country’s lush

North Coast, cosmopolitan

Santo Domingo, luxurious

Punta Cana and the

unexplored Southwest. As a

direct result of its growth BD

celebrated its second office

in Santo Domingo which

opened in December 2017 to

support its 20% growth rate

for 2018. The company has

projects under way in Puerto

Plata, in addition to launching

a Dominican version of

its successful proprietary

services app., all by Q4 2018.

From romance for two, to

a luxurious family soiree,

Dominican Republic offers

a world-class portfolio of

destinations perfect for every

traveller, now more accessible

than ever.

In 2018 Dominican Republic

will see major road

renovations including the East

Region Road Circuit, which

contributes to nearly 80% of

all tourism income.

In the Southwest, an

expansion is in the works

which will connect Santo

Domingo to the booming

Southwest. This development

will increase connection

between the capital city and

the up-and-coming touristic

areas of Barahona, Baní and


STAND No. 731

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018


区 域


南 美 洲 向 中 国 游 客 敞 开 大 门 -

归 功 于 千 里 行 拉 美 旅 行 社


Carlos E. Young

首 席 执 行 官 , 千 里 行 拉 美 旅 行 社

我 们 以 低 成 本 打 包 出 售 美 洲

最 好 的 旅 游 产 品 , 如 此 中 国

对 应 的 批 发 商 便 能 够 以 更 合 理 的

价 格 提 供 完 善 的 产 品 服 务 。

千 里 行 拉 美 旅 行 社 (Operamerica) 是

一 家 专 注 于 中 美 洲 , 南 美 洲 和 加 勒 比

地 区 文 化 和 探 险 团 体 游 的 入 境 旅 游 运 营

商 。 他 们 用 两 到 三 天 的 时 间 带 领 游 客 游

览 每 个 城 市 或 目 的 地 的 最 美 风 景 , 以 便

他 们 在 既 定 的 时 间 内 了 解 更 多 国 家 和 旅

游 胜 地 。 我 们 请 千 里 行 拉 美 旅 行 社 首 席

执 行 官 Carlos E. Young 向 我 们 介 绍 更 多

相 关 信 息 ......

我 们 的 旅 游 套 餐 包 括 了 吃 住 行 、 全 程 中 文 导

游 咨 询 以 及 最 重 要 的 机 票 安 排 服 务 。 更 确 切

的 说 , 作 为 旅 游 批 发 商 , 我 们 以 低 成 本 打 包

出 售 美 洲 最 好 的 旅 游 产 品 , 如 此 中 国 对 应 的

批 发 商 便 能 够 以 更 合 理 的 价 格 提 供 完 善 的 产

品 服 务 。 我 们 只 向 出 境 旅 游 经 营 商 提 供 我 们

的 产 品 服 务 , 并 期 待 与 中 国 少 数 批 发 商 进 行

精 诚 合 作 。

您 如 何 看 待 当 下 中 国 出 境 旅 游 南 美 洲 的 人 数

不 断 上 升 ? 此 旅 游 业 的 未 来 前 景 如 何 ? 以

及 为 什 么 越 来 越 多 中 国 游 客 前 往 该 地 区 ?

我 相 信 中 国 到 南 美 洲 出 境 旅 游 的 前 景 非 常 乐

观 。 据 估 计 , 去 年 有 超 200 多 万 的 中 国 游 客

访 问 了 拉 丁 美 洲 , 这 还 不 到 中 国 出 境 旅 游 游

客 总 数 的 2%。 其 中 的 主 要 难 点 在 于 飞 行 距

离 和 多 个 转 乘 点 使 得 整 个 飞 行 时 间 超 过 30 个

小 时 , 但 这 一 形 势 正 在 迅 速 改 变 。 中 国 的 航

空 公 司 正 在 将 他 们 的 关 注 点 转 向 拉 美 , 因 为

中 国 政 府 希 望 通 过 其 航 空 公 司 在 全 球 范 围 内

展 开 业 务 。 例 如 国 航 的 服 务 能 覆 盖 至 巴 西 圣

保 罗 、 古 巴 哈 瓦 那 、 以 及 现 在 的 巴 拿 马 城 。

南 航 也 有 涉 及 墨 西 哥 城 等 。

您 此 次 参 展 ITB CHINA 的 主 要 目 标 是 什 么 ?

我 们 在 ITB CHINA 的 主 要 目 标 是 能 够 与 出 境

旅 游 运 营 商 达 成 协 议 , 同 时 通 过 区 域 旅 游 宣

传 中 美 洲 、 南 美 洲 和 加 勒 比 海 地 区 , 让 中 国

游 客 在 他 们 的 每 次 旅 行 中 能 够 游 览 更 多 个 目

的 地

展 台 号 码 623

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018





展 馆 平 面 图


Stand No. 530

Stand No. 283 Stand No. 801

ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 18 th May 2018

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