2024 ITB BERLIN NEWS - DAY 3 Edition

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<strong>DAY</strong><br />

3<br />

THURS<strong>DAY</strong><br />

7 MARCH<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

HALL 9<br />

STAND 113<br />

HALL 21<br />

STAND 214<br />

HALL 4.2<br />

STANDS 200,<br />

202 & 205<br />

HALL 3.2<br />

STAND 101<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />







“GERMANS<br />




TRAVEL”<br />

Norbert Fiebig<br />

President, Deutscher<br />

Reiseverband (DRV), speaking<br />

at this year's <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

Opening Press Conference<br />






AT <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

#13<br />

#14<br />




Contracting Manager,<br />

Hotelbeds, HBX Group<br />


I <strong>NEWS</strong> I<br />

Morning Briefing<br />

By Deborah Rothe, Director <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin—where business<br />

thrives<br />

Good morning, <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin attendees! As we embark<br />

on Day 3, the final day of <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong>, it’s<br />

inspiring to reflect on the moments we’ve shared<br />

so far, the knowledge we’ve exchanged, and of<br />

course, the business we’ve conducted. This year’s<br />

event has truly underscored <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin’s reputation<br />

as the premier hub for the global travel industry in<br />

terms of making connections and setting the stage<br />

for future collaborations.<br />

Yesterday, the show floor was a vibrant marketplace<br />

of ideas and partnerships, with countless<br />

business meetings unfolding in every corner.<br />

The <strong>ITB</strong> Buyers Circle stood out as a productive<br />

networking environment, offering unmatched<br />

opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect<br />

and explore synergies. I highly encourage you to<br />

read our exclusive interview on page 14, with Jenny<br />

Oberhaus from Hotelbeds (HBX Group), one of our<br />

Buyer's Circle membres.<br />

thought leaders and innovators who are shaping<br />

the future of our sector.<br />

As we look ahead, remember that the conclusion<br />

of <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin tonight does not mean the end of our<br />

journey together. The <strong>ITB</strong> network and the vibrant<br />

community it supports exists all over the globe,<br />

all year round. Mark your calendars for <strong>ITB</strong> China<br />

in Shanghai from 27-29 May, <strong>ITB</strong> India in Mumbai<br />

from 11-13 September, and <strong>ITB</strong> Asia in Singapore<br />

from 23-25 October. Each event promises unique<br />

opportunities to foster new relationships, explore<br />

emerging markets, and continue the conversations<br />

that have been started here in Berlin.<br />

Let’s make this final day at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong> the best<br />

one yet. Engage fully, connect deeply, and prepare<br />

for the exciting path ahead in the global travel<br />

industry. The future is bright, and we are shaping<br />

it together.<br />

Today, we invite you to enjoy our conference<br />

lineup, designed to provide actionable insights and<br />

forward-looking perspectives on the travel industry.<br />

It’s a real opportunity to gain inspiration from<br />

Thank you for making <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong> a resounding<br />

success. Here’s to continuing our journey across<br />

the globe, one connection, one meeting, and one<br />

innovation at a time<br />

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<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 5

I <strong>NEWS</strong> I<br />

THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 MARCH <strong>2024</strong>:<br />

TO<strong>DAY</strong>’S HIGHLIGHTS<br />

Today is the last day of <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong>, and your last chance to fit in as many<br />

conferences, round tables and events as possible! Explore our handpicked list of<br />

what's on today to make the most of your <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin experience.<br />


10:40 - 11:50<br />

Hall 3.1 / Green Stage<br />



Get a glimpse into the latest research on skill gaps<br />

and future requirements from Bréda University and<br />

PANTOUR. Collaborate with industry leaders in a<br />

solution-focused panel to drive your organisation's<br />

talent development forward.<br />


14:30 - 15:10<br />

Hall 6.1 / eTravel Stage<br />





Unpack the power of open data and explore the<br />

cutting-edge of digital innovation. Don't miss this<br />

deep dive into the world of knowledge graphs.<br />

© Messe Berlin GmbH<br />


11:50 - 12:40<br />

Hall 3.1 / Green Stage<br />



How can we address the challenges of sustainability,<br />

technological shifts, and political volatility? By<br />

cultivating an adaptive corporate culture. Engage<br />

with Trigema CEO Bonita Grupp, Ms Eliza Reid, and<br />

industry leaders for strategies on fostering innovation<br />

and change readiness.<br />


16:15 - 17:45<br />

Hall 7.1b / Blue Stage<br />



Head to <strong>ITB</strong>'s Blue Stage to engage with Fraunhofer<br />

IAO researchers and imagine and develop the hotels<br />

of 2050 through scientific foresight. This collaborative<br />

workshop invites you to explore and expand upon<br />

future scenarios, unlocking the potential of Europe's<br />

hospitality industry.<br />


17:00 - 17:45<br />

Hall 7.1a / Orange Stage<br />



Don't miss this opportunity to explore boundarypushing<br />

solutions in the industry. Experts will<br />

assess the feasibility and impact of transformative<br />

strategies, aiming to foster industry collaboration for<br />

a sustainable future.<br />


12:20 - 12:45<br />

Hall 6.1 / eTravel Stage<br />




Step into the fast lane of innovation, where the latest<br />

tech is reshaping ground and sea journeys. This<br />

session promises a glimpse into the exciting future of<br />

travel.<br />


16:20 - 17:00<br />

Hall 7.1a / Orange Stage<br />



Join a panel of experts as they expose the realities of<br />

greenwashing and guide listeners towards authentic<br />

and responsible marketing in tourism. Level up your<br />

understanding of sustainable practices and genuine<br />

social responsibility in the travel industry.<br />

AGENDA<br />


<br />

Sustainability best practices and challenges from Thailand, Bhutan, Laos and Kyrgyzstan<br />

will be presented at a special seminar jointly organised with PATA and Travelife supported<br />

by the EU Switch Asia programme at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin today from 11:00 to 15:00 in City Cube /<br />

M4 Meeting Room.<br />

11:00-12:00<br />

Thailand: Inspiring innovations in<br />

Thai Sustainable Tourism<br />

12:00-13:00<br />

Bhutan: Becoming the Greenest<br />

Country in the World?<br />

13:00-14:00<br />

Laos: Sustainable from the Start?<br />

14:00.-15:00<br />

Kyrgyzstan: Communities at the<br />

Centre?<br />

Check out the detailed<br />

programme at<br />

www.asia.travelife.info<br />


<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 7

I <strong>NEWS</strong> I<br />

Malaysia's authenticity<br />

of destinations on<br />

display at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

Dr Yasmeen Yasim, the Deputy Secretary-General (Tourism)<br />

at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia,<br />

explains why nature and authenticity are the core of the<br />

Malaysian tourism strategy.<br />

You are present for the first time<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin. What are your<br />

impressions?<br />

I had heard a lot about <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin. My<br />

first impression is that it is a very good<br />

platform, very lively. There is so much<br />

creativity about the way countries<br />

present themselves. For Malaysia,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin is the main gateway to<br />

European markets and the best trade<br />

fair in which to participate. Malaysia<br />

has been exhibiting here for over 50<br />

years, as our first participation was in<br />

1972!<br />

Why is nature tourism an important<br />

part of Malaysia's tourism strategy?<br />

Promoting nature has always been a<br />

major focus in our National Tourism<br />

Policy 2020-2030, with sustainability<br />

at the core of our tourism initiatives.<br />

For example, after Covid, we realised<br />

even more that we could not go<br />

against Mother Nature. We now<br />

focus on heritage, traditions, culture,<br />

communities and sustainability, with<br />

the idea of attracting more high-yield<br />

tourists.<br />

What strategies are being put in<br />

place to make Malaysia a more ecofriendly<br />

destination? How is the<br />

public responding to these efforts?<br />

As the federal ministry responsible<br />

for tourism, we are encouraging our<br />

states to move toward sustainability.<br />

Changing mindsets is never easy, but<br />

change is necessary to be better and<br />

come back stronger. Authenticity is<br />

the key to returning visitors. When it<br />

comes to authenticity, a good example<br />

would be Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan,<br />

Sabah, which received a UN Tourism<br />

Award in Best Tourism Villages in 2021.<br />

The local community is very much<br />

invested in practicing sustainability,<br />

and visitors can feel their sincerity.<br />

Due to their love for their heritage<br />

and community, some even send their<br />

children to higher education in related<br />

fields. When they graduate, they<br />

will return home to contribute to the<br />

community<br />

Hall 26 / Stand 117<br />

Sabah, Malaysia is balancing<br />

tourism and preservation at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong><br />

Christina Liew, Minister of Tourism, Culture and<br />

Environment of Sabah, Malaysia, stresses that<br />

the State of Sabah is increasingly aware of the<br />

need to balance the development of tourism<br />

and the preservation of development.<br />

What are you presenting at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin this year?<br />

We are of course emphasising<br />

eco-tourism activities with our<br />

spectacular nature offer. However,<br />

we are presenting it in a different way<br />

compared to previous years. Now<br />

when we promote our eco-tourism<br />

activities, we also look strongly at<br />

environmental preservation. Our aim is<br />

to protect our local communities and<br />

ensure environmental preservation to<br />

balance as much as possible tourists'<br />

footprint.<br />

What kind of experiences are visitors<br />

to Sabah looking for today?<br />

Travellers want to experience<br />

authenticity, above all. And to go back<br />

to nature. This is why we concentrate<br />

our promotion around four main<br />

themes: mountain tourism - and<br />

particularly the Mount Kinabalu-,<br />

our islands, our jungles and our<br />

diving spots. All of them are however<br />

promoted by always taking into<br />

consideration the balance between<br />

development and preservation.<br />

How is Sabah harnessing<br />

community-based tourism in order<br />

to economically empower residents?<br />

We have a popular programme around<br />

community-based tourism with<br />

many villages being listed as perfect<br />

to receive foreign travellers. This is<br />

an experience that travellers love<br />

because, beyond generating income,<br />

it is also a way to foster the spirit of<br />

being together. For villagers, we also<br />

emphasise specific requirements to be<br />

sure that they provide good standards<br />

of service to their guests. If they match<br />

our checklist, they can even receive<br />

government's subsidies<br />

Hall 26 / Stand 117<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 9

I <strong>NEWS</strong> I<br />

Jordan's push for cultural sustainability<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong><br />

At Jordan's presentation on Tuesday on the Lighthouse<br />

Stage in Hall 4.1, Hakim Tamimi Marino, Head of Adventure<br />

Tourism at the Jordan Tourism Board, explained that the<br />

country's sustainability initiatives extend far beyond its<br />

considerable environmental and economic sustainability<br />

efforts to embrace cultural sustainability.<br />

Mr Tamimi Marino expressed how<br />

delicate a balance it is between<br />

wanting travellers to experience<br />

the same emotions as those who<br />

visited before them and allowing<br />

local community service providers to<br />

develop organically. He explained that<br />

Jordan is providing these communities<br />

with the tools they need to do this. "For<br />

us it is important for local communities<br />

to evolve on their own," he said.<br />

Mr Tamimi Marino went on to outline<br />

how this is being achieved. Namely,<br />

the tourism board is not involved in<br />

starting up any local community<br />

experiences, but rather encourages<br />

local entrepreneurs to initiate their<br />

own tourist services and experiences.<br />

Harnessing the power of marketing,<br />

the organisation helps to drive traffic<br />

to these experiences to ensure their<br />

continuity.<br />

Touching on continuity, Mr Tamini<br />

Marino underlined the importance<br />

of stability over seasonality, detailing<br />

how the adventure department of the<br />

Turkish Airlines Business<br />

Lounge honours UEFA<br />

Champions League<br />

Turkish Airlines is at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong> with big news, as<br />

the company has unveiled a new themed display in its<br />

Business Lounge in Istanbul featuring items used by<br />

world-famous football stars including Lionel Messi, Karim<br />

Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others.<br />

Turkish Airlines, the first official airline<br />

partner of the UEFA Champions<br />

League, offers to its Business Class<br />

passengers a unique journey to<br />

remember iconic competition's<br />

moments.<br />

board allocates at least 25% of its<br />

annual budget to one locally driven<br />

experience until the entrepreneur can<br />

stand on his or her own feet. And,<br />

apart from funding, Jordan's Tourism<br />

Board is also involved in lobbying<br />

and support, aiding in the access to<br />

financing.<br />

Following the success of last year’s<br />

exhibit, launched in March 2023, the<br />

new display showcases iconic items<br />

from the European teams with the<br />

most appearances in Champions<br />

League history. Football fans can<br />

marvel at the 33 jerseys, 33 match<br />

balls, and two pairs of football boots,<br />

representing 33 iconic teams from<br />

Germany, England, France, Spain,<br />

Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and<br />

Turkey.<br />

The unique exhibit also features<br />

signed shirts from football legends<br />

such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel<br />

Messi, Karim Benzema, Luis Suárez,<br />

and Robert Lewandowski.<br />

Other noteworthy items include boots<br />

worn by Ricardo Kaká and Francesco<br />

Totti, along with signed match balls<br />

from renowned clubs including<br />

Real Madrid, Manchester United,<br />

FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich,<br />

Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, and AC<br />

Milan.<br />

By working together with local<br />

community service providers, Jordan<br />

Tourism also looks to reach out to<br />

the curious traveller, avid for original<br />

experiences. Visitors to <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin can<br />

stop by Jordan's dedicated stand in<br />

the <strong>ITB</strong> adventure hall to learn more<br />

Hall 4.1 / Stand 222<br />

The exhibit remains open for visitors<br />

to Turkish Airlines Lounge Business<br />

until the UEFA Champions League<br />

final, which takes place on 1 June,<br />

<strong>2024</strong> in London.<br />

Turkish Airlines’ Business Lounge in<br />

Istanbul Airport offers passengers<br />

an exclusive and elegant pre-flight<br />

experience. With gourmet delicacies,<br />

a mix of relaxation and working<br />

areas, suite rooms and showers,<br />

ironing service, concierge, personal<br />

workspaces and meeting rooms<br />

and more, passengers can make<br />

the most of their time in the lounge<br />

before take-off. More than 80,000<br />

passengers a month pass through<br />

Turkish Airlines’ Business Lounge as<br />

they transit through Istanbul<br />

Hall 3.2 / Stand 101<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 11


<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin gives “a comprehensive overview<br />

of the current state of the industry”<br />

Sandra Hofherr,<br />

Product Manager for Scandinavia and the<br />

Azores, Wolters Rundreisen GmbH<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin News spoke with Sandra Hofherr, Product<br />

Manager for Scandinavia and the Azores at German<br />

tour operator Wolters Rundreisen GmbH, about how<br />

the importance of <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin for the industry and the<br />

specificities of the Scandinavian and Azores markets.<br />

Why do you think <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin is such<br />

an important event for the industry?<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin attracts exhibitors, experts<br />

and interested parties from all over<br />

the world. As a result, it offers a<br />

unique platform for the exchange<br />

of information, ideas and business<br />

opportunities on a global scale. The<br />

show covers various segments of the<br />

travel and tourism industry, including<br />

hotels, transportation companies,<br />

destination agencies, tourist<br />

boards, technology companies,<br />

tour operators and more. This<br />

diversity allows attendees to get<br />

a comprehensive overview of the<br />

current state of the industry.<br />

Scandinavia is one of your main<br />

markets. How has that market<br />

changed in recent years?<br />

The COVID-19 pandemic has<br />

changed a lot of things. Many of<br />

our personal business relationships<br />

have been lost due to staff changes,<br />

especially in hotels. Relationships<br />

with hotel chains have also changed.<br />

There is a push to place bookings<br />

either directly on the chains' booking<br />

platforms, or in booking centres.<br />

How do you select and collaborate<br />

with local partners in the Azores'<br />

nine islands to ensure the success<br />

of these itineraries?<br />

For years, we have maintained<br />

good relationships with various<br />

partners who operate directly in the<br />

destination area. They put their heart<br />

and soul into their work and have a<br />

great deal of expertise in managing<br />

the nine islands. This is an enormous<br />

advantage for us, and we can react<br />

quickly to changes and adapt our<br />

products. We are also able to provide<br />

our guests with the best possible<br />

local support, because the distances<br />

to the individual providers are short<br />

12 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> news.itb.com


“Germans continue to have a strong<br />

desire to travel”<br />

In an exclusive interview with <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin News, Norbert Fiebig, President of the German<br />

travel association, Deutscher Reiseverband (DRV), talks German market travel trends<br />

and affirms that his fellow nationals have maintained their wanderlust<br />

Germans have gone back to their pre-pandemic early<br />

bird booking habits and remain faithful to their favourite<br />

summer destinations, but cruises and long haul travel are<br />

also seeing a comeback, according to Mr Fiebig.<br />

In recent years, what shifts have<br />

you noticed in Germans' booking<br />

behaviour?<br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic,<br />

Germans tended to book their<br />

holidays with short notice because<br />

of the uncertainty. This went against<br />

their usual booking behaviour. Last<br />

year, we clearly saw a return to prepandemic<br />

booking behaviour and the<br />

early birds are definitely back.<br />

This year early bookings are even<br />

stronger than in 2023. Summer trips<br />

worth around EUR 3.6 billion were<br />

already booked in January, which<br />

represents 42% of all last year's<br />

summer bookings.<br />

Which destinations have emerged<br />

as favourites for the upcoming<br />

summer season?<br />

Germans continue to have a strong<br />

desire to travel. This year they are<br />

again looking for sun and beaches.<br />

The favourite summer destinations<br />

are again the classics: Spain with the<br />

Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands<br />

and the Spanish mainland, Greece,<br />

and Turkey. Turkey is one of the<br />

destinations with the highest demand<br />

among Germans for package holidays.<br />

Egypt and Tunisia are also catching up<br />

fast.<br />

How have interest levels in cruises<br />

and long-haul flights evolved?<br />

In addition to popular Mediterranean<br />

destinations, we are also seeing a<br />

comeback in long-haul travel this year.<br />

Overall, we expect a positive trend in<br />

long-haul travel compared to last year,<br />

with an 11% increase in the number<br />

of travellers and an 18% increase in<br />

sales. Many long-haul destinations,<br />

such as the USA, Australia, Thailand,<br />

and Indonesia, have slowly recovered<br />

from the pandemic and are now back<br />

at the top of the popularity scale.<br />

Cruises have also returned to the<br />

market this year. The booking season<br />

is progressing well for both ocean and<br />

river cruises.<br />

What role do you see for the tourism<br />

industry in combating climate<br />

change, particularly in popular<br />

destinations among German<br />

travellers?<br />

We have to focus our attention and<br />

commitment to solve the challenges<br />

linked to climate change. The search<br />

for sustainable solutions will keep<br />

us busy for the upcoming decades.<br />

We are taking this challenge very<br />

seriously. We have to reduce the<br />

carbon footprint across the entire<br />

travel chain.<br />

Furthermore we have to supply our<br />

customers with information on the<br />

Norbert Fiebig<br />

President, Deutscher Reiseverband<br />

(DRV), speaking at this year's <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

Opening Press Conference<br />

ecological impact of specific travel<br />

offers. This provides transparency<br />

and in this way we can raise travellers'<br />

awareness. I am confident that the<br />

carbon footprint will become a key<br />

competitive factor when it comes to<br />

travel<br />

Hall 25 / Stand 318<br />

Looking to advertise at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

Getting ready for <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin News 2025?<br />

Would you like to strengthen your<br />

brand's presence at the show?<br />

Book your advertising or<br />

advertorial space in <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

News now.<br />

We'd be happy to discuss<br />

opportunities with you.<br />

Give us a call at +33 660 42 68 04.<br />

We'll help you increase your<br />

brand awareness in the tourism<br />

industry!<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 13


THE<br />









SHOWS LIKE <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>BERLIN</strong>.<br />

Jenny Oberhaus<br />

Contracting Manager,<br />

Hotelbeds, HBX Group<br />

14 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> news.itb.com


I<br />

The buyer experience at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

Jenny Oberhaus, Contracting Manager, Hotelbeds, HBX Group gave<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin News insight into her experience at the show and predictions<br />

for the future of the industry<br />

With almost 20 years' of <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin experiences under<br />

her belt, Jenny Oberhaus has seen the industry evolve<br />

and grow at the show over time. She sat down with <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin News to discuss her experience, how technology is<br />

impacting the industry, and why <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin is unique in the<br />

opportunity that it offers buyers in the travel and tourism<br />

sector.<br />

Can you share how many years<br />

you've been a participant at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin and the notable industry<br />

transformations you've witnessed<br />

during these events?<br />

I've had the privilege of participating<br />

in <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin since 2005 and it has<br />

been fascinating to witness the<br />

industry's evolution firsthand over<br />

this period. One of the most notable<br />

transformations has been the shift<br />

towards digitalisation and the<br />

integration of technology into every<br />

aspect of the travel experience.<br />

From the rise of online booking<br />

platforms to the adoption of mobile<br />

apps for itinerary management, the<br />

industry has undergone significant<br />

changes driven by advancements in<br />

technology.<br />

What sectors are you particularly<br />

interested in this year? What are<br />

your main goals at the show?<br />

One of my main objectives at the<br />

show is to identify new partners and<br />

establish strategic collaborations<br />

with existing suppliers. By<br />

networking with industry leaders<br />

and exploring new products and<br />

services, as well as the latest trends<br />

in the industry, I aim to gain valuable<br />

information that will enable us to<br />

create the best product offerings for<br />

our customers in the coming season.<br />

From your perspective, what are the<br />

emerging trends in the travel and<br />

hospitality sectors that are taking<br />

centre stage at this year's <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin?<br />

At this year's <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin, several<br />

emerging trends are taking<br />

centre stage, including the rise of<br />

sustainable tourism practices, the<br />

growing demand for personalised<br />

and immersive travel experiences,<br />

catering to a rising demand for tailored<br />

and seamless trips for travellers.<br />

Additionally, there's a strong focus on<br />

the increasing integration of artificial<br />

intelligence and data analytics into<br />

travel services.<br />

How has the advancement<br />

of technology reshaped your<br />

approach as a buyer in the industry<br />

and specifically at shows like <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin?<br />

The advancement of technology<br />

has had a profound impact on my<br />

approach as a buyer in the industry,<br />

especially at shows like <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin.<br />

It has enabled us to streamline<br />

processes, enhance the customer<br />

experience and gain valuable<br />

insights into consumer behaviour<br />

through data analytics. As a result,<br />

we're able to make more informed<br />

decisions when selecting partners<br />

and negotiating contracts, ultimately<br />

improving efficiency and driving<br />

business growth.<br />

With the increasing emphasis<br />

on eco-conscious travel and<br />

THE<br />











MAKING<br />


sustainability, how does this impact<br />

your approach when selecting<br />

partners and making decisions at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin?<br />

The increasing emphasis on ecoconscious<br />

travel and sustainability<br />

has greatly influenced our<br />

approach to selecting partners and<br />

making decisions. We prioritise<br />

collaborations with suppliers and<br />

destinations that demonstrate a<br />

commitment to environmental<br />

stewardship, social responsibility<br />

and sustainable practices. This<br />

includes initiatives to reduce<br />

carbon emissions, minimise waste<br />

and support local communities,<br />

aligning with our company's values<br />

and our customers' preferences for<br />

responsible travel experiences<br />

AN ELITE<br />



<strong>ITB</strong> Buyer's Circle, an exclusive<br />

network limited to 1,000 members<br />

from the leisure, business<br />

travel, and MICE sectors, offers<br />

opportunities for networking,<br />

business development and insights<br />

into the latest trends in travel.<br />

Membership is subject to selection<br />

by an experienced jury.<br />

Members of the <strong>ITB</strong> Buyers Circle<br />

enjoy several benefits during the<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin trade show, including<br />

complimentary admission, priority<br />

access, and exclusive use of the<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Buyers Circle Lounge for<br />

networking and business meetings.<br />

Additionally, the Home of Luxury<br />

at the Marshall Haus serves as<br />

a unique venue for members to<br />

participate in exclusive events,<br />

emphasising the circle’s role in<br />

fostering high-level exchanges<br />

within the luxury travel segment<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 15


Europe, the world's top<br />

tourism destination in 2023<br />

700.4 million<br />

international tourist arrivals to<br />

Europe in 2023<br />

Europe accounted for 54.5% of<br />

all international tourist arrivals in<br />

2023 according to UN Tourism. The<br />

continent welcomed 700.4 million<br />

foreign arrivals, only 5.7% below<br />

the numbers of 2019. Within the<br />

continent, Southern/Mediterranean<br />

Europe had the largest share of<br />

international travellers with 307.4<br />

million arrivals. Southern Europe<br />

was the best performer within the<br />

continent, surpassing 2019 numbers<br />

by 1.1%. Western Europe followed at<br />

only 2.9% below pre-pandemic levels.<br />

UN Tourism indicates that several<br />

European countries surpassed 2019<br />

levels in January-November 2023,<br />

with Albania at 49% more, Andorra at<br />

31% higher, Iceland and Serbia at 15%<br />

higher, Portugal at 11% higher, Turkey<br />

49% The top performer is<br />

Albania with 49% more arrivals<br />

than in 2019<br />

at 7% higher, Greece at 4% higher<br />

(through October) and Spain at 1%<br />

higher. France virtually recovered its<br />

2019 levels last year<br />

Eight halls dedicated to<br />

Europe at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong><br />

Europe is present in 8 halls at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin <strong>2024</strong>, reflecting the popularity<br />

of the continent as a tourist<br />

destination. In Hall 8.2, the focus is<br />

on Cultural Tourism and Belgium.<br />

Eastern Europe is in Halls 10.2 and<br />

11.2, while Hall 18 welcomes the<br />

UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltic<br />

States and Ukraine.<br />

German-speaking countries as well<br />

as Slovenia are centralised in hub27<br />

this year. Germany is represented by<br />

the German National Tourist Board<br />

and almost all the federal States.<br />

Hall 1.1 features Mediterranean<br />

countries such as Greece, Cyprus,<br />

Albania and Italy. In Hall 1.2 visitors<br />

can find Malta, Croatia, Kosovo and<br />

Bosnia while the Spanish tourism<br />

industry is also making a strong<br />

showing in Hall 2.1. Finally, Turkey<br />

and Bulgaria can be found in Hall<br />

3.2<br />

Serbian tourism expected to take<br />

a "quantum leap" with EXPO 2027<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Berlin News spoke with Marija Labovic, Acting<br />

Director of the National Tourism Organisation of<br />

Serbia, about how the country's tourism efforts<br />

are paying off and Serbia's preparations for EXPO<br />

2027.<br />

How did Serbia's tourism<br />

sector perform in 2023 and<br />

what are your expectations for<br />

<strong>2024</strong>?<br />

2023 was one a record year<br />

for Serbian tourism and it is<br />

important to note that we had<br />

already overcome the impact<br />

of the pandemic in 2022. The<br />

efforts of Serbia as a tourist<br />

destination and its whole<br />

tourism industry to expand its<br />

markets, increase quality, and<br />

promote Serbia in line with the<br />

latest trends, as well as new<br />

flights and airline partnerships,<br />

have paid off. We have big<br />

expectations for <strong>2024</strong>, and<br />

believe we are already heading<br />

towards another record year.<br />

What sectors is Serbia's travel<br />

and tourism industry investing<br />

in for the future?<br />

Tourism in Serbia is looking<br />

towards an increase in<br />

accessibility with massive<br />

investments in road and rail<br />

infrastructures, as well as<br />

the newly refurbished and<br />

expanded Belgrade airport,<br />

and an increased number of<br />

flights to the airports in Nis and<br />

Kraljevo. We are also seeing<br />

big investments in the hotel<br />

industry, not only in Belgrade<br />

but throughout Serbia.<br />

With Belgrade set to host EXPO<br />

2027, could you elaborate on<br />

the significance of the event<br />

for Serbia's tourism industry?<br />

EXPO 2027 will be held in<br />

Belgrade from 15 May to 15<br />

August 2027, and it will be the<br />

biggest event that Serbia has<br />

ever hosted. Under the umbrella<br />

of EXPO 2027, Serbia is expected<br />

to take a quantum leap when it<br />

comes to the economy, tourism,<br />

and infrastructure. We expect<br />

that EXPO 2027 will further<br />

boost the positioning of Serbia<br />

as a tourist destination<br />

Hall 1.1 / Stand 122<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 17



Italy unveils diverse regional<br />

attractions at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong><br />

Europe is Italy's largest tourism source<br />

market. In 2022, Italy recorded 37 million<br />

European visitors of a total of 55.09 million<br />

international visitors—a market share of<br />

67,3%. In 2023, Italy's international visitor<br />

arrivals reached 62.8 million although<br />

details on the European share have not<br />

been yet communicated.<br />


Lazio is an unmissable region for lovers of art<br />

and culture—and this goes beyond the obvious<br />

destination of Rome. UNESCO sites, churches,<br />

villas, castles, abbeys, and seaside villages<br />

Italy is more popular than ever among<br />

Europeans as proved by the strong<br />

presence of Italy with its regions, hotels<br />

and T.O. at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong>. From art and<br />

culture, stunning natural beauty and of<br />

course a wide range of gastronomical<br />

choices, each of Italy's regions has its<br />

own tourism offer.<br />

Hall 1.2 / Stands 107 – 107 A – 107 B – 107 C<br />

are in harmony with the natural beauty of its<br />

landscapes.<br />

The region of Lazio is undertaking to manage<br />

all of its tourist attractions in a sustainable<br />

manner, respecting both the environment and<br />

local communities. Centuries-old traditions<br />

such as folkloric events, floral shows and<br />

historical reenactments reveal a deep-rooted<br />

popular culture. Examples include the religious<br />

procession “Macchina di Santa Rosa” in Viterbo,<br />

classified as UNESCO Intangible Cultural<br />

Heritage since 2013. Lazio is also preparing for<br />

the 2025 Jubilee which will celebrate a network<br />

of centuries-old roads for pilgrims that all lead<br />

to Saint Peter's in Rome<br />



BLUE SEA<br />

Liguria contains all of the elements for a holiday full of<br />

culture and beauty. The sea and mountains are very close,<br />

and art and culture are present in every corner of Genoa<br />

and the Rivieras.<br />

The region is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites<br />

(Cinque Terre, Rolli Palaces and Beigua Geopark); timeless<br />

villages including Sanremo the "city of flowers and music",<br />

Portofino one of the "world's most glamorous villages" and<br />

Porto Venere; and the Gulf of Poets. Liguria also offers<br />

exceptional gastronomy with protected designation of<br />

origin wines, extra virgin olive oil and of course PDO basil<br />

used for pesto and PGI Focaccia with Recco cheese<br />

© Livigno Valtellina AdobeStock<br />




There is more to Puglia than its famous sea and<br />

countryside. In addition to pristine beaches,<br />

Puglia is home to UNESCO heritage-classified<br />

Trulli, a number of castles and cathedrals and<br />

masserie—the region’s unique and authentic<br />

farm estates—one of which<br />

has been chosen to host the<br />

forthcoming G7 Summit.<br />

Amid olive trees, with their<br />

unique architecture and<br />

offering typical Apulian<br />

cuisine, the typically<br />

whitewashed masserie in<br />

Puglia provide an innovative<br />

and sustainable way of<br />

travelling. Nowadays, they are<br />

generally exclusive resorts,<br />

spas or rustic agrotourism<br />

accommodations. Puglia is a prime destination<br />

for those seeking to experience a traditional<br />

Mediterranean slow-paced life, relax in secluded<br />

courtyards and indulge in authentic local food<br />

© Fabio Ingegno<br />



ITALY<br />

Lombardy is the Italian region with the highest number<br />

of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is sprinkled with art<br />

cities, picturesque villages and incredible landscapes of<br />

unspoiled beauty. Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and<br />

Lake Maggiore offer breathtaking scenery, enhanced by<br />

the presence of mountains, which will be home to the<br />

Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.<br />

The brand "Lombardia Style" identifies and celebrates<br />

the best of production, inspiration and creativity made in<br />

Lombardy from fashion to design, craftsmanship to quality<br />

dining. Barbara Mazzali, the Lombardy Region Councillor<br />

for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion, describes<br />

the aim of this campaign: "We want to bring together<br />

Lombardy's many and varied excellences. It’s time to<br />

create a network that brings together the protagonists of<br />

this unique story, so that it can also be told abroad”<br />

18 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> news.itb.com




Sicily welcomed 15 million arrivals in 2023, and the region is aiming<br />

to diversify its offer by targeting new tourism trends. For example,<br />

<strong>2024</strong> is dedicated to roots tourism and communities of Sicilians<br />

abroad who wish to rediscover their places of origin.<br />

Sicily has launched sustainable and slow tourism products targeting<br />

ecologically-minded travellers and is targeting film tourism with<br />

landscapes that look like true open-air sets, as well as sports and<br />

outdoor tourism. Cultural heritage is high on Sicily's agenda with<br />

7 UNESCO Sites, theatres, art foundations, monuments such as<br />

the recently reopened Arab-Norman Taormina castle, exhibitions,<br />

circuits, and 24 of Italy's "Most Beautiful Villages"<br />




Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, San Marino<br />

is the fifth smallest country in the world, and is located inside Italy.<br />

San Marino offers authentic experiences enriched by more than<br />

1,700 years of independence. The historic city centre is located<br />

on top of Mount Titano, surrounded by medieval walls and crisscrossed<br />

by narrow streets lined with monuments.<br />

San Marino is also a great destination for nature lovers. Hiking,<br />

cycling, climbing and archery are among the wide range of<br />

adventure activities available. The 43-km long "Walk of the Titano"<br />

is full of beautiful landscapes and views, while the 80-km "Walk of<br />

Saint Marinus" is the first itinerary dedicated to the Saint Founder of<br />

the city and is ideal for meditation<br />

Hall 1.2 / Stands 107 – 107 A – 107 B – 107 C<br />

© visitsanmarino © Regione Siciliana<br />

Italian tourism aspires<br />

to even greater heights<br />

Italy boasts a considerable presence at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin this year with<br />

some 200 exhibitors, comprising 15 regions, as well as large<br />

companies such as ITA and Trenitalia.<br />

Speaking at the ENIT press conference<br />

on Tuesday, the Tourism Minister Daniela<br />

Garnero Santanchè commented: "<strong>ITB</strong><br />

Berlin is an extraordinary opportunity<br />

to further increase visibility and spread<br />

knowledge of Italian beauty and skills<br />

around the world. Our promotional<br />

campaign of the Venus of 'Open to<br />

Meraviglia' positively influences the choice<br />

of Italy as a leading travel destination,"<br />

commented Santanchè. "It is also thanks<br />

to ENIT's invaluable contribution that<br />

we bring both the regions and tourism<br />

companies, representing the Italian travel<br />

industry's know-how. Our <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin<br />

participation is an example of how the<br />

'Italian system' must continue to evolve in<br />

order to aspire to ever greater success."<br />

"The essence of tourism is not only<br />

travelling to a destination, but above<br />

all returning there and speaking well of<br />

it to everyone. We are also seeing the<br />

great return of long-haul, big spender<br />

travellers, and we are consolidating an<br />

interesting position in the Middle East<br />

and Asia," added ENIT's newly appointed<br />

President Alessandra Priante. "We have<br />

great confidence in the future. With a<br />

newly shaped ENIT S.p.A., thought out<br />

by Minister Santanchè, we will work in<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong><br />

IS AN<br />






a more agile and innovative way to give<br />

the right support to national tourism<br />

stakeholders, promoting our excellence<br />

in the best possible way, focusing a lot<br />

on training, while helping destinations to<br />

diversify and get rid of seasonality even<br />

more effectively"<br />

Hall 1.2 / Stands 107 – 107 A – 107 B – 107 C<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 19


© Filip Mroz- Unsplash<br />

A bright future ahead for<br />

sports tourism<br />

Sports tourism, one of the industry's fastestgrowing<br />

segments, offers enormous potential.<br />

As UN Tourism Secretary-<br />

General Zurab Pololikashvili<br />

noted at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin's opening<br />

ceremony, the sports tourism<br />

sector is beginning to take off<br />

and offers huge development<br />

prospects for the tourism<br />

industry. Generating around<br />

10% of the world’s expenditure<br />

on tourism, according to UN<br />

Tourism, sports tourism stands<br />

to see an estimated growth rate<br />

of 17.5% by 2030.<br />

As more and more tourists<br />

become interested in taking<br />

advantage of sports activities<br />

when they travel, sporting<br />

events of all kinds attract<br />

visitors both as participants<br />

and spectators. From huge<br />

affairs such as the Olympic<br />

and Paralympic Games taking<br />

place in Paris this year that<br />

are expected to attract some<br />

15.3 million visitors, to smaller<br />

and more targeted events<br />

such as the Louis Vuitton<br />

37th America’s Cup happening<br />

in Barcelona between August<br />

and October, the world has no<br />

shortage of attractive sporting<br />

events.<br />

Because of this wealth of yearround<br />

activities at locations<br />

across the globe, sports<br />

tourism has the potential to<br />

help destinations boost their<br />

year-round offering and beat<br />

the seasonalisation of their<br />

tourist proposals as sporting<br />

event visitors not only spend<br />

on hotels and restaurants<br />

during the events, they can also<br />

potentially stay on to discover<br />

other local attractions.<br />

A few of the popular sports<br />

tourism events that drew<br />

massive crowds in 2023 include<br />

the ICC Men’s Cricket World<br />

Cup held in India; the 19th<br />

Asian Games in China; the FIFA<br />

Women's World Cup co-hosted<br />

by Australia and New Zealand,<br />

which brought in more than<br />

€524 m in revenue, and the<br />

Rugby World Cup in France<br />

Kenya presents sports as a gateway to greater<br />

understanding at <strong>ITB</strong> Berlin <strong>2024</strong><br />

Kenya encourages us to think of the world of sport as a<br />

giant tapestry, with it weaving together in perfect harmony<br />

the threads of competition, athletics and cultural exchange.<br />

From the thundering footsteps of marathon runners racing<br />

across the plains to the precision swings of golfers amidst<br />

lush grassy courses, destination Kenya stands as a beacon<br />

of sporting excellence.<br />

© Kenya Tourism<br />

Athletics, particularly marathons,<br />

have long been synonymous with<br />

Kenya's prowess on the global stage.<br />

The country's athletes, hailing from<br />

humble beginnings and honing their<br />

skills amidst the rugged terrain of<br />

the Rift Valley, have turned become<br />

icons of endurance and determination.<br />

Annual events like the Stanchart<br />

Nairobi Marathon and Lewa Marathon<br />

not only celebrate athletic talents but<br />

also provides a unique opportunity for<br />

participants and spectators alike to<br />

immerse themselves in Kenya's rich<br />

cultural heritage.<br />

Golf holds a special place in Kenya's<br />

sporting landscape. With many<br />

world-class courses set against the<br />

backdrop of breathtaking scenery, the<br />

Magical Kenya Ladies Open and the<br />

Magical Kenya Open have become<br />

fixtures on the international golfing<br />

calendar. These tournaments not only<br />

attract top players but also offer a<br />

glimpse into Kenya's hospitality and<br />

natural beauty, from the greens of the<br />

PGA Baobab Course to the fairways of<br />

Nairobi's Muthaiga Golf Club, Karen<br />

County club and Great Rift Valley<br />

Lodge and golf resort .<br />

The adrenaline-fueled excitement<br />

of the World Rally Championship in<br />

Naivasha is another sporting event<br />

where drivers navigate treacherous<br />

terrain and breathtaking landscapes<br />

with precision and skill. The Safari<br />

Rally, staged in the Great Rift Valley,<br />

not only showcases Kenya's natural<br />

wonders but also serves as a rallying<br />

cry for adventure seekers and thrill<br />

enthusiasts<br />

Hall 21 / Stand 214<br />

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code to read<br />

the full article<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 21

24 <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>BERLIN</strong> <strong>NEWS</strong> • THURS<strong>DAY</strong> 7 TH MARCH <strong>2024</strong> news.itb.com

<strong>2024</strong><br />

HALL<br />

PLAN<br />

Hall 4.2 / Stand 100<br />

Hall 4.1 / Stand 222<br />

Hall 1.1 / Stand 214a<br />

Hall 20 / Stand 306

Hall 5.2 / Stand 114<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stands 201/205<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stands 200 & 200a<br />

Hall 26 / Stand 122<br />

Hall 9 / Stand 123<br />

Hall 5.1 / Stand 136<br />

Hall 9 / Stand 219 Hall 25 / Stand 215 Hall 8.1 / Stand 109<br />

Hall 4.1 / Stand 122<br />

Hall 3.2 / Stands 100 & 101<br />

Hall 1.2 / Stands 107, 107a, 107b, 107c<br />

Hall 25 / Stand 119 Hall 25 / Stand 118<br />

Hall 8.1 / Stand 111 Hall 7.1c / Stand 117 Hall 5.1 / Stand142<br />

Hall 5.1 / Stand 135<br />

Hall 18 / Stand 400c<br />

Hall 1.1 / Stand 122

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