Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

lot work around this issue. Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in this


If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me again.

Kind regards,

Dr Yasir Abbasi

Consultant Psychiatrist in Addictions/ Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Honorary Senior Lecturer/ University of Leeds

Clinical Lead for Dual Diagnosis/ Leeds Addiction Unit

Leicestershire County and Rutland PCT PARTIAL – Spoke with Mike Haj from LCPT and they are aware of

the needs of ITA sufferers and provide reduction schedules, are aware of the Ashton manual and can

provide a wide range of therapies including 1:1 for sleep, anxiety and depression including acupuncture. He

said they would be overwhelmed if this cohort all required withdrawal support.

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for this information which leads me to another couple of questions please. Are these

in-house therapists knowledgeable regarding benzodiazepine withdrawal, do they follow the

Ashton manual? What psychological support do they provide?

Would you please provide contact details for the outreach service.

Thanks John

You will need to approach Leicestershire Partnership Trust (LPT) for the answer to your

questions below, as they provide the service and employ the therapists. We are a

commissioning organisation, and therefore would not have this level of detail about how

particular clinical staff at LTP operate.

The outreach service, Paget House, is also run by LPT, so it may be best to approach them

for any guidance/policy details concerning this service. However, I have included further

details below:

Paget House

2 West Street



Tel: 0116 225 6400

I hope you are successful in getting the information you require from LPT.

Kind regards


Customer Services Officer

Medical Directorate

NHS Leicester, Leicestershire County & Rutland

Lewisham PCT NO

In response to your enquiry, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you

sooner. Unfortunately, the commissioner/contact for Lewisham was on leave, however I

trust that the information detailed below will help.

Please note that Lewisham Drug and Alcohol Team (DAAT) do not commission specific

interventions for the client group detailed below. However, the commissioned service Crime

Reduction Initiative (CRI) - New Direction 0208 314 5566 will be able to support individuals

with interventions/techniques that would be able to support their dependence and


Please also note that the patient’s GP would be able to initiate a reduction programme with

the client – GPs are able to refer to Lewisham’s funding panel for funding for

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