Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

Survey of services John Perrott - APPGITA

detoxification/rehabilitation if needed. There are also self-help groups such as Narcotics

Anonymous etc, however the first point of call would be via the GP.

Should you require further information, please let me know.

Kind regards

Jenny McFarlane

Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) & Complaints Officer

NHS South East London Lewisham Business Support Unit

Liverpool PCT No – they refer to the experienced and long established voluntary charity CITA which is not

NHS funded and struggling to maintain a service due to a lack of funding.


Manchester PCT PARTIAL at time of response and new service cannot be evaluated until in place

Please find attached a response to your email requesting information

regarding services for patients who are dependent upon prescribed only

benzodiazepine and z drug tranquillisers and sleeping tablets I am sorry that

this information did not get to you in the first instance.

I liaised with the Public Health regarding your enquiry and the response from

them is that the short answer to your question is no. This is not currently

commissioned. A number of our current providers however, including Greater

Manchester West (GMW), Lifeline, and Addiction Dependency Solutions

(ADS) will see people with these problems. GMW has reported that the

numbers referred to them from GP's are small. From July 2012, 3 new

providers will start to deliver (and the current services provided by those

providers mentioned above will be de-commissioned.) The 3 new providers

are being commissioned to work with adults who have problems with any drug

including those mentioned.

If you would like further information you can contact Marie Earle Programme

Lead for drug treatment in Public Health Manchester who can be emailed


Once again, please accept my apologies for any delay in you receiving this



Sue Curzon

PALS & Complaints Lead Officer

PALS & Complaints Team

NHS Manchester

Room 3, 1st Floor

Higher Openshaw Primary Care Centre

Ashton Old Road



M11 1JG

Medway PCT NO – I rang Bobbie Walkem-Smith – there are no services in Kent or Medway

Reference my previous email, I have received a further response from the

Medicines Management Team - NHS Kent and Medway, as follows:

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