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RUSSIAN - Bloomsbury Auctions

| Wednesday 29 October 2008

Russian Literature & Art



Literature & Art

Auction 29 October 2008

New York


Literature & Art

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(b) The Auctioneer shall not be responsible for loss or damage

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will be limited to the amount of insurance cover effected in accordance

with the provisions of clause 9.b. above.

10. The Auctioneer’s current standard notices and information

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11. The Auctioneer accepts no responsibility in connection with

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Bloomsbury Auctions New York offers absentee and telephone

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Courts and their rules.

Limited Warranty

We warrant the authenticity and condition of each lot catalogued

herein on the terms and conditions set forth below.

1. Except as noted below, or unless otherwise indicated in the

respective catalogue description, we warrant for a period of thirty

(30) days from the date of sale to the original buyer of record,

that each book or manuscript is complete in text and illustration

and generally is in such physical condition as may reasonably be

expected considering the age and provenance. This warranty does

not cover damages to binding, stains or foxing, wormholes, short

leaves of text or plates or any defect not affecting the completeness

of the text. Moreover, this warranty does not cover the lack

of inserted advertisements,blank leaves,cancels or subsequently

published volumes.

2. Unless otherwise indicated in the respective catalogue descriptions

(which are subject to amendment by oral or written notices

or announcements made by Bloomsbury Auctions prior to sale):

(a) With respect to autograph material (letters, historic documents,

literary and musical manuscripts, inscribed books, and

signed photographs), we warrant without time limit the authenticity

of each lot catalogued herein. (Please note Paragraphs 3and

4(b) below.)

(b) With respect to books, maps and atlases, and any other works

not included in (a) above, unless physical inspection would reveal

self-evident lack of authenticity, we warrant for a period of three

(3) years from the date of sale the authenticity of each lot catalogued

herein. (Please note Paragraph 3 below.)

3. Serial publications, books in original parts, extra-illustrated

books,made up “albums” and lots described as “sold as is,” “sold

not subject to return,” “not collated,” “collection of ” or “group of,”

and any lot containing more than three (3) items, are sold as is

and therefore not covered by these warranties.

4. (a) The buyer’s sole remedy under these warranties shall be the

rescission of the sale and refund of the original purchase price

paid for the item, and this remedy shall be exclusive and in lieu of

any other remedy which might otherwise be available to the buyer

as a matter of law.

(b) With respect to autograph material (see Paragraph 1(a)

above), or any print, drawing, or watercolor: in the event that a

buyer claims that an item is not authentic, Bloomsbury Auctions

shall have no obligation to rescind the sale unless the buyer has

obtained, at the buyer’s expense, the opinion of two recognized

experts in the field, who are mutually agreeable to Bloomsbury

Auctions and the buyer, that a lot or portion thereof is not


5. The benefits of these warranties are not assignable and are applicable

only to the original buyer of the lot, and are conditioned on

the buyer returning the work in the same condition as at time of

sale and in the time period specified.

Notices and Information

Storage Charges

Purchasers are advised that a storage charge of $5.00 per lot per

day for the first 8 working days and $10.00 per lot per working

day thereafter may be levied on all purchases not cleared within

5 working days of the sale. After the initial five working days the

buyer will be responsible for loss or damage.

Commission Bids

If instructed we will execute bids and advise intending purchasers.

This service is free. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as is

allowed by other bids and such reserves as are in the auctioneer’s

book. Commissions, where placed by telephone, are accepted

only at the senders risk and must be confirmed before the sale

in writing. Bloomsbury Auctions New York offers absentee and

telephone bidding services as a convenience to our clients, and

will do all in our power to execute bids correctly but will not be

responsible for errors or failures to execute bids.


Customers are requested to pay in cash or check and to have

established a credit reference with us before the sale, so that

purchases may be removed. Overseas clients are asked to provide

a check drawn on a US bank account.

Bloomsbury Auctions Shipping

Bloomsbury Auctions New York is delighted to announce a

special service to our clients for the shipping of books to and from

our saleroom in the United States and around the world. If you do

not wish your property to be handled by Bloomsbury Auctions

Shipping, please advise us within 3 working days of the sale. Please

refer to the Shipping Information Form.

Sales Tax

Purchases picked up in New York or delivered to a New York

State address may be subject to sales or compensating use

tax. Bloomsbury is selling lots designated by a * as an agent

for an organization which holds a State of New York Exempt

Organization Certificate. Accordingly, no sales tax is due on

the purchase price of any of the foregoing lots if the property

is picked up or delivered in the State of New York. However, a

compensating use tax is due to the buyer if any such lot is shipped

to New Jersey or Connecticut. It is the buyers responsibility to

ascertain and pay all taxes due. Buyers claiming exemption from

sales tax must have the appropriate documentation on file with

Bloomsbury Auctions prior to the release of the property.


We undertake valuations for Probate and Insurance, fees being

agreed by prior arrangement. If items are subsequently consigned

for sale, the fees will be refunded.

Front Cover Illustration, Lot 198

Back Cover Illustration, Lot 245

Photography by Oliver Lei Han

Catalogue Production by Maris Bellack


Literature & Art

29 October 10 am

Books and Manuscripts 1-141

Ballets Russes 142-151

Periodicals 152-178

Posters 179-198

Art & Illustration 199-251


Lot 234

Lot 235

Lot 236


Following the highly successful inaugural Russian auction last Spring, Bloomsbury in New York is proud to offer an equally extraordinary

selection of Russian books, letters, manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, prints, posters, drawings and paintings. The imperial era

is represented by a large collection of cartes de visite, cabinet and wire photographs of four decades of the Romanov family. These are

supplemented by two rare works by Nicholas II’s poet-playwright uncle, the Grand Duke Konstantin. Tolstoy is represented by the rare

first edition of one of his plays and Chekhov by a presentation copy of a collection of his short stories he gave a waiter at the Grand Hotel

in Moscow. Other signed books include works by Benois, Erenburg, Kuprin, Sologub and Zorgenfrei. The brief period of sexual freedom

of the first decades of the twentieth century is exemplified by the androgynous woman poet Zinaida Gippius, who wrote as “Anton Krainii,”

and the Russian gay icon Mikhail Kuzmin, who created a sensation with his “coming out” novel Krylya [Wings] (1908). The niece of the

doomed poet Gumilev passed her autograph book to such luminaries as Akhmatova, Annenskii, Blok, Gumilev, Kuzmin, Meierkhold,

Remizov, Voloshin and other poets and artists to fill it in with poetry and pictures. Poetry and art came together in complete runs of the

beautifully produced journals Apollon, Vesy and Zolotoe runo. Stolitsa i usadba provided a last glimpse of the Russian aristocracy on the eve

of the Revolution; the issue devoted to the Royal Family included here was confiscated by the Bolsheviks. The evolution of Symbolism,

Acmeism, Futurism, Suprematism, Constructivism and other modern literary and art movements can be traced in other books, almanacs

and periodicals with contributions by Akhmatova, Bakst, Balmont, Benois, Chukovsky, Kandinsky, Kuzmin, Malevich, Mandelshtam,

Nabokov, and Pasternak. The galvanizing collaborative efforts of the Russian avant-garde are well represented with important works by

Burliuk, Goncharova, Kruchenykh, Larionov, Lissitzky, Mayakovsky and Rodchenko.

The flowering of Russian graphic art of the Silver Age reached its zenith in Sergei Diaghilev’s consolidation of art, music and dance—the

Ballets Russes. This company as well as the famous Russian cabaret Chauve-souris is well represented in the current sale. Both Diaghilev and

Nijinsky autographed a rare Ballets Russes programme of their American tour. Benois decorated a letter with an exquisite scene from Swan

Lake. There are also several costume designs by Benois and a handsome set design by his son Nicola for Revizor [The Inspector General].

Other art in this sale reflects the extraordinary variety and depth of Russian visual expression. Two classic landscapes by Shilder and Von

Klever contrast beautifully with modern ones by Khudyakov and Vasiliev. The versatile Sudeikin painted a delightful Pierrot in gouache as

well as a witty group of commedia dell’arte dolls in oil. The portraits include an iconic photograph of an intense Mayakovsky by Rodchenko

and a handsome painting of Nikita Baileff ’s wife Elena by Boris Chaliapin, the son of the legendary Russian opera singer. Somov’s beautiful

pastel of the grand patroness Genrietta Girshman is one of the artist’s finest studies. The proof for Altman’s dynamic 1919 Suprematist

brochure cover is known by only two copies. There is both a preliminary drawing and a proof for one of Kustodiev’s famous linocuts

glorifying the Russian peasant. Puny painted several delightful Suprematist figures in gouache on postcards and designed and assembled an

extraordinary artist’s book of collage, gouache and cut letters. There are also fine prints and posters and paintings by such important modern

Russian artists as Chekhonin, Dobuzhinsky, Goncharova, Kaplan, Larionov, Lebedev, Lissim, Pozhedaev, Ryback and Sudeikin.

Lot 237

Michael Patrick Hearn and John Larson

September 2008

Books & Manuscripts

Lot 1. AKHMATOVA, Anna (1889-1966), Osip MANDELSHTAM (1891-1938),

Vladislav KHODASEVICH (1886-1939) and others.

Liricheskii krug. Stranitsy poezii i kritiki. I [A Lyrical Circle. Pages of Poetry and Criticism. Volume.1]. Moscow: “Severnye Dni,” 1922. 96 pp. Small

8vo (200 x 140 mm). Original Constructivist wrappers designed Nikolai Kupreyanov. Condition: wrappers lightly thumbsoiled.

one of 2000 copies. With contributions by Anna Akhmatova, Leonid Grossman, Konstantin Lipskerov, Osip Mandelshtam, Sofia Parnok,

Vladislav Khodasevich, Sergei Shervisnkii, Abram Efros, Andrei Globa and others. Both Akhmatova and Mandelshtam were later persecuted

by the Soviet authorities; he died in the Gulag in 1938. Khodasevich left for Berlin where he early championed Vladimir Nabokov. He called

Khodasevich “the greatest Russian poet of our time.” Not in MoMA.

$500 – $800

Lot 1

Lot 2

Lot 3

Lot 2. AKSENOV, Ivan (1883-1935) and

Alexandra EXTER (1882-1949) (illustrator).

Pikasso i okrestosti [Picasso and Environs]. Moscow: Tsentrifuga,

1917. 62 pp. 4to (270 x 205 mm). Title in purple and red. 8 pages of

publisher’s advertisements at end. With 12 photogravures of works

by Picasso. Original wrappers with pictorial label by Alexandra Exter.

Condition: front wrapper partially detached with soiling, backstrip

chipped at extremities with some loss, rubber stamps to back cover,

corners creased.

an important early theoretical treatise on Cubism and its

aesthetics featuring Alexandra Exter’s striking cover design. one of

1000 copies. In the 1920s, Aksenov was close to the Constructivists

and worked in the theatre of Vsevolod Meierkhold, also serving as

the dean of its directors school. Critic, poet, and translator, he was an

outstanding representative of the genre crossing and internationalist

spirit of Russian avant-garde art. MoMA 148.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 3. ALEKSEIEV, Aleksandr (1901-1979)

and Philippe SOUPAULT (1897-1990) (translator).

Chant Du Prince Igor Version française de Soupault. [colophon:

Rolle, Switzerland:] Eynard, [colophon: 11 April 1950]. 4to

(283 x 226 mm). Half-title in brown, title in grey, light green and dark

brown, text in French and Russian; printed in brown, 10 colored

etched and aquatint illustrations, 7 colored etched and aquatint

plates, all by Alekseiev. Unbound as issued within original wrappers,

title and an aquatint panel on upper cover, within original chemise

and slip-case. Condition: very light scuffing to chemise and slip-case.

Limited to 290 copies, Number 90 of 230 copies on “arches” paper

numbered from 35 to 264.

[With:] A. ALEKSEIEV and Nicholai GOGOL (1809-1852). The

Diary of a Madman… Translated by Prince Mirsky. London: The

Cresset Press, 1929. 4to (268 x 205 mm). Half-title, small format

copyright slip tipped onto limitation leaf. 11 aquatint illustrations,

10 aquatint plates, all by Alekseiev. Original yellow cloth, lettered in

red on upper cover and spine. Condition: some overall light toning

to the text block; some soiling to the binding. Limited edition of

280 copies, this number 149 of 250 copies on mould-made paper

numbered from 1 to 250. (2)

$1600 – $2000

Lot 4. ALTMAN, Nathan Isaevich (1889-1970).

Lenin. Petersburg: IZO NKP, 1921. 14 pp. 8vo (222 x 185 mm).

Lithographs. Printed paper wrappers with Suprematist design in

red and black on front cover. Lithographed signature of Lenin

dated 4/21/20. Condition: wrappers slightly tanned, front cover

with horizontal razor cut repaired on verso not affecting text and is

evident on flyleaf and title page, backstrip rubbed with small repairs

to head and tail.

first edition. one of 5000 copies. Nine portraits of Lenin and

a view of the Kremlin from Lenin’s office, each signed in the plate

by Altman and dated May 1920. The partial seal of the Academy of

Painting, Sculpture & Architecture is embossed on the portrait leaf.

MoMA 331.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 5. ASEEV, Nikolai Nikolaevich (1889-1963).

Bomba. Stikhi [Bomba.Verse]. Vladivostock: “Dalnevostochnaya

Tribuna,” 1921. 62 pp. 8vo (185 x 135 mm). Contemporary

cloth-backed marbled boards with original gray wrappers bound

in. Condition: wrappers soiled, internal foxing. Provenance: Tanya

Gomoletska. Inscribed on the verso of the title page with an

unpublished poem and dated May 31, 1921. The poet has made

corrections in pencil throughout the text.

[With:] Moskva-pesnya [Moscow-Song ]. Moscow: Moskovskoe

Tovarishchestvo Pisatelei, [1934]. 223 pp. 8vo (175 x 125 mm).

Drawings by Tatyana Alekseevna Mavrina. Decorated orange cloth

in original dust wrapper, both designed by T. A. Mavrina. Condition:

bookstore stamps on rear free endpaper. A bibliography of the

author’s books of poetry is added to the colophon. (2)

$1000 – $1500

Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 9

Lot 4

Lot 5

Lot 6. ANNENKOV, Iurii Pavlovich [Georges Annenkoff] (1889-1974) and Fodor Mikhailovich DOSTOEVSKY (1821-1881).

Scandaleuse Histoire Traduction originale d’Alexis Remisoff et Jean Chuzeville. Paris: les Éditions des Quatre Vents, 1945. 4to (276 x 190 mm).

Title in brown and black, half-title, occasional two-color intials. Portrait frontispiece, 14 plates colored using the pochoir process, 13 twocolor

headpieces, 23 uncolored tailpieces and illustrations, all after Annenkov. Unbound as issued in original paper wrappers, three-color

title with vignette printed on upper cover, lettered on backstrip, original board chemise, original slipcase. Condition: light soiling to backstrip

of chemise.

limited edition of 986 copies, this number 433 of 750 copies on “papier pur fil johannot” numbered from 1 to 750.

$800 – $1200

Lot 7. ANNENKOV, Iurii Pavlovich [Georges Annenkoff] (1889-1974) (illustrator).

Crime à San-Francisco. Paris: Au Sans Pareil, 1927. 89 pp. 8vo (210 x 165 mm). By “Luc Durtain” [André Nepveu]. With 8 lithographs by Iu.

P. Annenkov. Rebound in fine half gilt red morocco over marbled boards by Greuzevault with the original aqua wrappers bound in, t.e.g.

Condition: wrappers with very light toning to edges.

number 749 of 650 copies on vélin lafuma. Annenkov’s satirical and slightly racy Cubist designs for this French novel set in California

are reminiscent of George Grosz’s work. André Nepveu (1881-1959) was a Parisian throat doctor who wrote poetry and novels of social

criticism under the pseudonym “Luc Durtain.”

$1200 – $1800

Lot 6 Lot 7

Lot 8. [BAKST, Léon [Lev Samoilovich Rosenberg] (1866-1924)].

Leon Bakst. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, [1927]. 42 pp. 4to (335 x 260 mm). With 19 pochoir plates and 29 tipped-in color plates. Introduction

by Carl Einstein. Vellum-backed gilt decorated brown boards. Condition: boards and spine lightly rubbed.

number 328 of 330 copies. Bakst was the most influential of the artists associated with Sergei Diaghliev’s Ballets Russes. Carl

Einstein (1885-1940) is best known as the author of the seminal Expressionist novel Bebuquin (1912).

$5000 – $8000

Lot 9. [BAKST, Léon [Lev Samoilovich Rosenberg] (1866-1924)].

Feya kukol. La Fée des poupées [The Doll Fairy]. Complete set of 12 postcards,

printed in colors, most heightened with gilt, designed by L. Bakst with the

original envelope and the folded descriptive leaf in Russian and French;

issued to benefit the St. Evgenya Red Cross Society and lithographed in

color by A. Ilin, St. Petersburg, 1904. Each card 140 x 95 mm. Condition:

cards in excellent condition, the descriptive leaf with split at fold, the

envelope holed and torn with slight loss.

rare complete set of postcards in the original envelope. Bakst was

the most important costume designer of his generation. He helped found

the Mir Iskusstva [World of Art] group with Sergei Diaghilev and Alexandre

Benois in 1898. He established himself as a major costume designer with

Josef Bayer’s ballet Feya kukol at the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg in

February 1903. Benois thought they were Bakst’s indisputable masterpiece.

But it was for his contribution to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes beginning in

1909 that Bakst earned his greatest fame. (12)

$1500 – $2000

10 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 11

Lot 9

Lot 8

Lot 10. BALMONT, Konstantin Dmitrievich (1867-1942).

Zvenya [The Link]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1913. 283 pp. 8vo (190 x 125 mm). Original decorated pale green wrappers. Condition: wrappers

soiled, backstrip chipped and cracked; fragile.

[With:] Zarevo zor [Glow of Twilight]. Moscow: Grif, 1914. Second edition. 169 pp. Small 8vo (175 x 110 mm). Designed by V. M. Sablin.

Original two-color decorated tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers lightly spotted, backstrip with some minor chipping and discoloration;

small tape repair to verso of back wrapper.

[And:] Belyi zodyii [White Architect]. St. Petersburg: “Sirin,” 1914. 332 pp. Folio (250 x 190 mm). Original light blue wrappers. Condition:

wrappers soiled and creased; splits at head and tail of backstrip, small rubber stamps to verso of wrappers.

three collections of poetry by the imporant russian symbolist. He also translated Shelley, Ibsen, Whitman, and Armenian poetry.

His free translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells” served as the basis for Rachmaninoff ’s choral symphony, Op. 35. Both Prokofiev and

Stravinsky set his poetry to music. As an anti-tsarist, he at first supported the Russian Revolution but not the Bolsheviks. He emigrated to

Germany and settled in France where he died in poverty. (3)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 10

Lot 11. BALTRUSHAITIS, Jurgis Kazimirovich (1873-1944).

Zemnyya stupeni. Elegii, pesni, poemy [Earthly Stages. Elegies, Songs and Poems]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1911. 216 pp. 8vo (195 x 150 mm). Original

decorated wrappers. Condition: wrappers soiled with minor chipping to edges; backstrip chipped with some loss.

[With:] Gornaya tropa. Vtoraya kniga stikhov [Mountain Path. Second Book of Poetry]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1912. 183 pp. 8vo (200 x 155 mm).

Original wrappers. Condition: wrappers thumbsoiled, backstrip slightly chipped with tape repairs to head and tail.

early works by the silver age poet. Baltrushaitis was a Lithuanian Symbolist poet who wrote primarily in Russian. His circle included

Konstantin Balmont, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov and Vyacheslav Ivanov. He died in Paris. (2)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 12. BEARDSLEY, Aubrey (1872-1898) and Mikhail Alekseevich KUZMIN (1872-1936) (translator).

Obri Berdslei. Izbranye pisunki [Aubrey Beardsley: Selected Drawings]. Moscow: Skorpion, 1912. 204 pp. Square 8vo (225 x 170 mm). + 30 plates.

Contemporary gilt-lettered brown boards. Condition: boards rubbed with minor staining, corners bumped; rubber stamp and pen notations

to endpaper, rear joint cracked.

first edition of an important early russian monograph on the great english illustrator. Beardsley’s influence on Russian

artists of the Silver Age is inestimable. In addition to a fine selection of the drawings, this book contains translations of Robert Ross’ and

Arthur Simmons’ memoirs of the artist, Beardsley’s “Venus and Tannhauser,” some of his letters, appreciations by Joseph Pennell and Vittorio

Pika and a bibliography of the published work. Kuzmin translated Beardsley’s poems “The Three Musicians” and “The Ballad of a Barber”

into Russian for this collection.

$1000 – $1500

12 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 13

Lot 11

Lot 12

Lot 15

Lot 13

Lot 14

Lot 13. BELENSON, Aleksandr (editor).

Strelets. Sbornik pervyi [The Archer. First Collection]. St. Petersburg:

[“Strelets”], 1915. Volume 1. 216 pp. 8vo (235 x 176 mm). Rebound

in tan cloth with the original front wrapper designed by Nikolai

Kulbin affixed to the new binding. Condition: covers and label lightly

thumbsoiled, upper corner of title page clipped with no loss of text;

rear wrapper absent.

one of 5000 copies. rare first volume of this famous futurist

anthology. With contributions by Aleksandr Blok, David Burliuk,

Vasilii Kamenskii, Velemir Khlebnikov, Mikhail Kuzmin, Benedikt

Livshits, Artur Lure, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Aleksei Remizov,

Fedor Sologub and others. Lithographs on blue paper by David

Burliuk, Nikolai Kulbin, Aristarkh Lentulov, Wyndham Lewis,

Olga Rozanova, Mariya Sinyakova and Mikhail Vrubel. The early

Futurist group “Gylaea” [Hylaea] joined forces with the Symbolists,

Acmeists, and other unaffiliated artists to issue this first anthology in

1915. It created a sensation. MoMA 114; Borovkov p. 10.

$600 – $800

Lot 14. BELENSON, Aleksandr (editor).

Strelets. Tretii i poslednii [The Archer. Third and Final Collection]. St.

Petersburg: [“Strelets”], 1922. Volume 3. 184 pp. 8vo (286 x 193

mm). With 14 plates (some in color) designed by Natan Altman,

Iurii Annenkov, Lev Bruni, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Nikolai Kulbin,

Vladimir Lebedev, Ivan Puni ( Jean Pougny), Marc Chagall; and

printer’s mark by David Burliuk. Original decorated wrappers.

Condition: wrappers with intermittent staining, chipping to

extremities, back detached but present; repairs to backstrip and

front wrapper.

out-of-series copy from an edition of 300. final and most

beautiful volume of this rare influential russian futurist

anthology. With contributions by Fedor Sologub, Mikhail

Kuzmin, Vasily Rozanov, Anna Akhmatova, Lev Karsavin, Erich

Gollerbakh, Artur Lure and others. Annenkov also provided the

textual decorations. MoMA 447; Getty 756; BM 493; NYPL 291.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 15. BELSKII, Leonid Petrovich (translator).

Kalevala. Finskii narodnyi epos [The Kalevala. The Finnish Folk Epic]. Moscow and Leningrad: Academia, 1933. 331 pp. 8vo (250 x 185 mm).

Illustrated by Tatyana Glebova, Alisa Poret, Mikhail Tsibasov, and other students of Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov. Original violet cloth, blocked

with a decorative design in red and purple, dust jacket. Condition: slight cockling to first and last few leaves; dust-jacket slightly discolored and

with small tears and chips to extremities.

important illustrated book by the filonov school in the rare dust jacket. Russian translation of the Finnish national folk epic.

Filonov (1883-1941) was an original who drew idelogical hostility from his colleagues. He was eventually expelled from the Academy of

Arts in 1927 for “corrupting his colleagues with his paintings.” Nevertheless he inspired a new generation of Soviet artists. MoMA 1023.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 16. BELYI, Andrei [Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev] (1880-1934).

Steinerian schema of perception. c. 1918. Ink, crayon and pencil on ruled paper (360 x 450 mm). Framed.

a fascinating diagrammatical sketch whereby Belyi outlines the concept of intuition and free will in relation to the Anthroposophical

teachings of Rudolf Steiner. It was in his later years that Belyi came under the influence of Anthroposophy and became a personal friend

of Steiner’s. Anthroposophy, as an offshoot of Theosophy, advocated for the theory and practice of nonlinear exposition, simultaneity,

essentialism, and intuitive knowledge; devices that eventually helped usher in such modernist breakthroughs as sound poetry, abstract

painting and formalist theories in Russia and elsewhere A remarkable document from the author of Petersburg; one of the 20th century’s

most important novels that is often cited as an uncanny precursor to Joyce’s Ulysses.

$7000 – $10000

14 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 15

Lot 16

Lot 17

Lot 18

Lot 17. BEM, Elizaveta Merkurevna (1843-1914) and

Ivan Yakovlevich BILIBIN (1876-1942) (illustrators).

Azbuka [An Alphabet]. Paris: I. S. Lapina, [1913]. 2nd part. 42 pp.

Large folio (400 x 310 mm). With 17 tipped-in color plates after

E. Bem and vignettes by N. Ivanov. Rebound in cloth-backed gray

boards with the original gilt decorated gray wrappers. Rebound

with Volga. Petrograd: I. I. Bilibina, 1904. 16 pp. Large Folio (400

x 310). Illustrated with color lithographs after I. Ya. Bilibin. Original

decorated wrappers bound in. Condition: abrasions to back cover;

occasional light spotting and thumbsoiling internally.

two of the most beautiful russian picture books bound

together. Bem began her career as one of the earliest Russian

women children’s book illustrators with studies of local child life all

in silhouettes. The elaborate watercolors for Azbuka comprise her

most ambitious work. Again, she used child models in these sensitive,

complex compositions and drew on Russian folk art and folklore for

details. Bilibin’s Volga is one of the magnificent publications of the

Silver Age. He drew on his vast knowledge of ancient Russian folk

art for costumes, architecture and interiors in the style and content

of these extraordinary color lithographs.

$800 – $1200

Lot 18. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksanr Nikolaevich Benua]

(1870-1960) and Rene BOYLESVE (1867-1926).

La Leçon d’Amour dans un Parc. Brussels: Éditions du Nord, 1927.

Small square 8vo (205 x 150 mm). Half-title. Printed in light brown

and black. 4 plates and 20 head-pieces colored using the pochoir

process, all after Benois. Original wrappers, printed in light brown

and black. Condition: covers somewhat discolored, small splits to

head and foot of backstrip.

limited edition of 1076 copies, this one of 40 copies ‘hors

commerce” printed on “vélin pur esparto” paper numbered from I to

XL, this copy number II. According to the colophon, this title is the

third in the “Les Gloires Littéraires” series.

$600 – $800

Lot 19. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960) (illustrator).

Pikovaya dama [Queen of Spades]. [St. Petersburg: R. Golike and A. Vilborg, 1911]. 68 pp. Folio (300 x 240 mm). Illustrated in color by

A. Benois. Publisher’s gilt stamped cream colored boards with original glassine wrappers (defective). Condition: hinges cracked, spine lightly

tanned, corners bumped, slight toning to boards.

Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece based on Pushkin’s Pikovaya dama was Benois’ favorite opera. Although he provided some of the décor for a 1903

production, it was not until May 1921 that Benois produced and adapted Modest Ilich Tchaikovsky’s libretto and designed all the sets and

the costumes for the State Theater for Opera and Ballet in Petrograd. These illustrations dating from a decade before obviously influenced

the 1921 production.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 20. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960).

Russkaya shkola zhivopisi [The Russian School of Painting ]. St. Petersburg: Golike and Vilborg, 1904. 96 pp. Large folio (410 x 330 mm). 101

tipped-in color plates and photogravures of Russian art. 10 parts unbound (as issued) within original decorated white portfolio designed by

A. Benois with a front wrapper of volume I and complete wrapper for volume II designed by Evgenii Evgenevich Lansere. Condition: tears to

margins, some toning; wrappers with repairs to margins, portfolio somewhat soiled.

signed by the author in ink on the title page, explaining that he began the project in 1903 but did not complete it until

1905. A magnificently produced survey of Russian art by the great Silver Age painter. Msistlav Valeryanov Dubuzhinsky provided the elegant

title page design. Alfred A. Knopf published an English translation by Abraham Yarmolinsky in 1916 but not in so sumptuous a format.

$6000 – $8000

Lot 19 Lot 20

16 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 17

Lot 21

Lot 23

Lot 21. BENOIS, Alexandre

[Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960).

Igrushki [Toys]. A collection of 10 postcards of Russian folk toys,

issued to benefit the St. Evgenya Red Cross Society and lithographed

in color by N. Kadushin, St. Petersburg, 1905. Each 140 x 95 mm.

Condition: unused postcards with minor wear and soiling; one

creased slightly.

Among his many other interests, Benois was a passionate collector

of hand-made folk toys. He began buying them in the 1890s and

soon became one of the leading experts in the field. Bakst studied

Benois’ toys when he was working on his costume designs for the

1903 ballet Feya kukol [The Doll Fairy]. (10)

$1200 – $1800

Lot 22. BILIBIN, Ivan Yakovlevich (1876-1942) (illustrator).

Skazki [Fairy Tales]. [St. Petersburg]: Ekspeditsiya zagotovleniya

gosudarstvennykh bumag, 1901-1903. 4 volumes: Skazka ob Ivane

Tsareviche, Zhar-ptitse i o serom volke [The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the

Fire Bird and the Grey Wolf]; Tsarevna Lyagushka [The Frog Princess];

Sestritsa Alenushka i bratetse Ivanushka; Belaya utochka [Little Sister

Alena and Little Brother Ivan; and The Little White Duck]; and Marya

Morevna. Chromolithographs after I. Ya. Bilibin. Folio (320 x 255

mm). Two with original decorated wrappers; two bound in one

volume in cloth-backed boards. Condition: discolored, soiled and

some foxing; one book rebacked with pages loose.

I. Ya. Bilibin established his reputation as the greatest illustrator of

Russian fairy tales with this elegant series. The environment he created

for these beautifully printed picture books derived from artist’s vast

knowledge of old provincial Russian architecture and folk arts. (4)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 23. BRODSKY, Joseph

[Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodskii] (1940-1996).

Stikhotvoreniya i poemy [Verses and Poems]. Washington, D.C.: Inter-

Language Literary Associates, 1965. 8vo (195 x 140 mm). Original

gray wrappers. Condition: backstrip lightly faded; minor thumbsoiling

to wrappers with tape residue to front.

the 1987 nobel prize winner’s collection of poems was

published abroad after he was sentenced to five years

of hard labor for “social parasitism” in 1964. This edition

is rumored to have been financed by the CIA. He was exiled from

the Soviet Union in 1972 and was later named poet laureate of the

United States in 1991.

$700 – $1000

Lot 24. BURLIUK, David (1882-1967) [editor].

Color and Rhyme. 38 issues (of 66 published): numbers 17-24, 26, 29-31, 33-53, 55-57, 60 and 66. Various sizes. In Russian and English.

Numbers 31, 33, 34, and 37-41 are bound separately in green cloth and includes a Burliuk letter as a pastedown on front endpaper addressed

to Boris Viktorovich Smerenskii to whom this volume is also inscribed. This volume also includes an original inlaid graphic cover and

booklets for 1930 Burliuk exhibit at the Roerich Museum and a 1933 exhibit at the Academy of Allied Arts, both in New York.

Numbers 49, 55 and 60 inscribed to B. Smerenskii with owner’s bookplates and stamp on front free endpapers; Number 53 with editorial

corrections. Number 66 was the final issue and was “Published in honor of poet-artist David Burliuk by Mary Burliuk” subsequent to his

death in 1967. Numbers 31 and 49 are devoted to articles and reminiscences of Mayakovsky. Condition: covers partially detached on a few

issues, occasional light spotting and thumbsoiling.

an astonishing collection that spans over twenty years (1947-1970) from the perspective of the great ukrainian artist

as an émigré in new york. News clippings, exhibit announcements, letters to the editor, art reviews, travel pieces, editorials, and all manner

of art-related commentary cobbled together in a compelling and engaging fashion. Illustrated throughout.

From 1930 to 1966 Burliuk and his wife, Marussia, published Color & Rhyme, primarily concerned with charting Burliuk’s activities. He was

the co-founder of the Futurist movement in Russia and a founding member in Germany of both Der Blaue Reiter and Der Sturm. He moved

to the United States in 1922, and settled in New York. Besides being her husband’s muse (evidenced by the numerous portraits Burliuk

composed of her), Marussia Burliuk acted as publisher and occasional contributor to this seminal avant-garde arts periodical. (38)

$5000 – $8000

1 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 19

Lot 24

Lot 25

Lot 26

Lot 25. [BURLIUK, David (1882-1967)] and

Katherine Sophie DREIER (1877-1952).

Burliuk. New York: Société Anonyme and Color and Rhyme, 1944.

182 pp. 4to (260 x 185 mm). 53 black and white illustrations by

Burliuk selected by the author and Marcel Duchamp. Publisher’s

red cloth, spine and front cover gilt stamped. Condition: spine faded,

without dust jacket.

presentation copy. Warmly inscribed to the Kendalls on front

free endpaper and dated June 8th 1946. An important work on the

Ukranian artist David Burliuk that examines his work in Russia, and

subsequent career in the United States after emigrating in 1922.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 26. BURLIUK, David (1882-1967),

Sergei TRETYAKOV (1892-1937), Sergei RAFALOVICH and


Buka russkoi literatury [The Bogeyman of Russian Literature]. Moscow:

[41°], 1923. 48 pp. 8vo (190 x 145 mm). Cover typography by

Nagorskaya and Constructivist lithographs by Gustav Klutsis and

Ivan Kliun. Original wrappers printed in red and black. Condition:

wrappers detached with tears at fold with slight loss and occasional

soiling; internally leaves slightly toned at edges else clean.

one of 2000 copies. Unique collection of tributes by Sergei

Tretyakov, David Burliuk, T. Tolstaya and S. Rafalovich to the

enormously influential and protean experimental Russian poet

and theorist Aleksei Kruchenykh. Burliuk eventually settled in

the United States, but Tretyakov was arrested and executed by the

Soviets in 1937. MoMA 462.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 27. CHALIAPIN, Feodor Ivanovich (1873-1938).

Portrait of Chaliapin. Gelatin silver print on matte doubleweight paper,

trimmed to the edge, blindstamped Leidenberg Studio. Signed and

inscribed to Mikhail Kokushkin, Paris 1931. 295 x 235 mm.

exceptional signed photograph of the legendary russian

opera singer. Chaliapin may well have been the greatest opera

singer of the twentieth century. He was Rachmanioff ’s protégé and

Maxim Gorky helped him write his autobiography.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 28. CHOUKHAEFF, Vassili (1887-1973) and

Alfred de MUSSET (1810-1857).

Les Deux Maîtresses. Paris: Éditions de la Pléiade, J. Schiffrin1928.

Small 4to (243 x 180 mm). Title in blue and black. Hand-colored

frontispiece and 8 plates, 10 hand-colored head-pieces, 9 uncolored

tail-pieces, 10 uncolored initials, all after Choukhaeff. Original

paper wrappers, author, title and decorative vignette on the upper

cover, author, title and date on the backstrip, glassine. Condition: pp.

91-94 loosely inserted, light toning to margins. Limited edition of

378 copies, this copy number VII, one of five on “Japon Impérial”

numbered from VI to X, “hors série et non mis dans la commerce.”

[With:] V. CHOUKHAEFF - Charles MAURRAS Charles (1868-

1952). L’Anthrophage conte moral. [N.p.:] Les Éditions Lapina, [1930].

Small square 8vo (190 x 140 mm). Printed in red and black, half-title.

Etched portrait of the author by Ed. Chimot, 1 folding of the author’s

manuscript of the first to pages of text, 8 tinted lithographic plates

by Choukaeff, occasional decorative initials printed in red. Original

light brown wrappers, printed in red and black, glassine, largely

unopened, card slipcase. Condition: slight discoloration to backstrip,

slipcase rubbed and scuffed. Limited edition of 1195 copies, this

copy number 301, one of 1000 copies on “vergé de Rives B.F.K.”

numbered from 101 to 1100. The limitation leaf notes that this is the

12th and last in a series of works published under the umbrella title

‘la Collection “Les Panathénées.”’ (2)

$1000 – $1500

20 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 21

Lot 27

Lot 28

Lot 29. CHEKHOV, Anton (1860-1904).

Povesty i razskazy [Stories and Tales]. Moscow: E. F. Tsipelson, 1894. 287 pp. 8vo (190 x 130 mm). Publisher’s navy

blue cloth, spine and front board lettered in gilt and decoratively stamped in black, rear board blind stamped in

floral motif. Condition: slight rubbing to spine edges and extremties, corners bumped, dampstain at lower left on

front; neat repairs at gutters to pp. 279-282. Provenance: Semen Ilich Bychkov.

exceptional signed presentation copy of an important collection of chekhov’s short stories.

Bychkov worked as a waiter at the Grand Hotel in Moscow where Chekhov stayed. “I’d been a factory worker, a yard

man, worked in a puppet theatre, in pantomime and done everything,” Bychkov recalled. “Of all the people staying

at the hotel only Anton Chekhov spoke to me simply, man-to-man, without pride, with none of that looking down

on you. And he gave me his writings, I started reading and at that minute a new light illuminated me…I loved him

fervently with all my soul” (Rayfield p. 391). Bychkov asked the writer to be godfather to his child and the writer accepted.

Chekhov warmly inscribed this copy in fond memory to Bychkov on March 25, 1897. The collection contains

several of the author’s best known short stories: “Babe tsarstvo” [“A Woman’s Kingdom”], ”Poprygunya” [“The

Grasshopper”], “Chernyi monakh” [“The Black Monk”], “V ssylke” [“In Exile”], “Skripa Rotshilda” [“Rothschild’s

Fiddle”] and “Student” [“The Student”]. See Literaturnoe nasledstvo: Chekhov p. 268.

$20000 – $30000

22 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 23

Lot 30. CHUKOVSKY, Kornei [Nikolai Vasilievich Korneichukov] (1882-1969).

Collection of four books of literary criticism by the famous Russian children’s poet. Comprising: Leonid Andreev bolshoi i malenkii [Leonid Andreev Great

and Small]. St. Petersburg: “Izdatelskoe Biuro,” 1908. 136 pp. 8vo (215 x 145 mm). Rebound in half cloth over marbled boards. Condition:

rear hinge cracked, original wrappers absent.

Before he became a major children’s book writer, Chukovsky was an influential literary critic. Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev (1871-1919) is

best remembered for his play He Who Gets Slapped (1915).

[With:] Ot Ckehova do nashikh dnei [From Chekhov to Our Day]. St. Petersburg: “Izdatelskoe Biuro,” 1908. 244 pp. Rebound in black cloth

with the original decorated wrappers bound in. Condition: wrappers repaired with slight thumbsoiling and small chip to back at lower corner.

expanded second edition with a new preface. Essays on contemporary Russian writers including Chekhov, Balmont, Blok and Gorky.

Chukovsky’s essay on novelist Mikhail Artsybashev so offended him that he challenged Chukovsky to a duel.

[And:] I. Nat Pinkerton i sovrennaya literatura. II. “Kuda my prishli?”[I. Nat Pinkerton and Contemporary Literature. II. “Where Are We Now?”].

Moscow: “Sovremennoe Tvorchestvo,” 1910. 120 pp. 8vo (195 x 140 mm). Original tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers with some spotting

and soiling, backstrip partially detached with slight chipping at middle, head and tail. The first essay discusses detective stories; the second is

a survey of Russian literature in the year 1909.

[And:] Litsa i maski [Faces and Masks]. St. Petersburg: “Shipovnik,” [1914]. 355 pp. 8vo (215 x 155 mm). Rebound in rebacked dark blue

boards with the original tan wrappers bound in. Condition: spotting to wrappers; bookseller stamp and pen markings to rear endpaper.

Collection of essays on various literary subjects including Andreev, Oscar Wilde, the Russian Futurists, Jack London, Zaida Gippius, Aleksei

Tolstoi and Boris Zaitsev. The relatively brief essay on the language of children (pp. 308-328) evolved over the years into Chukovsky’s

seminal study Ot dvukh do pyati [From Two to Five] (1933). (4)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 30

Lot 31

Lot 31. CHUKOVSKY, Kornei [Nikolai Vasilievich Korneichukov] (1882-1969) and

Vladimir Mikhailovich KONASHEVICH (1888-1963) (illustrator).

Mukha Tsokotukha [The Buzzing Fly]. Leningrad and Moscow: OGIZ, 1933. 16 pp. Square 8vo (225 x 175 mm). Illustrated by V. Konashevich.

Original color lithographed decorated wrappers designed by Konashevich. Condition: wrappers neatly repaired on verso at fold.

first edition with present illustrations. Chukovsky called Mukha Tsokotukha “my merriest book, the most musical, the most

well-rounded.” When a bureaucrat protested that “the little mosquito is nothing but a prince in disguise, and the fly a princess in disguise,”

Chukovsky lost his temper and replied, “We might as well say that Karl Marx is a disguised prince, too!” A late member of the Mir iskusstva

[World of Art] group, Konashevich upheld the high standards of their graphic work in his picture books.

[With:] VVEDENSKII, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1904-1941). Letnyaya knizhka [A Book of Spring ]. [Leningrad]: GIZ, 1929. 8 pp. Square 4to

(200 x 145 mm). Color lithographs by A[lisa] Poret. Original color lithographed wrappers designed by Poret. Condition: light staining to

wrappers, minor tape repairs, ink marks on first and end leaves not affecting text. Vvedensky helped organize with Daniil Kharms the avantgarde

group OBERIU. Banned from publishing their adult work, they wrote children’s books. Vvedensky was arrested in 1941 on a charge of

treason and died of dysentery on his way to a labor camp. A. Poret (1902-1984) was a student of the artist Pavel Filonov and associated with

OBERIU. She was also a prolific children’s book illustrator.

[And:] ZOSCHENKO, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1895-1958). Samoe glavnoe [The Most Important]. Moscow and Leningrad: Detizdat, 1940.

43 pp. Square 8vo (225 x 170 mm). Illustrated by A. Uspenskii. A rare collection of children’s stories by the famous Russian satirist. Condition:

wrappers with intermittent light soiling.(3)

24 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 25

$500 – $800

Lot 32. DANKO, Elena Yakovlevna (1898–1942) and

Nikolai Fedorovich LAPSHIN (1891-1942) (illustrator).

Kitaiskii sekret [The Chinese Secret]. Leningrad: OGIZ, 1934.

200 pp. 8vo (195 x 135 mm). Illustrated by Nikolai Lapshin.

Original embossed blue cloth in the original decorated dust

jacket. Condition: minor staining to front cover and spine; jacket

with some chipping at spine and fold extremities not affecting

lettering, rear panel with closed tear repaired on verso.

first edition of this famous history of porcelain in

the rare dust jacket. The sisters Elena and Natalya Danko

(1892-1942) helped revive the art of Russian porcelain at the

State Porcelain Factory in Leningrad after the Revolution. Elena

described the factory’s wares as “news from a radiant future.”

Natalya modeled the figures and Elena painted them. Among

the major works they produced at the Lomonosov State

Porcelain Factory in Leningrad were their famous propaganda

chess set of the Reds vs the Whites and porcelain figurines of

the legendary ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky and poet Anna

Akhmatova. Kitaiskii sekret is Elena Danko’s best known book.

During World War II (“The Great Patriotic War”) while fleeing

blockaded Leningrad for Irbet in the Urals where the porcelain

factory was temporarily moved, both women were killed. A

former student of Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin, Nikolai Fodorevich

Lapshin (1888-1942) was one of the most important

Soviet children’s book illustators. He designed for the State

Porcelain Factory when the Dankos were also working there.

The German-born critic Helmutt Lehmann-Haupt thought

Lapshin’s illustrations were “informing, witty, and very flexible.”

$500 – $800

Lot 32

Lot 33

Lot 34

Lot 33. [DOBUZHINSKY, Mstislav Valerianovich


Risunki M. Dobuzhinskogo [M. Dobuzhinsky’s Drawings]. Moscow

and Petrograd: GIZ, 1923. 104 pp. Folio (275 x 210 mm). By

Erikh Fedorovich Gollerbakh. Illustrated by M. Dobuzhinsky

with ornamental initials designed by Sergei Chekhonin. Original

decorated wrappers designed by Dobuzhinsky. Condition: wrappers

slightly discolored, partially split; backstrip with some chipping and

minor repairs. Provenance: Fekula 6383.

early monograph of the famous silver age artist. Known

primarily for his book and magazine illustrations and set and

costume designs, Dobuzhinsky here demonstrates his versatilty

in landscapes, cityscapes, interiors and portraits. After the Russian

Revolution, he left for Lithuania where he was naturalized in 1924.

He eventually emigrated to Great Britain and settled in the United

States where he continued to design for the theater. Not in MoMA.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 34. DOBUZHINSKY, Msistlav Valeryanov

(1875-1957). (illustrator).

Svinopas. Skazka Andersena. [The Swineherd. Andersen’s Fairy Tale].

[Berlin and Petrograd]: Z. I. Grzhebin, 1922. 14 pp. Folio (300 x 230

mm). By Hans Christian Andersen. Original silver decorated blue

papered boards. Condition: joints tender; backstrip faded with slight

chipping at extremities, covers slightly rubbed and faded.

one of 2000 copies. first edition of this classic silver age

interpretation of the andersen fairy tale. Dobuzhinsky was

one of the great graphic artists of the Mir iskusstva [World of Art]

group in St. Petersburg. He was also Vladimir Nabokov’s drawing

teacher. Having served as a medical orderly on the Polish and

Galician fronts during World War I, he began illustrating Svinopas as

a diversion on his return to Petrograd in 1917. The story was one of

his family’s favorite fairy tales; a few years earlier, his friend Georgii

Narbut designed the sets and costumes for a play based on the story

for Dobuzhinsky’s children. Dobuzhinsky entered these slightly

satirical watercolors in one of the last of the Mir iskusstva exhibitions.

This edition was created for the “Parus” publishing company, but

the Russian Revolution intervened and the book was not published

until 1922 by Z. I. Grzhebin in Berlin and Petrograd. Svinopas with

its lithe line drawings heightened with watercolor is considered to be

Dobuzhinsky’s masterpiece. MoMA 376.

$600 – $800

Lot 35. DUDIN, S. M. and A. F. Tkachenko.

Skazki starukhi-govorukhi o zhivotnykh [An Old Woman Storyteller’s

Tales about Animals]. St. Petersburg: A. F. Devrien, [1907]. 3 volumes,

18 pp each. Folio (265 x 210 mm each). Printed by R. Golike and

A. Vilborg, St. Petersburg. Illustrated in color and black and white

by Dudin and Tkachenko. Original color lithographed maroon

wrappers. Condition: some spotting and spoiling to wrappers;

rubbed at folds.

three collections of russian fairy tales. Comprising:

“Lisichka-sestrichka i volk” and “Kot, kozel i baran” [“The Little Fox

Sister and the Wolf” and “The Cat, the the Billy Goat and the Ram”] ;

“Skazka o schuk zubastoi,” “Petukh, kot i barran” and zayasts i lyagushka”

[“The Tale of the Sharp-Toothed Pike,” “The Cock, the Cat and the Ram”

and “The Hare and the Frog”]; and “Zimove zverei,” “Staraya khleb-sol

zabyvaetsya” and “Vorona i rak” [“The Beasts’ Winter Shed,” “The Old

Forgetful Hospitality” and “The Crow and the Crawfish”]. (3)

26 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 27

$600 – $800

Lot 36. EFROS, Abram [Markovich] (1888-1954).

Eroticheskie soneti [Erotic Sonnets]. Moscow: [“Mospoligraf ”], 1922.

45 pp. 8vo (205 x 150 mm). Original tan wrappers. Condition:

wrappers lightly thumbsoiled, minor chipping to edges; bookplate

on verso of rear wrapper.

rare edition of soviet erotic poetry. number 6 of 260

numbered copies. Efros was a prominent Soviet art critic, poet and

translator. He was also curator of the picture gallery of the Pushkin

Museum in Moscow and editor-in-chief of Khutozhestvennaya zhizin

[Artistic Life] published by Narkompros. Somehow he found time

to write and publish these 25 erotic poems. This book seems not to

have been published in Russia again until 1993.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 35

Lot 36

Lot 37. ERENBURG, Ilya Grigorevich [Ilia Ehrenburg] (1891-1967).

Aktsionernoe obschestvo “Merkiur de Riussi” [The Joint Stock Company “Merkiur of Russia”]. [Moscow]: “Puchina,” 1925. 144 pp. Small 8vo

(180 x 125 mm). Original two-color Constructivist wrappers. Condition: browned; some soiling to covers, old creasing to upper cover. one

of 5000 copies.

[With:] Belyi ugol ili slezy vertera [White Coal or Werther’s Tears]. Leningrad, Priboi, 1928. 260 pp. 8vo (200 x 135 mm). Original tan wrappers.

Condition: some soiling to wrappers, backstrip torn with loss, splits to joints.

[And:] Viza vremeni [Time’s Visa]. Leningrad: Izdatelstvo Pisatelei, [1925]. Second edition enlarged. 423 pp. 8vo (195 x 140 mm). Original

blue cloth, titled in black on upper cover and black and blind on spine, dust jacket. Condition: dust-jacket torn with loss. (3)

$1200 – $1800

Lot 38. ERENBURG, Ilya Grigorevich [Ilia Ehrenburg] (1891-1967).

Molitva o Rossii [A Prayer for Russia]. [Moscow: “Severnye Dni”], 1918. 46 pp. 8vo 175 x 135 mm). Original tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers

soiled, extremities slightly frayed. Provenance: Andrei Sobol.

presentation copy of the first edition inscribed to the poet’s friend, the writer andrei sobol. The poem “Sudnyi den”

[“Judgment Day,” pp. 15-20] describes how the Red soldiers stop to rape a woman while storming the Winter Palace. Vladimir Mayakovsky

called the book “tiresome prose printed in verses” written by “a frightened intellectual.” Ehrenburg’s anti-Bolshevik writings forced him to

leave Moscow for his hometown Kiev where he met Sobol. Ehrenburg admitted in 1921 that Molitva o Rossii was “artistically weak and

ideologically impotent.”

$3000 – $5000

Lot 37 Lot 38

Lot 39. ERENBURG, Ilya Grigorevich [Ilia Ehrenburg] (1891-1967).

Detskoe [For Children]. [Paris: n. p., 1914]. 23 pp. 12mo (130 x 105 mm). Original wrappers designed by E. Shiryaev. Condition: wrappers

creased, some chipping at fold.

[With]: Poetry frantsii 1870-1913 [French Poetry from 1870 to 19123]. Paris: “Gelikon,” 1914. 144 pp. Small 4to (220 x 185 mm). Rebound in

black cloth with the original lettered tan wrappers bound in. Condition: minor wear to wrappers.

[And:] Ogon [Fire]. [Gomel:] “Veka i Dni,” 1919. 40 pp. 8vo (170 x 135 mm). Condition: lacking wrappers.

three early works by the famous modern russian writer. Remembered primarily as a novelist and journalist, Ehrenburg was also a

prolific poet. He took the title of Ogon from Luke 12:49 (“I am come to send fire on the earth”) and published the book in the Belarussian

town of Gomel. He spent considerable time in Paris where he met many of the important writers and artists of the period. Some of the

French poets he translated into Russian in Poetry frantsii are Guillaume Apollinaire, Stéphane Mallarmé, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine and

oddly the Italian Futurist Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti. (3)

$1500 – $2500

Lot 40. ERENBURG, Ilya Grigorevich (1891-1967) and El [Lazar Markovich] LISSITZKY (1890-1941) (illustrator).

Shest povesti o legkikh kontsakh [Six Tales With Easy Endings]. Moscow-Berlin: Gelikon, 1922. 164 pp. 8vo (192 x 125 mm). Original

Constructivist cover design and 6 illustrations by El Lissitzky. Original printed paper wrappers. Condition: minor soiling to wrappers,

occasional light chipping to leaf edges, small split at head of backstrip, institutional stamp on title page.

an important and engaging collaboration. Ehrenburg’s witty and incisive approach to human nature is demonstrated in these

tales that contain universal applications beyond that of the author’s Moscow/Berlin milieu. Lissitzky’s drawings and typography reveal

Constructivist principles of dynamism and Suprematist experiments through spatial tension. One of several successful collaborations

between the author and the artist. MoMA 408.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 39 Lot 40

2 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 29

Lot 41. ERENBURG, Ilya Grigorevich [Ilia Ehrenburg] (1891-1967) and Fernand LÉGER (1881-1956) (illustrator).

A vse-taki ona vertitsya [And All the Same the World Goes Round]. Moscow and Berlin: “Gelikon,” 1922. 142 pp. 8vo (220 x 160 mm). Illustrated

with photogravures and line illustrations by F. Léger and others. Original decorated wrappers designed by F. Léger. Condition: front wrapper

and first two leaves clipped at bottom corner, back wrapper detached but present.

rare treatise on contemporary avant-garde art. Among the artists the Russian critic considers are Léger, Lipchitz, Lissitzky, Picasso,

Rodchencko, Van Doesburg and even Charlie Chaplin. With Cubist drawings by Léger. The book is also noteworthy for its typographical

experimentation. MoMA 401.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 42. EXTER, Alexandra (1882-1949) (illustrator).

Complete set of travel books by the famous avant garde designer. Along the Coast. New York: Harper & Bros., 1939. Folio (310 x 235 mm). By Marie

Colmont. Adapted by Margaret T. Parker, Professor of Geography at Wellesley College. With lithographs in ten colors by A. Exter. Clothbacked

decorated boards designed by A. Exter. Condition: covers rubbed. first edition.

[With:] Down the River. New York: Harper & Bros., 1940. Folio (310 x 235 mm). Adapted by Margaret T. Parker, Professor of Geography

at Wellesley College. With lithographs in ten colors by A. Exter. Cloth-backed decorated boards designed by A. Exter. Condition: covers

rubbed. first edition.

[And:] Up the Mountain. New York: Harper & Bros., 1940. Folio (310 x 235 mm). Adapted by Margaret T. Parker, Professor of Geography

at Wellesley College. With lithographs in ten colors by A. Exter. Cloth-backed decorated boards designed by A. Exter with original dust

wrapper. Condition: covers rubbed; former owner’s name on half-title page; minor foxing. first edition.

American edition of three travel books for children published originally by “Père Castor” (Flammarion) in Paris: Panorama de la fleuve

(1937), Panorama de la côte (1938), and Panorama de la montaigne (1938). Alexandra Exter was a famous avant garde costume and set

designer. In 1924, she and her husband moved to Paris where she tought at at the Académie der Moderne and Fernand Léger’s Académie

d’Art Contemporain. Born in Bialystok, Russia (now Poland) to a wealthy Belarusian family, Exter was one of several émigré artists who

worked for Paul Faucher, founder of the popular “Père Castor” line of French children’s books. (3)

$500 – $800

Lot 41

Lot 42

Lot 43. FEOFILAKTOV, Nikolai Petrovich (1878-1941).

66 risunkov. 66 Dessins [Sixty-Six Drawings]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1909. 13+pp. Oblong folio (225 x 255 mm). Index in Russian and French.

Original labeled gray wrappers. Condition: some rubbing to wrappers with miniscule loss to corners; very occasional spotting internally.

rare collection of work by the russian beardsley. Primarily a selection of decadent illustrations published from 1905 to 1908 in

the journals Sevrenye tsvety assiriiskie [Northern Flowers] and Vesy [Scales]as well as the cover for Mikhail Kuzmin’s Krylya [Wings] (1907) and

pictures for other books. These delicate, ornate and sometimes naughty sketches emulate Aubrey Beardsley’s later work. Plates 13 and 23 pay

specific tribute to the late English artist; Feofilaktov’s self-portrait too copies Beardsley’s own.

$5000 – $8000

30 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 31

Lot 43

Lot 44. GIDE, André (1869-1951).

Immoralist. L’Immoraliste. Leningrad: “Academia,” 1927. 200 pp. Small 8vo (145 x 110 mm). Translated from the French by A. D. Radlova.

Frontispiece by Valentina Mikhailovna Khodasevich. Original gray boards with cover label designed by V. M. Khodasevich. Condition:

soiling and creasing to covers, minor chipping to extremities.

rare russian translation of the classic french novel of sexual and social liberation. This edition of L’Immoraliste (1902) was

issued under the more liberal guidelines introduced by Lenin’s NEP or the New Economic Policy. Gide’s relationship with the USSR was

complex. Although a Communist sympathizer, the Nobel Prize winner was disillusioned by the Marxist experiment when he visited Russia

as a guest of the Union of Soviet Writers. He was given an honored place at Maxim Gorky’s funeral and sat beside Stalin on several occasions,

but his unflattering Retour de l’USSR (1936) offended the Soviet authorities.

$500 – $800

Lot 45. GIPPIUS, Zinaida Nikolaevna (1869-1945) known as “Anton Krainii.”

Lituraturnyi dnevnik (1899-1907) [Literary Diary of 1899-1907]. St. Petersburg: M. V. Prizhkov, 1908. 455 pp. 8vo (185 x 25 mm).

Contemporary half morocco with the original gray wrappers bound in. Condition: boards lightly rubbed; rear wrapper absent. Provenance:

Arcadii Venyaminovich Rumanov (1876-1960).

presentation copy of the great russian woman writer’s journal signed and dated march 28, 1912. She adds that this is “my

last copy.” The self-educated author was a poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, essayist, critic and memoirist. Her journal served as

her defense of Symbolism. She was married to the Russian philosopher and writer, Dmitrii Merezhkovskii (1865-1941). Although likely

a lesbian (she dressed in masculine attire à la George Sand and took the male pseudonyms “Anton Krainii” and “Roman Arenskii”), the

adrogynous poet remained with her husband for 52 years. Her St. Petersburg salon welcomed the Symbolist poets and other intellectuals

prior to the Revolution. She and her husband emigrated to the West in 1919 and settled in Paris the next year. She always remained loyal to

her Silver Age aesthetic.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 44 Lot 45

Lot 46. GIPPIUS, Zinaida Nikolaevna (1869-1945).

Sobranie stikhov 1889-1903 [Collected Verse from 1889 to 1903]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1904. 184 pp. 8vo (195 x 135 mm) Rebound in

contemporary half leather-backed boards with the original off-white wrappers bound in; spine lettered in gilt. Condition: boards slightly

rubbed, spine tail chipped with slight loss; rear wrapper absent.

[With:] Sobranie stikhov. Kniga vtoraya 1903-1909 [Collected Verse. Second Book from 1903 to 1909]. Moscow: “Musaget,” 1910. 128 pp. 8vo

(205 x 145 mm). Original tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers spotted and worn with splits at extremities, backstrip chipped with some loss.

[And:] Poslednie stikhi 1914-1918 [Final Verse from 1914 to 1918]. Petersburg: [“Nauka i Shkola”], 1918. 71 pp. 8vo (195 x 150 mm). Original

tan wrappers. Condition: backstrip partially detached.

three volumes of the famous writer’s collected verse. Gippius drew on a wide range of subjects from the morbid to the mystical,

the erotic as well the religious. Readers are still drawn to the androgynous voice of her verse. Perhaps her best-known poetry appeared in

Sobraniye stikhov of 1910. These were her only collections of poetry until she released Siyanie [Radiance] in 1938. (3)

$4000 – $6000

Lot 47. GIPPIUS, Zinaida Nikolaevna (1869-1945).

Alyi mech. Razskazy. (4-aya kniga) [The Red Sword. Fourth Book of Stories]. St. Petersburg: M. V. Pirozhkov, 1906. 480 pp. Folio (230 x 176 mm).

Original tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers soiled with apparent intermittent scorching to leaf edges, backstrip and edge of front wrapper


[With:] Chernoe po belomu. Pyataya kniga razskazov [Black on White. Fifth Book of Stories]. St. Petersburg: M. V. Pirozhkov, 1908. 270 pp. 8vo

(190 x 130 mm). Original russet wrappers. Condition: wrappers soiled and partially split; chipping to wrapper and leaf edges. (2)

two early collections of short stories by this prominent russian woman author.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 46 Lot 47

32 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 33

Lot 48. GIPPIUS, Zinaida Nikolaevna (1869-1945).

Lunnye muravi. Shestaya kniga raszkazov [Lunar Glazes. Sixth Book of Stories]. [Moscow:] “Altsion,” [1912]. 237 pp. 8vo (200 x 140 mm).

Original gray wrappers. Condition: light soiling to wrappers and endpapers.

[With:] Zelenoe koltso [The Green Ring ]. Petrograd: “Odni,” 1916. 147 pp. 8vo (205 x 140 mm). Original two-color decorated wrappers.

Condition: wrappers with some spotting and staining, backstrip slightly chipped at head and tail, cracked but intact.

[And:] Nebecnye slova i drugie razskazy [The Heavenly Word and Other Stories]. Paris: “Zemgor,” 1921. 346 pp. 8vo (185 x 120 mm). Original

white wrappers. Condition: wrappers with intermittent soiling, slight chipping to edges; backstrip chipped and worn with some loss.

[And:] Zhivye litsa [Living Faces]. Prague: “Plamya,” [1925]. 191 pp. Small 8vo (165 x 120 mm). Rebound in contemporary cloth-backed

boards with cover label. Condition: front joint cracked, shelf wear to boards, extremities rubbed; occasional soiling internally, repairs to


four volumes demonstating gippius’ versatility as a writer. These include two books of short stories, one play (Zelenoe koltso) and

her autobiography. In her memoir Zhivye litsa, she talks about Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Fedor Sologub and others. (4)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 48

Lot 49. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962) and LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964) (illustrator).

Dvenadtsat. Skify [The Twelve. Scythians]. Paris: “Mishen, [1920]. 63 pp. 8vo (240 x 195 mm). By Aleksandr Blok. Illustrated by N. Goncharova

and M. Larionov. Original lettered wrappers. Condition: wrapper extremities slightly browned and worn.

“the first masterpiece of bolshevik letters” illustrated by two modern masters. In his most popular and controversial work,

Blok compared twelve Red Guards to the Twelve Apostles. In Skify, he invited the West “to share our peace and glowing toil” by aiding the

Bolshevik government. Although Dvenadtsat has been frequently illustrated, the most desirable interpretation is that by the two great Russian

avant-garde artists Goncharova and Larionov. Larionov’s brother had just died fighting in the Red Army when he decided to illustrate Blok’s

revolutionary poem. The French edition Les Douze appeared in April while the Russian one that added Skify came out in June and the

English edition The Twelve in November. Each contains some different pictures and those for the Russian edition are arguably the most

dramatic. Not in MoMA.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 50. GRIGORIEV, Boris Dmitrievich (1886-1939) and Sasha CHORNY [Aleksandr Mikhailovich Glikberg] (1880-1932).

Detskii ostrov [The Children’s Island]. [Danzig and Berlin]: SLOVO, [1921]. Illustrated with lithographs by B. D. Grigoriev. 159 pp. 4to (310 x

250 mm). Original cloth-backed boards with a hand-colored lithographed label designed by B. D. Grigoriev. Condition: marginal browning,

covers rubbed and waterstained with spine reglued; child’s pencil scribbling on a few pages and one page torn.

Grigoriev was a brilliant social cartoonist who also exhibited with Mir Iskusstva [The World of Art]. Some of his most delightful pictures appear

in the famous children’s book Detskii ostrov. “Line encloses all the weight of form within its angles and dispenses with all the immaterial,” he

explained. “Line is the creator’s swiftest and most immediate method of expression.” Like Vladimir Nabokov, Sasha Chorny left for Berlin in

1920 and eventually settled in Paris. The Soviets reprinted Detskii ostrov in 1928 with new illustrations. Chorny died of a heart attack while

helping his neighbors put out a fire. Not in MoMA.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 51. NO LOT

34 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 35

Lot 49

Lot 50

Lot 52. GUMILEVA, Mariya (compiler).

Autograph album. 24 pp. Oblong 8vo (111 x 190 mm). Original

dark green felt backed, embossed boards; housed in custom case.

Condition: rubbing to board extremities. an extraordinary

collection of 19 autographs of many of the most

important russian poets of the early twentieth century.

With poems and drawings by Anna Akhmatova, Innokentii

Annenskii, Aleksandr Blok, Nikolai Gumilev, Mikhail Kuzmin,

Vsevolod Emilevich Meierkhold, Aleksei Remizov, Aleksei Tolstoi,

Maksimilian Voloshin and others. Gumileva compiled this

autograph book between 1908 and 1910. As the niece of the poet

Nikolai Gumilev, she had extraordinary access to the up-and-coming

literary figures of her day. They often visited her uncle in Tsarskoe

Selo (now Pushkin) and attended literary parties in his home.

Kuzmin and Gumilev were great friends and Meierkhold and Blok

signed the same page. Annenskii was director of the gymnasium

in Tsarskoe Selo that Gumilev attended. Anna Akhmotova (then

Anna Andreevna Gorenko) was his first wife. He and Voloshin later

quarreled over a woman and fought a duel. Both survived. Gumilev

wrote his poem “Oxhota” [“The Hunt”] in his niece’s album and

Kuzmin added “Protyanulo pautinu…” [“”Stretching out of the

spider’s web…”] that would be the second poem in his second

collection Osenniya ozera [Autumn Lakes] (1912). Remizov wrote

a poem as well as providing an amusing watercolor. On her return

to Tsarekoe Selo in June 1910 from her honeymoon in Paris with

Gumilev, Akhmatova entered her well-known poem “Zharko veet

veter dushnyi…” [“Hot blows the stifling wind…”] and signed it

affectionately “Dear Mariya, Aunt Anna.”

$150000 – $200000

36 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 37

Lot 53

Lot 54

Lot 53. GUSMAN, Boris.

100 poetov. Literaturnye portrety [100 Poets. Literary Portraits]. [Moscow

and Leningrad: “Oktyabr,”] 1923. 292 pp. and 32 pp. bibliography

and index. 8vo (215 x 170 mm). Constructivtist design on the front

cover in red and black by M. K. Sokolov. Condition: wrappers soiled

and partially detached. Provenance: Eduard Mikhailovich Chernov.

edition of 1500 copies. With contributions by Julian Anisimov,

Nikolai Aseev, Sergei Bobrov, David Burliuk, Natan Vengrov, Sergei

Esenin, Aleksei Kruchenykh, Maikhail Kuzmin, Osip Mandelshtam,

Anatoly Mariengov, Vladimir Mayakovsky and others. Not in


$400 – $600

Lot 54. IVANOV, Vsevolod Viacheslavovich (1895 - 1963)

and Viktor Borisovich SHKLOVSKII (1893 - 1984).

Iprit. Roman [Mustard Gas. A Novel]. Moscow: GIZ, [1925]. 9 parts.

4to (175 x 120 mm each). Original decorated wrappers designed by

Boris Borisovich Titov housed in custom red cloth case. Condition:

wrappers slightly tanned with small ink lettering to each at front,

intermittent light chipping to folds and extremities.

rare satirical soviet serial novel, in parts. Shlovskii was

an important Russian and Soviet writer and critic and one of the

greatest defenders of Russian Formalism. He argued that art must

be independant of political ideology. He and Ivanov belonged to

the writer’s group the Serapion Brotherhood who upheld this creed.

Iprit is their parody of Soviet science fiction, involving a deadly new

gas designed for use in the Third World War. The story was issued

as a serial novel like Marietta Shaginian’s highly successful detective

story in parts Mess Mend (1923). Both Ivanov and Shklovskii had

to eventually capitulate to the Soviet demands of realistic art. B. B.

Titov (1897-1951) was a prolific book designer and illustrator who

exhibited with Klutsis, Lissitzky, Popova and Telingator. Getty 274

misattributes this cover design to Solomon Benedikt Telingator. Not

in MoMA. (9)

$1500 – $2000

Lot 55. IVANOV, Vyacheslav Ivanovich (1866-1949).

Venok sonetov [Wreath of Sonnets]. [St. Petersburg]: Apollon, [1910].

10 pp., 8vo (220 x 195mm). From the cycle “Liubov i smert [Love

and Death].” Condition: some tears and discoloring. Inscribed in red

ink by the author on the title page and dated 1920.

[With]: Nezhnaya taina [Tender Secret]. St. Petersburg: “Ory,” 1912.

122 pp. 8vo (195 x 150 mm). Original gray wrappers. Condition:

wrappers somewhat worn.

[And:] Mladenchestvo [Infancy]. Petersburg: “Alkonost,” 1918. 62

pp. 4to (170 x 130 mm). Original two-color wrapperrs. Condition:

wrappers slightly soiled and foxed.

[And:] Rodnoe i vselenskoe [Native and Universal Matters]. Moscow:

G. A. Leman and S. I. Sakharov, 1918. 208 pp. 8vo (240 x 160 mm).

Original two-color tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers somewhat

soiled and worn.

[And:] Prometei. Tragediya [Prometeius. A Tragedy]. Petersburg:

“Alkonost,” 1919. 86 pp. (uncut), 8vo (210 x 150 mm). Original tan

wrappers. Condition: wrappers soiled with some red ink and pencil


[And:] Kontsy i nachala [Ends and Beginnings]. Paris: “Pascal”, 1930.

31 pp. (uncut), 8vo (195 x 145 mm). Original wrappers. Condition:

wrappers worn and soiled; internal water damage. (6).

$1200 – $1800

Lot 56. IURKUN, Iuri Osip Ivanovich (1895-1938) and

Iurii Pavlovich ANNENKOV [Georges Annenkoff]

(1889-1974) (illustrator).

Durnaya kompaniya [Bad Company]. Petrograd: [“Felana,”] 1917

[1918]. 187 pp. 8vo (165 x 125 mm). Illustrated by Iu. P. Annenkov.

Original decorated tan wrappers designed by Annenkov. Condition:

backstrip partially reglued, wrappers with occasional light soiling,

fore edge with intermittent slight chipping.

rare novel about early soviet life by mikhail kuzmin’s

bisexual companion. After the first major love of his life Vsevolod

Knyazev committed suicide in 1913, Kuzmin took up with another,

much younger poet Iuri Iurkun. The two men stayed together until

Kuzmin’s death from pneumonia in 1936. Kuzmin refers to Iurkun

in his last book Forel razbivaet led [The Trout Breaks the Ice] (1929)

with the nickname “Mister Dorian” from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture

of Dorian Gray. The Communists decreed consensual sodomy

between men illegal in 1933. Although Kuzmin died before the law

could affect him, Iurkun was executed in 1938. Not in MoMA.

$5000 – $8000

3 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 39

Lot 55

Lot 56

Lot 57

Lot 58

Lot 57. JSZELENOF, Nikolai [Nikolai Ivanovich

ISTSELENOV] (1891 - 1981).

Moskauer Typen. [Moscow Types] Berlin: Trirema Verlag, [1922].

11 pp. 8vo (230 x 155 mm). 11 lithographs (including title page).

Original cloth-backed lithographed tan boards with the original

black silk ties intact. Condition: occasional spotting to covers, back

hinge reglued, spine neatly repaired.

number 26 of 100 copies and signed and numbered by the

artist in red ink. quick pithy studies of the orator, the

red guard, various peddlers and other contemporary

soviet street types. Istselenov studied painting and received an

architectural degree in 1917. He emigrated to Finland about 1920

and illustrated Russian books and designed for the Russian theater

while living in Berlin from 1921 until 1925. He then settled in

Paris where he continued to work as an artist and architect. Not in


$2000 – $3000

Lot 58. KAMENSKY, Vasily Vasilevich (1884-1961) and

Aleksandr Mikhailovich RODCHENKO (1891-1956)


Lunost Mayakovskogo [Mayakovsky’s Youth]. Tiflis: Zakkniga, 1931.

84 pp. 8vo (180 x 130 mm). Constructivist designs by Rodchenko.

Original paper on lithographic cardboard covers in red, gray and

black. Condition: joints repaired with split at tail of rear board with

slight loss; extremities rubbed, small stamps and ink marks on rear

pastedown and endpaper, unobtrusive scattered marginalia in red

and black pencil.

Includes a drawing of Kamensky by Mayakovsky and five printed

announcements of Futurist activities, two of which are integrated

with the text. Kamensky’s frienship with Mayakovsky extends back

at least as far as 1917 when the two, together with David Burliuk,

organized The Poets’ Cafe in Moscow. Not in MoMA.

$1800 – $2500

Lot 59. [KANDINSKY, Wassily (1866-1944)].

Trudy vserossiiskago sezda khudozhnikov v Petyrograd Dekabr 1911-Yanvar 1912 [All-Russian Congress of Artists in Petrograd from December 1911

to January 1912]. Petrograd: [Golike and A. Vilborg, n.d.]. 3 volumes. Folio (350 x 253mm. and smaller). Plates, occasional illustrations.

Later grey cloth with original paper wrappers mounted on the upper and lower covers (volumes I and III) or orginal wrappers (volume II).

Condition: light overall toning, occasional small marginal tears to volume II; light soiling to volumes I and III, volume II with stitching broken,

covers detached and lightly soiled, backstrip lacking.

first publication in russian of kandinsky’s seminal essay “on the spiritual in art.” With addresses by Alexandre Benois, Ivan

Yakovlevich Bilibin, Nicolai Ivan Kulbin and others. The All-Russian Congress of Artists in 1911 combined both the new and the old. It

held the first exhibition of restored icons; and Kandinsky’s famous statement “O dukhovnom v iskusstve (zhivopis)” [“On the Spiritrual in

Art (Painting)”] was presented in December. It was published for the first time in Russian here in the first volume of the official proceedings

of the Congress, pp. 47-52. Kandinsky passionately argued for nonobjective art and thus defined the modern concept of abstract art. Franz

Marc arranged for the essay’s publication in Munich and an English translation came out in 1914. Not in MoMA. (3)

$6000 – $8000

40 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 41

Lot 59

Lot 60

Lot 61

Lot 60. KARDOVSKII, Dmitrii Nikolaevich (1866-1943)


Nevskii Prospekt. St. Petersburg: Kryzhok Liubitelei Russkikh

Izyaschykh Isdanii, 1905. 73 pp. Folio (295 x 210 mm). By

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol. Printed by R. Golike and A. Vilborg, St.

Petersburg. Rebound in contemporary half leather over marbled

boards’ spine stamped in gilt. Condition: slight abrading to boards,

last gathering loose. Provenance: presented Aleksandr Sergeevich

Ermolov as stated on the limitation leaf.

number 6 of 125 numbered copies from an edition of 150.

An unusually delightful edition of Gogol’s famous story illustrated

by Kardovskii in the period in which it was written.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 61. KHLEBNIKOV, Velimir

[Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov] (1885-1922) and

Valentina Nikiforovna KULAGINA-KLUTSIS (1902-1987)


Zapisnaya knizhka Velimira Khlebnikova. Sobral i snabdil primechaniyami

A. Kruchenykh [Velimir Khlebnikov’s Notebook. Collected and Supplied

with Notes by A. Krchenykh]. Moscow : Izdanie Vserossiiskogo Soiuza

Poetov, 1925. 32 pp. Small square 8vo (190 x 140 mm). Portrait

frontiispiece. Original tan wrappers designed by V. N. Kulagina-

Klutsis. Condition: small tears to covers.

rare posthumous publication of the great russian

futurist writer and edited by his fellow advocate of the

‘transrational’ kruchenykh. One of 2000 copies. Khlebnikov

was a seminal figure in the Russian Futurist movement and one of

the most influential Russian poets of the modern age. In 1912 he

coined the neologism Budetlyane (Men of the Future), encapsulating

the Futurist ethos in one word. His fellow Futurist poet Aleksei

Kruchenykh edited this notebook after his friend suffered a stroke

and tragically died at the age of 37. MoMA 598.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 62. KIRSANOV, Semen Isaakovich (1906-1972).

Stikhi v stroiu [Verse in the Ranks]. Leningrad: OGIZ, 1932. Panorama

designed by Nikolai Ilin. Folio (285 x 210 mm). Original two-color

photomontage self-wrappers. Condition: wrappers slightly creased

with minor repair at fold.

rare soviet propaganda panorama. one of 5000 copies.

From an early age, Kirsanov wrote poems about the Revolution,

the Red Army and the liquidation of illiteracy. On moving from

Odessa to Moscow, he joined Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “Lef ”

movement. During the 1930s, he wrote propaganda that promoted

the agitational goals of the Soviet goverment. Stikhi v stroiu glorifies

May Day and provides at least one lively marching song. The design

of the foldout with its bold typographical experimentation is a fine

example of Constructivist aesthetics. The only located copy of this

fragile pamphlet in a public institution is in the Russian National

Library in St. Petersburg.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 63. KONDAKOV, Nikodim Pavlovich (1844-1925).

The Russian Icon. Prague: Seminarium Kondakovianum, 1928. Folio

(424 x 322 mm). Title in red and black. 65 mounted colored plates.

Text: stitched, as issued; plates: unbound, as issued, all within a single

cream card portfolio, covers of the portfolio printed in red and gilt.

Condition: light soiling; light spotting and small tears to portfolio.

Kondakov was a Russian historian and a specialist in history of

Byzantine art. He enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an

academic, teaching at the Moscow Art School, the University of

Novorossia and St. Petersburg University. Soon after the revolution

Kondakov emigrated to Bulgaria and then to Prague where he

taught until his death in 1925. He archived a prodigious amount of

Russian art, much of it largely unknown, employing iconographic

principles to their study. Kondakov wrote numerous books on the

history of Ancient Greek, Russian, Georgian and Byzantine art;

and his lectures proved to have an enormous influence upon many

future Russian historians. Icons were cultural artifacts to Kondakov

as much as art objects; his work stresses their position within a larger

historical context. He organized art by region or what he termed a

“common tendency” from which he portrayed an entire epoch.

$1500 – $2000

42 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 43

Lot 62

Lot 63

Lot 64. KOROVIN, Konstantin Alekseevich (1861-1939).

Shalyapin [Chaliapin]. Paris: “Vozrozhdenie,” 1939. 214 pp. 8vo (185 140 mm). Burgundy cloth over marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt,

decorative endpapers. Condition: joints neatly repaired, unobtrusive rubber stamps to title page and blank. Provenance: Boris Pavlovich

Voinarskii as printed on the frontispiece.

presentation copy inscribed in ink by the author on the title page and dated february 10, 1939. This memoir of the great

opera singer draws on the author’s close friendship with Chaliapin. Korovin painted his portrait in 1915 and it remains one of the artist’s best

known works.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 64

Lot 65. KRUCHENYKH, Aleksei Eliseevich (1886-1968) and Gustav Gustavovich KLUTSIS (1895-1944) (illustrator).

Na borbu s khuliganstvom v literature [On the Battle Against Hooliganism in Literature]. Moscow: the author, 1926. 32 pp. 8vo (170 x 130 mm).

Original lithographed pictorial wrappers by Gustav Klutsis. Condition: wrappers detached with slight loss to rear at lower fold, small rubber

stamps and pen marks in blue on back wrapper.

one of 5000 copies. A compilation of essays by the most deeply commited theoretician and polemicist of the Futurist movement. The

identical back image here by Klutsis was used as the cover for another 1926 Kruchenykh publication Dunka-Rubikha [Dunka and Rubikha].

Getty 368; MoMA 645.

44 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 45

$500 – $800

Lot 66. KRUCHENYKH, Aleksei Eliseevich (1886-1968).

Gibel Esenina [Esenin’s Death]. Moscow: Vserossiiskogo Soiuza Poetov, 1926. 16 pp. Small 8vo (180 x 135 mm). Original photogravure

wrappers. Condition: wrapper edges slightly toned, fold rubbed.

one of 1000 copies. essay on the legendary peasant poet by the great russian futurist poet after esenin’s suicide. The title

on the cover is “Drama Esenina” [“The Drama of Esenin”]. Although the two shared little in common as writers, Kruchenykh was just one of

the Russian poets (including Mayakovsky) who wrote about the popular peasant poet and his suicide.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 65 Lot 66

Lot 67. KRUCHENYKH, Aleksei Eliseevich (1886-1968) and Gustav Gustavovich KLUTSIS (1895-1938) (illustrator).

15 Let russkogo futurisma 1912-1927. Materiali i kommentarii [Fifteen Years of Russian Futurism from 1912 to 1927. Material and Commentary].

Moscow: Vserossiiskogo Soiuza Poetov, 1928. 68 pp. Small 8vo (163 x 130 mm). Illustrated with photogravures and line drawings. Original

Constructivist tan wrappers designed by G. Klutsis. Condition: small rubber stamp and pen marks on back wrapper; indistinct inscription

on title page.

important overview of this seminal russian avant-garde movement. one of 1000 copies. These articles on fifteen years of Russian

Futurism include short autobiographies by Kruchenykh, Semen Kirsanov and Sergei Tretyakov. Also included is a previously unpublished

poem by Velemir Khlebnikov and a self-portrait. The other illustrations are portraits of the poets by Mariya Sinyakova and Igor Terentev as

well as a photomontage portrait of Khlebnikov by Klutsis.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 68. KRUCHENYKH, Aleksei Eliseevich (1886-1968) and Valentina Nikiforovna KULAGINA-KLUTSIS (1902-1987)


Zaumnyi yazyk [Transrational Language]. Moscow: Izdanie Vcerossiiskogo Soiuza Poetov, 1925. 64 pp., square 8vo (180 x 140 mm). Original

decorated wrappers designed by V. N. Kulagina-Klutsis. Condition: wrappers somewhat frayed and soiled; some internal soiling.

first edition of 300 copies. Kruchenykh is considered to be the most radical of the Russian Futurist poets and the inventor of zaum, the

“transrational” or “beyonsense” linguistic experiments that he continued exploring throughout his life. V. N. Kulagina-Klutsis was the wife

of the great photocollagist and poster designer Gustav Klutsis as well as a distinguished Soviet propaganda poster artist in her own right.

“[Kulagina] purposely made some of the title appear ‘out of key’ by allowing some letters to read out of register where the background color

changes from red to black, thus emphasizing their meaning” (Compton, p. 80). MoMA 599; Getty 392.

$600 – $800

Lot 67 Lot 68

Lot 69. KRUCHENYKH, Aleksei Eliseevich (1886-1968), Ivan KLIUN (1870-1942) and Kazimir MALEVICH (1878-1935).

Tainye poroki akademikov [Secret Vices of the Academicians]. [Moscow: Budetlian, 1915] [Cover dated 1916]. 32 pp. 4to (225 x 191 mm).

Frontispiece, cover design and two lithographs by Kliun. Original decorated wrappers. Condition: wrappers lightly tanned.

a scarce copy that includes the first appearance in print of a text by malevich. Kruchenykh launches an impassioned attack

upon received nineteenth century Russian Symbolist sensibilities and advocates for a new, experimental poetic language; a “transrational”

linguistic expression he famously labeled zaum.

$2500 – $3500

Lot 70. KRYLOV, Ivan Andreevich (1768-1844) and Alfons Konstantinovich ZHABA (1878-1942) (illustrator).

Basni I. A. Krilova [I. A. Krilov’s Fables]. St. Peterburg: A. F. Devrien. [circa 1910]. 216 pp. Folio (310 x 235 mm). Rebound in marbled boards

with the original decorated wrappers bound in. Printed by R. Golike and A. Vilborg, St. Petersburg. Condition: wrappers lightly thumbsoiled,

tape repair to back wrapper.

rare elegant silver age edition of krylov’s classic fables in verse. Krylov was the Russian Aesop and La Fontaine. Devoting thirty

years to the collection, he not only rendered many classic fables in direct, simple and idiomatic Russian but also wrote many originals based

upon his observations of Russian life. Zhaba was a Georgian landscape painter. This edition of Krylov’s Basni in not only Zhaba’s finest work

but arguably the most beautiful Russian edition of this beloved classic.

46 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 47

$600 – $800

Lot 69 Lot 70

Lot 71

Lot 72

Lot 73

Lot 71. KUPRIN, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938).

Novye povesti i razskazy [New Stories and Tales]. Paris: “N. P. Karbasnikov,”

1927. Small 8vo (195 x 140 mm). Original wrappers. Condition: toned,

pp. 29-32 crudely opened. Provenance: inscribed by the author.

inscribed copy dated paris 1932. This short story collection

includes one of the best works during his exile. “Zolotoi petukh” (“The

Golden Cockerel”).

$4000 – $6000

Lot 72. KUPRIN, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938).

Elan. Razskazy [Elan. Stories]. Belgrade: [M. Pavlenko i I. Papova],

1929 [1928]. 161 pp. 8vo (225 x 150 mm). Rebound in flowered

cloth with the original wrappers mounted within. Condition: repairs

to mounted endpages; mounted wrapper thumbsoiled. Provenance:

Yakov Moiseevich Tsvibak.

presentation copy, warmly inscrbed. One of 2000 copies. Kuprin

was an enormously popular Russian writer of action and adventure


$3500 – $4500

Lot 73. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Ekho [Echo]. Petersburg: [“Kartonnyi Domik”], 1921. 64 pp. Small 4to

(145 x 100 mm). Original decorated wrappers designed by Aleksandr

Yakovlevich Golovin. Condition: wrappers thumbsoiled and detached.

one of 1000 copies.

[With:] Nezdeshnie vechera [Otherworldly Evenings]. Petersburg:

[“Petropolis”] 1921. 135 pp. Small 4to (170 x 125 mm). Original

decorated wrappers designed by Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky.

Printed by Golike and Wilborg. Condition: wrappers thumbsoiled with

light stains; small splits at backstrip extremities. one of 1000 copies.

[And:] Vtornik Meri [Mary’s Tuesday]. Petrograd: [“Petropolis”], 1921.

38 pp. 4to (130 x 90 mm). Original decorated wrappers designed by

M. V. Dobuzhinsky. Printed by Golike and Wilborg. Condition: light

spotting to wrappers and endpapers. Provenance: Lev Platonovich

Karsavin. first edition.

[And:] Lesok [The Grove]. [Petrograd: “Neopalimaya kupina,” 1922].

35 pp. 8vo (250 x 185 mm). Illustrated in blue with frontispiece in

black and red by Aleksandr Bozheryanov. Rebound in patterned cloth.

Condition: a few leaves stained upper right. one of 500 copies. (4)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 74. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Dva chuda [The Two Miracles]. Manuscript of the short story. 20 pp. (230 x 145 mm). Signed on the title page and on the

last page and dated 1919.

Although known primarily as a poet, Kuzmin was also a prolific writer of short stories. The manuscript explores the emotional

life and deep religious faith of a Russian monastery at the beginning of the 20th century. It concentrates on Father

Poglev’s relationship with the nun Sister Nanna, who is blessed with miraculous powers to cure diseases.

$6000 – $8000

4 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 49

Lot 74

Lot 75. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Dvum [For Two]. [Petrograd: Segodnya, 1919.] 8 pp., small 4to (205 x 153 mm). Original wrappers with hand-colored linocut by Ekaterina

Turova and printer’s device designed by Vera Ermolaeva. Condition: back wrapper detached but present, occasional light soiling to wrappers;

slightly tanned.

rare hand-colored copy of the first and only edition of kuzmin’s children’s book. number 46 of 125 hand-colored

copies. Contains a device in watercolor by Turova not in the regular edition. The second of the two poems was dedicated to Lili Brik (“L.

Iu. B.” or “love”), the wife of Osip Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky’s mistress. Segodnya [Today] was an artist’s artel or collective who met in

Ermolaeva’s apartment. In 1918, they established the world’s first avant-garde children’s book publisher. “The collapse of printing today has

given birth to a new kind of ‘handicraft’—art publishing. In St. Petersburg a cooperative of writers and artists has developed. They themselves

compose and make the linocuts, they themselves set and print the work. One can find a measure of consolation in the fact that the present

crisis makes us return to the fine old handcraft skills, which are now cheaper to use” (Tvorchestvo [Creativity], 1919). The artel broke up when

the Commisariat of Enlightenment appointed Ermolaeva rector of the art academy in Vitebsk. She later died in The Gulag. MoMA 258;

Borovkov p. 151.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 76. [KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936) and Dmitrii Isidorovich MITROKHIN (1883-1973) (illustrator)].

Sem portretov [Seven Portraits]. By Henri de Régnier. Petersburg: “Petropolis,” 1921 [1920]. 38 pp., 8vo (226 x 165 mm). Translated from the

French by M. A. Kuzmin. Illustrated by D. I. Mitrokhin. Printed by Golike and Wilborg. Decorated pink wrappers designed by D. I. Mitrokin.

Condition: some soiling and wear to wrappers, backstrip chipped.

Number xxvii of xxvii numbered copies out of an edition of 327.

The last erotic book to be published under the Soviet regime. Henri François Joseph de Régnier (1864-1936) was a major French Symbolist

poet who influenced Kuzmin and his Russian contemporaries. Although Aubrey Beardsley most profoundly influenced Mitrokin, the

Russian’s comparatively chaste, naive art in this volume seems more in line with Matisse and the French boudoir painters.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 75 Lot 76

Lot 77. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Krylya. Povest v trekh chastyakh [Wings. Story in Three Parts]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1908. Second edition. 112 pp., 8vo (200 x 165 mm).

Original decorated salmon wrappers designed by Nikolai Petrovich Feofilaktov. Condition: wrappers partially split with occasional soiling,

back wrapper with ink mark and small chip to lower corner; backstrip with three small horizontal cracks and slight chipping to head and


russia’s first openly gay classic by the ‘northern wilde.’ The liberating influence of the Revolution of 1905 encouraged the first

flowering of gay literature in Russia. First published as the entire Number 11 of the leading modernist literary journal Vesy [The Scales] in

November 1906, Krylya followed works by Oscar Wilde and André Gide as the first important novel in Russian literature to deal openly

with homosexuality. This “coming out” novel describes a student’s relationship with his classics professor who frequents a gay bathhouse and

the young man’s growing awareness and acceptance of his sexuality. The Beardsleyesque wrappers were the work of N. P. Feofilaktov (1878-

1941), a Symbolist artist who belonged to Blaue rose [Blue Rose] and Mir Iskusstva [World of Art] groups and was a frequent contributor

to Vesy. At the time muzhelozhstvo (anal intercourse between men) was illegal in Russia so the suggestiveness of the novel shocked many

readers. Kuzmin was accused of being a “sexual provocateur,” and a “psychopath”; his “pornographic” novel suffered from a “vulgar lack

of taste” and it dared to “propagandize this unnatural vice openly” and “idealize it.” Maxim Gorky complained that Kuzmin was “evidently

a semi-literate who cannot write coherently and who is unfamiliar with the Russian language—and he presumably is the creator a new

culture!” Not surprisingly, Leon Trotsky too denounced Kuzmin’s “anarchism of the flesh”; and Valdimir Nabokov’s 1930 novel Soglyadatai

[The Eye] is a parody of Krylya. Although relatively chaste by modern standards, some critics have considered Krylya to be a milestone in the

history of Western literature. Aleksandr Blok, for one, called the novel “marvelous” and publicly defended Kuzmin against the “guardians of

journalistic morality.” The first officially registered gay organization in Russia was named Krylya after Kuzmin’s novel.

$2000 – $3000

50 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 51

Lot 77

Lot 78. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Pervaya kniga razskazov [First Book of Stories]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1910. 335 pp. 8vo (180 x 115 mm). Rebound in contemporary blue-gray

cloth with the original decorated gray wrappers bound in. Condition: spine faded, endpapers toned; preliminaries lightly spotted.

[With:] Vtoraya kniga razskazov [Second Book of Stories]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1910. 335 pp. 8vo (180 x 115 mm). Rebound in contemporary

blue-gray cloth with the original decorated gray wrappers bound in. Condition: spine faded, endpapers toned; back wrapper absent.

[And:] Tretya kniga razskazov [Third Book of Stories]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1913. 351 pp. 8vo (180 x 115 mm). Rebound in contemporary

blue-gray cloth with the original decorated gray wrappers bound in. Condition: spine faded, endpapers toned; back wrapper slightly soiled.

three volumes of the collected works by the father of modern gay russian literature. One of these volumes contains

Kuzmin’s famous pioneering gay novel Krylya [Wings] (1906). (3)

$5000 – $8000

Lot 78

Lot 79. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Uslovnosti. Staty ob Iskusstve [Conventions. Articles on Art]. Petrograd: Polyarnaya Zvesda, 1923. 190 pp. Square 8vo (205 x 150 mm). Original

lettered tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers tanned and thumbsoiled

first edition. The great Russian poet discusses opera, prose, poetry and painting, concluding with an essay on Konstantin Andreevich

Somov who painted his portrait.

[With:] Novyi gul [The New Hull]. [Leningrad]: “Academia,” 1924. 32 pp. Small 4to (150 x 115 mm). Original decorated wrappers designed

by Dmitrii Isidorovich Mitrokhin. Condition: light soiling to wrappers, some chipping at fold. Number 170 of 1000 copies.

[And:] Forel razbivaet led. Stikhi 1925-1928 [The Trout Breaks the Ice. Verse from 1925 to 1928]. Leningrad: 1929. Original decorated wrappers.

Condition: wrappers with intermittent soiling, backstrip chipped with some loss; previos owner’s ink signature to title page. first edition.

Considered to be Kuzmin’s last great work, this poem describes one man’s idealized love for another. The highly autobiographical cycle refers

to Kuzmin’s first great love Vsevolod Knyazev and his suicide as well as to the last great love of his life Iurii Iurkin, whom he calls “Mister

Dorian” from Oscar Wilde’s novel. (3)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 80. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Osenniya ozera. Vtoraya kniga stikhov [Autumn Lakes. Second Book of Verse]. Moscow: “Skorpion,” 1912. 252 pp. 8vo (205 x 150 mm). Rebound

in flowered cloth with the original decorated gray wrappers designed by Sergei Iurevich Sudeikin bound in. Condition: wrappers lightly

stained. first edition.

[With:] Glinyanyya golubki. Tretya kniga stikhov [Clay Doves. Third Book of Poetry]. 108 pp. Square 8vo (200 x 140 mm). St. Petersburg: M. I.

Semenov, 1914. Original decorated wrappers designed by Aleksandr Bozheryanov bound in. Condition: backstrip chipped with some loss;

lacking rear wrapper. first edition.

[And:] Chudesnaya zhizn Iosifa Balzamo, Grafa Kalostro. Vtrekh knigakh [The Wonderful Life of Josef Balzamo, Count Calastro. In Three Books].

Petrograd: [“Stranstvuiushchii Entuziast”], 1919. 237 pp., 4to (142 x 100 mm). Illustrated by Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky. Printed

by R. Golike and A. Wilborg. Rebound in contemporary decorated light brown cloth with the original decorated pink wrappers designed

by Dobuzhinsky bound in. Condition: light soiling to front wrapper. first edition.

[And:] Vozhatyi. Stikhi [The Guide. Verse]. St. Petersburg: Prometei/N. N. Mikhailov, 1919. 79 pp. Square 8vo (210 x 160 mm). Original

lettered tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers detached and soiled but present; backstrip chipped. first edition. (4)

$3000 – $5000

Lot 79 Lot 80

52 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 53

Lot 81. KUZMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich (1872-1936).

Signed letter to Dr. Mikhail Dmitrevich Tushinskii with address on verso. In pencil on ruled paper. (100 x 150 mm). Signed and dated January 31,

1936. Condition: mottled toning, glue residue on verso not affecting script.

note sent to the physician shortly before the poet’s death. Kuzmin requests that Dr. Tushinskii come to his apartment and refers

to his longtime companion Iurii Iurkin who lived with him.

[With:] Photograph of Iurii Iurkin, Kuzmin and Aleksei Stepanov in the Summer Garden, Leningrad, August 18, 1934. On receiving this photo

from Stepanov on September 15, Kuzmin wrote in his diary, “In certain pictures even we could look like men about town.” This print

is labeled “Kuzmin v tsentr’ [“Kuzmin in the center”] in ink and dated September 6, 1934 in pencil on the verso. See Malmstad and

Bogomolov p. 253.

[And:] Nezdeshnie vechera [Otherworldly Evenings]. Petersburg: [“Petropolis”] 1921. 135 pp., 4to (170 x 125 mm). Original decorated wrappers

designed by Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky. Printed by Golike and Wilborg. Condition: wrappers slightly soiled; white out to half title

resulting in toning to the following few leaves.

Number 76 of 100 numbered copies out of an edition of 1000. The above photograph was at one time affixed to the publisher’s mark

page in the front of this volume The poet Marina Tsvetaeva recalled coming across this book in a shop: “I open it up: like a lance in my heart-

St. George! White St. George! My St. George, the saint whose life I have been writing for two months. Jealousy and joy, a two-edged sword:

I read—and the joy grows, I finish—and the serpent of jealousy is pierced, nailed down.” (3)

$7000 – $10000

Lot 81

Lot 82. LANSERE, Evgenii Evgenevich [Eugene Lanceray]


Leto v Angore [Summer in Ankara]. Leningrad: Brokgauz-Efron, 1925.

87 pp. Small 8vo (190 x 130 mm). Illustrated by the author. Original

decorated wrappers. Condition: light soiling and small tears to covers,

backstrip torn with some loss.

an elegant verbal and visual travelogue through the

near east. The artist composed these “poems, recollections, notes

and scenes from Anatolia in the summer of 1922.”

54 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 55

$400 – $600

Lot 83. LEBEDEFF, Jean (1884-1970) and

Jean-Paul DUBRAY.

L’Ymaigier Jean Lébédeff. Présentation de Pierre Champion. Nombreuses

compositions originales dessinées et gravées sur bois et Catalogue complet

de l’oeuvre de l’artiste. Paris: chez l’Auteur, [1939]. Wood-engraved

portrait frontispiece, limitation leaf surround, half-title surround,

title vignette, numerous illustrations (20 full-page), decorations,

initials, all by Lébédeff. Later brown half morocco over marbled

paper-covered boards, spine lettered in gilt, marbled endpapers,

original wrappers bound in, t.e.g., slip-case. Condition: light soiling to

original wrappers. Provenance: Fréd Van Daele.

limited edition of 575 copies, copy Number 260 of 500 copies

on Rives paper numbered between 16 and 151; presentation

copy from artist. Warmly inscribed on the rectro of the limitation

leaf: “Au bon camarade Fréd Van Daele en toute sympathie Jean

Lébédeff Paris le 7 Août 1941.”

$800 – $1200

Lot 84. LEBEDEV, Vladimir Vasilievich (1891-1967).

V. Lebedev. Leningrad: Gosudarstvennogo Russkogo Muzei, 1928.

71 pp. Small 4to (172 x 135 mm). Publisher’s decorated wrappers

with self-portrait by Lebedev. Essays by Petr Ivanovich Neradovskii

and Nikolai Punin with bibilography of posters, drawings and

illustrations. 12 reproductions of works by V. V. Lebedev. Condition:

wrappers detached at backstrip with light spotting and tanned at


rare exhibition catalogue of works by the great soviet

constructivist artist for the state russian museum in

leningrad. One of 1500 copies. Although best known for his

picture books with Samuil Marshak, Lebedev was also admired for

his female nudes and Cubist compositions reproduced in this early

monograph on the artist.

$400 – $600

Lot 83

Lot 85. LEBEDEV, Vladimir Vasilievich (1891-1967) (illustrator)

and Samuil MARSHAK (1887-1964).

De Reis door Rusland. [The Hague: “ De Baanbreker”/Servire, 1930].

12 pp. 4to (222 x 185 mm). Translated into Dutch by Ljoeba

Dworson and Eliza Hess-Binger. Color lithographed wrappers.

Condition: intermittent light spotting to wrappers.

rare authorized dutch edition of Bagazh [Luggage]. Although

Lebedev was one of the most influential picture book artists of the

early twentieth century, few of his works were available in other

languages other than Russian. Not in Petrov.

$400 – $600

Lot 86

Lot 87

Lot 86. LEBEDEV, Vladimir Vasilievich (1891-1967)

(illustrator); and Samuil MARSHAK (1887-1964).

Petrushka-inostranets [Petrushka the Foreigner]. Moscow: OGIZ/

Detgiz, 1935. 12 pp. 4to (285 x 220 mm). Fifth printing. Color

lithographed wrappers. Condition: creased, wrappers soiled.

fifth printing but the first and only one with lebedev’s

pictures. This satirical puppet play about Petrushka, the Russian

Punch, was first published in 1927 with illustrations by Vladimir

Konashevich. Petrov p. 287.

$300 – $500

Lot 87. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941).

Russland die Rekonstruktion der Arkhitektur in der Sowjetunion. Vienna:

Anton Schroll & Co., 1930. 103 pp. 8vo (290 x 230 mm). Includes

103 illustrations, plans, models and renderings by Lissitzky. Original

wrappers with decorated jacket in color. Condition: repairs to jacket at

folds, covers soiled, backstrip chipped with some loss at extremities

and edges, occasional underlining in blue pen in text.

Famous publication on modern Russian architecture, the first of

a series of three, the other two written by distinguished modern

architects, Amerika (1930) by Richard J. Neutra and Frankreich

(1930) by Roger Ginsburger.

$600 – $800

Lot 88. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941).

Milgroim. A Yiddish Magazine of Art and Letters. Berlin, 1923. Number

3. 52 pp. Folio (310 x 245 mm). Edited by M. Vishnitzer and M.

Kleinman. Original two-color photogravure wrappers designed by

El Lissitzky. Condition: light spotting to wrappers and first and last

leaf; small chips to backstrip.

rare yiddish bimonthly with lisstzky article on mohilev

synagogue. About 1916, Lissitzky and his friend and fellow Jewish

artist Issachar Ryback made a pilgrimage to the magnificent 18thcentury

Mohilev Synagogue on the shores of the Dniepr. The

experience profoundly moved Lisstzky (“the painter has done his

work with the aid of just a few simple colors, that a whole great

world comes to life, blossoms forth and fills this small cube”) and

he made sketches of details in the interior. He chose 6 of these

drawings (2 in color) to illustrate his memories of the visit in

Milgroim. Also included in this issue are reproductions of works by

Lissitzky (“Construction”), Natan Altman, Marc Chagall, David

Shterenberg and others. Milgroim was devoted to all the arts—

painting, sculpture, music and theater—with “special attention…to

the artistic production of the Jews in the present and the past.” When

Harvard University mounted the 1987 Lissitzky retrospective, the

curators were unable to include a copy of this journal. No copies in

MoMA, Getty or BM.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 89. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941)


Zhurnalist [The Journalist]. Moscow, January 1-March 15, 1929.

Nos.1-6, 4to (280 x 220 mm). Illustrations. Original upper wrappers

with printed design by Lissizky. Condition: upper covers trimmed

with slight loss, lower covers lacking and replaced with plain paper.

six numbers of this rare journal on soviet journalism for

workers in the graphic art and printing industry.(6)

$4000 – $6000

56 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 57

Lot 88

Lot 89

Lot 90. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941) and Ilya Grigorevich Ehrenburg (1891-1967).

Moi Parizh [My Paris]. Moscow: IZOGIZ, 1933. 235 pp. Oblong 8vo (163 x 185 mm). 121 black and white photographs and 2 black and

white photomontages. Original blue paper covered boards rebound with endpapers. Condition: covers rubbed with some staining, edges

slightly frayed, neatly rebacked; lacking dust jacket.

first edition. An honest and uncompromising look at the City of Lights through the lens of El Lissitzky’s unique brand of photorealist

Constructivism. A poignant and remarkable documentary of Paris between the World Wars. Not in MoMA.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 91. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941) (illustrator) and Alexandr KUSIKOV.

Der ungenannte Vogel. Gedichte. Ptitsa bezymyanniaya. Izbrannye stikhi 1917-1921 [The Nameless Bird. Collected Verse 1917-1921]. Berlin:

“Skythen”/”Skify,” 1922. 64 pp. Small 8vo (210 x 140 mm). Poems by Aleksandr Kusikov. Original decorated black boards designed by E.

Lissitzky. Condition: light staining to boards, neatly rebound.

first edition. Lissitzky was associated with the Bauhaus in Berlin when he produced this stunning Constructivist cover. Kusikov a member

of the Imaginist group. MoMA 406.

$500 – $800

Lot 92. LIVSHITS, Benedikt Konstantinovich (1886-1939).

Typescript of translations of 6 poems by Guillaume Apollinaire. 1934. 32 pp., (290 x 250 mm). Six poems signed by the translator in blue pencil;

“Cherez evropy” [“Across Europe”] with corrections by the translator in ink. Condition: pages browned with some soiling and fraying of edges.

Provenance: Igor Postupalskii Archive.

Livshits was an important figure in modern Russian poetry and helped found the Futurist group Gilea with Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir

and David Burliuk and other avant-garde writers and artists. His aim was to “shock the philistine” and “throw a bombshell into the joyless,

provincial street of the generally joyless existence” of conventional Russian life. He too ran afoul of the authorities during the Great Purge. In

1939, he was arrested as an “enemy of the people” and executed.

$800 – $1200

Lot 90

Lot 93. MALEVICH, Kazimir (1878-1935).

Ot Sezanna do Suprematizma. Kriticheskii ocherk [From Cezanne To Suprematism. A Critical Essay]. [Petrograd]: Narkompros [1920]. 16 pp.

Small 8vo (170 x 112 mm). Original printed wrappers. Condition: wrappers soiled with repairs, backstrip slightly chipped, a few leaves

stained not affecting text, pen and pencil marks to back wrapper.

first and only edition in russian of this seminal essay issued by the commissariat of enlightenment or narkompros.

Refering to his own O novykh systemakh v iskusstve [On New Systems in Art] published in Vitebsk in 1919, Malevich traces the development of

various artists such as Cézanne, Millet, Courbet, Monet and Van Gogh as well as the collector Schoukine and their relationship to Malevich’s

own theories underlying Suprematism.

5 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 59

$600 – $800

Lot 94. MALIUTIN, Sergei Vasilevich (1859-1937) (illustrator).

Ruslan i Ludmila [Ruslan and Ludmila]. Moscow: A. I. Mamontov, 1899. 48 pp. Large folio (510 x 400 mm). By Alexandre Sergeevich

Pushkin. With 18 color lithographs after S. V. Maliutin. Condition: splits to front and back pastedowns, upper corner creased on front cover;

light thumbsoiling to preliminaries. Provenance: Simeon J. Bolan (bookplate on rear pastedown).

first edition thus. Several opulent editions of Pushkin’s poems were issued in 1899 to commemorate the centenary of the great Russian

poet’s birth. Maliutin published a less elaborate version of Tsar Saltan the previous year. Ruslan i Ludmila is considered his masterpiece.

Maliutin did much to revive the folk art tradition in Russia and worked in a charming, self-consciously naïve style.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 91 Lot 94

Lot 95. MANDELSHTAM, Osip Emilievich (1891-1938).

Egipetskaya marka [The Egyptianm Stamp]. Leningrad: “Priboi,” 1928. 192 pp. 8vo (170 x 130 mm). Original wrappers designed by Evgenyi

Belukh. Condition: wrappers faded and rubbed, worn at extremities; backstrip rubbed at edges and slightly cocked; occasional spotting

internally not affecting text.

first edition of mandelshtam’s short experimental autobiographical novel. Although Mandelshtam is known primarily as a

poet, Egipetskaya marka has had its admirers. It was his only major creative work written during the “poetic silence” of 1925 to 1930, when

he had been banned from publishing any original work in the Soviet Union. Vladimir Nabokov called Mandelshtam “a wonderful poet, the

greatest poet among those trying to survive under the Soviets.” He was also one of great tragedies of modern Russian literature. In the Fall

of 1933, he composed the notorious “Stalin Epigram” that proved to be his death sentence. He wrote contemptuously of Stalin’s “fat fingers.

slimy like slugs” and “his cockroach whiskers” and called him “the murderer and peasant slayer.” He was arrested but spared being sent to a

labor camp. After a suicide attempt, he was allowed to live with his wife anywhere except in one of the major Russian cities. In 1938 he was

arrested again and charged with “counter-revolutionary activities.” He was sentenced to forced labor and sent to a transit camp in Siberia

where he died under mysterious circumstances. “Only in Russia is poetry respected – it gets people killed,” he once sarcastically observed. “Is

there anywhere else where poetry is so common a motive for murder?”

$2000 – $3000

Lot 95

Lot 96. MARSHAK, Samuil Yakovlovich (1887-1964).

Collection of four children’s book by the father of Soviet children’s literature. Comprising Progulka na osel [Ramble on an Ass]. [Lenningrad]: GIZ,

1930. 12 pp. Oblong 12mo (115 x 145 mm). Illustrated in two colors by Vladimir Vasilevich Lebedev. Original decorated self-wrappers

designed by V. V. Lebedev. Condition: intermittent staining to wrappers. Voina s Dneprom [War with the Dnepr]. [Leningrad]: OGIZ, 1931.

16 pp. 8vo (215 x 1785 mm). Color lithographs by G. Bibikov. Color lithographed decorated wrappers. Condition: light thumbsoiling to

wrappers with minor repairs. Goluby. Moscow and Leningrad: Detgiz, 1946. 16 pp. Small 8vo (165 x 137 mm). Illustrated by V. V. Lebedev.

Original color lithographed wrappers designed by Lebedev. Conditon: very light soiling to wrappers. Pozhar [Fire]. [Leningrad:] Detizdat,

1937. 13th printing. 16 pp. Small 8vo (210 x 160 mm). Color lithographs by Vladimir Konashevich. Original color lithographed wrappers

designed by V. Kodashevich. Condition: very light staining to wrappers with minor repairs.

important works of the great soviet children’s book writer. One of Maxim Gorky’s protégés, Marshak was a distinguished

Russian editor, translator and critic as well as the father of Soviet children’s literature. Marshak’s books, often in collaboration, with Lebedev

were immensely popular with both old and young. At one time thousands of Russian school children memorized his poems. He so

profundly influenced his contemporaries as a poet and editor that his colleagues were said to belong to Marshak Academy. In 1931, he and

Gorky consolidated the vast children’s book industry under a state-run publishing program into one publishing house Detgiz. Although

Lenin’s widow Nadezhda Krupskaya denounced it, Pozhar was one of Marshak’s most successful books. Konashevich reillustrated the poem

through many printings over the years. (4)

60 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 61

$500 – $800

Lot 97. MARTIANOFF, Nicholas and Mark A. STERN (editors).

Almanac Russian Artists in America: Volume One, 1932. New York: the editors, 1932. 249 pp. Folio (305 x 220 mm). With extensive

photographic illustrations, 16 pp. advertisments at back. Contemporary marbled boards with original wrappers bound in. Condition: front

wrapper detached but present, waterstained and creased; back wrapper absent.

scarce copy of a unique reference work containing short biographies with accompanying photos of Russian-born artists who

emigrated to America. Musicians, writers, dancers, painters, actors and many more artistic categories are represented here. Among the 101

entries are such luminaries as Chaliapin, Horowitz, Ouspenkaya, Prokofiev, and Sudeikin. Although the editors note their plan for publishing

a second volume, it never appeared.

$600 – $800

Lot 96 Lot 97

Lot 98

Lot 99

Lot 98. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich


Prostoe kak mychanie [Simple As Mooing ]. Petrograd: “Parus,” 1916.

118 pp. 8vo. (220 x 150 mm). Original printed brown wrappers.

Condition: one signature loose, short closed tears at head and tail of

backstrip, minor faint spotting to front cover, previous owner’s neat

ink signature on upper right front cover and front free endpaper;

censored words have been filled in in pencil on pp. 5, 113 and 114.

one of 2000 copies of an early collection by this most

incandescent of 20th century russian poets. Reprints

“Ya” [“Me”] and “Vladimir Mayakovsky, tragediya” [“Vladimir

Mayakovsky, A Tragedy”] first published in 1913 and 1914, in

addition to one of his most important poems “Oblako v shtanakh”

[“A Cloud in Trousers”], first published separately by Osip Brik in


$1800 – $2500

Lot 99. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich

(1893-1930) and Aleksandr Mikhailovich RODCHENKO

(1891-1956) (illustrator).

Sergeiu Eseninu [To Sergei Esenin]. Tiflis: Zakkniga, 1926. 16 pp. Small

8vo (173 x 128 mm). Original decorated wrappers printed in red

and black with front and back photomontage covers designed

by Rodchenko and two in-text Constructivist photomontages.

Condition: covers detached, staining at middle of fold from absent

staple not affecting text.

first edition. Mayakovsky’s by turns lyric and angry elegy written

in response to fellow poet and provocateur Sergei Esenin’s suicide

and with Rodchenko’s arresting visual contributions: a troika of

Russian genius. Mayakovsky and Esenin were friends but also

great rivals with conflicting theories of poetry. This is Mayakovsky’s

response to Esenin’s final poem written in his own blood just before

he hanged himself in 1925. “[His] death grieved me, grieved me in

the ordinary sense, as a human being,” Mayakovsky recalled. “It was

clear at once how many people who were still hesitating would be

brought to the rope or the revolver by those powerful lines—just by

the lines themselves…Only with another poem could you fight that

one, and you must” (Brown p. 315). Mayakovsky himself committed

suicide in 1930. MoMA 695.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 100. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich

(1893-1930) and El [Lazar Markovich] LISSITZKY


Khorosho! Oktyabrskaya poema [Good! A Poem of the October

Revolution]. Moscow: Gosizdat, 1927. 104 pp. 8vo (210 x 140

mm). Neatly rebacked in the original wrappers with Suprematist

cover design by El Lissitzky printed in black and red with agit-prop

slogans on the back cover. Condition: minor dampstaining to covers,

extremities rubbed, head and tail of backstrip with slight chipping,

one leaf frayed not affecting text.

first edition of the famous poem celebrating the tenth

anniversary of the october revolution. One of 300 copies.

While upholding the myth of Bolshevism, this lengthy poem

displays a deft balance between a celebration of post-revolutionary

radicalism and more meditative and somber personal recollections.

The Poet of the Revolution had become “a newspaper poet” who

was pouring out a steady stream of topical verse. MoMA 704.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 101. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich

(1893-1930) and Mikhail Fedorovich LARIONOV

(1881-1964) (illustrator).

Solntse. Poema [The Sun. A Poem]. Moscow and Petersburg: “Krug,”

1923. 30 pp. 8vo (165 x 122 mm). 8 illustrations by Larionov; 7 full

page. Original decorative wrappers by Larionov. Condition: wrappers

faded, occasional chipping to extremities.

first edition of mayakovsky’s canonical poem to contain

larionov’s illustrations. one of 5000 copies. The poet

and the artist were old friends. Mayakovsky exhibited his own art

with Larionov’s and they both drew propaganda posters in 1914.

MoMA 647.

$800 – $1200

Lot 102. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930),

Sergei TRETYAKOV (1892-1937) and Samuel ADLIVANKIN


Rasskaz pro to, kak uznal Fadei zakon zaschischaiuschii rabochikh liudei

(kodeks zakonov o trude) [Story about Fadey and How He Found Out

About the Law That Defends the Working People]. Moscow: Trud

i kniga, 1924. 47 pp. Small 8vo (175 x 130 mm). Illustrated in

black and white. Original wrappers in black, red, yellow and green.

Condition: covers soiled with closed tear to front wrapper at fold,

backstrip chipped, occasional spotting internally; ink markings on

front free endpaper and small rubber stamp on front wrapper. Not

in MoMA.

$700 – $1000

62 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 63

Lot 100

Lot 102

Lot 103. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930) and Aleksandr RODCHENKO (1891-1956) (illustrator).

Stikhi o revoliutsii. Oktyabr. Fevral. Golod. Evropa. Iskusstvo. Smeshnoe [Poems about the Revolution. October. February. Famine. Europe. Art. Laughs].

Moscow: “Krasnaya Nov,” 1923. 100 pp. Small 8vo (175 x 130 mm). Original Constructivist wrappers designed by A. Rodchenko and

printed in red. Condition: wrappers with occasional soiling, backstrip rubbed.

first edition of this selection of nineteen satirical poems about early soviet life. one of 3000 copies. The Poet of

the Revolution took on bureacratic absurdity in these poems of “Nash byt” [“Our Way of Life”]. Although he generally did not care for

Mayakovsky’s work, Lenin greatly enjoyed the poet’s take on endless committees in “Prozasedavsshiesya” [“Lost in Conference,” pp 81-83].

“It’s a long time since I experienced such pleasure and satisfaction, from a political and administrative point of view,” he admitted. “I don’t

know if it is good poetry, but I guarantee you it’s absolutely right from a political point of view” (Brown p. 223). Not in MoMA.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 104. MIKHALIKOV, Sergei Vladimirovich (b. 1913).

Dyadya Stepa [Uncle Steve]. Manuscript of this writer’s most famous poem written entirely in his hand in purple ink. 3 pp. 4to (300 x 205

mm). Signed twice and dated September 5, 1938. Provenance: Fekula 5548.

manuscript of the popular children’s poem first published in 1936. “Uncle Steve” is a friendly policemen who became a symbol of

Soviet social and political education. In addition to many other children’s books, plays and poems, Mikhalkov is the author of the lyrics for

the Soviet national anthem in 1944. (He recently reworked them for the Russian Federation.) He became Secretary of the Soviet Writers

Union and was reportedly Stalin’s favorite living poet. In 2003, President Vladimir Putin visited Mikhalikov to honor his 90th birthday.

Pravda hailed him as “the patriarch of modern Russian literature and prominent cultural figure.” His son is the movie actor and director

Nikita Mikhalkov, who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film for Burnt By the Sun.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 103 Lot 104

Lot 105. MVD (Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del).

Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del 1802-1902. Istoricheskii ocherk [The Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1802 to 1902. An Historical Study]. St. Petersburg:

Ministerstva Vnuterennikh Del, 1901. 232 pp. Folio (315 x 310 mm). Title with double medallion vignette, numerous portrait plates (6 on

india paper mounted, the others with tinted backgrounds), numerous Illustrations. Original light brown cloth, upper cover blocked in dark

brown, red-stained edges. Condition: some old damp damage to upper edge of covers, some light soiling.

an ambitious history of the notorious mdv. Aleksandr I created the MVD in 1802 to oversee everything from the police force and the

Internal Guards to the state postal system and the clergy. Eventually other agencies took over many of these responsibilities. Nevertheless the

MVD became one of the most powerful governmental bodies of the Russian Empire and one of the most feared through its secret police. It

continued to operate under a variety of names under the Soviets and was revived in 1990.

$6000 – $8000

64 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 65

Lot 105

Lot 106. MELNIKOVA-PAPOUSHKOVA, N. F. (editor).

Antologiya russkoi poezii XX stoletiya [Anthology of Russian Poetry of the Twentieth Century]. Prague: “Nasha Rech,” 1920-19. 2 volumes Small

8vo (140 x 190 mm). Volume I rebound in contemporary cloth-backed marbled boards with the original lettered tan wrappers bound in;

Volume II in the original lettered tan wrappers. Condition: Volume I with minor rubbing to board edges, library sticker over spine, rubber

stamps to title page and following leaf; wrappers slightly soiled and backstrip chipped with some loss to Volume II.

With contributions by Anna Akhmatova, Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Zinaida Gippius, Fedor

Sologub, Viktor Solovev, Igor Sveryanin, Aleksei Tolstoi and others. (2)

$800 – $1200

Lot 107. “MISS” [Anna Vladimirovna Remizova].

Kupidonovy prokazy. Les Avantures galantes. St. Petersburg: M. G. Kornfeld, 1913. 82pp. Oblong folio (260 x 255 mm). Original half cloth

over decorated boards with cover label, decorated endpapers. Condition: some staining and spotting to boards, hinges tender, some minor


elegant album of pictures in the manner of aubrey beardsley and konstantin somov. Remizova (née Vasileva) was the sister of

the famous cartoonist “Re-Mi” (Nikolai Vladimirovich Remizov, 1887-1975). The two worked for Sverchok [Cricket] until 1908; afterwards

she was a regular contributor to the famous humor magazine Satirikon. She was also a stage designer. Beardsley had an enormous impact on

the graphic artists of the Silver Age including Somov and “Miss.” These delicate line drawings appeared in Russian periodicals before being

collected in this book. This copy includes numerous clippings of other pictures by this artist taken from magazines and newspapers as late

as 1917 and tipped in the blank areas.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 107

Lot 108. NABOKOV, Vladimir (1899-1977).

Zaschita luzhina. Roman [Luzhin’s Defense. A Novel]. Berlin: “Slovo,” 1930. 236 pp. 8vo (200 x 135 mm). Publisher’s blue cloth. Condition:

covers soiled and dampstained, spine extremities split and chipped, front hinge cracked, corners frayed.

rare first edition of the master’s third novel. First serialized in Sovremennye zapiski [Contemporary Annals], Numbers 40-42 (1929-

1930). “That novel alone would suffice to give M. Sirin a very oustanding place in contemporary world literature”—The New York Times Book

Review (May 20, 1934). Nabokov did not get around to translating (with Michael Sammel) his novel as The Defense until 1964. Difficult to

find in any condition. Field 0666.

66 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 67

$500 – $800

Lot 109. NABOKOV, Vladimir (1899-1977).

Drugie berega [Other Stories]. New York: Chekhov Publishing House, 1954. 270 pp. 8vo (230 x 140 mm). Original gray wrappers. Condition:

light soiling and dampstain to wrappers.

first edition in russian of nabokov’s classic memoir. Originally published in English as Conclusive Evidence (1951), Nabokov revised

the text with new observations and expanded passages for his Russian readers. Nabokov did the translation himself. The book was serialized

in Opyty [Essays], Number 3, 1954; and Novyi Zhurnal [The New Journal], Numbers 37 and 38, 1954. He further revised and expanded his

memoir in its final form Speak, Memory (1967). Field 1097.

$500 – $800

Lot 108 Lot 109

Lot 111. PARAIN, Nathalie (1897-1958) (illustrator).

Lot 110

Lot 110. ORME, Edward (publisher).

The Costume of the Russian Army, from a collection of drawings made

on the spot, and now in the posession of the Earl of Kinnaird. London:

printed by J. Hayes, published by Edward Orme, 1807. Folio (370

x 260 mm). Stipple-engraved portrait of Czar Alexander the Great

by Godby after Jean Pichon, printed in colors and finished by hand,

but cut down (sheet size: 335 x 235 mm.) and mounted, 8 handcolored

engraved plates. 20th-century light brown calf-backed

marbled paper-covered boards, spine gilt. Condition: dampstained

throughout, portrait cut down and mounted at an early date.

a rare suite with a fine portrait of alexander. The military

and naval plates are apparently portraits taken from life. Colas 735

$800 – $1200

Baba-Yaga. Paris: YMCA Press, 1932. Folio (320 x 280 mm). Adapted by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Teffi. Lithographic colored illustrations

after Nathalie Parain. Original thin card wrappers, the upper cover with the title and an illustration lithographed in colors. Condition: light

general toning to text block; light general toning to covers, the upper cover with the outer corners creased, the lower corner with small

section torn away. First edition, issued simultaneously in Russian and French.

[With:] N. PARAIN (illustrator) and Marcel AYMÉ (1902-1967). Autres Contes du Chat Perché. Paris: Gallimard, 1950. Small 4to

(240 x 180 mm). 11 colored plates, 34 uncolored illustrations, all after Parain. Original cloth-backed pictorial boards. Condition: overall

toning to text, ink inscription dated 1976; spine faded, light toning to covers.

[And:] REITLINGER, Joanna (1898-1988) (illustrator) and Edmée ARMA (1904-1987). Sept Contes Finnois tirées du Kalevala. Paris:

Librairie Montjoie, 1946. 4to (267 x 205 mm). Title in red and black. Illustrations, some colored, after Reitlinger. Original pictorial boards.

Condition: slight toning to book block, ink signature to title; extremities scuffed.

The first two works are illustrated by Russian-born Nathalie Parain: one of the most inventive picture book artists working in Paris during

the 1930s. She studied at Vkhutemas and belonged to the Constructivists. After marrying Brice Parain, a philosopher and essayist working

at the French embassy in Moscow, she returned with him to Paris in 1928. Mon chat (1930) was a masterpiece of juvenile Cubism and

she illustrated a good number of “Albums du Père Castor” (1931-1940) for Paul Faucher of Flammarion as well as many of Marcel Aymé’s

“Contes du Chat perché” (1937-1948) for Gallimard. Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Lokhvitskaya (1872-1952) was a popular Russian author

of humorous short stories who wrote under the name “Teffi.” She is considered one of the great chroniclers of émigré life after the Revolution

and one of the few to be published in the Soviet Union. This book was also issued in French with the fairy tale retold by “Rose Celli” (Rose

Brua). The last was illustrated by Russian-born Sister Joanna ( Julia) Reitlinger, the only book ilustrated by her. (3)

$700 – $1000

Lot 112. PASTERNAK, Boris Leonidovich (1890-1960).

Stikhotvoreniya v odnom tome [Poems in One Volume]. Leningrad: “Khudozhestveniya Leteratura,” 1935. 440 pp. Small 8vo (195 x 140 mm).

Color frontispiece by N. Dmitrovskii. Original gilt-lettered embossed pale green cloth. Condition: previous owner’s inscription on recto of

frontispiece; spine and covers discolored, toning to endpapers;

second edition of the nobel prize winner’s collected poems, limited to 1000 copies. Long before the clandestine publication of

Doctor Zhivago in 1957, Pasternak was known as one of the greatest Russian poets of his generation. The book opens with his most famous

cycle of poems Sestra moya zhizn [My Sister-Life] (1922), one of the most influential books of modern Russian literature.

$800 – $1200

Lot 113. PASTERNAK, Boris Leonidovich (1890-1960).

Temy i varyatsii. Chetvertaya kniga stikhov [Themes and Variations. Fourth Book of Verse]. Berlin: “Gelikon,” 1923. 126 pp. Small square 8vo

(155 x 120 mm). Original purple wrappers with cover label. Condition: backstrip faded with small split at head; unobtrusive library stamps,

small tape repair to verso of front wrapper.

first edition of one of the nobel prize winner’s important books of poetry. Originally written in 1917 with Sestra moya zhizn [My

Sister-Life], Temy i varyatsii had to wait publication for several years due to the interruption of the Bolshevik Revolution. Sestra moya zhizn

appeared first and cemented Pasternak’s reputation as one of Russia’s great modern poets. Temy i varyatsii also contained poems written

during the interim. “In Themes and Variations Pasternak reaches the pinnacle of his technical virtuosity, equaled only by the most dazzling lines

in My Sister-Life” (Rudova p. 36). The two books were published in one volume in 1929.

[With:] Okhrannaya gramota [Safe Conduct]. Leningrad: Izdatelsvo pisatelei, [1931]. 128 pp. 4to (175 x 130 mm). Original cloth-backed

boards. Condition: hinges starting, minor rubbing to covers and board extremities, leaf edges tanned.

one of 6200 copies. This autobiography confused many readers and was not popular with the Soviet authorities when it was first

published because it abandoned conventional chronology to explore the important people and events that helped shape the poet’s artistic

personality. (2)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 112 Lot 113

6 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 69

Lot 114

Lot 115

Lot 114. PASTERNAK, Boris Leonidovich

(1890-1960) and others.

Lirika. Pervyi almanakh [Lyrics. First Almanach]. Moscow: [Lirika],

1913. 97 pp. 8vo (180 x 125 mm). Original decorated wrappers

designed by Sergei Bobrov. Condition: spine and back wrapper

replaced; ink inscription on front wrapper.

first book to contain poetry by the 1958 noble prize

winner. With five poems (pp. 41-45) by the author of Doctor

Zhivago (1957) and additional contributions by Nikolai Assev,

Sergei Bobrov, Aleksei Sidorov and others. Originally educated as a

composer in Moscow and then a philosopher at Marburg University

in Germany, Pasternak devoted his life to literature after returning to

Moscow during the winter of 1913-1914. “Lirika” was the name of

both a short-lived group of poets to whom Pasternak belonged and

their publishing company. Lirika was the only collection they issued.

The eight poets each contributed five poems to the anthology.

Pasternak published his first collection of poetry the following year.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 115. PICASSO, Pablo (1881-1973)

and Boris KOCHNO (1904-1990).

Le Ballet par … Kochno avec la collaboration de Maria Luz. [Paris:]

Arts du Monde Hachette, 1954. 4to (307 x 222 mm). Title printed

in plum and black, half-title. 1 original lithograph by Picasso, printed

by Mourlot frères, 1 double-page facsimile of a manuscript by Igor

Stavinsky (printed in 3 colors), 12 mounted full-page colored

illustrations (7 colored by hand using the pochoir pocess), numerous

smaller illustrations, 6 colored and mounted (3 of these colored

by hand using the pochoir process). Original red cloth, the upper

cover blocked in white to a design by Henri Matisse, spine lettered in

white. Condition: lithograph almost detached; covers slightly soiled,

corners and head and foot of spine bumped.

first edition of this excellent overview of the origins and

history of ballet, with an original lithograph by picasso.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 116. RODCHENKO, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1891-1956).

Portrait of Mayakovsky. (428 x 345 mm). The photograph was originally taken in 1924 and this print dates from the 1930s.

rodchenko’s iconic image of the great futurist poet, polemicist and artist. In his 1931-1932 article “On Composition,”

Rodchenko wrote, “In photography composition plays a tremendously important part, possibly it is the single most fundamental

consideration. Since it is a young art and has something closely in common with painting, it has naturally drawn very considerably on

painting in the sphere of composition, the good as well as—more often—the bad.” By 1930 Mayakovsky would be dead and Rodchenko

the object of official scorn and contempt that resulted in professional oblivion. Here in a single image, is captured the promise and eventual

betrayal of the revolutionary consciousness that Mayakovsky so passionately believed in and eventually died for.

$10000 – $15000

70 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 71

Lot 116

Lot 117

Lot 118


Tsvetnik Or [Floral Ravine]. St. Petersburg: [“Or,”] 1907. 240 pp. 8vo

(185 x 125 mm). Decorated by M. V. Dobuzhinsky. Contemporary

half morocco over marbled boards, original decorated wrappers

designed by Dobuzhinsky bound in. Condition: overall toning;

scuffed, ownership inscription excised from the free endpaper.

rare russian poetry anthology. With contributions by

Konstantin Balmont, Aleksandr Blok, Valery Briusov, Vyacheslav

Ivanov, Aleksei Remizov, Fedor Sologub, Maksimilian Voloshin and


$1500 – $2000

Lot 118. [ROERICH, Nicholas (1874-1947)],

and Barnett D. CONLAN.

Roerich. Riga: The Roerich Museum, 1939. Large 4to (330 x

237 mm). Title in red and black. Uncolored portrait medallion

on leaf preceeding the frontispiece, mounted uncolored portrait

frontispiece, 19 mounted colored plates, 107 mounted illustrations

(48 colored). Original cloth, upper cover and spine blocked in

brown. Condition: very slight discoloration to the spine.

$600 – $800

Lot 119. K. R. [Konstantin Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia] (1858-1915).

Stikhotvoreniya [Poetry]. St. Petersburg: [privately printed by the author], 1886. 238 pp. 8vo (175 x 125 mm). Title in red and black. Original

burgundy morocco, spine gilt stamped, back cover blind stamped, front cover with initials, crown and floral motif border stamped in gilt; silk

endpapers, a.e.g. Condition: rear hinge starting, covers slightly rubbed at extremities, final poem with a few marks in blue pen.

one of no more than 150 copies presented to family and friends. First collection of poetry by the grandson of Tsar Nicholas I

and uncle of Tsar Nicholas II. Even as a child, the Grand Duke was more interested in literature, music and art than in military affairs as was

expected of the Romanov men. He did serve in the Imperial Russian Navy and the Izmailovskii Regiment of the Imperial Guard before

marrying his second cousin in 1884. Although they had nine children, the publication of his secret diaries long after his death revealed how

torn he was between his love for his wife and his attraction to young men. He was a devoted patron of the arts who included Tchaikovsky

among his intimates. Both a gifted pianist and artist in his own right, he considered himself primarily a poet and a playwright He was one of

the few Romanovs who were close to his nephew Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra.

$5000 – $8000

72 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 73

Lot 119


Group of 48 portraits of Tsars Alexander II, Nicholas II and family. St. Petersbourg, Paris, Berlin, Rome, etc: ca .1860-1900.

48 albumen prints on original carte-de-visite and cabinet card mounts (each approximately 100 x 60 and 160 x 100 mm) most with studio

imprints or stamps on card varso or beneath the print. Condition: minor toning and very occasional light spotting to prints, light edgewear to

mounts with a few corners bumped.

an important archive of four decades of photographic studio portraits of the royal family. Issued commercially by a

variety of studio photographers including Reuthlinger in Paris, Levisky or Pasetti in St. Petersbourg, Linde in Berlin and W. & D. Downey

in Newcastle (photographers to England’s royal family). Included are 16 portraits of Tsar Alexandre II, mostly in uniform and often with

the Empress and family, from the age of approximately 40 to a final photograph of him lying in state after his assination in 1881. Nicholas

II’s life is chronicled in 7 portaits from childhood to his abdication in 1917. Images of both Tsaritsas Marie Alexandrovna and Nicholas II’s

wife Alexandra (the last empress of Russia) are present with 10 portaits of the former including her as a young mother posed with Grand

Duchess Marie as a toddler. Of particular interest is an imformal portrait of Nicholas II in a morning suit, bearing the contemporary ink

notation on the verso, “Riga 1894.”

[With:] 7 other photographs in various formats including a news file photo of Nicholas II released on the day of his abdication, an albumen

print of a troop of Cossacks (the Royal guard?), Alexander with staff officers and Nicholas II reviewing soldiers.(48)

$25000 – $35000

74 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 75

Lot 121. K. R. [Konstantin Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia] (1858-1915) and Aleksandr Konstantonovich GLAZUNOV

(1865-1936) (composer).

Tsar Iudeiskii. Drama v chetyrekh deistviyakh i pyati kartinakh [King of the Jews. Drama in Four Acts and Five Scenes]. St. Petersburg: [privately

printed by the author], 1914. 228 pp. Folio (340 x 260 mm). Music by A. K. Glazunov. Illustrated with numerous tipped in color plates and

photographs of the production. Original gray pebbled boards with color lithographed label designed by Petr Liven. Condition: covers rubbed

with some soiling, spine chipped at extremities with some loss of lettering at head

first privately printed edition of this anti-semitic mystery play by the grandson of nicholas i and uncle of nicholas

ii. This liberal retelling of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ through the eyes of a common man challenged the divine right of kings

and capitalism. Because the Russian Orthodox Church forbade any figures from the Bible being depicted on the public stage, Grand Duke

Konstantin staged his own play in the Hermitage Hall of the Winter Palace for an invited audience only in a series of “rehearsals” in January

1914; approximately 3,000 attended the ten performances. Jesus never appeared on stage but was indicated by the other characters and the

music. The Grand Duke himself played Joseph of Arimathea and Michel Fokine supplied the choreography. The play received wide critical

praise; and once the ban was lifted after the February Revolution, a full posthumous production was successfully mounted on November 6,

1917. Although later denounced by Soviet critics, this religious play was remarkably popular in the early Bolshevik years. There were several

foreign translations, including Victor E. Marsden’s English version The King of the Jews: A Sacred Drama (1914). A. K. Glazunov studied with

Rimsky-Korsakov, was director of the St. Petersburg Conservatory (later the Leningrad Conservatory) and completed Borodin’s famous

opera Prince Igor; his most celebrated student was Dmitri Shoshtakovich. Another student Dmitri Tiomkin thought the music for Tsar

Iudeiskii was Glazunov’s best work.

$1500 – $2000


Group of 3 signed documents, official orders for the issuing of medals for naval officers and infantry officers. V.p.: 1825, 1867 and 1893. Small folio (each

approximately 325 x 205 mm). Two printed documents finished in manuscript and one manuscript document. Condition: minor browning

to edges.

The official 1825 record for a naval surgeon Bathurov and marine artillery lieutenant Popov’s commendation as well as the 1893 record for

naval officers Lebedev and Stoykov being awarded the Imperialist and Tsarist Orders. The latter men were also given higher ranks, while the

1867 record is for a lieutenant and a clerk in the 72nd reserve infantry battalion to receive similar commendations.(3)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 121 Lot 122

Lot 123. RYBACK, Issachar Ber (1897-1935).

Shtetl: Mayn chorever heym: a gedekhenish. [Shtetl, My Destroyed Home, A Recollection] [Berlin: “Schwellen”, 1923]. Oblong folio (330 x 493 mm).

Blocked half-title, half-tone illustrated title, 29 half-tone plates (numbered from III-XXXI, four printed in bistre, others in sepia or black),

all after Ryback. Original blue decorated cloth-backed boards. Condition: small tears and light soiling to half-title, small tears to title, final

colophon leaf with slits cut for the insertion of a smaller format sheet, the sheet not present and perhaps not required; binding discolored,

lightly soiled, chipped and slightly cracked, modern endpapers. Provenance: artist’s presentation inscription in blue ink on half-title page and

dated September 11, 1929.

rare inscribed copy of this important work.

Born into an Hasidic family in the Ukraine in 1897, Ryback studied at the Art Academy in Kiev. He at first supported the Russian Revolution.

He joined the Yiddish cultural organisation Kultur Lige and particpated in the attempt to create a modern Jewish national art by combining

traditional folk art with avant-garde painting. The murder of his father inspired his Pogrom series of 1918, one of the most powerful depictions

of anti-Semitism in modern art. He left Russia in 1921 and lived in Berlin, where he came in contact with Constructivism. The present work

is a powerful depiction of a shtetl collapsing under the strain of war and revolution. (See also Lot 238.)

$3500 – $4500

76 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 77

Lot 123

Lot 124. SALMON, André (1881-1969) and Iurii Pavlovich ANNENKOV [Georges Annenkoff] (1889-1974) (illustrator).

Art Russe Moderne. Paris: Éditions Laville, 1928. 4to (313 x 236 mm). Numerous illustrations. Contemporary roan-backed patterned papercovered

boards, titled in black on upper cover, spine gilt, original pictorial wrappers after I.P. Annenkov bound-in. Condition: binding rubbed,

scuffed and chipped, wrappers somewhat soiled.

[With:] Alexandre BENOIS, P. P. WEINER, E. de LIPHART, James SCHMIDT, Baron N. WRAMGELL, A.A. TROUBNIKOFF, and

Serge MAKOWSKY, Serge WIENER. Les Anciennes Écoles de Peinture Dans les palais et collections privées Russes représentée a l’exposition organisée

a St-Pétersbourg en 1909 par la revue d’art ancien “Staryé Gody.” Brussels: G. van Oest & Cie., 1910. 4to (280 x 220 mm). Half-title. Plates,

some half-tone, some photogravure. Near-contemporary green cloth, titled in gilt on spine label, original grey paper wrappers bound in.

Condition: six plates and four text leaves detached and loosely inserted; spine and upper cover lightly soiled, some discoloration to original


$800 – $1200

Lot 125. SAUTIN, Ivan and Ivan IVANITSKY (editors) and El LISSITZKY [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941) (illustrator).

An Album Depicting the State Organization and National Economy of the U.S.S.R. Moscow: Scientific Publishing Institute of Pictorial Statistics,

1938. 148 pp. Oblong folio (240 x 348 mm). Color and black and white illustrations, designs and charts by Lissitzky, Grigorovich and

Nikolaev. Red cloth wraps stamped in gilt. Condition: backstrip partially split at head and tail, wrapper edges lightly thumbsoiled, occasional

light spotting to endpapers.

extensively illustrated including many full-page color charts and graphs depicting aspects of Russian “State Organization,”

“Economic Construction,” “Welfare and Culture” and “Position of Women” in the USSR. Also with an insert at the back of estimates to the

third five-year plan (1938-1942). The present work is typical of the typographical work Lissitzky did for the Soviet government after his

return to Russia from Germany in 1928 where he had been highly influential in the Bauhaus movement.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 125

Lot 126. SHKLOVSKII, Viktor Borisovich (1893-1984), Osip Maksimovich BRIK (1888-1945) and others.

Sborniki po teorii poeticheskago yazyka [Debates on Theories of Poetic Language]. Petrograd: Z. Sokolinskii, 1916-1917. 2 volumes. 8vo (240 x 165

mm each). Original lettered tan wrappers. Condition: some light chipping to backstrip extemities.

important theoretical studies of modern Russian poetry by opoyaz. With contributions by O. M. Brik, B. A. Kushner, E. D.

Polivanov, V. Shklovskii and L. Yakubinskii. Shklovskii was one of the most important Russian literary critics of the early twentieth century.

He founded OPOYAZ (Obschestvo izucheniya Poeticheskogo Yazyka), the Society for the Study of Poetic Language. They along with the

Moscow Linguistic Circle developed the critical theories and techniques of Russian Formalism (a term originally used pejoritively by their

opponents). One of his essays deals with the Russian Futurist nonsense language zaum. Brik was an influential Russian avant-garde writer and

literary critic, who like Shklovskii belonged to the Russian Formalist school. He cofounded with Vladimir Mayakovsky the magazine LEF

(later Novyi LEF [New LEF]). His wife Lili was one of Mayakovsky’s mistresses and the subject of many of his most ardent love lyrics.(2)

$800 – $1200

Lot 127. SOLOGUB, Fedor [Fedor Kuzmich Teternikov] (1863-1927).

Stykhi. Tom pyatyi [Verse.Fifth Book]. St. Petersburg: “Shipovnik,” [1910]. 232 pp. 8vo (210 x 155 mm). Rebound in contemporary clothbacked

marbled boards with cloth tips and the original wrappers mounted on the upper and lower covers. Condition: some light soiling and

discoloration to the wrappers. Provenance: Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi.

rare presentation copy to fellow writer aleksei tolstoi given in fond memory. Sologub was an important Russian Symbolist

poet, novelist, playwright and essayist best known for his novel Melkii bes [The Petty Demon] (1907). Tolstoi (1883-1945) was an important

Russian writer of science fiction, historical novels and children’s books. Although he dropped the title “Graf ” or “Count” after the Revolution,

he was often referred to as “Comrade Count.” His most famous science fiction novel was Aelita (1923), made into an early silent Soviet

movie; and he also retold Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio as Zolotoi kliuchik [The Golden Key] (1936).

$3000 – $5000

Lot 126 Lot 127

7 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 79

Lot 128

Lot 130

Lot 128. SHUKHAEV, Vasili Ivanovich (illustrator). and

Aleksandr PUSHKIN (1799-1837).

Boris Godounov. Paris: La Pléiade, 1925. 4to (300 x 235 mm).

Decorative title in brown and black, half-title, text printed in black

with headlines in brown. 18 plates, colored by hand using the

pochoir process, numerous decorative head and tail-pieces, all after

Shoukhaev. Contemporary morocco, titled in gilt on spine, original

wrappers bound in, t.e.g. Condition: occasional light soiling; joints

slightly split.

limited to 445 copies, this copy one of 390 examples on

“vergé a la forme” paper, numbered 245 and initialled ‘J.S.L.’.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 129. SOMOV, Konstanin Andreyevich (1869-1939)

(illustrator) and Antoine François PREVOST d’Exiles


Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut. Paris: Éditions

du Trianon, 1927. Small 4to. (238 x 190 mm). Title in red and black,

half-title, 12 plates and 2 head-pieces after Somov, all colored using

the pochoir process and finished by hand, by Daniel Jacomet et Cie.

Contemporary French blue half morocco over patterened papercovered

boards, spines in five unequal compartments with raised

bands, lettered in the second and fourth, gilt device in the third

compartment, original wrappers bound in, t.e.g.

limited edition of 465 copies, one of 425 examples on vélin

d’arches paper, numbered from 26 to 450, this copy numbered 448.

$900 – $1200

Lot 130. STASOV, Vladimir Vasilevich (1824-1906).

Histoire du livre Les Emaux Byzantins [par] A.W. Zvénigorodskoï. St.

Petersburg: 1898. 4to (300 x 203 mm). Decorative lithographic title

printed in red and gilt, limitation leaf printed in black and gilt, 6 plates

(including 2 chromolithographs). Original cream cloth, elaborately

blocked in gilt and black, blue and gilt patterned endpapers, the page

edges elaborately blocked in gilt and red with a design including an

‘A.Z.’ monogram. Condition: light soiling to covers.

out-of-series copy from an edition of 100. The story of the

production of A.W. Zvénigorodskoï’s Histoire et Monuments des

Emaux Byzantins, published in 1894, together with the letters of

appreciation from princes, institutions, journals and various others.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 131. TELINGATER, Solomon Benediktovich (1903-1969)


1914-i dokumentalnyi pamflet [1914. A Documentary Pamphlet].

Moscow: MTP, 1934. 92 pp. 8vo (250 x 175 mm). By Elya Feinberg.

With photomontages by S. Telingater. Original decorated black

cloth designed by Telingater. Condition: minor rubbing to boards.

One of 1000 copies. Along with Aleksandr Rodchenko and

Gustav Klutsis, Telingator was one of the Soviet Union’s greatest

photocollagists. 1914-i is one of his most characteristic works.

$800 – $1200

Lot 132. TERECHKOVITCH, Konstantin Andreevic

(1902-1978) (illustrator) and François PIÉTRI.

Les Princes du Sang. Large oblong 4to (268 x 317 mm). Title in red and

black, half-title in black, variously colored initials. 21pp. with colored

illustrations (7 full-page, 2 double-page), all after Terechkovitch.

Contemporary light brown morocco by Quéniot-Laballe, the flat

spine lettered and decorated with horse-shoes and riding crops in

gilt, gilt turn-ins, cream watered-silk pastedowns and free endpapers,

marbled blanks, original thin card wrappers bound in, matching

light brown morocco-backed marbled paper chemise, all within a

marbled paper slip-case.

a beautifully presented work on the “sport of kings”.

Limited edition of 200 copies signed by author and artist, this copy

numbered III, one of 30 copies numbered with roman numerals

and destined for the author, artist and collaborators. This example

further inscribed “Exemplaire de Collaborateur”.

$3500 – $4500

0 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 1

Lot 131

Lot 132

Lot 133. TOLSTOY, Leo (1828–1910).

Zhivoi trup. Drama [The Living Corpse. A Drama]. [Moscow]: A. L. Tolstoi, [1912]. 68 pp. Large 8vo (265 x 180 mm). With 12 photogravures

after photographs by Vladimir Grigorevich Chertkov. Original lithographed wrappers. Condition: wrappers with light thumbsoiling, light

chipping to extremities and minor tape repairs to verso of front and back; slight chipping to backstrip. Provenance: Fekula 5353.

first edition of tolstoy’s famous play. So upset by a performance of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya at the Moscow Art Theater (“There

is no real action”), Tolstoy decided to write his own play based on a true story about a woman who convinces her husband to fake his

death so she might remarry. Although written about 1900, Zhivoi trup (also known as Redemption) was not printed until after the author’s

death. Tolstoy never thought it was finished. His daughter Aleksandra published the play that his secretary Vladimir Chertkov edited in

Russkoe slovo [The Russian Word] in 1911. Konstantin Stanislavski was the first to direct the drama at the Moscow Art Theater in 1911. It was

soon playing in Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, and London. Jacob Adler starred in the first American production, one performed in

Yiddish in New York City in November 1911. It has been filmed many times, as early as 1911 and as late as 1968.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 134. TWAIN, Mark [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910).

Prints i nischii [The Prince and the Pauper]. Moscow: I. Knebel, 1916. 262 pp. 8vo (230 x 170 mm). Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. Translated

into Russian by E. A. Sushkina. Original gilt-lettered cloth-backed lithographed boards designed by A[leksei?] Kravchenko. Condition:

corners slightly bumped; jacket slightly chipped at extremities of spine panel and flap folds not affecting lettering.

early translation of the famous tale with the original pictures and in the rare dust jacket. Mark Twain remains one of the

most popular of all American writers in Russia. A Soviet feature film of the novel was released in 1943.

$600 – $800

Lot 133 Lot 134

Lot 135. UKHTOMSKII, Prince Esper Esperovich (1861-1921).

Puteshestvie gosudarya imperatora Nikolaya II na Vostokh (v 1890-1891) [Travels of His Majesty, the Emperor Nicholas II in the East]. St. Petersburg:

F.A. Brokgauz, 1893-1897. 3 Volumes. Folio (380 x 285 mm). Plates, numerous illustrations. Original decorated cloth, g.e. Condition:

frontispiece to volume I loosely inserted, general toning; spines rubbed and chipped, adhesive tape to paste-downs.

the official account of tsarevich nicholas’ grand tour to the east. As an important member of the Imperial Geographical

Society and advisor to the Foreign Ministry on East Asian matters, Prince Ukhtomskii accompanied Nicholas II on his travels and wrote the

official history. He visited Egypt, India, Ceylon, Singapore, Siam, China and survived an assassination attempt while in Japan. The book took

six years to prepare and the tsarevich had to personally approve every chapter with Ukhtomskii. Despite its enormous cost, it went into four

editions as well as a cheaper one; also it was translated into English, French, German and Chinese. Ukhtomskii’s collection of Asian art was

eventually confiscated by the Bolsheviks.(3)

$10000 – $15000

2 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 3

Lot 135

Lot 136

Lot 137

Lot 136. VOLF, M. O.

Kalendar dlya molodykh druzei M. O. Volfa [M. O. Volf’s Calendar

for Young Friends]. St. Petersburg and Moscow: M. O. Wolf, 1867

[1866]. 84 pp. Tall 8vo (260 x 175 mm). With 70 wood engravings.

Contemporary half black cloth over marbled boards. Condition:

joints starting, boards rubbed, scuffing to extremities; rubber stamps

to endpapers, some internal thumbsoiling.

well-illustrated early russian children’s book. This

anthology of poetry and prose opens with a “calendar” of the first

twelve years of a child’s life in verse. M. O. Volf was a highly prolific

Russian children’s book publisher of the late nineteenth and

early twentieth centuries. Although Martin’s mother in Vladimir

Nabokov’s Glory (1932) deplores the journal, Volf ’s conservative

children’s magazine Zadushevnoe slovo [Cordial Word] had an

unusually healthy run from 1877 to 1918.

$500 – $800

Lot 137. ZELINSKII, Kornelii (1896-1970) and

Ilya Lvovich SELVINSKII (1899-1968) (editors) and

Aleksandr Mikhailovich RODCHENKO (1891-1956)


Biznes. Sbornik literaturnogo tesentra Konstruktivistov pod redaktsei K.

Zelinskogo, I. Selv’inskogo [Business. A Collection of the Literary Center of

Constructivists, under the editors K. Zelinsky and I. Selvinsky]. Moscow:

Gosizdat, 1929. 260 pp. 8vo (225 x 150 mm). Photomontage

cover in black and red by Rodchenko. Original printed wrappers.

Condition: wrappers tanned with minor staining to back, tape repairs;

slight chipping to spine; paper slightly cocked.

Contains ideological essays on Constructivism and Socialism by

Zelinsky, poems by B. Agapov (among others), a novel in verse by

Selvinskii, a short story by V. Inber (among others), and musical

theory by A. Kvyativskii

$1200 – $1800

Lot 138. ZHIGANOV, Vladimir Danilovich.

Russkie v Shankhai [Russians in Shanghai]. Shanghai: Slovo Printing & Publishing, [1936]. 330 pp. Oblong folio (358 x 390 mm). Extensively

illustrated with photographic reproductions. Original dark red and black patterned cloth, aluminum lettering on front cover, aluminum

corner pieces (lacking on one corner). Condition: short splits at spine extremities, endpapers with occasional light spotting, white-out applied

to front endpapers, title page and rear endpaper not affecting text.

number 567 of unknown edition. Rare historical album of the Russian community in exile in Shanghai. The author writes, “In classifying

the material I treated the matter very carefully. I spent about five years in collecting it from my numerous friends and acquaintances the

number of whom runs into several thousands. Everyone who had the right to consider himself Russian Shanghailander was offered a chance

to insert his photograph in my album. All former subjects of the Russian Empire regardless of their origin and race could find an appropriate

place in the classified section of this album.”

$5000 – $8000

4 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 5

Lot 138

6 Russian Literature & Art

Lot 139

Lot 140. ZVORIKIN, Boris Vasilevich (1872-1935) (illustrator).

Lot 139. ZORGENFREI, Vilgelm Aleksandrovich


Strastnaya Subbota. Stikhi [The Last Saturday of Christ. Verse].

Petersburg: “Vremya,” 1922. 56 pp. Small 8vo (170 x 130 mm).

Original decorated wrappers designed by Sergei Chekhonin.

Condition: rear cover torn with some loss, light overall soiling with

minor marginal tears. Provenance: V. E. Arens.

one of 3000 copies and inscribed by the author to v. e.

arens. The Symbolist poet, translator and memoirist Zorgenfrei

contributed to Zolotoi runo [The Golden Fleece] and other journals.

He was employed by Maxim Gorky’s “Vsemirna literatura” [World

Literature] and belonged to the Commune of Dreamers that

included Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok and Aleksei Remizov. Among

the poets he translated were Goethe, Heine and Schiller. He was

arrested and killed during Stalin’s Great Purge. Strastnaya Subbota is

his most important book.

[With:] Lilit [Lilith]. Autograph manuscript of the poem, signed by

the poet. 95 x 130 mm. (2)

$500 – $700

Letopisnyi i litsevoi izbornik doma Romanovykh [Annalistic and Illuminated Anthology of the House of the Romanovs]. [Moscow: A. A. Levenson,

1913]. 121 pp. Oversized folio (445 x 325 mm). Illustrated with chromolithographs and decorated by B. V. Zvorikin and S. Yaguzhinskii,

Original pictorial boards designed by Zvorikin. Condition: slight rubbing to spine and board edges, occasional spotting to endpapers.

sumptuous album issued to commemorate 300 years of the romanov dynasty. The tricentennial of Romanov rule was marked

by extravagantly produced tributes to the tsar and his family. Zvorikin worked in the self-consciously folk art manner of Ivan Yakovlevich

Bilibin. It was unlikely Bilibin would have been asked to work on such a publication as he had been jailed back in 1905 for an anti-tsarist

political cartoon.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 141. ZVORIKIN, Boris Vasilevich (1827-1930) - Aleksandr Sergieevich PUSHKIN (1799-1837).

Boris Godounov de A. Pouchkine. Paris: l’Édition d’Art H. Piazza, [Colophon: 15 November 1927]. Small 4to (230 x 165 mm). Half-title in

brown, colored decorative title, occasional head and tail-pieces and decorative borders to text in pale green, decorative chapter openings and

leaves preceeding each chapter opening printed in colors and gilt, 15 colored plates, heightened with gilt, all after Zvorikin. Original green

paper wrappers printed in brown and gilt, card slipcase. Limited edition of 955 copies, this one 775 copies on “vélin rives” paper numbered

from 181-955, this copy numbered 735.

[With:] Ivan Yakovlevich BILIBIN (1876-1942). and Jeanne ROCHE-MASON. Contes de la Couleuvre. Paris: Boivin & Cie., 1932. Square

8vo (230 x 183 mm). Half-title, decorated title, head-pieces, initials, illustrations (10 full-page), all after Bilibin. Original rose-pink cloth, the

upper cover and spine blocked in gilt with a design after Bilibin, endpapers patterned in brown to a design after Bilibin. Condition: light overall

toning; very light fading and discoloration to spine and upper cover. First edition thus. (2)

$1200 – $1800

Lot 142. BAKST, Léon [Lev Samoilovich Rosenberg] (1866-1924) (illustrator).

Souvenir Serge de Diaghileff’s Ballet Russe. New York: [printed by Sackett & Wilhelms Co. for the] Metropolitan Ballet Company, [1916]. Large

4to (302 x 227 mm). Printed on toned paper with decorative borders, uncolored portrait frontispiece of Diaghileff after Bakst, numerous

illustrations, including 15 after Bakst (1 uncolored, 14 colored [1 of these double-page]). Original patterned paper-stock, upper cover titled

in semi-relief in gilt with vignette. Condition: small tears to covers. A souvenir programme for the 1916 season in America with a cover and

illustrations after Bakst.

[With:] Ivan Yakovlevich BILIBIN (1876-1942). Col. W. de Basil’s Ballets Russes (de Monte Carlo) 1936. 3rd season. [N.p.: 1935]. Folio

(350 x 245 mm). Numerous illustrations, some colored and mounted, after Natalya Goncharova, Jean Hugo, Mikhail Larionov, Pablo

Picasso, Lèon Bakst and André Derain. Original thin-card wrappers, the upper cover with a colored illustration after Pozhedaev. Condition:

title soiled; covers soiled, glue perished and covers detached from book block, tears with small losses to backstrip. A programme with a cover

design by Bilibin for the 1936 season at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London.

[And:] Two other souvenir programmes, one for the first season of the “Opéra Privé de Paris” in 1929, with a cover designed by Bilibin, and

the second for the American farewell tour by Anna Pavlova in 1924. (4)

$1200 – $1800

Ballets Russes

& Other Theatrical Works

Lot 142

Lot 143. BALLETS RUSSES - Maurice & Jacques de BRUNOFF (publishers).

Collection des plus beaux numéros de Comoedia Illustré et des Programmes consacrés aux Ballets & Galas Russes depuis le début à Paris 1909-1921. Paris:

M. de Brunoff, [1922]. Large 4to (330 x 255 mm). Title and text printed in green, illustrated with numerous examples of actual programmes,

or part programmes, some cut down and mounted, including colored plates, illustrations or designs after Goncharova, Larionov, Bakst,

Picasso, Matisse, Massine, Sert and Derain. Original light green silk over bevelled boards, the upper cover with a varnished color-printed

inset panel with the title and an illustrative design after Goncharova, three-color stenciled endpapers. slip-case. Condition: spine faded and

slightly soiled and spotted, creasing to rear endpaper, slipcase rubbed.

selection of reprinted special issues with supplements of the theatrical periodical Comoedia illustré.

With graphics by Léon Bakst, André Derain, Natalya Goncharova, Mikhael Larionov, Henri Matisse, Léonide Massine, Pablo Picasso,

José Maria Sert, and others. The text includes “Note des éditeurs” that introduces the selection and introductory text on each season by

Valerian Svietlov or Jean Bernier. The seasons covered are: 1909 (4th season), 1910 (5th), 1911 (6th), 1912 (7th), 1913 (8th), 1914 (9th),

1915 (limited season, the 10th), no season 1916, 1917 (11th), no season 1918, 1919/1920 (12th), 1920 (13th), 1921 (14th). Comoedia

illustré was a theatrical monthly that was published in Paris between 1908 and 1921; it suspended publication (except for special issues or

supplements) between September 1914 and October 1919. At the beginning of 1922, Comoedia illustré merged with Le Théâtre (1898-

1921) to become Le Théâtre et comoedia illustré (1922-1926). It often devoted whole special issues or supplements to the annual Paris season

of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and Ida Rubinstein’s Galas Russes.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 143

Lot 144. BARBIER, Georges (1882-1932).

Designs on the Dances of Vaslav Nijinsky by Barbier, foreword by Francis de Miomandre, translated from the French by C. W. Beaumont. London:

printed for C. W. Beaumont & Co. “sur les presses de La Belle Édition”, 1913. Large 4to (330 x 285 mm). 12 plates, hand-colored using the

pochoir process, 3 uncolored illustrations, all after Barbier. Pochoir plates by G. Barbier. Original cream thin-card wrappers, the pictorial

design on the upper cover from a design by Barbier, printed in blue and black with grey and gilt added by hand using the pochoir process.

Condition: neatly rebacked.

barbier’s first separately published book: a limited edition of 400 copies, “the sole edition in english” printed on “vellum

paper”, this copy numbered 235. Inspired by Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in general and the dancing of Nijinsky in particular, the Frenchman

Barbier drew the legendary dancer in some of his greatest roles: Le Spectre de la rose, Petrushka, Scheherazade and L’Après-midi d’un faune. Niles

& Leslie I, 22

$2500 – $3500

Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 9

Lot 144

Lot 145. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksanr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960).

Cher Monsieur Beaumont… Two-page autograph letter to Cyril Beaumont with watercolor and gouache of a scene in Act II of the Tchaikovsky

ballet Swan Lake, April 29, 1947. 25 x 175 mm. Provenance: Cyril Beaumont.

Beaumont (1891-1976) was a prominent ballet critic and publisher who often wrote on the Ballets Russes and Benois’ contribution to

their productions. The artist thanks him for the introduction to the British balletomane Peter Wiliams and mentions a mutual admiration

for Tchaikovsky and Delibes (“le vrai génie de la musique pour ballet”). Although not particularly fond of Swan Lake, Benois designed three

different productions of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet in 1945, 1949 and 1954. This design either hearkened back to the first production or

the artist was working out ideas for the subsequent version. Theatre of Reason/Theatre of Desire 35.

$6000 – $8000

Lot 145

Lot 146. BILIBIN, Ivan Yakovlevich (1876

- 1942), KOROVIN, Konstantin Alekseevich

(1861-1939) and Boris Vasilevich ZVORIKIN

(1872 - 1935) (illustrators).

Opéra privé de Paris. [Paris: 1928-1929]. 6 volumes.

Folio (315 x 244 mm). Numerous plates and

illustrations, some colored, some mounted,

after Alexandre Benois, I. Ya Bilibin and K. A.

Korovin. Original pictorial wrappers, the upper

covers printed in colors from designs by Bilibin,

all contained within a single modern cloth box,

morocco lettering-piece to spine. Condition:

occasional light soiling to wrappers, one with small

tape repair to front; light rubbing at folds.

nearly complete collection of souvenir

programmes from the 1929-1930 seasons.

There are four issues from the 1929 season and two for the Spring 1930 season.

[With:] Boris Godounov. “Opéra Russe à Paris” programme from 1930. Folio (300 x 235 mm). Numerous plates and illustrations, some

colored, some mounted, after I. Ya Bilibin. Original gilt pictorial wrappers. Condition: wrappers creased with tape repair on verso of fold.

[And:] Boris Godounov. “Opéra Russe à Paris” programme for the Lyceun Theatre, 1931. Oblong folio (200 x 240 mm). Illustrated with

photogravures. Original pictorial wrappers designed by B. Zvorikin. Condition: light thumbsoiling to wrappers.

L’Opéra Russe à Paris was founded by the famous opera singer Maria Kuznetsov (1880-1966). All the major Russian artists from Benois to

Zvorikin worked for her. (8)

$8000 – $12000

Lot 147. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962).

Col. W. de Basil’s Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo. New York: Isaac Goldmann Company [1934 and 1936]. 2 volumes, large 4to (305 x 235 mm).

Numerous illustrations, some colored, after Goncharova, Léon Bakst, M. Larionov, André Derain, Jean Lurcat, Cecil Beaton, Pablo Picasso,

Raoul Dufy, and others. Original thin-card wrappers, the upper covers with colored illustrations after Goncharova. Condition: light spotting

to title of the second volume; some creasing to outer edges of covers. Two souvenir programmes with covers designed by Goncharova, one

for the 1935 season in America, and a second for the 1936-1937 [“4th American”] season.

[With:] POZHEDAEV, Georgii Anatolevich [Georges de Pozhedaev] (1897-1971). Ballets Russes du Col. W. de Basil (de Monte Carlo). [N.p.:

1933]. Large 4to (303 x 245 mm). Numerous illustrations, some colored, after Christian Bérard, André Derain, André Masson, Joan Miro,

Raoul Dufy, and others. Original thin-card wrappers, the upper cover with a colored illustration after Pozhedaev. Condition: occasional small

tears to blank margins; some creasing to outer edges of covers. A souvenir programme with a cover design by Pozhedaev for the 1934 season

in London. (3)

90 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 91

$500 – $800

Lot 146

Lot 148. DIAGHILEV, Sergei Pavlovich (1872-1929).

Souvenir Serge de Diaghileff’s Ballet Russe. New York: Metropolitan Ballet Company, Inc., [1916]. 40 pp. Folio (310 x 230 mm). Illustrated in

color by Léon Bakst and with photogravures of the dancers in costume. Original decorated gray wrappers with the original gray cloth tie

intact. Condition: light rubbing and creasing to wrapper extremities, light smudging to endpapers.

inscribed by sergei diaghilev, vaslav nijinsky and dancer flore revalles and each signature dated 1916. To avoid the chaos

in Europe during World War I, Diaghilev arranged with Otto Kahn for his Ballets Russes to tour the United States in 1916-1917. Michel

Fokine had left the company so Nijinsky was the principal choreographer. Diaghilev fired Nijinsky when his lover ran off to marry Countess

Romola Pulszky in 1913, but he briefly rehired him for the North American tour. The great dancer showed signs of dementia praecox during

this tour and finally suffered a nervous breakdown in 1919. He never performed in public again.

$25000 – $35000

Lot 148 Lot 149

Lot 149. LEGAT, Nikolai Gustavovich (1869-1937) and Sergiei Gustavovich LEGAT (1875-1905).

Russkii Balet v karrikaturakh [Russian Ballet in Caricatures]. Saint Petersburg: [Legat Bros., 1902-1905]. Chromlithographs. Folio

(320 x 240 mm). Vellum-backed white cloth with letters blocked in gilt and the original chromolithographed wrappers bound in. Condition:

covers slightly rubbed with occasional minor soiling and discoloration, corners lightly bumped.

first and only edition. The Legat brothers were graduates of the St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet School and rose to premier danseurs and

performed with many of great ballerinas of the day. Nikolai Gustavovich became ballet master for the company and later for Segei Diaghilev’s

Ballets Russes in 1925-1926; he and his wife founded the Russian Ballet Society in Great Britain in 1923. At age 17, Sergei Legat originated

the role of the Nutcracker in Tchaikovsky’s ballet; in 1903, he and his brother Nikolai staged Josef Bayer’s ballet Feya kukol [The Doll Fairy]

with costumes by Léon Bakst. Their caricatures are often merciless; it is a wonder their victims ever spoke to them again. They were no kinder

in their self-caricatures.

$5000 – $8000

92 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 93

Lot 150. MAYO, Eileen (1906-1994) (illustrator).

Serge Lifar. London: C. W. Beaumont, 1928. Large square Folio (330 x 280 mm). 16 illustrations. Foreward by Boris Kochno. Decorated

yellow labels over paper boards. Condition: covers rubbed with occasional light soiling.

number 309 of 500 copies. A tribute in words and pictures to the great Russian ballet dancer and choreographer.

$1500 – $2500

Lot 151. SUDEIKIN, Sergei Iurevich [Serge Soudeikine] (1882-1946) and Nicolai REMIZOV (1887-1975) (illustrators).

[Collection des Programmes du Théâtre de la Chauve-souris 1920-1921.] [Paris: Comoedia Illustré, 1922]. 5 works in one portfolio (as issued),

large 4to (317 x 248 mm). Illustrations, most colored, after Sudeikin, Remizov and others. Original pictorial wrappers, the upper covers

printed with colored designs after Soudeikine or Remizov, all within a single grey card portfolio, the upper cover of the portfolio printed in

blue with the title as above, and the “Chauve-souris” trademark of a bat against the moon in gilt and blue. a fine series of programmes

from the famous company directed by nikita balieff.

[With:] Balieff ’s “Chauve-souris.” Paris: M. de Brunoff, [1924]. Large 4to (315 x 248 mm). Illustrations, most colored, after Sudeikin,

Renizov and others. Original wrappers, the upper cover with a toned portrait of Balieff after Schoukhaeff. a souvenir programme with

advertisements that suggest it was poduced for a London season. (6)

$3000 – $4000

94 Russian Literature & Art

Lot 150 Lot 151

Lot 152. GOLIKE, Roman Romanovich (editor).

Shut. Chout (Le Fou) [The Fool]. St. Petersburg: R. Golike, January 4-June 3/21, 1897 25 issues. Folio (305 x 230 mm). Original

chromolithographed wrappers; housed in custom case. Condition: occasional light spotting; else bright, clean copies.

complete six months of this rare satirical weekly. This elaborately printed and illustrated humor magazine contains early drawings

by Léon Bakst and Mikhail Vrubel in the March 22/April 3 and April 19/May 1 issues. There are numerous jabs at both the peasant and the

upper classes in color and black and white. The back covers are devoted to amusing full-color cartoons of microbes.(25)

$7000 – $10000


Lot 152

Lot 153. BRIUSOV, Valerii Yakolevich (1873-1924) (editor).

Vesy. Nauchno-literaturnyi i kritiko-bibliograficheskii ezhmesyanik [The Scales. A Scientific, Artistic, Critical and Bibiliographical Review]. [Moscow:

“Skorpion”], January 1904-December 1909. 6 volumes in 13 parts. Folio (235 x 180 mm each). Rebound in contemporary gilt-lettered

leather-backed marbled boards with most of the original decorated wrappers bound in. Condition: 1904 bound out of sequence but

complete; Numbers 8, 10 and 11, 1906 lacking back wrappers; Number 9, 1906 misbound with pp. 79-84 between pp. 66 and 67 but no

loss; Numbers 2-6, 1908 and 8-12, 1909 lacking wrappers. Provenance: V. Rodevich (bookplates in all but the first volume).

complete run of one of the most important russian art and literary journals ever published. With contributions by

Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Kornei Chukovsky, Sergei Diaghilev, Zaida Gippius (“Anton Krainii”), Nikolai Gumilev,

Vyacheslav Ivanov, Mikhail Kuzmin, Aleksei Remizov, Fedor Sologub, Vladimir Solovev, Aleksei Tolstoi and others. Graphics by Léon Bakst,

Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, James Ensor, Nikolai Feofiltakov, Dmitrii Mitrokhin, Leonid Pasternak, Paul Signac, Konstantin Somov,

Sergei Sudeikin, Mikhail Vrubel and others. Also translations of French and other foreign literature by Maurice Maeterlinck, Frederich

Nietsche, Oscar Wilde and others. Kuzmin’s pioneering “coming out” novel Krylya [Wings] took up the November 1906 issue; his Kuranty

liubvi [The Chimes of Love] appeared in December 1909 with the four illustrations by Sudeikin and Feofiltakov. Some issues were devoted

to specific artists: Aubrey Beardsley (November 1905); Will H. Bradley (February 1907); Umberto Brunelleschi (March 1905); Georges

DeFeure ( June 1907); Feofiltakov ( January 1908); Mikhail Larionov (August 1909); T. Surge Moore (November 1907); Odilon Redon

(April and May 1904); Nicholas Roerich (August 1905); and Sudeikin (March 1907). (13)

$30000 – $40000

96 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 97

Lot 154. RYABUSHINSKII, Nikolai and Georgii Ivanovich CHULKOV (editors).

Zolotoe runo. La Toison d’or [The Golden Fleece]. Moscow: [A. I. Mamontov; I. I. Kushnerev & Co.], January 1906 - November/December

1909. 34 issues (all published, including a number of double or triple number issues) bound in 8 volumes, 4to (293 x 216 mm). Large

square 4to (4 volumes: 340 x 310mm.), or 4to (2 volumes: 300 x 218 mm.; 2 volumes: 293 x 217 mm). Numerous plates and illustrations,

some colored. Contemporary gray cloth, top edges stained red (4 volumes), dark green half morocco (2 volumes) or dark red half morocco

(2 volumes). Condition: cloth spines somewhat faded and lightly soiled, the red-staining to edges occasionally over-enthusiastic; the dark

green morocco spines darkened to brown.

a complete run of this opulent art, literary and critical journal of the silver age. With contributions by Konstantin

Balmont, Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Kornei Chukovsky, Maurice Denis, Zaida Gippius, Vladisov Khodasevich, Mikhail

Kuzmin, Vsevolod Meierkhold, Aleksei Remizov, Nicholas Roerich, Fedor Sologub and others. Illustrations by Léon Bakst, Alexandre

Benois, Ivan Bilibin, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Nicolai Feofilaktov, Evgenii Lansere, Vasili Masiutin, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Somov, Sergei

Sudeikin, Mikhail Vrubel, Boris Zvorikin and others. Beginning in April 1908 in Moscow, Zolotoe runo, like Mir isskustva before, sponsored

art exhibitions and introduced not only the new Russian artists but also Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and other Western masters

to the Russian public. June-September 1906 has a survey of Russian icons with decorations by Bilibin; the topic of the January 1907 issue

is the Devil; Number 1, 1909 is devoted to Paul Gauguin and Number 6, 1909 to Henri Matisse. Drawing on the talents of many members

of Mir Isskustva [The World Art], Zolotoe runo is arguably one of the most beautiful periodicals ever published. An exceedingly rare complete

run. (8)

$50000 – $70000

9 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 99

Lot 155. BRIUSOV, Valerii Yakolevich (1873-1924) (editor).

Vesy. Nauchno-literaturnyi i kritiko-bibliograficheskii ezhmesyanik [The Scales. A Scientific, Artistic, Critical and Bibiliographical Review]. [Moscow:

“Skorpion”], April 1907-December 1909. 5 parts. Folio (235 x 180 mm each). All rebound in contemporary white cloth stamped in green

except the 1907 volume in contemporary cloth-backed marbled boards. Condition: joints tender on two volumes, light thumbsoiling and

rubbing to covers; wrappers absent in several volumes. Provenance: Ivan Aksenov bookplate in all but the first volume. (5)

incomplete run of this important russian periodical.

$8000 – $12000

Lot 156. MAKOVSKII, Sergei Konstantinovich (1877-1962) and Nikolai Nikolaevich VRANGEL (1882-1915) (editors).

Apollon [Apollo]. Petrograd: S.K. Makovskii, October 1909-1917. 23 volumes Printed by R. Golike & A. Vilborg, St. Petersburg. Various sizes.

Rebound in red leatherette, many with the original wrappers bound in. Condition: first three volumes with overall light toning, occasional

light soiling and old dampstaining, the later volumes generally fine and clean internally.

complete run of the highly influential art journal. With contributions by Anna Akmatova, Inokentii Annenskii, Konstantin

Balmont, Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Benois, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Abram Efros, Nikolai Gumilev, Vyachelov Ivanov, Wassily

Kandinsky, Mikhail Kuzmin, Osip Mandelshtam, Vladimir Narbut, Nikolai Radlov, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Fedor Sologub, Vladimir

Solovev, Aleksei Tolstoi and others. Graphics by Léon Bakst, A. Benois, Sergei Chekhonin, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Boris Kustodiev, Evgenii

Lansere, Dmitrii Mitrokhin, Georgii Narbut, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Nikolai Punin, Nicholas Roerich, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Somov,

Sergei Sudeikin, Mikhail Vrubel and others. When the magazine Mir iskusstva [World of Art] folded in 1904, Alexandre Benois filled the void

with this more scholarly and less avant-garde art journal. Like its predecessor, it contained articles on music and theater as well as on the

visual arts (23).

$30000 – $40000

Lot 155 Lot 156

Lot 156

Lot 156 Lot 156

100 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 101

Lot 157. NARBUT, Georgii Ivanovich (1886 - 1920) (illustrator).

Gerboved [Heraldry]. St. Petersburg: [S. N. Troinitskii], January-December 1913. 12 issues. 214 pp. Folio (255 x 185 mm). Edited by Sergei

Nikolaevich Troinitskii. Headpieces by G. I. Narbut. Original decorated blue wrappers designed by G. I. Narbut. Condition: occasional

soiling, creasing to covers; a few gluestains from bookplates. Provenance: last two issues with the bookplate of Petr Ivanovich Neradovskii,

designed by Dmitrii Dmitrievich Bushen in 1921.

complete run of twelve issues of this rare heraldic periodical in the original wrappers for 1913. The great Ukrainian artist

Narbut provided not only the standard wrappers (that also served as the title page) but also an ornate headpiece in the Napoleonic style

in each issue. P. I. Neradovskii (1875-1962) was an artist and art historian; D. D. Bushen (1893-1984) was a member of the Mir Iskusstva

[World of Art] group and assistant keeper of the art gallery in the Hermitage Museum.(12)

$2000 – $3000

Lot 158. TERESCHENKO, Mikhail Ivanovich (1886-1956) (publisher).

Sirin. St. Petersburg: [“Sirin”], 1913-1914. 3 volumes. 8vo (230 x 165 mm). Original decorated gray wrappers. Condition: wrappers slightly

discolored and spotted, library stamps to rear wrappers on two volumes, slight chipping to backstrip extremities.

complete run of this poetry annual. With contributuons by Aleksandr Blok, Andrei Belyi, Valerii Briusov, Zimaida Gippius,

Vyacheslav Ivanov, Aleksei Remizov, Fedor Sologub and others. These volumes contain the first publication of Bely’s masterpiece Petersburg

after Petr Berngardovich Struve rejected it for his journal Russkaya mysl [Russian Thought]. It appeared in book form in 1916. Bely revised the

text and published this version in Berlin in 1922. Vladimir Nabokov thought Petersburg was one of the “greatest masterpieces of twentieth

century prose,” next only to Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) and Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” (1915) and better than Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu


$3000 – $5000

Lot 157 Lot 158

Lot 159. CHULKOV, Georgii Ivanovich (1879-1939) (editor).

Fakely [Torches]. St. Petersburg: D. K. Tikhomirov, 1906-1908. 3 volumes Various sizes. Volume 1 in the original purple wrappers designed by

Evgenii Lancere; the other two rebound in cloth-backed marbled boards with the original yellow or purple wrappers. Designed by Evgenii

Lancere and V. Ya. Chembrs bound in. Condition: wrappers worn with splits and chipping to backstrip; rubbing to boards, corners slightly


complete run of this rare symbolist annual. With contributions by Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Ivan Bunin,

Vyacheslav Ivanov, Aleksei Remizov, Fedor Sologub, Boris Zaitsev and others. With graphics by Ivan Bibibin, V. Ya. Chembrs, Mstislav

Dobuzhinsky (uncredited), E. E. Lansere and Boris Zamirailo. Chulkov called for Russian writers to discard Symbolism and Decadence

for what he called “Mystical Anarchism.” Drawing largely on Friederich Nietzsche’s ideas, this new philosophy tried to reconcile individual

freedom and social harmony. While Aleksandr Blok and Vyacheslav Ivanov supported the new doctrine, Valerii Briusov and Andrei Belyi

challenged it.(3)

$3000 – $5000

102 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 103

Lot 159

Lot 160. KRIMOV, Vladimir Pimenovich (editor).

Stolitsa i usadba [The Capital and Mansion]. Petrograd: December 15, 1913- September 30, 1917. 90 numbers (including some multiple

issues) in 4 volumes, folio (345 x 260 mm). Printed by R. Golike and A. Vilborg, St. Petersburg. Numerous illustrations. Original decorated

wrappers. Condition: some toning to text; occasional splits to backstrips, and toning to covers.

complete run of this rare “journal of the beautiful life”. Limited to 1500 copies. This elegant bi-weekly surveyed the art, architecture,

interiors and divertissements of Russia’s extravagant upper classes on the eve of the Revolution. It was modelled on the London journal

Country Life; headings by the English artist Arthur Rackham from this magazine as well as cartoons by W. Heath Robinson, Harry Rountree

and James Montgomery Flagg appear in Stolitsa i usadba. The ladies and gentleman in this Russian journal seem completely oblivious to the

World War and the approaching apocalypse. Number 55 (April 1, 1916) dealt with the Tsar and his family so the Bolsheviks confiscated it.

Nauchnaya i spravochnaya literatura-iskysstvo (1977) states on p. 55 that this issue was “withdrawn.”(4)

$50000 – $70000

104 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 105

Lot 162

Lot 161


Almanakh muz 1916 [The Almanac of the Muse 1916]. Petrograd:

“Felana,” 1916. 200 pp. 8vo (240 x 170 mm). Decorations (including

publisher’s mark) by Sergei Chekhonin. Original decorated gray

wrappers designed by Chekhonin. Condition: wrappers soiled,

partially detached; library stamps. one of 1100 copies. With

contributions by Innokentii Annenskii, Anna Akhmatova, Valerii

Briusov, Nikolai Gumilev, Georgii Ivanov, Mikhail Kuzmin, Osip

Mandelshtam, Marina Tsvetaeva and others.

[With:] Drakon. Almanakh stikhov [The Dragon. Almanac of Verse].

Petersburg: [Tsek Poetov], 1921. 80 pp. 8vo (230 x 160 mm).

Original tan wrappers. Condition: wrappers partially detached,

small splits at extremities. one of 5000 copies. With contributions

by Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, N. Gumilev, Georgii Ivanov, M.

Kuzmin, O. Mandelshtam, Fedor Sologub and others.

[And:] Almanakh tsekha poetov. Kniga Vtoraya [Almanac. Second

Book]. Petrograd: [Tsekh Poetov], 1921. 88 pp. 8vo (225 x 150

mm). Original blue cloth with cover label. Condition: soiling to

label, library stamps to prelims and title page. one of 1500 copies.

With contributions by N. Gumilev, G. Ivanov, O. Mandelshtam and

others. The compilers note that the book had gone to press when

they learned of the death of Aleksandr Blok. The volume concludes

with the final two poems by Nikolai Gumilev shortly before he was

executed in August 1921.(3)

$4000 – $6000


Almanakh “Tvorchestvo” [Almanac of “Creativity”]. Moscow and

Petrograd: “Tvorchestvo,” 1917-1918. Volumes 1 and 2. 159 + 182

pp. 4to (260 x 195 each). Original decorated wrappers designed by

Boris Zvorikin. Condition: minor chipping and spotting to wrappers;

backstrips repaired. Provenance: Fekula 5453.

elegant anthologies of art and literature issued at

the end of the silver age. With contributions by Konstantin

Balmont, Aleksandr Blok, Valerii Briusov, Ivan Bunin, Sergei

Esenin, Nikolai Gumilev, Aleksandr Kuprin, Aleksei Remizov,

Fedor Sologub, Aleksei Tolstoi and others. Graphics by Léon Bakst,

Alexandre Benois, Evegenii Lansere, Dmitrii Mitrokhin, Dmitrii

Moor, Sergei Chekhonin, Viktor Zamirailo and others; printer’s

mark by Bakst. (2)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 163. BELYI, Andrei [Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev] (1880-1934) (editor)].

Zapiski mechtatelei [Dreamers’ Notes]. Petersburg: “Alkonost,” 1919-1922. Numbers 1-6. Large 8vo (240 x 155). Rebound in red leatherette.

Condition: some wrappers absent, final leaf with tape repair to verso.

complete run of of the literary organ of the Kommun Mechatelei [Commune of Dreamers]. With contributions by Anna Akhmotova,

Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Kornei Chukovsky, Vacheslav Ivanov, Vladimir Khodasevich, Aleksei Remizov, Marietta Shaginyan, Vilgelm

Aleksandrovich Zorgenfrei, Fedor Sologub, Evgenii Zamyatin and others. The Soviet authorities were so offended by Zamyatin’s story about

the destruction of the intelligentsia in Petersburg, “Perschera” [“The Cave”] in the January 1922 number (pp. 82-89), that they banned it

from further publication. Number 4 was dedicated to Blok’s memory with tributes by Belyi and Zamyatin; and the final issue (Number 6)

contains memories of Blok by Belyi and Chukovsky. Not in MoMA.

$3000 – $5000

Lot 164. GORKY, Maxim, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Evgenii Zamyatin, Nikolai Radlov,

Kornei Chukovsky, and Vladimir Scherbachev (editors).

Dom iskusstv [House of the Arts]. Petersburg, Numbers 1 and 2 bound in one, 1921. 4to (280 x 210 mm). Rebound in gray cloth with the

original decorated tan wrappers designed by Dobuzhinsky bound in. Condition: very light spotting to front wrapper of Number 1, and minor

chipping to back wrapper of Number 2.

One of 5,000 copies. rare complete run of the important but short-lived art and literary journal. With contributions by

Anna Akhmatova, Iurii Annenkov, Aleksandr Blok, Kornei Chukovsky, Nikolai Gumilev, Vladislav Khodasevich, Mikhail Kuzmin, Osip

Mandelshtam, Nikolai Radlov, Aleksei Remizov, Evgenyi Zemyatin and others. Decorations by Annenkov, Sergei Chekhonin, Dobuzhinsky,

Dmitrii Mitrokhin and others. The criticism includes Blok’s commentary on a production of King Lear and Chukovsky’s comparison of

Akhmatova with Mayakovsky. The second and final issue paid tribute to Blok who had recently died. The editors and contributors were

primarily the authors and artists who gathered round Gorky at his World Literature publishing company in Dom isskustv on Nevsky

Prospekt in Petersburg. The government opened Dom isskustv to provide struggling artists with a place to sleep and eat as well as a library

for their use. Gorky was unhappy with the first issue of the journal (“No spirit”) and his name is missing from the second. Disillusioned with

the Bolsheviks, he left for Sorrento in October. Not in MoMA.

$2000 – $3000

Lot 165. BELYI, Andrei [Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev]

(1880-1934) (editor) and El [Lazar Markovich] LISSITZKY

(1890-1941) (illustrator).

Epopeia. Literurnyi ezhemesiachnik [Epopee. Literary Anthology]. Moscow

and Berlin: “Gelikon,” April 1922. Number 1. 8vo (210 x 140 mm).

273 pp. Original wrappers. Cover designed by Lissitzky in yellow and

black. Condition: covers and endpapers with occasional spotting, minor

chipping to extremities, leaves tanned with minor chipping at edges.

the first volume of four to appear. The fourth and final volume

of Belyi’s influential literary journal was published the following year in

1923. MoMA 403.

$800 – $1200

Lot 164 Lot 165

106 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 107

Lot 166

Lot 167

Lot 166. LUTOKHIN, D. A. (editor).

Utrenniki [Morning Frosts]. [Petersburg: M. S. Kaufman, April and

June 1922]. 2 volumes. 8vo (225 x 155 mm; 230 x 165 mm).

Original tan wrappers, the second designed by Boris Kustodiev.

Condition: wrappers tanned, backstrips rubbed with slight chipping

to extremities.

complete run of this significant but short-lived literary

journal. With contributions by Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pilnyak,

Fedor Sologub and others. Also reviews of books by Leonid

Andreev, Andrei Belyi, Aleksandr Blok, Valerei Briusov, Sasha

Chorny, Kornei Chukovsky, Ilya Ehrenburg, Nikolai Gumilev,

Vladislav Khodasevich, Boris Pilnyak, Viktor Shklovskii, Marina

Tsvetaeva, Boris Zaitsev, Evgenyi Zamyatin and others. The second

issue reproduces four fanciful drawings by the Ukrainian artist Viktor

Dmitrevich Zamirailo (1868-1939), including one of Gulliver in

Lilliput. (2)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 167. LISSITZKY, El [Lazar Markovich] (1890-1941) and

Ilya Grigorevich Ehrenburg (1891-1967) (editors).

Vesch/Gegenstand/Objet [Object]. Berlin: Skify, 1922. 32 pp. 4to (310

x 235 mm). Numbers 1 and 2; two parts in one volume Original

decorated red construction paper wrappers designed by Lissitzky.

Condition: occasional light soiling, short split at foot of of fold, a few

small abrasions to lower wrapper.

Lissitzky and Ehrenburg started this short-lived, but important,

periodical to introduce contemporary Russian art to Western

Europe, focusing mainly on new Suprematist and Constructivist

works, with the text in German, French, and Russian. In this first issue,

El Lissitzky wrote: “We consider the triumph of the constructive

method to be essential for our present. We find it not only in the

new economy and in the development of the industry, but also in

the psychology of our contemporaries of art. Veshch will champion

constructive art, whose mission is not, after all, to embellish life, but

to organize it.” Contributors range from Le Courbusier to Vladimir

Mayakovsky to Blaise Cendrars to Boris Pasternak. The third and

final issue was published later the same year. MoMA 410.

$1000 – $1500


Moskovskii almanakh [The Moscow Almanac]. Moscow: “ Knigoizdatelstva Pisatelei v Moskve,” 1922 and 1923. 2 volumes 8vo (215 x 145 mm;

230 x 155 mm). Original two-color decorated tan wrappers. Condition: small closed tears to front wrapper on second volume

first volume one of 2000 copies; second volume one of 3000 copies. With contributions by Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Belyi,

Aleksandr Blok, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Vladislav Khodasevich, Boris Pasternak, Aleksei Remizov, Boris Zaitsev and others.

[With:] Moskovskii almanakh. Berlin: Ogonek, 1922. 194 pp. 8vo (205 x 145 mm). Original two-color decorated tan wrappers designed by

Aleksandr Arnshtam. Condition: intermittent light soiling to wrappers. With contributions by A. Belyi, A. Remizov and others. (3)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 169. BEREZHANTSKII, N. G. (editor) and Ivan Yakovlevich BILIBIN (1876-1942) (illustrator).

Zlatotsvet. Zhurnal khudozhestvennyi i literaturnyi [The Golden Flower. Art and Literary Journal]. Berlin: Olga Dyakova i Ko., 1924. Number 1. 48

pp. Large Folio (340 x 310 mm). Original gilt decorated wrappers designed by I. Ya. Bilibin. Condition: wrappers lightly tanned with minor

soiling and dampstaining, small tape repair to verso of front wrapper. Original gilt decorated wrappers designed by I. Ya. Bilibin.

apparently the only issue of this beautiful émigré magazine. With contributions by Léon Bakst, Konstantin Balmont, Ivan

Alekseevich Bunin, Elena Danko, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky and others.

$1000 – $1500

10 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 109

Lot 168

Lot 169

Lot 170

Lot 172

Lot 170. LEBEDEV, Vladimir Vasilievich (1891-1967), Vladimir

Ivanovich KOZLINSKII (1891-1969), Aleksei RADAKOV (1877-

1942), Boris ANTONOVSKII and others (illustrators).

Begemot [Hippopotamus]. Leningrad: “Krasnaya Gazeta,” January-

December 1926. Numbers 1-50. 4to (290 x 205 mm). Rebound in

contemporary half cloth over marbled boards. Condition: boards rubbed

with slight chipping to extremities; occasional minor spotting to wrappers,

Number 50 with front wrapper detached but present.

rare illustrated humor weekly published at the height of the

nep period. With cartoons by V. V. Lebedev, V. Koslinskii, A. Radakov,

B. Antonovskii and others. This journal satirized not only the growing

horde of middleclass NEP men and women but also peasants, workers,

bureaucrats and Americans. Lebedev signed his studies of Russian street

types with “V. V.”

$1500 – $2000

Lot 171. GALADZHIEV, Petr S. (illustrator).

Kino-zhurnal A. R. K. [Film Journal of A. R. K.]. Moscow: Assotsiatsiya

Revoliutsionnoi Kinematografiii, February 1924. Number 2. 48 pp. Folio

(300 x 230 mm). Original two-color Constructivist wrappers designed

by P. S. Galadzhiev. Condition: minor spotting to covers, short split at fold


rare early soviet film trade journal. In addition to articles on Soviet

movie actors and directors and Lenin on film, there are write-ups on

Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian Gish, Gloria Swanson and Eric von Stroheim.

$500 – $800

Lot 172. LUNACHARSKII, Anatolii Vasilevich (1875-1933),

Vyacheslav P. POLONSKII (1886-1932) and Ivan Ivanovich


Krasnaya niva [The Red Field]. Moscow, January 2-December 25, 1927.

Large 4to (297 x 225 mm). Illustrations, some colored. Contemporary

half cloth, original wrappers bound in. Condition: some wrappers shaved

with slight loss, half cloth binding scuffed, joints split, extremities worn,

spine chipped.

one complete volume of the popular and influential soviet

cultural journal. Lunacharskii was appointed the first Soviet People’s

Commissar of Enlightenment by Lenin himself. He and Lenin’s wife

Nadezhda Krupskaya were responsible for overseeing Soviet culture and

education. Red Niva was a general interest magazine that covered literature,

art, entertainment, sports and politics .

$500 – $800

Lot 173. KLUTSIS, Gustav Gustavovich, (1895-1944)


Sovestky teatr [The Soviet Theater]. Moscow: ZhurGaz, 1930. Issue

Number 1, large 4to (305 x 228 mm). Edited by I. I. Bachelis and

others. Illustrated. Original wrappers, the covers printed in three

colors with a photomontage design by Klutsis. Condition: some light

toning to margins; covers detached, lower outer corner of lower

cover torn away.

Designed by Dmitri Moor and K. Ovsyannikov. Not in MoMA.

110 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 111

$400 – $600

Lot 174. DE MANTSIARLI, I.V., & N.A. OTSUPA (editors).

Chisla [Number]. Paris: 1930-1934. Parts I-VIII and X only (of

10, lacking part IX) in seven volumes (as issued), small 4to (235

x 185 mm). Titles printed in two colors. Plates and illustrations,

some mounted, some colored. Original wrappers. Condition: some

browning, title to part 6 soiled and with border ruled with blue and

red crayons; wrappers torn with loss, upper cover of part 6 and lower

cover of part 10 lacking, backstrips torn with loss, the loss substantial

to parts 2/3, 5 and 10. (7)

$1500 – $2000

Lot 175. KUNLE, Donat I. (editor).

Fashist [The Fascist]. Putnam, or Thompson, Conn.: Russian

National Revolutionary Party, July 1935-June/July 1940. 22 issues

various (Numbers19, 28-32, 34, 37-41, 44, 45, 47, 51-56 and 58),

folio (430 x 280 mm). Illustrations. Stapled, as issued. Condition: five

issues with some damage to upper outer corners, four other covers

torn with loss, some light soiling to covers, small tears to backstrips.

unusual russian fascist propaganda newspaper published

in america. The former White Russian officers Anastase

Anastasievich Vonsiatsky (1898-1965) as Vogel (Leader) and

Donat I. Kunle as secretary founded in 1933 the Russian National

Revolutionary Labor and Workers Peasant Party of Fascists, also

known as the All Russian National Revolutionary Party. Insisting

that they were not anti-Semitic, they claimed their sole goal was

to overthrow the Soviets and replace them with “a government

elected by the people, of the people and for the people.” Extolling

the virtues of Adolf Hitler in its pages, Fashist was their official organ

and published in Connecticut. Indicted in 1942 for consorting with

German-American Bund, Vonitsky escaped being convicted. (22)

$4000 – $6000

Lot 173

Lot 175

Lot 174

112 Russian Literature & Art

Lot 177

Lot 178


S.TIMASHEV and others [editors].

Novyi Zhurnal [New Magazine]. New York: 1942-1997. Comprising

128 volumes of various issues (215 x 145 mm). In original wrappers.

Condition: occasional tanning and minor chipping to backstrips.

one of the most important social, political, literary, and

cultural Russian émigré journals. Founded by M.O. Tsetlin

and M.A. Aldanov, Novyi Zhurnal ranks among the oldest and most

influential academic journals of Russian studies. Issue numbers

available upon request. (128)

$1000 – $1500

Lot 177. GRENBERG, R.N., V.L. PLASTUKHOV and others


Opyty [Experiments]. New York: 1953-1958. 8vo. Complete set

consisting of volumes 1-9. Original wrappers designed by A.N.

Pregel. Condition: backstrips tanned, volumes 1 and 4 bear library

stamp on front covers, occasional slight chipping to extremities.

With contributions by Iurii Annenkov, Isaac Babel, Vladimir

Nabokov, Boris Pasternak, Aleksei Remizov and others.(9)

$1000 – $1500


Iu. A. PISMENYI and others (editors).

Mosty [Bridges]. Munich: TsOPE, 1958-1970. Numbers 1-15 in

14 volumes Condition: backstrips tanned on a few volumes, minor

intermittent soiling to wrappers; small split at tail of backstrip to

volume 12.

complete set of this émigré russian “literary-artistic

and social-political almanach”. With contributions by Iurii

Annenkov, Albert Camus, Ilya Ehrenburg, William Faulkner, Aldous

Huxley, Boris Pasternak, Boris Zaitsev and others. (14)

$600 – $800


Strashen vrag , po milostiv Bog! [The Enemy is Terrible but God is Merciful!]. Moscow: E. I. Konovalova, February 28, 1904. Chromolithograph

(410 x 585 mm). Depicts a giant Russian soldier stomping across Manchuria and Korea after the fleeing Japanese army while Uncle Sam

(“Yanki”) negotiates with the Japanese and Chinese in the background. Framed.

This jingoistic poster is highly misleading: The Russo-Japanese War was a strategic disaster for Russia; and the humiliating series of defeats

to the Japanese through the wasteful and corrupt tsarist government enflamed public discontent and led directly to the Russian Revolution

of 1905.

$1000 – $1500


Lot 179

Lot 180

Lot 182

Lot 181


Komanduiuschii Kaskazskoi Armiei General-Leitenant Baron Petr

Nikolaevich Vrangel [Commandant of the Cossack Army General-

Lieutenant Baron Petr Nikolaevich Vrangel]. 1919. Lithograph

(550 x 405 mm). Framed. A rare example of a pro-White

Army poster.

[With:] Pro scho mrie Vrangel. Khan Krimskii i Samoderzhets Vcerosiiskii

[What is Vrangel dreaming about? — About becoming Khan of Crimea

and Ruler of Russia]. 1920. Chromolithograph (765 x 580 mm).


Baron Petr Nikolaevich Vrangel (1878-1928) was an officer in the

Imperial Russian Army when the October Revolution broke out and

he fled to the Crimea where he joined the White Army. In 1920, he

was elected commander-in-chief of the White forces in the Crimea.

But humiliating defeats to the Red Army left him with only half of his

standing army and they fled to the Black Sea. Many of them followed

him into exile. Not all Russians thought Baron Petr Vrangel was a

hero as the second bitter anti-White poster suggests.

$3000 – $5000


A nashego to polku pribylo… [Our numbers have grown…]. Petrograd:

Izdanie V. T. [?], circa 1914. Number 3. (345 x 520 mm). Framed.

A satirical comment on the strength of the Russians to combat the

German threat during World War I.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 182. APSIT, Alexandr.

Mschene tsaryam (Varshavyanka) [Revenge on the Tsars]. Moscow:

VTSIK, 1918. Colored lithograph (1125 x 660 mm). The text is

that of a Polish working class song, translated into Russian by G.M.

Krzhizhanocskii in 1897.

Butnik-Siverskii 335; Polonskii, Russian revoliutsionnyi plakat

(Moscow, 1925), p. 30.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 183. BYKHOVSKY, Aleksandr.

Krasnyi nabat [The Red Alarm Bell]. Gomel [Belarus]: Gomelskoe

otdelenie Gosizdata, 1920. Chromolithograph (740 x 460 mm).

Butnik-Siverskii 280; reprinted in Baburina, The Soviet Political

Poster, pl. 9.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 184. CHEREMNYKH, Mikhail (1890-1962).

Rossiiskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Federativnay Sovetskaya Respublika

[Russian Socialist Federation of Soviet Republics].

c. 1920. Lithograph (710 x 495 mm). Framed. Russian propaganda

poster featuring the misfortunes of Russian peasants under the

imperial rule. Cheremnykh worked for ROSTA (Rossiyskoye

telegrafnoye agentstvo), or the Russian Telegraph Agency. He

created the first ROSTA window of stenciled propaganda posters,

and was soon joined by Mayakovsky, Moor and Rodchenko among


$800 – $1200

Lot 185. DENI, Viktor (1893-1946).

Podlezhit unichtozheniiu [Must Be Destroyed].

Lithograph (580 x 395 mm). Anti-war poster depicting a figure of a

Western plutocrat sitting atop a pile of military supplies. The scene is

accompanied by a poem by Demian Bednyi. Framed.

Deni was born in Moscow in 1893 and published his first drawings

in a satirical journal at the age of seventeen. In 1913 he moved to St.

Petersburg where his work appeared in numerous other publications.

He was one of the most acerbic Russian political cartoonists.

$1500 – $2000

114 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 115

Lot 183

Lot 184

Lot 185

Lot 187

Lot 186

Lot 186. DENI, Viktor (1893-1946).

Kazhdyi udar molota-udar po vragu! [Every Stroke of the Hammer — Is

A Stroke Against the Enemy!]. 1920. Chromolithograph (715 x 1055

mm). Number 103. Framed.

$1200 – $1800

Lot 187. KOZLINSKII, Vladimir Ivanovich (1891-1969).

Da zdravstvuet avangard revolutsii Krasnyi Flot [Long Live the Vanguard

of the Revolution: the Red Navy]. Pertrograd: Politotdel [Revolutionar-

Military Council of the Baltic], 1919. Linocut (655 x 480 mm).

Formerly atttributed to Vladimir Lebedev. See Tradition and

Revolution in Graphic Art (Mamchester, 1990, p. 111, n. 39), for a

discussion of the re-attribution of the poster by Nolai Shkolnyi to

Kozlinskii, a central artist behind the Petrograd ROSTA windows.

Butnik-Siverskii 1025; White p. 85; The Soviet Poltical Poster, pl. 22.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 188. KUPREYANOV, Nikolai Nikolaevich (1894-1933).

Grazhdane khranite pamyatniki iskusstva [Citizens, Preserve the Historic

Monuments]. Lithograph (760 x 510 mm). Framed.

Kupreyanov was a versatile Soviet graphic artist who distinguished

himself as a poster artist and an agile agitational propagandist.

During the Russian Civil War, many fervent Bolsheviks were

determined to destroy all remnants of the tsarist past. It was largely

through the intervention of Anatoly Lunacharsky as Commissar of

Enlightenment that many of Russia’s treasures were saved.

$1200 – $1800

Lot 189. MALIUTIN, Ivan A. (1889-1932).

Svobody zasluzhivaet tolko tot, kto ee s vintovkoi otstaivat idet [Only He

Deserves Freedom, Who Goes to Defend it with a Rifle]. Moscow: GIZ,

1920. Two color lithograph (522 x 555 mm).

Butnik-Siverskii 1675; White 4.19; Viacheslav Polonskii, Russkii

revoliutsionnyi plakat (Moscow, 1925), fp. 150.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 190. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich


Na boi krovavyi vpered so slavoi! Divis Imperiya vot nasha artilleryaa

[Gloriously into the bloody fray! Empire, behold our artillery!]. Petrograd:

V.F.T., 1914. Chromolithograph (530 x 365 mm).

a typically anti-tsarist call to revolutionary action by

the poet and artist who sought the creation of a “new man” in art and

life in Soviet Russia.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 191. MAYAKOVSKY, Vladimir Vladimirovich


Vidish/Etikh zhduschikh kuchki… [Look/To this group of waiting

people…]. 1930. Color lithograph (420 x 560 mm). Propaganda

poster featuring the image of Mayakovsky and text from one of his

poems. Framed.

[With:] CHAGALL, Marc (1887-1985). Pour les 70 ans de

Maïakovski. Print (675 x 495 mm). Poster for a performance at

the Theatre de Palais Chaillot marking the 70th anniversary of

Mayakovsky’s birth. Framed.

$2500 – $3500

Lot 188 Lot 189 Lot 190

116 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 117

Lot 191

Lot 191

Lot 192. MEIERKHOLD, Vsevolod Emilevich (1874-1940).

Vs. Meierkholda Revizor N. V. Gogola [Vsevolod Meierkhold’s “The Inspector General” by N. V. Gogol]. 1926. Two color lithograph (1080 x 730 mm).


poster for his landmark production of gogol’s fierce satire. Meierkhold was a revolutionary figure in the Russian avant-garde

theater. For his early productions at Imperial theatres of St. Petersburg, he secured designs by Alexander Golovin, Léon Bakst, Mstislav

Dobuzhinsky, Sergei Sudeikin and other members of the Mir iskusstva [World of Art] group. Both Golovin and Boris Grigoriev painted his

portrait. He demanded a “conditional theater” in opposition to naturalism. Among the many people whom he profoundly influenced was

the great filmmaker Sergei Eisentstein who studied with him. Meierkhold’s stubborn opposition to Social Realism led to his demise. His

experimental theater was closed in 1938 and the next year he was arrested, imprisoned, tortured and finally executed by firing squad in 1940.

It was not until 1955 that he was officially “rehabilitated” during the first wave of Krushchev’s anti-Stalin campaign.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 192

Lot 193. MELNIKOV, Dmitri.

Chto vy stali chernym stanom? Vse dolzhnyi otdat krestyanam, umiraischim ot goloda [With kopecks collected from peasants, the Church bought gold and

silver should give it all back to the peasants dying from starvation].

Moscow: Moskust, 1922. Chromolithograph (1010 x 640 mm). Backed on linen. Butnik-Siverskii 2755. Reproduced in Baburina, Soviet

Politcal Poster, pl. 38; Butnik-Siverskii, p. 692; and Viacheslav Polonskii, Russkii revoliutsionnyi playat (Moscow, 1925), opp. p. 116.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 194. MUKHANOV, V.

Moi kapriz [My Caprice]. Gouache on paper (760 x 410 mm). Signed in Cyrillic center right. Framed.

Original design for a poster advertising a tobacco factory in Baku.

$800 – $1000

11 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 119

Lot 193

Lot 194

Lot 195. POZHEDAEV, Georgii Anatol’evich (1897-1971).

Coq d’Or. Paris: H. Chachoin, 1928. Full color lithograph (1120 x 780 mm). Framed.

Pozhedaev’s exuberant advertisment for the famous Rimsky-Korsakov opera based on Alexander Pushkin’s 1834 poem “The Tale of the

Golden Cockerel” (itself based on two chapters of Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving). The opera was completed in 1907 and

received its premiere in Moscow in 1909, after the composer’s death. Pozhedaev’s baroque illustration captures the essence of this burlesque

of overindulgence and absurdity.

$3000 – $5000

Lot 195

Lot 196. “RE-MI” [REMIZOV, Nikolai Vladimirovich


Golod v Germaniy [Hunger in Germany]. Lithograph in colors, printed

by A.P. Korkin and A.V. Beideman Publishing House, Moscow.

Number 185. Framed (575 x 345 mm).

Remizov was a popular cartoonist in the tradition of the German

humorist Wilhelm Busch. He contributed to a number of satirical

magazines as did his sister “Miss” [Anna Vladimirovna Remizova].

His most important work was the illustrations for Kornei Chukovsky’s

children’s classic Krokodil [Crocodile] in 1918. He also

designed for Nikita Balieff ’s cabaret Chauve-souris (The Bat).

$1500 – $2500

Lot 197. ROGOVSKY, A.

Vpered, v Moskvu! [Advance to Moscow!]. c. 1920. Propaganda poster

made for Siberian Cossack Army (525 x 720 mm). Backed on linen

and framed. Depicts a Cossack in the service of the White Army

about to strike the Red serpent, emerging from a burning Moscow.

$2000 – $3000

120 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 121

Lot 197

Lot 196

Lot 198. SUDEIKIN, Sergei Iurevich [Serge Soudeikine] (1882-1946).

[Chauve-souris]. Color lithograph, c. 1921, issued by L’Atelier de PUBLICITÉ d’art “Loubok,” Paris (1140 x 790 mm). Provenance: sale

Swann 21 Apr 2005, lot 69.

a dramatic illustration that beautifully summarizes Sudeikin’s considerable contributions to modern Russian stage design. Trained as

a painter in Moscow, he went to Paris in 1913 to work with Sergei Diaghilev on the Ballets Russes. He returned in 1920 with the Chauvesouris

troupe, the famous cabaret founded in 1908 by Nikita Balieff. The company fled Russia in 1918 for Paris, where they performed for

two years and then moved on to New York. In this handsome poster, a mischievous pierrot peeks behind a huge curtain and reveals a large

bat flying between Moscow and Paris.

$12000 – $18000

122 Russian Literature & Art

Lot 198

Lot 199. ALTMAN, Natan Isaevich (1889-1970).

S’ezd rabotnits i kresyanok Severnoi oblasti [Conference of Women Workers and Peasant Women from the Northern District]. Color lithographed

proof of the cover of an unpublished exhibition catalogue. 440 x 625 mm. Initialed and dated 1919 in the plate.

one of only two known copies. Altman was a Russian avant-garde artist, Cubist painter, stage designer and book illustrator. He initially

studied painting and sculpture in Odessa (1902-1907), before studying in Paris for a year in 1910. There he met, among others, Marc

Chagall, Alexander Archipenko, and David Shterenberg. In the same year he became a member of the group Soyuz Molodyozhi [Union of

Youth]. In 1912 Altman moved to St. Petersburg. His famous Cubist portrait of Anna Akhmatova was painted in 1914. From 1915 to 1917

he taught at Mikhail Bernstein’s private art school. After 1916 he started to work as a stage designer. Lenin believed that the creation of the

Committees for Peasant Poverty in late 1917 marked the beginning of “the Revolution in rural districts.” This is one of three Constructivist

brochure covers designed for these conferences: Malevich in 1918; Lissitzky in 1919; and Altman also in 1919. The back wrappers for these

brochures carry the slogan “Proletarii vsekh stran soedinyaites” (“Proletarians of All Countries Unite”). Not in MoMA, NYPL, Getty or BM.

See Etkind 1971, p. 118, Pl. 47; Etkind 1984, p. 50; and Lang, p. 96.

$30000 – $40000

Art & Illustration

Lot 199

Lot 200. ALTMAN, Natan Isaevich (1889-1970).

Klub khudozhnikov [Artist’s Club]. 1919. Linocut (115 x 150 mm). Initialed and dated in the plate. Matted.

$800 – $1200

Lot 201. ALTMAN, Natan Isaevich (1889-1970).

Cubo-Futurist sketch for poster advertising Kultura liga [Culture League] graphic exhibition with drawing on reverse. 1922. India ink on paper.

(185 x 101 mm).

Initialed and dated lower left. Inscribed with critical comments regarding revolutionary events in Russia along the left margin. The verso

depicts an entwined Cubo-Futurist couple and a title in Hebrew. Provenance: purchased from Aleksander Leonidovich Pasternak, brother of

the poet and novelist Boris Pasternak c. 1985.

Kultur liga was a famous cultural and political association of Jewish artists from the 1920s and 1930s in Russia and other parts of Eastern

Europe. The exhibition featured the graphic work of the prominent Jewish artists Altman, Marc Chagall and David Shterenberg and ran

in Moscow from March-April 1922. Altman laid this drawing in a book he gave A. L. Pasternak in 1966. Mark Etkind’s Nathan Altman

(Dresden: Verlag der Kunst, 1984) reproduces the final version of the Kultur liga poster on p. 178; a drawing similar to that on the reverse

appears on p. 78.

$8000 – $12000

Lot 200

Lot 201

Lot 202. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960).

Costume design. 1946. Watercolor and ink on paper (240 x 160 mm). Signed with initials and dated lower left. Inscribed “Le Roi Neu [?]”

upper right and “Le Foule, Une petit bonne” upper right. Framed.

Drawn by one of the founding members and central figures of Mir iskusstva and the Ballets Russes.

$3000 – $4000

Lot 203. BENOIS, Alexandre [Aleksandr Nikolaevich Benua] (1870-1960).

Two costume designs for a lantern-holder and a guard in “Skazke o tsare Saltane.” 1928. Watercolor and colored crayons, heightened with white

(each 490 x 305 mm). Both signed and dated lower right, titled “Saltan” and inscribed with instructions to the dressmaker. Framed. Provenance:

sale Sotheby’s New York 22 Jun 1983.

Two costume designs for Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s ballet in two scenes based on Alexandre Pushkin’s Skazke o tsare Saltane [The Tale of

Tsar Saltan] and produced by Les Ballets de Mme. Ida Rubenstein at the Théatre National de l’Opéra, Paris, November 29, 1928. Bronislava

Nijinska, the sister of the legendary Nijinsky, choreographed the dance while Benois designed the sets and costumes.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 202 Lot 203

124 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 125

Lot 204. BENOIS, Nicola (1901-1988).

Set design for “The Inspector General.” 1925. Gouache on paper laid on board (440 x 595 mm). Inscribed, signed and dated July 3, 1925 lower

right. Framed. The inscription reads in Cyrillic “To dear and beloved Nikolai Argutinskii from Koka Benois.”

The Inspector General is Gogol’s satirical play, published in 1836 and revised for the 1842 edition. Based on an anecdote allegedly recounted

to Gogol by Pushkin, this comedy of errors portrays human greed, stupidity, and the deep corruption of power in tsarist Russia.

$30000 – $50000

Lot 204

Lot 205. CHALIAPIN, Boris (1904-1979).

Portrait of Madame Elena Balieff. 1937. Oil on canvas (630 x 520 mm). Signed, dated and inscribed “N.Y.” (lower left). Framed. Exhibited:

A World of Stage: Russian Designs for Theatre, Opera, and Dance: 17 Apr -27 May 2007, Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido; 9 Jun -16 Jul 2007,

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; 26 Jul -17 Sep 2007, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum; 29 Sep - 28 Oct 2007; Aomori

Museum of Art. Illustrated: Rosenfeld and others, A World of Stage: Russian Designs for Theater, Opera, and Dance; Art Impression Inc., Tokyo,

2007, p. 157.

The son of the legendary Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin was a distinguished modern portrait painter. He is perhaps best remembered

for over 400 covers he produced for Time for twenty-eight years from Nehru to Nixon. Elena Balieff (née Kommissarzhevskii) was a famous

Russian actress at the Théâtre de la Chauve-souris and wife of its founder Nikita Balieff.

$25000 – $35000

126 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 127

Lot 205

Lot 206. BOBYSHEV, Mikhail (1885-1964).

Costume design. 1912. Watercolor, graphite and metallic paint on paper (455 x 280 mm). Signed in Cyrillic and dated lower right; indistinctly

inscribed upper right. Framed. Exhibited: A World of Stage: Russian Designs for Theatre, Opera, and Dance: 17 Apr -27 May 2007, Kushiro Art

Museum, Hokkaido; 9 Jun -16 Jul 2007, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; 26 Jul -17 Sep 2007, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien

Museum; 29 Sep - 28 Oct 2007; Aomori Museum of Art. Illustrated: Rosenfeld and others, A World of Stage: Russian Designs for Theater,

Opera, and Dance; Art Impression Inc., Tokyo, 2007, p. 117.

Costume design for the character of Knigiana in Fedor Solugub’s play Vanka-Kliuchnik i Pazh Zhean [Vanka the Butler and Page Jean]. This

particular design was made for the production at the V. F. Kommissarzhevskaya Theatre, St. Petersburg.

$3000 – $5000

Lot 207. CHEKHONIN, Sergei Vasilevich (1878-1936).

Elegance and Dignity. 2 hand-colored lithographs. (each 565 x 430 mm). Each signed by in pencil lower right.

Although remembered primarily for his Ballets Russes designs, Sergei Chekhonin was one of the most accomplished Russian graphic artists

of his generation. He was a prolific illustrator of magazines and books during both the Silver Age and the early Soviet period. He emigrated

in 1928 and settled in Paris where he continued to illustrate magazines and design costumes, porcelain and posters. (2)

$6000 – $8000

Lot 206

Lot 207

Lot 208. DOBUZHINSKY, Mstislav Valeryanovich (1875-1957).

Set design for “The Barber of Seville”. 1918. Pencil and ink on paper (330 x 330 mm). Signed with monogram and dated lower right; and

inscribed in Cyrillic lower center. Framed.

As demonstrated in this lovely sketch for the famous Rossini opera, Dobuzhinsky was one of the most versatile artists of the Mir iskusstva

[World of Art] group. He frequently drew costumes for the Ballets Russes and other theatrical troupes and was also a gifted teacher whose

students included Marc Chagall and Vladimir Nabokov. After the Russian Revolution, he fled to Lithuania. He worked in the theater all over

Europe before eventually settling in the United States.

$6000 – $8000

Lot 209. DOBUZHINSKY, Mstislav Valeryanovich (1875-1957).

View of Vitebsk in winter. 1923. Lithograph (340 x 410 mm). Signed in pencil lower right; marked with monogram, dated and inscribed

“Vitebsk” lower left. Framed.

$1000 – $1500

12 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 129

Lot 208

Lot 210. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962).

Des Fleures. Color lithograph (305 x 230 mm). Marked twice with artist’s stamp lower right. Framed. Exhibited: May-June, 1977, Libreria &

Galleria Pan, Rome.

Goncharova was a prominent figure in the pre-Revolutionary Moscow avant-garde, in which women commanded an unusual degree of

freedom and respect. Her first work in the field of lithographic publishing was her illustrations to Kruchenykh and Khlebnikov’s 1912 book

length poem Igra v adu [A Game in Hell], and she is considered to be the first Russian artist to use the technique of collage in book design.

Goncharova was a radical both in art and life. She and Mikhail Larionov lived together for decades as an unmarried couple. They finally

married in 1955 to ensure that whoever survived the other could inherit his or her paintings.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 210

Lot 211. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962).

Poster design. 1935. Mixed media (color pencils, collage) on paper (230 x 172 mm). Provenance: bears the stamp of “Atelier M. Larionov” on

the verso, affixed by Larionov’s second wife, Alexandra Tomilina.

Preliminary design for the cover of the score El Amour Bruje by Manuel de Falla. From the Ballets de Leon Woizikovsky — European tour,

1935, Theatre Coliseum, London.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 212. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962).

Christmas greeting. [N.d.]. Ink on paper. (127 x 280 mm). A holiday card in ink with floral motifs that includes a hand-written letter in French

from A. Larionova to Mr. Fletcher on the back. Provenance: bears the stamp of “Atelier M. Larionov” on the verso, affixed by Larionov’s

second wife, Alexandra Tomilina.

$2500 – $3500

130 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 131

Lot 211

Lot 213. GONCHAROVA, Natalya Sergeevna (1881-1962) and LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

L’art décoratif théatral moderne. Paris: Édition “La Cible”, 1919. Folio (471 x 310 mm). Title with vignette in red and black. 16 plates (6 by or

after Goncharova [2 mounted and colored, 1 two-color lithograph, 1 three-color lithograph, 2 hand-colored using the pochoir process];

10 by or after Larionov [1 uncolored, 1 mounted and colored, 2 printed in two colors, 6 hand-colored pochoirs with two of these printed

on brown paper]). Expertly rebound to style in paper wrappers, the majority of the original upper wrapper laminated onto the upper cover.

Condition: two final plates shaved with the loss of the majority of each signature, discoloration to leaf with signatures and numbering; covers


limited edition to 515 copies, this copy numbered 60 and signed by goncharova and larionov, one of 500 copies numbered in

Roman numerals. “Larionov and Goncharova celebrated their arrival in Paris with a large exhibition of their theatrical work in May 1919 at

the Galerie Barbazanges…Th[is] impressive folio was published concurrently with the exhibition” (Parton, p.178).

$30000 – $40000

Lot 213 Lot 214

Lot 214. KAPLAN, Anatoli Lvovich (1902-1980).

Odinadtsat pesen iz evreiskoi narodnoi poezii [Eleven Songs from Jewish Folk Poetry]. [Leningrad: ] 1977. Folio (446 x 346 mm). Dry-points

throughout: title with decorative vignette (verso blank), list of contents (verso blank), 11 plates, all by Kaplan, each signed in pencil beneath

the image and numbered in pencil “11/15”. Unbound as issued within the original cloth portfolio, cloth ties. Condition: small blue ink spots

to verso of final plate; portfolio lightly soiled. Provenance: purchased directly from the artist in 1978.

number 11 of 15 sets with each leaf signed by the artist. From the 1950s on, Kaplan devoted his art to Jewish themes. Consequently, he was

constantly harassed and threatened by the Soviet cultural police. He also illustrated Shalom Aleichem’s Tevye the Milkman (3 series, 1957-

1966), The Enchanted Tailor (1954-57) and Song of Songs (1962), and prepared a magnificent series of colored lithographs for the traditional

Passover song Chad Gadya [A Little Goat]. Despite the title page, the music by Dmitri Shoshtakovich is not included with this suite. “[His

illustrations] are outside tradition; they are intensely literary; and they reflect nothing more recent than the world of Gogol. They are also so

brilliantly good that in comparison Chagall seems like a clumsy amateur“ (Brookner, p. 361).

$15000 – $20000

132 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 133

Lot 215. KHUDYAKOV, Andrei.

Russian village. 1936. Gouache on artist board (500 x 285 mm). Signed and dated lower right; indistinctly inscribed on reverse. Framed.

Khudyakov began his career in theatrical design at the Moscow Art theater. He then worked for the Berlin based cabaret company Der Blaue

Vogel that was active during the particularly potent early 1920s when the German capital attracted a host of personalities, ideas and events.

Khudyakov’s colleagues at Der Blaue Vogel included such notables as Boguslavskaya and Tschelischtchew. Nabokov, Belyi, Puni, Lissitzky,

Altman and Ehrenburg are but a few of the Russian writers and artists who were there at the time. Subsequent to his participation in the

fertile Russina èmigrè community in Berlin, Khudyakov worked in Nikita Balieff ’s Chauve-souris as well as drawing praise for his book

illustrations. Eventually he emigrated to the US, and for a time worked for the WPA Federal Theater Projects.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 215

Lot 216. KLEVER, Julius Sergius von (1850-1924).

Sketch for “Depth of the Forest’” 1912. Oil on canvas (345 x 515 mm). Signed in Cyrillic and dated lower left. Inscribed in Cyrillic on reverse;

“Finished sketch for a large painting Depth of the Forest exhibited in the autumn exhibition of the Friendship of Artists in 1915. Professor

Julius Klever.” Framed.

Julius Sergius von Klever attended the gymnasium in Dorpat. From 1867, he studied landscape painting under Michail Klodt at the Imperial

Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. He held his first exhibition outside Russia in 1873; in 1878 he became a member of the Imperial Academy

in St. Petersburg and in 1881 a professor of landscape painting. He was known particularly for his exploration of the effects created by the

light of the Russian sunsets on the vast snowy expanses of the forest in winter. The Russian woods in spring also inspired him as did beach

scenes. He died in St. Petersburg in 1924.

$50000 – $80000

134 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 135

Lot 216

Lot 217. KUSTODIEV, Boris (1878-1927).

Sketch and proof. 1927. A preparatory sketch for linocut from the unrealized series Narodnie Kartiny [Folk Pictures], together with a proof

of the linocut (each 360 x 245 mm). Sketch signed with monogram lower left and inscribed in Russian with a traditional chastushka: “I

was gathering wild berries and accidentally broke its stem; my darling prefers a simple cat to a fancy hat”; the proof is marked with artist’s

monogram in Cyrillic and dated 1927. Framed separately.

b. m. kustodiev was the finest russian portrait painter of his generation. Before the Russian Revolution, he was famous for his

zaftig nudes and embraced the Bolshevik cause in his subsequent work. His canvases reflected his deep affection for both the old and the

new. This exuberant drawing and proof express the artists great affection for the Russian peasant.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 218. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Kikimora. Color lithograph (365 x 265 mm). Marked with the artist’s monogram upper right. Framed.

A compelling example of Larionov’s synthesis of neo-primitivism and avant-garde experimentation. Larionov was a founding member of

two important Russian artistic groups: Jack of Diamonds (1909-1911) and the more radical Donkey’s Tail (1912-1913). His first one man

show ran for one day in Moscow in 1911. In 1913 he created Rayonism, that is largely regarded as the first expression of near-abstract art in

Russia. In 1915 he left Russia and worked with Sergei Diaghilev in Paris on the productions of the Ballet Russes. An iconoclast till the end,

Larionov upheld both an artistic devotion for and an irreverence toward any and all received notions of what it meant to be an artist.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 217

Lot 218

Lot 219. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Reclining woman with dog and cat. 1937. Pencil and watercolor on paper (240 x 365 mm). Signed with monogram, dated January 1937, and

inscribed in Cyrillic “To dear Vladimir Nikolaevich at Maxim’s in Paris” at upper left. Framed.

A fine example of Larionov’s figure paintings of the period and a keen display of the artist’s cosmopolitanism both in subject matter and in

the inscription that references the long famous destination for Parisian gourmands. “As Yuri Annenkov shrewdly noted, Larionov’s works

of the 1930s possess a musical quality, created by a precision which the artist only attained after years of experience…Annenkov’s critique

of these paintings characterizes them succinctly, and differentiates them in spirit, style and execution from those of earlier periods. They

are among Larionov’s most profound and poignant paintings and it is unfortunate that, because they do not belong to the heroic period of

Larionov’s creativity, they are not better known and appreciated” (Parton, pp. 208-209).

$12000 – $18000

136 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 137

Lot 219

Lot 220. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Peacock. Pochoir (510 x 295 mm). With artist’s stamp lower right and numbered 103 of 150. Framed.

Separate printing from this dynamic illustration in Goncharova and Larionov’s L’Art decoratif theatral moderne.

$2500 – $3500

Lot 221. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Pink and Brown. 1923. Lithograph (460 x 335 mm). Signed in pencil lower right. Framed. Exhibited: Concepts in Construction: 1910-1980, 27

Jan - 31 March 1985 Neuberger Museum, State University of New York at Purchase, NY; Russian Avant-Garde from the Schreiber Collection, 20

Jan - 9 March, 1986, the William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut.

The same image was used on the cover of Mayakovksy’s poem Solntse [The Sun], published in Moscow in June 1923. The present work was

reproduced as an independent graphic for Bauhaus Mappe Number 4 that appeared at the same time. Dr. A. Parton, Mikhail Larionov and the

Russian Avant-Garde (Princeton, 1993), p. 192 and fig. 188.

$8000 – $12000

Lot 220 Lot 221

Lot 222. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Cubistic still life. 1907. Watercolor on paper (180 x 250 mm). Initialed lower left, and dated lower right; signed “Larionov” and initialed on

reverse. Provenance: bears the stamp of “Atelier M. Larionov” on the verso, affixed by Larionov’s second wife, Alexandra Tomilina.

cubist inspired still-life with newspaper, grapes, and glasses.

$4000 – $6000

13 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 139

Lot 222

Lot 223. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Woman with two birds. Ink and watercolor on paper (235 x 305 mm). Initialed lower right. Matted and framed.

a wonderful example of larionov’s typically wry and engaging humor. Depicts a woman with a distended belly (perhaps

pregnant) releasing one bird as it takes flight and with her left hand clutching a protesting and sanguinary second bird. Larionov greatly

valued the appearance of chance in his drawings, as an expression of spontaneity in the creative process. This peculiarity in his work was

noted by David Burliuk in 1912, who compared it to the poetic principles of Khlebnikov: “M. Larionov’s soldier pictures represent the best

examples of free drawing…an analogy in poetry would be vers libre, of which the only and the finest representative in modern poetry is

Viktor (Velimir) Khlebnikov.”

$6000 – $8000

Lot 223

Lot 224. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Portrait through the branches [Voyage en Turquie]. c. 1928. Watercolor on paper (250 x 196 mm).

Initialed lower left. The initial sketch for the larger pochoir (stencil) print published in 1928. Provenance: bears the stamp of “Atelier M.

Larionov” on the verso, affixed by Larionov’s second wife, Alexandra Tomilina (sale Sotheby’s New York, 21 Apr 2005, lot 261). The present

Japanese-inspired work is from a folio series that Larionov produced around 1928 entitled Le Voyage en Turquie: 32 Pochoirs.

$3000 – $5000

Lot 225. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Postcard. c. 1915. Gouache and watercolor (145 x 92 mm). Rayonist design, stamped with monogram lower right. Provenance: bears the

stamp of “Atelier M. Larionov” on the verso, affixed by Larionov’s second wife, Alexandra Tomilina. A dramatically painted Rayonist design

$5000 – $8000

140 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 141

Lot 224

Lot 225

Lot 227

Lot 226

Lot 226. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Two drawings. 1914. Ink on paper (214 x 284 mm). Drawing of Igor

Stravinsky conducting an orchestra. Initialed and dated.

[With:] Ink on paper (215 x 160 mm). A satirical portrait of Nikita

Balieff. Framed separately.

A playful caricature of the impresario replete with beanie and

bowtie, along with a drawing of the great composer on the stage.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 227. LARIONOV, Mikhail Fedorovich (1881-1964).

Self portrait. 1909. Ink on paper (270 x 195 mm). Initialed and

dated lower left. Framed.

a shrewd and self-effacing drawing from the pioneering

Russian avant-gardist.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 228

Lot 228. LEBEDEV, Vladimir Vasilievich (1891-1967).

Commune kitchen. 1924. Pencil and watercolor on paper (165 x 140 mm). Signed with initials in Cyrillic and dated lower right and further

signed and dated on reverse. Framed.

Lebedev started his career as a graphic designer when he was only fourteen years old by drawing postcards and within a few years he became

a successful cartoonist and a prolific illustrator of children’s books. He was a master at sketching satirical scenes of early Soviet life. Here

he depicts an altercation in a commune kitchen in which the comrades are accused of stealing food. Note that the artist has indicated the

pattern of the formidable woman’s skirt by painting over a piece of textured fabric.

$1500 – $2000

Lot 229. LISSIM, Simon (1900-1981).

View of Venice. Gouache on board (745 x 590 mm). Signed and dated 1959 lower right. Framed.

Lissim began his career in theater design at the Kiev state Theater, where he met the influential painter and designer Alexandra Exter. He

immigrated to Germany in 1919, and by 1921 had settled in Paris. At this time he began working at the Russian art publishing house of

A. Kogan where he met such important artists as Soudeikine, Benois and Bakst. In addition to his work in the theater, Lissim published

articles on Bakst and on questions of the decorative arts in the theater and edited the international art journal Revue de l’oeuvre (1923-

1925). In 1941 he immigrated to New York, where he taught a long-running course in stage design at the City College of New York


$18000 – $25000

142 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 143

Lot 229

Lot 230. LUKOMSKII, Georgii Kreskentevich (1884-1954).

Paysage d’Italie. Pastel on paper (290 x 220 mm). Signed lower left. Framed.

Graphic artist, architectural critic and historian, Lukomskii studied in the Architectural School at St. Petersburg’s Academy of Arts. In 1909,

a solo exhibition of his work was held in the editorial offices of the important art periodical Apollon; his Italian sketches appeared alongside

the first publication of Aleksandr Blok’s “Verses on Italy” in Apollon ( Number 4, 1910).

$3000 – $5000

Lot 231. MALYAVIN, Filip (1869-1940).

Young peasant woman. Pastel on paper (510 x 400 mm). Signed lower right. Framed.

Born in the village of Kazanka on the Volga into an illiterate peasant family, Malyavin taught himself to draw at a young age. He soon came to

the public’s attention through his boldly executed and colorful depictions of peasant life. Perhaps as a result of his humble origins, he found

himself as unofficial court painter of the Bolsheviks, and sketched many leaders (Lenin, Trotsky, Lunacharsky) in the Kremlin during1920-

21. He emigrated to France the following year.

$4000 – $6000

Lot 230

Lot 231

Lot 232. POZHEDAEV, Georgii Anatolevich (1897-1971).

Three gypsy dancers with tambourines. 1937. Charcoal, watercolor and gold pigment on paper (450 x 595 mm). Signed “Georges A. de

Pogedaieff ” and dated 1937 lower left. Framed.

Pozhedaev entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1915 after serving in the Imperial Army. In 1916, he

entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, leaving the following year to work as a designer for Théatre Intime. In 1920, he émigrated to

Romania and shortly thereafter, to Prague, where he created sets for Anna Pavlova’s ballet company. Pozhedaev moved to Paris in 1925

to work in Nikita Baleiff ’s Théatre de la Chauve-souris. In 1937 he abandoned stage design and moved on to painting scenes of Paris and

Provence, colorful still lives and graphic portraits as well as acquiring a reputation as a great master of book illustrations. Over the years

he worked on an extensive list of the Russian classics including works by Gogol, Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky and many others. He

is generally considered among the finest of the considerable group of Russian émigré artists working in cabaret and theatrical design in

Western Europe in the 1920s.

$20000 – $30000

144 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 145

Lot 232

Lot 233. POZHEDAEV, Georgii Anatolevich (1897-1971).

Spanish dancer. 1930. Mixed media on paper (485 x 305 mm). Signed, dated and inscribed lower left. Framed.

Along with his work in Paris with Balieff ’s Theatre de la Chauve-souris, Pozhedaev decorated numerous performances for the Russian

repertoire in Madrid and Barcelona. The present work reflects his later engagement with Spanish culture while still displaying his aesthetic

preoccupations with the art of movement and the theatrical.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 233

Lot 234. PUNI, Ivan Albertovich [Jean Pougny] (1894-1956).

Puni. Petrograd. Suprematist artist’s book with collages, cutouts and paintings, circa 1920. (140 x 105 mm). Original patterned paper wrappers

with a collage on the front and a gouache affixed to the inside of the back wrapper. Provenance: Puni archive with artist’s personal stamp on

the back wrapper.

Puni was one of the most radical of Russian avant-garde artists of the early twentieth century. After studying abroad in Paris, he joined

Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist group of artists that included Aleksandra Exter, Ivan Kliun, Liubov Popova, Olga Rozanova, and his future

wife Ksenia Boguslavskaya. He also organised two key exhibitions of the Russian avant-garde in Petrograd, “Tramway W” in 1915 and the

last Futurist exhibition “0.10” in 1916. In 1919 he taught at the Vitebsk Art School with Marc Chagall. In 1920 he émigrated with his wife,

stopping first in Germany and then settling in France where he changed his name to Jean Pougny. This unpublished book is a work of art

unto itself. In addition to the lettered collage on the front cover, there are nonsense words cut out of pages, plucked from an unidentified

Russian pamphlet, with the pages behind painted to give the letters various colors. A gouache collage is attached to a later leaf and a stunning

small Suprematist goauche is afixed to the recto of the back wrapper.

$15000 – $20000

146 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 147

Lot 234

Lot 235. PUNI, Ivan Albertovich [Jean Pougny] (1894-1956).

Ty [You]. Gouache of a Suprematist man painted on a postcard, circa 1920. (140 x 90 mm).

Provenance: Puni archive with artist’s personal stamp on verso.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 236. PUNI, Ivan Albertovich [Jean Pougny] (1894-1956).

Ya [I]. Gouache of a Suprematist woman painted on a postcard, circa 1920. (140 x 90 mm).

Provenance: Puni archive with artist’s personal stamp on verso.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 237. PUNI, Ivan Albertovich [Jean Pougny] (1894-1956).

[Untitled]. Gouache of a Suprematist man painted on a postcard, circa 1920. (140 x 90 mm).

Provenance: Puni archive with artist’s personal stamp on verso.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 235 Lot 236 Lot 237

14 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 149

Lot 237

Lot 238. RYBACK, Issacher Ber (1897-1935).

Shtetl. Mayn chorever heym. [Shtetl. My Destroyed Home, A Recollection].

1923. Pencil on paper mounted on board (330 x 450 mm). Original

design for title page of the book. Signed lower right.

Ryback initially experimented with Cubism and then turned to

painting Jewish subjects in the 1920s when critics and collectors

began to appreciate his analytic Cubism and recognize his

importance in the Russian avant-garde movement. He was an

important member of the Russian Jewish modernist movement that

included Lissitzky, Altman, Aronson and Chagall.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 239. RYBACK, Issacher Ber (1897-1935).

Russian Cossack. Charcoal on card (402 x 265 mm). Framed.

Ryback’s untimely death was made all the more tragic which it

ocurred on the eve of an important retrospective in Paris that would

have presented his considerable talents to a larger audience.

$800 – $1200

Lot 240. RYBACK, Issacher Ber (1897-1935).

Drawing of three officers. Pencil and charcoal on artist board (360 x

288 mm). Illustration for an unknown novel. Framed.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 241. RYBACK, Issacher Ber (1897-1935).

Drawing of three drunken Cossacks. Charcoal on card (328 x 415 mm).

Signed lower right and ironically inscribed“Fairy Tale” in Cyrillic

upper left. Illustration for an unknown Russian story. Framed.

The painter Edouard Roditi said, “Ryback may be generally

recognized as an artist whose genius bears comparison only with

that of Chagall.”

$1200 – $1800

Lot 238

150 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 151

Lot 240

Lot 241

Lot 239

Lot 242

Lot 242. RYBACK, Issacher Ber (1897-1935).

Sketchbook. Pencil on paper. 24 works in spiral bound sketchbook

(340 x 265 mm) and 9 works loose (280 x 215 mm).

A charming series of sketches depicting bucolic scenes of domestic

life and dockside observations.

$5000 – $80000

Lot 243. RYBACK, Issachar Ber (1897-1935).

Fifteen Original Pencil on Paper Designs for Russian Yiddish Theatre

Stage Sets. A modern album containing 15 loosely inserted original

pencil on paper drawings, printed title on upper cover. Folio

(447 x 340 mm), 15 paper and clear acetate sleeves, each containing

a single leaf (420 x 337 mm. and smaller) with original drawings in

pencil and pen, ink and pencil by Ryback, some sheets irregularly

shaped. Modern cloth portfolio, paper title label on upper cover,

ribbon ties. Condition: two drawings with tears into the image

area, some other small tears to margins or holes, occasional light


$5000 – $8000

Lot 243

Lot 244. SHILDER, Andrei Nikolaevic (1861-1919).

Forest Brook. 1912. Oil on canvas (540 x 785 mm). Signed in Cyrillic and dated lower right. Framed.

Shilder apprenticed under Ivan Shishkin and graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. He became a member in 1861.

Under the influence of Pavel Fedotov, he painted a series on the realities of Russian village life. He also painted portraits including that of

Tsar Alexander III.

$30000 – $50000

152 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 153

Lot 244

154 Russian Literature & Art

Lot 245. SOMOV, Konstantin Andreevich (1869-1939).

Portrait of Mrs. Girshman. 1928. Pastel (370 x 255 mm). Signed, inscribed

“Paris” and dated Nov. 1928 lower right. Framed. Exhibited: 14 June - 17

September 1967, The Gallery of Modern Art, New York. Illustrated: A Survey

of Russian Painting : Fifteenth Century to the Present; p. 64.

an exquisite portrait of the famous russian patroness.

Somov was one of the greatest Russian portraitists. His father was a curator

at the Hermitage and he studied under Ilya Repin at the Imperial Academy

of Arts from 1888 to 1897. While there, he became friends with Sergei

Diaghilev, Léon Bakst and Alexandre Benois and was a founding member

of the influential Mir Iskusstva [World of Art] group in St. Petersburg. His

elegant portraits of Aleksandr Blok, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Vyacheslav

Ivanov, Mikhail Kuzmin and others helped define the luxurious Silver Age.

After the Revolution, Somov left for the United States but did not care for

America and went to Paris to live and work in 1925. It was there that his old

friend from St. Petersburg, Mrs. Girshman, posed for her portrait. Genrietta

Leopoldovna Girshman (1895-1970) was a grand patroness of Russian

composers, musicians, authors and artists. She and her businessman husband

Vladimir held an esteemed salon in St. Petersburg. She was also friends with

Benois, Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff, Nabokov and nearly every other important

Russian artistic figure of the first half of the twentieth century, both in prerevolutionary

Russia and in exile. Valentin Serov’s portraits of both Girshmans

are among that artist’s best known paintings. Somov had previously painted

Mrs. Girshman’s portrait in 1915; she and her husband were avid collectors of

his works, owning eighty works. This pastel is arguably one of Somov’s most

penetrating and sympathetic portraits.

$100000 – $150000

Lot 246. SUDEIKIN, Sergei Iurevich [Serge Soudeikine] (1882-1946).

Pierrot Serenading. c. 1922. Pencil, watercolor, gouache on artist board (260 x 195 mm). Framed. Provenance:

estate of Jeanne Palmer Sudeikin, Oct 1975.

The present work is most likely from “The Deceived Parrot,” a musical number staged at the Theatre de la

Chauve-souris (The Bat Theatre), an international musical theater under the direction of Nikita Balieff.

$10000 – $15000

Lot 246

Lot 247. SUDEIKIN, Sergei Iurevich [Serge Soudeikine] (1882-1946).

Kukly [Dolls]. Oil on canvas (575 x 655 mm). Signed.

A striking example in oil of Sudeikin’s deft and vigorous art and one that is less stylized than much of his theatrical work. Banned from

the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture for “obscene drawings,” Sudeikin fell in with Sergei Diaghilev and Alexandre

Benois’ Mir iskusstva [World of Art] group. Soudeikin quickly became one of the most versatile artists of the Silver Age. He combined an easy

familiarity with set design, poster art and easel work and was a central figure in the evolution of Russian stage design. His depiction of these

elegant commedia del’arte dolls demonstrates his long-held fascination with theatrical subjects. Note the tragedy and comedy masks in the


$40000 – $60000

156 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 157

Lot 247

Lot 248 Lot 249

Lot 250

Lot 248. TERESKOVICH, Konstantin (1902-1978).

Portrait of a man.1958. Ink on paper (430 x 285 mm). Signed with

monogram and dated lower right. Framed.

[With:] Portrait of a woman. 1950. Pencil and charcoal on paper

(390 x 465 mm). Signed and dated lower right. Framed.

$5000 – $8000

Lot 249. TERESKOVICH, Konstantin (1902-1978).

Young Equestrian. Color lithograph (615 x 465 mm). Signed lower

right and numbered 28 of 50. Framed.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 250. TERESKOVICH, Konstantin (1902-1978).

Venetian Page. [19]53. Color lithograph (645 x 495 mm). Signed

lower right and dated. Numbered 118 of 120. Framed.

$1000 – $1500

Lot 251. VASILIEV, Nikolai Ivanovitch (1892-1970).

Country Road. Oil on canvas (490 x 620 mm). Signed lower right. Framed.

Nicolas Vasiliev was born in Moscow in 1892 and graduated from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts. He studied at K. Yuon and I. Dubin’s

studio-school in Moscow in early 1900, then attended the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from 1906-1909. Vasiliev

followed a somewhat peripatetic existence until his early thirties. He was active in Moscow until 1919 including a teaching appointment at

Moscow Free Art Studios. From there he moved to Istanbul in 1919, then to Germany and France in 1922, and finally settling permanently

in the USA in 1923. He died in Massachusetts in 1970. Contemporary artists who admired his work include Fairfield Porter and fellow

émigré David Burliuk, whose portrait he painted.

$20000 – $30000

15 Russian Literature & Art Russian Literature & Art 159


The next sale of Rusian Literature and Art will be held on 4 December 2008

Lot 251


Compilation attributed to Baron

von Brandis: The Countries of the Amur,

Eastern Siberia, Western Siberia

and the Urals, 1860-1866.

St. Petersburg: Karl Rikker, 1870.

Plate 264 Town-sledge at Omsk.

In five volumes.

Estimate: $800,000-1,200,000

NewYork, 17 October 2008

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The Ivan ColleCTIon

RussIan lITeraTuRe and WoRks on PaPeR


neW yoRk

aleksandr mikhailovich Rodchenko (1891-1956).

Dzhon Gartfild [John Heartfield]. 1939.

240 x 300 mm.

Photocollage of the great German

political photocollagist.

estimate: $35,000-$45,000

new york, 4 december 2008

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Please bid on my behalf at your sale on ....................................................................... up to the price indicated below. These bids are made subject to the

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