Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

as glue and solvents) which may cause a loss of self-control or


• Material Evidence – CDS, alcohol, inhalants or other intoxicants,

substances misrepresented to be drugs or alcohol, medicine not

registered with the school nurse, and/or paraphernalia used in

taking controlled dangerous substances.

• Paraphernalia – items which are commonly used for the purpose

of the ingeson of drugs. Typical paraphernalia would include

but are not limited to pipes for the smoking of marijuana,

manufactured paper, homemade clips or wire-formed devices

used for holding marijuana “roaches,” gelan capsules,

measuring spoons, scales, strainers, and other items as defined

by law.

• Substance Misrepresented - a substance which a student leads

others to believe is a controlled dangerous substance, or thinks

to be a controlled dangerous substance, implies is a controlled

dangerous substance or will produce the effects of a controlled

dangerous substance.

• Transference - to pass to another person or to make reasonably

available to another person a controlled dangerous substance

or medicine or alcohol or paraphernalia or a substance


B. Over - the - Counter and Prescripon Medicaons

Students are not permied to possess or use prescribed or overthe-counter

medicaon on school buses or on school property.

All medicaon must be properly registered, stored with, and

administered by designated school personnel. Excepons to this

arcle, with supporng documentaon from the student’s physician,

may be granted by the director of student services or his/her

designee. Violaon of this rule will result in disciplinary acon to the

student, with a parent conference available immediately to clarify this


A second violaon will result in a 10 school-day suspension of the

student by the principal and a referral to the superintendent of

schools with a recommendaon for further disciplinary acon.

C. Suspected impairment

Students who are suspected to be under the influence of a

prescripon or over the counter drug, controlled dangerous

substance, alcohol, or an inhalant or other intoxicant will be referred

to the principal of the school. If the invesgaon of the maer yields

no material evidence, but if the principal has reasonable cause to

suspect that the student is impaired the principal will contact the

student’s parents/guardians and a mandatory conference will be

held. The superintendent of schools will be advised in wring of the

incident and of the results of the parent conference.

VI. Offenses subject to referral

Students shall receive a ten day suspension and referral to the

superintendent of schools with the recommendaon for further

disciplinary acon for certain offenses/violaons including but not

limited to the following:

A. Possession of, using, or under the influence of a controlled

dangerous substance, alcohol, an inhalant or other intoxicant, or to

be in possession of paraphernalia or a substance misrepresented to

be a controlled dangerous substance or alcohol.

If the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student agree to parcipate in

a substance abuse evaluaon at the Harford County Mental Health

and Addicons/Adolescent Addicon Services and agree to follow

the recommendaons for treatment made as part of that evaluaon,

at no cost to the Harford County Public Schools, the superintendent

of schools will reduce the length of the suspension which would

otherwise be imposed. This opon is for a first offense only and will

not be offered for transference or a second offense of the CDS and

alcohol policies. Further, this opon is conngent upon the connuing

availability of funding to the Harford County Mental Health and

Addicons/Adolescent Addicon Services to enable that agency to

provide this service.

B. Transference of a controlled dangerous substance, medicine,

alcohol, an inhalant or other intoxicant, or paraphernalia, or

substance misrepresented to be a controlled dangerous substance,

medicine, alcohol, an inhalant or other intoxicant or paraphernalia.

C. Verbal or Physical Threat and/or Physical Aack on Staff

D. Dangerous Weapons

Possession or using an object which reasonably could cause

physical harm or injury to a person, or an object which is

represented to be and a reasonable person would conclude was

a dangerous weapon, and for which there is no reasonable or

legimate cause for the student to possess or use on the property

of Harford County Public Schools or at a school-sponsored acvity.

Further, in compliance with the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 and

Secon 7-305 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, a student who

has been determined by the superintendent of schools to have

brought a firearm onto school property may be expelled for a

minimum of 365 consecuve days. The Superintendent of Schools

may specify, on a case-by-case basis, a shorter period of expulsion

for a student who has brought a firearm onto school property. Any

student expelled under the provisions of the Gun-free Schools Act

of 1994 will not be permied to enroll in the Alternave Educaon

Program. Students served under an IEP or 504 plan may not be

subject to this provision.

E. Arson/Fire

Aempng to, aiding in, or seng fire to a building or other school




Each year, Harford County Public Schools seeks informaon from

parents which is important to the system in its long-range planning

and its applicaon for federal financial assistance. This informaon is

requested on a form known as the student-parent survey form.

What kind of informaon is needed?

The survey form, which your student brings home in October of

each year, includes quesons about the locaon of your residence,

the number of children of school age in your home, your place of

employment, the name of your employer, and your work locaon.

Why is this informaon needed?

This informaon enables the school system to predict student yields

from the various types of residences in the county. These data are

important for planning future school building needs. Also, the place

of your employment and work locaon are needed to determine how

many persons are connected with the federal government. Each year

the school system is entled to an appropriaon of funds based on the

number of federally-connected children in the school system. These

funds are made available through Public Law 874, “Impact Aid.”

What is Impact Aid?

The presence of federal installaons in Harford County brings addional

children to the community for which the public schools must provide

educaonal programs. Since federal properes are exempt from local

property taxaon, the federal government provides funds which

parally pay for the educaon of these addional students. The

amount of funds received is based on the results of the survey and the


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