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Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine

" r 19 ) Wen~ [aid the

" r 19 ) Wen~ [aid the other, you know four [ore, ,and I kn()w mine; and, good .friend, we lhall 'all nave enough evil before we come to our journey's' e~d, ' , For it cannot ,be jn¥lgined, that the peqple that defign to attain fuch, exc,ellent glories as we do, and 'tbat,?l;e [0 envied that happinefs as we are'; but that we {hall meet with what fears and [f!ares~ with what troubles antl af-' tliClions, they can poffibly affault us with; tliat hate u's.' . 'And now'Mr. Sagacity left me to dream out my dream' by myfe1.f. Wperefore, methought I fiw -Chriflidna an4 Mercy, and the boys, go atl of them up to th'e Ga'te: to' which when, tj1€y came~ they bet09k ~he~[elve~ to, ~~ ~r:~;:r be *:hart debate,.about how they mufl: manage their calling,at made with' the Gate: and what '{houId be lal· r 'd h' h dOd confidera- ,~nto. Im t at I tioJ1 and open unto them So it was conCluded fince Chrifliana' fea,:, a~ wen • , ,', V". as In faIth was the eldefr, that {he fuou}d knock Jor entrance, 't;lnd an~ hope. that {he {hou)dJpeakto him that didqpen, f~r the r~fr.', ' S C'h iji ' b . L" o rr lana egan to knoc k, an cl ) a,s"h er poor 'h!b u anG",;' Part-I. p.n. did, {4e ,k~ocked.. ~dkriockedagain. Bu.t infre'!-4.of .any that an[, they all tho)Jght thatthey heard as.if a dRg came barking uRon,tbem; a dog, and a great pne Th~dog,th: " " ," '.' deVIl:, an ~OO, and this made the women and children ,afraId., No.r enemy to durfr they for 1i while to knock any ,more;Jor f~ar t!'le prayer. m~if.{hould {ly upon th~. N~w th~refore th~y were t ~::i~~arna g~~Jlt!ly tumbled up and down in Jheir minds, and 'kn'ew companioll' h d ' . k' . k h d J1 £ fi 'f h perpJexed a- not w l1t to . C! :. no.c t 'Fy uru :,1)ot, ,or ear 0 t e bout prayer. dog; ,go bac,k the.y dudl pot, -for fea,r the ~eeper,of tpat Gate fhould ~py them as 'they fo '\;V~nt, and,be offended with them: at laft:they. ~hpttght or knoiri' WhaU&:,!U{[enl~dy ,a.z inft"t~is? ,~eiift the devil?, , ! ' aml

[ 20 ] Then Chrijliana made low obeifance, and '{aid, Let not our Lord be offended with his handmaidens, for that we ~ave knocked at his princelyGate. Then faid the keeper, Whepee came ye? And what i~ that you would have? Chriftiana anfwered, We are come from whence Chrtf tian did come, and upon the fame errand as he j to wit, to be, i'f it lhalll'lea'fe you, graciQufIy admitted, by this, ' Gate, iQto the way that leads unto the Celeftial City. And I an[wer, my Lord, in the next place, that I am Cbrijliana, once the wife of Chrijlian, that now is gotten abov~. . ~With that the Keeper of the Gate did marvel, faying, What is the now become a pilgrim, that but a while ago abhorred that life? Then the Itowed her head" and faid, Yea, and fo are thefe my fweet babes a'lfo. How-CbriC- Then he took her. by the hand, and let her in; and tiana is entettaineQ at . faid alfo; "'Stiffer the little childI:e'n to ~onie ilnto me;" the Gate. "with that he thut up'the Gate. This done, he called to a trumpeter tnat was above, over the Gate, to entertain Chrifliana ~ith thputing, and found of tru~pet, for joy. So he obeyed and founded, and fill'd the air with his me... lodious notes.' , ' Now, all this while poor Mercy did. frand without, trembling and crying~ for fear that !he was rejected. But when Chr!ftiana had got' admittance for herfelf and hu boys, then !he began to make interceffion for Mercy. Chrilliana's Chrifl. And !he [aid, My Lord, I have a companion' prayer for her friend of mine that fulnds yet without, that is come hither upon Merey. the fame account as tnyfelf: one that is much qeje'Cl:ed in her mind, for that the comes; as !he thinks, without fendi~g for; whereas I was fent to by my Huiband's King,to come. \ The delays make the kungering . Now MCfcy began to be very impatient, and each minute w~s as l~g to her as an hour j wherefore the pr~- (oul the fer- , \"enter. and he will fly from you, James iv. 7,. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you, James iv. 8. 0 ever rememberoul" clear Lord's word, Men Ihbu14, 'pray alway~, and not'faint, Luke xviii. 1. . vent~Q /./

Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2 - The Gospel Magazine
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