myWWU Basic Skills #2 - Walla Walla University

myWWU Basic Skills #2 - Walla Walla University

HRCS (Human Resources / Campus Solutions) deals with information about employees, their

jobs, benefits, student information (including financial aid and student accounts) and alumni


You can select the desired database by selecting it from the login page.

Standard URL

The standard URL looks like this.

There are several pieces of information in the URL that are significant.

The “s” in “https” tells you that the connection between your computer and the MyWWU server

is secure. This allows information traveling between your local computer and the central

database to be secure. This is especially important when you are accessing MyWWU from off


The “ps” designation means you are connected to the main production server. Test servers will

have different names such as “test” and “QA”.

The “hrcs” in the URL tells you that you are connected to the HRCS database which has all the

academic and HR information. For financial information it will say “fin” here.

Searching for Commands (Menu Search)

You can easily search for commands from the main menu.

Click on Main Menu

Enter the item you are looking for then pause and wait for the search results to appear

Alternatively you can press enter or click on the >> button to see the search results on another


Either way you can click on the item to go directly to the menu

Tip: Menu search is the preferred way for most experienced users to locate menu items.

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