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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

24 Balm In Gilead Arr.

24 Balm In Gilead Arr. by Jack Schrader SATB Tranquil and flowing, this setting based on the beloved traditional spiritual provides solace for the “sin-sick soul.” The simple piano accompaniment makes this a useful anthem anytime of the year and especially for services dealing with healing and wholeness. Moderate C5747 Anthem 1.95 Be Everything Arr. by Regi Stone SATB w/opt. solo Be Everything cries out to God to take possession every part of our lives: Our hands, feet, voice, heart...everything. Arranged for worship leader and worship choir. Moderate This anthem is available for instant download to members at RS-029-02 Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music Lead Sheet Rhythm Chart Synth Chart PowerPoint File Be My Guest By Stan Pethel SATB Reminding us of God’s kindness through His redemptive work on Calvary, this sermon in song can be programmed for many occasions. Dedicated to Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants, the composer was inspired by the entrepreneur’s spirit of hospitality and integrity. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028027 Anthem 1.80 Beautiful In His Time By Dan Forrest SATB w/opt. flute & cello Here is a joyful, rhythmic setting of the Ecclesiastes 3 text scored for SATB choir, keyboard and optional flute and cello. Challenge your musicians with this delightful piece of music. It’s ideal for a service of celebration. Moderate BP1955 Anthem 2.10 BP1955A Flute & Cello Part 5.00 Beyond Ourselves By Susan Naus Dengler and Lee Dengler SATB w/opt. C instrument With tuneful purpose, the music frames the words and presents the concepts of unity, humanity and charity with confidence and beauty. The optional C instrument speaks in gentle dialogue with the vocal lines providing a pleasant option for directors wanting to include an instrument. Moderate 35028042 Anthem 1.95 Bless The Lord By Travis Doucette Arr. by Adam Lancaster SATB w/solo & congregation The worship ministry of Thomas Road Baptist Church brings another praise and worship original for choir, worship leader and congregation. Moderate 005397354 Acc. CD 29.95 005384211 Anthem 1.75 005384075 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Bless The Lord Arr. by Richard Kingsmore SATB “We’ll sing an anthem to His beautiful name, join the heavens, let the earth proclaim, bless the Lord!” Moderate 08753402 Acc. CD 26.99 08753401 Anthem 1.90 08753403 Orch. 69.95 Blessings Arr. by Ruth Elaine Schram SATB/2-Part God’s great gift is Jesus, whose death for our salvation is a glorious blessing. Ruth Elaine Schram’s medley of three beloved, traditional hymns tenderly reminds us to count our blessings with an arrangement that is versatile for both large and small choirs. Moderate 10/4195L Anthem 1.95 Blessings By Laura Story Arr. by Heather Sorenson SATB This song has touched many with its tender message of assurance. It speaks to the heart of the Christian walk and reminds us that grace is present even in the valley experiences of life. Expertly adapted by the arranger, the words are presented clearly and reverently. Moderate 35028030 Acc. CD 26.99 35028028 Anthem 1.95 35028029 Orch. (CD-ROM) 30.00 Bread Of The World Arr. by Brad Nix and Sara R. Nussel SATB An exquisite melody captures the passion of this beloved communion text with tender respect. A final quote from In Christ There Is No East Or West completes this reflective moment for worship. Moderate 35027956 Anthem 1.80 Break Into Song By Regi Stone and Randy Cox Arr. by J. Daniel Smith SATB This original anthem by Regi Stone and Randy Cox is full of energy and praise. Moderate 08753690 Acc. CD 26.99 08753689 Anthem 1.90 08753691 Orch. 55.00 Broken Hallelujah Arr. by Phillip Keveren SATB w/solo This expressive ballad originally brought to the forefront by Christian artist, Mandisa, will touch the hearts of everyone who hears. Moderate 005397508 Acc. CD 29.95 005397356 Acc. DVD 64.95 005384190 Anthem 1.65 005384156 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 By The Grace Of God Arr. by Richard Kingsmore SATB “By the grace of God we can sing for joy and celebrate, dance with those who once were lame, by the grace of God alone.” Moderate 08753405 Acc. CD 26.99 08753404 Anthem 1.90 08753406 Orch. 69.95 Celebration Of Service By Don Besig and Nancy Price SATB w/opt. trumpet Ideal for church homecoming/anniversary commemorations, this general song of praise is characterized by quality part-writing and clear and purposeful poetry. “Serve the Lord with gladness and walk in His light.” Moderate 35028041 Anthem 1.95 Change My Heart O God Arr. by Joel Raney SATB Eddie Espinosa’s popular praise song of confession is effectively combined with the time-honored hymn, Search Me O God, which draws its text from Psalm 139, making it a very personal expression: “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.” Moderate C5750C Acc. CD 26.95 C5750 Anthem 2.05 C5750P Instrumental Parts 35.00 Children Of God Arr. by Stan Pethel SATB Stan Pethel has captured the heart of this song with an upbeat, accessible arrangement. It’s perfect for children’s day or dedication. Moderate 08753871 Acc. CD 26.99 08753870 Anthem 1.90 Christ Is Able To Save By Tommy Walker and Mike Harland Arr. by Marty Parks SATB This uplifting worship anthem harkens back to yesteryear with its determined 6/8 feel, inviting us all to come to the One who is truly able to save. It’s a must-have anthem! Easy This anthem is available for instant download to members at DW-10-1207 Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music Prices are subject to change without notice.

25 Come Away To The Skies Arr. by John Leavitt SATB This uplifting hymn is full of spiritual energy, and John Leavitt’s setting is bright and joyous. Moderate 08754047 Acc. CD 26.99 08754046 Anthem 1.80 08754049 Handbell Parts 15.00 08754048 Orch. 35.00 Come Dine With Me By Paul Baertschi and Ruth Elaine Schram SATB The winsome lyricism of this song is a perfect companion to the warmth and assurance of the communion gathering. Whether accompanied by the calming piano part or with the string consort option, this anthem will leave a lasting effect. Moderate 35028044 Anthem 1.80 35028045 String Parts (CD-ROM) 30.00 Come Down O Love Divine Arr. by Joel Raney SATB Ideal for pentecost, this meditative prayer is paired with the classic Ralph Vaughan Williams hymn tune, Down Ampney, a hidden “gem” in many hymnals. Flowing accompaniment and poetic imagery effectively captures the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives today, with relevancy that makes this a useful choice for worship. Moderate C5734 Anthem 1.90 Come O Spirit Truth Divine By Lloyd Larson SATB/2-Part w/opt. flute Full of the fiery spirit and rushing wind of Pentecost, Come O Spirit Truth Divine opens with great energy and is followed by a contrasting B section that flows gently and beautifully. Lloyd Larson adapts Longfellow’s historic text wonderfully for this original lively melody. Moderate 99/2911L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4200L Anthem 1.95 Come People Of The Risen King By Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend Arr. by David Angerman SATB This contemporary styled hymn has a traditional celtic feel. Excellent for Eastertide, this powerful declaration of faith calls the listener to join the song and lift one voice of unified praise. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028032 Anthem 1.90 Come Quickly Lord Arr. by Brian Buda SATB Here is a new arrangement of a well-loved ChurchWorksMedia hymn. “We long to hear the joyous cries and join the ransomed throng” is a believer’s plea to see Christ. With decorative piano accompaniment and swelling voices, this anthem will be a favorite of your choir and takes little time to rehearse. Moderate 281923 Anthem 1.75 Compassion Hymn Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB w/congregation This modern hymn from the Gettys and Stuart Townend is paired with the traditional favorite, And Can It Be, presenting a worshipful moment for choir and congregation. Moderate 005463024 Acc. CD 29.95 005463015 Anthem 1.65 005463033 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Compassion Hymn By Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend Arr. by James Koerts SATB w/violin Gentle and flowing, this musical sermon encourages us to charity and admonishes us to live our lives as an offering of praise. The optional violin part adds a special folk-like quality to this thoughtful anthem. Moderate 35028033 Anthem 2.05 Consecrated Arr. by Richard A. Nichols SATB Set to a fresh new tune, this beloved Frances Havergal text is sung in simple beauty from a prayerful heart. Piano and voices swell to a climactic moment and as a final personal offering, Nichols concludes the voices with individual offerings of prayer. Moderate 281816 Anthem 1.75 Courageous and My Creed Arr. by Mark Willard SATB w/solo Here are two complete anthems packaged as one. Both songs are featured in the film Courageous. Moderate 005397491 Acc. CD 39.95 005384179 Anthem 2.95 005384145 Rhythm Parts (CD-ROM) 49.95 Cover Me By Barbara Billingsley Arr. by Patti Drennan SATB w/opt. flute This sensitive work is a touching tribute to the protection and divine provision of God’s mercy. Message and music are beautifully wed creating a beautiful moment that wraps the sanctuary in arms of assurance and grace. Moderate 35028065 Anthem 1.80 Creation Hymn In Classic Style By Heather Sorenson SATB Composed in a neo-classic vernacular, this praise anthem is immediately engaging. Short rhythmic motives drive this spirited theme straight into the heart, and the “Mozart-esque” piano accompaniment decorates the anthem with graceful elegance. Moderate 35028120 Acc. CD 26.99 35028118 Anthem 1.80 35028119 Orch. (CD-ROM) 60.00 Don’t Worry About Tomorrow By Pepper Choplin SATB In today’s vernacular, don’t sweat the small stuff-and it’s all small stuff compared to living life with faith and seeking the kingdom of God. In his energizing and spiritual-like style, Pepper Choplin reminds us that all we really need is faith that “the Lord will provide for you.” Moderate 99/2970L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4214L Anthem 1.95 Don’t You Wanna Go Home Arr. by Lari Goss SATB Here is classic Lari Goss southern gospel sharing the promises of heaven wrapped up in that old time religion joy! Moderate 080689856327 Acc. CD 24.98 080689075230 Anthem 1.70 080689987472 Rhythm Parts (CD-ROM) 9.95 Doxology Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB Set to an infectious contemporary rhythm, this credo of our faith could be performed by praise team or choir and would be a stirring service opener year round. Moderate 080689857324 Acc. CD 24.98 080689076237 Anthem 1.70 080689988479 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Ezekiel Saw The Wheel Arr. by Howard Helvey SATB/TTBB Here’s a great opportunity for the men to shine in this spirited TTBB a cappella spiritual. There are many interesting rhythm and vocal patterns. An SATB arrangement is also available for use with your entire choir. Moderate BP1703 Anthem (SATB) 2.10 BP1946 Anthem (TTBB) 2.10 Follow Me There Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB w/solo A strong invitation to place our hope solely in Christ receives a soulful arrangement from Cliff Duren for solo and choir. Moderate 080689077234 Anthem 1.70 080689989476 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 For The Beauty Of The Earth Arr. by Joel Raney SATB The words of this 1863 text were penned as an expression of gratitude for God’s gifts in creation and the church. Joel Raney has masterfully retained the familiar tune and text, yet takes it to resplendent heights in this inspired ballad setting, which includes a part for 3-5 octaves of handbells with optional 3-5 octave handchimes. Moderate C5733 Anthem 1.95 C5733HB Handbell Parts 4.50 Forgive Me By Ed Cash and Nicole C. Mullen Arranged by Cliff Duren SATB w/solo Based on Psalm 51, this soulful ballad of repertoire is from Nicole C. Mullen’s album Captivated. Moderate 005397492 Acc. CD 29.95 005384180 Anthem 1.75 005384146 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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