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general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

11400 Special Pay -

11400 Special Pay - Marksmanship, holiday and other special pay categories that are separable from base pay. 11501 Retirement - City's contribution to the Public Employees Retirement System. 11503 Employee/City PERS - Portion of employees' contribution to PERS assumed by City. 11515 Part-Time Retirement - Retirement allocation for part-time employees not enrolled in PERS. 11600 Injury Pay - Allocation of the cost of salaries of employees on extended leave due to injury on duty. 11701 Health Insurance - City's contribution to employees' health insurance plan. 11702 Life Insurance - City's contribution to employees' life insurance plan. 11703 Workers' Compensation - Allocation of the cost of workers' compensation. 11704 Dental Insurance - City's contribution to employees' dental insurance plan. 11715 Disability Insurance - Premiums for long-term disability coverage for all city personnel. 11805 Unemployment Insurance - Allocation of the cost of unemployment compensation expense. 11807 Sick Leave Reserve – Funds set aside for cost of employees’ sick leave accrual. 11808 Vacation Reserve – Funds set aside for cost of employees’ vacation leave accrual. 11901 Uniform Allowance - Annual allowance for public safety and other uniformed employees per negotiated M.O.U.'s. 11902 Car Allowance - Compensation for personal vehicle usage for business purposes, in lieu of per mile expense. Page 514

Maintenance and Operations: 42000 Mayor's Fund - The Mayor's Charter-established special expense account. 43100 thru 43301 Utilities - Cost of water, heat, electricity, power, fire hydrant service, refuse collection charges, gas and fuel oil, including fire and burglar alarm rentals. 43401 Utilities-Communication - Telephone utility charges. 43500 Advertising and Publications - Cost of publications of required legal notices and for placement of ads in periodicals. Also the printing of brochures, annual reports and newspapers. 43600 Office Supplies – includes office stationary, forms, maps, small items of equipment valued at less than $500, library circulation control expenses, computer and printer supplies, pencils, tapes, scissors, staplers and rulers. 43700 Postage - Mailing costs including citations and publications. 43800 Office Equipment Expense - Payment of office equipment revolving account for maintenance and amortization expenses of office equipment. 44000 Equipment Expense - Payment to equipment revolving account for gas and oil, maintenance and repair, insurance and amortization expenses on City-owned vehicles. 44100 Uniforms - Rental payments, purchases, cleaning and laundry service, badges, and goggles, helmets, raincoats and boots. 44050 Mileage Expense - Mileage reimbursement for the use of a personal car on City business. 44200 Small Tools - Expenses for small tools, minor equipment and hand tools costing less than $100 per item. 44300 Travel and Subsistence - Travel to conferences and meetings, and expenses for meals, registration, taxis, tips, rooms, including air fare, private car use, luncheons, dinner meetings and ancillary expenses. 44400 Training - Travel to and expenses at approved training courses, including tuition, registration, books, materials, fees, room and board, and other approved expenses. 44401 Educational Reimbursement - Reimbursement for employee educational expenses as provided in the various employee MOU's (Memoranda of Understanding). Page 515

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