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general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

44500 Dues

44500 Dues and Subscriptions - Fees for membership in professional organizations and professional groups, and subscriptions to technical journals, papers and magazines. 44600 thru 44799 Insurance - Liability, theft, property damage, fire, robbery and other non-personal, service-related insurance and surety bonds. 448XX Contract Services - Services performed by other than City employees, generally on a contract, for engineering, architecture, cleaning, construction, maintenance, auditing, management consulting, and related services. 450XX Special Expense - Supplies, materials, services or activities peculiar to one function for which an account has not been created. Some examples are ammunition, automotive fuel, tires and parts, supplies for traffic paint, bookbinding, audio-visual supplies, special street materials or programs, some individual promotional and contributory activities of the City. 45105 Special Expense-Program Expense (Offset) –Reimbursable expenses for program related services and activities. 45301 Interest - Interest charges on any municipal obligation. 45400 thru 45402 Lease Payments - Rental payable to Civic Center Authority and other agencies to cover debt service requirements. 45500 Rental Charges - Departmental rental on Civic Center facilities, equipment rental and off-site office leases. 45600 thru 45699 Interfund Transfers - Transfer to and from one function or fund to another, such as payments for operating deficits and working capital increases. Payments for services rendered are also included. 45900 Contingency - Funds for special requests authorized by City Council. 45998 IT&C Charges – Charges for services provided to city departments by the Information Technology & Communications department. 45999 Overhead - Charges for indirect costs at a predetermined rate. For FY 2006/07 the rate is 19.09% of personnel, maintenance and operation expenses. Equipment expense is budgeted as a separate line item. Page 516


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