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Ghent specialities and souvenirs

Designer fashion

Made in Ghent



Interior design

Art, antiques and bric à brac

Vintage / Retro

V.u.: Annelies Storms, schepen van Cultuur, Toerisme en Feesten. Stadhuis, Botermarkt 1, 9000 Gent. - 2013



Ghent specialities and souvenirs

1 Chocolaterie Van Hecke

2 Chocolaterie Luc van Hoorebeke en Cedric van Hoorebeke

3 Chocolatier Hilde Devolder

4 Confiserie Temmerman

5 Craenkindershuys

6 Daskalidès

7 Duchesse

8 Het Groot Vleeshuis

9 Joost Arijs

10 Julie’s House

11 Oud Huis Himschoot

12 Gruut City Brewery

13 Tierenteyn Verlent

14 Yuzu by Nicolas Vanaise & C.




Designer fashion

15 Elle et Gand

16 Les Filles et les Chiens

17 Maaike kleedt

18 Meneer Janssen en Juffrouw Kaat

19 Mieke

20 Obius

21 Oorcussen

22 Suite



Made in Ghent

Interior design

23 A ce soir

24 Black Balloon

25 Café costume

26 Elisa Lee shop and gallery

27 Fatima

28 Fred & Ginger

29 Funni

30 Gewoon Lies

31 Jan Welvaert Concept Store

32 La fille d’O

33 Nathalie Engels

34 Sjapoo

59 .Ydee

60 Aksent

61 Art Nivo

62 Atelier Vera Vermeersch

63 Bietini Design

64 BijHuis

65 Cargo

66 DECO 48

67 deDirekteurswoning

68 Huishuis

69 Huiszwaluw

70 Surplus Interieur

71 Surround Lifestyle




35 Aap.Noot.Mies

36 Bar d’Oh

37 Het Cooremetershuys

38 Dope

39 Edelgedacht

Juwelier Jan van Houtteghem

40 Galerie Pont & Plas

41 Ingrid Adriaenssens

42 Kwesto

43 Lineos

44 M.A.R.T.H.A.

45 Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver


46 A’pril

47 Atlas & Zanzibar

48 Au Bon Marché

49 Boutique RougeNoir

50 Copyright

51 Home Linen Kloskanthuis

52 Kathedraalshop –

Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent

53 Koffies De Draak

54 K.R.A.T.

55 Monsters with an Attitude

56 Petit Zsa Zsa

57 Poëziecentrum

58 Timmermans 1845

Art, antiques and

bric à brac

72 D & Art Galerie

73 Galerie Lingier

74 Galerie St-John

75 Het Archief

76 Horta

77 Cathérine Clarysse

78 Uit Steppe en Oase


79 Absoluut Design

80 Be-Angeled

81 Broc en Bouche

82 Eva Bos

83 Galerie Design 7 /

Frederic Rozier

84 Jacob

85 Louise & Madeleine

86 Mis-en-plis

87 Myriam Wulffaert

88 N’ importe quoi

89 Olga’s Retro

90 Patricia Vintage

91 Priem

92 The Fallen Angels Gallery

93 Zoot

94 Zoot Shoe-boutique

95 Zsa Zsa Rouge













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9000 Gent

T + 32 9 266 56 60

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Ghent specialities and


1 Chocolaterie Van Hecke

Koestraat 42

A family affair, the current owners are

the fourth generation. Pralines, cakes,

pastries and ice-cream, all of impeccable

quality. The products are prized, all the

way to Japan.

Closed on Sunday and Wednesday

2 Chocolaterie Luc van Hoorebeke en

Cedric van Hoorebeke

Sint-Baafsplein 15 en Jan Breydelstraat 1

Two generations of chocolate makers

offer the best of traditional Belgian

chocolates in their stores in the historic

city centre of Ghent.

Open every day

3 Chocolatier Hilde Devolder

Burgstraat 43

Hand-made, tiny, delectable chocolates in

boxes of 8 to 45 pieces.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

4 Confiserie Temmerman

Kraanlei 79

Well-known in Ghent and beyond. A store

selling deliciously old-fashioned sweets

and typical Ghent delicacies including

mokken, knopkes, muilentrekkers and,

of course, cuberdons.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

5 Craenkindershuys

Kraanlei 2

A shop with a different approach to souvenirs

and gifts, in a historical

building near Gravensteen, with a selection

of Ghent beers and genevers, greeting

cards, glassware, ceramics, gadgets ...

Closed on Tuesday during the winter


6 Daskalidès

Henegouwenstraat 11

Renowned chocolate maker with a wide

range of pralines, chocolate truffles,

biscuits, jam and many other chocolate


Closed on Sunday

7 Duchesse

Sint-Baafsplein 22/24

The speciality store for lace, souvenirs,

gobelin handbags and real Belgian


From 1 April until 31 October: no closing

day | From 1 November until 31 March:

closed on Monday

8 Het Groot Vleeshuis

Groentenmarkt 7

Home to the promotional centre for East

Flemish regional products, including soft

drinks, beers, genevers, meats, cheeses

and sweets. For sale or to be tasted on

the spot.

Closed on Monday

9 Joost Arijs

Vlaanderenstraat 24

Creative cakes, pastries and biscuits by a

talented master patissier.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

10 Julie’s House

Kraanlei 13

A cosy cake store near the Lys in the

neighbourhood around Gravensteen. The

menu, which includes brunches, traditional

cakes and colourful home-made

cupcakes, changes daily.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

11 Oud Huis Himschoot

Groentenmarkt 1

The oldest bakery in Ghent where bread

is still baked every morning the traditional

way in the cellar. A wide selection of

bread and pastries. The best ‘mastellen’,

or typical Ghent donuts with cinnamon.

Open every day

12 Gruut City Brewery

Grote Huidevettershoek 10

The only Ghent city brewery, run by Annick

De Splenter, who grew up in a family

of brewers. Also a bustling café with a

large terrace on the water.

Closed on Sunday evening

13 Tierenteyn Verlent

Groentenmarkt 3

A traditional establishment, which

produces and markets mustard, pickles

and other related products. The interior,

which dates from 1860, is listed and is

the perfect setting for selling herbs and


Closed on Sunday

14 Yuzu by Nicolas Vanaise & C.

Walpoortstraat 11a

A minimalist approach to chocolate, with

surprising flavours and original, authentic

ingredients, including pralines with

mustard, Ganda ham and Roomer!

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Designer fashion

15 Elle et Gand

Jan Palfijnstraat 36

Clothing and accessories by Scandinavian

and young up-and-coming Belgian

designers as well as unisex scarves by

Roos Vandekerckhove.

Closed on Monday and Sunday

16 Les Filles et les Chiens

Zuidstationstraat 9

A trendy concept store selling clothes,

shoes and accessories for men and

women with flair! Casual design and

refined elegance, combined with playful

details and original twists.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

17 Maaike kleedt

Zuivelbrugstraat 8

Unique fashion by young Belgian and

foreign designers. Qualitative original

clothes by brands with an eco luxury


Closed on Sunday and Monday

18 Meneer Janssen en Juffrouw Kaat

Gouvernementstraat 7

Hip, creative and colourful children’s

clothes, mainly by Belgian designers.

Closed on Sunday

19 Mieke

Baudelostraat 23

Exclusive and unique fashions for women

who don’t believe in colouring in between

the lines.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

20 Obius

Meerseniersstraat 4

An exclusive store, which has earned a

reputation among fashionistas, selling

clothes and shoes by leading Belgian and

international designers including Dries

van Noten, A.F. Vandervorst, Martin Margiela,

Costume National.

Closed on Sunday and Monday morning

21 Oorcussen

Vrijdagmarkt 7

The best of Belgian design under one

roof: Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van

Noten, Veronique Branquinho, A.F.

Vandervorst, Martin Margiela,

Dirk Bikkembergs.

Closed on Sunday and Monday morning

22 Suite

Hoogpoort 59

Independent Belgian and foreign designers

including Annemie Verbeke, Sofie

D’Hoore, Stephan Schneider, Jodevisscher.

A platform for up-and-coming talent.

No-nonsense atmosphere, designed

with active and creative women in mind,

who take a different approach to fashion!

Closed on Sunday – open from 2 p.m. on


Made in Ghent

23 A ce soir

Onderbergen 51

Hand-crafted Belgian fashions, hats and

accessories. Firmly embedded in Ghent’s

city centre but with a sweeping view of

international fashion: classic style, but

with a keen eye for new trends

Closed on Sunday and Monday

24 Black Balloon

Onderbergen 39

A young, innovative and edgy label, for

men and women. Shoes, fashion, accessories:

simple styling but with attention to

detail and refinement.

Closed on Sunday

25 Café costume

Brabantdam 135

Tailoring à la carte. Decide what your suit,

smoking, shirt, or jacket should look like.

Choose the cut, the fabric, the lining and

even the buttons from a menu.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

26 Elisa Lee shop and gallery

Hoogpoort 33

A unique jewellery shop founded by

designer/glass artist Elisabeth Leenknegt.

A collection of contemporary jewellery

made of hand-forged silver and mouthblown

glass, with lovely colours and a

playful design. Traditional craftsmanship

at its best.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

27 Fatima

Struifstraat 1-3

Fun brock ‘n broll, hand-made clothes and

accessories, gadgets, gifts for people of

all ages. A hint of nostalgia, a touch of

retro, surprisingly original.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

28 Fred & Ginger

Bennesteeg 6

Belgian brands Fred & Ginger, Hilde &

Co, Kiekeboe, Nijntje Exclusive and Jules.

Colourful collections, bursting with energy

and mischief, for kids with a mind of their

own between the ages of 0 and 14 years!

Closed on Sunday

29 Funni

Begijnengracht 1

Hand-made affordable dresses, fun skirts

and much, much more. Choose your

original souvenir from our accessories by

Ghent jewellery designers.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

30 Gewoon Lies

Bennesteeg 1b

Simplicity with a feminine touch, flexible

fabrics and a comfortable cut. Lies

designs for your body and not for the

prevailing, normative sizes. Every item is

unique, and fits like a glove.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

31 Jan Welvaert Concept Store

Brabantdam 61

A refreshing new approach to contemporary

designer fashions for men and

women in a lovely “belle époque” setting

in the centre of Ghent. Clothes and


Closed on Sunday and Monday

32 La fille d’O

Burgstraat 21

This Belgian lingerie brand by designer

Murielle Scherre focuses on pretty, comfortable,

innovative lingerie and swimwear.

Also sells breastfeeding bras and

prosthesis bras.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

33 Nathalie Engels

Onderbergen 58

From 31/05/2013:

Serpentstraat 1

Affordable design collection for women

and men, with an expressive sense of

colour and style.

Closed on Thursday and Sunday

34 Sjapoo

Sluizeken 29

Ria Dewilde designs hats for all occasions,

and also sells clothing collections by

Françoise Pendville and

La Fee Maraboutée among others as well

as jewellery and accessories.

Closed on Sunday and Monday


35 Aap.Noot.Mies

Bennesteeg 1a

Hip nostalgia in this children’s shoes shop

with shoes up to size 35.

Closed on Sunday

36 Bar d’Oh

Onderstraat 21

Stylish luxury lingerie and swimwear in a

relaxed and dreamy boudoir atmosphere…

Closed on Sunday

37 Het Cooremetershuys

Graslei 12

A thirteenth-century building, which

houses a store selling original jewellery,

scarves, handbags, hats and ceramics,

which are mainly made in Belgium.

Closed on Monday morning and Tuesday

38 Dope

Onderbergen 74

Small, ubercool store for sneaker fans

with limited editions by well-known and

lesser-known but original brands and

trendy accessories.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

39 Edelgedacht

Juwelier Jan van Houtteghem

Henegouwenstraat 89

A jeweller with a surprising vision. Artfully

designed jewellery in precious metals

including some stunning traditional Baroque

designs and more ingenious gems.

Closed on Sunday, Tuesday and


40 Galerie Pont & Plas

Hooiaard 6

A collection of hand-made contemporary

jewellery by Belgian and international

designers for men and women.

Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

41 Ingrid Adriaenssens

Kammerstraat 11

Gallery cum workshop near Vrijdagmarkt

where Ingrid Adriaenssens creates and

sells her own contemporary jewellery


Closed on Sunday, Monday and Thursday

42 Kwesto

Hooiaard 4

Contemporary jewellery, with a distinct

style. Pared down, with an eye for detail.

Also sells wedding rings in gold and silver.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

43 Lineos

Henegouwenstraat 47

Refined, ultra-feminine lingerie, corsetry

and swimwear by designers with a unique

style. Elegant, seductive, somewhat

bolder but always refined.

Closed on Sunday

44 M.A.R.T.H.A.

Onderbergen 19

M.A.R.T.H.A. sells fashionable, artistic,

contemporary accessories at affordable


Closed on Sunday and Monday

45 Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver

Eekhout 16

Jewellery designer and goldsmith. Her

designs are only for sale in her own shop/

gallery. Custom-made exclusive wedding

and relationship rings.

Closed on Sunday. By appointment on

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


46 A’pril

Burgstraat 27

A striking store with one-of-a-kind, original,

colourful and fun stuff, both old-fashioned

and more modern designs, in the shadow

of Gravensteen.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

47 Atlas & Zanzibar

Kortrijksesteenweg 19

Small, independent travel book store,

with a good, representative selection of

maps, travel guides, travel logs and globes.

Advice included.

Closed on Sunday

48 Au Bon Marché

Hoornstraat 4

Inspiring, luxurious gift store on the corner

of Veldstraat with a wide and varied

selection of wallets, handbags, scarves,

caps, jewellery among others by Wouters &

Hendrix, as well as bath products, original

paper products and fun desk accessories.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

49 Boutique RougeNoir

Hoogpoort 19

Small but fun store chock-full of lifestyle

accessories and gifts. A must-see in Ghent!

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

50 Copyright

Jacobijnenstraat 8

International bookstore, specialising in

art, architecture, photography, design and

graphic design.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

51 Home Linen Kloskanthuis

Korenlei 3

Specialising since 1880 in bed, bath and

table linens, which are lovingly crafted in

the store’s own workshop. Also a lovely

collection of Victorian jewellery and

several original gifts.

Closed on Monday

52 Kathedraalshop –

Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent


Sale of items related to the cathedral, including

post cards, art books, posters and

so on. Other liturgical material.

Closed on January 1st and

during religious ceremonies.

Occasionally closed due to circumstances

53 Koffies De Draak

Goudenleeuwplein 1

Traditional roasted coffee specialities,

a wide range of teas, and exclusive sweets

and gifts.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

54 K.R.A.T.

Keizer Karelstraat 144/150

A wide selection of toys and other wood


Closed on Sunday and Monday

55 Monsters with an Attitude

Sluizeken 34

Trendy store with original, fun gifts for

babies and toddlers. The kind of birth gifts

that are always a hit.

Closed on Sunday

56 Petit Zsa Zsa

Serpentstraat 5

Zsa-zsa rouge spin-off for children

between the ages of 0 and 99 years with

fun must-haves, toys and clothes with

vintage touch. A festival of colour.

Closed on Sunday

57 Poëziecentrum

Vrijdagmarkt 36

The biggest selection of poetry in

Flanders and the Netherlands. Here you

will find volumes of poetry, anthologies,

poetry for children and teens, CDs

and DVDs and a wide range of ‘poetic

gadgets’ such as pillow covers, posters,

post cards and fridge poetry.

Closed on Sunday

58 Timmermans 1845

Kortemunt 5

A cosy gift store in a nostalgic interior.

Founded in 1844. The biggest collection

of pens in Belgium, as well as luxury

leathergoods, a wide selection of agendas

and many stunning gifts for the

(gentle)man in your life.

Closed on Sunday

Interior design

59 .Ydee

Oudburg 56

Smart design: innovative, sustainable,

affordable. Contemporary or traditional.

But always with character. Sustainable

materials and an ecological production

process. Quality at a fair price.

Closed on Wednesday and Sunday

60 Aksent

Hoogpoort 43

An excellent reputation in the world of

interior design, founded on 15 years of

experience. Reputable collections and

custom design.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

61 Art Nivo

Onderbergen 76

Furniture by international leading

designers and quality manufacturers,

which pride themselves on a long-standing

design tradition: B&B Italia, Cassina,

Knoll Studio, MDF Italia, Fritz Hansen and


Closed on Sunday

62 Atelier Vera Vermeersch

Rodelijvekensstraat 21

Traditional workshop where wall hangings

and floor rugs are made to measure,

based on designs by artists and designers,

or your own designs or children’s


Only by appointment

63 Bietini Design

Brabantdam 88

Contemporary, massive interior furniture

and sofas. Interior and garden

accessories and tableware. Bietini sells

affordable design!

Closed on Sunday and Monday

64 BijHuis

Sint-Baafsplein 66

A selection of fun small gifts and gadgets

and more prestigious gifts as well as a

nice selection of design classics: Alessi,

iittala, Rosenthal, Tivoli, KitchenAid.

The other store mainly sells Marimekko.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

65 Cargo

Kromme Wal 1

Cargo-art IS Pierre Misseghers.

A creative vision on light and lighting.

A lighting store in an art gallery. Custom

design and personalised lighting advice,

also in your own home.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

66 DECO 48

Onderbergen 46-48

Gifs, decorations and items for your

home. Exclusive distributor of BAOBAB

and CULTI scented candles, COSTES

home and body perfume.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

67 deDirekteurswoning

Opgeëistenlaan 2

Five floors of contemporary design

by prominent designers in a historical


Closed on Sunday and Monday

68 Huishuis

Burgstraat 12

The ingredients for a design home or a

warm nest.

Closed on Wednesday, Saturday and


69 Huiszwaluw

Hoogpoort 3b

The place to go for original gifts or finds

for your interior. A lot of Scandinavian

brands such as Ferm Living and House

doctor, as well as Ghent-based designers.

Closed on Sunday

70 Surplus Interieur

Zwartezustersstraat 9

Surprising and appealing selections

from the current design offering, which

can lead to exciting combos. The owner,

Linda Raets has an eye for up-and-coming


Closed on Sunday and Monday

71 Surround Lifestyle

Vlaanderenstraat 90

Innovative home accessories and hip

gifts by such brands as iittala, Eva Solo,

Menu, Bodum, Joseph Joseph and

Mandarina Duck.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Art, antiques and bric à brac

72 D & Art Galerie

Burgstraat 10

Modern and contemporary Belgian art,

CoBrA artists (Corneille, Alechinsky, Appel,

etc…), graphic design, statues, paintings.

International artists: Keith Haring,

César, Walasse Ting, David Spiller.

Closed on Monday, Tuesday and

Wednesday. Open from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

on other days

73 Galerie Lingier

Jan Breydelstraat 26

Modern art in the broadest sense, with

an art selection which pays tribute to the

evolution of Belgian 20 th -century art.

Open on Saturday, Sunday and holidays

from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

74 Galerie St-John

Bij Sint-Jacobs 15A

Purchase and sales of art and antiques.

Paintings and sculptures, silver and a

wide range of (art) objects and books

from 1700 until 1970.

Closed on Tuesday

75 Het Archief

Steendam 110

Retro design furniture, antique cabinets,

vintage tables and chairs, vases, tableware,

table lamps, old maps... you name

it, this store has it. If you are looking for

retro or old and for items with a certain

‘je ne sais quoi’ then you’ve come to the

right place.

Closed on Monday

76 Horta

Sint-Annaplein 73

Decorative and costume jewellery.

Items from all over the world.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

77 Cathérine Clarysse

Burgstraat 6

Cathérine’s very own ceramics studio,

where she creates household ceramics,

finished with her own glaze.

Open on Saturday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

or by appointment

78 Uit Steppe en Oase

Jan Breydelstraat 21

Mongolian furniture, ethnic carpets,

interior accessories, ethnic jewellery and

old beads. There is a popular summer

terrace behind the gallery (tea garden

and world cuisine).

Closed on Monday and Tuesday


79 Absoluut Design

Steendam 74

A fun no-nonsense setting with a wide

range of design products which have

already been presented at a fair or in a

showroom. This also explains why the

prices are so appealing. New items by

renowned brands such as Vitra, Kartell

at interesting prices.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

80 Be-Angeled

Rabotstraat 1 – 7

A new concept. You decide when you

want to shop: early in the morning, late

in the evening, alone or with friends.

Just book your appointment by phone or

by e-mail. Once a month the store opens

for four days to present the new monthly


Only by appointment

81 Broc en Bouche

Lange Kruisstraat 6L

Vintage, retro and new stylish clothing

by Belgian and foreign designers. Alterations

possible. Handbags by Delvaux,

Hermes, Burberry. Own designs including

dresses and handbags, with nostalgic


Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

82 Eva Bos

Vlaanderenstraat 66

Timeless collections and vintage collectibles

by Chanel. Own designs and

(bridal) dresses made to measure. The

shop resembles a Parisian boudoir.

Closed on Monday, Thursday and Friday

morning, Sunday

83 Galerie Design7 / Frederic Rozier

Nieuwpoort 7

A mix of design from the thirties to

the nineties, from various countries,

by different designers in various price


Closed on Monday, Tuesday and


84 Jacob

Bij Sint-Jacobs 7

Authentic retro clothes for children and

women. Unique items in the colours,

patterns and designs of the Sixties and


Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

85 Louise & Madeleine

Kraanlei 61

Hand-made gifts (jewellery, linens,

ceramics, etc.) by Belgian and foreign

designers. New fresh ideas with a hint of

nostalgia for times past.

Closed on Monday

86 Mis-en-plis

Hoogpoort 31

Two enthusiastic designers, Mayenne

Nelen and Laurence Vlerick. Mayenne

designs unique leather accessories while

Laurence has her own collection of

skirts and knitwear for women.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

87 Myriam Wulffaert

Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 85

Charming, chic vintage store, with

vintage clothing for festive occasions.

You can buy stunning originals without

going out of pocket here. Most items are

“refreshed” before being put up for sale.

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

88 N’ importe quoi

Burgstraat 11

Antiques store specialising in furniture,

lighting and objects from the fifties/sixties

with a wide range of Scandinavian


Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

89 Olga’s Retro

Korte Meer 23

Specialised in vintage snake and crocodile

leather handbags from the fifties

onwards and second-hand handbags by

such brands as Prada and Dior.

Also sells clothing.

Closed on Sunday, Tuesday and


90 Patricia Vintage

Henegouwenstraat 75

In addition to vintage items by exclusive

brands such as Chanel, Hermès,

Prada, Marni …the store also has its own

vintage-inspired collection of dresses,

skirts and suits.

Closed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday –

11 a.m.-1 p.m./2 p.m.-6 p.m.

91 Priem

Zuivelbrugstraat 1 – Kraanlei 8

Retro wallpaper, including paper, fleece

and vinyl. This shop is widely known in

Ghent, and any visit is always an experience.

Be sure to know what you want

before going in!

Closed on Sunday and Monday morning

92 The Fallen Angels Gallery

Jan Breydelstraat 29-31

Paradise for browsers with original old

advertising and film posters from the

early 1900s to 1970, old enamel signs,

old tins, toys and bears, kitschy post

cards... including collector’s items and

fun reproductions, which make excellent

gifts. Own collection of post cards,

posters, notebooks.

Shop Isabelle closed on Sunday,

Monday and Tuesday; Shop Ganesha

closed on Sunday

93 Zoot

Serpentstraat 8

Feminine, playful, upbeat, colourful

and a little bit vintage: these are the

keywords for the Zoot collection. Trendy

brands such as Edith & Ella, Magdalena,

Fever, Red Juliet, Pepa Loves,

Tatty Devine, ...

Closed on Sunday

94 Zoot Shoe-boutique

Hoogpoort 46a

Wide range of shoes and accessories in

the same upbeat and colourful atmosphere

as Zoot Costumiers. Also vegetarian

shoes by Beyond Skin.

Closed on Sunday and Monday

95 Zsa Zsa Rouge

Serpentstraat 22

Gift and accessories shop with colourful

and original bags, gadgets, clothes and

pure kitsch.

Closed on Sunday

Markets and shopping map Ghent for visitors

There’s so much more to shopping

in Ghent than this map

Good idea, citytripping to Ghent. Especially

when you love shopping! Ghent has Belgium’s

biggest pedestrianised shopping area with

loads of markets and shops. The city has all

the major chain stores as well as authentic

shops, trendy and more traditional places,

within walking distance of one another.

This map guides you to the various shopping

areas, each with their own personality and

includes a representative selection of typical

and distinctive Ghent shops, stores and markets,

which are original and just a tad different.

But be sure to follow your own intuition

and discover the many other surprising boutiques

and gadget stores in our city. And don’t

forget to share your experiences with us.

Trendy Ghent

This map first and foremost focuses on stores

that sell authentic products, which are typical

of Ghent. You won’t find any chain stores in

this list.

We also pay attention to those stores that are

off the beaten path. The kind of stores you

wouldn’t bump into.

In the stores on this map you will find gifts,

clothing (accessories) and souvenirs subdivided

into eight categories (see below).

You can also get some great deals in Ghent’s

markets. Real market fans can enjoy the

unique atmosphere of five typical Ghent

markets during the Sunday market walk.

We have indicated this walk in on the map.

Exploring the ‘hoods’

Just need some inspiration Then why not

walk from one neighbourhood to the other to

check out what’s available.

Langemunt – Veldstraat

Traditionally the main shopping streets of

Ghent with branches of small and big chains.


A pleasant, stylish shopping street, which

runs parallel with Veldstraat, offering a mix

of qualitative, original fashion, antiques and

interior design shops as well as some nice

places to lunch.

Bennesteeg – Sint-Niklaasstraat

Fashion for everyone, but especially for children,

in the streets off Veldstraat.

Voldersstraat – Hoornstraat

The widest cross street of Veldstraat.

A variety of food stores, as well as clothing

stores selling affordable fashions or couture.


Voldersstraat turns into Henegouwenstraat,

where the emphasis is on luxury, regardless

of the store’s speciality.

Mageleinstraat – Kalandeberg – Koestraat

Belgian fashions for all ages, but also a nice

selection of delicatessen and sweet shops.

Kortedagsteeg – Walpoortstraat –


Mainly fashion, casual chic for everyone,

sometimes in prestigious settings, such as the

Xandres flagship store, which was designed

by Glenn Sestig and the fourteenth-century

Wool Weavers’ Chapel with the women’s collection

of McGregor. Streetwear for hipsters

at one end of Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat and

around the corner, in Lammerstraat.

Brabantdam – Vlaanderenstraat – Zuid

Stylish menswear and women’s fashions and

original interior design stores. Shopping

Centre Gent Zuid has all the usual suspects.

Jan Breydelstraat – Burgstraat

Definitely the place for you if you love

bric-à-brac, art and antiques.

Serpentstraat – Baudelostraat – Oudburg

Near Vrijdagmarkt is a treasure trove of tiny

stores which do not really have a common denominator.

The locals love them and visitors

to the city also appreciate them!

Something for


eight categories

In order to ensure that you can easily find

what you are looking for we have subdivided

the list of shops in the following categories.

Each category has its own color.

Ghent specialities and souvenirs

Tierenteyn mustard, mastellen and several

other deliciously old-fashion sweets... Oh, the

choices! For those who prefer a more lasting

memento to take home, there are souvenirs


Designer fashions

Ghent is a rising star on the fashion front.

You can find stores that specialise in exclusive

designer fashions and accessories

around Vrijdagmarkt but also in streets that

are farther afield. Prominent Belgian brands,

as well as up-and-coming talent from Belgium

and abroad are given a platform here.

Made in Ghent:

fashion by Ghent-based designers

We already mentioned that Ghent is a rising

star when it comes to fashion stores but this

also applies to Ghent’s designers, who present

their original designs in their own stores,

which can be found all over the city centre.


If you are a firm believer in accessorising

then you will love Ghent. There are speciality

stores in almost all of the shopping neighbourhoods

which sell a wide range of designs

by Belgian and international designers.


Looking for an original gift but lacking the

inspiration There are gift shops all over the

city centre, which will help you solve your


Interior design

Hand-knotted rugs, furniture by contemporary

international designers... you can find

this and much more in the interior design

shops in Ghent. Some shops are a little

farther afield.

Art, antiques & bric-à-brac

The many galleries and antique stores in

Ghent sell modern and contemporary art as

well as retro design, Western and ethnic art.

The art and antiques market in Bij Sint-Jacobs

comes highly recommended. Many an

antique lover has already walked away with a

great deal!

Vintage and retro

The popularity of old (designer) clothes and

furniture led to a boom in retro stores.


You often best remember the ‘small experiences’

in a city. Ghent is really the place to go if

you like a taste of what’s on offer, along with

the locals. The Friday and weekend markets

also play an important role in colouring your


A Kouter

If you want to meet the locals then head over

to the Sunday flower market. Enjoy a delicious

espresso at La Dolce Barista on arrival

and end your visit with a fresh oyster and a

glass of white wine at the Blue Kiosk.

B Oude Beestenmarkt

On Sunday morning you will find chickens,

rabbits and other small pets looking for new

owners. What a contrast with the atmosphere

a few hours earlier. Several well-known rock

bands have their rehearsal spaces above the

many trendy bars.

C Bij Sint-Jacobs and Beverhoutplein

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning

the bric-à-brac market invades Bij Sint-Jacobs

square and market stalls turn this square

into a paradise for treasure hunters. You can

also browse several stores in the surrounding

streets if you haven’t found that bargain!

D Vrijdagmarkt

This large open market square has been

buzzing with activity for centuries. Every

Friday morning and Saturday afternoon

hawkers peddle their wares here. On Sunday

early birds literally (!) show off their colourful

plumage and singing skills.

E Groentenmarkt

The small farmer’s market on Friday morning

mainly sells organic vegetables and fruit. But

you can also buy bread and organic cheeses

here. On Sundays local artists sell decorative

items or other creations here.

F Ajuinlei

Book stalls along the water. No, this is not

Paris. It’s only a small step from flowers to

books in Ghent on a Sunday morning.

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