Planor MPT - Thorn Lighting

Planor MPT - Thorn Lighting

Planor MPT

A strikingly slim and elegant direct/indirect

T16 (T5) fluorescent luminaire with advanced

MicroPrism Technology

Planor MPT uses state-of-the-art

MicroPrism Technology (MPT) to

achieve the best of both worlds:

high lighting performance and

low glare ratings

The MPT optic directs light

to the task area and reduces

light at high angles that would

otherwise cause glare and

uncomfortable reflections.

The result is more light where

it is needed, which can be

controlled by a MiniSensa to

provide light only when needed

for optimal energy usage.

As a result, Planor MPT not

only provides aesthetic looks

and pleasant illumination, but

energy efficiencies according

to current regulations.

• Minimalist and slim design

(35mm) for modern office


• MicroPrism Technology optics

concentrate light on the work

area and eliminate glare

• Uplight/downlight:


• UGR < 13

• Lamps replaced from above

• Digital dimmable

ballast and MiniSensa

solution available

• 3 hour SelfTest or

Addressable Test

The design of the MPT optics will limit the

exit angle of the refracted light

Performance, Efficiency and Comfort (PEC) –

for a better lit environment

Planor MPT evokes the spirit of Thorn Lighting’s

dynamic, results-orientated PEC programme

The programme is based on

the principle that Performance,

Efficiency and Comfort determine

the effectiveness of lighting,

its impact on the people using

it, and its impact on the natural

environment. Planor MPT delivers

the right light on the right place

at the right time.

Performance: providing the

best visual effectiveness

• Well-illuminated workplaces

improve task performance and

occupant wellbeing. A UGR

< 13 for the Planor MPT

enhances task performance

and wellbeing

• The balance of uplight and

downlight creates a stimulating

environment and the use of

T16 (T5) lamps gives good

colour rendering

Planor MPT lighting

schemes meet task and

uniformity requirements for

different applications

Efficiency: conserving energy

and effort, reducing CO 2


and waste, providing lighting that

is practical and efficient to install,

operate and maintain

Lighting accounts for about half

of total electricity consumption

in modern office buildings.

Planor MPT optimises energy

consumption by focusing light

onto the task area and away

from the discomfort glare angles

• Digital dimmable ballasts and

built-in sensors reduce power

consumption even more

Comfort: giving people

satisfaction and stimulation

• The even illuminated surface

of the Planor MPT is pleasant

to the eye and provides a

good vertical component

of illuminance, ensuring

good modelling of people

within a space

• Being part of the Planor family

allows for project integration

in complete buildings, giving

a modern and professional

lighting solution

• Lamps are hidden from

direct view


Planor MPT


21W, 28W, 39W, 54W

T16 (T5) (FDH) linear fluorescent,

cap: G5


Frame: aluminium powder coated


Brackets: aluminium anodized in

natural colour.

Refractor and controllers: acrylic.

Top Cover: clear polycarbonate.


Adjustable wire suspension

(2m) with Quick-locks included.

Fitting is supplied with 2.5m cable.


Designed and manufactured

to comply with EN60598

and EN55015

(emergency versions:


Class I electrical

850°C fire retardant



To specify state:

Suspended ultra slim luminaire

for T16 (T5) lamps with aluminium

frame, MicroPrism Technology

lighting system and UGR

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