Top performance. Heavy duty technology. Superior economic ...


Top performance. Heavy duty technology. Superior economic ...

Mobile walking excavators

Top performance. Heavy duty technology.

Superior economic efficiency. Premium comfort.

For more than 40 years, KAISER has been standing for

Top Performance

in the development of mobile walking excavators

What Josef Kaiser had started in 1965 with the develop-

ment and production of the first walking excavator –

the so-called MUK – KAISER as the technological leader

has kept until now. Those who have closely followed the

mobile walking excavator industry in the past decades

will know our milestones: KAISER X4, TurboMobil,

TurboStar and KAISER S-Series. They had all been

the performance standards of their time and were

models for the entire industry.

What's top performance for us:

• Efficient power

• Sensitive hydraulics

• Optimum stability

Heavy duty steel construction

Customer satisfaction and our customer's

economic success are a central focus of our


Our international experience of many years provides

us with a thorough understanding of our customers'

environment. In a cooperation based on mutual trust,

we are developing application-oriented solutions

which will provide you with crucial competitive



First walking excavator

1976: KAISER X4

1979 First walking excavator

with hydrostatic drive

1986: X4M-TurboMobil

1991: TurboStar

1996 First walking excavator

with four-wheel drive

1998: KAISER S2

Trendsetting boom kinematics

2001 Application of all wheels


2007: KAISER S3

Sensor steering and

electronic driver assistance


Intelligent technology,

optimum stability, heavy duty design and construction –

those are typical KAISER characteristics

Optimum stability. The most extreme conditions bring out

the best of KAISER mobile walking excavators in terms of

engineering and performance. Their operational weight

is considerably lower than that of standard excavators

in the same power class; that's why KAISER excavators

move absolutely sure-footed even in extreme terrain.

Their heavy duty booms are impressive with enormous

reaches and excellent lifting capacity which can really be utilized

because of the excavators' great stability.

You can choose among different variants – each adjusted to its

primary field of application: designed for maximum climbing

properties or the most versatile mobility, with 4x4 models as

multi-functional carrier equipment.


Efficient performance,

realized for flexible applications

in the most difficult terrain

Sensitive hydraulic system. Head start through

power and engineering – KAISER's motto for

setting new standards in the segment of mobile

walking excavators. KAISER's development

concept relies on proven hydraulics components

which are convincing in sensitivity, thus enabling

fast, controllable movements.

Efficient engine power. The latest diesel engine

generation excels with lower emissions and the out-

standing torque available even at low rpm’s. All

KAISER products are also available, of course, with

environmentally friendly particle filters.

Modern fan management. Electronic fan

management provides for optimum operation

temperature at any time; it will lower fuel con-

sumption and keep the noise level at a minimum.

KAISER's fine tuning of diesel engine, hydraulics

and cooling system significantly lowers diesel

consumption and exhaust emissions. Its perfor-

mance values still remain the industry's reference


Nm Torque curve





800 1200 1600 2000 2400


Perkins 1104D-E44TA

Most powerful torque diesel engine of

its class thanks to 4-valve technology.

Engine power



Mobile excavator

Crawler excavator






4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

Weight (to)

Performance comparison of mobile

walking excavators with other construction





economic efficiency,

because work and adoption should be worth it.

Economic efficiency is manifest not only in top

performance and low fuel consumption but also in all

other factors which are important for performance and

lasting value:

• Operator training

• After-sales service

• Operation period of the machine

• Lifetime

• Resale value

• Excellent workmanship

KAISER mobile walking excavators are manufactured

according to the highest quality standards.

• Welding procedure EN* 24063 - 135 MAG*

• Strength and bending analyses by means of

FEM* calculations of the steel construction

• Multiple-body simulations of dynamic loads

• Many years of practical experience

For KAISER, quality is not only limited to the products

but applies comprehensively – especially in contact with

customers: "Whatever we'll do, we'll do it right."


Our comprehensive spare parts warehouse is excellently stocked

so that we are able to respond fast to virtually any demand. Its

high percentage of own manufacture allows KAISER great flexibi-

lity in spare parts availability.

* EN=Europa Norm / MAG=Metal Active Gas (welding procedure) / FEM=Finite Element Method


Premium comfort –

because you should feel well

in your job

Your health and your well-being are important to

us; KAISER therefore cooperates closely with uni-

versities and institutes on the subjects of noise,

vibration, temperature and ergonomics.

Clearly arranged cabin. The comfortable cabin

with a clear all-around view is appealing with its wide

entrance, its spacious inside, and the ergonomic

adjustability of its operating elements. Hydraulic

bearings and hermetic insulation achieve lowest vibration

and noise rates. Serial equipment are an air-cushioned comfort

seat with a high backrest and many adjustment features, sun

blinds and, a hydraulic cabin tilt device. Optional equipment with

air conditioning and stationary heating provide for comfortable

working conditions in summer, as well as in winter.

Tested safety. The modern KAISER safety cabin has been tested

according to DIN ISO 3471 and DIN 24090 ROPS* and FOPS* and

provides maximum safety at work.

Ergonomic control. KAISER Futura ® joysticks allow very

sensitive movements and ensure non-tiring and efficient work.

All functions are directly performed via the joystick and the

three ergonomically arranged foot pedals.

* ROPS=Roll-Over Protective Structures / FOPS=Falling-Object Protective Structures

Futura ® -Joystick

The specific ergonomic

properties were optimized

in cooperation with the EU

project "Eurocabin project".




at 6.9 t


stability and

performance in

classic walking

excavator job


at 8.5 t

Leading edge

technology for

classic mobile

excavator work.


KAISER product range,

developed according to your requirements


at 9.8 t

Top performance

for versatile use

and flexible



at 10.2 t

Best climbing


with maximum




at 10.9 t


carrier equipment


at 10.9 t

Specialist for

applications in

water areas and



KAISER accessories

for a variety of use.


bucket (rock)

Grapple bucket

Brushcutter Winch

Concrete crusher

Rock bucket

Humus bucket


bucket (hydraulic)

Side angler with integrated

quick coupler „Rotor-Blitz“

• Demolition hammer

• Drill rig

• Harvester head

• Forestry winch

• Off-road chains

• Manual demolition


• Crane jib

• Mower

• Sludge pump

• Ripper tooth

• Soil separation bucket

• Street pads

• Swamp pads

• Vibration plate

Quick coupler



at 11.3 t

Ideal carrier for




Headquartered in Liechten -

stein, KAISER AG has established

a strong international

market position as the leading

manufacturer of mobile walking

excavators, municipality and

special application vehicles.

With numerous innovations

over several decades, we have

been able to decisively influence

both industries.

For us, the sale of a product

is not a conclusion but a


We will help and support you

Dealer Stamp

so that you will be able to fully

utilize the potential of our


It is our objective to get you

excited about the products and

services of KAISER AG – bakked

up by a team of more than

200 employees and by myself.

Markus Kaiser

General Manager, Chairman of

the Administrative Board

242042010 Technical changes are possible without further notice!

Mobile walking excavators


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