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The Beersheba Advanced

The Beersheba Advanced Technology ParkDescription of the ProjectThe Project is intended for the advancement of the Negev in general andBeersheba as a technology and industrial metropolis in particular. TheProject's aim is the creation of quality employment for graduates of theinstitutes of higher education and creation of an advanced industrial andtechnological infrastructure which will be able to benefit from the researchand educational infrastructure of the nearby Ben-Gurion University. ThePark is located in the vicinity of the new Beersheba railway station. Hitechcompanies in Israel and abroad that are engaged in science-basedindustry research and development will be concentrated in the Park. Itis intended that the science park will help speed up the processes ofeconomic and urban development of the Beersheba metropolitan area.Government investment in the Park amounts to approximately NIS 51Million. Construction of the Park is due to be carried out by an InternationalDevelopment Company and the first building is expected to be ready in2010.The Project is in collaboration with the Regional DevelopmentAdministration of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.Target Group:Technology Companies seeking a future location.5 < Invest in the Negev and GalileeMinistry of Indusry, Trade and Labor > Negev and Galilee Development Center

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