Plentiful drinking water at the touch of a button Aquatap - WF Senate
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Plentiful drinking water at the touch of a button Aquatap - WF Senate

AquatapPlentiful drinking waterat the touch of a button

Providing endless refreshments in the most compact of staffrooms, or asa stylish appliance in the busiest of catering kitchens, the Aquatap is theperfect drinking water solution. Boiling water comes as standard, thenit’s your preference. Upgrade to the boiling and ambient for the optionof cold drinking water or if chilled water is a must, then the Aquatapboiling and chilled modular unit will deliver the ultimate drinking waterexperience.Compact in design, and cool to the touch, the modern tap dispenserdelivers 30 cups / 20 mugs* of boiling water at the touch of a button; withbuilt-in dual safety controls to prevent accidental boiling water delivery.Choice is everything, and the Aquatap certainly offers this. The dispensingtap can be located just where the user needs it – whether on an existingsink or on a counter top unit – simply by using the drip tray accessory.And if filtered water is a preference then there is an option to buy aseparate filter system too. For applications where large volumes ofdrinking water is required, simply fit the additional extension piece to thedispensing tap, to enable the filling of large jugs, flasks and cafetieres.“The law requires that youprovide drinking water andis preferably from the publicsupply – bottled waterdispensers are acceptableas a secondary supply. Duringmeal breaks there should bea means of heating food orwater for hot drinks.”Source: Health and Safety Executive.Welfare at work.Guidance for employees on welfare provision 9/2011.* based on 167ml cup / 250ml mug2

Stylishly efficient...3

Undercounter design – maximises counter top spaceIntelliboilPlus – efficient management of the boiling cycleBoiling water safety switch – prevents accidental water dispensingIntegral electronic water conditioner – reduces scaleModular construction – heater and chiller are two separate units“Water should only be providedin refillable enclosed containerswhen it cannot be obtaineddirectly from a mains supply.”Source: Health and Safety Executive.Workplace health, safety and welfare.A short guide for Managers 9/2011.Overboil protection systemLED indicators – shows boiling water statusFilter accessory – choice to upgrade to filter30 cups / 20 mugs* of boiling water – immediate draw-off150 cups** chilled water – immediate draw-offTwo year warranty – with on-site parts and labourElectromagnetic wave generatorIncomingcold watersupplyAntennaConditionedwaterVariable frequency signalReliability is built in. Aquatap’s integral scale inhibitor producesa frequency signal which alters the structure of incoming waterto the heater, minimising calcium carbonate ions building uponto the internal hot surface of the unit, prolonging the timebetween maintenance.* based on 167ml cup / 250ml mug ** based on 200ml cup4

…and perfectly chilled.5

Aquatap efficiency and effectivenessInstant access to boiling water can save valuable time and money –and the Aquatap certainly delivers this with Intelliboil TM Plus. Thispatented, ultra-efficient hot water management system effectivelycontrols the boiling cycle for improved efficiency. Water is boiled inIntelliboil Plus cycleOngoingdemandNo demandReneweddemandresponse to usage – but if no water is drawn off for over an hour, it100reduces the maximum stored water temperature from 100ºC to 90ºC.This saves electricity until the Aquatap is used again – perhaps thenext day or after a weekend – at which time the normal boiling cycleautomatically resumes.Temperature (ºC)9896949290Not only is the Aquatap a modern alternative to the traditional vendingmachine, its abilities go far beyond drinks and snacks. From blanchingvegetables, to peeling tomatoes, couscous to jellies and custard thestylish Aquatap will grace any high demand kitchen application.30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 840 870 900 930 960Time (minutes)By using the Programmable timer accessory the Aquatap can be switchedon and off on a daily basis. This ensures greater economy when premisesare unoccupied for extended periods.Running costs – Aquatap vs. Kettle A typical commercial example15 persons in an office environment, each requiring a 250ml mug of drinking water duringfour break times throughout the day.Prior to the first use of the day any residual water in the kettle is discarded and isreplenished with fresh cold water at a temperature of 10ºC. Room ambient temperatureis 24ºC. Ingredients are placed into mugs whilst kettle is boiling.A kettle cannot dispense enough water to satisfy all 15 persons in one go (the kettle is filledto the full mark and boiled and 6 mugs dispensed, the same process is repeated fora further 6 mugs, the same process is repeated again but this time only 3 mugs dispensed –any water remaining in the kettle is allowed to cool until the next break).Daily running costsAquatap – £3.55Kettle – £10.51Aquatap savingsPer day * – £6.96Per year ** – £1670.40Calculations based on: * A standard electric tariff anda national average wage rate for an office worker.**Working 48 weeks at 5 days per week occupancy.6

DispenserHeaterChillerAccessoriesProgrammable timerBCB61181 A 430ACA59*55maxBCWater filter systemA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)Weight (kg)empty fullA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)Weight (kg)empty fullA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)Weight (kg)empty full235601182 -48035029611.5 16.540525540025 27FinishDie cast, chrome-plated body andbuttons.Safety featuresIntegral dual action safety featureto prevent accidental boiling waterdelivery. Boiling water deliveryindicator LED.*Extension piece accessoryCapacity5 litre – 30 cups (167ml) or 20 mugs(250ml) at one time.Rating2.5kW @ 240V (2.3kW @230V) torecover 135 cups (167ml) per hour.Outer casingWhite high impact thermoplastic.Thermal insulationCFC/HCFC free (ODP zero) premouldedpolystyrene andthermoplastic blend.Water containerMoulded Polyphenylene Sulphide.Removable steam condensationchamber for maintenance access.Heat unitLow watt density Superloy element forlong life.ThermostatElectronic to control watertemperature up to boiling point.Electromagnetic wave generator toreduce limescale formation.Safety featuresLow pressure vented. Dry startprotection by self-resetting bi-metalthermal cut-out. Boil-dry protection bymanually-resettable bi-metal cut-out.Rating180W @ 230/240V.Compressor power1/12 HP.Chilled water output30 litres/hour (6.6 gallons/hour) atnominal 10ºC.Rated pressure3 bar.Minimum inlet pressure1 bar.Outer casingBrushed stainless steel effect plasticcoated,corrosion-proofed steel.Water chilling systemHermetic ice bank direct coolingsystem.ThermostatAdjustable from 3ºC to 10ºC.Refrigerant140 grammes of CRC-free R134A.Drip trayDispenser extension pieceORDERING GUIDEProgrammable timer 95:970:124ORDERING GUIDEWater filter system 95:970:129Boiling water – includes single output dispenser and water heater 95:200:261Boiling and chilled water – includes dual output dispenser, water heater and water chiller 95:200:262Boiling and ambient water – includes dual output dispenser and water heater 95:200:263Water filter cartridge 95:970:130Drip tray 95:970:138Extension piece 95:970:139Specification Advice Hotline: 01603 420220 Email: 7

Drinking WaterHeatrae Sadia offers a range of drinking water solutions which can savevaluable time, money and energy. All of the models are plumbed directly tothe mains water supply to eliminate manual filling. Choose from wall mounted,floor-standing, counter-top and under-counter models to complement anycatering need.Supreme 150 / 165 / 180Instant boiling waterSupreme 150 SS / 165 SS / 180 SSInstant boiling waterSupreme 220 SS / 250 SS / 310 SS / 560 SSInstant boiling waterSupreme Counter TopInstant boiling waterSuperChill 25FChilled drinking waterSuperChill 25WChilled drinking waterWater heating catalogueOrder your copyof the ProductRange Cataloguefor full detailedproduct informationon all Heatrae Sadiacatering and waterheating products.ContactSpecification Advice HotlineT: 01603 420220 F: 01603 420229E: specifier@heatraesadia.comWeb www.heatraesadia.comHeatrae Sadia Heating Hurricane Way Norwich Norfolk NR6 6EA95 900 922 Issue 3 © Heatrae Sadia Heating 2012Heatrae Sadia Heating may introduce modifications to theirproducts from time to time. Consequently, the details in thisbrochure are subject to alteration without notice.PN 95 900 922 BJN 202432-012 FCN 418962-01

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