Chinese Swimming Club Bi-monthly Newsletter / May - June 2013
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Chinese Swimming Club Bi-monthly Newsletter / May - June 2013

Office BearersPatronsDr Tan Eng LiangMr Wee Cho YawManageMent CoMMitteePrESiDENT Mr Edwin LeeViCE PrESiDENT (General) Mr Peter LiewViCE PrESiDENT (Finance) Mr Vincent KuekCaPTaiN Mr Nicholas LimViCE CaPTaiN Mr John Chewstanding CoMMitteesauDiT ChairMaN Mr Tan Lai ChoonDiSCiPLiNarY PaNEL ChairMaN Mr Lee ChiwiFiNaNCE ChairMaN Mr Vincent KuekFooD & BEVEraGE ChairMaN Mr Jonathan KuahhouSE & GrouNDS ChairMaN Mr David KhoehuMaN rESourCE ChairMaN Mr Victor ChiaLiFESTYLE ChairMaN Mr Goh Peng KoonMEMBErShiP rELaTioNS ChairMaN Mr Lee ChiwirEDEVELoPMENT ChairMaN Mr Wu Chee YiunrEGioNaL NETWorKiNG ChairMaN Mr Dick LeeSPorTS & GaMES ChairMaN Mr Nicholas LimTENDEr ChairMaN Mr ronald Lamsub-CoMMitteesExErCiSE & LEiSurE CoNVENor Ms Sharon hengrECrEaTioN rooM i/C Mr Chew Sung KimDaNCE CoNVENor Mr Ng Yew ChyeSWiMMiNG CoNVENor Mr Danny LeeBaDMiNToN CoNVENor Mr ronald LamBiLLiarDS & SNooKEr CoNVENor Mr Michael hoonBoWLiNG CoNVENor Mr Joseph LowCoNTraCT BriDGE CoNVENor Dr Ng Keck SimGoLF CoNVENor Mr Dick LeeSquaSh CoNVENor Mr Ng Eik PinTaBLE TENNiS CoNVENor Mr Eric FongTaEKWoNDo CoNVENor Mr Phoon Siew BoonTENNiS CoNVENor Mr David KhoeWaTEr PoLo CoNVENor Mr Shawn LimLaDiES CoNVENor Mrs Jenny ChewYouTh & FaMiLY CoNVENor Mr richard ChooPubLiCation teaMEDiToriaL aDViSor rosalind TanEDiTor Chia Foong GheeWriTEr Michelle NgDESiGNErS hoit Lim & Chloe ThamTraNSLaTor Goh Beng ChinOpt to receivethe electronic copy ofFreestyle MagazineBe a part of our ‘Go Green’initiative and help ustake a step further on ourconservation campaign.Download the latest copy at expressed need not necessarily representthose of the Club. The Club accepts no responsibilityfor the quality of goods or services advertised. allevents, dates and times are accurate at time of print.We welcome comments or any other contributionsfrom members. Please send them to the GeneralManager/Secretary at the Club’s address. The Clubreserves the right to edit all materials or declinepublication. No part of this publication may bereproduced without the permission of the Club.Parties interested in advertising in “Free Style” maycall Communications & Graphics Department at6885 0655. a bi-monthly publication by ChiNESESWiMMiNG CLuB 21 & 34 amber road, Singapore439870.Tel: 6345 1221 or 6885 0688Fax: 6345 7134Web: by Mainland Press Pte LtdMiCa (P) No. 128/06/2012

Bulletin7SHowEr BEForE EnTEring THE PooLFor the general consideration of other members,swimmers are reminded to take a shower and use thefootbath before entering the pool.ErrATuMWe would like to apologise for the omission in printof Patron Mr Teo Chang Kwee under the Golf Sub-Committee on page 7 of the Annual Report Hogging oF nEwSPAPErFor the consideration and reading enjoyment ofother members, please be reminded to remove onlyone set of newspapers at any one time and return thesame after reading.100% MEMBErSHiP CHECkSTo protect the exclusivity of membership and toensure the security within the Club premises, theClub conducts suprise 100% membership checksevery week. Members are reminded that theirmembership cards are strictly non-transferable andall accompanying guests must be signed-in at thevarious entry points. We seek the cooperation of allmembers and their guests to show their membershipcards for checking when approached by the Club’ssecurity personnel and / or staff.CArEFuL uSAgE oF TEnniS, BAdMinTon &SquASH CourTSWe urge members to practice care of court usage byensuring that proper court footwear are put on beforeentering various sports’ facilities. We seek members’and guests cooperation on the following:1. No outdoors shoes are allowed onto the courts(ie. High-heeled shoes, golf shoes, soccer boots,shoes with black soles, safety boots and etc.)2. No player is permitted to play in slippers orbarefooted.3. Players who do not conform to these Bye-lawswill be asked to leave the court.Members will be fully responsible for any damagecaused by themselves or their guest(s). Any membercaught flouting the Bye-laws will be subject todisciplinary action and have their membershipsuspended.

10Sports Past EventsSWIMMING By Lyuina Lee44TH SingAPorE nATionAL AgE grouP SwiMMing CHAMPionSHiPS 2013The event was held at the Singapore Sports School from 15 to 17 March and 19 to 24 March respectively. Thechampionships also served as the selection platform for the upcoming Asian Youth Games to be held in Nanjing,China later in August.The CSC Junior team outperformed themselves and doubled last year’s Gold medal tally. Out of the 26 medallists,majority of them attained personal bests. Gabriel Koo took home 7 Gold medals and attained 6 personal bests.Maximillian Ang, despite suffering from a fractured forearm back in November had a speedy recovery and madecommendable efforts in winning 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze and also attained 3 personal bests.Gabriel KooMaximillian Ang with his Coach,Zhang JianlanDylan Koo with his Coach,Huang GuohuiWith the swimmers’ individual efforts, CSC moved up one place and ranked first for this year’s SNAG (Juniors)with 36 Gold, 20 Silver, and 25 Bronze.Dylan Koo moved up and competed in the SNAG (Seniors) this year, winning 4 Gold and 2 Silver and was onceagain awarded the Most Valuable Player Award but for the Boys 13-14 Years age group. Dylan also set new nationalrecords for the Under-14 100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly, 200m Individual Medley, and the 400m IndividualMedley which was previously held by Gerald Koh back in 1992. We have a total of 13 medallists for the Seniorgroup and almost everyone achieved personal bests.The CSC Senior team moved up one place as well and ranked second this year with 18 Gold, 12 Silver and 8 Bronze.Congratulations to the following medalists for their achievements and contribution:JuniorsAlexus Liew* Duane Seah* Joshua Lim* Natalie Ho*Aloysius Wong* Gabriel Koo* Jovan Tan* Tan Shang-Eve*Angela Wong* Gan Ching Hwee* Leow Li Shen Tan Shang-Gene*Charity Lien* Geraldine Leow* Matthew Ng* Tan Zhao Yun*Charla Tan* Jasmine Tan Maximillian Ang* Yvette Teo*Chelsea Khoo* Jolene Ong* Maximus Liew*Dexter Foo* Joseph Quek* Mitchell Ang*SeniorsAshley Tan* Constance Lien* Michael Yong* Xenia Chan*Bryant Low* Dylan Koo* Mylene Ong*Cheryl Lim Marina Chan* Samuel Koh*Christie Chue* Mark Chan* Wong Jun Bin**attained personal bests

Sports Past Events15CONTRACT BRIDGE By Jim Chee XianCSC ConTrACT BridgE rAndoM PAirCHAMPionSHiPS 201310 duos pitted their wits and skills againstopposing pairs in the Championships on 3 Marchat the Multi-Purpose Room, determined to bagthe championship title. After hours of toughbattle, the winning list was finally formed andthe players were rewarded by the scrumptiousdinner before the prize presentation.Champion2nd3rd4th5thYap Tek Kiat & Hah Kwai FunChia Chee Liong and DaisyNg Keck Sim & Ho Mok HuatMary Liew & Phang Siew LoonChiang Woon Seng & Regina HoTABLE TENNIS By Jim Chee XianCsC-rBsC taBle tennis interPort matChCSC hosted the Royal Bangkok Sports Club for the Table Tennis Interport Match at the Badminton Halls on 9March. It was a tough fight as CSC battled for the winning title and the endurance of our undeterred playersfinally paid off as they retained the Championship title.Aside the competition, all players had a fabulous game with the camaraderie shared. Club Captain, Mr NicholasLim, hosted the guests for a well-deserved dinner at the Activity Suites.Before the dinner came to an end, the CSC Table Tennis Patron-Advisor and kind sponsor of the gift tokens, MrKen Chan, presented the souvenirs to the guests.Club Captain, Mr Nicholas Lim, presenting the CSC-RBSC Challenge Trophy

IWI CATEGORY IEGORY i(PEE EEIEE WEE)(3 to 4 years olD)Every Sunday, 6.30pm to 7.30pm$107 per month (Additional $26.75 for any 5th week of the month)Junior TEnniS ProgrAMME By TAgClass Capacity : 4 to 6 pax(GIICATEGORY (GRiPPER)olD)IIii(5 to 6 years IID)II)CATEGORY LEvEL olD)IIIiiiIIIEL III1)(JuniORIIID) III)(7 to 14 years CATEGORY (JuniORLEvEL 2)(7 to 14 years olD)IVivIVLEIVEvIVvELIVELIVD)IV)CATEGORY CATVATEGORY VEGORY Vvv(JuniORVOR LEvEL LVLEolD)(JuniVVVEvVvEL VEL 3)(7 VDto 14 years Every Friday, 5.00pm to 6.00pmOrEvery Sunday, 4.30pm to 5.30pmOrEvery Sunday, 5.30pm to 6.30pm$107 per month (Additional $26.75 for any 5th week of the month)Every Friday, 6.00pm to 7.30pmOrEvery Sunday, 3.00pm to 4.30pm$160.50 per month (Additional $40.13 for any 5th week of the month)Every Friday, 7.30pm to 9.00pmOrEvery Sunday, 3.30pm to 5.00pm$160.50 per month (Additional $40.13 for any 5th week of the month)Every Friday, 5.00pm to 7.00pmOrEvery Sunday, 5.00pm to 7.00pm$214 per month (Additional $53.50 for any 5th week of the month)TEnniS PriVATE CoACHing By TAgLearn Tennis at your convenience and at your own pace! Sign up for Tennis Private Coaching by TAGCoaching Rates:*$80.25 per hour for one person *$101.65 per hour for three persons*$90.95 per hour for two persons *$112.35 per hour for four persons*Prices include 7% GST. Court booking fees excluded.For more information and enquiries, contact Aden Chen at 6885 0673

24F&B Past EventsiMPEriAL BEAuTy nigHTThree Bars was transformed into a Manchu inspired recreational suite on 15 February. The Emperor’s haremhad a rare out-of-the-court outing in celebration of the Chinese New Year on 15 February. A sweet shooter, the“Imperial Beauty”, was the feature beverage of the evening.BEACH PArTy nigHTPalm trees, seashells and necks endowed with floral garlands. Attendees had a splashing good time with thesassy Hawaiian girls as they indulged in a refreshing concoction, the “Beach Splashes”. The laid-back mood wasjust right especially with the beach inspired music provided by the live band.

26Lifestyle upcoming EventsCorE PiLATESWED, 5 JUN 133.00PM - 4.00PMStudio, SC (Level 2)Need more focus on strengthening and providing endurance to the corestabilisers? Increase toning and further develop muscles with this exercisewhich targets the shoulders, back muscles and abdominal areas.FEE : $128.40 (Member) / $192.60* (Guest)CAPACiTY : 10 - 12 paxSESSiOn : 10ABT CirCuiTTime Slot 1TUE, 4 JUN 13Time Slot 2WED, 5 JUN 1310.30AM – 11.30AM1.30PM – 2.30PMStudio, SC (Level 2)Feeling uncomfortable in your favourite attire? Target unsightly bulges at the abs,buns and thighs and attain a shapelier body.FEE : $128.40 (Member) / $192.60* (Guest)CAPACiTY : 10 - 12 paxSESSiOnS : 10For registration or enquiries, please contact Daphne Phoa at tel: 6885 0653 or email

Lifestyle Past Events29kAwAii Bunny BunS workSHoP For kidSNothing beats harvesting the fruits of ones labour. The long anticipated day of creating adorable bunnies hadfinally arrived. Beaming with great excitement, the estatic pack had a splendid afternoon as they indulged inconstructive gastronomic fun under the guidance of Instructor Christine - from simple kneading of the dough,wrapping the fillings, molding and basic food presentation.Cleverly creating the picturesque view of bunnies in the mud, the inlays of the boxes were generously sprinkledwith crushed chocolate biscuits and decorated with grass-like coconut shreds. Tadah! Mission accomplished.

30Lifestyle upcoming EventsMini duMPLing workSHoPSUN, 5 MAY 132.00PM – 5.00PMMulti-Purpose Room, SC (Level3)Share some home-made delicious mini Nonya dumplingsand “Kee Zhang” with friends and relatives. watch andlearn as the experienced culinary instructor, Mdm Tay,shares tips on achieving the perfect dumpling. Hurry!Limited seats available.FEE : $42.80 (Member) / $53.50* (Guest)CAPACiTY : 15 – 20 paxTALk on CoLorECTAL CAnCErSAT, 11 MAY 13 9.30AM – 11.00AMMulti-Purpose Room, SC (Level3)Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is thenumber 1 killer disease in Singapore. Hear from themedical experts of PanAsia Surgery and find out moreon the various causes, symptoms and precautionarymeasures.FEE : $5.35 (Member) / $16.05* (Guest)CAPACiTY : 15 – 20 paxHAwkEr FArEHAndS on CuPCAkE déCorworkSHoPSUN, 30 JUN 13 2.00PM – 5.00PMMulti-purpose Room, SC (Level 3)Surprise your guests with beautifully decorated cupcakesat the next party. Learn the art and techinques of thissimple decoration - from glazing, kneading, moulding,and the use of tylose to easy fondant sculpting. Eachparticipats get to bring home 4 cupcakes.FEE: $69.55 (MEMbER) / $80.25 (GuEST)CAPACiTY : 15 – 20 paxwaltZ (Beginner)WED, 8 MAY 13 8.30PM – 9.30PMStudio, SC (Level2)inSTRuCTOR : Mr Peter wongFEE : $64.20 (Member) / $92.02* (Guest)CAPACiTY : Minimum 10 paxSESSiOn : 8salsa (Beginner)Free Trial (member)WED, 15 MAY 138.00PM – 9.00PMActual ClassWED, 22 MAY 138.00PM – 9.00PMActivity Suite 2, SC (Level 3)inSTRuCTOR : Mr Dickson LeeTRiAL FEE (Guest) : $10.70FEE : $98.00 (Member) / $122.00* (Guest)CAPACiTY : Minimum 10 paxSESSiOn : 8“CoME wHAT MAy” dAnCE PArTySUN, 2 JUN 13 2.00PM – 5.00PMMulti-purpose Room, SC (Level 3)Hungry at the mention of Fried Oyster, Chwee Kueh andFried Kway Teow? Cook up a storm with these humblerecipes after a crash course under Mdm Tay’s guidance.FEE : $42.80 (Member) / $53.50* (Guest)CAPACiTY : 15 - 20 paxSAT, 18 MAY 13 7.00PM – 11.45PMActivity Suites, SC (Level 3)Come dressed in any attire of your preference and join usfor a night of delightful dancing. Limited seats available!FEE : $26.00 (Member) / $38.00* (Guest)

Calendar33JunE01 Saturday 02 Sunday03 MondayCholesterol & YouHawker FareTaekwondo Camp Cum In-HouseGames Tournament 2013Swim Safer AwardMorning Stretch*Time Slot 1*Power Stretch*Time Slot 1*04 Tuesday 05 Wednesday 06 ThursdayMorning Stretch*Time Slot 2*ABT Circuit*Time Slot 1*Power Stretch*Time Slot 1*ABT Circuit*Time Slot 2*Core Pilates(First Lesson)Swim Safer AwardSwim Safer Award07 FridaySwim Safer AwardPower Stretch*Time Slot 2*08 SaturdayChildren Ballet (Beginner I & II)13 ThursdayGeorge Wyndham WinePairing DinnerCSC Golf Patrons’ Cup2012/2013 Replay21 Friday 22 Saturday 30 SundayMacallen & BowmoreBack to School Night37th Novice Age Group GroupSwimming MeetHands On Cupcake DécorWorkshopON-GOING PROGRAMMESEvery MondayHatha Yoga For Health -LadiesYang Styled Taiji QuanChinese CalligraphyPilatesEvery TuesdayMorning Rise PilatesAerobicsPilatesEvery wednesdayChinese Brush PaintingPilatesBallroom DanceEvery ThursdayMorning Rise PilatesH.A.B.T Programme forWomenYang Styled Taiji QuanChinese Brush PaintingEvery FridayHatha Yoga for Health -(Ladies)Hatha Yoga for Health(Mixed Intermediate)Ballroom DanceEvery SaturdaySocial Dance NightChildren’s Ballet Class(Beginners I & II)Advanced BallroomPilatesEvery SundayTaiji QigongBeginnerAdvanced Ballroom

34regional networkingCORPORATE MEMBERSHIPJohor BahruPonderosa Golf & Country ClubWeekdaysS$5.00 administrativefee per pax payableto CSCMalaysia• Chinese Swimming Club, Penang• Penang Sports Club, Penang• Ipoh Swimming Club, Ipoh• Sunway Lagoon Club, KL• Holiday Villa Subang, KL• Kulim Club, KedahThe Philippines• Makati Sports Club, ManilaYonex, Prince, Dunlop, Li-Ning and more)*Except offer/sales items and shuttlecocks.BodS.BodyniTSPlaza Singapura#04-18AThe Central#02-50WeekendsS$10.00 administrativefee per pax payableto CSCThailand• Royal Bangkok Sports Club, BKK• The British Club, BKKB ConCEPTSLeisure Park kallang#01-64NOTEBuggy fee RM40.10 nett, inclusive of RM3.00golfing insurance, will be charged byPonderosa. Insurance fee will be waived whenmember produces his/her golfer insurancecard upon payment.Member’s guest ratesTue till Sun, 7.00am to 5.30pmWeekday AM & PM - RM120.00Weekend & Public Holiday - RM185.00(Excluding Sun PM)Sun PM - RM140.00Cancellation of bookings must be 48 hoursin advance, failing which there will be aS$10.00 charge on each golfer in addition tothe following charges by Ponderosa:AFFiLiATE CLuBSSingaporeChangi Golf Club(Open to CSC members on weekdays only)The green fees for CSC members inChangi Golf Club is as follows:18 Holes - S$40.009 Holes - S$30.00Sembawang Country ClubThe green fees for CSC members inSembawang Golf Club is as follows:Mon (pm only) - S$100 (2x9holes)Tue to Fri - $120 (18 holes)MalaysiaTiara Melaka Golf & Country Club,MalaccaOrna Resort Berhad, MalaccaPalm Resort Golf & Country Club, JohorindonesiaIndah Puri Golf Resort, BatamThailandGassan Group Golf Clubs, Chiang MaiVietnamSong Be Golf Resort, Ho Chi Minh CityrECiProCAL CLuBSChinaAmbassy Club, ShanghaikoreaThe Seoul Club, SeoulNOTEFor Reciprocal and Affiliate Clubs, callCSC for an introduction letter at least oneworking day in advance.PrEFErEnTiAL rATES - HoTELSSingapore• Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel• Furama RiverFront HotelMalacca• Hotel Equatorial• Hotel Explorer• Holiday Inn• Mahkota Hotel• Mimosa HotelCambodia• Himawari Hotel Apartmentsindonesia• Surabaya Plaza HotelBangkok• Hotel Novotel (Siam Square)Phuket• Andaman Beach Suites HotelHo Chi Minh City• Hotel Equatorialkuala Lumpur• Hotel Equatorial• Cititel (Mid Valley)• Micasa All Suite HotelPahang• Hotel Equatorial (Cameron Highlands)Penang• Evergreen Laurel Hotel• Cititel• G Hotel• Hotel EquatorialSPECIAL DEALS!!!Enjoy 15% discount on all regular priced itemswhen you present your CSC membershipcard at the following Sports outlets:(Terms & Conditions apply)10 & 10 SPORTS TRADINGBras BasahBlk 231 Bain Street #01-55Bras Basah Complex.Singapore Badminton Hall1 Lorong 23 Geylang(Applicable for Pro-Tech, Apacs, Pro Ace,west Coast Plaza#01-16/17/18USEFUL INFORMATIONWe would like to seek your cooperationagainst “no show” at the premises after theintroduction letter has been issued as it isin good faith that the privileges have beenextended to us.For hotel reservations, please bookdirectly with the respective hotels.G Hotel PenangClub Andaman Beach Resort, PhuketHotel Novotel, BangkokRBSC, BangkokFor enquiries, contactJeremy Cheng at 6885 0651 or call 6885 0688after office hours for assistance

Facilities37Reception counteRsFront office @ aPDaily 8.30am to 10.00pmSports Desk @ SCDaily 7.00am to 10.00pmMan ZhuMon to Thu 11.30am to 10.00pmFri & Eve of Ph 11.30am to 10.30pmSat 8.30am to 10.30pmSun & Ph 10.30am to 10.00pm(Last order 30 minutes before closing)thRee BaRsSun, Mon & Tues11.30am to 11.00pmWed, Thur, Fri & Sat11.30am to 12.00mnKTV room ChargesMando room (9 pax)Weekday -$15 per hourWeekend -$25 per hourBadMinton couRts (+)Daily 7.00am to 10.00pmPeak PeriodMon to Fri 6.00pm onwardsSat 3.00pm onwardsPh Whole DayCharges$8.56 (Peak), $6.42 (Non Peak)per court per hour$3.21 – Sun (Members’ Day)per court per hourCourt Closure For Club Team Training(6 Courts)Mon & Fri 7.00pm to 10.00pmCourt Closure For Junior Training(4 - 6 Courts)BilliaRds & snookeR loungeFri 2.00pm - 11.00pmall other days 2.00pm - 10.00pmPeak PeriodMon to Fri 6.00pm onwardsSat 3.00pm onwardsSun & Ph Whole DayFri 6.00pm - 11.00pm(Close for Section Members)Charges$5.35 (Peak), $4.28 (Non-peak)per table per hour12 lanesMon to Thu 12.00pm to 11.00pmFri & Eve of Ph 12.00pm to 1.00amSat & Ph 10.00am to 1.00amSun 10.00am to 11.00pmPeak PeriodMon to Fri 6.00pm onwardsSat, Sun & Ph Whole DayCharges (Nett)ordinary / associates / Sports (adult)$2.60 (Peak), $1.80 (Non Peak) per gameJunior / Child Member$2.00 (Peak), $1.50 (Non Peak)per gameMember’s Guest$3.20 (Peak), $2.50 (Non Peak)per gameSocial Member$3.70 (Peak), $2.80 (Non Peak)per gamesquash couRts (+)Daily 7.00am to 10.00pmPeak PeriodMon to Fri 6.00pm onwardsSat 3.00pm onwardsPh Whole DayCharges$4.28 (Peak), $3.21 (Non Peak)per court per hour$1.07 Sun (Members’ Day)Close for Section Training(all courts)Mon, Wed & Fri 7.00pm to 10.00pmtaBle tennis RooM @ sc (+)7.00am to 10.00pm daily$2.14 per table per hourClose for Section TrainingMon & Fri 6.00pm to 10.00pmswiMMing pool @ RcDaily 7.00am to 9.00pmcoMpetition pool @ scDaily 7.00am to 9.00pmPool Closure For Swimming Training(Whole pool)Daily (except Wed) 6.00am to 10.00amMon to Sat 5.00pm to 7.30pmWed (half pool) 5.00pm to 7.30pmBeginneRs’ pool @ scDaily 7.00am to 9.00pmPool Close For Swimming TrainingMon to Sat 7.45am to 10.00am /4.00pm to 7.30pm (half Pool)Sun 8.00am to 10.00am (half Pool)Fun pool @ scDaily 9.00am to 9.00pmwateR polo pool @ scFor training onlyPool Closure for Maintenance10.00am to 4.00pmMon @ rC and Wed @ SC(if Ph falls on a Mon or Wed,maintenance will be carried out thenext working day)FleXMon to Fri & Eve of Ph7.00am to 10.00pmSat, Sun & Ph7.00am to 8.00pmPeak PeriodMon to Fri 7.00am to 11.00am/ 5.00pm to 10.00pmSat, Sun & Ph Whole DayChargesSection Membership (unlimited use)ordinary / Corporate / associate /Spouse / Junior / Child / Sports (permember)@ $10.70 per monthSenior ordinary / associate / Spouse /Sports (60 years & above)(per member)@ $5.35 per month*Family Package 1 (2 members)@ $16.05 per month*Family Package 2 (3 to 4 members)@ $21.40 per month*Family Package 3 (5 members & above)@ $26.75 per monthWalk-in / Per Entryordinary / Corporate / associate /Spouse / Junior / Child / Sports (permember)@ $5.35 (Peak) / $3.21 (off-Peak)Senior ordinary / associate / Spouse /Sports (60 years & above)@ $3.21 (Peak) / $2.14 (off-Peak)Social Member (off-Peak only)@ $21.40 per hourGuest @ $10.70 (Peak) / $5.35 (off-Peak)+ Prevailing General Guest Feetennis couRts (+)Daily 7.00am to 10.00pmoff PeakMon to Fri 7.00am to 5.00pmSaturday / Ph 11.00am to 5.00pm$3.21 per court per hourPeakMon to Fri 5.00pm to 10.00pmSat & Ph 7.00am to 11.00am/ 5.00pm to 10.00pm$5.35 per court per hourMembers’ DaySunday 7.00am to 10.00pm$1.07 per court per hour1 hour per account onlyCourt Closure For Section TrainingMon & Wed 5.00pm to 8.00pm(2 Courts)Sat 3.00pm to 7.00pm (3 Courts)BasketBall couRtsDaily 7.00am to 10.00pmJoy luck coveSun to Thur & Ph 10.00am to 12.00mnFri, Sat & Eve of Ph 10.00am to 1.00amgaMes & RecReation RooMMon to Sun 1.00pm to 11.00pm(including Ph & Eve of Ph)Note:SC – Sports ComplexrC – recreation ComplexaP – arrival Pavilion+ Bookings can be made at the SportsDesk (SC) up to seven days in advanceon a first-come-first-served basis.There shall be no advance booking forMember’s Day (Sun).

Promotion ends:31 December 2013Referral Scheme for Ordinary/Associate MembershipReceive $200.00worth of credits for every successful referralReferral Scheme forTerm MembershipReceive $100.00 ( 1 Year Term)orReceive $200.00 ( 3 Years Term)worth of credits for every successful referral

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