BRAND COLLATERALIMPLEMENTATION GUIDEUse this guide as a reference for all parts of the hoteloperations where the new Hilton Brand Identity will beshowcased. In addition to this guide, please referencethe Hilton Collateral Brand Standards and Hilton BrandCollateral Printing Specs to ensure that all items usedin these areas of the property are printed in accordancewith Brand Standards.Please note: All samples shown are hotel propertydesigns. Resort designs are white rather than blue butthe rules remain the same.

FRONT DESKNo items apart from the HHonors sign may be placed on the Front Desk.KEYCARD - PREMIUM & STANDARDKeycards must be provided at check-in inserted into KeycardHolder. There are two design options available for standardKeycards as well as an optional executive floor Keycard. No thirdparty sponsorship is allowed on the Keycard.KEYCARD HOLDERHHonors Keycard Holder must be presented to the Guest uponcheck-in. No third party sponsorship is allowed on Keycard Holders.guest folios and safe deposit box recordThese items must include the latest property logo, design andcolor palette.MINI GUIDEAn optional Mini Guide can be provided to the Guest upon check-inat all properties. For resort properties this is mandatory.KEYCARD HOLDERKEYCARDguest folio ANDSAFE DEPOSITBOX RECORDMINI GUIDEThe Mini Guide provides useful information about the propertyand local area, as well as space for property specific promotionalmessaging. Multiple sizes/formats available based on theproperty’s needs.LCD SCREENSWhere LCD screens exist, brand approved background templatesand/or videos must be used at the Front Desk and throughoutthe hotel.LCDSCREENSHilton McLean Tysons Corner

GUEST ROOM DESKGUEST SERVICES DIRECTORYThe Guest Services Directory must be present in every guest room andbe placed on the desk. The In-Room Dining menu must be placed ontop of the Guest Services Directory.IN-ROOM DINING MENUThe In-Room Dining menu must be present in every guest room andplaced on top of the Guest Services Directory.HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESSINFORMATIONHigh Speed Internet Access (HSIA) information must be placed ondesk with HSIA desktop hub. This information should be included inthe Guest Services Directory where possible.GUEST SERVICESDIRECTORYHIGH SPEEDINTERNET ACCESSINFORMATIONIN-ROOM DININGMENUHilton Edinburgh Grosvenor

T:8”PR Signo fQC Signo fUser Signo fAE Signo fClient: 1_HILTON_BRANDJob Title: HOTEL_WELCOME_CARDMaterial Date: 12/5/ 1Cover Date: 12/5/ 1Cu rent Date: 5-17-2012 1:23 AMCreation Date: 5-17-2012 1:12 AMT:6”B:6.25”Customer: HILTONCampaign: HILTON_COLLATERAL_20 1Publication: NoneBleed: 6.25” x 8.25”Trim: 6” x 8”Live: NoneUsers: chris viteri/chris viteriPage:1 Fonts: Whitney (Book; OpenType)Link Names: Hilton_MSTR_Brand_Logo_Stacked_KO.eps, Regional_LockUp_KO.aiF:4”GUEST ROOMINKSCyanMagentaYe lowBlack75 Spring St, 2nd Fl or, New York,NY, 1 012 Tel: 212 625 6250511XXXXWELCOME NOTE CARDGuest rooms will have a Welcome Note and amenity/gift fromthe General Manager for all arrivals as per the Hilton Resortsstandards/training. This is a standard for Resort properties only.B:8.25”welcomeF:4”FS:3.8”WATER BOTTLE NECK TAG - 2 versions(free and cost)A Water Bottle Neck Tag must be placed on the bottle of water ina guest room. There are two Neck Tag options; one indicates thatthe bottle of water is complimentary, and if charging for the water,the other communicates a cost to the Guest. Please note: It is notmandatory that water bottles be placed on the desk. They can beplaced anywhere in the room.WATER BOTTLE NECK TAGWELCOME NOTEHilton Edinburgh Grosvenor

Type of CallB:3.75”T:3.5”S:3.1”RaTes(*)Direct Dialed-Bill-to-the-Roomroom-to-roomno Charge911 no Chargelocal$1.00 + 10¢ per minute after 60 minutes800/888/877 Toll free no charge under 60 minutes10¢ per minute after 60 minuteslong Distance DomesticaT&T operator assisted rate,less 50% surchargeinternationalaT&T operator assisted rateDirectory assistance local $1.00long Distance $2.00Calls Billed to Calling Cards, Credit Cards, Collect and Third party, etc.Calls Billed to Calling Cards, Credit Cards, no charge under 60 minutesCollect and Third party, etc.10¢ per minute after 60 minuteslocal and long Distance Telephoneno charge under 60 minutesCompany operators10¢ per minute after 60 minutesother Common Carriers &no charge under 60 minutes1010xxx 0+10¢ per minute after 60 minutes* applicable taxes will be added. rates are subject to change.local long distance or international please direct complaints to:calls will be billed to your account only federal Communications Commissionif the called party answers.fCC enforcement DivisionCCB room 6202You may obtain free rate information atWashington, D.C. 20554any time by dialing 9+00 and ask theoperator for aT&T’s operator-assisted Complaints for orlando Telephone mayrate. hilton subscribes to aT&T long be directed to +1 888 996 6287Distance and network pTs operatorComplaints for network pTs may beservices. orlando Telephone is ourdirected to +1 866 512 7906local carrier. You have the right to reachother long distance carriers from this Complaints for aTT may be directedtelephone and you may do so by dialing to +1 800 225 5288the access code provided by that carrier.Customer: HILTONClient: 1_HILTON_BRANDCampaign: DESIGN_AND_DEVELOPMENT_USDPublication: NoneJob Title: TELEPHONE_INFORMATION_Bleed: 3.75” x 7.25”Material Date: 1/20/1275 Spring St, 2nd Floor, New York,NY, 10012 Tel: 212 625 6250Trim: 3.5” x 7”Cover Date: 1/20/12Live: 3.1” x 6.6”Current Date: 3-14-2012 11:24 AMCreation Date:Users: Kristin Stevenson/Lisa Scala1-27-2012 5:53 PMPage:1 Fonts: Whitney (Book, Bold; OpenType)Link Names: Hilton_Brand_Stripes.eps,, Regional_LockUp_KO.epsT:7”User SignoffQC SignoffPR SignoffAE Signoff5118254_TELEPHONE_RATE_CARD_Page_1.pgs 03.14.2012 11:24 CMD_NY_PDFINKSCyanMagentaYellowBlackGUEST ROOM BEDSIDE TABLETelephone DialinginformaTion & raTesGUEST ROOM NOTEPADOR LOOSE NOTES IN HOLDER AND PENA guest room Notepad/paper must be placed next to one telephonein every guest room. Properties may use either the Notepad and thebrand approved pen or the approved loose notes in a holder with anaccompanying pen.telephone rate CARDA Telephone Rate Card must be placed next to one telephone inevery guest room.TELEPHONE RATE5118254CARDS:6.6”B:7.25”GUEST ROOM NOTEPADOR LOOSE NOTES INHOLDER AND PENHilton Kuala Lumpur

GUEST ROOM CLOSETLAUNDRY & VALET ITEMS FORMA Laundry & Valet form (combined with a Laundry Bag) mustbe placed in the closet in all guest rooms. Update all logos in linewith new guidelines.LAUNDRY BAGA Laundry Bag (combined with a Laundry & Valet form) mustbe placed in the closet in all guest rooms. Update all logos in linewith new guidelines.

GUEST ROOM TVROOM TV SCREENIn-Room TV screen display must follow the Hilton Brand Identitywhere the system allows. The design of the display must bebrand approved.This design is an example only. For specific design questionscontact your regional Brand Marketing Manager.

BRANDCOPYLockedPROPERTYSPECIFICEditable???Maxime inStandards toconfirmBRANDCOPYLockedWOULD YOU LIKE TOTHIS IS NOW A 2PP CARD BUT CAN BE ADJUSTED TO ANY FORMAT REQUIREDHELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE?Our Conserve to Preserve program helpsus to save water and energy in all of ourlaundry facilities.the morning.If you’d like to helpIt’s really simple. Your Hilton Serenity Collectionlinens and towels are freshly laundered for yourarrival. We give you the choice for when youwould like to have them changed.BED LINENSOur standard is to change your bed linens every three daysand again after check-out. If you would like your linens changedsooner, please place this card on your pillow inBATH TOWELSBath towels should be placed on the hook or towel bar touse again. If you leave a towel on the floor, it will be pickedup and laundered.Hilton Conserve to preserve Card HOTEL AW05.indd 2 22/06/2011 17:35BRANDCOPYLockedHilton Conserve to preserve Card HOTEL AW05.indd 1 22/06/2011 17:35GUEST ROOM BATHROOMCONSERVE TO PRESERVE CARDA Conserve to Preserve card must be placed in theguest room bathroom.BackFrontHELP MAKEA DIFFERENCESocial ImageCONSERVE TOPRESERVE CARDHilton Sa Torre Mallorca Resort

GUEST ROOM BEDTHE BEDThe surface of the bed and pillows must be completely freeand clear of any print collateral at all times. No collateral itemsare to be placed on the bed or pillows for any reason.Hilton Singapore

FRONTB:4.25”T:4”Customer: HILTONCampaign: HHONORS_COLLATERALPublication: NoneBleed: 4.25” x 11.25”75 Spring St, 2nd Floor, New York,NY, 10012 Tel: 212 625 6250Trim: 4” x 11”Live: None511XXXX Users: chris viteri/Daniela CaicedoPage:1 Fonts: Whitney (Book, Medium; OpenType)Link Names:, Regional_LockUp_KO.aiT:11”BRAND COPYLocked - Alt optionavailableClient: HILTON_MASTERJob Title: DND_DOOR_HANGERMaterial Date: 12/5/25Cover Date: 12/5/25Current Date: 3-30-2012 12:13 PMCreation Date: 10-14-2011 1:07 PMUser SignoffQC SignoffPR SignoffAE SignoffINKSCyanMagentaYellowBlackDIE_SCORE_HOLESB:4.75”T:4.5”User SignoffCustomer: HILTONClient: HILTON_MASTERINKSCyanCampaign: HILTON_COLLATERAL_2012MagentaPublication: NoneJob Title: BREAKFAST_DOORHANGERYellowQC SignoffBleed: 4.75” x 15.05”Material Date: 2/15/25Black75 Spring St, 2nd Floor, New York,NY, 10012 Tel: 212 625 6250Trim: 4.5” x 14.8”Cover Date:DIE_SCORE_6/4/25HOLESLive: NoneCurrent Date: 3-30-2012 12:14 PMPR SignoffCreation Date:Users: chris viteri/Daniela Caicedo11-23-2011 1:24 PMPage:1 Fonts: Whitney (Book; OpenType)AE SignoffLink Names: CB_Breakfast_Toast.tif (300 ppi; CMYK), Regional_LockUp_KO.aiT:14.8”GUEST ROOM door knobBREAKFAST DOOR HANGERBreakfast Door Hanger must be placed on the inside door knobin every guest room. This item must not be placed on the bed.DO NOTDISTURBB:11.25”do not disturb/no thank youDo Not Disturb or No Thank You Door Hanger must be placedon the inside door knob in every guest room. This item mustnot be placed on the bed. This should be placed in front of theBreakfast Door Hanger.DO NOT DISTURBDOOR HANGERB:15.05”BREAKFASTIN BEDBREAKFAST DOOR510XXXXHANGERHilton Queenstown

NOTEWe have setup these cards at a size of 3.5” x 2.1875”– A slightly larger than current US standard sizeHilton Business Cards CORPORATE AW04.indd 2 22/06/2011 18:23OFFICE STATIONERYBUSINESS CARDSTeam members and hotel management at Hilton Hotels& Resorts properties must use the brand approvedBusiness Cards. Two options are available includinga standard version and a higher-end version with thedifference being in the paper stock. Dual languageoptions are also available via HiltonART.POWERPOINT TEMPLATEPowerPoint presentations that are presentinginformation only about a Hilton property or aboutHilton Hotels & Resorts must use the brand approvedPowerPoint template, which is available throughHiltonART.EMAIL SIGNATUREEmail signatures using the brand approved design andlayout must be used when sending emails. This appliesto all Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties, and brandmanagement teams. The email signature must notcontain any banners, images or additional logos.Hilton Osaka

LOGO TO BE EMBOSSEDOdipsandipsam autent im,ccus ad moluptae maioriae. Evenis enis proribu stiuribea por architatur? Quid queprentur itatintia sin percipic tem et di re, aut eserfer ibusam aribus quiatur aut modmaximus etur, si doluptae. Nam nobitiant quas aut omnihictio inum quatet magnihicidque quam essimeni alite ressitatur? Sed qui di venimus, et volorpo rempore veribusdolupita sitatem imus, sanihil lecus, ellam, optation comnit accabore erunt occaboraudi nis deleniam, quiam del everumq uaspiendi blacepra ventio te sum fugitatus etremquia antio bernam auda voluptibusam et as dolorem peditia quaspe prerum, cus,conectem ra es volo blab id et rerovit quid qui con nusaeceatum autat hit ute numvent rerum explaboritis sit optatur, sum exceror as explique ipsum dolum volor ratiaeos quodit harciissi ducium sant.Iqui bearumento volupta volum quo quam, odia pa aut untes ea soles re essimresequam quideru mquossimusda dolut milis eritatiis dis nonsequiant ime sequique officimus modit ma as volor si quo eatibus voluptatem faccupta nulla consediseiur autemos il ipsaectur si omnimag nistis volupiendi tem hil illestio. Nem invelestiut re volessintia sit et, experchil illaborest audam intur molorer chitia debis volorroratqui re cum incte et fuga. Nias andelenis si qui reprates asperi niscimo ditiuntemdunt ommo tem rempos ius sum fugite et pos eum andae volorep udaectia non perromodiate mporum, conseque sint.Ita natia dolorup taquatet que des dolupta quianimusam, utecus auteturit laccabo.Itatent.Porepe peribus. Unto occabor eprorecabo. Xerepre mporum dolupidigent revolorumquiae rerovide doluptatium rempore, aut quo dipsant otatur?Am liquibe rsperunt.Em con et vel ipsapietur? Ovidem et inus re dempos molorro blam et evelique nisalia quam quam dunti sinvele sequis restione nonsequae intio et quat qui ut ea voloraut rae nusam cusapel essimus citiorite consequas nectatur aperum ad quam, quedoluptae volupta erovitiati dolor maios ea verume endaeperum fuga. Mus samevolorporio et aliqui utem in pratur, cuptas quiaestia dolorem apic tet quis asinctur?Quid explici litate vitatur, con nus es il in nemod magnihi llesed quiscit quid qui teminciduc imagnis et et qui blantemHilton Worldwide Headquarters | 7930 Jones Branch Drive | McLean, VA 22102 | USA | T: +1 703.883.1000Hilton Rebrand Corporate Letterheads AW01.indd 1 20/04/2011 10:58Hilton Worldwide Headquarters | 7930 Jones Branch Drive | McLean, VA 22102 | USA | T: +1 703 883 1000T:11”Customer: HILTONClient: 1_HILTON_BRANDCampaign: HILTON_COLLATERAL_2011Publication: NoneJob Title: BILL_FOLIO_RECEIPT_2C_LTRBleed: 8.75” x 11.25”Material Date: 12/5/25Trim: 8.5” x 11”Cover Date: 12/5/25Live: NoneCurrent Date: 1-6-2012 12:55 PM511XXXXCreation Date:Users: Kristin Stevenson/chris viteri1-6-2012 12:50 PMPage:1 Fonts: Whitney (Medium, Book; OpenType)Link Names:, Hilton_Surfers Paradise_Logo_Stacked_PMS7463.eps, HHonors_Logo_Horiz_Flat_K.epsHilton Rebrand Corporate Letterheads AW02.indd 1 18/08/2011 16:28INKSCyanMagentaHHR_Dark_Blue_7463T:8.5”OFFICE STATIONERYLETTERHEADBrand approved templates for Letterheads must be usedby all properties.FAX COVER SHEETBrand approved templates for Facsimiles must be usedby all properties.MEMORANDUMBrand approved templates for Memorandums must beused by all properties.LOGO TO BE EMBOSSEDENVELOPESBrand approved templates for Envelopes mustbe used by all properties.Dolphin ManageMent pty ltD traDing as hilton surfers paraDiseLicensee – Mark Berry | 6 Orchid Avenue | PO Box 2505 | Surfers Paradise | Queensland 4217T: + 61 (0)7 5680 8000 | F: +61 (0)7 5680 8080 | E: | surfersparadise.hilton.com13 0 HILTON (445 886) | ABN: 59 117 546 479 | Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 | Trust Account ReceiptFrom:Room No:75 Spring St, 2nd Floor, New York,NY, 10012 Tel: 212 625 6250User SignoffQC SignoffPR SignoffAE SignoffYellowBlackBILL RECEIPTS/INVOICESThese items must include the latest Hilton logo, designand color palette.

PLEASE SEE IMAGE DECK FOR OPTIONSTHIS IMAGE IS A STOCK IMAGE THAT EXISTS IN THE IMAGE DECK FOR THIS ITEM.LOW RES PREVIEW AT THIS STAGEFORTHE KIDSHilton Kids Menu AW03.indd 1 19/07/2011 14:24NOTETO BE PRINTED ON A HEAVYMATT LAM STOCKBRANDHeader copylockedEDITABLE IMAGEFOOD & BEVERAGEA concept restaurant or bar is defined as an outlet that has its own identity, branding or logo. If youdo not have a branded or concept outlet, you must use Hilton brand identity in the outlet. Otherwiseyou may use the identity of the outlet.RESTAURANT MENUA Restaurant Menu must be available in all restaurants.Properties with a specific restaurant concept must usea menu that reflects their restaurant identity. For anyproperties that do not have a restaurant concept, thedesign of the menu must follow a customizable brandapproved design available via HiltonART.LOUNGE/BAR MENUA Lounge/Bar Menu must be available in all lounges orbars. Properties with a specific lounge/bar concept mustuse a menu that reflects their lounge/bar identity. Forany properties that do not have a lounge or bar concept,the design of the menu must follow a customizable brandapproved design available via HiltonART.SHAPE OPTION 1CHILDREN’S MENUA Children’s Menu must be available in all restaurants,lounges or bars, to be presented only when requestedby a Guest. Alternative to a separate menu, the Children’sMenu items may be incorporated into a children’s sectionwith the main Restaurant Menu.When a separate item, properties must use a designthat is appropriate for children while aligning with theoverall look and feel of the main menu(s). For propertiesthat do not have a restaurant/lounge/bar concept, thedesign of the menu must follow a customizable brandapproved design available via HiltonART.Hilton Budapest

eakfastat hiltonFOOD & BEVERAGEHILTON CORN STARCH CLEAR CUPS (12,16OZ)Brand approved templates for clear cups must be used byall properties.HILTON GENERIC 12OZ ECO SMART CUPWhere travel coffee/drink cups are used, brand standardEco Smart Cups must be used and follow the HiltonHotels & Resorts brand identity guidelines. This isexcept in the case of restaurants, lounges/bars or otheroutlets with their own specific identity in which case thecup can follow the outlet’s identity.BEVERAGE NAPKINSBeverage Napkins must be available in all F&B outletsand provided when a beverage is served at the bar.Two brand approved options in white and natural colorare available. For outlets with a specific concept, theBeverage Napkin can follow the outlet identity.TRAY COLLECTION CARDSThe Tray Collection card must be provided with all roomservice deliveries.breakfast at hiltonPlease reference all Breakfast at Hilton Standards to be incompliance. Menu templates and labels are available in thenew identity.Hilton London Tower Bridge

MEETINGS & EVENTSNOTE PAD AND PENThe Premium VIP or standard note pad and a pen must beavailable in all meeting rooms.NAME TENT CARDName Tent Cards must be available in all meeting rooms.ECO BEVERAGE COASTERSBeverage coasters must be available in all meeting rooms.Brand designed meeting coasters should be used, but ifa property has its own permanent durable coasters thatare of high quality, these can also be used.f&b labels or tent cardIf food and beverages are served at a meeting or event, thebrand approved label or tent card must be used. A propertydoes not need to use both of these items.ECO BEVERAGECOASTERSBeverage NapkinBeverage napkins must be available in all meetings or eventswhere food and beverages are being served. These must beHilton branded napkins for this use in meetings or events.NOTE PAD& PENNAMETENT CARDHilton Beijing Wangfujing

OTHERPET FRIENDLY DOOR HANGERProperties that participate in the Pet Friendly Programmust supply a Pet Friendly Program Door Hanger toGuests who will have pets in their room. The DoorHanger is provided to the Guest at check-in as part ofthe Pet Friendly Program package. This item must notbe placed on the bed pre-arrival.FLAGA Hilton Hotels & Resorts Flag must be used as theprinciple flag at all properties where allowed by local law.Flags must be replaced with the new version featuringthe updated brand logo.PROPERTY VEHICLE GRAPHICSAll property vehicles (including boats) used to transportGuests must display the appropriate brand identityelements as specified in the Hilton Hotels & Resorts brandidentity guidelines. All branded vehicles must adhere tothe new brand identity requirements by 12/31/12.RUGRugs must not contain a logo and must be a dark colorsuch as black or charcoal gray. Rugs need to comply tothis standard.TEAM MEMBER NAME TAGSAt all times while on duty, all hotel employees mustwear name tags/badges that adhere to the brandidentity guidelines.MAINTENANCE CARDA Maintenance Card must be provided uponmaintenance issues being checked or resolved in guestrooms. In instances where the facilities team has enteredthe guest room, the card must be placedon the guest room safe disclaimerThe disclaimer notification should be placed on theoutside of the safe.

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