Hilton Hotels & Resorts Master Brand Logo Guidelines

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Hilton Hotels & Resorts Master Brand Logo Guidelines

Hilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand logo1.1Hilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand guidelinesJULY 2011Hilton Hotels & Resorts master brand logo componentsThe Hilton Hotels & Resorts master brand logo consists of three elements:the Hilton Cartouche, the Hilton wordmark, and the Hotels & Resortsdescriptor, which always appears below the wordmark.The registered symbol ® is placed to the lower right of the Hilton Cartoucheas shown.Always use the master artwork of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts master brandlogo. The logo must be shown in its entirety; it should never be croppedor deconstructed. Do not place images, logos, or copy over any part of thelogo.Hilton CartoucheHilton wordmarkDescriptorThe Hilton Cartouche may be used without the wordmark in specialapplications, but never as a replacement for the logo.ColorThe preferred color of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts master brand logo isHHR Dark Blue or its RGB equivalent.There are three color variations of the logo: HHR Dark Blue, black, andwhite. The color of all elements of the logo must always match. Neverchange the color of any single element of the logo.Clear space1.7078X1.7078XXClear space is the area surrounding the logo that must alwaysbe free of any text or graphic elements. Clear space ensuresthat the logo appears distinctively in any environment.1.1793X1.1793XXIn the illustration at right,.3074Xthe area surrounding the logo indicatesthe minimum required clear space (X). X is defined by the heightXof the letter “H” in the word “Hilton.”Clear space is built into the digital artwork files.X.3074XX.37X.2574XX.4386X 2.4295XUsage of logoXAll communication materials using the Hilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand logo must be approved prior to production or release.Contact your regionalXHilton Marketing Team Member listed on thecover page for usage review and approval.1.6777XX.37X.2574XX.4386X 2.4295X1.6777XXX

Artwork files1.2Hilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand guidelinesJULY 2011File naming legendFile naming example1 ArtworkMaster_brand_logoHilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand logo2 ConfigurationstackedStacked logo3 Artwork colorcolorblackwhite4 Color modeprintrgbHHR Dark BlueOne-color blackOne-color whiteSpot/CMYKRed, green, blue1 2 3 4 5Master_brand_logo_stacked_color_print.eps5 File format.eps.jpgEncapsulated PostScript FileJPEG fileColor valuesIdentity color Spot CMYK RGB HexHHR Dark Blue (use PANTONE ® 7463 C) 00.49.80 003150Black 00.00.00 000000White 255.255.255 FFFFFFIn lieu of the Hilton colors listed on this page, you may use PANTONE® Colors, the standards for which are shown in the current edition of the PANTONE formula guide. The colors, CMYK, RGB, andhexadecimal breakdowns shown on this page have not been evaluated by Pantone LLC for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Color Standards. Consult current PANTONEColor Publications for accurate color. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone LLC.

Artwork files1.3Hilton Hotels & Resortsmaster brand guidelinesJULY 2011Master brand logoUsageColorEPS for printingMaster_brand_logo_stacked_color_print.epsEPS for on-screen (RGB)Master_brand_logo_stacked_color_rgb.epsJPG for on-screen (RGB)Master_brand_logo_stacked_color_rgb.jpgUsage Black WhiteEPS for printing Master_brand_logo_stacked_black_print.eps Master_brand_logo_stacked_white_print.epsEPS for on-screen (RGB) Master_brand_logo_stacked_black_rgb.eps Master_brand_logo_stacked_white_rgb.epsJPG for on-screen (RGB) Master_brand_logo_stacked_black_rgb.jpg Master_brand_logo_stacked_white_rgb.jpb

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