IntroductionSporty and sophisticated Land Rover LR2PAGES2-5PowerEngine and transmission, performance and economyPAGES6-9Breadth of capabilityGo where you want, when you wantPAGES10-13Smart technologyIn-car technology and premium audio systemPAGES14-17Interior environmentPremium materials and all-round versatilityPAGES18-23SafetySafety through design and technologyPAGES24-27Specifications and choices. Technical dataExterior and interior colors, wheels.Powertrain, dimensions, capabilities and weightsPAGES28-43Land Rover LR2 vehicle kitMore style, more practicality and more individualityPAGES44-53Vehicle exterior color shown in Indus Silver.Front cover vehicle exterior color shown in Indus Silver.Our PlanetOur plan for a sustainable futurePAGES54-55

The latest Land Rover LR2. Its purposefulstance is sporty and sophisticated.With modern, contemporary looks andsophisticated wheel styles and colors,Land Rover LR2 is ready and preparedto tackle whatever life throws at it.Its distinctive exterior with its sleek lines has an immediatesense of purpose. Inside there’s a superb choice of options andmaterials that add even more excitement to one of Land Rover’smost fuel-efficient vehicles. The style and engineering of theLand Rover LR2, deliver refinement, performance and economy.It’s smart and strong, compact and spacious. Comfort bothon-road and off-road. Pure, state-of-the-art Land Rover.Vehicle exterior color shown in Indus Silver.3

Land Rover LR2 is designed to put thedriver in control. Land Rover’s renownedcommand driving position is an intrinsicpart of the vehicle’s design.The LR2 features Land Rover’s legendary command driving positionwhich brings a sense of control over the road and helps withmaneuvering and parking in urban environments. The driver’s seatis also optimized for comfort and support with six-way adjustment asstandard (electric operation with three memory settings is available)and the steering wheel can be adjusted for recline and reach ensuringthat you can set the position that is right for you.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.Interior image shows optional HSE LUX Pack in Ivory Windsor Leather, optional navigation systemand optional Grand Black Lacquer Finish.

High levels of torque for lively acceleration and long-distance cruising.The acclaimed 3.2 liter straight-six in-line engine, which employs advanced technologies, including Cam ProfileSwitching and Variable Valve Timing for more power, a better spread of torque and more efficiency.The standard six-speed automatic transmission comes with CommandShift® which allows the driver to makemanual sequential changes. Sport mode offers an even livelier performance.Every Land Rover LR2 benefits from an Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) which includes SmartRegenerative Charging. This recovers kinetic energy when the vehicle slows or brakes and charges the batterywhen it is more economical to do so, instead of consuming fuel by charging during acceleration. IPSM is a directresult of Land Rover’s e_TERRAIN® TECHNOLOGIES programme which strives to provide a continual improvementin the efficiency of the engineering in every vehicle.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.7

The refinement you expect from apremium vehicle. The perfect balancebetween ride and handling, but in apremium compact all-terrain vehicle.It makes driving Land Rover LR2a pleasure, whether it’s on-roador off-road.Independent suspension with long wheel travel, coupled withan exceptionally stiff body structure, delivers sure-footedcomposure and agility as well as outstanding ride comfort.From the smoothest roads, to more extreme rough surfacesand poor weather conditions, the Land Rover LR2 delivers asense of confidence and security.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.8

Land Rover LR2 is ready to go where you want, when youwant. That’s because it’s ready to take on tough terrainsand conditions with long-established Land Rover qualitiessuch as excellent entry/departure angles and outstandingground clearance as well as taking full advantage of themost modern off-road driving aids.On steep or slippery descents, the latest generation Hill Descent Control (HDC®) technologyimproves control by engaging smoothly and easily as soon as the foot brake is released.Land Rover’s Gradient Release Control helps ensure smooth hill starts whether ascendingor descending.10 Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.

Control on-road and off-road. Using any one of fourdifferent settings, Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response ®system maximizes traction across a wide variety ofsurfaces and different weather through the vehicle’selectronic management systems and traction aids.This exclusive capability optimizes driveability and comfort. Choose your setting – generaldriving, grass/gravel/snow, mud and ruts, or sand – which can be selected on the movevia a convenient rotary dial located in front of the gear selector.General Driving – tuned togive good vehicle dynamics innormal on-road driving andacross a wide range of lightoff-road conditions.Grass/Gravel/snow – this settingmaximizes available traction andcontrol on firm, but slippery, surfaces,such as wet leaves and grass, gravelor hard-packed snow and ice.Mud and ruts – appropriateon unsurfaced tracks withruts or soft, wet ground wheresome degree of wheel spin isimportant in order to maintainvehicle momentum.sand – provides momentum indry, soft sand, with the powertrainand traction control systemsadapting constantly to the terrain.Terrain response® is as usefulon-road as it is off-road. It actuallyadds to the on-road capabilitiesof Land Rover LR2, allowing you tomaximize your vehicle’s potential togo further and see more – all withoutstanding control.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances,speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving.Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.13

In Land Rover LR2 everything is within easy reach. Interioraesthetics are integrated, with a choice of three trim finisherson the fascia, including an optional Grand Black Lacquer Finish,which comes with matching steering wheel finishers.The instrument pack with its clear, contemporary graphics provides key information at a glance, whilesteering wheel mounted controls are at your fingertips for ultimate ease of use. Depending on themodel, the intuitive technologies available cover cruise control, the audio system and hands-freetelephone operation for Bluetooth® enabled devices. The standard air-conditioning system with dual-zoneclimate control and humidity sensor maintains fresh air circulation throughout the cabin. The optionalDVD satellite navigation system, with a large high definition Touch-screen, easy-to-use menu and theextensive point of interest database, makes finding your destination as simple as possible. And, addingfurther to the feeling of lightness and airiness within the cabin, all Land Rover LR2 vehicles are fittedwith a panoramic sunroof incorporating an electrically operated front section. The glass is specificallyformulated to filter infrared rays, providing light without unpleasant heat.The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Land Rover is under license.Image shown left features optional Grand Black Lacquer Finish on the steering wheel finishers.15

It’s the wall of sound inside Land Rover LR2 that immerses youin the music and brings you closer to the original performance.There are two outstanding in-car entertainment systems tochoose from, including a premium Alpine ® Dolby ® Pro Logic ® II 7.1surround sound system with 13 speakers plus a subwoofer.Plus every Land Rover LR2 comes with a 3.5mm auxilary audio socket. Personal telephone integration(optional) of compatible mobile phones is available via the Bluetooth® hands-free telephone system.Sophisticated technology that brings the audio alive.ALPINE is a registered trademark of Alpine Electronics Inc.Vehicle exterior color shown in Santorini Black.17

Premium Windsor Leather adds even moreprestige to Land Rover LR2. The luxuriousinterior has the quality and tactile ambienceof a premium executive vehicle with a rangeof trim options that can be tailored to suitthe most sophisticated personal tastes aswell as practical requirements.Grained Leather comes standard in Almond, Ebony and Storm colorways.Seat facings are available with softer, more supple Premium WindsorLeather as part of the HSE LUX Pack, which also includes an upgradeddriver’s eight-way and passenger’s six-way seat, plus carpet mats withcontrast binding. In total, a range of five colorways – Ivory, Tan, Almond,Ebony and Storm – are available. It all underscores the distinguishedfeel of the interior. Light, airy and contemporary, Land Rover LR2 takesluxury to a new height.Interior color shown in Ivory Windsor Leather with optional Grand Black Lacquer Finish. 19

Interior image shows optional HSE LUX Pack in Ivory Windsor Leather, optional navigation system and optional Grand Black Lacquer Finish.

HSE LUX Pack seating shown with Almond Windsor Leather.Urban or country. Week or weekend.

First class accommodation for everyone and every thing. Inside Land Rover LR2,no-one travels second class.Driver and passengers alike enjoy generous leg, head and shoulder room. With stadium seating putting rear passengers 2.0 inches/50mmhigher than those in front, everyone can enjoy the view. Versatility is maximized too. There is a 60:40 split rear seat plus a reversibleload floor cover – carpet on one side, a water-resistant, wipe-clean surface on the other. A 12 volt power socket located within theloadspace provides added convenience.Always safely secure items when driving.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.23

A whole host of technology and sophisticated safety systems are packedinto Land Rover LR2.There are large disc brakes all round, which, on the front are reverse vented to improve thermal stability under severebraking. This means cool air is drawn into the center of the disc, then vented out over the rim, and helps to provideoutstanding stopping power. For greater traction, the electronic center coupling at the heart of the Land Rover LR2intelligent four-wheel drive system adapts continuously and instantaneously to the conditions. Pre-engaging at restto reduce wheel spin from standing starts, it also engages instantly whenever traction loss is detected on the move.24

Getting tough with safety. The strong monocoque body and inner safety cell,protected by meticulously engineered front and rear crumple zones, are designedto absorb energy on impact. While high-strength steel is used in the constructionof the body, dual-phase steel, which requires special pressing because of itsresilience, is found in key components. The result is a weight-efficient safety cell.Seven airbags, fitted as standard on all vehicles, play a key role in helping to protect all occupants.Driver and front passenger airbags for head and chest protection.Driver and front passenger side airbags for side impact protection.Full-length curtain airbags provide head impact and rollover ejection protection for all occupants.Driver’s inflatable knee airbag for additional lower body protection.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.Please remember that the safety belts in a Land Rover vehicle constitute the primary protection system for driver and passengers in collisions. The airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is asupplement to the safety belts and is designed to work as a system with the safety belts. Although airbags provide additional protection, airbags without safety belts do not provide optimal protectionin a crash. Always wear your safety belts. Children younger than 13 years old should always be properly restrained in a back seat, away from airbags. Never place an infant seat in the front seat.25

EBADSCABSCBCEBDETCRSCBecause you can never predict the road ahead or know what’saround the next corner, Land Rover LR2 is packed with a numberof advanced stability control systems, all fitted as standard.Enhancing traction by reducing engine torque and applying a unique braking force to each individualwheel, they help provide both stability and capability where you need it.ABS Anti-lock Braking System. Prevents the wheels locking up under heavy braking and on slipperysurfaces helping the driver to maintain steering and control.EBD Electronic Brake-force Distribution. Ensures the correct balance of braking force betweenfront and rear wheels and can be particularly helpful when towing heavy loads.EBA Emergency Brake Assist. Increases hydraulic pressure during emergency braking and canimprove stopping distances by up to 15 percent.CBC Cornering Brake Control. Enhances rear-end stability when braking in corners.ETC Electronic Traction Control. Senses when wheel slip is occurring and uses the braking systemto minimize wheel spin.DSC Dynamic Stability Control. Designed to minimize over- or under-steer, it interacts with theengine and brakes to help maintain stability.RSC Roll Stability Control. Detects critical levels of roll and applies braking to increase the turnradius to help maintain stability.So whatever obstacles might come your way, Land Rover LR2 helps give you increased control.Vehicle exterior color shown in Santorini Black.These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances,speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving.Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.27

Make it unmistakably your Land Rover LR2with your own choice of wheels.Nothing adds that touch of individuality quite as much and trulyputs a personal stamp on a vehicle. There are three stunning designs:two 19 inch wheels (one of which is an eye-catching Diamond Turnedwheel with contrast paint finish) and one 18 inch wheel.18 INCh 10-sPoKe Alloy WheelTire Specification: 235/60ATStandard19 INCh 10-sPoKe Alloy WheelTire Specification: 235/55ATOptional19 INCh 10-sPoKe Alloy WheelDIAMoND TUrNeD WITh CoNTrAsT PAINT FINIshTire Specification: 235/55ATOptionalAlloy Wheels & TIres18 inch 10-Spoke Alloy Wheel – 235/60AT 419 inch 10-Spoke Alloy Wheel – 235/55AT 819 inch 10-Spoke Alloy Wheel – 235/55AT* 84 Standard 8 Option*Diamond Turned with contrast paint finish. Other wheel styles are finished in Sparkle Finish.Please note: When choosing vehicles fitted with specific wheel and tire combinations or optional wheels andtires, your intended use of the vehicle should be considered. Wheels with larger diameters and lower profiletires may offer certain styling or driving benefits, but may be more vulnerable to damage, please discussyour requirements with your authorized Land Rover Retailer when selecting your vehicle and specification.hseVehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.29

exterior colorsBaLtic BLue – MetaLLic** BaROLO BLacK – MetaLLic**† fiReNZe ReD – MetaLLic†fuji white – SOLiDGaLwaY GReeN – MetaLLic†We have one in your color.there’s something for every taste in our range of exterior colors. the paint process for Land Rover LR2 involves fivekey stages, including a three-coat electrostatic paint application and rigorous anti-corrosion wax protection.Visit www.landroverUsA.com for more information.30**available from early 2012. †additional charges apply. Please contact your authorized Land Rover Retailer for details.


COLOR & TRIM COMBINATIONSInside itÕs better than ever.With premium material combinations and a range of five colorways for theinterior, there is something to suit every taste and individual preference.Crowning the range is the availability of softer, more supple Premium WindsorLeather seating, which is part of the HSE LUX Pack.For that perfect balance between interior and exterior, please refer to therecommended combinations.INTERIOR TRIMExTERIOR COLORS EBONY ALMOND STORM IVORY TANBaltic Blue** 8 8 ˘ ˘ ˘Barolo Black**† ˘ ˘ 8 ˘ ˘Firenze Red† ˘ ˘ 8 ˘ –Fuji White* ˘ 8 8 8 ˘Galway Green† ˘ ˘ 8 ˘ 8Havana**† 8 8 8 ˘ ˘Indus Silver ˘ ˘ ˘ 8 ˘Ipanema Sand ˘ ˘ 8 ˘ 8Orkney Grey ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘Santorini Black**† ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘˘ Recommended 8 Combination is available – Combination is not available*Solid color. **Available from early 2012.†Additional charges apply. Please contact your authorized Land Rover Retailer for details.GRAINED LEATHER STANDARD ON HSE MODELS.32

INtERIOR tRIMShSEGRAINED LEAthERSix-way electric driver adjustment and four-wayelectric passenger adjustment. Seat facings andbolsters in leather with color coordinated doorcasing inserts.hSE LUX PACKPREMIUM WINDSOR LEAthEREight-way electric driver adjustment andsix-way electric passenger adjustment.Seat facings and bolsters in Windsor Leatherwith color coordinated door casing inserts.EBONY/LUNAREbony leather seats. Carpets, door casings,center console and lower fascia in Ebony,Lunar stitching.EBONY/LUNAREbony leather seats. Carpets, door casings,center console and lower fascia in Ebony,Lunar stitching.StORM/EBONYStorm leather seats. Carpets, lower doorcasings, center console and lower fascia inEbony. Door casing insert and stitching in Storm.IVORY/EBONYIvory leather seats. Carpets, door casings,center console and lower fascia in Ebony,Ivory stitching.ALMOND/NUtMEGAlmond leather seats. Door casings,center console and lower fascia in Almond.Nutmeg stitching and carpets.ALMOND/NUtMEGAlmond leather seats. Door casings,center console and lower fascia in Almond.Nutmeg stitching and carpets.tAN/EBONYTan leather seats. Door casings, center console,lower fascia and carpets in Ebony, Tan stitching.This chart shows available seat trim materials with their applicableinterior colorway theme described above. All trim levels have anEbony steering wheel and Ebony loadspace carpet.PREMIUM WINDSOR LEAthER StANDARD ON hSE LUX PACK.33

IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT. Two in-car entertainment systems, bothwith MP3 compatibility:• Standard – Alpine® branded audio system with single slot CD player,320-Watt amplifier, auxiliary input and nine speakers• Optional – A premium Alpine® Dolby® Pro Logic® II 7.1 surroundsound system, 480-Watt amplifier, auxiliary input and 13 speakersplus a subwoofer.SATELLITE NAVIGATION. The optional DVD satellite navigationsystem, with a large, high definition Touch-screen, easy-to-usemenu and extensive point-of-interest database, makes findingyour destination as simple as possible.PANORAMIC SUNROOF. The standard panoramic sunroof – with afixed rear section and electric tilting/sliding front section – addsto the feeling of lightness and airiness within the cabin. The glassis specially formulated to filter the sun’s infrared rays, providinglight without unpleasant heat. Both sections also include aconvenient blind.Note: Sirius Satellite Radio* is available on the Land Rover LR2 HSE.LOADSPACE. The versatile rear loadspace can be expandedby folding the 60:40 split rear seats to provide a flat load floor,and up to 58.9 cubic feet/1,670 liters of space. With 49 inches/1.25meters between the wheel arches there’s always room for moreawkward loads.CONVENIENCE FEATURES. Life with Land Rover LR2 is sopractical thanks to thoughtful technology. Features include: anelectrochromatic rear view mirror for automatically minimizingthe dazzle of headlamps at night. Rain sensing wipers and twinmap lights conveniently located in the roof console above therear view mirror.SAFETY**. High-strength steel is used to construct a strongmonocoque body and inner safety cell protected by front andrear energy absorbent crumple zones. Seven airbags are fittedas standard on all vehicles.*Subscriptions governed by Sirius Terms and Conditions available at sirius.com.Service available in the 48 contiguous United States and D.C. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries.**Please remember that the safety belts in a Land Rover vehicle constitute the primary protection system for driver and passengers in collisions. The airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is asupplement to the safety belts and is designed to work as a system with the safety belts. Although airbags provide additional protection, airbags without safety belts do not provide optimal protectionin a crash. Always wear your safety belts. Children younger than 13 years old should always be properly restrained in a back seat, away from airbags. Never place an infant seat in the front seat.37

STANDARD FEATURESEngine & Transmission•3.2 liter in-line six-cylinder engine• Six-speed automatic transmission with CommandShift®•Full time intelligent all-wheel drive•Terrain Response®•Cruise Control.Suspension & Steering•Independent front & rear suspension•Power steering with manual tilt and reach adjustment.Safety & Security• Remote control central locking on all doors and tailgate•Push button Start/Stop•Perimetric security system•Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)•Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)•Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)•Cornering Brake Control (CBC)•Electronic Traction Control (ETC)•Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)•Roll Stability Control (RSC)•Hill Descent Control (HDC®)• Driver and front passenger airbags, front seat sideairbags, full length side curtain airbags and inflatabledriver’s knee airbag•Four-wheel disc brakes with mechanical handbrake•Two rear ISOFIX child seat anchor points•Rear seat head restraint – all three positions.Interior•Rear seat split 60:40 design•Central stowage compartment in fascia•Dual cup holder in center console•Glove box•Electric windows with one-touch operation on the front• Alpine® 320-Watt audio system with single slot CD playerand nine speakers•MP3 auxiliary audio socket•Electrochromatic auto-dimming rear view mirror•Automatic climate control with air filtration•Trip computer with message center•Auxiliary 12 volt power sockets - front, rear and loadspace.Exterior•Premium body colored front and rear bumpers•Heated, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors•Halogen headlamps with headlamp courtesy delay•18 inch Alloy Wheels•Bright finish twin bar grille.Bright Finish Twin Bar GrilleVehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.

START/STOP BUTTON AND REMOTE CONTROL. In order to startthe car the remote has to be docked into the fascia and the correctprocedure followed using the Start/Stop button. The remote controlincludes the following functions: locking and unlocking of the doorsand tailgate, a 30 second courtesy headlamp delay and activationof panic alarm.TERRAIN RESPONSE¨. Land RoverÕs patented Terrain Response¨system adds to the Land Rover LR2 vehicles breadth of capability.Any of the four settings Ð general driving, grass/gravel/snow,mud and ruts, or sand Ð can be easily selected by simply turningthe rotary control. In addition all vehicles with Terrain Response¨are also fitted with Land RoverÕs Hill Descent Control (HDC¨) andGradient Release Control systems.COMMANDSHIFT¨. The six-speed automatic transmission withCommandShift¨ is standard. CommandShift¨ provides manualsequential gear changes and Sport mode provides evenlivelier performance.STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEMS. Land Rover LR2 comes with ahost of stability control systems as standard, designed to enhancetraction by reducing engine torque and applying a unique brakingforce to each individual wheel where driving conditions dictate.They include: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-forceDistribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Cornering BrakeControl (CBC), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Dynamic StabilityControl (DSC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC).HEADLAMPS. Standard Halogen headlamps with impact-resistantpolycarbonate lenses. Optional Adaptive Xenon projector lamps providecrisp blue-white light letting you see further and automatically swivelwith the direction of travel to improve the view of the road ahead.PERFORMANCE WITH REFINEMENT. A compact, advanced 3.2 literin-line straight-six engine with Cam Profile Switching and VariableValve Timing delivering more power, a better spread of torque andgreater efficiency.Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) provides ÔsmartchargingÕ of the battery by recovering kinetic energy, wheneverpossible when the vehicle is slowing, rather than consuming fuelby charging when the vehicle is accelerating.40

TransmissionTransmission typeGear ratiosSix-speed auto1st 4.1482nd 2.3703rd 1.5564th 1.1555th 0.8596th 0.686Reverse 3.394Final Drive Ratio 3.750max speed in Gearsmph/kph - Autos in ‘Drive’ mode with no CommandShift® or Sport mode selected1st 35/562nd 61/993rd 93/1494th 121/1955th 121/1956th 114/184BrakesFront brakesVentilated DiscFront brakes - disc diameter12.5 inches/316 mmRear brakesVentilated DiscRear brakes - disc diameter12.0 inches/302 mmPark brakeDuo ServoPark brake - diameter7.3 inches/185 mmenGine daTaTransversely mounted straight-six-cylinder. Aluminum engine block cylinder head and bedplate. 24 Valve withtwin overhead camshafts and Cam Profile Switching (CPS). Engine Management system mapped for both low and highdriving loads/speeds. Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and multi-holed fuel injectors. Three-way catalysts, unleaded fuel only.engineLocationFront TransverseCapacity (liters) 3.2Number of cylinders 6Cylinder layoutBoreStrokeIn-line3.3 inches/84mm3.8 inches/96mmCompression ratio 10.8Cylinder head materialCylinder block materialDie cast light weight aluminum alloyDie cast light weight aluminum alloyNumber of Valves 24Maximum PowerMaximum Torque230bhp @ 6,300rpm234 lb-ft. @ 3,200rpm41

dimensions & capabilityTurning CircleCurb-to-curb 37.1 ft./11.3mFront Axle ClearanceGround clearance up to 8.3 inches/210mmWading DepthMaximum wading depth 19.7 inches/500mmRear Axle ClearanceGround clearance up to 10.5 inches/265mmVehicle Geometry1.67m 358.9 Cu. FT.0.76m 326.7 Cu. FT.ABCMaximum loadspace – seats foldedMaximum loadspace – seats upAApproach Angle 29ºBRamp Break Over Angle 21.5ºCDeparture Angle 32ºInteriorHead roomMaximum headroom 40.2 inches/1,020mmwith Panoramic sunroofleg roomFront 41.9 inches/1,065mmRear 36.4 inches/925mmshoulder roomFront 57.6 inches/1,465mmRear 57.3 inches/1,460mmLuggage Capacityloadspace length behind:Rear seats folded 61.8 inches/1,570mmRear seats up 36.0 inches/915mmWidth49.1 inches/1,245mmHeight34.8 inches/885mmloadspace volume behind:Rear seats folded 58.9 cu.ft./1.67m 3Rear seats up 26.7 cu.ft./0.76m 342

weights & performanceweights lbs/kgWeight fromMaximum laden weighttowingMax towing (with brakes)Unbraked trailerMaximum tongue weightMax. mass of vehicle and trailer combination (GTW)carryingMaximum roof load (including roof rails/bars)Payload capacity = 1,100lb/500kg4,255lb/1,930kg5,520lb/2,505kg3,500lb/1,585kg1,650lb/750kg330lb/150kg9,020lb/4,090kg165lb/75kgWidth 78.9 inches/2,005mmmirrors folded86.4 inches/2,195mm mirrors outRear wheel track63.5 inches/1,614mmWheelbase 104.7 inches/2,660mmperformanceMaximum speed mph/kph 121/195Acceleration - secs 0-60mphAcceleration - secs 0-100kph8.48.9Useable capacity fuel tank US gallon/liters 18.5/70Drive by noise/dB 72Height68.5inches/1,740mmFront wheel track63.0 inches/1,601mmLength 177.1 inches/4,500mmMaximum heightroof optionsWith roof podWith sunroof openWith roof railsWith roof rails and crossbars fitted69.5 inches/1,765mm69.8 inches/1,775mm72.1 inches/1,830mm72.8 inches/1,850mm43

LAND ROVER LR2 VEHICLE KITAdd style or add practicality. You can add both with theLand Rover LR2 vehicles exceptional range of specialistaccessories. This is the perfect opportunity to tailor thevehicle to your personal activities and tastes, as well asadding distinguished styling cues.The truly comprehensive range features carrying and towing options as well as exterior andinterior styling additions. Importantly, all Land Rover LR2 accessories are available individually,at any stage in the vehicle’s life - not just when it’s new. Seasonal or year-round, extremesports or touring activities, the great outdoors or the demands of urban life - we’ve goteverything you need to get geared up. In fact, Land Rover LR2 is as versatile as you needit to be. And remember, Land Rover Approved Accessories are designed and manufacturedto the same exacting standards as the original equipment fitted to your vehicle.Visit www.LandRoverUSA.com for more information.Vehicle shown left is accessorized with Raised Roof Rails and Cross Brace Kit, Crossbar Kit, Bright Finish Mirror Caps,Bright Finish Fender Vents, Side Protection Tubes - Stainless Steel and 19 inch Triple Sport alloy wheels.Vehicle exterior color shown in Baltic Blue.45

exterior styling - accessoriesstainless steel UndershieldVPLFT0004Bumper styling coverVPLFB0079stainless steel rear Bumper tread PlateVPLFB0040stainless steel tailgate latch FinisherVPLFB0039Front MudflapsLR003324rear MudflapsLR00332246

Fixed Side StepsLR002773Body Side MoldingsLR002791Side Protection Tube - Stainless Steel (top)LR003318Side Protection Tube - Black (bottom)LR003840Rear Lamp GuardsLR003685Bright Finish Mirror Caps*Uppers - VPLMB0041Replaces original Body Colored Mirror Caps.Bright Finish Mirror Caps* àUppers - VUB503880MMMLowers - LR003905 - (not shown)Body Colored Mirror Caps* àPrimed Uppers** - LR004867 - (not shown)Primed Lowers** - LR004866 - (not shown)Body Colored Door HandlesPrimed Door Handle** - LR006876Primed Cap** (with lock symbol) - LR006877Primed Cap** (without lock symbol) - LR006878 - (not shown)*Fitment compatible with certain derivatives, please speak to your local authorized Land Rover Retailer.**Please see your authorized Land Rover Retailer for advice on paint finishing these accessories in your chosen color.‡Adhesive required (STC50551).47

carrying & towing - accessoriesaqua sports carrier*LR006846Carries one surfboard or sailboard and mast,or one canoe or kayak. Load capacity 99.2lbs/45kg**.Luggage Box*VPLVR0062Gloss Black Finish. Opens from both sides. Lockable for security.External dimensions: 68.9 inches/1,750mm long,32.3 inches/820mm wide, 17.7 inches/450mm high.Volume 440 liters. Load capacity 165.2lbs/75kg**.Luggage rack*LR006848Load capacity 125.6lbs/57kg**.raised roof rails and cross Brace Kit*Panoramic Sunroof vehicles LR007220Vehicle height when fitted 72.0 inches/1,830mm.Crossbars not included.crossbar Kit*LR002417Easily removed when not in use. Vehicle height when fitted 72.9inches/1,852mm. Load capacity 165.3lbs/75kg**. Vehicle must haveaccessory Raised Roof Rails and Cross Brace Kit fitted. Shownabove, sold separately.ski and snowboard carrier*LR006849Carries four pairs of skis or two snowboards.Incorporates slider rails for easy loading. Lockable for security.Load capacity 79.4lbs/36kg**.Lashing eye KitVUB503160Six additional tie-downpoints for use withCrossbars T-slots.ratchet strapCAR500010Nylon tie strap for securing itemsto the Crossbars and Luggage Carrier.16.4ft/5 meters long, 0.8 inches/20mmwide. Supplied individually.*Roof Rails and Crossbars are required for all Land Rover roof mounted accessories. Objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna mayreduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio systems, if fitted.**Maximum permissible load capacity minus the weight of the roof mounted accessory.

Roof Mounted Bike CarrierLR006847Lockable bike carrier designed for holding a single bike. Raised RoofRails and Crossbar Kit required and will accommodate up to threebike carriers.Drawbar and Adapt-a-ball KitLR006441Working in conjunction with the Tow-Hitch Receiver, this accessoryincludes a 12.5 inch/317.5mm tow bar, three different sized adapta-ballsand a locking pin in a sturdy carrying case. Requires theTow-Hitch Receiver.Towing ElectricsThese sockets deftly mounted in your Land Rover LR2 vehicles rearbumper, provide electric power and rear lighting for your trailer.N&S 7&4-Pin (2007-08 Model Years) LR003108N&S 7&4-Pin (2009 Model Year onwards) VPLFT0003Tow-Hitch ReceiverLR002744Tow your boat or trailer with help from this sturdy, lockable hitchreceiver. Handles up to 3,500lbs/1587.6kg trailer load capacity anda 330.0lbs/149.7kg tongue weight capacity. Convenient and easyto remove from the vehicle when not needed. Stores neatly inaccompanying bag.49

wheels - accessoriestouring - accessories19 inch, 10-spoke alloy wheel - shadow chrome FinishLR002804 - Rim onlyRecommended tire size - 235/55 R19center capTitanium Finish - LR023303Bright Polished Finish - LR02330119 inch, triple sport alloy wheel - high gloss FinishLR002801 - Rim onlyRecommended tire size - 235/55 R19center capBright Polished Finish - LR023301electric cool BagVUP100140L - (not shown)Powered by the 12 volt auxiliary socket.Thermostatically controlled temperature.Easy clean interior surface. Height 15.0 inches/380mm,length 15.0 inches/380mm, width 8.7 inches/220mm.Volume 14 liters.Bulb KitVPLFV0067 - (not shown)tow strapSTC8919AA - (not shown)Includes storage bag that can be attached as a warningflag to the strap. 6613.9lbs/3,000kg maximumload capacity.touch-up PaintsA comprehensive range of touch-up paint sticks andaerosols to help your Land Rover LR2 look as goodas new despite those minor chips and scrapes.Please see your authorized Land Rover Retailerfor further details.tire Valve capsLand Rover Branded - LR027560Union Jack (Colored) - LR027664 - (not shown)Union Jack (Black) - LR027666 - (not shown)Enhance your Alloy Wheels.18 inch, 5-split spoke alloy wheel - sparkle FinishLR002798 - Rim onlyRecommended tire size - 235/60 R18center capSparkle Finish - LR023302Bright Polished Finish - LR023301snow traction systemLR005169For 18 inch front wheels only.The alloy wheels shown on page 29 may also be available as an Accessory fitment, please speak to your Land Rover Retailer for further details.Please note: When choosing vehicles fitted with specific wheel and tire combinations or optional wheels and tires, your intended use of the vehicle should beconsidered. Wheels with larger diameters and lower profile tires may offer certain styling or driving benefits, but may be more vulnerable to damage,please see your authorized Land Rover Retailer for further details.Wheel rims are not supplied with center caps.50

iNteRioR styLiNg - aCCessoRiesLuggage NetLR003852Secured to rear of secondrow seating.Load Retention NetVUB503130Utilizes loadspace tie down points.Includes floor net and two ratchetstraps. Strap length approximately78.7 inches/2 meters.Cargo BarrierLR002521Retains cargo. Easily removed.Cargo Barrier – Half HeightVPLFS0146 - (not shown)Cargo DividerLR002522Separates pets from cargo. Lockable outer gate on one side.Must be fitted with Cargo Barrier.Flexible Loadspace ProtectorVPLFS0005Heavy duty fabric protects loadspace up to window height.Covers loadspace floor with second row seats folded.Rigid Loadspace ProtectorLR002424Loadspace Rubber MatLR002516Waterproof with retaining lip and non-slip surface.51

INTErIor sTylINg - accEssorIEsNutmeg carpet MatsLR007817Ebony carpet MatsLR002486rubber Mat setLR002483audio connectivity systemVPLFE0002Link lead installation to integrate iPod nano¨ Gen 1, 2 and 3,iPod¨ 30 + 60 + 80Gb, iPod classic¨, iPhone¨ and iPod touch¨into the vehicle audio speaker system, using the steeringwheel controls (where fitted) for track selection and volume.In addition the link lead also acts as a charger for your iPod¨device. iPod¨ not included.iPod¨ link lead also available separately.VPLAE0003Front and rear sill Tread Plate KitLR002525Finished in highly polished stainless steel.rear sill Tread Plate KitPart of the Front and Rear Sill Treat Plate Kit(LR002525 shown left).52 iPod, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Waterproof Seat CoversAlmond*Front Seats VPLFS0107SVARear Seats (with armrest) VPLFS0110SVA**Waterproof Seat CoversEbony*Front Seats VPLFS0107PVJRear Seats (with armrest) VPLFS0110PVJ***Protects seats from mud, dirt and wear and tear. Machine washable.Includes headrest and armrest covers. Colors shown may differ fromthe actual product.**Not compatible with large rear head restraints. Please see yourauthorized Land Rover Retailer for details.Vehicle exterior color shown in Ipanema Sand.53

LandRoverUSA.com/Reducing our dependencyOur plan for asustainable future.We take our responsibility to ourplanet very seriously, with anintegrated and innovative approachfor a more sustainable business andlower carbon world. As a companywe are committed to:on fossil fuels and the production of man-made CO2 emissionsUsing fewer resourcesand creating less wasteEnthusing our employeesand stakeholders for sustainable business developmentIN SUPPORT OF54

At Land Rover wedo this by investingin four key areas:e_TERRAIN®TECHNOLOGIES. EfficiEntpowEr systEms, lightwEightstructurEs, rEducEd EmissionsA joint £800m investment into newtechnologies designed to reduceco 2 emissions and improve fuelconsumption. we are targeting a25 percent reduction in joint fleetaverage tailpipe co 2 emissionsby 2015, as part of our carbonmanagement plan. the all-newrange rover Evoque and lr2vehicles include innovative stopstart technology (on the dieselmanual gearbox) and intelligentpower system management (ipsm)with regenerative braking, justtwo examples of e_tErrAin®tEchnologiEs that reduce ourvehicles carbon footprint. what’smore, land rover’s Adaptivedynamics system constantly monitorsvehicle performance, to enhancedriving and emissions efficiencies.SUSTAINABLEMANUFACTURING. usingfEwEr rEsourcEs And crEAtinglEss wAstEworld class manufacturing facilities,certified to iso14001 since 1998.As a company, we are targeting a25 percent reduction in operatingco 2 emissions by 2012, 25 percentin waste to landfill and 10 percentin water consumption, based on2007 levels. our activities includefactory energy efficiencies, cuttingtransport miles and the carbonoffset of all co 2 emissions frommanufacturing assembly. But itdoesn’t stop there. Every newvehicle is designed to be 85 percentrecyclable and reusable, in addition95 percent recoverable and reusable,with 10 percent specifically forenergy recovery.CO 2 OFFSETTING.invEsting in rEnEwABlE EnErgy,tEchnology chAngE And EnErgyEfficiEncy projEctsfor every ton of co 2 emitted duringthe manufacturing assembly of all ourvehicles, land rover invests in carbonreduction projects that reduce anequivalent ton of co 2 elsewhere.in addition, we enable our customersto offset their first 45,000miles/72,000 km of driving in theirnew vehicles. we do this in the uKas well as countries in Europe, themiddle East and Asia. independentlyadministered by climatecareand forum for the future, co 2offsetting allows us to take actionnow, to reduce our impact onthe environment, as part of ourintegrated carbon management plan.CONSERVATIONAND HUMANITARIANPARTNERSHIPS. worKingpArtnErships for consErvAtionAnd sociEty’s gAinour vehicles are designed forpurpose, so are used by conservationand humanitarian organisationsworldwide. working with our fiveglobal conservation partners andthe international federation ofred cross and red crescentsocieties (ifrc), land rover is proudto support the important work ofthe royal geographical society(with iBg), the Born free foundation,Earthwatch institute, BiosphereExpeditions and the china Explorationand research society.FACTWe will use life cycle assessmentto understand the environmentalimpact of our vehicles, including theuse of e_TERRAIN¨ TECHNOLOGIES,beginning with Range Rover Evoque.FACTTurning waste food into energy in atrial at our headquarters in Gaydon,has diverted 43 tons of wastefrom landfill and saved 3.7 tonsof CO 2 emissions.FACTWe plan to offset approximately3,000,000 tons of CO 2 emissionsby 2012.FACTIn 2010, Land Rover launched a newthree-year global initiative with theIFRC entitled ÔReaching VulnerablePeople Around the WorldÕ.Land Rover has supported theIFRCÕs life saving work since 2007and to date has given over £4min vital funding and vehicle supportto help vulnerable people aroundthe world.

www.LandRoverUSA.comLAND ROVER FINANCIAL GROUP* provides competitive rates and programs, at the level of customer service you expect and deserve.With Land Rover Financial Group you will benefit from:• A wide-range of financing programs for new and pre-owned Land Rover vehicles designed to meet the varied credit needs of consumers• One-stop shopping – apply for financing through your local Land Rover Retailer• Flexible financing terms• Convenient payment methods including online payments, automatic deductions from a checking account, and Chase branches nationwide• Online monthly statements which are secure, fast and simple while saving paper• An outstanding customer service team.Enjoy the Benefits of Land Rover Ownership Today! Apply to finance a new or pre-owned Land Rover or lease a new Land Rover.Ask your local Land Rover Retailer for more information on Land Rover Financial Group or visit LandRoverUSA.com*Chase provides auto financing, leasing and servicing to Land Rover customers through Land Rover Financial Group. Subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions apply.IMPORTANT NOTICE: The colors reproduced here are subject to the limitations of the printing process and may therefore vary slightly from the actual vehicle. The company reserves the right to alteror withdraw any color finish without notice. Certain specifications are built to customer special order. For delivery availability information, please consult your Land Rover Retailer. Some of these colorsmay not be obtainable in your country. Please check availability with your Land Rover Retailer. This publication is for international usage and while Land Rover takes the utmost care in ensuring that allthe details in the publication are correct at time of printing, we are constantly striving for improvements, and therefore reserve the right to alter specifications and equipment without notice. Details ofspecifications and equipment are also subject to change to suit local market conditions and requirements, and not all products are available in every market. Some vehicles may be shown with accessoriesor optional equipment fitted. These products vary from market to market. Please consult your Land Rover Retailer who will be pleased to advise you on current specifications. Retailers are not agents ofLand Rover and have absolutely no authority to bind Land Rover to any express or implied undertaking or representation.Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC555 MacArthur Blvd.Mahwah, NJ 074301-800-FIND-4WDwww.LandRoverUSA.com© 2011 Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC.Publication Number: LRML 3528/11

Image includes optional accessories. Market availability varies. Vehicle exterior color shown in Baltic Blue.Back cover vehicle exterior color shown in Indus Silver.

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