Hebrew Gospel of MATTHEW by George Howard - Part One


Hebrew Gospel of MATTHEW by George Howard - Part One

Hebrew GospelofMatthewbyGeorge HowardProfessor of ReligionUniversity of GeorgiaA leaffrom Shem-Tob's Even Bohan as it appears in Ms. Heb. 28, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden(manuscript witness A in Howard's edition). This leafincludes (in late medieval Hebrew script) Matthew1O:23b-11:/5; the marginal notes indicate pereks (sections) 46, 47, and48 ofthe text. A printed transcriptionofthis portion ofShem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew, along with Howard's English translation, appears inthe present edition on pages 46-5/. An interesting and significant play on words (see pages 197-200) occursin lines 6 and 5 from the bottom ofthis leaf (C'j'~:l kings and 'jK'~ my messenger). Ofinterest also isthe occurrence ofone ofShem-Tob's polemic notes which begins with the third word (from the right) ofthelast line on this sample leafMERCER UNIVERSITY PRESS• 1995 •

ISBN 0-86554-442-5MUP/H352Hebrew Gospel ofMatthewCopyright C1995Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia USAAll rights reservedPrinted in the United States of AmericaApril 1995Reprinted Fall 2000Reprinted Fall 2002The paper used in this publicationmeets the minimum requirementsof American National Standardfor Information Sciences-Permanence of Paperfor Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1984.ContentsPreface to the Second EditionAcknowledgmentsIntroductionWitnesses Used in This EditionInterrelationships among the WitnessesText and ApparatusThe TranslationAbbreviations and NotationsPart OneShem-Tob's Hebrew MatthewThe Hebrew Text and English Translation 1-151viiixXlxiixiiixiiixivxivPart TwoAnalysis and CommentaryLibrary ofCongress Cataloging-in-Publication DataBible. N.T. Matthew. Hebrew. Ibn Shaprut. 1995.Hebrew Gospel of Matthew I by George Howard.xiv+240 pp. 6x9" (15x23 em.).English and Hebrew.Revised edition of: The Gospel of MatthewaccordiIig to a primitive Hebrew text.Hebrew text of Matthew, extracted from Shem Tov Ibn Shaprut'sEvan bohan, presented with English translation and commentary.Includes bibliographical references and indexes.ISBN 0-86554-442-5 (alk. paper).1. Bible. N.T. Matthew. Hebrew. Ibn Shaprut-Criticism, Textual.I. Howard, George, 1935-II. Ibn Shaprut, Shem Tov, fl. 1375-1380. Evan bohan.III. Bible. N.T. Matthew. English. Howard. 1995. IV. Title.BS2574.H4 1995226.2'044-dc20 95-16849mHEShem-Tob's Matthew and the Hebrew/Aramaic-Matthean Tradition 155Papias and Other Early Christian Writers 155Du Tillet, Miinster, and Allusions toand Quotations from Matthew in Early Jewishand Anti-Christian Writings 160The Evidence from Shem-Tob's Comments 173Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew:A Literary, Textual, and Theological Profile 177Linguistic Characteristics of the Hebrew Text 177The Verb 179Pronouns 180Vocabulary 181Other Constructions 182Revision and Modification of the Hebrew Text 182Literary Characteristics of the Hebrew Text 184Puns 184Word Connections 185Alliteration 190Textual Nature of Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew 190Shem-Tob and Codex Sinaiticus 191

viHebrew GospelShem-Tob and the Short Ending of Matthew .Shem-Tob, the Old Syriac, and the Old Latin .Shem-Tob and the Other Gospels .....•................Shem-Tob and the Coptic Gospel of Thomas .Shem-Tob and the Pseudo-Clementine Writings .Shem-Tob and the Tol'doth Yeshu .Shem-Tob and the ProtevangeJium ofJames .Theological Motifs in Shem-Tob's Matthew .The Law .The Gentiles .The Christ .John the Baptist .Different Meanings in Shem-Tob's Matthew .The Divine Name .Other Interesting Readings in Shem-Tob's Matthew .Summary and Conclusion .Indexes .Subjects .Authors .192194196203205206211212212214216218223229232233235235237Prefaceto the Second EditionIt is now eight years since the first edition ofthis work appeared under thetitle The Gospel ofMatthew according to a Primitive Hebrew Text (1987). Aswith all pioneering projects, the book contained a number oferrors, typographicaland otherwise, and raised a series of questions. This second and fully revisededition, retitled Hebrew Gospel ofMatthew, intends to eliminate the errors andaddress the questions.Considerable attention has been given to making the translation morereadable. It has also been revised with regard to accuracy.The analysis section of the book has largely been rewritten to take intoaccount a series of studies I have published on the text since 1987. I have alsotried to state things more clearly and less dogmatically. The main thrust ofthissecond edition is to demonstrate that the Hebrew Matthew contained in Shem­Tob's Evan Bohan predates the fourteenth century. In my judgment, Shem-Tobthe polemist did not prepare this text by translating it from the Latin Vulgate, theByzantine Greek, or any other known edition of the Gospel of Matthew. Hereceived it from previous generations of Jewish scribes and tradents.It is my hope that the modifications of the present work will provide thereader with a text of Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew that is basically free fromerror and one that is set in a proper historical and linguistic context.University of Georgia17 October 1994George Howard

AcknowledgmentsFirst EditionFor TereI wish to acknowledge with appreciation the British Library ofLondon forpennission to print portions ofits copy of the Even Bohan, catalogued Add no.26964. This manuscript serves as the base text for Matthew 1:1-23:22 in thisvolume. I also acknowledge with appreciation the Ivan F. and Seema BoeskyFamily Library, the Jewish Theological Seminary ofAmerica ofNew York City,for pennission to print portions of its copy ofthe Even Bohan, catalogued Ms.2426 (Marx 16). This manuscript serves as the base text for Matthew 23:23--endin this volume. Finally, I express with appreciation the financial grant from theoffice ofthe Vice President for Research at the University ofGeorgia that helpedmake this publication possible.University of Georgia29 July 1987George HowardSecond EditionFor this second edition, renamed Hebrew Gospelo/Matthew, I acknowledgethe following.Cambridge University Press, for permission to reprint George Howard, "APrimitive Hebrew Gospel ofMatthew and the Tol'doth Yeshu," New TestamentStudies 34 (1988): 60-70.Harvard Theological Review, for pennission to reprint George Howard, "ANote on the Short Ending ofMatthew," Harvard Theological Review 81 (1988):117-20.Society of Biblical Literature, for permission to reprint George Howard,"The Textual Nature ofan Old Hebrew Version ofMatthew," Journal o/BiblicalLiterature 105 (1986): 49-63; and idem, "The Textual Nature of Shem-Tob'sHebrew Matthew," Journal 0/Biblical Literature 108 (1989): 239-57.

xHebrew GospelB. J. Brill (Leiden), for permission to reprint George Howard, "A Note onCodex Sinaiticus and Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew," Novum Testamentum 34(1992): 46-47.Sheffield Academic Press, for permission to reprint George Howard, "ANote on Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew and the Gospel ofJohn," Journal/or theStudy o/the New Testament 47 (1992): 117-26.University of GeorgiaI April 1995George HowardIntroductionA complete Hebrew Text ofMatthew appeared in the body ofa fourteenthcenturyJewish polemical treatise entitled Even Bohan (JrTO l~, ''The Touchstone").The author, Shem-Tob ben-Isaac ben-Shaprut (sometimes called IbnShaprot), was born in Tudela in Castile in the middle ofthe fourteenth century.He later settled in Tarazona in Aragon where as a physician he practiced medicine.There he completed the Even Bohan in 1380. He revised his work severaltimes-in 1385, around 1400, and even later-by adding another five books orsections to the original twelve. 1 Mostmanuscripts contain eitherfifteen orsixteenchapters, not always arranged in the same order. Ofthe original books, usuallythe first deals with the principles of the Jewish faith, the next nine deal withpassages in the Bible that were disputed by Jews and Christians, the eleventh discusseshaggadic sections in the Talmud used by Christians or Jewish proselytesto Christianity, and the twelfth (sometimes thirteenth) contains the entire Gospelof Matthew in Hebrew, with polemical comments by Shem-Tob interspersedthroughout the text.Part one ofthe present volume contains the Hebrew text ofMatthew foundin Shem-Tob's treatise. A critical apparatus, noting manuscript variation, accompaniesthe text, and an English translation appears on facing pages. The polemicalcomments ofShem-Tob have been eliminated so that the gospel text may runcontinuously from beginning to end without interruption.Part two contains an analysis ofShem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew, including itsplace within the traditional Hebrew/Aramaic-Matthew tradition, and a literary,textual, and theological profile.IFor a discussion of these later additions see Alexander Marx, "The PolemicalManuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America," in Studiesin Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects in Memory ofAbraham Solomon Freidus(1867-1923) (New York: The Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation, 1929) 247-78, esp.265-70; W. Horbury, "The Revision of Shem Tob Ibn Shaprot's Eben Bohan," Sefarad43 (1983): 221-37; W. Horbury, Review of The Gospel of Matthew according to aPrimitive Hebrew Text, JTS 43 (1992): 166-69.

xii Hebrew Gospel Matthew xiiiWitnesses Used in This Edition 2Ms. Add. no. 26964. British Library, London. (Serves as the printed text for1:1-23:22.)A Ms. Heb. 28. Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden.B Ms. Mich. 119. Bodleian Library, Oxford.C Ms. Opp. Add. 4° 72. Bodleian Library, Oxford.D Ms. 2426 (Marx 16). Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary ofAmerica, New York, (Serves as the printed text for 23:23-end.)EMs. 2279 (Marx 18). Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary ofAmerica, New York.F Ms. 2209 (Marx 19). Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary ofAmerica, New York.G Ms. 2234 (Marx 15). Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary ofAmerica, New York.H Ms. Mich. 137. Bodleian Library, Oxford.All the manuscripts date between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries andare written in various types ofscript. The best manuscript ofthe lot is the BritishLibrary Ms. Add. 26964. Althought this copy is incomplete, covering Matt1: 1-23:22, the excellent quality of its text demanded that it be printed. ManuscriptC is an almost exact replica ofthe British Library ms., including breakingoff at 23:22. It is written, however, in very small letters and is sometimesdifficult to read.Another manuscript ofgood quality belongs to the Jewish Theological Seminaryof America, catalogued #2426 (noted as #16 by Marx in 'The PolemicalManuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America,"252). It serves as the printed text for Matt 23:23-28:20. In the apparatus, it isnoted as ms. D. Manuscript A, from Leiden, is of fair quality, but has receivedconsiderable revision with respect to improvements in grammar and assimilationto the Greek and Latin texts. Manuscript B, from the Bodleian Library, is ofgood quality, but is difficult to read. Because ofthe type ofpen and ink used bythe scribe, the letters often run together and are sometimes indistinguishable.Manuscripts E and F are virtually identical and are ofmediocre quality. ManuscriptG is the poorest in quality of all the texts I have used. It is written in asloppy hand by a scribe who had little qualms in omitting and adding material.ManuscriptH is only fragmentary, containing: 1:18b-19; 2:1,13,16-18; 3:16; 4:1;5:27,28,31-34,38-40,43-44; 6:5,19-20; 7:6, 24-28; 9:10-13, 32-38; 11:11-15,2For a more complete list ofmanuscripts, see Pinchas E. Lapide, "Der 'Priifstein' ausSpanien," Sefarad 34 (1974): 230.25-28; 12:1, 15-18,22-29,31-32,46-47; 13:53-57; 14:28; 15:1-6, 10b-ll, 20b;16:13-20; 17:1-3; 19:16-18; 21:1-2, 18-19,23-27; 22:23-24,29-33; 23:16-18;24:20,27-28,34-35; 26:1, 26-27, 31, 36-37; 27:15; 28:18.Interrelationships among the WitnessesI make no attempt to trace the history ofthe text through the various recensionsof Shem-Tob's treatise, nor do I append a stemrna of manuscripts. Theindividual Matthean texts, however, reveal certain relationships, and a briefdiscussionof these will perhaps be valuable.Generally, the nine manuscripts may be divided into three groups. Group Iconsists ofBritish Library Ms. Add. no. 26964 and ms. C. With few exceptions,these two writings are virtually identical. Both are carefully copied and showminimal tendency toward scribal error and assimilation to the canonical Greekand Latin.Group II consists of A B H. Containing some differences, these mss. areclearly related in text form. They are characterized by careful copying with fewscribal errors. They also show a tendency for assimilation to the Greek and Latin.B is the best of this group, showing less assimilation than A. H is only fragmentary(see above).Group III consists ofD E F G. Mss. E and F are virtually identical, with Dand G often reading with them. The latter two also have many individual differences.This group is characterized by some scribal error and some assimilationto the Greek and Latin. They are, however, less assimilated to the Greek andLatin than Group II. D is by far the best of this group, G by far the worst.Text and ApparatusThe present edition does not aim at producing an eclectic text ofShem-Tob'sHebrew Matthew. Until a more complete evaluation of the Shem-Tob traditionis aVa'ilable, the printing of an individual manuscript will serve for a workingtext. The printed text comes from British Library Ms. Add. no. 26964 and ms.D, as explained above, including the errors and inconsistencies in spelling andgrammar of each of these manuscripts. Periods and question marks have beenadded editorially to the printed Hebrew. In a few instances, where the base textcontains a lacuna, the text ofanother manuscript has been selected to fill the gap.In each instance, the supplementary text has been placed within parentheses (forexamples see 3:10a; 18:2b-5a).Variant readings are noted in a critical apparatus. Except for plenary, ornonplenaryvocalization and a few illegible scriblings, the notation ofall variants iscomplete. The limited number ofmanuscripts used in the apparatus, of course,

xivHebrew Gospelgives only a sampling of variation that occurs in the manuscript tradition as awhole.The TranslationThe translation attempts to be faithful to the Hebrew without being awkwardor wooden. The rough style of the Hebrew, however, is often reflected by theEnglish. Occasionally its sense is unclear (15:5; 16:21; 17:3) because the Hebrewis unclear. Proper names are usually given their common English spellings exceptwhere a different pronunciation is distinctly indicated by the Hebrew. In someinstances, a variant reading has been translated rather than the printed text. Thisoccurs where it is necessary for the sense ofthe text. These renderings are placedwithin parentheses. In many instances the printed text is translated, in spite ofdifficulties, in order to preserve a disparitybetween the Hebrew and the Greek.In no sense is the translation a thoroughgoing eclectic rendering of the manuscripttradition.Part OneText and TranslationAbbreviations and Notations() 1. Notes an occasional reading in the Hebrew text supplied from anothermanuscript because of a lacuna.2. Notes a variant reading in the translation where the variant is asubstitution or an addition.[] Notes an editorial addition in the translation.

The Hebrew TextTranslation[MT 1:1-13"tuN' i?'£).C;"::1N 1::1 ", 1::1 ,"W' m"'l1 ;"N 1l1N ",,;, ::1p31' ::1p31' l1N ",,;, pn1" pnx' l1N ",,;, C;"::1N 2•,'nN' ;"';"l"1n 1"xn l1N ,.",;, f'£) '~11~ n'T1 f'£) l1N ",,;, ;,,,;"3.C, l1N ",,;,1,tum, l'WnJ l1N ",,;, ::1'J'~31' ::1,J'7.)31 l1N ",,;, C,,4•1'~'W l1N ",,;,m,~ '::1'31 l1N ",,;, t31,::1 m,m ::1n,~ t31,::1 l1N ",,;, l'~'tu5•'TV' l1N ",,;, '::1'31'•;""N l1tuN~ ;,~,tu l1TVN l1N ",,;, ",", l1N ",,;, 'tu'6",,;, ;"::1N ;"::1N l1N ",,;, C31::1n, C31::1n, l1N ",,;, ;'7.)'tu'•NON l1N",,;, C", C"., l1N ",,;, ~£)W';" ~£)tu,;" l1N ",,;, NON 8•;"T131 l1N•;,'ptn l1N ",,;, ;"T131'",,;, l'7.)N l'7.)N l1N ",,;, ;'TVJ7.) ;'TVJ7.) l1N ",,;, ;,'ptn lO.;"WN' l1N.,::1::1 m'''::1 ,"nN' ;"J:J' l1N ",,;, ;,'tuN'lI•'::1::1"t l1N ",,;, 'N'l1'NTV 'N'l1'NTV l1N ",,;, ;"J:J'12.11N ",,;, ";"::1N' ";"::1N l1N ",,;, ,"::1::1"t 13MT 1:1-13JChapter 1t These are the generations of Jesusthe son of David the son of Abraham.2 Abraham begot Isaac and Isaac begot Jacob;Jacob begot Judah and his brothers.3 Judah begot Perez and Zerah from Tamar;Perez begot Hezron; Hezron begot Ram.4 Ram begot Amminadab; Amminadab begot Nahshon;Nahshon begot Salmon.S Salmon begot Boaz from Rahab the harlot;Boaz begot Obed from Ruth and Obed begot Jesse.6 Jesse begot David; David begot (Solomon) from the wife of Uriah.7 Solomon begot Rehoboam; Rehoboam begot Abia; Abia begot Asa.8 Asa begot Jehoshaphat; Jehoshaphat begot Joram; Joram begot Uzziah.9 Uzziah begot (Jotham, Jotham begot Ahaz, Ahaz begot) Hezekiah.10 Hezekiah begot Manasseh; Manasseh begot Amon; Amon begot Josiah.II Josiah begot Jeconiah and his brothers in the Babylonian exile.12 (After the Babylonian exile) Jeconiah begot Shealtiel;Shealtiel begot Zerubbabel.13 Zerubbabel begot Abihud; Abihud begot (Eliakim;Eliakim begot Azor."1", 1:3] omit C"2pni"] pni' DEFG I :rn:'l'] K'"BEF"3:'1":'1'] 1m' BDEFG I 1"in']1"Sn, EF"'C"] c, ABDG I :3,J'7,)Y1] :3,J'7.)17 ABDG I 1'lI1nJ']1'lI1nJ ABDG I 1'7,)'111] omit A,,5 nit "":'1 1'7,)7111] omit A I :'IJ'T:'I] omit ABDEFG I ':3'17'] ~'J ABCDEFG".",1.'] + "7,):'1 A I :'17,)'111 nll1K nK) :'17,)'111 nK ABCDG I nIl1K7,)] nll1K 17:3111 n:37,) F"I t:!!lIl1,:'I" "] t:!!lIl1" B I C""] c,,·, EF I :'I'n17] ':'1'111 EF'"nK I ] + nK "":'1 TnK TnK nK ""':'1 cm' cm' ADG,,10 mel] omit EF I nK 2 ] + ':'1'111" G I :'I'II1K'] K'II1K' A, ':'I'II1K' EFI,U :'I'II1K'] K'II1K' A, ':'I'II1K' EF I :'I'J::I') K'J::I' A I ,:3:3 . • • ,'nK') omit EF"I2Beginning) + ,:3:3 m':l ,nK' ADG I :'I'J::I')Ie'J::I' A I 'K'n'KII1"')'K'n'lI1 A1,13":'I':3K'] ":'I':3K ABDEFG I nit') + "111 nle "":'1 C'P"K C'P"K DG

4[MT 1:14-2:2. .":'1"N I'IN "":'1 C'PN' C'pN I4"":'1 11'1~' 11'1~ I'IN "":'1 ,tY'N' ,tY'N I'IN "":'1 ":'1"N,IS.~pY' I'INtY':11 n'tv~ N,pJ:'1 C''''~ tl."N ~O" N':'1 .~O" I'IN "":'1 ~Py,,16.O'O"O',P,~~ 1'11'1 'Y ",~, ''', 1'11"'1'1 ", 'Y C:'1'~N~ 1'11"'1'1 ,;),)17.,", 1'11"'1'1 '''tl.'' 'Y ,~~ m'l~' ''', 1'11"'1'1'Jtv j?'!:l~O'" :'10"N '~N :'11'1':'1 ,tvN;) ':'1"

6[MT 2:3-14'~37 O'tu", ':Jtu" ,;" ,;':J', ,,~;, 0''''';' 37~tu,3,'U O,p~ ·m'~:J 0'37'" ";' O~ O;,~~':J);'tup:J" ""'l ,;, T':Jp,,4.n'w~;,'D '37 :J'n;,;, ;''';'' on, n':J:J "'~ U37"s'£)'~:J "371 ;,n~ 1;' :''';'' T'~ ;,n,£)~ ;''';'' on, n':J ;,n~,6.'~'tu':J 'tu,~ m';" ~1' " ,~~ ;''';'':J~';' o;,~ ,~tu" ,no:J o'~o,p, 0''''';' ,,~;, ~,p T~7.0;" :J;',;';' n'~, 1~T"';' '37:J :J~';' ,,~w, ,;" o;"'~ ,~~" on, n':J' on'tu,,8.m,nntzm' "'N ~:J~ ')~ Ol' " "'l;' ,m~ 0;'~1'~:J\0;")£)' ",;, n'T~:J ,~, ,tu~ :J;',;';' ;,);" ,;"" ,,~;, ,~ '37~tu",tu~ o,p~;, 'l) '~37 on, n':J '~:J ,tu~;" .o,p~;, ,~ O~':J '37."';' ow.,~~ '37 ;""l ;,n~w ,n~tu :J;',;';' n~ ,~, ,tu~;, ,;",10" "nnw', ")£)' '37';'" ,~~ o''''~ n~, ';'~1~" n':J;' ,~ '~':J,,11,,~, m':J" :J;'T nm~ "'~ '~':J" o;,'mnn~~ n~ ,nn£)',.~''',~ T37':J", ')£)" 0;" ,~~ ,~,~;,~ 0''''';' ,~ :J,tu 'n':J' o"n~ "1,,12.n,n~ ",:J 01'~'37':J' i"£)n~, '37);' n~ nj:" o,p ~O,' 'N ;,~') If;' ,~,~ m;" 0';"';' ;'~;'13tup:J' 0''''';' ';' "'~ "~~ '37 "~37n ow, 0"1~' n,:n ,~~.l";" '37);' n~.,~~ n~, '37);' n~ np,,14MT 2:3-14)3 Herod the king heard and was dismayedand all the inhabitants ofJerusalem with him.4 So he gathered all his nobles and inquired from them if they knewwhere the Messiah would be born.S They answered him: In Bethlehem Judah,as it is written according to the prophet:6 You Bethlehem Judah, Ephrathah, land of Judah, behold you areinsignificant among the clans of Judah; from you shall come forth tome one to be ruler in Israel.7 Then King Herod called the magicians in secret and asked them wellconcerning the time the star (appeared) to them.8 He sent them to Bethlehem and said unto them: Go and inquire wellconcerning the child and when you find him inform me. I also will goto him to worship.9 They harkened unto the king and went, and behold the star which theysaw in the East was going before them until they came to the place.When they entered Bethlehem it stopped before the placewhere the child was.10 When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.II They (came) into the house, found him and his mother Mary, kneltbefore him, worshipped him, opened their sacks, and brought to himgifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, that is, mira.12 Then they were commanded in a dream by the angel who spoke to themnot to return to Herod; so they returned to their land by another route.13 As they were going, behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph(saying:) Arise, take the boy and his mother, flee to Egypt and stay thereuntil I tell you, because Herod will seek the boy to kill him.14 So he took the boy and his mother7

8[MT 2:15-3:4 15N':J3i1 '!) 'Y '~N3tu i1~ "~1' 0,"""i1 n~ 'Y Otu 'i1',.'3:J' 'nN'i' O"J~~''tu'~n i"!)'N :JJyn', 1N~ "'N Y'" 0'~0'i'i1 ,mN 'N'tu 0,,,,,i1 i1N' TN I6on, n':J:J ,tuN 0',,'i1 ,:J, l"i1' ",tu ,:J, n,tu', ,J', ,:J,.'Y3i1 ,;utu 0'~0'i'i1 " "~N ,tuN l~T~ O','Ui1 i1"':J1'N':J3i1 i1'~" '~Ntu i1~ ,:J,i1 0,tu3 TN I7,:J, i1'3:J 'Y i1:J:J~ ,n, o'",~n ':J:J 'i13 Y~tu3 i1~':J "i'18flO': 'N 'o"n:J i1N'3 "i1 'N'~' "~i1 0,"""i1 n~ ,tuN:J 'i1,,19.C"J~:JO'tui':J~i1 ,n~ ':J '''N 'N ", '~N nN' 'Y3i1 ~ "P. C'Ip '~N,20.n'~i1' 'Y3i1 nN•'''N 'N ,:J,tu', '~N nN' 'Y3i1 nN ni'" 0i',,21n0"",i1 nnn i1"i1':J ,,~ ON''''l'N ,~tu 0'3i"'i1 ':J Y~tu"•'1'1:1 T'N 'N 1!)" o"n:J 'N'~i1 'i1T'T" Otu n:J" N"~ "':J~2Jn'TN3 N':J3i1 '~Ntu i1~ O"i" n"TN3 nN'i'3i1 ,'Y:J l':Jtu , N:J ,, ~~'tutu i"!).i1"i1' ':J'~:J tu", ":Jt::l~i1 13m' N:J 0i1i1 O'~':J:.N:J' i1:J,'i' O'~tu m:J'~tu i1:J,tun:J "m '~N\U!) ':J'~:J N"i' "i' N':J3i1 ,i1'Ytu' '''Y '~N3tu i1~ O"i".'3'i"N' i1"0~ i1:J,Y:J "tu' "i1 ","3n~:J "TN "ntu "Y' 0"~1i1 '~J~ tu,:J, i1'i1 13m' i13i1,4.0',Y'i1 tu:J" i1:J'Ni1 '3n~,MT 2:15-3:4J15 and was there until Herod died, to fulfillwhat was spoken by the prophet: Out of Egypt I called my son.16 Then Herod saw that the magicians had (mocked) him and was verydispleased. Being grieved at heart, he commanded that word be sent toall his princes to kill all the male children who were in Bethlehem andits borders who had been born from the time when the magicians spoketo him concerning the birth of the boy.17 Then was fulfilled that which Jeremiah the prophet spoke:18 A voice was heard in Rama, lamentation and bitter weeping, Rachelweeping for her children, etc.19 It came to pass when King Herod died, the angel of the Lord appearedin a dream to Joseph in Egypt20 saying: Arise, take the boy and his mother and go to the land of Israel,because those who were seeking the boy to kill him are dead.21 So he arose, took the boy and his mother, and they returned to the landof Israel.22 Then he heard that Horcanus, his name is Argelaus, reigned in Judahin the place of Herod his father, and he feared to go there. So the angelurged him in a dream that he should turn unto the land of Gilgal.23 He came and dwelt in a city called Nazarith in order to fulfill what theprophet said: He shall be called Nazareth.Chapter 3I In those days came John the Baptizerpreaching in the wilderness ofJudah.2 He said: Tum in repentance,for the kingdom of heaven is about to come,3 to fulfill what was said by Isaiah the prophet: A voice of one crying,in the desert prepare the way of the Lord,make straight in the wilderness a path for our God.4 Behold John was clothed with the hair of camels and black leathergirded his loins and his food was locust and the honey of the forest.9

10[MT 3:5-151"':'1 m:3':3O m~?~:'1 ?~~, :'1":'1' ?~~, C?tu",~ "?N 'NX' lN S."~N~ ?Y 1"':3 C'?:3'~' cnN~n c'"n~ IN,6'Y':3tv ",£)'N:3 C'tu,,£):'1 1~' '~'!'''N~ lY?:3 C'tu,,£):'1~ C':3, ,~ N"".?N:'1~ N:3? ,'ny? f1Xj:':'110 mi:l' c." '~N" ,n?':3~?. .:'1~'tu:'1 :'1:3,tun ,,£) ,tvy 8?~"tv C~? '~'N ')N l~N .C:'1':3N ')':3N C~:3:3?:3 "~Nn ?N,9.:'1?N:'1 C'):3N:'11~ C:'1':3N U:3 nN C'P:'1? C'P?Nn,~' :3'~ ,,£) :'1tuY' N? ,tuN TY:'1 tv,tu? ll'l:'1 Y'l:'1 ':3~,)10l)m' C:'1? 1Y" .:'1tuY) :'1~ ~"N m":3n:'1 ,? '?Ntv', .f1'tu' tuN:3'CY:'1 'N:3" .,? l'Ntu ,~? 'N:'11n' nun~ 'ntv ,? tv'tu ,~C,tv? "Y~xn C:'1? 1Y" :'1tuY) :'1~ C':3, ':'1'?Ntu', (.?':3~:'1?C':3tu,n ":'1 CY:'1 ?~, .c~'p?n:3 ,n~tvm c,tv)yn N?' tu'N.,,'tu' N':'11)m' ?,~) C:3?:3 C'~'~'N:3' ,nN' :'1:3,tun '~':3 c~nN ?':3~~ ')):'1 n~N:3 C?,~? my l)m',"tvN:3 C:lMN ?':3~' N':'1' .,?Y) ",tv ,'n:'1? "N' ')'Ntv ')~~ pm.tu"p:'1 m,.~"Y l:3n:'1' "X'N? 11':'1 f1'ON" U'l nN m'l? :'1'l~ "':3 'tvN 12')'~tv i"£).1)m'~ ?':3~:'1? 1"':'1 nN ?'?1:'1~ ,,'tv' N:3 lN 13:'1nN' "'~ ?':3~:'1? "N' ')N '~N" '?':3~:'1? P£)O~ :'1':'1 1)m,,14.'?N N:3IN' :'1jnx ?~ C'?tv:'1? C':3"n ')N ptv M):'1 ,? '~N" '''lV' 1y,,1s.':'1'?':3~:'13

12[MT 3:16-4:1311'1" C'i"N m1 N1" C'7,)tV:'I "'- 16,nl1!)J C'7,):'I 17,) :'I/31tu "7,)'•"'31 :'I111tZ" :'1J,':l.,~ 'J!)m ~:'1NJ 'N7,) 'N7,) '~':'1N 'J~ :'It 17,)'N C'7,)tu:'117,) "i' :'1J:'1,17'31'tul1 i'1!).1~tu:'l7,) 1110JI1:'1' 1~'7,)' tV"i':'I m1~ ,"tu' ni'" TNI•~311J :l"nN' :'I'" C'31~1N' C" "7,) C,J"Z~, e'J:J~-w 1'7,)N :'111N C'i"N 1~ CN " 17,)N' :'10J7,):'1 ~1i'7,)3.em ,:J'W'•""" ,,~, cn,:'1 '31 N' ':l ~'I1:l " 17,)N" ,"tV' 137,,4:'11~" 1111':'1 C'i'7,) '31 ':'1"7,)31" tu"i':'1 1'31~ l~tu:'l '111N ni" TN stV'i'7,):'1 ':l~tV" :'1,J' '':IN'7,) ':l ':l, :'1~7,)' "" :'II1N C'i"N CN "'K 17,)N,6•"., ,':l1' ':l~ ,17,)tu,,"i"N ":'1 I1N :'10JI1 N' I1'Jtu ,"tV' ,,~ 11",7C"~:l' T1N:'1 111:l'7,)7,) ,:l ':'1N1" 'N7,) :'1'~" 1:'1~ l~tzm '111K NtV,,8•"N 311!)11 CN " 111N :'1'N ,:l " 17,)N,,9":'1 I1N ~'I1:l l:ltu ON~Nt(NTf T31'::1 l~tu:'l " ,"tV' " :'1J31 TN 10•"~3111 ,,::1, '111N' "!)I1N•':'I'!)1tu', "'N '::11i' C':lN'7,) :'1J:'I' l~tzm '111N ::1T31 TN H'1'tu31 i'1!)'N "" 10N7,)~ pm' 107,)J ':l '''ft'' 317,)ft'" C:'I:'1 C'7,)'~ ':'I"U•'''''':'1:'1Ji'~ :'17,)~'1N~ T31' :'111'N1 C,nJ 1!):l~ l':ltu', 'N1TNJ 11K 1'::131,,13T: • l"'~T T1NJ:";"pU'] ;"P EF I C'~U';'l~) C'~U';'~ G I 'K") + m~, G I C'P'K) C"K AJ:I7C'!)U';'l~) C'~U';'~ ABDEFG I ::I;'Kl] ::I;'K~ G':1 ~'P;') ~P;' B"J::I'P~)::I'P', ABDEFG I ") omit DEF I C'P'K) C'mK A, m'K G I ;"K;') "K;' A':"')'" A I ::I,n::l ") omit G I ::I,n::l) + K';' ABCDEF I ''0') + D1K;' ;""' ABEFG,;, '11 KJ'~ '::l 'P '::l D1K;' ;""' D.:.'::l::lU') n'::I::IU' G••• "'K) " EF IC'P'K) C"K 1::l ABDEF, m'K 1::l G I '::l,) ::I'n::l' ABDEFG I ,'::l". • • "!)U")omit G I 1',::1,] + ",,,, l::1K::I '1,,'n 1!1 ,l'KU" C'!I::l 'P A I ',::l, ,l'KU" C'!I::l 'P BDEF':71»'1) ,~" G I n'lU') + ::I'n::l1::l A, + ::I'n::l ::l"" BDEFG InK) + CU' BEF I 1'p?K) ,';"K A.:I';'K"') + nK G':'p'lIn) ,,"nU'm Tl::ln A, p'::ln BDEFG"'II»?::I) I»? ADEFG I OKlKl)KU') U'KltlKU' AC, U'lKl)KU' B, U'lKl)U' DFG I "!lnK)"lIn;, ADEFG.,11 ,m!l'U'T1) ,mmU", ABCDEFG··I>'OM::I) + ,.,~;, F I ,,,,,,;, 'K] omit A, ",,,;, B"OnK] omit F I 'K'IKlj'K'U A, 'K'KU BD, "KIKl C, n'KIl::l F, 'Kn'IKl G I .l'::lU"'1 pU'" K::I" A I ;,n'K') ;,n~'::1 A, ;,nK' B, ;,n,~ D, ;,n~, FG, IP') IP'::I BG, Offilt D I;'~l)"M) M'l) K'~ AD, ;'~'l)K'M B, ;'~l)'M C, ;'~'l)'~ F I ;'lKl)K'~ ;,tl~' GMT 3:16-4:13)16 Immediately when he came up from the water,the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God comingdown like a dove and it dwelt upon him.17 Then behold a voice from heaven was saying: This is my son, mybeloved, he is loved very very much and my pleasure is in him.Chapter 4I Then Jesus was taken by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to betempted by Satan.2 He fasted forty days and forty nights and afterwards was hungry.3 The tempter drew near and said to him: if you are the Son of God saythat these stones should turn into bread... Jesus answered and said to him: It is written: not by bread alone, etc.5 Then Satan took him to the holy city, placed him on the highest pointin all the temple6 and said to him: If you are God, jump down, for it is written: he hascommanded his angels in regard to you to keep you in all your ways,etc.7 Jesus answered him again: You shall not tempt the Lord your God.S So Satan took him to an exceedingly high mountain, showed him allthe kingdoms of the earth and their glory9 and said to him: All these things I will give to you if you bare yourhead to me.10 Then Jesus answered him: Go Satan, that is, Satanas, for it is written:I will pray to the Lord and him only you will serve.II Then Satan left him and behold angels drew near to him and (ministered)to him.12 It came to pass in those days Jesus heard that John had been deliveredup into prison, so he went into Gilgal.13 He passed by Nazeral and dwelt in Capernaum-Raithah, that is,Maritima, on the outskirts of the Land of Zebulun,13

1415[MT 4:14-25. ~'J1:'1 ':'1'37W' '1,)~W :'11,) 0"i',14.0'U:'1 "'111":'1 n~ 'J37 0':'1 "1 ',nD1 :'1X'~' l"'Jf :'1X,~IS:'111 ,,~ m1,)'X r'~J 'JW,' "11 ,,~ ,~, ,W,nJ 0'::J,,:'1:'1 037:'1 16.0:'1"37~", i"Dm::J'1,)W :'1J'WnJ "m ,J", W"" ,"W' ,'nn:'1 ",~, 1~::J1,)17.:'1J,'i' O'1,)W~'i"W l'371,)W o'n~ 'lW ~", "'1:'1 0':'1 nDW '37 ,"W' ",,18O:'1'm'1,)::J1,) O'::J',tV1,) ,'n~ :'1tc'''j'71~' Oi'''l?'~~ ~'i'1' 1i"1,)'Q.0'1"1 ":'1tV O'J.0'Wl~ 0'1"11,) o::Jn~ :'1W37~' ',n~ ,::J, 0:'1' '1,)~,,19.,',n~ ,::J," :'137W :'1m~J O:'1'm'1,)::J1,) 'Jf37,,20'~'1Jf 'lJ o'n~ 11m', Jj:'37' o',n~ o'n~ 'lW ~", OW1,) ",,21O:'1'm'1,)::J1,) 0'1'::J1,) :'1'l~J O:'1'J~' :'17~";~n i~"7~;! f37'J.om~~'j:'".,',n~ ,::J," O:'1'J~ n~, O:'1'm'1,)::J1,) ,n'l" ":'11,),,22J'" i?'Df37' J,,, 1Jf 0:'1' 'WJ1,)' om,:'1i' 11,)" "'1:'1 r'~ ,~ ,"W' JO,,23.037J m11,) ,::J, o'"n ,::J ~D'1,)' O'1,)W m::J'1,)1,) i"'''''ll''~1,)'1'1,) ,::J1,) o'"n:'1 ,::J ",~ '~W" ~'''''O r'~ ,::JJ 1nY;'~w: ",,24O'W37,n1,):'1' :'137' m,1,) O'n37Jl:'1' C'1W:'1 C't1n~ O'l'W1,) o'~,n.om~ ~D'"~""" C'W",,'1,) "'''1:'1' "'''Di'~ mJ' ,',n~ '::J",25.11"":'1 'J37'·,J·':1'Yl£") :1'Yl£" ABEF I K'JJm omit FGU5 nK) omit AEF.:11 c'm c' ADEFG I K'P'l£') omit A, K,pJ:1 B, K,pJl£' CDEFG I 1'T.l'O) omit A, l'T.l'l£' BG I~'O"O) ~'OKO A, ~'O'OBDEFG I :lK""JK')l£'K"'JK' A, :1K"'JK' BCDEFG I C:1'm'T.lJT.l)C:1'm"T.lJT.l BOG""C:1,) cmK A I C',,"1T.l] C'"", ADEFG I C'l£'JK) C'l£'JK:1T.l AG, C'l£'JKT.l BDEF"21'JJ] omit G I TY'J)TY? ACEF, 'K Ti? OG I 'K1KJT]l£"K'1JT A, 'K1JT BC, '1KJT EF I :l1KJKn)'K1Jn ADEFG, 'K'1Jn B, K"Jn C I C:1'JK') C:1'JK ABoo, C:1T.lY :"I:"I'JK EF I :"I'JKJ) + C:"IT.lYABoo.,22":1T.l") + ':"IU', ,mnJ" ,mnJ" G.,23'K)'J A, 'Y 00 I Cm,:"Ip) cm,':"Ip AB I C:"I'I omit 00 I 'JT C:"I') ,J, AB, omit EF I TY']TY'J BG I ''''''''J''KT.l) 'KOJ"'''JK'K A 'KT"'''J''K DEG 'KT"'''JK'K F I C'"n] ',n AEF, '"nBOO""'JT.l) ,J, B, I KO"') 'KO'" B.,23 ,',nK) + mJ,n ABCDEFG I "'OPT.lJ "'OKpT.l A I ,',,,m) "''':''IT.l' A, ",,,:1 G I C'\U1"T.l)C'\U1"T.l, AB C,~", G I K"") :"I11:"1'T.l, A, :"111:"1" EFG I ,JY1] ,JYT.l, AMT 4:14-25]14 in order to fulfill that which Isaiah the Prophet said:IS Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, the way of the Sea, beyond theJordan, Galilee of the gentiles.16 The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light; those whodwell in the land of deep darkness a light has shined upon them.17 Henceforth Jesus began to preach and to say: Repent for thekingdom of heaven is near.18 Jesus went along the shore of the sea of Galilee and saw two brothers,Shimon, who is called Simon, also called Petros, and Andrea hisbrother casting their nets into the sea because they were fishermen.19 He said to them come after me and I will make you fish for men.20 So they left their nets in that hour and went after him.21 Herturned from there and saw two other brothers, James and John,brothers who were sons of Zebedeel, that is, Zabadao and Zabadah,and their father in a boat setting up their nets and he called them.22 They hastened and left their nets and their father and followed afterhim.23 Then Jesus went around the land of Galilee teaching their assembliesand preaching to them the good gift, that is, mavangeleo, of thekingdom of heaven and healing all the sick and every disease amongthe people.24 So a report about him went into all the land Syria and they brought untohim all those who were sick from various kinds of diseases,thosepossessed by demons, those who were terrified by an evil spirit andthose who shook, and he healed them.25 Many followed him from Kapoli and Galilee, from Jerusalem, Juda,and across the Jordan.

16[MT 5:1-18p'"1'".:::1tll', ,;,;, ?Y', m":::1n;, N'" N';';' nY:::1 m ',nN ,;",1,','~?n ,? ,:::1"i'"•'~N? C;"?N ,:::1," "" nn",,2(.C'~tll m;,?~ C;,?tll m, ,?"tll "tllN)3•,~nU'tll c';,m;, "tllN4(.T'N ,tll" C;,tll C'UY;' "tllN)5•C'i'?N 'N" ;,~;" :::1?;' ';'T "tllN 8.'N'i" C'i'?N 'J:::1tll C,?tll ,,,,,, "tllN 9•C'~tll m;,?~ C;,?tu i'U? C'""J;' "tllNI0',Y:::1 Y' ?;, C;"?N "~N"C;,nN ''''1'' ,,,,,, 'tllN;' C;"'tllNll•':::1T;'"C'N':::1J;' ,,,,, 1;'tu C'~tll:::1 ~~ :::1, C;,,;,tlltll ,n~tll' ,tll'tll 12.,", p'"?1:):::1' n?~;, CN C?,Y:::1 cnN n?~ ,','~?n? ,"tu' '~N N';';' nY:::1 13m';,? T,n:::1 ,?tll,'tll N?N C,?;, ;"tll U'N' n?~,' ;'~:::1 '~Y1:).C'?l' O~,~•,nO;'? ?;"n N? ,;,;, ?Y ;"U:::1 "Y .C?,Y:::1 CnN "N~14C'~'tll~ i" "Nn N?tll ,nOJ C'i'~:::1 ,mN C'tll;,? ,J 'i"?" N?15.n':::1;' 'J:::1 ?;,? "N;'? ;",~~;, ?Y ,mNC':::1'1:);' C;"tllY~ CmN';'? C~ ?;, 'J,,? C;"'N~ "N' 1;,16.C'~tll:::1tll C;":::1N? m':::1;'~' n,n:::1'tll~;,;",n ,,,;,? 'nN:::1tll ':::1tllnn ?N ,','~?n? ,"tll' '~N N';';' nY:::1 17.C'?tu;,? N?NN? nnN ;'''i'J, nnN n'N T'N' C'~tll 'Y ';' C;,? '~'N 'IN n~N:::118•c"i'n' ?;,;,tll C'N':::1J;'~ 'N ;",n;,~ ?1:):::1nS,1':2'''P'''!) ,:2.,P" ABDEFG5:2.,mc?) omit EF5:JWhole vs] omit Brit. Lib. ms BCDEFG; text = A5:. vs 4] omit G; placed after vs 5 A I D'"nl'l] D".,:2:1 AS,5 vs 5] omit Brit. Lib. ms BCDEFG; text = A5:6 vs 6] omit all mss5:' vs 7] omit all mss5:' vs 8] omit G I D'P?K) D'?K A5:9 D'?W) D1?W:1 G I D'P?K) D'?K A5:12""JW1) 'nKW1 G I ~"'WW) ~"'W" EF, :2.,n:2 .,'WW G I :2.,) omit EFG I D'lC':2J:1) + ~J!l?W5:13~?D") ,m' A I "'W1'W) n?W1'W A I Tln:2] TIn? AEF I D'?1.,) D'?1.,? ABDEF; omit G5:15 D'W:t?) D'w? B I '1,'1)'1, DEFG5:i. 'nK:2W) omit EF I m,n) "!l:1? 'nK:2 K? D'K':2J:1 'K :1."n:1 A + "!l:1? 'nK:2 K? D'K':2J:t1 D5:11',) omit D I 'W) 'W1D'W'" A; + 'W1DW BCDEFG I mK)'" A I ?1:):2nj ?1:):2nn A I :1."n:1D):1."n:1 lD B I D'K':2J:17.l 'K) D'K':2J:1 lD' B I D'K':2J:1D) D'K':2J:1 AChapter 517MT 5:1-18)1 It came to pass after this when he saw the crowds that he went upon themountain and sat down. Then his disciples (came to) him2 and he opened his mouth and spoke to them saying:3 (Blessed are the humble of spirit for theirs is the kingdom ofheaven.)4 Blessed are those who wait for they shall be comforted.S (Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.)8 Blessed are the innocent of heart for they shall see God.9 Blessed are those who pursue peace for they shall be called sons ofGod.10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness for theirs isthe kingdom of heaven.11 Blessed are you when they persecute and revile you and say againstyou all kinds of evil for my sake, but speak falsely.12 Rejoice and be glad for your reward is very great in heaven, for thusthey persecuted the prophets.13 At that time Jesus said to his disciples: You are salt in the world. If thesalt is neutralized in regard to its taste with what will it be salted? It isfit for nothing but to be cast outside to be trampled under foot.14 You are light in the world. A city built upon a hill cannot be hidden.15 They do not light a lamp to place it in a hidden place where it cannotshine; but they place it upon a lamp stand so that it might shine for allin the house.16 Thus let your light shine before every man to show them your gooddeeds which are praised and glorified before your father who is inheaven.17 At that time Jesus said to his disciples: Do not think that I came to annulthe Torah, but to fulfill it.18 Truly I say to you that until heaven and earth (depart) not one letter ordot shall be abolished from the Torah or the Prophets, because all willbe fulfilled.

18[MT 5:19-30,:1;' 1:1 c',nN '~'N ,tuN "N r"'1~;'~ "N '~N~ ":137' 'tVN,19.C'~tV rn;:"~:1 N'i" ",,, ,~,~;" C"i'~;" C'~tV rn;:,,~ N'i"'''~ i"!)""11 N' CN C;:" '~'N ')N I1~N:1 ""~'11' '''tu' '~N N';';' 1137:1 20.C'~tv rn;:"~:1 'N':111 N' c'~;:,n;'11 C'tv,,!);,~,rn' C;:'I1i"1N';' :1"n n1" ,tvN' n1'11 N' C')'~'i" '~N)tv ;,~ CI137~tV N,;'21.rn~~!)tv~N'i" ,tvN' ~!)tu~, N';' :1"n "':1n, O'37;:'~;'tv c;:" '~'N ')N,n;'~'w ';"N'i" ,tvN' ';'i';':1 ~!)tv~:1 :1"n' rnn!) ,'nN'.C)';''' tuN' :1"nN';" 1" ,':1n C37 " ;,';,tu ";:'Trn n:1T~' ,):1,i' :1"i'11 CN,23,:1, m'N~ ,~~ C37'I1~:1,i';' ,;:, ,nN' C"i' ,rn1" ", n:1T~;' ')!)' cw ,'):1,i' m;,24.,'):1,i'T"~i?'!)'~37 '11;:":1 ,N)'W rn1" ';'~I1W ;'N' ""~'11' ,"tV' '~N TN 2S1111' ':137' "'o~' ~!)'tV;, ;,n ~!),tu' ,rnN "o~, 1!) ",:1.';"0;' 11':1' ,rnN.;,)"nN ;,~"!) 111)11 '37 CtV~ N111 N' " '~'N ')N I1~N:126T' P'!).~N)11 N' C')'~'i" '~N)W ;,~ CI137~tu C;" '~N "37 27~N) ,:1;:' ;,rnN ,,~n', ;'WN ;'N";' ,;:,W C;:" '~'N ')N'ZS.;':1,:1 ;'~37.,~~ ;,;:,"turn ;,rnN 'i') 1'~';' ")'37 '11'0' CN,29"':1N~ ,nN "O!)I1W " :1'~ .;,rnN ,'l1n '" '11'0' CN 1;:,,30.C)';''':1 ,!),,, ,;:)~5'''M) + 1tlj;' A I rmlr7.lm.3) m'lr7.l7.l ABCDEFG I 'T1.)'M 'WM] ,7.l'" ABDEFG I ':I:"IPI 1tlj;' P DI m::l'7.lJ m::l'7.l:I ABDEFG5,n "':In,) ":In nM EF I tl!lW7.l') tl!lW7.l:I A I :I"n'] :I"n ADO M':"I :I"n BEF I tl!lW7.l:I) tl!lW7.l'ABEF I ':"IM'j;" ABCEFG5'2J"::llm) "::llm ABDEFG I 1" ,':In C31) 3 1 2 ABDEFG5'''''3:I'j;'1. 2 l ,3:I'j;' ABDEFG I C"j;' ,mlr"1 2 1 A I '::l] omit ABDEFG I :I'j;':"I) n:I'j;':"I EF5'25:"1M') mM' ADEFG mM"B I ,M3'WI ,M3'W' A5'''''lmn)lnn ABDO.1nnW EF I ;m,nM) :"ImnM:"I G5,21 C'3'7.l'j;"1 omit D5' 2h 3M') '3M EF I :"IWM] :"IWM' ABDEFG I :"I:I,:I] ,:I,:I BDEFGH5'29,n'O'] ,n'o:"l EF I "3'311 '3'31 AD I :"ImM] ,mM AB I :"I::l"Wm] ':"I::l"W', A. '::l"Wm B5'JO,":IM7.l) ,':I'M7.l B. ,":I'M7.l CEF I ?::l7.l] ,::l ':IM'W7.l ABDEFG. ,::l CMT 5:19-30119 He who shall transgress one word of these commandments(and shall teach) others, shall be called a vain person (in the) kingdomof heaven; but whoever upho~ds and teaches [them] shall be calledgreat in the kingdom of heaven.20 At that time Jesus said to his disciples: Truly I say to you, if your righteousnessis not greater than the Pharisees and the sages, you shall notenter into the kingdom of heaven.21 Have you not heard what was said to those of old: You shall notmurder and whoever murders is guilty of Ifjudgment of death?22 But I say to you, he who angers his companion is guilty ofjudgment;he who calls his brother inferior shall be guilty ofjudgment before thecongregation; (he) who calls him a fool is guilty of the fire of Gehenna.23 If you should otTer your gift at the altar and remember that you have aquarrel with your companion and he is complaining about you becauseof this matter,24 leave your gifts there before the altar and go to appease him first andafterwards offer your gifts.25 Then Jesus said to his disciples: See that you hasten to appease yourenemy while you are walking with him in the way lest he deliver you tothe judge and this judge delivers you to the servant to put you intothe prison.26 Truly I say to you, you will not come out from there until the last pieceof money is given.27 Again he said to them: You have heard what was said to those of longago: You shall not commit adultery.28 But I say to you that everyone who sees a woman and covets her hasalready committed adultery with her in (his) heart.29 If your right (eye) seduces you, put it out and cast it from you.30 Also, if your hand seduces you, cut it otT. It is better for you tosutTer the loss of one of your limbs than all your body in Gehenna.19

20[MT 5:31-44n'" i"!:l:my;, ,:nv C'J'~'i" '~KJtv ;,~ cnY~tv ,','~,n, ,"tv' '~K "y 31.';'T-!!:l" 7"'~" tY'~' mn',~ ~l ;" nn, n,tv, ,ntvKCK ,~ mn',~' ~l ~, nii,'" tv' ,ntvK ~nY;, ,~tv C~, '~'K 'JK,32.~KJ' ;,mK ni"';" ~K1J;' K';' ~'KJ ,~, 'Y~", i"!:l~'tvm 'i'tv, ,~tv~ 'Y~tvn K' C'J'~'i" '~KJtv ;,~ cnY~tv "y3 3.,nY,~tv ";"KO~tv c'~tv~ K' K'tv, l"JY C,tv~ Y~tv;, 'n,~, C~, '~'K 'JK,34.K';' C'i"K.K';' C'i"K ,'Ytv C'~tv~ K' K';' "'l' c,,;,tv r'K~ K,,35."ntv 'K P' "K ,Ytv mtvY, ,~,n K'tv 'tvK'~ K,,36.Y, K';' m 'Y ~01J;' ,~ .K' K' Cl' 1;' 1;' c~,,~, ";" '~K37.ltv nnn ltv l'Y nnn l'Y ;",n~ '~KJtv ;,~ cnY~tv "y,38l'~';' ,'n,~ ;,~~;, '~K Y' nnn Y' C,tv 'n,~, c~, '~'K 'JK,39.'K~tv;, " l~;'."'Y~ "'K ~nY "Jn~ ,'U" ~!:ltv~~ '~Y i'"n, ;'J,' ,tvK,40.C"!:l'K '~Y " mY'O!:l ~'K '~Y "" ,mK 'Ktv' ,tvK,41.YJ~n 'K ,~~ m" ;'J,,;', " In ,~~ 'K,tv;,42"~ P'!:ln~;'K' C'J'~'i" '~KJtv ;,~ cnY~tv ,','~,n, ,"tv' '~K "yc.,KJ'tv' KJtvm '~;"K'C~O'Y~~' C~KJ'tv' ;,~,~ ,tvY, C~'~"K '~;'K c~, '~'K 'JK,44C~'JM1" C~'!:l'" ,,~tv~ '''!:In;,,503' C'1'7.l'P'] C'7.l"p' DEFG I n,1V1) " ll1' AEFH, n'll1' COG I nn,) omit OG I :t,] omit A Ivs 32 mn"J •.. vs 31 mn"J) vs 32 vs 31 (hap) F I ",:1" T" ADO, T":1 BE I"'''!)'' T":1') omit HI"'''!)'') ':lUl" " A, ",It"!),, E5032 mn"J '11t') omit F (hap. see vs 31) I ,Jll1),J GH I mn"J ..• ll1'] omit A I Cit) omitOGH5:33"Y) ,7.l1t B I It,) It" EF I 1ny,:1ll1) CJny,:1ll1 EF5:3< c,p,ltj C,,1t A, C':t,1t G I It':t) C:t ABDEFGH5:35 It,,] It, BD I C'~ll1) C"ltlI1 G I 1t,:t)It':t BDEFG I C'7.lll1:1] C,ll1,,':1 ABEFG I C'P'lC) C':t,lCA I It,:t . . . C'7.lll1:1) omit (hap) D5: 16 lC"]lC' ABEFG; omit (hap. see vs 35) D I lC'll1)lC' 'J G5:J7Beginning] + lC':t C,p,1t ,'Yll1 C"ll1"':1lC' D I CJ',:1,] CJ,:1, A I C:l')'lC ADEF, omit BGI lC' lC') 'lC' 'lC' BEF I mj :tT:t D5'31"y,) "Y H I nnn 11l1) omit (hap) EF5' lO :tJ7.l:t) :tJ7.l' ABDEFGH I nnn Y') omit (hap) OGH I lJ:t]ln G5''''ll1lC') ClC' C I 1'1nJ) 11mJ A, 11,nJ B, 11nJ COGH, 1mnJ EF I ",It) "5""lCll1'] OUlc' ABDEFG I 1"') nJ" ABOGB, :tmlC H5,44'1lC'] '11t B I CJ':1"lCj CJ:1"lC' A I CJ'llm" ...,1l1Y,) omit BDEFG I :t:1U') :1,!' A I C::llC1'll1')CJ'lt1'll1' H I ,':1ll1:1) ~:1 A I CJ'!),,) CJ!)", A I C::l'llm,,) CJllm" AMT 5:31-44)31 Again Jesus said to his disciples:You have heard what was said to those of long ago that everyone wholeaves his wife and divorces [her] is to give her a bill of divorce, that is,libela repudio.32 And I say to you that everyone who leaves his wife is to give her a billof divorce. But concerning adultery, he is the one who commits adulteryand he who takes her commits adultery.33 Again you have heard what was said to those of long ago: You shallnot swear by my name falsely, but you shall return to the Lord youroath.34 But I say to you not to swear in vain in any matter, neither by heavenbecause it is the throne of God,3S nor by earth because it is the footstool of his feet, nor by (Jerusalem)because it is the city of God,36 nor by your head for you are not able to make one hair white or black.37 But let your words be yes yes or no no. Everything in addition to thisis evil.38 Again you have heard what is said in the Torah: An eye for an eye, atooth for a tooth.39 But I say to you, do not repay evil for evil; but he who smites yourright cheek provide for him the left.40 He who wishes to oppose you in judgment and to rob your shirt,leave to him your garment.41 He who asks you to go with him a thousand steps, go with him twothousand.42 To him who asks from you give and from him who wishes to borrowfrom you do not hold back.43 Again Jesus said to his disciples: You have heard what was said tothose of long ago that you shall love the one who loves you and hatethe one who hates you.44 But I say to you, love your enemies and do good to the one who hatesyou and vexes you and pray for those who persecute you and oppressyou,21

22[MT 5:45-6:8C'31" c':m~ 'i31 'W~W n"T~tu C'~W:JW C~':JN 'J:J ,';,n 131~'i45.C'i",J, C'31tu, 'i31 ,,~~~,1C~'i ,~W m'N C~':JmN ':J;'Nn CN 461C;":J;"N C':JmN C'J!) 'T31 N'i;,.C~':JN cn 'WN~ c';,'~n CnN ";,48,tu31n CN' C~nN 'i'i;,'i C'N;' 'J!)'i C~ni"J 'W31n l!) "~tu;'l.C'~W:Jtu C~':JN nN~ ,~tu c~'i ;";" N'iN"~i"!)n,~ ":J31;''i 'J,n N'i ;'V'J ,tu31n 'WN~ Y'W' c;,'i '~N "31 2O'l?N'i?;!)'~ T31'i:J C'!)Jn;, ,~~ C~'J!)'i m'J'Jm'J:J CmN 'N"W '31:J C'P"W:J, m:J,n':J Cnp'J C'W'31tu.C,~tu ,'i:Ji' ':J~W c~'i '~'N 'IN l~N .C'N'J'~' ;,tu31' ;,~ ,'iN~W 31" 'iN ;'i"J ;'W31n 'tuN~ cnN,3.,'i c'iw' m,nOJ;' ;'N";' ,':IN' ,no:J 'Jn~ m';,'i 4:J"~i"!)'i'i' ,~',n 'iN ,'i'i!)nnW ;'31W:J ",'~'in'i y'tu' '~N N';';' n31:J 5m'OJ~ 'n:J:J 'i'i!)n;,'i C':JmN;' C':JJ31:"1 C'!)Jn~ ,';,n 'iN'.C'N 'J:J ,n:Jw', '31~tu'W m;":J:l:J c''i'i!)n~, m'Jn 31'Ji'~:J'.C,~tu ,'i:JP ':J~W c~'i '~'N 'IN l~N,':IN'i 'i'i!)nm ,'31:J ,'n'i, 'uo, ':J~w~'i N:J ,'i'i!)n;':J ;,nN,6.,'i c'iw' ,no:J :"IN";' ,':IN' ,no:Jc':Jw,n C'J'~;'W ,~~ C',:J, ':J,n 'iN ,,,!)nn 'tuN~ CnN".C'31~W' C',:J, :J,,:JtunJ~~ ,'iNwnw C"i' C~":J' rn' C'~W:Jtv C~':JNW 'N,n 'iN CnN's5,45 Beginning] + J,,, 'lUY' C'~lUJlU CJ'J~ ']J win 'Y~?CJ'lm?, CJ'O", ?'JlUJ ,"on:'l' CJO'YJ~' CJ'~]'lU? (Oit) BOEFG IC'Y" C'J,,,) ':l'J,,,:'I ?Y1 c'y,:'I G I ""~~'] "tl~~:'1 A5'''CJ'J:'I'~] CJJm~ AC I 'JlU] + :'1':'1' A I C'J:'I'~] + n~ G I C:'I'J:'I'~J C:'IJm~ A5,47 vs 47] omit all mss5,.. C':'I'~n) c'~'~n ABCOEFG,,' ']O?] ']'Y? A, ']0 ?Y B,,' 'lU'] cn~, ABOEF, CnY~lU cn~, G I TY?J) TY? A I O'tl~'P'O'K]lU~tl"P'O'~ A, lU'tl"P'O'~BOG, "'P'!)'~ EF I '~"lUl ''TJJ'lU ABC(?)OEFG I C1K) C1K:'I G""ll1~) 'l1ln~ ABOEFG,,5,lU') YlU':'I' EF I C'JU:'I) omit C I Y11p~J'] 'Y11p~J' ABO I ,nJlU" 'Y~lU'lU) C",~ '~"lUABEF, ,,,,~ '~"lU' OG I C1K] C1K:'I OG""JJlU~?J JJlU~? B I ,'n,,) ,n?, B I ,'YJ) omit A I "J~?] + C'~lUJlU G,,7 C'Y!:IlU') "Y'!:IlU' A"',~,n) C:'I? ,~,n AB(?)EF, C:'I? ,~,n OG I CJ',J,) CJ,J, A I C11P) + '''On:'llU EF I '?~lUnlUl'?~lU'" EF4$' dMT 5:45-6:8)10 or er that you might be sons of your fatherwho is .in hea~en who causes his sun to shine on the good and evil andcauses It to ram on the bad and the just.46 If you love those who love you what is your reward? Do not theimpudent love those who love them?48 Be you (perfect) as your father is perfect.Chapter 6I Be~are lest.you do your righteousness before men that they mightpraise you; Ifyou do, you will have no reward from your father whois in heaven.2 Again Jesus said to them: When you do righteousness do notwish to make a proclamation or [sound] trumpets before you as thehypocrites, that is, ipocrates, who do their righteousness in thestreets and in the marketplaces in order that men might see them.3 Truly I say to you, they have received their reward already.But you when you do righteousness, let not your left hand know whatyour right hand is doing,4 in order that your gift might be in secret and your father who seeshidden things will reward you.$ At that time Jesus said to his disciples: When you pray do not raise yourvoice and do not be like the sad hypocrites who love to pray in thesynagogues and in the comer of the courtyards and pray with haughtyspeech that men might hear and praise them. Truly I say to you theyhave received their reward already.'6 But you, when you pray, go to your couch, close your doors upon you,and pray to your father in secret, and your father who sees in secret willreward you.7 So you, when you pray, do not multiply words as the heretics who8 think that by the multitude of words they will make them heard.Do you not see that your father who is in heaven knows your wordsbefore you ask from him?23

24[MT 6:9-231?Jtv tv,pn' 'J':::lN "'Dnn 1~,9•Y'N:::l' C'?Jtv:::l "tv37 :1':1' 1J'X' 1m~'?J 1':::ln,,10.n"'?Jn u?Jn, 1nm ll,J, C'N~,n, C"M1?J 'JnJN 'tvN~ U'nN~n ,J, "n?J,12•1?JN 37' '~?J ,J',?Jtv, 1"OJ "" 'IN':::ln 'N,13.C~'mJ'37 C'?JW:::lW C~':::lN "n?J' C:1'mJ'37 C~ 'J:::l, "n?Jn CN 14•C~, C~'mJ'37 C~, "n?J' N' C:1, "n?Jn N' CN,I!1"~ i"DC'N'?JW C':::lX37:1 C'DJn~ ":1n 'N '?J,xn 'WN~' C:1, '?IN "37 16'IN 1?JN C'N 'J:::l, cm?Jx mN':1' C:1'JD C'JW?J, C':::lX37 C?JX37•C,~tv ,,:::lj? ':::l~tv C~, '?J'NC~'tvN' ,xn, C~?J'X:::l cnN,17N':1W 1':::lN' ,nO:::l N':1W 1':::lN N'N C'N 'J:::l, C'J37n?J 'N,n N'W I8.1' c'w' ,nO:::l'''~ i?'D:::lj?' 'J'~N'W ,,~ T'N:::l m'X'N ,,:::lX, ':::l,n 'N C:1, '?IN "37 19•c':::ln', C':::ln:1 "Dn' 'N :137"n,C'~N' N' :137"m :1?J',tv C'j??J:::l C'?JW:::l m'X'N C~, ,tv37 20•':::In', "Dn' N' C':::lJl:1tv C'j??J:::l,.Ctv 1'X'N :1':1'tv C'j??J ,n'N:::l ZI.1'Wn' 1D'1 ,:::l '~':::l' n~'J' 1'J'37 CN 1'37'37 1Dl1 "J,n•c'~,wn ":1' 1'~" ,~ 1'wn?J 1:::lW "N:1 CN,23609U':1lC) + C'7Jll1:1ll1 A I '7Jll1) omit DO I vrpn') vrpn:'l EF""',ll1Y) :'I',ll1Y D"II n'''7Jn ... 1nm]U; C":'I1n '"r.m '37Jn; A, '3; C":'I 1n n'''7Jn '3'7Jn; B,U; C":'I 1n '''7Jn '3'7Jn; D, U; C":'I 1n n"'7Jn U7Jn; EF I 1nm) omit G IU7Jn;)U'7Jn; C I n.,,7Jn) + U; C":'I G"UU;'] omit ABDEFG"u'3lC':1n)U'lC':1n B I U"7J~IU'7J~ ADE"""'M1Jn) ,;n7Jn ABDEFG I Q:1'nmy • . • Q:1':1lC) C:l; G" •• C:1?) omit G I Q:1?'] nlC ABD, omit EF I Q:1; C:l'nmlC) omit G"" 'ZllC) omit A I ,ll1lC:l') ,ll1lC:l EF I C':1JY) C':1tIY B I C'3ll17J') C'3ll17J;' D I cm7JJ) cm7J'JABFG, en7J'J DE I ,;:1P] + nlC A.,11 Q:17J,J:1] Q:1'7J,J:1 C.,11":1lC) ":1lC; ABDEFG I ,n0:1 2 ] + lC':'I A I K':'Ill1 2 ]K':'I F"..C:l;) omit H""mp7J) mp7J:'I A I Cll1) + ':1'; K:'I' A, ,:1; :'1':'1' BDEFG"13"3') '3' AB I "3'Y'] ,3'Y A, omit EF, "3'" G I "ll1n' ..• ;:1) ":'IT' 'D'~;:l ABCDEFG.,23 Beginning] + "ll1n' ,DU ;:l ':'I:l ,'3'Y DlC' ABDEFG, + "ll1n' 'D'~ ;:l 'K; DlC' C I ,'ll1n7J]"ll1n' ABCDEFG I C':l'll1n . . . ;:l) ,':l" ;:l ":'1' C':lll1n7J ABDEFG9 MT 6:9-23)10 But thus yo~ shall pray: Our father, may your name be sanctified;may your kingdom be blessed; may your will be done in heaven andon earth.II O' Ive our bread contInually. .12 F'orgIve us our SInS.as we forgive those who sin against us13· 'and do not lead us Into the power of temptation but keep us from allevil, amen.14 If you.forgive men their sins your father who is in heaven will forgiveyour SInS.IS But ifyou do not forgive them he will not forgive you your sins.16 Again he said to them: When you fast do not be as the sad hypocriteswho make themselves appear sad and who change their faces to showtheir fasting before men; truly I say to you, they have received theirreward already.17 But you when you fast, wash your heads18 ~h~t you might not appear to men to be fasting, but (to) your father whoIS In secret, and your father who is in secret will reward you.19 A gaIn . h e sal'dto them: Do not keep on heaping up treasures on earth so20 that decay and the grub devour it or thieves dig through and steal them.Make for yourselves treasures in heaven where the worm and the grub21 do not devour them and where thieves do not dig through and steal.22 In the place where your .treasure is (there will be your heart).The lamp of your body IS your eyes. If your eyes look straight aheadyour body shall not be dark.23 (!f your ~ye~ ~ow dim your whole body will become dark;) and if thehght which IS In you becomes dark, all your ways will be dark.25

26[MT 6:24-7:5;'''~ P'D'JW' "~37' W'l( ,~" l(' ,','~,n, ,"w' '~l( l(';';' n37~24,nl(" ,~~, ,nl(' 'l( ~;'l(' "l(;" l(JW' ,nl(;' Cl( ,~ C'J"l(.C"37;" 'l(;' "~37' ,,~,n l(' m~'W'~'~~ l(" C~'mWDJ' '~l(~' Ul(,n l('W C~, '~'l( 'Jl( 1~'2S. .W'~'~;'7,) Z'lU;', 1'T~;'~ ;"i" WDJ;'W C~DU''DOl(' l(" ,,'Xi" l(" '37"T' l(' 'Wl( C'~W;' Z'l'37~ ,,~no;'26?C;,~ C"i" Cnl( l(';' C~nl( ,~,~~ 1"'37;' C~'~l(' m'X'l(?nnl( ;'~l( ,n~,i'~ Z'l'O,;', ,~"w C'll(";'~ C~~ '~27.w~,n;, 1i~"'~~ T37' 1"W;' n,x~n 'l(' w,~,~ Ul(,n ;,~ '37 ~"l(28.,m~~ tV~,,'~ ;";' l(' ",~~ ,~~ ;'~'w "~;'w c~, '~'l( 'Jl(,29;,w~, ,n~, ;,n, C";' 'Wl( 1i"'~ T37' ni~i'~ 'l(WJ;' 1~n Cl('JO.;'J~l( 'J~i'~ ,JnJl( W"~ ;,ml( W'~'7,) 'l(;' ,un~ ;,ml( C'~'W~';,nWJ ;,~, '~l(J ;,~ ,~" Ul(,n 'l( C~~ ~,wn' 'l(;'W ~"l(,31.C'~"X cnl( ;"l( ,~w C~'~l( 37"" .C'Wi'~7,) C'DU;' ;"l( '~W32.c~, 'JnJ' C"~';' ;"l( ,~, mi"X' C'i"l( m~,~ C"i' 'Wi'~33.,n,x~ C", " " u~~ Ul(" ,n~ c,'w ,n~ C", 'll(,n 'l(34'''~ i"D.u"n 1D u',n 'l(l.c~, ",~, ",~n ;,,~ ;'T'l(~' 'J"n 1" m'l(~2?"J'37~W ;"'i' ;'l(,n l(" ,n"T 1'37~ wj? 'l(,n ;,~,,3;'J;' ,'J'377,) wj? l('X'l(' "37T " ,n~ ,n,n, '~l(n "l(,4,"J'37~ ;"j?;'Wj?;' l('x,n ~"nl(' "J'37~ ;"'j?;' C"j? l('x,n Z'lJn;,s.,n"T 1'37~6'''''''::Iy,2) + me A I ,nl

28[MT7:6-18T":J P'!)')!); C:J')!) '1,)'W1'1 ;N' C':1;:J; W'j:' 'W:1 ')1'11'1 ;N C:"I; '1,)N "37 6.C:J1'1N 37"j:'; :"ImN "Tn', C:J')'37; :"ImN U1,)O,:J' 1!) ,'Tn.C:J; ,n1'1!)" 'j:'!)' 'N11,)m 'Wj:':1 c:J; 11'1)" ;N:"I1,) ';NW 7•n1'1!)' N"j:';' N11,)' 'fllj:':1' 'WN;' ;:1j:" ;N,tzm ;:J 8'i~"'t1:1N ,; 11'1" cn; O,,!); ')1,)1,) U:1 Wj:':1'W C:J:1 '1,)9'tWM:l 11'1" l' tvj:':1' CN 'N 10c:J')!); m:1'~ m)1'11,) 1'11'1; 'N':11'1 C'37' c:Jm':"I C37 C1'1N CN'U•,'wj:':11,); :1'~:"I ,m, 11'1'W C'1,)W:1tv C:J':1N tv":Jilin, 1'1NT C:"I; 'W37 C'N '):1 c:J; 'W37''fll '1'1'1W :"11,) ;:J,12.C'N':1):"In":J j?'!)l":1N:"I '37WW '1:"1 '37W:1 'N:1 "'1,);1'1; ,"tv' '1,)N N':"I:"I 11,)T:1 13•:"1:1 C':J;,:"I C':1" :"1;'11,)' :1n,C'~371,)' c"n; ''''fll1,):''1 "':"1 ,:1:J, '1 '37W:"I :"I1,):J14.:"ImN C'N1'1,):"I~":J i"!)'1,)1 'W,:1;1,):1 C:J; C'N:1:"1 'j:'tv:"l 'N':1)1,) ":"IT:"I C:"I; '1,)N "37 15.C'!)"~ C':1NT C:J,1'11,)W 1N1; C'1,)"11,)' C':1)37 C'1'j:':"1 11,) C'N ~'j:';':"1 C,,':J1'1 C:"I'W371,):1,16'tC')N1'1 C')'j:',:1:"1•37' ,,!) :"I'fll37' 37' y37 ;:J, :1'~ ,,!) :"I'fll37' :1'~ y37 ;:JW I7mW37; ;:J,' N; 37' Y37' 37' ,,!) mW37; ;:J,' N; :1'~:"I Y37,18.:1'~ ,,!)"'0;"] + ,I,U' A I VTP] ~P BD I C::l'J!l] C::lJ'J!l AEF, C::l'J'J!l BDOH I"Tn] C"'TM A, C"'Tn;, H I U~O'::l'j '~O'::l' ADOH, ;'J~O'::l' EF I ;,mlC'] omit EF, cmlC H IC::l'J,y,j C;"1'::1 A, O::lJ'Y, C I ;,n'lC 2 ] omit ADEFG"'lnJ"] In', A""'::IP'] ,,::IP' G I K"P"]lC"P" B"'O"!l'] + " ABDEFG,,10 In',] + " A"II'lC'::Inj 'lC::In AEF, 'lC'::In DO I C::l'J!l'] C::lJ::I, A, C::l'J::I, BDEFG I ::Inm) ;'::I,tm ABDEFG".2 ',::1,,] "!lO' EF"I3'lC::I] 'K'::1 G I 'Im ;,r;, EF I ;"'I~'] ;"'O~' A, ;"I~ DEFG I C'::I,,] n'::I;" EF".4'1 ,Yl,Um 21 ABDEFG I 'I:J::l,] T.I::l ;,~:n ABDEFG 1'''I,U~m 'I,U'~;' AG, 'I,U"~;' BDEF I;,mK] ,mlC ABDEFG".5'~I) '~I;' ABDEFG I C::l,n~I,U) C::l,n::lI,U ABDEFG"·'1~]1'::1 G'017 Y' "!l] omit D',.Iy, ... ::I,tJ;' ry,] omit C (hap) I ry,'] rym EF I y,1.2] y,;, GMT 7:6-18)6 Again he said to them:Do not give holy flesh to dogs nor place your (pearls) before swine lest(they) chew (them) before you and turn to rend you.7 Ask from God and it will be given to you, seek and you will find,knock and it will be opened to you.8 Everyone who asks will receive, by the one who seeks it will be found,and to the one who calls it will be opened.9 Who is there among you whose son asks him for a piece of bread andhe gives him a stone?10 Or if he should ask for a fish, he gives (him) a snake?11 But if you being evil come to place good gifts before yourselves,so much the more your father who is in heaven will give his good spiritto those who seek him.12 Everything you wish that men should do to you, do to them; this is theTorah and the words of the prophets.13 At that time Jesus said to his disciples: Enter in the narrow gate becausethe gate of destruction is wide and deep and many are goingthrough it.14 How narrow is the gate and grievous the way (that leads straight) to lifeand few are those who find it.IS Again he said to them: Beware of false prophets who come to you inwool clothing like sheep, but inside are tearing wolves.16 By their deeds you will know them. Does a man gather grapes fromthorns or figs from briars?17 Every good tree makes good fruit and every bad tree makes bad fruit.18 The good tree cannot make bad fruitnor can the bad tree make good fruit.29

30[MT 7:19-8:3.~,tV' 'tVK;' :n~ ,,!) ;,tv37' K' 'tVK T37 ,;,,19.o,,';,n O;"tv37~:J,,,, O",!);, 1;,,20l'3t' ;,tv'37;' ':JK O'~tv m;"~:J K:J' K' ')"K "K '~'K;' ,;,tv 21.0'~tV m;"~:J 0);" O'~tv:Jtv ':JKUK:J) ,~tV:J K';' ')"K ')"K K';';' O,':J "K O"~'K 0':J,221,)'tv37 ,~tv '37 m:J' mmK' ,)nK3t';, o"tv ,~tv:J'.1'K "37'!) ,;, ')~~ "'0 o;,nK 'n37" K' 0"37~ 0;" '~K TK,23O'tv,tv v'!)tv'K' ;,~" omK ;,tv'37' "K O',:J, 37~'tV;, ,;, 0;" '~K "37 24.37'0:J n':J ;'):Jtv o;,n.1:JK ,,'O'tV '!)' "!)' K" ,mK mtV'j:'~ mm,m "'37 OtV,,;, ",,25;'):J ,tvK ;,~,tV tV'K' ;,~" OtV37' K" ;"K ',:J, 37~'tv;, ,;,,26.',n;, '37 ,n':J.;""" ;,'!)~ ,!),) ';""!)" O'~'T 'K':J" o'~tV" "",27:J"~ o';,~n ";' 037;' ,;, "K 0":1' ':J'~ ;";' ,"tV'tV "37:J,28,n,,;,);, :J'~•o'~;,n;, 'Ktv;, K'tv ",,, n;':J 0;" tv", ;";'tV ,!),29K'" P'!).,',nK m:J' m":Jm ,;,;, ,~ ,"tv' ", 'tVK;' ,;",1."K nK!)" ,;"n OK "'K '~K' " ;,mntV" K:J ,nK 37"3t~ ;,);,,2;,mK:J' ,;,~ntV ')K ;,3t" '~K' ,:J 37"" ", nK ,"tV' ~,,3.,n37'3t~ 37"3t~;, ,;,~) ;'37tV,,19 1WN:J] omit A, WN:3 BDEFG I 'l1W'] 'l'1W' BD,,20 C"1D:l) C'1:lJ' C"D:::I A,,21 '7:l'Nil] '7:l'N G I C'7:lW ••. 7:::1N] omit B (hap) I 7:::1N] + 7:l DEFG I m:l77:l:::l 2 ] + ':::IN G IC'7:lW 2 ] omit A, C'7:lW:::IW G,,22 C"7:l'N] "7:lN' ABDEFG I '7Nj'7 EF I UN:::IJ] "n:::lJ EF I C"W] omit C I 'JnNlnil] 'JNlnilABDEFG"23'7:lN] '7:l'N ABDEFG1,..n':::I] ,n':::I ABCDEFGH,,23 ,mN] ,:::1 AH,,26 CWlI'] ilWlI' EF,,2' 'N':::I"] 'N:::I" ACDEFG I C'7:l1t 'N':::I"] omit H I 'il'7'D"] m7'D" H I 7DU] 7DJ' ABCDEFGomit H•""':::I~ il'il 'W'W] 'W' ':::I~ il'ilW EF I C',:::I,] C":::I'il AH I '7N] il7Nil AH, '7Nil BD I"il ClIil 7:l] 3 1 2 H I "il ClIil] omit C I :::I,,7:l] 7"17:l ABCDEFGH"29'D7] + N'ilW ABDEFG I Cil7 W"'] 2 I AId 'W'] + "ltUil A I 'ilill7:l] 'ilil7:l G"2,nN] omit B I mnnW"] m,nnw', D I CN] + illt,n A I nND'7] mND'7 B,,3 'IN] omit G I ilmN:::I'] ilmN:::I DEF I lI"lt7:lil] + 1iltm A, + 'iltm U7:l7:l BDEFGMT 7:19-8:3)19 Every tree which does not make good fruit(is burned in the fire).20 Therefore it is according to fruits, that is, by their deeds,you will know them,21 Because not everyone who says unto me, Lord, will enter the kingdomof heaven but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heavenwill enter the kingdom of heaven.22 M any WI'II say to me In . that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy inyour name and in your name cast out demons and do many signs inyour name.23 Then I will say to them: I never knew you. Depart from me all youworkers of iniquity.24 Again he said to them: Everyone who hears these words and doesthem is like a wise man who built (his) house on a rock.2S The rain came down against it and the winds beat it and it did not fallbecause its foundation was a ro-ek.26 Everyone who hears these my words and does not do them is like afoolish man who built his house upon the sand.27 The rains came down, the floods came and fell against it, (and it fell)with a great fall.28 While Jesus was speaking these words all the people were greatly astonishedat his conduct,29 because he was preaching to them with great power, not as the rest ofthe sages.Chapter 8I It came to pass when Jesus came down from the mountain that agreat crowd [came] after him.2 Then behold a leper came and worshipped him saying: Lord, are youable to heal me?3 Jesus stretched forth his hand and touched him saying: I wish that yoube cleansed, and in that hour the leper was cleansed from his leprosy.31

32[MT 8:4-16:1'"P:"I' 1:"1~' ", C-m, ''In lD " "~W:"I ,"W' "'N "~N,,4.c~n."n:1 :"IW~ :"Itlt "WN~ ,'):1.,V:1'" p.,D" l)nn', mN~:"I .,W "'N N:1" :"In.,~:"1 c,m "D~:1 'N':1~ ':"1,,5C':1~'''':"Il't;'7"Nj'~ TY':1 r"~:"1 '"n~ 'n':1:1 :1~'W '):1 '),-m "~N,6.:"I'n~:"I~ ,n,nn~,,':"IND.,N' ,'N ')N ,"W' "N "~N,,7N'N 'll nnn N:1nW "N., ,)'N "'N " "~N" mN~:"I .,tv ly,,8.ND.", "~'N ."antvC'W.,D' C'W''''D ", nnn n,w~~ " w', N",n C-m ')N,9.,tvY', :"IT 'WY ',:1Y" N:1" N:1 "" " C:"I~ "N' ')N "~'N'N' C~, "~'N ')N l~N "~N ".,nN C'N:1" :"I~n', ,"W' ~~W,,10.'N"W':1 :"I"'l :"I)'~N 'nNJ~,nu', :1"Y~~' n"T~~ C':1., 'N':1'W C~, ')N "~'N:"I '~11C'~W m~'~:1 :1pY' CY, pnJ' CY, C:"I.,:1N CY.C~~W p!J;!m '~~ :"1':"1' CW, C)':"Il '~Wn~:1 u, W' m~,~:"1 '):1,12." :"IWY' n)~N:"I .,tvN~' " mN~:"I .,W, ,,'tv' "~N,,13.N':"I:"I nY:1 "Y):"I ND.,),l'" p.,D.nn,V~ n:1~'W ,n)mn ;"1):"1' O,"""'D n':1' ,"W' N:1 N':"I:"I nY:1 14.':"In.,wm cpm .nn,p:"l :"I:1TY" :"I'" Yl,,15'''~N~:1 C'ND.", C"W:"I 'nnN "'N 'N:1" :1.,Y:"I ny, ':"1,,16ND'" '"n:"l ,~, ,:1,".J"Pil?) J'Pil1 ABDEFG I ,'JJ'P) ,JJ'p ABDEFG1'5'K'J:I) 'K'JJ ACDG I iln'7.)il) iln7.)'il AEFI" '?,n7.)) + t,lil G I T'l':lil] T"':lil A I ri?J) TV, ACDEFG I ilT'II1?K"!l) 'P'tlK?'!l A, ilK'II1?K'!lB, ilK'lI1?K"!l OO(?) I U'II1K?K"!l EF1,7 '?K) "?K ABCDEFG1,11Y"] + "?K G I ,?] omit G I ,J'K) 'J'K ABDEFGI,t nnnj nnm ABDEF I C'J:I", , • . C'lI11"!l] C'lI11!l ABDEF I CilZl] omit A I""] + ,nK" ABD, 'mK?' EF I ill] omit BEF"..ilZln', '111') 'ZlK., G I lZlK 'ZlK] omit EF I lZlK] omit G I 'JK lmc] 2 1 A I il'm"] omit AG I?K'II1'J] + ilTJ '7.):1 ABDEFG"" '7.)'Kil ':I] 'Zl'K ABDEFG I pnJ' CVl) pnJ" A, pnJ' CP DEFG I Jpy' CVl) JpP' CP EFG IC'7.)1I1 m:l?7.)J] omit EF1,12'J? 111') ,:I?II1,' ABDEFG I CJ'il") CJil'" BOO, CJil" EF I il'il') 'il' B I pTnm) p,,'m ABDEFG1''''II1K:I') n,mc 'II1K:I B I ilJZlKil) mmcil1 B I,?)"P G I K!l'J'] K!l'" G I 'PJil) ""il GI'''KJ) 'ZlK A I O"tl'!l) "tl'!l ABDEFG"uilJTP") ilJn'J., EF I 'iln'lI1m) cn'lI1m ADEFG1''''il''1 :i'il1 G I "?Kl" A I C"TlI1il] + C'J, A I D1K!l"') ZlK!l'" AEFG I '?,nil] C'?,nil ABDEFGI K!l") omit EFMT 8:4-16J4 Then Jesus said to him:Be careful lest you tell any man, but go to the priest to offer your giftsas Moses commanded in your law.S It came to pass when he entered into Capemaum-hamartha that a captainof hundreds came to him and implored him,6 saying, Lord, my son lies in my house with the sickness of contractionthat is, (paralatiko) and he is weak with the illness.'7 Jesus said to (him): I will go and heal him.8 The captain of hundreds answered and said to him: Lord (I) am notworthy that you should come under my roof; only make the decisionthat he might be healed.9 I am a sinful man and I have authority under the Pharisees and [I have]horses and riders and I say to one of them go and he goes, come and hecomes, and to my servants do this

34~&~ ~NtvJ N';' 'J",n pN '''T N'::JJ;' ;"37W' '''37 '~NJW ;,~ ,,~) ,17.C'::JO N';' U'::J'NJ~',,,, j?'~nJ" ;"~,, "111::J'::J0 111::J' 111"::Jn ,"W' N'" nNT ',nN ,;",18.C';' '::J37"'nw C'P~ ,J::J ,',nN ,'N "'N " '~N" "N CJn ::J,p"i9;",n::J;' 1::J C'N 1::J" C'Jp l'l'37" c'"n C"37'tv, ,"W' "'N 137,,20.'WN' O'JJ;', c'P~ 1'N.'::IN nN "::JpN' ,'Ntv '111N ::J1T37 " '~N ,',~,n~ 'N,21.c;,'n~ "::JP' c'n~;, ::J1T37' ',nN N::J ,"w' " '~N"U;'''' j?'~.,',nN ,','~,n 'N'::J" ;''IN::J ,"W' 'N::J ,tvNJ ,;",23.,::Jw;,' ;'::Jwn ;''IN;'' 'N~ C'J,,;' C");"11 C'::J ",) '370 ';"':'J37'tv,;, U'J"N '~N' U~~ 'Wp::J" ,','~,n "'N ,::J,P".'::JNJ 1~111m", c', ,~" cp', .;'J~N 'J~p~ 'N,nn ;,~, C;"'N '~N"Z6.,m ,,~,,mJ'tvIj';" 111m,;,w ;'T N';' ,~ "~N" ,;,~n 'N'W cw ,tvN C'tllJN;,,27.u,~, ;,tv'37,,,, i"~C'N,pJ '~N!,~)N~ 111J'~::J C';' '::J37 "::J37" c'~ '::J37 ,tvNJ ,;",28C"::Ji';'~ C'N~;' C"tv 'nnN C'Jtv ,::J '37)~" O"N"'t?'~~~~ T37'::J.N';';' ",::J "::J37' tv'N ,J,' N'W '37 C'37)ntv~"I7'''y] '!l ?Y ABDEFG I ?"T K':Jl:"l] omit A I U"?n] U?'n C""OJn :J,!:",] O"IK K'!:'" EFI,~ I'py?,j m!l'Y?' G1,21 "'T7:)?"1.)] "T'1.)?M ABDEF I ,?KlI1] omit A"..,? '1.)K'1 ?"K G I :J'TY,) + 11K A I 0;"111.)) 0'''1.);' B"u'K:J] K:J ABCDEFGI,UO':J] omit EF I 'TM O'J?,;,j ;"lK:J O'OlJl ABDEFG I ;"lK;"] K';" G1,15 U1.)1J ,1I1P:J',) ,;"s'!:", ABDEFG ."UO;"?K] C;'? A I 'K,,,,,j 'K'" ABDEFG I 'ltl!:'1Jj 'ltlp ABDEFG I CP"] omIt A ,ImOll1 'lI1K] omit G I 'K'lI1) omit ABDEFG I "1.)K"] "7.lK' A I 0';" mn";'lI1j m"";,, 0 ;'1I1 A.m"";,, C';' 'lI1K G I ;'lI1,Y] C'lI1,Y ABDEFG .l,za':JY'] ,:JY1J EF I C';") C'? ABCDEFG I 'lKT').'K).] ",). ABCDEFG I O'K'Pl] K'Pl BE. omllG I TY?:J] IY? A I O"K'tl'l").] tl'"IK'tl'l'). A. lI1"K'tl'l'). B. C"K'tl'l"). C. tl"K'lI1'l'). EF.lI1'"IK'tl'l'). D. tl'"IK'tl'l'). G I C'lll1) 'lll1 AEF I 'nnK) c'nnK EFG I O'W] C'W;'1J G I lI1'K]omit C I K';';'] K';';' BGMT 8:17-28]17 to complete what was said by Isaiah the prophet,of blessed memory:Surely our sicknesses he bore and our pains he suffered.18 It came to pass after this Jesus saw many crowds around him and hecommanded to go across the sea.19 Then a sage came to him and said to him: Master I will followyou wherever you go.20 Jesus answered him: The foxes have holes and the birds have nests, butthe Son of Man, the son of the virgin, has no place to enter his head.21 One of his disciples said to him: allow me to go and bury myfather.22 Jesus said to him: Follow me and let the dead bury their dead.23 It came to pass when Jesus entered a boat, his disciples followed him.24 A great storm came on the sea, and the waves were comingon excessively, and the boat was thought to be breaking up.2S His disciples came to him and begged him saying: 0 our mastersave us lest we perish.26 He said to them: Why do you look at one another, 0 you little of faith?He arose and commanded the sea and the winds that they shouldbe quiet and immediately they became quiet.27 When the men who were there saw, they marveled and said: Who is thisthat the winds and the sea do his will?28 It came to pass when he crossed over the sea and passed by theregion beyond the sea into the realm of the (Gaderi), that is, Ginitraros,there met him two demon-possessed men coming out of the tombs,raging until no man could pass by that way.35

36[MT 8:29-9:817~t:"I C"p nN:J C'P'N 1:J ,"tt" U~Y " :"I~ '~N' "'N ,pYJ"Z9.my, nU"~ CW~ 'NJ C:"I' '~N '"tl.''' 1'J"~tt':"I' C", U,YJ,.C'Y" C':J, C,,'tn "'Y C:"I~ :J,'P Ctl.',JO"N:J N:J' mtt" U, 1n 1N;)~ nNJ' U, tl." 1Y' C'-wi'T 1:J 'Y"D,,31.C,,'tn:"l,;) ,;)", C,,'tn:J 'N:J" C'tt'JN:"I~ C"tt':"I 'NJ" .,;), C:"I' '~N,,3Z.C'~:J ,n~, C':J ,~~tt'J' :"I':"I:J:J "Y:"I."Y:"I ,;) c':"Im .';):"1 ,'Y:J ",,,,, ,",:J', C'Y":'I ""D,,33.C":J":J ,,:JY 'n':J' "JD "",, CmN 'N'" .,"tt" nN'ii" 'NJ,,34.,,'Y' ,:J,tl.'" ,~,tt'"T'" i?'D:"I'JN:J N:J '''tl.'' TN,l.,n~~ 'Y :J;)tt'" ;P'~?"N'JN~ TY':J T";)~ "N :"I"" "JD' ,:J'P"z,,-n~J ,~ 'N:"I nJ'~N:J -.'J:J ptnnn :"I""' '~N" CnJ'~N '''tl.'' N'".,'nU'Y.~,,,~ ,m C:J,:J C"~'N C'~;)":"I nJj:',3.C;):J:J':J :"IY, ':Jtl.'"n :"I~' C:"I"N '~N" cm:Jtt'"~ ,"tt" N",41" c,p 'N ,'J,Y '"~J '~N' ,p ':"IT 5:"I""' '~N TN T'N:J mJ'Y ""~, ";)' C'N 1:Jtt' C;)Y''':''I' p,6.", ,n~'~ "P' c,p'J:J, n,,;)' 1nJ ,tvN 'N' "':"1" 'N~_.,n':J 'N "" Cj:',,7'N'" m":J":"I 'N",8.:"I'N;) mtl.'Y' C'N"1O";lC) + C'"I1U:1 A I C'P;lC) C';lC A I m'7.llt':1; C1') UT'7.llt':1;' ADEF, U"'ll~ B I U,YJ;)'J',n; B I U7.lY] omit EF I 'JT'7.llt'~C1' u,n;) 'J,n;, UT'7.llt':1; G"'''C:17.l] C:1; G I "'Y) ,,, A, 'Jn7.l G1, 31 1lC:l7.l)1'J:l7.l D, C1lC 'J:l7.l G I lC:I;) OJ:I:1; G1,32 C','Tn:l ••• '7.llC"] omit (hap) EF I C'lt'JlC:17.l C"lt':1) ';lC:1 C"lt':1 C'lt'JlC:17.l B, C1I( 'J:l7.l G I':I;") ,.,,, ABCD, ,.,m EFI,JJC1:1m) C:1m ABoo- cn,lC) ,n,lC ABDEFG"'10) + lC:I A I ,:I,lt"') :llt'" A I ,tl,lt"') ,7.l,lt'" CD"2 :1"n) ';,n B I .,,':lll) ",,':l7.l A, T/)P7.l B I '';:1) ,,; ADEFG I 'p'tl;lC'lUl) ,p'tllC;'!l A,'p'tl';lC'!l C, ,p'tl';'!l 00, ,p'tl';!l EF I :I:llt"') :I:llU'7.l ABDEFG I p,nnn) pTnn:1 ABDEFG"3C'7.l:ln:1) C'Zl:ln A, C'Zl:ln:1Zl G I ,:'It) :'It BEF".C:l:l:l;:I) omit D"5'i11) 'i11'lC A, ill EFG I ;P)""P G I ;ZlnJ) ';ZlnJ ABG I ,;) ,;, ABDEFG"''':1') + C1I( BDEFG I nlC:I nmy ;,nZl;) 3 1 2 ABDEFG I ,7.llC) + ,It'' EF I "") ,;" B'" ,n':I. • • CP") ,n':I; i1"nil ,.", G.... C1lC) C1lCiI BMT 8:29-9:8)29 They cried out to him saying:What is between you and us, Jesus son of God? Have you come beforethe time to grieve us and to destroy us? Jesus said to them: Comeout from there, evil host.30 There near them were herds of many swine feeding.31 So the demons entreated him: Since we have to go out from here, grantus authority to go into these swine.32 He said to them: Go. The demons went out from the men andentered the swine, and all the herd went in sudden haste, slipped off intothe sea and died in the water.33 Those who were feeding [them] feared, fled, and told everything in thecity. So the whole city was frightened.34 They went out to meet Jesus. They saw them and entreated himnot to pass over in~o their border.Chapter 9I Then Jesus entered a boat; they set sail and returned to his city.2 They brought to him one who was sick with contractions, that is,paralitico, lying upon his bed. Jesus saw their faith and said to the sickman: Have courage my son. It is by the faith of God that your sins havebeen forgiven.3 Some of the sages were saying in their heart: This one blasphemes.4 Jesus saw their thoughts and said to them: Why do you think evil inyour heart?S (Which) is easier to say: your sins are forgiven, or, rise walk?6 But to inform you that the Son of Man is able to forgive sins on earth,then he said to the sick man: Arise and take your bed and walk.7 He arose and went to his house.8 The crowds saw, feared exceedingly, and praised God who had givenpower to men to do such things.37

38[MT9:9-20n", i"ElZ'l"n:'1 In,tv '37 )tv" ,nK tv'K K'" Otv7.) ,"tv' ')37 ,tvK;:) ':'1"9.,',nK "" op', ',nK " " '7.)K" iK~"~K~ t37') '7.)tv :'1'r1n7.)O'J',El :'1);"11 ";:)K n37) ':'1" .";:)K' ,n'), ':'1,;:)"",10.""7.)'m ,"tt" 037 0"37'0 :'1):'1' In,tv) 0'37tt'" 0')'037 ';:)'K' )tt'" 0;:))' :'17.)' ""7.)'n' "7.)K" O'tv"El:'1 'K",n.0'37tv,m O'J',El:'1.:'1'm:'1 OK ';:) :'1K'El' O';:)',J OJ'K O'K")) '7.)K" '''tt'' 377.)tzl,,12)'tt':'1' 'nK) K" n)t K" 'nJEln ,on ';:) ),n;:):'1 "7.)" ,;:),13.0'37tv,:'1 OK ';:) O'p',J:'1~", i?'Elo'tt"'Elm UK :'17.)' " "7.)K" lJM1' "'7.)'n "'K ,),p tK 14.0'J37n7.) OJ'K "'7.)'m O'7.)37El :'1)':'1 O'J37n7.)ni;:)~7 lnn:'1 ',')n ";:),, K' '7.)K" '''tt'' 0:'1' 137,,15.'7.),J', lnn:'1 0;'7.) np," 0'7.)' 'K')' .0:'17.)37 ,m':'1) mJ37n:'1'\,:'1;:)'nn:'1 pnn, ltv' tv,),7.)) tv,n tv,),7.) n;:)'nn tv'K ')K' K'.,m' 37'P" :'1"'):'1 tzl,),7.):'17.) "tv7.)1":'1 "Eltzl', 0";:):'1 ,,)tzl' lEl O'Jtt" 0";:)) tznn 1" '7.)'W' K,,17."7.)tv' O:'1'JW, tt',n ,,;:)) tt',n p, .")K' 0";:):'1'"'K '7.)K' "O'37)'K i?'Elmnntv', ,nK ,tv )'i'" O:'1"K ,,),) ':'1,,18.:'1'n:'1' :'1"37 '" O'tv, KJ K) .:'1n7.) :'1n37 :'1nK 'n).'7.)37 ""7.)'m K':'1 "" '''tt'' Op,,1937"m ,',nK K) :'1Jtv :'1,tv37 o'ntt' 0' n37El'W nnK :'1tvK :'1J:'1,20.",,) n'J'J)"'C1II~'111')2 1 ABDEFG I :1'nn~]lC'nn~ A I IV,J) IV, ADEFG I UC'tlM) J'tl~,'tlM C 'tlM GA. J'tlM BDEF."",:1,J',,;,) ,:1::1',," ABDEFG I C"VlO :lJm) C'~O' ABDEFGH I ,,,,~,m) omit H""C'1II"Il:1] + C'J',Il, G" 12 C'K"JJ] C'K"J:1 ABDEFGH I :1K'Il') KIl'" A. :1K'Il" BOGH I :1"":l) C"'":1 ABCDEFG" 13 K"'] K' A""11m'] + C'~'Il:1' G I C'~'llm) omit G I C'~YIl) omit B I ",~,ml ,,,,~,m A"15"'J"] + '111 B I '~J') KJ' G""~K') 'J"' A I pnn,) pnn1ll ABDEFG I :1::1'nn:l] + :1~":1 ABDEFG I "111~) "111~' ABDEFGI 1II'J'~:1~)1II'J'~:1 EF. 1II'J'~J G I :1'"J:1] :1,J:1 A.1111':1 G I ,m') mK A""P') + 1" ABDEFG I 111m ',::IJ) C'1IIm C',::IJ AEF""'111) + 'l'K EF I ,~) omit B I :1nK] omit ADEFG I :1n~ :1ny] 2 1 ADE,:1ny :1~ B. :1n1ll :1ny :1n~ F, :1nVl :1n~ G I :1n~] omit C I :1'n:1] + :1mK G"21nnK] omit A I KJ] :1KJ AD I n'J'JJ) nJ'JJ ADEFMT 9:9-20)9 It came to pass when Jesus passed on from there, he saw aman sitting at the table of exchange; Matthew was his name, that is,Matyeo, and he said to him: Follow me. So he arose and followed him.10 (He) brought him to his house to'eat. It came to pass while hewas eating, that behold many violent and evil men were at the table andbehold they were dining with Jesus and his disciples.II The Pharisees saw [this] and said to his disciples: Why does yourteacher sit and eat with violent and evil men?12 Jesus heard [this] and said: The healthy have no need (for) healing, butthe sick.13 Go and learn that which is written: I desire kindness and not sacrifice; Ihave not come to restore the righteous but the wicked.14 Then the disciples ofJohn came to him and said to him: Why do we andthe Pharisees fast often but your disciple(s) do not fast?IS Jesus answered them and said: The friends of the bridegroom cannotweep and fast while he is with them. The days will come when thebridegroom will be taken from them; then they will fast.16 No man wastes a piece of new garment on an old garment (because) theforce of the piece (stretches) the worn out garment and it tears more.17 Nor do they put new wine into old vessels lest the vessels break, and thewine spills out and the vessels perish. But new (wine) is for newvessels and both of them are preserved.18 It came to pass when he had spoken to them, a captain approached andbowed down to him saying: Master, my daughter just died. Pleasecome and place your hand upon her and restore her to life.19 Jesus arose and went, he and his disciples with him.20 Behold a woman with a flow of blood for twelve years camebehind him and touched the fringe of his garment.39

40[MT9:21-35.,,~ N£)'N ,~? 'lU'~?~ 37lN CN :'1~~?~ n'~'N,21.1N£)' 1n)'~NlU n'''lU~ 'n~ 'j?mn:'1 :'1'?N '~N" ")£), ~lU"nnN£)') :'137lU :'1mN~•C'::J'~ C'~' C'lU)N N'" 'lU:'1 n'~ 'N'~~ ':'1"23N?' mlU' :'1'37):'1lU '::J~n ?N' :'1J," C::J?,::J 'NJ C:'1'?N '~N,,24.:'1n~ N':'1tV C'N" UN N?:'1 C"~'N' .C:'1')'37~ j?"J~::J ':'1" .:'1n~ 2S•:'1'37):'1 cj?m :'1"~ 37l" '''lU' :'1'?N N~ :'1J'":'1 CmN CN'J':'1~'.N':'1:'1 T'N:'1 ?::J~ nNT :'137'~lU NJm 26N"~ i"£)C'j?37'J' "'"N C'J, C"'37 ')lU :'1):'1' '''lU' ClU~ "~37,,27.", l~ U')" "?N'~N" .C"'37:'1 "?N '~'j?" n'~:'1 ':'1"28•C::JnN N£),n c::Jn)'~N29"~lU:'1 '~N? C,J', .'N'" ,,~ C:'1')lU ')'37 :'1)"j?£)m JO•N':'1:'1 T'N:'1 ?::J~•'~':'1 37'" l£),m?l" 'NJ' C:'1,31~"~ i"£).'::J,n~ 'lU:'1' C?N lU'N ")£)? 'N'~" '''lU' ClU~ NJ,,32"~N" m,,~":'1 'N?£)" .C?N:'1 ,~", 'lU:'1 nN N'J",33•?N'lU'~ :'1T::J :'1N') N?.C"lU:'1 N'J'~ C"lU:'1 ClU~ n~N~ C'lU"£):'1 "~N,,34m'O)::J 'n~~ ,~?~ C'?'l~:'1' C"37:'1 ?::J ~0,,35.m,o S~, ~?m ?~ ~5)iO' n'i'lD:3 i~:30'"..n'D'K') mtl'K ABDEFG I :I~~;~I :I~';~ A, :I~;~ EF I '0;1 m~ B"n~lP"1 ~O" ABDEFG I "3!l] omit G I :I"KI + 'n~ EF I 'prnn:l) ,prnn:l E I n'lP~ 'n~)2 1 G I n'~I;~ A, lP~ BDEF I ,m'DKlPI ,3'DKlP F I :lmK~1 :lmM~' ABCDEFG Inlt!l'31 nK!l,m F"23'K1~~1 K'D D,~::l G I n'~1 n'~~ A I C'lP3K] + C'lP3' G""C:I';KI C:t7 ABDEF, omit G I ':1") :I';" G I C"D'K11 C"'K ABDEF, C"tl'KlP G"25 ;rr~1 :I~ EF"J6 :lVlDlP] :lVlDlP:I G I nKTI nltT:I G"27U'3n) ,mn m,n A, mn BDEF I ,mn G"21':1"] + 'K1~~ AB, + 'K'~::l DEFG".C:I'3lP '3'1I1 C:l311 A I 'tlK;) ,tl,; A I "tllP:I) + C::l; EF"3' K':I:I . • • ;::l~I omit B".."3!l;) ";K A"33m::l] omit EF I nltl omit G9'.34 nDK::l] omit A""~O"] + nK ABDEFH, + ;K G I ';'"1 c';n AMT 9:21-35)21 She was saying in her heart:If only I touch his gannent, I will immediately be healed.22 He turned and said to her: Courage my daughter, through God, blessedbe He~ your healing is because of your faith. In that very hour she washealed.23 It came to pass when he entered the house of the captain, he saw manypeople weeping.24 He said to them: Go outside all of you and stop weeping because thegirl is asleep and not dead. But in their eyes he was as one who jests.They were saying: Have we not seen that she is dead?25 When he had put them outside, Jesus went to her, touched her hand, andthe girl arose.26 This report went out in all that land.27 Jesus passed on from there, and behold two blind men were runningafter him and crying out to him: Have mercy on us, Son of David.28 He came to the house, and the blind men drew near to him. He said:29 Your faith will heal you.30 The eyes of the two men were immediately opened and they saw. Hecommanded them saying: Be careful lest the matter be made known.31 As for them, they went out and made him known in all that land.32 Jesus went out from there, and they brought before him a dumb manwho was demon possessed.33 He cast out the demon so that the dumb man spoke. The crowds wereamazed and said: We have not seen it like this in Israel.34 The Pharisees said: Truly in the name of demons he casts out demons.3S He went around all the cities and towers teaching in the synagogues andpreaching the good tidings and healing every illness and every sickness.41

42[MT 9:36-10:9m,,:m;, ,"w' N",36C'37'1' ";'W C;"'37 ,,~n',.;'37" C;" l'N 'WN 1NX~ C'::1~'W'.C'037~ C"X,p;" ;'::1"~ ;,~p;, ,','~,n, '~N TN37.,n~,p "Xp, C'::1, C"X,p;, n,w', ;,~p;, '37::1 'JD NJ "n 381"~ i"D;'N~'O m, ,~ '37 n,,~' c;" 1n', ""7;),n ::1"" ,"W' N'P TNt.371J ,::>, '"n ,~ nND'" C'N;'~ N'X';"1i"7;)'Q oi'i"oQiDN 'N,pJ c'm,w;, ::1'"m~w ;"N':Z. ,'nN ;,tt'''j7~~' Oi"'l?~'~ N,pJ1Jm', '~"'N1 N,pJ ::1j:'37' OiN'~N7i0':1i::1~ Oi"D'7'~3n'::1"::1 ;",~ iN'''ON7;) N';' ;,'nn~, O"N7;)iO 'N"::1T 'J::1 ,'nN. T Oi"N'jl?' ,~,T~~,~ ::1j:'37" C'O'D::1;'~i'''':1Ni?Q~ N"1~" Oi'N~"N~Ni!' 1i"~'Q T37' 'J37J::> l'37~W4.,;,'O~ ;'T ,nN 'WNC'U;, mX'N::1 '~N' C;"'N 'X', ,"tv' n,tv ,tv37 C'JW ;"N 5.'N'::1n 'N C'J"7;)W;' "37::1' ,~,n 'N.'N'W' n'::1~ ,n'J ,tvN 1NX' ,~,6.C'~W m~,~ c"pnnw c;" "W::1,7'N'X';" C'37"X~;' cn,;,o m;" c'n~;, ,'n;" c'"n;, 'ND's.'Jnn CJn::1' Cn'::1p CJn .,~tv "::1j:'n 'N' .C'N 'J::1~ C"W;'C::>O'~::1 1'~~ N" ::1;,n ~O~ "::1Xn 'N 9""C'1"l') C'1'l' ADEFGH"37 C'01'7.)) C'O,,/,) A"":'I/,)j:':'I'YJ)'K G I "'111") "'111'111 A I C"X'j:':'I] C"X'j:' G I C'J,) :'IJ,:'I A I ,n7.)'j:'] ,n7.)j:' AEFH••,. C'll(:'I/')) C'OO:) G....0,"00'!lK)1I1K"01l1'!lK A, O,'OO'!lK B, O','OO'!lK D, ~"O~!lK G IW::l'O) 1'/,)'111 ABDO I 0,'0"!l) ,'O'!l A, 0,'0!l B, ~'O'!l DO I :'IK"'JK']1I1K"'JK' A,~K"'JK' B I ""1' • • • 'K'j:'J) omit EF I ""1'] + (marg of Brit. Lib. ms)i'1I1 mK 1":'1 '~Kli'l iK'::r;:!'! 'i Oi!lij:'~'''3 O'!l"'!l) ~!l"'!l ADO I K'j:'J • . • O'!l"'!l] omit EF I O'K'/,)K"O"J,] 1I1'K'/')"'0,'J, A,1I1'K'/,)"O',J, B, O'K'/,)"O',J, C, 1I1'K'/')"0"J, D, 1I1'K'/,)"KO'J' G I '/,)'1'1] '7.)'1"1 EF I'K'~')'K~' DEF, '~K' G I DM'0)1I1M'0 AEG I 'K'OM) J'OK/,) ABDEF, "01'7.) C In'J"J) n'J'J DEFG I 0'1"'0'] ~K''ll(O' A, 111'1'-,0' BDEF, 1I1,''ttl, G,,,.,,,) ",J B I 1'7.)'0)1'/,)'111 ABEFG I O"KJKJKj:'l ~K'JKJj:' A, O"JKJKj:' BCD I O'K'JKJKj:' EF,O'K'JKJ::l G I ~") :'1":'1" A, ~, EF I :'IO"'Kj:'OK] K'0"'::l1l1'K A, ,0,""::l0'K B, KO"'::lDKC, 'O"'::lOK D, KO"'::lO'K EF, 'O'K"::lOK G I :'IT) omit B I ':'I'O/')) ':'1"07.) B••'s '111') + C'J1I1 C'J1I1 A I 'K'Jn) + :'1'1' G••" 1::l'] omit G....c"j:'nn1l1) J'j:'nn1l1 ABDEFG,..·.C',,":'I) C',," A I C'n7.):'l) c'n/,) A I cn,:'Io :'IJ:'I'] ":'10' ABDEFG I "Jj:'n)'Jj:'n G I Unn)'W':'I EF,...,1'] 'I" G I C::lD'::lJ] C'::lO::lJ A43MT 9:36-10:9)36 Jesus saw the crowds and had pity on them becausethey were weary and lying [around] like sheep without a shepherd.37 Then he said to his disciples: The standing grain is much but the reapersare few.38 Entreat now the Lord of the standing grain that he send many reapers toharvest his grain.Chapter 10I Then Jesu~ ~alled his twelve disciples and gave them power over everyunclean SpInt to cast them out from man and to heal every sickness andevery plague.2 These are the names of the twelve apostles, called Apostolos: Simon,called Petros, and Andrea his brother3 Philipos, and Bortolameos, and Jame~, called Jimi, and John, hisbrother: sons of Zebedeel, Thomas and Matthew, that is Matio, who byreputation was a lender of [money] for interest, James Aluphei andTereos,4 Simon the Canaanite, that is, Simon Cananayos, and Juda Ascareyotah,who after this betrayed him.S These twelve Jesus sent; he commanded them saying: To the lands of6 the Gentiles do not go and into the cities of the Samaritans do not enter.7 Go to the sheep who have strayed from the house of Israel.Preach to them that the kingdom of heaven will be fulfilled.8 Heal the sick, restore life to the dead, (cleanse) the lepers, and cast outdemons fro~ men. Do not take wages. Freely you received, freelyyou shall gIve.9 Do not heap up silver and gold; nor (have] wealth in your purse,

44[MT 10:16-22'31'D;' "N' .C:I,':1 ,p~ N" C"31J~ N" rn,~w rnD',n N,,10•,n":lN " ,:1P'C:I,n:1W :1,tm W'N;' ,~ 'N':1n 'WN ")~ ,:1:1, "31 ':1:1,11.'NJnW '31 ,nun CW,C,'W n':1;' nNT:1 C,'W '~N' C,'W C;" un n':1;' 'N C:lN':1:1,12.;':I,n:1 C':1tv,,;, ':I';,';,n N' CN' ;"'31 C:I~"W N:1n ;"'N' N';';' n':1;' ;,';,n CN,13.C:I' C:I~"tv :1,wn ;"'N'N';';' n':1;' 1~ 'NJn C:I"N 31~W' N' 'WN' C:lnN ,:1P' N' 'WN,14•'D31;' 1~ C:I")' cpn31;"C,':1 ;"'~31 'N' C,'O 'N ;";" :1'0 ,rn' C:I"N ,:1" 'IN 1~Nls.N';';' "31;' 1~ N';';''''~ i"DC'WnJ:I C'~"31 ,';,n C':1Nm 1':1 1NJ:I C:lnN n"0 'JJ;,16.C'J,':I C"J31'cm'OJ:I 'n:1:1' crn';'v:1 C:lnN "o~, N' .C'N 'J:1:1 "m;,I'.c'1)" C;" "31;" "31:1 1":I,n .C'~7~71 nin~7,18':I'OJnw ;'31W:1W "~Nntv ;,~ ':1wnn CN C:lnN 'WDn' 'WN:l 19.;'J31~ C:I, N:1'''''O'::Ij;'') ':'1?::Ij;"•C:I:1 ,:1,,;' N';' ':1N 'W ,tv,p m, CN ':1 C":1'~;' C:lJ'N 20'31 C'J:1;' ,~,p', U:1, :1N:11 rn~, ,'nN nN nN;' ,,0~,21.rn~' '37 cmN "':1," rn:1N;''31 ',:10'tl.' ,~ 1:1N ,~w '31 C'~31;' ,:I, ;"31T' )31" ,';,m 22DO I ") omit DEFG•31W"fv n31'''U''Y) + C'lj;'1.3' C'j;'1.3 ,::1::1, ,'y, G I 'lC'l::ln) + "KW ABDEF. nK "KW G I C~) omit G,..u C:'I'] :'I' ABDEFG,..u ex') :'1':'1' G I K':'I:'I) omit A I :'I"K' :'I':'In K' ex,] '''K' G,..,. C::InK) C::I"K ABDEFG I 'Kln) + :'I1,n A I K':'I:'I n'::I:'111.3j K':'I:'I n'::I:'11.3 'K "Y:'I11.3 G I K':'I:'I)+ K':'I:'I "Y:'I 'K ADEF I cj;'ny:'I') "Y)' ABDEF. ",ym G I '~Y:'I 11.3) '~Y:'I1.3 G''''5 C::I"K) C::I, AG I K':'I "Y:'I 11.3 K':'I:'I C,'::I) 3 45 I 2 G,.... ')):'1) :'1):'1 EF I C::InK) C::l, EF I lKI::I) lKI:'I ,1.3::1 ABDEFG I 1'::1) ::I'j;'::1 ABDEFG I C'::IKT:1)C'::IKT A I C")Y,) c'uy, ABDEFG,o' J7 cm':'Ij;'::I) cm":'Ij;'::1 A I K') K'W G'",II C'::I,1.3" mn~,,) 2 I EF I C'::I,1.3,,) C'::IK'1.3" C I l"::I,n] "::I,n EG'",I9,w~n'] ,w~nn G I CK]'K ABDEFG I C::I'''lrnw) '::I'lrnw AG,o''''C''::I17J:'I) C',::I17J EFG I 'W1j;'] W1j;':'1 EF,omnK:'I) nK::I G I ,1.3'j;"') ,1.3'j;",.... '1.3W) omit GG I m::lK:'I) Cm::lK ABDEFG. C')::I:'1 C I "'::1"'] ,,'::1,' GMT 10:16-22110 nor changes of clothes, nor shoes, nor a staff in yourhand. The workman is worthy to receive enough for his food.II In every city and in every tower that you enter (ask) who is the goodman among them and there remain until you go out.12 When you enter into the house, give to them a shalom saying: Shalom tothis house; shalom to all who dwell in it.13 If that house should be worthy, your shalom will come upon it, but if itis not worthy, your shalom will return to you.14 [When] one does not receive you or listen to you, you shall go out fromthat house and (shake oft) your feel' from the dust.IS Truly I say unto you, it will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah in thatday than for that city.16 Behold I send you like sheep in the midst of wolves. Be as crafty asserpents and humble as doves.17 Beware of men. They will not deliver you up in their congregations andhouses of assembly,18 but to governors and kings. You will be able to bear witness on mybehalf to them and to the Gentiles.19 When they seize you, do not consider what you will say, because in thehour that you are in need an answer will come to you.20 It will not be you who speak, but the Holy Spirit of my Father willspeak through you.21 Brother will deliver up brother to death and a father his son; the sonswill rise up against (their) fathers and lead them unto death.22 You will become a derision and a fright to all the nations because ofmyname. Whoever endures, however, until the time of the end will besaved.45

46[MT 10:23-39:'1"~i?'!),n'::1 mcm "31::1 C:mN ,!)", ,tvN;' ,','~,n, ,"W' '~N "31 13';' '31 'N'W' "31 C;" '~"tvn N' C;" '~'N 'IN l~N n,nN'.C'N 1::1 N::1'."J"N~ ",) '::131:'1 N" '::1'~ ",) ,'~,n l'N Z4n'::1:'1 '31::1' CN ."J"N;' '::131" ,::1,;' 111':'1' ,'~,n, ,,25.,n'::1 'J::1, tv";' ::1'::1T '31::1 'N'i".c'31J N" :'1N" N'tv ,::1, l'NW C:'1~ 'N,n 'N 26."N::1 '111N "~N 1Wn::1 c;" '~'N 'JN 27'WN' "n!) i" 111tv!)J:'1 )":'1' C,'::1 l'NW ')":'1~ "n!)n 'N'zs.CJ':'1)::1 flU:'1' W!)J:'1 '::1N' "'::1 n,,;,''31 C:'1~ nnN ,,!)n N" nnN :'1~"!)::1 "::1N C"'!)~ 'JW N':'1 29.C'~W::1tvlC'~tv::1tv C;"::1N 1'~'::1 CN ';' T'N:'1lC"'!)O c,;, C;,'tvN' 111'31W N':'1 30.C'N C"'!)~~ C'::1'~W 'N,n 'N 31'::1N 'J!), Un::1WN C'N 'J!)::1 '111N n::1tv~:'132'''~ i?'!):'131tv :'1111N::1 J4.::1,n N'N•:'1~N~ n::1:'1' "::1N~ 1::1:'1 C'N:'1 "'!):'1' 'nN::1 35.C'::1':'1N 111':'1' C'::1"N:'11 36•" "N' 'J'N 'J~~ '111' '~N' "::1N ::1:'1'N:'1 37.:'1JN~~' ','::1tv::1 '111N '::1'N:'1 :'1"::1N' 'W!)J nN ::1:'1'N:'1 39T'N::1 C'tv, 'nN::1W '::1wnn 'N ,','~,n, ,"w' '~N''''',n':::I] + O::l? G I C::l?2] :::I,:::IO? ABDEFG I '::I] omit ABDEF I O'TK] 0'TlC:1 ABDEF•...."l)?M] "1)?M:1 ABDEFG.....'lC'P'] 'lC,p G•....O?Y)] + rn' lC?l1l ABDEF, + rn' G...27 Beginning] + 'l1llC ABDEFG I "lC:::I] + ,Yl1l:::l (omit ,mlC G) ,mlC "!l0 1nlt? (+ ,mit G)'Yl)l1lM (00 'l1llC) 'l1llC' ABDEFG10'21'1":11)] + m'1:1 A, m"1:1 BEF, m"'1:1 00 I ,,'1m) "'1' F I 0)':11:::1) 0):1'1:::1 BOO'''''''OlC] ,,::11)' ABDEFG I lC?,jlt? G I T'lC:1 ?Y) T'lC? EF I 1'lt':::I] + M' ?lC:1 EF (?) IO'l)l1l:::ll1l O::l':::IlC] (?) G.....m'Yl1l] ,Yl1l E I C::l'l1.'lC'] O::ll1llC' A..... O':::I,tll1l] 0')'1)11l D I O"'!lltl)] O"!l'ltl) A, O"!lltl) BCDEFG I O'TlCj OMit ABCDEFG'''3h)!l:::l] + '):::1 A, ')!l? C I ')!l?j ')!l:::l G'''33 All mss omit vs 33 except A which reads:O'l)l1l:::ll1l ':::lit ')!l? ,:::1 l1ln::llt O'TK '):::1 ')!l? ':::I l1ln::l' ,11l1t,''':WO'l1l?) O,?l1l O'W; ABD, + 0,?11l EFG...36m':1?] ":111l 00 I O':::I':1lC) O':::I:1'lC ABDEFG....... ,? "lC' ')'lC] '? "lC' 13'1t AD10,31 All mss omit vs 381O'30:::I:11lC:1] 1:::1:11 :::IlC:1 00 I :1"OlC'j :13'01t' ABDEFG I 'mlC] :1mlC AEF I :1)ltltl)' ''':::I1U:::I] omit GMT 10:23-39)23 Again Jesus said to his disciples:When they pursue you in this city flee to another; truly I say to you,you will not have completed for yourselves the cities of Israel beforethe Son of Man comes.24 No disciple is greater than his teacher, nor is the servant greater than hismaster.25 It is sufficient for the disciple to be like his teacher,and for the servant to be like his master. If they call the masterof the house Baalzebub, so much the more the sons of his house.26 Do not fear them, because there is nothing which will not be seen, norhidden (which will not be made known).27 (That which) I say to you in darkness, say it in the light; (that which youhear by the ear, tell it in the gate).28 Do not fear those who kill (bodies) who have no power to kill souls;but fear the one who has power to destroy the soul and the body inGehenna.29 Are not two sparrows (sold) for a small coin and not one of them willfall to the earth except by the will of your Father who is heaven?30 Are not all the hairs of your head numbered?31 Do not fear, because (you) are better than the sparrows.32 He who praises me before man I will praise before my Father who is inheaven.34 In that hour Jesus said to his disciples: Do not think I have come to put(peace) on the earth, but a sword.3S I have come to separate mankind, the son from his father and thedaughter from her mother.36 The enemy is to be loved ones.37 He who loves his father and his mother more than me, I am not suitablefor him.39 He who loves his life will lose it, he who loses (it) for my sake willfind it.47

48[MT 10:40-11:12 \. \. 40.')n'tu 'WN nN ':Ji" 'mN ':Ji'~:'n 'mN 1:Ji" C~nN 1:Ji'~:'141CW, i',,:lt ':Ji'~:'n N':J):'1 ,~W ':Ji" N':J) CW, N':J) ':Ji'~:'1.i',,:lt:'1 ,~W ':Ji" i"UCW, C')~i':'1 ',,~,n~ ,nN' C"i' C'~ 'W "N ,,~ lm):'n 41.,,~W ':IN' N'W C~, '~'N ')N l~N ','~,nl"~ V'!)CW~ ,,:JY', ,','~,n 'WY C')W, m':lt' ,"W' m'~:J ':'1"1•C:'1',Y:J n'~,:'1" ~" C,:lt',,','~,n~ C')W n,w', ,"W' :'1WY~ O,!)n ,m':'1:J l)m' Y~W"l.,nN :'ni') 'N N:J' ,'nyW ,~ N':'1 :'1nN:'1 " '~N,3CnY~W 'WN' Cn'N' 'WN nN l)m', "'1:'n ,~, ,"W' C:'1' ly,,4C":'1~) C,Y,,:lt~:'1' C'~":'1 C'nO!)' C'N" C"'Y:'1 5.c"W!m~ C'UY:'n c'n~ C"n:'1' C'Y~'W C'W,n:'1'.':J ,,:J) :'1':'1' N' 'WN "WN,6.1)m'~ m":Jn:'1 'N ,:J" ,"W' ,n', C'~":'1 :'1~:'1 ':'1'"1m':J n~,w,~ ;,)i' ':J'~:J CnNJ' :'1~ mN"1C':J' C"l:J W,:J, C1N l)m'W ':Jwnn:'1 1mN" CnN:lt' :'1~ 'N 8.C,~,~:'1 'n:J:J C':J, C"l:J:'1 'W:J" ;,):'1"'1 mw C~, '~'N ')N n~N:J 1N':J) mN" CnNJ' :'1~ ~"N9....'nlac 2 • • • ;::1P/J:1J omit G...02 ac;W) ac; A.... D1I'l) acl'l D...2 D'2W) + 'WJ EF (7)11:3 :'Inac:1) :'Inac A....nit) omit AI.N':J)~.')!)'", :'1)!)' '~N'~ n"w ')):'1 "Y:J :Jn~)w ,m 10n"~ j?'!)"" '~:J C~, ,:J" ')N n~N:J ,','~,n, ,"W' '~N "y ll.":J~~:'1 pm'~ "'1 Ci' N' C'W):'1.:'1mN C'Y"i' :'1i"WY C'~W m~,~ :'1ny 'Y ,'~'~11ABDEF I; ••5 D'nO!n) D'ntltill BDE. D'nD!l:'l F I D":nlJ) D":'I1'D EF I D'n7.1 D"nill) D"n D'n7.1illD'1W!ln7.1) D"W:JnD EF""'::1 'WICl) '::1 11J2 :'1':'1' ac; 'Wacl EFG (7)...7 D'J~l~ ':'I7.1:'l ':'1'1] omit A I ;ac) nac A I 12Ml'7.1)PMl'::1 B I ~nacl') + nlac,; A.... ) . D I Wl::1;) W::11' ADEFG I D'::1,2] D'::1':'I A. ormt G.....~) ~:"ll n"w] + OJ; AE I 'J!l; ••• 'JIC;D)ac'::12:'1 (7) nac E. omit F I 'J!l;) omit G...11 '::11') '7.11ac AH'J: 12 'TJ) m G I D'7.1W) omit G I :'IP'!WJ] + D';'::12ill A. D';::1Jill BDEFGH49MT 10:40-11:12)40 He who receives you, receives meand he who receives me, receives the one who sent me.41 He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet, will receive thereward of the prophet; he who receives a righteous one in the name ofa righteous one, will receive the reward of the righteous one.42 He who gives a vessel of cold water to one of my little disciples in thename of my disciple, truly I say to you that he will not lose his reward.Chapter 11I It came to pass when Jesus finished commanding his twelve disciplesthat he passed on from there and commanded them to teach and reprovein their [own] cities.2 John, when he was in captivity, heard of the work ofJesus and senttwo of his disciples3 saying to him: Are you the one who is to come or should we expectanother.4 Jesus answered them: Go and tell John that which you have seen andthat which you have heard:5 the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, thedead are revived and the poor are acquitted.6 Blessed is he who is not perplexed in me.7 It came to pass as they were going that Jesus began to speak to thecrowds about John: You went out into the wilderness to see what? Areed cast about by the wind?8 Or what did you go out to see? Do you think that John was a manclothed in noble garments? Behold those who wear noble garments arein king's houses.9 If so, what did you go out to see, a prophet? Truly I say to you that thisone is greater than a prophet.10 This is he about whom it is written: Behold I am sending my messengerand he will make the way clear before me.II Again Jesus said to his disciples: Truly I say to you, among all thoseborn of women none has arisen greater than John the Baptizer.12 From his days until now the kingdom of heaven has been oppressed(and senseless persons) have been rending it.

50[MT 11:13-25.1Jn1' '37 ,,:1, :'1"mn C'N':IJ:'1 ,;,tv 13.K:I' ,'n37:'1 :'1"K K':'1 ,,:IP' ,!,n CK,14•371,)tv' 37'1,)tv, C'JTK '1,),15~"1,) i?'!)p,tv:l C':Itv,':'1 C"37J' ':'11,)'N "':'1 :'1T ,"tv' '1,)N "37 16:'1T' :'1T C'K"i'.cn';':1 N" C;" U,!)O cnp,p, K" U'W C"1,)'N,17nnN· K':'1tv "'37 C"1,)'K' :'1mtv, ';"N U'N' 1Jn1' K:I ';'18.C"tv1,)K:I'O' "'T K':'1tv "'37 '1,)'K' mntv" ";'N' K:I C'K:'1 1:1,19.c'1,);,n' C,~!),tv C',;'O:11 C'K~'n1 C'!"!)' :I:'1'K'c'tv1,)n i?'!)"m N" ,'mmK1,) ,tv37Jtv C"37J:'1 "p, ,"tv' ,'nn:'1 TK 20.:'1:1,tvn:lT37' C,'O, "!:1 CNtv :'1,'tv n':1 " 'N' c'KiTi,i:l " 'K zI":'1 C;':1 ,tv37Jtv mmK:'1 ,tv37J :'1~i'Q iK "'?'j iK?'t;).'!)K' i'tv:l N':'1:'1 l1,)T:I :'1:1,tvn:l m,nn.p~ 0"0' ,,!, :'1':'1' 'i' ,m' c;" '1,)'K 'IN l1,)K zZ,tv37J C,'O:l CKtv .",n Ctv1,) 'l:'1'37n C'1,)tv, CN c,m ,!);, :'1nK'Z3.",n "Ktv '37 .'Ktvn "'K ':1 ,tv37Jtv mmK1,).'1,)1,) 1":'1 C", C,'O T'K' :'1':'1' 'i' ,m'tv " '1,)'K 'JK l1,)N Z4K"J i?'!)C'1,)tv K":1 'IN n:lntv' 'IN '1,)'K' ,"tv' C1,)"nJ K':'1:'1 n37:1 ZSC'J,:IJ:11 C'1,);,n:'11,) :'1'N C',:I, n,no:'1tv T'K:'1'.C"J37' cmK n',,,,'W?;:)W] ?;:)? ooH I :'1"nm) + :'1?';:) A I ,,:nl ',::1, D, 0"::1" HII".,?::IP?) + O'ZlW m;:)?Zl (1) B I :'1'?IC) ':'1'?1C ABoo1I,,.,:'1Zl1lC) :'1Zl1lC DEFG""'U1W) C;:)? '3'117 ABDEFG I Onp,p,) omp, ABEFG, on17.l D I '3'!)0] U,!)O ABCDEF""·O'1ll77,)) C''TV1:'17,) A, 0''TV1:'1 EFII,,, C"TlC:'1) C"TlC AG I 'Zl'IC') 0"7,)'1(1 ABEFG"'·?'nn:'1) ?'nnlC G I 0"Y3:'1) O',Y:'1 ABCDEFG I 'WY3W) + 1:'1::1 A, + 0:'1::1 BDEFG11,2, o'lCm"::I) o'lCn"::1 A, O'ICU"::1 BEF, o'lCn,,;:) D, o'lCm,,;:) G I n'::I) n::l 00 I :'11'117] :'1T,lVAoo I "1::1] "!)::1 EF I 0'1O')l''T1' G I TY?] TY?::1 B I :'17,)'10 . . . '1C"tl] :'1Zl",O' ,'tl A,:'17,)'''117 'IC ,'tl BOO, :'17,)''TV1 'IC ,'tl EF'''220110') 0'1O?' AB I PIC) O;:)Zl Aoo, llC;:)7,) B, ';:)7,) EF"' 23 0WZl) ?'ICW1Y A I ",n') ,."n B I ",n ?,ICWj :'1T:'1 01':'1 A"'~?P) omit G I :'1':'1') :'1':'1n ABoo I o"p ••• :'1':'1') omit E, m':'1? F"'25'117') + m'::1 ABDE, + lU'TP:'1 m'::1 G I '31C') omit ABCDEFG I n::lnW') ,::Inw' A I '31( 2 ) '::IICAEF I 0'7,)117) 0'7,)117:'1 ABCDEF I T'lCm) T'IC' FG I O'7,);:)n:'17,)) 0'7,);:)n:'11Zl A I omlC n'?l'] On?'l'ADEFG, ,n'?l' B I O"JY?) 0"3Y? ABCDEFG51MT 11:13-25J13 For all the prophets and the lawspoke concerning John.:: If you wish to receive it, he is Elijah who is going to come.He who has ears to hear, let him hear.16 Again Jesus said: I will liken this generation to lads who sit in themarket place calling to one another,17 saying: (We sang to you), and you did not (dance; we wailed) to you,and you did not weep.18 Because John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say concerninghim: He is possessed of demons.19 ~ut the ~on of Man came eating and drinking, and one says concerninghim: He IS a glutton, a drunkard, and a friend to violent men and sinners.So fools judge the wise.20 Then Jesus began to curse (the cities in which) his signs were done forthey did not turn in repentance.'21 Woe to you (Corozim) and woe to you Beth Saida, for if in Tyre andSodom, that is, Tirao deter or Sidomah, the signs had been done whichwere done in you, they would have turned in repentance at that time insack cloth and ashes.:: Truly I say to you, it shall be easier for Tyre and Sodom (than for you).You Capernaum, will you ascend to heaven? From there you will bebrought down. Because if in Sodom the signs which were done in youhad been done, perhaps she would have remained. Unto Sheol you willbe brought down.24 Truly I say to you that it shall be easier for the land of Sodom in theday ofjudgment than for you.2S At that time Jesus raised himself up and said: Be praised (my Father)creator of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these words fromthe wise and prudent and have revea)ed them to the humble.

52[MT 11:26-12:9.':1N ,'JD' 'W' 1:J ':J CJ~N26:1N" ,:1,:1 :1N:"I N'N 1:1:"1 nN ":J~ 1'N' .':1N nN~ " 1,nJ ':J:"I 17.,m'l' 1:1:"1 :"IJ,' 'WN" 1:1:"1 N'N ":J~ 1'NnNW' C:JnN ,n31N 'IN' '~3m 'NWU' C'311':"I ,:J "'N 'N':J 18.C:J"31,:1, :1'~' 'IN 'J31 ':J "':Jm 'J~~ "~,, C:J"31 "'31 'NJ 19C:J'nW'DJ' 31U'~ 'NJ~m :1:1,:"1"i' 'Ntv~' i"JO:1"J i"DC':131' ,','~,m n:Jw:"I C,':1 m~i':J ,,'w' ':J31 N':"I:"I n31:1 1.cmN '':IN'' C:"I'" 1':1 cmN ,"D" C',,:1W:"I "i'31' ,,'nn:"l'J'NW ,:1, C'W'31 ,,'~,n m:"l "'N "~N" C'W"D:"I 'N",1.n:1W:"I C,':1 mW31' 1':JJ,'tvJN' :131' :"I':"IW:J ", :"IW31W :"I~ cnN'i' N" ,,'w' C:"I' 131,,3'J'NW :"I'''lNQ 1"N~ T31':1 C'JD:"I cn,~ ":JNW C'i"N:"I n':1:J 4T.,:1,:1 C'J:"I:J, N'N ':JNJC'~31D' c'"n~ tv'i'~:"1 n':1:1 C'J:"I:J:"IW CnN'i' N' :"I"n:1 C1,5lN~n C:"I' 1'N' mn:1W:"I.N':"I U~~ "'1 tv'i'~W C:J, '~'N 'IN 1~N6C':1"'n~ cn":"1 N' :"I:1T N" 'nJDn ,on ':"I~ cn31" "'N 7.c'~'~n:"l.n:1W:"I 1"N C'N 1:1W 8l"J P'D.cm'OJ:J 'n:1:1 N:1" ,"W' CW~ ":131" C'~':"I nJi" ':"1,,91I'260)~K] + '::IK ABDEFGH I ,1l1')1l1' A, "11' H I '::IK] omit ABDEFGH1I'21?:);'I)?::1 H I 1,m) 1m B I 'JK nK~l 'JK~ H I nK~] + nK~ G I nK) omit GH I :'I?K') OK'::1H I ,J?Jj ,J? C, omit H I :'I?K 2 ] OK '::1 H I :'Ill") omit EF I :'Ill" 'll1K?'l :'Ill"ll1 ,~?, HlI,a'K'J) ,::I? H I "?Kj '?K AB I nKll1?j n1)1l1? DO.h29'Kll) 'Kll1 AB I O::l?,Y. , • 'Kll) omit C (hap) I O::l?,Y) O::l?Y A, O::l'?Y BDEFG I JJ?:'I) JJ?B I O::l'n1ll1!l)?j O::ln1ll1!l)? A.uoBeginning] + '?,Yll1, A, + '?,Yll1 BDEFG I P')" A12'.""~?n1) ,','~?n B I ,?'nn:'l] ?'nn:'l C12'2'K"') + On1K F I O'll1"!l:'l) l'll1"!l:'l F I :'1):'1) omit A I 1'::1)) 11):'1 F, omit G.2,JK?'j K? B I :'Ill1Yll1j :'Ill1Y ABDO I JY,) + K':'I A12'40'P?K:'I] O"K:'I A I TY?J) TY? ABDEF I :'I'lKC lK!l) omit G I :'I'lKC] tl'lKll1 A tlK'lKll1 B'tlK'lKll1 0 ll1K'lll1 EF12" n1nJll1:'l] nJll1:'1 EF.2"K':'I] + :'IT A, omit G.2'7,:'I~) K':'I~ B, '::1 G I :'IJT) nJT ABDEFGI,," O~) O~:'I EF I nJll1:'l] 0'~1l1:'1 EF12"0n1'C)::I) O:'ln1'C)::1 A, O:'l'n1'C)::1 0MT 11:26-12:9126 Truly this is because it was upright before you,my Father.27 All has been given to me from my Father. There is none who knowsthe son, but the Father alone, and the Father no one knows, but the sonand to whomever the son wishes to reveal him.28 Come unto me all you who are weary and who are enduring labor,and I will help you to bear your yoke.29 (Take) my yoke as your yoke and learn of me that I am humbleand good and pure of heart and you shall find rest for your souls,30 (because my yoke is soft) and my burden light.Chapter 12I At that time Jesus passed through the standing grain on the Sabbathday, and his disciples being hungry began to pluck the ears and tocrush them between their hands and to eat them.2 The Pharisees saw it and said to him: Behold your disciples are doingjthat which is not proper to do on the Sabbath day.Jesus answered them: Have you not read what David did when he washungry and his men4 in the house of God when they ate from the bread of the Presence, thatis, paan sagrah, which is not to be eaten except by the priests alone?5 Also in the Torah have you not read that the priests in the Templesometimes profane the Sabbaths and are without sin?6 Truly I say to you that the temple is greater than this.7 If you had known what this is: I desire kindness and not (sacrifice),you would not have convicted the innocent.8 For the Son of Man is lord of the Sabbath.9 It came to pass at the end of the days that Jesus passed on from thereand entered into their Synagogues.53

54[MT 12:19-25 .•'1'IKD" 1'I::1W::1 ,m~ CK '~K? ';"'KtV" ;,tV::1' "" C'K CtV,lO1'I::1tzm C,'::1 ;,mW::1 ?'Dm 1'InK 1K" ,? W'W C~::1 ,~ C;,? '~K,,11.;,)~'V' K?'C'K? tV', mW37? ,m~ '~'D? .;'J~~ ::1'~ K';'W C'K;' tV"~I:Z. .1'I::1tV::1 ::1'~ '1'11' mW37'.1'I,nK;' ,~~ ::1tVm ", ~" .," ;'~J tV'K? '~K TK 13.'1'I'~;'? "?K "~J" C'tV"D;' ,'OU TK,14,"J P'DC'::1, c'?,n ,',nK '~?" CW~ ~" ,"tV' 37'" 1'IKT ',nK ,;",15•C?,~ 1'IK KD'"';"?l' ?::1, '~K? C,,,,,16;'37tV' '''37 '~KJtV ;,~ C"P?17~DtV~' "'37 'm, l1'1K 'tVDJ ;'1'1'" ','n::1 '1'1'"::1 'tVK "37J 1;,18.1',n::1 ,nK 37~W'."l' C'U?K?' 1"" K?' ;,;", K?,19~DtV~ n"J? c'tV' '37 ;'J::1~' K? ;,;,~ ;'1'ItVD' ,,::1tV' K? f'''' ;'Jp 20.,?n" C'U '~W?,ZI;'''J i"D.,mK KD'" '~'1'I::1 ,tV;" C?K' "37 ,nK C'K "JD? K::1';' TK'K"zZ•", 1::1 ;'T K?;' "~K"m"::1n;, 'K?DJ'Z3c"tV;, K''''~ 'J'K m "~K" '37~tV" C'W"'D;' '~'~W"Z4.c"w;' ?37:1 ::1'::1T ?37::1::1 K?KC~'J'::1tV m~?~ ?~ ?tV~::1 C;"?K '~K" ,"tV' cm::1tVn~ 37",15C~'1'I::1 1'Iv"n~ ?'D1'IW 1'1'::1, "37 ?~ p, C~'W1'I 1'Iv"n~.c"vl'l' K?12,11 ';"'K1U") ':"I'K1U" A, :"I"K1U" EF12,1J )1Um) )1U" EF12''',,:;)),,] ,,:;))n', EF I "'K) omit D12,.. nKT] 1::1 EF I '1U' YT") 2 I H I 1"'] ")Y'! H I K!l""] K!l" K':"I' H12'I6.,7.)K'] omit HI')') 'n,), EF, K' G, K'1U H I ,m'l') ':"1'1' 00, ,m7.lo"!l' H'2", O"P') o"pn'1U "')17) H I :"I171U') m171U' AB, :"I'171U' CDEFGH12,11 ,.,17)] ''017 DEFH I 1'!l1U7.l'] 1'!l1U7.l EF12,19 :"1:"1"'] K:"I'" A, :"I):;)' G I T'!n)] + ",p ABCDEF12,20 O'1U') ,"1U' ABDEFG I nl)' 0'1U'] 2 I C12,n")!l') '1U' ')!l' G I ,nK) omit H I 'K.,,] :"IK." ABDEFGH12,2A '7.l':;)1U"] '177.l1U" ABDEFGH I '177.l1U"] omit ABDEFGH I O'W:"I'] 0"1U BG I "17)].,1U AB-MT 12:10-25)10 A man was there with a withered hand; so theyasked him saying: Is it permissible to heal him on the Sabbath?11 He said to them: Who among you has a sheep that falls into a pit on theSabbath day and does not raise it up?12 So much the more is man better than that. Therefore it is permissibleand [necessary] for man to do better on the Sabbath.13 Then he said to the man: Stretch out your hand. He stretched out hishand, and it returned as the other,14 Then the Pharisees took counsel and plotted to put him to death.15 It came to pass after this that Jesus knew it; so he turned aside fromthere. Many sick followed him and he healed all of them.16 He commanded them saying not to reveal him,17 in order to establish what was spoken by Isaiah:18 Behold my servant whom I have selected, my chosen one with whommy soul is pleased; I will put my spirit upon him, and he will declarejustice to the nations.19 He will not fear nor will he run nor shall one hear (his voice) in thestreet.20 A crushed reed he will not break and a dim wick he will not quenchuntil he establishes justice forever,21 and in his name the Gentiles hope.22 Then there was brought to him a blind and dumb man who was demonpossessed; he healed him. The crowds saw [it]23 and marveled and said: Is this not the Son of David?24 The Pharisees were quick to hear [this] and said: This one does not castout demons except by Baalzebub, the lord of demons.2S Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them in a parable: Every kingdomamong you divided shall be made desolate, and so every city or houseupon which division shall fall shall not stand.5512'~;;?Om)1UnlJ) 2 I ABDEFGH I C::l')')1U) O:"l))1U A, O:"l')')1U DEFGH I n')'1 n') 'K A Inp"n7.l 2 ) omp"n7.l F, onp"n7.l E I o:;),n)) 0:"1)) A

56[MT 12:26-381,m:J'~ "~3m 1'K C:J'J'::1 np"n~ ,nK l~W K'J'~ l~W;' nK'uCK'J';' K' :"1~' C:J'W C'J::1 ::1'::1T '37::1::1 C"W:"1 K'J'~ 'JK CK,27.C:J'~!)'W C:"1 ":"1' m".m:J'~ TP K::1 n~K::1 C'P'K m'::1 C"W:"1 K'J'~ 'JK CK,28"Wp' K' CK ",:J nK nnp, "::1,, n'::1::1 K::1' W'K ,:J,' 1'K,29.,n'::1::1 ,,'W' :J"nK' l:"1,'nn ,mK,"J P'!)•'37'!)::1 ,,!):J' '~37 '::1nn' K'W :"1~ K':"1 .""J' "~37 U'KW ,~30fl"'" C'K 'J::1, ,n~' fl"'" K~n ,:JW C:J, '~'K 'JK 1:J 31.'n~' K' m,:"1m, '''J ,::1, '~'K:"1 ,:J, ." ,n~' C'K:"1 1::1 '''J ,::1, '~'K:"1 ':J,32.::1":"137::1 K" T":"137::1 K' " ,n~' K' W"p:"1"!):"1 1~ n~K:"1tV 37' ',!):J 37' f37 'K ::1'~ ',!):J ::1'~ f37 'W37 33.T37:"1 37'"K':"1' 1C'37' c:Jm':"1::1 m::1'~ ,::1" ,~:"n ,,~ C'Jn!) nn!)W~34.n'::1'~ ::1,:"1 n"'37n~ :"1!):"137' ::1, 'J'K~ 37' C'K' ::1'~ K'J" ::1'~ ::1, 'J'K~ ::1'~ C'K35..In ~,~"l'::1Wn nn, ::1"n C'K:"1 ,::1,' 'WK C',::1,:"1 ':J~w c:J' 'JK '~'K36•1":"1 C",.::1"nnn 1'W37~ '!) '37' ~!)WJ :"1':"1n 1"::1' '!) '37 37T"J P'!)mK" :"1J,J '~K' c'~:Jm C'W"'!) nJp ,"W', K::1 K':"1:"1 n37::1 38•1"::137::1 C'~W:"1~ mK12,30 nan] DK' A I 1"1l711"1l7:1 C I D:)'J'::1] C:1J::1 A, C:1'J'::1 BOEFGH'2>%' C'3::1] omit GH I K;] omit F I DK'I':1] C'K'I':1 ADEFH, C1K'I,n G'2':lIC'P;K m'::1] omit EF I C'P'K] C';K A I mJ;Zl •.• C'P;K] O'Zl1l7 mJ;Zl nZlK::1 G Io'p;ac mJ;Zl nZlK::1 c'p;ac H I mJ;Zl . • • nZlK::1] omit 0 I TP] + o'p;ac EF ImJ;Zl] + o';ac A, ,mJ;Zl' o'p;ac B12,29 Junac,] ,nac, ABooH I ,n'::1::1] ,n'::1 ABOEFGH12,30 :1Zl] 'Zl' AEF, 'Zl BOO I ac;1l7] ,J'ac1l7 EF I '::1nn'] '::1nnZl EF I ;"!l::1] 'J ABEF, ;PZl::1 00.203. P]lJ ;P ABEF I ;nZl"~2];,nZl' B I ;nZl,2] ;mZl' 0012' 32 0'TIC;'I) C'TIC H I ll.'1'P:1 n,,] m':1 EF I 1l7,'P;'I) ll.'11P:1 ABO12,33 TP 2 ] ;P 0,2,34 CJm':1::1] cnac, A I n'::11Zl] '::11Zl B I ::1;:1 n",pnZl] m",pn:1:1Zl A,2,35 C'TIC'] C'TIC ABoo, + ::1; EF'2'''' '::11'] ,::1, C12,30 ac':1;'1) K':1:1 0 I ac::1] ,ac::1 ABOEFG I nIp] nlpZl A I C'1l7"'!l] C'1l7"!l:1 A I O'ZlJm] C'ZlJnmAOEF I :11'3] '1'3 B I C'Zl1l7:1Zl] O'Zl1l7Zl FMT 12:26-38)26 (If) Satan casts out another satan, there will bedivision among (them); how will his kingdom stand?27 If I cast out demons by Baalzebub, why do your sons not cast them out?Therefore, they will be your judges.28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God truly the end of [his]kingdom has come.29 How shall a man be able to enter the house of the strong man to takehis goods unless he bind him first? Then he shall plunder his house.30 Whoever is not with me is against me. (Whoever) does not join himselfto me denies (me).31 (Therefore) I say to you that every sin and blasphemy will be forgiventhe sons of men, but blasphemy of the Spirit shall not be forgiven.3l Everyone who says a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgivenhim. But everyone who says a word against the Holy Spirit, it shall notbe forgiven him either in this world or in the world to come.33 Make the tree good according to good fruit, or the tree bad according tobad fruit; because the truth is: from the fruit the tree will be known.34 Family of vipers, how can you speak good things when you are evil?Surely the mouth awakens, the heart speaks.35 A good man from the treasure of a good heart brings forth good; anevil man from the treasure of an evil heart brings forth evil.36 I say to you that for all the words which a man shall speak he will beobliged to give an account on the day ofjudgment.37 According to your words you will be judged and according to yourdeeds you will be convicted.38 At that time, some of the Pharisees and sages came to Jesus saying:We wish to see a sign from heaven by you.57

58[MT 12:39-13:1mN;' N'N " 1n)' N' mN' mN tui'~~ rpm 37' ", C;', '~N,,39.;,)" ,tvC'N 1~ ;";" 1~ m,', 'l' C'~' 'l ;'l';' '37~~ ;";' 'tuN~tv40.'~i'~ m,', 'l' C'~' 'l T'N;' 1~~~"m ,~ ,mN '37'tv", ,,.,;, :"IT C37 ~Dtv~' '~'i" ;,,)) 'tv)N 4 1.;,)',~ "'l ')N' ;,)" "~,, ;'~'tun~",;, ;'T C37 ~Dtv~' C'i'n ;,tt')t?W'~ "" ;'~'T'j T37'~ N~tu n~,~42"'l '));" ;,~,tv n~~n 37'~tu' T'N;' mJi'~ ;'N~tu C37'tu,m.;,~'tu~•NJ~' N" m)~ tvi'~~ m'J~ ",;, C'N;'~ ;'N~'~ m, NJ,,~,43i'" ,mN NJ'~' N~' U~~ 'nNJ' ,tvN 'n'~, ~'tvN '~'N TN44.1'~)'m~~C'~tv", '~37 C'N~' ')~~ C'37' ,m' mm, ;'37~tv ni" TN4S.;,m 37';' "" ;";" 1~ •,n'tuN'~ 37' C'N;' n',nN ;";'" Ctv"'39"1 c:t, EF, "n") i"DT,n~ C"~'37 ,'nN' '~N m;" m,,~n;, ,~ '37 ,~,~ ')"37 46.'~37 '~," U~~ C'tvi'~~.,mN" C'tvi':J~ ,'nN' '~N ;,);, ,nN C'N " '~N,,47.'~N ,~, 'nN ,~ "l~' 137,,48.'nN' '~N c;, "N "~N" ,','~,n '37 "D~ tv"D,,49.'~N' 'm'nN' 'nN N';' C'~tu~tu '~N l'J' ;,tv'37;' ,~SO~") i"D.C';' nDtv '37 ~tu" n'~;,~ ,"tv' NJ' N';';' C,'~lG I :tl"] + N'Jl:t A11,..:t';'I 'lIlNJlIlJ :t':tlllJ G I C'TNj :t~'N:t A, C1N:t BDEG I m",2] C'~' E, + C'~' F I ,Jj;lJ) 'Jj;llABCDEFG11,4' :tm) ;'IU'l A I ",:t] + y,:t EF I ',J,,] ,J" A11,.. TY'JI TY' ADEFG I :tN"l'lIl'N " :tl'T"]lIlN"'l'lIl'N " :tl'" A, :tN"l'lIl'N' :tl'N' B,:tN"l'lIlN " ;'Il'N' D, ;'Il"'l'lIl'N " ;'Il'N' EF, :tN"l'lIl'N " :tl'N' G I ",:t] + y,:t EF"' 43 Nln'J'] Nln'lIlJ' AE I :tN~'l'] :tN~'l':t BEF I C1N:t~1 C1N~ F Im'llJ] + lIlNj;l'lIllllNj;l""'!l TY' A I lIlj;lJ~]lIlj;lJ' EF11,.. '~'N] n'~'N A I J'lIlN] J'lIlN ABDEFG11,45 C'JlIl"'J C'J,,:t, DO, C'JlIl" F I ;'I';'I"J ':t', A"''''Yj CY ABDEFGH I ,'nN' '~NJ ,'nN EF I '~Y , , ,U~~] omit D (hap)12,., C'lIlj;lJ~ . • . '~N"] omit D"'''''l~'] + "'N ABDEFG I '~N ... 'nN] 2 I A'2'''''~N'') '~N" ABCDEFG I C:t "NJ C:t"N BEF11,50'm'nN' 'nNJ 'n"nN' 'nN' '~N G(3,' N,:t;'l C,'J] N';'I;'I nYJ EF59MT 12:39-13:1)39 He said to them: An evil and wicked generation seeksa sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.40 For as he was in the bowels of the fish three days and three nights, sowill the Son of Man be in the belly of the earth, (buried) for three daysand three nights.41 The men of Nineveh will rise up in judgment with this generation andshall condemn it, because they turned in repentance at the words ofJonah and I am greater than Jonah.42 The queen of Sheba, that is, Rezinah de Isteriah, will rise up injudgment with this generation and shall condemn it, because she camefrom the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and beholdI am greater than Solomon.43 When the' unclean spirit goes out from the man, he goes throughwaterless places seeking rest, but does not find it.44 Then he says: I will return to my house from which I came out, and hegoes and finds it empty, safe, and ready.45 Then he takes seven spirits more evil than himself, and they go with himarid dwell there, and the latter state of the man is worse than his first.Thus it will be to this evil generation.46 While he was speaking to all the crowds, behold his mother and hisbrothers were standing outside seeking him to speak with him.47 A man sai~ to him: Behold your mother and your brothers are seekingto see you.48 He answered the one who spoke (to him): Who are my brothers andwho is my mother?49 He stretched out his hands to his disciples and said: These are mymother and brothers.50 Everyone who does the will of my Father who is in heaven is mybrothers, my sisters, and my mother.Chapter 131 On that day Jesus went out of the house and sat on the shore of thesea.

60[MT 13:2-18;"':1n;, ,~,;''IN:1 N:1' "1'!JW 'Y m":1n "'N ":1nl1"z•T,n:1 11'1;)'Y'11':11;) N:I" W'N C;" '1;)N" C"W1;):1 C':1, C',:1, C;" ':1",3.'Y'T I1N Y"T' 'i',:1:1.fl'Y;' ,mN '~N' ",:1 1)1;)1;) '£lJ 'Y'T:1,4'£I' W:1"I1J ,n1;):I:1' '£lY ':1,Y CW l'NW l:1N:1 ;"£lJ ;,)1;)1;),5.:1", '£lY CW l'NW.W,'W " l'Ntv W:1"I1J' fl,tvJ "'Y W1;)W;' C,n:1,6•';"'1;)Y" C':I,i';' ';""l" C':I,i';' 1':1 '£lJ 1)1;)1;),7'JW:11 ;'N1;) ,nN;' ;'N':1m "£1 ;,tvY', ;':1,1' T'N:1 '£lJ 1)1;)1;),8.C'W'W 'W"tv:11 C'Wtv•Y1;)tv' Y'1;)tv, C'JTN '1;),9.C"W1;):1 ':1'11 ;'1;)' ""1;)'11 " "1;)N' ""1;)'11 "'N ':1'i',,10•C;" N" "~;,, C'1;)W m~,~ 111J C~,tv '~N"II:1W,n N';'tv ;,~ " l'Ntv ,~" "Y 111J' " tv'w ,~,1Z.1)~~ Mi'"C,y~,tv C'N" CJ'N' C'N" C;,W C"W~:1 ':1'~ 'IN ;'T,13C'Y~'W CJ'N';,m CY, 11'~N' " N':1J;' ;"YW' '''Y '~NJW ;,~ "~l,14.',~, 'N' ;'N' 'N" 'Y'11 'N' Y'~W 'Y1;)W;'N" 1£1 Ytlm ,'J'Y, ':1~;' "JTN' ;,m CY;' :1, 1~tv;'15.',~, ,'J'Y:1.mY~,tvtv C~'JTN' mN"tv C~'J'Y "tvN,16;,~ mN" "NI1;' C'i",:I, C':1, C'N':1Jtv c~, ,:1" 'IN 1~N17.'Y~W N" C'Y~'W CI1Ntv ;,~ Y'~W" 'N' N" C'N" CI1Ntv•y"m 'w~ 'Y~W CI1N,1813,1 T1n:l] T1n:l7J A, ~,n:l B13,30':l'J omit EFG I 'P':l:lJ 'P:l" G I l'IKJ omit FI3,S:t"!)J :tJ7J7J,) "!)J U7J7J, AEF, :t"!)J U7J7J 00 I 01l1J + 0111 C I :l,," ••• '!)"J = 1)1.....)13'-1I1:l"m, • • • O,n:l'J = 1)1.....), ms G unclear K :l13'1"!»)) :t"!») EF I ,m17JP" ••. ,m"'l"] O'J,p:t ,"n', ,m7J7JP" A, ,m7J7JP" O'J,p:t ''''1'' B,,m'7JP" O'~p:t "'1" C, ,:t7J7JP', O'J,p:t ''''1'' 00, ,:t,7J1JP', EF (hap)13,1 :t1l1P',] '1I1P" EF I :tK':lm] :tK':ll'l EF13,1I""1J"l'I 2 J omit ABDEFG I ,:l'l'IJ + :tl'lK C13,11 0'1J1I1] 0'1J1I1:t G13:111m'J + ,,, ABOO I :lll11n) + ,,, ~"111 ABDEFG13,14 "1J1"] O"p" EF I 'K,2. • • 1C':lJ:t] omit G I O~) OP:t "K A I '"l'I) ,J':ll'l AEF I :tK') 'IC'A I "1C,2J + ,nl'l ABEF, + U':ll'l D13,15 ")'P:l . • • ")TIC'J omit G I ,'J'P:lJ omit AF13'11 "lCl'I:t]l1lC" EFMT 13:2-18)2 Crowds joined themselves to him untilhe needed to enter a boat; the whole crowd was standing (on the shore).3 He spoke to them many things in parables and said to them: A manwent forth from his house in the morning to sow his seed.4 In his sowing some of it fell on the road, and the birds ate it.S Some of it fell among rocks where there was no density of soil, andwhen it sprang up it withered because there was not much soil there.6 When the sun above it became warm, it was burned and dried up because it had no root.7 Some of it fell among the thoms, and the thorns (grew and darkened it).8 Some of it fell on good ground and made fruit and produce, the firsta hundred, the second sixty and the third thirty.9 Whoever has ears to hear let him hear.10 Then his disciples drew near to him and his disciples said to him:Why do you speak in parables?11 He said: To you it has been given to know the kingdom of heaven, butnot to them.12 Whoever has, it will be given (to him) again, but whoever has nothing,that which he thinks (he has) will be taken from him.13 For this [reason] I speak in parables because they see but do not see,hear but do not hear,14 in order t~ fulfill what was said through Isaiah the Prophet: Go and sayISto this people, hear but do not comprehend, see but do not (understand).Make the heart of this people fat and make their ears heavy and blindtheir eyes, lest they should see with their eyes.16 Blessed are your eyes that see and your ears that hear.17 Truly I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to seewhat you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did nothear it.18 But hear you the parable of the sower.61

62[MT 13:19-30C'~tu m;),~ y~,tu:1 ,;) ",:J '!)Jtu y,m, C'N 1:J N':1 Y'11:1 19y,m ':1T1 .,:J Y'TJtu :1~ ,;) ':J'~ fl,nn', l~tu:1 N:J' .1':J' N".",:1 'Y '!)Jtu.:1n~tu:J ,,~ ,J,:Ji" 'N:1 ,:J, y~,tu:1 N':1 l:JN:1 'Y ,!)J ,tuN,20,n;)tu~ l~tu:1 C:1, :1,J, ,YJ ~Y~ N:J:J' :1;)':J~' tu"tu N':J N':1,21.C:J'~,tu,y fl'ON' ,n,~n:J' ,:J,:1 nN y~,tu:1 :1T C'J'i':J ,!)J ,tuN,22.,,!) :1tuY' N" 'N:1 ,:J, ,n;)tu~ l~tu:1,,!) :1W,Y, l':J~' ,:J,:1 nN y~,tu:1 N':1 :1:J'~:1 Y'N:J ,!)J 'WN,231~' C'tutu 'Jtu:1 1~' :1N~ "N:1 1~ N'J'" .C':J'~ C'tuY~~''''.flU:1 ntu"i" :J,:1 n':1~~ ':1T :1N~ "N:1 .C'tu'tu 'tu',tu:1':1T C'tu,tu 'tu"W:1~' .:1tuN:1 mtu"!)~ ':1T C'tutu ,nN:1~'.:J':J, flU:J :m'T:J :1tu"i'~C'tutu i"!)'Y'TW;) Y'11:1 tu'N' :1~" C'~W m;),~ .,nN ,tu~ C:1'J!), CW,,24.:J'~ Y'T111 c'~n:1 'Y Y'T" 'NJ'W N:J C'Jtu' C'N 'J:J ,tuN;) ':1,,25.1,m :1N"."" :1,,"N"':J TY':J,,!) mtuY, :JtllY:1 :1"" ,tuN;) ':1,,26Y'T N':1 U'J"N " "~N" "'N :1'W:1 ,Y:J ',:JY ':J'i',,2711,m :1':1 l'N~' .nY'T :J'~.1,m "i'YJ ",:JY " "~N".:1~n:1:"IT ,tuY 'NJ'tu C:1, '~N28"i'yn 1!) N' C:1, '~N,,29C',J'i" '~N "Ji':1 nY:J' "Ji':1 'Y """ :1T' :1T ii:'):1 N'N JOfl"tu, m":Jn m":Jn :1mN ,'Wi" :1J,tuN' 111:1 '~i".'J'N:J un :1~n:1',3," Beginning) + "WIJ B I lmt] C'Tl(:1 ADEF I C'IJW) omit G I r"nn,,).,,~n', EFG I Y,nW] Y'TWEF I ':1n) ,m A, :1T GABDEFG,n) 'Yln :1'1 EF13'''l:JIC:1j PIC G I YIJ'W:1j + nIC ABCDEFG I U":JP') U":JP"'3", :1;),:JIJ,) :1;),:JIJ:J, ABOO, :10,;)IJ, EF I :1'~'13,n C'I'P:J) C'I~:1"IC EF I m),m A I nIC)"K EF, omit G I 1M;)WIJ) + C:J"O EF I C':1"K) "K:1ABCDEFG13,23 K,:1j ,m A I nK) omit AG I .,.",) omit ABDEFG I '1£""1£') '1£""1£':1 G I ,nIC:10') :J":10, C,K;" EF I '1£";1£':10') IC:10' A, ,nK:10' BOO, KO' EF I :1~'PIJ) n~,po EFG I l"'T:J) omit B13,,. C'OW) + IC':1' BEFG I W'IC") C'IC"IC'I (') A I 'Y'TW;)) ':11lU:J ABDEFG13,25':1")IC':1" A I C'Tl(] C'Tl(:1 AD I C'~n:11 :1~n:1 A I TY":J) TY" ADEFG I :1lIC"':J] :11IC'" AEFG,:11IC":J C. IC1IC'" D I ,,,,,) omit AEF13,.. :1IC" I :1IC,m, (?) B, :1IC'J G13,21 nY'T] :1nnT A13,21 'WY] :1WY ABDEFG I m] p G13,,. C:17] :1" FG I IC") ,., A, omit G13'30"1"]"1' D I 'Y) + ny B I nYJ'1 nYJ C I 'IJICI 'O'IC EF, "OIC G I ,~p") + nIC ABDEFGI :1J'WIC'] :1"nn EFG I :1mIC) ,mIC ABDEFG I m"':Jn') omit A I Un) + :1mK AMT 13:19-30119 The Sower is the Son of Manand the seed which fell on the road is every one who hears the kingdomof heaven and does not understand it. Satan comes and snatches awayfrom his heart everything which was sown in it. This is the seed whichfell on the road.20 That which fell upon the rocks is the one who hears the word of Godand receives it immediately with joy.21 But he is without root and is (in) confusion and when a little troubleand distress come to them, Satan causes [them] to forget from theirheart.22 That which fell among the thoms, this is the one who hears the wordand in his desire to gather wealth, Satan causes him to forget the wordof God, and he makes no fruit.23 That which fell into the good earth is the one who hears the word andunderstands it and makes fruit, that is, from good works. He bringsforth from the first a hundred, from the second sixty, and from the thirdthirty. As for the hundred, this is the one purified of heart and sanctifiedof body. As for the sixty, this is the one separated from women. As forthe thirty, this is the one sanctified in matrimony, in body and in heart.24 He set before them another parable. The kingdom of heaven is like aman who sows good seed (in his field).25 It came to pass when the men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowedtares over the wheat, that is, beriyagah, and he went away.26 It came to pass when the herb grew up to make fruit, he saw the tares.21 The servants of the master of the field drew near to him and said tohim: Master did you not sow good seed? Then whence came the tares?28 He said to them: My enemy (did) this. His servants said to him: Wewill uproot the tares.29 He said to them: No, lest you uproot the wheat.30 But let them remain together and grow up until the harvest and in thetime of the harvest I will say to the reapers: Gather the tares first andbind them into individual bundles for burning and the wheat put intothe granary.63

64[MT 13:31-43~"O i?'!)"p'tV ?1'" "l'l? ;'~'1 c'~tV m:J?~ .,"~ ?tV~ C;"J!)? CtV,,31.;'1tV:J ';'Y'l" C1~ ,m~;,tVYJ, C':JtVY;' ?:J ?Y ?1l' '?1l:J' C'J'Y'l ?:J~ 1'1 ~,;,,32.~!)J~:J '?':lt~, c'~tv;, ~'Ytv 1Y ?'1l TYU,,~ ~':J~tv ,,~tv? ;'~'1 C'~tv m:J?~ .,n~ ?tV~ C;,? ':J1,,33.,?,:J n~ r'~"" "~p C'~O tV?tV:J ;,?~;,':J'1 :'1';' ~? ?tV~ '?:J, m":J"? ,"tV' ':J1 ;,?~;, C'?tv~;, ?;:)34C;"?~m1" ;'Y':J~ '!) ?tv~:J ;,nn!)~ ~':JJ;' !)"y '~~JtV ;,~ C"p?3S.C1p 'J~:J"O i?'!)"?~ ,:J'P', .n':J;' ?~ ~:J" m":Jn;, 1~ ,"tV' 1'!)J l~36C;,? tv,,!)? U~~ ,tVp:J' "1'~?n.1,m ?tV~C1~;' ~,;, :J'~ Y'l y"m C;,? ,~~" C;,? 1y,,37C;, 1,m, C'P'1:lt;, C;, :J'~;' ,,!), :1l;' C?,Y;' ~,;, ;'1tV;,,38.C'YtV,:'1:J";'Y;' n',"~ ;,~p;" l~tV;, ~,;, ,m~ y,ttV ~J'tvm39.C':J~?~;' C;, C":lt,p;,,.C'~';' n',n~:J ;";" p ~"tv? 11l;' C,,:lt,p;, ,~p? 'tV~:J,40?:J' YtV, ?:J ,m:J?~~ "pY? ":J~?~~ n~ C~ 1:J "?tv,41·1'~ '?Y,!).l:l'J'(D np'in1 '::>::1 i1'i1' 001 ~ n"'~:J cm~ ,n'?tV,,42C'Jl~ ,~? .C;":J~ m:J?~:J tv~tV:J C'i"1:lt;, ,,':1l' l~43.Y~tv' y,~tV?13,). ':'1""') :'IP"" B13' 31 C'J'''') C'J,,,m ABOEFG I ,~) + C':1W:'I G I K!lJIC) "!lJP:1 ABOEF, "'P G13,.u,nK) + C:'I' ,1JK', ABOEFG I K':17.lW] K':1nW A I :'l?K:'I) :'IWK:'I ABOEFG13034 :'l?K:'I) "K:'I ABCOEFG I ,:1,] ,1JK G I C:'I"K) cm ABOEF13,)5 '!I) + :'I'PW' 0 I :'IP':1K) Ki':1K F I C'TP • • • :'Ii':1K) omit B13'''''Wp:1,) 'WP:1', ABOEFG.),)'7cm 1P") omit G I C:'I,2) omit ABCOEF I K':'I) + 1:1 A13,..:1,tl:'l) :1,tl F I C:'I 2 ) omit ABDG13''''K':'l) omit A I :1":'IP:'l) C"P:'I ABOEFG I c"X,pm) C"X,p, A I C:'l) "K F13,..f)"W')WK:1 ,mK ,'W:'I' G13,•• C~) C~:'I ABDG I "~'7.l7.l) "~K'7.l ABO I l'K "P1!1 '~') omit G", 42 W'W',) '~"W" ABOEFG I CmK) ,mK G I WK)WK:'I ABOEG I np',m) p',m B I C'J'W)1W G",Ol P17.lW') omit AMT 13:31-43)31 He set before them another parable.The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard which a man takesand sows in the field.32 It is smaller than all garden herbs, but when it grows up it is greaterthan all herbs and is made into a great tree until the birds of heavenwithdraw into (its branches).33 He spoke to them another parable. The kingdom of heaven is likeleaven which (a woman puts) into three measures of flour and it leavensall of it. ~34 All of these parables Jesus spoke to the crowds and without a parablehe did not speak to them,3S to fulfill what was said according to the prophet: I will open my mouthin parables; I will utter riddles from ancient times.36 Then Jesus was parted from the crowds and went into the house. Hisdisciples came to him and asked him to explain for them the parable ofthe tares.37 He answered them and said to them: The one who sows good seed isman,38 the field is this world, the good fruit is the righteous, and the tares arethe evil.39 The enemy who sowed it is Satan, the standing grain at the end is theworld to come, and the reapers are the angels.40 As the reapers gather the tares to bum, so will it be at the end of thedays.41 The Son of Man will send his angels to uproot from his kingdom allevil and all who do iniquity.42 They will (cast) them into the pyre of fire; there will be weeping andgnashing of teeth.43 Then the righteousness will shine like the sun in the kingdom of theirfather. Whoever has ears to hear let him hear.65

66[MT 13:44-58lIfO j?'DO'K; m~" K':'1 O'~W m::l;~ ,','~;n; ,"W' '~K "37 44'WK ;::l "::l~' 1'~~:'1 nn~w:J' ':'1,,'nO' 'WK 1'~~~ K'X'~:'1."37:J :'1'W:'1 :'1Jp', ,;.m,p' O'J:JK WP:J~:'1 ,mo O'K; :'1~" O'~W m::l;~ "37,45•:'1mK :'1Jp', ,; 'WK ;::l "::l~' :'1:J'~ nnK KX~' 'WK::l,46.:'1:J O'DOKJ o'n 'J'~ ;::lW 0':'1 "n:J nw,; :'1~" O'~W m::l;~47o',m:J' O'l"':'1 O'KX'" y,n; :'1'K'X" K;~n 'WK::l,48.:'1X,n O'::l';W~ 0'37';" 0:'1';::l:J 0':J'~:'1O'37W':'1 ';',:J', O'::lK;~:'1 'KX' 0'~':'1 n',nK:J :'1':'1' 1::l 49.0'p"X:'1 "n~.O'J'W np',m '::l:J :'1':'1' OW WK m"'~:J OmK ,::l';W"so•1::l "~K" .:'1T OnJ:J:'1 0:'1; '~K,,51K'X'~:'1 Z'l~:'1 ':JK O'K; O'~W m::l;~:J :'1~" O::ln ;::l nKT;52.O'JW' Ol o'w,n O',:J, "X'K~'''0 i"D.OW~ ':J37 :'1;K:'1 0',:J,:'1 Y'W' :'1;::l 'WK::l nKT ',nK ':'1,,53O'W"D:'1' .m'OJ::l 'n:J:J O'WJK; ,~;~ :'1':'1' 'X'K; K:J,54';K mW37; n::l' :'1~::ln:'1 :'1T; :'1:J 1'K~ O:J;:J "~K" 'K;DJ•m;'37D:'1O"~ '~K ';K ;::lW On37" K;:'1 'to"~' nDJ:'1 :'1T 1:J 1'K 55:'1"":'1" 1'''37~W' Z'l0" 'l ,'nK''m;K ;::l :'1T; K:J l'K~' 't'J~37 ';K ;::lW On37" K;:'1 .,'m'nK,56K"::l ,,:J::l ,; 1'KW K':JJ 1'K Y'W' 0:'1; 137" .,:J O'::l,:JJ ":'1,57•,n':J' "'37' 'X'K:J.0nJ'~K ~'37'~; mK O'W OW mW37; :'1X, K;'SS13''':'I7,m lC';'] 2 I A. 2 B I lC'i,7,m]lCiUl;' ABDEFG I 'lUlC]lU'lU ;'7.:1 A I,;",'no'] ,;,,'no' ABDEF13,46 nnlCI nlC G13,., ;'7.:1"] + lC';' ABEFG. lC';' D13,41 C'lCi"'1 'lCi" EF I C'"",;,] c'",;, DEFG13,..C'JlC'7.:I;'] + cm G13'''m'''7.:IJ] n"'7.:IJ ADEFG I ;":'1'1 ':'I' BOO I np',ml mp',m AB13'51,,7.:IlC"] + "'lC A13,..m'03JI C:'Im'03J A I :'IJ] lCJ ABCDEFGH I :'IT'] + nlCT A I "lCI "lCJ EF13'":'IT P]2 I ABDEFGH I C"7.:I'1 C',7.:I '7.:IlC ClUl'lC 00. C',7.:I F I '7.:IlC "lC 'JlU] '7.:IlClU ABCDEGH."7.llClU F I '''I '7.:I'lC" ABEFG. '7.:I'PlC' DH I flO"1 flO'" ABDEGH I :'1":'1" l'Y7.:IlU' flO"] 2 I 3EF I :'I";"']lC"" BCDEGH13'''137.:IY "lC 'JlU] "lC ,J 13Y7.:IlU D I l'lC7.:I'll'lC7.:I ABDEFGH13' 57 lC'J3] + ,,'YJ BDEFG. + 13"37J H I lC"JjlC'lC A13,51 C'lU] omit EFMT 13:44-58)44 Again Jesus said to his disciples:The kingdom of heaven is like a man who finds a treasure which hadbeen hidden and in~gladness over the value he sells all which he has andbuys the field for himself.45 Again the kingdom of heaven is like a certain merchant seeking preciousstones.46 When he finds a good one, he sells all which he has and buys it.47 The kingdom of heaven is like a net in the midst of the sea in which aregathered all kinds of fish.48 When it ~s full, they draw it out, and the fishermen go forth and choosethe good for their vessels and the bad they cast away.49 Thus it will be at the end of days; the angels will go forth and separatethe evil from the midst of the righteous.50 Then they shall cast them into the pyre of fire; there shall be weepingand gnashing of teeth.51 He said to them: Have you understood this? They said: Yes.52 Every wise man in the kingdom of heaven, therefore, is like a certainfather of children who brings forth from his treasure things new and old.53 It came to pass after this, when Jesus finished these words, he passedon from there.54 He came into his own country and was teaching the people in the synagogues.The Pharisees were amazed and said in their heart: Whence(came) to this one the wisdom and power to do these deeds?55 (Is this) not the son of the smith and Mary? Do you not know all these:his mother Mary, his three brothers: Joseph, Simon, and Judah,56 and his sisters? Do you not know all these who are with us? Whencecame to this one all these things?57 So they were confused about him. Jesus answered them: A prophet isnot without honor except in his own land, city and house.58 Then he did not wish to do there any sign because of their little faith.67

68[MT 14:1-16:1"0 i?'D.,"tu' Imm~tu :1i?"K?t?'~ 0''''''':1 37~tZ1 K':1:1 1137:J 11Jm' :1TZn37 mK'D:1 "KtZ1 l'~K~ 'JK :1J:1 "':J37' '~K"z,":J~~:1'OK~:J ':1'OK" 0:1:1 O'~':J 1Jm', tZ1DI1 0,"",,:1tZ1 'D' :1':1tZ1 3•,'nK I1tZ1K :111':1tZ1 :1tZ1K' K9"1":1iK' np' K'tZ1 ,n';,,~ :1':1tZ1 'D'.". :1"K' :1J'K 1Jm' " '~'K :1'm 4K':JJ'tZ1 037:1 11K" "" 'l":1' :11" :1':1 0''''''':1 :1J:1's•0:1'J':J :1':1,';'K' m;"~:1""l' K'P 0""':1 11K ",:1 0" :111tu~:J,6:J~'" O:1'J':J I1'P'~ '11:J :111':1 O";"K ,':1tu "37:J' '~37•0''''':1'.U~~ 'Ktul1 ,tuK ,;, 11K :1, 111'tZ1 :1, 37:Jtu','•"K llK:J ":J~~:1 1Jm' tZ1K' :1'KtZ1 :1~"~ 11'0"~ :1'37J:1,8'1" O'K"P:1 'JD:J :1tu37tu :137':Jtu:1 '37:J 'K~ :J137J ,,~m9.1;' mtu37:1'•':1'0:1 11':J:J 1Jm' ~,ntu' n,w,,10:1'37J:1' :1'37J' ,mJI1" llK:J 1Jm' tZ1K' 'K':J"l1.:1~K' :1Jl1J0"'~'11:1' ,:1,,:JP" Z'l'l:1 'KtZ1" 1Jm' "'~'11 'K:J"U.'"tz..''' ,:J,:1 "'l:1.:1,,:1' ':J'~' "" :1'JK:J 0tZ1~ 370J ,"tZ1' 37'~tZ1;,,13.I1U"~:1 ,;,~ ,',nK ,;"" 11"':Jn:1 37'~tZ1;"•om'n~ ,;, KD'" ,on "'K ~" :J, 037 ,',nK :1K' 'K1'tZ1;,,14.':J'37 '1 O'P~:1 :1T " "~K" ""~'11 "'K ,:J,P :J'37 1137:J,IS.0:1"K "'1:1 ,np', O"'l~:J ,;,,'tZ1 m":Jn:1 :Jn37•';'K' 0:1' 'JI1 "" 0';"'1 OJ'K ,"tZ1' 0:1' 137,,16••" 0""':1) 0'''':1 B I :1PK'tl'tl) :1P'K'tl'tl 0, :1p"tl'tl EF..,2 'JK :1J:l) ':1J:1 0 I mK;D:l) mK;DJ:1 A, m;'S7D:1 DO I ;'::1tl/,):l) omit E..,J:1':1lU) :1'nlU ABEF I KO''''K;) KlU'''''K' AB, Ktl","K; 0, :1lU","K; EF, :10'''''K' G••,5 :1J:l1] omit EF I ,;"j K;" AG""",:1] n"':1 ABDEFG I nK] omit ABDEFG I O:1'J'::1] O:1JD; AEF..,7 S7::1lU"] S7::1lUJ' ABDEFG I nK] omit ABDEFG"":1/,),'/,)] :1/,)M ABDEFG I ;'::1tl/,):1] omit F I UK] omit F"'5'S7::1] + :'It G I O'K"P:1 ••• :1lUS7lU] omit F..,It tl,nw?] omit EF I lJn1']lJn1'; ABDEFG..,11 :1JnJ) ':1JnJ A I :1/,)K;j '1.)1(; A..,.21Jn1' '1'/,);n) "1'/,);n G..,13 :111:1') K'" BCDO I ';"') ,,;:1 A""5'1] + nS7:l1 ABCDEFG I 0'''''/,)::1) 0';"'::1 G I "'I:l) "'1:1 A I ";K) + ;, G"'''0:1'] + onK A69MT 14:1-16)Chapter 14I At that time Herod the Tetrarch heard reports about Jesus.2 He said to his servants: Behold I believe that John the Baptizer is doingthese miracles. ~3 This happened because Herod had seized John in those days and hadbound him in prison because he was reproving him that he should nottake Herodias for a wife because she was the wife of his brother.4 John ~as saying to him: She is not permissible to you.5 Then behold Herod wished to kill him, except for fear of the people[who believed] he was a prophet among them.6 On the feast of Herod's birthday, he called the nobles of the kingdom toeat with him, and while they were eating, his daughter danced amongthem and it was pleasing to Herod.7 He swore to give her whatever she asked from him.8 The girl, being instructed by (her mother), asked for the head of John theBaptizer in a bowl.9 The king was very sad because of the oath which he had made beforethose invited. But he commanded to do so10 and sent to kill John in prison.II They brought the head of John in a bowl and gave it to the girl and thegirl gave it to her mother.12 Then the disciples of John came and took the body and buried it andthe disciples told the matter to Jesus.13 When Jesus heard it, he departed from there in a boat and went into thewilderness of Judea. When the crowds heard they followed him fromall the cities.14 When they came out he saw behind him a numerous people; so heextended kindness to [them] and healed all of their diseases.15 At evening time his disciples came to him and said to him:This place is limited (and the time) is advancing. Let the crowds go intothe towers that they might take the necessities for themselves.16 Jesus answered them: They have no need to go; give them to eat.

70[MT 14:17·29.•C'l' ')W l'ni:J:J tu~n CN ':J 1N:J~ U? 1'N ')37 cm 17•'?N Cl'nN 'N'~;' C;,? i~N,,18l'ni:J:J w~n;, np? '~W'tu:J' .C'~W37;' ?37 C37;' ,~'W'W ,~,,19C)11" Cp?n', Cl'nN 'i~ C'~tu? ~,~~ 'l'n';'~' C'l' ')Wm•l'n37"0? ,p?n C"'~?11;" ""~?11?inN' .C)'~i:J '?:IN C'l';'~ 1:J' .'37~W" C?:J '?:IN':ro.C'NO itu37 C')W C;,~ 'N?~" l'niNW);' C'11'11£);' ,np? '?:J11W.~~m C'W);, ,~?~ C'W)N C'£)?N 11tu~n C'?:J'N;' i£)O~ ,;",21'''0 Pi£)U~~ c"p ,n'?w', ;")N~ O):J? ""~?11? ;,,~ ;'T 'inN,n.l'n:J?,;' l'ni,~n;,W i'37~::liD mh 'il" ,,::l? ??£)11;" i;'? ;'?37 l'ni,~n;, ~T37W inN,23.'~'37 ,,~? N,mmi;'W '£)? ;'l'nN l'n£)m, ";' C;"?l' C';' 37~~N~ ;")Nm 24.'l)~ ;";'.C'~ ,?,;, ,"w' C;,? N~ ;'?'?;'~ 11'37'~i;' ;'i~tu~?Z5;,';,tu C~tu,n~ itu~ ,?;,~)C'~ ,?;, ""~?11 ,mNi iWN:J,26•C'p37'~ ";' C,"£) ~'i~' ,tuN';' ')Ntu C:J~ ;')'~N ;";" C;,? i~N" ,"W' C;,? ;,)37 TN,27.'Ni'11 ?N'N~? 'l'nN ;,,~ N';' ;'11N CN "'N ,? i~N" O'i"~"£) 137,,28.C'~~ ,'?NC'~ ,?;" m'£)o;,~ O'i"~"£)'i" .N~ ,"w' ,? i~N,,29.,"tu'? N~'14'"lU~n) 'lU~n A I 'JlU) 'llU' ABCDEFG14,11 0;"] omit A''''''::I'lU'lU) '::IlU'lU ABCDEFG I '::IlU'lU::I') '::IlU'lU1 G I lU~nm 'wn;, A I 'llUm] '1lU1 A I o",,~,"m]+ 011ne ,np, G I ,p,n] + oml( ABDEFG14'''p,] omit DO'0,2' l1lU~nllU~n AEFG I 'T::l'~l ,::1, BDEFG I 0'lU1;') O'lUJ~ G14'22m ',nl(')1::1 ,nl(' EF I OJ::I,) 01::1",0'''31I~I(::I)ADEF 11M"lU") ,::1," A, oml( '::I"lU" B, '::I"lU" DEFG::1,::1 G I 0;"'1') 0';"'1' AB, 0"1:11 C, 0';"1' D, 0';' "1 EFG I ;,ml() ;"11(;' A I;";'] + "1' O'P~ A14,25 ;"~lU~') ""~lUl(" ADO, m"~lUl(" B, ;"'~lUl(" EF I 11'31'::1';'] '31'::1';' AG'0''''';,) ",;, ABDEFG I 'lU::I] omit ABCG I O::llU1n::l] O::llUn::l ABDEF, ':11::1lUM1 G I;";'lU) ;";' '::1 EF I W ;";'lU] W::I G I ,'m ;";' A14'27TI(') TI( G I 0;" '7.)1("]'''1(' B, 0;" '~I(' CD, '~I(' EFG I 0::1::1 ;'1'~1(]2 1 EF I '1(')'1( AEFG14' 2I O"O"!l] ,'O'!l A, lU"O'!l BDO, O,'O'!l CEF I 1(';'] omit EF I 1(::1, 'ml(] omit EF14'''O''O''!l) ,'O'!l A, lU"O'!l BDO, O,'O'!l EF I :1J'!l0;'~] :1J'!l0~;' G I ,,:11]"" G I 0'::1] 0"~::1A, 0'~::1 BDO I 1(::1] ,::1 GMT 14:17.29)17 They answered:We have nothing here except five loaves (and) two fish.18 He said to them: Bring them to me.19 Then he commanded that the people should (sit) on the grass. Whenthey sat he took the five loaves and two fish and as he looked intoheaven he blessed them, divided them, gave them to his disciples andthe disciples made distribution to the groups.20 All of them ate and were satisfied. They also ate the fish according towhat they desired. After they had finished, they took the fragmentswhich remained and filled twelve seahs with them.21 The number of those eating was five thousand men apart from womenand children.22 After this, he commanded his disciples to assemble in a boat that theymight (go) before him to the city to which the crowds were going.23 After he left the crowds, he went upon a mountain and prayed alone.At the time of evening he was standing alone.24 The boat was in the midst of the sea and (the waves of the sea) weredriving it because the wind was contrary.2S At the fourth watch of the night Jesus came to them walking on the sea.26 When his disciples saw him walking on the sea they were alarmed,thinking he was a demon, and from the greatness of their fear they werecrying out.27 Then Jesus answered them and said to them:Let faith be among you because it is I; do not fear.28 Peter answered and said to him: Master, if it is you, command me tocome to you on the water.29 Jesus said to him: Come. So Peter came down from the boat, walkedon the sea and came to Jesus.71

7273[MT 14:30-15:10. p37J 37:n,', ,,'nrm:n 'K~ ,nD m,;, pT,n ,mK,:n JO•'337'W';""K '~K';'~'37~ ;'3'~K~ C1K " '~K' ,np" ", ,"K;' Y'W' ,,~,31.npDn03 ;,~,m,;, M3 ;"3K~ "37 'WK:J,3Z.C'p'K;' 1~ K';' ;,nK n~K~ "~K' " "nnw;, m'DO~ 'WK,3:m:J'~;' ,mK ':J~ ,n,w C'P~;' 'W3K ,;',,':J;' 'WK:J,3.C"'~ ':J~ c'"n;, ,:J " 'K'~;".01) ,~ ?:>, '?'DO ~P:>J '37)' C~n37' ,J,' "3D "m 36.KD,n3T"O i"D"'K "~K" C'W"Dm c'~:Jn;, ,"W' 'K K~ TK 1C'Jm, C3'K C;,W nU'WK';' nupn ,,'~,n C"~'37 ;,~'z.;"':JK;' C"i' C;""'37~ 'K;' "~K~ C"~'37 CnK ;,~" ,"W' C;" '~K,,3c:J'nupn.n~,' m~ '~K' "~K ;':J~' '~K nK' "~K nK '~:J '~K 'K;'W:m'K~W '~K" "~K' C1K;' '~K' ,~, ;'T'KW C"~'K cnK'1'37 ,mK " 'D':J'W K~n ,mK '37~ 1n'w ;'~'3.c:J'm;pn~ 'K "~K C'T~~ cnK' '~K' "~K '~:J' K,,6'~K' C:J~ K~'3 ;"37W' m;, C'D3n ,';'7,~" '3"~:J ,'nDW~' "D~ ;,m C37;' W)3 ':J 137' ";' '~K ;':J8'3~~ pn,.;,,~,,~ C'tzl3K mJ~ 'mK CnK" ';,m 9.,~,~;" '37~W C;" '~K" m37'O' K'P '''W"IO•.". D'TlC) :n G••,11D'P'nc:'l) D'?M:t A. D'p?M F••,..All mss lack vs 34.'·''',mM) :tmM CDEFG I ?:l~] + 'J'~ ABCDG I a'rT1J ?:l~] omit EF'.'30'J") :tJ" ABG I D:lnJ?] D:lTY, AE I YlJ) ,YlJ ABDEFG I MIl,m) 'MIl,m ABDEFG15,. M:l) ~ ABCDEFGH I 'lV' ?M) 'W'? EF I "?M)'? H15'2",~?n] ,,,,~?n ABDEFH I nmn,:t) n'J,n,:t AH15",~) ,~, EF•SoS :tT'MlV) :tT'M:J H I '~') '~'lV H I D'TlC:t) D'TlC H I :tT'M:llV) 'T'M:JlV H I :ttln) :ttln:t EFH15"a'T:J~) D'T:J~' D"~'M EF I ',~) ,,~~ ACEF I ?Mj?M:t AEF ID:l'nUpn:J) D:l'nUpn 'TY:J ABDEFGH15.",:'1) 'm ABCDG I a'DJ") D'IlJn:t F I M:l'J :t'YlV'] :t'YlV' M:JJ ABCDEFG15"":t ,~ :t:l] omit G I. ":t] omit F I ':l] omit B I ,:J?,) a:J?' EF15:9 :ntl,?C • • • anM"] omit G15.10 D:t?] D:t'?M HI 'YDlV) ," EF I 'tl':Jm) ,tl':J:t FMT 14:30-15:10130 But when he saw the strength of the wind he fearedexceedingly and as he began to sink he cried out and said: Master, saveme.31 Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand, took him, and said to him:Man of little faith, why did you doubt?32 When they went up into the boat, the wind became quiet,33 and those in the boat worshipped him and said: Truly you are the SonofGod.34 When the people of the place recognized him they sent into all thatkingdom and brought to him all who were sick with various kinds ofdiseases.36 They implored him that (he) might be pleased to allow them to touch theskirt of his garment; and each one who touched him was healed.Chapter 15I Then the sages and the Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him:2 Why do (your disciples) transgress the ordinances of antiquity by notwashingtheir hands before eating?3 Jesus said to the~: Why do you transgress the words of God because ofyour ordinances?4 For God said: Honor your father and your mother and he whosmites his father and mother will surely be put to death.S But you say that whatever word a man should say to his father andmother in regard to any donation he might give for him as a sinner, thisiniquity itself will be made void to him.6 So he does not honor his father and his mother, and you despise thewords of God by your ordinances.7 Woe, hypocrites; behold Isaiah prophesied concerning you and said:8 Thus the Lord said: because this people has come near with their mouthand has honored me with their lips, but their heart is far from me9 and their reverence toward me, which is taught,is the commandments of men.10 Jesus called to the crowds and said to them: Hear and consider.

74[MT 15:11-27'?:::I?~ :"ID:"I~ NJ":"I ?~N C'N:"I '?:::I?~ ')'N :"ID:"I '37~ 0):::1):"1 11.C'N:"IC':::I'~) C'U"'D:"Itv 37' ,? "~N" ""~?1'l "?N '~'i' TNt:z•:"IT ,~, '37~.1'lnW1'l C'~W~W '~N :"I37~) N?W :"I37'~) ?:::I ,"w' C:"I? 137,,13"37 "'" "37 CN' C"'37? C':::I"'~ C"'37:"1W CmN ,n'):"1 14.,,~~ C:"I')W '?D' ,nN•:"I,n:"l 1'lNT ,)? tv"D ')"N O""~"D ,? 137,,15.1'l37' '?~~ C1'lN 1"'37 Y'W' C:"I? 137,,16'?':"I ?:::I:"I' 1~~? '?':"I :"ID:"I '37~ 0):::1):"1 ?:::Itv C1'lN ')'~1'l N?17l'37~~:"I C'i'~:"1 '37~.C'N:"I '?:::I?~:"I ':"In ~?:"I~ 3737U1'l~ :"ID:"I '37~ NJ":"I,18m~n;" C'D'N):"I' :"In'J':"I' 1'l'~'1'l:"l NJ" ~?:"I ??n~tv '!:l?19.m??i':"I' C"i'tv m'37'1'lJ'n, '?~ :"I?':::IN:"I C)~N .C'N:"I C'?~?~~:"I C:"I C"~':"I :"I?N ?:::I,20•C'N:"I 1'l:::l?:::I?~ :"I)'N C'"n"o i?'!:l.C,'O, "J '?'?l~ '?:"I :"IT Y/tv' '~NW ,nN,11"?N 1'li'37'J n'T~ mJ'N~ :"IN~ 1'l')37):::1 :"ItvN ")D? N,~ml1•C"tv:"l m,nN '1'l~tz) '))n ", 1~ ')"N')')"N ,? "~N" "?N '~'i' ,','~?m .,~, :"1)37 N? ,"tv,,13.,)',nN 1'li'37'J :"ItvN:"I 1'lNT? n')~ :"I1'lN :"I~?•?N'W' 1'l'~~ m'~'N 1NJ? CN ':::1 '),n?W N? ,"W' C:"I? 137,,14.'),n37 ')"N 1'l'~'N' ,? :"I,n1'ltu~ :"IWN:"I,15.C'~?:::I? U)1'l" ")~~ 1'lD:"I C'N:"I ni"tv ~,~ N? '''tz), :"I? '~N,,16C'?D'):"I C'1'l'1'l!:l:"l C'~?:::I:"I C'?:::I'N C'~, C'~37!:l :"ItvN:"I 137m 17'0,11 ;'I!);'l '37:::1] C'Tlt:'1 :'1!l:::l H I ICln':'1] ICX"ll1 :'1/') A'0"2,,1.)1(") "1.)1(' A"'''cmICI omit EF I C'"V,) C"'37:'1 nIC F, C"'37:'1 E I ,nIC] omit A..,.oO,'O"!l) ,'O'!l A lVl'O!l B, ~'O'!l DEFG, + '1.)1("G.C:"I')"N 1n?tv~",17 '37:::10:'1 ••. :'1!l:'1]'omit G (hap) I 10:::1"]10:::1:::1 E I "'m 2 ] ':::1'37 A I '37:::10:'1] C'37:::10:'1 EF'O,1t m,~) m'm A..,..C''':::I'':::I/,):'1] C''';:)''/'):'1 A, 0';:)";:)"/,):'1 BCDEFG I ',,:::1) IC":::I ABDEFGH I C"'] omit G'0,21 Cmn)1"'X' E, 1'~' FG'0,22 ")!l") ""IC G I n,t/,)] n,t/,):'1 B I ,),'Tlt] omit A I nnnIC] :'1nnIC A'0,23 :'1)37] + :'1" ABCDEFG I np~l) n;:)"" EF"'''"137'') '/,)IC" G I m':::I'IC) mm):'1 A I '),n"ll1) ')n"ll1 G..,25 '),n37] ,),t37 BDEFG'0'''':'1'') :'1'''IC A I mn,,) mm A.. 027 C':::I,] m:::l' EF I 1n"1l1/,)) 1n"'1l1/,) ADOMT 15:11-271II That which enters through the mouth does not soil the man,but that which goes out of the mouth soils the man.12 Then his disciples came to him and said to him:Know that the Pharisees were perplexed by this word.13 Jesus answered them: Every plant which my Father who is in heavendid not plant will be destroyed.14 Leave them alone because the blind are leading the blind; and if a blindman leads another who is blind, both will fall into a pit.IS Peter answered him: Lord explain to us this riddle.16 Jesus answered them: Are you still without knowledge?11 Do you not understand that every thing that enters through the mouthgoes into the belly and all of it goes on to the natural place?18 But that which goes out through the mouth is moved by the heart; this iswhat soils the man.19 Because the defiled heart brings forth deceitfulness. murder, adulteries,robberies, the witness of liars and curses.20 All these things are what (soil) the man. Indeed eating without washingthe hands does not soil the man.21 After Jesus had said this, he went into the regions of Tyre and Sodom.22 Then there came to him a certain Canaanite woman, who came from thelands of the East, crying out to him: Master, son of David, have mercyon me because my daughter is possessed by demons.23 Jesus did not answer (her) a word. So his disciples approached himand said to him: Our master, why do you abandon this woman whois crying out after us?24 Jesus answered them: They did not send me except to the lost sheepfrom the house of Israel.2S Then the woman worshipped him and said: Lord help me.26 Jesus said to her: It is not good that a man should take the bread fromhis children and give it to the dogs.27 The woman answered: Often the dogs eat the pieces of bread that fallfrom the table of their master.75

76[MY 15:28-16:1,n'Ntv 1tvN~ " ;,tv37' ,'n)'~N ;""1 ;,tvN ,"tv' ;" 137"zs.;,n::1 nN£l1) ;'N';" N';';' n37;'~'~"O V1£lotv "~'37::1 .1;" "'1;' 1::137 ,,;, Otv~ ,"tv' ,,;, 1tvN~,290'::11' O'nO£l' 0'371U~' O'37"! ;'::11;' O'~'::1~ ::11 037 ;'N1 JO.ON£l1" "'11' "£l" 0'1nNO'~";' O'nO£l:11 0'1::1'~ ";' O'~'N;' ,'N o';,~n ";' 037:11 31,'N' O'n::1TU~ O,~, 0'N'1 0'1'37;"'mN o',n'~ O;,tv O;,~ m)~n1 " tv' ,','~,n, ,"tv' 1~N TN 32;'!'1 ')'N' ."~N'W ;,~ 0;" l'N' '1::137tv O'~, ')W :'IT.'1'::1 ,w,n' N' 137' n')37n::1 o~",;"1::1'~::1 on, N'!~' O"'~' UN l'N~' ,','~,n " ')37,,33,037' 37'::1tv, ;,m;'37::1TU ')37" .O~, on, 0'1~~ ;,~~ 0;" 1~N" ,"W' 137,,34.0'1' ~37~'.0'::1W37;' 1"37 ::1W', 037' ,"tv' ,!,,35.037' ,)n) 0;" ,','~,n, o)n), 01::1tv', m1~~ ;'37::1W;' np,,36.O'NO ;'37::1tv 1m:11 '37::1tv', O,,~ "~N,,37.~~;" O'W);, ,::1, O'W)a( O'£l'N n37::11N 1£l0~::1 ";' O"~'N;,,38O'37::1tv P1£l.N':~i"~N~ T1N' N::1' ;')'£lO::1 '''TU' O)~) :'IT 1nN39:'IT'N O,~", ,mN O'O)~ 0'tv'1£l;" o'~~n;, "'N 'N'::1,,1.O'~W;'~mN15'21,'m,!)IC] ,m,!)IC ABDEFG I ,;] + ;;, A I :11C;:n] + :11C;:n F I nICD'J] nlCD,m EFG15'19';:1') ,:1Y A I ';:1 2 ] + ;,!) A I '"I7.),Y:1j ,.Tr.lY;', EF15, JO C'I:I':1!)) C'J;',!) A, C:1'J':1!) BDEF I C,y;,lt :1:1':1)2 I EF, 2 D I ";:1,;] "JD; A15,31 C',:1"17.) ":1 C'!);IC:1] 2 3 I G15,)2 'mlC] omit EF I ":1YlU) ,,:1Y A I ';;'IC'lU) ';;'IC' ABEF15,.1Jl'M')llC!)' EF I cn;] C:1; A I Y':1lU;) Y,:1lU; A I CJ?] CY:1 ADEFG, + ;m B I CJ? Y':1lU?)CY:1lU? 'T.l G15,34 '!)IC" 'lU' lY") '!)IC 'lU" ABDEFG I C',;,;,] m,;,;, ABDEFG I cn;) omit A I UY"] UY C:1,ABDEFG15,35 :1lU';] ':1lU" F15,30 m,;,;,] + ;IC; :1,,:n ABDEF, + ;IC; :1,,:1, cn; G I DY;] ;';'IC; EF15m ';;'IC") ';;'IC' DEFG I 'Y:1lU") 'Y:1lU' ACDEFG I ,m:1'] 'IC;!) 'lClUJ:1!)' ABDEF,'IC;!) 'lClU,:n G15,JO'0;) 'O;!) A15''':1J'II0:1) :1J'DO; EF I K"J'''ltM]IC'J,.TICO!) A, K'J'''IK!) C, :11C'J'''OK!) D, 'J'''OIC!) EF,:1K'J"T!!) G16,1 C'~'D:n C'!);,n:1] C'!);,n:n C'lU"D:1 A I C"I7.);") C"I7.);' ABEF, C'Tl(; D, mlUJ? G I C'!)lU:1!)]C'!)lU:1 1!) AMT 15:28-16:1128 Jesus answered her:Woman, great is your faith, let it be done to you as you asked. So fromthat time on her daughter was healed.29 When Jesus moved on from there, he went to the region across Galileeto a mountain. As he stood there30 he saw many people (among whom) were many lame, leprous, thosewho limped, and many others; they fell at his feet and he healed them31 •The people were amazed at how the dwnb were speaking and the lamewere walking and the blind were seeing; all of them were praising God.32 Then Jesus said to his disciples: I have compassion on them becausethey have remained with me these two days since they came across andthey have nothing to eat. I do not want to lead them fasting[lest] they grow faint in the way.33 His disciples answered him: Whence will we be able to find bread inthis wilderness to satisfy the people?34 Jesus answered and said to them: How many loaves of bread do youhave? They answered: Seven and a few fish.3S ~36 So Jesus commanded the people to sit upon the grass.He took the seven loaves and broke them and gave them to his disciplesand they gave to the people.37 All of them ate and were satisfied and (from that which was remainingthey filled) seven seahs.38 Those who were eating were by nwnber four thousand men besideswomen and children.39 After this Jesus entered a boat and came to the land of Macedonia.Chapter 16ISages and Pharisees came to him, tempting him to teach themsome sign from heaven.77

78[MT 16:2-16'D? :'1':'1' .n! C" ,n~ :1'37 C"~,~ cn~ C'D)n ,"tu' C:'1? 137,,2C'~'1NC'~tu:'1tucn~ :J"~ .c':J,tun C'~tu:'1tu ,,~~, C":'1 C"~,~ cn~ 'j:':1:1,3.c')~m ~Dtu~ C'37'" cn~ 1'~' C'~tu:'1 C'~,~ ~Dtu~ C'37'";,)" ?tu m~ C~ ':J C:'1? 1n)' ~? m~, m~ ?~tu C'37'~ 37,rt.,? '?:'1' "D) T~' .~':1):'1~':'1' Cn? ,)':J'tu ,','~?n? ,~~ C':'1 nDtu:1 :'1':'1 ,"tu' ,tu~:J's'0'):J:'1 ~?, ,n:Jtu ,','~?m ,','~?n C37 ;,)'DO? O):J).cn? C,tu.cn? C:J? 1'~tu C':1tu,n ?:Jtu:'1 '~37~ cn~ C:'1? ,~~ ,"tu',SC'~O :'1~:J' tu'~ 'l?~ 37:1'~' m':J:J :'1tu~n:'1~ C":J'T cn~ 1,~,9-12C'~n?:'1~ c:n tu'~?n:'1~ ':1'~ ')'~tu U':1n 1:J?' l"~tu)C'Un'D:'1 nl:'1):'1~ "~tuntu C:J? ,~,~ ')~ ?:1~ C"37:1~:'1.C'j:"'!:'1'~"37 P'D0;":1'7'~ ~'j:') 'l'''?'D r'~' :'1"~')~0 r'~ ?~ ,,'W' ~!,,13.'?':1W:1 C,~ '):1 C"~,~ ;,~ ,~~? ,','~?n? ?~tu"C"~,~ C;,~, ?':1~~:'1 1)m' ~':'1tu C"~,~ C;,~ "?~ ,,~~,,14.C'~':1);'~ "~ ,~ ':'1'~" C:'1~' ':'1'?~ ~':'1tu.'?':1tu:1 C"~,~ ;,~ cn~, ,"tu' C;,? ,~~"IS;"~Q')k' T37? n'tu~ ;,n~ ,~~" O""~"D ~'i') 1'37~tu 137,,16. . .C?'37;' ;'T:1 ;,n~:1tu c"n C'i'?~ 1:110":"1':"1' nJ 0") 3 I 2 A I O'~ll1:"1ll1l 0'~1l1:"1 O'K"ll1 G·"'0":"1) ":"I1l1 EF I "1'~'1 "1'~~ A I 1'!l1l1~2) + rnrnK A I O'K'~) n'K'~ ABDEFG•"40:"1') " AEFG I "!l)) + O:"l~ A I " ,,:n "!l)) omit EF10'50':"1) + "":"1' "!l) EF (between parentheses) I :"IJ'!lC~] :"IJ'!lC:::I G I "'l'~,rn3) om G I 'C'J:l:"l)U':l:"l EF10,-All MSS omit (hap).··'·l'Kll1)l'K A••,.... :"Ill1~n:"l~)ll1!)n:"l~AG I rn':l:l) rn':::I' 0 I 37:::1'K') n37:::1'K' A I 'l'K] O'!l'K AEF I :"I~:l') :"I~:lABDEFG I l:l"Jp, G I o:n ll1'~,n:"l!))omit ABDEFG I O'!)n,:"I~) omit C I 0"37:::11':"1) rn'37:::11':"1B I O:l,) omit A I "Kll1nll1) "~ll1nll1 ABDEFG I O'jmJm O'll1"!l:"l) 2 I BG··,I3:"1K"'O) :"IK"Kll1'll1 T37' K"'O A, + :"IK"'ll1'll1 T37':::I B, + :"IK"ll1'll1 T37':::I DEF,+ :"IK'Kll1'll1 T37':::I G, :"IK"'ll1 H I T'K') T'K B I K'i') 'l"'!l) omit H IO,:::I"'!l)ll1'!l"'!l ABDEF, C'!l"'!l G I :"I!)) + 0:"1 0 I O~ 'J:::I] O'K:"I '):::1 EF10,.4 Whole vs omitted EF 0"!)'K 2 ) omit G I ':"I"K) :"I"K BH I ':"I'!)") :"I'!)" BH10,.5 Whole vs omitted EF I :"I~ OnK') onK :"I!) 0 I :"I!)) + onK G I ',':::Ill1:::1 • • • :"I!)] "!)Kn A••,10 O"1'''!l] "1"!l A, ll1"1"!l BDEFG, O,'O'!l C I '!)K") omit H I n'll1!)] n'll1!):"1 H I T37'1 T37':::IB I '1'O"i') 'Oll1"i' ADG, O'Oll1"i' EF I '1'O"i' T37') omit H I O'i"K) O"K A I :"InK:::Ill1] nK:::Ill1ACDEFGHMT 16:2-16)2 Jesus answered them: Hypocrites, you say in the evening:Tomorrow will be a clear day because the sky is red.3 Then in the morning you say: Today it will rain because the sky is dark.If so, you know the law regarding the appearance of the sky, butyou do not know the law regarding the times.4 The offspring of evil-doers ask for a sign, but no sign will be given themexcept the sign of Jonah the Prophet. Then he was separated (fromthem) and went away.S When Jesus came to the sea shore he told his disciples to prepare bread.Then he entered a boat with his disciples, but the disciples forgot anddid not bring any bread.8b Jesus said to them: You have little understanding who think that youhave no bread.9. 12 Do you not remember the five loaves and four thousand men how manyseahs were left over? Therefore you should understand that I am notspeaking of natural loaves but I am saying to you that you should(beware) of the behavior of the Pharisees and Sadducees.13 Jesus went out unto the Land of Syria (that is, Caesarea) and theland of Philoph, called (Philipos), and asked his disciples saying: Whatdo men say about me?14 They said unto him: Some say he is John the Baptizer, some say he isElijah and some Jeremiah or one of the prophets.IS Jesus said to them: What do you say about me?16 Simon, called Petros, answered and said: You are the Messiah, that is,Kristo, the Son of the living God, who has come into this world.79

80[MT 16:17-28,? :1?) K? 0" 'W:1W :U" ,:1 l'37~W ,"WK ,"W' "?K "~K,,17.0'~W:1W ':1K OK ':J"37W' .'n?£ln n':1 ,'?37 :U:1K 'JK' 1:JK :1nKW ,? '~'K 'JK,18,,)J ,?:J,' K? OJ':UT'K:1 "wpn 'WK ?:J, .0'~W:1 m:J?~ mnn£l~ ,? lnK 'JKtZl '£l?19.0'~W:1 ,m~ :1':1' T'K:1 ,'nn 'WK ?:J, O'~W:1 "Wp :1':1'.n'w~ K':1tZl "~K' ?:1? ,','~?n? mJ lK 20:1"37 V'£ln:J?? ,',J K':1tZl ,','~?n? m?)? ,"w' ?'nn:1 ,?'K' lK:J~21,:1U,:1'W '37 037:1 'Jpn O'J:1:J:1~ 0':1' ?'37 nKW?' O?tZl",?:1?'?n '~K?.O,p' 'W'?W:1 0'"n':J':1? ?'nn:1' ,J':1? U':1 0,,"0"£l ,mnp"n.',1K 1:J ,? m':1? ,?,J'KW '£l :1,~n K? 10W:1 ,? ,? '~K" "?K 0:1" Y'W' :1W,,23.0'K:1 ',:1, OK ':J ?K:1 ,:1, ":J~'~J37 :1l:1' ',nK K:1? :1J,'W ,~ ,','~?n? ,"w' ,:1, lK 24.',nK ,?', :1n'~? '~J37 :1,PtZl ?", :1'37' 'nW:1 nK np',,"n nK ':1K~:1' "37:1 :1mK ':1K' 'W£lJ 37'W':1? :1J,,:1 ?;)25.:1":137:1 "n? 'W£lJ 37'W" '?':1W:1 l":137:1:1l'K' '37? ':1K' 'W£lJ OK 0?'37:1 ?:J nK n',,' OK O'K? 37J:1 :1~26O"O£lJ:1' 0"':1:1 0":1':1 '37:1 OK O'K:1 :1W37' :1:1'0 :1,,~n.0J':1) 1'" 'W£lJ In'?:J? :1'W:1? ":JK?~ 037 O'~W:1W ":1K 1:J:J:1 K:1' ?K:1 1:1 ':J27.'?37£l~:J tZl'K'37 m~ '~370' K?W :1£l 0"~'37:1~ w'w 0:J? '~'K 'JK l~K28.,m:J?~:1 K:1 m?K 1:1 'K"WMT 16:17-28)17 Jesus said to him:Blessed are you Simon bar Jonah because flesh and blood has not revealed[this] to you but my Father who is heaven.18 I say to you: you are a stone and I will build upon you my house ofprayer. The gates of Gehenna will not prevail against you19 because I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven. Whateveryou bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose onearth will be loosed in heaven.20 Then he commanded his disciples not to say that he is the Messiah.21 Henceforth Jesus began to reveal to his disciples that it was necessaryfor him to go to Jerusalem and to suffer the injustice of many, from thepriests and the elders of the people, until they should kill him; then onthe third day he would arise.22 Peter took him aside privately and began to rebuke (him) saying: Farbe it that it should be like this to you, Lord.23 Jesus turned, looked at him, and said to him: Go away Satan; do notdisobey (me), because you do not regard the word of God but thewords of man.24 Then Jesus said to his disciples: Whoever wishes to come after me lethim despise himself, take the cross, that is, offer himself unto death,and come after me.25 Everyone who wishes to save his soul will lose it for my sake, and hewho loses his life in this world for my sake will save his soul for thelife of the world to come.26 What profit is there for a man if he should gain the whole world [but]lose his soul forever; what good exchange does the man make if forpresent things that are spoiled he should give his soul to the judgmentof Gehenna?27 Because the Son of God will come in the glory of his Father who is inheaven with his angels to reward each man according to his work.28 Truly I say to you there are some of those standing here who will nottaste death until they see the Son of God coming in his kingdom.81

82[MT 17:1-13)"37 i?'£)'''1;)'K) T37? :1j;'37' C), O""~"£)? ,"w' np? C'1;)' ;,ttnU 'I1K 1.K';' ??£)11;'? CW1;) m:1) ,;, ?K C:I'?," ,'nK Pn1',umw:I ,'J£) "37 1'j;" C;"J£)? ;'JI1W;' ??£)11~ ;";'W "37:1,2•)?W:I C'J:1? ,'W,:1?1;)';'1;) ?:I ,"W'? "');" '1;)37 C":1'~ ';"?K' ;'W1;) C;"?K 3C'J .C'1;)"J ";' ",':1n1 O""~"£)' .C?W,,':1 ';'K'j;"W.'1;)37 C'WJK 'JW, '£)1) 'K' ."11 K?' "11 C'J K?';'W37J' .1K:I:1 m';,? :1'~ ,"W'? O""~"£) '1;)K TK ,:I?;' 'WK:11 437'" ;";' K?W ,nK ;"?K?' ,nK ;'W1;)?' ,nK ,? mJ:lW1;) W?W ;,£)•,:1" ;";' ;'1;)C;,W "37:1' 'K1;) '37 ,?;':1', CmK ;'O:lW 1J37 ;'J;', ,:1'1;) U"37 5"'j;" 'J:1 ;'T ;'J;' '~'K' ':1'~ ?'j;' 1J37;' "111;) '37~W 1J37;' I1nl1•1'371;)WI1 "?K ,:1 'J£)n1.'K1;) 'K'''' ;'J'K C;"J£) ?37 '?£)" C"'1;)?I1;' '371;)W,,6.'K"11 ?K '1;)'p ,"w' C;,? '1;)K" ?'j;';' P0£)J 'WK:I,7•,:1?:1 ,"W' CK ':1 'K' K?' C;"J'37 'KW,,8'''37 i?'£)'WK ;'K'~;' W'K? ":1'11 ?K '1;)K? C;,? ,J', ,;,;, 11;) '''tt'' ",,9•m1;);' 1~ C'K;' 1:J C,p'W '37 CI1'K'K:1' ;"?KW C"~'K C'1;):ln ;'1;) '1;)K? ""1;)?11 ,? ,;"?Ktt'"lO.:'1J'WK'•C?'37;' ?:I 37'W'" K:1' ;"?K CJ1;)K '1;)K" C;,? 137,,11'W37' 1£) .CJ,J,:I ,:1 'W37' ,;',,':1;' K?' K:1 ,:1:1W C:I? 'JK '1;)'K 12.C'K 1:1:1.;'T ':1'~ ;";' ?':1~1;);' 1Jn1' ?:1W:1W C"'~?I1;' ,J':1;' TK 131701 :"IlUlU) nlUlU ABDEF I O"""!)'I ""'!l' AH, lU"O'!l' BDEG I ::Ipy' C1') ::Ipy', ADH I IY')IY?::1 B I '7.l'ICl) '7.l'K'l B I pm")lKm D, ')K"l' H I ':"1 'K) ':"1' G I ClU7.l) 'llC7.l G, omit H IK':"I) omitAH17,2 :"IlnlU:"I) :"I)'lU:"I F I l'lU::I • • • "lU1::1'7.l') omit H17"Beginning) + "m ABDEFG I ':"IK'P'lU) ':"I"P'lU B, ':"I'P'lU D I O"""!l']""'!)' AB, lU1''''!)'DEG, O""'!l' F I C'7.l")) + '1M ABDEF I C')'] C')' A I '!)11) 'n1K G17'-IK) omit A I O",,"!)) ""'!l A, lU1''''!l BDEG, O""'!l F I 'lU") + ')''IIC ABDEF, ')''TK G IlK::l::l] omit A I :"I!l)lK::I AEF I n1l::llU7.l) C')::IlU7.l ABDEFG I m'K") :"I"K" BDEF, ':"I"K" AI7'Spy] + "I ADG, + '"K EF I :"IO::llU) :"10::1 ADEF I '7.l'K') omit G I :"1):"1) omit AF17'7'7.lK") '7.l'K' C I C:"I') C:"I"K ABDEFG I ,7.l'P) omit C17'"1::1'::1) ,::1, EFG17''',m'KlU'') "KlU'1 ABDEFG I ""7.l'n "] " C'''7.l'n:''l A I :"I"KlU] ':"I"KlU A17,11 :"I"K] ':"I"K Al7,n'::I)" G 11~] P AEFG, p, D I l::I::I)l::I::I ADG I C'TK] C'IIC:"I AEF1701''::IlU::IlU) omit F I ,::I17.l) '7.l'K GMT 17:1-13)Chapter 17J After six days Jesus took Peter, James, that is, Jimi, and John hisbrother and brought them to a high mountain where he might pray.2 While he was praying he was changed before them and the skin 9f hisface shone like the sun and his garments (became] white like snow.3 (Then) Moses and Elijah, while speaking with him, (were revealed)to them and they told Jesus all which would happen to him in Jerusalem.Peter and his companions were asleep. Asleep but not asleep; awakebut not awake. They saw his body and the two men with him.4 When they went away, then Peter said to Jesus: It is good to be here.Let us make here three tabernacles, one for you, one for Moses, and oneSfor Elijah, because he did not know what he was saying.While he was still speaking, behold a cloud covered them, and theywere greatly alarmed; while they were under the cloud they heard fromthe midst of the cloud a voice speaking and saying: Behold, this is myson, my beloved~ my delight is in him, you shall obey him.6 The disciples heard [this], fell on their faces to the ground, and feared exceedingly.7 When the voice ceased, Jesus said to them: Arise, do not fear.8 They lifted up their eyes and saw no one except Jesus alone.9 Jesus came down from the mountain and commanded them saying: Tellno man the vision you have seen until the Son of Man has risen fromdeath.10 His disciples asked him saying: Why do the sages say that Elijah willcome first?11 He answered them and said: Indeed Elijah will come and will save allthe world.12 I say to you, he has already come, they did not know him,and they did to him according to their desire.(So) they will do to the Son of Man.13 Then the disciples understood that regarding John the Baptizer he wassaying this.83

84[MT 17:14-17 + MK 9:20-27;'''Y i"£1."~':1 ?Y Y"~ W'K ,'JEl? K:1" m":1n;, ?K 'K':1:1 ,;",14;,?,m ;'Y' m,~ nY:1J ,~ 'J:1 ?Y ;,c,m 'JJn 'J,-nc '~K"IS?El13' mt'K ,n~,p~ ?El13' "£1:1 fl~P~' ,'J'W nK p"m -nc~.C'~:1 C'~YEl' WK:1 C'~YEl.,nKEl'? ,?~" K?' ,,'~?n? ,'mK':1;,,16;";'K 'n~ 'Y C"El'~;' CnK C~? "K Y' ", '~K" ,"W' 1y,,17.'?K ';"K':1;' .c~n,~ KWK 'n~ 'Y' C~~Y[MARK]'?'El~' 'Y'J~~ 1~W;' ';'K' ,"W'W ,,~, "?K ';"K':1;,,9:ZO.fl!pn~, 'ElYn~ ?'nn;" T'K?1~T~ ':1'Trm :1K;" .,np? 1~tu;,tu 1~T ;,~~ ,YJ;' ':1K? ?Ktv '''tll,,9:21.;'K?;" 'J,?£1CK' .",~tll;, ?~" 1"JY:1 C'~:1' tllK:1 ,?'El;' C'~YEl ;':1,;,,9:221n tll'K;' Ktll".';"TY "ny? ?~,n 1"JY C,tv:1 "'K ;,nK.,'?Y c'~n, K?~nJ' ,'J'Y:11'~K~?tu '£I? C'?tv;,? ?~,n ,:1, ?~ 1'~K;'? ?~,n CK ,? '~K,9:23.C'?P C',:1,;' ?~CJ~K 1'~K~ 'JK "'K '~K' ,YJ;' ':1K ;,pY!:1 ;'~:1 ,,~,9:24.'nJ'~K '£I? 'J,ny'JJ;' C?K' pTn ,? '~K' ;'T? C'!:1pn~ CY;'W ,"W' ;'K' 'WK~,9:2S."Y 1K~ :1,tvn K? ;'K?;" 1K~~' 1K~~ K!ntv ,,!~,,;, C':1,tv 1"JY:1 n~~ 'KWJ ,YJ;', :1'K~~' j.'Y'! K!' 1~tv;,,9:26.n~ K';'W C"~'K.Cp, "'~Y;" ,np? ,"tv,,9:2717,15 '~") + "G I 'JJn) U'Jn B, 'mn G I :'IO,mj o,m EF I 'TlC7.)) 'OOl 'TY G I 1'IK)'p B I ~I:IP7.)')~ltp7.)' ABDEFG I D'1Jp!l '!lm) '!lU D'7.)p!l' ABDEFG I D'7.)p!l') + '!lU BDEFG"''','mK'jm) "1'IKjm ADEF I '''7.)'1'1') ''''7.)'1'1' ADEF I ""')"" ADEF I '1'IK!l") ,mK!l"BD17'''D'' "K p, "'] 3 I 2 ABDEFG I D1'IK D") omit ABDEFG I D"!l":'I) '!l'" ABDEFG- .,21 ,mK'jm) ':'I'Kj', A I 11:1l1.':'1 . • . ,mK'jm)ll:1l1.':'I :'IK' 'lI.'" "'K ':'I'K'j:'lll.' :'17.)' G I "'!l7.)')"'!l:'l' G-" 21 17.)1) + lI." ABDEFG I jK:'I') ,'jK' AG I :'IK,mj + "7.)' ABDEFGMK .,221"JPj)l'JYj A I "") "" A, ""lI.' G I "'7.)lI.':l} "'7.)lI.':'I' ABDEFG I l''TlC] 'J"K A ':'I"p . . • D'lI.'j) ,J"Y l'Jp D'lI.'j "'Y' "'1'1 EF I l"JY)l'Jp A I "ny,) "'Y' ABCDEFG I':'I"p) U"Y ABDEF I KlI."') 'lI.'"A I ,'J'Pj] ,'J'Y'j F-',DDK) + :'I1'IK ABDEFG I D',j,:'I) + "ltK ABDEFG I D"P] :'I'P BDEFGMK .,24 :'Ippltj] omit G I l''TlC) 'J,'TlC A, omit B- .,25 :'IK') omit G I :'IT') W, :'I,lt ABDEFG I ,'j + 11:1l1.' A I lK'7.)' lK'7.)) 1I:1j7.)' 11:1j7.) DO-""Klt'] :'1':'1 C I 1'17.) K':'IlI.') K':'I l'I7.)lI.' ABDEF, K':'I :'17.) G_.m,np') + ":'17.) ABDO, "7.) EF I '''7.)pmj ':'I'''7.)pm BMT 17:14-17 + MK 9:20-27)14 It came to pass when he approached the crowds, a man came to him,bowing on his knees.ISHe said: Have mercy on me, Lord, and pity my son because he isterrified of an evil spirit and is very·sick. He grinds his teeth, (foams)at his mouth, falls from his place to the ground, and falls sometimesinto fire and sometimes into water.16 (I) brought him to your disciple(s), but they were unable to heal him.17 Jesus answered and said: Evil generation, woe to you who deny; howlong will I be with you, how long will I bear your trouble? Bring himto me.MK 9:2o-rhey brought him to him and immediately when Jesus lookedat him, the satan subdued him and cast him to the ground, andhe began rolling in the dust and foaming.MK 9: 2l Jesus asked the father of the boy: How long has the satan takenhim? The father answered him: From a certain time and beyond.MK 9:220ften he casts him into fire or water to destroy him ifpossible.If, Lord, you are able to help him in any way, help him. Thenthe man found favor in his eyes, and he was filled withcompassion for him.MK 9: 23 He said to him: If you can believe, you will be able to accomplishanything, because to the one who believes all things areeasy.MK 9: 24 lmmediately the father of the boy cried out with a shout and said:Lord, I believe, indeed help me according to my faith.MK 9: 2s When Jesus saw that the people were gathering together (hecommanded the demon) and said to him: Hard and dumb (satan),behold I command you to come out from there and henceforth donot return here again.MK 9:2~hen the satan came out screaming and inflicting pain and theboy was left as dead so that many were saying that he was dead.MK 9: 27 Jesus took him (by the hand), stood him up and he arose.85

86[MT 17:19-18:2 + MK 9:28n'~, ,"w' OJ::;)J 'WN::;),9:28[MATIHEWJ'?:m ~'? .v,iO ,,~ 'i~" ,no~ ,"W', c','~,n;, '~'i' TN 19•'N'3t';" 1JnJNC::;)~ ;";" CN C::;), '~'N 'IN 1~N .C::;)nJ'~N "'Y'~' C;" '~N,,20"'0 "~Nn ;,m ,;" 'J'~Nn CN "'M ")')::;) m'~N;' 1~.C::;)~ ,3t~, N' ,~, ,::;), "0".C,3t, ;"!:ln~ CN '::;) N3t' N' C"W;, 1~ 1'~;' m,Zl'''Y i?'!:l.C'N;' 'J~ ", 'O~, C'N;' 1~ ,"W' '~N" "')~ ;'~;'22.C'i" 'W"W;' C,,~, ';'1),;",230""""£1' O::;)~;, "~i'~ ';"~'P" ;,n,~ C,nJ '£1::;) 'N,~,,24.O::;)~ 1mJ' );'U 'J'N C::;)'~' C;"'N "~N"0""""£1' "'N '~N' ,"W' c',p;" n'~~ 'N'~" .p "~N"2S'N C;"J~ 1~ O::;)~ C'MP" ,~~ T'N '::;)'~ 0""""£1 " ;'N'J ;,~.C',::;)J;' 1~.c'W!:ln C'J~;' 1::;) CN ,"W' C;" '~N" .C',::;)J;' 1~ "'N 1Y"u.c";'~J m '~Y~;'J'WN-l Mpnw ), ,mN' ;'::;)M ,'W;', C', ",';,n N' '~N"0""""£1' '~N,,27.1J"Y~ 1nn ,mN' Z10::;) Y~"~ "!:l~ N3t~nT"Y i"!:l~W'M ;,nN ,~ "'N "~N" ,"W' 'N c','~,n;, '~'P N';';' ny~l.C'~W m::;),~~ ",) N';'W.c::;),n~ ';'~'W" 1"P) 'MN ,YJ N'P"z--'21'11110') + "Ir.IY GMY n'''':J'p) + ,? A I 11l1'?) omit AF I 'MO:J) + ,? F I "?lCl ,? A I Y,-m) :l7.l? Gn,..,7.llC") '7.llC EF I C:l?) C:l'?lC AB I U'7.llCM) omit A I "7.llCM:lT:l ,:l?) 3 1 2 AEF I "7.lM) omitG I "'0) "0 ABEFGn,2' C''llI1:l 17.l) C''llI1:l7.l An'22C1lC:l') C'1lC ABDEFGn'''':lM'7.l) :lM7.l' A I ,m:J'p',) ,:J'P', ABCDEFG I O"tl"!l?) "tl'!l? A, 1I1"tl'!l? BDEFG, O"tl'!l?C I C:l'?lC) "?lC A I lMm l:lU)lMU ABDEFG'1,25 'lC':J")It:J', A I M':J:J) 'M':J:J G I ,'?It ,7.lIt?] 2 1 ABCDEFG I O"tl"!l?] "tl'!l? A,1I1"tl'!l? BDEFG I :l1t,J] :lit" ABDEFG I O"tl"!l] "tl'!l AD, 1I1"tl'!l BEFG, O"tl'!l C IC',:JJ:l • • • 'J?7.l) omit C'1,.. C:l?] C:l'?1t A I C'II1!lMj C'lI1!ln ABDEFG• 1021 0''tl''!l?] "tl'!l? A, 1I1"tl'!l? BDEFG, O"tl'!l? C I npMlI1) 'JMII1 G,lCJ7.lMII1 EF IItJ7.lMJ ItJ7.l,EF I Y:Jtl7.l) 37J:J ABDEFG I ,J',Y:J] ,J,Y:J DEF""'111' ?It) ,II1'? G I :J1I1,n • . • ,,7.lIt',] c':JII1,n CMlC C:l'?1t ,7.llC', G1102 By haplography (mlC ,YJ .•. ,nlt ,YJ) all our mss, except A, omit 18:2b-5a. The text printedabove in parentheses is according to ms A, which contains all but vs 4.MK 9: 28 When Jesus entered the house87MT 17:19-18:2 + MK 9:28J19 the disciples drew near to Jesus secretly and said to him: Why were wenot able to cast it out.20 He said to them: Because of the limitation of your faith. Truly I say toyou if there be in you any faith, as a grain of mustard, if you believe,you will say to this mountain depart and it will depart; nothing willbe withheld from you.21 But this kind of demon does not come out except by prayer and fasting.22 They were in Galilee and Jesus said: The Son of Man will be deliveredinto the hand of men.23 They will'kill him and on the third day he will arise.24 They came to Capemaum-Martha and the tax collectors drew near toPeter and said to (him): your teacher does not follow the custom to paytax.25 Thus they·spoke. (He) went into the house and Jesus anticipated himsaying to Peter: What is your judgment, Peter, the kings of the earth,from whom do they take tribute, from their sons or from foreigners?26 He answered him: From foreigners. Jesus said to them: If so the sonsare (free). Then he said: Do not be dismayed because of this.27 He said to Peter: Go to the sea and cast a fishing hook and fish with itbecause in the mouth of the one you will catch first you will find a silvercoin. That you will give for us.Chapter 181 At that time the disciples drew near to Jesus and said to him: Whom doyou think is great in the kingdom of heaven?2 He called a (small) lad (and placed him in their midst.

88[MT 18:3-15.tv"~:J 'K':Jn K' ;,m '31J:J m';" ':J,tvn K' CK '~'K 'JK '~K,,3.':JP~ ,~tv '31 m:J ('K '31J ':Ji'~;"S" :J'~ ':J C'J'~K~;' C'J~p;, C"31J;'~ ,nK ,'tv:J' ,tvK,6.C' m"J~:J ,~", "K'J '31 :J:J, n,~ "tvi"tv(.K:J' m:J':J~;'m:J"Jtv m:J':J~;' 'J~~ ':In ':Jtv", "K)7.":JtV:J K:J'tV C'K' "K '~K"K:J' " :J'~ .,~~ ,;,,'tv:Jm ,;,n":Jn ,,'tV:J' """ '" CK,8.n'~"31 tvK:J ,nn, C',,,,, c'" " m';,~ nc~ 'K "31 c"n:Jc"n:J K:J' " :J'~ .,~~ ;':J"tvm ;"pm ,,'tv:Jn ,'J'31 CK,9.CJ';''':J ,nn" C'J'31 " m';,~ ,nK 1'31:JC:J, 'JK '~'K .C'J~p;, C"31J;'~ nnK 'J',n 1~ "mm 1o.C'~tv:JtV ':JK 'J:J ,'~n C'K" C;, C;":JK'~'.C':J"K;' 31'tV';" '~:J C'K 1:J,1In"31 i?'~:J'T31' K';' 1;'~ nnK n,~, 1KJ ;'K~ tV'K' ;";" CK C:J, ;'K" ;'~1Z•;,n'J;' tVP:J' "" C',;':J ;'31tVm C'31tvnC'31tvn;,~ ,m' ;"'31 n~tv'tv C:J, '~'K 'JK 1~K ;'JKJ~' CK,13.,n'J K' 'tVK ;'31tvm•C"31J;'~ "K ':JK'tv C'~tv:JtV :JK ;'J,' K' pl4~"31 'i?~,'nK " K~n' CK c,,"~"~ K,pJ 1'31~tv' ,"tV' '~K K';';' n31:J 1s.,'nK nK n'Jp ,"K 31~tv' CK .,J':J' ,J':J 'In':J';'11":'IT:l):'IT:1 EFO I ;:1P7.3) + 'mK AII,.;'1I1:l'] ;1I1:l' BOO I O',YJ:'I7.3) O',YJ:'I 17.3 00 I O'Jtlp:'l) omit EF I n;!I) C;!I co I "K'I ;')"K'I:1 A I m;'I7.3:1j n;'I711:1 BOO .. ..11"K:1; ••• "K] omit British Library MS and C. Text pnnted m parentheses IS accordmg to A I"K'] + ,; D I ;:1n) ;!In D I "K 2 ] + ,; DEF I K:1'1I1] 'K:1'1I1 A I ';:1111:1] ';':1111:1 ABD,+ K:1; m:1"11I1 m:l':17.3:'1 01"'"",)"" A I ';1") ";1" A I ,;'1I1:l') ,,;'1I1:l' B I ':'I;'1I1:lm) ':'I:l';1I1m ABDEFO I "Y] "YABCDEFO I 0';1") 0';1' 'K A I ,nn;) ,,,,,;, A1109,'J'1') ,J'Y BCDEF I :'I,pm) ':'I,pJ A, :'I,pJ BDEFO, :'I,pJ, C I :'I:l';1I1m) ':'I:l';1I1m A I K:1;)'K:1; B I ,nK) nnK BOO I OJ':'I1:1] OJ:'I'1:1 BDE11,11 "nK) mK BOO, 'K A I O',YJ:'I7.3] O',YJ:'I 17.3 D I O:'l':lK;7.3;) ":lK;7.3111 A, O:'l':lIt;7.3111 BEF I'J:1) 'J!I AB(?)CDEFO11,11 ;tl:1) omit A, K:1 BDEFO I O':1"K:'I] O':1"It:'l "It 011,12 n'!I') n':1' ABCDEFO I nnK) mK 0011:13 :'IY1I1"'1 Y1I1m A I K; '1I1K] K;1I1 A11:1' :1It) ':1K ABCEF, :1K:'I 00 I ~K'1I1) ,n"111 EF11:1' C"tl"!I) "tl'!I A, 111""'1) BDEFO I Un':l':'I) un:l':'I DMT 18:3-1513 He said: I say if you do not turn to become like this lad,you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.S He who receives a lad) like this in my name receives (me).6 He who causes one of the small lads who believe on me to stumble, itwould be good for him to tie a millstone upon his neck and be cast intothe depth of the sea.7 (Woe to the inhabitants of the world because of confusion, becauseconfusion must come.) He also said: Woe to the man who comes becauseof it.8 If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble cut it off and (cast it)from you; it is better for you to enter into life (blind) or lame than havingtwo hands and two feet for you to be given to everlasting fire.9 If your (eye) should cause you to stumble, pick it out and cast it fromyou. It is better for you to enter into life with one eye than to have twoeyes and to be given to Gehenna.10 Take heed lest you judge one of the small lads. I say to you, their angelsalways see the sons of my father who is in heaven,II and the Son of Man has stopped saving the enemy.12 What is your opinion? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them(runs ofl), will he not leave the ninety-nine in the mountains and goseek the one which has strayed?13 If he should find it, truly I say to you he will rejoice over it more thanthe ninety-nine which did not go astray.14 Thus (my) Father who is in heaven does not wish that any of these ladsshould be lost.IS At that time Jesus said to Simon, called Petros: If your brother sinsagainst you, reprove him privately. If he listens to you, you have gainedyour brother.89

90[MT 18:16-28" 37~W' N? :'1'N ':J:J CN' ,nN 'J£):J 'In':J':'1 ,"N 37~W' N' CN,16'I£) '37W C"37 mv,w 'N C'JW C'J£), C'JW 'N ,nN "37 ~'o,n.,:J, C'V' C"37 :'1W'W 'N C'JW37~W' N' CN' ?:'1j;':J ,mN "~N 37~W' N' :'1'N ':J:J CN,17.'T:JN' :J"N' :'1"J~:J ,mN :J,wn ':'1V:JC'~W:J N':'1 "ON Y'N:J "ONn 'WN :'1'N ':JW C:J' '~'N 'IN 1~N18.C'~W:J :'1'1:'1'1 ,m~ Y'N:J ,,'nn 'WN ':J''WN ':J Y'N:J C"W C'W, C:J~ C'JW '1''1 CN C:J' '~'N 'IN C1,19.C'~W:JW nN~ C:J' :'1'1:'1'1 'WV:J'.c:J:J,n:J ':JJN CW ,~W '37 :'1W'W 'N C'JW ":Jnn'w C'j;'~ ':J:J,2037:JW '37 'InN 'I, N~n' CN 'J"N '~N' "'N O""~"£) :J,j;' TN:zI•" "n~N C'~37£).:'137:JW' C'37:JW '37 CN ':J 37:JW '37 " '~'N 'J'N ,"w' " '~N"2Z"£) P'£)C'N' N':'1 :'1~" C'~W m:J'~ ,','~,n, ,,'W' '~N N':'1:'1 n37:J 23.,'n,w~, "':J37 C37 l':JWn mW37' :JW,' ,,~•C':J':'1T C'£)'N n'W37:J :J"n N':'1W 'N N:J :J,wn, ,'nn:'1 'WN:J'u':J nN' ,'J:J nN' ,n'N ":J~' "J"N '1'1' 1n', :'1~ " l'N'zs•1'~~:'1 c'w, " 'WN" l'n~:'1" ''1'37 cn" " 1Jnn', "J"N 'J£), ':J37:'1 "£)'1,26.c'w' ':J:'1 ':J.':J:'1 " ,n~, "J"N ''1'37 ,,~n,,27m37~ :'1N~ " :J"n N':'1W "":Jn~ ,nN N1~" N':'1:'1 ':J37:'1 N1,,28'~N' " 371£)'1' ,:J j;'m',I.''',,,] ,'''lC A I l'J'O'")I'J'O:l A I C'3D"] '3D" ,',:3, m':I" A, '3D" BCDEF I C'JlU C'3D"] omit GI C"Y'.•. C"Y'j 1 2 (hap) CD I ,:3,] ,:3,:1 B'.'1''':11':3 •.• ":11':3] 1 2 (hap) B,.,,. '/.)'lC) omit EF I :I"lC) omit ABDEFG I 'lUlC'j omit C I lC':I "OlC) 2 1 G I lC':I] :1':1' A I :1':1')omitG1·''''lUi':3') 'lUi'::I" EF I "lC/.)] + ':3lC ABDEFGI.,ZO ClUJ omit C I C"'":3] C"":3 ABDEFGI.,ZI O"C"D) "C'D A, lU"C'D BDEFG,.,22 ,,,) ""lC A I Y:3lU] + C'/.)YD EF I C'Y:3lU) :lY:3lU D I :lY:3lU') + C'/.)YD B1.,23 lC':I)lC':I A, omit EF I ""'lU/')'] ""'lU/.) F1.,24 C':3':lT) C"3" ABDEF1.' 25 1"''')l"'lU ABDEFG, ,,, l"'lU G I "lC,'••. "lC"jl 2 (hap)EFG1.,,. ",:1 • • • Cn,"] ",:l1 ,,, (B- 1"/.):1) 1"/.):l1 (D- '''Y) ""Y :lo,n '/.)lC" ABDEFG I C"lU') C"lUlCABDEFG1·... "3'1lC] '3'11( F I vss 27-29 omitted in DG (hap. C"lUlC •.• C"lUlC),.,28 "":3n/.)] "':3n/.) AEF I ,::1] omit EF I '/.)lC") All mss including DG contain a haplography from'/.)lC" (18:28) to '/.)lC" (18:29). For DG see notes on 18:27 and 18:31.MT 18:16-28]16 If he does not listen to you, reprove him before another;if by every oath he does not listen to you, add still one or two (in orderthat your words might be before) two or three witnesses, because bytwo or three witnesses a word will be established.17 Ifby every oath he does not listen, tell it in the assembly; and if he doesnot listen to the assembly consider him as ostracized, an enemy,and cruel.18 Truly I say to you that every oath which you shall bind on earth isbound in heaven and every [oath] which you shall loose on earth willbe loosed in heaven.19 Also I say to you, if two of you wish to make peace on earth, everythingwhich (you) ask will be yours from (my Father) who is in heaven.20 In every place where two or three are joined together in my name theream I in (their) midst.21 Then Pet~r drew near to him saying: Lord, if my brother sins againstme, shall I forgive him unto seven times.22 Jesus said to him: I do not say to you unto seven, but unto seventyseven.23 At that time Jesus said to his disciples: The kingdom of heaven is like acertain king who sat to make a reckoning with his servants andministers.24 As he began to reckon one came who owed about ten thousand piecesof gold.25 But he had nothing to give and his master commanded to sell him andhis children and all which was his to repay the value.26 The servant fell before his master and implored him to have pity on himand to be patient with him because he would repay everything.27 Then his master had pity on him and forgave him everything.28 But that servant went out and found one of his comrades who owedhim a hundred pieces of money and he grasped him and struck himsaying:91

92[MT 18:29-19:9. .C'WN ,:J;" " 11'1~;" "37 ;,0,n 29.':J;' " C'W '37 ';"0;' 1'1':1, ,;":J',," " 37'~W' ;':1N N"JO"'1" 'N:1" 'N~ C;', ,n', ;'W37 'WN l'IN ,,~;, ":137 'N,,31•C;"J"N',:J " 'l'I,n~ N';' "'N ':137 " '~N" "J"N ,mN N'P TN32•'Jl'IO"!) 'WN:J ,':1,n?"l'I,n~ 'WN:J ,"N UJnl'l;':1 ":137' 1'I,n~ N' 37,,~,33.:1,n;, ,:J " C'W' '37 'l'IU37' 'i" ,:1 "J"N r'JN ,n,,34,'nN l'IN W'N "n~l'I N' CN C'~W:1W ':1N C:J, ;'W37' 1:J 35.C'W :1,:1N"El i"Elmip, N:1" "'1;' 1~ ':137 ;"N;' C',:1,;' ,"W' ;',:J 'WN:J ,;",1.1"';' ':137:1 'WN ;"';" f'N.c',:J l'IN NEl'" m:1' m":1n ,',nN ':J",2,m~ CN '~N' ';"'NW" .,moJ' C'W"El;' l'IN "'N 'W1,,3.~1 ;" 11'1'" 1"J37 C'W:1 'l'IWN l'IN :1'T37'.CN':1 ;':1pJ, ':JT c'P~ C;"W'37' Cl'IN'P N';' C;" 137,,4";,, 'l'IWN:1 P:1" '~N l'IN' ":1N l'IN W'N :1'T37' 1:J '37 '~N,5•,nN 'W:1,,,:J' C'N 1'N N":1;' ':1nW ;,~, ,nN 'W:1 CN ':J C'JW CJ'N :J"N 6.",El;".'1'1':1~ ;,n,w, ml'l":J ~1 1'11'1' ;'W~ ;"i 37"~ 1:J CN " '~N,,7•C:J'WJ l'IN :1n37' C:J, '~N C:J:1:1, ;'El mWp37' ;,W~ C;" '~N,,8.p ;";' N' C"37~',':1W:1 N' CN 1'I,nN np', ,t1WN l'IN :1n37;' ,:JW C:J, 'IN '~'N9.r'JN'J ;'W"l;' np";,, r'JN'J N';' r'J'N'J.11,20 Beginning) see note on 18:28. I ?::li11) + ,? B11,30':I'::l'?,") ,:I::l'?," ABDEFG I O?lU] O?lU' A I ,?2) omit ABDEFG11'311'1lC] omit BDEFG I :llUl1) + vss 27-29 DO (see notes on 18:27 and 18:28 above).II,.. ,'::l,n) ,::l,n ABDEFG11'33"::ll1?) ,'::In? A, "~11? B11'341:1") 'lllC" G I ,?] omit A11,35 ::l?::l] ::l::l?::l A10,1 :I?::l) :I?'::l B I 'lU') + ,::l" G I mltp?) :lltP? ABDEFG I :I":I')lC'" BCDEFG 2 .10,3'lUl") '::l'lU" DO I I'1lC') omit ABDEFG I ,mO)?] omit DO I ::l1Tl1?) + O~ G I I'1lC) omit AI 11'1'?') 11'1"ADEFG10,. O:l'1l1'll1?) O:l'lU'l1lU ABDEFG10,5lU'lC) ~:I G10,7,l.:llC") "l.:llC" A I 1'11'1?) + :I? ABDEFG I :In?lU'l n?lU?' G10,IO:l?) O:l'?lC ABDEG I :llUl.:l) :l1.:l F I :I!l) omit A I O?,l1l.:l,) ~Pl.:l'10'°l'1lC) omit ABO I 'llC')] 'llC)' A, '11m EFGAB, O'PI.:l, DEFGMT 18:29-19:9)29 ••• trust me and be patient with meand I will repay everything.30 But he was not willing to listen to him; so (he) brought him to theprison until he repaid him everything.31 The servants of the king saw that which he did and they were very angryand went and told their master.32 Then his master called him and said to him: Cursed servant, did I notforgive you all your (debt) when you placated me?33 So why did you not forgive your servant when he supplicated you as Iforgave you?34 His master was angry with him and commanded to afflict him until heshould repay him all the debt.35 Thus will my Father who is in heaven do to you if you do not forgiveeach man~his brother with a perfect heart.Chapter 19I It came to pass when Jesus finished these words he passed onfrom Galilee and came to the outskirts of the land of Judah acrossthe Jordan.2 There followed him large crowds and he healed all of them.3 Then the Pharisees came to him to tempt him. They asked him saying:Is it permissible for one to leave his wife for any matter and to give hera bill of divorce.4 He answered them: Have you not read that he who made them of old,male and female he created them.5 He said: Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleaveto his wife and they will become one flesh.6 If so, they are not two but one flesh, and whatever the creator has joinedtogether man is unable to separate.7 (They) said to him: If so, why did Moses command to give her a bill ofdivorce and to send her away from his house?8 He said to them: Moses, because of the obstinacy of your heart, said foryou to leave your wives. But from eternity it was not so.9 I say to you that everyone who leaves his wife and takes another, if notfor adultery, commits adultery; and he who takes her who has beendivorced (commits adultery).93

94[MT 19:16-24.;'llm< nnp, J,,, l

96[MT 19:25-20:9,;", '7,) ;'''K ,"W', "7,)K" 'K7,) ';'7,)n', C"'7,),n;, 'Y7,)W,,25.Y'W,;",;,;, C'V'K:'1 'l)' :'1WV '~':'1 C'K ')~ 'l) '7,)K" C:'1"K 1!)":U;.m':'1"V ,~,l"!) i"!):'17,) ,',nK "" ,;,;, U~t37 ;'):'1 " '7,)K" O,,"1'''!) 137,,27.,), :'1':'1'C,,~W ',nK C';"':'1:'1 CnKW C;" '7,)'K ')K 17,)K ,"W' '7,)K,,28~", '37 CnK Cl ,~wn ,,,~;, KO;' '37 C'K;' ~W' 'WK;' 1";'.'K'W' '1'~W 'WY C')W mKO;''Y ")~' ,nWK' '7,)K' "~K' ,'m'nK Cl ,n'~ ~nY:'1 ,;,,29.W" C'7,)W m;,,7,)' cm7,);' '~i" '7,)W•C')'WK' ":'1' C')"nK C'~" C')"nK ":'1' C')'WK' C,~,30,'n' C'K' ;'7,)","!) i"!)C'7,)W m;,,7,) ""7,),n, ,,'w' '7,)K ;,t ,nK I.C"37'!) ,,;,w, 'i'~~ ";'W7,):'1 ,n'~ 1"K.'7,)';" cn,w', C", ,nK ')"~ c,';,wm 2.c"1'~ i"W~ C'17,)'37 c',nK K'" C":'1 n'w',w~ KJ,,3.c;', 1nK "K'~' '7,)';" cnK Cl ,;" C:'1' '7,)K"·.1;' W37" n'y'wn :'137W~ Cl' C":'1J~ "37 'KJ" .,;",,5C:'1' '7,)K" C',7,)'Y C',nK KJ7,)" ;'''l KJ' :'137W :'1'W37 nnK~,6.C";' ,;, C"1'~ C"7,),Y CnK 37"7,).'7,)';" CnK Cl ,;" C:'1"K '7,)K" .C'K U,;'W K'W " U37,,7CmK K'V C"37'!);' '37 ~J')' C,;,;, '37~ '7,)K" ~'37 n37' ,;",8.C')'WK'~ ';'" C')"nK~,n', .C,;'W C:'1' 1nK'.,nK ')" "~i' C')"nKm 9,,,.. ':t~n',) ,ac"!)', ABDEFG I 'w'''j omit G,,,..c'p"ac:t) c'''ac:t A I ,:::1, "::1:t) ':::I~ G'''''C,'O''!)) ,'O'!) A, ~'O'!) BDEFG, C,'O'!) C I :tJ:t) m:t A I ,.".,) 1'1::1"" A'''21,~,,) + C:t'''ac AG, + o:t" BDEF I "ac,w' ... O'JW) omit G I "ac,W') omit D''''','m'nac 01) ,'m'nac, ABDEFG I '1'1':::1) + ,'nac, A, + ,'nac BDEFG I ":::IP') + :tlC~'''''"C'J'wac, ..• C'::1") omit A(hap)211" "::1W~:t) C'::1W,,:t ABCDEFG I C'''Y'!)) + ,,,,::1" ABDEFG2II"acll',)ac:::l" EF I C'''O:::l P'W:::Ij 2 I ABCDEFG"",ac,:::I,) ',ac,:t, ABDEFG"',acJ") acJ', ABDEFG I :tYW:::Ij nYW:::I A I n'y'wl'I) n'y'wn:t ABDEF- nnlC:::l') O'JW:::I, A I :tYW) myw EF, omit D"'U,.,) ,~" G I '''j + "~,, A, C:t" G I O:t'''ac) cm AG I ,::1") omit GABDEFGSMT 19:25-20:912S The disciples heard and were exceedingly amazedand said to Jesus: If so, who can save [them]?26 He turned to them and said: With man the matter is difficult, but withGod everything is easy.27 Peter answered and said to him: Behold we have left all to follow afteryou; what will be ours?28 Jesus said: Truly I say to you who follow me, in the day ofjudgmentwhen man sits upon the throne of his glory you also will sit uponthe twelve thrones of the twelve tribes of Israel.29 Everyone who leaves his house, and (his brothers), also his sisters, hisfather, his mother, his wife, and his children for my name will receive(a hundred) like them and will inherit the kingdom of heaven.30 Many who are first will be lastand many who are last will be first.Chapter 201 After this Jesus said to his disciples: The kingdom of heaven is like acertain individual who was master in his house (who arose early) in themorning to hire laborers (for his vineyard).2 He hired them for one dinar a day and sent them into his vineyard.3 He went out at the third [hour] of the day and saw others standing idlein the market place.4 He said to them: Go also you into my vineyard and that which is suitableI will give to you.So they went. Then (he) came out again at noon and also at the ninthhour and did the same.6 At the eleventh hour he went out also and found others standing and hesaid to them: Why do you stand idle all day?7 They answered him: No man has hired us. So he said to them: Go alsoyou into my vineyard.8 It came to pass at evening, the master of the vineyard said to the officerover the laborers: Call them that I might give to them their wages. Hebegan with the last and finished with the first.9 The last received one dinar.97

98[MT 20:10-24.1:1" OK. ';:' 0";:" 1m K' K':'I' 1m' nnp, ':1wn 0':I'WK1:'1,1001;:':'1 '37:1 '37 0':I'WK1:'1 U",,11U~37 omK n',w:'I' nnK ::l37W "~37 0':I'1nK:'I "K 1~K'12•:11,nm 0":'1 ,;:, ':I'~37W1:1":1 K':'I ."37 " :'IW'37 ':I'K ':1':'IK " 1~K" O:'l~ ,nK' 137,,131,'n1~W "K,m~~ 1'1nK:'I m, nn, :'Ii'1 ':lK OK .", ':lnpI41:1'~ ':lK 1WK;:' ":1'37:1 37":'I1':I'i1~ :'Itl.'37K K':'I 1S0:'1 0':11 .0':I'1nK 0':I'WK1m 0':I'WK1 0':I'1nK :'1':'1' 1~1(;.0'1n:1:1:'1 0'~37~' 0'K'1P:'l:'I"£l j?1£l1~K" 1n0:1 ,','~,n :1"' nK np', 0'W'1' 'K '"W' :111',,17O:'l"Ko'~;:,n:'l """, 10~' O'K:'I 1:1' 0'W'1" 0"'37 ':lM:lK :'1:1:'1 18.m~' ':'I':1"n", 0':1:'1;:':'1'.'W"W:'I 0":1' ,11':1W:'I" ,m;:,:'I' 0''''' ,mK '10~' 0",19.':I~~ :'IWp:1 nwp:1~' :'I,nnw~ :'1':1:1 037 'K":1T nWK K:1 TK 20,nK:'I :'I'K ':1:1 ':lW l1:1W' :'I'il1W 1~Km .'i1n :'I~ :'I"K 1~K,,21.,m;:"~:1 "K~W' ':lwm ':I'~"1'1'0':'1 ":10' ,;:"n:'l .1'Wp:1n :'I~ 1'37,n K' '"W' 0:'1' 137,,22.';:',:1 '1~K" 1":10' ,'n37 ':lKW :'In'~:'I'" l'K ':I'~" 0" 'K "K~W' ,:1'W,:'I' '0';:' mw 0:'1' 1~K,,23•':1K ':I£l' 1';:':1 K':'I 1WK' OK ,~ 0;:" :'Inn,•0'nK ':lW 1":137:1 0:'1':1'37:1 1n', :'I1W37:'1 '37~W,,24».loc'mVK,;n) C'JlV1n;n 00 I 'JtlIn] omit G I 'l" ... K,;n) ,nK 'l" C;,? ,m G I'l" CK " c'm? ,m K?) 'l" ,nK ?,? ,m ABDEF20,12 n"tlI;,,) ;,n"tlI;n A2O'13C;'~ ,nK?) C;,? A I'?) omit G I "K] omit G20'15"';']11';' ABOO, 11";' EF20''';'';'') ";" AB20,11 C?tlI",?) C?tlI", ?K A I C1K:'l) C'llC A I C'l;";" c'~,n;,) c'~,n;" C'l;";' A I ,;nJ"n",],;nJ"n', ABCoo, ,;nJ',n', EF I m~n) ;,n'~? A..,19 "o~' Cl'l "O~" A I ,n'JtlI;,?,) ,m?n?, ,mp?;,?, A, ,mp?;,?, BDEFG I 'tlI'?tlI;,] + c,p'ABDEFG"'20KJ) omit AG2O'21'~Km] '~K"B I ;'?K 'lJ] ;'?K ;"lJ B, ;"lJ 00 I 'ltll;,'l ,nK;n D2O,n"nn] ,nn A I ",n:'l) ,,?,1n;' ABDEF, ,?"n;, G I ""0';') C','O'J C I ,'nl1) omit G20,23 ,ntll) 'KJntll EF I ,J'tlI,;,,) 'J'tlI,m EF I 'l'~'? . . • '?K~tlI?l 2 I EF I Cl) omit ABDEFG I'lD?) 'l'l1J EF». 24 1"lI1J C;"l'I1J)I'll1~ Cl'l1J ABoo, "ll1~ EF I C'nK) c'nK;' AMT 20:10-24)10 So the first thought they would receive more,but he gave only a dinar to each of them.11 Then the first murmured against the master of the vineyard12 saying: These last worked one hour and you have made them like uswho have worked all day [in] the heat.13 He answered one of them and said to him: My friend, I have doneyou no injustice. Did I not hire you for one dinar?14 Take it and go. If I wish to give to this last like youIS may I not do according to my desire? (Is there evil) in your eyeswhen I am-good?16 So the last shall be first and the first last. Many are called but few arethe chosen.17 Jesus drew near to Jerusalem and took his twelve disciples secretly andsaid to them:18 Behold w;are going up to Jerusalem and the S~n of Man will bedelivered over to the chief sages and priests and they will condemn himto death.19 Also they will deliver him to the Gentiles to smite and destroy him,but on the third day (he will arise).20 Then came the wife of ZebedeeI with her sons bowing down andmaking a request from him.21 He said to her: What do you wish? She said: That you command thesemy two sons to sit the one on your right and the other on your left inyour kingdom.22 Jesus answered them: You do not know what you are asking. Are youable to endure the suffering and the death that I am going to endure?They said: Weare able.23 Then he said to them: Drink my cup, but (that you should sit) on myleft or my right is not for me to grant to you but to the one who is preparedbefore my Father.24 The ten heard [this] and it was a matter of anger in their eyes in regardto the two brothers.99

100[MT 20:25-21-5C;':::1 C'", C'U;' 'K'W)W '37' C;" '~K" "'K ,"W' C:::1'i',,25.CW!))' C'Wi':::1~ C;""'l'.C:l1'IK 1'Ii'W' C:I')':::1 "'l m';" ;'J,,;'W C:I')':::1 ;";" 1:1 K'u':::137 C:I, ;";" 1'WK' m';" C:I')':::1 ;'J,' 'WK,271'11'1" 1'I'W, K';' CK ':1 ';"1'I,tz."W K:::1 K' C'K 1:::1 'WW D.c':::1,' ,!),:I 'W!))"'!) i"!).1'InK ;"':::1n ,',nK"m ,n"':::1 C'O):I) ;'~;'291'~;';' "1' '37~W" .",;, 'JK C'KJ" C"'37 ')W ;');"30TK .K:::1 1'I""KU~ ,"W' K':::1);' C;" '~K" .m ;,~ ';"'KW".1))n ", 1:::1 '~K' 'i'37J1'~;' C"~'K' C'i'37'J ";' C;, :I"~31K' C;':::1 "31l ;"':::1n;,,31.u)n ", 1:::1•C:I' mw31;', ,J,1'I ;,~ '~K" CK'i'" "'tz." "~37,,32.U')'37 mni'!)1'Iw 1"K;' "~K,,33C:lm'~K c;" '~K" C;")'37:::1 37l" ,"W' C;"'31 ,,~n,,34,,,;, C31;' ,:1, ,',nK ,:1,;', 'K' ,,,;,, 'K' ,,~, .C:l1'IK K!)".m'37 'K'T"!) i"!)n,w', C'l'IT;' ,;" 'lK!) 1'1':::1, 'K':::1" C'W", 'K ':::1'1',,1.""~'1'1~ C')W ,,'W'1'1'IK 'KJ~1'I ,,~, C:ln:l) K';' 'WK 'J:::1~;' 'K ,:1, C;"'K '~K,,2."K C'K':::1;" cmK "'1'1;" .1'InK ;"'37' 1'InK,,~, C;" ,',J 1"K;'W " "~K ,:::1, C'W W'K C:I, '~K' CK,3.C;'1'IK :::1U37''~K' K':::1);' ,:::1, C"i" m ,:1 4:::10'" ')37 K';' 31WU, i",J " K:::1' ':I'~ ;,);, 1"J 1'1:::1, "~K5•1'1'IK 1:::1 "37 '37' 1'1'IK '37...... IO'P") IO"P" A I OW!l)') O~;:), ABEF.....D::l,),;)2] omit EF I npll"] n,ll" ABEF. n'w' D....,") 'll'lO ABDEFG I D'nC) D'nCil AD I Kl:l] omit ABCDEFG.....,m'ltll"'] "ltll'" ABCDG. "/.)1(" EF , '/.)1(") "/.)1("ABDEF I 1t';)):I] :Uil EF I n"ItU1J)n'TIt)Z) ACDG. n'U1J B n'ltuZ) EF...3. Whole vs 31] omit G I Oil •.• ;:)!lPIt,) om 'Oil ,Z)It, ABDEF I o"Z),It,) "/.)1(' EF......1'1J,] 1'1J F I ,It"]'ltil A. It" EF2'" ,m] 'il;) AH I 'W') omit H21:20il'?K) Oil' G. omit H I D::ln;:))) on;:)) H I nnlt'] + il"OIt A I nnlt 2 ] il1JP A. + ilz)P BEFG Iomit) ilmlt A I ellt';)m) Dnllt 'It';)m EF21:3,/.)1(') ,~ A I D::l,) D::l,,1t ABDG. omit EF I Oilnlt) D::lnlt ABDEFG21:' It;)') It;) EF I It'il Pwm] omit G I ::10"') ::I;:)", ABCDEFG I l,nlt'] "Z)n AEFG Il,nIt 2 ] nmnltBEFMT 20:25-21:5)2S Jesus (brought them near) to him and said to them:Know that the princes of the Gentiles have dominion over them andtheir great ones seek (to subdue them).26 It will not be so among you, because he who wishes to be great amongyou (will serve) you.27 He who among you wishes to be first will be your servant,28 (just as) the Son of Man did not come that they might serve him, butthat he might serve and give himself as a ransom for many.29 They entered into Jericho and a crowd followed him.30 Behold two blind men came out beside the road. They heard the noiseof the multitude and (asked) what this might be. It was said to them:The prophet Jesus from Nazareth is coming. Then they cried outsaying: Son of David, have mercy on us.31 But the crowd rebuked them (saying: Be silent;) they nevertheless werecrying out and saying: Lord, Son of David have mercy on us.n'So Jesus stopped, called them and said: What do you want [me] to dofor you?33 They said: Lord that our eyes might be opened.34 Jesus had pity on them, touched their eyes and said to them: Your faithhas healed you. Immediately they saw, praised God, and followed him.Then, all the people praised God because of this.Chapter 21I They drew near to Jerusalem and came to Bethpage on the Mount ofOlives, and Jesus sent two of his disciples.2 ~e sai~ unto them: Go into the fortress which is opposite you andImmediately you will find a she-ass and her colt (with her). Untie themand bring them to me.3 If a man should say anything to you, tell him the master has need of4 them ~nd immediately he will let them go.S All thiS was to fulfill the word of the prophet saying:S~y t~ the .daughter of Zion: behold your king comes to you, just andvlctonous IS he, hwnble and (riding) upon a she-ass and upon a colt thefoal of a she-ass.101

102[MT 21:6-21. •,"W" O'''! 'Wl(:l 'W37'" ':l,,,,6On"'37 ,~W O",nl(m n"'37 ,"W" :1:l,'" '''37n, 1,nl(n 'l(":1",7.n'37~' "37'" On"W':1'~' On"':l~i"o., C"in~, ",:1 On"W':1'~ O"W,,!) n":1nn~ 0":1,,8,",nl(" ,"J!), ,:l",tz,"', O"!37n "!)J37l(J37W,n "n OW:1 l(:1n ",:1 O"37n 37"W'~ l(J37W,n '~l(' 0"l("j;'9.T'l(:1' O"~W:1 'l(!)nn 'J37"tz"~n"!) i"!).m l(,n ,,~ '~l(' '''37n ,:l n"n O'W"" Y'W"m,l(:1:1 1:l ",nl( "n",10.,"',,:1 'Wl( ''''''l(Tl(J~ l(":1Jn ,"W" nT 037n "~l(",11,,!)n", .o"':l,~m O"J'j;'n OW l(!~'" "n n":1 Y'W" l(:1",12.0"J,"n "':l'~ m:1w,~n, O"Jn"ttm mm,onl(' O"~37n ,:l, l('v" n,!)n n":1 "n":1 ":l :1"n:l on"'l( '~l(",13.O"!"'!) n'37~ nml( on"W37.Ol(!)'''' W'v~:1 o"no!), 0""37 ''''l( ':1'V",14O"'37Jn, .nW37W ml(,!)n ml(" O"Jn:ln, O"~:lnn "",,, 'l(':1",15"'37'" O"~:lnm .'l(n 1:1 n:1nw" O"'~'l(' W'v~:1 O"l("j;'"n37~W '~l('" on, 137'" ."l( O"'~'l( n~ n37~W l(,n " "~l(",16ln37 n,o" O"vJ,", 0""'37 "!)~ onl('v l(,n ."l(on, Wi"~ n"n ow, OW,,", l("JJn n":1 'l( n!,n "", :1n37",17.'l(n m:l'~~.:137' '''37' :1W", 'v:1:1 "n",18O"'37n v' n:1 l(!~ l(" n"'l( W"", ",n '!l( nnl( nJl(n l(,,,,19.,,,~ n)l(nn W:1"m .0"37' ",!) ,~~ l(!" 'l( n, '~l('" ,,:1,.,,,~ n)l(nn nW:1" '''l( "~l('" ,n~n", o","~,nn 'l('''':ZOnJl(n, l(' v!)O ",:1 nJ'~l( 0:l:1 n"nn Ol( on, '~l('" Y'W" 137",21.nW37" 0:1 l(:1'" W'~"W nm ,n, "~l(n Ol( ":l 'W37n ,:1,:121,6 'll.") omit G21'·c',nlC') C':1" G I lC1'''Oil] c'n,,;) ABDEFG21"lC1Yll."il] il1Yll."il A I C;'Yil Y'll."7.)] C;,Y UY'll."7.) EF, C;'Yil ';7.)il Y'll."7.) B2"":Tnn) + C;ll."" ABEF21,n;"lCTlCl7.));"T]7.) A ;lC"T]7.) B, n'lCT]7.) DEF, ;lC"TlCl7,) G21,12 n':1) n':1:1 AEF I KI7.)")lCl'" A I Cll.') Cll.'7.) A I m:1ll."7,)i!1] cm:1'll.'17,)' A I C'l"il) omit A,C'l"G21,15 'lC':1") 'lCl'1 EF I C'lil;)i!1 C'7,);)nil] 2 I ABDEF I mlC';] omit A21'''1;] omit A I C"7,)'lC] "7.)lC' A I ';lC'] ";lC A I Cil;) Cil';lC G I '7.)lC"] omit A I ';lC 2 ] omit A2'''' :11TY.1) + cn,lC ABDEFG I lC'lln) il'lln BCDEFG I ,;,,2] ,;" ABDEFG21'''lC'''1 'lC"G I nnlC] omit G I il:1] + C'llCn EF I ,:1;) ,:1;:1 B I 1'7,) illlCnil] omit G21'201il7,)n',) + 1!C7.) G I "7,)lC") '7,)lC; G I 1'7.)) A (7), omit G21,21 Cil; , • • ,Y"] 'll." Cil; '7,)lC" G I C:1) C':1 AEF, ,;) DGMT 21:6-21)6 Then they went and did as Jesus commanded them.7 They brought the she-ass and the colt, and Jesus rode upon it while theothers placed their garments and clothes upon them. Then they madethe ascent.8 Many of the crowd spread out their garments in the way, and others(cut) branches from the trees and cast them before him and behind him,9 calling out saying: Hosanna, savior of the world, blessed is he whocomes in the name of the Lord; hosanna, our savior, may you be glorifiedin heaven and on earth.10 It came to pass afterwards, when Jesus entered Jerusalem, all the cityquaked saying: Who is this?II The people said to one another: Jesus the Prophet from (Nazareth)which is in Galilee.12 Jesus entered the house of the Lord and found there those who buy andsell. He overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats ofthose who were selling doves.13 He said unto them: It is written, my house will be called a house ofprayer for all the nations, but you have made it a cave of violent men.14 Then the blind and lame came to him in the temple and he healedthem.15 The chief sages and priests came to see the wonders which he did. Theyoung boys were calling out in the temple saying: Let the Son of God bepraised. The sages mocked16 and said to him: Have you not heard what these are saying. He answeredthem and said: I heard them. Have you not read: From the mouth ofchildren and babes you have established strength?17 He left and went out to Bethany and (spent the night) there and there hewas explaining to them the' kingdom of God.18 It came to pass in the morning that he returnedto the city hungry.19 He saw a fig tree near the road and drew near to it but found nothing onit except leaves. He said to it: May fruit never come forth from you.Immediately the fig tree died up.20 The disciples saw, were amazed, and said: How is it the fig tree driedup immediately?21 J esus answered and said to them: If you have faith without doubt, notonly to the fig tree will you do [thus], but should you say to this mountainthat it should depart and go (into the sea), it will be done.103

104[MT 21:22-32.1":1pn C'J'~K~ ":"Im :"I,!)n:1 l"KtZln 'tZlK ':J,12~"!) i"!)'J'!P' C'J:"I:J:11 c'~:Jn:"l "'K ,:1'P', ,~" tz"P~:"I 'K K:1,,23•:"IT:"I ,'n:"l :"ItZlyn n:J :"IT'K:1 '~K' CY:"ICK' nnK :"I'KtZl 'JK Cl C:J~ 'KtZlK C:"I' '~K" ,"tZl' C:"I' 1Y"u.:"ItZl,y 'JK n:J :"IT'K:1 C:J' '~'K 'JK Cl :"ImK " "~Knu,':1!yn', ?C'tZlJK:"I 1~ 'K C'~tZl:"l 1~ :"In':"I l'K~ 1Jn1' n":1~25K' :"I~' '~K' C'~tZl:"l~ '~KJ CK .'~KJ :"I~ '~K' C:"I'J':1.,:1 U'~Kn1Jn1'tZl C'J'~K~ C':JtZl :"I":1n:"l 1~ K"J C'tZlJK:"I 1~ '~KJ CK,26'JK n:J :"IT'K:1 C:J' '~'K K' 'JK Cl '~K".:"1':"1 K':1J.UY,' K' "~K,,27.:"ItZl,y" ":"1 "K tZl'K .C:J' :"IK'J :"I~"! i?'!),','~,n, ,"tZl' '~K K':"I:"I :1,Y:1 28.'~':J ,,:1Y, C":"I 'J:1 " " '~K" ,nK:"I tZll" C'J:1 'JtZl.,,:"1' cm :J"nK' .:"I!" 'J'K " '~K,,29.,,:"1 K" "'K 'JJ:"I "'K 1Y" 1:J '~:J ,nK' '~K,,30,"tZl' C:"I' '~K" .1'tZlK':"I " "~K" ?:1K:"I ,,!, :"ItZlY C:"I'JtZl~ '~31m:J'~:1 C:JnK '~'P' mW"j?:11 C'!"!):"ItZl C:J' '~'K 'JK '~K.C'~tZlC'!"!):"I 'K:1 .cnJ~:"I K" :"Ip,! ", 1Jn1' C:J"K K:1tZl 3ZCl .:"I:1'tZln:1 cn,," K" C'K" cnK' ,:1 'J'~K:"I' mW',p:11.:"I!),n:1 Y~tZl' y,~tZl' C'JTK ,~, .':11'~K:"I' cn~m K' p ',nK."22"::l') "::l::l, BEFG•1: 23 C'JiI::lm C'7.)::lnil) C'JiI::lil '''''1 ADEFGH, C'''''li1 C'JiI::lil B I C'];'I::lil C I i1l1.'Yn) + (-,,, BEF),., 1m 'tl, ABDEFGH'1:24 Cm) CiI'''K A I nnK i1"KlI.' 'JK Cl) omit C I nnK i1"KlI.') 1nK ,::l, ABDEFGH I i1mK ,,,) ..,AH,'" ,mK BOO,'" i1mK CEF'1:25 C'tlll.'i1 1tl) C'tlll.'i1tl H I C'lI.'JKiI 1tl) C'lI.'JKtl H I ,tlK") + C'lI.'JKiI 17.) 'K C'tlll.'i11tl ,tlKJ tlK FI ,tlKJ i1tl) omit ADEFGH I ,tlKJ tlK) omit B I C'tlll.'i1tl) C'tlll.'i1 1tl H21: JO C'lI.'JKil1tl) C'lI.'JKiltl A I i1"::lnil1tl) ~'::lniltl AH I i1"::lni'l) m"::lnil EF·1:2'I"tlK,,) + ,,, H I ~) 'J'K A I ,tlK',) + Cil" H·1:-::l,Y::l) nY;) A I i1K'J i1tl) i1K'JiI 00 I 1nKi'I) mK" D I ,,::l'" C"i'I) 2 1 A I ,,::l"') ,,::lY G I'tl,::l) 'tl,::l" A, 'tl,::l::l BDEFG.1:20 cm) i1nJ A21:. "11( 'JJi'I) 2 1 A21:3. 'lI.") omit EF21:321Jm') omit EF I DnJtli'l) DnJ'tlKiI A, DnJtlKiI BDEFG I C'I"llil 'K::l) C'I"llm ,::l ABDEFGI u'tlKm) U'tlKiI ABDEO I DntlnJ) cn"n G I i11l,n::l) i'Itl::ln::l A2 " . MT 21:22-3212 Eve~Ing whIch you shall ask in prayer while believing, you willreceIve.23 H . h~ went Into t e temple to teach and there came to him the sages, thepnests, and the rulers of the people saying: By what power do you dothis (and who gave you) this strength?24 Jesus answered them and said to them: I also will ask you a question and25 if you tel.l me I also will tell you by what power I do [this].T~e baptIsm of John whence was it, from heaven or from men? Theygneved among themselves saying: What will we say. Ifwe say fromuheaven, he will say to us: Why did you not believe him?.Ifwe say from men, we fear the crowd because all of them believe Johnwas a prophet.27 So they said: We do not know. He said: Also I will not tell you bywhat power I do [this].28 In that evening Jesus said to his disciples: What is your opinion? Acertain man had two sons; he approached (one) and said to him: Go myson today to work in my vineyard.29 He said to him: I do not wish to. But afterward he repented and went.30 He said to the other likewise and he answered him: Here I am, Sir, buthe did not go.31 Which of two did the will of the Father? They said to him: The first.Jesus said to them: Truly I say to you, violent men and harlots will precedeyou into the kingdom of heaven32 because John came to you in the way of righteousness and you did not~believe. him. But) ~iolent men and harlots believed him and you sawIt a~d dl~ not turn In repentance. Also afterward you did not repent tobelIeve hIm. To the one who has ears to hear let him hear in disgrace.105

106[MT 21:33-22:1N"J i?'ElNJ '371.:1tv 0''':'1':'1 n37'O;' ""1.:I;n; ,"tv' '1.:IN N':'1:'1 n37:1)331:1" :1':101.:1 ,mN "1' O,~ 371:)J ':1~J ,nN 01N • 37"T:'1 ;tv1.:l.,~,,; ,;" 0":1'37; ':'1"I'El', ,:1 :1Jn :1v' 01' ,~,n:1 ;'11.:1;:1V; 0":1'37:'1 ;N "':137 ;N n;tv :'1N':1n:'1 Z'l'ON n37; ':'1"34•,nN':1n'Jtv:'1 nN 11':'1" ,nN:'1 nN ,~" "':137 nN 0":1'37:'1 ,ni?,,3S.0'J:1N:1 ';1'0 'tv';tv:11.1~ '1.:1~ 0:'1; ,tv37" 0'J'tl.'N':'11.:1 0':1' 0":137 "37 n;tl.',,36.'J:1 nN 'N" ';'N '1.:IN; ,J:1 0:'1; n;tv ,:1, Z'l'037,~; .tv,,':'1 ,m ':'137' ;N tl."N "1.:IN" U:1 nN 0":1'37:'1 'N",38•,n;m tv,'J, ':'11,m,•':'111':'1" 0'~:'1 11.:1 ':'1'N'J'" ':11nl',,3910:'1; :'1tl.'37' :'11.:1 0'~:'1 ;37:1 N:1' 'tl.'N~ :'1n37,400":1'37; 1n' '1.:1'~' :'137':1 O':1N' 0'37':'1 '1.:IN; ,; 'J37,,41:'1n':'1 O'J,:1:'1 'ON1.:I 1:1N :1,n~:'1•,'1.:1 ,nN':1n v;n ,; un'tl.' o',nNOnN'i? N;:'1 ,"tv' 0:'1; '1.:IN,,4Z.'J'J'37:1 nN;ElJ N':'1 nNt :'1n':'1 ":'1 nN1.:I :'1JEl tl.'N';'11; 1nJm 0~';371.:1 0'1.:Itv m~;1.:1 37,pnntl.' O~; '1.:I'N 'IN nNt;43•',El :'1tv'37.1"0' :'1';37 ;,El' ,tvN' :'1n,' nNT:'1 1:1N:'1 ;37 ;ElU:11 44,:1,1.:1 N':'1tv ",~" ,,;tv1.:l O'tl.'"El:11 O'J:'1~:'1 ';"1 '371.:1tv,,45•0'37:1(.0:'1; :'1':'1 N':1J;tl.' m":1n:'11.:1 'N''l' ,n'1.:I:'1; 'tl.'V:1,,4621~Omit Brit. Lib. ms and C. Our basic text for these vss is D.21034,IC') nlC 00, omit B2"35 C']:31O "PO '117"117:11) '117"117:'1 nlC 'pO" G21''''C':3') omit A I C']'1l7IC':'II;)) omit EF21,.,,:n) ,:3T.'1 ABEF I '7;)1(') '7;)1(" G21'''':'In 'IC 1I7'1C) omit A I ,:1,) ,,] A I 117"]') + nlC A21,,," :'InJ'l) :'InlC' A2"., 'I;)IC' " UY',) " 'I;)IC" EF I c',nlC) c',m A2"aU']'Y:3 ••• nM) omit G I nlC'!l]] mlC'!l] B21,..:'In1') :'IIC"(:1"J) N"J j?'El•;tv1.:l ',:1,:1 "37 0:'1; '1.:IN" '''tl.'' 137,,1EF "!l' '1I71C') '!l']:'I' EF I P'TO') pO!l' A21,..""1) omit EF I C'~'!l:n C']:'I:I:'I) 2 1 EF, O']:'I:lm c'l;):ln:'l G I "'1171;)) "'1171;) nlC G21'40'1I7p:3") ,m1l7p:3" BEF I m":3n:'ll;)) m":3n:'l 11;) A I 1C':3]'1I7]IC':3]:l1I7 A I Cm) C:'I']':3 G22

108[MT 22:2-18.:"IEl," mU'37 ,tuN ,,7J, :"I7J" C'7Jtu m;"7J 1." t::1N N" :"IEl,", C'N"j;':'1 '37::1 "'::137 nN "'W,,3'n];,:"1 :"1]:"1 C'N"i" "7JN '7JN' C""N C"::137 "37 "'W,,4•:"IEl'":"I 'N 'N'::1 .p'7J ';':"1' mEl'37' C','W 'n"::1T' :"InW7J:"I.C:"I'P037::1 Cn1p7J' "37::1 Cn1i'7J ,;"" 'T::1 C:"I,5•c".,m C::1 "'37nm ("'::137 nN '"P,) C""Nm 6Cn'::1 nN' C:"I:"I C'"1":"I ",tu', 'ElN ,"" ,,7J:"I 377JW,,7•tuN::1 rt'W•C"'N' ":"1 N' C'N"i':"I i" N':"I n];"7J :"IEl'":"I "'::137' '7JN TN8.:"IEl,"' 'N'i' 'N17Jn 'WN ,;" C';"':"I 'N 'N1 :"In37,9C'37" C'::1'1::) C'N17J]:"I ,;, '1::1i'" C';"':"I 'N "'::137 'N1,,10•C";"N:"I7J :"IEl'":"I N'7Jmtu::1,,7J :"1':"1 N' 'WN C1N CW N'" C";"N:"I mN",,7J:"I N::1"ll•:"IEl'":"I ',,,::1.tu"":"1 N':"I' .:"IEl'":"I 'tu,::1, N'::1 1N;" :"InN::1 ,'N '::1':"IN " '7JN"l1"Ntu::1 ':"I,;",tum ",,,,, "" "ON ,'n,tu7J' ,,7J:"I '7JN TN 1 3.C']'tV i'"m ';':::l :"1':"1' CW, n'n"n.C'1::)377J C',"::1]:"I' C'::1, C'N"i':"I 14""1 j?'El•,:::l,::1 ,n"i" '137'" C'W,,'El:"l ';":"1 TNI5'::1, '7JN' O''''''':''I7J C'tu"El C37 C:"I"'7J,n7J "'N ,""W,,16tuW'" ,]'N' C'P'N:"I ", m'7JN::1 "7J,m :"InN 17JN]W ']37".C']El NtVU N" ,:::l, C'W,.1'N CN 'j"N!'~7 07J nn, 1';']:"1 " :"IN" :"I7J "7JN 17.C']El]" '],n'7Jn :"I7J, '7JN" cm,;,] nN ,tV,,",,1822'3,,) 1t:1' ABDEFG, omit C22'4'm:)il) 'm1"il ABDEFG I moVl C','W) 'l'Vl ,'w ABDEFG22"":1 cm) omit C, ,1t:1 It, cm G I ,,:1) lC:1 D22"lC') ,""OJ nlC ,np, ABDEFG I C:1) Cil:1 G"'7J~W") n'w., A I n,w',) + "'~W" ,'n ABDEFG I c'nl"il) C'~"ilil A...·ilnVl) + ", G.....C',,'Til 'lC) omit EF I C"''Til) + 'lCI~" G22,,, il'il) ilo,n, "lC' G I W:1"~)1U1:1'~ D22,12 ':1'illC) 'l'onc A I llt"lllt':1 A I ilO,nil) ilo,n A22'13,',:mj omit EF I "lCW:1) ',wn~:1 ABDEFG I n'nnn) m'nnn ABDEFG I p"m) ilp',n, C22,14 C':1') C':1"~ EF I C'''SI~) C'''Vl~ A . .At this point the Brit. Lib. ms and ms C number this section 1"1 p,O, leaving out :1"1, thus bnngmgtheir' numbering system into line with the other mss. See 21 :33 and 22: I. I ':1'T:1) ":11:1 D.22,,. Beginning) + Cil''''~'n CJ 'IVl" EF I ,n',w"l ,n,w', CF I O""'il~ C'1U1'O CJ) onnt D IC'1U1'O) C'I"O A I C'P'lCil) C"lCil A22'I7'~'It)+ U' G I ,.,) omit G I 'lC"I') ,,'W, A, ""1' B, "'1' CDEG, '0'1' F22,.I,w',n',) ,w' "" ABDEFG I 'l,n'~n)'l,n'on ABDEFG I C'101n) C'Oln ABDEFGMT 22:2-18J2 The Kingdom of heaven is like a kingwho made a wedding ceremony.3 He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the weddingceremony, but they did not wish (to come).4 He again sent other servants saying: Tell those who are invited, behold Ihave prepared a feast, I have killed oxen and fowl, and all is ready.Come to the wedding ceremony.5 But they scorned and went away, some into the city and some to theirbusinesses.6 Others (took his servants), abused them, and killed them.7 The King heard this, was angry, sent those murderers away, and burnedtheir house with fire.S Then he said to his servants: The marriage ceremony is ready, but thosewho were invited were unworthy.9 Now go out unto the roads and all whom you find invite to the marriageceremony.10 His servants went out unto the ways and assembled all those who werefound, good and bad; so the marriage ceremony was filled with thosewho were eating.11 The king entered to see those who were eating and saw there a manwho was not clothed in wedding garments.12 He said to him: My friend how did you come in here without weddinggarments? He was silent.13 Then the king said to his servants: Bind his hands and feet and cast himto the nether most and lowest hell; there will be weeping and gnashingof teeth.14 Many are called but few are chosen.15 Then the Pharisees came and took counsel to take him in speech.16 They sent to him some of their disciples, with (violent men) fromHerod saying: Rabbi, we know that you are faithful, you faithfullystudy the way of God, you fear nothing, and are impartial.17 Tell us your opinion: Is it right to give tribute to Caesar or not?18 (Jesus recognized) their deceit and said: Why do (you entice me,hypocrites)?109

110[MT 22:19-33." 'N'~" .0~:"1 37~~~ " 'N':"1 19.C'W':"1' nNm :"1"J:"1 ,~, C:"1"N '~N,,20nN ""NT'J' '~'W:"1 ,"W' C:"1"N '~N TN •'1"NT'J.' '~N,,21'.' T .C~i"N' C'i"N' 'WN' 'j"N!'J.7 ;j"~!'j7 ,tvN.,:J'" ':"1'~T37" ':"1~n', '37~W,,22,"J i"£).c'n~:"1 n"nn~ C"£)':Jm C'p',J:"1 "'N 'N'P ~\1il 0"::1 23':"1"NW"C:"1~ ,nN n~, ,',n' C'nN ,~W' ':J :"1W~ '~N ,), "~N " '~N,24.,'nN 37'T C"p, ,ntvN nN ,'nN np'w " l'N 1~'37'T N'~ n~, :"1WN l'WN':"1 NW)' U')'~ ":"1 C'nN :"137~tv :"1)m 25.,nWN nN ,'nN C~".'37'~W:"1 '37 'w"w, ')tv:"11:J'u;.:"1WN:"1 :"1n~ C:"1',nN,27.:"1WN:"1 :"1':"1n :"137~tv:"1~ ,~ 'N C":J' :"1':"1 '~:Jtv281137' C',£)O:"1 ,)'~n N" uwn C:"1"N '~N" ,"tv' 137,,29.C'P'N:"1":"1' p, C'tv)N C'W):"1 N" C'W) C'W)N:"1 ,np' N' :"1~,pn:"1 c,'~JO.C'~W~C'P'N ':IN'~:J'~NW c:J' ":"1 '~NW c'n~:"1 n"nn~ cnN'p N':"1 31'P'N U'N :J"N' .~p37' 'P'N' pnJ' 'P'N C:"1'~N 'P'N ":"1 ')N32.c"n:"1 'i"N N":J c'n~:"1.,n~:Jn~ ':"1~n', m,,~n:"1 '37~W,,33"''''?) + tmu~ AG, + ,nK tmu~ D, + "lU~ EFU,21'7JK") ,,7JK', BG, "I:lK TK EF I "KT'I?··2,3J 'T'lU? A, "T'I? B, 'T'I? CDE2.3G,'O'I? F' I C:t'?KJ C:t? AEF I nK) omit A I "T'I7'J omit ABEFG I 'lUK'J ,n nK' DEFG IC'P?K? C'P?K? 'lUK'1 C'?K? 'lUK C'?K?' A I C'P?K?2J omit Bu,u'WlU") omit EFU,13 K,:t:t ~':J) K':t:t nY:J H I 'K'P) ,:J'P AU':lAU? ,,7JK) omit A I ,'nK ~T C"P?J omit GU,25U'J':J ••. :tJmj omit G I l'lUK':1] + nK G"'''1bere is confusion in the text of G....27 C:t',nK') m,nK' Bu'21':J::llU) omit A I :t':t) :tn':tlU A, :tn':t BDEFG I 'I:l?K] 'I:l? G I:tlUK:t • • • ?KJ C?::l? :tn':t ':J::llU :tlUK? :t':tn C:tY:JlUl:l 'I:l? :t'nn:t C,':J AU,19 C:t'?K 'I:lK" 'lU' 1Y") 'I:lK" 'lU' C:t? 1Y" H I UlUn) 'lUJn G I ny,) "Y' EF IC'P?K:tJ C'?K:t Au,JOC'lUJK C'lUl:t K?'] omit G I P'l K?K A I C'P?K] C'?K AU,lI C::l? ":t '7JKlU! omit DG I ":1] omit H I '7JKlU 2 J omit ABEFH, + C::l? Gu""lKJ omit G I 'P?KI.2.l.4.>J ':t?K A I 'P?K 2 J 'P?K' H I K"::l) '::l HMT 22:19-33)t9 Show me a tax coin. They brought (a plain one) to him.20 He said to them: Whose form is this and [whose] impression?2t They said: Caesar's. Then Jesus said to them: Return to Caesar thatwhich is Caesar's and to God that which is God's.22 They heard and were amazed. They left him and went away.23 On that day, the Sadducees and those who deny the resurrection ofthe dead met him. They asked him24 saying: Rabbi, Moses surely said to us: When brothers dwell togetherand one of them dies and has no son, his brother should take his wifeto raise up the seed of his brother.25 Behold there were seven brothers among us. The first one took a wife,died without seed and his brother married his wife.26 Likewise the second and third unto the seventh.27 After them the woman died.28 Since (she) had already belonged to all of them, to which of the sevenwill she be a wife?29 Jesus answered and said to them: You err and do not understand thewritings or the power of God.30 In the day of resurrection men will not take women nor women men,but they will be like the angels of God in heaven.3t Have you not read concerning the resurrection of the dead that the Lordspoke to you saying:32 I the Lord am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God ofJacob? If so, he is not the God of the dead but the God of the living.33 The crowds heard and were amazed at his wisdom.111

112[MT 22:34-23:4;'''! j?'D.",:JY ":Jnn;, C'P"!' :1JY~ l'le ':J C'W"'D;' ,le, 'Wle:J,34,mOJ' "le c:Jn ,;"'leW,,35.:1"n:Jw ;""1 m!~ le';' :'1T'le "~le ,,36.,:J, 1:J:J' ,:J:J 1'P'le ";' nle n:J;'le' " '~le37.;'J'Wle,;' le';' n 38.1'~:J 1Y" n:J;'le' ;",le ;,~" n'JW 39.C'le':JJ:1, ;,'"n ;',,:J ;",n;, ;',le;' m,!~;, 'nw ,y,40Y'W' C,leW', C'W"D;' 'DOle,,41.", 1:J " "~le" .;";" ,~ 1:J' n'w~;, 1~ C:J, ;'le,' ;,~ '~le~2l"le '~le' W,p;, m':J ", ,mle ,le'P 1'le C:1, '~le,,43C,,;, 1':J"le n'Wle ,y 'J'~" :JW 'Jrnt, ";' CleJ :J'n:J~·1"1"1U:J ;";" 1'le l"le ,le'P ", Cle 4S.,:J, 'J~~ "leW, "nD 1"le' 1le:J~ ,:J, ,:J'W;', ,,:J' le,,46'''! j?'D,','~,n ,le, CY;' ,le ,"W' ,:J, Tle1.c'~:Jnm C'W"'D;' ,:JW' ;,W~ leO:J 'Y '~le,2,le C;"WY~' c;,'mJpn:J' 'WY, ,,~W C:J, '~le' 'Wle ,:J ;,ny,3.C'W,Y CJ'le cm C"~'le C:1W ,wync.." c?:J"O? ,,:J,' le, m"'l mleW~ C'JmJ' C'W",,4.YU' C'!" CJ'le CY:J!le:J "Dle11:30'''T.1J) ,,,,,, ABOO. ,,,,, EF. ,',mc CU.J5,:n?1C1I1") 'it?1C1I1" EF. + ,~, G I "IC] + Oittl A22,36") ,~, A I ill'lC) 'T'IC CEFG I it?"1 i11Jtl) 2 1 A I it"n~ll1) it"n~ F22'3'I"P?IC) Tit?1C A I ,~~? ?~~) omit G I ';)'] omit ,;), and add: ~ ?;)~, ,ll1DJ ?;)~, ABDEF21:JI itJ'll1IC.,it) + m'Jtl~ll1 m"1i11 A. it"'1 :nJtlit C. mn1:n DEF. itJ'll1IC'1:n m'Uit Gu.JO n'Jll1) n'Jll1:n ABDEFGU.. mlCi1) '?lCit A I i1'1,nit) i1'11n B22,•• 'll1') omit G22,.. ,~?] omit G I it'it' 'tl P'] omit A22,... Om) Oit'?1C BEF. omit 00 I TIC) ,'IC' A I 'IC'P) lC.,p ABDEFG I l'~ ,~? ~it m,~) 4 12 G I ,~?) omit EFGu." T~"IC) T~"IC? A I ,'?1.,? • • .") omit FGu...'IC'P) ,mlC IC"P ABDEFG I it'it') it'it EFG22'''llC;)tl) llC;)tl' ABCDEG""itn,,] itnw EF I ~'] ,~, ABDEFG I '111" "tlll1) ''1tlll1m 'll1Jn G I Di1'mJpn~,) c.,'nupn;)1ABDEG Cl"nupn;)1 F I Oit'll1W,] Oit'll1Jtl;), E. Cl"ll1Jtl;), F I o:n] omit ABDEFG""vs 4] o~t C I c?~'O?] + ~it 'J~ '/;);)111 A. + ~ 'tl;)ll1 BOO, + ~it '!);)ll1 EF I "DIe] ,?'DIeDG34 When the Pharisees saw that the Sadduceeshad no answer, they joined his servants.3S Then a sage asked him tempting him:113MT 22:34-23:4J36 Rabbi, tell [us] which is the greatest commandment in the Torah.37 He said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart(and with all your soul and all your strength).38 This is the first.39 The second is like it: Thou shalt love your neighbor as yourself.40 Upon these two commandments the whole law hangs and the prophets.41 The Pharisees assembled and Jesus asked them42 saying: What is your opinion concerning the Messiah, whose son willhe be? They said to him: The son of David.43 He said to them: How is it that David by the Holy Spirit called himsaying: Lord,44 as it is written: The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right handuntil I make your enemies the footstool of your feet.4S If David called him Lord, how is he his son?46 They were not able to answer him a word (and) from then on theyfeared to ask him anything.Chapter 23I Then Jesus spoke to the people and to his disciples2 saying: Upon the seat of Moses the Pharisees and the sages sit.1 Now all which (they) say to you keep and do; but (according to) theirordinances and deeds do not do because they say and do not.4 They demand and set forth great burdens [which] (the shoulders ofmen) are not able to bear; but they themselves even with their fingerare unwilling to move.

114[MT 23:5-20C"i" C'tv':1'~ C'tv:1", C')'37 ;'N'~' C'tv'37 C;"tU37~ 'J,5C""l 0;N'7"i1'~C'N'i') m'i'i'C:1tU,~ m';", mNntv~ 'n:1:1 ;,),tvN' C':1'O~ m';" C':1;'N 6m,tuN':1 m'O)J 'n:1:1.C'):1, CN"i'" mi,n:1 C;" m,nntv;",7CJ"J, CJ:1, N';' ,nN .C'):1, C'N'i') m';" 'i,n 'N cnN,8.C'nN.C'~tv:1tv CJ':1N N';' ,nN .T'N;' '37 C'N' 'N'i'n 'N :1N,9•n'tv~;, N';' ,nN CJ:1,tv C'):1, 'N'i'n 'N,10.CJnN n,tU~ ;";" CJ')':1 "'l;,l1•C,,' ntv' ,tvN' ntv' c~"n' ,tvN,12T"i i"!lC'N '):1 ')£1:1 C'~tv mJ'~ C'!l)n C'~Jnm C'tv"!l;' CJ, "N I3.N:1' CmN C':1T137 CJ)'N N:1' C'i";"C'i'"m C"J'N CnNtu C'!l)n C'~Jnm C'tu"!l;' CJ, "N I4.,'N tv)'37 ":10n ;'T ":137:1' ,"N tU,,:1 nU~'N;' C'tzl);, 'OJ),tvNJ' CJn)'~N:1 ,nN tv'N :1, "tvi" ;,tv:1';', C';' C':1:1'015.C"i'~ C"!lJ 37' ;";" ,tUi') ;";":1"n ')'N ,J';':1 37:1tv);,tv "~Nn 'tUN C"'37;' ':1tv,~ CJ, "N I6C'tv, :1"n 'J';';' 1"):1' tu'i') N';'tU ,:1, ;'T'N:1 "" 'tUN''J';" tv'i');' ,:1, 'N 'J';';' "'l ,m' ;'T'N C"'37' C'37l'tv~17.nn' :1"n 1:1'i' :1"i"tv 37:1tu)m :1"n U'N n:1T~:1 37:1tv' ,tvN,1811:1'i';' 'N tu'i'~;' n:1T~;' 'N 1:1'i';' ,m' ;'T'N I9.'J,n:1tv ;,~ ,J:1, 37:1tzl) n:1T~:1 37:1tu' 'tvN 202.),5 C'lVlP. • • ?:nj omit C I C'lV1:1?/:)) C:"I'1I1P/:) D, C:I11:1 G I 0'K'?:1'D)1I1K?:1'D A, 1I1K"?:1'D BF,lVlK'?':1'D D, lVlK'?:1'D EG2.)~ m':"I?j en,':"I? A I C:1lVl1J) read C':1111'/:) I :"I3'1I1K':1 m'03:1 '11:1:1) 3 I 2 ABDEFG I :"I3'll1K':1)11ll1K, A, :"I3'1I1K' BDEFG2.),7CK"P") CK'j;l?' EF, C:"I? llK'j;l?' G2.),IC'"K ••• 0:1:1,) omit D (hap)"'91(1:"1 ••• :1K') omit D (hap-see on 22:8)2.)'''C:1:1,1I1) C:1':1,1I1 C I 1MK) omit EF2.),12 "111'2] omit EF I 01") ="11' A2.)'''C'D3") + "P1I1 C"1'0 CllK1I1 A, + C"1'0 CllK1I1 BDEFG I C"TlC) + C'K:1 C:13'K CllK ABDEFG,C"TlC:"I DEF I C'I"mj :"11":"1' A .2.),I·C'1I13:'1) omit G I :"IT] omit EF I ,'K) ,"K ABC, mrut EF2.)'15:1?) omit G I '1I1K:1') '1I1K:1 EF I P') :1P, EF2.),.."/:)Kll '1I1K) "7.)Kll111 H I lVTj;l3) '1I1j;l3 A I ?:1':"I:"I 1"3:1?) '3'3:1?' ?:1':"I? H2.), 17 :'1T'K) ':"IT'K ADEFGH I ,:1,] ,:1';' ABGH I ?:1':"I?)'? G2.),11 P:1111') P:11111 D2.),19 Beginning of vs) + C"'P:"I "K ABDEFG I :"IT'K) ':"IT'K ACDEFG2.),'" P:11113) + ,:1 A I :"I/:) ?:1:1,) :"I1J:1 G I ':1'11:1111 :"I/:)) ':1'11:1 ,ll1K A2.),2' Vs 21 omitted by all mss.MT 23:5-2015 All their actions they do for the sake of appearances: theywear expensive gannents and large tassels, called phiblios;6 they love to recline first in the banquet halls, to be (seated) first at thesynagogues,7 to prpstrate themselves in the streets, and to be called Rabbi.S But as for you, do not desire to be called Rabbi. One is your Rabbi andall of you are brothers.9 Call no man upon the earth father. One is your father who is in heaven.10 Do not be called Rabbi, because one is your Rabbi, the Messiah.11 The greatest among you will serve you.12 He who exalts himself will be humbled; he who is humbled will beexalted.13 Woe to you Pharisees and sages, hypocrites (because you close up) thekingdom of heaven before men; (you yourselves do not enter) and thosewho wish to enter you do not pennit to enter.14 Woe to you Pharisees and sages, hypocrites, because you devour anddivide the wealth of certain widows with lengthy exposition; for thisyou will suffer a long punishment.15 You encompass sea and land to bind the heart of one man to your faithand when he is bound he is doubly worse than before.16 Woe to you, council of the blind, who say that he who swears by thetemple is not obligated, but he who vows by anything which is consecratedto the structure of the temple is obligated to pay,17 -mad and blind men, which is greater, the temple or that which isconsecrated to the temple?-18 and whoever swears by the altar is not obligated but he who swears thathe will make an offering is obligated to give it.19 (Woe blind men), which is more, the gift or the altar, the temple or thegift?20 He who swears by the altar swears (by it)and by everything which is in it.115

116[MT 23:22-34."'37 :nu"::1' ,::1 37::1W:I C'P'N NO:J::1 37::1W' 'WN,nn"i i?'D1,~,m n::1w:-'n 37:1~:I~ C"W37~~ C'W"D" c'~:Jn, C~, "N23cm ~"n~ '1'Dtu~ '~T ,::1:J:I ,m' N'~ ,tuN C'::1:137 C"TU~'N" mW37' C"'N' C"~N~~ "N • ~:I'~N~' n~Nm ,on~.CmN m:Jw,.'~l~ nN C'37"::1' w,n'~ ,::1,::1 C'P'P'~ C"'37~ C'l'm~ 37'T 24T,n::1~ m'37p~, mO':J~ ,mpnw c'~:Jnm C'W"D~ C:J' "N 2S.~N~'1" ~'::1:1 N'~ c:J,m.T,n::1~ 'WN "~1' m'~, ':J,n::1W ~~ ~,nn ~P:l ~,n,26C',::1P' C'~"~ C'D:ln~ C'tl"'Dm c'~:Jn~ C:J' "NZ7mN'~ l:J,n::1' C'N ':1::1, 1'::1' T,n::1~ '~"W C':I::1"~~.C'D:I'1'~' C' n~ m~i37mD:ln mN'~ c:J::1'P::1, C'N ':1::1, C'P"i T,n::1~cnN 'N,n pZll.m37tu"C'N'::1:1~ ',::1P ':I::1nw c'~:Jn~, C'W"D~' C'D:ln~ c~, "N Z9.C'p"i~ ':lNi "::1:Jm'~'::1 c'n':I~ ':I"~ N' U'm::1N '~'::1 U"~ CN "~Nm30.C'N'::1:1~C'N'::1:1~ 'l'~ 'WN' cnN C':I::1W C:J~i37 '37 C"'37~ cnN nNT::1 31.C:J'm::1N ~tu37~:J C'l~U cnN,3Z'::1,tun N' CN c:I~'ll"~ ,o':ln ,'N C':I'37Di 37'T c'wm 33.~::1'tun::11'''i P'Dc:J' n"w ':I:I~ nNT' C"'~'~ m"::1n, ,"w' '~N N'~~ Z'l37::1 34'Z'l::1::1 '::1'N:Jn c~~, u,~n c~~, .C"D'O' c'~:Jm C'N'::1:1."37 'N "37~ ':I'D"m c:Jm'o:l:J23,23 37:1lU') 37:1lUJ A I C'P'Ie] C',1e A I ,:1] + "'37 leln':1' G I :1lU":1' ,:1) :1~':1 B23,23 The Brit. Lib. ms and ms C break off at this point. Ms D becomes our basic text from here to theend. I 37J1.)J;'] 37J37J;' ABEF I C':1J37] C':1n37' ABEF, C':1J37' G I 1"I1.)1e;',) omit G I C",Ie'J + c;,EF I mlU37') mlU37;"A I cmle] mle B23,:15 ,nJpl"llU) ,npJl"llU A, ,nJpl"I G I T'!n:11.) m'37p;,,] 2 1 A23'26;,pJ '11M') ;,pJ '1Jn;, A, '1Jn;, B, ;,pJ1.) 'pn;, EF I T,n:11.)) T'!n:1lU B23m 1':1') C'D' ABEF I C1K) C1K;' EG I 1:nl"l:1'] C;)'I"I:1, ABF23,21 C1K] C1K;' F I C;):1'P:1,) C;):1'P:1 B I mac'1.)) C'Ie'1.) A23,29 C;") C;), ABEFG I C'1.);)n;,,] omit G I C'P'1lt;, 'llell '1:l;)m] '1:1;)1"1 C'P'lll;' 'J"ll' A I 'llell]'l"ll ABEF23,31 '1.)':1 2 )1"1'1.);" A23,30 '11;') 'lie EF I C'1.);)m) C'1.);)n F I C"D'O'] C"D'O BF, + C'DJn G I C;'1.)"] C;'1.) B I U,;'I"I)+ "l"Im A I 'J'D1,m) C'D"m AMT 23:22-34122 He who swears by the throne of Godswears by it and by the one who sits upon it.23 Woe to them, the sages and Pharisees, who tithe (mint,) dill, and pomegranate,but who commit robbery (and leave undone) that which isweightier, that is, the judgments of the Torah which are: kindness, truthand faithfulness. These are commands worthy of doing; one should notforget them.24 Offspring of blind leaders, who are strict in the matter of the gnat andswallow the camel.25 Woe to you Pharisees and sages because you cleanse cups and platterson the outside but inside them is full of wickedness and uncleanness.26 (Hypocrite), cleanse first that which is inside in order that that which isoutside might be pure.27 Woe to you sages and Pharisees, hypocrites, who are like whitenedsepulchers which appear on the outside to be (beautiful) to men, but onthe inside are full of the bones of the dead and the filthy.28 Thus you appear on the outside to be righteous to men, but within youare full of hypocrisy and wickedness.29 Woe (to you), hypocrites, Pharisees, and sages because you build thetombs of the prophets and glorify the (monuments) of the righteous.30 You say: If we had been in the days of our fathers we would not havepermitted [them] (to put) the prophets (to death).31 In this you bear witness against yourselves that you are sons of thosewho killed the prophets.32 You behave according to the deeds of your fathers.,33 Serpents, seed of vipers, how will you escape the judgment of Gehennaif you do not turn in repentance?34 At that time Jesus said to the crowds of Jews: Therefore, behold I amsending to you prophets, sages, and scribes. Some of them you willkill, some of them you will afflict in your synagogues and you willpursue (them) from city to city,117

118[MT 13:35-24:9C, '37 .V"'!;' ,:1:1 C,~ T'N;' '37 ,!)WJ;' V",! ,::l C, C::l"'37 35.n:n~" ,::l";';' 1"~ Cn:1';' ,tuN ;'''::l'~ 1~ ;''''::l!;,m ",;, '37 ;"N ,::l 'N'~"tu C::l, '~'N ''IN n~N~36C"~37!) ;'~::l c"m,tu;, nv'b~' C"N"~J;' n:1";';' C",tu"" '37,37nnn ;,"m'!)N n'UJ,n;, ~'ONn ,tuN::l '''J~ ~'ON' "n"!,.n"!, N" ;'''!)J::l.m~,n C::l"n~ '~T37n cnN 1::l,38",~ "~Nntu '37 ,'''N' 1N::l~ "J'N,n N' C::l, '~'N ''IN n~N~39.'J37"tu'~'j? j?'!),","~,n ,tu:1J ",;, ;''';'W::l, tu'v~;' 1~ '"W" N!" 'WN::l ";,,,,1.W'V~;' "J"J~ ,mN';"'NW" N" 0';''' ,::l;'tu C::l, '~'N ''IN 1~N ;"N ,::l 'N,n '~N",2.1~N '37 1~N CW1Jn", W""~"!) " "NW W'v~;' n"~ ,:1J c"nm ,;, '37 ,n~w~,3''';'''W::l ;,";,"tu mN;' ;,~, ;"N ,::l ;''';''' "n~ ,no~ ;'N""JN'C"37;' n"'::ln ;''';''' "n~, ,,"nn"tu::l 'N C"J"J37;' ;"N ,::l.,nN"~'W"N C::lnN ;'37n" 1!) "~tzm '"W" C;" 137",4.C::lnN '37n", n"w~;, N';' ''IN '~N' ,,~tu~ 'N~" C"~'tu5,,~;,n 1!) ,,~tu;, mN~!;' n,~m m~n,~;, '37~'L'n 'WN::l cnN".n"'::ln;, 1"N 1"'37 '~N N~',"n37 ;'T ,::ltum~, m~,;,~ ''';'''' ;'::l'~~ '37 ;'::l'~~' "U'37 ",:1 C'V",7.m~,v~~ TV37" '~::l ~37".m~'N::l~;'n,nn ;"N '::l8C"~37;' ,::l, ;,!),n, ,";,m C::lnN ,:1,;'''' m,!, C::lnN "ON" TN 9.'~tu '3723,,. Beginning] + nn, ABEF I C1 'Y] C~ EF I il'::l'::1 1::1) omit B I n::lT7.)" '::l'ilil] '::lili11 n::lT7.)ilA I n::lT7.)"] n::lT7.)il' B23,37 C'M1'lUil np'07.)' C'IC'::IJil] C'IC'::IJi11 CM1'lUil G I np'07.)'] n'p07.)' A I n,m,nil] + nlC G Iil'CJ::l nnn] omit G I n'I') cn'I' BG""lU1P7.)il l7.))lU1P7Jil7.) G I ,mlC'il'] + nlC G I lU1P7Jil 'J'J::I)lU1p7.)il' n'::Iill'J::I G"'2,7.)1("] '7.)'IC' EF, + Cil' G I ClU) omit A"'3'il 'Y] 'il::l A I n'::I] omit ABEF I "lClU) 'lClU A I lU"C'C] ,'C'C AG IillC"'JIC']lUlC"'JIC' EF, O'IC"JIC G I ,,'nn'lU::l 'IC] omit G I ,,'nn'lU::l] + " EFI 'n7.)'] 'n1.) F I ,nlC'::I'1 ilnlC'::I' A..,4"7.)lUil] + C::l' EF I C::lnlC) C::l' EF..,51C'il] omit A I C::lnlC) C'::I'il nlC A"""::Iiln) "il::ln G..,I m::l'IC::l7.)il] omit A"""OIC'] "07.)' AEFMT 23:35-24:913S (in order to place) upon you the blood of every righteousone which has been poured out upon the earth, from the blood of Abelthe righteous unto the blood of Zechariah the Son of Barachiah whomyou killed between the temple and the altar.36 Truly I say to you that all these things will corne upon this generation,37 and upon Jerusalem who kills the prophets and removes those who aresent. How many times I wished to gather your children as a hen gathersher chicks under her wings and you would not.38 Therefore you will leave your houses desolate.39 Truly I say to you, you will not see me henceforth until you willsay: Blessed is our savior.Chapter 24I It carne to pass when Jesus went out from the temple, as he was going,his disciples drew near to show him the buildings of the temple.2 He said: You see all these; truly I say to you that all will be destroyedand there will not be left there one stone upon another.3 As he sat on the Mount of Olives opposite the temple, Peter, John andAndrew asked him secretly: When will all these things be and what willbe the sign when all these matters will take place, or when will theybegin and when will be the end of the world and your corning?4 Jesus answered them: beware lest anyone should lead you astray,S because many will corne in my name saying: I am the Messiah, and theywill lead you astray.6 As for you, when you hear of wars and a company of hosts, bewarelest you become foolish, because all of this will occur, but the end willnot be yet.7 Nation will rise up against nation and kingdom against kingdom; therewill be great tumults, grievous famine, and earthquake in [various]places.8 All of these are the beginning of suffering.9 Then they will bind you over for tribulation and will kill you, and youwill become a reproach to all the nations for my name.119

120[MT 24:10-27.C:''1')':J 'D1i'n', C;':J c;, "":J" C':J, 'T"" nwo.C':J,;' nN '371'" 'i'lrm 'N':J) '~'i',,1l.C':J, n:J;'N "'Dn m37W';' ;':J,n 'WN:,,12.37W" n'?:m;, '37 ;,:m' ,tuN,13?:;) ?37 '?37 m'37? T'N;' ?:;):J nNT '?''')''''N T37? ;",tv:J w"n,14.n'?:;)n;, N:Jn TN' C'".;,'~'37 ?N')' 'D ?37 "~N;' c~,tV T'i'tV ,;,n tv'1'C""i"1')N :"IT 15.1':J' N"i';" W"i' C'i'~:J.C',;'? 'CU' N"':J 'WN TN16.,n':J~ ,:J, C,tu m,i'? ", N? n':J;' ?37 ,tvN,17.,n)n:;) nni'? :J,tV' N? ;"W:J ,tuN,18.C;';' C'~':J mi")~?' m,;,? ,,;'19.n:Jtu:J' ,nc:J c:;)nC')~ ;,';,n N?W ?N? '??Dn;,20;,n37 '37 C?'37;' nN':J~ ;,n';,) N? 'WN ;,?"" ;"1 ;,';,n TNW 21•;,';,n N? ;,,~:;),":J37:J i" ,tv:J ?:;) 37'tV" N? C'1'37~ c;,;, C'~';' m';, ,?,?,22.C;';' C'~';' '1'37~' c',n:J);'.')'~Nn N? CW? 'N n'tu~;, ;,);, C:;)? tV'N '~N' CN 1~T:'l ,mN:J'Z3C'nD'~' mmN un', 'i'W;' 'N:J)' C"i'W 'n'tV~ '~'i"tVZ4.c',n:J);' nN m371':J 'N:J' m';,? ?:;)" CNW 1')37:J C'?"".U'~Nn ?N c'"n:J ,);" 'N1n ?N ':J'~:J ,);, C:;)? "~N' CN'u.,m';, C"i' C:;)? "~'N '));'25N"i' j?'D;'N')' n'T~:J N1" i',:J;'tu ,~:;) ,','~?n? ,"w' C;,? '~N "37 27.C'N;' 1:J?tu ,nN':J ;,';,n 1:;) :J'37~:J24:11 n:l,') ,W:J,,' EF I C:1:J) C'It:J BF I '!lspn',) 'J!lpn', F24:11 ,pW:1j ,pw G24:14 TV,) TY;:J B I ';':J,1"1t) ';':J,1'1t A, ';':J,11t'1t EF I ;:l:J) + 'O!llt ABEFG I ;Y) omit A I C'Ui1]CYi1 G I 1t:Jn) 1t:J G24: 15 :tT) ,:tT A, It,m EF I ~tlO"P'tllltl tlW"p'tlllt A I ;It'l"!l ;Y) + 1t':Jli1 AG, 1t':Jli1 ;It'lnEF24:10 Tit) Tit' G I :1n':J) :1n:1':J AEF24:11 m,p;) nnp; AB, np; G, omit EF24:lt ',i1) 1t,i1 EF24:";It;) omit G I ,no:J) ,'no:J A I n:Jw:J' ,no:J] n:JW:1 C,':J BEFH I n:Jw:J') n:J~ A24:21 It; 'WIt) It;W F24:22';,;,) It;,;, A I C:1i1'j omit EF I Y'W"] Y~' ABEFG24:23 n'WIJi1) + 1lt:J; ABEF low; ,It) omit G24:24 O"PW) O':J, G I ,1t:J') ,It':J' A I nit) mIJ F24:20 CIt') CIt Tit' A I 'ltJn] ';ltwn EF I um) Ui1 A24

122[MT 24:28-41. .C"WJrI ,,::mn' CW rI'Uri rI'rI'W C'i'7;) rlT'N:J 28"'N rI'l' N' n"rI' W7;)WrI 1wn' Crirl C'7;)'rI ',nN rl37W rlmN:J,29•nun' C'7;)WrI ,'m C'7;)Wrl7;) "£1' C':J:J::m,rl7;)'Nri mn£lW7;) ,:J ,:J:J', C'7;)W:J C'Nri l:J'W mNrI rlN" TN'JO.rlN"J rI"~:J' :J, ,'n:J C'7;)WrI ':J37:J C'Nri 1:J nN 'N'"37:J'N7;) ,',n:JJ nN fl'ON' "'l "i':J, '£l'W:J '':IN'7;) n,w,,31.cm~i' '37 C'7;)WrI rI~i'7;) C'7;)WrI mm,c'n7;)'~C"37' rI'£lJ37 'N,n 'WN:J 'W7;)rI "7;),n r1JNnrl T377;)32':J '37,n.C"37W' N'rI :J"i'33C',:J,rI "N ,:JW '37 ",rI m ":J37' N'W C:J, '7;)'N 'IN 17;)N 34•C"W37 ,'rI'.":J37' T'Nm C'7;)WrI,35C'7;)WrI ':IN'7;) N" 37"'W '7;) l'N N'rIri n37r17;)' N'rIri C"rl7;),36•,:J':J :JNrI N'N:J"i? P'£ll:J'W U'7;)':J rI'rln 1:J m '7;)':J 'WN:J ""7;),n, ,,'W' '7;)N "37 37.C'NriC" '37 C':J" C"£l' c'mw, C":J'N ,,:J7;)rI C"i' ,'rI 'WN:J 38.rI:J'n:J m N:JW1:J 'W ,nN':J rI'rln p cn'nw', CrI"37 ,,:J7;)rI N:JW '37 '37" N,,39•C'Nri37W' ,nNrI' i"'~ ,nNrI ,nN rI'W:J c'w"n C'JW ,'rI' CN TN 40.:JT37' ,nNrI' ,:J,' ,nNrI.:JT37n nnNrI' ':J,n nnNrI nnN 1,n~:J mJm~ C'WJ c'ntv4 1C"W):J7;)rI "'0' C"37r1 n":Jn:J C':JN'7;)rlW rI'rI' rln.C'37'rl7;) C':J'~rI ""£1" C"37r17;)u,,. :1':1'111) :1':1n111 Au'''',nK] + n'J ABEFG I 0'0111:10) 0'0111:110 EFU':lIP'111) P '111 AU'3I"P~')omit E I C'0111:1') omit AEF I 'P] 'P' EFU,31 All mss jump from ~"i' vs 32 to ~"i' vs 33 (hap.).U,33 See note on vs 32.U,34 "K) omit B I C"~':1 "K) "K:1 C"~':1 H I C"111l1] C'111PJ HU>31 U'O'~] ,nK'~ ABEFU,:lIC"!l') O"!l Au'30"~1.l:11"~1.l EFu''',nK:1 2 ) nnK:1 B I ,nn:1,2) nnK:1' B, '~:1' EFU,41 C'nlU) 0'/'1111' AB, '~, EF I nnK] ,nK G I C',P:1l.l) C"lI:110 AMT 24:28-41)28 Wherever the body is, there will be gathered the vultures.29 At that time, after (the tribulation ot) those days, the sun·will grow dark,the moon will not give forth its light, the stars will fall from heaven,and the host of heaven will be shaken.30 Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and all thefamilies of the earth will weep and will see the Son of Man on theclouds of heaven with a great host and with dreadful appearance.31 He will send his angels with a trumpet and with a great shout to gatherhis chosen from the four winds of heaven, from one end of heaven untothe other.32 From the fig tree learn the parable; when you see its branches andleaves sprouting know that he is near33 to the gates.34 Truly I say to you: this generation will not pass away until all thesethings shall been done.35 Heaven and earth will pass away.36 But of that day or that time there is none who knows, not even the angelsof heaven, but the Father only.37 Again Jesus said to his disciples: As in the days of Noah so will it be inthe days of the Son of Man.38 Just as before the flood, they were eating, drinking, being fruitful,and multiplying until the day when Noah entered the ark.39 They did not know until the flood came upon them and destroyedthem; so will be the coming of the Son of Man.40 Then if there shall be two ploughing in a field, one righteous and theother evil, the one will be taken and the other left.41 Two women will be grinding at a mill; one will be taken and the otherleft. This is because the angels at the end of the world will remove thestumbling blocks from the world and will separate the good from theevil.123

124[MT 24:42-25:8l"j? j?'!)~~tZl 'TK ,~,n K'tZl ,~~ ,,~tzl nKT' ,','~,n, ,"tzl' '~K TK 4 2.K:1 C;:"J"K:1'T~' K" ,,~tZl' K:1 :1Jl~ ~~tZl n'K ~", ~,~ CK ,~,n nKf"J.,n':1 ":1n,.K:1' ,'n~ C'K 1:1 ~~tu 'T'K ,~,n K'W C'J,;:'J ,'~n cnK p44,~ "J"K ,mK CtZltZl c;:,n~, 1~KJ~ ':1~~~ C':1tZl,n cnK m~45't,n~:1 C';:'K nn, "!)~.1;:' ~tZl,~ 'K':1:1 "J"K '~'1:ltntZl K'~~ ':1~~ "tzlK46.'~~'tu' "!)~ '~tzl C;:" '~'K 'JK 1~K47K:1' :1~~~n~ 'J,1K ,:1,:1 '~K" ~, K'~~ ':1~~ ~,~, CK,48c'"n~ C~ ~ntZl" ';:'K" "J"K ":1~ m;:,~, ,'nn,,49.37" K' 'tZlK n~:1' ~;:,n' K' 'tZlK C,':1 "J"K K:1'SO.C'J'tu p"m ';:':1 ~,~, CtZl C'!)Jn~ C37 ,p,n c'w', ,~",!)"Sl'"j? j?'!)m,m:1 ,tzl~' ~~" C'~tZl m;:,,~ ,','~,n, '"W' '~K ,,~l.~,;:" 1nn nK'i" 'KJ" 1~'m'J ,ni"tZl.m~;:,m mT"T 1~~ tZl~m m,'c;:, m'J~ ,,~ 1~~ tZl~n2.1~~~ 1~tZl 'K'J'~ K" 1~'m'J 'K'J'~ m,'c;:, tZl~n~3.1~'m'J C~ 1:1";:':1 1~tZl 'K'J'~ m~;:,nm4.~JtZlJ' ':1~~~nJ 1';:' :1J~' 1nn~ ~~~~n',S.,nK'i" 'K:1 K:1 1nn~ ~J:1 ~~tZlJ "i' mm ~",~ 'In:1 ,~,,6C;:'J~tu~"'G"~lUI 'i7JlU G 110 ~'mK12 I G.1~'m'J ':1'~m m,,;:, m"n:1~ 'K:1 TK 7u, 'In m~;:,n, m,'c;:,~ m"n:1~ ~J'~Km8.';:'~'J 'J'm'Jtzl..,.,rn'l + n'~:11''TK A I ICIlC~' A I ,,~n'l "nn, ABEFG"''''':1n) ":1 EF I C'TKI C'TK:1 FG IlC~; ,.n17110 BG"'''~nml omit G I nn'l + 0:1' A..,..,m'JnlU) ':1lCJ7.l'lU ABEF"'''''Otl] ,~,tl ABEFG"'·'017:11 ~17:1 A I lC~'IIC' AEF,lC'~' B"'''lC~'1 lC~' A"'51':1,.'0") ':1,nO" A25'2lU7.lm) lU7.lnm A I 1:17.l 2 1omit AG25,3 m,'o~1 m"O~:1 A, m'Jl7:1 G I 'lC'J':1 2 j lC'J':1 A I 0:17.l17] omit EF25'5':17.l:17.lm) '7.l:17.lm A I :1JlUJ'1 UlU"25""p :11m) "p, A25,7 m"n~:'1) + 1:1:1 ABEFGB, :1JlUm EF, 1JlUJ' GMT 24:42-25:8)42 Then Jesus said to his disciples: Therefore watch with mebecause you do not know at what hour your lord is coming.43 This you know, if one knew at what hour the thief was coming, hewould watch and not allow him (to dig) into his house.44 So youshould be prepared, because you do not know at what hour theSon of Man is going to come.4SWhat do you think of the faithful and wise servant whose lord placeshim over his children to give (them) food in its time?46 Blessed is that servant whose lord (finds) him doing thus when hecomes.47 Truly I say to you that he will place him over his children.48 But if that servant should be evil and should say in his heart: My lord islate (in) coming,49 and should begin to beat the servant of his lord and should eat and drinkwith gluttons,so his lord will come in a day for which he does not wait and at a timewhich he does not know.SI He will divide him and place his portion with the hypocrites;there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.Chapter 25IAgain Jesus said to his disciples: The kingdom of heaven is like tenvirgins who took their lamps and went forth to meet a bridegroom and abride.2 Five of them were lazy fools and five of them were alert and wise.3 The five foolish brought their lamps, but they brought no oil with them.4 The wise brought oil in their vessels with their lamps.S The bridegroom was late and behold all of them lingered and (slept).6 It came to pass at midnight that behold a voice was heard: Behold thebridegroom is coming; come to meet him.7 Then all (those) virgins came and trimmed their lamps.8 The foolish virgins said to the wise: Give us some of your oil becauseour lamps have gone out.125

126[MT 25:9-23p, ", 1"K ,,~ Ui" C"'~'7.):"I 'K K:l ,~, '7.)K' m7.)~n:"l :"I:1:l37m'.U' ,on"w K''':l .1~" U,tv 17.)W:::l:"I!)1n, '7.)37 'K:::l m:l~'7.):"11 1nn:"l K:::l nUl" '~':"I 'WK~ ":"1",10•'37W:"I 'lO:l'•U' nn!) U:l"K '7.)K' '37W' :"I:1K'i'm m,"o~:"I 'K:::l ~"nK,l1.1nK "7.) 37"" ":l"K C~, '7.)'K ":lK n7.)K:::l 1:"1' 137"'u.1nn:"l K:::l"tv :"I37W:"I1 C''':''I '37,n K'W c~, "7.)W:"I 1~ '37,13:"I"i? i?'!)C'K' :"17.)" C"7.)W m~'7.) ,nK 1'''7.)' ''''''7.)'n' ,"w" '7.)K "37 14•U'7.)7.) C:"I' 'T!)'" '''':::l37 nK K'i'''' :"Ii',n, ",:::l "':"1,nK "tv",W" C":::l':"IT C":lW 1n:l ":ltv, C":::l,m :"IW7.)n 1n:l ,nK,IS•,~", "", .C:"I' 1n:l " "'K'~ W"K.c",nK :"IW7.)n n",,:"11 C":::l,m :"IW7.)n:"l ':::li'7.):"1 "",16.c",nK :"Itv7.)n n",,:"I' '~7.)' :"I:li' ":"1 C":lW ':::li'7.):"1 1~ '7;)~,17•''':l''K 1'7;)7;) nK 1'7;)~'" T'K:::l ,!)m ":"1 ,nK:"I ':::l1'7;):"1,181':::ltvn C:"I7;) Wi':::l'" C:"I:"I C"':::l37:"1 1"K K:::l C":::l, C"7;)" ,nK,I'·1'7;)7;):"1nn:l C":::l':"IT :"Itv7;)n ":l"K " '7;)K C":::l,m :"IW7;)n:"l ,:::li'7;):"1 Wl",20•"nm, 'WK c",nK :"IW7;)n " K:"I' ",17;)K:l n":"1 137'" .:"InK 17;)K:l' :::l'~ ':::l37 C:l7;)K ''':l''K " '7;)K",21.''':l''K nn7;)W:::l K:::l :"I:::l,:"I '37 '7;)"WK ~377;):::lC":::l,m C":lW ":l"K '7;)K'" Wl:l C":::l,:"IT:"I C":ltv ,:::li'7;):"1 Cl,n•"nm,:"I 'WK c",nK C":lW :"1:1:"11 ", nn:l17;)K:l n":"1 ,,~, .:"InK 17;)K:l' :::l'~ ':::l37 C:l7;)K ''':l''K " '7;)K",23.''':l''K nn7;)W:::l K:::l :"I:::l,:"I '37 '7;)"tvK ~377;):::l15"U'1ll1) + ,;)'1 A I P'1) D:l'1 BEFG I IC"J) :tIC,J EF I U'1) + 1;)'1' A15" 2 1;'1'1) C;'I'1 EF I C;)'1) P'1 G15' 13 1nn;'l 1C::1'll1) ::1? "np 1nn;'lll1 A15"4;'11m) + IC';'I A I ,nlC) 'IC A I 'Y!l") "p!l" ABEFG(?)15,'S,Jll1'1) 'Jll1?, ABEF 11m 2 ] omit AEFG I ''1)IC'1 EF15,10 C'::1,m) omit F I n'"m) m,,, A C ' Jll115''',;)1.3' ;'l3P) 'P ,;),7.l, ;'IJ,p A. ,:l,7.l, ;'IJ,p BEFG I n'"m) n"';'Ill1 A I ;'Ill17.ln) C'Jll1 A. ;'Ill17.lnE ,........'_conectionJ I c',nlC ;'Ill17.ln) ,m' F15,., ,nlC'l ',nlC' A I C':l'l omit F I C;'I;'I • • • l'lIC) 1'11(;'1 F C;'I;'I C',::1P;'I) C'1:lP;'I ''11C G15'2e'1::1P7.l;'l) '1::1P7.l G I c'::1,m') omit G I '7.lIC) '7.lIC" ABEFG I ;'Ill17.ln) ;'Ill17.ln7.l A I nm) ,nm G I,'1) + ;'I,ll1P A I 'nm,) 'nm,;'I A15,21 tlP7.l::1) tlP17.l::1 G15,n,7.lIC',. . .c:n] ,7.lIC', ::1";'1 '1::1P7.l1P" G I C'1ll1 1 ) C'Jll1;'1 ABEFG. After this word F has 3 garbledwords and omits all else down to vs 24. I C'::1,;'IT;'l) omit A. ',m B15,.. Vs 23) omit F [see note on vs 22).MT 25:9-23)9 The wise answered saying: Go now to those who senand buy for yourselves because there is not enough oil for us and you.We fear that it win be lacking for us.10 It came to pass when they went to buy, the bridegroom came; thosewho were ready went with him into the marriage ceremony and thegate was closed.II Afterwards, the foolish came and caned at the gate saying: Our lord,open for us.12 He answered them: Truly I say to you, I do not know who you are.13 Be careful, therefore, because you do not know the day nor the hourwhen the bridegroom will come.14 Again Jesus told his disciples another example: The kingdom of heavenis like a man going on a far journey; he called his servants and dispersedto them his money.IS To one he gave five coins of gold, to the second he gave two coins ofgold and to the third one, to each according to what was suitablefor him he gave. Then he went on his journey.16 The one who received five coins of gold went and gained five others.17 Likewise the one who received two went, bought, sold, and gainedfive others.18 But he who received the one went, dug in the earth, and hid themoney of his lord.19 After many days the lord of those servants came and sought from theman accounting of the money.20 The one who received five coins of gold came near (and) said to him:My lord, you gave me five coins of gold and behold for you are fiveothers which I have gained.21 His lord said to him: Truly you are a good and faithful servant.Because you have been faithful in a little, I will appoint you over much;enter into the joy of your lord.22 Also the one who received two coins of gold drew near and said:My lord, you gave me two coins of gold; here are two others which Ihave gained.23 His lord said to him: Truly you are a good and faithful servant. Becauseyou have been faithful in a little, I will appoint you over much;enter into the joy of your lord.127

128[MT 25:24-37"Ji'm :1nN :1Wi" T31W "n31'" ")"N '~N'" ,nN:1 ':Ji'~:1 W)",:U.n'T£) N' ,tvN ft'ONm n31'T N' ,tvN."W " N:1' ,'W :J':1m "n)~~, "n::l':1 ,nN,,,~,25,tvN ")N ,J'i'tv n31'''W ",nN 'J31' 31' ':J31 '~N'" ''')''N 131",26"n'T£) N' ,tvN ft0'N' "n31'T N'nN ':Ji'~ "n"":1"N':J:J' ")n"tv, "O::l) nn, :J""n n"":1 nNT,n.M1'" C31 ",tv.c":J,m :1w~n:1 m" 'WN' ,nUM1 :J:1m ')~~ ,ni' nNT,28•U~~ ni"" " "'N':1 " 1"N 'WN" " 1n)n " tv" ,tvN,29"::l:J " :1":1" cw, m"nnn "::ltvn~:J ,:1::l",tv:1 'J31:1 ':J31:1'3O.C")W i"'M1'"V i?'£)'''::IN'~ C31 ':1N'~:J C'N:1 1:J N':J:J' ,","~,n, '"W" '~N "31 31.",:J::l NO::l '31 :Jtv" TN:131":1 ''''£)'' 'WN::l C:1")":J '"'£)''' C"1):1 ,::l ''')£)' '£)ON",32.C"T31:1 1":J' C":JW::l:1 1":J."N~tv' C"T31:11 U"~'" O":Jtv::l:1 nN )"J",3325,20 '7.)K"] omit G25,25 ,'W'] + 1"K:1 AC::l, 'W,,,, '':IN "::l,,:J C"::l,,:J 'N':J ')"~'",tvN' ,:J," TN34.:1n37 '31 C"31:1 nN"':J~ C::l, 1::l'~:1 C"~tv:1 m::l'~~n"N mntv, ", cnm, "nN~J ''::IN' ", Cnn), "n:J31' "::l35")'£)ONm "n"":1"n"":1 ':110:1 n":J:J ")"i':Jm :1"n "),w":J,m C"31 36."'N 'N':Jm')~J ,U31:JW:1' :J31' ,')"N' ,n~ U)"N C"j:''',J:1 U31" TN 37"nj:'tv:1125''',7.)1(''] + " ABEF IK,2]" EG25,., '3n"W'] + C:l:1 m,'w G25,21 :1:lT:lj :1,:lT:l AEF I 'Zmm) ':lum ABEFG I :lW7.)n:lj :lW7.)n A25, 2t ln3n)ln3' ABEF I np,' ") np,n G25,30':l::l"W:lj ,m::l"W:l ABEFG I CW'] CWW EF I ") omit A25'3'K':1:1') K:1:1 B25,32 C':1W::l:lj C'W:1::l:l BEF25,33 ,"'I") "'!l" EF, ,"'W" (?) G I C':1W::l:l) C'W:1::l:l BEF25'34'WK') 'WK B I '::l,,:1)'W B I ':1K] + C'7.)W:1W G I m::l'7.)7.)) m::l'7.) G I C'7.)W:lj C'7.)W ABEFI C"':lj C", G25' 3h n:1") cn:1" B '3'!lOlCm) :1" '3'IlKn, G I 'nMI) 'n7.)l(1 G25,36 :l,'n) + 'n":l G I "K 'K':1m) '3"p:1m A2503'1 '3") + " ABEF I C'p""Tll:l] + "7.)1(" G I "3Y:1Wm) "3Y:1~ G I U7.)I)MI ABEF I "npWm),,3'pWm ABEFGMT 25:24-37)24 Then he who received the one drew near and said:My lord, I know that you are finn and hard and that you reap what youdid not sow and gather what you did not scatter.25 So in fear of you I went and hid your coin of gold and behold you havewhat is yours.26 His lord answered and said: Wicked and lazy servant, since you knowthat I reap what I did not sow and gather what I did not scatter,27 therefore, you should have given my wealth to my money-changers sothat at my coming I would have received what is mine with profit.28 Therefore, take from him the coin of gold and (give it) to the one whogained five coins of gold.29 To the one who has it will be given, but to the one who does not havethat which was intended for him will be taken from him.30 As for the lazy servant, cast him into the darkness of the lowest places,there shall be for him weeping and gnashing of teeth.31 Again Jesus said to his disciples: When the Son of Man comes in hisrevelation with his angels, then he will sit upon the throne of his glory.32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate themas the shepherd separates the sheep and the goats.33 He will place the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.34 Then he will say to those on his right: enter blessed (of) my father andinherit for yourselves the kingdom of heaven prepared for you from thecreation of the world until now.35 Because I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and yougave me to drink, I was a wayfarer and you took me in,36 naked and you clothed me, sick and you visited me, I was in prisonand you came to me.37 Then the righteous will answer: 0 our Lord, when did we see youhungry and satisfied you, (thirsty) and gave you to drink,129

130[MT 25:38-26:6"n'o:" o"y 38,,"K 'JK:n ';'0;' n'::1::1 ,U'j:'::1' ;",n 39,tuK O'~YD;' ,;:'::1tV 0;:" '~'K 'JK 1~K 0;" '~K" ,,~;, 137,,40." on'wy "K;:' O'J~j;';' "K ,nK~ 'JY ,nK' on'wyn'~"Y WK::1 'K::1' O""K 'J~~ "'0 "K~W' 'WK' ,::1,' 01,41";:'K'~' 1~W;' OY 0;:" 1;:"~ O'j;'~::1" on'j;'w;, K" 'nK~J ";:'K' " OnnJ K" 'n::1y,tz14 1;",n 'mK on'o;:, K" 0"37 'mK OnDOK K" n"K 'n";,43.'mK on'j:'::1 K,' n'::1::1''K K~J' ::137' UJ"K ,'J'K' 'n~ "'K "~K" 0;' 01 ,JY' TK 44o'n,w~ '~37 ,J";' K"';"0;' n'::1::1 'K ;",m O"Y, n"K.,mKOn'W37 K' 'WK O'~YD;' ,;:,W 0;:" '~'K 'JK '~K" O;"'K ;'J37,,45."K On'WY K' "K;:' O'J~j:';' "K~ ,nK 'JY, nKT.0"37 "n, O'j:",J;', 0"37 1'K'" ;"K ,;:",,46T"P P'D,','~,n, '~K ;"K;' 0"::1';' ,;:, ,::1,' ,"W' ;,,;:, 'WK;:' ,;",1"::1 'O~, O'K;' 1::1' nOD;' ;";" O'~' 'JW ,nKTV ,y,n K,;'l.;'::1"J' 0''';'';',~W, O'J;';:';' "lJ 'In::1 037;' ""1' O'J;';:';' 'UO 'DOKJ TK 3.tVD'Kj:'.11";'" ;'~'Y::1 ,"W' nK W'Dn, ,',n' 'J37",4.0Y::1 ;";" 1'Ktu 1D 1n::1 ;";" K' "~K,,537"J~;' 1'~'0 n'::1::1 ;"JJn 'D;:'::1 ,"W' ;";' ,tuK;:' ,;",615''''VS 38] omit FG I "n'o:n] 'U'O;), AB, "l'O;)' E15'''VS 39] omit FG15'''';):l1l1] ';)111 EF I ,nK/:)] 'nK/:) BEF I "K;) • • • ,nK/:)) "K;) "K ,;)/:) ,nK G15'4'0:11] '1I1K' EF I 'l/:)/:)] + OM/:) (7) G I 1;)'/:)11;)'/:):1 G15,42 n:lM1I1) 'n':1 :lM1I1 G I ;';)K' " tlnnl) 'mK onY:l1l1 G I ,,2] ',;), 'mK G15'''VS 43] omit G [see vs 42] I n':l:l'] + ':1'0:1 ABEF I 'mK on'o;) K" O"Y] omit A15,44 ,m~ "l'K' 'n/:)) 3 1 2 A I m,~) U'l'~ B I :1"m) :1"n 'K ABEF I n':l:l 'K] n':l:l' B I,/:)Y]omitEF15,45 mK 'lY?) 2 1 A15'''O''Y) + O'nlU nil" A, :l:1Y F]0" ,:l"') + nK H]0'2:1':1'] K:l' G I O~:l) ~ AH I ,,:l] ':l':l B]O,30Y:1 ••• ']10]0'):1;);'11 OY:1 ",,~ G 11I1!l'KP)1I1KD'KP A]o'4'Ji1") + :l, G I 1l11Dn,) O'Dn, G I U,,:1,,) u,m, BEF]O'S ~n:l J ~n:1 l:I1':l A]O":1'))n) K')ln A I 11/:)'0)1'/:)'111 ABEF38 naked and clothed you,131MT 25:38-26:6139 sick and visited you, in prison and came to you?40 The king will answer and say to them: Truly I say to you that everytime you did it to one of the needy of these (my brothers), even the littleones like these, you did it to me.41 Also he will say to those on his left: Depart from me you cursed and gointo the eternal fire, to the place prepared for you, with Satan and hisangels,42 because I was hungry and you did not give me to eat, I was thirsty andyou did not give me to drink,43 I was a wayfarer and you did not take me in, naked and you did notclothe me, sick and in (prison) and you did not visit me.44 Then they also will answer and say to him: When did we see you, 0our Lord, hungry, thirsty, or a wayfarer, naked, sick, or in prison andwere not with you serving you?45 He will answer them and say: I say to you that whenever you did notdo this to one of these needy, even the little ones like these, you didnot do it to me.46 Then these will go into eternal abhorrence but the righteous into eternallife.Chapter 26I It came to pass when Jesus finished speaking all these things, he said tohis disciples:2 Do you not know that after two days will be the Passover and the Sonof Man will be delivered into the hand of the Jews for the gallows.3 Then the rulers of the priests and the great ones of the people weregathered together in the court of the chief priest whose name wasCaiaphas.4 They took counsel together to seize Jesus by craftiness and to kill him.5 But they said it should not be at the feast lest there be a tumult amongthe people.6 It came to pass when Jesus was in Cephar-hananyah in the house of Simonthe leper,

132[MT 26:7-22,tl.'l'C' '37 ''''l'C j:'i'''' :"I'j:" :"In'tl.'~ '£1:1 nnl'C :"Itl.'l'C "'l'C :"Itv1J 7.1n'tl." :"I:10~ l'C':"I':"IT:"I l":1l'C:"I 37"~ 'l'C~ 0:"1' 37",8•0"J37' nn" :1, ,'n~:1 :"I';:)'~' ,;:),'90'~'tl.'l'C~ Onl'C 0:"1' '~l'C :"Itl.'37J l'J37 :"IT'l'C' ,:1, ,;:) 37"':"1 ,"tu,,10•"~37 :"Intu37 l'C'£lJ' :1'~ :"Itu37~ n~l'C:1 .nl'CT:"I :"Itul'C:"I nl'C•,'~n 0;:)~37 :"I':"Il'C l'C' 'Jl'C' ,'~n 0;:)~37 ,'n' O"J37:"1 ';:)11.'n":1j:" T~" '£111:1 nl'CT :"I~tv'1Z"1J"l'C T37' n :"I"tl.':1 l'C'j:'n ,tl.'l'C O'j:'~ ';:):1 0;:)' '~'l'C 'Jl'C 1~l'C13•";:)T:1 nl'CT :"Itv 37 ,tl.'l'C '~l'C' 0"37:"1 ';:):1n"j? j?'£1.O'J:"I;:):"I ""1' ,~",;:)tul'C l'C'" ,~tutu ,tu37 O'Jtu:"l~ ,nl'C ":"1 Tl'C 14O'tv'tl.' ,nl'C 'j:'O£l" .0;:)' ,"tl." "0~l'C 'Jl'C' " unn :"I~ '~l'C,,15.~O;:)•''''l'C "O~' l'J37 tuj:':1 "'l'C' 1l'C;:)~,16:"IJl'C '~l'C' '"tl.''' o','~,n:"l ,:1,j:' "'i~:"I 1n 'tl.' l'tl.'l'C':"I 0":1,17•no£l:"l n,';:)l'C " l';:)J"~l'C' n'tl.'37' ,:1' U:1,'tl.' tl."l'C :"IT'l'C' "37:"1 'l'C ,;:), 0:"1' '~l'C,,18•"'~'n 037 nO£l :"Itu37" '~37 l'C':"I :1"j:' 'J~T :1,:"1 '~l'C :"I;:) "•""~'n :1'" CD ln~ :1tl.'" l'C,m :1'37 n37' ':"1"20,nl'Ctv 0;:)' 'Jl'C '~'l'C 0:"1' '~l'C 0";:)'l'C ":"1 '~l'C;:)21.'J'O~'O;:)~.:"IT 'Jl'C:"I 'J"l'C '~l'C' ,nl'C ,;:) " "~l'C" 'l'C~ ':1i37n"n20" j;'1''''] j;"1ln, F I ,,,,It) il",1t AO I il~O"') il~'O'" A, ~:lO'" 0 I 1n'W')ln'Wil'Y EF20,11M) 'TIC'" 'Y 0 I illil l'~ltil Y'''''] il'!)W ilWIt 'Y 020"':1") ,,:1' il'il B, ,,:1' il'ilW 0 I ~, ,'n",~) omit 0 I nn")ln'" 02O,1t ill'It') ill'ltW EF I ilWY3 l'3Y] ilW" ,:I l'3Y A I Oil' '7.)1(] ,,,,It A I 1t'!)3') n7.)l(' EF I""'Y ilnWY 1t'!)3') 2 3 I A20,11 a"3Yil) a"Yil EF I ,'n'] "il' ABEFO20,12 '!)",~) '!llt~ B .20,'3 n) nltl AO I l"')lY'~ B I a"Yilj a,j;'''' EF I ilWY 'WIt) omit E I ilWY) ilnWY ABO, onut FI ":ll~) 'n':ll~ A2O"4,WY a'3Wil7.)) "1'""n ~/''''' 0 I ,,,,WW) ,,,,w FO I 'O,',:lWIt)ltO",:lO'1t AEF, ilO'It':lOIt 020,'5 a'l11?W) a'w,w~ A2o,,,,W',) 'W' ,It ABEF I il3It)lt31t BF2O,ltU~1'WW'It) U~1' 'WIt EF I ~'il) + '3''TIC EF I ilWY"1 ilWYIt ABEF2O'''Vs 19) omit all mss20,:11 ~"') "~ EF2O'221M] + '7.)1(' A I mit) Oil", mltil A I '3''TIC) omit EFMT 26:7-22)7 a woman drew near to him with a flask of costly ointment;she poured it upon his head while he was reclining at table.8 But this waste was very displeasing to them.9 It would have been possible to have sold it for a great price andto have given it to the poor.10 Jesus who knows everything in regard to any matter done, said tothem: Are you making accusation against this woman? Truly she hasperformed a good and wonderful deed toward me.11 Because the poor (will be) with you always, but I will not be with youalways.12 Her placing this on my body refers to my burial.13 Truly I say to you, everywhere this gospel, that is, evungel, is proclaimedin all the world, that which this one has done will be said inreference to my memory.14 Then one of the Twelve, whose name was Judas Iscariot, went to thechief priests.IS He said: What will you give me that I should deliver Jesus over to you?They settled with him for thirty pieces of silver.16 From then on he sought a context for delivering him over.17 On the first day of the festival of unleavened bread the disciples cameto Jesus saying: Where shall we prepare for you to eat the Passover?18 He said to them: Go into the city to a certain man who will be a volunteerfor the task and say to him: Thus says the teacher, my time is near;with you (I will observe) the Passover with my disciples.20 It came to p~ss at the time of evening, he was sitting at table with histwelve disciples.21 As they were eating he said to them: I say to you that one of you willinform against me.22 They were very sad and spoke each one to him saying:Lord, is it I?133

134[MT 26:23-36":'1 C;,:l, .'],:l7,)' N,n n'31p:J '7,)31 ", ;:J,~n cn; 131,,23.,m"7,)tVn ,n"':ln ';NtV ,n"':ln N; 1:l; .nnN n'31p:J C';:l'NN,nn C'N; "N ,:J :J,n:l:l ,;,n C'Nn l:JtV n7,)N ,"tV' cn; '7,)N,,24. .N,nn tV'N; ,;u N;tV ,; :J'~ .'07,)' C'N 1:J ,;':JtV:J 'tVN.n':J' nnN '7,)N" nT ']Nn ':J, ,; '7,)N" ,,:l7,) 'tVN N'" 131,,25~"i? i?'!)""7,);n; 1n', ,np;n', ,,:J', cn; ,"tV' np', C';:l'N n7,)n 26m7,) ,ntV '7,)N".'!)U N,n m ';:IN' ,np '7,)N"cn; 1n', 1':JN; c'n:JtV 1n', O':ln nN np,,27.C:l;,:l.nU,31 n'!):l; c':J,n ,,:J31:J ,!)tV' ,tuN ntu,n n":J7,) '7,)' ,m 28'31 nNm l!)ln "!)7,) ,;'N' 1N:l7,) ']N nntVN N; C:l; ']N '7,)'N2 9.C'7,)tu m:l;7,):J C:l7,)31 tznn ,mN nntVNtV N,nn c,'n.c'mn ,n; 'N3t"':l;,,30'''i' i"!)pw n;';n ';31 ':J3t31nn C:l;:l 'N:J ""7,);n; ,"tV' '7,)N TN3 l.c'31"n n]'3t,!)m n31"n nN ,n :J'n:l.;';l:J C:l; n;lN nn'7,)n7,) '7,),p ',nN,32:J3t31nN N; ']N ";31 ,:J3t31' C;:l CN ,; '7,)N" tu",,~,!) 131,,33. .C;,31;':Jln nN"p C"p n;';n nT:Jtu ,; '7,)'N ']N 17,)N ,"W' '7,)N,,34.C'7,)31!) /l ':J ''!):InnT:l' .,:J ''!):IN N; '7,)31 m7,); ,; l:ln' CN tu",,~,!) ,; '7,)N,,3S.c"'7,);nn ;:l ,; ,j17,)NCW; ,;Ntu '31 N] ':Jtu '7,)N" C']7,)W N'l ,!):l; Cn7,)37 ,"W' N:J TN 36.;;!)nN')6,2) 'l';)7.l') '1'07.l' AF I '''ICII1) ''''1C1I1 A)6''''''''::2111::2) omit G I D'TIC 1::2) '07.l' D'TIC:11::2 A, C'TIC:1 1::2 '07.l' EF I 'O7.l') + ''''::2111::2 G)6'15,,;)7.l '1I11C) omit G I ";)7.l) + " or" G I 'JIC:l) :1nlC:1 EF)6,)6 C''';)'IC :17.l:1) omit EF I '111') + nlC H I "::2") + ,mlC EF, omit G I In', ':1p"n',) ,"n', H I:1T] ,m ABGH I 1C':1) omit H)6,21 ,m)IC':1 :1T G I n1J1J) n1J1J:1 H)6,Z9'llC'] omit G I '11C :1nll1lC IC") omit B I 'JIC 2 ] omit EF I C'7.lIl1] '::21C A)6'31,;).",) '::2111"ABEF)6,31 ""7.l"n" '111' '7.lIC] '111' C:1" '7.l1C ABEFGH I '''J '::2JJnn C;)";)] 2 3 I F I C'''':l) lICJ:1 AEFG)6,32 "'''1::2) "'''1:1 ,:1::2 EF)6,33l111'O'Il] "O'll A I c.,;)) omit G)6,..,7.lIC") + ,., ABEF I :1T::2I11) nlCT::2111 AEF)6, 35 l111'O'Il) "O'll A I C"'7.l"n:1 .,;)) C.,,;) GMT 26:23-36123 He answered them: He who dips his handwith me in the dish will sell me. All of them were eating from onedish. Therefore, they did not recognize him; because if they had recognizedhim, they would have destroyed him.24 Jesus said to them: Truly the Son of Man goes as it is written concerninghim; woe to that man for whose sake the Son of Man is betrayed.Good would it be for that man not to have been born.25 Judas, who sold him, answered and said to him: Rabbi am I this one?He said: You have spoken.26 They were eating and Jesus took bread, blessed, divided it, gave it tohis disciples and said: Take and eat; this is my body.27 He took the cup, gave praise to his father, gave it to them, andsaid: Drink from this, all of you.28 This is my blood of the new covenant which will be poured out formany for the atonement of sins.29 I say to you I will not drink henceforth from the fruit of this vine untilthat day when I drink it new with you in the kingdom of heaven.30 (They returned) and went out to the Mount of Olives.31 Then Jesus said to his disciples: Come, all of you, be grieved becauseof me tonight because it is written: Smite the shepherd and the (sheep)will be scattered.32 After my resurrection from death, I will be revealed to you in Galilee.33 Peter answered and said to him: If all of them are grieved because ofyou, I will never be grieved.34 Jesus said: Truly I say to you, this night before the cock-crow you willdeny me three times.35 Peter said to him: If it is arranged for me to die with you, I will notdeny you. Likewise all the disciples said to him.36 Then Jesus came with them to the village of Geshemonim and said: Sitnow until I go there and pray.135

136[MT 26:37-51m';", :13t37n;",'nn;" 'N':JT '):J ')W nN' W"~'D nN nj;',,37.r'J37T.'~37 "~tv, ')';:)~O m~ '37 n:J3t37n~ 'WD) 0;" '~N TN 38,;:)" ON '~N" "Dn', ")D '37 "D" ~37~ ~N' ~N' ",,39;";" :'13t" ')NtV ,~;:) N' O)~N .m;, 0';:):'1 ')~~ N) '0;' m':'1'•,),3t,;:) N'N,)'N;' ,;:) ""~'D' '~N" .O')W' ON3t~" o','~,n;, 'N N:J,,40.nnN ;'37W "~37 ,,~W, ";:)'" "" 1';:)) n,,;,tV n~N;'tv l"O):J 'N:Jn 1D "'Dn:'1' "~tu41.:'1',m w,n 'W:J;' nN 'N'N'N ;'T:1 0';:);' "0;" ,;:),n N' ON "~N' "Dn;" n')w ",,42•,),3t,;:) 'W37 :'1';" ':'1nWNW•O',:J;:) 0;")'37 ";'W O')W' ON3t~" 1;:) ',nN :JtV,,43.O')'WN';' O',:J,;:) n'w',w 037D "Dn;" "" omN :J'T37,,44N"'j:' j?'D:J,j;';' :'1);' mu, uw 0;" '~N" ,','~,n, "'1' ,"tV' N:J TN 45•0'N~n;, ,':J 'O~' O'N:'1 1:J' n37;'.U'O~'W ,~ :J"j;' ,);,W ,,), ,~,~.N:J ,','~,n :J"'~ ,nN N~"';:)ON N'" ;,);" ':J'~ U"y47""1 nN~ o'm,tv o,~,tv:J' m:J,n:J :'1:J, nnN :'1":Jn '~37'.037:'1 "tV, 0');';:);'.,;"tVDm N';' N';' Uj;'tVN 'WN mN 0;" 1n) ';"'O~ 'WN,48•';'j;'W" ':J, ''1'37 O,'W " '~N" ,"W' 'N tV1) ,,~,49,:J 0" ,n,w', ,:J,j;'" .n'W37 ;,~ ':J';'N Y'W' "'N '~N,,50•';"WDn',':J37 ", ':J,n r'J"W" ", ;,~) ,"tv' 037 ;";' 'WN~ ,nN :'1);,,51•,)UC m,;:)', 0');';:);' ":J37~ ,nN•• J7 lVl'''·!l) ""'!l A I 'lW nK'l) 'WK'l A I ;It'Df) iI''Dl B··J"l';)IXl) 'l"ZlW EF.:Jf,.,.,) omit G I tllC;2j omit A I ;P) nK F I ,7.lK") ':IIC 'Zl'K'l AEF. + ';)K BG IK)) omit AB I 'lKW) l'lKW F....,''''!l;)lVl''''!l; E. O""'!l; FG I 'P) omit AEF I 1l'KiI) 1l'K G I nnK ilPW) 2 1 G"··l!l) + ;) G I 'K;)n) K;)n FinK 'K' ,;) 1K 'K";); A I W;n)lVl;n A..a "O;r;) + nK AB I O':;)iI) 0':;) A I 'WP) "WP ABEFG..OJC''D:;)) + "ilW A•••C;r;) omit G••07K;)) omit EF Iii;)') + K;) A I CPiI "lVl) omit F I CPi'l) omit E-,m'07:l 'WK'l) ,:n0l:) E. 'iI'07:l C,tl1 F I mK) + W'KiI ABEFG I K'iI'j iltil A-";K) ,; EF I '",W") ':;)';W" A"'-'. iI'iI) "iI A I CP iI'ilj nK G I m':;)"j + nK ABGMT 26:37-51)37 He took Peter and the two sons of ZebedeeIand began to be sad and troubled.38 Then he said to them: My soul is grieved unto death; support me andwatch with me.39 He slowly went forward a little, fell on his face, prayed and said: (myfather), if it is possible, take this cup from me. Indeed, let it not be as Iwill, but according to your will.40 He came to the disciples and found them sleeping. He said to Peter: Soyou are unable to watch with me one hour?41 Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation, because truly the spiritis ready to go (to its creator, but) the flesh is weak and sick.42 He went again to pray saying: If you are not able to remove this cupexcept I should drink it, let it be done according to your will.43 Afterwards he returned and found them sleeping because their eyes wereheavy.44 He left them and went to pray a third time according to the first words.4S Then Jesus came to where the disciples were and said to them: Sleep andbe at rest; behold the time has come near when the Son of Man will bedelivered into the hand of sinners.46 Arise, let us go, for behold he who will betray him is near.47 While he was speaking, behold Judas Iscariot, one of his twelvedisciples, came. With him was a large crowd with swords and whipssent from the chief priests and the princes of the people.48 He who betrayed him had given them a sign: (The man) whom I kiss isthe one whom you are to arrest. .49 Immediately he drew near to Jesus and said to him: Greetings Rabbi;then he kissed him.so Jesus said to him: My friend, what have you done? ·They came,stretched out their hand against him, and arrested him.SI Behold, one who was with Jesus stretched out his hand,drew his sword, struck one of the servants of the priests,and cut off his ear.137

138[MT 26:52-66~,n~ ~,n C,!)"tz.mtv ;,),) ,~ ,~,n ~tv;, ,"tv' ",~ '7,)~,,52."'!)'~"'7,) ,n' ;,n37 " p~, ,~,,~~ 371)!)' ':J'~tv 1'~n ~,;'53?C':J~'7,),tv m),'",.mtv37' ,,~, ptV ?C'~,n:J;' 1'~'7,)' ,,~,S4'm~ nnp, cn~~ C'~U ')";' C~ '7,):J ;",~n, ,"tv' '7,)~ ,n~55C:J,7,)'7,) tu,p7,)~ C:J7,)37 'n";, C" ':J~ ~,;" .C,~,tv~, m~,n~?'),n~:J37 ~"':J T~ .C'~':1:l;'7,) c'~,n:J;' '~'7,)' 137' ;,tu37) m ':J C)7,)~S6.,n,~, ,;"n');, ""7,),n':J T~' .C');':J;' ",,, tu!)'~P n'~, ,"tv', ,:J',,;' C;,,57.";'P) C'tv"!);,, C',!)'O;'.C');':J;' ",,, n'~ '37 p,n,7,) ,',n~ ",;, ;";' tv",,~,!),S8.n":Jn;, ;,~" '37 C')7,)'~;' 'X~ " ~tv" n'~, O):J),137' ,"tu' ,,,) ,ptu "37 C'X" ";' C'tu"!);,, C');':J;' """,59.,;"n'7,)'.,"tu' ,,,) ,ptu "37 ;,~,;, U':J;' ,tu~ ,n~, C'~X'7,) ";' ~,,60.C"ptv C"37 ,)tv ,~~ ~'O'C'7,)' '" ,n~, ,~;, tv,p7,) n'ntv;" n":J' " tv' '7,)~ m '7,)~,,61.,m~ lpn,,,~tu m'37;' ,,,) ,~, ;')'37 ')'~ " '7,)~" cp C');':J;' ",,,,62.,''') C"'377,)'n ,~~ ')~ '37'~tu7,) " '7,)~ C');':J;' ",,,, .,~, ;')37 ~, ,"tv,,63.,~;, 1::1 n'tV7,) ;,n~ C~ ,), '7,)~ntv,~;, 1~ ,~,n 1"37 c:J, '7,)'~ ')~ "37' '7,)'~ ;,n~ ,"tu' " 137,,64.c'pntV '~37~ ~~ ,~;, n"~,, 1'7,)" ~tz.'",,'X U, ;'7,)' .c'p'~ ,,~ ;'T '7,)~' ",,,~ 37'P C');':J;' ",,, T~6S.,~;, ,,~ "~ Cn377,)tv c:J":J ;,);" ?c',n~ C"37'.;,n'7,) ~"ntv U37 cm ?mtv37' 1:Jn'tv c:J' ;,~" ;'7,)66..,52 C'D"II1:lIl1) C'D"II1:l1l1 ABFG"'53,",) ,"" AO..,55 C'tl,II1:J, n1:J'":J) omit 0"'''Ut''~')l'It''~' ABEFO I ,",:J,] + tl:l" 0..,S7":lPll + CII1" 0"' 51 l111'tl'D') "tl'D' A I ,Y'j"lt A I "''':l~:l"''''''''1') omit BFO I C'I"] + It'I~'' B..,..,It:Jj omit 0"~I '~"j ,,~" ABO I ,",It 1P"") ':ll:JIt' :J,1I11t G• • • Ol:ll') omit BF.....:llY It" '111.,) 231 G I :llY) :ll'Y A I 'lit 'Y':JII1~)21 ABEG, 1 F"''''111') omit A I Q:J" ,~,It 'lit "~J 1:l" G I l'~'''1 + ,:J1t G"' 05 C'j:)"It) C'''1t AO I "It:l) C'''1t A, C'j:)"1t BEF, "It:l "It GMT 26:52-66)S2 Jesus said to him: Return your sword to its sheath,for (those who draw) the sword will fall by the sword.S3 Do you not understand that I can meet my enemies and indeed there willbe for me at once more than twelve legions of angels?S4 But how will the Scriptures be fulfilled? Because thus it is intended tobe done.S5 Afterwards Jesus said to the crowd: As if we were thieves have youcome to take me with swords and whips? Was I not with you every dayin the temple teaching you without you hindering me?56 Surely all this was done because the writings of the Prophets werebeing fulfilled. Then all his disciples left him and fled.57 They led Jesus to the house of Caiaphas the high priest. Then all thescribes and Pharisees were gathered together.58 Peter was following him at a distance unto the house of the high priest.He entered the house and sat near the craftsmen until he should see theend.59 The chief priests and the Pharisees wished (to find) false witnessesagainst Jesus in order to put him to death.60 But they did not find even one, though they provided many false witnessesagainst Jesus. Finally two false witnesses came forward.61 (They said): This one said I have the power to destroy the temple ofGod and after three days to repair it. .62 The high priest arose and said to him: Do you not answer anythingagainst the testimony that these are bearing against you?63 But Jesus answered not a word. The high priest said to him: I adjureyou by the living God that you tell us if you are the Messiah, the Son ofGod.64 Jesus answered him: You say it; but again I say to you, you have yet tosee the Son of God sitting at the right of the power of God coming onthe clouds of heaven.65 Then the high priest tore his garments and said: This one has cursedGod. What need do we have for other witnesses? Behold all of youhave heard how he cursed God.66 What do you think can be done? They answered: He is guilty of death.139

140[MT 26:67-27:8,.']!)J " ,n!)1' C',nlC' '~:Jtu '31 ':'1'P':'1' ,']!)J 'PP' TlC'"•,:J:'1 ,~ n'tu~:'1 u, "~lC C"~'lC68nnlC :'In!)tu "'lC :'Itu11' 'In:'l nn!), 1~'31 :'1':'1 W""1',!),69.1~'31 n":'1 ""1:'1 ,"tu' C31 :'1nlC lC':'1' " n,~,lC'nlC :'1~ 311" ']'lC :'1WlC :'1' '~lC' ,:J:'1 ']!)J :'1' wn:J W""1',!),70.n,~,lCCW C',J,31, n,~lC' n,nlC :'1n!)W :'1lC' ,31tu:'l ,J31 ,tulC:J,7..n,"JlC]J ,"W' C31 1~'31 :'1':'1 tu'lC:'1 :'1T.,,':J:'1 lC'W :'131,JWJ ,"tu' tun:J n,nlC C31!),72"~lC" 'JnJ C'1~'31:'1 tu,,"1"!) 'lC 'W1] 1'31~ l~T' l:J ,nlC,73.C:'I~ :'InlCtu ,:J] "Jl~tu lC'J]:'1 :'1T n"Jn~ lC':'1 :'1nlC "lC'V 1'~' .,,':J:'1 lC' l~T C,tuJtu 31Jtu'" ,,!):J, ,'nn:'1 TlC 74•'U],n:'1,,!):J' 'J1:'1 nlC"V Cl'VW ,"W' " '~lC 'WlC~ ,:JU W""1',!),7S.'W!)] m"'~J :'1:JJ, T,n, lCJ' TlC' .C'~31!) '1 ,JJ"'j? i"!),"tu' 11] :'1J31 ,np, C']'~1V:'1' c'~:Jn:'1 "'11 ,:J 'VJJ ':'1".•':'IU':'1' ,:J, ':J~tu.'JT1 :'1':'1tu 1'''lC''!) T1''''!) n'J' ':'1,:J',,:'1 "WV,2J,tu, ,'nn:'1 1'1] :'1':'1tu lC1"":JOlC lC'" :'1lC' ,tulC:J TlC,3.C31:'1 ']PT" C']:'1:J:'1 "11' C"]'1 c'tu,tu:'1 ,m, .:'1J'WnJu, :'1~ " "~lC C:'11 .'V] Cl 'n:J!)WW 'nlC1'n ']lC '~lC4.:'1lC,n :'1nlC•'~J31 :'1,m nnlC 'In nV" " ":'1' W1V~J m31~:'1 V'T's"lC C'W]W pn' lC' ,,~~ m31~:'1 ,nV' 'WlC:J C']:'1:J:'1 "'11,6.,"W' '~1 131J Un]W C:'1 Cl '~1W W1V~J m31~:'1ctu "J1'W l31J o,n ,J,' CllC :'11W l31J cmlC un', 'J31",7.C"l:'1.:'1T:'1 C":'1 131 Cl ':'1lC :'11tu ,mlC lC'v] p"s..067 ,mp"m) ,m;):'11 EF..,..,;):1) ,n'K :1;):1 G"'''lU,,~'!n) "~'El' A I nnEl") nnEl;) A I nnK) omit G..m :1K') ':1K' ABEF I C',:2,,") C''T7J'31'' ABEFG I '7.3'31) omit A I n'SKJ::I) mKU A, "'K1J::I BE..m 'lU'] 'lU':1 AG, "~'El G..,'3,'::I1/.)lU) ,":21/.)lU A, ,',::I1/.)' EF ."""lU"~'El') "~'El' A I ,;)U) omit B I ""',7.3::1) n'7.3::1 B I 'lUElJ) omit A>7,1 C'7.3;)n:1) C'J:1;):1 A>7,2 n:2") omit EF I T~'El) TJ'El AB, T"El EF, O~'El G>7'3"'11") "'11 "K EF I C31:1) C31 G>7"1:1311") ,u'n', EF I C'TK] O'TK "lU F I o,n) omit EF I "::I1'lU) "::IP'lU ABG, "'l'lU EFMT 26:67-27:8167 Then they spit in his face and struck him on the back,and others slapped him in the face68 saying: Tell us, Messiah, who struck you.69 Peter was standing at the entrance of the courtyard, and there came nearto him a maid who said to him: Were you not standing with Jesus theGalilean?70 Peter lied to her before all and said to her: Woman I do not knowwhat you are saying.71 When he passed through the gate another maid saw (him) and said tothose who were (standing) there: this man was standing with Jesus inNazareth.72 Again he denied Jesus with an oath [saying] that he did not know him.73 After a little while, those who were standing in the courtyard drew nearto Peter and said to him: You are from this prophet's group; it is clearfrom your speech you are one of them.74 Then he began to deny and to swear that at no time had he known him.Immediately the cock crowed.7S Peter remembered what Jesus had said to him, that before the crowingof the cock he would deny him three times. Then he went outside andwept with bitterness of soul.Chapter 27I It came to pass in the morning all the chief sages and elders took counselagainst Jesus that they should surely put him to death.2 They led him bound to the house of Pontius Pilate who was commander.3 When Judas Iscariot saw that he had been judged, he began to turn inrepentance. He returned the thirty dinars to the high priest and to the eldersof the people.4 He said: I have sinned because I have shed innocent blood. But theysaid to him: What is that to us? You see to it.SHe threw the coins in the temple, went and took a rope and hangedhimself.6 When the chief priests received the coins they said: It is not possiblefor us to place these coins in the temple because they are the fruit ofblood since they were given for the blood of Jesus.7 So they took counsel and gave them for a field of a certain potter of claythat they might (bury) strangers there.8 Therefore that field is called the tent of blood unto this day.141

142[MT 27:9-23,:J, O::l'J'Y:J :J,t) ON 0:'1' '7,)'N' N':JJ:'I :'I"::lT '7,)N7,) O'll.'J TN 9"N ":'1 '7,)N" .flO::l O'W'W ',::lW "pW" .",n ON' ',::lWo,n ,J,':'I O'N:'I7,) ':'In •,J,':'I 'N ,::l"W:'I.:'I,J 'J"N 'WN::l1o"7,) N':'I :'InN:'I " 'NW' t)"N"!) 'J!), '7,)'Y :'1':'1 ,"W"u•'7,)'N :'InN '7,)N '"ll.''' .0"':'1':'1O'W, OY:'I 'Jpn O'J:'I::l:'l ",,) ,Y:J fl'" :'1':'1 ,"W' 'WN::l,12•:'IJ'37 :'1':'1 N' "'Y O"7,)'N ":'IW ,:J,.1')J W' m',y :'I7,)::l :'IN" 1J'N " '7,)N t)"N,,!),13.'N7,) :'IT7,) N'!)J :'1':'1 t)"N"!)' ,:J, "'N :'IJY N' "'W,,14OY, nn, :'1':'1 "Y:'I ':JT)ll.' O):'IJ7,) :'1':'1 no!) 'W ,:J::lJ:'I )n:'l 0":J,15•,J,' 'WN ,mN O"'ON:'I7,) ,nN "ON•W"N:J':J '7,)W :'It)'W t)Y7,)::l :'I':'IW ,nN w':Jn :'1':'1 t)"N"!) ":J,16.,,:J:J ,mN OW, :'InJ' 'Y ni"J'n'JNtZl 'J,n "N7,) :'IT'N t)"N"!) 0:'1' '7,)N '!)ONJ 'WN::l,17.n'tZl7,) N,pJW ,"ll." 'N ll.'''N:J':J.np'J OJn nNJW ,YW Y'" :'1':'1 t)"N"!)W ,!),1817,)7,) 'IN :'I,'nN '7,)N' n"ll.' " :'In,w ,nWN NO::l:J :JW,' '''Y:J,19:'1"':'1 nNT:JW p',J ,mN ,)J::l ,:J, '7,)Nn N' 1'JY O'W:JW."Y:J :'IN'7,):J O':J, O'J'J37 'n':JoWN:J':J nN "NW' OY, "':'IP:'l n,:'I 'Jpn O'J:'I::l:'l ",,),20.n'7,)' "'ll."W,.ll.'N:J':J "7,)N 0:'1' .n'JJW 'J,n 0:'17,) :'IT'N t)"N"!) 0:'1' 1y,,21O,,::l, .n'w7,) N'i'J:'I ,"W'7,) :'IWYN :'17,) ::l"N t)N"!) 0:'1' '7,)N,,22•:'I'n'w 'J37O'pY'T ":'1 i'nn:J 0:'1' .:'IW37 :'IY, 'T'N 0:'1' '7,)N t)"N,,!),23.':'I"n' ':'I"n' ':'I"n'27";'I":lT] omit G I ,7m ... ,7.l,I

144[MT 27:24-38O'W C"W:'1' ";" N" :'1~'j:'n :'1':'1 N'W '",N':::1 W"'\:)N"£)'UTn" O'~ np, 031:::1 :'1"'1 :'1\:)\:)j:' :'1T '31:::1 O'j:"W O"j:' 0:'1~31 ,:::1,.'W31n :'1~ 0;" ,,~tu .0:'1~ 'j:') ')N '~N' 031:'1 ')£):::1 "".U31'T '31' U"31 :'1':'1' ,~, "~N' 031:'1 ,;, ')31,15.,m'n'w ;'1)'31~' "j:" ,"W' 0:'1' 'O~' WN:::1':::1 :'1' n'):'1 TN'u1"'P P'£)0'~31~ :::1, ':'1j:' ')£):::1 ":'1j:'" '~W~:::1 ,"W', ,nj:" '3tn:'1 'W,£) TN Z7•0':::1'.j:"" 'W~ "31~ ,m£)\:)31" 'W~ "1:::1 ,"W', ,mW':::1"'ZlI":::1 nnN ;'1)j:' " ,~W, 'WN' '31 ':'1~'W" 0'3t,j:'~ :'1'\:)31 'W31'Z91'~ 1"31 O,'W U~~ 0'1'31'~ ":'1 0'31";" n')~':'1•0''':'1':'1.'WN':::1 O';'~' :'1)j:':'1 o'nj:'" ":'1' ")£):::1 " o'j:'j:""JO,mw':::1,m "31~:'1 U~~ '\:)'W£):'1 ')~~ '1'31':'1 'WN;,,31.'''''n' ,,3t, ,tu':::1'~.')31);':'11'31~W '~WW W'N:::1 '311£) "31:'1~ O'N3t" 0"31,3z.:::1'31' 'nw:'1 ''', :'1:::1"3t:'1 1""W ,mO)N'"N"'Nj:' ':'1 N':'1 N\:)U'U N'j:') O'j:'~' 'N:::1,33N" 'W'1':'1 ",nw, ,'nn:'1 'WN;" .:'1'~:::11'T~ 1" " un),34.n,nw' :'13t"."U:::1 "1:::1 ,p,n :'1:::1"3t:::1 ,m~tu ,tuN;' ,nN,35n'TN) ,"W' :'1T '~'N :'1':'1W ,nN :::1n;,~ 'WN' '31 " ,n'):'1 ,nN,37.'N'W' 1'~."N~W' ,nNm U'~" ,nN:'1 0':::1)1 ')W '~31 "n) TN 38%7'''Fllm'''Il']lm'''Il' AEFG I ,mK':2 Fllm"'ll') tlaca,ll ,mK':2' G I K'" ittnpn] omit A I ",~, K"')",~, it'it K'" EF I C'lW)"~ A I np"] + tlP" A I ,~) 'OK" EF I CitO) CTrlO ABEF, 'lU' C'TtlG I "OW) ,'Ttl" EF%7' 25 UY1]UP am G lapit ,,~) c",~ G IUP'T) u'nT BEF%7'''m] am AEF I WK:2,:2) WK:2K':2 A, W:2,:2 EF%7'ZI,~] omit G%7,2t,WY1) itWY1 B I ,itC'W'1) mc'W'1 AEF, 'O'W., G I nnac] 'mK G I ,.:2] ,,.:2 ABEF,". "P G I UCC] + a""'K G%7'" c'PP1"] C'PP1' ,'m A%7

146[MT 27:39-57tv~, 0'37')~' ')~~ 0''''37'~ ":'1 0"::I'37;,,3937'tlnn O'~' :'1W'W "37::I' '~:'1 W'v~ n::I,n 'W!)~ n~, 0,,~,~,40.;'::I"1:'1 1~ " '~:'1 l::I :'1n~ O~' '~137O"~'~' U~~ 0''''37'~ ":'1 037:'1 ')VT, 0'):'1::1:'1 """,41", ~':'1 ,~'W' ,,~ O~ .37'tv,:'1' ,::I,' ~, '~137' 37'W':'1 0',n~:'142·1'~~)' T37:'1 1~l::I ~':'1W ,~~ ~':'1tv :'11" O~ :'1n37 ':'137'W" '~::I 137W) ~':'1 '::1 43.0'V'~:'1•'O.SJ C'?ru ":'1W O'::I)).:'1 " ,,~~ 0~137 O',::I,:'1 om~,44•n'37'tvn :'137W '37 "~37' 0"37:'1 '::I::I m::l,wn 'W37) n'tvW :'137tv"4S.')n::IT37 :'1~' ,,~ ,,~ W"v:'11,tv'::I ,~,~ ",,, "V::I V371 ,"tv,46.:'1"~' ~"V :'1T ,~~ OW 0"~'37:'1~ ,n~,47.mnw' " 1n), T~,n ':'1~'~' "'!)O~ nV' ,,~,48•':'137'tv", :'1"~ ~::I' O~ :'1~') O"~'~ ":'1 0',n~;"49,"::I~' ,n~tv) n,w, ",,, "V::I n,n~ 037!) V371 ,"W"SO:'1W37" :'1~~' :'1'37~'~ O'37'V ')W' tv'V~:'1 n::l'!) 37'V) ,,~,SI.0')::I~:'1 "::InW)' T'~:'1.,~V '!)37 n~,~ ')'W'~ O'::I" ,nn!)) 0"::IV;"S2.O'::I,' ",,), W'V:'1 "37::I '~::I ,'nw ,n~, On"::IV~ '~1"S3T'~:'1 nW37':'1 ,~, ,"W' ,,~tv, '~37 0"~'37;" :'1~~:'1 ,tv,54'V"~:'1 p :'1':'1 m n~~::I O"~,~, ,~~ "n!)', ,tv37)tv O',::I,:'1''W~W 'W~ 1m~~ V,n,~ m'~'37 ":'1W m::I' O'W) OW ":'1,S5.:'1::1 '37 "''':'1~ ,"tv',O~, t')O,', ::IV37' O~ O"~, :'1)"'''~ :'1~"~~ :'1n':'1 l"::I::I,56.'~'::IT ')::I:'1':'1' t')O,' ,~W .:'1~'O~)'::I~ :'1':'1W "W37 O,~ ~::I ::I'37 n37,,57.'''tv'~ ,'~,n27,30 117lC') Oll7lC' A27,40 'lI7!)lC] 1'lC A, 'lI7lC BEF I n:1,n] n:1,n :lnlC G I "lC:"I)"lC F I O'/,)'J + ':U:1n A I :1:1'''1:11/,)]:1:1'''1:1/,) EFG27: 42 11'117':1 O',nlC:1] 11'117';" lC!)' O',nlC" G I l'/,)lC3'] + ,:1 ABG27:43 ':1) ,:1 [to be read with vs 42; see above] ABG I O'p"lC:"I) O'''lC:1 A27:" '117'] '117' "I1'lI7n :111117'" A27:C:1'''lC'') P'''lC'' EF27:·1'!)OlC] 1'!)0:1 EF27,5' :1"I1/,)"/,)] :1"I1/,)/,) EF27:52'!)11] '!)I1:1 B27:53 On":1p/,)] om':1p/,) E I ,'nll7j m EF I ,"m] '''1 EF27:54'117113117 0":1';") '117113 'lI7lC 0":1':1 ,,:1, G I O"/,)'lC'] "/,)lC"AG, '/,)lC' E I p'''lC:1] ;""lC:1 AB27:551mlC/,)] omlC/,) G I :1:1) :1!l EF27:57 :1lC'OlC3':I/,) :1':1117] omit G I :1lC'OlC3':I/,)) :1lC'C'/,)":I/,) A, "OlC/,)':I/,) EF I ,117'/,) ,~"n :1':1') omitAMT 27:39-57)39 Those who were passing by mocked himand shook (their) heads40 saying: See, (how) you would lay waste the temple of God and in yetthree days (build it); save yourself; if you are the Son of God comedown from the gallows.41 The chief priests and the elders of the people mocked him saying:42 Others he saved; himself he cannot save. If he is the king of Israel lethim come down from the tree and we will believe.43 Since he trusted in God, let him save him now if he' wishes, because hesaid he is the Son of God.44 The thieves who were hung with him said to him these very samewords.45 At the sixth hour, darkness came in all the world and it remained untilthe ninth hour.46 Jesus cried in a loud voice saying, in the holy language: My God, MyGod, why have you forsaken me.47 One of those standing there said: This one is calling for Elijah.48 Immediately he took spongy-bread, filled it with vinegar and gave it tohim to drink.49 Others were saying: We will see if Elijah will come and deliver him.50 Jesus cried another time in a loud voice and sent his spirit to his father.51 Immediately the curtain of the temple was tom into two pieces, from thetop downwards; the earth shook and the rocks were broken.52 The graves were opened and many of those asleep in the dust arose.53 They came out of their graves and after (this) they entered the holy cityand were revealed to many.54 The captain of the hundred and those standing with him watching Jesussaw the earthquake and the things which were done and were very afraidsaying: Truly this was the Son of God.55 Many women were standing there at a distance from amongthose who served Jesus from Galilee unto that time.56 A mong them were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James andJoseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee!.57 At evening time, a rich man from Karnasiah came. His name was Josephand he was a disciple of Jesus.147

148[MT 27:58-28:8." ,;-nUl'JU ;''ml ~"N"D' .'''W'~ rtu.:'1 " 'NU" ~"N"D' ,,;-n58•i~O :l'XVn 'tOo 'l:::1:::1 ,;";,, ,np, rt0",59'D '37 :'1"'l pN Cll" ':::1N~ unn :::1ln3 :'1':'1tu ,,:::1P:::1 ,mN Ctu,60•,:::1P:'1.~N"D''N:::1 C'W"D:'1' C'3:'1;':'1 ""l nOD:'1 n,n~~,62'''37:::1 '~'N :'1':'1 "pum :"ITtu C"';'T~ '3N '33"N " "~N,63•:'1'n', "~37' C'~' :'1tu'tu TP'tu c"n:::1,','~,n~ :"IT'N "'N:::1tl.' 'tl."'tl.':'1 C" '37 ":::1j:' ,,~tl." :'1'1 1;",64,tu37' :"IT CN' .m~:'1~ '~37tu C37' "~N' ,nN' .,mN :::1Ul" N:::1'."tuN':'1 ,~ 1"nN:'1 "37 :'1':'1' "l.";"ntl.' :::1'~ ,m':'1 "~W C"~'W 'Wp:::1 C:'1' '~N ~N"D,65.c,,~,tl.' CW ,n'3:'1' ,;-n~nm ':::1j:':'1 1'3:::1 '~'tu C;-n66''''i' i"DC"~' :'13"'l~ C"~ 'N:::1 :'1~;,tl.':'1:::1 37':::1tl.':'1~ "tl.'N':'1 C":::1,1•,:::1P:'1 mN" n,nN.'~37' PN:'1 ,D;-n ,:::1P' C'~tl.':'1 ,~ ", ":'1 'N'~tu T'N:'1 :'1tl.'37'3,2•l'tu;, "'l:::1' W~tl.';, :'1':'1 ':'1N,~,3.c'n~:'1 "~37' C,,~,tl.':'1 ":'1:::13 "nD~,4mtup:::1~ ,nNW 37'" '3NW "nDn 'N C'tl.'3' '~N' 'N'~:'1 :'1337,5.:'1'113 'WN '"tl.''''~37 'WN C'P~:'1 'N" 'N':::1 p, •'~NW ,~;, 'n ,:::1;'W 1N;' '33'N 6•,"N:'1 Ctu:'1':'1' N,;-n .1"N:'1 Ctl.' '~37 ,:::1;'tu ,','~,n, "~N' ,,~ ,;",7.C;" '~N 'tl.'N;' ':'1'N,n CW, C;"3D'"'~PP'D:'1:::1, :'1n~tl.':::1' 'N'~:'1 mN' ":::137:::1 ':::1P:'1~ ,nD:::1 C'W3:'1 'NI"S,,','~,n, '~N' '1"" .'n '~37 ,"N:'1tl.' 'D'27''''KW') 'KW' B I fJ''':'I) '1",:1 MK A I 'W'7.l] omit FO27'

150151[MT 28:9-20Cm.1:J37'W" cw;, ,~,~ C;")D' ':137 ,"W', m:J";' ;,~;,,9." "nnw', " ,'v', ",~ ,:1'V;,~W,"'l' ,:J,'W 'n~, ,,~~ "nDn ,~ ,"W' 1;" ,~~ T~10.')'~""'l;" "37' '~:1 C"~'W;'~ :'IT'~ m:J";' l;'W "37:1,11.;'W37);' ,:J C');':J;' ""l'.C'W'D' :1, 1'~~ un', .C37;' ')vT C37 ;'X37' "37,,12C:J"37:1 ,;',:1U, ;"" ,','~,n '~:1tv ,,~~n cn~ c;" ,,~~,13.C')W'.c:Jn')' 1')37:1 '~37 ,:1,) ')~ ~~"D 1n~, ~:1' :'IT C~,141':1 "0:1 ,:1,;' ;,n .c,,~'w '~:J 1:J ,,~~, 37:1~~;' ,np, cm15.;'T;' C";' '37 C"';";'';':1 C;" ;,~') "'l' ,:J,;' ,','~,n 'W37 C')W;' 'W~:J :'IT ,n~,16.,:1 'vDnO)W C;,~ tv', " "nntv;, ,;,,~, 'W~:J' ."'Dn;, ,:1 'W~17•r'~:1' C'~tv:1 n":J';' ,:J 1n) " c;" ,~~, c;"'~ :1'v "'W,,18cn~ ':J,19.C"37 '37 c:Jn~ 'n','x 'w~ C',:1,;' ,:J c"v' cm~ "~W,20MT 28:9-20)9 As they were going Jesus passed before them saying:May the Name deliver you. They came near to him, bowed down tohim, and worshipped him.10 Then Jesus said to them: Do not be afraid; tell my brothers that theyshould go to Galilee and there they will see me.II While they were going some of the guards entered the city and declaredto the chief priests all that had happened.12 They came together for counsel with the elders of the people. Thenthey gave much money to the horsemen13 and said to them: Say that his disciples came by night and stole himwhile you were sleeping.14 If this should come to the ears of Pilate we will tell him that he shouldISleave you alone.They took the money and said thus as they instructed them. This is theword [held] in secret among the Jews unto this day.16 After this when his twelve disciples came to Galilee he appeared tothem in the mountain where they had prayed.17 When they saw him they worshipped him, but there were some of themwho doubted him.18 Jesus drew near to them and said to them:To me has been given all power in heaven and earth.19 Go20 and (teach) them to carry out all the thingswhich I have commanded you forever.]I"O;")!)') 1;")!)' A I 0111:1]'K;' EF. ';' G]1'''1;''] 0;" AEF I m~1I1'1 0111' EFG]I,ll ;'T'K] ,nK G I 'K:J] K:J G I 0');';);' ""~'I o""~;' ');';)' B I ;'1I1Y):"I) ;'1I1Y) '1I1K G]I'll"y,,] "Y,' AE, 'U," G lOY;' ••. "Y"I m1l1Y' ;'r.l 'XY,"]1,13 ",'r.l'1'I] "1'r.l'1'Ir.l G I ;"") ;",,;, F]I"'1')Y:J) + ',;, G]1,'5 m1r.l'1I11 0,r.l'1I1 A. 0',r.l'1I1 F I ;,n)IK' A I m;,] omit BG]I,II:J'P] K'P A I O;"'K) 0;"]1,11 "r.l1l1,1 "r.l" ABH I 0;"] O;"'K G. omit HG

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