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A MESSAGE FROM A FRIEND OF ALLAH The death of an Aalim is truly a loss to the world. It was indeed a sad day for humanity when on 2nd June, after Maghrib Salah Hadhrat Maulana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (RA) of Karachi, the Jalaluddin Rumi of our time passed away in Pakistan إِنَّا لِلِ‏ ه ِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ‏ رَاجِعون after a duration of sickness Hadhrat Hakim Akhtar Sahib (R.A) was a beacon for all mankind. He was one of the greatest gifted scholars of Islam. His reputation and standing to the Muslims around the world needs no introduction. He was probably one of the most influential Muslim Sufi Shaikhs of current times. Hadhrat’s real name was Muhammad Akhtar but became known as Hakim Akhtar Sahib because of a degree he held in Hikmat (Eastern Medicine). Hadhrat’s inclination towards Allah began before he even reached puberty. He dedicated his life from a young age in the service of the pious servants of Allah , the Ahlullah (Saints). At the age of 15, he took bay’at (pledge) to the great Wali of his time, Shaykh Shah Muhammad Ahmed (RA) and spent three years continuously in his lofty company. Thereafter Hadhrat was guided to the company of the famous saint Hadhrat Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA), with whom he spent 17 years. Hadhrat’s service and dedication to his Shaykh is unsurpassable in recent times. During the seventeen years with Shaykh Phoolpuri (RA) the nights were spent in a retreat (jungle) from where no other human sound was audible except for the Shaykh’s (Phoolpuri) Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). It was during this time that Hadhrat mastered the scholarly work of Mathnawi by Shaykh Rumi. Hadhrat (D.B.) was a glittering star amongst the Saints of Allah. He has thousands of ‘Mureeds’ (disciples) around the world. The spiritual benefit which is derived by those who spent some time in his company, sincerely desiring reformation, is clearly evident in their transformed lifestyles. Many great Ulama who themselves are of a high spiritual rank, took “Bay’at” upon his hands, is a clear indication of his esteemed rank and profound knowledge of Deen. Wasiyyat (Bequest): For the benefit of the readers here are a few points from Hadhrat’s Wasiyyat. * I make a Wasiyyat (bequest) for myself, family members, and close associates that every moment of one’s life should be sacrificed in pleasing Allah and one should not displease Allah for a single moment by indulging in any form of Haraam. If one commits an error, then please Allah by repenting, seeking forgiveness and crying before Allah. * One should always remain in the companionship of the pious, and one should always be under the guidance of such a Sheikh with whom he is compatible. * Adopt extreme piety in financial matters and always refer to the Muftis in issues pertaining to the Masaa’il of Shariah. * Make a habit of reciting Surah Ikhlaas thrice and passing over (eesaal e thawab) the rewards to my soul, and seeking forgiveness on my behalf. Subscribe to Al-Islah Al-Islah is distributed for free but can be subscribed for an annual fee of £10.00 (incl p&p for 6 issues) Send in your name & address with a cheque payable to ‘Rabetah’ to the address below. Please Pass On To Others after Reading Inside this Issue... Addiction to Media & Entertainment 2-3 Ramadhaan 4-5 The Difference between Hadith & Sunnah 6-7 Q&A’s 8 Merciful Messenger 9 Break Bad Habits 10 Inculcating the Trait of Trustworthiness 11 Preparing For Ramadhaan 12-13 Tazkiyah 14-15 Kids Page 16 Urdu Pages 17-18 Al-Islah contains sacred verses of the Holy Qur’an and the Ahaadith of the Prophet . Please ensure its sanctity. Check the Latest Mehre Faatimi & Zakaat prices Online £ £ £ * Figures are correct on 19th June 2013, Please note the above amount changes daily... Reg Charity No: 1133294 Al-Islah is published bi-monthly by Rabetah Al-Ulama Al-lslamiyyah Views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily of Rabetah Editor: Al-Islah Team Published & Distributed by: Rabetah Al-Ulama Al-lslamiyyah P.O. Box 7861, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7XE, U.K Website: Email: Correspondence is welcomed and should be addressed to the Al Islah Team Issue 48 July / August 2013 3

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