Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty #69

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ISSUE 69 • AUG-OCT 2015<br />

THE<br />

10<br />



CITY<br />

SKIN<br />

DETOX<br />





WHAT<br />

SPOT<br />

IS THAT?<br />

FAT<br />

WHAT IS<br />

IT AND<br />

HOW DO I<br />


9:40 AM Page 1<br />

9:40 AM Page 1<br />

DESIGNING 9:40 AM Page 1<br />


FACES IS<br />

IS<br />

OUR<br />





For AESTHETIC PURPOSES, tattoos<br />


For can AESTHETIC flatter the COSMETIC existing PURPOSES, features tattoos<br />


the tattoos<br />

For<br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

can flatter the existing features of the<br />


TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

face, Reshaping achieving and colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />



face, achieving a natural look.<br />

VAL GLOVER-HOVAN Reshaping will give you and instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />


Reshaping and colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />




give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />



can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

IALIST COSMETIC TATTOO defines the eye shape,<br />

LIPS outlined<br />


can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val Glover-Hovan<br />


LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

FACES<br />


IS<br />

outlined or coloured FACES like lipstick. IS Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

annel OUR 9 Body AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

and<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo<br />

of<br />

nsformation annel BUSINESS FACES IS<br />

AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective<br />

OUR 9 Body following Work) BUSINESS<br />

For Eyebrow AESTHETIC tattooing PURPOSES, tattoos<br />

Australia<br />


Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

and The Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

annel ut <strong>Surgery</strong> 9 Body Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

For can AESTHETIC flatter the existing PURPOSES, features tattoos of the tattoos<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

Image &<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

For of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

Tattoo in Australia which<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

ter Colour Result can Tattoo Val Glover-Hovan<br />


Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

flatter the existing features of the<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

face, Reshaping achieving and colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

face, Tattoo Director of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />


she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

achieving a natural look.<br />

Reshaping will give you and instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Reshaping and colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will<br />

she Australia, The Academy<br />

• improves shape has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She<br />

EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />

will for of her Image excellence & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> in practice<br />

give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />


LIPS can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

• solid colour or hair has<br />

for Corrective her<br />

been<br />

excellence<br />

recognised<br />

Tattoo in and practice<br />

worldwide<br />

EYELINER defines the eye shape,<br />

and education. Her team of<br />

LIPS outlined can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val strokes Glover-Hovan<br />

give for<br />

and<br />

her<br />

Hovans education.<br />

excellence<br />

Group, Her<br />

in<br />

is the team<br />

practice<br />

LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

mother of<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

instant of lift <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

highly skilled and experienced<br />

and<br />

highly of<br />

education.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> skilled and Tattoo<br />

Her<br />

experienced<br />

team<br />

in Australia,<br />

of<br />

AFTER<br />

outlined or coloured like lipstick.<br />

Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

practitioners assist her to<br />

dy AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />


Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

and<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo highly<br />

practitioners which skilled she pioneered assist<br />

and experienced<br />

her in to 1985.<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

fulfil<br />

of<br />

ion AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective the demand for quality,<br />

ody following Work) Eyebrow tattooing<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

• Australia<br />

Image defines & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

and the The eyes Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

ery<br />

practitioners<br />

fulfil<br />

Val<br />

the<br />

has<br />

demand<br />

been assist recognised<br />

her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

ody Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

lour Result<br />

Image hygienically<br />

LIPS<br />

fulfil worldwide<br />

performed<br />

&<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

Tattoo in Australia which of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

for her excellence<br />

hygienically<br />

the demand<br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

lour Result<br />

Tattoo<br />

Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• reshaped made fuller hygienically in practice Tattoo and procedures.<br />

lour Result<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

education.<br />

Tattoo <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• full lip colour gives<br />

SPCP Industry Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Leader procedures. Award<br />

she<br />

has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo procedures.<br />

for her excellence in practice proudly presented to Val<br />

AFTER has<br />

for your her<br />

been<br />

excellence lip recognised power in practice<br />

worldwide<br />

and education. Her team of Glover-Hovan CPCP, who<br />

• for<br />

and colour her<br />

education.<br />

excellence that lasts Her<br />

in<br />

team<br />

practice<br />

highly skilled and experienced<br />

for of<br />

“I just love the makeup Val has created for me. My friends are amazed and exemplifies the true spirit of<br />

ical area, years<br />

when<br />

tattoos<br />

I show them<br />

can<br />

my<br />

be<br />

new<br />

used<br />

work of<br />

to<br />

art.<br />

camouflage<br />

They are all envious<br />

the white<br />

and are<br />

scars highly<br />

education. face skilled and<br />

Her<br />

body. experienced<br />

team of<br />

olour Result<br />

practitioners assist her to For women membership, after a mastectomy fellowship and and<br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

• highly <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

amazed tattoos that it’s can so natural be used looking. to I am camouflage so grateful for the what white Val has scars practitioners<br />

skilled face assist<br />

and experienced<br />

fulfil the demand for body. her quality, to<br />

scars For women on generosity face after in a and the mastectomy permanent body. and<br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

done<br />

tattoos<br />

for me. She<br />

can<br />

breast<br />

made<br />

be<br />

me<br />

used<br />

reduction,<br />

feel so<br />

to<br />

special,<br />

camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

important<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

and loved”.<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create practitioners an<br />

Treatments face<br />

areola body.<br />

and nipple.<br />

fulfil the demand<br />

assist her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

hygienically performed For women after a mastectomy and<br />

en after a mastectomy breast reduction, and breast colour reduction, is tattooed to colour create an areola and nipple. cosmetics industry 2013<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

– Gail, NSW everlasting<br />

is tattooed<br />

beautyto create an areola and nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney, fulfil<br />

hygienically<br />

the<br />

create an<br />

Melbourne, demand<br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo areola procedures. and<br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

and Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney,<br />

hygienically<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

procedures. Brisbane and Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney, <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo procedures. Brisbane and Perth.<br />




CADEMY SSIONAL tattoos can be<br />


used<br />



IMAGE AND IN the THE white scars<br />

IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART on face OF and COSMETIC body. For women<br />



after a mastectomy and<br />

a, tattoos can be used to camouflage the white scars on face and body. scars For women on face after<br />

TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

a and mastectomy body. and<br />

a, tattoos can<br />

breast<br />

be used<br />

reduction,<br />

to camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create<br />

on<br />

an<br />

face<br />

areola<br />

and body.<br />

and nipple.<br />

For women after a mastectomy and<br />

Our r standard SSIONAL a <strong>Cosmetic</strong> mastectomy Val’s breast of training high TRAINING reduction, and standard is breast accepted colour of training reduction, IN is tattooed by THE is <strong>Beauty</strong> accepted to colour ART create and by is OF <strong>Beauty</strong> tattooed <strong>Cosmetic</strong> areola COSMETIC and to nipple. <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo create Associations Tattoo an TATTOO areola Associations and in nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney,<br />

create Melbourne,<br />

areola and<br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

and Perth.<br />

and Our standard <strong>Cosmetic</strong> the USA. in of Australia Tattoo training Her treatments expertise and the accepted USA. are as available Her a presenter by expertise <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney, as and and a Melbourne, presenter educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> and Brisbane Tattoo educator sought and Associations is after Perth. sought from around in<br />

Our standard <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the USA. after of Tattoo training treatments<br />

from Her around expertise accepted are available<br />

the world as a and by presenter she <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney,<br />

continually and and Melbourne,<br />

educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Brisbane<br />

keeps abreast is Tattoo and<br />

sought and up Associations Perth.<br />

and after to date from with around in<br />

and Y OF she<br />

and the IMAGE continually<br />

she USA. information continually Her AND keeps<br />

expertise COSMETIC abreast<br />

for keeps the profession. abreast as a presenter CORRECTIVE and up to date<br />

and up and to date educator TATTOO with information for the profession.<br />

with information is sought after for the from profession. around<br />

s MY<br />

and training OF IMAGE<br />

she programs AND<br />

She continually offers training<br />

in COSMETIC<br />

keeps all aspects<br />

programs abreast of CORRECTIVE<br />

in all and <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

aspects up to of<br />

Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

MY AL<br />

date <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with Individual<br />

Tattoo, information offers<br />

Tuition,<br />

NAL<br />


Individual for the profession.<br />

Tuition<br />

s training TRAINING<br />


and programs IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART OF COSMETIC an Importer in all ART aspects OF<br />

and Distributor of COSMETIC<br />


<strong>Cosmetic</strong> of Quality Machines Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

NAL and d of training<br />

Individual & Pigments. Tuition,<br />

s Distributor TRAINING accepted<br />

programs<br />

of IN quality by THE <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

in all<br />

Machines ART and<br />

aspects<br />

OF <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

of<br />

COSMETIC &<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments. Tattoo Associations<br />

Tattoo.<br />

TATTOOin<br />

rd<br />

Individual Tuition,<br />

USA. and of training Her Distributor expertise Val accepted certified of as a quality presenter by by <strong>Beauty</strong> the Machines Society and and educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> of & Permanent Pigments. is Tattoo sought Associations <strong>Cosmetic</strong> after from Professionals around in (SPCP).<br />

rd<br />

RAINING and USA. continually<br />

of training<br />

Distributor Her expertise keeps accepted<br />

abreast of as quality a by presenter BROWS, and<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><br />

up Machines to and and<br />

EYELINER, date educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

with & Pigments.<br />

information is Tattoo sought Associations<br />

LIPLINE after for the from profession. around in<br />




continually Her expertise keeps abreast as a presenter<br />


and up and to date educator<br />


with information is sought after<br />


for the from profession. around<br />

e programs continually in<br />

RAININGADVANCED keeps all aspects abreast of<br />


FULL and <strong>Cosmetic</strong> up LIP to COLOUR, Tattoo. date with Individual<br />

FULL information CHEEK Tuition,<br />

COLOUR, for BLUSH, the DESIGNER profession. EYESHADOW,<br />



g programs<br />


in all aspects of<br />



<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

LIP EYELINER, Tattoo.<br />

COLOUR,<br />

Individual<br />


g<br />

ributor<br />

programs<br />

of quality<br />

in all<br />

Machines<br />

aspects of<br />

&<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments.<br />


tributor<br />

L<br />

ED<br />



of quality Machines<br />


FULL & Pigments.<br />






tributor BREAST<br />

G of quality BROWS, Machines EYELINER, & Pigments. LIPLINE<br />











BREAST<br />


OOING<br />

AINING<br />






SCAR<br />













BODY<br />

SCAR<br />




BREAST<br />




AREOLA/NIPPLE BREAST Coast, Melbourne and Perth<br />



sultation <strong>Cosmetic</strong> – Sydney, Tattoo Australia Brisbane,<br />



Clinic<br />

CONSULTATIONS Gold Coast, Melbourne<br />

ARE FREE<br />


RTHER<br />

Tattoo 696<br />


Pittwater Road,<br />


Brookvale,<br />

THE<br />

NSW<br />


2100<br />




RTHER Like us on Facebook Like us on Twitter<br />

ter Road, Tel: INFORMATION<br />

SUITE<br />

Gold<br />

02 Brookvale, 9938 2111 CONTACT<br />

12,<br />

Coast,<br />

2ND<br />

SUITE NSW Fax:<br />

12,<br />

02 2100 2ND<br />

9938 THE<br />

FLOOR,<br />

Melbourne<br />

ARE FREE<br />

ARE<br />

FLOOR,<br />

5988 FRIENDLY<br />

22 FREE DARLEY<br />

and Perth<br />




NSW GROUP 2095<br />






SUITE<br />

d, Email: 6655 info@cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

FAX 02 Web: www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

L8 02 2111 Brookvale, CONTACT<br />

12, 2ND<br />

9977 F: 6655 (02) FAX 9938 SUITE<br />

9977<br />

02 9977 5988 12,<br />

0666<br />

2ND<br />

EMAIL<br />

0666 sales@cosmetictatooaustralia.com FLOOR,<br />

sales@hovansgroup.com Like on Facebook<br />


WEBSITELike EMAIL sales@hovansgroup.com WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

NSW<br />

www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

on Twitter<br />

SUITE NSW 12, 2100THE FLOOR,<br />


22 DARLEY<br />

STAFF<br />

ROAD,<br />


MANLY<br />

TATTOO<br />

NSW 2095<br />



2095<br />

77 6655 FAX 02 77 LF: 02 6655 (02) 9977 FAX 9938 SUITE<br />

9977<br />

02 6655 9977 5988 12,<br />

0666<br />

2ND<br />

EMAIL<br />

FAX 0666 sales@cosmetictatooaustralia.com FLOOR,<br />

sales@hovansgroup.com<br />



02 EMAIL 9977 sales@hovansgroup.com 0666 EMAIL sales@hovansgroup.com WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

NSW<br />

www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

2095<br />

WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

77 6655 FAX 02 9977 0666 EMAIL sales@hovansgroup.com WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com

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contents<br />

regulars<br />

12 Editor’s letter<br />

14 Newsfront<br />

110 Directory<br />

features<br />

20 Play it safe<br />

<strong>Surgery</strong> is never something to be<br />

taken lightly<br />

22 10 commandments of beauty<br />

30 Navigating the maze of<br />

dermal fillers<br />

54 The body special<br />

Learn all about the different body<br />

contouring procedures<br />

64 The raw deal on diets<br />

We review three of the most<br />

trending diets<br />

74 Pregnant?<br />

Find out what you can (and<br />

can’t) use<br />

78 What spot is that?<br />

Protect your skin against the<br />

different types of pigmentation<br />

wellness<br />

28 The 15-minute solution for<br />

snoring and sleep apnoea<br />

face<br />

34 How to avoid looking ‘done’<br />

Less is more when it comes to<br />

cosmetic intervention<br />

36 All about collagen<br />

The natural beauty booster<br />

teeth<br />

38 <strong>Cosmetic</strong> dentistry<br />

destination<br />

The home of the one-visit<br />

smile makeover<br />

skin<br />

42 All you need to know<br />

about PRP<br />

44 Uncover youthfulness with<br />

the eCO2 laser<br />

46 The next generation of<br />

skin needling<br />

48 Hydrafacial, the new way<br />

to facial<br />

82 Which product, for what?<br />

Not all skin products are<br />

created equal<br />

84 Flawless in a flash<br />

‘Healthy’ makeup for postprocedure<br />

skin<br />

cosmetic tattoo<br />

50 How to be flawless 24/7<br />

Permanent makeup can add the<br />

finishing touches to your look<br />

52 Strengthen your brow game<br />

Thick eyebrows are trending,<br />

make yours a permanent<br />

statement<br />

body<br />

60 There’s more to liposuction<br />

than meets the eye<br />

Liposuction should strike<br />

a balance between volume<br />

reduction, aesthetic contours and<br />

skin smoothness<br />

62 Preparing for breast<br />

augmentation<br />

Help optimise your outcome by<br />

making the right choices and doing<br />

the right prep work

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• Treatment for Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Brow<br />

Lifts, Jowl Correction, Cheek Augmentation BEFORE AFTER<br />

Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Treatment of unsightly Eyelid Hooding<br />

• Minor surgery with minimal bruising,<br />

discomfort or downtime<br />

• Treatment performed under light sedation<br />

& local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

• May be combined with Threadlift Facelift<br />

Bat Ear Correction Procedure<br />

Non-Surgical Bat Ear Correction<br />

• Reduction of unsightly Bat Ears<br />

• Simple procedure utilizing the most<br />

advanced techniques<br />

• Minimal bruising, discomfort or downtime<br />

• No risks of unsightly scars<br />

• Treatment performed under local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

Why choose<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions …<br />

• Over 5,500 Facelift Treatments<br />

• Over 35,000 Laser Treatments<br />

• 100% Safety Record<br />

• Renowned Worldwide Reputation<br />

• Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Medical Team<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

AFTER<br />

Anti-Ageing &<br />

Rejuvenation Specialties<br />

• Threadlift Facelifts<br />

• Thermage CPT Facelifts<br />

• Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Bat Ear Correction Procedures<br />

Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser<br />

• Fraxel Repair Dual Laser<br />

• Fraxel Restore Laser<br />

• Wrinkle Injections & Fillers<br />

• Vein Removal Lasers<br />

• Lipomedix Body Contour<br />

• Mesotherapy Injections<br />

• Acne & Scar Treatments<br />

• Pigment Treatments<br />

• Stretch Marks Treatments<br />

• Excessive Sweat Injections<br />

• Tattoo Removal<br />

• <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattooing<br />

• IPL Photorejuvenation<br />

• Laser Hair Removal<br />

• Hair Stylists<br />

• Make-Up Courses<br />

NEW Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />



Specialist Doctors & Registered<br />

Nurses performing cosmetic medical<br />

treatments Dr Buddy Paul Beaini<br />


Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Clinics<br />

25% DISCOUNTS<br />

Sydney CBD Sydney Sheraton, CBD Sheraton Wahroonga & Wahroonga & Canberra<br />

P. 1300 885 808<br />

www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

Award winning Threadlift Facelift, Thermage CPT & Fraxel Clinics

contents<br />


genital<br />

68 Lasers in gynaecology<br />

The evolution of laser treatments<br />

in the gynaecology sector<br />

72 MonaLisa Touch<br />

The new non-surgical vaginal<br />

procedure transforming<br />

women’s lives<br />

beauty & spa<br />

86 City skin detox<br />

90 Industry leaders on board<br />

for 2015 beauty expo<br />

92 Lose centimetres fast<br />

The international body wrap is<br />

guaranteed to take 15cm off<br />

your total circumference<br />

94 Get your glow on<br />

Our favourite new products ripe<br />

for the picking<br />

102 Welcome to a new age of<br />

DIY hair styling<br />

Introducing th e revolutionary<br />

3-in-1 styling device<br />

104 Dual benefits<br />

Get sun-savvy with luxe<br />

beauty products that double<br />

as sun protection<br />

108 Editor’s Faves<br />

cover stories<br />

RRP $14.95 (incl. GST) (NZ $15.95 incl. GST)<br />

ISSUE 69 • AUG-OCT 2015<br />

10<br />

THE<br />



CITY<br />

SKIN<br />

DETOX<br />





WHAT<br />

SPOT<br />

IS THAT?<br />

FAT<br />

WHAT IS<br />

IT AND<br />

HOW DO I<br />

LOSE IT?<br />

22 The 10 commandments<br />

of beauty<br />

54 The body special<br />

74 Pregnant? Find out<br />

what you can and<br />

can’t use<br />

78 What spot is that?<br />

86 City skin detox<br />

Read the FREE online version at<br />


Prosthodontics<br />

& Implant <strong>Surgery</strong><br />


Centre for cosmetic, reconstructive<br />

and implant dentistry<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian completed his Bachelor of Dental <strong>Surgery</strong> with<br />

Honours in 1983 and Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) in<br />

2000 at The University of Sydney. He also completed his Masters in<br />

Prosthodontics in 2004 at the prestigious King’s College, University<br />

of London with distinction. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian<br />

College of Dental Surgeons.<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Uni.Syd.<br />

FRACDS<br />

Grad. Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd.<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni. London<br />

Dr Nalbandian specialises in Dental Implants and Prosthodontics<br />

for treating simple to complex dental, functional and aesthetic<br />

problems.<br />

He lectures on topics including Dental Implantology, Prosthodontics<br />

and Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

He maintains a specialised practice in Sydney limited to Aesthetics,<br />

Prosthodontics & Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd. FRACDS<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni.London<br />

Designer Smiles<br />

17 Gerard Street Cremorne NSW 2090<br />

For more information call<br />

02 9953 4189<br />

Fax 02 9953 4358<br />



Welcome to the latest spring edition of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

& <strong>Beauty</strong> Magazine. This is the time of year we all<br />

start thinking about getting in shape and looking good<br />

Wfor summer, so we’re focusing on body contouring and facial<br />

rejuvenation to help you get started, with our special report on<br />

body contouring procedures (page 54) and our guide to navigating<br />

the maze of dermal fi llers for fi lling wrinkles and smoothing skin<br />

(page 30).<br />

Patient safety has been a hot topic in the news recently, so<br />

it’s especially timely for us to report on patient safety when undergoing cosmetic surgery<br />

(page 20). Expanding on the theme, we also cover what’s safe (and what’s not safe) to use<br />

if you’re pregnant (page 74), as well a breast augmentation checklist (page 62) to help you<br />

prepare for the procedure and recovery.<br />

As always, a holistic approach is essential in gaining the most from any cosmetic<br />

intervention. Our diet and exercise feature on page 64 could be the inspiration you need<br />

to begin working towards that summer-ready body. Plus, although the warmer weather is<br />

welcome, our feature What Spot is That? on page 78 off ers a healthy insight into the types<br />

of sun spots and pigmentation you need to be aware of coming into the hotter months.<br />

This edition is also beauty-fi lled to kick-start your spring rejuvenation regimen. Our<br />

10 Commandments of <strong>Beauty</strong> on page 22 is a must-read for those coveting a clear<br />

complexion, while the City Skin Detox on page 86 is exactly what your skin needs after the<br />

cold winter months. We also showcase the must-have makeup and skincare products of<br />

the season for a glowing, peaches ‘n’ cream complexion (page 94).<br />

And don’t forget you can fi nd this issue online, along with more beauty news and<br />

reviews at www.Cos<strong>Beauty</strong>.com.au. Enjoy!<br />

Michelle Kearney<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

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articles submitted for publication remain the property of The Bella Media Group. This magazine contains general information only and<br />

does not purport to be a substitute for medical advice. All readers are advised to seek medical advice from a doctor if considering<br />

cosmetic surgery. The publisher and the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of an action taken by readers in<br />

reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. Except where specifi ed in captions, photographs depict models who have<br />

not necessarily received treatments described in this magazine.<br />

Advertising Policy ACSBM follows and upholds the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Guidelines to<br />

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Read the online edition at<br />

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Issue 69<br />

AUG-OCT 2015<br />

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articles are of genuine patients. It is<br />

important to understand that they represent<br />

one person’s experience and there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will<br />

experience similar results.<br />



eCO2 <br />

Dual Mode CO 2 Resurfacing Laser<br />

Fractional Resurfacing<br />

eCO2 lives up to its promise to reduce<br />

skin imperfections and promote collagen regeneration<br />

with minimal downtime and maximum results for:<br />

• Long term wrinkle reduction<br />

• Reduce appearance of scars<br />

• Eliminate unwanted pigment and textural irregularities<br />

• Improve skins’ overall appearance<br />

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles<br />

Dyschromia & Texture<br />

Before After Before After<br />

Courtesy of J. David Holcomb, MD<br />

Courtesy of Mark Rubin, MD<br />

Acne Scarring<br />

Dermatochalasis<br />

Before After Before After<br />

Courtesy of Jeffery A. Rapaport, MD<br />

Courtesy of Melanie Palm, MD

newsfront<br />

newsfront<br />

CATCH UP WITH what’s been happening IN THE INDUSTRY...<br />

The science of sexiness<br />

Why some people just have ‘it’<br />

There’s no denying it, some people just have ‘it’. There is something<br />

about them that is inarguably, yet inexplainably, attractive.<br />

Research suggests there are biological and evolutionary<br />

triggers that determine whether we are attracted to someone,<br />

and why. Symmetry definitely has something to do with it, with<br />

lopsidedness thought to reflect poor health and bad genes.<br />

Some other interesting findings include:<br />

• Blonde vs brunette. It’s an age-old debate that had even<br />

Charles Darwin stumped – he couldn’t find any acceptable<br />

reason men might prefer blondes. Since Darwin’s time,<br />

however, there have been a few advancements in the<br />

science behind hair preference.<br />

Blonde hair is thought to be an indicator of youth and<br />

sexual vitality, but a recent study, which attempted to<br />

determine the most beautiful woman in the world, picked<br />

a brunette, and a 2011 study in the Scandinavian Journal<br />

of Psychology found brunettes are generally considered<br />

more attractive.<br />

• Waist to hip ratio. This measurement is calculated<br />

subconsciously, with men preferring a waist-to-hip ratio<br />

of 7:10 in women, and women preferring a ratio of 9:10<br />

in men.<br />

A BMI of 20.85 has been shown as the most attractive<br />

weight for a woman, with Scarlett Johansson’s body voted<br />

the most attractive female figure.<br />

• It’s in the eyes. You may not know what a limbal ring is,<br />

but you’ll certainly notice it when you see an attractive one.<br />

This ring is where the iris meets the white of the eye and<br />

a dark limbal ring is thought to single youth, health and<br />

attractiveness.<br />

• Smile (but only if you’re female). Research has found that<br />

smiling women are deemed more attractive, whereas men<br />

showing happy emotions are considered less attractive.<br />

14 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />


– do your homework<br />

Lasers have become the darling of the cosmetic industry.<br />

They are used in anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, hair removal,<br />

tattoo removal, treating vascular disorders and reducing<br />

pigmentation irregularities. With advances in technology,<br />

laser are also smoother, faster and more reliable than<br />

ever before.<br />

But the popularity of laser treatments should not lull you<br />

into a false sense of security. While laser treatments may<br />

seem straightforward, there are many dangers associated While we await ARPANSA’s recommendations, the<br />

with laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapies and onus is with you, the patient, to do your research before<br />

these have come to light of late. In particular, the Australian undergoing laser treatment. Here are some questions you<br />

Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) should be asking:<br />

has proposed a national regulatory framework for using IPL • Where is the laser equipment from? Has it been<br />

and lasers in cosmetic medical services.<br />

purchased from a reputable supplier?<br />

Before undertaking any laser or IPL treatment, always • Has the practitioner completed training? If so, when and<br />

ensure you are in the hands of a skilled and experienced how advanced is the certifi cation?<br />

practitioner, who has the requisite knowledge of how the • Is the clinic operating within the current ARPANSA<br />

equipment they are using interacts with the diff erent tissues regulations in your state or territory?<br />

and how to avoid potential risks such as burns and scars, • Is the device being used appropriately, to treat suitable<br />

retinal damage or missed diagnosis of skin cancers.<br />

and realistic indications?<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

newsfront<br />




UK lingerie company Bluebella recently surveyed men<br />

and women on the “perfect” male and female fi gures,<br />

using an amalgamation of celebrity fi gures.<br />

Women preferred a thinner female body compared<br />

to men, partnering Jennifer Aniston’s breasts with<br />

Gwyneth Paltrow’s stomach and Emma Watson’s hips.<br />

Men preferred fuller curves, with Kelly Brook’s hips and<br />

Kim Kardashian’s bust. Legs eleven was preferred by<br />

both sexes, with females opting for Elle Macpherson’s<br />

legs and men preferring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s<br />

legs – with little diff erence between the two.<br />

The male physique was also under scrutiny. Men<br />

and women had similar preferences for the male body,<br />

preferring muscular and toned pecs, bulging biceps<br />

and killer abs.<br />

The hair and face were the distinguishing factors in<br />

both the male and female fi gures. Females dubbed Cara<br />

Delevingne’s face and the Duchess of Cambridge’s<br />

hair as the ideal, while males partnered Megan Fox’s<br />

face with Scarlett Johansson’s hair. In composing the<br />

ideal male profi le, women preferred Jamie Dornan’s<br />

face and Harry Styles’ hair, while men idealised David<br />

Beckham’s face with Brad Pitt’s hair.<br />




Singer, and all-round beauty and<br />

fashion icon Rihanna has offi cially<br />

confi rmed she is starting her own<br />

beauty line. This comes after<br />

launching her new fragrance, RiRi.<br />

She secretly brought the<br />

trademark Fenty <strong>Beauty</strong> last year<br />

and recently told Refi nery29.com<br />

that her own makeup line is slowly<br />

taking shape behind the scenes.<br />

Self-applying lashes and a lasting<br />

lipstick-and-liner combined, are just<br />

some of the ideas on the cards.<br />



Cosmeceutical brand Medik8, distributed in Australia<br />

by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, has launched Skinrolla,<br />

an at-home skin needling device. To mark the launch,<br />

Medik8 international trainer Alison Wait visited Australia<br />

to present training seminars in Sydney, Melbourne<br />

and Brisbane.<br />

Wait recommended the Skinrolla to be used to<br />

support topical treatments to increase effi cacy and<br />

results. The device is a skin rejuvenation technique that<br />

creates tiny pinprick wounds in the skin to enable better<br />

penetration of active ingredients in topical formulations.<br />

According to Wait, with cosmetic serums<br />

undergoing rapid developments in their ingredient<br />

formulation, the results from the combined treatment<br />

– partnering SkinRolla with active topical ingredients –<br />

are outstanding.<br />

16 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />


SALE – 2015<br />

MY FACE<br />

MY BODY<br />

AWARDS<br />

The MyFaceMyBody Awards were launched in the UK in 2012 and<br />

are coming to Australia this November. They are the only consumer<br />

awards dedicated to the aesthetic industry, and celebrate product<br />

innovation and popularity, as voted by consumers.<br />

The awards culminate in a red carpet event attended by 300<br />

leading industry professionals, brands, journalists and celebrities.<br />

This year’s inaugural event is set to take place on Saturday, 28<br />

November 2015 at the Hilton in Sydney. Tickets are now on sale,<br />

head to www.globalaestheticawards.com for more information.<br />



Research conducted by the University of NSW fi nds that, when<br />

people are confronted by a succession of bearded men, cleanshaven<br />

men become more attractive to them. This also works in<br />

reverse, with men sporting heavy stubble or beards considered<br />

more attractive within a crowd of hairless counterparts.<br />

‘There is a lot of faddishness with beards, they are on the<br />

way back and it’s interesting to look at that interaction with<br />

culture,’ researcher Robert Brooks told Guardian Australia. ‘It<br />

appears that beards gain an advantage when rare, but when<br />

they are in fashion and common, they are declared trendy and<br />

that attractiveness is over.’<br />

‘The bigger the trend gets, the weaker the preference for<br />

beards and the tide will go out again,’ he said. ‘We may well<br />

be at peak beard. Obviously, you will see more beards in Surry<br />

Hills than in Bondi, but I think we are near saturation point. This<br />

thing can’t get much bigger.’<br />





The whole is greater than the sum of its<br />

parts. It seems Aristotle’s timeless quotation<br />

applies to beauty and attractiveness. New<br />

research has found the more faces that are<br />

layered together, using a new interactive<br />

tool called the “Averager”, created by<br />

researchers from the University of Glasgow<br />

Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology,<br />

the more attractive the subject becomes.<br />

This discovery is contrary to the long-held<br />

belief that beauty is about being “average” –<br />

or that people with “mathematically average”<br />

features appear more attractive because<br />

they advertise a more diverse set of genes<br />

and therefore better reproductive health.<br />

‘Well-researched facial cues that are<br />

known to be associated with attractiveness<br />

in humans include symmetry, averageness<br />

and perceived personality,’ the Face<br />

Research leaders from Glasgow University<br />

explain. ‘[But] averageness cannot fully<br />

explain attractiveness.’<br />

‘Faces come in a remarkable range of<br />

shapes and sizes, and are covered with an<br />

incredible number of muscles, adding to<br />

facial complexity.’<br />

This more complex notion of<br />

attractiveness was also demonstrated in a<br />

recent art project that showed photographs<br />

of real people next to their digitally<br />

symmetrical selves. The fi ndings found that<br />

the real photos, complete with perceived<br />

fl aws and unevenness, were often more<br />

compelling than the symmetrical versions.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 17

Saturday, 28 November 2015<br />

The Hilton, Sydney<br />

The prestigious MyFaceMyBody Awards has been running for<br />

the past three years in the UK and has become so successful<br />

that is it now being brought to Australasia.<br />

The MyFaceMyBody Awards inaugural event will be launched<br />

on 28 November 2015 at the Hilton Sydney and is the only<br />

consumer awards dedicated to the cosmetic and aesthetic<br />

industry to recognise and reward brands for their product<br />

innovation and popularity.<br />

Clinics will also be rewarded for exceptional experiences<br />

and outstanding service to their consumers.<br />

The awards will welcome leading industry professionals,<br />

consumer brands, journalists and celebrities and we look<br />

forward to celebrating these industry awards with you.<br />




Tickets $275 per ticket<br />

$2600 for a table of 10<br />

Prices include GST<br />

Please go to<br />

www.GlobalAestheticAwards.com<br />

to book your tickets

22 & 23 AUGUST 2015<br />


Nailympia<br />


AUSTRALIA 2015<br />

embracing<br />

beauty inside out.<br />

beautyexpoaustralia.com.au<br />

22 & 23 August 2015. Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island<br />


ON SALE<br />

NOW!<br />

Phot<br />

ogra<br />

pher<br />

– Jen Hare.<br />

Hair Stylis<br />

t – Richard<br />

kavanagh<br />

agh<br />

. Ma<br />

ke-u<br />

up –<br />

Rae<br />

Morr<br />


feature<br />

Play<br />

it safe<br />

surgery is never something to be taken lightly.<br />

ensure you’re in control by learning the ins<br />

and outs of your procedure.<br />

Whether you’re seeking cosmetic surgery or a<br />

minimally invasive treatment, having a clear view<br />

of what the procedure entails will help you alleviate<br />

concerns, minimise the risk of potential complications and<br />

achieve optimal results.<br />

Credentials<br />

One of the most important decisions when deciding to<br />

have a cosmetic procedure is your choice of doctor. Both<br />

surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures should only<br />

be performed by an appropriately trained doctor.<br />

The combination of training, experience and judgment<br />

the practitioner brings to your case strongly affects<br />

the outcome of your procedure. You should also feel<br />

comfortable enough with your doctor to express your<br />

concerns and desired results.<br />

Find out what training the doctor has and whether it is<br />

in the field of surgery you are considering. Certification by<br />

the appropriate medical board or body tells you that your<br />

doctor has met additional requirements for continuing<br />

education and experience in cosmetic surgery.<br />

Research<br />

A reputable surgeon will encourage you to arrive at your<br />

consultation armed with a barrage of questions. Learn as<br />

much as possible about the procedure you are seeking.<br />

The internet offers a wealth of knowledge to help you<br />

understand some of the pertinent details about your chosen<br />

procedure, such as precautions, possible complications<br />

and post-operative care, as well as the procedure itself.<br />

Websites dedicated to beauty and cosmetic procedures,<br />

such as www.cosbeauty.com.au are a good place to start.<br />

what to expect<br />

after surgery<br />

• After any surgery your body responds by creating<br />

fluid around the operative region. The fluid can be<br />

seen as edema (swelling of the skin). If a<br />

seroma (a fluid collection under the skin) occurs,<br />

drains may be placed to remove the fluid.<br />

• All incisions made during surgery need to heal and<br />

occasionally delayed healing can occur. Smoking<br />

and vascular conditions are known to slow down<br />

wound healing.<br />

• Variable amounts of bruising are expected with a<br />

surgical procedure, but this can be minimised with<br />

lymphatic drainage massage, avoidance of aspirin<br />

and taking the herbal remedy Arnica. Ice packs<br />

and elevation will also assist post-operatively.<br />

• It is normal to have some numbness near scars as<br />

skin incisions can divide small sensory nerves.<br />

Sensation typically returns within months.<br />

Once you’ve conducted plenty of background research,<br />

put together a list of the specifics you’re interested in<br />

discussing with your doctor. Areas to query may include<br />

post-operative care, complications and precautions.<br />

It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor to show you<br />

photo examples of their work or the number of surgeries<br />

they’ve performed. Ask which hospitals the doctor admits<br />

patients to in emergencies.<br />

20 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

You should never choose a doctor solely on the basis<br />

of lower cost. This may indicate corners have been cut<br />

somewhere or qualifications are lacking.<br />

Facilities<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> procedures are most safely performed in facilities<br />

accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care<br />

Standards (ACHS). These will be fully equipped with lifesaving<br />

and monitoring devices and staffed by professionals.<br />

Be wary of undergoing cosmetic procedures outside a<br />

medical setting, such as in a private home or at a ‘party’.<br />

Many minor procedures are performed in day surgeries.<br />

Don’t be hesitant to confirm what protocols your practitioner<br />

has in place in terms of sterilisation and equipment.<br />

Risks<br />

Being prepared for surgery mentally and physically will<br />

result in less anxiety and minimised risks. All surgery has<br />

associated complications, though less invasive procedures<br />

generally have smaller risks and major procedures have<br />

larger risks. It’s logical that if an incision is made there will<br />

usually be a scar, or if skin is cut there is a possibility of<br />

bleeding or infection. Many steps are taken to reduce risks,<br />

but even if everything is performed perfectly a small chance<br />

still remains that something may occur.<br />

Put the time aside for a thorough evaluation and collect<br />

detailed information about the risks and benefits in order to<br />

give full informed consent. Ensure you fully disclose your<br />

medical history and any medications or supplements you<br />

may be taking to your doctor.<br />

There is a small percentage of the population that is<br />

allergic to chemicals used in anaesthetic. If applicable, find<br />

out who will be administering your anaesthetic and discuss<br />

these risks with them.<br />

Pre-operative<br />

Prior to surgery, you may be asked to undergo lab testing<br />

or a medical evaluation to establish your health and fitness<br />

levels. Your doctor will advise of any adjustments in the<br />

medications you may be taking and ask you to avoid taking<br />

aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as<br />

they can increase bleeding.<br />

If you’re a smoker, quit at least four weeks prior to surgery.<br />

Besides the obvious general health risks and acceleration<br />

of the ageing process, smoking greatly increases the rate of<br />

complications during and after surgery.<br />

It’s imperative that you follow your doctor’s instructions<br />

to help minimise any potential risks or complications.<br />

day of surgery<br />

Medications will be administered for your comfort<br />

during a surgical procedure. Depending on the surgery<br />

and your comfort level, this may be local anaesthesia,<br />

intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.<br />

Monitors will be used to check your heart, blood<br />

pressure, pulse and the amount of oxygen circulating<br />

in your blood.<br />

Following surgery you will be taken to a recovery<br />

area for monitoring, after which you will be able to<br />

go home if you underwent an outpatient procedure<br />

providing all is well. If you have undergone a general<br />

anaesthetic, a caregiver should assist you for the first<br />

24 hours or you may require an overnight stay.<br />

Your doctor should be available for necessary<br />

follow-up care; the relationship should not end with<br />

you being taken out of the operating theatre.<br />

Recovery<br />

The rate of recovery depends both on the procedure<br />

performed and your individual response. The first<br />

few days after surgery should include rest, and you<br />

should expect bruising and swelling, which typically<br />

disappears within seven to 10 days, depending on<br />

the procedure. Keep the operated region elevated<br />

and treated with cool compresses if specified by<br />

your surgeon.<br />

The first few days are usually when the most<br />

discomfort is experienced and you can expect to use<br />

oral pain medication as directed. This should ease by<br />

the fourth to seventh day.<br />

Depending on your surgery, the incisions will be<br />

closed with either absorbable sutures that disappear<br />

on their own or sutures or staples that need to be<br />

removed. You will be instructed on how to keep these<br />

clean and of your care regime during healing.<br />

After immediate healing is complete, using certain<br />

creams to speed scar maturation and applying sunblock<br />

to help avoid scar pigmentation is recommended.<br />

Follow your doctor’s directions at all times. It is best<br />

to avoid any strenuous activity for the first few weeks<br />

after surgery, although resuming gentle day to day<br />

activities as soon as possible is often recommended.<br />

This minimal activity is enough to significantly reduce<br />

the risk of blood clot formation.<br />

The best ways to maintain your surgical results are<br />

to protect the elastic properties of your skin by avoiding<br />

smoking, using sun protection and maintaining a<br />

stable weight. csbm<br />

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feature<br />

22 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

the<br />

10<br />

commandments<br />

of<br />

beauty<br />

We love our products just as much (if not more) than the next girl.<br />

But we’ve put together 10 ways to be more beautiful that you won’t<br />

find at the beauty counter!<br />

1. Exercise<br />

We all yearn for skin with a luminescent complexion, and no<br />

skincare product we’ve tried compares with that produced<br />

by a little slice of hard work it takes to gain an exerciseinduced<br />

glow.<br />

The only workout you need for your skin to glow is<br />

cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, aerobics, cycling<br />

and swimming. This gets the heart and lungs pumping<br />

oxygen-rich blood vigorously, which is transported<br />

throughout your body supplying oxygen. This is what<br />

makes your skin look flushed at the time of exercise and<br />

leaves a residual radiance.<br />

Exercise is also a great anti-ageing method, preventing<br />

bad free radical cells from forming, keeping your muscles<br />

lean, your skin firm and sweating out those terrible toxins.<br />

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feature<br />

2.<br />

Diet<br />

Essentially, what you put into your body is mirrored on the outside. Foods that are<br />

good for your health are good for your skin, allowing your body to function better<br />

and prevent a build-up of toxins. A good diet is like using good fuel for your car,<br />

so make sure you pay it the TLC it needs.<br />

Opt for a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins with lots of colourful fresh fruits and<br />

vegetables. A strict halo diet needn’t prevent you from indulging – many studies<br />

have shown that a glass of red wine a day may help you control heart disease<br />

and fight off infections, and dark chocolate is an excellent antioxidant that<br />

combats free radicals.<br />

Think about replacing your morning cuppa with Rooibos, a caffeine-free<br />

tea packed with antioxidants and immune support compounds. It also the<br />

tick of approval by many leading nutritional experts for its internal and external<br />

health benefits.<br />

Get plenty of protein – the natural building block for healthy collagen. Kind of like<br />

a yoga class for your skin, collagen keeps your skin firm and toned. Remember, if<br />

any food you eat feels heavy it’s most likely not good for your skin, which means<br />

steer clear of fried, oily, sweet or processed foods.<br />

3. Water<br />

It’s no new concept, but drink water for<br />

a better complexion. The more you<br />

drink, the better your skin will be.<br />

Drinking water is like exercise in that<br />

it helps to increase blood flow, which<br />

means better circulation. Drinking water<br />

also helps to flush toxins out of the<br />

body, which we know are detrimental<br />

for skin health and appearance.<br />

Get in tune with your body – if your<br />

lips are cracked or your nose is dry and<br />

flaky, you may simply be thirsty. And no,<br />

don’t grab soft drink or fruit juice – enjoy<br />

a big glass of water instead!<br />

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feature<br />

5. Sex<br />

Get laid to get the look, and we don’t mean sleep! A sack<br />

session increases blood circulation; increasing your heart<br />

rate means blood pumps harder throughout your body and<br />

expels toxins.<br />

It’s not just your blood rushing but your body’s chemicals<br />

too. The hormone oxytocin, known as the ‘love hormone’,<br />

is released during sex. It is said to increase endorphins<br />

and alleviate pain, plus it puts a big smile on our faces and<br />

makes us feel loved up. Lastly, a good roll in the hay also<br />

helps you sleep better, thanks to oxytocin, and gives you a<br />

post-coital glow!<br />

4.<br />

Positive<br />

attitude<br />

If you want to be beautiful, and I mean truly beautiful, you<br />

have to feel good. A lot of people always have others<br />

flocking to them not as a result of the way they look but<br />

because they are so vivacious and charming. Diet and<br />

beauty treatments can make a difference, but before that<br />

comes attitude. Our outer image is a reflection of our inner<br />

mindset and a positive attitude will help us exude an air of<br />

confidence and radiance that will enhance our appearance.<br />

In short, feeling beautiful makes us look beautiful!<br />

6. Sleep<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> sleep, as we smart girls know, is not just an urban<br />

legend. Sleep and beauty really are interrelated. Everything<br />

regenerates when you sleep: your mind reboots, your cells<br />

replenish and your skin renews. It’s like a housekeeper<br />

comes in and tidies up, ironing out wrinkles and removing<br />

toxins from the day.<br />

Eight hours of sleep is an outdated notion for many,<br />

but make sure you are getting the quantity of rejuvenating<br />

sleep your body requires to function at optimal levels. Most<br />

healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep<br />

per night to function at their best.<br />

Research constantly shows that some serious shuteye<br />

is essential for your health and wellbeing, with lack of sleep<br />

associated with everything from weight gain to cancer.<br />

A 2013 study also found that there’s a link between<br />

inadequate sleep and signs of ageing. In this study, the<br />

research subjects with poor sleep showed twice the amount<br />

of intrinsic signs of ageing such as fine lines, reduced<br />

elasticity and uneven pigmentation, as well as recovering<br />

slower from sunburn.<br />

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feature<br />

7.<br />

Thyroid health<br />

& function<br />

The thyroid is the grand master gland of metabolism.<br />

When it is not functioning properly it can affect your weight,<br />

mental outlook, body temperature and energy levels. The<br />

thickness and quality of your skin is also dependent on<br />

thyroid function, as is whether you have a thick vibrant mane<br />

of hair – as problems can lead to loss of hair and waning<br />

colour. When your thyroid is not functioning up to par, your<br />

body will attempt to conserve energy by redirecting it from<br />

non-essential areas, and directing efforts at repair and<br />

regeneration to those functions considered more essential.<br />

This is why the beauty of your hair and skin are among the<br />

first to go when your thyroid starts to give out, along with<br />

absorption and utilisation of nutrients.<br />

8.<br />

Stress<br />

Keep calm and take measures to decrease stress. It is the<br />

modern-day plague, a silent killer, and when you allow stress<br />

into your lifestyle you open the door to damaging free radicals,<br />

poor health and a worn-out appearance. Moderate exercise,<br />

massages, yoga postures, meditation techniques and<br />

breathing exercises can be helpful in combating the negative<br />

effects of stress. Aromatherapy, music therapy, laughter<br />

and the company of friends with a youthful, positive attitude<br />

towards life can help balance your mind and emotions. Plan<br />

well to reduce time-related anxiety and crises, perhaps by<br />

keeping a diary.<br />

9.<br />

Socialising<br />

Keeping your friends close and your enemies far from your mind will keep you looking tip-top.<br />

Make plenty of time for your friends because research shows there are many health benefits<br />

gained by socialising and laughing with friends. Laughter is an endorphin trigger that reduces<br />

certain stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. A healthy body, along with a<br />

positive mental outlook, is very sexy indeed.<br />

26 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

How your<br />

brain<br />

can make you<br />

sexier<br />

10.<br />

Supplements<br />

While the best way to get vitamins and minerals is by eating<br />

well, this is not always possible. Vitamins, minerals and<br />

herbs are catalysts for good health and can be taken in<br />

the form of supplements when your diet is lacking. Once<br />

they’re absorbed into your body, they go to work setting<br />

off a chain reaction in other parts of your body to produce<br />

the necessary elements we need to function. It’s as if you’re<br />

treating your internal systems to a good workout.<br />

Much like a good trainer, they make sure your body gets<br />

what it needs to look your very best and ensure everything’s<br />

working properly on a molecular level. Don’t neglect your<br />

essential fatty acids to provide tender loving care for your<br />

skin as well as your arteries and heart. csbm<br />

Adjunct Professor Paul Taylor, founder of Acumotum<br />

Body-Brain Fitness and Vitality Centre in Melbourne,<br />

says your brain is a powerful tool – it can even make<br />

you look better naked.<br />

Staying in shape is just as much about focusing on<br />

the brain as it is about exercising and eating well. The<br />

brain controls everything the body does, but is reliant<br />

on the health of the body. The brain plays several roles<br />

when it comes to staying in shape:<br />

Motivation This is completely controlled by the<br />

brain and is dependent on the chemical dopamine. The<br />

biggest mistake people make when trying to get into<br />

shape is that they rely on motivation, which waxes and<br />

wanes. The real key is to create a new habit, rather than<br />

relying on motivation. The key to this, as far as the brain<br />

is concerned, is to develop rituals. When we repeat<br />

something enough, it becomes a habit. The reason it<br />

does so is that the neural wiring for this activity moves<br />

to a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, which is<br />

where our habits are stored.<br />

Hence, one of the keys to long-term change is to<br />

develop rituals that are sacrosanct. This means you do<br />

them repeatedly, on a regular basis. Recent research<br />

has shown that if we repeat something at the same time<br />

every day then it is much easier to form a habit. Simply<br />

put, the brain loves routine.<br />

Willpower There has been a lot of recent research<br />

on the subject of willpower, and all say this it is utterly<br />

reliant on glucose. Using MRI scanning, researchers<br />

have shown that when your blood glucose level is low,<br />

your ability to control your impulses is greatly diminished.<br />

This is one of the primary reasons why dieting fails.<br />

Carbohydrates are the nutrient that is mostly restricted<br />

these days and, paradoxically, this contributes to low<br />

blood glucose levels, which reduces people’s ability to<br />

stay on track.<br />

Bottom line If you want to have a sexier figure,<br />

enlist the help of your brain, develop rituals you can<br />

stick to and eat a diet that has moderate amounts of<br />

unprocessed carbohydrates.<br />

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wellness<br />

The<br />

15<br />

minute<br />

snore<br />

solution<br />

Say goodbye to snoring and sleep<br />

easy with Sleep Eze, a new laser<br />

treatment for snoring and sleep<br />

apnoea. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “sleeping is no mean<br />

art. For its sake one must stay awake all day.”<br />

If you snore – or, more annoyingly, your partner<br />

does – take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in these<br />

nocturnal harmonics. As many as 50 percent of people are<br />

affected by snoring.<br />

But this is small comfort indeed when stacked up against<br />

disturbed sleep, poor sleep quality and continual daytime<br />

fatigue – not to mention relationship frustration if you and<br />

your partner are constantly denied a good night’s sleep!<br />

A new treatment is offering snoring sufferers<br />

renewed hope in the battle against sleep deprivation<br />

Why do we snore?<br />

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues in the back of your<br />

throat relax and vibrate during sleep or, in the case of<br />

obstructive sleep apnoea, when the airway is blocked and<br />

pauses breathing. ‘Snoring occurs when these structures<br />

strike each other and vibrate during breathing,’ explains Dr<br />

28 www.cosbeauty.com.au

wellness<br />

Can sleep deprivation<br />

make us fat?<br />

A lack of sleep can affect metabolism, reducing the rate at which we burn<br />

kilojoules. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to increased rates of<br />

obesity and diabetes, according to research at the UK’s University of Warwick,<br />

which found that adults who get less than seven hours of sleep a night are<br />

twice as likely to become obese.<br />

Sleep provides an opportunity for the body to repair and rejuvenate itself.<br />

Many of the major restorative functions in the body, such as muscle growth,<br />

tissue repair, protein synthesis and growth hormone release, occur mostly<br />

(and in some cases only) during sleep.<br />

Buddy Paul Beaini, cosmetic physician and director of MD<br />

Cosmedical Solutions.<br />

With sleep apnoea, you actually stop breathing for<br />

periods of time, even up to a couple of minutes, as many as<br />

hundreds of times a night. This happens when the muscles<br />

of the throat collapse during sleep and block the windpipe.<br />

Anatomically, you are more likely to have a snoring<br />

problem if you have a longer or floppier soft palate. In this<br />

case the soft palate will vibrate more, creating the snoring<br />

sound. Other contributing factors include being overweight<br />

because of increased weight around the neck and jaw,<br />

alcohol intake because it relaxes the muscle, medications<br />

such as sleeping tablets and muscle relaxants for the same<br />

reason, and smoking because it weakens the lungs and<br />

makes them more irritant.<br />

Both sleep apnoea and snoring can leave you sleep<br />

deprived because you don’t receive the right quality of<br />

sleep. This can affect your performance during the day,<br />

making you tired, drowsy and possibly more prone to<br />

accidents and work mistakes.<br />

Additionally, snoring and sleep apnoea are associated<br />

with long-term health problems, including heart attacks,<br />

strokes and hypertension.<br />

When enough’s enough<br />

A new treatment is offering sufferers renewed hope in the<br />

battle against sleep deprivation. Sleep Eze is a painless,<br />

fast and long-lasting laser treatment that targets the cause<br />

of snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea.<br />

Dr Beaini offers Sleep Eze at MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

and is impressed with the results achieved. ‘Sleep Eze uses<br />

laser technology to target the roof of the mouth and back<br />

of throat, heating the soft tissue and stimulating collagen<br />

production. This, in turn, tightens soft tissue so it’s not so<br />

loose and prone to vibration,’ he says.<br />

Three short treatments are typically needed over six<br />

weeks, with more than 90 percent of snorers and 70 percent<br />

of sleep apnoea sufferers experiencing improvement.<br />

‘There’s no pain involved – it feels like drinking a warm<br />

cup of tea,’ says Dr Beaini. ‘Plus there’s no downtime; you<br />

can go straight back to work afterwards.’<br />

After the third treatment, the soft tissue gradually tightens<br />

and the outcome is long lasting. ‘Within three months after<br />

the first treatment, you should notice a defined change and<br />

improvement to your snoring and sleep apnoea,’ he says.<br />

As tissue does soften with age, he recommends patients<br />

return every 12 to 18 months for single touch-up treatments.<br />

What makes Sleep Eze different?<br />

Some of the devices on the market aimed at reducing<br />

snoring can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and are<br />

temporary solutions. ‘Sleep Eze is the only real permanent<br />

treatment and offers an invaluable long-term investment in<br />

sleep quality,’ says Dr Beaini. ‘If you don’t treat it, snoring<br />

can get worse and develop into sleep apnoea. For people<br />

with sleep apnoea, any reduction in severity can make a<br />

significant difference.’ csbm<br />

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feature<br />

navigating<br />

the maze of<br />

Dermal<br />

fillers<br />

When it comes to restoring<br />

youthful volume without surgery,<br />

dermal fillers have the stage. but<br />

You need to know your options.<br />

Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

The quest to recapture plump cheeks, smooth<br />

foreheads and more prominent pouts leads many of<br />

us down the cosmetic medicine path. And injectables<br />

– anti-wrinkle muscle relaxants and fillers – are usually the<br />

first port of call these days.<br />

There is an ever-expanding and increasingly<br />

sophisticated variety of fillers available today . Used on their<br />

own or in combination, fillers are injected under the skin to<br />

treat a wide range of facial ageing concerns, including filling<br />

deep folds and lines, plumping up facial hollows, plumping<br />

the lips and improving under-eye circles.<br />

‘In the past 10 years, we have seen significant<br />

improvements in the technology and design of soft tissue<br />

30 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

fillers,’ says Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steven Liew. ‘There<br />

are now different grades of fillers designed specifically for<br />

use in different parts of the face and different anatomical<br />

levels of facial structure.’<br />

Fillers are used to plump out lines and smooth skin, restore<br />

volume to areas where tissue commonly degenerates with<br />

age, fill in pockmarks and acne scars, contour or reshape<br />

facial features and add volume to the lips. They are also a<br />

popular adjunct to treatment with botulinum toxin injections<br />

(anti-wrinkle injections) to create a universal result.<br />

‘There is no area where we can’t use dermal fillers,’ Dr<br />

Liew says. ‘There is a lot of science behind soft tissue fillers<br />

that make them customisable to each patient’s individual<br />

requirements and to different areas of injection.’<br />

As with most cosmetic procedures, a holistic approach<br />

using fillers will reap the best result. ‘As we age, the whole<br />

face ages – there are priority areas but, essentially, the<br />

entire face is subject to ageing,’ Dr Liew explains. ‘Gone<br />

are the days where patients come in and ask to have their<br />

nasolabial folds filled, and that’s enough. We now know that<br />

treating the nasolabial folds will not change the patient’s<br />

overall appearance. We want to address and harmonise the<br />

face as a whole so the patient will look the best for their<br />

age at every stage of their life. Through communication,<br />

understanding and education, there should be trust and<br />

agreement between the patient and the practitioner.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

feature<br />

What you<br />

need to know<br />

about fillers<br />

Fillers are gel-like in consistency, and the type of filler<br />

(composition and viscosity), the area of injection and the<br />

depth of injection all influence the final result, and how<br />

long they last. Fillers can be made with biodegradable<br />

substances, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid (HA), or<br />

non-biodegradable substances like silicone.<br />

‘I prefer to use HA-based fillers because hyaluronic acid<br />

is versatile, long-lasting and effective,’ Dr Liew explains. ‘It<br />

also comes in a variety of grades to cater for the different<br />

requirements of every patient.’<br />

‘The other benefit of using HA fillers is that, in the rare<br />

occasion where there is a minor adverse reaction such<br />

as swelling or lumpiness following injection, the HA can<br />

be easily dissolved with a chemical called hyaluronidase.<br />

This works almost immediately and acts as a lifeboat, or a<br />

safeguard, in case the outcome is not as good as we like,’<br />

Dr Liew adds.<br />

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in<br />

the body. It is associated with attracting and maintaining<br />

hydration in the skin. For this reason, the benefits of dermal<br />

fillers are double-fold – adding volume and attracting<br />

hydration at the same time.<br />

The HA result<br />

The longevity of results with HA dermal fillers can last<br />

anywhere between 6-18 months and beyond, depending<br />

on the amount of filler injected, the depth of injection and the<br />

level of movement at the injection site. The duration of the<br />

result is also affected by the extent of cross-linking between<br />

the hyaluronic acid chains, as well as the concentration<br />

and size of the HA particles themselves.<br />

Increased cross-linking and higher HA concentrations<br />

boost the viscosity and elasticity of the dermal filler. This<br />

extends the longevity of the result. Larger HA particles,<br />

alongside higher concentrations, tend to absorb more<br />

water and result in more tissue swelling following injection,<br />

also increasing the duration of effect.<br />

Filling<br />

fine lines<br />

and<br />

wrinkles<br />

When injected superficially, dermal fillers<br />

can help smooth out fine lines and fill<br />

superficial wrinkles. Commonly, the HA<br />

chains are smaller and softer in superficial<br />

filler products, reducing the risk of lumpiness<br />

post procedure.<br />

‘These fillers are used for areas that are<br />

more delicate, such as the corners of the<br />

mouth, the lip line and the crow’s feet,’ Dr<br />

Liew explains. ‘These fillers need to be<br />

very soft so the product can be placed<br />

superficially in the skin to smooth the area<br />

without the risk of seeing or feeling the<br />

product after injection.’<br />

A small amount of filler is usually required,<br />

as the objective is to fill a line or wrinkle, not<br />

necessarily add volume to the area.<br />

The small particle size, and low quantity<br />

of HA injected, means results typically<br />

last around six to 12 months. The level<br />

of movement in the area – for example<br />

frowning, talking and squinting – also affects<br />

the duration of the result. ‘The lip area tends<br />

to have a slightly lower longevity of result due<br />

to the degree of movement in the region,’<br />

Dr Liew explains.<br />

Adding volume<br />

Medium volume HA fillers use medium-sized HA<br />

particles, which combine with the body’s own HA to<br />

enhance the volume of targeted tissue.<br />

These fillers are injected more deeply than<br />

superficial products, and are used to treat deeper<br />

skin folds and enhance volume in certain areas.<br />

‘In areas such as below the cheek, we prefer to<br />

inject soft fillers a little deeper, so they’re encased in<br />

the fat region,’ Dr Liew explains. ‘This provides some<br />

soft-tissue padding in the area.’<br />

Medium volume HA fillers typically have a greater<br />

number of cross-links between the HA particles,<br />

compared to superficial fillers. This increases<br />

cohesiveness of the product and longevity.<br />

32 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Building<br />

and<br />

contouring<br />

Deep volume fillers can restore facial<br />

contours, or add volume where it<br />

is really needed. These fillers have<br />

a distinct volume-enhancing effect,<br />

and are used to treat folds and facial<br />

depressions, as well as filling deep<br />

contours and hollows.<br />

‘There are certain fillers specifically<br />

designed for volumisation and to<br />

increase facial contour and projection,’<br />

Dr Liew explains. ‘These fillers are<br />

firmer and are essentially placed on the<br />

surface of the bone. They are used on<br />

the nose, cheek and chin.’<br />

Commonly, these fillers act more<br />

like facial implants and, once injected,<br />

integrate fully with the facial tissue.<br />

Because of their high viscosity, deep<br />

dermal fillers do not migrate from the<br />

injection site and results can last from<br />

12 to 18 months.<br />




Reducing under-eye circles<br />

‘As some patients age, rather than having drooping skin, they become gaunt and hollow, particularly<br />

around the eye area. This is where I find fillers to be very useful,’ Dr Liew says. ‘Each injection can last<br />

up to three to four years, as the product is usually placed quite deeply to reduce the risk of visibility<br />

and palpability post-procedure.’<br />

In 2015, a dedicated dermal filler solution for reducing under eye circles and hollows was<br />

introduced to the Australian aesthetic market. It uses a unique HA formulation, designed to add<br />

hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33

face<br />

how to<br />

avoid<br />

looking<br />

‘done’<br />

You don’t have to go extreme to<br />

enhance your natural beauty. Less<br />

is more when it comes to the subtle<br />

art of cosmetic intervention.<br />

AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

According to Dr John Flynn, more and more patients<br />

at his Cosmedic & Skin Clinic on the Gold Coast are<br />

asking how to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes<br />

with the least amount of surgery. ‘With advances in both<br />

technology and techniques, it seems the current thinking in<br />

cosmetic surgery is less is more,’ he says.<br />

While facelift surgery is still the best option for lifting<br />

sagging skin and reversing gravity, patients are now showing<br />

a clear preference for having smaller procedures earlier to<br />

postpone the need for more radical surgery. ‘There is a lot<br />

that can be done before we need to go as far as a facelift,’<br />

he says.<br />

According to Dr Flynn, a series of less dramatic<br />

procedures at regular intervals is what most of his patients<br />

want. ‘Not only is it less obvious that someone has had<br />

something done, but the results are more natural looking.<br />

This concept of maintenance rather than radical rescue is<br />

really the leading edge of cosmetic practice,’ he says.<br />

By taking cosmetic surgery gradually – over a period<br />

of months or even years – a patient is more likely to be<br />

satisfied with the outcomes. ‘For instance, a patient may<br />

have a combination of eyelid surgery and a peel. Some time<br />

later, when she is accustomed to her rejuvenated look, she<br />

might decide to have something further and perhaps laser<br />

skin resurfacing may be in order. Then, of course, there are<br />

the fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.’<br />

Non-surgical options can be combined with less major<br />

facelifts (such as the mini-lift or s-lift), neck lifts, brow lifts,<br />

eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing, cheek implants, facial fat<br />

transfers and facial liposculpture, all of which are becoming<br />

less invasive with quicker recovery times.<br />

When a facelift is the best remedy for sagging and wrinkly<br />

skin, this will commonly be performed in conjunction with<br />

non-surgical procedures for the most natural-looking results.<br />

‘The modern facelift is very different from previous times,’<br />

says Dr Flynn. ‘It relies far less on extensive surgery and<br />

34 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature face<br />

Skin<br />

For skin texture and complexion, peels and laser<br />

treatments target brown pigment problems and<br />

vascular issues such as red broken capillaries and<br />

blemishes. Stronger lasers for skin rejuvenation can<br />

also help tremendously.<br />

Facial balance<br />

The full range of dermal fillers can be used to correct<br />

lines and wrinkles: soft fillers for fine lines and firmer<br />

fillers for facial contouring. Longer lasting fillers should<br />

be considered as an option.<br />

more on judicious alterations combining laser resurfacing,<br />

dermal fillers and other minimally invasive techniques so<br />

that what is essentially known as a “facelift” is no longer a<br />

purely surgical experience.’<br />

But one of the most influential aspects of rejuvenating<br />

the face is the quality and texture of the skin. ‘The skin is<br />

the fabric that covers the entire face, so when looking to<br />

perform a combination of procedures on the face we have<br />

to look at how to correct the quality of the fabric as well,’<br />

explains Dr Flynn. ‘This is where laser resurfacing can be<br />

extremely effective. Even if a patient doesn’t necessarily<br />

require a lift or tightening, most people who live in Australia’s<br />

harsh climate could benefit from laser rejuvenation to renew<br />

skin texture and tone.’<br />

Finding the best combination for each patient requires a<br />

thorough assessment of their individual issues. ‘We are all<br />

unique and a good doctor’s skill lies in retaining the elements<br />

that make us who we are,’ Dr Flynn says. csbm<br />

Sagging skin<br />

This is where lifting techniques are best employed. In<br />

good hands a facelift is the best procedure to lift sagging<br />

skin. But there are alternatives.<br />

Thread lifts<br />

Threads require no surgery or scars. Well placed and<br />

anchored threads provide a great alternative to a facelift.<br />

Dr Flynn has pioneered the use of thread lifts in Australia<br />

and internationally and also teaches surgeons how to<br />

use the threads.<br />

‘Regardless of the procedure, don’t forget that proper<br />

skincare and sun protection are essential for looking<br />

your best and creating that ‘glow’ factor.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

feature skin<br />

increasing<br />

Collagen<br />

the natural<br />

beauty<br />

booster<br />

36 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Radiant skin is the foundation of beauty and the philosophy<br />

behind every treatment at Skin Renu. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

Collagen is one of the strongest natural proteins and plays a starring<br />

role in radiant, resilient skin. It’s key to a supple and plump wrinklefree<br />

complexion and is arguably nature’s best beauty booster. But<br />

as we age our natural production of collagen begins to slow. That dewy<br />

and plump look associated with youth gradually becomes replaced with<br />

sagging skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.<br />

If you’re looking to take action against your dwindling supply of collagen,<br />

the skin experts at Skin Renu in Balmain, Sydney are the people to see.<br />

Their philosophy is based on improving a person’s appearance, not to<br />

change their overall look, using non-surgical combination therapies which<br />

offer little or no downtime to turn back the clock.<br />

‘Part of this is to stimulate the body to produce more collagen so the<br />

structure of your skin is healthier and plumper with a natural radiance,’<br />

says Sylvia Down from Skin Renu. ‘If you’re serious about anti-ageing,<br />

increasing collagen production is the name of the game.’<br />

There are numerous devices in cosmetic medicine that help boost<br />

dwindling collagen supplies. These include Infini and Thermage for<br />

skin tightening and remodelling, Fraxel for skin resurfacing, and Laser<br />

Genesis for pigmentation and improved skin texture. ‘All of these<br />

procedures tighten existing collagen and stimulate new collagen production,<br />

meaning lax skin is tightened, deep lines and wrinkles are softened and a<br />

luminous texture is achieved,’ says Down. ‘When your skin is radiant, you<br />

radiate confidence.’<br />

Injectables are another fundamental of anti-ageing treatments. Volume<br />

loss and wrinkles are some of the major and inevitable changes that<br />

occur to our faces over time. Dermal fillers and muscle relaxants are<br />

excellent for reversing the signs of ageing, restoring facial volume, supporting<br />

the skin and relaxing away wrinkles and fine lines, to offer a refreshed<br />

and younger looking appearance. They also give further support to the<br />

skin, enhancing results from other procedures such as laser resurfacing<br />

and skin tightening treatments.<br />

A series of injectable wrinkle treatments to soften lines and prevent new<br />

ones forming can be performed in the one visit.<br />

Each age bracket (and, indeed, each patient) comes with its own<br />

set of skin concerns. All Skin Renu doctors, nurses and skin therapists<br />

are experienced in using effective, consistently proven technologies and<br />

products to treat a wide range of skin concerns. They guide their patients<br />

on which treatments are ideal for them and their particular concerns.<br />

‘A personalised programme of skin rejuvenation that deals with issues<br />

such as skin laxity, fine lines, pigmentation and vascular imperfections<br />

can achieve significant results,’ says Down. ‘Whatever the reason a<br />

client presents to us, we devise a workable programme within their time<br />

constraints and budget to help them achieve their best skin ever.’<br />

To achieve a refreshed, natural-looking result, subtlety is the key. Nonsurgical<br />

anti-ageing combination therapies which offer little or no downtime<br />

can effectively help delay the signs of ageing, turn back the clock and boost<br />

natural beauty. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37

teeth<br />

Designer<br />

smiles<br />

your cosmetic<br />

dentistry<br />

destination<br />

Designer smiles, home to sydney<br />

aesthetic and reconstructive dentist<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian, has a new<br />

address and a revamped look.<br />

Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

According to Sydney aesthetic reconstructive dentist Dr Sarkis<br />

Nalbandian, a dental practice should be an environment that<br />

breeds creativity and encourages the highest standards of<br />

performance in the surgeon, while also being comfortable and relaxing<br />

for the patient. ‘It needs to be a place where the patient can make the<br />

best decisions for themselves and the future of their tooth and gum<br />

health,’ he explains.<br />

Dr Nalbandian has created exactly this environment in his new,<br />

state-of-the-art clinic in Cremorne, Sydney. ‘The new clinic has<br />

been designed and built for the convenience of all our patients,’ he<br />

says. ‘Considerable time, planning and effort in a top-of-class facility<br />

means we can deliver the best treatments in a relaxing setting using<br />

the latest diagnostic technology, personalised treatment rooms and<br />

an in-house dental laboratory.’<br />

‘The clinic caters to new and existing Designer Smile patients, and<br />

incorporates specially built accommodation for our overseas clients.’<br />

Dr Nalbandian has extensive experience in dental practice. He<br />

performs both implant and reconstructive, as well as cosmetic<br />

procedures regularly, but believes the most important goal of dentistry<br />

should be to preserve the patient’s existing anatomy.<br />

‘The longevity of real teeth immensely bypass the longevity of<br />

38 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature teeth<br />

dental implants,’ Dr Nalbandian explains. ‘Although I will place implants after<br />

careful assessment of all options, the preservation of biology is of upmost<br />

importance in my practice. In suitable cases, I will opt for procedures that require<br />

minimal intervention to patients’ existing dental anatomy. This helps maintain the<br />

teeth and longevity of the smile.’<br />

An extensive consultation process is key in developing the most suitable<br />

treatment plan for each individual patient. Whether the procedure is aesthetic<br />

or reconstructive, Dr Nalbandian explores several potential solutions to suit the<br />

patient’s individual concerns and preferences.<br />

‘It is important that the patient is well informed and educated when deciding<br />

to undergo any form of treatment,’ he explains. ‘Some patients come to me<br />

believing invasive intervention is the only possibility, however I help them<br />

understand that there may be an alternative approach, involving less downtime<br />

and minimal disruption to their existing biology.’<br />

As well as offering reconstructive and implant surgeries in his practice, Dr<br />

Nalbandian also offers a service he calles the One-Visit Dental Facelift. This<br />

specifically focuses on the speech area and aesthetic zone of the mouth. It calls<br />

upon either ultra-thin porcelain veneers or composite veneers, which require<br />

no injections, no drilling and no downtime. Both these procedures have been<br />

developed and optimised at Designer Smiles, and are a solution for minimal<br />

intervention in smile rejuvenation, suitable for patients of all ages. Importantly,<br />

they also afford flexible options for future revision, as Dr Nalbandian explains.<br />

‘There are many ways we can use non-invasive methods to improve a patient’s<br />

smile, restoring their confidence and allowing them to continue with their lives<br />

after just one visit,’ he says. ‘‘The beauty of using composite veneers is that we<br />

can improve the patient’s smile while still keeping their options open for future<br />

orthodontic realignment,’<br />

‘I preserve and enhance the patient’s smile wherever I can. My aim is to help<br />

my patients keep their smile for life,’ Dr Nalbandian concludes.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

teeth<br />

A beautiful smile signifies one of the most noticeable hallmarks of youthfulness<br />

and attractiveness. A bright, even, symmetrical smile can take years<br />

off your appearance and boost your confidence when it comes to making<br />

first impressions.<br />

Dr Nalbandian believes a youthful smile can transform the entire face. And,<br />

despite the damage that can occur to our smiles over time, Dr Nalbandian says<br />

significant improvements can be seen in just one visit to the dentist.<br />

‘Teeth wear can occur at any age,’ he says. ‘It’s known as tooth surface<br />

loss, or TSL, and is generally caused by a combination of abrasion, erosion and<br />

attrition, or ageing.’<br />

Notably, tooth erosion can also be caused by the acidic nature of our diet.<br />

Dr Nalbandian takes a holistic approach to smile transformation, helping his<br />

patients make some lifestyle and dietary adjustments to prolong the results of<br />

dental rejuvenation.<br />

‘The increase in carbonated beverages has resulted in an excessive amount<br />

of tooth loss in people as young as 15. This compromises the structural integrity<br />

of their teeth,’ he says.<br />

‘Approximately 30 percent of the population “brux”, or grind their teeth,’ he<br />

continues. ‘The cause is unknown but has been attributed to stresses of life and<br />

sleep disorders.’<br />

When teeth become worn, patients are exposed not only to potential<br />

health and functional problems but also to an ageing smile. According to Dr<br />

Nalbandian, this has a knock-on effect, dragging down the appearance of the<br />

face as a whole.<br />

‘The aim in all reconstructive dentistry is to develop a treatment plan to help<br />

solve both the patient’s functional needs and aesthetic desires,’ he says.<br />

‘I believe the best strategy is to firstly identify the cause and then prevent<br />

further tooth and gum damage. Thorough diagnosis is required to assess the<br />

cause because if it is not treated underlying tooth loss will continue to undermine<br />

any type of restoration performed on the tooth,’ Dr Nalbandian explains.<br />

The ‘One visit<br />

dental facelift’<br />

On suitable candidates, Dr Nalbandian performs what he calls ‘The One-Visit Dental Facelift’.<br />

‘As an example, one young patient wanted to improve the colour of her teeth and their overall appearance,’ he<br />

says. ‘She had become very self-conscious about them because the top teeth were spatially shorter and had a worn<br />

appearance due to bruxism, or grinding.’<br />

According to Dr Nalbandian, the appearance of the top six teeth was particularly compromised, especially during<br />

speech and smiling. ‘The worn, short teeth had created a flat smile line,’ he adds.<br />

After discussing a number of options, the patient chose to have non-invasive composite veneers. ‘We used minimally<br />

invasive techniques to transform her smile in only one visit. There was no drilling or injections and the structure of her<br />

teeth remained intact,’ he says. ‘Her top 10 teeth were treated with composite veneers and her bite was also improved<br />

for an optimal outcome.’<br />

By using minimally invasive, time-efficient procedures, Dr Nalbandian was able to improve the appearance of the smile<br />

significantly whilst lifting the look of her whole face.<br />

‘She is thrilled with the whiteness and symmetry of her new smile, and that it also looks very natural,’ Dr Nalbandian<br />

concludes. csbm<br />

40 www.cosbeauty.com.au

teeth<br />

CASE<br />

STUDY<br />

This patient had become self-conscious about the shape and colour of her<br />

teeth. The top teeth were spatially shorter and had a worn appearance.<br />

The patient opted to undergo a non-invasive procedure, using composite<br />

veneers to improve the appearance of her smile. The top 10 teeth were<br />

treated with composite veneers, and her bite was also improved.<br />

The patient has reported that she loves the colour and symmetry of her<br />

new smile. The improvement in this patient’s smile was achieved in just<br />

one visit by Dr Nalbandian.<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER cosmetic dentistry by Dr Nalbandian<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER cosmetic dentistry by Dr Nalbandian<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER cosmetic dentistry by Dr Nalbandian<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER cosmetic dentistry by Dr Nalbandian<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

feature skin<br />

ALL<br />

YOU<br />


ABOUT<br />






PRP<br />

Often dubbed “The Vampire Facelift”<br />

(which is actually a trademarked<br />

procedure by Dr Charles Runels from<br />

the US using HA fi llers) Platelet Rich Plasma<br />

(PRP) therapy is one of the most increasingly<br />

sought after rejuvenation treatments around<br />

the world.<br />

It draws – quite literally – on the patient’s<br />

own blood by reinjecting higher concentrations<br />

of blood platelets which release growth<br />

factors to the treatment site. These growth<br />

factors “speak the language” of stem cells,<br />

42 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

PRP: the procedure<br />

Step one in treatment with Regen PRP is an accurate<br />

and thorough assessment of the patient’s problem area,<br />

which guides the treatment plan. Then the patient’s PRP<br />

is injected intra and subdermally into the treatment area.<br />

Typically, multiple treatments are required to achieve the<br />

best results – usually three treatments at four weeks apart.<br />

Once the desired results have been achieved, the<br />

patient can expect to retain the results for 12 months before<br />

requiring a top-up treatment.<br />

and kick-start rejuvenation from the inside out. The<br />

end result? Increased collagen production and thicker,<br />

smoother and more supple skin.<br />

PRP: the story<br />

PRP was propelled into public spotlight in 2011, when it<br />

was rumoured Angelina Jolie had received the treatment<br />

to boost collagen in her face. But the technology had<br />

been around long before then.<br />

PRP has been used for decades in different<br />

medical arenas – from sports medicine to helping treat<br />

osteoarthritis. RegenLabPRP was the first to market PRP<br />

in the Australian aesthetic arena in 2007. Now, with 53<br />

clinical studies backing it, RegenLabPRP is a proven<br />

PRP system using optimal concentrations and offering<br />

consistent results.<br />

PRP: the product<br />

Platelet Rich Plasma is blood plasma enriched with a<br />

higher concentration of platelets. When this plasma is<br />

from the patient’s own blood, it is called autologous PRP.<br />

These platelets contain a cocktail of beneficial<br />

ingredients, such as growth factors and cytokines that<br />

cause a cascade of anti-ageing activity after being reinjected<br />

back into the skin.<br />

Specifically, growth factors are involved in stem cell<br />

migration, differentiation and proliferation, as well as<br />

stimulation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells to induce<br />

new collagen and blood vessel formation.<br />

As well as the platelets, the plasma itself contains<br />

many factors that are essential for cell survival. These<br />

include nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and<br />

proteins. There are also essential molecules to help<br />

build a scaffolding for the formation and migration of<br />

new cells.<br />

Concentration matters<br />

Using an optimal concentration of platelets is key to<br />

securing results in PRP treatment. And, surprisingly, a higher<br />

concentration is not directly correlated to the extent of the<br />

result. For example, one study by Rappl et al. (2011) found<br />

platelet concentrations closer to the natural physiological<br />

concentrations showed better wound-healing results than<br />

higher concentrations.<br />

According to the study results: ‘Those methods with<br />

a lower concentration of platelets – at one to three times<br />

the baseline – showed more robust healing rates than<br />

those with highest concentrations of three to eight times<br />

the baseline.’<br />

The release of growth factors<br />

According to Solange Vischer, RegenLab’s product<br />

manager based in Switzerland, the difference between<br />

RegenLab PRP and other serums on the market is the way<br />

the growth factors are released following injection.<br />

‘In RegenLabPRP most of the growth factors are in<br />

the platelets, not the plasma,’ Vischer explains. ‘These<br />

growth factors will be released at the site of injection in an<br />

orchestrated manner by the platelets, thus providing the<br />

right dose and the right growth factor cocktail at the right<br />

time of tissue reconstruction.’<br />

In RegenLabPRP, the platelets within the serum haven’t<br />

been activated until after they’re injected into the skin tissue.<br />

They have a life span of seven to 10 days, releasing growth<br />

factors at optimal times for an extended, long-term result.<br />

PRP is a powerful and effective solution to anti-ageing.<br />

It harness the patient’s own blood to trigger real change in<br />

the skin at a cellular level. It boosts the production of new<br />

collagen, and provides the scaffolding for newly plumped<br />

contours and a smooth, radiant complexion.<br />

Be sure to check your physician is using an approved<br />

PRP harvesting system such as RegenLabPRP. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

skin<br />

Uncover<br />

youthfulness<br />

with the<br />

eCO2 laser<br />

The eCO2 is a fractionated laser that<br />

strikes the optimum balance between<br />

minimal downtime and maximum results.<br />

Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

By now you’ve probably heard of the powers of laser to target<br />

wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin. But, like many, you<br />

may be concerned that laser skin resurfacing equals weeks of<br />

healing time. The new eCO2 laser can put these concerns to rest.<br />

eCO2 is a fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum<br />

of rejuvenating treatments, without the downtime and discomfort<br />

associated with some other laser treatments. It’s manufactured by<br />

laser powerhouse Lutronic, and distributed in Australia by Advanced<br />

Cosmeceuticals.<br />

What can eCO2 treat?<br />

The eCO2 can address a broad spectrum of skin and beauty concerns,<br />

including wrinkles, skin laxity, scars, photoageing (sun damage), and<br />

general skin rejuvenation. It has also been shown to achieve good<br />

results on tightening sagging and wrinkly necks.<br />

What does ‘fractionated’ mean?<br />

The science behind fractional laser resurfacing is that the laser creates<br />

microscopic thermal injuries in the dermis and epidermis. This results<br />

in a wound-healing response that increases collagen production in<br />

the dermis. In fractionated laser resurfacing, the micro-injuries are<br />

scattered across the skin’s surface – with gaps of healthy tissue left<br />

in between. This supporting network of healthy tissue aids in healing<br />

post-procedure and reduces the downtime involved.<br />

44 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

How is the eCO2 different?<br />

The eCO2 has taken this ‘scattering’ concept and optimised it.<br />

It features a patented Controlled Chaos Technology, which is an<br />

algorithm to pseudo-randomly deliver each micro-laser beam, placing<br />

maximum distance between sequential beams.<br />

The end result? An increased safety profile, less post-procedure<br />

discomfort, faster healing time and unprecedented fractional<br />

resurfacing results.<br />

Treat different skin concerns at once<br />

The eCO2 treatment parameters can be adjusted in terms of both the<br />

width of laser beam and density of the injuries inflicted to the skin to<br />

treat a variety of skin concerns.<br />

The device’s tips come in a choice of three spot sizes (or beam<br />

widths) – 120, 300 and 500μm (micrometers) – these reach different<br />

depths below the skin’s surface, according to what skin concern<br />

is targeted.<br />

The 120μm tip is the most narrow and reaches the deepest of the<br />

three. It is suitable for addressing scarring, deep wrinkles and skin<br />

tightening. The 300μm tip is the medium of the three spot sizes and<br />

is beneficial for reducing the size of large pores and improving skin<br />

texture and luminosity. Finally, the 500μm tip exhibits the widest spot<br />

size, and has the shallowest depth. It is used to enhance skin tone,<br />

texture and luminosity.<br />

The density control mode determines the number of spot injuries<br />

in a certain area. Density can be increased or decreased depending<br />

on the area being treated, and the patient’s main concerns. The<br />

density control also eliminates the need for multiple passes in a single<br />

treatment, offering extra patient comfort.<br />

Results with eCO2<br />

One study into the efficacy of ablative fractionated CO 2<br />

laser when<br />

used on the full-face and neck, examined 18 patients who each<br />

received a single treatment of eCO2 laser.<br />

There was some downtime following the procedures, with an<br />

average re-epithelisalisation time (to restore the skin’s surface) of five<br />

to seven days for the full face and seven to 14 days for the neck.<br />

The benefits of fractionated laser treatments are multi-fold.<br />

Treatment can help reduce wrinkles, boost skin tightness and reduce<br />

the appearance of scars and pigmentation. The eCO2 takes all these<br />

benefits and rolls them into one widely applicable device that balances<br />

minimal downtime and maximum results. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

skin<br />

THE NEXT<br />


OF SKIN<br />






46 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Skin needling is a popular method for wrinkle<br />

reduction, treating acne scarring and rejuvenating the<br />

complexion. MDerma Fractional Dermal-Needling<br />

System is distributed in Australia by Klinic Solutions and is<br />

the latest generation of skin needling devices to hit Australia.<br />

The MDerma uses sterile, sealed individual and<br />

disposable needle cartridges to create small micro channels<br />

in the skin and deliver topical ingredients.<br />

The benefits of skin needling are double-fold. Firstly, the<br />

columns of micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s wound healing<br />

response, which triggers the natural production of collagen<br />

in the dermis. This process is called Percutaneous Therapy<br />

Induction of Collagen. It is a physiological process that<br />

improves the thickness, colour, texture and consistency of<br />

the complexion.<br />

The second benefit is the delivery of active ingredients<br />

to the skin via the micro needling columns. MDerma<br />

creates channels that carry up to 80 percent more topical<br />

It stimulates repair<br />

and regeneration<br />

of skin cells<br />

ingredients, compared to if they were applied without the<br />

needling device.<br />

In short? Skin needling with MDerma increases the<br />

absorption of active ingredients into the skin, stimulates skin<br />

repair at a cellular level and accelerates the regeneration of<br />

skin’s epidermal cells.<br />

The depth of MDerma microneedles can be adjusted,<br />

which allows treatment to be adapted to each patient’s<br />

individual needs. This customisation means MDerma can<br />

be used in sensitive areas such as the upper and lower<br />

eyelids, lips and nose – areas that are usually untreatable<br />

with other modalities.<br />

Treatment at the shallower depths invokes minimal<br />

discomfort, and don’t usually require any form of<br />

anaesthetic. For depths greater than 0.5mm, it is necessary<br />

to apply topical anaesthetic between 15 and 40 minutes<br />

before the procedure.<br />

There is minimal downtime involved after the procedure.<br />

Skin flushing often occurs, but resolves in 12 to 48 hours<br />

following treatment in typical cases.<br />

Often a series of treatments is recommended to achieve<br />

the best results. Skin rejuvenation often calls for four<br />

to six treatments, acne scarring is usually a minimum of<br />

six treatments and stretch marks can require anywhere<br />

between four and six treatments. Results are visible after<br />

just one treatment, however the skin will continue to<br />

improve in the months following the procedure as the new<br />

collagen continues to develop. csbm<br />

What can MDerma do?<br />

• Tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin<br />

• Reduce scarring (surgical and acne scarring)<br />

• Reduce wrinkles and fine lines<br />

• Improve appearance of stretch marks<br />

• Decrease pore size<br />

• Aid in the regeneration of skin by inducing<br />

capillary exfoliation<br />

• Aid in hair regeneration when combined with<br />

Factor 4 platelet therapy and laser hair treatments<br />

MDerma<br />

combined<br />

with Factor 4<br />

Factor 4 is a collagen-inducing blood serum<br />

teatment that contains four times more growth<br />

factors than any existing brand of Platelet<br />

Rich Plasma (PRP). The treatment uses the<br />

patient’s own blood, and incubates it in a<br />

specialised storage system. The surfaces of<br />

this tubing are called pyrogenic-free surfaces,<br />

which elicit a vigorous and rapid increase<br />

in the production of growth factors in the<br />

blood platelets.<br />

The newly fuelled blood serum is re-injected<br />

and/or skin needled to the treatment site, and<br />

the high concentrations of growth factors work<br />

their magic in stimulating collagen production<br />

and skin rejuvenation in the area.<br />

Patients have been experiencing<br />

unprecedented results when combining<br />

Factor 4 with MDerma micro-needling.<br />

The micro-channels created with MDerma<br />

deliver high concentrations of Factor 4 to<br />

the depths its needed most. Patients are<br />

seeing improvements in skin tone, texture and<br />

luminosity when combining the systems.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

skin<br />

Hydrafacial<br />

The new way<br />

to facial<br />

48 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Hydrafacial is the next-generation facial, achieving smooth, clean and<br />

hydrated skin like never before. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

What if you could combine the relaxing and<br />

pampering properties of a traditional facial with the<br />

latest skin health technology to deliver immediate,<br />

noticeable changes in skin hydration and smoothness?<br />

Imagine no more – the HydraFacial does just that.<br />

HydraFacial, distributed in Australia by High Tech<br />

Laser and quickly being offered by medispas and clinics<br />

across the country, is the new way to smooth, hydrate and<br />

decongest skin – without any downtime, aftercare, irritation<br />

or discomfort. It’s a non-invasive mild resurfacing procedure<br />

that combines exfoliation, acid peel, pore extractions and<br />

antioxidant infusion to cleanse, nourish and brighten the<br />

skin for a more beautiful complexion.<br />

‘The HydraFacial is a clever system that offers multiple<br />

skin treatments in one. It’s simple to use and produces<br />

beautiful, clean, hydrated, radiant skin results that are visible<br />

straight after treatment,’ says Perth plastic surgeon Dr Anh<br />

Nguyen, who has been using the Hydrafacial system in her<br />

clinic for more than two years.<br />

HydraFacial is also fast, producing radiant, dewy skin in<br />

less than an hour. ‘It’s ideal before a big event as there is no<br />

downtime associated with the treatment and it works on all<br />

skin types and all skin conditions,’ says Dr Nguyen.<br />

There are five steps to the HydraFacial treatment –<br />

three steps to cleanse the skin and two steps to nourish it.<br />

Cleansing and exfoliation are performed initially to remove<br />

dead skin cells. This is followed by an acid peel of glycolic<br />

acid and salicylic acid to dislodge grime from the pores,<br />

before a vortex suction extraction system is applied to<br />

decongest the skin completely.<br />

The cleansing and extraction steps are followed by the<br />

infusion of a highly active hydrating serum to nourish and<br />

protect the skin. Specialised HydraFacial skincare is also<br />

applied to help retain moisture and protect and smooth the<br />

skin’s surface.<br />

‘I commonly use HydraFacial to help treat dry skin, as<br />

well as acne-prone or congested skin,’ Dr Nguyen explains.<br />

‘Treatment is also effective in treating dull, uneven skin<br />

tones that are in need of a booster or pick-me-up.’<br />

HydraFacial can also be used in conjunction with<br />

other procedures, such as peels, skin needling, laser skin<br />

resurfacing treatments and also alongside injectable facial<br />

rejuvenation to further enhance results.<br />

To extend the results and retain the skin’s lustre and<br />

brightness between treatments, the final step in the<br />

HydraFacial is the introduction of the ‘daily essentials’<br />

skincare. Tailored to certain skin complaints, the range<br />

incorporates topical moisturisers, refining eye gels and<br />

daily sun protection. Each product is infused with select<br />

concentrations of the same active ingredients found in the<br />

clinic treatment, providing detoxification, rejuvenation and<br />

protection in between visits.<br />

There is no typical patient for HydraFacial. The treatment<br />

is widely applicable and suitable for anyone interested<br />

in maintaining and optimising skin health. A series of<br />

treatments is recommended, but results can be seen and<br />

felt immediately following just one treatment.<br />

‘The HydraFacial is sought after all year round – by<br />

regular facial lovers, those getting ready for a big event such<br />

as a wedding, ball, or awards event, and for people looking<br />

for a good treatment between more aggressive laser skin<br />

treatments,’ says Dr Nguyen.<br />

‘I have seen skin become dewy, radiant, clean and<br />

smooth after a single treatment. Everyone wants better<br />

skin. We not only treat our regular skin and beauty clients<br />

but also brides, high school students getting ready for a<br />

ball, celebrities preparing for the Logies or Music Awards,<br />

and our own plastic cosmetic surgery patients who want to<br />

further enhance their results,’ she concludes. csbm<br />

Step 1<br />

Step 2<br />

Step 3<br />

Step 4<br />

Step 5<br />

The 5 steps<br />

Cleansing and Exfoliation<br />

Dead skin calls are removed to reveal healthy<br />

new skin<br />

Acid Peel<br />

This gentle peel helps loosen dirt and debris<br />

from pores without irritation<br />

Extractions<br />

Automated extractions use vortex suction to<br />

clean out pores<br />

Hydration<br />

Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are vortexfused<br />

to nourish and protect the skin<br />

Protection<br />

The HydraFacial Daily Essentials skincare<br />

helps maintain and protect results<br />

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cosmetic tattoo<br />

HOW TO Be<br />

flawless<br />

24/7<br />

Sydney cosmetic tattoo practitioner<br />

Val Glover-Hovan explains how permanent<br />

makeup can add the finishing touches to<br />

your look. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

50 www.cosbeauty.com.au

cosmetic tattoo<br />

From the runways of New York, London and Paris<br />

to the red carpet in Cannes, models, actors and<br />

celebrities all tend to have two things in common –<br />

well-defined, full brows complemented by a set of plump,<br />

prominent lips. Yet for many women, years of over plucking<br />

can leave their brows sparse and, thanks to the natural<br />

ageing process, once clearly defined lips can become<br />

faded and less distinct.<br />

‘As our body ages we can lose definition of our features;<br />

they no longer appear as prominent and sharp as they<br />

were in youth,’ says Sydney cosmetic tattoo practitioner<br />

Val Glover-Hovan who, for the past 30 years, has helped<br />

women redefine their features using permanent makeup.<br />

‘When done well, cosmetic tattooing can have a significant<br />

anti-ageing effect and can help re-instil a sense of<br />

confidence and youthfulness.’<br />

Having performed cosmetic tattoo procedures on<br />

thousands of women, Glover-Hovan understands that no<br />

two women are alike, and that each needs the procedure<br />

tailored to enhance their underlying beauty. ‘We all have<br />

different needs, lifestyles and tastes, and the cosmetic<br />

tattoo needs to reflect this,’ she says.<br />

According to Glover-Hovan, two of the most popular<br />

procedures are those to enhance the brows and lips.<br />

‘Permanent lip line is suited to people who have no definite<br />

lip shape, or for pale, sun-damaged or uneven lips, and<br />

those that have lost shape as a result of cold sores or<br />

injury,’ she explains. Permanent lip line can also simply add<br />

definition for women who want to put more emphasis on<br />

their lips.<br />

To further enhance the appearance of the lips, Glover-<br />

Hovan explains clients can choose between a lip line and<br />

blend, which outlines the mouth and blends the colour onto<br />

part of the lips, making the lip line more subtle; or a full lip<br />

colour, with more than 100 shades to choose from.<br />

‘Full colour is one of the most popular treatments,’ she<br />

says. ‘You can wake up with beautiful lips every day and<br />

kiss without leaving a trace – no more worry about lipstick<br />

marks on your teeth, glassware or other people.’<br />

According to Hovan, many women ask whether they<br />

can wear lipstick over the top of their cosmetic tattoo, and<br />

are surprised to learn that they can, with both pale and bold<br />

tones complementing enhanced lips.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> tattoo can also bring definition to the brows,<br />

enhancing facial symmetry, framing the eyes and adding<br />

structure and a more sophisticated look to the entire face.<br />

With techniques that allow her to mimic the appearance of<br />

hair, Glover-Hovan says cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows<br />

can result in a real transformation.<br />

Val Glover-Hovan has been a name in the beauty industry<br />

for some 35 years and has pioneered cosmetic tattooing in<br />

Australia. She is at the forefront of education in the industry<br />

and has earned a swag of accolades from organisations,<br />

including the American Association of Micropigmentation<br />

Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the<br />

cosmetic tattoo industry, and another prestigious award<br />

from the International Image Council.<br />

As a leader and educator in cosmetic tattoo, Glover-<br />

Hovan evaluates facial proportions and symmetry, as well<br />

as hair and skin colouring, before creating a design that will<br />

complement and enhance each client’s features.<br />

learn from the master<br />

Industry friends, you can learn from the master of cosmetic<br />

tattooing, at Glover-Hovan’s Basic and Advanced Training<br />

Courses. Learn the art of full lip colour and blend,<br />

body illustrations, camouflage, MCA scar relaxation,<br />

repigmenting, needling, plus more.<br />

For further information regarding Training Kit options<br />

and costs, please call 02 9938 2111 or email info@<br />

cosmetictattooaustralia.com. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

cosmetic tattoo<br />

Strengthen<br />

your<br />

brow<br />

game<br />

Thick eyebrows are trending<br />

– make yours a permanent<br />

statement. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Eyebrows are trending all by themselves. From<br />

Cara Delevingne’s statement brows to Kim<br />

Kardashian’s bleaching experiments, eyebrows are<br />

the latest fashion accessory – just search the hash tag<br />

#EyebrowsOnFleek and brace yourself for the endless<br />

styles, colours and adornments gracing eyebrows the<br />

world over.<br />

As eyebrows have taken centre stage in fashion<br />

consciousness, the art of cosmetic tattooing to reshape<br />

and emphasise the brows has become more popular.<br />

However, Sydney beauty therapist Rita Porreca of Sydney<br />

Permanent Makeup Centre says consumers are more<br />

confused than ever before about the different brow tattooing<br />

methods available.<br />

52 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

SPMUC FP(NEW) 30/4/07 1:30 PM Page 1<br />

timeless and<br />

‘I have been in this industry for over 25 years and<br />

only recently have I noticed that clients are so confused<br />

about<br />

timeless<br />

brow tattooing methods,’ Porreca<br />

and<br />

explains. ‘An<br />

experienced cosmetic tattooist should know the different<br />

methods for brow tattooing, and be able to tailor their effortless beauty<br />

approach according to the client’s preferences and the look<br />

they’re trying to achieve.’<br />

SPMUC FP(NEW) 30/4/07 1:30 PM Page 1<br />

‘In When 1984 it my comes dream to eyes, was to lips, create face, a<br />

Different popular terms for eyebrow reshaping:<br />

Centre body, skin that and provided training, personalised we are the<br />

1. Hair stokes<br />

beauty experts’ solutions expert. With with more natural than and 24<br />

2. Featuring<br />

lasting years’ experience results – a world we have above developed<br />

3. Shading <br />

traditional<br />

an excellent<br />

beauty<br />

reputation<br />

salons.’<br />

with doctors<br />

4. 3D brows<br />

– and Rita surgeons. Porreca, We Founder also work & MDclosely<br />

timeless and effortless<br />

5. Embroidery<br />

with surgeons in post-operative<br />

beauty<br />

care.<br />

6. Soft tap<br />

When it comes to Eyes, Lips, Face, Body, Skin and<br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder & MD<br />

7. Blading <br />

Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />


with surgeons on post-operative care.<br />

‘Blading, soft tap and feature, all refer to a similar method<br />

for eyebrow tattooing, performed with a hand tool,’ Porreca ‘In 1984 my dream was to create a<br />


explains. ‘This method goes back to when Japanese geisha Centre that provided personalised<br />

girls SERVICES wanted to WE distinguish PROVIDE their eyebrows elegantly. Using<br />

beauty solutions <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with natural Tattooing<br />

and<br />

lasting results – a world above<br />

a <strong>Cosmetic</strong> thin blade, Tattooinga pattern is applied to the brows and ink is<br />

traditional beauty Medical salons.’ Tattooing<br />

applied Eyebrows over Hair the top.’ stroke to shaded brows to give you more of a<br />

natural ‘In my appearance<br />

experience, blading is an exquisite technique that<br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder Skin & Needling<br />

MD<br />

creates Eyeliner a very Subtle natural to Dramatic look. However, or to the define pigment your fades eye shape up<br />

Dermal BEFORE Planning Peels<br />

to 30 percent within five days of the procedure,’ she adds. When it comes<br />

Lips From lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with Non to Laser Eyes, Lips, Tattoo Face, Removal<br />

Body, Skin and<br />

The art of blading is not so common today, with the Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />

an ideal shape and colour all the time.<br />

faster, more permanent machine method taking over. with surgeons <strong>Cosmetic</strong> on post-operative Tattooing care. Courses<br />

However, Medical Porreca Tattooing takes a combined approach to achieve<br />

best Areola results re-pigmentation for her clients. Is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />

also ‘Hair considered stroke, featuring by those and shading with areola can now colour be loss. achieved<br />


with Corrective a machine Camouflage method,’ Porreca Can bring explains. a natural ‘Different skin sized colour back to scars<br />

needles <strong>Cosmetic</strong> and burns can Tattooing help achieve different looks, and the results are<br />

more Eyebrows permanent Hair than stroke the to traditional shaded method brows to using give a handtool.<br />

natural Skin<br />

you more of a BEFORE FULL LIP COLOUR<br />


However,<br />

Needling appearance results with the machine method tend to be<br />

a<br />

Needling<br />

little too heavy<br />

treatment<br />

at first.’<br />

for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation<br />

BEFORE<br />

Eyeliner Subtle to Dramatic or to define your eye shape<br />

BEFORE<br />

Lips Skin ‘I blend From Rejuvenation the lip liner two methods to full lips together & blends to achieve we make a longlasting,<br />

an Is ideal natural for shape the look,’ rebuilding and colour Porreca of all new adds. the collagen time. ‘That way and you lightening can pigmentation.<br />

your lips look good with<br />



achieve the natural, softer look of blading while enjoying the<br />

longevity Medical IPL Hair of Tattooing Removal the machine method.’<br />

Areola Enables Emphasising re-pigmentation hair removal the brow from area Is nearly the can final enliven every stage the part of entire of breast the face. body reconstruction quickly and is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />


Brows also and efficiently considered add symmetry, by those frame with the areola eyes and colour – when loss. done<br />

well Corrective – ooze sophistication. Camouflage Can <strong>Cosmetic</strong> bring tattooing a natural can skin be colour a back to scars<br />

Medical Skin Peels/Microdermabrasion<br />

viable and burns<br />



option in highlighting and shaping the brows for a<br />

Skin treatments ranging from Green Peel, CosMedix Peels<br />

permanently<br />

& Microdermabrasion<br />

perfect result.<br />

Skin Needling to give you a natural healthy glow.<br />

‘It’s important consumers do their research, and find an<br />

Needling treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation<br />

experienced <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Dermal tattooist Fillers that knows & Mesotherapy<br />

how to incorporate many<br />

02 9712 4133<br />

BEFORE<br />

follow us on<br />

different Skin techniques to achieve a natural-looking result. Bella Building, Shop 4/239<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Rejuvenation Tattooing Courses<br />

The Is Learn, ideal aim<br />

up-skill<br />

is for always the and rebuilding to<br />

expand<br />

create of long-lasting,<br />

with new professional collagen beautiful and cosmetic<br />

brows,’ lightening tattooing pigmentation. Great<br />

training.<br />

North Rd, Five Dock<br />


Porreca concludes. csbm<br />

located in Cosmedic Professionals<br />

IPL Hair Removal<br />

Email: info@spmuc.com.au<br />

Enables hair removal from nearly every part of the body quickly Web: www.spmuc.com.au<br />

and efficiently<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au AFTER EYEBROW TATTOOING<br />


feature<br />

The<br />

BODY<br />

special<br />

Liposuction was the number-one cosmetic<br />

surgery last year in the US. Learn how it works,<br />

who’s a candidate, as well as other options for<br />

removing fat, tightening skin and creating sexy<br />

curves. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

54 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />


WHAT IS IT?<br />

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed under<br />

anaesthetic to remove deposits of fat from specifi c areas of<br />

the body. It can be performed almost anywhere on the body<br />

where there are pockets of fat, including the neck, arms,<br />

stomach, back, chest, buttocks, thighs and ankles.<br />

It is usually performed as day surgery, although some<br />

cases may warrant an overnight hospital stay.<br />

Generally, the area to be treated with liposuction is<br />

infi ltrated with a tumescent fl uid containing local anaesthetic<br />

and a vaso-constrictor before small cannulas are used to<br />

vacuum out the fat. Alternatively, a syringe can be used to<br />

withdraw the fat.<br />

Power-assisted liposuction, where radiofrequency,<br />

ultrasound or laser technology is used to improve liposuction<br />

results, can help increase skin contracture and tone and<br />

tighten the skin’s surface. These types of techniques are<br />

also typically less aggressive.<br />


The ideal liposuction patient is at or near their ideal body<br />

weight (within 30 percent), has good skin elasticity and is<br />

seeking reduction of diet-resistant localised pockets of fat.<br />

They also need to understand the risks of surgery and have<br />

realistic expectations that liposuction is not a way of losing<br />

masses of weight or a cure for obesity.<br />

RESULTS?<br />

Bruising can last for a few weeks and swelling for around<br />

one to two months. A compression garment is usually worn<br />

for about four to six weeks in most cases. Patients can<br />

usually return to work after around three to seven days.<br />

Final results – a trimmer-looking, more proportionate and<br />

shapely form – can be seen from six months to a year as<br />

swelling subsides. Results are long lasting provided the<br />

patient maintains a similar weight.<br />


WHAT IS IT?<br />

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is surgery performed under<br />

general anaesthetic. An incision is made across the lower<br />

abdomen, the excess skin and fat are removed and the<br />

stomach muscles tightened. The navel is repositioned as<br />

the skin is re-stretched over the stomach.<br />


Abdominoplasty is best suited to patients who have lost<br />

a considerable amount of weight and have loose skin<br />

and fat deposits that don’t respond to diet or exercise,<br />

or who are looking to restore their pre-baby bodies. Like<br />

all surgery, patients should understand the risks involved<br />

and have realistic expectations of what the procedure can<br />

do for them.<br />

RESULTS?<br />

A fi rm strap and drain is usually worn for the fi rst 24 hours,<br />

followed by a compression garment for several weeks.<br />

Patients usually take around three weeks off work. Results<br />

are a fl atter stomach with repaired abdominal muscles and<br />

removal of excess skin. A scar is created across the lower<br />

abdomen, which can be hidden within the bikini line, and<br />

minimised with various scar therapies.<br />

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feature<br />


What is it?<br />

Non-surgical body contouring procedures use medical-grade energybased<br />

devices to dissolve fat and/or tighten skin. The energy is emitted<br />

via an applicator through the skin without damaging the outer layers, only<br />

targeting the underlying fat and tissues. The most popular energy systems are<br />

radiofrequency (RF) body contouring devices and cryolipolysis.<br />

RF treatments. With RF body contouring treatment, the heat generated<br />

from the RF energy dissolves fat cells and causes microscopic changes to<br />

tissues and collagen fibres, with further collagen remodelling occurring over<br />

the subsequent months following the procedure. The broken down fat cells are<br />

drained via the lymphatic system and then excreted as urine. A reduction in the<br />

appearance of cellulite is also commonly reported.<br />

Cryolipolysis. This method uses almost-freezing temperatures to kill fat<br />

cells without traumatising the surrounding tissues or harming the skin. A gel<br />

drape is placed onto the target area to protect the skin before the applicator<br />

head is placed onto the fat pocket, where it remains for approximately one<br />

hour. The applicator acts like a vacuum to suck the area into position and<br />

direct the cold temperature to the target fat cells under the skin, which are then<br />

destroyed and eliminated naturally by the body.<br />

Ideal candidate?<br />

Patients with small to medium localised pockets of fat on the abdomen, hips<br />

and thighs are most suited.<br />

While no non-surgical device can achieve the level of fat removal possible<br />

with liposuction, it offers patients a good option to remove fatty areas resistant<br />

to diet and exercise without the associated risks and recovery time of surgery.<br />

Results?<br />

Treatment results in a circumferential reduction of the treated area and a more<br />

streamlined shape. Most non-surgical devices require a minimum of three<br />

treatments in order to achieve optimal results, and often it can take longer<br />

before those results are seen, as the fat cells take time to be metabolised<br />

through the body’s usual processes. There is no downtime but temporary<br />

redness or swelling may be present.<br />

In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, results should be<br />

long lasting because, just as with liposuction, when fat cells are permanently<br />

destroyed they will not return.<br />

56 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

what<br />

is<br />

fat?<br />

The human body contains two types of fat: white fat<br />

and brown fat. White fat is important in heat insulation,<br />

energy metabolism and mechanical cushioning. Brown<br />

fat actively burns calories for heat but has been thought<br />

only to exist in childhood.<br />

Fat tissue is made up of cells that hold the fat. When<br />

food that contains fat is ingested it goes through the<br />

stomach into the intestines, where the fat droplets get<br />

mixed with bile salts from the gall bladder. The mixture<br />

breaks up the large droplets into several small droplets,<br />

which increases the fat’s surface area.<br />

The pancreas then secretes enzymes that attack the<br />

surface of each small droplet of fat and breaks them down<br />

into fatty acids and glycerol, which then get absorbed into<br />

cells lining the intestine.<br />

In the cells lining the intestine, the parts are reassembled<br />

into packages of fat molecules with a protein coating,<br />

called chylomicrons. These are then released into the<br />

lymphatic system, which eventually merges with the veins<br />

so they pass into the blood stream.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 57

feature<br />

<strong>Surgery</strong><br />

after<br />

massive<br />

weight<br />

loss<br />

As bariatric, or weight loss, surgery becomes more<br />

popular, so too has the need for body contouring<br />

procedures such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, thigh<br />

lifts and upper arm lifts, which are usually associated<br />

with significant weight loss, according to new data<br />

from the American Society of Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

‘Bariatric surgery has become much more<br />

common over the past decade,’ says Dr Justin B<br />

Dimick, chief of minimally invasive surgery at the<br />

University of Michigan in the US. ‘As these patients<br />

lose weight they may have excess “loose” skin and<br />

need plastic surgery procedures to remove it a year<br />

or two later.’<br />

Roughly one in five people who have weight loss<br />

surgery will need body contouring as well, he said.<br />

He recommends waiting until weight loss is<br />

complete before assessing whether a patient is a<br />

good candidate for skin removal procedures, and<br />

then only performing one at a time.<br />

‘Those who undergo body contouring after<br />

weight loss are some of the happiest patients in my<br />

practice,’ Glasberg said.<br />

In addition to abdominoplasty, other common<br />

cosmetic surgeries following massive weight loss<br />

include an arm lift, thigh lift and breast lift.<br />

Arm LIFT<br />

What is it?<br />

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift reshapes the<br />

underside of the upper arm from the armpit to the<br />

elbow, and involves the removal of excess loose skin and<br />

fat from saggy underarm areas, sometimes referred to as<br />

“bingo wings”.<br />

As well as the surgical excision of loose skin, the<br />

procedure may also incorporate liposuction to remove<br />

excess fat. Performed under general anaesthetic, the<br />

procedure may require an overnight stay in hospital but<br />

patients are often allowed to go home on the same day.<br />

Ideal candidate?<br />

People who have saggy, excess skin on the underside of<br />

their arms, particularly after significant weight loss.<br />

Results?<br />

Improved appearance of the upper arm, with more definition<br />

and no flapping skin. Most people can resume normal<br />

activities around two weeks after surgery. A scar will be<br />

visible, typically running along the inside of the arm from the<br />

armpit to the elbow, however scar management techniques<br />

and products can help minimise the appearance.<br />

58 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />



What is it?<br />

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure performed under<br />

general anaesthetic to remove excess skin and fatty<br />

tissue, typically in patients who’ve lost considerable<br />

amounts of weight. A thigh lift can be combined with<br />

liposuction for a smoother result. During the procedure,<br />

an incision is made in the upper inner thigh – in some<br />

cases this may extend to the groin line or buttock fold<br />

– and excess fat and tissue is removed via this incision.<br />

Ideal candidate?<br />

Patients with significant drooping skin on the upper leg<br />

that does not respond to diet or exercise.<br />

Results?<br />

Improved contour of the upper leg, with tauter skin and<br />

more defined musculature. Normal daily activities can<br />

usually be resumed, and are encouraged for circulation,<br />

within several days following surgery.<br />

What is it?<br />

For a small lift, the peri-areola mastopexy is commonly<br />

used, with an incision made around the nipple. The nipple<br />

is elevated and the skin envelope is moved so the nipple<br />

sits higher on the breast mound.<br />

For a larger lift, the anchor-incision technique may be<br />

used. It involves an incision being made around the nipple<br />

and vertically down, with another incision horizontally<br />

under the breast. Another common breast lift method<br />

is the shorter scar LeJour technique. In both cases, the<br />

excess skin is removed and the nipple placed higher.<br />

Ideal candidate?<br />

A breast augmentation can return shape to a flattened,<br />

sagging breast, but it is commonly combined with<br />

mastopexy (breast lift surgery) to raise the breasts to a<br />

more aesthetically pleasing position. In other patients, a<br />

breast reduction may be more suitable following weight<br />

loss, and again this is usually combined with a mastopexy<br />

to achieve the best results.<br />

Results?<br />

Rounder, fuller breasts with higher projection and<br />

repositioned to a more youthful and attractive position.<br />

Notably, a mastopexy can help reduce the appearance<br />

of back rolls, or sagging skin on the sides and back of a<br />

weight-loss patient. By pulling the tissue upwards, and<br />

excising a significant amount of skin in the process,<br />

breast lifting can smooth, lift and tighten the skin around<br />

the patient’s rib cage.<br />

Initial recovery takes around five to seven days and<br />

resulting scars should fade over time. csbm<br />

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ody<br />

There’s<br />

more to<br />

liposuction<br />


THE EYE<br />

Liposuction should<br />

strike a balance<br />

between volume<br />

reduction, aesthetic<br />

contouring and skin<br />

smoothness, Dr John<br />

Flynn explains. Caitlin<br />

Bishop reports.<br />

60 www.cosbeauty.com.au

ody<br />

Liposuction isn’t just about removing fat. It’s about<br />

re-contouring the body, balancing the silhouette and<br />

creating a more pleasing body shape by removing<br />

particularly stubborn or noticeable pockets of fatty tissue.<br />

According to Queensland cosmetic doctor Dr John Flynn,<br />

this concept of balance and harmony extends to the<br />

surgery itself.<br />

‘You have to remember, fat is a source of nourishment<br />

and helps plump the skin out for smoothness,’ Dr Flynn<br />

explains. ‘With too little fat, the skin looks crepey and old;<br />

with too much fat, the skin appears dimpled and uneven.<br />

Liposuction is about creating a balance between the<br />

smoothness of the skin, shapely contours and a reduction<br />

in volume.’<br />

Indeed, the vast majority of liposuction patients aren’t<br />

looking to surgery as a solution for weight loss. They’ve<br />

already worked hard on their figure and are sensible with<br />

their diet. Often these patients look to liposuction as a<br />

way to reduce areas of stubborn fat that are otherwise<br />

impervious to diet and exercise.<br />

‘Pockets of fat in the mid-abdomen are often genetic and<br />

can be difficult to address; this is a popular treatment area<br />

for liposuction,’ Dr Flynn explains. ‘Younger women with a<br />

slender figure also commonly use liposuction to address<br />

heavy pockets of fat on the outer thighs – also referred to<br />

as saddle-bags. The back of the arms and neck are also<br />

common treatment sites.’<br />

About the procedure<br />

Liposuction involves a process where fat is suctioned<br />

out with a fine instrument. There are different layers of fat<br />

beneath the skin, and optimising the fat reduction in each<br />

layer is important in achieving the best results.<br />

‘In many areas of the body – for example, the abdomen<br />

– there is a superficial layer of fat, then a fascia which is<br />

smooth, and then a deeper layer of fat under the fascia,’<br />

Dr Flynn explains. ‘The majority of the volume should be<br />

taken from the deeper layer of fat. It is important to suction<br />

the more superficial fat very minimally, as it can lead to<br />

uneven results post-procedure.’<br />

skin Retraction after liposuction<br />

Skin retraction describes the tendency for the skin to<br />

bounce back and smoothly hug the contours following fat<br />

reduction procedures.<br />

The volume reduction associated with liposuction<br />

can certainly create a slimmer, more balanced silhouette.<br />

However, if there is not adequate skin retraction, the patient<br />

may be left with crepey, sagging skin where there were once<br />

pockets of fatty tissue.<br />

‘The use of compression garments directly following<br />

the procedure are a short-term solution to aid in skin<br />

retraction,’ he says. ‘There are also several energy devices,<br />

that use either laser light energy, ultrasound energy or<br />

radiofrequency energy, which can be applied during<br />

the liposuction procedure to help tighten the skin for a<br />

smoother post-procedure result.’<br />

According to Dr Flynn, there are a number of areas that<br />

are at risk for poor skin retraction. ‘The inner-thigh has thin<br />

and delicate skin, which means the ability to tighten skin<br />

is very limited,’ he says. ‘Patients who receive treatment<br />

With too little fat,<br />

skin looks crepey and<br />

old; with too much<br />

fat, skin appears<br />

dimpled and uneven<br />

in the inner thigh may be left with folds of skin. It’s best<br />

for the doctor to take a conservative approach, and it’s<br />

important that the patient understands the risks going into<br />

the procedure.’<br />

What happens after?<br />

A healthy approach to weight maintenance is essential<br />

following the liposuction procedure. The fat cells that are<br />

left behind can still grow bigger and store fat, but the<br />

treated area will put on less weight than the adjacent nontreated<br />

areas. For this reason, the results of liposuction<br />

must be maintained using diet and exercise.<br />

‘Eating right, exercising, minimising drinking and<br />

avoiding smoking can assist in skin retraction following<br />

liposuction and ensure the results last and skin stays even<br />

for the long-term,’ Dr Flynn explains.<br />

‘It is important for patients to understand the underlying<br />

concepts of liposuction, and the techniques involved to<br />

create a balanced and sustainable result. Liposuction<br />

is a genuine medical procedure, with associated risks<br />

and long-term consequences – for this reason, it is<br />

essential patients are well educated about the surgery and<br />

have realistic expectations going into the procedure,’ Dr<br />

Flynn concludes. csbm<br />

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feature<br />

Preparing<br />

for breast<br />

augmentation<br />

help optimise your outcome by making the right choices<br />

and doing the right prep work before your surgery.<br />

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure,<br />

but not everyone’s motivations for change are the same. Women pursue<br />

implant surgery for a variety of reasons, ranging from the need to correct<br />

congenital or developmental anatomical abnormalities, to the desire to restore<br />

breasts to a more youthful shape and position. Other women might simply want<br />

to increase the size of their bust and cleavage, bringing it into alignment with their<br />

overall body shape.<br />

Augmentation may also be needed to reconstruct a damaged or missing breast<br />

following injury, illness or mastectomy. Each motivation carries with it a unique<br />

importance to the affected individual, and it’s therefore imperative you’re honest with<br />

yourself and your surgeon in order to maximise the chances of a positive outcome.<br />

Because everyone differs not only in their goals and motivation for change, but<br />

also in their physical appearance, so too do they require an individual surgical plan.<br />

Prior to the surgery, your doctor will explain all the options so you can make informed<br />

decisions about all the different factors involved in a breast augmentation.<br />

62 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Your<br />

presurgery<br />

checklist<br />

• If you smoke, quit! Smoking<br />

can cause complications and<br />

inhibits wound recovery.<br />

• Arrange a friend or family<br />

member to drive you to and<br />

from the operation and be<br />

with you for at least the first<br />

24 hours after surgery.<br />

• Ensure you drink plenty of<br />

fluids 24 hours before your<br />

surgery and get a good sleep<br />

the night before.<br />

• Avoid using medications<br />

containing aspirin or any antiinflammatory<br />

agents as they<br />

can cause increased bleeding<br />

during your recovery.<br />

• Set up a recovery area at<br />

home with supplies that will<br />

ensure you’re comfortable.<br />

• Fill prescriptions for your<br />

painkillers and antibiotics<br />

before surgery and prepare<br />

icepacks to reduce postoperative<br />

swelling.<br />

Realistic expectations<br />

The psychology behind the decision to have breast augmentation is a significant<br />

part of the procedure and will have a bearing on whether you are ultimately<br />

satisfied or dissatisfied with the results. An ideal candidate for breast implant<br />

surgery understands the reality of what surgery can achieve and has a thorough<br />

understanding of the procedure’s limitations.<br />

A good surgeon will spend adequate time evaluating patients to decide<br />

whether they are suitable candidates for breast augmentation. It’s important to<br />

remember that preparation for surgery is not just physical. You must also be<br />

emotionally and mentally ready for the changes that are about to take place, and<br />

ensure that you are mentally and emotionally stable prior to the surgery.<br />

Your consultation<br />

Before your breast augmentation, the initial consultation with your surgeon gives<br />

you the opportunity to ask important questions and for him or her to carefully<br />

evaluate your goals and expectations. It is important to make sure you are<br />

confident in the surgeon you have chosen and are comfortable discussing your<br />

concerns with them.<br />

The surgeon should be able to answer your concerns, while providing all<br />

relevant information before your surgery. They will discuss a number of important<br />

options, including the location of incision, the size and type of breast implant and<br />

where it will be located. These decisions will generally be dependent on your<br />

anatomy and personal preference.<br />

When deciding to have a breast augmentation, you may also be recommended<br />

to undertake an additional procedure, such as a breast lift. This is something you<br />

should discuss with your surgeon during the consultation.<br />

Reaching decisions<br />

Before surgery, you will need to make a number of important decisions relating<br />

to the implants themselves. With the help of your surgeon, you’ll need to decide<br />

on the size, shape and type of implant, where it will be positioned and where the<br />

incisions will be made. Each of these decisions depend on your anatomy, body<br />

size, chest measurements and end goal.<br />

The majority of patients who request a breast augmentation are looking to<br />

increase their cleavage. The amount of cleavage achieved depends on the<br />

shape of the breasts and the diameter of the breasts pre-operatively as well as<br />

the size of the implant and amount of natural breast tissue. For example, women<br />

with minimal soft tissue and widely separated breasts are unlikely to achieve a<br />

well-defined cleavage without causing the risk of implant visibility and palpability<br />

post-procedure.<br />

Choosing your ideal implant<br />

There is more to choosing the right implant for you than just the cup size. It is<br />

essential you choose a breast implant that suits your unique body shape, size<br />

and even personality.<br />

Temporary sizers are available to help you eliminate uncertainty and anxieties<br />

while determining a final breast size that you are happy with. The final result<br />

depends on your existing breast size, the width of the soft tissue that covers<br />

the breast, the bulk of the muscle and the tightness of the skin envelope. csbm<br />

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feature<br />

the raw deal on<br />

dietS<br />

64 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Working on that summer-ready body? We<br />

review three of the most highly trending<br />

diets, with a little bit of exercise thrown in.<br />

Summer is approaching and here at Bella Media HQ we’ve been<br />

diligently testing the best ways to shape up and trim down. Here,<br />

we take a look at three of the most highly trending diets – the Paleo<br />

diet, 5:2 diet and Atkins diet – and one truth about exercising for weight<br />

loss is revealed.<br />

Paleo<br />

diet<br />

The Paleo diet is built on the premise that humans existed for thousands of<br />

years without the artificial and processed foods so prevalent in the modernday<br />

diet. This approach strips the diet from any refined sugars, refined<br />

grains and processed foods to mimic the way our ancient ancestors ate<br />

thousands of years ago.<br />

It partners high amounts of protein and fat with low levels of<br />

carbohydrates, similar to the way Homo Sapiens thrived in the Palaeolithic<br />

era, or stone age. This intake is supplemented with high levels of whole<br />

grains, fruits and vegetables in a ‘plant and animal’ derived design.<br />

In their book, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, Loren Cordain and Joe Friel<br />

associate the diet with both weight loss and overall health benefits.<br />

‘Seventy percent of the US diet is made up of food that modern man<br />

has created, and this food is made up of the same ingredients: refined<br />

grains, refined sugars, processed vegetable oil, salt, artificial flavouring and<br />

perhaps some processed dairy product,’ the authors say. ‘These foods<br />

have displaced more healthful fruits, vegetables, lean meats and seafood<br />

in our diets, and it’s hurting our health.’<br />

They go on to explain the Paleo diet typically results in weight loss,<br />

because of the way naturally derived foods work harmoniously in the body.<br />

The Paleo diet is also said to boost the immune system by consuming<br />

more trace nutrients, such as antioxidant vitamins and minerals that come<br />

from fruits, vegetables and lean meats.<br />

The diet has received criticism for its practicality and the soundness<br />

of its background science. Critics have pointed out that our ancestors<br />

simply did not live long enough to suffer the diseases of the modern day –<br />

questioning the reliability of the diet’s heralded heath benefits.<br />

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feature<br />

5:2<br />

(intermittent<br />

fasting) diet<br />

Developed by medical journalist Dr Michael Mosley, the Fast Diet, or 5:2 diet,<br />

takes an unusual approach to dieting. Typically, weight loss regimens involve<br />

calorie counting, stringent food types and regular meals. The Fast Diet turns this<br />

platform on its head, with people eating normally for five days and then ‘fasting’ –<br />

or cutting calorie intake to a quarter of the normal level – for two days. It is touted<br />

to assist in weight loss (believed to induce an average loss of 0.46kg per week)<br />

and is believed to benefit overall health and longevity.<br />

This effect on overall health, and not just body weight, is said to be associated<br />

with a reduction in inflammation, brought on by periods of fasting. The way we<br />

fuel our bodies – in the quantities and types of food we ingest – always incurs a<br />

larger systemic effect.<br />

Meals high in saturated fat and calories have been associated with an increase<br />

in inflammatory markers in the body which, if continued, can lead to widespread<br />

chronic inflammation and disease. Intermittent fasting is said to be effective in<br />

relieving the body of this inflammation, leading to reduced oxidative damage and<br />

increased immune resistance.<br />

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feature<br />

Summer<br />

-ready<br />

bootcamp<br />

Atkins<br />

diet<br />

One of the problems commonly associated with<br />

dieting is the tendency to stick with the food plan for<br />

a certain amount of time, before reverting back to<br />

old habits. The Atkins diet attempts to change these<br />

habits, establishing a long-lasting and relatively easyto-maintain<br />

approach to eating. In fact, it combines<br />

this promise of longevity alongside a food plan that<br />

includes the unthinkable – real butter, cream cheese,<br />

eggs and bacon and extra avocado, in a seemingly<br />

win-win dietary regime.<br />

The aim of the Atkins diet is to break the carb and<br />

blood sugar cycle, where carbohydrates are used<br />

for energy, and excess carbohydrates are turned to<br />

insulin or fat in the body. Instead, by filling the diet<br />

with proteins, fibres and fats and drastically cutting the<br />

amount of carbohydrates consumed, the diet forces<br />

the body to adopt a fat-burning state. In this, fats are<br />

stored more efficiently and those stubborn pockets of<br />

fatty tissue are gradually broken down.<br />

While this diet, like many carb-cutting diets, has<br />

been shown to achieve effective results in weight loss,<br />

the high reliance on foods high in fat has received<br />

some criticism for its implications on wider health.<br />

Some researchers have concerns whether a longterm<br />

adoption of the Atkins diet could be associated<br />

with increased risk of heart disease, stroke or cancer,<br />

because of the replacement of carbohydrates with a<br />

high-fat intake.<br />

How much exercise do I need?<br />

According to the World Health Organization, unhealthy<br />

diets and physical inactivity are the key culprits for major<br />

diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and<br />

diabetes. They identify a lack of physical activity as the<br />

fourth leading cause of global mortality, accounting for six<br />

percent of deaths globally.<br />

When it comes to getting mobile, the Australian<br />

government recommends adults (those aged between<br />

18 and 64) integrate at least 30 minutes of moderateintensity<br />

physical activity on most, preferably all, days of<br />

the week.<br />

Whilst the health benefits of moderate exercise are<br />

plentiful, when it comes to losing weight, an increasing<br />

body of research suggests you will do better to cut back<br />

on the length of time you commit to exercise whilst<br />

increasing the intensity of your workout.<br />

A study published in the Journal of the American<br />

Medical Association followed the exercise habits of over<br />

34,000 women. It concluded that it took about an hour<br />

a day of moderate exercising to maintain weight. This<br />

research is backed up by the findings of the (US-based)<br />

National Weight Control Registry, which reported that 90<br />

percent of people who have successfully lost weight and<br />

kept it off exercise on average for an hour a day.<br />

However, this research also tells us that even one hour<br />

of moderate intensity exercise every day is not enough to<br />

lose weight.<br />

A smarter way to workout<br />

A much more efficient way to exercise – and one that<br />

scientific research is suggesting works a lot better both in<br />

terms of health benefits and fat burning – is to take part in<br />

high-intensity circuit and interval training.<br />

Interval training be applied to any cardiovascular<br />

workout, be it cycling, running, or rowing, and refers to<br />

short bursts of high intensity exercise periods interspersed<br />

with rest or relief periods.<br />

Researchers at the University of NSW reported that<br />

sprint training for just 60 minutes a week burns the same<br />

amount of body fat as jogging for seven hours a week.<br />

For the time-poor, that’s a saving of 180 minutes each<br />

week, for the same results. csbm<br />

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genital<br />

The<br />

lowdown on<br />

lasers in<br />

gynaecology<br />

Adelaide gynaecologist and<br />

pelvic reconstruction surgeon<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma explains the<br />

evolution of laser treatments<br />

in the Gynaecology sector.<br />

Lasers refer to devices that produce and emit a<br />

concentrated light. The light is amplified through<br />

a process that involves the stimulation of small<br />

particles called atoms that then release energy in the form<br />

of photons. This process is called stimulated radiation and<br />

the term ‘laser’ is an acronym for Light Amplification by<br />

Stimulated Emission of Radiation.<br />

There are several hundred varieties of lasers, however,<br />

the majority belong to one of six groups: gas, chemical, dye,<br />

metal-vapour, solid-state and semi-conductor. The vast<br />

majority of laser machines have very specific applications in<br />

specialised research fields.<br />

Lasers are used widely in many industries, including<br />

engineering, music, the military and medicine. Within the<br />

field of medicine, lasers have become most recognisable<br />

for their applications in the area of cosmetic medicine.<br />

However, lasers were used long before their application<br />

in cosmetic medicine for their destructive, excisional and<br />

coagulation properties.<br />

Gynaecology was one of the earlier adopters of laser<br />

technology. In 1973 it was used to treat erosions of the<br />

cervix, and soon after for excising or coagulating cervical<br />

pre-cancer lesions (CIN; cervical intraepithelial neoplasia)<br />

and fallopian tube micro-surgery. The cost of laser<br />

technology, particularly in the 1990s, was the principle limit<br />

to wider adoption. The CO 2<br />

laser was the first laser used in<br />

gynaecological practice in 1973 but had been developed<br />

in 1961, just a year after the first laser was made. (Table 1)<br />

68 www.cosbeauty.com.au

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

In gynaecological practice, lasers have been used for<br />

the treatment of endometriosis, utero-sacral nerve ablation,<br />

division of adhesions, excision/ablation of cervical and<br />

vulval lesions and ovarian/fallopian tube surgery. Whilst<br />

not as commonly available, it is still used in some centres<br />

around the world for these indications. The use of laser or<br />

non-laser technologies in these areas have been largely<br />

physician-driven, based on their particular interests and<br />

access to the technology.<br />

The use of lasers in the female genital tract to improve<br />

quality of life issues such as sexual function has been<br />

around for less than two decades. The term Laser Vaginal<br />

Rejuvenation (LVR) was coined by a US-based<br />

gynaecologist. It referred to a technique of using a diode<br />

laser as a cutting/dissecting tool when performing prolapse<br />

surgery; surgery designed to correct physical defects<br />

whilst treating the patient as a sexual being rather than<br />

a simple diagnosis about the size of a lump. This type of<br />

surgery can be most accurately described as laser-assisted<br />

vaginal surgery.<br />

The surgery remains controversial, not because it does<br />

not work but perhaps because the concept of female<br />

sexual function is not routinely taught in specialist<br />

gynaecological training. The struggle to place women at the<br />

front and centre of treatment remains a significant issue in<br />

current gynaecological practice. To add to the confusion,<br />

the terminology associated with such surgery has been<br />

varied (vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic<br />

gynaecology, cosmeto-gynaecology, designer vagina) and<br />

often viewed perjoratively.<br />

The diode laser is one of the least expensive laser<br />

technologies but remains significantly more expensive than<br />

a scalpel, scissors or cutting diathermy. The advantage of<br />

laser dissection over other dissecting tools includes the<br />

ability to dissect, coagulate, cut and, at the same time,<br />

promote collagen formation which assists healing and<br />

reduces scar tissue formation. Surgeons who offer this<br />

approach believe that their patients tend towards a greater<br />

improvement in sensation during intercourse compared to<br />

conventional cold-knife techniques.<br />

The application of lasers in dermatology has been<br />

a significant driving factor in the development of lasers<br />

designed to be used in the vagina and on the vulva. Nonsurgical<br />

laser vaginal treatment (‘therapy,’ ‘rejuvenation’) is<br />

an expensive technology but is showing signs of fairly rapid<br />

early adoption, particular amongst cosmetic physicians and<br />

plastic surgeons. Gynaecologists have been, comparatively,<br />

late adopters of the technology but there is some evidence<br />

that more gynaecologists are exploring the role of nonsurgical<br />

laser vaginal treatment in their practices.<br />

The two main types of laser used in non-surgical<br />

treatment of the vagina are the CO 2<br />

and Erbium-YAG. Both<br />

produce their effects by photothermal damage to both<br />

the surface epidermal mucosa and more importantly to<br />

the deeper lamina propria where most of the therapeutic<br />

effects are mediated. The CO 2<br />

laser is more aggressive<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />

Empowering women through<br />

knowlege, choice and access to<br />

world class care<br />

Dr Oseka<br />

Onuma<br />

Gynaecologist & Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,<br />




4 Robe Terrace, Medindie SA 5081<br />

08 8344 6085<br />

Facsimile 08 8344 6087<br />

Email reception@dronuma.com.au<br />


genital<br />

than the Erb-YAG laser being subablative throughout the<br />

whole application, with the photo thermal damage higher<br />

on similar energy levels and passes. The Erb-YAG laser<br />

system employs two distinct delivery methods: a multipulse<br />

delivery that is not subablative and a single shot, longpulsed<br />

mode that is subablative and produces a deeper<br />

thermal spread.<br />

What does this all mean though? The limited data<br />

available suggests that the photothermal damage results<br />

in the vaginal surface epidermal mucosa becoming thicker,<br />

more dense and cellular, with less keratin. The arrangement<br />

of the connective tissue in the lamina propria (deeper layer)<br />

is more dense, suggesting increased collagen. (Table 2)<br />

The gold standard for evidence-based medicine is that<br />

obtained via randomised, placebo-controlled, doubleblind<br />

studies. If the practice of medicine today relied on<br />

these types of investigations alone, the majority of medical<br />

practice in all fields today would have to cease. However,<br />

evaluation of new technology or the application of preexisting<br />

technology to new indications requires a robust<br />

examination of any available evidence, evaluation of the<br />

technology and monitoring of outcome. It is possible that<br />

the makers of the CO 2<br />

laser are being over cautious or that<br />

the makers of the Erb-YAG laser are being too optimistic in<br />

their indications for use of their technology. (Table 2)<br />

Lasers have a long history of being used in dermatology,<br />

dental surgery and medicine and cosmetic surgery.<br />

No reputable surgeon performing a facelift would use a<br />

scalpel as a primary cutting tool when laser dissection<br />

has been shown to result in improved healing, reduced<br />

pain, reduced blood loss and less scar tissue formation.<br />

The same principles can be applied to dissection of the<br />

vaginal mucosa. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the main<br />

instrument used for vaginal wall dissection in the majority<br />

of first-world institutions around the world remains the<br />

scalpel or the scissors.<br />

Non-surgical laser vaginal treatment is not a surgical<br />

approach. It is not the same as traditional vaginoplasty<br />

and it is not the same as laser-assisted vaginal<br />

surgical procedures. It is not a case of you saying<br />

to your doctor, ‘I want to have non-surgical laser<br />

treatment for my symptoms’ if you place a value<br />

on the outcome you wish to achieve. The optimal<br />

approach would be to have the discussion about<br />

your symptoms with a doctor who has a clear<br />

understanding of all the modalities of treatment<br />

available and is able to guide you towards the mode<br />

of treatment that might offer you the best outcome.<br />

Whilst non-surgical laser vaginal treatment<br />

shows the most promise for improving or curing<br />

symptoms related to atrophic vaginitis, it is of little<br />

value in correcting pelvic organ prolapse. Whilst<br />

non-surgical laser vaginal treatment can improve<br />

very mild stress incontinence or reduce vaginal wall<br />

relaxation, it is unlikely to cure any significant stress<br />

urinary incontinence or improve sensation during<br />

intercourse where the vagina and the vaginal introitus are<br />

patulous because of detached or torn muscles and fascia.<br />

Non-surgical laser vaginal treatment (rejuvenation/<br />

therapy; call it what you will) is an excellent addition to the<br />

limited arsenal available for treating some symptoms of<br />

female pelvic floor dysfunction. The risks associated with<br />

treatment when properly performed are almost negligible.<br />

Treatment should be carried out by doctors properly trained<br />

in assessing the vagina and in both the theoretical and<br />

clinical aspects of laser therapy. Any treatment can only be<br />

carried out with the consent of the patient and each patient<br />

should be confident that they understand the indication for<br />

treatment, mode of treatment, alternatives to a particular<br />

treatment and possible harmful effects of a treatment. Table<br />

3 is a summary of how Dr Onuma applies technology in the<br />

treatment of different pelvic floor disorders. csbm<br />

TABLE 1<br />

Laser description<br />

Wavelength (nm) Laser medium<br />

CO2 10,600 Gas<br />

Nd-YAG 1,064 Solid-state<br />

Erbium-YAG 2940 Solid-state<br />

KTP 532 Solid-state<br />

Argon 488-517 Gas<br />

Diode 400-2000 Semi-conductor<br />

Table of the most commonly used lasers in gynaecology<br />

TABLE 2<br />

Manufacturer’s indications CO2 Laser Erbium-YAG Laser<br />

Atrophic vaginitis symptoms: √ √<br />

- Chronic vaginal discharge √ √<br />

- Burning sensation √ √<br />

- Painful intercourse √ √<br />

Vaginal/Introital tightening X √<br />

Stress incontinence X √<br />

Pigmented vulva X √<br />

Table of some manufacturers’ gynaecology indication for using their laser<br />

TABLE 3<br />

Er-YAG or Non-laser<br />

Diode (surgical) CO2 laser surgery or<br />

Condition/ Mode laser (non-surgical) treatment<br />

Vaginoplasty √ X √<br />

Vaginal wall relaxation:<br />

- Mild X √ X<br />

- Moderate/severe √ X √<br />

Atrophic vaginitis X √ √<br />

Stress urinary incontinence X X √<br />

Postmicturition dribbling X √ √<br />

Labia minora:<br />

- reduction √ X √<br />

- pigmentation X √ X<br />

Labia majora:<br />

- reduction/tightening √ X √<br />

- pigmentation X √ X<br />

A guide to Dr Onuma’s use of modalities of therapy<br />

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genital<br />

The new non-surgical<br />

vaginal procedure<br />


LIVES<br />

women’s<br />

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genital<br />

Do you suffer from vaginal dryness and itching? Urinary<br />

incontinence? Pain during intercourse? Get to know MonaLisa Touch,<br />

the new surgery-free laser treatment. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

Vaginal atrophy is a condition that affects around 50<br />

percent of women during their lifetime. While the<br />

term vaginal atrophy isn’t so common, its symptoms<br />

certainly are. These include urinary incontinence, poor<br />

lubrication, painful intercourse, dryness, itchiness, burning,<br />

vulval and vaginal pain, prolapse, and laxity or looseness.<br />

MonaLisa Touch, distributed in Australia by High Tech<br />

Laser, is a new non-surgical way to treat the symptoms of<br />

vaginal atrophy. Additionally, because of how the treatment<br />

works, it can be used for vaginal rejuvenation.<br />

MonaLisa Touch is a medical laser device to improve the<br />

genital mucosa and restore proper function in the treatment<br />

area. Using fractionated CO 2<br />

laser energy, the MonaLisa<br />

Touch probe – which is inserted into the vagina – delivers<br />

thermal energy into the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue.<br />

This kick-starts the body’s natural processes to increase<br />

blood flow and stimulate the formation of collagen, which<br />

improves the integrity and elasticity of the genital mucosa.<br />

This can be effective in alleviating vaginal pain in those<br />

patients experiencing gynaecological problems or vaginal<br />

atrophy, or in simply tightening the vaginal walls for a<br />

rejuvenating effect.<br />

‘To put it in simple terms, the MonaLisa Touch procedure<br />

stimulates the body’s natural processes,’ says Dr Behnia-<br />

Willison, a gynaecologist from South Australia. ‘It creates<br />

more hydrated and healthy cells which help to increase<br />

vascularisation, hydration and acidity, which are important<br />

components of vaginal health.’<br />

According to Dr Behnia-Willison, a treatment to<br />

improve vaginal function is sought by a significant number<br />

of patients, of many different ages. ‘Although many of<br />

my patients are going through menopause or are postmenopausal,<br />

there are also many younger women suffering<br />

from similar symptoms,’ she says. ‘I have found the<br />

treatment particularly effective for women who find it painful<br />

to have sexual intercourse.’<br />

Treatment with MonaLisa Touch can be tailored to<br />

individual patients’ concerns and motivations. Vaginal<br />

atrophy commonly affects post or peri-menopausal women,<br />

as well as women who have had children and find they’re<br />

lax and not enjoying intercourse.<br />

For treating symptoms of vaginal atrophy, a course of<br />

three to five treatments is recommended and, for vaginal<br />

MonaLisa Touch<br />

is revolutionary in<br />

that it offers women<br />

a surgery-free option<br />

for treating vaginal<br />

atrophy<br />

tightening and rejuvenation, one to three treatments,’ says<br />

Perth plastic surgeon Dr Anh Nguyen. ‘The results last an<br />

average of 12 to 18 months, at which time a touch-up<br />

treatment may be required, but every individual is different.’<br />

MonaLisa Touch is a walk-in, walk-out treatment,<br />

requiring no anaesthetic or downtime.<br />

‘It’s a straightforward procedure,’ says Dr Behnia-<br />

Willison. ‘It simply involves a probe being placed inside the<br />

vagina and the fractionated CO 2<br />

energy being delivered to<br />

the vaginal tissue.’<br />

The results possible with MonaLisa Touch have been<br />

documented both clinically and empirically. In Australia<br />

alone, more than 6,000 MonaLisa Touch treatments have<br />

been performed, with most patients returning to work and<br />

normal activity immediately post-procedure.<br />

‘In the first 200 women we treated, 99 percent have<br />

noticed an overall improvement in symptoms and would<br />

recommend it to their friends,’ says Dr Nguyen. ‘Some<br />

have had spectacular results, reporting they no longer need<br />

to wear their incontinence pads and can now socialise,<br />

exercise and enjoy life to the full. Others are not troubled by<br />

urinary frequency and urgency anymore, so they can plan<br />

longer trips and sleep through the night. Many women have<br />

come back letting us know they have had intercourse for<br />

the first time in years and are enjoying it, as well as a boost<br />

to their confidence.’ csbm<br />

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feature<br />

Preg<br />

nant?<br />

Find out what you<br />

can and can’t use<br />

It’s important to know what’s safe to put in and on your<br />

body during pregnancy. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

74 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

The safety of what you’re putting into your body<br />

– in the form of food, drinks and supplements<br />

– comes under strong scrutiny during childbearing<br />

and breast feeding. And, according to<br />

skincare experts and dermatologists, the same<br />

should be said for those ingredients that you’re using<br />

on your skin in the form of skincare, sunscreens and<br />

cosmetic injectables.<br />

Dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour from Victoria<br />

recently spoke on skincare in pregnancy at the<br />

COSMETEX conference in Melbourne.<br />

‘It is always best to speak to your doctor about<br />

treating skin conditions when pregnant, as you need to<br />

be careful with which products you use,’ she explains.<br />

‘For example, topical creams like retinol (Vitamin A)<br />

and medication like isotretinoin are usually great<br />

treatments for acne, yet are definitely not safe to use<br />

while pregnant.’<br />

The concern in using cosmetic injectables and<br />

some cosmeceuticals during pregnancy is that potent<br />

active ingredients may diffuse into the blood stream<br />

and disrupt hormone levels or affect fetal development.<br />

Anti-wrinkle<br />

injections<br />

There is very little concrete evidence surrounding the<br />

effect of anti-wrinkle injections on a developing fetus.<br />

One study, by Morgan J C et al (2006), found botulinum<br />

toxin A (the active ingredient in anti-wrinkle injections)<br />

appears to be relatively low-risk for both the expectant<br />

mother and fetus. However, it did recommend further<br />

research, and suggested that practitioners and<br />

patients carefully consider the risks and benefits before<br />

using anti-wrinkle injectables in pregnant women.<br />

This caution seems to be mirrored by doctors and<br />

dermatologists around the world. During her talk at<br />

COSMETEX, Dr Armour suggested pregnant women<br />

should refrain from receiving any botulinum toxins<br />

during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in an effort to<br />

keep the fetus as healthy as possible.<br />

Similarly, US dermatologist Dr Vivian Bucay, who<br />

was a keynote speaker at COSMETEX, discusses<br />

treatments during pregnancy on her website. She<br />

says: ‘cosmetic treatments, such as anti-wrinkle<br />

injections and chemical peels, should be avoided<br />

during pregnancy. Even though these treatments<br />

and procedures are considered low risk, expectant<br />

mothers should still try to avoid them.’<br />

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration<br />

(FDA) classifies Botulinum toxins as a pregnancy risk<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75

feature<br />

Category C. This means the drug should only be<br />

administered during pregnancy if the potential benefit<br />

justifies the potential risk to the fetus.<br />

Why the concern?<br />

Botulinum toxin is derived from a food-related bacterium<br />

called Clostridium botulinum – it is also one of the most<br />

potent food-related toxins known to humans.<br />

“Botulism” is the poisoning associated with unsafe<br />

exposure to botulinum toxins. In humans, this can cause<br />

blurred or double vision, nausea, vomiting, trouble<br />

breathing, difficulty swallowing, muscle weakness and<br />

impaired motor control. However, there is limited evidence<br />

as to how this poisoning could affect an unborn child.<br />

While the size and weight of a botulinum toxin molecule<br />

is too big to diffuse across the placental membrane,<br />

scientists do not know if transfer to the fetus is possible<br />

through an active transport mechanism. They also can’t be<br />

certain if the toxin’s neuromuscular effects could potentially<br />

affect fetal development.<br />

Where does the toxin go?<br />

Common claims that botulinum toxin does not migrate<br />

from the treatment site following injection are inaccurate,<br />

according to new research published in the Journal<br />

of Neuroscience. Earlier this year, scientists discovered<br />

some of the potent toxin escapes into the central<br />

nervous system (the brain and the spinal chord) following<br />

cosmetic injections.<br />

‘For the first time, we’ve been able to visualise single<br />

molecules of Botulinum toxin travelling at high speed<br />

through our nerves,’ explains Dr Tong Wang from the<br />

Queensland Brain Institute who was involved in the study.<br />

‘We found that some of the active toxins manage to escape<br />

this route and intoxicate neighbouring cells.’<br />

This discovery adds weight to the argument for avoiding<br />

botulinum toxins during pregnancy and breast-feeding.<br />

Until researchers further understand the pathways of<br />

injected botulinum toxins in the body – and the way the<br />

toxin might interact with or affect a developing fetus –<br />

the overarching recommendation is that patients and<br />

practitioners steer clear of cosmetic injectables during<br />

child bearing.<br />

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feature<br />

INsider’s tip:<br />

treatment for<br />

stretch marks<br />

Stretch marks are a common concern<br />

during pregnancy. They usually appear<br />

on the abdomen and breasts, and also<br />

on the hips, thighs and buttocks.<br />

Stratamark, from Swiss pharma<br />

company Stratpharma, is a<br />

revolutionary treatment for preventing<br />

and reducing stretch marks, and is safe<br />

for use in pregnant women. It hydrates<br />

and protects the skin by forming a thin<br />

gel sheet across the treatment area<br />

– this helps normalise the production<br />

of collagen in the skin to help prevent<br />

stretch marks from forming.<br />

Stratamark is recommended for<br />

use from the beginning of the second<br />

trimester through to 60 to 90 days<br />

following birth.<br />

So<br />

what<br />

is safe?<br />

According to Dr Armour, there are several effective topical<br />

treatments that can be used safely during pregnancy.<br />

They include:<br />

• Benzoyl peroxide This has the ability to penetrate<br />

deep in oil glands, and kill off P. acnes; the acneprovoking<br />

bacteria. This prevents the bacteria from<br />

driving the inflammation of acne.<br />

• Azelaic acid This works in a similar way to Benzoyl<br />

Skincare<br />

In the skincare department, parabens, phthalates and<br />

retinoids are all of particular concern during pregnancy.<br />

Parabens and phthalates are commonly found in<br />

cosmetics, body lotions, nail polishes, hair sprays and<br />

fragrances. Both parabens and phthalates are considered<br />

endocrine-disruption chemicals, which have the potential<br />

to interfere with hormone function.<br />

One study, by Braun, J.M. et al. in 2013, looked into<br />

the use of parabens and phthalates during pregnancy.<br />

They found lotion, cosmetics and perfume use were all<br />

associated with an increase in phthalate metabolite and<br />

paraben concentration in the urine – of up to 111 percent.<br />

Avoid parabens and phthalates by using essential oils<br />

instead of fragrances, checking the ingredients listed on the<br />

label and opting for products that are ‘paraben-free’.<br />

Retinoids are a form of vitamin A and are used in skincare<br />

to accelerate skin cell renewal – this can be effective in<br />

reducing pigmentation, treating acne and reducing wrinkles.<br />

Retinol, retinol, tretinoin (retinoic acid, Retin-A), isotretinoin<br />

and alitretinoin are all forms of first-generation retinoids.<br />

While there is limited evidence to show retinoids are<br />

harmful when used topically, many studies have shown that<br />

high doses of vitamin A during pregnancy can be harmful<br />

to an unborn child. As well as this, oral retinoids such as<br />

isotretinoin commonly used in acne treatments, have been<br />

shown to cause birth defects.<br />

Chemical peels<br />

Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant and is the primary<br />

ingredient in many chemical peels. It is also the active<br />

ingredient in aspirin. High doses of salicylic acid in oral<br />

form have been associated with birth defects and various<br />

complications during pregnancy. With regards to topical<br />

application, the concern is around the use of chemical peels<br />

that contain salicylic acid. The high concentration of salicylic<br />

acid, plus the greater quantities used in chemical peels,<br />

increase the chances of absorption into the bloodstream,<br />

which could affect fetal development. It is best to consult<br />

with an experienced dermatologist in undergoing treatment<br />

with chemical peels during pregnancy.<br />

peroxide in that it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.<br />

• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) This can be used for<br />

oil control and minimising pores and also has antiinflammatory<br />

properties.<br />

‘If your skin is oilier than usual, adapting your skincare<br />

may also help manage your acne during pregnancy,<br />

for example switching to a less greasy moisturiser,’ Dr<br />

Armour adds.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

feature<br />

78 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

WHAT<br />

SPOT<br />

IS THAT?<br />




Many of us are going to notice more uneven skin<br />

discolouration over the next few, sunnier months. But<br />

what kind it is? How do we prevent it, treat it, or at<br />

least minimise it? And how do we distinguish it from something<br />

more sinister?<br />

Pigmentation refers to changes in the melanin (pigment)<br />

of your skin, but there are diff erent types and they do not<br />

all respond to the same treatments. It goes without saying<br />

that any brown or black discolouration that looks out of the<br />

ordinary should be checked by a dermatologist or skin cancer<br />

specialist. But correct diagnosis of the type of pigmentation<br />

you’re experiencing is also essential if you’re to benefi t from<br />

treatment protocols.<br />

Freckles<br />

The most common type of pigmentation is ephelides, or<br />

freckles. These are fl at circular light spots on the skin, about the<br />

size of the head of a nail, that develop after repeated exposure<br />

to sunlight, particularly if you have a fair complexion. They<br />

appear darker during the sunny months and fade in the winter.<br />

Heredity also infl uences freckling, as witnessed by the striking<br />

similarity in the total number of freckles on identical twins.<br />

Freckles are benign but they may sometimes be confused with<br />

more serious skin problems.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79

feature<br />

HOME<br />


FOR<br />


There are many excellent home care products<br />

and treatments to target pigmented lesions.<br />

Unfortunately, once you have sunspots you<br />

can’t fully remove them, but certain ingredients<br />

and products can help fade and control<br />

discolourations.<br />

Vitamin A<br />

Vitamin A is a fundamental component (nay,<br />

the most benefi cial) to any skincare regimen<br />

(including the fi ght against pigmentation). Look<br />

for Vitamin A serums in the form of stabilised<br />

retinol. It’s been proven to help renew the<br />

skin’s collagen and elastin and reverse the<br />

signs of ageing from UV.<br />

Vitamin B<br />

Vitamin B is also hailed by skin professionals<br />

for its ability to rejuvenate and strengthen skin<br />

against a broad range of skin conditions such<br />

as dryness, pigmentation and excess sebum.<br />

Vitamin C<br />

Applied in the form of L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin<br />

C helps protect cells from UV free radical<br />

damage, assists in collagen production and<br />

also helps prevent tyrosinase enzymes in<br />

your body from creating excessive amounts<br />

of melanin.<br />

Alpha hydroxy acids<br />

AHAs include glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric<br />

acids, and have also been shown to help with<br />

pigmentation irregularities. AHAs can create<br />

mild irritation, so 10 to 15 percent is usually the<br />

concentration used in products. Be sure to use<br />

sunscreen on top of AHA products as it makes<br />

skin more sun-sensitive.<br />

Solar lentigines<br />

A lentigo (plural lentigines) is a non-cancerous,<br />

pigmented spot with a clearly defi ned edge. Lentigines<br />

may evolve slowly over years, or appear suddenly.<br />

They may occur anywhere on the body and vary in<br />

colour from light brown to black.<br />

These spots are caused by UV sun exposure and<br />

the degree depends on how much UV light these<br />

melanin pigments are exposed to. These must be<br />

monitored as they may develop into skin cancer and<br />

melanoma. Annual checks with your dermatologist or<br />

skin specialist is essential.<br />

Melasma<br />

Melasma or Chloasma is pigmentation that is deeper<br />

in the skin’s dermis. It appears on the face as larger<br />

brown patches with a non-distinct border. This type<br />

of pigmentation is more common in women. Though<br />

causes are unknown, it is often linked to hormonal<br />

imbalances. The condition is made worse with UV<br />

exposure, overheating the blood, some medications,<br />

pregnancy and stress.<br />

Post-infl ammatory hyperpigmentation<br />

This is a response to injury of the skin and can be the<br />

result of acne, burns, friction or overly aggressive clinical<br />

treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion,<br />

laser and IPL. This condition often resolves with time<br />

and generally responds well to topical products.<br />

Poikiloderma of Civatte<br />

Often people think what is solely pigmentation is<br />

actually a combination of pigmentation and redness<br />

(surface blood vessels). This skin condition is called<br />

Poikiloderma of Civatte (POC), which is the common<br />

weathering change that aff ects the skin on the front<br />

and sides of the neck and décolletage.<br />

POC is very common in Australian women. There<br />

are many contributing factors including the hot climate,<br />

excessive sun exposure, genetics and hormonal<br />

factors. It occurs commonly on women who neglect to<br />

protect their neck and chest from sun exposure. While<br />

focus has always been placed on using sunblock on<br />

the face, remember that the neck, décolletage and<br />

hands also need to be protected.<br />

80 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />



A dermatologist or cosmetic doctor can correctly diagnose and recommend clinical treatments such as<br />

laser, Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Light-Emitting Diode (LED) therapy, acid or<br />

enzyme peels, along with appropriate skincare.<br />

If seeking any of these treatments without medical advice, it is important to fi nd a clinic or salon with<br />

experienced practitioners who understand exactly which type of pigmentation they are treating. A good<br />

practitioner will fi rst discuss your specifi c concerns and medical history, any medications you take and<br />

diagnose your Fitzpatrick skin type (this is a system used to determine how people will pigment or respond<br />

to sun exposure).<br />

IPL and LED light therapy is eff ective on most people with specifi c skin conditions such as pigmentation,<br />

sunspots, broken capillaries, redness and uneven skin texture. It can also improve the overall tone and<br />

texture of the skin, as well as treating fi ne lines by creating a more plumped up appearance. A series of four<br />

to six treatments may be required for optimum results.<br />

Also, the importance of cosmeceuticals can not be emphasised enough. Quality active skincare goes<br />

hand in hand with an in-clinic treatment plan and, of course, an SPF30-50 sunscreen that is suitable to use<br />

on the face, neck, hands and décolletage. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 81

skin<br />

WHICH<br />


for what?<br />







Vitamins and minerals are important not only for<br />

your general health but, when applied to the skin,<br />

can also play an essential role in skin correction<br />

and anti-ageing.<br />

Although topical vitamins have been available for<br />

decades, it’s only in recent years that formulators have<br />

been able to harness these vital ingredients in the most<br />

stable and bioavailable form.<br />

It is essential that the active components of skin<br />

vitamins remain viable for the shelf life of the product.<br />

The active components must also be able to penetrate<br />

the stratum corneum and reach the receptor sites of<br />

the target cells. If the particles are too large they will<br />

remain on the outer skin layers and merely ‘feed’ the<br />

dead cells.<br />

Current medical research regards the essential ‘skin<br />

food’ vitamins A, B and C as fundamental to any antiageing<br />

regimen. Almost every skin type and condition<br />

will benefi t from them if delivered in the correct form,<br />

and they should be used as your skin begins to age<br />

from around the mid 20s.<br />

When deciding which products are right for you, it<br />

is always best to be guided by a skincare professional<br />

and look for the clinical data backing all claims.<br />

82 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Vitamin A<br />

Look for products that refer<br />

to ‘stabilised retinol’ which<br />

is readily absorbed, highly<br />

stable and non-irritating.<br />

This regulates the rate of<br />

cell turnover to improve<br />

skin texture, increases<br />

collagen production to<br />

address fi ne lines, inhibits<br />

the enzyme tyrosinase<br />

to address excess and<br />

abnormal melanin production<br />

(hyperpigmentation), and<br />

regulates oil production to<br />

improve acne.<br />

Vitamin A and additional<br />

ingredients such as lactic acid<br />

(AHA), which exfoliates the<br />

skin, and salicylic acid (BHA),<br />

which removes dead cell<br />

debris, can leave ‘fresh’ skin<br />

exposed to UV light.<br />

It is therefore recommended<br />

you always apply adequate<br />

sun protection in the form of<br />

a zinc oxide-based sunblock<br />

during the day to protect new<br />

and vulnerable skin.<br />

Topical vitamin A is not<br />

recommended for pregnant or<br />

lactating women.<br />

Vitamin B3<br />

Often referred to as niacinamide, vitamin B3 increases ceramide production to<br />

increase natural hydration levels and skin luminosity; prevents the transfer of<br />

melanin from melanocyte to keratinocyte, thus reducing hyperpigmentation;<br />

increases the natural immunity of the skin to defend against environmental<br />

stress; and reduces excess oil production.<br />

Vitamin C<br />

As L-ascorbic acid – the form of vitamin C that the majority of medical papers<br />

refer to as being most active on human skin cells – vitamin C increases<br />

collagen production to reduce fi ne lines and minimise scarring and is a<br />

potent anti-infl ammatory. Infl ammation is the basis of most adverse<br />

skin conditions. Vitamin C also inhibits tyrosinase activity to address<br />

hyperpigmentation.<br />

New evidence suggests that some topical skin vitamins operate at<br />

an optimal pH level. Vitamins A and B are thought to perform best in<br />

a slightly alkaline environment, which means it is best to use these<br />

vitamins together. Vitamin C, which operates best at a lower acidic pH,<br />

should be used separately.<br />

What can vitamins be used to treat?<br />

Pigmentation Vitamins A, B and C address uneven skin tone and pigmentation<br />

concerns at diff erent levels. Added benefi t can be found from using mineral<br />

sunscreen to prevent sun damage and a gentle lactic acid exfoliant to<br />

remove dead surface cells. Potent active ingredients such as Chromabright<br />

and Potassium Azeloyl Glycinate help target melanin production and lighten<br />

skin tone.<br />

Acne Vitamin A regulates excess oil production and the over-production of<br />

skin cells. Vitamin B3 regulates oil production in synergy with vitamin A, while<br />

also increasing the immune response of the skin to combat bacterial infection.<br />

Vitamin C and natural antibacterial agents such as Manuka essential oil reduce<br />

infl ammation within pores.<br />

Vitamin C also helps heal damaged skin by increasing collagen production.<br />

Adolescents with acne may benefi t from vitamins A, B and C but they are not<br />

recommended for pre-pubescent children unless directed.<br />

Lines and wrinkles Vitamins A and C both act to increase collagen production<br />

and address fi ne lines. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant, which helps defend<br />

against environmental stressors ageing the skin. Vitamin B3 improves natural<br />

hydration levels and strengthens the outer skin layer.<br />

This in turn improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.<br />

Other essential anti-ageing actives include botanical extracts such as Gatuline,<br />

collagen-stimulating peptides and antioxidants such as green tea and Phyoxolin.<br />

But vitamins aren’t Mother Nature’s only healing ingredients. The single most<br />

important anti-ageing product is not a vitamin at all, but a mineral. Given that<br />

sun damage is the fundamental basis of environmental ageing, zinc oxide used<br />

in a broad-spectrum sunblock should be your number-one skincare ingredient,<br />

protecting you against the harmful rays from the sun. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 83

skin<br />

flawless<br />

in a<br />

flash<br />

makeup for<br />

post-procedure<br />

skin<br />

84 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Planning a cosmetic procedure? Hide redness or bruising with<br />

jane iredale mineral makeup, the breathable makeup that provides<br />

flawless coverage while soothing your skin. AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

Jane iredale mineral makeup is a girl’s best friend<br />

after surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments,<br />

delivering health benefits to the skin while camouflaging<br />

telltale redness and bruising, helping you get back to normal<br />

life as quickly as possible.<br />

Using only pure micronised minerals and quality<br />

cosmeceuticals, jane iredale plays an important role<br />

post-treatment and is recommended by plastic and<br />

cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and leading skin<br />

therapists around the world.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> practitioners and skin therapists have come<br />

to rely on mineral makeup as a means of allowing clients to<br />

return to work after a lunchtime treatment. From laser skin<br />

jane iredale is<br />

recommended by<br />

surgeons around<br />

the world<br />

About jane iredale<br />

jane iredale is acknowledged as the pioneer in the field<br />

of mineral makeup. Its credibility from medical use has<br />

propelled it into salons and spas, where it is now used<br />

as enhancement makeup as well as to hide redness from<br />

injectables, peels and other anti-ageing procedures.<br />

Indeed, it has propelled an ever-increasing trend towards<br />

makeup as a true extension of skincare has developed.<br />

It’s no longer enough for makeup to simply enhance<br />

appearance; people want and expect it to aid the health<br />

of the skin.<br />

Each product undergoes specific testing – not because<br />

it’s required but because the company believes in offering<br />

the consumer the highest quality product line possible.<br />

The comprehensive range offers a full spectrum of<br />

products and coverage – from Glow Time BB Cream and<br />

Dream Tint tinted moisturiser to fuller coverage Amazing<br />

Base 4-in-1 loose mineral powder and Disappear Concealer,<br />

in colours to suit all skin shades. csbm<br />

treatments and face surgery to anti-ageing facials and even<br />

waxing, the jane iredale range helps to calm the skin and<br />

offers excellent camouflage.<br />

It’s hard to believe that a foundation made from crushed<br />

rocks can be good for your skin, but in fact it helps prevent<br />

the breeding of bacteria and soothes stressed or irritated<br />

skin. It’s even gentle enough for people with sensitive<br />

conditions such as acne and rosacea.<br />

All products in the range are made from raw ingredients<br />

that replace the need for those such as talc, chemical<br />

dyes, perfumes and other preservatives that are harmful to<br />

the skin.<br />

Only pure micronised minerals are used, providing<br />

weightless, fast, breathable and natural coverage without<br />

any irritation. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide are naturally<br />

occurring minerals that are known anti-inflammatories<br />

to help calm and cover redness (erythema) and bruising<br />

post-treatment.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

eauty & spa<br />

City<br />

skin<br />

detox<br />

86 www.cosbeauty.com.au

It’s not<br />

called<br />

The Big<br />

Smoke for<br />

nothing.<br />

Our skin<br />

is at the<br />

mercy of<br />

pollution<br />

just as<br />

much<br />

as our<br />

waterways.<br />

We are becoming increasingly aware of the hazards of our urban<br />

lifestyle on our skin and the cosmetics industry has followed<br />

suit, introducing a new crop of products laced with superantioxidants<br />

and grime-fighting city combatants. Where scientists have<br />

seen a hole in the ozone, beauty companies have seen an opening in the<br />

cosmetic market.<br />

Spotting city skin is easy, pardon the pun. It’s dull and congested<br />

with blocked pores and dehydrated with patches of dryness. Stress has<br />

depleted the skin of nutrients and it’s been over-exposed to late nights,<br />

alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants. It’s choked with smoke and<br />

ragged thanks to air-conditioning and other major contributors to poor<br />

skin. However, by protecting ourselves from ultraviolet radiation and<br />

photoageing by using the correct formulations and the most effective<br />

method to deliver our skincare, while supplementing with vitamins and<br />

antioxidants, we can significantly improve sallow skin.<br />

Skin is made up of tiny pores that ensure the skin can breathe and<br />

regulate body temperature, among other tasks, but they also filter out<br />

the grime and debris associated with everyday life. Of course, that means<br />

that we city slickers have skin coated with a fine layer of nasty toxins from<br />

the pollution.<br />

According to a University of California, Berkeley study, skin ailments<br />

are most certainly linked to air pollution in cities. It found the ozone<br />

rapidly strips Vitamin E, an important component of healthy skin, from the<br />

uppermost skin layer. Skin conditions aggravated in urban environments<br />

include atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other ailments which generate<br />

itchy, red, inflamed and scaly skin.<br />

The researchers examined the stratum corneum, a thin layer at the<br />

surface that accounts for less than five percent of the skin. Long considered<br />

an inert layer of dead skin, the stratum corneum is now receiving<br />

considerable attention as the gateway to underlying body tissues.<br />

‘Skincare companies know if you have dry skin, it’s your stratum<br />

corneum that’s in trouble,’ says Berkeley researcher Dr Jens Thiele.<br />

‘Everything you apply on the skin has to pass through that layer.’<br />

The urban environment causes the destruction of the skin’s natural<br />

barrier function, which regulates the movement of materials in and out of<br />

the skin. It is also thought the increased formation of harmful chemicals<br />

from the breakdown of the skin’s fatty lipids triggers an inflammatory<br />

response in underlying skin layers.<br />

Dr Neil Sadick, a clinical professor of dermatology in New York, agrees.<br />

‘With the changes in the ozone layer we’re getting more instant ultraviolet<br />

radiation, as well as more damage from environmental pollutants. In my<br />

practice we’re definitely seeing more patients, and younger ones, with<br />

damaged skin. To repair it, and to guard against further threats, the two<br />

major factors necessary are a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a highpotency<br />

antioxidant formula.’ csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 87

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

BACK<br />

TO<br />

BASICS<br />

2.<br />

Fear not – it’s not quite as dire as it<br />

sounds. There are several simple<br />

things you can do to equalise the<br />

eff ects of city living on your skin.<br />

First up, your epidermis will thank<br />

you every day for a basic twice-daily<br />

skincare routine. Get skin in tip-top<br />

condition by cleansing, toning and<br />

moisturising every morning before<br />

applying makeup (it should go without<br />

saying that falling asleep with your<br />

makeup on is a no-no). Exfoliation to<br />

slough away dead cells and brighten<br />

the complexion can be done at home,<br />

or with microdermabrasion or a peel<br />

at a salon to remove surface debris.<br />

Improving the skin’s resistance to<br />

pollution is the name of the game. Use<br />

sun protection and a moisturiser rich<br />

with ingredients to improve the skin’s<br />

surface strength.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong>s are often blamed for<br />

clogging pores but they can actually<br />

protect against pollution because they<br />

provide a fi ne layer of resistance, so<br />

don’t steer clear of your makeup bag.<br />

Oh, and keep hand cream in your bag<br />

to soothe chapped hands.<br />

1. Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser 200ml, $45, 2. Aspect<br />

Dr ABC Essential Kit, $180, 3. ASAP Clear Complexion<br />

Gel 50ml, $50, 4. Babor SKINOVAGE PX Intensifi er<br />

Detox Serum SPF 15 30ml, $128, 5. Neostrata Oily<br />

Skin Solution 100ml, $43.95 6. Napoleon Perdis<br />

Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and Makeup<br />

Remover 74ml, $59 7. Aspect Hydra Shield SPF 15<br />

30ml, $57,20 8. M.A.C Volcanic Ash Exfoliator 100ml,<br />

$37, 9. Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Scrub<br />

Mask 75ml, $44, 10. Essano Rosehip Oil with Acai Berry<br />

20ml, $19.99, 11. PureSonic Sonic Facial Cleasing<br />

Brush in Perfectly Pink, $99, 12. The Aromatherpay Co.<br />

Detoxifying Bath Salts 300g, $21.95, 13. Colorescience<br />

Hydrating Setting Mist 118ml, $50.60<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

10.<br />

12.<br />

11.<br />

13.<br />

88 www.cosbeauty.com.au

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />



Just think of a sliced apple turning brown to visualise the urban impact of<br />

oxidisation on your skin. Research is increasingly pointing the blame for<br />

ageing and illness towards oxidative cell damage caused by the environment.<br />

Here is where antioxidants step in to defend the skin, providing it with a<br />

fi ghting chance of repairing existing damage and defending itself against<br />

future ageing.<br />

Antioxidants are compounds that counteract the damaging eff ects of free<br />

radicals on cell structures, as well as cellular DNA. Free radicals accelerate<br />

the ageing process and are the result of oxygen molecules being oxidised,<br />

but they can also be created by exposure to various environmental factors,<br />

smoking and UV radiation. They are unstable cells that, if left unchecked,<br />

can compromise your health and potentially lead to cancer.<br />

When pollution damages the skin, the cells release superoxide free<br />

radicals and other molecules that unleash their energy at random, like a<br />

stray bullet.<br />

For years the leading antioxidants in topical beauty products Vitamins<br />

A, C and E. The list now also includes those such as alpha hydroxyl acids,<br />

hyaluronic acid, peptides, coenzyme Q10, idebenone, resveratrol and<br />

coff eeberry, many of which are found in the latest grime-fi ghting products –<br />

from the cosmetic giants to the natural and organic boutique lines. csbm<br />

1. Obagi Professional-C<br />

20% Serum 30ml, $99.95,<br />

2. Sisley Botanical D-TOX<br />

30ml, $245, 3. Elizabeth<br />

Arden PRO Cellular<br />

Recovery Serum 50ml,<br />

$180, 4. HydroPeptide<br />

Soothing Serum - Redness<br />

Repair & Relief 30ml, $190,<br />

5. Lancome Advanced<br />

Génifi que Youth Activating<br />

Concentrate 30ml, $95, 6.<br />

SkinCeuticals C + AHA<br />

30ml, $169, 7. Synergie<br />

Skin SupremaC 30ml, $110,<br />

8. SkinMedica Vitamin C+E<br />

Complex 28.3g, $161.50, 9.<br />

PCA Skin C&E Strength Max<br />

28g, $136.40, 10. Paula’s<br />

Choice Resist C15 Super<br />

Booster 20ml, $55, 11.<br />

Kerstin Florian Correcting<br />

Multi-Vitamin Day Crème<br />

SPF 15 50ml, $109, 12.<br />

Dr. Lewinn’s Reversaderm<br />

Enzymatic Detoxifying Mask<br />

70ml, $49.95, 13. Glo.<br />

Therapeutics Restorative<br />

Mask 50ml, $77<br />

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 89

eauty & spa<br />

BEAUTY<br />

EXPO<br />


Saturday 22 & Sunday 23<br />

August 2015<br />

Sydney Exhibition Centre,<br />

Glebe Island<br />



ON-BOARD<br />

FOR<br />

2015<br />

BEAUTY<br />

EXPO<br />

Hairdresser: Richard Kavanagh<br />

Makeup: Rae Morris<br />

Photographer: Jen Hare<br />

90 www.cosbeauty.com.au

The Face2Face Makeup Awards are an annual highlight<br />

of the industry, uncovering extraordinary makeup artists<br />

and rewarding them for their skills, creativity and passion<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia is the largest of its kind in the<br />

Southern Hemisphere, held on Saturday August<br />

22 and Sunday August 23 at the Sydney Exhibition<br />

Centre at Glebe Island.<br />

‘This year’s Expo boasts a who’s-who of beauty<br />

products and services, including OPI, Pelactiv, Inglot,<br />

Comfortel, Youngblood, Bio Sculpture Gel, France Medical,<br />

Sunescape and Lycon,’ said Amelia Coote-Harris, <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Expo Event Director. ‘It will also feature a host of education<br />

seminars from the industry’s most respected international<br />

and local talent.’<br />

‘It really is a must-attend event for anyone in the spa,<br />

beauty, medi and wellness fields.’<br />

Industry Awards<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia 2015 is also home to two of the<br />

industry’s most prestigious awards:<br />

• Nailympia Australia, in association with Nailympia London<br />

• Face2Face Makeup Awards<br />

Nailympia Australia attracts the best in manicuring<br />

talent from across the country, giving nail technicians<br />

the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity. A<br />

respected panel of experts will judge this year’s Awards,<br />

with winners receiving fantastic prizes along with coverage<br />

in international press.<br />

The Face2Face Makeup Awards are an annual highlight<br />

of the industry, uncovering extraordinary makeup artists<br />

and rewarding them for their skills, creativity and passion.<br />

Makeup Artist of the Year, Becca Gilmartin, is this year’s<br />

Awards Director, bringing with her a wealth of experience<br />

such as Australian Fashion Week and Australia’s Next<br />

Top Model.<br />

‘The Face2Face Makeup Awards are a platform for<br />

every kind of makeup artist to explore their craft, push<br />

their own personal limits and display excellence on a<br />

national competition level not yet seen in Australia,’ said<br />

Becca Gilmartin.<br />

Paramedical<br />

Conference<br />

New in 2015 at <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia is the<br />

Paramedical Conference, in collaboration with The<br />

Laser Lounge and industry leading training partners,<br />

The Australasian Academy of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Dermal<br />

Science (AACDS).<br />

This one-day event, How to Successfully<br />

Transition Your <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon into a Medi-Clinic,<br />

held on Saturday 22 August is invaluable for beauty<br />

graduates, therapists, salon and medi-clinic owners,<br />

as well as medical practitioners who are seeking to<br />

work with beauty professionals.<br />

Featuring an array of industry experts to share<br />

their know-how, insights and advice, the Paramedical<br />

Conference has been designed to arm attendees<br />

with the knowledge and confidence to be successful<br />

in the field of paramedical beauty.<br />

Whether it is education, experiencing the latest<br />

products, networking or tapping into new market<br />

trends, <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia provides beauty, medi<br />

and spa professionals with unparalleled opportunities<br />

for growth and development.<br />

For further event information please visit:<br />

www.beautyexpoaustralia.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91

eauty & spa<br />

LOSE<br />


fast<br />




Summer’s around the corner and there’s no better<br />

time to get in shape. With just a few months to<br />

go until you’ll be reaching for your summer shorts<br />

and strappy singlets, the good news is there’s still plenty<br />

of time to overhaul your winter regimen and integrate<br />

some healthy habits into your life.<br />

If you’ve put on a few kilos over the winter months from<br />

warming comfort food and a more sedentary lifestyle,<br />

give your body the boost it needs with the International<br />

Body Wrap.<br />

The wrap not only eliminates toxins and reveals radiant,<br />

glowing skin, it will also help you shed a minimum of 15cm<br />

from your total body circumference, or your money back.<br />

Not only is it the ideal solution to kick off your summerbody<br />

regime, it’s also perfect as a last-minute centimetrestripping<br />

option for a special occasion.<br />

‘A full body wrap is a great treatment to detoxify,<br />

hydrate and slim the body,’ says Nicole Gruodiene from<br />

Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> salon in Double Bay. ‘It is perfect as a<br />

single treatment or as a course to gain optimum results.<br />

Many of my clients use the wrap to help them squeeze<br />

into their “little black dress”.’<br />

Now, to the treatment itself. Your body is fi rst measured<br />

and marked up so that your exact centimetre loss can<br />

be calculated after the treatment. Then you are wrapped<br />

from head to toe with bandages soaked in natural Dead<br />

Sea clay – and it feels heavenly.<br />

‘It’s a bit like being an Egyptian Mummy, with special<br />

contour bandages that have been soaked in an allnatural<br />

dead sea clay solution,’ says Gruodiene. This<br />

solution acts like a giant poultice and draws out toxins<br />

and impurities from your body while cleansing your skin<br />

and leaving it feeling softer, smoother and more toned.’<br />

‘After just one hour, not only is your skin softer and<br />

fi rmer but the skin tissue is also compressed and the soft<br />

fatty tissues are compacted, resulting in the reduction of<br />

your body circumference,’ explains Gruodiene.<br />

In this hydrated form, each clay particle expands,<br />

enabling it to pick up many times its own weight in<br />

various body toxins.<br />

According to Gruodiene, clay has amazing detoxifying<br />

properties. ‘It’s a magnet for many toxic elements present<br />

in the body such as free radicals,’ she says.<br />

After an hour the wraps are removed to reveal skin that<br />

is more toned with an overall improved appearance. Your<br />

body ends up smaller and trimmer without any weight<br />

loss. The centimetres lost are not a result of water loss<br />

and therefore results should last at least 30 days – and<br />

up to 12 months if you have a healthy lifestyle and don’t<br />

put on any weight.<br />

The loss of centimetres isn’t the only star of the show<br />

– the wrap off ers a host of beauty and health advantages,<br />

including improved circulation, refi ned skin texture and<br />

higher energy levels. csbm<br />

92 www.cosbeauty.com.au


Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon offers only the very best treatments available,<br />

including the International Body Wrap which improves the appearance<br />

of cellulite, stretch marks and scar tissue and is guaranteed to take 15<br />

centimetres off your entire body size - or your money back!<br />

With highly trained aestheticians and stunning surroundings, any<br />

treatment you have at Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon will be a luxurious<br />

experience you’ll long for time and time again.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />


eauty & spa<br />

GET<br />

YOUR<br />

GLOW<br />

ON<br />

94 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

Sweetness and<br />

light is the name<br />

of the game this<br />

spring. Here are<br />

our favourite new<br />

products ripe for<br />

the picking!<br />

Shed<br />

your<br />

winter<br />

skin<br />

Long pants and baggy jumpers mean it’s all too easy to<br />

let your skin go into hibernation over the winter months.<br />

We often forget to exfoliate, allowing dead skin cells to<br />

build up, producing a dull, lacklustre appearance. However<br />

with summer on its way, now is the perfect time to slough<br />

off the outer layers of the skin and reveal a refreshed,<br />

rejuvenated complexion.<br />

Some great in-salon treatments to really kickstart your<br />

skin into behaving at optimal levels and looking its best are<br />

Omnilux and Healite, which both use LED light therapy to<br />

stimulate skin cell renewal from within.<br />

If microdermabrasion is more your thing, try the latest<br />

version: the HydraFacial, which is a combination of<br />

exfoliation, peel, pore extraction and antioxidant infusion.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95

IGHT<br />

beauty & spa<br />

Warmer months don’t deplete your natural<br />

moisture nearly as much as winter but it’s<br />

still necessary to make sure your skin’s<br />

moisture levels are maintained. However,<br />

it might be an idea to set aside heavyduty<br />

skin creams and stock up on lighter<br />

products that will help to illuminate your<br />

skin and give you a glow.<br />

Summer moisturisers should feel light<br />

and weightless on your skin. For the face,<br />

use an oil-free moisturiser that contains<br />

a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15.<br />

Today there’s also a range of moisturisers<br />

that contain low levels of the self-tanning<br />

agent dihydroxyacetone. Not only are<br />

these hybrid formulas more foolproof than<br />

traditional tanners, but they are also very<br />

moisturising, with versions for the face.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

1. Medik8 Hydr8 Day 360 with SPF<br />

15, $119, 2. Sisley Self Tanning<br />

Hydrating Facial Skin Care 60ml, $130,<br />

3. Racinne Ultimate Hydra Perfection<br />

Illuminating Cream 50g, $44, 4. BABOR<br />

SKINOVAGE PX Intensifi er Illuminating<br />

Serum 30ml, $131, 5. Obagi Hydrate<br />

Facial Moisturizer 48g, $49.95, 6. ASAP<br />

Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml,<br />

$75, 7. Synergie HydroGel 50ml, $110,<br />

8. Thalgo Hydra-Marine 24H Gel-Cream<br />

50ml, $85, 9. Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil<br />

50ml, $45<br />

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.<br />

96 www.cosbeauty.com.au

EN UP<br />

beauty & spa<br />

9.<br />

8.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97

eauty & spa<br />


Sheer is the name of the daytime game. We love beige, shell, peach, pastels or pinks to add<br />

luminescence, while bronzing gels and powders are a great way to warm up the entire face.<br />

Blend them into your cheekbones, temples, under your eyes and chin.<br />

To put your own slant on the chocolate smoky eye, muted browns, taupes or greys will<br />

add defi nition. Cream formulas are more water-resistant and blend nicely with your skin,<br />

making your makeup appear more natural.<br />

Apply beige cream eyeshadow or a lid primer to your eyelid to ensure your application<br />

is smooth and long-lasting. Your darker hues can be smudged over the top and built up<br />

according to your fancies. Finish with a pop of pale gold on the centre of your lids and at the<br />

inner corners of your eyes to open and defi ne and, of course, lashings of mascara.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

6.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

98 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />


20.<br />

1. BABOR Perfect Skin Illuminator in<br />

19.<br />

light 01, $68, 2. Sisley Phyto-Touche<br />

Illuminator, $120, 3. NeoStrata<br />

Illuminating Serum 30ml, $59.95, 4.<br />

Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing<br />

Illuminiser, $24.95, 5. Synergie Minerals<br />

HydroBronze Pressed Bronzer, $49, 6.<br />

Colorescience Sheer Crème Foundation<br />

in Girl From Ipanema 30ml, $68.20, 7.<br />

NEEK Vegan Lipstick in Sweet About Me,<br />

$38, 8. Synergie Minerals Eyedration in<br />

Vanilla Bean, $32, 9. Synergie Minerals<br />

Luminiser in Moonglow, $49, 10. Sisley<br />

Phyto-Eye Twist in 1 Topaz, $50, 11.<br />

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact,<br />

$118, 12. Lancome Miracle Cushion,<br />

$60, 13. YSL Kiss & Blush in Rose Frivole,<br />

$59, 14. M.A.C. Casual Colour Lip &<br />

Cheek Colour in Relaxation, $41, 15.<br />

Colorescience Pressed Mineral Bronzer<br />

in Mojave, $72.60, 16. Nude by Nature<br />

Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer, $39.95,<br />

17. Nude by Nature Pressed Eyeshadow<br />

Palette in Ultimate Nude, $24.95, 18.<br />

Sisley Phyto-Blush Eclat in 4 Pinky Rose,<br />

$90, 19. Sisley Phyto Ombre Glow<br />

Eyeshadow in Gold, $55, 20. Nude by<br />

Nature Virgin Blush, $19.95<br />

17.<br />

16.<br />

18.<br />

15.<br />

10. 11. 12. 13. 14.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99

eauty & spa<br />

21. Glo.Minerals Bronzer in<br />

Sunkiss, $69, 22. Glo.Minerals<br />

Blush Duo in Petunia, $36, 23.<br />

ASAP Mineral Bronzer in Shade<br />

One, $40, 24. Nude by Nature<br />

BB 5-in-1 Miracle Serum, 25.<br />

The Nail Lab Flossie Nail Polish,<br />

$15, 26. The Nail Lab Archie<br />

Nail Polish, $15, 27.M.A.C<br />

Nail Lacquer Vernis À Ongles<br />

in Lightness of Being, $22, 28.<br />

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot<br />

Pre-Foundation Skin Primer 50ml,<br />

$59, 29. Glo.Minerals Sheer Tint<br />

Base in Natural 40ml, $47, 30.<br />

Arbonne Blush in Tafetta, $41,<br />

31. Arbonne Eyeshadow in Linen,<br />

$27, 32. M.A.C. Pro Longwear<br />

Paint Pot in Groundwork, $35, 33.<br />

YSL Couture Mono High-Impact<br />

Color Eye Shadow in Marceau,<br />

$49, 34. Paula’s Choice The<br />

Nude Mattes Eyeshadow Palette,<br />

$73, 35. Elixabeth Arden PRO<br />

Perfecting Minerals in Shade 3,<br />

$59, 36. Ulta3 Perfect Balance<br />

Primer 30ml, $8.95.<br />

21.<br />

22.<br />

32.<br />

23.<br />

31.<br />

25. 26.<br />

24.<br />

27. 28. 29. 30.<br />

100 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

33.<br />

GUILT-<br />

FREE<br />

GLOW<br />

34.<br />

35. 36.<br />

We all know how harmful the sun’s rays can be so why not<br />

bluff your way to being a bronzed goddess? In the past<br />

few years, fake tans have come a long way so there’s less<br />

chance of turning out the colour of a carrot. To minimise the<br />

chance of streaking, exfoliate your skin before application<br />

to remove any dirt and dry patches that the tanner could<br />

cling to. And, remember, by keeping your skin hydrated by<br />

using a moisturiser everyday, your skin will be less likely to<br />

peel and the precious pigment will be sealed in for as long<br />

as possible.<br />

1. Lancome Self-Tan Autobronzant Flash Bronzer 125ml,<br />

$75, 2. Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self-Tanner<br />

118ml, $70, 3. Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Body<br />

Skin Care 60ml, $120, 4. Jergens Natural Glow Body<br />

Moisturiser in Fair to Medium 118ml, $10.99<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101

feature beauty & spa<br />

3in1<br />

hair<br />

styler<br />

the<br />

only<br />

hair<br />

styling<br />

device<br />

you’ll<br />

need<br />

102 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

About<br />

the<br />

inventor<br />

Joseph Mourad is an established and<br />

celebrity-renowned hairdresser in<br />

Sydney’s Double Bay, with more than<br />

30 years of experience. With the likes of<br />

Miranda Kerr, Mya and Mel B on his client<br />

list, Mourad has a reputation for turning<br />

hair from drab to fab.<br />

He is especially sought after for his<br />

undetectable hair extensions and the<br />

advanced fusion technique with<br />

which he applies them.<br />

Now, he’s released a game-changing<br />

invention after 10 years in development –<br />

the first and only hair dryer, straightener<br />

and styler combined.<br />

For more information on this revolutionary<br />

DIY styling device, call 02 9328 2277 or<br />

visit www.josephmourad.com.au<br />

Welcome to a new age<br />

of at-home hair styling,<br />

where every day you can<br />

look like you’ve come<br />

straight from the salon.<br />

AimÉe Surtenich reports.<br />

Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons<br />

– these are the essential hair styling<br />

appliances in any self-respecting<br />

girl’s quest for fuller, sexier, head-turning hair.<br />

But what if you could magically combine all<br />

three in the one appliance, saving you time<br />

(and bathroom space)? Well, ladies, magic<br />

does happen.<br />

Joseph Mourad, world-famous<br />

hairdresser and hair extension expert, has<br />

created the first-ever hair dryer, straightener<br />

and styler in one.<br />

There’s nothing better than a salon<br />

blowdry and straighten – but, for a style that<br />

seems so easily done in-salon, the same<br />

look can become near impossible to achieve<br />

at home. The best part about Mourad’s 3-in-<br />

1 device is that it’s a foolproof way to style<br />

your hair to perfection – no more battles with<br />

hair straighteners or awkward angles trying<br />

to blowdry volume to your tresses.<br />

‘The frustration associated with DIY<br />

styling is usually down to coordination,’<br />

says Mourad. The secret behind that freshfrom-the-salon<br />

look is the ability to move<br />

seamlessly between a blowdryer, brush and<br />

straightener. Mourad’s device combines<br />

these three tools into one device.<br />

With hot plates for straightening, hot<br />

air vents for blow-drying and attachable<br />

brush bristles, Mourad’s system dries hair,<br />

adds volume and straightens or styles for a<br />

smooth, slick finish.<br />

Most importantly, it’s fast – transforming<br />

your look in only minutes, whether you’re<br />

after slick and straight shine, soft waves and<br />

body, or large, flowing curls.<br />

The blowdryer, brush and straightener<br />

can be used as a combined system, or<br />

separately as a stand-alone blowdryer or<br />

straightener. In short, this is an all-in-one<br />

solution to DIY styling. Mourad’s invention<br />

brings professional styling home with you; it’s<br />

easy to use and achieves fast, runway-ready<br />

results. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103

eauty & spa<br />

DUAL<br />

L<br />

104 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />


DUA<br />

GET SUN-<br />





UP AS SUN<br />


Each summer, the media bombards us with the importance<br />

of applying sunscreen every day – and for good reason.<br />

According to the Medical Journal of Australia, two in three<br />

Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Not<br />

to mention that sitting in sunlight without sunscreen is one of the<br />

easiest ways to speed up the ageing process.<br />

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy a golden glow during<br />

the warmer seasons, this sun-smart advice can easily be ignored.<br />

However, recent research may change your mind. Published in<br />

the Annals of Internal Medicine, a study confi rms that regular<br />

applications of sunscreen can make a big diff erence in the<br />

appearance of your skin.<br />

Reseachers gathered a group of individuals under the age of 55<br />

who applied sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to their head,<br />

neck, arms and hands every morning after bathing, after spending<br />

more than a few hours in direct sunlight or after perspiring heavily.<br />

A diff erent group was asked to apply sunscreen ‘at their discretion’,<br />

while a control group was given placebo pills or B-carotene<br />

supplements daily. Researchers took impressions of the back of the<br />

participant’s hands at the initiation of the study and again 45 years<br />

later. These impressions were able to quantify microscopic changes<br />

it the skin, including signs of ageing.<br />

According to the Wall Street Journal, the participants who used<br />

sunscreen on a daily basis showed 24 percent less skin ageing<br />

compared with individuals who were allowed to apply lotion at their<br />

own discretion.<br />

With the advanced beauty and skincare products with SPF<br />

available to us now – that actually aff ect positive changes in our<br />

skin to help combat anti-ageing, prevent breakouts and refi ne the<br />

complexion – there is no excuse not to protect your precious skin<br />

(and make you look better in the process!). csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105

eauty & spa<br />

Skin<br />

saviours<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. BABOR SKINOVAGE PX Intensifier Detox<br />

Serum SPF 15 30ml, $128, 2. Shu Uemura<br />

Skin:Fit SPF 30PA +++ 30ml, $65, 3. Mesoestetic<br />

Dermatological Sun Protection SPF 50+, $69, 4.<br />

ASAP Hydrating Lip Balm+ SPF15, $20, 5. ASAP<br />

CC Cream SPF15, $55, 6. Arbonne Sheer Finish<br />

Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in Light, $51, 7. Cancer<br />

Council Body Lotion SPF30 200ml, $17.95, 8.<br />

True Solutions True All Day Moisture SPF 30+<br />

Tinted 100ml, $60, 9. Cetaphil Suntivity SPF 50+<br />

Tinted Lotion 50ml, $16.50<br />

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.<br />

4.<br />

1. 2.<br />

3.<br />

106 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

MAKEUP<br />

WITH<br />


1. M.A.C Prep + Prime BB <strong>Beauty</strong> Balm Compact<br />

SPF 30 in Medium Dark, $42, 2. M.A.C. Mineralize<br />

Moisture SPF 15 Foundation in A24, $49, 3.<br />

Colorescience Lip Shine SPF 35 in Pink, $35,<br />

4. Arbonne Got You Covered Mineral Powder<br />

Foundation SPF 15 in Bisque, $53, 5. Paula’s<br />

Choice Resist Anti-Aging Lip Gloss SPF 40 in<br />

Sheer Pink, $28, 6. Synergie BB Flawless<br />

in Ivory, $79, 7. Cancer Council BB Crème<br />

3 in 1 in Light 50ml, $15.95<br />

5. 6. 7.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107

eauty & spa<br />

EDITOR’S<br />

FAV<br />

OUR<br />

ITES<br />




Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum, $48.<br />

The perfect complement to the legendary Diorshow<br />

mascara is this new serum that plumps and lengthens<br />

your lashes for long-term results.<br />

ELES Liquid Powder Mineral<br />

Foundation in Natural Beige, $66.50.<br />

This has staying power and great<br />

coverage without looking heavy or<br />

feeling tacky. It leaves a velvety fi nish<br />

and is super easy to apply.<br />

ELES BB Cream in Medium, $49.50.<br />

This BB cream is a real wake-up for<br />

lackluster skin, transforming your<br />

complexion to dewy and radiant in<br />

a fl ash. It’s also a great primer under<br />

foundation if you’re after fuller coverage.<br />

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow<br />

in Bone 2, $42. This silky<br />

powder eyeshadow glides<br />

on suprememly and is the<br />

perfect neutral shade on its<br />

own or for use as a base.<br />

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream<br />

Forever EDP 50ml, $120.<br />

This oh-so-pretty fragrance<br />

is perfect for spring – light,<br />

fl oral and feminine with key<br />

notes of blackberry, blue<br />

wisteria and white woods.<br />

Dior Miss Dior EDT 50ml,<br />

$126. This timeless classic<br />

is sweet yet sophisticated<br />

with a patchouli punch,<br />

heart of jasmine and notes<br />

of zesty citrus.<br />

Giorgio Armani<br />

Acqua Di Gio.<br />

Pour Homme EDT<br />

100ml, $190<br />

The perfect male<br />

cologne, in our<br />

humble opinion!<br />

It’s equal parts<br />

light and zesty<br />

and woody and<br />

aromatic.<br />

108 www.cosbeauty.com.au

BABOR Energizing Lime<br />

Mandarin Invigorating Body Foam<br />

200ml, $68 & BABOR Energizing<br />

Lime Mandarin Invigorating<br />

Peeling Gel 200ml, $63.<br />

This collection is at-home spa<br />

decadence at its best.<br />

MonoDermà E5 Soothing<br />

& Hydrating with Vitamin E<br />

28 Doses, $49.95. Delivering<br />

skin-loving pure Vitamin E, each<br />

capsule hydrates and soothes<br />

skin while helping prevent against<br />

further environmental damage.<br />

RM DNA Renewal DNA Intensive Renewal<br />

30ml, $157.50. Developed by world-renowned<br />

dermatologist Dr Ronald Moy, this sophisticated<br />

formula targets the skin’s natural DNA repair<br />

processes to boost moisture levels.<br />

Colorescience Sunforgettable<br />

Mineral Finishing Powder SPF<br />

50 in Medium, $79.20. This<br />

self-dispensing multi-tasker is a<br />

fl awless-fi nish mineral powder<br />

and SPF50 sunblock in one.<br />

beauty & spa<br />

Jurlique Precious Rose Hand<br />

Cream Limited Edition 150ml,<br />

$75. Celebrate 30 years of<br />

Jurlique with this limited edition<br />

hand cream, an even more<br />

indulgent version of their iconic<br />

original rose hand cream.<br />

SkinMedica TNS Recovery<br />

Complex Serum, $218.<br />

This patented treatment gel<br />

is formulated with a high<br />

concentration of growth factors<br />

to smooth fi ne lines, fade<br />

pigmentation and create a more<br />

supple and even complexion.<br />

CosMedix C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum 15ml,<br />

$74.80. This instantly calms infl amed and irritated<br />

skin while helping to protect and restore skin with<br />

its powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants.<br />

Great for post-procedure skin as a recovery serum<br />

or for those with sensitive skin.<br />

Lancome Self-Tan Autobronzant Flash<br />

Bronzer 125ml, $75. A perennial<br />

favourite (and we’ve tried quite a few,<br />

trust us!), this delivers a golden, even<br />

tan everytime. A summer essential!<br />

Société Clinical Skincare Skin<br />

Hydration Complex 50ml, $88. This<br />

advanced antioxidant, hyaluronic acid<br />

and peptide hydration system promotes<br />

increased collagen and elastin production,<br />

for supple, plump and smooth skin.<br />

PCA Skin Ideal<br />

Complex: Revitalizing<br />

Eye Gel 14g, $125.40.<br />

This cutting edge<br />

eyecream can be used<br />

all over the eye region<br />

(including lid) to fi rm<br />

and lift skin with its<br />

potent mix of stem<br />

cells and peptides.<br />

Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit, $180. Now you can try<br />

the cult products from the Aspect Dr range – it’s the<br />

essential vitamin treatment kit for ageing and tired skin.<br />

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Silver Edition 100ml,<br />

$280. This collector’s edition, celebrating 25 years of<br />

skincare excellence, visibly improves the moisturisation,<br />

fi rmness and elasticity of the skin.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109

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Body Balance<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

cosmedic&<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

skin clinic<br />

Reshaping can create<br />

cosmedic&<br />

the look you want<br />

skin clinic<br />

Breast augmentation can<br />

enhance the natural size<br />

and shape of your breasts<br />

Refi nement in <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be<br />

enhanced and complemented. This results in a balanced<br />

and symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type<br />

and achieves a feminine silhouette.<br />

Liposuction to Shape and Contour<br />

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape and contour<br />

your form to achieve balance between your body’s<br />

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen and inner and<br />

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.<br />




Dr John Flynn<br />

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.<br />

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.<br />

Fellow of the Australasian College of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as<br />

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />

For more information or to make an<br />

appointment call Cosmedic and Skin Clinic<br />

07 5588 4777<br />

Southport | Gold Coast<br />

Level 2, Pivotal Point<br />

50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au | info@cosmedic.com.au<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

cosmedic& skin clinic<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

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