Key to Caring Volume 1

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<strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong><br />

Issue 1, May 2016<br />

Official Bulletin of Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

In this Issue:<br />

Successful Service Projects<br />

Committee Information<br />

District Board Introductions<br />

District Project<br />

& much more!<br />

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In this Issue...<br />

Governor's Introduction<br />

International Trustee's Introduction<br />

District Goals<br />

Featured Service Projects<br />

Committee Updates<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club Partners and Charities<br />

District Project Information<br />

Upcoming District Events<br />

DCON Recap<br />

District Board Introductions<br />

Contact Information<br />

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13<br />


Hello Wisconsin-Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers,<br />

Welcome <strong>to</strong> the very first <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong>! This publication will be released quarterly throughout the year <strong>to</strong><br />

keep you updated with the District Board and provide resources <strong>to</strong> help your club succeed! My name is<br />

Taylor Hurst and I will be serving as your District Governor for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. I’m super<br />

excited <strong>to</strong> work with all of you <strong>to</strong> make this year the most successful one ever!<br />

First off, I’d like <strong>to</strong> tell you a little about myself. I am currently a junior at Kimberly High School. Aside from<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club, I take part in many activities in my own school, including Life Force, Cross Country, Link Crew,<br />

National Honor Society, the United Way Youth Board, and the Fox Cities Dance Marathon Planning<br />

Committee. I absolutely love getting involved, especially when I can work with kids, which is a huge part<br />

of my life! I aim <strong>to</strong> go on <strong>to</strong> college <strong>to</strong> complete my Master’s Degree in either Early Childhood Education<br />

or Elementary Education. Outside of school, I enjoy being with my friends and family. I do my best <strong>to</strong><br />

spend time with them as much as possible; while I make my schoolwork a priority, I do my best <strong>to</strong> have<br />

some fun every once in a while, usually by watching a romantic comedy or going on a hike with whoever<br />

wishes <strong>to</strong> join me!<br />

Introductions aside, there is a lot I would like <strong>to</strong> accomplish with your help this year. I would like <strong>to</strong> put an<br />

emphasis on communication between clubs and the District Board so that we can eliminate any gaps<br />

between us and strengthen our unity. It never fails <strong>to</strong> put me in awe how much we can do as a unified<br />

District, and by contacting one another face <strong>to</strong> face and through platforms such as email and social<br />

media, I know that we will be able <strong>to</strong> increase our impact on our homes, schools, and communities as<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

Another goal I’d like <strong>to</strong> accomplish is <strong>to</strong> give back <strong>to</strong> two organizations that have supported our District for<br />

years. Camp Wawbeek in Wisconsin and BayCliff Health Center in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan do<br />

incredible things each year when they open their gates <strong>to</strong> campers who have been mentally and<br />

physically challenged throughout their lives. These two camps are equipped with phenomenal staff that<br />

helps their campers reach new heights and defeat any predispositions that may have held them back. It is<br />

my honor <strong>to</strong> announce that these camps will be the District Project! There are a plethora of ways <strong>to</strong><br />

support these camps through fundraisers and service projects, and I truly believe that if we are able <strong>to</strong><br />

work <strong>to</strong>gether, we can change the lives of countless children and adults who are faced with disabilities<br />

and confirm their beliefs that they are capable of doing anything.<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club has had an enormous influence on me; I have<br />

become close with so many people from every corner of the<br />

world, and I have truly learned <strong>to</strong> lead and serve my home,<br />

school, and community. Now, I have the opportunity <strong>to</strong> lead<br />

and serve the entire Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District, and<br />

I am so thankful for this opportunity. Please don’t hesitate <strong>to</strong><br />

contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions<br />

that you have throughout the year! Together, we will propel<br />

the Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District <strong>to</strong> new heights!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Taylor Hurst<br />


A message from our<br />

International Trustee...<br />

Hey there, WIUM <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

I'm sure many of you guys are wishing the last day of school came faster.<br />

And just because the end of the school year is coming, that does not mean<br />

service has <strong>to</strong> come <strong>to</strong> an end! Some of the most efficient service projects<br />

and fundraisers happen during the summer, but most clubs do not take<br />

advantage. The key club website has <strong>to</strong>n ideas on service projects for all<br />

levels of difficult and size so make sure <strong>to</strong> check it out!<br />

I had an absolute blast attending District Convention in Green Bay in early<br />

March. It was incredible <strong>to</strong> see how two states can come <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> perform<br />

a huge convention. I was pleasantly surprised of how much enthusiasm and<br />

love for service everyone I met there had. And speaking of conventions, if<br />

you haven't already don't forgot <strong>to</strong> looking in<strong>to</strong> attending this years<br />

International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The International Board has<br />

been working tirelessly <strong>to</strong> make this convention a unique and unforgettable<br />

experience. I would love <strong>to</strong> see my favorite group of northerners down in my<br />

part of the south.<br />

If you have any questions about<br />

anything <strong>to</strong> don't be afraid <strong>to</strong> contact me<br />

at: khines@alabamakeyclub.org. I hope<br />

<strong>to</strong> see a bunch of you in Atlanta!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

International Trustee<br />

Kacie Hines<br />


District Goals<br />

1. Raise $12,000 for the District Project<br />

How can you help? It's easy! Plan fundraisers with your<br />

club <strong>to</strong> raise money for the District Project.<br />

2. Have 900 DCON Attendees<br />

How can you help? Talk <strong>to</strong> your club about registering for<br />

DCON 2017 which is March 2­5 and spread the word!<br />

3. Charter 10 New Clubs by DCON<br />

How can you help? Find schools who would be interested in<br />

chartering a <strong>Key</strong> Club or Builder's Club and contact your LTG.<br />

4. Have 60% MRF Submission by DCON<br />

How can you help? Have your club fill out Monthly Report<br />

Forms due the 5th of each month, and remember it's not<br />

<strong>to</strong>o late <strong>to</strong> fill out any MRFs for previous months! Click<br />

here for the link!<br />

5. Increase membership by 10% and<br />

have 50% membership dues turned in<br />

by DEC. 1st<br />

How can you help? Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Hold member<br />

drives and promote <strong>Key</strong> Club through social media <strong>to</strong><br />

spread the word! Contact your LTG for more ideas.<br />


Featured Service Projects<br />

Writing Articles for the <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong><br />

Hey there! Want <strong>to</strong> share about an accomplishment your club has had<br />

for the <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong>? If so, please submit an article about it! These<br />

articles can be about anything in <strong>Key</strong> Club from outstanding individuals<br />

<strong>to</strong> successful service projects. It is a great way for members all over the<br />

Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District <strong>to</strong> read about what other <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

members are accomplishing. If you have any questions or want <strong>to</strong><br />

submit an article, please find the submission form on the District<br />

Website or contact Liberty Moore at wium.libertymoore@gmail.com.<br />

Fox Cities Dance Marathon!<br />

On April 23rd, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers from all over Division 7 came <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong><br />

attend the Fox Cities Dance Marathon, benefitting the Children’s Miracle<br />

Network. The Planning Committee worked extremely hard all year <strong>to</strong><br />

plan this event. Without a doubt, this was a night <strong>to</strong> remember. There<br />

was so much <strong>to</strong> do including music <strong>to</strong> dance <strong>to</strong>, cards <strong>to</strong> write <strong>to</strong> the<br />

children and games <strong>to</strong> play in the gym! At the <strong>to</strong>p of each hour we had a<br />

morale dance which included every participant, and following the morale<br />

dance we had different patients tell their s<strong>to</strong>ries regarding how<br />

Children's Miracle Network has saved their lives. Together, we raised<br />

nearly $5,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network! This event truly shows<br />

that <strong>to</strong>gether, we can make a difference.<br />

­Abby Dollevoet: Lt. Governor Division 7<br />


Committee Updates<br />

District Project Chair: Ben Lilleskov<br />

This year I am really excited <strong>to</strong> foster the support of Wisconsin's Camp Wawbeek and the<br />

Upper Peninsula's BayCliff Health Center! It is my goal <strong>to</strong> get as many clubs as possible<br />

raising a grand <strong>to</strong>tal of $12,000 for these camps and <strong>to</strong> get people fired up about helping<br />

and learning about these amazing organizations. I hope <strong>to</strong> encourage and inspire many<br />

clubs by sharing and providing fundraising ideas <strong>to</strong> ensure that these camps get the<br />

support and assistance that they need. I am very excited <strong>to</strong> work with these camps this<br />

year and I cannot wait <strong>to</strong> work with all of you!<br />

K­Family Relations Chair: Charlotte Strom<br />

The purpose of the K­Family Relations Committee is <strong>to</strong> act as the liaison between <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club and the other branches of the K­Family. This committee is in charge of helping clubs<br />

get in contact and work with their local K­Family counterparts and <strong>to</strong> help promote K­<br />

Family events throughout the year. My goal as K­Family Relations Chair is <strong>to</strong> increase<br />

membership <strong>to</strong> K­Family Events and <strong>to</strong> create a resource that directly helps the members.<br />

There are plenty of clubs out there who are not in contact with their sponsoring Kiwanis<br />

Club, which is a big problem. I plan on making it easier <strong>to</strong> work with your Kiwanis Clubs by<br />

creating a booklet for Club Presidents and Advisors. From reestablishing weekly contact,<br />

<strong>to</strong> planning a new service project, <strong>to</strong> asking for sponsorship requests, everything will be<br />

included in this booklet. Our Kiwanis Clubs are here <strong>to</strong> help us, but they can’t help us if<br />

they don’t know who we are!<br />

Membership Development Chair: Ethan VanEnkevort<br />

There is no secret formula <strong>to</strong> membership development. This position takes work,<br />

determination, creativity, and enthusiasm. But, more importantly, it takes a little bit of<br />

planning. That is why our Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Club Governor, Taylor Hurst,<br />

has appointed me <strong>to</strong> this position. The membership development committee, of course,<br />

have many goals for this <strong>Key</strong> Club year. One of our District Goals is <strong>to</strong> increase<br />

membership by 10% and you can help make this happen! It is our goal <strong>to</strong> make <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

bigger and better this year by creating membership recruitment materials as well as<br />

resources <strong>to</strong> help clubs retain their membership. Keep a look out for new resources<br />

coming soon!<br />

Strategic Plan & Bylaws and Policies Chair: Anjali Dvorak<br />

My name is Anjali Dvorak, and this year I am serving as the Strategic Plan & Bylaws and<br />

Policies Committee Chair on the WI­UM District Board. I’m going <strong>to</strong> work with our parent<br />

club, Kiwanis, and our sister club, Circle K, <strong>to</strong> create a five year strategic plan for our<br />

district. I am excited for this new <strong>Key</strong> Club year and can't wait <strong>to</strong> start working with clubs<br />

and the district as a whole!<br />


Events Chair: Carrie Kroner<br />

The Events Committee involves publicizing events that are happening throughout the<br />

district and connecting you with resources and <strong>to</strong>ols <strong>to</strong> help you succeed. We will create<br />

materials <strong>to</strong> promote events such as DCON and <strong>Key</strong> Leader. One of the main goals of<br />

the district this year is <strong>to</strong> better communication, and this committee will utilize videos,<br />

posters, and technology in general as ways <strong>to</strong> reach out <strong>to</strong> the clubs and members of our<br />

Organization.<br />

UP­ New Club Development Chair: Mary Pat Massopust<br />

As the Upper­Michigan New Club Development Chair, it is my duty <strong>to</strong> work <strong>to</strong>wards<br />

achieving our District Goal of chartering 10 new clubs throughout the District. To do this, I<br />

will work with LTGs <strong>to</strong> charter new clubs of their own, and <strong>to</strong> revive clubs whose<br />

membership has expired. I feel like this is an attainable goal that I can not only achieve,<br />

but do so with great success. I will keep in communication with clubs <strong>to</strong> assure that these<br />

clubs feel secure so that they are able <strong>to</strong> function efficiently on their own and excel!<br />

WI­ New Club Development Chair: Amanda Stickney<br />

The Wisconsin New Club Development Committee’s purpose is <strong>to</strong> establish and aid in<br />

establishing clubs in Wisconsin. This committee also helps <strong>to</strong> recharter <strong>Key</strong> Clubs. This<br />

year I hope <strong>to</strong> charter 6 new clubs in Wisconsin <strong>to</strong> work <strong>to</strong>wards our District Goal of<br />

chartering 10 new clubs by next DCON and expand our District so more high school<br />

students can experience our wonderful organization!<br />

Preferred Charities Chair: Eva Nemiroff<br />

As your Preferred Charities Chair, I would like <strong>to</strong> see more collaboration throughout the<br />

district in terms of discussion and exchange of ideas and fundraising events. This would<br />

entail not only creating resources, but also connecting clubs <strong>to</strong> discuss and share<br />

fundraising ideas. I also think that face <strong>to</strong> face communication is important so that clubs<br />

can work <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> plan events and benefit the District’s Preferred Charities!<br />

PR/Social Media Chair: Olivia Capodilupo<br />

As the Social Media Chair, it is my job is <strong>to</strong> spread news, exciting events, and service<br />

opportunities through social media! It is my goal is <strong>to</strong> successfully keep everyone<br />

informed in the easiest ways possible! It's going <strong>to</strong> be a great year, and I can't wait <strong>to</strong><br />

work with you all!<br />


<strong>Key</strong> Club Co-Sponsor<br />

Rustic Pathways<br />

Imagine traveling the world while serving others at the same time!<br />

Rustic Pathways is the leader in providing superior quality<br />

international community service, education, and adventure. For<br />

more information about the incredible trips offered, find your local<br />

connection at rusticpathways.com/keyclub.<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club Vision Partner<br />

Nickelodeon<br />

Vision Partner Nickelodeon inspires kids <strong>to</strong> take action and<br />

make a difference in the world. Through the Big Help and<br />

Worldwide Day of Play initiatives, kids and adults work <strong>to</strong>gether<br />

<strong>to</strong> plan events and activities in the following areas: health &<br />

wellness, education, service and the environment.<br />

Preferred Charity Highlight<br />

Children's Miracle Network<br />

Children's Hospital Miracle Network is a nonprofit organization that<br />

raises money <strong>to</strong> benefit hospitalized kids while increasing awareness of<br />

its member hospitals. If your club or division is looking for a way <strong>to</strong><br />

make a difference, you can buy a Blizzard from Dairy Queen on Miracle<br />

Treat Day, plan a Miracle Project or look in<strong>to</strong> putting <strong>to</strong>gether a Dance<br />

Marathon!<br />


District Project<br />

Governor Taylor has decided that rather than having a governor's project, we are<br />

going <strong>to</strong> focus on the District Project which includes Camp Wawbeek in<br />

Wisconsin and Bay Cliff Health Center in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The<br />

District goal for this project is <strong>to</strong> raise $12,000 this year and you can help<br />

achieve this goal!<br />

So, what even is the District Project?<br />

Camp Wawbeek: Camp Wawbeek aims <strong>to</strong> give children and adults with<br />

cognitive disabilities an opportunity <strong>to</strong> meet new friends and take on<br />

new challenges through a wide variety of recreational and social<br />

activities. The presence of supportive and well-trained staff and<br />

volunteers assures that campers’ needs are being met and puts<br />

sometimes anxious parents and caregivers at ease. Camp Wawbeek<br />

continues <strong>to</strong> give campers the “wings” they need <strong>to</strong> do things they have<br />

never done before – and treasured memories that last a lifetime.<br />

For more information, visit: https://camp.eastersealswisconsin.com/<br />

Bay Cliff Health Center: Bay Cliff Health Center is a non-profit wellness<br />

camp located in Big Bay, Michigan, that offers year-round programs<br />

which promote wellness for children and adults with physical<br />

disabilities. Bay Cliff Health Center works with people of every age <strong>to</strong><br />

help them learn how <strong>to</strong> live on their own through group and individual<br />

programs; much like the programs offered at Camp Wawbeek.<br />

For more information, visit: http://www.baycliff.org/<br />


ICON<br />

Join over 1,600 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers from all across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean! <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

International Convention (ICON) will take place July 6­10 in Atlanta, Georgia.<br />

This is truly the event of a lifetime and you do not want <strong>to</strong> miss out! At ICON, thousands of <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers will<br />

collaborate <strong>to</strong> share creative service project ideas, listen <strong>to</strong> amazing speakers, elect next year's <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

International Board, learn more about what it takes <strong>to</strong> be a leader, and make memories and friendships that will<br />

last a lifetime!<br />

In addition, the WIUM District Tour will include a movie <strong>to</strong>ur including <strong>to</strong>uring sets of popular movies such as<br />

Catching Fire and many others, a trip <strong>to</strong> the Coca Cola Fac<strong>to</strong>ry and watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July!<br />

Join us for our 12th year of <strong>Key</strong> Leader at Camp<br />

Wawbeek on September 16­18, 2016<br />

If you want <strong>to</strong> take your leadership skills <strong>to</strong> a whole new<br />

level, then this weekend is for you! It's a weekend of<br />

growth, leadership, personal development, fun and<br />

friends. <strong>Key</strong> Leader combines hands on learning, group<br />

interactions and focused discussion <strong>to</strong> help you grow as<br />

a leader and a person.<br />

Check out our website: www.wiumkeyleader.org<br />

or contact <strong>Key</strong> Leader Coordina<strong>to</strong>r Justin Hahn:<br />

info@wiumkeyleader.org for more details.<br />


Recap<br />

Wow, there is definitely no place like DCON! The 2016 Wisconsin­<br />

Upper Michigan District Convention was held at the Hyatt Regency<br />

in Green Bay from March 11­13. At the Opening Session on the<br />

DCON<br />

first night, <strong>Key</strong>note Speaker Matt Glowacki delivered his inspiring<br />

s<strong>to</strong>ry about how he is able <strong>to</strong> still be successful in life, even without<br />

his legs. While talking about what happiness truly is, he gave all of<br />

the <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers bubbles and yummy dark chocolate filled with<br />

salted caramel! While his message was very serious,<br />

he still incorporated plenty of humor. After the Opening<br />

Session, there were many workshops that the members could<br />

choose from, whether it was training for their position on the<br />

club level or learning new skills and ideas <strong>to</strong> bring back <strong>to</strong> their<br />

home club. Later Friday night, the “Cheer your Ruby Red Slippers<br />

Off” contest was very successful! Different schools participated in<br />

this Cheer Off in order <strong>to</strong> raise money for the District Project. To<br />

end the night, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers danced the night away at the Yellow<br />

Brick Block Party! The new District Board was also elected at<br />

DCON for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. On Saturday, candidates<br />

participated in caucus sessions with the members, and then<br />

delegates voted during the House of Delegates later Saturday<br />

night. The weekend came <strong>to</strong> an end Sunday morning at the<br />

Closing Session where the 2015­2016 District Board was retired<br />

and the 2016­2017 District Board was installed. This weekend was<br />

a fantastic way <strong>to</strong> celebrate all of the hard work our <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

members have put in<strong>to</strong> this organization!<br />


Executive Board Introductions<br />

Emily Li<br />

Secretary-Treasurer:<br />

Hello, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

My name is Emily Li, and I will be serving as your District Secretary ­ Treasurer! Before I jump in<strong>to</strong> my excitement<br />

about the upcoming year, let me tell you about myself: I am an analyst. I believe in the existence of aliens and am<br />

fascinated by chaos theory. At the same time, I’m a romantic. I sketch strangers on train rides and cherish heartfelt<br />

goodbye’s. Someday, I hope <strong>to</strong> study the cosmos, earning a doc<strong>to</strong>rate in astrophysics from M.I.T., but until then,<br />

let’s explore the upcoming year.<br />

As your District Secretary ­ Treasurer, it is my duty <strong>to</strong> compile every moment spent reading s<strong>to</strong>ries <strong>to</strong> little kids,<br />

every minute spent raking yards for veterans, and every hour dedicated <strong>to</strong> someone other than yourself in<strong>to</strong> one big<br />

database. A database (every statistician’s favorite word) meant <strong>to</strong> not only serve as a reference point on our way <strong>to</strong><br />

our goals, but meant <strong>to</strong> celebrate all that we have and will accomplish! In our never­ending effort <strong>to</strong> communicate,<br />

these charts will be available <strong>to</strong> every member, updating every <strong>Key</strong> Clubber with a numerical “State of the District.”<br />

Along with maintaining the financial vibrancy of our district, my goal this year is <strong>to</strong><br />

increase the number of Monthly Report Forms and Club Officer Information Sheets<br />

turned in. After all, these strengthen our communication infrastructure.<br />

I can’t wait <strong>to</strong> meet everyone in our beautiful organization! Together, we can make the<br />

world a much more lovely place through service!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Emily Li<br />

Edi<strong>to</strong>r: Liberty Moore<br />

Bulletin<br />

Hello, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

My name is Liberty Moore and I will be serving as your 2016­2017 District Bulletin Edi<strong>to</strong>r. I am incredibly thrilled <strong>to</strong> have the opportunity<br />

<strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> know all of you better and help strengthen the District over this year!<br />

To begin, I’d like <strong>to</strong> tell you a little about myself. I am currently a junior at Kimberly High School. Aside from <strong>Key</strong> Club, I take part in many<br />

activities in my own school, including Varsity Tennis, National Honor Society, Life Force, and Band. Outside of school, I work at a nearby<br />

hotel as a Lifeguard in their indoor pool. All of these activities, including the heavy load of homework high school provides, keeps me<br />

quite busy, however, there is always time in my life for <strong>Key</strong> Club.<br />

This year as your District Bulletin Edi<strong>to</strong>r, my main goal is <strong>to</strong> make the district publication, the <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong>, more accessible <strong>to</strong> our<br />

members at the club level. I plan on communicating with our Lieutenant Governors <strong>to</strong> have our publications sent <strong>to</strong> all club board<br />

members within their division.<br />

Another goal I’d like <strong>to</strong> accomplish is <strong>to</strong> encourage <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers <strong>to</strong> submit articles <strong>to</strong> the <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>Caring</strong>. There are so many successful events and outstanding members in our district, and I would<br />

like <strong>to</strong> make sure our members feel comfortable sharing their experiences. I believe that the more<br />

articles being submitted <strong>to</strong> the <strong>Key</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>Caring</strong>, the more opportunities that members have <strong>to</strong><br />

improve their <strong>Key</strong> Club experience.<br />

I am so excited <strong>to</strong> begin working closely with our club officers and bulletin edi<strong>to</strong>rs! Feel free <strong>to</strong><br />

contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns anytime. I’m very excited <strong>to</strong> see<br />

what our District and Clubs will accomplish this upcoming <strong>Key</strong> Club year!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Liberty Moore<br />


Executive Board Introductions<br />

of Committees: Kristen Navis<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

My name is Kristen Navis and I will be serving as your District Direc<strong>to</strong>r of Committees for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. I’m incredibly<br />

grateful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait <strong>to</strong> work with all of you! Before I tell you about how excited I am for this year, I want <strong>to</strong> tell you<br />

a little about myself.<br />

I am currently a sophomore at Neenah High School. I have 4 siblings, and my 3 older siblings have all been in <strong>Key</strong> Club, so even though<br />

this is only my second year in <strong>Key</strong> Club, service has been a big part of my life for a long time. Aside from being involved in <strong>Key</strong> Club, I<br />

am also part of my school’s Health Careers Academy, which allows me <strong>to</strong> further explore my love for science and the medical field. In<br />

my free time (however limited it may be some days) I really enjoy reading, being outside, and spending time with my friends and family.<br />

Now that you know a little about me, I’d like <strong>to</strong> tell you about my goals this year. One of my goals this year is <strong>to</strong> increase the productivity<br />

of the Committee Chairs, and <strong>to</strong> ensure the creation of useful documents for the whole district. The Committee Chairs, and everything<br />

they do during the year, are vitally important <strong>to</strong> the district. This year, I will make sure the Committees continue <strong>to</strong> be an asset <strong>to</strong> the<br />

district, and <strong>to</strong> each and every one of you.<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club isn’t just a club, or an extracurricular activity, it’s truly a way of life. So many have<br />

embraced the <strong>Key</strong> Club way of life, and I hope <strong>to</strong> see even more people getting the chance <strong>to</strong> do the<br />

same this year. Our district has so much potential, and this year we will continue <strong>to</strong> strive <strong>to</strong> be our<br />

best. I want <strong>to</strong> help you succeed, with the help of a strong and dedicated District Board, and with the<br />

help of the Committee Chairs.<br />

So that’s me, and what I hope <strong>to</strong> achieve this year, all with your help of course. <strong>Key</strong> Club has<br />

impacted my life in ways I can hardly explain, and I know many of you feel the same way. Let’s work<br />

<strong>to</strong>gether this year, and make this year the best one yet!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Kristen Navis<br />

of Technology: Mikaela Hanrahan<br />

Direc<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Hey <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers!<br />

My name is Mikaela Hanrahan and I will be serving as your District Direc<strong>to</strong>r of Technology for this 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year! I look<br />

forward <strong>to</strong> meeting all of you this upcoming year and working <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> make a positive impact in our district!<br />

I am currently a junior at St. Mary’s Springs Academy, where I am an active member in our school. I am currently involved in Vocal<br />

Jazz, Choir, Math Team, Creative Writing Club, the Milwaukee Reper<strong>to</strong>ry Theater Teen Council Leadership Board, Music Liturgy,<br />

Theater, and of course, <strong>Key</strong> Club. In my freetime I enjoy reading, performing, and singing. I live with my sister, parents, and my dog,<br />

Maggie. <strong>Key</strong> Club has been a very significant part of my life since freshman year. It has allowed me <strong>to</strong> become part of a community<br />

that shares my passion for service. These past two years on the District Board as Direc<strong>to</strong>r of Technology have allowed me <strong>to</strong> grow in<br />

my understanding and love of <strong>Key</strong> Club. This year, I hope <strong>to</strong> surpass the previous years’ accomplishments and lead you all through<br />

another successful year of service!<br />

As District Direc<strong>to</strong>r of Technology, I would like <strong>to</strong> make a point <strong>to</strong> reach out <strong>to</strong> clubs and encourage<br />

them <strong>to</strong> create a club website, because it can be a very beneficial resource for interdivisional<br />

communication. Secondly, I would like <strong>to</strong> directly contact all club webmasters in order <strong>to</strong> set up a<br />

communication network that we can use <strong>to</strong> share ideas, answer questions, and contribute articles <strong>to</strong><br />

the Webmaster Wisdom newsletter. It is my goal <strong>to</strong> make all of your jobs easier by providing resources<br />

<strong>to</strong> help you throughout the year. Also, I would like <strong>to</strong> publish four more newsletters this year which will<br />

include helpful tips for club webmasters <strong>to</strong> enhance their use of technology as well as information about<br />

what we have been doing in our district on a technological scale.<br />

I look forward <strong>to</strong> serving you on the District Board this year and cannot wait <strong>to</strong> see how we can make a<br />

difference <strong>to</strong>gether. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate <strong>to</strong> contact me anytime!<br />

Yours in friendship and service,<br />

Mikaela Hanrahan<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Sage Holloway, and I am the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 1. I’m very passionate about<br />

service <strong>to</strong> others in all forms, and that is why I joined <strong>Key</strong> Club. I am also involved in National Honors Society, Link Crew, and choir at<br />

my school. In my free time, I compete in speech competitions through SkillsUSA and am very involved in theater, in school and out. I<br />

have given a lot of thought <strong>to</strong> the goals I have for this year. Above all else, I want <strong>to</strong> stress communication. I have strong lines of<br />

communication within my school’s club and a couple others, but I want the entire division <strong>to</strong> feel connected <strong>to</strong> each other.<br />

Division 1: Sage Holloway<br />

This brings me <strong>to</strong> my next goal, which is <strong>to</strong> unite the division. I want <strong>to</strong> expand <strong>Key</strong> Club beyond the individual and really capture how<br />

much of a group effort service can be. A group working <strong>to</strong>gether can do so much more than the sum of its parts, and this relates <strong>to</strong><br />

our division and the impact that we are able <strong>to</strong> have in our communities by working <strong>to</strong>gether. I want <strong>to</strong> create this unity while also<br />

stressing individual contribution. There is a reason students join <strong>Key</strong> Club, and it’s because they want <strong>to</strong> make a difference.<br />

I believe that starting projects that students are passionate about will increase morale<br />

and membership retention. If we cater the service projects <strong>to</strong> what the people feel motivated<br />

<strong>to</strong> do, individuals will feel like they can and are making a difference. Only then can we really<br />

have the strong network and community that I really want <strong>to</strong> see in the coming year.<br />

I am looking forward <strong>to</strong> a fantastic year of volunteering and changing communities with<br />

wonderful and dedicated people like you!<br />

2: Mariana Beltran-Hernandez<br />

Division<br />

Hello fellow <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Mariana Beltran­Hernandez and I am the current Lieutenant<br />

Governor for Division 2 and the Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor for Division 1. I am currently a<br />

sophomore at Burling<strong>to</strong>n High School in Burling<strong>to</strong>n, WI. Apart from <strong>Key</strong> Club, I play the cello and am<br />

involved in another service club named DRIVEN. My favorite subject is his<strong>to</strong>ry and I plan on studying<br />

politics or law in college. Finally, I plan on being a part of the Kiwanis family for the rest of my life.<br />

Despite already having prior experience holding a district board position, I have a different game plan for<br />

this term. I plan on improving communication in my division. The lack of communication that often takes<br />

place between clubs and their lieutenant governors is a huge issue that needs <strong>to</strong> be tackled. I plan on<br />

keeping constant correspondence with my clubs this year. This way, I can improve not only the number of<br />

submissions of Monthly Report Forms but also attendance at District Convention. I hope <strong>to</strong> work at my<br />

goals and achieve them successfully.<br />

3: Hello Division 3 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name Christianne Albers and I will be serving as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2016­2017<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club Year. First off, a little bit about myself. I am currently a junior at Waukesha West High School. I am part of many clubs at<br />

school which include Ignition, student council, art club and of course, <strong>Key</strong> Club! I love going on long runs and love <strong>to</strong> play soccer. I<br />

am highly driven and hope one day <strong>to</strong> go in<strong>to</strong> the medical field, specifically pediatric oncology. Just like you, I like hanging out with<br />

my friends and I make balance between my school, work, clubs/activities and family time a priority.<br />

Although I am not physically in your division, I do plan on making trips down <strong>to</strong> your division when<br />

necessary. I have many goals in plan for this year, one of which is increasing the number of <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubbers in our division. You can never have <strong>to</strong>o many people who are as passionate about service<br />

and making a difference in your community as you are! One way <strong>to</strong> do this is by chartering new<br />

clubs, so if you know of any school interested in starting a <strong>Key</strong> Club in your area please let me know<br />

so that I can get in contact with them!<br />

My philosophy in life is that “hard work pays off”, which is especially true in <strong>Key</strong> Club. If you work<br />

hard <strong>to</strong> achieve your goals, it will pay off and you will see those results in your local <strong>Key</strong> Club and in<br />

your everyday life. Together, I hope that we can make this year great and successful!<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

4: Olivia Division<br />

Hello, <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! I am very excited for this upcoming year of service, and can’t wait <strong>to</strong> share it with all<br />

of you. My name is Olivia Nortwen, and I am a junior at S<strong>to</strong>ugh<strong>to</strong>n High School. I have been in <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

since my freshman year, but this is my first time on the District Board, and I am the Lieutenant Governor<br />

for Division 4.<br />

I have many goals for my new position as Lieutenant Governor, but my main one is <strong>to</strong> increase<br />

communication. I want <strong>to</strong> get the most out of this year that I possibly can, and I want <strong>to</strong> make sure<br />

everything gets done, especially Monthly Report Forms (MRFs), which are very easy <strong>to</strong> complete, yet<br />

many clubs forget <strong>to</strong> do it. In order <strong>to</strong> provide service <strong>to</strong> the best of our abilities, we need <strong>to</strong> maintain and<br />

improve the connections between clubs in our division by using <strong>to</strong>ols such as Skype/Google Hangouts,<br />

face <strong>to</strong> face contact through Divisional Council Meetings (DCMs), and phone calls in addition <strong>to</strong> standard<br />

communication devices like email and social media.<br />

This will make communication more genuine and efficient, therefore making it easier <strong>to</strong> unite on common<br />

goals. Thanks for reading, and feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me with any questions or comments!<br />

Greetings my fellow <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! As your Division 5 Lieutenant Governor, I hope <strong>to</strong> not only serve you in regards <strong>to</strong> the “nitty­gritty”<br />

aspects of <strong>Key</strong> Club operations (trust me there are plenty) but also be someone who is more than willing <strong>to</strong> joke around and share a<br />

good laugh when the time is right.<br />

Division 5: Grace Schuler<br />

In making you aware of things I would like <strong>to</strong> improve about <strong>Key</strong> Club, I am no at all attempting <strong>to</strong> sell <strong>Key</strong> Club short of how great it<br />

truly is. Even great things have room for improvement, and <strong>to</strong> this, <strong>Key</strong> Club is not an exception. However, there are a couple things<br />

that I would specifically like <strong>to</strong> focus on this year in hopes <strong>to</strong> improve them. Firstly, I want <strong>to</strong> educate <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club members about the role and importance of the District Board. It is vital for everyone, not just Club<br />

Officers and Advisors, <strong>to</strong> be aware of the “behind the scenes” aspects of <strong>Key</strong> Club.<br />

Without the hard work of the previous 90 years of District Boards, the WIUM District would not at all be<br />

what we can proudly call our “home district” <strong>to</strong>day. Secondly, it is a goal of mine <strong>to</strong> be as open as possible<br />

<strong>to</strong> questions and comments of any sort from anyone. My approachability via email, text, voice or other<br />

social media is something that I want <strong>to</strong> make known. Feel absolutely free <strong>to</strong> contact me in regards <strong>to</strong><br />

anything <strong>Key</strong> Club related.<br />

Hey Division 6 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers, my name is Desrye Erickson and I will be your Division 6 Lieutenant Governor for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club year. I look forward <strong>to</strong> meeting many of you and working <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> better our community! Let me start by telling you more about<br />

myself. I currently am a sophomore at Wilmot Union High School, in Division 2. Along with being the LTG for Division 6, I am my <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club’s President and I lead many committees within my club. Besides <strong>Key</strong> Club, I am also the head manager for my wrestling team<br />

and I run a food drive for my school. Being completely involved in the couple things that I love is the best feeling in the world. Outside<br />

of school and clubs, I love <strong>to</strong> be with my friends and family, read good books, or watch any sporting events.<br />

Division 6: Desrye Erickson<br />

Now that you know a little more about me, there are so many things I would like <strong>to</strong> accomplish<br />

within this <strong>Key</strong> Club year. First and foremost, I would like <strong>to</strong> create unity within our division. To<br />

do this I will be visiting and attending your board meetings as often as I can and constantly being<br />

in contact with you all. Another goal of mine for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year is <strong>to</strong> coordinate a<br />

Division Service Project. Seeing that we are in the South Milwaukee area there are so many<br />

things we can come <strong>to</strong>gether and work on. The best way <strong>to</strong> do community service is <strong>to</strong> do it with<br />

others who also enjoy it.<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

7: Division<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Abby Dollevoet and I will be serving as Lieutenant Governor of Division 7 for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

year. I am currently a junior at Kimberly High School. In addition <strong>to</strong> <strong>Key</strong> Club, I am a part of the swim team, band, choir, Life Force,<br />

Link Crew, National Honor Society, and the Student­Advisory Committee. Outside of my extracurricular activities I like <strong>to</strong> travel,<br />

especially with friends and family. I love creating memories by going on new adventures with many different people.<br />

I am so excited <strong>to</strong> start this coming year with you and cannot wait <strong>to</strong> see what we can accomplish<br />

<strong>to</strong>gether. Division 7 already has an incredible foundation, and I would like <strong>to</strong> work <strong>to</strong> increase the<br />

connection between the schools even more. One great aspect about <strong>Key</strong> Club is the opportunity it gives<br />

you <strong>to</strong> meet new people and do great things around the community with them.<br />

This year I would like <strong>to</strong> involve the schools in our division in more division­wide service events. I believe<br />

that one way <strong>to</strong> make it easier for the schools within our division <strong>to</strong> connect is <strong>to</strong> start with the boards at<br />

the club level. This year I would like <strong>to</strong> start a group chat with the presidents of the clubs from our division<br />

so that it is easier <strong>to</strong> contact each other, bounce ideas around, and work <strong>to</strong>gether on events. I look<br />

forward <strong>to</strong> working with you!<br />

Hello, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Gene Lee, and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of<br />

Division 8 for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. I currently attend Brookfield Central High School as a sophomore. At school, in addition <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club, I am involved with clarinet, tennis, Student Council, Yearbook, and science competitions. Outside of school, I love spending<br />

time with my family and friends: movie nights, tennis, bike rides, or simply hanging out and talking with friends.<br />

Division 8: Gene Lee<br />

Now that I’ve introduced myself a little, I’d like <strong>to</strong> present some information about my goals for this year. To<br />

begin, I'd like <strong>to</strong> increase the connectivity between the District Board and clubs. Prior <strong>to</strong> the District<br />

Convention (DCON), I was very unfamiliar with the District Board. I wish <strong>to</strong> change this so that other<br />

members do not feel the same way. Moreover, I want <strong>to</strong> coordinate a division­wide service project, again<br />

promoting division unity and cooperation.<br />

I am honored and grateful <strong>to</strong> have been elected as Division 8 Lieutenant Governor, and I look forward <strong>to</strong><br />

this new year. Feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns at any time. I am<br />

absolutely thrilled <strong>to</strong> work with everyone <strong>to</strong> make this upcoming year the best yet!<br />

Hello, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! I’m Sophia Sun, and I’m delighted <strong>to</strong> be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of<br />

Division 9 for the 2016­17 <strong>Key</strong> Club year! I will be a junior at Brookfield Central High School next year. Outside of <strong>Key</strong> Club, I’m active in<br />

a variety of clubs including our school newspaper, yearbook, Science Olympiad, and HOSA. I play golf for my school team at the varsity<br />

level, and our team qualified for state for a fantastic ending <strong>to</strong> our season. In my free time, I love listening <strong>to</strong> music (you’ll always find<br />

me dancing <strong>to</strong> classic Maroon 5 songs in the car), eating cheese curds at Culver’s, and spending <strong>to</strong>o much time on Pinterest.<br />

Division 9: Sophia Sun<br />

My main objective for Division 9 is connection. I see so many great ideas that are limited <strong>to</strong> just<br />

one school, but I would like <strong>to</strong> bring <strong>to</strong>gether the schools in Division 9 <strong>to</strong> host community events<br />

<strong>to</strong>gether. The more people we can get involved in a service project, the bigger impact our help<br />

will generate. <strong>Key</strong> Club has introduced me <strong>to</strong> so many others who are devoted <strong>to</strong> service and<br />

are willing <strong>to</strong> donate their time <strong>to</strong> benefit those in need, and I hope that more people will feel the<br />

same impact I’ve felt from being a part of the <strong>Key</strong> Club family. It is my honor <strong>to</strong> serve as<br />

Lieutenant Governor for Division 9, and I can’t wait for another amazing year.<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

10A: Spargur<br />

Division<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Hannah Spargur, and I'm the 10A Lieutenant Governor for the 2016­2017 year. First, I’ll let you know<br />

a little about myself. Aside from <strong>Key</strong> Club, I'm involved in Sting Cancer, Forensics, Cross Country, and Track. Playing the flute is<br />

another activity I enjoy; I’m not a member of the band or orchestra, so it’s mainly a hobby. In school, my favorite subjects are math<br />

and science, and I expect <strong>to</strong> pursue a future in this field. Family and friends take up a large part of my life, and I’m always<br />

conscientious <strong>to</strong> make time for them. I have both a younger and twin sister, and we’re always spending time <strong>to</strong>gether. I hope you now<br />

feel you know me a little better.<br />

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I would like <strong>to</strong> introduce the goals I’m striving <strong>to</strong> accomplish this year. My<br />

aspirations for this <strong>Key</strong> Club year are <strong>to</strong> increase communication, and <strong>to</strong> have our clubs working alongside<br />

each other. I will be diligent in sending monthly email updates <strong>to</strong> keep our entire Division informed on<br />

what’s happening both District­wide and internationally. I hope the increased communication combined<br />

with our clubs all lending a hand in service will lead <strong>to</strong> a successful <strong>Key</strong> Club year!<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers, my name is Megan Voelker and I am Lieutenant Governor for District 10B. I’m excited <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> know and work with<br />

all of you! I am new <strong>to</strong> the <strong>Key</strong> Club District Board, but I am willing <strong>to</strong> learn and follow through with what it is expected and go above<br />

and beyond <strong>to</strong> serve you.<br />

I love being involved in things including sports, clubs, volunteering, and now a position on the Wisconsin­<br />

Upper Michigan (WIUM) District Board! My main goal for this year is <strong>to</strong> bring the clubs within our division<br />

closer <strong>to</strong>gether through increased forms of communication. I will send monthly newsletters <strong>to</strong> the officers of<br />

each club through email, and I will also aim <strong>to</strong> create face <strong>to</strong> face contact through club visits and Facetime<br />

and Skype calls. I feel that it is very important <strong>to</strong> be an interlocked system of clubs <strong>to</strong> tackle even bigger<br />

and better projects. I plan <strong>to</strong> accomplish this by having our clubs work <strong>to</strong>gether such as through a divisional<br />

service project.<br />

Division 10B: Megan Voelker<br />

Along with tackling the big projects, working with the Preferred Charities is a must; they are preferred for a<br />

reason! This year will be a new experience for me working with a division outside of my own, but I am<br />

excited <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> know and work all of you! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I’m looking forward<br />

<strong>to</strong> an exciting year!<br />

Hello, Division 11! My name is Emma Lauer and I am your new Lieutenant Governor! I am currently a junior at Eau Claire Memorial<br />

High School. In addition <strong>to</strong> <strong>Key</strong> Club, where I hold office as Treasurer, I participate in National Honor Society, Raising the FUNds,<br />

Link Crew, and band. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, figure skating, being outside, cooking, and<br />

being active!<br />

Division 11: Emma Lauer<br />

One of my goals this year is <strong>to</strong> bring Division 11 <strong>to</strong>gether. I know each individual club is doing great<br />

things, but we could make an even bigger impact by becoming closer and working <strong>to</strong>gether. Over<br />

the next year, I hope <strong>to</strong> attend at least one of your club’s meetings and holding Divisional Council<br />

Meetings <strong>to</strong> encourage connections between myself and the clubs in our Division. If you ever have<br />

any questions or would just like <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> know me a bit better, feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me anytime! I<br />

can’t wait <strong>to</strong> see what we’ll accomplish <strong>to</strong>gether!<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

12: Ethan Tapp<br />

Division<br />

My name is Ethan Tapp and I am the Division 12 Lieutenant Governor for 2016­17. I am a sophomore at Oakfield High<br />

School. I am involved in just about everything my school has <strong>to</strong> offer. I play three sports: football, baseball, and basketball. I<br />

am apart of National Honors Society, Forensics Team, Academic Bowl, Math Team, and in our schools Youth Leadership<br />

Program.<br />

As Lieutenant Governor I plan on bringing my division extremely close and have a very<br />

strong bond between the clubs. By doing this I hope that Division 12 will be able <strong>to</strong> bring<br />

home the Outstanding Divisional Unity Award once again this year. Over my past 2 years in<br />

high school, I have learned a lot from everyone around me, and hope I am able <strong>to</strong> put my<br />

experiences <strong>to</strong> use over the course of the year.<br />

Hello, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Clubs! My name is Calob Congdon and I will be serving as Division 13 Lieutenant<br />

Governor for the 2016­17 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. I absolutely cannot wait <strong>to</strong> meet all of you and work with you <strong>to</strong> increase all of the<br />

amazing work that <strong>Key</strong> Club does from one year <strong>to</strong> the next.<br />

Division 13: Calob Congdon<br />

My main goal this year as the Division 13 Lieutenant Governor is <strong>to</strong> increase communication.<br />

We may be one of the smaller divisions within the district, but that doesn’t limit the impact we<br />

can make. It is important that we work <strong>to</strong>gether and each club does what is expected of them<br />

this year, otherwise we may fail as a division. I will do my best <strong>to</strong> ensure that our club officers<br />

receive all of the <strong>to</strong>ols they need <strong>to</strong> run a successful club and that all of the clubs within our<br />

division stay constantly informed on what is happening in our district.<br />

Hello, Division 14 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Taylor Miller and I will be serving you as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2016­<br />

2017 year! I am so excited and honored <strong>to</strong> work with each and every one of you. I was most recently the club president for<br />

Marquette Senior High school. During my term I dedicated a lot of my time. I was never one <strong>to</strong> leave a meeting without<br />

thinking about what was discussed and new ideas after. Over the years I have also been involved in other ways, being a<br />

member in our school’s environmental club, Z­Club & ‘The Pasty’ (yes our school newspaper is called The Pasty). While<br />

doing this I have maintained two jobs working at Culver's and waitressing at a Local diner called Big Boy. As I stay busy and<br />

involved you can always catch me going on hikes or hanging with my friends in my free time, I also very much enjoy the<br />

typical Netflix binge.<br />

Division 14: Taylor Miller<br />

My main for the year is <strong>to</strong> increase contact and have clubs be as active as possible. I<br />

hope that all clubs stay as active as possible during the summer since service is not<br />

a seasonal thing! I am very excited <strong>to</strong> meet all of you and I plan <strong>to</strong> organize some<br />

Divisional Council Meetings (DCMs) during the summer as well as spread the word<br />

about individual club events. It would be great <strong>to</strong> unify the division through Divisional<br />

Service Projects such as Munising’s color run or Marquette's Cook out with the<br />

Maritime museum. These will be fun events for anyone and everyone <strong>to</strong> attend, so<br />

look forward <strong>to</strong> it!<br />


Lieutenant Governor Introductions<br />

15: Naly Vang<br />

Division<br />

Greetings Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Naly Vang and I will be<br />

serving you as your Lieutenant Governor for Division 15 and I am absolutely thrilled <strong>to</strong> work with all<br />

of you!<br />

A goal of mine is <strong>to</strong> get members within the division <strong>to</strong> know each other<br />

and <strong>to</strong> use each other <strong>to</strong> spread and create ideas. We can have the<br />

potential <strong>to</strong> become an outstanding division that will motivate others. I plan<br />

<strong>to</strong> put all of the experience I have gained throughout my high school career<br />

in<strong>to</strong> <strong>Key</strong> Club <strong>to</strong> make this <strong>Key</strong> Club year successful. As the new term for<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club begins, I cannot wait <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> meet all the amazing people who<br />

are a part of this outstanding organization.<br />

Hello, WIUM Division 16 <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Sarah Anderson and I will be serving as your Division 16<br />

Lieutenant Governor for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club Year. I am currently a Junior at Escanaba High School where I am<br />

involved with many extracurricular activities including: <strong>Key</strong> Club, National Honor Society, Business Professionals of<br />

America, Fall Musical, Pep Band, Color Guard, and all while maintaining a 4.0. I also enjoy spending time focusing<br />

of healthy activities, practicing my four instruments, and watching Netflix!<br />

Division 16: Sarah Anderson<br />

This year, I have many goals which I would like <strong>to</strong> accomplish within our<br />

division. My primary objective is <strong>to</strong> increase communication. I will utilize email<br />

and social media in order <strong>to</strong> get the word out about Divisional Council<br />

Meetings and various service projects. In addition, I would also like <strong>to</strong> help<br />

some of the smaller, newer clubs increase their membership and help them<br />

with new service projects. I look forward <strong>to</strong> reaching these goals, and working<br />

with all of you <strong>to</strong> make this a thriving and prosperous year of service! Please<br />

don’t hesitate <strong>to</strong> contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments that<br />

you may have throughout the year.<br />

You have my promise that I will work my hardest <strong>to</strong> inspire, lead, and serve<br />

you, and <strong>to</strong>gether we can make this the best <strong>Key</strong> Club Year yet!<br />


Committee Chair Introductions<br />

Project Chair: Ben District<br />

Hello, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Benjamin Lilleskov and I will be the 2016­2017 District Project<br />

Chair for the Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District and I cannot wait! I would like <strong>to</strong> start off with some information about<br />

myself. I am a junior at Hough<strong>to</strong>n High School which is way up in the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan. I am an<br />

active member of multiple school and interschool clubs and activities.<br />

This year I am really excited <strong>to</strong> foster the support of Wisconsin’s Camp Wawbeek and the<br />

Upper Peninsula’s BayCliff Health Center. It is my goal <strong>to</strong> get as many clubs as possible<br />

raising money for these camps and make it as easy as possible <strong>to</strong> get people fired up<br />

about helping these amazing organizations. I hope <strong>to</strong> encourage and inspire many clubs<br />

by sharing and providing fundraising ideas <strong>to</strong> insure that these camps get the support and<br />

assistance that they need. I am very excited <strong>to</strong> work with these camps this year and I<br />

cannot wait <strong>to</strong> work with all of you!<br />

Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte Strom and I am the K­Family Relations Chair. I am a Sophomore at Glads<strong>to</strong>ne<br />

High School, and I also serve as the President of my home club. I enjoy reading, writing, listening <strong>to</strong> music, and sleeping.<br />

I am so looking forward <strong>to</strong> getting <strong>to</strong> know you all and working with you in the coming year.<br />

K-Family Relations Chair: Charlotte Strom<br />

The job of the K­Family Relations Committee is <strong>to</strong> act a liaison between <strong>Key</strong> Club and the other<br />

branches of our wonderful K­Family. I’m here <strong>to</strong> help if you are having trouble getting in <strong>to</strong>uch with<br />

your sponsoring Kiwanis Club, don’t know how <strong>to</strong> approach them, or would like <strong>to</strong> get in contact<br />

with a local club of a different branch in your home community. My main goal this year as K­Family<br />

Relations Chair is <strong>to</strong> finish a very exciting resource for our members. I am working on creating a<br />

booklet that will make contacting and working with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club much easier and<br />

less intimidating. If you have any questions, feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me!<br />

Hello fellow <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers, my name is Ethan VanEnkevort and I will be the Membership<br />

Development Committee Chair for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year. I am very grateful for being<br />

appointed <strong>to</strong> this position and I will strive <strong>to</strong> make this the best year of <strong>Key</strong> Club yet!<br />

Membership Development Chair: Ethan VanEnkevort<br />

Before I go any further, I would like <strong>to</strong> tell you a little about me. I am currently a freshman at<br />

North Central High School in Powers, Michigan. I am my class treasurer and have had this<br />

position since my seventh grade. In the next couple of years of high school, I plan on<br />

becoming the Governor for my senior year.<br />

Of course, being on the District Board, I have my goals for my term as Membership<br />

Development Committee Chair. My first goal is <strong>to</strong> increase membership by 7% in Wisconsin<br />

and Upper Michigan. Second, is <strong>to</strong> increase awareness of <strong>Key</strong> Club in my community.<br />


Committee Chair Introductions<br />

Hey <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Carrie Kroner and I am your Wisconsin­Upper Michigan District Events Committee Chair for<br />

the 2016­17 year. I cannot wait <strong>to</strong> serve you and help improve the District Board this year! I am a junior at Kimberly High<br />

School. Along with <strong>Key</strong> Club I also participate in Band, Varsity Golf, Curling, National Honors Society, Life Force, and Project<br />

Green at my school. Some of my favorite pastimes include helping teach golf <strong>to</strong> kids in the community through summer<br />

school, relaxing, playing the guitar or piano, and watching plenty of The Office and Grey’s Ana<strong>to</strong>my on Netflix.<br />

Events Chair: Carrie Kroner<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club has allowed me <strong>to</strong> grow my leadership skills, form new friendships, and gain a greater<br />

sense of community. It has made volunteering and service one of my passions in life, and I am<br />

excited <strong>to</strong> spread my love of <strong>Key</strong> Club <strong>to</strong> all of you through my position as Events Committee<br />

Chair! My main goal for this year is <strong>to</strong> increase the use of technology in advertising for our district,<br />

and <strong>to</strong> make sure that every club receives materials that they can use <strong>to</strong> promote <strong>Key</strong> Club at the<br />

club level. If anyone has any ideas or questions about my position, please feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me.<br />

I am very excited <strong>to</strong> serve you all this year, and I know we can make Wisconsin­Upper Michigan<br />

an even better district!<br />

Hey <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! I'm Olivia Capodilupo and I will be serving as the WIUM district PR/Social Media<br />

chair. I am a sophomore at Glads<strong>to</strong>ne High School in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I love<br />

basketball, softball, art, and music. Aside from extracurricular like science Olympiad, robotics, and<br />

theater, my favorite is <strong>Key</strong> Club! I am the bulletin edi<strong>to</strong>r of my home club.<br />

Public Relations Chair: Olivia Capodilupo<br />

My job is <strong>to</strong> spread news, exciting events, and service opportunities through social media and my goal<br />

is <strong>to</strong> successfully keep everyone informed in the easiest ways possible! It's going <strong>to</strong> be a great year,<br />

and I can't wait <strong>to</strong> meet you all!<br />

Hello <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Eva, and I am elated <strong>to</strong> be your Preferred Charities Chair for the 2016­2017 <strong>Key</strong> Club year! I<br />

will do everything in my power <strong>to</strong> ensure that my duties are done correctly and efficiently. Before I begin, I would like <strong>to</strong> tell<br />

you a little bit about myself! I am currently enrolled in Hough<strong>to</strong>n High School as a sophomore. I am in Equality Club,<br />

Journalism Club, Student Council, and of course <strong>Key</strong> Club! This upcoming school year I will be the co­president of<br />

Journalism Club. I enjoy doing choir and theatre through school and through university theatre. I have been in many plays<br />

such as Brigh<strong>to</strong>n Beach Memoirs and Fiddler on the Roof. I have currently been accepted as a sprinter on the HHS Track<br />

Team. Although I am only 15, I cajoled the local newspaper <strong>to</strong> accept me as a columnist.<br />

Preferred Charities Chair: Eva Nemiroff<br />

As your Preferred Charities Chair, I would like <strong>to</strong> see more collaboration throughout the district<br />

in terms of discussion and exchange of ideas and fundraising events. This would entail not only<br />

creating resources and connecting clubs <strong>to</strong> discuss fundraising share ideas. I also think that<br />

face <strong>to</strong> face communication is important so that clubs can work <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> plan events and<br />

benefit the District’s Preferred Charities.<br />

Thank you all so much for being the active <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers you are, and I am excited <strong>to</strong> serve you<br />

on the 2016­2017 District Board.<br />


Committee Chair Introductions<br />

Hi, Wisconsin­Upper Michigan <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! My name is Anjali Dvorak, and this year I am serving<br />

as the Strategic Plan & Bylaws and Policies Committee Chair on the WI­UM District Board. I’m<br />

going <strong>to</strong> work with our parent club, Kiwanis, and our sister club, Circle K, <strong>to</strong> create a five year<br />

strategic plan for our district. I am excited for this new <strong>Key</strong> Club year and can't wait <strong>to</strong> start working<br />

with clubs and the district as a whole!<br />

Strategic Plan/Bylaws & Policies: Anjali Dvorak<br />

As for my other interests, I am in my school’s Science Olympiad, as well as Spanish Club. I sit<br />

second chair as a flutist in the Wausau West Symphonic Band, as well as in our Wind Ensemble. I<br />

have a golden retriever named Holka whom I love very much.<br />

Hello WIUM <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers, I am Amanda Stickney and I am serving as the 2016­2017 Wisconsin New Club Development Chair. To<br />

begin, I would like <strong>to</strong> introduce myself! I am currently a Junior at Apple<strong>to</strong>n West High School. Other than <strong>Key</strong> Club, I am also involved in<br />

Girl Scouts, Math Team, Envirothon, International Club, and have taken a semester abroad at Conserve School.<br />

WI New Club Development Chair: Amanda Stickney<br />

I love helping out with service projects and meeting new people. I have been involved with Apple<strong>to</strong>n West’s <strong>Key</strong> Club since elementary<br />

school. In the future I hope <strong>to</strong> follow my dream <strong>to</strong> study Environmental Chemistry or Biochemistry.<br />

During my term as Wisconsin’s New Club Development Chair my goal is <strong>to</strong> establish 6 new<br />

clubs in Wisconsin. Expanding the number of clubs in our district will make our <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

family stronger and help our district accomplish more than ever before. If you have any<br />

questions or know a place where we should charter a new club feel free <strong>to</strong> contact me. I hope<br />

<strong>to</strong> serve our district well this year as Wisconsin’s New Club Development Chair. Have a<br />

wonderful WIUM <strong>Key</strong> Club year!<br />

New Club Development Chair: May Pat Massopust<br />

UP<br />

Hello, My name is Mary Pat Massopust and I will be serving as this year's New Club Development Chair of the Upper<br />

Peninsula. I'm very excited <strong>to</strong> have been chosen for this board position and I am eager <strong>to</strong> begin my work!<br />

Allow me <strong>to</strong> explain who I am and where I come from, as well as other positions that I have held. I<br />

am from Hough<strong>to</strong>n Michigan and I am involved in many clubs and activities. At my school I am in<br />

the Equality Club, Environmental Club, Quiz Bowl Team, Band, and Choir. In addition <strong>to</strong> these<br />

activities I am in the Drama Club and the community theatre group. These activities have become a<br />

major part of my life, and have influenced my career plan for my future. One of the best ways <strong>to</strong><br />

have fun and accomplish goals as well is <strong>to</strong> be a fun person, and I plan <strong>to</strong> bring my amiable<br />

personality in<strong>to</strong> my position as the Club Development Chair <strong>to</strong> assist me in achieving the goals of<br />

my position.<br />


Questions? Contact Us!<br />


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