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Edition 1: August 2016





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Director of Committees 2

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Social Media/PR Chair 4

District Project Chair 5

K-Family Chair 6

Preferred Charities Chair 7

Membership Development Chair 8

Bylaws & Policies/ Strategic

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Wisconsin New Club

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Upper Michigan New Club

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Director of

Committees: Kristen

Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Kristen Navis, and I am beyond

excited to share with you the first edition of Chair Chatter, the official

newsletter of the Wisconsin Upper-Michigan District committee

chairs. This newsletter, made by us, is all about you! Our goal this

year, as it has been every year, is to make sure that the most

important people in the organization- all of you- have all the

resources you need to have a great year! The committee chairs and I,

along with the rest of the district board, want to ensure that each club

has all the help and support they need to keep on doing what we

all do best, serving our homes, schools, and communities.

Within this newsletter you will find news about upcoming

events, receive updates, and learn (if you didn't already know), that

you have a wide variety of resources all at your disposal. I am so

proud to present to you this newsletter, and I hope you not only find it

useful, but that you are able to take some of the things you see here

and use them in your own club.

If you have any questions about anything you see here, or

anything you don't see, please feel more than welcome to ask either

myself, or any of the committee chairs. Thank you, and happy reading!

Yours in friendship and service,

Kristen Navis

3 Events Chair: Carrie

Hey Key Clubbers! September may seem to be far off in the distance, but

it’s never too early to start thinking about Key Club! One of the great

opportunities offered in September is Key Leader. Key Leader is Kiwanis

International’s leadership program for students. It is a weekend-long retreat

for young adults which allows participants to develop leadership skills, make

friends, and, most importantly, have fun! This program strives to help students

achieve the best version of themselves through the development of personal

integrity, personal growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Attending this event

often changes the way that participants view leadership and themselves. It is

also a great way to become connected with other Key Clubbers who share a

similar passion for service and want to grow through service leadership! The

weekend is filled with group workshops, discussions about leadership and life,

and fun team-building activities. A Key Club member from Iowa stated that

“Each day at Key Leader was absolutely amazing. Our lead facilitator was an

inspiration to every person in the room, and I am proud to say that she has

helped me believe in myself and my abilities to become a leader.” Key Leader

can turn young people into young leaders, and this amazing opportunity can

be seized by all Key Clubbers. Since April 2005, Key Leader has served more

than 26,000 students at 553 Key Leader events. With so many people

attending, it is a good idea to register right away and secure a spot at this

great retreat. Don’t hesitate to learn more about this amazing weekend by

visiting This year, WIUM Key Leader will be held from

September 16-18 at Camp Wawbeek, Wisconsin Dells. The cost is $250 per

person, and registration is open until September 11th. All members of the

Kiwanis Family receive a $25 discount, which would make the cost only $225

for all K-Family members. You can register at Please don’t

wait to register; sign up for this awesome opportunity right away! Click the

image below to be taken directly to the Key Leader website.


Social Media/PR

Chair: Olivia

Hey, Key Clubbers!

My name is Olivia Capodilupo, and I am the district public

relations/social media committee chair. Basically, my job is to keep all

of our social media sites up and running and help Key Clubs in the

WI-UM district stay connected. You can find us on Twitter

(@wiumkeyclub) and Instagram (@wiumkeyclub).

We can also be found on Facebook, and if you have not already

been added, you can also go on Facebook and search for your

division’s group. Each division has a pre-made group, and all you have

to do is join it! For example, my division’s group is titled WIUM Key

Club - Division 16.

It is very important to follow our accounts, join our groups, and

even make social media accounts for your own clubs! This is an easy

way for all of us to stay connected and informed about the other

activities that our district may be taking part in. If you don't have a

specific account for your club, you can always use the hashtag

#WIUM to be featured on the district Instagram or Twitter!

One last easy way to get updated for officers of clubs is the Key

Club International app! Just download the app, sign in, and then you're

all set. This app is totally cool- you can log your service hours, “check

in” to upcoming service projects, and see other projects that different

schools may be doing. Make sure you use the same email you

submitted on your officers’ information sheet.

I hope to see all your @ names popping up on my feed very, very

soon! Happy Clubbin’!


District Project

Chair: Ben

Hello Key Clubbers! As your District Project Committee Chair I know some of you may

haves a few questions, such as; “What is the District Project?”, “Who is this project even

helping?”, “How can I, one lowly Key Clubber, help this enormous project?”, “What if my club

has an idea for a project but we need a bit of financial support to get it up and running?”, and

“Is he really a chair?” I am here to, hopefully, answer all of those questions today, and maybe

even a few more! Here goes:

“What is the District Project?”: The district project is a project that our governor has

decided, through careful consideration, should be of extra importance to our district. One of

this year's District Goals is to raise $12,000 for Camp Wawbeek of Wisconsin and Bay Cliff

Health Camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These two camps exist with the goal of

promoting independence, supporting confidence, and providing support to people with

disabilities, and they really do change lives.

“Who is this project even helping?”: This project helps two not-for-profit camps support

many people with disabilities. These campers are often children who might not have another

chance to experience a camp, so as well as providing physical therapy and life skills, the

camps provide a unique experience that these children previously may never have been able

to have.

“How can I, one lowly Key Clubber, help this enormous project?”: First of all, I say lowly

not because any single one of you is unimportant or irrelevant, because in no way, shape, or

form are you, but because sometimes in the face of an enormous and daunting object, even

some of the most strong and amazing people in the world (Key Clubbers) can feel daunted.

Secondly, I have to say that there are a plethora of things that any one of you can do to

support this project! Initiate a fundraiser in your club! Create a committee so that you and

your fellow Key Clubbers can plan a great number of fundraisers for this project. The kind of

event you decide to put on is really only limited by two big factors: the collective imagination

of you, your club, and the district who you can use for inspiration, and the laws of physics,

although we are looking for a way to get around those.

“What if my club has an idea for a project but we need a bit of financial support to get it

up and running?”: I would like to point you to the WIUM grant, which can provide you with up

to two hundred dollars to get your project going. The grant application can be found on our

website under Grants in the Resources tab, or by simply clicking this page.

“Is he really a chair?”: Disappointingly, no, I am Homo keyclubberectus just like all of you!

I hope I was able to answer your questions, but if not, you can always reach out to me or the

rest of the district with questions, or for advice, guidance, and inspiration!


K-Family Chair:


Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte Strom and this year I am your

K-Family Relations Chair. Key Club is such a wonderful and unique

organization, but we’re not alone! Key Club belongs to the K-Family,

which is a group of service organizations devoted to serving our

communities and supporting the wellbeing of others. The K-Family is

made up of 6 organizations in total, which includes Kiwanis, the

parent organization; Key Club, our high school branch; Circle K, for

college students; Builders Club, for junior high and middle school kids;

K-Kids, for elementary school kids; and Aktion Club, for adults with

disabilities. My job as your K-Family Relations Chair is to keep us

connected with all of the other branches. As a family, it benefits

everyone if we all work together. It’s also super important for you to

be in constant contact with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club. If you

aren’t and don’t know how to approach them, you can contact me or

your LTG and we would be more than happy to help you! In fact, I’m

coming out with a resource that deals with that topic in time for the

start of school. It will go into detail about how to contact your

Kiwanis, how to work with them on service projects, and how to build

a relationship that benefits you both. I’m really excited to share this

resource with everyone, so keep an eye out for it!

Kiwanis Family Tree


Preferred Charities

Chair: Eva

Greetings Key Clubbers! Hopefully you are all just as excited about the school

year and all of the service that awaits as I am! One of the many things to be

excited about for this year is our preferred charities! What are the preferred

charities, you might ask? Awesome question! WIUM has 6 preferred charities,

and each one is unique in their focus, but they all have the goal of serving the

world, and our world’s future; children. If your club is ever looking for a charity

to support, or a way to change up your service, working with one of these 6

charities would be a great place to start!

The Eliminate Project


Children’s Miracle Network

March of Dimes

Yell & Tell

Hershey’s Track and Field

More information about these charities can be found on the WIUM Key Club

website, and I am currently working on a video that showcases each of the

preferred charities and will explain what the preferred charities truly are, and

why they’re so awesome! If you our your club are interested in getting more

information, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I would love to set up a

meeting to answer any of your questions, or to give suggestions on how to

start up a fundraiser. September is drawing closer, and with it school, but never

forget, there is always time for service! I can’t wait for this year, and I hope I

get a chance to work with you soon!



Development Chair:


​Hey guys! It's hard to believe summer is passing by so quickly! It

feels like yesterday was just the beginning of a long gorgeous

summer, which also means, of course, an abundance of awesome

service projects! With school seeming to be getting closer every day,

it's a great time to start recruiting new Key Club members. I know

from personal experience that it can be hard to get one of your

classmates or friends to make a commitment to something as simple

as going to the movies, so it is understandable if they hesitate before

joining an organization such as Key Club. If you know someone

struggling to commit to membership, however, take them to a couple

Key Club meetings free of pressure, just to let them see what it’s all

about! Let them know about the kinds of projects your club is doing,

and maybe even take them to a service project or two! And as far as

meeting during the summer goes, I know that it can be hard to get

together with your club without school bringing everyone together.

One tip to get past this roadblock would be to hold the meeting in a

local and easily accessible location, like a town park, or even in a

member’s house if they’re willing! Summer seems to many like a time

when school is ended, so that means service is too, but that isn’t the

case! There is still time to get in one more meeting to boost spirits

before school starts. Remember, there will always be a need for

service, so keep your heads high and keep on serving!



Strategic Plan Chair:


Hey Key Clubber! Look at you, reading this newsletter! That’s awesome! You

may or may not remember me from my introduction letter; either way it’s no big

deal. The main idea (vivid middle school flashbacks) which should have been

taken from there is that I am the chair of the bylaws and policies/ strategic plan


You might have never heard of Key Club’s bylaws or policies, which is a

primary point of focus for my term on the district board this year! In case you’ve

never heard of the bylaws or policies, here is a brief description of both. It might

seem complicated but just stick with me! The bylaws are like the basic, general

rulebook for a club, and then policies are an in-depth explanation of the bylaws.

This setup is similar to all of the articles and sections of the U.S. Constitution. In

fact, our bylaws and policies are basically only different in their structure in that

they are kept as two separate documents on the Key Club website, instead of

being sorted together into each topic of discussion.

Whew, there we go! Now that you have a grasp on the concept, you can help

raise awareness in your own club to put them to use. Your club is likely already

using some variation of these rules on its own, but it’s a good idea to ask about

how much of the actual bylaws and policies are included. If somehow your club

doesn’t recognize either of the now-overused names of the subject of this article,

then you can point them to where they can be found on our website. You could

even wander around and explore them yourself to get a better understanding of

our club’s foundation! That would be awesome of you. Just sayin’. At this point, I

hope you’re no longer wondering why our bylaws and policies are so important,

but if you are, that’s fine! In general, sets of rules like these are used for a state or

organization (that’s us) to govern itself. Key Club’s bylaws and policies are no

different, and are in place to maintain consistency and structure within each

district. So there you go! If you made it all the way here, have an imaginary gold

star! Please feel free to talk to your club board or me about the bylaws and

policies, or just hit me up to chat about whatever!


WI New Club

Development Chair:


Key Club is always growing and changing, and this is because our membership is always

doing the same! Clubs can lose their membership, and new clubs are always being added. One

way a club can lose their membership is if they don’t pay their dues. Losing club membership

isn’t ideal, but never fear, if this happens, your club can be rechartered! To recharter a club,

the Petition to Recharter a Club forms must be filled out. These forms include the petition

form, a Kiwanis Agreement to Sponsor, officer Acceptance of Leadership, and an Agreement

to Sponsor by the school/advisor. If you are rechartering your club, make sure you know the

Key Club number to put on the Petition to Recharter form. Dues, a $100 reactivation fee, and

a member roster is also needed to recharter a club.

While old clubs can become active again, completely new clubs can be added too! To

charter a new club you need members, officers, an adult advisor, and a sponsoring Kiwanis

Club. Necessary paperwork includes the Petition to Charter, a Kiwanis Agreement to Sponsor,

officer Acceptance of Leadership, Key Club Bylaws, Charter Member Roster, and an

Agreement to Sponsor by the school/advisor. Additionally, any new club will also have to pay

$400 to $650 for a gavel/gavel block, pins, membership cards, and the additional banners if

they choose to do so.

One other interesting fact about chartering a club is that if a community based

organization has a staff and will allow a Key Club to use its facilities, they can sponsor a Key

Club! A parent or staff member would then take the place of a faculty advisor, and the club

would be named after the community it’s in. Chartering a club is a lot more diverse than

some might have originally thought!

Remember you can also find the list of clubs that we currently have in our district and in

your division under the Club Resources tab on our WIUM Key Club website. To find more

information and the forms for chartering and rechartering clubs you can look at the

international website under Join- Start a Club. Clicking on this page will bring you to Key

Club International's website page for starting a club.

Click any of the links below to be taken directly to these helpful forms and resources.

Guide to Petition to Charter a New Club

Guide to Petition to Recharter a Club

Chartering a Club Toolkit

Find a Kiwanis Club Near You


UP New Club

Development Chair: Mary

In order to begin a new year of service, each Key Clubber

must pay their dues! This is a very important step in the

beginning of the school year because if a member does not turn

in their dues, they are not an official member of Key Club

International. That means that their service hours over the next

year will not count, and possibly more importantly, they would

not be covered under the Kiwanis Liability insurance while

performing service. This year, dues are $12.50 per member, and

while early bird dues are due November 1st, the official due date

is December 1st. The early bird banner patch can be a fun new

addition to your Key Club banner, and is easy to receive with just

a little preparation. In order to get this patch, dues, as well as the

invoice from the Membership Update Center, must be received by

Key Club International no later than November 1st. Once you pay

your dues, you can start volunteering and helping your home,

school, and community become a better place right away!

12 Contacts

If you have any questions about anything you've seen here, or if you

want more information, feel free to contact any of the authors of

this newsletter with the following emails.

Kristen Navis: Director of Committees

Carrie Kroner: Events Chair

Olivia Capodilupo: Social Media/Public Relations Chair

Ben Lilleskov: District Project Chair

Charlotte Strom: K-Family Relations Chair

Eva Nemiroff: Preferred Charities Chair

Ethan VanEnkevort: Membership Development Chair

Anjali Dvorak: Bylaws & Policies/Strategic Plan Chair

Amanda Stickney: WI New Club Development Chair

Mary Massopust: UP New Club Development Chair

Taylor Hurst: District Governor

Kathy Gillis: District Administrator

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