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Monday 13th June 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

The activities over the

past week marking the second

anniversary of the Antigua

and Barbuda Labour

Party’s elections victory

have been described as successful.

The assessment comes

from ABLP General Secretary,

Mary Claire Hurst, who

said she was particularly

pleased with how well the

party base was mobilized for

the events.

The activities marking

the second anniversary since

the ABLP’s return to office

on June 12, 2014, included a

ceremony marking the start

of work on the party’s headquarters

building on the Old

Parham Road.

Other activities also included

a church service at the

St. Johnson’s Village Nazarene

Church on Sunday and

an instalment of the popular

Insight radio pprogramme

featuring Prime Minister

Gaston Browne and Attorney

General, Steadroy Benjamin.

The prime minister used

the programme to highlight

the achievements of his over

the past two years. These he

identified as the marked reduction

in crime, over $30

cont’d on pg 2

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Monday 13th June 2016

Repeal of the Barbuda Land Act coming

By Everton Barnes

The government is giving

serious consideration to

repealing the Barbuda Land

Act which it has described as

a hindrance to the development

of the country.

The announcement came

Sunday during a radio programme

Insight hosted by

Attorney General, Steadroy

Benjamin and also featuring

Prime Minister Gaston

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Browne. The programme

was part of activities to mark

the second anniversary of

the Antigua and Barbuda Labour

Party’s election victory

of June 12, 2014.

In response to a caller,

Browne announced that repealing

the Barbuda Land

Act is very likely as it was

both a deterrent to development

on the sister as well as

being un-Constitutional.

His comments come as

the Barbuda People’s Movement

has again gone to the

courts in a bid to stop the

proposed Paradise Found

development planned for the

now defunct K-Club properties.

The prime minister said

it is inconceivable that his

government that has been so

progressive on environmental

issues would allow any

development to wantonly

cont’d from pg 1

million dollars in new equipment for

the Mount St John’s Hospital, the stabilization

of the economy, on-time

payments of government salaries and

wages, regular payments to Social

Security, control of government expenditure,

reduction of debt to GDP,

on-going digitizing of government

services, the government’s housing

development programme, establishing

a venture capital facility at the Antigua

and Barbuda Development Bank

and much more.

During the programme, many

people called in to express their confidence

in the government and their

continued faith in the policies being

implemented by PM Browne and his


destroy the environment of

the country. “We have allocated

some $100 million for

renewable energy, passed

the landmark Environmental

Management and Protection

Act, and have adopted other

measures such as the ban on

plastic bags.

“Nobody can question

this government’s commitment

towards safeguarding

the environment,” he declared.

The attorney general said

nothing is going to stand in

the way of the government’s

plans to develop both islands

in its stated desire to

make Antigua and Barbuda

the ‘economic powerhouse

of the Eastern Caribbean’.

“If this means repealing the

Barbuda Land Act, it will be

done!” he declared.

PM Browne has repeatedly

maintained that the Barbuda

Land Act passed by the

UPP Administration in 2007

contravenes Section 1 of the

Constitution of Antigua and

Barbuda “which states very

clearly that Antigua and Barbuda

shall be a unitary, sovereign,

democratic state.”

The prime minister said

that since Barbuda is part of

the unitary state of Antigua

and Barbuda as stated in the

Constitution, “provisions in

the Barbuda Land Act cannot

supersede the provisions

of the Constitution.”

Last October, parliament

adopted the Paradise Found

Act which puts the project

outside the scope of the Barbuda

Land Act.

The BPM is using the

provisions of the Barbuda

Land Act as a basis for

their court action aimed at

stopping the Paradise Found


Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Gaston greets the people

By Justin Peters

Over the weekend the

ABLP celebrated the 2 nd Anniversary

of assuming leadership

of the government, an

important milestone for the

people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Prime Minister of Antigua

and Barbuda the Honourable

Gaston Browne took

to the streets of his constituency

to meet those that matter,

the people who trusted him

with the future of their village

and their nation.

In humble form, he started

his walk from The IT Centre

on North Street and made his

way through Booby Alley, a

maze of derelict housing occupied

by many generations

of Antiguans and Barbudans

who came from humble beginnings

just a he did. He was

well received as a brother and

a son of the constituency.

As the walkthrough progressed

he took the time out to

gather feedback from the denizens

of City West, many of

whom knew him as a young

man before becoming a businessman

and before politics.

The prime minister could

be seen engaging persons

from many walks of life,

young old and in between,

supporters and opposition

alike leading by example giving

inclusion to all, physically

embracing not only his admirers,

but also his skeptics.

Visits to the elderly and

shuti-ns were welcome as he

was answered with shouts of

“Browne” of “Gaston” showing

a high level of familiarity

with all those he came across,

drawing smiles and admiration

from children and respect

from adults who readily

shared their views with a son

of the village who has risen to

the position of leadership but

hasn’t erased his genesis from

his mind.

The meet and greet which

started at 3 in the afternoon

and lasted until well into the

evening with a small crowd

gathering and follow the honourable

Prime Minister past

the Adventist church in Rohan

Henry Street all the way down

to the very back of Villa and

back around to the ball courts

facing the new Dredge Bay

Housing Project.

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Monday 13th June 2016

APUA launches third internship program

By Justin Peters

The Antigua Public Utilities

Authority (APUA) is

the one of the largest employers

on the island. Many

local success stories started

at APUA and the nation’s

indigenous utility company

with the very factual slogan

“Necessary for Life” continues

to do facilitate the growth

of Antiguans and Barbudans

financially and academically.

The APUA Summer Internship

Program, which

started 5 years ago has grown

and has produced successful

professionals each year in

the fields of Civil, Electrical

and Mechanical Engineering,

Computer Programming,

Graphic Design, Marketing,

Human Resource Management,

Hydrology, Communications

and Networking just

to name a few.

The only program of its

kind in Antigua and the best

of its kind in the region, the

program takes young locals

who have completed senior

levels in local tertiary institutions

or are pursuing degrees

in international institutions

and affords them real world

experience in departments

that are deemed to best suit

their courses of study.

This year’s program for

example, is project based

and will see some of the interns

have the opportunity to

work at the recently commissioned

reverse osmosis plant

at Pigeon Point in English

Harbour. Opportunities such

as this has helped interns to

Joanna Paris

Prime Minister, the Hon. Gaston

Browne, said that he declared his assets

of $30 million dollars to the Integrity

Commission before assuming the Office

of Prime Minister.

As opposition forces continue to

question and create allegations as to the

source of the Prime Minister’s wealth,

the nation’s leader during the parliamentary

debate on Friday, made another

attempt to set the record straight.

He frankly stated that he is not obligated

to give the “detractors” any answers

but assured that he will continue

to be accountable to and transparent

with the public.

“I am not an overnight investor

and all of my companies would have

had well in excess of a decade of performance,

so it is not a situation where

companies are suddenly incorporated

into my assets.

“As Prime Minister I have not acquired

a single vehicle, I have been

using the ones that were used by the

former Prime Minister for the last 10

years”, he said.

decide on a career, often returning

to APUA as a full

time employee and being

rewarded as they climb the

ladder based on their expertise

and how well they apply

those skills within the APUA


As one of the former interns

of 2013, Queens Young

Leader, and Chairman of the

Internship Committee, Mr.

Regis Burton who found a

home at eventually attaining

the position of HR Systems

and Employment Engagement

Officer will tell you,

once you are determined to

come to work on time and

focus APUA is the place for

you and interns are given

preference for available vacancies.

PM Browne declares assets to Integrity Commission

He also stated that he has transferred

some of the assets to his 27-year-old

son, a business man in his own right,

a decision that Prime Minister Browne

said “I have all right to do”.

Prime Minister Browne said that

most of his assets were acquired before

he got into politics and without any assistance

from the government.

He added that most of the resources

are in real estate along with some

heavy-duty equipment. He told the

House that he began his ventures at the

young age of 20.

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Small hotels thank Hon. Asot Michael

By Justin Peters

Tourism has been a strong

revenue generator for Antigua

and Barbuda for many

years. With many more territories

outside of the Caribbean

engaging in offering their

own tourism product, however,

it has become more difficult

to maintain a consistent

level of visitors to the island.

The Honourable Asot

A. Michael, as minister of

Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and Energy,

has championed the

cause of local entrepreneurs

working in and benefiting

from the tourism industry.

A recent Road Show

which took small hoteliers

to Trinidad to showcase their

products and attract visitors

to their properties and to

Antigua to enjoy the land of

By Everton Barnes

The building that serves as headquarters

for the Antigua and Barbuda

Disability Association has been

robbed, again.

President of the association, Bernard

Warner, in making the report

said the building, which is still under

construction, has been the target for

thieves at various stages of the construction


According to Warner the latest robbery

was discovered Saturday morning

when members realized that a window

that was removed by thieves a week

earlier and which was secured by plywood

and nails, was ribbed away to allow

for entry into the building.

He said three folding tables and

six chairs were stolen. In the earlier

break-in, tables and chairs were also


Warner said the building, located

just off the All Saints Road near

the flower show immediately east of

the John I Martin compound, is nearing

completion and that the repeated

break-ins only serve to delay the opening

of the headquarters.

“The work of the association is affected

tremendously by these break-ins

because we are forced to replace the

stolen items, much of which are from

donations and our fund-raising efforts.

We are now forced to undertake more

fund-raising and seek additional donations,”

Warner explained.

The ABDA president said the association

recently purchased the tiles

and adhesive for the kitchen and he

Tourism Minister, the Hon., Asot Michael holds his painting.

365 beaches is a testament of and thoughtfulness that went

Minister Michael’s dedication

to the tourism industry. Humbled by the heart-

into making the trip a reality.

This proactive move yielded

most desirable results ter thanked his hosts for their

warming gesture, the minis-

with the local entrepreneurs generosity and encouraged

making the necessary connections

to help increase good fight and to continue

them to continue to fight the

occupancy at their establishments.

have, stressing that he un-

investing in tourism as they

So it is that they hosted a derstood and felt the hard

small ceremony at the Villas work that goes into keeping a

at Sunset Lane to show their small accommodation business

functioning at the appreciation for the foresight


levels of the ones

on the island.

He was joined by cabinet

colleague The Honourable

Sir Robin Yearwood who

chairs the finance committee

responsible for authorizing

the funding for the road

show a cost estimated to be

just over $10,000, which he

expressed was well spent.

Colin James, CEO of the

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Authority as well other

officials from the Ministry

of Tourism were also present

for the momentous occasion.

As a token of appreciation,

Minister Michael was

presented with a painting

rendered by a local artist.

Graciously accepting the

gift, he joyously exclaimed

“I have to hang this on a wall

in the ministry”.

Disability Association building robbed again

disclosed that during the construction

that has been on-going for some time,

the thieves seem to wait until there is

a resumption of the work to break into

the building and steal items.

The association has lost windows,

doors and other items including the tables

and chairs during this time.

For this latest break-in, the police

were called, but according to Warner

they were not able to lift any fingerprints

from the scene.

A distraught Warner said he could

not understand why a building to serve

the disabled in the society would be the

constant target of thieves as he issued a

plea for the return of the stolen items.

He said the tables and chairs were

donated to the association a little more

than a year ago by Courts Furnishings.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

PIT Amendment Bill debated and passed

Joanna Paris

On Friday, members of the Lower

House of Parliament, gave a nod of approval

towards the passage of the Personal

Income Tax (PIT) Amendment

Bill 2016.

The mover of the legislation, Prime

Minister and Minister of Finance and

Corporate Governance, Prime Minister,

the Hon. Gaston Browne in his introductory

remarks explained the benefits

associated with the removal of PIT.

He indicated that as a result of the passage

of the bill, effective June 30 th , PIT

will be totally abolished and added that

the parliamentary debate was just the

beginning of a long awaited process.

The nation’s leader further noted

that the abolition of PIT will give the

people of Antigua and Barbuda more

By Justin Peters

The professional, the

Vagabond, Superman, Ricard

Drue is one of the most

prolific Soca artists coming

out of Antigua and Barbuda,

something that has

been achieved through hard

work and a love for the art

and his fans. With his rise to

fame after his breakout hit

“Superman” and follow-up

chart toppers “Vagabond”

and “Professional” Ricardo

is here to stay.

Always extremely

thankful for all that he has

achieved, he remembers

where his road began and believes

in giving back to society

in any way that he can. It

is in the spirit of giving that

he decided to produce a fete

for children, about children

economic power to contribute to the

nation’s growth and development.

“The elimination of Personal Income

Tax is designed to empower Antiguans

and Barbudans and will also put

37 million dollars back in the pockets

of the people of this country. This just

one way to ensure that there is greater

equity in the system”, Prime Minister

Browne explained.

He highlighted the fact that 25%

percent of the working class has carried

the burden of paying the tax for the last

10 years and further outlined that the

elimination of PIT is a “promise made

and promise kept”.

Prime Minister Browne also said

that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour

Party (ABLP) has always been opposed

to the tax because of its unfair

and to benefit children.

ID Land as it has been

dubbed is the definitive

event for children this Carnival

season. With all of the

fetes that are hosted every

year, with the exception of

the children’s carnival parade,

preteens tend to be

wholly excluded from fetes.

The event slated for July

10th 2016, fills that gap and

will be hosted by TJ Da DJ

and will feature an explosive

lineup of local entertainers

such as Kid Viscous,

Baby Eve, Junior Rampler

(the reigning Junior Soca

Monarch, MnM Music, the

amazing Gurin Hunte the

Magician, Sprit Starz Cheerleaders,

the Good Vibes


Now that persons will have more

income available to them, the government

encourages persons to invest

wisely as the government seeks to pursue

a policy of entrepreneurship socialism.

“What we recommend, Mr. Speaker,

is for individuals to invest these

funds wisely, get a loan, invest in a

retirement property basically acquire

assets and not to take the funds and go

and splurge in a foreign country, invest

here”, the nation’s leader advised.

Veteran politician and Seniour Minister,

Sir Lester Bird, gladly voiced his

support for the abolition of PIT, which

he described a further step forward in

the economic development of Antigua

and Barbuda.

Soca artiste giving back to society

Band and the Antigua Dance


The charity event is sponsored

by Digicel Joe Mike’s

G Productions Online, ID

Nation, Merryland and Vybz


100% of the proceeds

from ticket sales will go to

the Mount St. John’s Medial

Centre Children’s Ward.

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Formal process towards CCJ underway

By Everton Barnes

The government has followed

up on its commitment

to see Antigua and Barbuda

delink from the Judicial Committee

of the Privy Council

(JCPC) as its final court of

appeal to acceding to the Caribbean

Court of Justice in its

Appellate Jurisdiction.

Last Friday, the government

introduced into the

House of Representatives two

pieces of legislation - the Constitution

(Antigua and Barbuda)

Referendum Bill and the

Constitution of Antigua and

Barbuda (Caribbean Court of

Justice) (Amendment) Act –

which is the formal signal that

the process towards adopting

the CCJ is fully underway.

“By introducing the two

bills in parliament, the government

is setting the legal

framework for the conduct of

a referendum that will seek to

The Department of Environment will

be conducting surveys within the McKinnon’s,

Yorks and Gambles communities

over the next two weeks.

This survey will assist with data

collection for the proposed “lntegrated

approach to physical adaptation and

community resilience in Antigua and

Barbuda’s northwest McKinnon’s watershed”


This project focuses on increasing the

resilience of the communities to climate

change through three components:

1.Upgrade urban drainage and waterways

to meet projected climate change


abolish the JCPC as the country’s

final appeal court. As

this is entrenched in the Constitution

changing it requires

a two-thirds majority in the

House of Representatives and

a two-thirds majority of the

people who vote in a referendum

in order for it to be take

place,” he explained.

Further, Benjamin added

Joanna Paris

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and

Barbuda will be begin training a number of

new recruits shortly. Twenty three persons

have already been chosen for the exercise

with plans being made to swear in more individuals

ahead of the six month preparation


This forms part of efforts, as the force

seeks strengthen its numbers to further curtail

illicit activities in the twin island nation.

In an interview with local media, Superintendent

of Police, Atlee Rodney, said that the

that the government is putting

things in place to ensure that

the measure is approved by

the people when they vote. He

said already several interest

groups have indicated a willingness

to work along with

the government in its public

education campaign designed

educate the public about the

JCPC and the CCJ.

2.Revolving Loans for homes in

McKinnon’s watershed to meet new

adaptation guidelines established in the

building code and physical plan

3. Adaptation mainstreaming and capacity

building NGOs and community

groups to sustain project interventions

Climate change has been on the forefront

of many discussions and its impacts

have deleterious affects on the communities,

particularly individuals who may be

classified as vulnerable.

This pilot project will focus on assisting

the vulnerable persons within this

community to adapt to climate change

through innovative means.

The AG said the campaign

will be launched in earnest

right after the annual Carnival

festivities with the referendum

likely to take place in

October this year. The National

Coordinating Committee

headed by Ambassador Dr.

Clarence Henry was appointed

to spearhead the public education


Police recruits to begin training soon

training will be facilitated by local officers.

He added that the recruits will be trained

in several areas to include: basic drills, physical

fitness, criminal law and procedures, customer

service, sociology and police procedures

as well as handling domestic violence

and cybercrime.

Superintendent Rodney indicated that the

full training package in currently being prepared.

The law enforcement agency continues

to receive kudos from government officials

and members of the public for the increase

efficiency in its operations.

Department of Environment conducting surveys in

the McKinnon’s, Yorks and Gambles communities

Funding from this project will be

sourced through the Adaptation Fund,

and the surveys, along with the consultations,

which will follow, will add credence

to the project and assist with its

eventual funding and implementation.

This project is being developed with

the collaboration of the Directorate of

Gender Affairs, National Office of Disaster

Services, Development Control Authority,

APUA, and other key partners.

The Department of Environment

therefore seeks the collaboration of the

members of the McKinnons, Yorks and

Gambles communities as we seek to ride

the climate wave.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Burton gets six months in prison

By Alecia Mc Pherson

On May 29, 2016 Vera Donsalves

aged 74 of Yorks reported her son to

Criminal Investigation Department after

he shattered one of the windows on her

vehicle. It is reported that on the said

day at about 7:20 am, Eric Burton aged

52 of Villa went to his mother’s home

where he demanded that she open the

Alecia Mc Pherson

Prince Charming Graham

alias “DJ Prince” aged 27 of

no fixed place of abode is

before the court facing the

charge of Grievous Bodily

Harm. Kimarley Mc Donald

alias “DJ Skitta” aged 31 of

Joseph Road made a report

to the Criminal Investigations

Department that the defendant

stabbed him with a

knife to the left forearm.

Both the defendant and

complainant are Disc Jockeys

(DJ) and were both booked



The Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB)

advises of its intent to commence criminal prosecution on

ALL non-compliant employers and self employed persons.

To this end, all employers and self employed persons, who

are in breach of their statutory obligation to Social Security,

are strongly urged to contact the Social Security office to

regularize their status between June 1, 2016 and August 31,


The ABSSB wishes to commend all employers and self

employed persons who have consistently complied with

their statutory obligation and encourages all employers and

self employed persons to ensure that moving forward every

attempt will be made to adhere to their Social Security obligations.

door and make him a cup of tea.

It is reported that he banged on the

door several times while making the demands.

“I am going to mash up the window

if you don’t give me the tea or open the

door”, he reportedly threatened.

Not having his request met, he picked

up a stone and threw it at the left rear

window of the complaniant’s Kia Picanto

which was parked in her yard, thereby

causing $750.00 worth of damages.

Charged with Malicious Damage,

Burton appeared before Chief Magistrate

Walsh at the St. John’s Magistrates

Court. He pleaded guilty and was convicted

and sentenced to six months at


Graham in court for stabbing fellow DJ

to play at a party hosted on

January 4, 2016 at Tunnel

Bar located on Old Parham

Road. Apparently, a disagreement

ensued between the two

during their performances

which reportedly escalated

into a brawl.

The complainant ran

from the building to the

main road after the accused

pulled a knife from his pants

pocket, but moments later he

heard loud screams coming

from the party patrons and

turned to see the defendant

approaching while still brandishing

the knife, the complainant

attempted to run but

fell on his back. It is further

reported that the accused said

to the complainant “*expletive*

fu dead”.

The complainant received

a stab to the left forearm as

he raised his hands to block

multiple stabbing attempts.

Graham fled the scene

shortly after and Mc Donald

was taken to MSJMC

where he was treated for

his wound, a report of the

incident was later made to

the St. John’s Police Station.

Graham was subsequently

arrested and charged with

Malicious Wounding with

Intent to Cause Grevious

Bodily Harm. He appeared

at the St. John’s Magistrates

Court last week, the matter

is ajourned to July 11, 2016

when he will return to court

for committal proceedings.

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Possible $3,000 fine shocks offender

Deborah A Parker

An English Harbour man

who failed to tell lawmen the

source of batteries he had

in his possession was fined

$300, when he appeared

before Magistrate Ngaio

Emanuel recently.

During the execution of

a search warrant at the home

of Devon Joseph at approximately

5:15am on May 21,

officers found three Global

Calcium batteries.

Joseph refused to respond

when he was asked by

the lawmen if he had bought

the items, or if he had any

proof of purchase.

With that attitude, the

lawmen seized the items and

Joseph committed

to stand trial

Alecia Mc Pherson

Walton Joseph alias “Duke” aged 43 of St. John’s Street

is now before the court after reportedly failing to deliver a

vehicle for which he received payment.

It is reported that the accused collected from Markon Mc

Neil of Point the sum of $6725.00EC payment for the importation

of a vehicle.

This arrangement was reportedly made during March

of 2013, several months later after trying to make contact,

the complainant was told that problems were

encountered while purchasing the vehicle.

However, the complaniant is yet to receive a vehicle or

have his money returned.

A report was made to the Criminal Investigations Department

and the accused was subsequently arrested and

charged in the matter. Joseph appeared before the St. John›s

Magistrate Court last week having been charged with

Larceny and Fraudulent Conversion.

He was committed to stand trial at the September›s

assizes in the High Court.

Deborah A Parker

A Dominican national expressed

shock when he learnt he could be fined

as much as $3,000 for praedial larceny.

The man who works as a chef was

hauled before the court for the theft of

a half bucket of mangoes recently.

Though he answered guilty to the

offence, he explained that he had actually

gone on the farm to look for

limes, for a sick woman, when he saw

the mango tree.

He said he did not pick the mangoes

from off the tree, but picked up

what was lying on the ground.

The first time offender was warned

by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel that for

what he (the offender) described as a

‘childish’ offence, he could be fined as

much as $3,000.

With his eyes wide opened,

and leaning in the direction of

the magistrate the man repeated,


To send out a strong message, owing

to the prevalence of the offence,

the young man was fined $1,500.

‘Mysterious’ batteries land man in trouble

instructed Joseph to visit the

Dockyard Police precinct

with the receipt for the batteries.

No such action was taken

and Joseph was subsequently


In court he told the magistrate

that he did not expect

‘these turn of events,’ hence

he did not collect a receipt

when he bought the batteries

‘off the streets.’

He was ordered to pay

the $300 fine forthwith, or

be jailed for seven days.

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Reflections on Walter Rodney

36 years after his assasination

By Dr. David Hinds

I am writing this column on my way

from in Haiti, where I attended the 41 st

annual Caribbean Studies Association

conference. For six days more than a

thousand scholars from all parts of the

world of different generations who study

and teach about the Caribbean engaged

in scholarly exchanges about our region.

It is always uplifting to be part of any

meeting of our Caribbean family, but it

was especially uplifting this year because

we were meeting in Haiti. Despite its

persistent tribulations, there is something

special and magical about that country—

its people, its landscape and its rhythms.

The very fact that it was the vanguard of

Black and Caribbean freedom puts Haiti

at the center of our survivalist and freedom

trajectory. As Angela Davis, whose

rich and insightful address to the conference,

asserted ”whatever little freedom

we enjoy today we owe it to the Haitian


This was my second visit to Haiti.

The first time I landed on Haitian soil,

five years ago, I cried tears of thanks because

I knew that my Buxtonion, Guyanese,

Caribbean and Black identities, individually

and together, owe a great debt

to Haiti. Haiti is our living link to Mother

Africa and the mother of our Caribbean.

There were no tears on this visit, but I

wrapped my mind around Haiti and tried

to imagine what our Caribbean could be

if only we could begin as a people, together

and in our separate island-states,

to reach for our glory and love ourselves

again. As I watched the Haitian people go

about their daily business of surviving the

harshness of persistent neo-colonialism,

I saw and felt hope for our Caribbean. I

have never seen a nation of people bear

their burdens, our Caribbean burdens,

with such resilience. I never doubt the

beauty and dignity of Black people and

Caribbean peoples, but Haiti affirms this


Acclaimed scholar-activist, Angela

Davis, gave a memorable address to the

conference linking race, class, nation,

history, oppression, survival and freedom

pioneers. When she got to the point

of her address that discussed underdevelopment,

she asked the audience who

she was thinking about and hundreds of

voices responded in unison—“Walter

Rodney,” followed by a generous round

of applause.

It is common place to hear Rodney’s

work quoted by scholars who speak

about him in elevated ways; after all he

belonged to the world—one of Guyana’s

most precious gifts to world civilization.

But when I heard that audience speak his

name that evening, I felt a rush of pride

as a Guyanese, as a comrade and a descendant

of Rodney and the Caribbean

, Black, African and Guyanese radical

tradition he contributed immensely to.

But I also felt a gush of pain largely because

Guyanese of the post-1980 generation

do not get to experience moments

like those when their country is lifted to

the mountaintop by the mere mention of

his name. There were several Guyanese

scholars at the conference to witness that

moment, but shamefully, there was only

one scholar from the University of Guyana—lecturer

and historian, Estherene

Adams—who presented a well-received

paper on another outstanding Guyanese,

Eusi Kwayana.

There is something wrong, very

wrong, when a country which has produced

intellectual titans such as Eusi

Kwayana, Walter Rodney, Clem Seecharan,

Alissa Trotz, Ivan Van Certima, Rupert

Roopnarine, Elsa Gouveia and Clive

Thomas could send only one scholar

from its university to the major academic

conference in and about our Caribbean.

How can scholars at UG effectively teach

our students when they are cut off from

communion with their colleagues in the

rest of the region and the world? We get

so carried away and wrapped up in our

political mess that we often do not realize

how disconnected we are from the rest of

the Caribbean and the world. In the process

we have become a little, isolated and

dangerous island that wallows in its disconnectedness.

As I think about Walter Rodney who

we assassinated 36 years ago on a Friday

night, I think about Guyana and its

slow but steady march towards the edge.

I think about some of the backwardness

I read on Facebook and the newspaper

blogs and I wonder if we can pull ourselves

back. The brutal murders and our

seemingly numbness to them; the national

hypocrisy when it comes to our

ethno-racial condition; the persistent

betrayal by our political leaders replete

with economic and psychological brutalization

of poor people—the doom varies

but it never goes away.

But in the end, we must press on.

Rodney had asked that should he be cut

down, his body should be used as a barricade

for the revolution. The revolution

which he started and for which he was

murdered by the hand of the State, is still

incomplete. Walter Rodney must live

again in Guyana as he lives in the global

space. As CLR James, another Caribbean

intellectual giant, would say—there is

always work to be done. Let us on this

June 13, whatever our politics, say thanks

to Walter Rodney for making us whole

while he walked our streets and for the

legacy of hope he has left us.

On this 36 th anniversary of Walter

Rodney’s assassination, I call on the

Government to fulfil its promise to have

the Walter Rodney COI report properly

cont’d on pg 11

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Disaster management exhibition well attended

The annual disaster management

exhibition hosted

by the National Office of

Disaster Services (NODS)

on Thursday received good

support from members of the

public and those who were involved.

Participants from 13

groups along with NODS interacted

with mostly students

from several schools and used

the opportunity to educate

them on various aspects relating

to their respective fields.

The exhibition continues

to receive support from the

Fire Department, the Antigua

and Barbuda Red Cross, the

Department of Environment,

the Met Office, the Antigua

and Barbuda Defence Force,

the Health Information Division,

the Plant Protection Unit

and the Emergency Medical

Services (EMS).

Newcomers this year were

the Antigua Public Utilities

Authority (APUA), State Insurance

Corporation, ABI

Insurance, the Antigua and

Barbuda Credit Union League

and the Beach Safety Protection

Unit formerly the Lifeguard


Social Studies and Science

teacher Christa Christopher,

who attended the event with a

group from St Michael’s Primary

School, said the students

really enjoyed the exhibition.

“They learnt a lot. It was

very informative. The atmosphere

was great for learning

with a mixture of participants

and there was a nice flow to

the set up”, said Christopher.

This is the ninth year

NODS has hosted its disaster

management exhibition.

Plans are in the pipeline

to enhance next year’s event

with additional activities that

would generate greater interest

from the public.

NODS is expressing appreciation

to all those who

participated along with several

sponsors like the St John’s

Development Corporation,

Digicel, Inet and Kennedy’s


cont’d from pg 10

laid before parliament and be debated. I

hope that such a debate avoids the political

finger-pointing and instead focus on

the big lessons, in particular the banishment

of the use of the state and para state

institutions as a tool of violence against

political opponents and the citizenry in


On this Rodney anniversary I call

upon the President to expand his promise

to inquire into the death of former

PPP Minister Satyadeyow Sawh and his

family to include all politically motivated

killings over the last four decades. I especially

call for inquiries into the deaths

of Ronald Waddell and Courtney Crum

Ewing—the families of these brothers

and all of Guyana need to know the circumstances

surrounding their deaths

I also urge the government to honour

Walter Rodney in the most non-partisan

manner by re-naming the University of

Guyana the Walter Rodney University

of Guyana. All Guyanese regardless of

political affiliation agree that Rodney

was one of our most brilliant scholars. It

would be a fitting symbol of the efforts

to regenerate the university and a living

monument to Rodney and the centrality

of education to Guyana’s national development.

I also call on the Ministry of Education

to introduce Rodney’s two children’s

books—Kofi Badu out of Africa

and Lakshmi out of India into the school

curriculum. Such a move would contribute

immensely to national cohesion,

particularly among the youth. Rodney’s

insights into our ethnic dynamics are invaluable

and should not be wasted.

Finally on this anniversary, I call for

a national stand against attacks on the independent

media. This is an area of our

politics that Rodney was most concerned

about. He saw the assassination of the

journalist, Father Bernard Darke in 1979

as a descent into barbarism. The recent

grenade attack on the Kaieteur News is a

stark reminder that there is still fear of the

“Open Word”

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed

in this Op-ed are those of the

author and do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Golden Eye Calypso Review opens its doors

By Vanroy Burnes

The Golden Eye Calypso

Review Calypso Tent was the

first calypso tent to open its

doors for the 2016 Carnival

season on Friday night June

10 th at the newly renovated

Barrymore Hotel.

The Golden eye tent lead

and continues to lead by example

as the first tent to open

its doors every year.

A total of thirteen (13)

Calypsonians appeared on

the program with their 2016

songs backed up by the Specialist


The Calypsonians included

Baby Eve singing “What

You Go Sing”, Calypso Tempo

with “Don’t Go”, Lord

Shaky with “Mass in Hell”,

King Bandit with “Fight

for Reparation”, King Creole

with “Hitler”, De Arc

with “Antigua Black”, Willy

Wawa with “Ah wha if Me

ah Look”, Sassy with “Every

Body has a story”, Faithful

with “Backbone of Carnival”,

Stumpy with “Sooner or Later”,

Kaseba with “A diamond

is forever”, King Zacari with

“Who Say So” and Queen

Thalia with “My Guarantee”

and “This Tenor Pan is Mine”.

The Mighty ”Bab wire”

whose real name is Vaughn

Walter, Director of Culture

brought the Curtain down

with his song “1969”.

Minister of Culture Paul

Chet Greene and other members

of the Festival Committee

were amongst the fairly

sizable crowd. The tent is

sponsored by KFC, National

Parks Authority, Seafood Friday

and the Government of

Antigua & Barbuda.

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13



plus all applicable taxes

THE NEW CIAZ is made for those who are driven to

excel. It is developed as an “authentic sedan” which

combines a roomy comfortable cabin and a great

driving performance with excellent fuel efficiency. All of

this comes with a stylish design that will inspire pride of




› Seatbelt Reminder › Chrome finish Knob

› Reverse Camera › Chrome Door Handles

› Anti Theft Security System › Outside temperature

› Dual Horn


› Illuminated Console Box


› AM/FM Stereo


› CD Player

› Projector Headlamps

› MP3 Player

› Chrome Front Grille


› Glass Antenna

› Bluetooth

› Premium Split Taillamps

› Music Streaming › General Description


You are welcome to visit our showroom

conventiently located on Old Parham

Road. email:


Bobby: 481-2524

Quinland: 481-2531

Diana: 4812526

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Scores of workers being hired to complete

the first Park Hyatt in the Caribbean


KITTS – The construction

of the Park Hyatt St. Kitts,

which is being developed by

Range Developments, has already

resulted in the employment

of 564 people, Prime

Minister Dr. the Honourable

Timothy Harris said at his

May 30 th press conference.

Now, the builder, Kier

Construction Limited, is running

a commercial on local

radio stations until June 24 th

to fill scores of positions.

“We are looking for approximately

150 workers to

complete the project,” Mr.

Richard Havercroft, the Project

Manager, said this week.

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts

is expected to open at Banana

Bay on the Southeast

Peninsula in late 2016. This

highly anticipated opening is

a boon to local construction

workers. The latest round of

hiring by Kier Construction

Limited will benefit people

who have work experience

as plumbers, stonework masons,

finishing carpenters,

carpenters, drywall installers,

tilers, painters, trade supervisors,

and site engineers.

Interested persons should

phone 762-9239 or visit the

site office at Banana Bay.

On the hotel side of

things, the Park Hyatt St.

Kitts is advertising in the

national media until June

30 th for the following locally

based positions: Marketing

and Communications Manager,

Associate Director of

Sales & Events, Assistant

Front Office Manager, Assistant

Manager for Guest

Services, Assistant Manager

for PBX switchboard operations,

IT Manager, Housekeeping

Manager, Training

Manager, Security Manager,

Assistant Manager for Engineering,

Engineering Team

Leaders, Restaurant Manager,

Executive Sous Chef,

Chef de Cuisine, and Pastry


“Our regional team will

be supplementing this with

a direct email to the 335

applicants who have previously

expressed interest in

management roles with this

property, as well as with a

geographically targeted ad

on social media for St. Kitts

and the surrounding islands,”

said Mr. Julian Moore, General

Manager of the Park Hyatt

St. Kitts.

Many of those 335 applicants

attended the Employment

Information Day that

the Park Hyatt St. Kitts held

on May 3 rd at the St. Kitts

Marriott Resort. “We were

cont’d on pg 15

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

The OECS turns 35 years old this week


years ago this week, the Treaty

of Basseterre was signed on June 18 th ,

1981 in the capital city of St. Kitts, establishing

the Organisation of Eastern

Caribbean States (OECS).

The original signatories were Antigua

and Barbuda (signed by Deputy

Premier Lester Bird); Dominica (Prime

Minister Mary Eugenia Charles); Grenada

(Prime Minister Maurice Bishop);

Montserrat (Minister of Education

Franklyn Margetson); St. Kitts and

Nevis (Premier Kennedy Simmonds);

St. Lucia (Prime Minister Winston Cenac),

and St. Vincent and the Grenadines

(Deputy Prime Minister Hudson


By signing the treaty, they agreed to

cooperate with each other and promote

unity and solidarity among the OECS

membership. The British Virgin Islands

joined the OECS in November 1984 and

Anguilla in May 1995; both are associate


Tomorrow, Monday, June 13 th at

9:00am, the 35 th Anniversary Celebrations

will be launched at a press conference

that is scheduled to simulcast in

all OECS Member States. Dr. Didacus

Jules, the Director General of the OECS

Commission, will deliver welcome remarks.

The outgoing OECS Chairman,

Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable

Keith Mitchell of Grenada, will deliver

a feature address at the press conference.

Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable

Timothy Harris will also deliver a feature

address as the incoming OECS

Chairman. The OECS Authority meets

twice a year and its chairmanship changes

every June.

A Q&A session will follow a presentation

by Mr. Anthony Severin, the

OECS Commission’s Head of International

Relations, on the role of the

OECS institutions. In addition to Director

General of the OECS Commission,

Dr. Jules, the heads of the other OECS

institutions who will be at the press conference

are Chief Justice of the Eastern

Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), the

Honourable Dame Janice M. Pereira;

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean

Central Bank (ECCB), Mr. Timothy

Antoine; Director General of the Eastern

Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority

(ECCAA), Mr. Donald McPhail, and

Managing Director of the Eastern Caribbean

Telecommunications Authority

(ECTEL), Mr. Embert Charles.

On Wednesday, June 15 th , starting at

9:30am, a church service will be held

at the Immaculate Conception Church

in Castries, St. Lucia, where the OECS

Secretariat is based.

The complete list of the OECS’s 35 th

Anniversary Week of Activities follows.

cont’d from pg 14

delighted to have the opportunity

to meet many candidates

and were impressed

with the excellent presentation

and positive approach

demonstrated by those in attendance,”

Mr. Moore said,

adding that, “We look forward

to meeting many more

of the citizens of St Kitts and

Nevis in the months ahead,

as we make the journey

of recruitment to identify

unique and dedicated individuals

for our team who can

inspire others and grow the

reputation of the Kittitian &

Nevisian people by delivery

of a truly unique guest experience.”

Applications are preferred

through the

website, which has

information on all job specifications

and qualification

requirements. Resumes can

also be mailed to Park Hyatt

St. Kitts, Christophe Harbour,

P.O. Box 2472 Suite 1,

Banana Bay Complex, S.E.

Peninsula, St. Kitts. Applications

may also be delivered

to the pre-opening resort

office at Banana Bay.

Overlooking The Narrows

strait that separates St.

Kitts from Nevis, the luxury

5-star Park Hyatt St. Kitts

will have 126 guestrooms,

with many suites appointed

with individual rooftop


Amenities will include

outdoor infinity pools, a fitness

centre, a signature spa,

three world-class food and

beverage outlets, and 7,000

square feet of meeting and

banquet space.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Violent clashes between teachers and police

OAXACA - Teachers

belonging to the dissident

CNTE union are protesting

against the neoliberal education

reform of President Enrique

Peña Nieto.

The ongoing conflict between

teachers and the government

of Mexico reached

a boiling point Saturday

night in the city of Oaxaca,

with nearly 500 protesters violently

evicted from a public

square by at least a thousand

police officers, La Jornada reported

on Sunday.

Teachers belonging to the

dissident CNTE union were

occupying since the headquarters

of the Oaxaca State

Institute of Public Education,

located in the historic center

of the capital, as part of the

general strike to protest the

education reform.

Officers began firing tear

gas to disperse the teachers,

GUERRERO - Teachers have

been engaged in a strike since May, demanding

the government end testing imposed

by a neoliberal education reform.

Teachers in the southern Mexican

state of Guerrero have allegedly burned

down a building that housed offices of

the state’s education ministry, Proceso

reported on Friday.

The action was conducted in the

state capital of Chilpancingo to protest

the education reforms of President

Enrique Peña Nieto. According to local

press accounts, personnel inside the

building were evicted before a protester

set a fire in the first floor of the facility.

The teachers belong to a local union

called CETEG, which along with the

National Coordinator of Education

Workers, or CNTE, has been conducting

who responded by throwing

stick and stones but were ultimately

forced to leave the

place. They then went to the

main square of the city, where

they began to built barricades

to resist the police onslaught.

Greatly outnumbered, they

were then forced out of the

square as well.

The violent night ended

when teachers reportedly set

fire to a bus, with riots following

the detention of the

CNTE’s leader in the state,

Francisco Villalobos, who

was sent to a federal prison

on charges of aggravated robbery.

CNTE teachers, who are

also occupying a public square

in Mexico City, have said the

detention of Villalobos is “a

provocation by the government

of Enrique Peña Nieto.”

Meanwhile supporters of the

dissident leader in Oaxaca

have denounced the arbitrary

detention of at least seven

union leaders as part of what

they called “schematic government

repression against

a general strike since last May demanding

the government repeal the teacher

testing imposed by the reform.

The phone at the union’s headquarters

was not answered when teleSUR

sought comment.

This is the most violent action so far

since the strike began. Local authorities

say they have already identified the

union leaders who led the burning and

that arrest warrants have been issued.

Peña Nieto unveiled the education

reform in 2013 as part of a set of 11 neoliberal

structural reforms implemented

in his first 20 months of power. Since

then teachers have been protesting,

mostly in the violent southeast states of

Oaxaca, Michoacan, Guerrero and Chiapas,

where millions of children have

been affected by the strikes.


Peña Nieto unveiled an education

reform in 2013 as part

of a set of 11 neoliberal structural

reforms implemented in

his first 20 months of power.

Since then teachers have been

protesting, mostly in the violent

southeast states of Oaxaca,

Michoacan, Guerrero and

Chiapas, where millions of

children have been affected

by the strikes.

The controversial law

imposes teacher evaluations

in order to determine which

applicants will be chosen to

fill open posts in the public

school system nationwide.

Critics say the testing only

justifies mass layoffs and does

not effectively measure teaching

skills, like the special

knowledge and demeanor

needed to teach in rural areas

and Indigenous communities.


Teachers allegedy burn down building in Guerrero

The controversial law imposes

teacher evaluations in order to determine

which applicants will be chosen to

fill open posts in the public school system


Critics say the testing only justifies

mass layoffs and does not effectively

measure teaching skills, like the special

knowledge and demeanor needed

to teach in rural areas and Indigenous


Education Minister Aurelio Nuño

has refused to negotiate any point of

the reform and has said he has the support

of the Mexican National Educational

Workers Union, or SNTE, which is

the largest trade union in Latin America,

with over 1.4 million members while

dissidents have reportedly 200,000

members. (TeleSUR)

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

Worst mass shooting in US

history: 50 slain at gay nightclub

ORLANDO, Florida – It had been

an evening of drinking, dancing and

drag shows. After hours of revelry, the

party-goers crowding the gay nightclub

known as the Pulse took their last sips

before the place closed.

That’s when authorities say Omar

Mateen emerged, carrying an AR-15 and

spraying the helpless crowd with bullets.

Witnesses said he fired relentlessly - 20

rounds, 40, then 50 and more. In such

tight quarters, the bullets could hardly

miss. He shot at police. He took hostages.

When the gunfire finally stopped, he

had slain 50 people and critically wounded

dozens more in the deadliest mass

shooting in modern U.S. history. Mateen,

who law enforcement officials said had

pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a

911 call around the time of the attack,

died in a gun battle with SWAT team


Authorities immediately began investigating

whether the assault was an act

of terrorism and probing the background

of Mateen, a 29-year-old American citizen

from Fort Pierce, Florida, who had

worked as a security guard. The gunman’s

father recalled that his son recently

got angry when he saw two men kissing

in Miami and said that might be related

to the assault.

Thirty-nine of the dead were killed at

the club, and 11 people died at hospitals,

Mayor Buddy Dyer said.

Jon Alamo had been dancing at the

Pulse for hours when he wandered into

the club’s main room just in time to see

the gunman. “You ever seen how Marine

guys hold big weapons, shooting from

left to right? That’s how he was shooting

at people,” he said.

“My first thought was, oh my God,

I’m going to die,” Alamo said. “I was

praying to God that I would live to see

another day.”

At least 53 people were hospitalized,

most in critical condition, and a surgeon

at Orlando Regional Medical Center said

the death toll was likely to climb.

The previous deadliest mass shooting

in the U.S. was the 2007 attack at Virginia

Tech, where a student killed 32 people

before killing himself.

Mateen’s family was from Afghanistan,

and he was born in New York. His

family later moved to Florida, authorities

said. His ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, told reporters

that her former husband was bipolar

and “mentally unstable.”

Mateen was short-tempered and had a

history with steroids, she said in remarks

televised from Boulder, Colorado. She

described him as religious but not radical.

He wanted to be a police officer and

applied to a police academy, but she had

no details.

The couple was together for only four

months, and the two had no contact for

the last seven or eight years, she said.

A law enforcement official said the

gunman made a 911 call from the club

in which he professed allegiance to the

leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr

al-Baghdadi. The official was familiar

with the investigation, but was not authorized

to discuss the matter publicly and

spoke on condition of anonymity.

The extremist group did not officially

claim responsibility for the attack, but

the IS-run Aamaq news agency cited an

unnamed source as saying the attack was

carried out by an Islamic State fighter.

Even if the attacker supported IS, it

was unclear whether the group planned

or knew of the attack beforehand.

Mateen was not unknown to law enforcement:

In 2013, he made inflammatory

comments to co-workers and was

interviewed twice, according to FBI

agent Ronald Hopper, who called the interviews

inconclusive. In 2014, Hopper

said, officials found that Mateen had ties

to an American suicide bomber, but the

agent described the contact as minimal,

saying it did not constitute a threat at the


Asked if the gunman had a connection

to radical Islamic terrorism, Hopper

said authorities had “suggestions that individual

has leanings towards that.”

Mateen purchased at least two firearms

legally within the last week or so,

according to Trevor Velinor of the Bureau

of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

In a separate incident, an Indiana

man armed with three assault rifles and

chemicals used to make explosives was

arrested Sunday in Southern California

and told police he was headed to a Los

Angeles-area gay pride parade.

The Orlando shooting started about 2

a.m., with more than 300 people inside

the Pulse. At 2:09 a.m., Pulse posted on

its Facebook page: “Everyone get out of

Pulse and keep running.”

When he heard shots, Rick dropped

to the ground and crawled toward a DJ

booth. A bouncer knocked down a partition

between the club area and an area

where only workers were allowed. People

were then able to escape through the

back of the club.

Mateen exchanged gunfire with 14

police officers at the club, and took hostages

at one point. In addition to the assault

rifle, the shooter also had a handgun

and some sort of “suspicious device,” the

police chief said. About 5 a.m., authorities

sent in a SWAT team to rescue the

remaining club-goers, Police Chief John

Mina said. (AP)

18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Friday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Reckless

5. Stage

10. Go away!

14. Korea’s locale

15. Mr. Claus

16. Maui dance

17. Principal

19. Building extensions

20. America’s Uncle

21. Change

22. Bus station

23. Pinnacle

24. Relate

26. Scrapbook need

29. Poverty-stricken

31. Female voice

32. House evaluator

37. Accomplishing

39. CIA employee (abbr.)

40. Horned animal, for short

41. Love song

43. Lyric verses

44. Oscar, e.g.

46. Woman’s garment

47. Blunder

51. Famous canal

53. Zodiac sign

54. Prongs

56. Likely

59. Exceptional

60. Subject to decay

62. Plant stalk

63. Wipe out

64. Took to court

65. Female birds

66. Resource

67. School groups (abbr.)


1. Stadium cheers

2. On an ocean trip

3. Thailand, once

4. Possessed

5. Biblical song

6. Hurry

7. Initial bet

8. Most strict

9. Corn spike

10. Transparent

11. Mea ____

12. Mete out

13. Savor

18. Aromatic spice

22. Laundry machine

23. Repent

25. Classified ____

26. Writing tablets

27. Burn-soothing plant

28. Agitate

30. Zealous

33. Seaside

34. Flank

35. Dollar bills

36. Singer Diana ____

38. Pesky bugs

39. Certain connectors

42. Overwhelm

45. Actress ____ Richards

46. Plate

47. Bog

48. Furious

49. Fire alarm

50. Appears to be

52. Bowler’s button

55. Nest eggs (abbr.)

56. Border

57. Entreaty

58. Williams and Kennedy

60. Pod vegetable

61. Nile viper

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

For modern humans, the pains

of life are emotional and existential

as often as they are

physical. For you there will

be a wonderful mix — just

enough stimuli to spur you to

a romantic, brilliant, existential



Dec. 21). You want to help:

Carry the groceries; hear out

the problem; connect the people

who should know one another.

Whatever the deal, you

want to contribute. You’re

versatile. You’ll find a way.

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy.

High - 86ºF/30ºC

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Friday’s Crossword Solution

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

It is usually experience, and

not genetics, that makes a

person ruthless. A kindhearted

person makes the ruthless

nervous, as they will find the

kindness beautiful and therefore


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Your

idea is still hovering between

the realms of here and not

here. You can sense it on the

other side of a membrane,

wondering about you as much

as you are wondering about it.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Is your dream improbable?

So what? So are you. That

this iteration of you came to

be at all was against the odds,

beyond your comprehension.

Considering how very lucky

you’ve been, you might want

to push that a little further.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Do you know the depth of

what you have loved? Few

can claim that knowledge, but

if you strive for it even a little

this day, you’ll be richer for

the reach.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

There’s an impulsiveness

to the day. You have many

friends, and you should call

on one who is particularly

knowledgeable before you

make the move you are contemplating.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Your fortune will follow

this dictum: Stacks and stacks

of near misses and then suddenly

a hit. How wonderful it

will feel, this victory you have

so diligently earned!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You know what you have

to do if you’re going to walk

your talk: Wean yourself off

the distraction that’s been taking

so much of your attention

and giving so little back to


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

The dramas on television are

exciting and rapid-fire representations

of lives that no one

lives. Contrastingly, real life

has minimal plot and extraordinary

beauty, which you’ll

enjoy today.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

What’s the objective? Call it

out, and then direct your power

there at least three times

today and for 50 minutes at

a time. This will be a magic

quick-start recipe for you, especially

if done before sunset.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Helping those in need isn’t

optional to you, as there is

something inside that simply

must commit to the task.

Furthermore, as far as your

family is concerned you’re a

regular superhero.

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

SeaView Academy’s Annual After-Assessment Lime will be

held this year at the school campus at Scott’s Hill on Friday,

July 24, 2016 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. The event will be a

great opportunity for the entire family to participate in fun

activities, movies and games, enjoy great food and spend

quality time together!!! Entrance is FREE!! Tickets for delicious

BBQ meals are available for sale: $15 – Chicken; $20

– Fish. Don’t miss out on the best event, with exam students.

Call 461 6555 TODAY for your tickets!

The Hon. E.P. Chet Greene Parliamentary representative for

St. Paul's invites all constituents to a Town Hall meeting on

Thursday 16th June, at 7:30 p.m. at the Liberta School. Do

come out and hear a progress report for the last two years -

make your own assessment and contribute to the continued

development of St. Paul's. Make every effort to be there.

Please be informed that the Sons & Daughters of Willikies,

Inc. will be having a meeting on Thursday 16th June, 2016

at 7:30 p.m. at the St Barts Centre. All Sons & Daughters of

Willikies are invited to attend. Do come and participate in

the 2017 Reunion discussions.

The principal and staff of the Ottos Comprehensive School

are inviting Parents/ Guardians of the fifth form class of 2016

to a very important meeting on Wednesday 15th June, 2016

at 4:30pm. Please make a special effort to attend as critical

matters concerning your child/ ward will be discussed.

12 teams qualify

for Guinness Street

Football quarterfinals

By Vanroy Burnes

A total of 12 teams from the three Zones in the preliminary

rounds have qualified to advance to the quarter finals

scheduled for Thursday June 16 th at the Grays Farm Basketball


Four other teams will join them from the West Zone preliminary

round on Wednesday night June 15 th at the same


The teams that qualified so far include East Ballers, Young

In’s, Piggott’s Bullets, All Saints United from the Parham

Basketball Court. Shatttaz United, Sandra’s Hot Grabba, Hot

Grabba FC and Nagazed from the Bolans Court, while from

the Lower Otto’s Basketball Court Rangers 1, New Kids,

Mahico and Rangers 2.

The winner of the tournament will win a grand prize of

$20,000 which includes a cash prize of $ 5,000.00 and a trip

for seven players to St. Lucia all expenses paid to represent

Antigua & Barbuda in the regional finals where they could

win another $10,000.00 cash prize.

Grays Green Community

Football League in full swing

By Vanroy Burnes

The Grays Green Community

Football league is in

full swing as teams prepare

for the ABFA League, which

is just about four months


In the most recent matches

played at the King George

grounds, Ghetto Youth Connection

beat So Sick Ballaz

two goals to nil. Leon Joseph

and Corey Francis scored a

goal each for Ghetto Youth


Meanwhile on Thursday

June 9 th , Straight Currant

beat Shines six goals to 1.

Rakeem Henry scored twice,

Kenroy Willock once, Nigel

Roberts also scored twice

and Steven Roberts once,

while Chad Vidal scored the

lone goal for Shines.

On Friday 10 th June,

Point Ville beat El Guapo

by a goal to nil. Teran King

scored the lone goal. Meanwhile

in Saturday matches,

Tamo and Earthquake played

to a one all draw with Anesta

Joseph scoring for Tamo and

Akeem Michael scoring for


In the second match on

Saturday, St. John’s United

beat Herbert’s two goals

to nil. Gavin Williams and

Garry Barnes scored a goal


Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 21

Hundred eludes Hales, wickets elude England

LORD’S - England

would have had two main

ambitions on a bedraggled

fourth day at Lord’s. The first

would have been to make

incursions into Sri Lanka’s

second innings to prepare

a route to victory and a 3-0

clean sweep in the series; the

second, a maiden Test hundred

for Alex Hales. Neither

eventuated as Sri Lanka continued

to resist gamely in the

final Test.

Left with 12 overs to see

out at the end of the day, Sri

Lanka’s openers clipped 32

from the 362 needed for victory.

Alastair Cook’s declaration

at 233 for 7 was well

judged, a touch more generous

perhaps than if the series

had been level.

The pitch is a little uneven,

but nothing excessive

and, judging by the sober

way Dimuth Karunaratne

and Kaushal Silva went

about their work, Sri Lanka

look in the mood to scrap every

inch of the way.

Hales is getting closer

to a treasured first Test hundred,

but he will have to wait

a while yet. He was on 94,

only six runs short, when

he fell lbw only 10 minutes

before tea, trying to turn Angelo

Mathews quietly on the

leg side.

He reviewed umpire Rod

Tucker’s decision, but it was

with a wan expression from

a man fearing the worst.

Ball-tracking technology

held that the ball would have

struck the top of leg stump.

Alex Hales played a solid innings for England.

With two 80s to his name

in the series, Hales could at

least console himself that he

had done much to implant

himself at the top of the order,

his composed, if occasionally

fortunate, innings

providing more evidence

that he can successfully adjust

to the demands of the

he suffered a replica of Joe

Root’s dismissal the previous

day - his off stump hit

by a shooter from Nuwan

Pradeep - only for umpire

Tucker to call no-ball.

TV replays suggested

that Pradeep’s heel was behind

the line on first impact,

the umpire perhaps being

five-day game. Without fooled by the bowler’s foot

repeated self-destruction

against Sri Lanka’s spinners

earlier in the series, he could

have been basking in something

even better.

Rain had prevented a

start until 2.40pm, but England

held an overnight lead

of 237 and, despite several

more pesky showers, the day

yielded 45 overs, enough to

keep the Test meaningful.

Hales’ composure held

England’s second innings

together, even if he was

not without fortune. On 58,

slipping forward on landing.

Understandable complaints

that international

umpires were ignoring repeated

no-balls so that they

could concentrate on events

at the business end of the

pitch seem to have caused a

recent reassessment of that

approach, but Tucker’s noball

call for such a borderline

delivery - a wrong call

as it turned out - will not allay


With no chance under

current regulations to use

TV evidence to reverse the

decision, Sri Lanka were

understandably aggrieved.

Those regulations were already

due to be examined at

the ICC annual meeting in

Edinburgh later this month.

Undiplomatically, Sri

Lanka responded by hanging

the national flag from

the Lord’s balcony, which

could either be regarded as

a plucky statement to their

players that they would fight

on regardless of their mounting

ill luck or, conversely, as

an infantile gesture carrying

the implication of umpiring


The request soon came

through for them to take it

down: Lord’s does not allow

flags of any description,

certainly not from dressing

room balconies.

Thilanga Sumathipala,

cont’d on pg 23

22 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Miguel Francis demolishes Racers Grand

Prix 200m field; sets national record

Deborah A Parker

“I expected the time,” Miguel

Francis told Caribbean Times after

his amazing 200m run in Jamaica on

Saturday evening.

The 21-year-old Antiguan and

Barbudan stopped the clock at 19.88

in the 200M at the Racers Grand

Prix, staged at the National Stadium

in Jamaica.

In a field that boasted the likes

of Olympic bronze medalist Warren

Weir (20.32) and Commonwealth gold

medalist Rasheed Dwyer (20.58),

Francis was unstoppable.

Not only did he manage to in fine

style out-class his seniors, but in his

feat posted the third fasted 200 m this

year and set at new national record for

Antigua and Barbuda.

“I did expect the time, because I

started off my season really well, and

I’ve been training I know I

would have done it,” an enthusiastic,

focused and very humble Francis told

this newspaper.

Miguel Francis, centre, set a new national record.

With the Olympics now only several

weeks away, the rising star also coaches Usain Bolt, the world-record-

re-known coach Glen Mills- who also

expects to do exploits on the Brazilian er holder in the said event..

tracks, but for now, he is continuing to Next outing for Francis will be the

train hard with the Racers Track Club national trials on July 9th and 10th.

in Jamaica,under the capable watch of Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston

Browne is among

those who extended congratulations

to Francis.

The PM on Francis’

Facebook page wrote,

“Miguel! Rio gold, nothing

less. Stay focused, disciplined,

confident; with

your good work ethic you

shall rule the world in athletics.

“You are better than

Usain when he was at your

age. He did it and you can

better him.”

“Be assured of the full

support of the Government

and people.” the prime

minister also expressed.

Monday 13th June 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 23

Rahkeem Cornwall scalps 10 for 47 to

crush Empire in ABCA Two-Day finals

By Vanroy Burnes

Rakheem “ Jimbo” Cornwall bowling

was simply too good for the Scotia

Bank Empire team in ABCA two day

finals at the Liberta playing field over

the weekend as the crush tom an innings

and 90 runs defeat.

Batting first after asked to bat first,

Scotia Bank Empire was bundled out

for 94 runs in 36.2 overs with Damian

Lowenfield top scoring with 26, while

Mali Richards and Melvin Charles both

hit 20 runs each.

Bowling for the Liberta Black

Hawks, Rahkeem Jimbo Cornwall

picked five for 10 off 12. Overs, while

Karima Gore, Ian Gore, Javy Benjamin

and Daron Cruickshank all had a wicket


In reply, Liberta Black Hawks declared

their first innings on 386 for 9

with Karima Gore hitting 66, Kofi

James 59, Ian Gore 55, Daron Cruickshank

58 and Rahkeem Jimbo Cornwall

58. Lynton Africa was Empire best

bowler with 2 for 71 and Mali Richards

2 for 21.

Empire batting a second time with

a deficit of 292 runs, was bowled out

for 202 runs in 65.3 overs with Damian

Lowenfield 36, Junie Mills 44, Melvin

Charles 27, Brendon Jno- Baptiste 43

and Mali Richards 25. Rahkeem Jimbo

Cornwall again picked five for 37 and

match figures of ten for 47. Kadeem

Phillip had 2 for 34 and Kofi James 2

for 24.

Liberta Black Hawks won the match

by an innings and 90 runs.

cont’d from pg 21

SLC’s president, called the

decision “unacceptable” and

said: “It will be reported to

the ICC. The flag is a symbol.

It is a mark to say we are

not happy with the decision.

To show solidarity and fight


Sri Lanka also thought

they might have had Hales

on 45 when Shaminda Eranga

brought one back to strike

him on the top of the pad but

umpire S Ravi’s not-out decision

was upheld by virtue

of “umpire’s call” on review.

The breaks in Hales’ favour

were fast adding up.

In reaching 41 by Saturday’s

close, he might have

fallen on 19, if Karunaratne

had clung on to a low chance

to his left at second slip and

again on 39, shortly before

the close, when he glanced

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

Pradeep down the leg side

only for Dinesh Chandimal

to grass the chance. There

were no reports of draped

flags then.

Nevertheless, Hales had

some dominant moments,

too, none better than when

he conquered Rangana Herath’s

over-the-wicket attack

into the rough by hoisting

the left-arm spinner straight

for six, then sweeping his

next delivery for four.

England did lose the

nightwatchman Steven Finn,

lbw to Eranga, clearing the

way for Cook.

His place at No. 7 was

purely happenstance, and

not due to regulations limiting

a player’s place in the

batting order after injury,

explained by the fact that his

mishap while fielding at silly

point was regarded as an external


Cook showed no ill effects

although he, too, flirted

with the vagaries of the review


On 6, Herath spun one

back to hit his thigh, playing

back, but replays showed the

ball had struck him outside

the line.

Then, in Herath’s very

next over, he was struck in

line of off stump by another

sharp spinner, but this Sri

Lanka erroneously chose not

to appeal the original not-out

decision. Hawk-Eye would

have sent the England captain

on his way for 11.

Cook’s unbeaten 49, batting

at No. 7, including a

deep midwicket six into the

Mound Stand off Eranga -

he had hit 10 previously in

Tests - and surely his first

attempted ramp shot. The

latter felt a bit like tipsy dad

on the dancefloor.

Probably judging that

was enough tomfoolery for

one day, he then declared, no

doubt returning to a dressing

room where he commands

so much respect that players

can happily giggle at his adventure.


24 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 13th June 2016

Warner stars with century at Warner Park

David Warner plays a shot against South Africa.

BASSETERRE, St Kitts – David

Warner’s sixth One-Day International

hundred proved the catalyst as Australia

won their second game of the Ballr Cup

Tri-Nations Series with a 36-run victory

over South Africa.

The left-hander extended his rich

vein of form with 109 as the Aussies tallied

288 for six from their 50 overs on

a good batting surface as Warner Park,

marked its 10 th anniversary in international


Seamers Mitchell Starc (3-43) and

Josh Hazlewood (3-52), along with

leg-spinner Adam Zampa (3-52), all

then claimed three wickets as South Africa

folded for 252 off 47.4 overs.

Faf du Plessis top-scored with 63,

opener Hashim Amla stroked 60 and JP

Duminy chimed in with 41, while captain

AB de Villiers scored 39.

South Africa appeared on course for

victory at 177 for two in the 32nd over

but Zampa and Starc mainly triggered a

slide that saw the last eight wickets tumble

for 75 runs.

Earlier, Warner gave the Aussies the

start they needed after opting to bat first,

striking 11 fours and two sixes in an innings

that lasted 120 balls.

He put on 48 for the first wicket

with Aaron Finch, who made 13, and a

further 136 for the second wicket with

Usman Khawaja who scored 59 off 71

balls with four fours and a six, as Australia

controlled the first phase of the game.

Captain Steve Smith chipped in with

an unbeaten 52 from 49 deliveries while

wicketkeeper Matthew Wade made 24.

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir was the best

bowler with two for 45.

Warner’s intent was clear from the

opening over of game when he crashed

the first ball from pacer Kyle Abbott to

the point boundary.

In the fourth over, he punched speedster

Kagiso Rabada to the square boundary

and then lifted him over square leg

for the first of his two sixes.

Tahir accounted for Finch in his

opening over, the 10th of the innings,

when the right-hander missed a sweep

and was bowled off-stump.

Warner and Khawaja then dominated

the Proteas attack, bringing up Australia’s

100 in the 21st over, en route to 127

for one at the half-way point.

Playing in his usual aggressive

style, Warner deposited Tahir onto the

sightscreen in the bowler’s following

over and proceeded to his half-century

off 53 deliveries.

He required 56 more balls to reach

triple figures, arriving at his landmark in

the 32nd over with a single to deep cover

off Abbott.

Khawaja reached his half-century

in the same over but Australia then lost

both he and Warner in the space of 30

balls with 12 runs added.

Warner perished first, pulling pacer

Wayne Parnell to Amla at mid-wicket

in the 35th over and Khawaja followed

soon after, top-edging a sweep at leftarm

spinner Aaron Phangiso to fine leg.

On 196 for three in the 40th, it was

left to Smith to guide the remainder of

the innings.

In reply, South Africa lost Quinton

de Kock for 19 with the score on 35 in

the eighth over but the right-handed pair

of du Plessis and Amla steadied the innings

in a second wicket partnership of


While du Plessis hit five fours off 75

balls, Amla counted six fours and a six

off 64 deliveries.

Amla drove a half-volley from Hazlewood

low to Smith at cover in the

26th over to depart and du Plessis put on

a further 37 for the third wicket with de

Villiers before drivingly loosely at Starc

and falling to a catch at backward point

by George Bailey in the 32nd over.

Things quickly fell apart for South

Africa. De Villiers and Duminy resisted

in a 33-run, fourth wicket stand but once

the skipper missed a swing at Hazlewood

and was bowled in the 38th over,

the innings declined rapidly. (CMC)

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