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TH E DIX FAM ILY: DIXES NEVER QUIT! By: M eli Neubek and Tar esa Fassbender


For those of us who are newer to Ave Maria, it is

hard to imagine the town without Maple Ridge,

Publix, or the Oratory, but the Dix family knows the

town before those things quite well. When they

moved to Ave in 2007, the Oratory was just a

skeleton of what it is now and the vast majority of

the current residential areas were inhabited by

wildlife alone.

The patriarch of the Dix family, Daniel, was present

for the groundbreaking procession as a couple

hundred folks walked in prayer through the tomato

fields and Ave Maria became a town. Daniel and

Monica were also the first to sign a commitment to

open a business in Ave Maria? that business was

The Bean of Ave Maria.

Standing outside of Sunday Mass, Monica Dix, wife

and mother of five, shares that their offertory

envelope is number 27? those envelopes were

handed out to residents starting with number

one? another fact proving their status as one of the

original families in Ave.

When they moved to Ave, they were a family of five,

with the youngest two girls not having been born

yet. Now, they are a family of seven with one dog,

Bob Lee Swagger. The Dix girls are: Isabella Ray,

?Bella,? 13; Gianna Carolina, ?Gigi,? 10; Josephina

Maria, ?Josie,? 9; Gabriella Lucia, ?Gabby,? 5; and Rosa

Emiliana, 2. Daniel and Monica had very specific

plans for their girls?names. Firstly, all of their

names have Italian roots, and most also honor a

family member or patron saint. But secondly, Monica

said, ?we wanted to be sure their names could work

if they wanted to be diplomats or rock stars.?

While unsure if the future has either of those two

careers in store for any of the girls, their current

interests are certainly varied, including track and


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