Volume 4 - Ethnicities Magazine - October

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What? It was lost?<br />

Here we were a week after our 5th year anniversary<br />

and his wonderful milestone fun-packed<br />

birthday celebration week.<br />

How could he be telling me that he had lost<br />

his wedding ring somewhere in this week’s<br />

festivities?<br />

I was so angry at him.<br />

Mad, in fact.<br />

How and when was it lost or misplaced? Maybe when<br />

he took it off on Tuesday to work on the truck and make<br />

sandwiches and salads? Maybe it was later that day<br />

when he had to wash the truck and had to get underneath<br />

to replace the propane. I was angry! I was hurt! And he<br />

was going to know it.<br />

3<br />

Photo: freepik.es<br />

Now intellectually I knew a band doesn’t a<br />

marriage make but it was sentimentally and<br />

spiritually important to me. To us. This was a big<br />

deal. These rings had been exchanged in love<br />

as we were wed. They had been prayed over,<br />

blessed and presented on that beautiful ceremonial<br />

day we had just watched by video the week<br />

before on our anniversary morning.<br />

I didn’t speak to him without ice in my voice for<br />

2 days.<br />

I was no longer going to wear mine.<br />

Let him see how that felt.<br />

Yes, he tried to connect with me, just smooth things<br />

over and move on but I couldn’t. I needed some time<br />

with this milieu of female thoughts and imaginations<br />

running through my head. On day two, I didn’t even want<br />

to be around him. I wanted him to sleep in the doghouse,<br />

except we don’t have a house. Nor a dog. And we<br />

live in New York City. A homeless guy is the usual here.<br />

This time was well spent and utilized for me to come<br />

back to my full senses. After forty-eight hours of thinking<br />

about it all, in between all the things I had to and<br />

needed to do, after forty eight hours of being in my<br />

feelings, owning them and dissecting them, along<br />

with two sister girlfriend conversations, with better<br />

sense and some clarity I spoke to him about it all.

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