Caribbean Times 29th Issue - Friday 4th November 2016


Caribbean Times 29th Issue - Friday 4th November 2016

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Pinchers (in green pants) will headline a star-studded line-up of regional and Antiguan and Barbudan artists to perform on the ‘We Are

One’ concert on Sat 5 Nov, 2016 at the Mack Pond Sports Complex in All Saints Village, Antigua.

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Friday 4th November 2016

Port Chairman reports improvements

By Everton Barnes

Nearly two and a half

years after the new Board of

Directors was appointed at

the Antigua Port Authority

(APA), the chairman is reporting

significant improvements

in its operations.

APA Chairman Senator

Mary Clare Hurst said there

have been marked improvements

in efficiencies at the

port resulting in a better

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managed port authority.

“We have closed the financial

gap of $5 million

in our operations, paid off

practically all outstanding

debts, including the 90 security

officers dismissed back

in 2004, and we have also

paid outstanding back-pay to

the staff,” she reported.

Hurst said the port has

also seen increases in revenues

by 12 percent while at

the same time expenditures

have been kept in check to

match revenues.

Additionally, she disclosed

that after failing to

submitted audited statements

since 2005, the audited statements

for 2006 to 2014 have

been completed and will be

tabled in parliament shortly.

“I am very pleased that

after not being able to submit

audited statements for

By Everton Barnes

Elderly members of the society stand

to gain from a decision of the Cabinet and

which takes immediate effect.

Social Transformation Minister, Samantha

Marshall, disclosed that the Cabinet has

decided to waive all duties for items sent to

people 75 years and older by their families

living overseas.

“We recognize that many of these people

have families who have migrated and who

regularly send a number of items back home.

Quite often, no money is sent to clear the

items at the port and these individuals have

to rely on what little pension they get to clear

the goods from the port.

“Now, we are putting an end to this,” she


many years, the new board

have been able to bring

these statements almost to

the point of being current.

This is another area where

we have also improved at the

port; the area of accountability,”

she added.

As it relates the equipment

used at the port, Hurst

said there have been improvements

there as well.

“We have repaired one of

the cranes and we will be acquiring

another shortly, and

as we prepare for the Christmas

season, the plan is to

have two stackers operating

on the inside – one manual

and the other electrical –

and the third one that uses

diesel operating on the outside.

This will significantly

reduce the exhaust that has

affected work in the warehouse

and which has been a

constant source of complaint

from the staff,” she revealed.

One troubling point for

the port chairman is the complaints

of thievery of goods

imported into the country,

particularly those that come

in barrels.

“I have issued apologies

to those who have lost goods

at the port and I have also

assured them that we are

taking steps to reduce the

incidence of this practice,”

Hurst stated.

She said as a matter of

policy an investigation will

take place into the allegations,

but already the port

will be implementing measures

to deal with the problem.

These include increased

surveillance of the port and a

limiting the number of people

entering the port who are

not workers.

Help coming for the elderly

She said sometimes the elderly visit her

ministry seeking waiver of duties but that in

many cases they do not come.

The decision, she noted, is to make it

clear and across the board that all persons of

that group will benefit from henceforth.

According to Minister Marshall the list

of the goods covered by the Cabinet decision

will be sent to the Comptroller of Customs

for immediate implementation.

The extensive list of items include medical

supplies such as wheel-chairs, walking

sticks, special beds, shower rails, commodes,

special toilets, adult diapers, bed pans, special

medicines for diabetes, vitamins, energy

drinks and others.

All taxes due on these items have now

been waived with immediate effect.

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Pinchers & WCK to perform in All Saints this weekend

By Renio Abbott

This weekend the All

Saints community will host

two events to celebrate their

25 th Anniversary tournament

at the Mock Pond playing

field. Senator Collin James

who is the Parliamentary

Secretary of Sports, Culture

and National Festivals, also

the President of the Helping

Hand Foundation and President

of the Young Warriors

Football club will be having

a weekend of activities.

This fundraising concert

will be held at the Mock

pond playing field and sports

complex which are needy of

refurbishing hence the reason

of the concert and sporting

event. James stated that

the Young warriors football

club will be the host of this

weekend event, three teams

from the community to include

Sweet and All Saints

will be a part of the tournament.

The top football club

from St. Kitts (Garden hot

Spurs) will also be a part of


The cost of this will be

shared between the St. Kitts

club and the Young warriors

club of Antigua for the tickets

expense and is asking the

public to give a kind donation

toward the meals and

accommodation it could be

$1. $5, $10 no matter your

contribution a contribution

box will be at the gate.

The Saturday first gam

e starts at 3pm All Saints V

Young warriors, then at 5

pm St. Kitts V Sweets. The

Sunday at 4 pm the 2 losers

will play against each other.

At 6pm the grand finally of

the two winners, the games

will be free.

The concert “we are One

“ will be held on the Sunday

where at 6 pm a matinee for

children will take place, then

at 8pm the adult component

starts with the help of the

Jamaican Sports and Culture

Minister Oliver Bapcie

Granger who was very influential

towards his venture an

early thank you also the government

of Dominica

The lineup are as follows

Pinchers from Jamaica

WCK from Dominica,

M&M music, King Bankers,

lady Melody, Mad Tiguan’s,

Lion King, Zambi and his

band, from Barbuda Queen

Stabba, and Ikey john the

admission for this event is

children under 12 pay $10,

Regular $35 , and VIP $100

. tickets can be purchase at

Town House Mega Store,

Cool & Smooth ,Hakims, island

Original ( Frank I Sport

shop) Super Power, and Antigua


All proceeds goes toward

the reconstruction of the

complex and field.

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Friday 4th November 2016

Nigerian group explores investments

By Joanna Paris

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture,

the Antigua and Barbuda Bureau

of Standards, supermarkets, representatives

from the private sector and the Inter-American

Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

(IICA) are participating in a two-day forum

focusing on “GAP Auditing Techniques”.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and

Good Handling Practices (GHP) are voluntary

audits that verify that fruits and vegetables

are produced, packed, handled, and

stored as safely as possible to minimize risks

of microbial food safety hazards.

Director of the ABBS, Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues,

explained that the Organization of

Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) as part of

By Everton Barnes

A Nigerian team is currently in Antigua

exploring possibilities for investments

in the country.

The team from the Nigerian Army

Property Ltd (NAPL) is headed by Brigadier-General

Umanu Mohammed and

it comprises of five persons, all with different

specialties. NAPL is the entity that

handles resources set aside to take care of

retired military officials in Nigeria. The

company’s task is to invest into profitable

enterprises for the benefit of the retirees.

“The NAPL team is here to examine

Antigua and Barbuda’s investment potential.

The group is looking at the possibility

of investing in a hotel property

as well as to explore establishing trade

routes between West Africa and the Caribbean

with Antigua and Barbuda as a

hub for direct flight from Nigeria,” Cabinet

spokesman Lionel Max Hurst reported.

He stated that the group met with the

Cabinet on Thursday after first meeting

with Prime Minister Gaston Browne in

Dubai earlier.

According to Hurst the team expressed

frustration with communications

links between the Caribbean and West

Africa and noted that there are excellent


At ABNAB, we have often

been asked if all diplomas

carry the same value. Recent

queries have been about the

weight of the Executive Diploma.

A diploma, in broad

terms, is a certificate or document

issued by an educational

institution to students who

have successfully completed

a particular course of programme

of study.

There are many types of

diplomas used by educational

institutions internationally,

issued at various levels. For

example, in some jurisdictions

like the US, diplomas

are issued by schools to students

upon completion of

their high school education.

In Canada, diplomas are issued

by two year colleges of

arts and technology. In England,

diplomas are awarded

to 14 -19 year old students

who have established their

’work readiness’ in specific

areas. In that jurisdiction as

well, Higher Diplomas are at

a level just below the bachelor’s

level. Internationally,

postgraduate diplomas are

recognised certificates for

certain courses beyond the

ABBS hosts Standard Audit Workshop

the 10 th EDF programme has identified the

need to establish a certification framework

for the region.

She emphasized that training in GAP is

essential to ensuring that the country’s farmers

are in keeping with internationally accepted


“You are the persons that we are going to

go out to the farms and go out to the various

entities and literally audit or ensure that they

do that which they say they are doing”, she


The workshop’s facilitator is Sheryl Anderson

representing the Bureau of Standards

from Jamaica.

The forum is taking place the ABBS

Headquarters on Old Parham Road.

possibilities for trade between the two areas.

The Nigerian team will spend eight

days in St John’s meeting with government

officials, members of the private

sector and bankers as well as visit places

of interest as part of the tour of the country.

Hurst also reported that the team has

expressed an interest in establishing a

direct air link between Nigeria and the

United States with Antigua serving as a

stop-over on the route.

He said government welcomes any

group that has expressed an interest in

bringing direct foreign investments into

the country.

Do all diplomas carry the same value?

bachelor’s level.

In our region, diplomas

are also issued at levels below

as well as above the bachelor’s

level. In the case of the

Executive Diploma, focus is

placed on the development or

enhancement of workplace

skills and competencies for

professionals in business of

industry. The programme is

quite intensive and carries

much weight. An example of

this is the Executive Diploma

offered by the University of

the West Indies which can

be used as matriculation into

the Executive Masters programme.

It must be stressed however,

that the value of diplomas

issued at any level,

is also linked to the status

of the institution that issued

the diploma. If there are persons

who have any doubts

or concerns about the value

or currency of a diploma or

any other type of certification

they have received, they can

seek advice from the Antigua

and Barbuda National Accreditation


Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

St. Kitts PM Harris meets Georgia’s PM

Other photo shows Prime Minister

Dr. the Honourable Timothy

Harris seated next to Ms. Heidi-Lynn

Sutton, Regulator in the

Nevis Island Administration.


Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable

Timothy Harris met

today, Thursday, November

3 rd , with Prime Minister Giorgi

Kvirikashvili of Georgia

to advance the cause of

St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Georgian leader

warmly received the Prime

Minister of St. Kitts and

Nevis, and they exchanged

pleasantries before Prime

Minister Kvirikashvili introduced

Dr. Harris to his

Minister of Finance, Nodar

Khaduri, and Minister

of Foreign Affairs, Mikheil


The two leaders explored

areas of collaboration between

both countries. Areas

of interest include education

and training in a range of

subjects such as engineering,

medicine and maritime

studies, as well as support

in the development of information

and communications

technology (ICT)

platforms. Georgia, which

has an emerging free market

economy, has developed

an excellent e-government

platform that provides a onestop

shop featuring over 400


The leaders also discussed

sustainable development

goals; the workings of

the Association Agreement

between the European Union

(EU) and Georgia, which


Authentic Caribbean beachfront resorts

in the Elite Island Resorts portfolio

have won prestigious 2016 Magellan

Awards from Travel Weekly. The

awards recognize the best organizations

and individuals in a broad range

of travel industry sectors.

In the hospitality segment, two Elite

Island Resorts properties earned Gold

Magellan Awards, the highest award

possible. St. James’s Club Morgan Bay

in St. Lucia won in the Family Resort

category, and The Club, Barbados Resort

& Spa won in the Upscale Resort

category. Also in the hospitality segment,

Silver Magellan Awards were

bestowed on two Antigua properties:

The Verandah Resort & Spa in the

Eco-Friendly “Green” category and St.

James’s Club & Villas in the Beach Resort


“Since our inception, our top priority

has been to create a collection of

resorts that best exemplify the essence

of the Caribbean experience, with each

offering a unique charm for discerning

travelers,” said Steven Heydt, President

of Elite Island Resorts.

“These awards indicate that our industry

colleagues recognize the exceptional

quality of our resort properties,

Pictured at left: Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris

and Ms. Heidi-Lynn Sutton, Regulator in the Nevis Island Administration.

Pictured at right: Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili of

Georgia at centre. Next to the Prime Minister of Georgia, in the

foreground, is Nodar Khaduri, his Minister of Finance. Next to the

Prime Minister of Georgia, in the background, is Mikheil Janelidze,

his Minister of Foreign Affairs.

fully entered into force

on July 1 st , 2016; reforms

made and being carried out

by Prime Minister Harris’

Team Unity government and

Prime Minister Kvirikashvili’s

Georgian Dream government,

and Russia-Georgia

relations. Over the weekend,

Prime Minister Kvirikashvili

pledged to further

strengthen economic and

cultural ties with Russia.

Ms. Heidi-Lynn Sutton,

Regulator in the Nevis Island

Administration, supported

Prime Minister Harris

at the meeting.

Elite Island Resorts wins four 2016 Magellan awards

and will reinforce our commitment to

maintaining the high standards that

keep our guests coming back.”

Winners are chosen by a unique

panel of outstanding professionals in

travel and media. In determining the

awards, entries do not compete with

one another, instead they are judged

against a standard of excellence based

on the extensive experience of Travel


All of this year’s winners will be

highlighted in the magazine’s October

31 issue. A complete online list of the

winners is available at

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Friday 4th November 2016

Internet Gaming: The US-

Antigua and Barbuda contention

For over 12 years, the governments

of Antigua and Barbuda and the United

States have been involved in a contention

over an award by the World Trade

Organisation in favour of Antigua and

Barbuda over internet gaming.

In March 2004, an Arbitration Panel

set up by the World Trade Organisation

(WTO) found that the US had

violated its commitments under the

General Agreement on Trade in Services

(GATS) to allow cross-border

access to its market for internet gaming.

The adjudication by a WTO panel

that Antigua and Barbuda has been

deprived of trade revenues, was upheld

three times by Appeal Tribunals.

What now exists is a contention

over a satisfactory compensatory proposal

from the US that would cause

Antigua and Barbuda not to implement

the WTO award it has been

granted. The award authorises Antigua

and Barbuda to sell US copyrighted

material without having to pay

royalties/fees, up to a value of US$21

million a year until the US offers a

proposal, acceptable to Antigua and

Barbuda, either to settle the matter or

to allow access to its market for internet


At any time that the Government

of Antigua and Barbuda determines

that the discussions it has been holding

with the US Trade Representative’s

Office (USTR) are fruitless, it

can notify the WTO of its intention to

implement the judgement and to market

US intellectual property without

copyright up to US$21 million a year.

Antigua and Barbuda has both a

moral and a legal right to compensation

from the US. It is the US that

has violated its international treaty

obligations; not Antigua and Barbuda.

Indeed, in 2003, the Antigua

and Barbuda government, under then

Prime Minister Lester Bird, entered

good faith consultations with the US

to rectify the loss of trade revenues

and the damage to the economy. Only

after the US declined to provide compensation

did Antigua and Barbuda

reluctantly ask the WTO to arbitrate

the matter. Successor governments,

led by former Prime Minister Baldwin

Spencer and present Prime Minister

Gaston Browne, have demonstrated

great forbearance over the years since


The Moral Right

With respect to the moral right,

a tiny country with a population of

less than 100,000 people and a GDP

of US$1 billion has found itself at a

trade disadvantage, damaging to its

economy, because, for over 12 years,

the US with a population of 350 million

people and a GDP of US$17,947

billion has not found it possible either

to reach an acceptable settlement or to

allow market access.

In addition to not compensating

Antigua and Barbuda for its significant

loss of revenues, jobs and economic

growth, the US has collected the sum

of US$1,209,312,776.91 (US$1.2billion)

in fines, forfeitures and seizures

from persons and operators in Antigua

and Barbuda up to 2015.

The US has also benefitted from

a surplus of trade in goods from

Antigua and Barbuda over the period

2004 to 2014 in the sum of

US1,892,400,000.00 (US$1.89 billion).

By Sir Ronald Sanders

Adding the trade surplus in goods

to the sum the US gained from penalties,

seizures and fines imposed on internet

gaming persons and businesses

that operated in Antigua, the US gain

over the period of this controversy is

US$3 billion.

Over eleven years (2003-2014) of

the internet gaming impasse, US aid

to Antigua and Barbuda amounted to

US$8.5 million or an annual average of

seven hundred and seventy-six thousand

dollars (US$776,669.00). More

than 90% of this money went to military

training from the US Department

of Defence, primarily for counter drug

trafficking. When this sum is deducted

from the US trade surplus with Antigua

and Barbuda, the US still benefits

by US$1.88 billion.

The Legal Right

Antigua and Barbuda is asserting a

legal right awarded to it by the WTO,

the competent legal authority, empowered

by 164 nations of the world

and recognised by treaty, to provide a

cont’d on pg 7

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

British PM publicly withdraws support for

Commonwealth boss, Baroness Scotland

Theresa May has delivered

a hammer blow to Baroness

Scotland by publicly

withdrawing her personal

support for the embattled

Commonwealth boss.

Pressed repeatedly if the

troughing Labour Peer still

commanded the backing of

Number 10, the PM’s official

spokeswoman refused

to express confidence.

She only said: “The PM

supports the role of Secretary

General of the Commonwealth

and the important

work the office does.”

The shunning came despite

Britain backing Baroness

Scotland for the top

£160,000 diplomatic slot

last year.

It also comes after days

of embarrassing expenses

revelations and it emerged

the troubled Commonwealth

HQ run by Baroness Scotland

is broke.

On Tuesday No 10 had

heaped praise on the troubled

Commonwealth boss

saying she had a “vital role

to do” and was “playing an

important part” in taking the

union of 52 nations forward.

But this new blow from

the British government will

heap pressure on Baroness

Scotland to quit her the diplomatic


Other big hitters are Canada

and Australia who stump

up £3.3 million and £2 million


The spendaholic Commonwealth

Secretary General

is under fire after it

emerged a “big contributor”

to the 52 strong union of nations

had stepped in to fill

the financial black hole.

Probed on whether the

UK had “stepped in”, last

night the Foreign Office

said: “The UK’s contribution

is being processed in

line with our normal processes

and the timescale for

this has not been finalised.”

“Therefore we are not

in a position to make commitments

about when payment

should be expected.”

Source: The Sun UK

cont’d from pg 6

legal and institutional framework for

the implementation and monitoring of

trade agreements (such as the GATS),

as well as for settling disputes arising

from their interpretation and application.

In pursuing its right, Antigua and

Barbuda, as the injured party, is doing

nothing more than following the law

and respecting the authority of the

WTO. If Antigua and Barbuda is forced

to implement the award of the WTO, it

would be exercising a legal right just

as the US has done in relation to many

other countries when arbitration decisions

have been made in its favour.

What prospects for a settlement?

Antigua and Barbuda remains determined

to reach a settlement that

rectifies its loss of trade revenues. Every

diplomatic effort is being made

to show the US that US$21 million a

year is the paltry sum of .000001% of

its GDP; indeed, the loss to the Antigua

and Barbuda economy of U$$217

million from 2007 to now is a mere

.0012% of one year of the US GDP

– in other words, it is nothing to the

US; but it is significant to Antigua and


Discussions with the US government

are ongoing. The US wants to

withdraw its international commitments

under the GATS and to restrict

its market for internet gaming to its

domestic operators only. But it cannot

do so until Antigua and Barbuda

agrees; there is no likelihood of such

an agreement until a settlement is


The US has been trying to guard its

intellectual property from predators,

and it would be troubled by Antigua

and Barbuda exercising its legal right

to sell US copyrighted material without

paying fees. Antigua and Barbuda

understands and sympathises with the

US position. Therefore, if the government

decides to implement the WTO

award and to market US intellectual

property without the payment of copyright

fees, it would only be because it

is forced to do so by the absence of

an acceptable settlement. There is a

growing possibility of this happening

as the level of frustration rises.

The US utilises the WTO dispute

settlement machinery more than any

other country; it values the Organisation

and expects its decisions to

be upheld. Therefore, given that the

grave and serious loss to the Antigua

and Barbuda economy since 2007 is

.0012% of one year of the GDP of the

US, it is entirely within the capacity

and interest of the US to settle the issue

in a mutually satisfactory way.

Equity, fairness and the law would

suggest that the US should bring this

protracted matter to an end, particularly

as it has a vested interest in

preserving the standing of WTO decisions.

And, as President Barack

Obama has pointed out at the United

Nations on several occasions right

should not be ignored by might.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed

in this Op-ed are those of the

author and do not necessarily reflect

the views of Caribbean Times.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 4th November 2016

Drastic set to release “Where I’m From”

It has been two years

since Drastic has been

abroad; but while he has

been off island physically,

his heart remains in his beloved

homeland of Antigua

and Barbuda.

In recent times, the Artist/Grammy


Songwriter/Singer has ventured

out across the world

working with Jah Cure - International

Jamaican Reggae

Artist, collaborating with

top Nigerian Artist Niniola

on the new single “Shaba –

The Remix”, and the legendary

Shurwayne Winchester

of Trinidad who recently

released the song “Oxygen”,

written by Kamau Georges

and Drastic.

Drastic has also just released

a music video, Dirty

Dancing, which is fast becoming

a sensation and

gaining lots of love.

As busy as he has been

behind the scenes representing

Antigua independently

overseas, he continues to

emphasize his love and patriotism

for his homeland.

The Artist depicts that truly,

“home is where the heart

is”, as he is set to release

Where I’m From - a song

from the heart produced by

“Justin Nation” aka Jus Bus,

and featuring Antiguan born

Travis Philip, also known as

Tha Shya, son of former

Antiguan Calypsonian

“Chalice”. Tha Shya is also

Drastic’s cousin.

Drastic says, “Where

I’m From is my gift in song

to the people of Antigua and

Barbuda and all who can relate

to the message. Where

I’m From speaks about the

blessings of God on our islands

and calls for more love

and togetherness among our

people. It also supports the

2016 Independence Theme,

“Building an Economic

Powerhouse Together” as

it encourages Antiguans and

Barbudans to “strive to be

great” with “each endeavouring

and all achieving”.

Drastic wishes all Antiguans

and Barbudans a happy

and blessed 35th Anniversary

of Independence.

The Music Video Where

I’m From will be released

on 31st October, 2016 on

Drastic’s YouTube channel -

It will also be available at

at 6am on that day.

Also, Drastic will shortly

be releasing his highly anticipated

mixtape #OFFSEA-

SON Hosted by one of the

TOP DJ’s in the WORLD

- “Willy Chin” of “Black

Chiney Sounds”. It will be

available for FREE download

digitally online on

Keep up to date with the

Artist by liking his fan page,,

or by simply following him

on Instagram, Snapchat and

twitter @ThisIzDrastic.

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9


OCT 22 - NOV 30, 2016







Prices are correct at the time of going to print. Courts reserves the right to subsequently change prices without notice. Offers available while stocks last. All finance terms are subject to credit

approval. Weekly prices are based on Gold 36 months repayment plan. 3 to 36 months credit plans available. See in-store for details.

The Courts App and

Cook App Available Now






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Friday 4th November 2016

OECS businesses exhibit in Cuba’s

largest trade fair FIHAV 2016

From left: Translator Yanisber Reinosa Perez, Paula Calderon from Caribbean Awnings, Cathy Charles

from Harris Paints, Ing. Jose R. Daniel Alonso, Director General of Development of the Cuban Ministry

of Tourism and His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Charles Isaac, Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to Cuba.

Havana, Cuba – Businesses

from St. Vincent and

the Grenadines, Antigua

and Barbuda, Dominica,

Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and

Nevis and Grenada are participating

in Cuba’s largest

annual multi-sector trade

fair, the 34th Havana International

Trade Fair, FIHAV

2016, running from the

31st October to the 4th November.

Director General of the

OECS, His Excellency Dr.

Didacus Jules said FIHAV

was the principal venue in

which OECS businesses

could gain exposure to not

only the growing domestic

Cuban market but commercial

linkages to more than

seventy-five countries who

were also participating in

the global trade fair.

“Through OECS Member

State Ambassadors to

Cuba working in collaboration

with the Competitive

Business and Trade Policy

Units of the OECS Commission

and with support

from the European Union,

we have been able to facilitate

the participation and

promotion of OECS businesses

to the world.

“The OECS has historically

enjoyed strong relations

with Cuba across a

number of functional areas

of cooperation including

health and education and

now with the Cuban Government’s

desire to diversify

international economic

relations, we are positioning

to ensure OECS businesses

are supported to

successfully enter the Cuban


“We recognise that the

non-state sector in Cuba

is growing, as evidenced

for example by plans to

add before 2016, 3000 new

hotel rooms to the flourishing

tourism sector and the

establishment of the ambitious

Mariel Special Development

Zone (ZEDM)

intended to attract foreign

direct investment.

“This growth will invariably

drive increasing

demand for products and

services across a range of

sectors including for example

high end building products

such as paint, blinds

and awnings to manufactured

food items for which

the OECS is uniquely

placed both competitively

and geographically to service.

“We are confident with

the passage of time and

with the appropriate levels

of support, OECS businesses

can also replicate

the success of Baron Foods

Ltd. who will not only export

to Cuba but will also

be manufacturing there

too” said Dr. Jules.

Saint Lucia’s Ambassador

to Cuba, His Excellency

Ambassador Dr. Charles

Isaac said Cuba in collaboration

with OECS Heads of

Mission had collaborated

to facilitate the consolidation

of the traditional relationship

existent from one

that has been traditionally

based on political solidarity

to the emergence of one

based on trade.

“In this regard we have

had a Caribbean Business

Forum organised by

the Cuban Government in

2015 attended by a number

of businesses entities within

the region including the

cont’d on pg 11

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

India threatening to withdraw funding for

Commonwealth over Baroness Scotland’s spending

INDIA have hinted

they could pull their Commonwealth

funding after

spendaholic Labour Peer

Baroness Scotland left the

organisation’s HQ penniless.

The revelations will

increase pressure on the

embattled £160,000-a-year

Commonwealth Secretary-General

to quit after a

slew of embarrassing revelations

about her expenses.

Indian government

sources briefed local media

that they have “concerns

in how the budget is being

spent” by the British boss

and former Labour Cabinet


The embarrassing slap

down comes just days before

Theresa May arrives in

India on an official visit.

Last week Baroness

Scotland was forced to

“lobby member states”

to “expedite” payment

of their membership fees

cont’d from pg 10


“Subsequent to this we had the participation

of most of those entities in FIHAV

2015 and now 2016 supplemented by a

continual dialogue and engagement between

business entities of the OECS and

their Cuban counterparts.

“Baron Foods as an example have just

signed a contract for the first container

shipment of condiments and sauces to


“We have continued to engage the

process for other companies who are at

to fill a massive financial

black hole.

An emergency meeting

at the Commonwealth Secretariat

— funded by grants

from all member states

— was called to discuss

money troubles.

Former Attorney General

Patricia Scotland, who

is the most senior political

chief of the group, is facing

mounting pressure to explain

a £450,000 makeover

of her grace-and-favour

Mayfair flat and employment

of expensive Labour


She brought in celebrity

interior designer Nicky

Haslam to oversee the

project, wasting £4,020 on

a mirrored cupboard and

£4,000 on new curtains.

£5,000 was spent on a

“vanity unit” and £2,000 on

bathroom tiles.

A devastating cache of

documents leaked to the

Guido Fawkes blog by

a Commonwealth whistleblower

reveals that

Baroness Scotland’s was

warned against the spending


Officials warned Baroness

Scotland her lavish

choices would “increase

the total cost for the refurbishment

from the original

£230k to near £450k”.

An aide wrote: “there

are no spare funds in

the budget”, so the extra

spending meant “going further

into reserves or cutting

programme expenditure”.

The expenses details

came when Baroness Scotland

was already struggling

to explain why she had

employed another Labour

Peer on a £30,000 contract,

ignoring recruitment rules.

She was already under

fire for hiring two former

New Labour spin doctors

£48,000 each for three

months work.

In a new escalation to

various stages of market access negotiations

and expect in the not too distant

future, a number of other companies will

have access to the Cuban market.

“Cuban authorities have consistently

emphasized their willingness to accommodate

Caribbean business entities given

the traditional good relations that have

been maintained and supported over the


“This is important as we are now provided

a window of opportunity by the Cuban

authorities to enter the Cuban market”

said Ambassador Dr. Isaac.

the row The Sun understands

Baroness Scotland

“has been lobbying with

member states to pay their

contributions, and has received

assurances from at

least one big contributor

that they will expedite payment

of the dues.”

Along with Britain,

Canada and Australia, Indian

taxpayers are the largest

contributors to the Commonwealth


New Delhi newspaper

The Wire reported Indian

government sources claiming:

“We are the fourth

largest financial contributor

to the Commonwealth.

“We have concerns in

how the budget is being


Indian government insiders

added that Baroness

Scotland “was already under

a cloud when she came

in, so after that, when the

reports about renovations

are published, these compound

our worries about

her effectiveness.”

A source told The Wire:

“Remaining in the Commonwealth

is a legacy issue…

But, reducing funds

is still a possibility if the

situation persists”.

Baroness Scotland previously

courted controversy

after refusing to resign

as Attorney General in

2009 after being exposed

for employing an illegal


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 4th November 2016

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. ‘’Where the Wild Things ---


4. Optimistic

10. Ann or May

14. Stout creator of Nero


15. Cavern

16. Litmus-reddening substance

17. Cause of a blowup

18. Start of a warning to mudslingers

20. Apprehensive

22. Nobel laureate Sakharov

23. Split

24. Memphis-to-Nashville dir.

25. Chop finely

28. Footrest

31. Nativity scene setting

32. Canoeist’s trudge

35. Chronicle

36. Part 2 of the warning

40. Sucker

41. Ache or pain, e.g.

42. Flashing light

45. Observers of the midnight


49. Investor’s holding

50. Lousy

52. Irked

53. Like some pools or sports

55. On the up and up

57. End of the warning

60. Candle count

61. Decorative water server

62. Muzzle loader

63. It’s either positive or negative

64. One-seater race

65. Praises mightily

66. Cell’s protein producer


1. Conductor Toscanini

2. Milk curdler

3. Scope

4. Sounds of disgust

5. Quarry

6. Greet the king

7. ‘’Training Day’’ actor


8. Make amends

9. Lincoln’s wife

10. A --- point (example)

11. With great poignancy

12. Dainty dish of blackbirds

13. Mag. bosses

19. Racy role for Shirley

21. Ratify

24. It may require a fee

26. Corp. bigshots

27. Unit of energy

29. ‘’The --- Squad’’

30. Begin a revolt

31. Emulates Frosty

33. Teller’s sub

34. Looked slackjawed

36. Swearing-in pledge

37. Lifted

38. Fried rice cooker

39. Out of place

40. Sound at a fish fry

43. Cantankerous

44. Hospital capacity

46. Fuzzy yarn

47. Territory explored by Lewis

and Clark

48. One of a noted sister act

50. Crystals used in soap and


51. Mealtime lure

54. Storybook brute

55. Granny, for one

56. Lottery chances

57. Waikiki wear

58. Have the rights to

59. Modern address

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Cloudy with occasional rain


High - 83ºF

Low - 76ºF

Wind: South South East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.06 am; Sunset 5.34 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Of course it’s rude not to call

people back, but it’s maybe

worse to engage in the inevitable

conversation that would

happen were you to confront

instead of avoid the person.


Dec. 21). Generally speaking,

people don’t learn by

talking. There’s great potential

to soak up exactly

what you’ve been wanting to

know, but you’ll have to listen

more carefully than the

others to get it.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). It’s funny about realizations.

Sometimes they aren’t

so “real” after all, especially

if they come when tired or

stressed or intoxicated. Write

them down anyway, and see

what they look like in the

light of a different day.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You can’t believe all you

hear, or, in today’s case, all

you experience firsthand. As

for the commotion that topples

uncontrollably over this

day, history will balance the

tale, reveal its layered interest

and also its usefulness.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March

20). You’ll be drawn to the

winding, shady path. First

of all, it’s cooler. Secondly,

there’s more mystery

when you don’t know what

or whom you’ll find around

each bend.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Take the pressure off. Save

the hard goals for another

day. When you go in with

the intention of having fun,

you’re more likely to hit a

few of your other intentions

along the way.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re a giver. You would

never shoo the breadbasket

away without asking everyone

else at the table if they

wanted some. As for those

who don’t share your good

manners, well — today you

should take that as a red flag.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

Love can sneak up and startle

or it can sidle up like it’s always

been there. Love is sure

to change tones over and over

for anyone who stays in long

enough. Does it really matter

who says “I love you” first?

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Maybe

they won’t like you when

you’re mad, but when you

get mad the very last thing

you care about is whether or

not they like you. In this regard,

and in many others, it

all works out today.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

The best thing to strive for

today (maybe the only thing

worth striving for all week)

is personal improvement.

The worst thing to strive for

is perfection, with approval

coming in at a close second

in the category.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Your elastic heart will go to

the far reaches and then snap

back home. Because as much

as you are capable of loving

those far away and very

different from you, the ones

close to you need you more.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Very impatient people are

the very definition of uncool.

You’ll help yourself stay out

of the category by planning

ahead to avoid the obvious

frustrations such as traffic

and long lines.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 4th November 2016

Under 20 team praised for achievement

By Marver Woodley

All praises for the National under

20 team should go to the team for its

silver medal performance in the Caribbean

Football Union’s (CFU) Under-20

Tournament are the words being

said by Head coach of the team

George Warner.

Warner, who returned from Curacao

on Monday night before the

team, noted that the players always

had hope they could win the tournament

and never gave up, even after

the fatal blow to Haiti was dealt.

According to Warner the team

By Marver Woodley

The interim President of


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and brief cover letter to

worked their socks off, working

tooth and nail, continuously fighting

throughout the tournament.

They played some tremendous


Although thy loss the advancement

into the last four circle of the

CFU tournament, automatically

qualified the young Benna Boys for

the final round of the CONCACAF

World Cup Qualifiers slated for 2017

in Costa Rica.

Warner anticipates that preparation

for the 2017 encounter, could

get off to an early start but notes that

the Antigua and Barbuda

Draught Association, Trevor

Cranston has hailed the

organization’s first tournament

as a success.

The newly formed

Draught Association held

its Independence tournament

over the weekend

at the City Park on High

Street, and according to the

President although the turnout

could have been better

the players must be given time to recuperate.

Meantime, Gordon Derrick, General

Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda

Football Association (ABFA)

and President of the CFU, highlighted

the achievement of defender

Vashami Allen who was the only

other player, outside of the Haitians,

to make it onto the tournament’s All

Stars team.

Antigua & Barbuda played their

last game of the semifinals on Sunday

against Haiti where they were

defeated 4-0.

Independence Draught Tournament hailed a success

he suspects that the initiative

will grow over time as

the competition was highly


A number of Draught

veterans competed in the

tournament as they battled

for the top three positions

the winners of the

first event are as follows;

“Future Kid” Fredrick who

played 12 matches and accumulated

86 points came

third, Anthony Tony Gums

came second after playing

12 matches as well and

accumulating 89 points,

while National Champion

Bernard Wilier bagged the

top position after playing

12 matches as well and

amassing an astonishing 98


The Independence

Draught tournament was

sponsored by Joseph Martin

of Photogenesis. The

winners received plaques

and monetary prizes.

Friday 4th November 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Dame Louise Lake

Tack The Short Term Fund-raising Committee of the St.

John’s Cathedral present The Annual Black Tie Dinner &

Dance. Friday 25th November, 2016, 7:30 p.m. until. Grand

Royal Antiguan Resort. Price $175.00 Entertainment by the

Specialist Band, Chiki Hi-fi, door prizes, lots of surprises,

including the Master of Ceremonies who is a Priest. Continue

to support our efforts as all funds raised will assist the

ongoing restoration work at our beloved Cathedral.

The St. John’s Branch of the Mothers’ Union invites one and

all to their Goat Water and Souse evening at the Dean William

Lake Car Park St. John’s Street. Friday 18th November

2016 3-6p.m. Tickets only $15ec. And can be bought from

any member of the organization or at the Deanery Office. All

proceeds in aid of their community outreach programs.

The Helping Hand Foundation will be staging a fundraising

post-independence concert on 5th November, 2016 at

the Mack Pond Playing Field from 5pm – until. The show

will feature top Antigua & Barbuda artists and performers

alongside regional artists. Proceeds from the concert will go

towards funding development programs in the communities

of All Saints, Swetes, John Hughes and Old Road.



Notice is hereby given for the Annual General Meeting of

Club El Dorado to be held on:

Sunday 13th November 2016

Venue : Paradise Café Market Street St Antigua

Time: 4:30 PM


The business to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting

shall be as follows:-

1. Minutes

2. Matters Arising out of the Minutes

3. Consideration of Financial Report

4. Any other Business

5. Election of New Committee of Management

6. Appointment of Trustees

Amendment to Article 24 Laws and Bye Laws

1. All registered members of the Club are entitled to vote.

Members MUST pay at least eight (8) out of twelve months

contribution to be recognized as a financial member to be

elected to office.

Article 25 Laws and Bye Laws

The Quorum at all meetings must be one fifth (1/5) of the

general membership.

On the 19th November 2016 the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Cadets Corps will be hosting a Lunch and Fun Fair at

the House Culture Parliament Drive. As the Tourism Cadets

Corps is nearing the end of the 2016 Program, a cadet’s ability

to effectively manage a project is an integral part of the student’s

success in the program. The Tourism Cadets invite you

to come and experience tomorrow’s Tourism leaders through

song, dance, music and service on November 19th 2016, Old

Parliament Building. All funds raised will go towards the

graduation which is slated for December 16th 2016.

All members of the public,corporate citizens, schools,

churches and visitors are requested to support the 2016 annual

poppy appeal, with their voluntary donations, to help

the local national veterans and widows who are in need. This

year`s Remembrance ceremony will be held on Sunday 13

November 2016 at the Cenotaph/ War Memorial. For further

information call the Chairman on 720-0058, the PRO on

721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on 561-1062.

The Ministry of Health and the Environment is in the process

of moving to its new headquarters location on Lower High

Street for the rest of the week. Members of the general public

are asked to take note of this important information as normal

operation may be interrupted between November 2nd to

the 4th and work will be done on a minimum basis. We look

forward to serving the public more efficiently from our new

location on lower high street as of Monday November 7th


The Liberta Wesleyan Holiness Church invites you to its

Harvest Fun Fair on Saturday November 26th, 2016, from

12:00pm – 7:00pm on the church grounds in Liberta. There

will be lots of attractions for the children including bounce

castle, face painting, donkey ride. Other attractions include

hat show competition, live music and entertainment. Come

and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and the

bountiful blessings from the Lord. An entry fee of $2:00 will

be charged per person. All proceeds from the fair will go

towards the building of the new sanctuary.

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association, are notified of the monthly general meeting

on Saturday 5 November 2016 at 3 pm at the Association`s

Headquarters on Prime Minister`s Drive. The three items on

the agenda will be: The POPPY APPEAL 2016; The 35th

National INDEPENDENCE CEREMONY on 1 November

2016; The World War I (1914-1918) and World War II

(1939-1945) REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY on 13 November

2016. Please be on time or notify the Chairman on

720-0058, the PRO on 721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on

561-1062 of any apologies.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 4th November 2016

Kraigg Brathwaite leads

West Indies to famous win

SHARJAH - Kraigg

Brathwaite became the first

opener to be unbeaten in both

innings of a Test, as he led

West Indies to an absorbing

five-wicket win over Pakistan

in Sharjah - their first Test

win outside the West Indies

and Bangladesh since 2007.

It was also West Indies’ first

win in 14 Tests and their first

under the captaincy of Jason


Yet, resuming on 114 for

5, with 39 runs to win, overnight

batsmen Brathwaite

and Shane Dowrich showed

no sign of letting the occasion

get to them. Brathwaite

opened proceedings with

a crisp drive to the cover

boundary off Wahab Riaz on

the first ball of the day.

Dowrich smacked a

half-tracker from Yasir Shah

to the midwicket boundary

in the next over. That set the

tone as the pair took just 7.5

overs to knock down the target

in clinical fashion on the

fifth morning.

While neither batsman

looked to force the pace, they

Shane Dowrich embraces Kraigg Brathwaite after securing victory,

were not afraid to put away

bad balls either. Late cuts and

drives through the off side

featured prominently as the

pair glided past the finish line

with minimum fuss. Dowrich

sealed the win, slashing

a short ball from Mohammad

Amir towards the third-man

boundary for the sixth four of

the morning.

Pakistan’s bowlers were

unable to create any pressure

on a pitch that was still

rather placid. Neither Wahab

nor Amir got much swing or

movement off the surface,

and Yasir was ineffective and

inconsistent in the two overs

he bowled. The batsmen

seemed to have little trouble

in keeping the straight ones

out and punishing anything

that was too short or too wide.

It was all a far cry from

West Indies’ wobble the previous

evening, as they slid to

67 for 5 after a rather shaky

29-run opening partnership.

But Brathwaite and Dowrich

scored unbeaten half-centuries,

combining for a nerveless

87-run stand to steer their

side to a memorable victory

and finish a tough tour of the

UAE on a high. (ESPNcricinfo)

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