My two little nieces are giggling with each other, building their “old” snowman. However severe winter is, it brings something miraculous to little kids. They are excited to go around, showing off their colorful new winter clothes. They look like pretty bears with the wool gloves and hat that their grandmother knitted for them. And the happiness of an adult like me is watching them and seeing enjoyment sparkle in their eyes. I love curling up in a small corner of Hanoi, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with sweet marshmallow. Just a sip can warm up your entire winter. This winter, my family is travelling to a foreign country in which winter is far different from that in Hanoi. Outside the hotel, where my children are playing, snow has already covered the entire roof, putting its white coat on the land, trees, and fields. And who doesn’t love snow? But suddenly I miss my Hanoi with bitter winds which usually chill while I am strolling down narrow streets. Losing my train of thoughts, when I look back, the children have finished their snowman and start playing with snowflakes in various shapes. I just relax and silently take in the winter far from home. And you, have you prepared for your winder journey? Don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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